The Forge (Metal Working and Gunsmithing)

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The Forge


Owners/Proprietors: Eirie and Etaine NightBreed

 The Forge offers a full service package of gunsmith, blacksmith, weapons craft and custom jewelry. Gun work is done by a master smith for all known firearms and custom work is also available including fabrication of rare or non-available parts. Weapons craft and blacksmith is journeyman class work with emphasis on quality not speed. Black smith works also include decorative works for work and home.


 Etaine NightBreed offers regular hand crafted jewelry and accepts custom orders as well.  So stop by and see what we have to offer and visit a spell.

January 15, 2013 18:00

January 15, 2013 18:03

 * walks into the new and upgraded shop owned by he and etaine, looking about with pride seeing the additional touches and additions she had put in, I walk about trhe tools and equipment making sure they are all ready for operation then head to the next work area to lay the bed in the forge and fire it up to get the coals and forge walls hot enough to properly heat the metal for working..  That accomplished i walk back to the store section and wait to see who drops in.*

January 15, 2013 18:15

The blacksmith is located in the back end of the shop at a safe distance from the main store.  There most weapons and other items can be crafted by Eirie himself. 

January 15, 2013 19:08
Kenny R

* After spending several hours wandering the city, i notice a new sign up on a building away from the rest positioned towards the edge of the business section called The Forge.  Entering i notice whom the owners are and grin then walk to the counter drawing my buffalo pistol and placing it and a shell next to it.*

  " Is anyone here? i saw the door was unlocked."

January 15, 2013 19:30

Etaine had been in the storage room when she had heard the door to the Forge open.   She quickly walked out to the front of the store to notice a man speaking

" Is anyone here? i saw the door was unlocked."  She walked up to the counter quickly and noticed a pistol and a shell on the counter.

"How may I help sir?"

January 17, 2013 06:47
Kenny R

 * turns from perusing the stock inside the display cases, hearing the lady's voice.*  " Yes ma'am I hope so, I was wantiong to get my pistol looked over and cleaned. The action has been stiffer than usual. And i could use another supply of .50 caliber ammo for the same pistol.   If i am not mistaken you would be Etaine NightBreed?  I am Kenneth Ripper, I know Eire from years ago and he is the only person I deal with for ammunition and repair work. * smiles gently and offers my hand*  " A pleasure to meet you."

January 17, 2013 07:13

Etaine looked at the gun and the shell that lay on the counter.    She nodded and then smiled.

"My mate can take care of that for you.  He carries that ammo as well.  IF he doesn't he can get it.   We have just opened not everything is in stock yet.  But. he can repair the gun good as new.   I am Etaine NightBreed.  Pleased to meet you Kenny Ripper."

Etaine shakes his hand as she smiles softly.   A pleasure to meet you as well."

January 17, 2013 19:00
Kenny R

" That is good to hear *grins* I found that pistol on a run a group i was in made chasing down some folks who loved to torture kids and young mom's.  It started ut as a black powder pistol converted to fire a brass cartridge. Breed has since reworked the whole thing so it can handle custom handloads. I still use an old fashioned black powder but the modern kinds surely do fire better than the old rough grained powder did."

January 17, 2013 19:28

"The pistol shows his workmanship.  I have a modified pistol as well.  It's a beauty.  But that sounds like an adventure.  Did you stop those people?"

Etaine listened closely to Kenny Ripper as he described the pistol a bit more.  "Erik does a great job on guns.  Recently he's taken to blacksmithing hand weapons as well." 

January 17, 2013 19:34
Kenny R

 " Oh yes they were stopped in a permanent nature. He's begun blacksmithing as well now? Interesting that is, he'd be good at ithe has the patience for it, i prefer working with wood hence my carving skills and i also make custom bows and arrows for them.  Do you do smith work as well?"

January 19, 2013 10:05

A cloaked figure looks at the sign as it enters the store and looks around at the swords and other weapons that are in the store before it seems to wait for whoever owns the store. The cloaked figure looks to be about six foot tall and the weight and gender is unknowable unless the cloak hood falls off or the person underneath takes it off. The hood should show the face but a black mist holds the face is darkness that the light can't go past.

January 19, 2013 12:15

  * hearing several familiar voices, I walk out from where i was checking over the temperature in the forge, readjusting the coals to more evenly balance the heat build up.  Upon entering the main store area, I see Etaine speaking with an old comrad of mine and a cloaked form I recalled from the book store. With a smile i approach the counter nodding to ken with a signal i will handle his request in a moment.  Stepping fully to the front display I speak to the cloaked one.*

    " Welcome to The Forge, is good to see you once again.. I am Eirie NightBreed part owner, my wife Etaine is the other half *smiles*.  How can i help you this eve, you looking for a blade of some sort, a fire arm, or a blunt weapon for use?  If you are looking for some jewelry we can help you with that as well as Etaine does design work and makes her own pieces."

January 19, 2013 15:56

The cloaked figure pulls out two swords and a sniper rifle and a broken locket that seems to have been hit by something. The cloaked figure sets these on a free placeand pulls out a piece of paper that has magic about it. The paper suddenly says, "I would like something done to strengthen my swords, some way of making my sniper rfile here more accurate, and my keepsake here fixed. I would like them done as soon as possiple before I have to go out of town."

The cloaked figure stays still and might be looking at Etaine or Eirie but it is hard to tell with the dark mist hanging in the hood which blocks all view of the face beneath.

January 19, 2013 17:29

 The swords i can add a rune to each to strengthen the blades making them nearly unbreakable, the rifle i'll look over and it could be something as simple as reboring the barrel or the scope is out of alignment inside. I can have them 3 done in a couple of days if that is okay with your travel planning.* looks at Etaine* The locket appears to have been hit by something can you fix it?"

January 19, 2013 17:40

Etaine picks up the locket gently and looks closely at it.  The locket seems to have been hit by something..  Etaine smiles sofly at the hooded figure.

"I can fix it.  This piece is very beautiful and well made.  Did you want a protection rune cast on it?  To prevent further damage?  It will not mar it in any way.  I can clean it up and it will be as good as new.   It shouldn't take too long.  A blessing of the Fae of course will be extended to it."

Etaine looked at the figure and extended a hand of friendship.  "I am EtaineNightBreed."

January 19, 2013 17:51

The cloaked figure nods and the paper changes as the magic takes effect, "It would be nice to know it will be as is when I leave town. It is all I got left of my twin brother who died. How much will this cost to do? I want to make sure that I have enough to make sure that it is all done before I leave this town for a while."

January 19, 2013 17:54

Etaine  watches as the paper changes and she arches an eyebrow.  Her emerald green eyes sparkle slightly.

"It wll be as it was and like new.  An remembrance of a loved one is very precious. I will change nothing for the work.  I need a few hours and if you want. Perhaps if you have anything you joined with it I can do that."

January 19, 2013 18:01

The cloaked figure nods as it turns to the brother who the paper changes for and says, "How much for my weapons?"

January 19, 2013 18:02

The cloaked figure gasps in surprise (the first word or noise it has made so far) and is looking at an odd book that is near Etaine. It seems the writing is known to it.

January 19, 2013 19:35

Etaine looks up at the cloaked figure quickly.  She heard his gasp a noise she hardly expected from the silent figure enshrouded in his cloak.  She knows he had hidden his face from her view and that was his right to privacy.

Her book of spells she had placed on the counter open to viewing of another nad not been the right thing to do.  Though her book of spells may have been hers alone it was her book passed on from her mother to her.  Another book far older and far more detailed lay hidden under a cloth near her work table.

She quickly covered her book of spells with a cloth and she spoke softly.  "Are you okay?  I should have covered my book of harm done I hope.."


January 19, 2013 19:54

The cloaked figure speaks for the first time as a young man's voice says, "You know of the Unseelie court then I presume? Are you one of them?" The voice has a hint of anger and curiousity as the magic intensifies and unseelie magic is almost breathable in the room.

January 19, 2013 19:57

The cloaked figure speaks in a voice tinted with a bit of anger intermingled with curiosty.   Etaine had left her past behind her mostly.  Any mention of the UnSeelie Court was not a pleasant sound in her ears.   Her emerald green hues took a hardened look.   But the feel of intense magic that was somewhat threatening to her peaceful manner made it almost impossible to remain so.

"I am Etaine, daughter born of kaelen Warrior Seelie Court and his chosen Lady Calla human and mage.   I am a Warrior. Mage and in this place called the Realm.  My magick harms no one and benefits many...I am a half blood.  But my story is my own.  I am not UnSeelie either.... If my book of spells  more a book of herbs and plants...a few spells limited to protection...basically. has offended you.  I offer my apologies."

January 19, 2013 20:11

  " The rifle will only cost 450.00 that will cover the reboring of the barrel and adjustment of the scope itself. The swords are a different matter, the components are not easy to purchase down here but i do have enough to complete your work. Each blade will run 500.00 a piece guaranteed for the runes to etch and the magic to ***** correctly.  I do hear a touch of anger in your voice when you asked my wife if she knows of the Unseelie court. Please understand should any harm come to my wife i will hunt you down and kill you slowly. This shop is neutral ground i ask that you respect this as we have respected your privacy."  

January 19, 2013 20:16

The cloaked figure listens to what she says and bows deeply as he says yet again, "I am deeply sorry but my dislike of the unseelie court is because of what I have been cursed to be. I am sorry but your kind of people seem similar to me like my people do to you. I am sorry for mistaking you for them but I have problems with them for what I have become."

The cloaked figure turns to the husband (he now notices the rings and now doesn't think they are brother and sister) and says, "My apoligies for being mad and I will pay extra for the weapons for this mishap. I was stupid and assumed before I asked. He pulls out about $5000 and hands it to Eirie.

January 19, 2013 20:26

"Some of my people can cause great harm to others.  Some of them have blessed others with their gifts.   Sometimes unfortunately those of the Unseelie Court can be cruel, mean and vindicitive."   Etaine sighes sadly not wanting to remember what would have of been her fate at their hands.   A brief shudder hits her and her emerald green eyes take on a look of sadness.

"I am sorry for what you have suffered.   My book would not contain what you think it might.  I have books far older than this...I carried my few books out of the memories they gave me.   I may not let you see my book of spells.   But other books written I can let you see.  Your apology is accepted.

Etaine looks at Eirie sadly putting her hand on his arm gently. "Please no harm was done."

January 19, 2013 20:37

 " I to apologise for my harsh words, I couild be more tolerant in some situations as well. The extra will be used wisely since I have to travel to the unseelie realms to get the ingrediants for the runes I use even though they are not of Fae type. Should you wish to further modify your rifle let me know i have found some newer scopes used for sniping expressly I think would work nicely on this gun. Each one is designed for a particular caliber then further reworked with a built in range finder and a 32 color choice for the cross hairs."

January 19, 2013 20:40

"I dare not look closer at them in fear that the magic will take greater effect then it has already. The magic makes me hard to control and even dangerous. I fear if I look at them the magic will cause me to harm you both." The cloaked figure shudders as the magic on the note and the black mist both fade as he tries to calm the magic. A young lady's face is seen as long white hair hides in the hood bearly able to be seen. The lady speak and suddenly it is visible that it is actually a young man, "I am sorry yet again but anger causes the magic to overwealm me."

January 19, 2013 20:42

" Magics of any sort are unpredictable as my mentor had told me time and again, it is understandable and easily excusable under the circumstances, But with myself at least you need not fear hiding your form, i ahve dealt with many kinds of weres some considered normal and others who were caught in a phase and in turned considered outcasts, i don't view people that way.  I judge individuals as just that, and not by whatever race they are as a whole. I had wondered which books you had been looking for at the bookstore and i hope you found some help in them. Wish he had been able to help in my search."

January 19, 2013 20:49

The cloaked figure seems surprised as his calm breaks. HE gasps in surprise as he falls to the ground and groans in pain. His words come hard as his form gets bigger, "I am....changing...please.......stop me" He takes the cloak off before the clothes he was wearing seem to explode. Fur shots out and bones crack as the body is reshaped and he screams in pain. The form soon before everyone is that of a wolf before it changes again to that of a leopard and changes yet again into a tiger. Only one of the Unseelie fey had done this ever and her name was the one known by all of the Seelie race. She had done this once before but the name was only rumors that it was true. This was a Panwere, a were-animal that had multiple forms. It was a curse of not that skin, mind, or body but of the blood. So stuck to the person that it could never be undone.

January 19, 2013 20:56

Etaine backed away from what she saw....Her green eyes widened as a hand went to her lips.She watched in adject horror at what the person was suffering.

"A Pan-were..."

January 19, 2013 21:00

* with a muffled curse, i reach down below the solid counter my hand wrapping about the grip of the pistol below, with my left hand i flip open a small box set beside it fingers running across ridges set into each cylinder before grasping one and inserting it into the barrel. Using the reflexes adn speed inherited from my change i raise the pistol doing a barrel roll so it lands in my left hand and is pointing towards the right flank of the customer.  Noticing the multiple changes my teeth gritted at the realisation that a panwere did exist, i pull the trigger aiming again for the right flank of the man/were before us.  The dart filled with a ****tail designed for halting a transformation is sent on it's way. I watch and say a prayer hoping it does what it is intended without harming the fellow and before any harm can befall Etaine.*    " Etaine move back behind the machinery!"

January 19, 2013 21:06

The object flying towards the panwere hits perfectly but the panwere looks down at it and pulls it out to crush beneath its fingers as it changes again to a were-bear and it says, "Please stop it." The beast shakes its head before its eyes become inhuman and start looking for food.

January 19, 2013 21:13

Etaine head for behind the machinery quickly wondering what she could do to help and cursing her Fae side as well.

"Sometimes I regret that side of me completely...damn curses ....Let me see........"

Etaine's emerald green eyes dilated from their green hues to her golden catseye.    She muttered smething quietly to herself as she dodged from out behind the machinary quickly.   Quickly letting go of a white energy ball she hopes it stops the Pan-Were from wrecking the GunShop.    "Be stopped or I will kick your damn arse."

January 19, 2013 21:15

* Watching as the now were-bear crushes the syringe, i quickly load a second dart this one filled with a heavy blend of Ketamine and a non-selective tranquilizer, hesitating hoping the other will take effect as the one just loaded will have nasty results when mixed with the first dart.Muttering under my breath*  " Come on and work dang it.. This is beginning to remind me of the worm holes under New York City."  * Lifting the pistol I take specific aim for the neck, inhaling then holding it as i steady for the 2nd shot*

January 19, 2013 21:23

The were-bear turns again and becomes a were-panther as it sees Eirie and stalks towards him as it goes behind counters and anything else it finds. It is weary of the second shot thinking it might be dangerous but it knows to get to this one it must go beyond its limits. It doesn't notice the white light until it hits it and it is suddenly clawing at itself. It feels something wrongand unknown as it tries to get rid of this thing.

January 19, 2013 21:26

A feline growl sounds near the machinary.  A long lean black panther like cat with emerald green eyes emerges springing between Eirie and the Pan-were. In her Pantherlike cat form Etaine growls purring angrily at the Pan-were.  

January 19, 2013 21:32

The panther watches this other like it as it yowls which can only be understood by Etaine, "Please stop this. I want food. It looks tasty behind you. Please let me eat it young queen." It seems polite as it waits for her to answer.

January 19, 2013 21:36

" Etaine easy, he's slowinh down, lets try and get him calmed rather than hetted up more. * Locking gazes with the panther i begin talking in low but firm tones*   " time to relax bud, no harn will befall you here, none mean you harm.  You can control this, reach inside your mind and spirit, find yourself again and step back into control. Your involuntary change is not much different than that of a fledgling vampire, will is the key and the key is always within your grasp."

January 19, 2013 21:37

Etaine growls as it to say to the other panther ~You think of him as food.  I will kick your bloody hide and make a throw rug out of you. I will offer you a few rare staks insted accept that. or Blood milk.~

She keeps close to Eirie interjecting herself to protect her mate.  In her cat shape she can understand her mate and his requests.   She can do little in her own cat shape for now except protect him.   ~Priomise him he may view my books or I could bite him too.!~

January 19, 2013 21:46

The panther bows to her and says, "I am sorry little queen. I shall wait for this alternate food and drink. I shall also have to keep this foreign thing out of my mind since it keeps yelling nonsense to me." The panther then sits and waits for her response.

January 19, 2013 21:50

* glancing between the 2 cats I maintain my readiness the tranquilizer pistol in one hand my free hand edging to where my Axe rests the whole time wishing i knew what the heck they were speaking about.*

January 19, 2013 21:52

~You break your word to me or harm my mate.  I will bite you and your hide will make a fine rug for the shop.~   Etaine purred growling gently in her throat. ~Now sit down and behave.~ 

Etaine purred slowly looking up at Breed as she flicked her tail and circled him. She nudged him gently and pointed her muzzle toward the back of the shop.  She headed there  but turned and gave a warning growl to the other panther.

Etaine quickly shifted behind the door that slammed quicly.  Thankful for the spare clothes she had kept there.   She took out the fresh steaks, a bottle of blood and a bottle of milk.   Mixing the blood and milk together quickly  it formed a thick pinkish tinge.  She took the two large steaks and  tall glass of blood milk to the main shop.

"Here you go.  Eat hearty  and don't mess with my mate."  She set the food and drink near the Pan-were and backed away.

January 19, 2013 22:01

* looking kore amused than anything at this point i look down into Etaine's eyes.*    "we're having a picnic now?? *grins*  my wife the peacemaker, Bili will never let me live this down if he hears about it.."   * leans back against the counter and looks at the other customer*  " Ken why didn't you try and help, isn't this sort of thing what you still do for a living??"

 * with a grin the other customer shrugs his shoulders and says nothing*

January 19, 2013 22:04

The panther drinkings and eats happily as it then starts to groom itself and watches the now human looking person and tilts its head before yowling horribly and it starts changing but to a smaller form. Soon a fox is on the floor and looks about it fear. It yips and looks around scared for its life.

January 19, 2013 22:06

"Calm down.  It's not hunting season, little fox... "  Etaine looks at the little fox yipping and looking scared.  "Be the end of it now and transform to your natural shape.. Be at peace little one.  Sleep your stomach is full and your needs are meet.  "

Etaine looks at the small fox. 

January 19, 2013 22:13

The small fox calms as it looks at the person who is not moving and it collapses. The fox then changes and soon a young man lies nude on the ground out cold. The young man has the body like a girl except for certain male parts and a lack of woman features. The lond white hair the covers his face goes down to his waist and partialy covers his body.

January 19, 2013 22:16

 " B;ankets are in the back hun. lets get him settled in so he can rest awhile I've seen others stressed like this and rest is the best thing after eating."

January 19, 2013 22:23

The cloak is the only remainders of his clothes intact. It lies next to the locket that is now open and shows a young man like Nate and another of a stranger that looks similar in some ways.

January 19, 2013 22:25

Etaine nods as she goes for the blankets  in the back room.  She comes and quickly covers the young man.   She picks up the cloak and the locket that is now open she looks at the pictures for a bit .   She stares at the one  then the other and closes the locket gently.  She wonders who the people are.  No doubt friends or one of his brother.

She watches as Eirie picks him gently and carries him into the back room.   A single wide cot lays in a corner.  A small efficiency apartment of sorts in the back of the The Forge.   Etaine and Eirie leave the young man to rest.

"He will need something to wear.  I will call one of the shop and have them deliver some suitable things.:"


January 19, 2013 22:32
Ztique Stefania

Ztique traipsed into the new store; her violet hair was being tossed and bounced with every step. Chuggz, the vampire’s recently acquired familiar, lumbered in behind her, holding a green permanent marker in his hand. Coal black and swamp green eyes roamed over the premises, making note of various metal-wrought creations that sat on display.

“Mrs. Ztique, my writer. Take it,” the dusty-beige orc bid his master. “I can’t store it on me”,  he patted his pocketless black leather vest as if to be sure of his own words. The woman he served sighed and took the marker, tucking it into her bosom.

“Just Ztique, please,” she hissed between teeth clenched so tightly that the pressure would have shattered any mortal woman’s jaw. She made her way to a display counter and tapped her nails on the glass as she observed the items within. “Hellooooo? Is there a staff member on deck in this place?” Or should I just help myself to whatever I can without paying? A laugh escaped her lips as she thought of throwing various things to Chuggz and just leaving the store. She imagined some nonspecific shopkeep returning to a nearly empty place of business with that look they always get when you take a little bit too much...then she laughed even harder, only regaining her composure when Chuggz rushed to her side with dutiful concern. No, no. I don’t have to do that anymore…no matter how exhilarating it may be. She waited for someone to show up, still looking over the shops wares with wide, curious eyes.

January 19, 2013 23:42
Kenny R

* rises from my positin on a couch then turns towards the new comers.  The long duster coat hanging open revealing basic denim pants, and a black button down shirt beneath it, heavy well made western style walking boots show from beneath the hem.*   " The owners will return soon, there was an small emergency they needed to tend to at the back of the store."    Looks over the lumbering gent with the lady vampire then turn my gaze towards the back*    " Will The young man be okay Etaine?"

January 20, 2013 11:48

Etaine hearing Kenny R's voice  from the front of the store came back to the front.   She smiled at KennyR.  

"He will be just fine.  He's resting now.   Can I get you some coffee or something?"

January 20, 2013 11:55
Kenny R

" coffee will be nice thank you.*Incline my head towards the new comers*  If you do not mind i'll take my pistol and speak with Eirie about it. "  * picking up the revolver and the cartridge i syep to the side case and go around the end of it calling to Eirie as i do so.* 

January 20, 2013 12:01

The young man slowly opens his eyes and yawns as he gets up and suddenly he is nude. He curses a bit before hiding behind some stuff. He looks around confused as he sees Etaine and blushes deeply.

January 20, 2013 12:03

* Seeing he is now awake i look at the young man*  " You'll be alright now, we'll be getting you some clothing soon, just rest and regain your strength, would you care for something to drink? a cold beverage, something warm?  * Hears Ken calling my name.*  In the back Ken"

January 20, 2013 12:06

Nate hides behind something and seems to be blushing to his hair as he stays hidden.

