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Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018 by Remington Agnes at 01:54 pm
The Past
    August 19th, 1986 "Doctors Agnes," the physician smiled at the joke, her eyes alight with the excitement of news, "the in vitro took [...]
Sunday, Jul 29, 2018 by Esper Valari at 05:18 pm
Sunday, Jul 29, 2018 by VaylinShadow at 04:50 am
Vaylin Mirror Demon
Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018 by The Orange She Wolf at 10:46 am
An Orange Start to Vitamin C (Open
    Orange (Or Vitamin C) just arrived in the Realm, with no history and no past, she was an [...]
Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018 by Louis Middleton at 04:54 pm
Not all that is wild.. is meant to be tamed..
    It seems to me as I sit by the embers of yester-eve’s fire just as mornin breaks.. the twinkles of the heavens expanse giving way to the beams of new [...]
Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018 by Logan Mathews at 10:13 am
Chronicles of Logan Mathews.. Day 3 in Realm
    Under the urging of a dear friend I came to settle in these realms.. I hear the people are good.. the drama is low.. crime? Well., that remains to be [...]
Saturday, Jan 27, 2018 by Tanvir Buckley at 06:02 pm
At our end
    ‘It’s done’   I take a moment, my bloodied fingers loose about the [...]
Monday, Oct 23, 2017 by Dead Girl at 09:25 am
Last Will & Testament xoxo
    One can never foresee their own death. I don't think Kibbles the Chihuahua featured in last year's episode will kill me. Never know. If I f [...]
Monday, Oct 23, 2017 by Dead Girl at 09:24 am
2016 11 E-mail Correspondence
    Daily Correspondence xoxo ~1~ 11.27.16 Originally Sent By: That Girl Sent: Sunday Nov 27, 2016 at 21:47 pm EST Subject [...]
Monday, Oct 02, 2017 by Elis Griffyn at 01:28 pm
    Elouise Orlav   Bleary eyes crack open. There’s a very real pain coursi [...]
Monday, Sep 25, 2017 by Elis Griffyn at 04:53 pm
3. Legio IX Hispana - 121 AD
    Many moved via chariot and horse back. More still crowded on carts pulled by tiring ponies. And the rest shuffled behind on foot, the [...]
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017 by Elis Griffyn at 05:57 pm
2. Bodies and bodies and bodies and blood and bones.
    “Plu-ple-ase. P…”   Such a sickening gurgle of noise from his lip [...]
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017 by Elis Griffyn at 05:54 pm
1. You can have it all. Just not all at once.
    The air popped. A single, near-missable pop and then they simple ‘were’, having previously not been there a mere few seconds ago. [...]
Monday, Jul 10, 2017 by Death and Style at 10:25 pm
7.1.17 Edition
Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017 by Artemisia Cavalli at 02:57 pm
Che saetti ed incateni
    It has been nearly two weeks since my arrival in London. Still, it feels like a haze, this time is so varied and vulgar since the last time I wa [...]
Sunday, May 28, 2017 by Ciaran_Boru at 04:16 pm
Summer Awards
    ~Ciaran  looks  at the  names. He  can  see  his sister for  a  few, his  brother,  Step mothe [...]
Thursday, May 11, 2017 by Kiernan Tigra at 06:13 pm
Scratching the Surface
    PLEASE NOTE: All information contained within this post is to be taken in an OOC context for story purposes, and is not to be known by a charact [...]
Monday, May 01, 2017 by Nemesis Wolfe at 09:26 pm
Going back home.
    Birds chirped at the morning light was the first sound she heard. Inhaling deeply, Nemesis stretched along the fluffy grass she was laying upon. [...]
Thursday, Mar 02, 2017 by Declan Black at 09:09 am
bio in progress
    Declan was normal, well relatively normal. He grew up in London with his family, his mom, dad, and 2 brothers and his sister. His mother was a r [...]
Saturday, Dec 17, 2016 by Myron Femlock at 11:59 am
OOC: Finally done with exams
    ((I'll be doing stuff later today, I swear. I'm not bailing on you guys ))
Monday, Dec 05, 2016 by Galen C Lynch at 09:15 pm
My Backstory (OOC)
    (( If you want to be friends start a RP with me. Sorry I don't randomly accept friend requests.The information here is OOC. Just because you [...]
Monday, Dec 05, 2016 by Ciaran_Boru at 09:08 pm
Profile (OOC)
    ((If you want to be friends start a RP with [...]
Sunday, Dec 04, 2016 by Myron Femlock at 06:11 pm
The Order
    It looks like I'm going to Moscow now. On one hand, dodging the boys is gonna be way easier. It should be easier. But then again, I shouldn& [...]
Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016 by Death and Style at 08:59 am
Rejection of That Girl xoxo
    Casey Noire Maylus Leugim Dexter Gein Ronan Boru Ronan Boru Jr. Ronan Boru III [...]
Monday, Nov 28, 2016 by Casey Noire at 01:22 pm
    Today I woke up in some shi+thole town. My whole life I've been stuck in purgatory. 'We will find you a purpose', they said. I never believed them. I [...]
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