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Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 by Lisbeth Salander at 08:14 pm
Free Rice Contest
    We all know the little girl is kicking everyone's bums up and down the street and the cost in agility to fight in the Forbidden City has inc [...]
Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 by Lisbeth Salander at 07:44 pm
Role-play of the Month
    It has come to my attention that many of our citizens do not know where to find the thread to submit their role-plays for the RPM contest! [...]
Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 by Shayden Rayne at 01:37 am
The Rayne Family Legacy
    Of the Rayne's present in the Realm, Shayden is only related to two. Sister: Lydia Rayne Brother: Darius Asa Rayne [...]
Saturday, Jun 29, 2013 by -Belinda- at 10:46 pm
A Fond Farewell As Time Marches On (2011)
      Time had done nothing to ease the angel [...]
Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 by Bellona at 02:31 pm
Everyone's damned
    Who was this girl that everyone looked at? This face that had no expression upon it; The world must have gone mad. [...]
Friday, Jun 14, 2013 by Ivette Alexia at 09:04 pm
Feelings of destitute
    I look around, eyes searching every surface. My once soft hands slowly caressing the walls in search of a way out, a way to find, mysel [...]
Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013 by Inferno at 04:12 pm
Be free and fly away bird.
    She sat there as the sunny day was vanishing and the sound of cracking whips hit hard into the skies above. The feelings she had been harboring [...]
Wednesday, Jun 05, 2013 by Inferno at 04:23 pm
It's everything.
    It’s funny how much you can affect me.   It’s amazing how much I care.   It’s fate when I atte [...]
Tuesday, Jun 04, 2013 by Bellona at 04:20 pm
Sometimes, I just waste time.
    Sometimes I just sit here and look off into the distance and wonder about life and all its wonders. Wasting time like I’ve won [...]
Friday, May 17, 2013 by Eloise Adair at 11:45 am
Journal Entry 6 - May 17, 2013: Even death is beyond the immortals
    I've yet to understand this place. To really comprehend why it is the way it is here. We call ourselves immortal, yet we can be killed. We are dead, [...]
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 by Ilabelle Chiara at 01:40 pm
The fight is over
    After fighting myself for what felt like forever it was no over, I was not complete. She pulled out her journal as she had to catch up on things [...]
Tuesday, Apr 30, 2013 by Izzak Newguard at 06:05 pm
    I am Forsaken. Once an Angel of ebony wings, a man with a soul that was naught but fragments of past lives that I can scarsely remember. Now my [...]
Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 by Ro TavVin at 07:01 pm
((OOC)) Time to let this fall from my hands
    So much I thought I'd have to say Though I try to speak, my meaning strays. We can't avoid the facts that brought us here. I've come [...]
Monday, Apr 22, 2013 by Ilabelle Chiara at 08:29 pm
I cant do it....She can
      It hurts   The pain is surreal   I can't breathe...... My [...]
Wednesday, Apr 17, 2013 by Arizona Tea at 11:57 am
    Want to earn some extra BM? Come on down to the FUNgeons every Wednesday, Thursday and Holidays to try your luck. FUNgeons are located in the Dungeo [...]
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013 by Jericho Mathetes at 07:25 pm
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013 by Jericho Mathetes at 01:44 am
Book of Aphrodite : Beginnings
    Though abandoned I feel the need to write this down before all is forgotten, The last Book of Aphrodite is gone  lost to time and something [...]
Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013 by Ro TavVin at 07:26 am
((OOC)) A final apology, and an explanation.
    I'm not very good at putting my own personal feelings in order, especially lately, so this is going to be sort of all over the place. [...]
Thursday, Apr 04, 2013 by Abysteel_Shakira at 03:55 pm
The Return of the Blue from time off
    Unfortunatly for the Blue, she had been away, although it was unplanned and unwanted, but unexpected things happened that she did not know would [...]
Monday, Apr 01, 2013 by Bellona at 04:13 pm
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013 by Eloise Adair at 09:45 am
Journal entry 5: March 26, 2013
    Prowess is in rapid growth. I can feel the very energy running through my long dead bones. The sensation of being somewhat alive again. It makes me [...]
Monday, Mar 25, 2013 by Nyxdead at 09:13 pm
In response to Julian's blog
    I told you I called dibs on being the king! You have the prettier hair, thus you have to be the queen,
Saturday, Mar 23, 2013 by Nyxdead at 01:58 pm
    I like how I'm apparently this big person in the realm that can do whatever I want and however I want, according to certain people.Yet... I ha [...]
Tuesday, Mar 19, 2013 by Ilabelle Chiara at 01:55 pm
Somethings not right.
    March 17,2013 My heart hurts, breathing sharp like a knife slicing through flesh. My eyes are half closed as I feel myself losing control. Whats go [...]
Monday, Mar 18, 2013 by Inferno at 03:15 am
What a thing they call LOVE
      Does it make me weak knowing you’re playing with my heart? Does it make me weak knowing everything we once ha [...]
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