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Choose Your Prey


Input the name below of the individual you would like to do battle with.
Members will not die (except inactive characters), but the winner will receive a nice bonus.
Select your prey below and select Normal Attack, Backstab or Frenzied attack. Some attacks are stronger
than others and take more energy to perform.

Actives (22) Fresh Blood (5) View All The Fallen (10) Graveyard
Manannán mac Lir, Nicolas Murray, Harlowe mac Lir, Zander, Ronan R Boru , -Grimm-, Julian Montgomery, Skylar Justicano, Jack Angiers, Lena, Cristina Scabbia, Whirlygigs, Mallory Quarters, Jacks Heineken, EE5, MenagerieZoo, Livs Duffel, MenagerieAnimals, EE4, Dexters Bedazzler, EE6, MenageriePets  Amelia Dunbar
Rieka Kristensen
Liam Moore 
Joseph French
CoD Orochi
Hadley Shay
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