January 20, 2013 12:15

" Anything in particular you want us to pick up for you ?  And what is your name sir, will be easier to communicate that way *grins* >

January 20, 2013 12:17

"I will get you some coffee and some of that apple pie Eirie likes."   Etaine goes tto the back of the shop.   She pours cup of hot black coffee,  places a piece of apple pie on a white plate.  She looks at the young man hiding behind the filing cabinet.

"You get back in that bed and cover up til the shop brings the clothes.  I will make sure you are not bothered back here.  Give me a few minutes and I will get those books if you want to sit up and read them."

Etaine goes out the door looking at Eirie and then she spoke.  "I will order a few more steaks, milk and a few other things....for supper."

January 20, 2013 12:17

" Sounds good love, * walks to where Ken stands at a respectful distance and holds out my hand for the pistol i have worked on many times.*  What is wrong with it??"

January 20, 2013 12:22

He climbs into the bed and covers up as he blushes and the paper appears infront of etaine saying, "Why are you helping me even though I lost control and almost hurt you two? My beast did stuff and I can't remember."

January 20, 2013 12:24

* reaches back and draws forth a chair then i sit in it.* " Because you didn't have control of what happened, outside interfearance caused the changes and honestly you are not the first were that i have encountered when they lost control. I am partners in a security firm and we employ humans, weres vamps etc. So long as they are helping keep the balance between our races and humanity and follow my rules while they work for me, all is good. I have a friend who is a ghost, a werewolf is a sniper on one of the security teams. My partner is a SEAL captain retired and a shaman/ street mage.  Brute force is not the only way I have to help settle a situation my young friend. If you had changed out of malice and intent to cause harm that would have been different but you didn't.  Everyone deserves a chance in the world that's just my views on things. I was forced to become a vampire i may not like what i have become at times but i have accepted it and make the best i can of the situation. Trust me I would not have let you harmed Etaine and I doubt the other customer Ken would have stood by and done nothing either,lol. Just relax and regain your strength, we'll have clothes here for you and food as well."  

* rising from my perch in the chair i walk out to the front area and see another familiar face. Walking to the display cases I nod to the woman and the man with her.*

   " Welcome to The Forge, how may we help you today?" 

January 20, 2013 12:35

Etaine smiles softly at Eirie 's and nods as he attends to Kenny R's pistol.   "I will have some coffee for you when you are done."

Etaine looks at the young man who is now covered up in the bed and she reads his paper,   "Because it's the right thing to do.   I am a Witch despite what I am and I will not harm another.. Protect myself and my mate yes.  You stopped when you were offered an alternative... My cat is both a curse and blessing... I have learned over the years to control her. "

Etaine goes over to her small desk and opens her knapsack.  She pulls out two old leather bound journals written long ago and she gives them to the young man.  "Here you look through these...Do you need the use of my laptop?"

January 20, 2013 12:40

The paper changes as it floats in her line of sight, "You people are strange. Most take advantage of me, use me for a certain goal, or just plain dislike me or try to kill me. I do not know who you two are bbut you are different in many ways from regular people."

January 20, 2013 12:42

Etaine read the note  and shrugs her shoulders.  She smiles softly.  "Just say we are a little older and maybe a bit wiser.  I am not too sure on the latter however.   And yes my  cat is a part of me because I have accepted her.  She has accepted me.   I know what it is like to be 'different' I dont discuss my past with everyone.   I was cursed at a young with my cat...  I learned to be one with her and she is a solitary creature.  Very rarely out .."

January 20, 2013 12:49

" Now that observation i cannot argue with. I belong to a loose organisation called the commune that works towards living and working within the human popultion, thus keeping our secrets and our people remaining safe. Last thing any of us want is total bloodshed between the races. That would most certainly be the end of us all. The regular humans vastly out number us."

January 20, 2013 12:50

The paper changes again, "I am scared of myself and those around me when I change. I am always so hungry and want to feed. It is all I remember of the change. That hunger is so strong sometimes I wonder if I should live for fear that the person's life I take could have been useful for saving this dieing world."

He shivers under the covers never showing himself as his long white hair trails out of the bed to the ground.

January 20, 2013 12:57

    "One thing that may help is to accept what you are and not try to bury it forever, at least for some vampires by trying to denounce what they are they actually made it worse on themselves rather than accept it and learn what triggers the problems and how to control themselves in those stress situations."

January 20, 2013 13:22

The paper changes again as a sob is heard from the bed, "I am a monster. Wanting to eat people is horrible. I shouldn't live because I am such a monster. I don't want to kill any more. Not since that I worked as a correctional officer an I ate a convict."

January 20, 2013 13:25

* ponders that statement a moment* " Well perhaps the convict had it coming *grins a bit*  I've gone for up to 2 weeks with no blood intake to feed upon, i just refuse to feed off of people. I drink from animals or from bagged blood. I know the hungers and the feeling of being an animal. I had to learn on my own how to live as i am now. I had no sire to help me learn and to control my appetites. I been down the road you are on now and unless you can accept what you are you won't have an easier time controlling it.  Actually it's not cntrolling the change so much as being able to cope with the triggers that cause it.  You can survive and live being what you are if i didn't think you could control and come to grips with this as i said earlier i wouldn't have let you harm anyone. You can do this and as the cliche goes, you are not alone."

January 20, 2013 13:34

The paper changes and it says, "Have you ever killed a friend and didn't know it was you until some other friends ran in fear from you. Have you ever killed a family member not knowing it until the police are shooting at you. Have you ever killed someone you loved and didn't know until there family were sticking you full of silver."

January 20, 2013 13:57

 Yes to the first two and no to the last because I don't have any family alive. All my family that i know of are dead back in Denmark where we lived and i was changed.  Like i said you are not alone in having control issues I lived alone for 2 decades until i felt i could control my hunger enough to be around people again, plus my faith in my gods helped. Never give up on the goal that you can overcome this at lkeast to the point you are not as much of a threat to others."

January 20, 2013 14:04
Ztique Stefania

Ztique showed off her fangs in a friendly smile that revealed her fangs, but no other part of her dark nature. She said to the man that'd addressed her, "That's fine, sir. I don't mind waiting." Not for too long anyway. Sighing she turned to Chuggz, "See anything you like?", she watched him as he marveled at the various objects the store held. 

"I like...everything, Mrs. Ztique. I wonder..." the orc smiled bashfully, looking incredibly foolish due to his size, "You think they could make a...holder for my writers? So I don't lose 'em? Maybe with a metal rope for my neck?" he had picked up a hopeful steam at the thought of finding a way not to lose his beloved markers. He used them to draw in his one missing abdominal muscle...but that was another story entirely.

"We'll see. If the someone ever comes out from the back," Ztique answered him, much like a loving, but somewhat stern mother would speak to her overly excited son.They waited for a shopkeep to appear.

January 20, 2013 14:05

The paper changes and says, "I just gonna stay back here under the covers. Go ahead and deal with the people up front that I smell are getting impatient."

He curls up underneath the covers as his white hair goes from the doorway and is pulled into the covers as well

January 20, 2013 14:11

  * exiting the back once more I step into the front room and walk towards the front displays.*  Good day and welcome the The Forge. How can we help you?"

January 20, 2013 14:20
Ztique Stefania

The slightest twang of irritation pulsed through Ztique for half a second at her recognition of the shop owner; he was none other than the vampire from that bust of a bookstore. Let's hope we can keep business as business, fellow life-drinker. She mustered up as nice an expression as she could muster, pushing down the urge to speak things better left unsaid in such a circumstance. "Mr. NightBreed! I remember you. Didn't know you owned this shop," she looked around the place for the umpteenth time since she and Chuggz had walked in "It's nice. It really is," the vampire answered honestly; Chuggz nodded enthustically by her side in agreeance. "I was wondering if you all could make a few custom pieces," she fished into one of the many pockets of her black cargo pants and produced a necklace, placing it on the counter. "A few necklaces like this?"

January 20, 2013 14:31

* My eyes twinkle in recognition as I lift the necklace for a better look at the design.  Picking up a magnifier I take note of the tight braided rope sections linked by individual rings, the golden clasp formed of 9 rings linked to each other both rope strands connected to a single gold ring to which the crstal bottle in hung from. Setting the necklace back upon the counter i look at Ztique.*

   Etaine and i can do the necklaces yes, what materials would you want them made of? braided steel, a silver a steel alloy perhaps for the ropes. the rings we can use a gold plating or solid gold. The crystal bottle i will have to get shipped in as I don't have the facilities to make those.  Depending on what materials you want used and the number of necklaces it would be about a week per piece commissioned and the pieces are guaranteed.  We are committed to quality here rather than pushing out a large number of mediocre pieces hence the time involved."

January 20, 2013 14:40

He groans and touches around for his cloak which he finds and opens a pocket to find a comb. He starts to comb his long white hair after climbing on top of the covers as he covers his lower body with the blanket. He combs his long white hair which goes down to his waist and that is visible from the door but his back is to the door showing only his woman like body. He combs his hair to get all the clinging dirt and grim until it is pure white which will take a while since his hair had been on the floor in the back.

January 20, 2013 16:25

A knock on the backdoor of the shop and Etaine leaves the back of the shop closing an inner door so their guest has is privacy.  

"Thank you very much for the delivery."  Etaine pays the guy for the an assortment of jeans in black, a few shirts and a black hoodie.   "I will call if these don't fit, okay!"  She re-entered the backroom with the bags and placed them near their guest.

"You pick what you want.  I am sure there's something in the bag that usable.  I am going out front so you can get dressed or you can rest,  Those journals you can view them in the back room."

Etane enters the shop closing the door to the back room.  "Okay hun.  What's up!"

January 20, 2013 18:39

" Looks like we have some necklaces to make, * shows Etaine the necklace Ztique set upon the counter top.*

January 20, 2013 19:28

Etaine looks at the necklace and nodded at Eirie.  "We can do make those easily. Did she indicate the materials she wanted used?"

Etaine pointed toward the backroom door.  "The guest is resting and some clothes have been delivered...  Is there anything you want or need?"


January 20, 2013 19:33

"I am fine love, Lady Ztique is deciding which materials she wants to use. I mentioned it will take about a week to craft each piece using the braided rope style plus I'll have to order the crystal bottles. If he needs anything let me know will you? I'm going to go over Ken's revolver and get it cleaned up and see about the stiffness in the action and so forth. If you would though, his ammunition order i placed in the locked cabinet against the back wall. should be 5 boxes of 100 per box..

January 20, 2013 19:42

"Then she will need to decide which materials she needs.  A week is reasonable.  He should be okay after he rests and he has use of my old journals.... A think I thought as a child I had it bad when I got cursed for being a sneak....That 's how I got my cat....I got cursed.  But I was lucky my cat was willing and patient with me. "

Etaine shook her  head.  "I will check on Ken's order and have a look at his locket...   My cat trained me...I hope I don't have to bite him..."

January 20, 2013 19:56

He finishes with his hair as he then puts on the clothes after having to decide if they will fit. He then looks at the journals but knows that he can't get into personel stuff of others. He has to leave his past behind and keep moving. No friends, no home, no family. He has to keep moving to keep people safe from himself. He opens the door slightly before looking around. He closes the door and looks for a window to climb out and get out so that he can move away from people who are nice which is quite rare for him. He pulls his cloak on and also a pair of sunglasses he had stored in the cloak so she can't sense his magic.

The note changes for them as the window he finds goes clink as he climbs out. "I will be back for my order soon and I am sorry for what happened and now you know why I can't stay here. I will be back and you will never see me except for services I might need and will pay for. Goodbye caring couple"

January 20, 2013 20:48

Etaine left the shop to go to the back room to check on their guest.   She had a few questions for him on the locket.   She opened the door to find him gone and only the note he had left behind.

She sighed inwardly but she had to respect his choice to leave.  She smiled sadly as she tidied up the small efficiency/backroom.   She stripped the bed, remade it with fresh linens.  The blankets and sheets would be sent to the cleaners.   The spare clothing was tucked away til she could take it to a thrift shop.    She then placed an order for more steaks and the fixings.   A few phone calls later on other matters  found her repairing the locket gently. I t would take her some time but she would make sure her repairs were neatly done.

January 21, 2013 00:53
Kenny R

* walks towards the backroom and sees the young man had left.*  " Appears the youngster has left you all. I get the feeling he is not comfortable with whom and what he is. You guys want me to try and track him to see where he goes to ground at?"

January 21, 2013 18:00

Etaine looked up from her work table to see Kenny go toward the small efficiency in the backroom . She shakes her head sadly.

"He 's not happy with his circumstances,,,,and with his life.   I think he needs to be alone for now.  But I will Eirie to figure what's best with that.  I am comfortable with my cat...I learned and she accepted me.  Even there I have limits."

January 21, 2013 18:07

* looking over mt shoulder from Ken's pistol* " Let him be for now,  we'll find him in a few days, he has to return for his blades and the rifle. If he doesn't pick them up, then we'll start a search to see if something went haywire for him. Seemed like decent young man but we'll see."

January 21, 2013 18:13

"I think it's best to do that.  I am sure he will return for his gear and this locket.  he was extremely concerned for what happened in the shop....maybe he needs to sort it out.   Have Eirie tell you about the time my cat surprised him...Now that is funny."

Etaine put down the locket.  She had worked on the chain and the clasp repairing the damage to it carefully.   "Eirie thought a pillow was a great defense against poor black cat...'

January 21, 2013 18:30

A couple of days later a young stripper comes in with white hair down to his waist and asks, "Are my weapons and my necklace done yet?"

The stripper is dressed in tight black leather pants, a fishnet shirt, and some nice dress shoes as he has a military jacket of the Marines. He stands with a posture that suggests things about him that shouldn't.

January 23, 2013 10:20

"Your locket is ready.  The clasp  and chain repaired, the ruby re-centered and a protection spell on the locket to keep it from damage.    As for your weapons I am sure they are done.  Eirie takes care of that detail.  I do some sales and the bit of crafting I do on the side.  But I will check.

Etaine notes the interesting 'outfit' but chooses to say nothing period.  She prefers to be neutral on  the way of he now presents himself. A Warrior knows another Warrior but says nothing to make known that fact.   She merely checks on his weapons and brings them out on the counter.

"The locket is done. The weapons reapired and ready to go.  Keep safe and good hunting."

January 23, 2013 10:28

He puts both swords in the sheaths crossed over his waist in the back as he puts the sniper rifle on his back. He takes the locket and opens it to show his twin brother's picture and smiles before he puts it on his neck. He nods his head to her before he turns to leave as he tosses something over his shoulder towards Etaine as he says, "For the trouble I caused you. It is my apology before I leave."

He walks out without looking back as what he threw back lands on the counter in front of Etaine. It is a small diamond that is blood red.

January 23, 2013 10:32

* walks from the forge room upon hearing Nate's voice. Seeing the object arch towards the counter as he exits the shop. i ponder his words.*   " was wanting to let him know the runes i had used and could add later if he wanted them added later. Ahh well, he'll be back sooner or later."

January 23, 2013 19:33

Etaine looks at the Blood red diamond and stares at it.  "Would he give me this?   It's not a gem I would use... I think he will be back some day.  Perhaps he needs to resolve his issues."


"I am sure when he returns you can do that.  I cast a rune of protection for him on his locket and gave it the blessing of the Fae."

January 23, 2013 19:55

" Time will tel how things go in his life, just wish he could accept not everyone is out to get him.  You think we should make the rope pieces of the necklaces ourselves or buy ready made ones?  the time per necklace was for us braiding them ourselves but since i don't know if she intends on magicing them or just use them for identification etc i am not sure which route to take. the rings are no problem."

January 26, 2013 19:50

"I guess time will indeed tell about Nathanial.   I feel from him though.  A curse is no easy thing to live with.  I was caught watching ...a certain activity when I was young....a suitable punishment was meted out to me...  My ability to be places where I shouldn't have been was the reason for my curse.   I was punished with a cat shape  you have seen her.   I was lucky we bonded well.."

Etaine broke her chain of thought when Breed mentioned the chains on the necklace   "I can rope the chains easily.   That's  easily done and left for her to magick whatever ways she wants to.   The rings will be easy as well."


January 26, 2013 20:14

"Still need to find out how many and so forth so we can get started on them."  * puts the finishing touches on a folding knife with stag horn handles.*

January 26, 2013 20:21
Ztique Stefania

Ztique politely waited and let the shop owners tend to the other customer until he (or she?) decided to take his (or her, who knows!) leave. "I'd like three vial necklaces. Empty - I intend to kill them myself," she tapped her fingers against her chin and considered requesting an enchantment or two. What would be practical in this case? "I'd like two of them to be silver, and one to be copper. With enchantments that make it so that only I can open the vials...if that's possible," she smiled then noticed Chuggz  squirming around anxiously on the other side of the store, casting her desperate looks. "And if you could me one more chain with a 'holder' attached to it...that a marker or thick pen could fit into? That one should be steel," at that, Chuggz looked appeased and grinned a sharp toother grin of pure content. "How much do you think it'll be?"

January 26, 2013 21:11

The 2 silver and the copper necklace i can put a personalisation rune on it so only you can access them and ONLY you so if you ever decide to pass them on to someone they would be useless the new recipient.  Unfortunately with runic magic, it is alot like making a wish, very literal in it's interpretation of the owner etcetera. And yes i can make one of steel with a container to hold a pen and a marker, each writing item will have it's own opening for it to rest in.  The steel necklace plain with no enchantment will only be 20.00, i have all the materials here in house.  The other 3 i can only quote the cost of each vial, those are purest crystal hand blown, and run 50.00 each, Etaine would have to figure the cost of the necklaces themselves. the runes run 500.00 each due to the cost of the etching knives and time to cast.

January 27, 2013 10:22

* Looking at the man in the duster coat*  "The revolver is done Ken,  there hammer had built up a burr and was sticking. i also replaced the spring so you're good again. * places a large caliber revolver on the counter, then places 5 boxes of ammuntion beside it.*  And the ammunition as well, and yes i'll send the bill to your place as usual *grins*  Take care my friend and becareful down in those tunnels, if you need the cell call and i'll round up the other's to help clear them if you need us."

January 27, 2013 10:28
Kenny R

* picks up my pistol and place it into the crossdraw holster, then place the boxes of ammunition into a pouch hanging accross my shoulders/chest beneath my duster.*   " I'll do that Breed, so far it has been quiet under there just an occasional drifter who wants to try their luck it seems., i'll be sure to pass your greetings to the teachers at the school.. Be safe my friend and stop in for a visit when you are in the New England area again."

January 27, 2013 11:21
Ztique Stefania

  Ztique caculated the total in her head, cutting through the air with a twirl of her fingers as though she was writing the figures out on some unseen paper or slate. "Let's just round it up to $1700,"  she said, reaching into the light brown lether pouch that she wore on her hip. She peeled off a eleven $100 bills , ten $50 dollar bills, and paid for the rest in $10s.

  "That should cover it...let's hope we agree on quality than we do on the politics of our kind, yeah?" She smiled a venomous smile and beckoned for Chuggz, who had been admiring some sort of metalwork near by, to walk to the exit of the store. "One of those bills has number on it, I can't remember which...but I'm sure you'll find it," the vampire woman called, as she and her familiar pushed through the shop doors and into the outside world.

January 29, 2013 13:35

After a couple of weeks the cloaked figure comes in and takes off its hood to show its female like face again and waves to Eirie and Elaine as it pulls out its necklace and says, "My necklace here has been doing pretty well in the fights I have been in lately. Thanks for the great work on it. Also my sniper is more balanced and seems to fire with less of a recoil now."

February 01, 2013 18:28

* walks in from the forge area once more carrying a steel necklace, seeing Nathanial I smile.* " Good seeing you my young friend and i am truely happy you like the work, if you ever want custom handloads for the rifle let me know plus i have a 300 yard gun range built behind the shop if you ever want to take the thing for extra practice shooting for fun."

February 01, 2013 19:00

Etaine had fashioned the two  Silver-Diamond-Cut-Cable-Chain-Necklaces and one in copper.   She smiled up at Nathanial as he spoke and then she looked at Breed.   She spoke softly.   

"The two silver necklaces are done and the copper one as well.  Both types aree very sturdy and they look very nice.   Also the clasps are enchanted to open and close on command to only Ztique of course...  I have some blood-milk in the back if you want to help yorself Nathanial.   You know the way."

February 01, 2013 19:17

Nate nods happily as he heads to the back room. Without noticing it he loses his journal on the way to the back to get the drink. He says, "I am kinda greatful for being here again. Sorry I desturb your guys work."

The journal is open on the floor and seems to talk about his past. (basically his blog)

February 01, 2013 19:21

Etaine  smiles as Nathanial heads to the back room for his drink.  She hears a small thud on the floor and gets up to look to see what drops.

"You havent disrupted me I am finished for now with the neck chains.  I m very glad your locket is undamaged."

She notices an open book on the floor.   She goes and picks it up.  Since it is private she averts her eyes and quickly closes the book.  She places it on the counter in a safe area so Nathanial can find it safe and sound.

February 01, 2013 19:27

He drinks the milk happily as he asks "Think maybe I can close the door? I would like to change my cloths back here so no one sees me. don't want any of my customers at my old workplace seeing me."

He takes off the cloak while he asks this.

February 01, 2013 19:30

"Clos the door and no worries Nate!   The back room is open to you any time"  Etaine's innate sense of curiosty overcomes her and she opens the journal and looks at it

February 01, 2013 19:49

Nate closes the door and take off his cloak to barely hold back a scream of pain as his back is exposed for the first time and his cloak peels away from the fresh wounds on his back. He sighs in realief as soon he lays on his stomach exposing his back as soon he goes to sleep hoping the owners don't come in and worry about him. He says in a small whisper before sleeping, "I think maybe I am getting to atached to these folks which will probably make me soft. If I get soft I will die eventually."

February 01, 2013 19:54

" I have the runes on the ottles as well so only she can access the contents so the 4 are no complete :). you want to call her and let her know?"

February 01, 2013 19:55

"I will give her a call and let her now they are rewady for pick."    Etaine's sensitive hearing picks up on a muffled scream of pain.   She closes the journal and looks toward the back room.

"Did you hear something Breed?"

February 01, 2013 20:13

* hears the cries of pain as well*  "Yes i did. * walks to the door and listens intently, ear pressed against the door hearing just the faint rythymic breathing of someone asleep.*  I think he may have an injury but it seems he is asleep atm. * walking to an adjacent cubical I open a concealed cabinet door and flick a switch, scanning the room seeing Nathanial laying on his stomach and seing the woulnds, nodding I shut off the monitor and close the cabinet.*  

" he's asleep alright, might be best to let him rest for now."

