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Within the depths of the earth lies an ancient cavern where immortals and mortals have done battle for what seems like an eternity. Only the most brave dare enter it's depths and add their name to the list of willing. This list, called Hell's Potentials, contains only those who think they have what it takes to survive a battle to the death. This list is only visible to those who sign the ledger. Once a member signs the ledger it is not removed until the battle ends. Once you enter the battle, there is no running.
The fight only ends when someone dies.
You must be at least rank level 3 to add your name to the ledger.

Select the button below to be added to Hell's Potentials!

Of course, there are many out there who wish to challenge a specific person. To send a challenge to someone simply enter their name below and a challenge request will be sent. If a challenge is accepted, both you and your opponent's names will be added to Hell's Potentials. Sending a request will not automatically add your name to the list. If you send a challenge and then add yourself to the list before the challenge is accepted then the challenge is void and you are fair game to anyone else on the list. A pending challenge request will only last 72 hours. You can't submit a challenge if you are on Hells Potentials. You also can't challenge someone who is less than three ranks lower than you and of the first two ranks in the game.

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Julliet Swan, Izzy Ford , Katarina Valentine, Alice Monroe, LillyEmperium, Autumn Dalca, Elis Griffyn, Gavin Warrington, Christine Nightshade, Randall Pearson, King Arthur, Archie Andrews, Dark 6, Dark 3, Lito Rodriguez, Frankie Sonder, Kevin Pearson, Orangesrlife, Kingston Donovan, Betty Cooper, Dutchies Prize, Coyote Sonder, Dark 4, Jack Pearson, Dark 2, Nomi Marks, Cheryl Blossom, Kate Pearson, Nathan Maloney, Jughead Jones, Wolfgang Bogdanow, Robert Sonder, Dark 1, Beth Pearson, Ella Orlav V, Veronica Lodge  IzzyBorgia
Gavin Warrington
Tyr Magnusson
Huck Wendell 
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