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Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011 by Nyxdead at 10:08 pm
Holy crap!
    I'm due March 2nd. My water broke on Sunday. I was in labor for about 36 hours. I had a boy, he's healthy for a premie but he's stuck here until Fe [...]
Monday, Jan 10, 2011 by Adilyn at 11:04 pm
Realistically Speaking ...
    It seems that some characters are so unrealistic it hurts.  At least it hurts my brain ... I'm not sure about yours.  Little 15 ye [...]
Saturday, Jan 08, 2011 by Nyxdead at 04:41 pm
    This is one of my favorite stories by Douglas Adams. ----   This actually did happen to a [...]
Thursday, Jan 06, 2011 by A J Stephens at 07:02 pm
A New Home
    Week 1: Having become a member of AD, I feel very comfortable around my fellow members, seeing thata few of them are friends. I have [...]
Wednesday, Jan 05, 2011 by Kirsten Williams at 08:34 am
New Addition
    Sunday January 02, 2011 I welcome my son into the world at 11:31am. 8pounds 12 oz. and 21 inches long. Everyone is doing well, just recovering. [...]
Monday, Jan 03, 2011 by Anark at 08:12 pm
Why Question War?
    War? Genocide? Destruction? Call it what you wish but the fact still remains that without it you and everyone y [...]
Sunday, Jan 02, 2011 by Nemesis at 01:06 pm
Thoughts of Nemesis "Something weird is going on"
    I still dont know how I should go abouts this whole blogging thing. Should I act like its some diary? Dear diary, I have.. [...]
Thursday, Dec 30, 2010 by Adilyn at 04:34 pm
    I finally succeeded at steeling from another player!! WOOT! Took me long enough. Oh and I'm level 7 now ... as of like two or thr [...]
Wednesday, Dec 29, 2010 by Tom Sawyer at 01:33 pm
ooc- Holidays
     I have personally never been so happy to have the holidays over as I am this year. Every other year I looked forward to them. This year? I [...]
Tuesday, Dec 28, 2010 by Nyxdead at 11:18 pm
    In less than 24 hours Ciaran will be here.  Not just temporarily, like every other time I squeed that I was going to see him.  I mean [...]
Tuesday, Dec 28, 2010 by Nemesis at 10:59 pm
The thoughts of Nemesis
    Alright. I have decided to try this blog thingy on here. Voicing out my thoughts out to the Realm to see. [...]
Wednesday, Dec 22, 2010 by Adilyn at 09:22 am
    You hit the Little Girl for 27 damage. You killed the Little Girl! You gained some of your Agility and most of your Hit [...]
Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010 by Catalina Jayde at 09:20 pm
Credit for Bio

    Thanks go to the lovely Karina for the beautiful work she did. She is so amazing. If you need a beautiful work of art, see her.

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2010 by Kirsten Williams at 03:39 pm
The newest addition
    So for anyone that knows me OOC, I'm pregnant. Very, very, very pregnant. I'm due very soon and spend a lot of time at the doctor and... [...]
Sunday, Dec 12, 2010 by Nyxdead at 01:43 am
I'm a bigger nerd than I suspected
    This morning I was awakened by a text message from my mom saying, "I have decided u r to have a binary baby.& [...]
Wednesday, Dec 08, 2010 by Nyxdead at 11:02 am
30 years ago
    A music icon was killed.  Mark David Chapman walked up to John Lennon outside his Dakota Apartment and shot him seven times, two of which w [...]
Monday, Dec 06, 2010 by Deuce at 07:22 pm
Updated list of creations!
    The time has come for me to make an updated list of all the bios I’ve created. I’ll make a new and old list of all my work. I’ [...]
Saturday, Dec 04, 2010 by Adilyn at 11:02 pm
    I hate people who bunny!!!! Maybe I wanted a choice in what I did next.  Maybe just maybe I would like to have the choice to fight back or [...]
Saturday, Dec 04, 2010 by Nyxdead at 03:29 pm
Amusing Memory
    Back in Summer 2009, while I was between interwebs and computers, my sister was at work so she was letting me use her computer while I was off w [...]
Thursday, Dec 02, 2010 by Lucinda Price at 07:18 pm
A Full Story & New Changes
    Alright so here goes. I am Lucinda Price. I was once upon a time an angel. But having fallen from grace for a couple reasons. One of them was lo [...]
Monday, Nov 29, 2010 by Phrixus at 12:41 am
    Tonight I have awakened in an unfamiliar place, the city streets are littered with pages from a paper called The Dark Chronicle, I can safel [...]
Sunday, Nov 28, 2010 by Nyxdead at 08:20 pm
    I have to be honest, I wasn't looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  I was happy I'd get to spend time with my family, especia [...]
Friday, Nov 26, 2010 by Phoebe Kross at 04:15 pm
Way to start the Holidays!
    To all who know me and have been there for me while my son was going through a concussion and two major seizures. We had a set back on Wednesday [...]
Thursday, Nov 25, 2010 by Michael Fitzpatrick at 07:42 pm
Thanksgiving Day Remembrance!
    I gave thanks tofay for family and friends as I helped with serving some homeless at the local shelter today. Seeing those in need truly made me [...]
Friday, Nov 19, 2010 by Liougat at 07:38 pm
An unexpected location..
    Liougat drove slowly down Trade Street,  in a flashy Jaguar XK, roof down even though the rain poured heavily down. His person drenched, he [...]
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