February 01, 2013 20:32

The wounds are leaking blood in trickles as many forms of wounds are visible. There are burns that seem to be third degree from maybe a dragon. Claw marks that have pieces of stone in them from maybe gargoyles. Bite marks the size of a pixie or fairy and also what looks like feather sticking out of various places from maybe harpies. He tries not to move as he sleeps but the pain is visible on his face as the wounds open up more. His cloak is covered in visible dirt, grime, and dried blood of various sorts as if he had not stopped to rest as he had gone on his travels.

His dreams are filled with death as he cries in his sleep.

February 01, 2013 22:25

Etaine nods sadly as Breed checks on the security systems.   She picks up the phone and dials the number Ztique left on one of the bills she had given them.

"Your order is complete.  You can pick it up anytime.  We will be here."   Etaine put the phone down and looked at the Journal again.  "Breed perhaps you should view this journal..."

February 02, 2013 08:36

* with a look of concern still upon my face i walk to where Etaine stands gesturing to the journal*  " What is it hun?? And I may go against my judgement of letting him alone soon, he is hurt badly and it goes against my personal views and those of the Commune not to do something to help but first what have you read?"

February 02, 2013 15:53

"Read it from his can things like that happen?   To child and his brother...I have read just a few bits here and there.....My childhood was not easy but my fosterers never did thus to me... Nor was my curse so hard to bear.   Even exile is a gift." 

Etaine looks at Breed tenderly.  "I am thankful you were there when I needed you most. he has no one.  It goes against my nature to see a person suffer.."

February 02, 2013 16:08

" I can heal his wounds but i would have to feed my hunger for the day even though with the axe i don't need to, but in order to heal him i need to feed off a living persona dn that amount of dammage from the looks of it i would need about twice the amount i would usually feed upon.."

February 02, 2013 16:14

"You can feed from me.  My blood is strong and my fey magic is strong though not as strong as my People.   I will donate freely..."

Etaine looked at Breed gently as her hand touches his face.  "It's offered freely and given freely."

February 02, 2013 16:18

  "Etaine, every time i feed from a human or another living being it affects my humanity, bringing me closer to the monster i was turned into, animals to a lesser extent, but the amount i would need to do this is steep. I could use bagged to feed initially but only living will suffice to heal them.  BUT if you truely wish to i will accept  and take what changes it will bring to help him."

February 02, 2013 16:25

Etaine whispers in his ear softly.  "Let me help and when you take from me.  It will not affect your humanity but be blessed in the actions you are taking and what you alone are giving.   My blessing on you Breed.   One wish closest to my heart or your heart will be aiding another does not detract from you or your humanity.   Let me hold you close as you take from me."

She spoke her words and gave her blessing at the same time.   "The wish closest to your heart is given Breed.  That is what the blessing of they Fey will give you.."




February 02, 2013 16:35

 * sighing, i place the journal back into her hands.*  " So be it my love, this will hurt because i won't have time to use a glamour and the pain/stress is worse because transferring the healing is not natural for my kind. Remember i am not a Carpathian nor a natural spell caster, just a basic monster based form of vampire.  * takes your hand and motions to the room* We HAVE to be extremely quiet or he will awaken and fight me. if he does resist the backlash could put me down for a good while, what i will be doing is called Shunting, basically i take in blood then force transfer the energy fropm the feeding into the recipient in the form of healing. Afterwards i will have to rest for at least 8-12 hours."

February 02, 2013 16:51

Etaine watches as Breed sighes and listens as he speaks.   She needs somberly at how he speaks to her .  "You are no monster.... I know you are no Carparthian or spell caster.   'We will be quiet and you will do what you must do.     You will be in my care for that time and I will not leave your side.

She knows what he has to do will not be easy on him.  But she knows what he is doing has a purpose.   "You will have a hiddenwish granted Breed.  It will be with the blessing of the fay.."

February 02, 2013 18:14

A voice comes from behind the door that says, "Might as well feed from a beast like me."

The door opens and he stumbles out showing that not only was his back ruined but also his legs a little.

"I think that I am still able to donate some blood still. Just make sure you only drink my animal bloods and life will come to you. I know from rituales I have done." he says before he stumbles and grasps the door frame.

"Might want to hurry before I pass out and maybe you can still be human in thoughts. I warn you that my blood might show some of my life in detail. Some have said they saw images. Just make sure hurry before I decide you are not my kind of pretty boy." he says with a smile with some blood trickling frm his mouth.

February 02, 2013 18:57

* turning i see Nate and move forwards as he sags against the doorjam*  " I appreciate the offer my friend but i cannot take from the one i am healing. Come this will be easier for us both if you are laying down.* carefully taking alot of Nathanial's weight i steady him as we move back towards the bed.*  Etaine i need you right by my side, i have only done this twice before and i want you where i can touch him soon as i am ready to."

February 02, 2013 19:45

He grabs Eirie's arm and says, "I promise you that I will be okay. drink my blood since I am a pomme de sang. I have done this before and my blood will be of use to you."

He lets himself be taken to the bed and starts coughing hard. "Be quick. I need to be concious ro heal well."

February 02, 2013 19:55

" I understand how being a Pomme de sang would help but this ability i cannot feed from the injured party, * turning to Etaine I murmur in her ear*  Forgive me my love but we haven't much time..."  * Brushing etaines hair from the right side of her neck i place a soft kiss upon the pulse point before striking with my fangs, a single clean bite, wrapping my left arm about Etaine's waist i hold her steady as I begin drawing her blood into my body, 4 swallows later i release her then turn to Nathanial, my eyes now a ruddy reddish hue,. Placing my left hand upon his brow, my right upon an unharmed portin of his back i close my eyes as sweat begins to trickle down my face in pinkish rivulets, teeth grinding i force the healing energy from within my body and focus it into a wave of warmth pushing it into Nathanial's body hands shaking as i continue to feed the energy taken from my love into his form till all has been used up.  Opening my eyes i watch as the wounds across his back slowly begin to close the shallowest the first to begin healing followed by the worse ones. 5 minutes later the wounds upon Nathanial's back are healed with just faint scarring to show their once whereabouts, finally i see his legs begin to knit with a sigh, i force myself to stand weaving in place. *

  " It is done my friends now i must rest myself, Etaine if you would get me a couple of bags from the ice box i will feed then lay down .  Nate I shall see you in about 8 hours or so , rest and be at peace here."  * Unsteadily i walk from the backroom and head into the forge area, laying down upon a clear area where I have piled some furs and leather as a make shift bed if needed and close my eyes*

February 02, 2013 20:09

He sighs in relief but squeaks as he pulls a piece of metal from his back. "Damn shrapnel always are the worst."

He says a thanks to Eirie before he is gone. He lies down on the bed and sighs, "seems only pain is what I know these days."

He covers himself with a blanket and lies on a pillow with his eyes open and looking at the roof as his mind wonders to everyone who has died through his past.

February 02, 2013 20:16

Etaine goes to get the blood bags from the special fridge quickly and goes to where Eirie is laying in the forge.  She makes sure the blood bags are within his reach.  

"Rest my love and be at peace. The blessings of the Fey are upon you.  The hidden desires will be granted and I will guard your back.

Etaine kisses Breed gently as her hand caresses his cheek.


February 02, 2013 20:41

His eyes tear up as he says in a small voice, "Am I getting to close to them? If so I will have to leave and never come back because I will only cause their deaths like everyone elses. The question is how do I know if I am to close to them?"

He sits up and cries into his hands for a bit before he then pictures them in his head, "Got to say thought they are both pretty cute. Only problem is they are married so can't join in."

He sighs happily before shaking his head, "What am I thinking! No can't think like that. Can't care. can'te care."

Soon he is holding his face in his hands as tears flow and he keeps repeating, "I can't care. Can't care."

February 02, 2013 20:48

Etaine covered the windows of the shop and locked the door.  She set the security alarms as Breed had taught her to do.    She went to the back room and made sure that the window and doors were tightly secured for the night.

"I have locked down the shop tinl Breed is totally rested.  Please do the same.  There is milk blood if you want it .  Food and other stuff in the regular fridge.   I need to be with Breed and make sure he is guarded closely.  He is my life Nathanial.  Without him I am nothing."

February 02, 2013 23:27

He nods soembly as he lies in the bed. He looks kinda depressed or sad.

"I will make sure no one hurts you two. After all you two are people. I just have to protect to from the other monsters like me. I have to also protect you from me."

February 03, 2013 02:11

"Thanks Nathanial but for now you rest and sleep as well.  Be at peace. "   Etaine smiles softly looking at Breed.   She adjusts a blanket on him.

She picks up th blood red diamond and looks at it from a few different angles.  She wonders about a few possible uses for the stone.

February 03, 2013 12:47

He sighs unhappily as he lays there for hours.

Thinking about his past he mummbles, "How can i sleep when I can see the faces of my past full of pain." He gets up and starts taking his sniper rifle apart as he cleans each part. He then goes to his shotgun, pistols, and uzis. He then pulls his swords out and uses a wetstone to sharpen them a little at the tips as he then checks his arrow head for his wooden long bow.

"Seems only fighting is what i know except maybe stripping."

February 03, 2013 13:19
Nathaniel Wolfwood

Nate walks into the shop and looks around. He walks around as he smiled likeing some of the weapons. He waits to be seen wondering around the shop. He was looking for a few things and thought he might could get it here.

February 03, 2013 15:38

He looks up from cleaning his weapons in the back and looks out the open door to see a stranger walk in. He shrugs as he keeps cleaning his weapons.

He has lady-like features as his waist length white hair hangs over his face. He is wearing a loose shirt at this time and turns his back to the door to keep from getting distracted.

February 03, 2013 17:05

  * Awakening from my deep sleep i open my eyes and take in my surroundings allowing my body to fully awaken.  Sitting up on the pile of furs i see the bags of blood sitting in a cooler, taking them one at a time i slowly drain each, allowing the life giving liquid time to absorb before drinking the next.  10 minutes later feeling more like myself i stand and stretch, still feeling some weakness but that was expected and would disappear by the morrow.. Straightening my clothes and hair to some semblance of order i exit the foprge area i had been resting in and walk back into the main work area.. Seeing a new person within the shop i step fully forwards to address him.*

      "Good evening sir, and welcome to The Forge, I am Eirie NightBreed half owner, my wife whom is about someplace owns the other.  How may we be of service?"  


February 03, 2013 17:38

Etaine came in the front door of the shop carrying a few bags of needed items and  a big bag of take out Chinese food .   She smiled to Eirie up and about the shop. She shook her head knowing that he had slept.

"I see you are up and about taking care of business!   I steped out for a bit. Ordered a few thing from down the street and slipped out to pick them up."

Etaine noticed a new customer.  She set the bags behind the counter.  "Welcome to the Forge how may we help you!"

February 03, 2013 18:50
Nathaniel Wolfwood

Nate looks to who spoke to him and he bows his head. "Hello I am indeed looking for things. One will be a pair of Daggers. They will mainly be used for rituals but I would like to also use them for protection if need be. The second thing I am looking for is a pair of Celtic Dragon pendants for me and my wife. " He extends his hand. "Sorry My name is Nate."

February 03, 2013 19:02

Etaine smiles gently and spoke softly.   "I am Etaine.  Eirie can help you with daggers.  He does some rune work as well.   I can do the Celtic Dragon pendents.  Have you the designs you would?  Pleased to meet you Nate!"

Etaine reaches and shakes his hand.  "We guarantee the work as well!>

February 03, 2013 19:16
Nathaniel Wolfwood

Nate takes her hand and kisses it. "Pleased to meet you. As for what I'm looking for Its more of two large Dragons that can be seperated but then can be putt together as a whole showing unity."

February 03, 2013 19:32

In the back he gets dressed and puts his bloody cloak on his arm as he grabs his gear right quick.

He comes out and slides his sniper rifle onto his back as he says to Etaine. "I am going out for a bit to go look for some bounties. I will be back soon you two. Oh and etaine have you seen my journal. I looked in my cloak and didn't see it."

He drops his bloody cloak in the trash can and licks the blood off his arm. He is wearing a fishnet shirt and black leather pants as his white hair flows and sways on his back now.

February 03, 2013 20:10

Etaine looks rather flabbergusted that her hand was kissed.  "I can do that and would you wish any spells or runes of unity, protection or toherswise?  

Etaine turns around to see Nathanial up and about.   "Your Journal is on my desk over in the corner.   The large black bag is for you.   I hope the new cloak is in a color you like.    The maker cast a spell of protection and safety on it for you.  I will see you later on.  You keep your tail out of trouble okay>"

"Excuse my distraction, is there anything special on the dragons you want?"

February 04, 2013 08:09

He laughs a little and says, "I will pay you for the room in back when I get back from my bounty."

Going to the corner where the cloak is and his journal he puts the cloak on which fits quite nicely and puts the journal inside his new cloak.

"I will repay this kindness Madam Etaine." He bows lowly as he heads towards the door.

February 04, 2013 09:15

* leans against the counter and thinks for a few moments of the designs i know of various ceremonial daggers/knives.*  " Is there a particular Lineage or line you use in your ceremonies? It wouldn't be wise to use a blade designed say for a Norse ritual in a Hindi or Celtic one for example. Once that is decided, what size blade, single edge, double , wave like kriss form,lol.. I can cover pretty much whatever type you may want within reason.  I cannot enchant them for the rituals themselves and honestly i avoid that kind of area to begin with but the basic blades adn runes for personization or protection etc i can do."

  * Glances back as Nathanial prepares to leave*  " Take care and be watchful, i'm pretty well drained in one aspect for a week or so. See you later once you are done."

February 04, 2013 10:16
Nathaniel Wolfwood Nate heard both Etaine and Eirie speaking to him at once and he nods his head. "Yes I would like Protection on them both. As for the Daggers I would like them for Greek style and double edge. As far as how long make them normal dagger size. Runes on it is fine also I can do the magic part." He then looks back to Etaine.

"The Dragons need to be two different color. The colors don't matter to me. I would like unity and some runes on it that I might be able to enchant later if need be."
February 04, 2013 10:34

He exits the building and waves one last time before dissapearing from sight.

The blood soaked cloak in the trash can bursts into flames.

February 04, 2013 13:52

Etaine nods as Nathaniel Wolfwood speaks as she goes to the burning trash can and put a lid on it.   

"The Dragons two different colors.   Gold and Silver?   Protection Unity and otherwise set but for you to enchance.  I can do that.  Free of charge to a newly mated pair."

February 04, 2013 16:18

* As Etaine talks to Nate about the pendants I turn and begin looking over possible dagger designs to use in a ring binder.  After going through the pages I settle on a twin edge dagger design with a damascus blade a simple cross hand guard that will work well for the protection runes blade length of 9 inches in length. picking up the book I walk back to the counter and place the binder upon the counter spinning it for Nate to look at.*  "Would this design work alright?"

February 06, 2013 16:41
Nathaniel Wolfwood

He nods to Etaine about the Dragons. "That sounds good but we aren't newly married. We have been married for a few months now."

Nate then turns to Eirie. He looks at the book at the design and nods to that as well. "That looks perfect. I would like those. What kind of metal do you have to choose from."

February 06, 2013 21:22

After a short time he comes back and has a bag of coins that he tosses to Etaine.

"Sorry for the wait but had to finish a quick bounty of some stupid orc eating kids. There is the payment for staying here" he says as he goes into the back and shuts the door.

February 06, 2013 21:27

Etaine looks at Mr. Wolfwood and smiles gently.  "I see.  Still Newlyweds in my boook.   Two different colord...I will see what I can get down.   Consider it a wedding gift then, even a biy late.  It's very hard to find a soul mate in this Realm."

Etaine turns to go to her work area and set about looking at the colors for the Celtic Dragons. She smiled at a small wrapped box she had for Eirie.  It was something she had made during the time he had slept and she hoped when she gave it to him.  He would understand it's meaning.

She considers a few selections of complamenting metals as Nathanial comes in and tosses a bag of coins on the counter.   The clanking clink bothers her thoughts and the coins disrupt the small wrapped box.   Etaine quickly catches the small box and then places the box in a safer place.

February 06, 2013 21:46

* looks at Wolfwood, * "I have several metals that can be used actually. I have silver, cold iron, steels in various grades, a limited amount of titanium, i have some silver alloy steel and High Carbon.  Honestly though for a damascus blade i would recommend the high carbon, easy to work with, takes and maintains a good edge. Best thing is it isn't brittle like a stainles and some others can be."  

February 07, 2013 18:01

He sighs as he takes off his shirt and looks at the wound on his back that he got from fighting the orc. "Crap that is gonna hurt but it is small so its ok."

He opens the door and comes out without his shirt which shows his flawless torso on the front as he asks Etaine. "Hey Etaine, do you got a bangage I can use? Seems the orc nipped me when I was hunting it among its thousands of friends that attacked me"

February 07, 2013 18:47

 " I keep a field medical kit under the sink Nathan,lol. I've used it regularly myself in the past. I keep it up date date so the items are always within the expiration dates. Basically i made a small but complete field surgical kit for small stuff up to moderate trauma pressure bandages *smiles* Help yourself to what you need.. If you feel like it later you want to run a few rounds through a 'new' rifle i been working on?" 

February 07, 2013 18:57

Etaine looks up from her work area.   She had selected the metals for use in the Celtic Dragons that Mr Wolfwood had commissioned.  The design was to be selected and she was looking through some designs.

She smiles as Eirie offers a Field First Aid Kit  and she looks at Nathianal.   "Do you need any assistance?   I can have a look at it with the door open in case Eirie is needed."

February 07, 2013 18:57

He nods his head and says, "thanks Eirie I'll patch myself up." He turns to go to the cabinate to get the med kit and his back is exposed to Etaine and Eirie as well as customers. His back is covered in scars but one in particular stands out the most. Someone had branded his back with two letters. S. B.

His back has many scars going down it and one long cut still bleeds as he gets the medkit and sits downto patch it up.

February 07, 2013 19:31

"Nathanial, please go to the back room and I will help you take care of the cut?"    Etaine looks at Eirie then the customers and back to Nathanial.

"I will assist you in the backroom.   A little modesty or dignity is to be considered here...'

February 07, 2013 19:45

He blushes somewhat and looks down in shame as he heads to his room. He gets inside and sits on his bed

February 07, 2013 19:47

Etaine slips into the backroom leaving the door slightly ajar but closed enough to keep privacy or curious eyes out.  Etaine sighed sadly and her face flushed.

"I am sorry Nathanial.  I was concerned for you more than anything else.  I saw those scars and that brand... Now how can I help you?   Do you need a bit of help.  I have some blood milk if you want some.."

February 07, 2013 19:55

At the mention of the brand his back becomes stright and he hides his face in his hair as he says, "Please don't mention the brand again. Just apply the bandage please."

Something drops from where his face is and it lands on his pants. It's a tear at close inspection.

February 07, 2013 20:19

"Very well I wont mention it again.  Wear it as a badge of courage not shame...The worst brands or scars are on the inside.   A friend once told me what doesnt break you defines you.   If it helps Nate.  Even Sidhe can be branded."

Etaine fishes in the First Aid kit for some gauze and antiseptic spray.  Her hands quickly disinfect the long cut and apply the bandage. 

"My brand is in the middle of my back.  Do you know what crime was?  I killed another Sidhe a sin unforgiven in their eyes. I took the brand and accepted exile for life... Does that make me a bad person?  You are a good person who was treated badly."

Etaine touches the scar impersonally and it fades slightly.  "It will fade in time Nate.  That is my gift to you as you learn to accept the goodness that resides in you so the scar will fade...'

February 07, 2013 20:40

"Mine is for an unforgivable deed. It will never fade because I can never fade. It is a crime I shall kill myself before I do again. Please don't mention it." he says as more tears fall onto his pants.

He turns around and dries into her shoulder with pain and feelings showing which is unexpected coming from him.

February 07, 2013 20:57

"No crime is unforgiven, Nathanial.  But still the gift will remain whether it will fade or not.  A fey gift given as a blessing can only bless.  My intent was kindly given.  My crime was that I killed the one chosen for me because he was unfaithful to me.   He took another as a lover and cast me aside...I killed him for that slight." 

She watched Nate cry the tears slipping into his pants.   "I know from experience that is a crime I will not do again.  But exile is the best thing that happened to me..  A curse to a blessing."

Etaine pats his shoulder furtively wondring why emotions were hard to show.  "You know Breed helped me to see many things differently.  Perhaps you two  can talk man to man about certain things.


February 07, 2013 21:07

"No I can't show feelings. I stay away from people cause of my crime. My crime was horrible and yet I enjoyed it so much at the time. I can't care and love." he says as he still cries into her shoulder. He seems so weak now instead of his usual composed self. He seems less like the hunter and more like the prey.

February 07, 2013 21:10

Etaine shakes her head.  "There was a time I thought I couldn't either.   I am a witch because a mage schooled me in those arts.  I was taught the way of the sword as well.  I had foster tutors who taught me.  That was the only inheritance I received.  I didnt care I existed.  When exciled I followed the way of a warrior and witch both...til I came here and found a different world and way of life..

I thought the song I had was a litany of spell steel and sorrow.."    Etaine knows that Nathanial appears to be vulnerable.   "I have told you a bit of my story.  Perhaps Breed would tell you some of his...story.   Now wipe your eyes and this stays between you and me.  True."

February 07, 2013 21:21

He nods his head before he says, "I ate someone. That is my crime. I did it in the open and enjoyed it as an animal."

He wipes his eyes and looks away before saying lowly, "I'm just a monster."

February 07, 2013 21:23

Etaine didn't seem surprised.  She had seen things and witnessed what others had done in battle and it wasn't uncommon  in a few Shadow Realms where she had travelled to.  She had witnessed what nate said he 'd done.

She had seen soldiers kill and eat their victims.  Mainly certain organs or drink their blood.  She hadn't participated in such rituals they had.  She wasn't allowed because she was a hired 'hand' or an alien in their  land.

"What you did was out of hunger and need.  I have seen this in the places Ihave travelled too.  Killing and murder were an accepted way of life and it is even here."

