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Wednesday, Sep 22, 2010 by Blue Orchid at 12:02 am
Rough Times (ooc)
    Gah I don't even know where to begin with this.. Guess since I've really no one to talk to about it, this is going to be my small piece of venting gro [...]
Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010 by Zoey Bates at 07:54 pm
OOC: Seriously?
    I just found out that Justin *gag* Bieber is going to be in the Season 11 premier of CSI (the original one). I seriously hope that they kill him, bec [...]
Monday, Sep 13, 2010 by Zoey Bates at 02:38 pm
OOC: Apparently...
    If you want something done right...and want it done right the first time...You gotta do it yourself. EVEN when you leave exact instructions on how to [...]
Friday, Sep 10, 2010 by Bastet at 09:07 pm
Sept. 11,2001
    I wrote this 9 years ago and have never shared it before today. I kept it to myself, as it became the day that shaped me into who I am. Why I take not [...]
Thursday, Sep 09, 2010 by Nyxdead at 03:25 pm
First Doctor Visit
    So... turns out I'm pregnant and it is in fact human. ...not that I was worried or anything *shifty eyes*, but the father is a vampire, [...]
Wednesday, Sep 08, 2010 by Deuce at 02:28 am
ooc: About the hold up...
    I apologize to anyone who I've not gotten to in regards to their bio creation. I've had some stressful medical issues come up and had to have blood dr [...]
Thursday, Sep 02, 2010 by Nyxdead at 09:30 am
    My attempts at paying homage to the spawn today ended in failure.I woke up, felt like crap as usual, and spent about half an hour loitering be [...]
Wednesday, Sep 01, 2010 by Blue Orchid at 10:49 am
(ooc) Random useless fact 4
    Holes in the yard... Walking with a messed up ankle/foot? End result... Me stepping in hole with my foot landing halfway on the edge, heel goin [...]
Tuesday, Aug 31, 2010 by Nyxdead at 03:07 pm
    are fed up when youre preggers.The last two nights Ive had dreams about this site. Not my normal dreams that mixes bits of the game with [...]
Monday, Aug 30, 2010 by Blue Orchid at 11:31 pm
(ooc) Random useless fact 3
    Untruths still equal lies. Partial truths are just plain silly.
    (Really.. I'm going somewhere with these.. Just not sure where haha)
Sunday, Aug 29, 2010 by Blue Orchid at 03:24 pm
(ooc) Random useless fact 2
    Perfect distraction = Screaming hungry babeh.
Saturday, Aug 28, 2010 by Blue Orchid at 09:31 pm
(ooc) Random useless fact...
    I currently hate stairs.
Friday, Aug 27, 2010 by Nyxdead at 10:12 am
Morning Sickness
    Suxxors. Like... so much. I cannot even explain the detest I have for it. I have no idea how my grandma was knocked up nine times and didn't puke. [...]
Thursday, Aug 26, 2010 by Trista at 11:34 pm
    After receiving the three Marks from Raven, this symbol of him appeared on her left shoulder blade. Read the thread in the Realm Forum. }RP{ : Unfoldi [...]
Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010 by Nyxdead at 02:56 am
    Im now between 10-11 weeks and Ciaran is back at school, which is fifteen hours away. I decided to finally tell my mother about it and she made me [...]
Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010 by Zoey Bates at 04:28 pm
OOC: Odd
    Okay... So I'm not usually one of those people who get annoyed with people who don't speak grammatically correct, because...well, it's talking and it' [...]
Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010 by Harlowe Jayne Farris at 09:43 am
(OOC) Characters from books, movies, etc...
    Ugh! I felt the need to rant after I realized the vast number of names I recognized, and not because they're well-known around here. Seriously people? [...]
Monday, Aug 23, 2010 by Jack Rodorin at 01:29 pm
OOC: Life sucks...
    Real life is taking me away yet again. The hotspot I am using for internet is being taken back and I am getting evicted from my house. Sorry to those [...]
Monday, Aug 23, 2010 by Sheila Atwater at 07:59 am
Dangerous driving
    Ever since I found out that Mr. Dunham is funnier without his puppets, I tend to watch some clips over and over again. Now every time I see a blu [...]
Monday, Aug 23, 2010 by The Dark Chronicle at 02:01 am
Submission Guide
Saturday, Aug 21, 2010 by Blue Orchid at 11:36 pm
    and proceeds to drop head down onto desk*
Friday, Aug 20, 2010 by Akira Turner at 06:48 pm
[OOC: something I'm feeling atm]
    [Reposting cause there was a mistake -.-] I've proven to be a mess You've proven to be amazing But how long will your patie [...]
Wednesday, Aug 18, 2010 by Shayden Rayne at 03:45 pm
Only Time
    Life after the battle with herself was anything but what she had expected. She was successful in raising the doppleganger built from her memories a [...]
Saturday, Aug 14, 2010 by Blue Orchid at 07:59 pm
In the works (ooc)
    Am currently working on an RP idea that I came up with last night. Figure Orchid needs to get out and get back to having the good ol' fashioned "fun" [...]
Saturday, Aug 14, 2010 by Deuce at 01:46 am
OOC: Profile Image Commissions II
    OOC: First Id like to say thank y [...]
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