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Saturday, Sep 08, 2012 by Alice Barbour at 12:31 pm
A bit about Pale
    Pale has appeared in the Realm, awakening with little memory of who she is, or who she was. She does remember some things, but only in the sense [...]
Friday, Sep 07, 2012 by Falcon Guthrie at 12:16 am
In These Bodies We Will Die...
    "It's a simple question, Mr. Guthrie. Just tell us why you did it." The returned smile wasn't conceited or fu [...]
Wednesday, Sep 05, 2012 by Sin_BlkRose at 05:19 pm
Rebel love song by Black veil brides!
    I cannot hide what's on my mind I feel it burning deep inside A passion crime to take what's mine Let us start l [...]
Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012 by Ro TavVin at 06:31 pm
((OOC)) Another year...
    Another year, another birthday almost here, in a few short hours. Mine, weeks past...and yours...another you'll never see. Sometimes, I thi [...]
Monday, Aug 27, 2012 by at 09:06 am
The Blog Begins

    It does. It begins now.

Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012 by Sprew at 03:28 pm
My Heart
    I'll never be perfect, I'll never be cool... [...]
Sunday, Aug 19, 2012 by Roman Pierce at 08:31 pm
How can I prove my love?
      If they all think I'm not good enough...  But I'll be there forever, you will se [...]
Sunday, Aug 19, 2012 by Shayden Rayne at 03:49 am
The Vampire's Lament
      Over the course of the last 6 months or so, Shayden's life has yet again evolved and adapted to the wicked world aroun [...]
Friday, Aug 17, 2012 by Dr Bombay at 01:17 pm
Undead Doctor looking for lively assistant.
    My current assistant has become somewhat of a nuisance and I'm interested in a more 'lively' one. Some experience in science and med [...]
Friday, Aug 03, 2012 by -Belinda- at 02:46 pm
A Soul Still Searching (2010)
      Belinda awoke well before the dawn, stretching her limbs, freeing them from the bind that sleep would hold them in. [...]
Thursday, Aug 02, 2012 by -Belinda- at 11:20 am
In The Beginning : Belinda's Story
      Her fourteenth birthday. The veranda was decorated in her favorite shades of pale blue, to match her eyes, and silv [...]
Saturday, Jul 28, 2012 by Roman Pierce at 02:36 pm
    A person or persons whom constantly ask for your advice, yet always do the exact opposite of what you told them...Heh [...]
Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012 by Roman Pierce at 10:53 pm
Hey there
Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012 by Moira Rae at 12:37 pm
Kills (searches)

    You killed the Cop!
    You gained 30 Hit Points.
    You received $1.00 in Blood Money. <3

Thursday, Jun 28, 2012 by Ben Crowd at 03:00 am
The Brick was Red
    The brick was red and wet, streaked a glistening ebon by the rivulets of rain stained oil black by the night time um [...]
Saturday, Jun 23, 2012 by Aradlia Wilde at 03:20 am
Talkin' Wicca Blues (old song from my past)
Thursday, Jun 21, 2012 by R Cordaway at 10:54 pm
This is a win.

    Hell yes.

Saturday, Jun 16, 2012 by Ysolde at 02:29 pm
16th June 2012
    Dear Log, I'm worried. Darron just called and asked if he could come round. He sounded really cagey, like something [...]
Wednesday, Jun 13, 2012 by Ysolde at 10:26 am
Things about the internet that really Twist my Turds. OOC.
    So seeing as I've become a virtual disability imposed hermit, I've been spending more and more time online. I've found some really w [...]
Saturday, Jun 09, 2012 by Ysolde at 07:07 am
9th June 2012
    Dear Log, I finally joined a Sanctuary. So, not only do I have some protection, but I'm also not spending all my tim [...]
Tuesday, Jun 05, 2012 by Daciana Bayer at 02:15 am
June 4, 2012: Shifts and Other ****
    Dear Mother, Sorry about the lewd language, Ma, but I've had a rough week. I had a really, really b [...]
Monday, Jun 04, 2012 by Arcane Katz at 06:40 am
Bloodletting with the Wii
    Ok so, I am in no way tech savy, so it came as a pleasant shock to discover that I could access Bloodletting and play through the internet feature on [...]
Thursday, May 31, 2012 by Raleigh Cavanaugh at 11:48 pm
A Fine Storm
    Rochelle's Diary, May 31st, 2012   It is 3:17 AM according to the clock on the nightstand, and dear Ro [...]
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 by Double Entendre at 03:28 pm
The Moon
    When you are the moon the best form you can be is the full moon. And then a half moon, he's alright, but the full moon is the famous moon. A [...]
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 by Double Entendre at 08:48 am

    Yeah....thats not the film I meant to show...thats the film for the night-time, for me and the night-times, for the fuzzy tingle times!

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