February 07, 2013 21:36

He is about to cry again when he hiccups and seems kinda wobbly as he says, "I don't know why but you and Eirie both look cute today. Mind if I join you guys?"

He says with a small smile as he hiccups again and his hair parts enough that the flush on his face shows that he is drunk.

February 07, 2013 21:41

"I think you need to sleep Nate,  you are sleepy... that wound was bad and you need to sleep now."  Etaine 's voice becomes gentle and with it her voice changes lulling Nate into closing his eyes.

"What was said and heard here is forgotten.  You will sleep, awake refreshed and knowing only that you slept well and your wound is healing."

February 07, 2013 21:52

His eyes slowly closes but he mumbles, "What is that smell? smells kinda like milk."

He goes to sleep as he falls back onto his bed.

February 07, 2013 21:55

Etaine covers Nate up quietly and slips outside closing the door.   She goes back to her work area and reviews the designs in a journal for Celtic dragons.

February 07, 2013 22:00

Nate wakes with a yawn and stretches wondering why he can't remember what happened after going to a pub.

He stumbles as he tries to regain his footing and opens the door to cover his eyes from the bright light inside.

"Ouch my head hurts. How did I get back here?"

February 09, 2013 14:10

Etaine looks up a bit later and notices Nathanial yawning and standing in the doorway.  She chuckles slightl.  Etaine motions to the coffee pot and a plate of  blueberry muffins nearby.

"Get yourself a cup of hot coffee and a few muffins.  You came in with a wound that needed to be tended too.  You went to sleep soon after.   You may have been a bit drunk.   But eat something and have some coffee.   Grab a shower in the backroom and there's some clean clothes for you in the back.."

February 09, 2013 19:03

He looks at the coffee and says, "No thanks my stomach feels weird to day." before shaking his head and going to the back to take a shower.

He takes his shower as he feels the scars on his back. Each was from a fight or a bad memory.

February 09, 2013 19:05

Etaine shakes her head and her eyes twinkle a little.  "How about some peppermint tea then?  Are you feeling okay, Nathanial?"

But he had left the shop area closing the door behind him.  "Next time stay out of the bars, Nathanial."  She muttered softly.  "Maybe you need a girlfriend to keep you out of trouble."

February 09, 2013 19:12

He heard her and says over the shower starting, "No one dates someone that is a stripper and bars have the best tasting milk-blood. that stuff is alcohol to me."

He washes quickly and makes sure to get as clean as he can while his tails swing back and forth and the cat ears on his head twitch. Seems they appeared after a demon fought him.

February 09, 2013 19:16

"No one dates a stripper... next you will say no one dates a guy with two tails....and cat ears to boot!    Trust me  I have seen a few interesting couples in this Realm.   "At least you cant complain about your hearing."

February 09, 2013 19:34

He shakes his head as he puts towel on and comes out with a towel on his waist and over his hair

"I think maybe you are talking a little to much about me in that sentence." he says as he walks to his room to get a spare change of clothes he had put in there.

February 09, 2013 20:24

  "I worked a club myself for several years as a bouncer before joining the NYPD on the zombie squad. Had alot of folks who dated the strippers there. I've seen beings who rival the virals for looks have ates Nathan, everybody has someone out there in the world, the trick is finding that person."

February 10, 2013 11:26

Nate says "Impossible for me" before he starts getting dressed with the door shut. He puts on a shirt covered in skulls and another black pair of tight leather pants. He even starts to wear a pair of military boots and a bandana to cover the ears.

February 10, 2013 11:34

Etaine chuckled sofly and then she broke out into laughter at Breed and Nate.  "There's a lid for every cooking pot and a frying pan for every lid.   I am sure there is a lid for your pot.   Your profession does have it's perks  and I am sure those ears will twitch like crazy when the right comes walking past you."

Etaine shook her head and she got up and poured herself a cup of hot water and plunked a peppermint tea bag in it.  

February 10, 2013 12:24

He blushes as he holds the bandana hard over his ears in embarrasement as he also covers his tails.

"You're just making fun of me now."

February 10, 2013 13:09

"Nate, I am not making fun of you.  I really like you and I consider  you a friend.  If you thought I made fun of you.  I apoloigize.  Your ears and your tails make you unique.   I think you would make any girl proud of you ."

Etaine tossed the blood red diamond encased in a platunim.  It was a ring she had crafted.  You gave me this Nate.  I made something for you and I enchanted with  a blessing for you.  I hope it brings you a little happiness and contentment."

February 10, 2013 14:20

Nate blushes and says, "I gave it as payment so you keep it. I just living here and pay you as someone just passing throught."

He lets go of the bandana and his tails as he then grabs his swords to go out.

"I will be back. I feel someone has been following me and got to take care of them.

February 10, 2013 18:34

'You aren't passing through Nate.   You live here period and look after us as we look after you.  Now you come back safe.  Wear the ring  and return when you can."

Etaine nodded  as he took off his bandana and uncovered his tails.   "See you when you get back!"

February 10, 2013 20:02

He holds a blank face but his tails give him away as they wag happily. He takes the ring with a sigh and puts it on as he goes out the door hunting with  only one thing to say, "Just passing through and you know it."

February 10, 2013 20:06

"Just passing through and we know it>  See you when you get back."  Etaine nodded she had noticed his blank face but his two tails were wagging.   She kept serious attention to the  gems in front  of her.

"Keep safe,  Now scoot!"

February 11, 2013 00:10

Nate comes back a few days later and seems to be missing a weapon. He goes into the back room and slams the door.

"Damn can't believe those things hired mircs to help them. I lost my scimitar because of those stupid mercs. Now how am I suppose to use my scimitar without its twin."

He lays on the bed and sighs as he covers his face.

February 13, 2013 13:06

 * Heraing someone enter the shop i re-enter the main area from the forge area where i was finishing a gift for Etaine.  Seeing Nathanial entering and then walk to the backroom talking about mercs and the loss of one of his scimtars I watch as he slmas the door. Walking to the door i knock and speak*

   "  Nathanial, what region were you operating in? I know alot of the merc groups operating out and around from my days running a mob family in New York.. As for your scimitar you give me a couple weeks i can forge you another and have the runes in place for you. Just let me know if you want me to make it for you.. Plus it'll be good practice for me doing them." * A hint of humor is in my voice as i speak the last words.* 

February 13, 2013 19:20

He says through his hands, "I was in the outer part of the city fighting a group of mercs wearing bandanas and caps on their heads. They were with my targets who were some dragonkin that had been slaughtering the homeless and eating them."

He gets up and comes to the door to open it. What is visible is that Nate has taken off his shirt and is wearing some very short shorts. His hair has grown to almost touch his legs since he has come here and he seems to wear very little while in the back. He also seems to have gotten used to showing the scars on his back which seems to always become more every time he comes back.

February 13, 2013 19:26

* leans against a counter neat the door thinking on which crews i knew of that might dress in such a fashion.*

  " Doesn't sound like any crews i know off the top of my head but i guarantee i'll know whom they are within 24 hours.  As for the dragonkin i hadn't heard of them making a fuss in some time, time to check and see if they are kicking up a mess in New York as well. Some of the homeless may be thugs etc but many are just down on their luck people and innocent as you say. I already told Etaine i was sending for a couple of teams to handle security around our home outside the city. I'll have one of them wander the city and help keep an eye out. I'll let you know what they look like so you'll recognise them once they arrive."

 * without giving away much in my face I notice Nate has become more relaxed around the shop and suppress a grin. Seeing the long hair i think of how envious Ken would be since he was prous of his hair.. *

     " Nate how do you like living here honestly?  Both Etaine and i think of you as a good friend and you are welcome to make here as part of your home for as long as you want.  When i redesigned the shop for this location i expanded the quarters here so they have around 900 sqft of living space. not alot but better than many efficiencies. And we don't expect you to pay a monthly rent. if you want to help out from time to time that's fine but i certainl;y don't need the money myself."

February 13, 2013 19:54

"It's okay but I think weekly rent works better for me since my jobs pay on the spot. we will call it 3,000 a week and that is for you two to use as you see fit." He says before going back into the room. The room has changed a lot and now has many weapons hung on the walls and even in dresser drawers that should have clothes. Most of the weapons are everything from pistols all the way up to what looks like a tactical nuclear war head. No one is sure if it is real or not but it looks real. Other weapons of his include throwing knives and stars to what looks like a double sword with a ring in the middle.

The room has turned into what looks like a small arsinal as he even has taken up floor boards in one area out to put C4 and grenades in.

February 13, 2013 20:04

 "If you need any extra toys to make boom boom with tell me I have a warehouse full in New York *laughs* By the ay you qwant me to make another scimtar?"

February 13, 2013 20:11

Etaine had left the shop before Nathanial had come back.   She had picked up some Chinese food, fresh fruit and pastries from a small bakery.   She set the bundles down on the counter.

"Welcome back nathanial!  Anyone hungry?"

February 14, 2013 06:54

Nate is standing with some of the chinese in the back after he used his unhuman speed to grab some as he shuts the door to eat alone. He seems to still not have warmed up enough to be close to the two of them and always seems to try not getting close to people. From his journal he has had a rough past with lots of people he knows dead and probably tries to not to get to know anyone now for that reason.

February 14, 2013 07:27

Etaine shook her head as she smiled  as Nathaial relieved her of the Chinese food.   "Now that is fast takeawy service.  He must have of been very hungry.  

Etaine knew that Nate had allowed them about as close as he could possiblely allow it.  She respected his right to be that way.   She smiled at Breed.  

"Since Nate has decided on Chinese Food.  I will phone the FFirehouse Sub Shop and orders some Roast and Cheddar Sandwichs, two salads and some of their chocolate chip cookies.  There's blood-milk in the fridge if you want a bit, Nate."

February 14, 2013 08:16

Nate eats the chinese food in silence as he lays on his bed wondering why he had even moved here. Why was he staying with these interesting people yet he was driving himself crazy thinking about them. Why was he interested and why couldn't he just leave.

He gets up and yells as he holds his face in his hands as he mutters, "This is wrong. why do I care so much? What is wrong with me? I am suppose to have no feelings yet they make me want to stay and live here."

February 14, 2013 14:24

Etaine hears a bit of muttering from the backroom   and  she walks over to the door of the backroom

"Maybe some emotions are surfacing.   Nothing wrong with you and we care about you as a friend.  When Breed isn't around and you are I feel a lot safer.  I am saying this because it's true.  But I am keeping my reasons private for now."

February 14, 2013 17:02

He take the pillow and puts it over his face hiding his tears as he cries into the pillow. To many emotions were growing in him and he couldn't stop them from survacing. He was happy when they cared for him and cried when they said bye everytime he left. He felt like his heart of ice was thawing.

February 14, 2013 18:17

Etaine knocked on the door of the backroom gently and then she opened the door slightly.  She walked to the cot where Nathanial was with his head covered.

"I have some news to tell you  but I can't really discuss it in the open.  At least for now.   Breed's happy about it. and so am I.  But you need to sit up so I can whisper it to you."

February 15, 2013 08:24

He is mistified at what this news could be and wonders what it is as he leans up and takes the pillow off his face.

February 15, 2013 08:43

"May I whisper it in your ear?"   Etaine bent over slightly and whispered in Nathanial's ear.   She quickly drawed back to give Nathanial his space.   "So you see why you are needed.   We have security at the cabin.   But here at the shop when Breed is out and about on the rare occasion of course I 'd like you here if possible.   You'd be a hired hand of course."

February 15, 2013 08:49

His face turns crimson as he turns away and says, "No need to take pity on a homeless bounty hunter. I am just renting a room till I find some place I can call mine."

February 15, 2013 09:35

"I am not taking pity on anyone.   You are renting a room til you can find a place to call your own.  There's a need to have you here period when you can be.   Talk to Breed as well.   If you need more space."

Etaine looked around the backroom.   "Even Breed doesn't know about  the hidden rooms in this old building....  I have explored a little and with some work.  You could have your place free and clear.   A private entrance hidden of course...."

February 15, 2013 09:46

Nate looks down and says, "I am to close to you two and now I feel like my heart is not staying as it should. You two are making me feel stuff that hurts."

February 16, 2013 00:24

* walks silently and stands just at the door*  " Trust me Nathanial, i know the feeling all too well. Once i was changed and had to leave all i knew and now the knowledge of my family and whole town being dead, virtually wiped out by something. The death of my human wife Tracy years ago after only 3 years of being together.... Oh yes i know the pain it can bring to feel again, but in Etaine i don't feel that sense of loss when she is with me and when she is out and about i am still content because she has allowed me to feel again and want to live again.  I let very few people come and enter into my life and the fact that our races are supposedly at war matters not to me. You treat us with respect and kindness, you have helped Etaine of your own volition, those things alone are worth my time of being your friend.

   Even amongst other vampyres i am different in how i view things hence i don't really fit in. The 3 of us are different yet alike in many ways.  As Etaine has said you are welcome to stay as long as you wish."

February 16, 2013 10:58

He covers his ears as his eyes start to tear up, "I can't feel anything or I am going to break again. I will just be a broken container and will be like I sued to be."

February 16, 2013 12:39

Etaine looks at Breed and then at Nathanial as she listens to both of them..

"For a long time,  I didn't feel anything.  I was numbe inside.  My feelings didnt exist either.  The Way of the Warrior was my may and still is...But I meeet Breed and he showed me how easy it was to care again.   Nate it's a matter of being in control of one's emotions.  Not deny them. You are as close as a friend as one could want or wish for."

February 16, 2013 13:24

He takes some of his weapons and gets up saying, "I need some time alone. I am going out for some jobs."

He dashes out the door as he tries to not think about what they said to him

February 16, 2013 15:54

Etaine looks at Breed and shakes her head sadly.    "Keep safe Nate!"   

February 16, 2013 17:37

  * Grabbing a scabbard from a weapons chest nearby i move quickly to the door and call out to Nate and toss him the scabbarded weapon. the sabre is sheathed within a  leather scabbard reinforced with bands of polished titanium, the blade is honed to a sharp battle edge along with a 12 inch false back edge also sharpened. the balance i superb*

  " Take this until i can make you another scimitar, it will serve you well as it did it's prior owner 800 years ago."

February 16, 2013 18:26

He grabs the scalbard in midair and runs on.

February 16, 2013 20:34

" He's running scared luv, the emotions are not what he is used to and i think in the past people have died that he has cared about.  Time will tell, but i am going to get to work on scimitar for him, hopefully i can do it hustice in the forging."

February 17, 2013 15:19

Etaine nods at Breed. She goes to his side and her arm curls around his waist .   "He's running scared and he is frightened of how he has to deal with his emotions.  People have died in your past and min as well.   Time will tell and you go forge that sword.  I will see if the orders and food have arrived."

February 17, 2013 19:43

" Alright love, i'll be awhile once i start, once that bar stock is heated and i begin forming the blade, i won't be stopping till i have it roughed at the least which will take several hours."

February 21, 2013 18:06

"Now scoot and get that bar stock heated and start forming that blade,   I will keep an eye on the shop and keep the food and water coming, hun."

Etaine gives Breed a quick hug and a quick kiss on his lips.   "Time to get to work bor both of us.  I have some semi precious gems to look over and some silver wire to inspect.   A design to craft..."

February 21, 2013 18:19

He comes back after a while and goes to his room but seems a little different then usual. He looks to make sure no one is near his room before going inside as he locks the door. Inside the room comes some very odd noises before it is totally silent with the feeling something unusual is going on.

February 21, 2013 22:40

Etaine looks up from her work station as Nathanial comes in the shop and hands to his room in the back.   She frowns a bit her emerald green eyes noticing a slight that puzzles her.   But then Nathanial did puzzle her at times and she accepted his differences as well.   

She hears the key lock his door and some very odd sounds noises but she focuses back on the silver wire that she is twisting gently to form the outline of an earring.

February 22, 2013 12:46

Nate unlocks the door after a while and comes out dirty when he went in clean and gets something some food before going back in his room where he locks the door again and the strange noises come again. He seems to be doing some remodeling to his room it looks like or maybe something else.

February 22, 2013 12:55

Etaine looks at Nathanial as he comes and takes the food setting on the counter quiickly.   "Take a shower Nathanial!"  But her words fall on deaf ears and  she phones another order into the Deli down the street  and makes a mental note to restocl the fridge in the backroom.

The strang noises grate on her innate curiosty but she restrains herself wishing Breed was here in the front of the shop instead in the forge at this time.

February 22, 2013 13:13

Nate comes out of the back and asks, "Do you have blue prints of the shop so I can check something right quick?" He is covered in dirt and seems to be sweating a little as he stands in front of his door. He turns around and locks is right quick to make sure no one goes inside. He even changed the locks on his door after arriving.

February 22, 2013 13:34

Etaine nods at Nathanial and says softly.   "They are in the back on the filing cabinet."  

February 22, 2013 15:08

He grabs the blueprints and goes back to his room where he locks the door again as soon silence overwhelms the room before the strange noise comes yet again but from below the building and is moving in a certain direction.

February 22, 2013 17:56

  * with a loving smile for Etaine i walk back into the forge workroom, my mind now focussed on what design, type of materials and calculating the correct temperature at which the steels will need to temper properly yet not be brittle nor too soft. Standing in the center of the large dimly lit room i close my eyes, allowing the heat and scent of burning coke to wash over me then re-opening my eyes i walk to my storage area and choose the pieces of steel i will use deciding to make a layered blade design. Carrying my choices to the forge i shift some of the coals about making a place that will remain cooler than the other by a few degrees then using the bellows to stoke the flames watching as the coals and flame flare and deepen in color. Placing the lengths of steel into the forge shaking and working them deeply into the depths  carefully making sure that just enough hot coals are covering the steel.  Stepping back i once more take hold of the bellows working it till the metal begins to glow the temperature within the room rising to well over 120 degrees in air temperature, the sweat beading and rivlets running down my face and torso.."

February 24, 2013 11:44

Etaine  closes the  shop down for a small break  and  turns the sign to closed for lunch.   She  goes  to the kitchen end of the shop  and stores  the groceries that were quickly  delivered.    She  makes sure that some limeade is chilled  enough  to  take to  Breed.   She  places it in  a cooler  next to some blood bags.

A small chicken salad  and a  sandwich  are placed next  to it.    She  knows it will be hot in there.    Shehad smiled  at him before he left for the forge.

She walked back to the forge  with his small repast.

February 24, 2013 12:07

Nate comes out of his room and looks to now be covered even worse in dirt and mud as he says, "I will be using the bath. Please don't let anyone in my room because I am finishing a project."

He locks the door to his room and goes to take a shower.

February 24, 2013 12:23

Etaine  looks at Nathnial covered in dirt and dust.   "Wash your hair good  and there is a blow dryer if you need one.  Use the conditioner as well.   Breed  will need the shower when you are done.   And no one goes in your room not even me unless asked too."


She  heads to the forge to check on Breed quickly.

February 24, 2013 12:32

Nate cleans himself up as best he can and gets out to dry himelf when he realizes that he forgot his clothes in his room.

"Etaine ummm I need help." he says as he hides behind th door.

February 24, 2013 12:37

Etaine returns quickly after she set the lunch as she passes the door.  She hears Nathanial call her name.   She arches an eyebrow and  then shakes her her head.

"There 's a set of clothes for you in the linen closet.   I stashed a few changes for you when they deliverd some clothes  ans I keep a few spares for myself and Breed as well.   Yours are on the   third shelf from the bottom.  I will keep spares in there for you."

February 24, 2013 12:48

  * seeing the steel glowing the shade of reddish/orange hue i desire i pull both lengths out, placing them upon the other, before reaching for my roughing hammer, an 8 pound sledgehammer with a shortened handle and begin to weld the 2 pieces together, the meeting of hammer upon super heated steel causing a bell like ringing that resounds through out the forge area and into the main part of the gunshop. Sparks and brief flashes of flame as the layers of steel are forced together the heat and pressure causing them to gradually become one. after several minutes of constant pounding in tempo on both sides of the steel I place the now single bar of steel back into the forge to heat once more, my left hand working the bellows gradually keeping the flames at a certain height so as not to cause hot or coll spots nnow."

February 24, 2013 12:49

Nate gets dressed in the clothes and comes out looking at them as he says to Etaine, "I'm not sure these fit right. They feel a little big on me."

February 24, 2013 13:01

Etaine looks at Nathanial and shakes her head.   "You call the shop and order what you need.   They deliver quickly as  we have a standing order there.   You can pick out what you prefer till then wear  my spares.   Sorry my stuff was on the third shelf...I need to add another shelf in the near future as well.    Sorry I am a bit forgetful.  But my jeans and tshirt fit you better than me now... my stuff is getting a bit tight."

"Your stuff is on the fourth shelf from the bottom."

February 24, 2013 13:09

Nate says, "Thanks for telling me." he goes back in and comes out after a bit wearing all black clothes and nods happily as he has a towl on his head making him look more like a female then ever before. He walks to his room where he unlocks the door and goes inside where he locks the door again.

Inside the room Nate starts cleaning up his project with a broom as he makes sure no evidence will be left before he covers up the opening he had made. After finishing that he unlocks his door and sits on his bed where he takes the towel out of his hair and picks up a small old chinese comb that he uses on his hair.

February 24, 2013 15:41

Etaine looks a littled redfaced and she shakes her head.   "You are very welcome Nathanial!"   She watches as he back in the bathroom andhe comes out in all dressed in black with a towel on his head.   He seems somewhat girlish but again Etaine shakes her head.  

"What an interesting character he is..."

Etaine goes about her own business as Nathanial goes about his own.   She wonders how Breed is doing on that new weapon he is forging.  But she has left food, drink and blood if needed.   She will leave Breed to his business as she tends to the front end of the shop and some catalogues for various items for a new room planned in their cabin.

February 24, 2013 17:19

* Withdrawing the metal from the forge, I begin working on the blade, the rythmic ringing of the hammer upon steel marking the time as blade is folded and heated and refolded time and again. The hours passed until nearing daybreak I finally stop looking down upon the  slightly curved rough blade resting upon the anvil as i lift it slowly casting a critical eye along the length, looking for any possible weak point in my forging of it before i give it the final cooling then hanging the rough blade to finish the cool down till later in the day when i would begin the polishing of the blade and the fitting of the hand grips as well as the furniture and pins to hold the hand grips securely.*

February 27, 2013 19:38

After combing his hair he comes out wearing a black dress with his or is it her hair down to his or her waist. The dress fits perfectly and he looks like a girl as he waves at Etaine before leaving out the front door.

