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Welcome to the Minion Battle Arena


Staging Area
Fighting costs 5 tokens. If you win you get 8 tokens and $1.00 in Blood Money. If you lose you get 3 of your tokens back.
You are not charged tokens if you are attacked.

You may only fight 30 times a day and may only be challenged 30 times in a day.
The limit is reset every 12 hours and your tokens will be reset to 15 if you have less than that.

There are 6 leagues that you will be apart of. You can only see your ranking within your league
and you can only fight other Minions in your league.

The Leagues

New BloodsDark StalkersBloodswornChaos BornEvil DomainHells Children
League Minion Rankings
Rank Name Owner Type Wins Draws Losses  
1 Becky Summer S Summers Bug 391 1 4  
2 Snuffles Alpha Dawg Dragon 452 1 16  
3 Rieal Ashe Miller Wolf 343 2 16  
4 Cassie Draven A Ravenwalker Dragon 490 3 30  
5 Praxis Jenna Hex Griffin 462 1 30  
6 Noodles Quinn Abernathy Wolf 455 1 30  
7 Wigglesworth Johnny Dragon 438 0 31  
8 Jaxon Ashton _ Wendell Wolf 520 0 40  
9 Death LillyEmperium Wolf 325 4 27  
10 Midnight Blue Ciara Michele Bell Wolf 346 28 879  
11 Dresdin Dracula Dragon 489 61 10000  

 Purchase Weapons/Shields for your Minion

Minion items are bought using your Blood Money, they cannot be purchased until your base attack/defense points hit a required level. Each item has a different requirement.
Minions Items
Name Cost Bonus Available?
Trash Can Lid 100 2 Not Yet
Dagger 100 2 Not Yet

To help in your battles you can purchase additional attack or defense points, the more you have, the better weapons and shields you can buy.

Each point costs 50 tokens
Attack  Defense  2 Hit Points (only 20 tokens)
  Not enough tokens yet.
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