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Sunday, Nov 08, 2009 by Lilly_Shade at 10:10 pm
The Mind
    Lost in the corners of her mind, thoughts she still tries to shake. Every so often she still catches herself, pouring over books that she'd hoped woul [...]
Sunday, Nov 08, 2009 by Evie Black at 07:50 pm
Random Give Away Night Returns
    Evie returns to the Realm with gifts for all those whom she can find in the realm at that time. Re-Starting Random Give Away Night.
Sunday, Nov 08, 2009 by Krystal Skye at 02:48 pm
November 8, 2009
    Finally married for the first time .... Xan I love you
Sunday, Nov 08, 2009 by Damian Cray at 05:16 am
My Mistake.
    He was crossing the street when it happened... My charge, Damian Cray, was killed by a drunk driver years before his time. As such I had to take hi [...]
Saturday, Nov 07, 2009 by Varia at 04:35 pm
The Operation
Saturday, Nov 07, 2009 by Blair Marie Storm at 01:48 pm
My final goodbye
    I will miss you all but I feel it is time for me to truly go home. My loved ones are waiting for me and I will watch over you all. Be safe and tak [...]
Wednesday, Nov 04, 2009 by Danielle at 11:18 am
The reason
    We go on day by day not knowing where we are going and what we are doing. I sit here often and wounder where I might be going. What I should do with t [...]
Tuesday, Nov 03, 2009 by Zemekis at 11:01 pm
Someone From My Past?
    I have met someone today. A person I do not know, yet somehow, fell I have met before. This person just seems so familiar, like a person a knew very w [...]
Tuesday, Nov 03, 2009 by Sasha Romanov at 01:31 am
    My oldest memories involve me with a gun in my hands. It was a Dragunov, much like the one I use today. My mother was allowed to keep it a [...]
Monday, Nov 02, 2009 by Shayden Rayne at 03:19 pm
The Crossroads
    At the crossroads one must make a decisions as to which direction they will choose, the road they have traveled already is no longer an option sinc [...]
Monday, Nov 02, 2009 by MysticHusky at 10:21 am
    Well lets see, as my life has traveled down the realms roads. Death follows quickly behind me. I have lost many in my time here, through wars, fights [...]
Monday, Nov 02, 2009 by Joan De Arc at 08:18 am
Be careful what ye desire...
    For ye just may receive it, and then have to hide it from the world.
Sunday, Nov 01, 2009 by Brandon Lee Ocean at 11:45 am
Wedding Day
    Getting ready to be married in a realm wedding with my soulmate Buffy Ocean
Sunday, Nov 01, 2009 by Blair Marie Storm at 09:03 am
Belated Birthday
    Dear Diary, So I am now officially twenty years old. My birthday had been two days ago but with being sick and catching up on school wor [...]
Saturday, Oct 31, 2009 by Sheila Atwater at 07:14 pm
    Alright all, I walk around dressed as a cupid all year long, so what's all this fuss about costumes on this day? *hides pitchfork, horns and point [...]
Friday, Oct 30, 2009 by Brandon Lee Ocean at 10:38 pm
Nikki's Brewery
    Hehe, I am now a full time worker for Nikki's store. Any questions, feel free to come ask me. The store is always open when I am around *smiles and wa [...]
Friday, Oct 30, 2009 by Bastet at 10:12 pm
Stardate 5000bc
    Bastet's Log... Stardate 5000 BC I woke up this morning feeling a bit... determined. Things are looking pretty much like I'm going to be in another [...]
Friday, Oct 30, 2009 by Zemekis at 04:55 pm
Another Day, Another Hunt.
    Seems like much has changed since the last time I was here. My old sanctuary is a former shadow of what it once was. There are a few new crews from wh [...]
Friday, Oct 30, 2009 by Varia at 11:27 am
Some ideas.
Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 by Zemekis at 11:49 pm
Back in the Realm
    So, here I am, back in the Realm. Again. I thought my duty was through. I guess I am wrong. Someone needs me, and now I must venture to find who I am [...]
Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 by Phoebe Kross at 03:18 pm
~*~Journal Entries ~*~
    October the 29th, 2009 ~ Itís been three months since Berem and I entered into marriage. Everything is still wonderful. He does his Art while I do my [...]
Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 by Shayden Rayne at 02:05 pm
Tangled Webs
    So much has happened recently in Shayden's life that she is lost somewhere in it all. She appears to be on a path of rediscovery, and she is happy wit [...]
Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 by Anark at 01:59 pm
Finding the Past Tangled in the Present and Future
    Nothing much has changed with this man of mystery except for the fact that he desperately searches for the meaning of his own life. Why was he brought [...]
Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 by Varia at 11:39 am
Without magic...
Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 by Herr Jaeger at 11:08 am
    *Dietrich sat down and spoke to the computer that people had taught him how to use. He still didn't know how to spell, or read very well, but this voi [...]
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