March 07, 2013 23:55

Etaine blinks once then blinks twice as Nathanial comes out of the back room dressed differently.  This time he is dressed differently and it does seem a bit strange.  She just shrugs her shoulders,  her mind is on different things right now.

Etaine waves back and speaks softly.  "See you later Erika,  I mean Nathanial..."

March 08, 2013 10:13

Some time later Nate comes back in and skips to his room which he shuts the door and locks. He comes out after a half hour and is wearing is usual clothing again as he goes to the back to watch Eirie make the sword.

March 10, 2013 11:56

Etaine looks up again as Nathanial returns to the shop.   She had to admit  he had good taste in the way he had dressed.  But she kept silent on her opinion.  She waved her hand and smiled at him acknowledging his return.   Her eyes were on some clothing of a different kind.   "Maybe neutral colors are best."  she muttered to herself . 

It was about an half hour later that Nathanial came out dressed in his regular clothing and he then just scampered off to the back where the forge was located.

March 10, 2013 19:03

  *  Rising from where i sat, i walk to the bench area and look over the scale materials settling finally upon a goat horn set of scales. Closing my eyes i envision what i want then reaching for the gouge i begin to slowly flake away the inner side forming room for the tang so it will fit exactingly and snug.  Half an hour later i switch to the left hand scale and begin the process once more.  Upon completeion of the inner side I begin polishing the outter body of the horn slowly bringing it to high glossy sheen.  Sensing more than seeing someone enter i scent the air and smile slightly.* 

     " Hello Nathanial, it has been awhile since i saw you last, i hope all has been well in your endeavors.. As for the sabre it will be another couple of days before i complete it.  The hilt scales I am almost done with other than fitting them to the tang, they will be a black goat horn wrapped with a braided stainless wire and secured by 3 stainless pins.  I could be done sooner but i truely hate using a powered buffer and grinder on my blades, so i try and polish then sharpen them as the Japanese did, using stones and hand polishing.  Do you have any requests you would want me to add to the blade before the final stages?"

March 11, 2013 19:33

"No reqests." he says with a smile as he goes back into the shop and looks at the jewelry in the cases for some odd reason. After some time looking at them he grabs a pair of ear rings and holds them up to his ears as he looks in a mirror.

March 11, 2013 20:05

Etaine had left the shop to go to the Bakery  a few doors down from The Forge to pick some bread, pastries and other baked good that Breed and she enjoyed.   She also picked up some meat, cheese and some bottled water for the making of their midday meal.

She opened the door of the shop to see Nathanial looking at some of her display cases in her section of the shop.  She watched him silently as he looked at the case containing the earrings.  She said nothing as he grabbed and held them up against his ears.   She smiled as he looked into the mirror.  The silver earrings with their sparkling semi-precious gemstones flickered the mirror and compliamented his girlish features.

"If you want them Nathanial... they are yours."

March 11, 2013 21:59

He jumps but smiles happily as he jumps with joy. After a bit he hugs her and goes to his room locking the door. Noises of hangers being moved are heard before he comes out in a thin black dress, his long hiar made into a ponytail, and the ear rings as he twirls happily.

March 11, 2013 22:02

Etaine sets the bags and a shopping basket on the counter.  She chuckles slightly as Nathanial jumps. She smiles as he jumps with joy and seeing him smile is worth the surprise she gave him.   She hugs him back briefly and watches him go back to his room.

She listens as a bit of noise comes from his  but she sets about making some sandwiches for Breed to eat.  She sets Breed 's sandwich,  danish apple pastry,  a fruit salad and several bottles on a tray for him.

She sees Nathanial come out in a thin black dress with his hair pulled up into a ponytail and the earrings twinkling in his ears   She looks at her work station where the finished necklace and one bracelet lay on a soft cloth. 

"Well you have good taste.  Those other pieces match the earring.  Enjoy the set."

March 11, 2013 22:18

He smiles with a slight blush as he puts them on and looks at himself in the mirror . He looks amazingly like a girl now and it is so hard to tell if he could me a man. With a smile and a twirl in front of the mirror he says in his usual girl-like tone, "These are just perfect. Thank you so much Etaine."

Nate then goes to look at the sword again that Eirie is making.

March 11, 2013 22:29

      * Awake once more, i place the stones I will use for the honing of the cutting adge, a polishing cloth and a sack of a gentle buffing agent i blend using a 500 year old recipe that i found was used exclusively on damascus steels. Settling upon a low bench my eyes close for a few minutes my mind clearing of all thoughts but what lay ahead of me as i see the hours of slow time consuming movements to bring this weapon to it's final form.   The voices of Nathanial and my love are whispers in the back of my mind and yet bring a slight smile to me.

        Reaching upwards with my left hand I grasp the sword blade, letting it ease down across my body horizontally cutting edge towrds me, grasping thetane in my right i dust the polishing cloth with some of the agent and a sprinkling of water i slowly begin working the cloth along the length of the sabre in slow even strokes the cadence is even as is the pressure upon the metal. Broken occasionally as i switch sides over and over again as the hours pass when i finally stop and gaze upon the blade that only needs honing and the hilts.  Smiling in appreciation i can still see the hammer marks slightly in the mirrored surface, the lines of the welded metals showing in relief much like the grains of a fine wood.  Placing the blade upon a padded rest i stand for the first time in many hours and stretch finally walking to the door to gaze out into the main room.*

     " Another day or so and i shall have it finally completed for you Nathanial. It will indeed serve you well. I also spoke with Ken again Etaine and he will be dropping off a few things for the cabin."

March 23, 2013 13:01

Etaine smiles and nods at Breed.  She has brought yet another tray of food and rink to the forge.  She sets on the table away from the forge.   She looks about the place and then at Nathanial.

"Thank hun,  I will appreciate the stuff he will be dropping off at the cabin."

March 26, 2013 09:20

Nate smiles brightly at Eirie and asks, "What do you think of how I look Eirie? Etaine says I look great in this."

March 26, 2013 17:03

     * Hearing Nate ask for my opinion on his appearance, i slide around on the seat and see him standing there in a thin black dress with the jewelry. Taking in his appearance I pause a moment before replying.*

    " Nate if i didn't know you, i would say you would make someone a lovely daughter or girlfriend, Not many people can look appealing to both sexes my friend, but can and aye , you look quite fetching in that outfit."

March 28, 2013 18:27

Etaine goes to Breed and wraps her arm him gently and smiles softly.  Her eyes twinkle with a bit of mischief.   Then she looks up at him and nudges him.

"You would make us a fine son or daughter, Nathanial.  Not many would be as handsome or beautiful either way.   When the baby comes I hope you will like her."

March 28, 2013 18:33

Nate blushes a little and holds his face in his hands as he says, "I just hope I am still alive to see her when she is born."

He quickly covers his mouth and tears come to his eyes as if he let something slip before he runs to his room and locks the door after shutting it.

"Why did I let it slip? I am so stupid and idiotic for saying that to them. This stupid curse is going to kill me before I get to do all the stuff I have wanted to do in my past."

March 29, 2013 10:24

  * Looks up at Etaine as Nate goes running out and back to his room*  "  Wonder what that was about this time?  Well whatever it is, we'll handle it in our usual fashion and time. But now i better finish this blade, have another half a day or so to go to do it justice."

  *  Tilting my head upwards I kiss Etaine's cheek then begin to mentally withdraw as i prepared to do the finishing polish and sharpening of the weapon.*

March 30, 2013 20:07

Etaine smile gently and nods at Breed.  She had noticed Nathanial running to his room in the back of the shop.   "I am sure whatever it is or whatever has his concern.  He will handle it and we will deal with it in the usual way we do.   Now go finish that new blade.   I will bring you more food and drink.  I will check in on you but will not distrube you."

She feels Breed's gentle kiss on her face and she feels him slowly turn to focus on his skill and expertise was a weapon maker.

April 01, 2013 17:49

Nate returns after some time but he seems quite different as he now seems to be covering himself in a cloak. He also is acting differnetly and even tries not to speak very loud. This is quite unusual for him and might mean something has happened but the question is what.

April 08, 2013 17:44

    * Sitting back in position, I bring the unfinished blade down in front of me, placing it carefully upon the 1st of 3 stones i grip the blade in my hands a cloth between my skin and the metal. Methodically i  begin a slow rythmic drawing motion, allowing the blade to slowly sharpen and polish itself.*

April 10, 2013 20:38

     * Many hours later i finish the honing and polishing of the blade, rising for the 1st time in the endless hours spent i stretch then reach for the scales and anchor pins for the handle. Sliding the hand guard into position i place both halves of the handle scales into place behind the guard carefully aligning the halves till they form a flawless seam.  Taking one pin i press it into the hole then tap it securely home with a wood mallet, followed by the placement of the other two pins. Reaching across i take the wire i selected and begin wrapping the hand grip forming an intricate and secure hand placement, after tucking the end of the wwire to hold it secure, i put the end cap against the bottom of the hilt and hammer it into place as well using a film of adhesive inside to form the final seal.

      taking the sweapon in hand i work through a kata feeling the balance seeing if any adjustment is needed, finding non i reach for the scabbard and slip the sword into it's new home. A final polishing of the leather and it is now ready for it's owner.  Exiting my workshop, i walk to Nate's room, knocking firstly and hearing no response at first i enter and place the sabre in a rack on the dresser where he will see it then walk out into the main part of the store smiling and feeling a sense of pleasure with the weapon.*

April 13, 2013 16:02

Nate comes out of the restroom after taking a shower and is standing before Eirie almost indecent when something quite strange is noticable. Nate has something on his chest that is quite surprising. Nate seems to have breasts. Nate turns red and screams in a high pitch lady's voice before running back into the bathroom.

April 13, 2013 23:50

Etain hears a high pitched scream coming from the back of the shop.  She arches an eyebrow as she is just in time to see Breed  near Nathanial's room.    Her emerald green eyes catch the sight of Nathanial or who seems to be him.   She sees a pair of breasts flashing as Nathanial runs back into the bathroom

She looks at Breed and shakes her head.  "Did you see what I saw?  Or do I need glasses? I think I saw a pair of female accesories on Nathanial...."   She cants her head at Breed and gauges his surprise.

"You stay out here..okay.  I think you have done hard work today.   There is a tray on my desk along with a cooler with blood in it.   Please stay out of the back room for awhile.   Nathanial!  I am coming and yes I have a sweater you can put on.  I think you shocked Breed and surprised yourself and me..."

April 14, 2013 01:24

Nate is under the covers on the bed crying while saying softly to Etaine, "I woke up this morning and noticed i was a little different and before I knew it I had become this. Why am I this way? Is it the curse or am I just a freak?"

April 14, 2013 02:35

  * Nodding to Etaine, i walk to where thetray and cooler is at her desk, allowing her and Nate some privacy.*

April 20, 2013 15:11

Etaine smiled to herself, her mate Breed was the best and she loved him for his understanding in many ways.   She would spend some quality time with him now that Nathanial's sword was done.

Etaine went in the bathroom removing her sweater and offed it to Nathanial who immediately covered himself.   The pair of them made it to his room with a curious Etaine who could hardly believe what she had seen.   She watched as he crawled under his bedding.

"Nathanial I think you are becoming a Natalie...some curses can have interesting side effects.  But I am sure if it's a curse you could learn to live with it and no you are not a freak...WHO put this curse on you and why?"

April 21, 2013 02:42

"I was cursed many years back by a Unseelie fey when I accepted its help to hide from some people. I didn't know it would attack me but when it did, I was cursed."

April 21, 2013 22:03

"An Unseelie fey...I am sorry that happened to you.  Accepting help from an Unseelie sidhe that has a cruel and unnatural streak and then attacking you....I can't remove the curse.  But I can be a friend to you Nathanial.  Now what are you going to do or how is this curse going to affect you.   I see that you may be going to a female now..."

Etaine was shocked but she remembered the time she was cursed with her cat shape. "I don't know if this helps  when I was curse I was just a child or a young.  I spired on a young couple  One Seelie and one Unseelie....the Unseelie cursed me to be a black pantherlike cat...the Seelie amended the curse to be kinder to me.  The cat and I merged accepting each other..."

April 27, 2013 09:19

Nate sobs on the bed and says, "I can't go to by home now because they will not know who I am. I will have to get my stuff and put it somewhere which is gonna be hard. I know almost no one and I have no family."

April 27, 2013 11:46

Etaine sighed sadly.  then she arched an eyebrow and shook her head.  "Well you can store your stuffhere.   You have us as an 'extended family, Nate."

April 27, 2013 13:43

Nate hugs Eataine happily with her DD breats in her face and says, "Thank you so much. I love you guys."

April 27, 2013 14:23

Etaine blink once then twice as Nathanial 's breast smack her in the face.  "We will need to get you a decent bra too... We love you too Nate."

"Now we need to explain to Breed what has transpired and it will be kept private.."

April 27, 2013 14:28

"Umm....will I be to destracting for you guys with my new body since my clothes don't fit any more?"

April 27, 2013 15:03

Etaine shook her head and smiled at Nathanial.    "We can order some clothes from the shoppe down the street and in the mean time one of Breed's t-shirts can cover your essentials up front.  I have a pair of black leggings a bit big for me you can use as well,   I am sure you will pick and choose  check online that shoppe carries a lot and they deliver real fast."

April 27, 2013 21:07

"Okay. Thank you so much Etaine." She exclaims as she hugs Etaine even tighter before noticing her breasts are in Etaine's face. "Sorry I am still getting used to these."

April 28, 2013 09:38

"Okay. Thank you so much Etaine." She exclaims as she hugs Etaine even tighter before noticing her breasts are in Etaine's face. "Sorry I am still getting used to these."

April 28, 2013 09:38

"You sre very welcome.  NOw if you don't mind getting those assests under control. We will find the right items for keeping those assets stored safely."   It wasn't a every day occurance another woman's bust were in her face.  She could only hope Breed would take Nathanial 's sex change in stride.

"You will get used to them.  You will have to get used to them.  They come attached to every female I have seen in the realm.."

April 28, 2013 19:34

"I didn't know it was so hard being a girl till I changed. I am scared now and always am feeling weird." she says as she hugs Etaine from behind and says, "Yet i still feel like my old self a little bit."

April 28, 2013 19:59

"You will adjust.   You are a female now and I am sure you will do just fine.."  Etaine moved away slightly after Nathanial hugged her.  "Here is my cell phone and the number to Claire's Shoppe of Flair.   I will go get that tshirt and the leggings til you can get the things you need.   Tell Clair DD cup and they will deliver anassortment.  Clair has my account info so go wild!"

"I need to check on Breed and I will be back shortly!"

April 29, 2013 22:01

Nate takes the phone and calls CLair before ordering clothing she thinks will fit her as she also orders a bra of DD cup.

April 30, 2013 07:28

Etaine brought the over large tshirt and black leggings to Nathanial's room quickly and went to check on Breed.

She found Breed in the fromt part of the shop eating his lunch.  Etaine smiled at him tenderly.  "Hey there Erik.....We have a small problem..."

April 30, 2013 23:24

  * Sets aside my drink and pivot to look at Etaine*  " what's the problem hun?"

May 02, 2013 20:06

Etaine watches as Breed sets aside his drink and she smiles at him tendelry.   She leans over and give him a kiss on the cheek.  She whispers softly in his ear.

"Nathanial had a change of gender.   Courtesy of a Unseelie Sidhe.  All I can say the resuolts are very interesting."

May 03, 2013 07:04

Nate comes out with half the bra on and seems to be having trouble, "Etaine how do you put this dang thing on. I can't figure it out."

May 03, 2013 08:41

  * hearing a more feminine form of Nate's voice i pivot more to see him, pausing a few moments i look at our friend  blink a couple times, raise an eyebrow like Mr Spock.*   

    "  That is a good question Nate, * looks at Etaine*  How would you best suggest he do this hun *grins*"

May 04, 2013 15:43

Etaine blinked once then twice at Nathanial with a bra off on and by the sound of their voice.  Nathanial was having trouble.

Etaine flushes and her ears get a little pink as Breed looks at her.   "Okay Nathanial or Natalie.  Let's get back to your room and I will help you.

Just then the bell jingled above the door.  "Make a damn bee-line for the back of the shop...I think you have a customer hun or do you want to help Nate?"

May 04, 2013 16:04

* laughing i stand and gives you a kiss*  " I'll handle the customer you take care of Nat, I'm not surprised by the change per se BUT the rapidity of it caught me off guard. Maybe i can find something to help.. I'll talk to Dana in New York and see if she knows of something."

May 04, 2013 19:15

Nate blushes as she realizes what she did and runs into her room with red faced.

May 04, 2013 22:47

Etaine flushes as Breed kisses her quickly.  She makes a quick move to Nathanial's room.  She was surprised on how fast Nathanial covering her frontal parts. 

"Nathanial! no one saw anythng and here let me help you get that bra on  Is it a front loader or a back strap?   Maybe a corset type bustier would work for you as well."

May 05, 2013 14:17

"I have no clue about these things. I never seen one before now." she says in innocense.

May 05, 2013 16:05

Etaine flushed slightly.   She looked at Nathanial and nodded as she looked at the bra.   "They  I mean bras are not so complicated.....You have one that works from the front.  Breed called them front loaders or slingshots..   Give me the bra and I will look at it."

May 08, 2013 11:25

Nate hands over the bra and let's Etaine look at it.

May 08, 2013 11:32

Etaine looked at the bra that Clair had sent over and it was a perfect.  It seemed Clair was the same size as Nathanial.  

"This bra is a perfect size for you, well made and it has good support.  You put the bra on like you would a shirt except you have to hook the closers together so the front of the bra covers your assets."

Etaine handed the bra back to Nathanial.

May 09, 2013 07:33

Nate is puzzled by this somewhat as she tries to put it on but fails miserably as she breaks down crying.

May 09, 2013 16:02

* from the front my voice is heard*  " Nate don't let it get to you my friend, i believe most ladies/people have issues at first.. Look at it like anything else the more you try the better you get."

May 12, 2013 20:13

"I see your point Eirie but I still can't think of myself as a girl"

May 12, 2013 21:03

Etaine looked at the bra and than at Nathanial.  She blinked her eyes and then spoke softly.

"Well you have the female attributes now... And they need to be put in this bra.   Etaine picked up another bra a bit more like a sportsbra.   It was made to fit a DD cup and was sturdily made for a more atheletic person. 

"How about this one?  No snaps or front loader... You just slip it over your head with the front where your frontal assets would fit.   I wear sportsbra mostly...."

May 13, 2013 13:21

"I will try my best." She says as she takes the sports bra and pulls it over her and tries to pull it over her breats as she moans lightly.

May 13, 2013 13:25

"I think Breed is right.  You have to keep trying.  Do you really want to wear a bra Nathanial?  A nice tight t-shirt will work..."

May 13, 2013 14:27

"It is okay. I will try my best to be a lady for you."

May 13, 2013 18:06

Etaine looked at the corset Clair had sent over to Nathanial.  "What if we tried this corset.   It doesnt lace up to tight just enough to hold things in place.  Slip on a dark tshirt and lets give this a try."

Etaine looked at the corset (bustier)  closely as she waited fot Nathanial to slip on a black tshirt.

May 15, 2013 18:02

Nate puts on a black shirt and hugs her tightly. "You are a life saver."

May 15, 2013 23:12

"This type of  corset is meant to be worn over a bark color tshirt and it helps if you are a woman who does battle.   I have several of these myself.or you can wear them for every day. "

Etaine speaks as Nathanial hugs her.  "Now let's get this on you!  Put the front up under the breast and hold it.  I will lace it up to where it is comfortable but not too tight. Just enough to hold your breasts in place."

May 16, 2013 16:52

Nate does as told as she says "I feel kinda strange around you and Eirie as my heart seems to burn a little"

May 17, 2013 13:01

   * still listening in as Etaine helps Nate*   " No reason to feel strange Nate, believe me when i say, i have seen curses alot worse than this having been placed.. No matter what form you are in you are still our friend."

May 18, 2013 12:28

"It is kinda scary but exciting to be like i am now."

May 18, 2013 15:25

Etaine laces the corset very gently in the back yet tight enough to hold it in place.   "Okay Nathnail how does it fit?"

May 22, 2013 13:55

"It feels tight but works."

May 23, 2013 09:36

"Some corsets or bustiers can be very tight, but Claire makes her styles to be worn by anyone.  You will find it useful but confortable.  It looks very nice on you and black is a great color on you!"

Etaine steps back to take a look at nathanial.

May 24, 2013 22:39

"I feel like these things on my chest are not fitting right." she says as she looks as her large breasts.

May 26, 2013 11:10

 * laughing softly*  " I haven't known a single woman in my years Nate that has found a corset of any type to feel like they fit correctly in them let alone comfortably.. I think it's a tolerance thing... By the way, what do you think of your new sabre?"

May 27, 2013 07:44

Etaine looked at Nathanial and shook her head.   "It is as good as it gets and I thank the gods I wasn't blessed like you in that area.  That must have one hell of an Unseelie that did that curse....   How do you like your new sabre?"

May 30, 2013 19:43

Nate looks at it all and replies, "This is great thank you so muhc."

The then decides to hug both of them with an accidental boob barrage

June 01, 2013 08:02

"Did you ever consider a breast reduction?"  Etaine attempted to avoid Nathanial's accidential boob barrage.  "On second thought maybe it's a distraction in your line of buniess..."

June 05, 2013 23:10

"Sorry. I still am not used to these things." she says with tears in her eyes as she plops down on the floor and wipes her eyes.

June 06, 2013 17:55

Etaine looked at Nathanial and shook her head.  "Bad joke  but how are you for a shopping spree at Claire's?"

June 09, 2013 12:11

She jumps up excited before she almost knocks herself out. She starts to cry again and dismay at herself.

June 09, 2013 20:49

* Standing i walk over and offer my hand top Nate * "Come on, i'll give you a help there buddy. Everyone has troubles in there life, it's not how many times you get knocked down in life but how you handle it and keep getting back up.  You'll get this worked out, i have faith that you can."

June 11, 2013 20:06

Nate sniffs as she hugs him around the legs.

June 11, 2013 20:20

* Looks down as Nat hugs my legs, i rach down and gently place a hand upon her hair.. *" Come my friend you have a shopping spree ahead of you and i have an idea for a custom rifle i want to try out. *grins* "

June 14, 2013 14:19

Nate smiles as she whips off her eyes and gets up to get ready to go as she grabs for her cloak and some weapons.

June 14, 2013 14:20

Etaine watches as Nathanial wipes off her eyes.  "Come on Claire's Affairs is still open for awhile.  They have some nice stuff...she even has a section for baby clothes....Pretty in Pink for girls..."

June 17, 2013 21:11

Nate seems happy for a sec before shaking her head, "No got to not think like that. Have always liked certain clothing and don't want to change it as well."

June 18, 2013 09:37

"Claire has many things and you can pick anyting you want, need or desire.   Since I know I am having a daughter...I want my baby to have a fine nice things...a bit of lace and frills.  But for you  Nathanial, whatever you pick is up to you.  She  has clothes of all types..."

June 18, 2013 19:26

"Okay but if I get to girly stop me please. I feel like I am becoming different."

June 19, 2013 03:12

"Claire has an excellent line of fighting leathers, boots and  in any color you want.  Cloaks as well.  She was a former assissin of course.  Her line of fashion is for everyone.  You may like speaking with her."

Etaine smiled a bit and spokegently.  "Asfor too girly yes I will remind you."

June 19, 2013 10:50

"Thank you. Lets go and do some shopping now. I so want to look good later."

June 19, 2013 11:39

  " Enjoy your outting you two :)..  "  * reaching out I draw my sketch pad towards me and begin to work out the rough draft for another rife.*

June 20, 2013 19:53

Etaine opens the door of the shop to leave.  "Well come on Nathanial!"

June 22, 2013 12:47

Nate follows her as she jumps onto etaine's back in joy as she seems almost like a little kid.

June 22, 2013 13:47

"Are you okay, Nathanial?"   Etaine feels as Nathanial jumps on her back.  "Careful please, I have a baby upfront..."

June 22, 2013 14:17

"I know that is why i lightened myself qith some magic." She feels surpisingly light almost like a feather.

June 22, 2013 18:49

"Surprisingly you are as light as a feather.  Let's get going she's having a great sale on fighting leathers and baby clothes!"

June 23, 2013 21:14

Nate claps happily as her breasts bounce on the back of her head and she says, "It one of the few good things about being multiple strands of were, I am currently using my were-eagle blood"

June 24, 2013 00:10

"That's nice...very nice Nathanial.  We can walk to Claire's is around the corner."  Etaine grinned slightly.  "NOw if you don't mind in my condition I cant maintain a piggy back position."

June 25, 2013 07:52

"Okay." she says as she jumps off and picks up etaine.

"I got you hehe hehe hehe"

June 25, 2013 18:38

  * Looking at the rough draft design I notice i had drawn the sketch with a western influence. A rolling block lever action chambered for the .45-70 cartridge, a 10 round tubular magazine, Bernier sights rear, fixed blade front  and tapped for a scope mount.  Thinking for a moment i decide on using a dense alloy so as to increase the grains of powder one would be able to hand load beyond a factory load.  Satisfied I stand and begin pulling out supply books marking down what i needed to order and getting ready to make the calls.* 

June 26, 2013 14:29

"See you later on Erik!   Hoefully Nathanial will let me walk sone..." 

June 28, 2013 09:45

"i will let you walk, eventually. I like carrying you cause it makes me feel like ur a little sister or brother. I miss doing this." she says with a tear coming to her eyes as she hides her face.

June 28, 2013 15:38

Etaine noted that Claire's shoppe was a doorway ahead of them.  "We are almost there now.  Could you put me down please and Claire is waiting for us.

June 29, 2013 22:56

She pouts but says, "Okay. Let see what she's got."

June 30, 2013 02:57

"Thank you Nathanial.  Now she is waiting for us.  We have an appointment.   She will help you choose things things suited to your needs.  Yet be very sensitive preferences.  

Etaine noticed her pouting look.  "She has an excellent line foundations could keep you with the concerns up front."

July 01, 2013 10:20

"okay" she says still pouting at Etaine.

July 01, 2013 13:34

"Erik is working on a new gun for you.  I bet you are excited!  But how are you dong otherwise.  We haven't talked in awhile. IS there anything you need to talk about?"

Etaine ignored Nathanial's pouting.  She didn't pout much she just was basically calm and collected most times but since carrying Erika,  Things had changed quite a bit.

July 02, 2013 18:02

"I feel like I am not helping you guys enough. I want to help out as much as possible since I feel like I am just using you guys. i like how you guys are helping me and all but i think i need to help you guys so i am not just feeding off you guys." she says trying not to look at Etaine in case her tears fall from her eyes

July 02, 2013 18:42

Etaine neared the entrance to Claire's Vintage Thrift Shoppe.  She turned to look at Nathanial and smiled softly.

"You guard the shop when we are gone.  You keep the riff-raff away and you are your friend period.You are not feeding off of us period.   You are like family a younger sister.."

July 11, 2013 18:25

She smiles as she says to etaine, "Thank you I will do my best at these tasks. Lets see if maybe we can find something that will not make me look weird."

July 11, 2013 18:34

  * The days have passed until the materials I had ordered arrived. Setting them aside in the order i wish to work on them in, i turn to the shop regiona dn begin laying out the necessary tools so they will be within hands reach and no reason to step to a wall hanger etc.  Couple of hours pass and i break for a cup of coffee and a sandwich, sitting in my desk chair i smile slightly thinking how people will think the rifle is purely stock and looking like the Marlin cowboy model never knowing the subtle differences i made to make it a stronger and more accurate version.*

July 14, 2013 09:30

Etaine walks into The Forge carrying a small black pantherlike cub in her arms.  A backpack is on her back.  She smiles at Erik gently and then she cradles the small kit in her arms.   "I think we have a little concern we need to discuss..."

July 18, 2013 08:06

Nate looks at the small cub while wearing her a new dress she had bought at Claires. The black dress clings to her hour glass figure as she walks over to look at the small cub.

"Very cute and adorable. Wish I could have a cub like that."

July 18, 2013 08:36

Etaine looks at Nathanial in her new dress.  The black dress suits her very well and clings softly to her hour glass figure.The tiny black cub purrs softly as her blue eyes open. to look at Nathanial.   The small cub shifts to a small baby who is clad only in her diaper.

"Very cute and adorable....But this is Erika, Nate.   She is the newest the NightBreed."  Erika coos softly cuddling in her mothers arms.  "It seems my curse has followed my daughter.  Actually it's a blessing in disguise it may aid her when it is needed."

July 18, 2013 09:19

"I must say she looks like her mother as you are both beautiful. Wonder what it is like to have a child....*sigh* Nevermind that. Mind if I can hold the little one?" she asks as she looks at the small cub with her cat-like eyes.

July 18, 2013 09:43

"Erika has her father's blonde hair and blue eyes Nate and yes you may hold her.  I need to put that small amulet on her to keep her from shifting...for now at least.   You may consider her your little sister."

July 19, 2013 18:02

Nate holds Erika in her hands before she let one of her tails come out and she put the tail around her waist as she sat with the little one in her arms. She purrs lowly as she held the little one with a feeling of protectiveness towards this small cub as she put her scent on it by rubbing her cheek on its head. "She is purrrrrrr-fect."

July 19, 2013 18:41

* Watches as my daughter changes from a panther to human once more.*  " interesting, not even a couple months old and she's shape changing .. Her powers will be very strong, curious as to how strong they will turn out."

July 20, 2013 15:45

Etaine glances at Erik and then she nods somberly.  "This is unusual...I hoped she would have been spared my gift.  But yes her powers will be strong.  I have an amulet she will wear until she can be taught.  But what would you advise?  Let her shift naturally  we will have a merry chase with her..  I too am very concerned."

Etaine chuckled softly as Nathanial interacted with Erika.  "Isnt that cool how Nate is with her."

July 20, 2013 16:04

" I am the last one whom could gove advise on shape shifting since i rarely do it. The best ones at the moment for that decision is you and Nate here.  yes it is cool, how Erika has taken to Nate, as for a merry chase i don't think it will matter what age, she's going to be a handful.

July 20, 2013 16:06

Etaine looks at Nathanial as she cuddles Erika.  "Okay Nate.  Need some advice here.  Erika has my curse or blessing or the gift to shift.   Do I let her embrace it early or put an amulet I made on her.   Ihad hoped this gift would have shown up a bit later on when she could unferstand."

July 20, 2013 16:16

nate looks surprised at what Etaine is asking before she thinks on it before saying. "I would say to let the little one decide but I am unsure if she will make the chooice. The little one has a chance to do this unlike how you or I got our choices. The little one will make a wise choice for itself I am sure."

Nate then lays the cub down before changing into a panther and lays there watching the cub as her tail goes back and forth in front of the cub.

July 20, 2013 16:29

* Smiles as i watch NAte and erika*  " Seems they will hit it off just fine *grins*  As for myself, my ability to change form had to come from my sires bloodline.. I didn't even know how to begin so i just started thinking what if.. One night as i was making my way across to Norway, i saw a small pack of wolves being hunted, this was in days where wolves were thought of as vermin even more so than now.  The hunters well not hunters actually poachers i found out later saw me standing there watching froma  distance and took some shots at me, as i turned to flee i felt a strange tingling as my last coherant thought at the moment was if i could only run as fast as the wolves did.  I managed to get away, but even now it is difficult for me to change form.. i don't practice it as others of the vampyres do.. I guess my bitterness of losing my former life still resides someplace deep in my sub-concious."

July 23, 2013 15:53

Etaine wraps her arm around Erik's waist smiling up at him gently.  "Yes they are hitting it off very well indeed.  Erika now has an older sister and protector.   Erika will choose her way with a bit of guidance.  She has that choice where I didnt and neither did Nate.  She's made her choice by shifting earlier than expected too."  Etaine smiled at Nate and Erika softly.

Her face saddened slightly as Erik spoke of his past and his sire slightly.  He spoke of his experience with the poachers.   "I  think you had a traumatic experience both ways.  Sired and deserted shortly after... then dealing with what happened to you. then the poachers and wolves.  Bitterness yes but you are so blessed now. You have blessed me  so much Erik.  I came here to find one last war one last battle and my departure from life...You changed that."





July 23, 2013 19:06

Nate lets Erika play with her tail as she looks at them with cat-eyes before purring happily as the cub played with her as she stayed still until the cub bit her ear where she lightly swatted the little one with withdrawn claws.

July 23, 2013 20:16

* smiles a quick secret moment watching, then standing up i excuse myself for a few minutes*  " I'll be right back, i want to try something."

July 27, 2013 11:57

Nate licks the cub happily and purrs as she moves playfully with the cub and a ring that seems familiar to Etaine rolls from Nate towards Etaine. Nate seems not to notice this as she is currently dealing with the playful cub.

July 27, 2013 16:02

"Erika Cara NightBreed, stop that!"  Etaine's gentle voice was directed at her small rascal of a daughter in her cub shape.  "Thank you Nate."  

Etaine wtached Nate swat Erika gently warning her that such behavior was unwise and uncublike.  Etaine then nods as Erik leaves for a bit.

nate licks the small panther cub as she flattens her ears and purrs gently Etaine notices a familiar ring roll from Nate toward her.  Etaine stoops to pick the ring up and keep it safe.   Apparently Nate was unaware of the ring rolling off from her.

July 28, 2013 08:14

The ring was one she had made for Nate with a blood diamond ivento Etine. Thering seems to have something carved into the inside. On closer inspection is carved "to Etaine and Eirie with love <3 <3 <3" On the outside of the ring more hearts are carved into the surface as if with a delicate and emotional hand. Nate looks happy with the child while not noticing Etaine holding the ring.

July 28, 2013 16:07

Etaine carefully inspects the ring for any possible damage and makes sure the hasps surrounding the blood red diamond are safe and secure.  She is proud of her workmanship   She inspect the inside of the ring noting the carved inscription and she smiles softly.

"Nate your ring... may we keep it for Erika?   From her adoptive sister?"

July 28, 2013 20:05

Nate looks up and a toticable blush appears on her fur as she nods while trying not to look at Etaine and Eirie for some odd reason as if maybe the ring has a special meaning to her.

July 28, 2013 20:27

"It is a very beautiful ring Nate.  I know that ring has a special meaning for you and Erika will treasure it when she is older." 

Etaine notices the blush but chooses to respect Nate's show of emotion in a privat way.   "Erika has sure taken to you!"

July 30, 2013 08:24

Nate smiles as she changes to her regular self and makes sure she is dressed as she says, "The little one is so much like my old brother in her ways. I hope I will be able to protect this one better then my old brother."

She states this as she touches her locket which Etaine had repaired a while back before she picks up the cub and says, "The little one should go to sleep now. I will keep her warm and safe on the couch in the back for a bit."

She carries the little one to the back and turns into a fox so she could curl around the small cub and be like a blanket and pillow to keep the cub warm and secure from any harm.

July 30, 2013 08:30

Etaine watches as Nate changes to her regular form making sure she is clothed properly.   "Erika is very special how could one not love her.  You will do just great with Erika. You will not be alone this time, Nate.   You have a family in us and the backing you need."

Etaine looks at the locket she had repaired a long time back. She knows beyond a shadow of a doubt Erika will ot to need to fear anything, even the feelings of being unwanted and unloved.  That the duty discharged by others as she grew up would not befall her daughter.   He babe would have a better start than most in this realm.   

"She will sleep for quite awhile shifting is something special this early...She must be carefully watched."

Etaine watches as Nate carries her daughter to the back room.  She knows her child is safe with Nate.

July 31, 2013 17:28

Nate uses a magic note to send a message to Etaine as to not wake the cub. The note reads,

"Etaine, I have told the mercenary guild that I am fomilly quiting as well as the bounty hunting office. I have also sold all my weapons today so as to repay the debt I owe you and Eirie. I have also burned by diaries and earased my past which I now wonder what it was. I hope that I can help as best I can in the shop by making up for any wrong doings and debts I gathered under this shop's care.

From Natasha or also known as Nate and Nathanial"

July 31, 2013 17:47

Etaine occupies herself with a bit of reshuffling and putting her work station in perfect working order.   She gazes at a handful of colorful semi precious gemstones.  Their myriad of soft colors are pleasant looking to the eye.  Fairy gemstones the last she carried over to this realm. They would be fashioned into a small necklace for Erika to wear when she is a bit older.

A note appears as by magic atop the gemstones and Etaine reads it.  She pens a reply a short reply.  ~You have a home and a job in this shop.  You can put your many skills to work here and help us.  You will do just splendendly in the sho[ and there are no debts of any kind, Nate.~

The note gently flutters back to Nate and lands gently as not to disrupt Erika or startle nate.

July 31, 2013 18:07

Nate reads the note as the cub sleeps in the blankets as she then smiles and makes a mental note to make something extrodinary for Etaine next chance she got.

July 31, 2013 18:24

* from the rear of the Shop, I call out*  " Nate, I hope you don't mind a lever action rifle since i think you will like this updated version I am working on.. Not much difference other than better accuracy, I lightened the trigger pull and smoothed out the lever action itself a bit. the rifle will also take a scope better too. I think i'll be ready to test the accuracy etc this weekend."

July 31, 2013 18:47

Nate sends a message to Eirie that read,

"Eirie let the little one sleep. I think that will be great and I have an idea what I can make for Etaine but I will need about 4 pounds of white gold, a couple of rubies the size of your thumb, and a diamond that can focus magic. If you can get me these I can make something for her that she will probably like."

July 31, 2013 18:57

Etaine sent a quiet note to both Erik and Nate.   ~What would you guys like for lunch?  Chinese?  Deli subs or Pizza?`

Etaine set the tiny gemstones in order for beadng them as she smiled gently.  It felt good to be back at crafting jewelry aain.

August 01, 2013 06:58

* gazing at Nate i nod after a moment*   " I can get all of that within the week. i just have to send to New York to have it removed from my vault at home there."

August 01, 2013 19:19

"It would be much apreciated. I got something that will make you two happy for a special reason." she says with a smile as she growls something to the child cub which responds in kind and she then says to Etaine, "We want pizza with lots of meat Etaine."

She and the cub then sneak after Eirie hoping to pounce on him where then then will nip him.

August 01, 2013 21:17

"Pizza with lots of meat for you and for Erika she gets her bottle!  NO meat for her in cub form..for now."

Etaine puts in an order for pizza for Nate and wonders what Erik would like to eat for supper.

August 02, 2013 00:22

she pets the little ones head and says, "To bad for you little one and maybe next time. I am going to go help your father and your mum."

Nate gets up and gets dressed as the little one grabs her tail and she yelps loud as she tries to get it free but the little one licks it as Nate calls for Etaine between gasps of pure joy and pleasure, " good"

August 02, 2013 00:31

Etaine leaves her work station on the double and sprints to the back room to find her daughter licking Nate's tail.  Etaine picks up her daughter quickly before she gets in another lick or two.

"Erika! NO!"   Etaine purrs gently and growls softly at the cub in her arms.  Another gentle warning growl from Etaine's lips and Erika switchs to her human form.  "Erika says she is very sorry and will not do that again.  Because if she does she will  wear her amulet and think about it."

Etaine purrs gently at Erika warningly as if to say  ~With this gift comes the responsibility to act properly~

August 02, 2013 00:39

Nate is gasping as she goes into the back where Eirie is and thinks about what she can do as she gets an idea and taps Eirie on the shoulder as she asks, "Eirie do you know if I might be able to use some iron and coal right quick to make a tiara? I have an idea that might make it into something a lot more expensive or just keep it as cheap."

August 02, 2013 12:06

  " The smelting materials are against the right hand wall of the forge area.  I stocked it with various types of metals, wrought iron, stells, etc.. the forge is running and fueled up.. Help yourself."

August 02, 2013 18:53

Nate grabs some of the iron and coal and goes to a forge where she smelts it down and shapes it before she then puts them down as she chants, "Age that which needs pressure, pressure that will change and become strong, strong and pretty that will hold, magic behold a new and beutiful thing, a thing shiny for someone as me."

The dull iron becomes shiny and yellow as the coal becomes a shiny diamond as rubies become bigger and brighter as two ruby rings sit on the table and a diamond enbedded in a tiara shines bright.

"Eirie will you hide these so Etaine will not find them so I can muster some great magic for the day to put into these items." she asks with a pleasing look.

August 02, 2013 19:06

   " Aye i have a place for that.  * walks over picks up the 2 rings and then walks to a spot in the opposite wall. Placing my left ahnd upon a certain stone i softly murmur a phrase in my native language before pressing inwards with my hand.. A section of the stone wall swings out revealing a titanium alloy safe hidden behind.  entering the code i place the rings within and swing the stone closed as well, speaking a 2nd phrase after it is closed.*

    " When you are ready let me know and i will retrieve them for you..If anyone attempts to open the wall covering the safe the wards will detonate freezing the hand or hands touching the wall section as if by liquid nitrogen." 

August 03, 2013 20:49

"I shall and thank you much. I shall go to gather my magic until I am ready for the spells i need to cast on it." she states before she turns with her dress flying a little with her twirl and she struts to her room with her high heel boots clicking on the way.

Her clothes seem to have changed as well as how she now lives. Almost all her old weapons are gone with exception to a long bow, twin scimitars made by Eirie, and a sniper rifle. Her room now is almost clean and remodeled as she grabs the cub and carries her playfully to her room where she transforms and plays with the cub for a bit before letting the cub go and she sits cross legged on her bed. Concentrated on the task at hand she focuses on drawing energy into her self causing magic nearby to feel a tug as energy gathers to her.

August 04, 2013 01:41

Erika scampers out of Nate's room quickly nearly getting stepped on by Etaine.  Etaine quickly jumps aside as Erika skids across the room shfting to her human form.  A loud crying wail emits from her as she lays on her back clad in a dirty nappie.

Etaine shakes her head and stoops to pick up her daughter.   "Okay Ms Toxic Pants , let's get you cleaned up and dressed for a stroll around the park.   You need to have your feeding as well and a little nap.   Eriks's icy blue eyes look up at Etaine and she settles in her mother's arms.

"SO Rikki you have a temper...hmmmm I wonder who has the temper in this family?"   Etaine takes Rikki and cleans her up quickly.   She is dressed in a pink onesies with a logo saying Daddy's Little Girl!.   Erika settles down to her feedng contendly feeling asleep before her bottle is finished.

"Guess that walk has to wait for awhile."   Etaine lays Erika in the play pen near her work station.

August 06, 2013 22:42

Soon Nate has the magic gathering done as she thinks for a second before trying a spell as she concentrates on it until she hears the wailing cry outside that surprises her as the ball of bright magic is lost from her control.

She screams outloud, " Watch out. Don't let the magic touch you!" The ball of magic goes flying around the shop and Nate prays it doesn't hit anyone as she dives for the floor as the magic ball goes flying by her as she exited her room.

August 07, 2013 09:07

* Hearing Nates warning cry, I step into the main shop and see the orb of magic flying loose within, quickly sketching a rune into the air, i peak a word , twisting my wrist and closing my fist i create a 'fist' of magic, containing the wild spell until it can dissipate*  

August 07, 2013 18:03

Etaine jumps when Nate's warning cry about some magic on the loose.  An orb of magic whizzes past Erika's play pen as Etaine cast a protective shield over her daughter.  Erika wakes up suddenly and gurgles waving her hands in the air.

"What the hell happened...."

August 07, 2013 18:12

 " I think Nate was startled by Erika's crying out..  It's back under control"

August 07, 2013 18:19

"Ok....I guess Erika has been rather fussy...."   Etaine shakes her head and smiles slight.  "At least I didnt get blasted by that orb....I don't need a re-size in my cup size.. "

"No harm done thanks to you!"

August 07, 2013 18:27

Nate looks ashamed as her head goes down and she says, "I'm sorry. I was trying to see if I could try complicated magic when I was stupid. I am so sorry."

She runs crying into her room as she shuts her door which also causes a screeching noise as her hands change into claws because of her emotional breakdown. Her door shuts with 2 inch claws marks embedded into the door

August 08, 2013 11:56

   * turns as Nate runs past into her room.*  " Nate, this could happen to anyone, believe me, you don't want to know what i went through learning to 'etch' runes.. For my magic if the lines are off even a millimeter it could effect how the spell acts.  You were startled while casting a complex spell, yes, but nobody blames you, as i said we have all had our times when magic has backfired or we lost control of it."

August 08, 2013 18:11

Etaine went to the door outside Mate's room.   "Nate,  very sorry that Erika distracted you.  I am taking her for a stroll and then we are going to the cabin for awhile.  Perhaps you can do what you need to do.  Erik can close the shop for a break giving the total peace and quiet you need."

August 11, 2013 08:02

Nate looks up and says, "It was my fault not the little ones. I was not smart in trying to keep from accidents. I think the little one can stay and may be able to teacher her."

August 14, 2013 11:51

"Erika , Erik and I have a little something for you.  A small gemstone necklace it was given to me when I came of age...I am giving it into your care for Erika until she is old enough.  It needs one other to make a complete circle of protection.   She will learn from you  when you teach her."

Erika gurgles trying to bite the gemstones in her mouth as Etaine shakes her head.   "Already your sister is a curius one."

August 14, 2013 17:14

"If need be I will make it better for the little one when she grows up. I learned magic for helping others." she says as she holds out her hand.

August 14, 2013 17:40

Erika gurgles as the gemstone necklace is placed in Nate's hand gently.   Etaine smiles softly as Eriks puts her hands out toward nate.

"I think someone wants her older sister."   Etaine chuckles softly and Eriks gurgles at nate.

August 15, 2013 07:17

"Ok little one. Also Etaine I will soon do some travelling again soon to see if maybe I can find more magics and fighting styles so I protect this one." She grabs ika as she makes little Erika inan airplane as they dash around the shop.

August 15, 2013 07:36

  " Nate if you ever want to spar, let me know, I know several forms we can cross train in.  I know boxing, a couple forms of hard arts plus the mixed form used by the Navy SEALS.  Let me know should you want to.. Also i have been putting together a library of tomes.. I contacted a sorceress I guarded up in New Yorka nd she has sent copies of several. half a dozen of which pertain to various forms of Runic magic. I am sure you might fond something of use in them.. I have added them to the Library room in the cabin."

August 16, 2013 20:42

She nods as she gets some stuff and heads out the door with a wave.

August 16, 2013 22:27

Etaine listens to Nate as she plays with Eika.   She watches as Nate playing with Erika as they dash through the shop.  She winces inwardly but keeps herself in control.

Etaine takes Erika from Nate as Erik speaks to her offering to spar with her.  Erik speaks of his own skills and his putting together a library of books .

But Nate nods at Erik as she get a few things and hurries out the door of the shop.  "Safe travels Nate!"

August 17, 2013 04:59

" Be careful Nate, call if you need anything."

August 18, 2013 19:29

Nate comes back after a few days go by and she comes back. She tries to not limp or show any of her wounds as she comes in but they are some what visible as she hurries to her room while hiding her face behind her hair. She shuts the door to her room and locks it as powerful magic can be felt in the air surrounding her room.

August 21, 2013 21:53

Etaine burps Erika after her feeding in the back room as Nate comes back quickly.  Nate seems to be limping and apparently some wounds are visible as she scurries to her room like a mouse on the room.   Nate seems to be hiding her face behind her long white hair.

Etaine hears the slam of her door and a click on the lock of her door.  There seems to be a strong magic in the air sorroundering Nate's room.   Etaine smiles softly  glad she left a first aid kit containing what Nate sometimes needed after certain excursions out in the realm.

Etaine takes Erika from the back room quickly as she has fallen asleep and the small playpen by her work station is at a safe distance.   She lays her daughter in her play pen  checking the small amulet about her neck.

August 22, 2013 06:39

Nate lets her hair fall from her face to show bruising around her mouth, her left eye, and her neck. Her good eye has tears coming to it as she starts to sob uncontrollably as she lay on her bed while trying not to get any of her wounds touched by anything to lessen the pain.

August 22, 2013 08:17

  * Glancing towards Nate's door, i speak to Etaine in the language of the light elves.*

   " You might want to check on Nate, i can tell she is hurt more than she wants us to believe, i've been down that path many times in the early days."

August 22, 2013 20:05

Nate breathed in as she concentrated and strengthened the magic that kept anything out as she then made sure there was no way into her room though she felt sorry for the little one who would probably want in. She felt sad at not being able to let the little one in to comfort her.

August 22, 2013 21:30

Etaine looked at Erik and then nodded.   She spoke softly to Erik and gestured toward Erika.   "I will go check on Nate and yes she is hurt worse than she is letting on.  Look after Erika, please."

Etaine heads to the back area where Nate's room and she tried knocking on the door.  But no sound was heard and her hand turned the doorknob.   Etaine muttered as her fingers received an energy change not to her liking.

"Are you okay Nate.  DO you need some help?"

August 22, 2013 23:02

Nate stayed silent as she pulled open a drawer and takes out some ointment which she applies to her face before she slowly and agonizingly takes off her dress which reveals deep cuts all over her arms, legs, and torso.

August 22, 2013 23:08

Etaine arches an eyebrow and listens closely.  There was only silence then the creak of an open drwaer.  Then the swish of a dress being removed as quietly as possible.

"Nate!  Are you okay?"

August 23, 2013 08:34

Nate doesn't want to worry them so she sends a message to Etaine saying with a couple of drops of blood on one corner, "I am fine but just need time alone. Please make sure the little one gets some playtime or she will get roudy on you. I am going to be doing some things in here for the rest of this week and the magic is to keep anything from going through to you guys."

The message seems to have areas spoltched out in ink but small smears of blood show on it.

August 23, 2013 11:21

* Picks up Erika and walks about the shop with ehr letting her play with various tools and so forth to keep her occupied.*

  " You sure you are okay Nate? either Etaine or I can help if you are hurt and there is no reason to hide pain or injuries my friend, we've all gotten them in out times."

August 25, 2013 14:49

She thinks hard before sending amessage to Etaine saying,

"I would like some help but please don't ever tell anyone. I will lessen the magic but will force it back in place when you come in. I am kinda hurt so I will need the first aid kit to help heal me faster."

The magic on the door lessens as she concentrates past the pain on keeping the magic in place but also to keep her mind ready for anyone else who would try coming throught.

August 25, 2013 15:31

Etaine got the message and again knocked on the door for admittance

"I am here to help you out and your concerns will be treated with the greatest privacy period."

Etaine enters the room.

August 25, 2013 21:20

Nate is sitting on her bed covered in cuts, bruises, burns, and lash marks. Her body was not beautiful anymore but looked like someone had taken every possible thing and done it to her body leaving almost no skin untouched.

She closes the magic tight and lets go as she starts panting hard as she looks to be in pain. SHe lays back on the bed and lets Etaine see her. Her body from head to toe was covered in some kind of mark. Her face is in tears as she sobs once before mewing like a kitten

August 25, 2013 23:43

"What the hell happened to you!?!?!?!?"  Etaine nearly exploded when she saw Nate itting on her bed covered in cuts, briuisesn burns and lash marks.   Nate's flawless beauty was destroyed in the blink of an eye by something or someone.

Etaine hears the door click shut with magic  Nate also seems to be pain from something as she lays back on her.  Some kind of a mark appears to be all over her body as well Her face is covered in tears and she is sobbing before mewing like a whipped kitten.

August 26, 2013 09:25

Nate looks away and hides herself under some covers at Etaine's outburst. She seemed scared and hurt as she stayed under the covers.

August 26, 2013 10:19

Etaine looked as nate scuttled under some covers and she knew her outburst was uncalled for.

"I am sorry Nate...when I see something like this.  It makes me angry to see someone especially a fmaily member....Okay  how can I help you?  Those cuts, scraps, burns and lash marks need looking after and I have some ointments that will help in that first aid kit I left in your room awhile back.."

August 26, 2013 11:00

A hand comes out from under the covers and points to a shelf covered in small jars with labels. Some of the names are fire burn ointment, acid ointment, cut ointment, and many other for even weird stuff like, demon cossoive ointment.

Her hand goes back in but not before it is noticeable that her fingernails are missing as well as some of the bones looking flat or at odd angels. She looks like she might have been tortured.

August 26, 2013 14:04

 * reaching into a pouch on my belt I withdraw a ring, setting Erika upon a work bench I slip the rin upon my forst finger right hand and focus on Etaine with it.*    

    " Fear not love, i recvalled a ring with a couple charges for telepathy. I am going to use your eyes to see what dammage has happened, i may be able to use the axe's magic to heal Nate. It wold be about a 24 hour time for it to completely heal her but it can do it."

    * shifting ym focus I loom at the wounds on Nate's body and sit as a spectator as Etaine begins to gather the items to help bandage Nate's wounds.  My eyes narrowing I grasp the ax near the mid point of the handle, my thumb caressing a rune upon it, murmuring a single word, the ax glows brightly then dims out.  Within Nates room a glow surrounds Nate's body and appears to be absorbed into her body.  the lesser wounds like small abrasions and so forth can visibly be seen closing on their own.   With a smile I place my hand upon the ax head and say a prayer of thanks for it's assistance.  Picking Erika back up I take her to a display case and show her some of the items with in it.*

August 26, 2013 20:52

Etaine hears Erik's voice gently in her mind and nods .  She smiles softly as she complies with him using her eyes .   "Please heal Nate, hun."

A warm glow fills Nate's Nate's room as she stands there letting Erik look through her eyes to help Nate.  Then she goes to gather bandages and other items to cover Nate's wounds.




August 26, 2013 20:59

Nate lets her wounds be bound but hides her face behind anything so as to not be seen.

She mutters the same thing over and over in pain, "I will not talk. I will not say. I msut run. must run. no talk. no say. scared. scared. scared."

August 26, 2013 21:06

Etaine takes the bandages and other items over to Nate and set them on her bed.  She hears what Nate mutters and she knows Nate appears to be in pair.

"NO one will hurt you again.  I think someone hurt you and tried to keep you captive.  You have to talk to me and we will do all we can to help you."

August 26, 2013 23:49

Nate sobs as she says in a small frightened voice as she stays under the covers, "It was the humans. The humans sent people after me again.The human government has been trying to get me for ages and they caught me off guard today. I was in the market above ground getting some special ingredients to celebrate a special day with you two when I was injected with something. I woke up in a padded silver room before they took me to a room where i was chained up and scientists watch as they did "tests" on me. After there tests they were gonna take blood from me but i broke free and ran."

She sobs again as she then says on the virge pf histaria, "The human governments want my blood to make soldiers that will not die but also to make them the fastest, strongest, and dealdliest weapons in history to take over the world."

August 27, 2013 07:17

"Humans and the government?  This is an outrage to this family!  This is gonna end..."  Etaine spoke softly.  "Nate, every day is a special day with you here.  This family only needs you and needs to know you are safe and can go about freely."

Etaine  patted Nate gently.   "The government is not going to bother you again."

August 28, 2013 08:15

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I am stupid and sorry. I....I should leave." she says as she gets up from the bed but still has the blanket on as she walks to her dresser and turns the handle on it instead of pulling it as the dresser split in half as well as the wall to reveal a secret entrance as she goes inside and grabs a bag.

August 28, 2013 08:31

"You are family Nate.  Do not be sorry for anything.  Let's talk to Erik.  I am sure he can help with this concern and sort this issue out.  Etaine watches as she scuttles out from under her covers.  Nate goes to her dresser and she turns the handle.  The oak dresser spilts into two halves revealing a secret entrance.  She grabs a bag as Etaine goes over to her. 

"Can you wait for awhile and talk to Erik? I feel we can sort this."

August 28, 2013 09:46

The covers fall off as her hair is red in certain areas as closer inspection reveals some of her scalp had been taken off and her nose seemed broken. She couldn't smile because of maybe a dislocated jaw. She grimaced as she noticed the sheet had fallen off and tries to grab it when the bag falls open to drop all her clothing and a bottle of pills that roll to Etaine's feet.

August 28, 2013 09:57

Etaine watches as the covers fall off of her  and looks at the further damage left behind.  The reddened scalpo and missing hair, the broken nose and the smile that wasnt ther due to a dislocated jaw.

"I saw Erik's magic hasnt completely fixed everything.  No matter a little healing magic of mine will help a bit." Then Etaine saw the contents of the bsag spill out clothes and a bottle of pills that rolled towartd her feet.  Etaine stooped to retrieve the pills.

"Get dressed Nate.  We are talking to Erik now."

August 28, 2013 10:29

The pills a has happened many times is deatre labeled and are known for overdose and its major side effect is death. Nate grabs for the pill bottle with her left hand which is almost completly healed but she stumbles and lands on the floor with a grunt before she cries in pain and anguish.

She says in an almost animalistic cry,  "Please. I can't do this anymore. I am scared and i just don't want this any more. They are coming because i was not strong."

August 28, 2013 11:56

Etaime knew the pills were something to do with dying and she knew the people who wanted Nate were cowards.   Etaine's hand grasp the pill bottle quickly to whisk them away from Nate.  But she finds her hand being grapsed at.  But Nate lands on the floor with a grunt her left hand still slightly injured as she crys out in pain.

"You didnt die Nate. You survived just like I survived.  There are ways to take care of those who will come looking.  Trust me Erik is very strong and I have a few tricks myself."

August 28, 2013 15:49

"The only reason I survived was because when I got out I said something stupid and a ummm well a........a d............. someone saved me." she says as she looks around scared about something else now.

August 28, 2013 15:53

"Okay, what did you say and who saved you?"  Etaine knows more is yet to be revealed and she knews Nate is sacared.  "Look we will face this together."

August 28, 2013 15:56

"I was saved by a d-demon because I was stupid and wished to be saved from them. Well a demon saved me and umm said it was a favor." she says in a nervous voice as she looks around as if the demon was close by.

August 28, 2013 16:06

"Look  a demon helped you.  What does this demon want?" 

August 28, 2013 16:18

"Well....I kida wished for help and ummmmm offered something of mine to it." she says with her eyes looking anywhere but Etaine.

August 28, 2013 16:22

"What did you offer this demon?"  Etaine looks at Nate.

August 28, 2013 16:26

"I ummm offerd my ummmm soul." she said as she looked down in shame

August 28, 2013 16:32

"Get dressed Nate.  Anything else we need to work through?  Demon...a demon of all things..."   Etaine shakes her head.

August 28, 2013 16:41

"okay ma'am." she says as she gets some clothing from the dresser after it closes and she gets dressed in a red silk dragon kimono.

August 28, 2013 16:47
Lucifer Lucifer had been watching nearby, when she heard the girl mention Demon. She couldnt help but smile a little bit, since the arrivel of her kind to the realm most tended to stay away from them. Lucifer just so happened to think it was funny. She had just it back to New Orleans with the girl and kept watch outside, she figured she would stay placed there for the night just to watch over her. Aye she had offered her, her soul. But alass, Lucifer was feeling as if a friend would be better then and soul for the under world. She she sat watchfully over the girls home. Perched in a tree a cross the road. August 28, 2013 19:18

* Looks up from the rifle i am puting the finishing touches upon as Etaine and Nate enter.*

  " You look better Nate, give it until tomorrow eve and all will be healed with no ill effects left behind.  So what is troubling you two this eve?"

August 28, 2013 19:24

Nate smiles but feels like she is being watched as she looks around before she says to Etaine, "The demon was called Lucifer which I don't believe is true because that would be to scary for me."

August 28, 2013 19:51

"We need to talk about a bit of trouble Nate has gotten into...A Demon  you ever deal with one?"   Etaine looks at Erik with some concern evident in her eyes.

August 28, 2013 22:01

 " I have in the past yes and sent them back to the nether realm they were spawned from.  We have several in the coven as well.. You say the demon's name is Lucifer??  * Thinks for a moment*  We have a member by that name in the coven.. While in this building or the cabin Nate you cannot be taken nor harmed by nether world creatures, I use the same wards both here and at home.  * Pauses and tilts my head as if listening to something. Turning to gaze out the wide windows at the front of the shop i walk forwards my eyes seemingly staring at naught when i detect an auru from across the street then grin.* 

August 29, 2013 07:02

"Lucifer...I have seen that name mentioned...and I have heard of them.  This one is in your coven?  One would think those beings were offsprings of the Viral Undead."

Etaine watches Erik closely as he gazes out the window.  She knows there is a hint of evil in the air and an odor of something unpleasant.  "It needs to leave Nate alone..."

August 30, 2013 09:20

"She helped me out of a bad situtation and said she would let me keep my soul so I don't think she is a bad person. Maybe I can find some way to thank her." says Nate as if it was a great idea.

August 30, 2013 12:36

Lu had watched the man in the window, she had seen him before. Yet she doesn't move, he kind where still a bit of a tender spot in the realm. Deep chocolate eyes, peered at the family in wonder. She had to think of what bad things they could be thinking. Yes she was the spawn of hell. But even so, a friend or friends were needed to live.

She wouldn't show her ugly side, and just stay perched in the tree. Nate to her was a friend wither her family agreed or not. And her protection was her main priority at the moment. 

August 30, 2013 13:10

Etaine didn't like 'demons' and the 'viral undead'.  She sighed sadly as she remembered her own "circumstances' and why she travelled from shadow realm to shadow realm.  She knew or had known a hard life of selling her sword to those who feared her but yet hired her.  She knew their hate and their unkindness when she was paid for her services.  She knew how she longed for acceptance, a true and loyal friendship and a place she could call home.  She had come to this realm for one last battle and then to lay her sword and spells aside for the journey to the summerland.

She wondered if Lucifer felt the same way as she did before she found a new life.   "Perhaps your friend should come in the shop and speak with us.."

August 30, 2013 13:23

"I would love to but I have no clue where she is. I would like for her to come visit and maybe we can all have lunch together." states Nate as she opens a window because it feels hot in the building.

August 30, 2013 13:25

She had been listening, but still wouldnt move. Only two out of the three had invited her in. And the seals and such wouldnt allow her pass the wall, what ever the case my be. The most she would be able to do is go as far as the step of the building.


Deep chocolate eyes peer down and she slowly makes a flip to land on her booted feet with one hand resting on the concret in a crouching stance. Slowly standing up the women  would fold her huge wings to her back then sit in the steps to the buildings entryway.

August 30, 2013 13:53

  * Blue eyes watch as Lucifer lands upon her feet and moves to sit upon the steps leading to the shop's building.  Standing I make my way towards the door, hands signalling Etaine to be at ease and Nate to be reassured.  I open the door and look out at the woman there.*

     "Welcome to my shop Lady Lucifer, we have not met although i have heard your name being added to the Covens list. Enter and be welcome so long as you mean no harm to my family nor those under our protection.    I am Eirie NightBreed the covens weaponsmith, i also own this gun shop and forge plus a few more scattered about the country."

   * Motions to Etaine*  " My Mate and wife Etaine and our daughter, you already know Nate, whom has our protection and helps in the shop as their schedules will allow it."

August 30, 2013 18:51

Etaine looks ad Erik 's blue eyes watch Lucifer lad upon her feet and move to the steps leading to the building of the shop.  She watches he moves toward the door. Etaine picks up Erika from her play pen and holds their daughter in a protective manner.  She nods as Erik reassures bot her and Nate.  She has dealts with demons herself and they were not pleasent dealings.  But hopefully the future is a different way.

Etaine watchs as Erik welcomes her into the shop.  Erika watches her icy blue eyes take in the woman and she gurgles.  he flashes a smile her dimples showing as she turns on her charm.

"I am Etaine and this is Erika Cara NightBreed, daughter to Erik and me and sister to Nate.  Welcome to the Forge."

August 30, 2013 19:27

Nate finally sees Lucifer and blushes as she waves from near her room before she enters her room and closes the door. She comes out a little bit later wearing a nice ****tail dress with high heels with three inch heels as she shyly gets behind Etaine and says.

"Hi Lucifer it has been a little bit since last i saw you. Thanks for helping me in Washington D. C. I almost didn't make it without you."

August 30, 2013 20:47
Lucifer Stepping inside she bows respectively to them and stands pulling her wings in against her. She turns and listens to Master NightBreed and shakes her head lightly. "I mean no harm sir, to you or yours."She says looking to Mrs NightBreed and bows to her and the child. "I am sorry for disturbing you all." she says hearing Nate behind them. Giving her a smile she nods."Your very welcome Nate, It was my pleasure." August 31, 2013 21:12

* Motions to Lucifer*  " Please relax and we can converse, I must say i was surprised when Nate told us the name of the demon *grins*  Nice to finally meet you Lady."

September 01, 2013 13:23

Chocolate eyes fall back on the man of the house and she nods slightly. Relaxing wasnt something she was use to since her arrival topside. But she was learning how to slowly. She puts out her hand in greeting to the man. "Aye tis nice to meet you both as well." She smiles at Etaine. "Most tend to worry when they no I am about, but the stories told arnt alway true."

September 01, 2013 13:48

  * Takes your hand in mine grip firm yet not overly so, faint marks still show upon the skin from a recent encounter.*  

  " Would you care for a drink or something Lucifer? We have coffee, teas, blood and blood alcohols both. Even have sandwich stuff and i think a few other things in the fridge here.  As for stories, I understand what you mean, the ones I have met and had to fight were intent on one thing and that was total chaos and such for the humans where they were."

September 01, 2013 13:55

Nate blushes behind Etaine as she goes to the kitchen and shuts the door as the sound of chopping, grinding, and crushing before sizzling, frying, and cooking is heard. In a matter of 10 minutes she opens the door and locks it behind her as she says, "I made a small dinner for everyone."

September 01, 2013 15:10

Erika gurgled and looked at Lucifer.  She stretched out her little arms toward her.  Erika squirmed in her arms as Etaine looked at her daughter.

'Are you sure Rikki?  Someone wants you to say hi to her and hold her."  

September 01, 2013 16:21
Lucifer Smiling she takes the baby and bounces her on hip, poking her nose softly. "Ahh yes the Violence, mayhem and a little dash of killing. Well um yeah but depends really and the sitution truly."She smiled as she heard Nate and grinned.She looks back to Eire and shakes her head. "No thank you sir, but beleave it or not water would be perfect." September 01, 2013 17:26

  * Smiling I call to Nate*   "Could you grab a cold glass for her Nate??"

September 01, 2013 17:43

"Okay Eirie." she says as she then goes to get a cold glass for Lucifer.

September 01, 2013 18:15

Lu stands there holding the small baby and laughs lightly at her faces. She unsure of what to be doing or saying just takes the glass and drinks some handing it back to Nate with a smiles."Thank you dear."

September 02, 2013 11:19

Erika cuddles contentedly in Lucifer's arm still trying to charm the woman further.   Etaine watches in wonder at her small daughter.and then she smiles softly.   The fey blood in her child evident though she wonders if it isn't due to Erik as well.

"Erika likes you Lucifer.   Welcome to The Forge!  You have welcome here and at the cabin we have!"

September 02, 2013 11:48

Nate takes the glass with a smile and a blush as she nods and dashes suddenly into the kitchen and locks the door after she is inside.

September 02, 2013 17:16
Lucifer Raises an eye brow as Nate takes off back to the kitchen, then looks to Etaine."Thank you, some little ones do actually. And thank you mame, its good to know." Her wings loosen slightly and she runs her fingers over the babies cheek softly. "Any one tell you that your a cutie." she asks the little one. September 02, 2013 22:39

Etaine shakes her head as she looks at Nate running to the backroom.  "She is full of surprises that one!"

Etaine turned her attention back to Lucifer and her daughter Erika.  "I am not surprised.  Erika doesn't go to many people.  So I think she has just included you in her circle of friends.   She doesn't like the doctor either.   But she loves her father like crazy."

Etaine goes to Erik's side and wraps her arm around him gently.  She watches as Lucifer's wings loosen slightly and notices how she runs her fingers over Erika's cheek.

"I think Erika has one more friend now, Erik."

September 03, 2013 19:13

   " I would say you are right hun, she must get that ability from you since i tend to rub folks wrong usually on first meetings.  * grins*  So what brought you to New Orleans Lucifer, it's a strange place for me as well but i wanted to branch out in my businesses and see how it would turn out." 

September 03, 2013 19:17

In the kitchen Nate says to herself in a small voice, "Oh my god! Why did the beautiful lady come here? She makes me have to concentrate and make dinner for everyone. Got to be a good host for a guesst. Calm down and focus."

She slaps her face before breathing in slowly and getting the food looking nice and professional before unlocking the door and coming out with the dishes to put on the table for everyone to eat. "Dinner is now ready. Come and get it."

September 05, 2013 18:27

* Looks over my sholder towards the kitchen area of the shop.*  " Thank you Nate that sounds good, be right there."

September 07, 2013 20:14

Etaine shakes her head and smiles softly at Erik.   "Erik has a goo appetite especially hard in the blacksmith shop.  Hey Lucifer bring Erika with you.  Is there anyone you know who want to join us?"

September 09, 2013 15:46

Nate gets out drinks to then put on the table before she puts silverware and plates on the table. She smiles a little as she goes back into the kitchen and brings out dragon's milk cream pie and sets it on the table. The pie is blue in color and smells lightly of lillacs and roses.

"Come on guys before dinner gets cold." she states with a hint of laughter.

September 11, 2013 05:37

Looks up from the baby as she had been lost in thought for a moment. Green eyes dance slightly as she listened to Etaine and Eirie, then heard Nate in the background. She smiles at the baby and nods."I think its dinner time little one." She then looks to the Nightbreeds and smiles. "Well Eirie to answer your question. Nate brought me here, I have had it in my mind since her scuffle, to try to keep an eye on her." She grins. "Yes Etaine, Erika, has no reason to fear me."

September 11, 2013 22:06

"I thank you for looking after Nate the way you did and anyone who is with you.   Have you a spouse or a boy friend?   They have a welcome here as well!" 

Etaine smiled at Lucifer while Erika kept gurgling and cooing at her latest fan.  "Erik  I think Erika has a new auntie!"

September 12, 2013 17:54

Nate smiles as she looks at everyone as she says, "Come on already! Lets eat before it gets cold you dummies."

Her smile is bright as she sits down and gathers some turkey, cranberry sauce, green beans, dragon milk gravy, and buscuits. She coughs and avoids a certain dish which she says with a blush on her face, "It's for Lucifer. It's a simple stew."

September 12, 2013 18:22

* Rising, I take Etaines arm a,d watching Lucifer with Erika I escort my woife to the table and hold the seat for her.*

  "Nate this looks wonderful, you have out done yourself this time . :) "

September 12, 2013 18:42

Etaine feels Erik take her arm and she watches him look at Lucifer and her daughter Erika.  Erik escorts her to the tabvle and pulls back the chair for her.

Etaine sits and speaks softly.  "Thank you love and Nate this looks wonderful!   You have many talents I know nothing of.."

September 12, 2013 19:36

Nate blushes and she looks like she feels guilty about something as she keeps looking at the stew that she said is for Lucifer only as she looks kind of skitsh as her mouth keeps opening and shutting.

September 12, 2013 20:00
Lucifer Still holding little Erika she smiles and carries the child to the table with her, folding her wings tighter to her back. She sits down and quarks an eye brow at the expression on Nates face. Tipping her head slightly she bites her lip for a moment the speaks. "Nate is there something wrong? September 13, 2013 22:07

She seems to hesitate for a second to long before shaking her head and she seems quite shaken as she tries to eat with her shaking hands and keeps dropping her food with each try as her eyes keep going from Lucifer to the stew.

September 13, 2013 23:51

Etaine ached an eyebrow and then looked at Nate.  She had observed Nate's  blushing face and  a slightly guilty like look in her eyes.   Etaine's own eyes follow Nate's as she keeps looking at the stew especiall prepared for Lucifer.

"Did you indulge in some forbidden fruit,Nate?  Perhaps a sampling of a dish foreign to you?"

Nate seems to be hesitant about something for a moment or two and then she shakes her and she seems quite upset as she tries to eat but her hands are shaking and her food drops to her plate.   Etaine looks at Lucifer who is holding her daughter as Nate keeps looking at the stew then back to Lucifer.

"Okay, Nate what is it?"

September 14, 2013 01:36

"Nothing.I'm just a little tired." she says as guilt covers her features and after a bit she finally gets up and grabs the stew to throw it out.

She puts her hands on her face and she cries into her hands as she sobs out some words, "I *hick* love potion *hick* stew *hick* Lucifer."

September 14, 2013 02:30

  "You fell for Lucifer didn't you Nate?  Hey liking someone isn't a crime but she does have a loved one and I doubt she'd appreciate the love potion,lol.  No harm done my friend, why don't you do up another batch of stew and we'll eat then :)"

September 22, 2013 11:53

With tears going down her face she dashes to her room and slams the door behind her. Locking the door behind her she hides behind her bed holding herself with tears in her eyes. Her face was red as she tried not to feel stupid at what she had done.

September 22, 2013 23:23

Etaine looks at Erik and shakes her head.  She watches Nate scuttle off to her room quickly andhears the slamming of a door.  The loud slamming of the door and the click of the lock verify that Nate is extemely upset.

"Love love with Lucifer...We need to have that little talk with her, Erik.  We cant keep putting it off."

September 23, 2013 13:14

  * Looks at Etaine with a sigh*   " Sweetheart, I would have discussed this with you but things have been a bit crazy of late as you know.  Yes we need to have a talk with NAte, you find a time to do so and we'll sit down and have it."

September 26, 2013 18:07

Nate finally comes out of her room a little later as she then goes into the kitchen to cook without looking or talking to anyone.

September 29, 2013 11:48

"I know we do....things have been very hectic and later when Nate has calmed down we will talk with her."  Etaine watches as Nate returns but Nate is quiet as she goes into the kitchen.

Etaine wonders if she should go to the kitchen but decides not to go for awhile.

October 01, 2013 04:59

  " Well I haven't been meaning to ignor anything but don't hear as much as I used to :("

October 06, 2013 15:56

Nate enters back from the kitchen and places down desert as she eats quietly next to Etaine as she seems neutral now. Her hands gracefully take a piece of Aplle cobbler and put it on her plate which she eats.

October 18, 2013 10:15

Etaine watches as Nate comes back from the kitchen with dessert and she places it down  on the table.  She sits next to Etaine  and reaches over to pat her hand.   She whispers softly.

"I would to take a special time to talk with you that is Erik and I would like to talk you."

Etaine seems to understand what Nate is going through.  She remembered her first feelings fro Erik from the first day she saw him.  But she had kept it secret and then nearly scared the wits out of him  by  appearing in her cat form to him.

October 19, 2013 09:29

A New Day  (a few days later)

Etaine opens The Forge a bit early as she has a few projects she would like to work with and  a few orders to complete.   She looks down at Erika in her bouncy chair.   She smiled a bit at her and  it seems Erika is growing quickly.   She is growing a bit faster than normal babies her age.   That is something she will discuss with Erik when he arrives at the shop.

"It must be that new formula you are on Erika.   New clothes already?"   Etaine chuckles as Erika looks at her and smiles happily.

October 23, 2013 18:42

  * the faint rumble of a well tuned engine is heard within the shop. A few moments later I enter through the back door adjacent the parking garage.. Seeing Etaine within feeding Erika I stop a moment and smile before continuing on inside.*

  " Good morning ladies, how are you both this day?? * stoops to kiss Erika atop her head, then kisses Etaine slowly.*  You skipped out early wife, you should ahve waken me and I would ahve driven in with you... By the way, has Nate been about lately i haven't seen nor heard from her since the visit by Lucifer?"

October 26, 2013 10:03

Nate was laying on her bed while watching her ceiling as she just didn't want anyone to know she was here. She had snuck in through her secret entrance she had made a few months back. Her ceiling she was staring at has a mural that was for her father.

The mural was that of a golden dragon fighting against a group of knights that are attacking it and a maiden that looked like Nate. She is younger but the similarities are close yet she seems to be in maybe the 9th century. The knights have the symbol of the Knights Templars on them and they seem to be fighting against the dragon for the treasure behind the girl. The dragon is breathing fire at the knights who hide behind their shields with swords drawn.

October 26, 2013 12:52

Etaine looks up from  Erika  who has finished her bottle.   "Both of us ladies are fine!"   Erik stoops to kiss Erika on her head and she coos reaching for her fahter.

Etain returns Erik's kiss very gently.  "I skipped out  you were so tired after helping out in the greenhouse and entertaining this little scamp!  You both fell asleep on the couch.  I couldnt get Erika away from you.  Etaine chuckles a little.

"I haven;t seen her since that visit fro Lucifer.  But I know how she feels....I remember when the one I thought I loved betrayed me with another...My haert was broken ...but that is in the past.."

October 27, 2013 14:38

Nate looks around her room and finally sighs as she goes to her shelf to pull off a black dragon scaled book with a small metal dragon claw clasp as she recites a series of words,

I who holds fire in my breath

I who lays on piles of gold with my scalie chest

I who eats all below me

I who is silent like the night owl and strikes swiftly

All fear me who flies above

my claws a weapon that kills even my kind

I am a god to many a men

I am the dragon of the land

After she finishes the clasp opens and a dragons roar is let out as she opens it fully to hear draconic speak being told from the book. "It is time daughter of the golden dragon. You must come to the cocenent of the dragon clans to speak for the golden dragon clan. We must hold the meeting to find out who will be the new leaders of each clan and also make sure to raise our numbers. I await you outside the mountain range to your west side and hope you arrive soon so that we may join the others."

"Be swift and come so we may begin our day." states the voice of the dragon before the book closes with a snap that shoves a puff of wind in her face that nearly knocks her off her feet if she had not hit her head on the wall making some of her weapons nearby to fall off the wall with a clatter.

November 06, 2013 08:00

Nate comes back through the front door of the shop after almost a month had past and she seems strange in some way...she seems a bit bigger around the waist and the smell of milk is about her for some odd reason as she heads towards her room to try and unlock the door before anyone notices her.

She also seems frightened and nervous as she keeps looking about for some odd reason.

December 04, 2013 09:22

Erika come running in the backroom her trademark Miss Kitty backpack bouncing on her back.  She laughed as her panther kit Mau bounded along side her.  Ro, the wolf pup moved a bit more cautiously behind them.  Ro and Mau had finally figured out their relationship with each other.  Mau made it plain Erika was 'hers' and she would share her with Ro.  Ro would protect them.

"Hey Nate!  I gotta a panther cub.  A mean zoo keeper was gonna kill the runt....Her name is Mau Mau!  This is Ro the wolf pup!  I am learning reading writing slow real slow.  Daddy enrolled me in a special school not a pre school but a magic school called Snape's Magical Academy."

December 04, 2013 16:54

Nate nearly jumps as she drops her key and says with a shaky voice, "oh umm it's been a bit since last I saw you Erika. It is nice to see that you now have friends to be around and protect you."

She reaches for the key for her room but can't seem to bend that far down as she then kneels to get the key in a hurry hoping no one else sees her in this condition.

December 04, 2013 19:05

Erika skids to a fast step as Nate drop's her key . She shakes her head.  "I protect them.  Sides I can;t play with wands no more...  I can show Daddy casting runes.  I am gonna try that. for now!"  

Erika lands on Nate's room key.  "OH MY GOODNESS! Goddamn!  You gotta big belly Nate!"

December 11, 2013 21:53

Nate moans in defeat s her hormones kick in and she starts crying where she kneels. Her sobs are loud and long as she seems to be weeping at being caught and found out by Erika.

December 12, 2013 11:42

Erika looks up at Nate wide-eyed astonishment and wonder as her friend is crying.  "What's the matter?  It's okay!  Daddy can fix it and Mommy can too.   I gotta get either one of them   JUST dont cry!  Okay?   Erika scuttles close to Nate.   "WHO got you knocked up?"

Erika was only four years old but she knew a lot more than she was willing to tell.  When her Daddy grewed her somehow he grew someting else about her.  "My Daddy worked in a business where the Ladies got knocked up by the Johns from time to time..He took real good care of them..."

December 12, 2013 15:36

"I didn't want you guys to find out about this. I didn't want you to know about things like this because it is embarassing." she states as she sobs on the ground with her big stomach filled with two large eggs inside.

"I am pregnent with two dragon eggs." she states as she looks away and continues, "By the orders of the draconic council I neeed to expand the golden dragon clans numbers since I am the last one."

December 12, 2013 16:04

"It's okay...not embarassing. Just amazing!  Two babies inside you!  I am happy you got them."  Erika hugs Nate gently then feels her tummy.

"Mommy said life is precious.  So  don't cry!  I cried one night when I had a real bad nightmare about a bad man who said nasty things about my Daddy.What's a Dragon COuncil..?"

December 12, 2013 17:18

She whips her eyes and says in a steady voice, "the dragon council is the oldest and wisest of each dragon clan. I am a council member of it's 85 clans that exist still to this day. The council was originaly 300 clans until each of the others where whipped out by humans hunting them or by wars between ourselves. In the end the 85 clans left made a vow to try and stop and of the clans from dying out again. Since I am the last of the golden dragon clan then it is my duty to keep the line going. I am with child from a dragon from the Pearl clan."

She sniffs to clear her nose and asks politely, "Can I have my key please?" She prayed to herself that the little one didn't know she was going to lock herself in her room. She also hoped that no one knew other then the little one until she gave birth.

December 12, 2013 21:56

Erika listens intently at what Nate has to say and nods sagely.  "You got babies in that big belly...Like Mommy had with me in there...I remember how Daddy was surprised with him being a 'Vampire' and he sure was happy.  I am his one and only so in time I gotta keep the NightBreed line alive.

Erika pats Nate gently.  "You gotta go rest right now.  Here's the key...Daddy's coming and he will deliver the babies if Mommy don't get here first.  Mommy delivered me on her own, I was earlier though.  You go lay down and I will go get a look okay!"

Erika stands up  quickly  and purrs at Mau Mau.  Mau sits near Nate's door and Erika yips at Ro.  Ro follows Erika quickly out of the back room.

December 13, 2013 10:13

Nate hastily opens her door with the key and gets inside. After getting inside she shuts the door and locks it. She then puts the other padlocks in place to prevent any kind of intry as she even seals her escape tunnel and goes over to her bed to take the sheets off and put on the floor in the shape of a bird's nest where she sits inside and waits with motherly instinct.

December 13, 2013 12:14

  *Returning to the main shop at the edge of NOLA, I pull in a moderate tree and set it up and decorate it. A bit late but then I had been busy.  Seeing Nates door closed and figuring it to be locked I recall what Erika had talked about while sleeping.  Placing several gifts under the tree with Nate's name on them I walk out of the store and quietly lock up allowing Nate to have her privacy.*

December 29, 2013 08:12

Etaine sneaks in the Forge after Erik leaves and she leaves a few more gifts for Nate under the tree.  Most of the gifts from her and Erika are just gift cards and a newly printed book on Impending Motherhood and Raising Exceptional Children by W.W. Babington.

December 29, 2013 16:51

Nate comes out for food that day to find a bunch of gifts for her. She is so surprised at this and almost falls over as she then heads to the kitchen. grabbing some raw meat she eats it all easily before going back to her room where the sound of two noisy animals can be heard.

After a couple of hours the noise stops as Nate unlocks her door and comes out with her arms around two baby golden dragons about the size of a house cat. Nate brings them with her over to a seat where she sits down to clean them. Noticing she had fogot the gifts she had gotten for Etaine and Eirie where still in her room she teleports them under the tree.

December 29, 2013 17:49

* Enytering the shop a few days after the New Year, I see Nate's door still closed and hope all is well, so I walk closer as I pass by to check the fire in the forge and speak.*

  " I hope all is well Nate, I know you are going to be or ar a mother and it all good here, the rest of your gifts I was not sure on so they are mainly gift cards to various shops where you can possibly get things you can use or need."

January 04, 2014 18:36

Etaine slips into the Forge behind in hopes of being able to pick a few supplies and her latest orders so she can go over them.   She smies when she sees Erik in there as well.

"How is Nate doing?  Any news or anything we can do?"   Etaine was concerned for Nate and her children.

January 05, 2014 07:41

" She still ahs the door locked but i let nate know there were things out ehre she could use to purchase what might be needed and so forth .. I figure when Nate is ready she'll let us know what we can do .. All we can do now is wait and be here when needed"

January 05, 2014 17:49

"All we can do is wait and be there as you say.   You are a very wise man, Erik."   Etaine let her her arm curl around Erik's waist and she snuggled close to him.

"She needs her privacy at this time.  I am sure she will be fine and there's enough food in the fridge and the freezer. I made sure of that..."

January 05, 2014 19:25

Nate unlocks her door and comes out as smooth as she was before. She has a bundle in her arms where she walks out into the kitchen and gets some food for herself and the bundle. She then opens her gifts and shows them to the bundle where she smiles and even giggles while looking at the bundle with obvious joy.

January 06, 2014 01:43

Erika qiuickly opened the door to the back end of the Forge and tiptoed in quietly.  She had a Christmas present for Nate her new baby or babies. It was a small basket containing baby rattles,  a small gift card or two her Mommy had given hier to a Deli around the corner and a small book of Draconic Magik.  She added a small magic card to the assofted gift basket.  She added her teddy bear and two small stuffed baby dragons that changed colors.

"Merry Christmas Nate....I miss you..."   She slipped out after placing the basket on the table near Nate's room.

January 07, 2014 01:38

Nate looks at the gifts and smile as she unwraps the bundle. The bundle opens to reveals two small baby drakes which look around them with open and intelligent eyes. One goes over to the toys that had been placed down by Erika and starts to play with them as the other one enters the back room to look at the forge.

Nate notices this and says "Torla get back in here. That is not a place you should go. As for you Lora don't destroy the teddy bear."

January 07, 2014 08:28

* watches from the back entrance, glad for the more remote location of the shop rather than being in the down town region. SMiling i see the baby named Torla looking at the forge room with interest and be lightly warned by Nate.*

    " As long as one of us is about in the actual forge room Nate I don't mind so long as things aren't messed up. Plus and mainly, i don't want the little one to get hurt.. Although I know less aboiut dragins than I do about using a wand,lol."

January 11, 2014 09:23

Etaine had Erika by the hand.   "I found Erika.   It seems she also brought Chrstmas presents for Nate and her kids...  Playing Santa Claus too....She gave her teddy bear away...and those two stuffed baby dragons I got her..."

Etaine looked at Erik and then her rascally  daughter.  "What am i to do with you?  I think I have an idea..."

January 11, 2014 09:57

The little drake named Torla flies near the forge and looks at the metal around before a thought enters Eirie's mind, "What is all this? I wanna know. Can you tell me Uncle Eirie. pleasepleasepleaseplease."

The one called Lora looks at Etaine and a thought says, "Is this something to eat Aunt Etaine? Mother didn't tell us anything except you guys and stuff about our kind."

Nate sighs and says to herself, "They are a handfull already. I am unsure if I can keep up with them by myself."

January 11, 2014 13:29

* with a gentle smile I pat etaine on the shoulder.*

  " I'll go see about the forge,lol.  We'll help Nate, you've always lknown that,lol."   * Focussing my thoughts I send a message back to Torla while verbalising as well.*

   " That Torla is my forge, I objects of metal with it, including weapons such as swords, knives and so forth.. I do get a good amount of orders for decorations as well."

  * Walking into the forge area I stand in the middle of the area, and wait to see what Torla does next.*

January 11, 2014 15:22

Etaine smiled at the littlre drake called Lora. "I have food in the fridge, you are hungry.... You don't eat teddy bears or stuffed toys.  You play gently with them."

Erika was giggling softly as she looked at Lora.  "Erika, this is Lora...Nate's little drake.   Be nice to them now.  They are indead a handful just like you my rascal!"

January 11, 2014 21:07

Torla looks at Eirie and asks in his mind, "How do you use it? Looks like fun." she then dives into the flames and flaps her wings inside it while seeming to not get hurt. "I like it. It feels great."

Lora looks at Etaine and says in her mind, "Oh yay. I love food. So far mom has given us amny kinds that taste yummy but mommy tastes the best."

Lora then looks at Erika and says, "She looks yummy. is she food."

Nate taps Lora's head hard and says, "Don't think about it or I will not give you a snack of milk later."

January 12, 2014 03:25

Erika looks at the little drake and stares hard at Lora.  "You wont like me!  I am too tough and if you don't behave. Your Mommy won't let you have lunch from her big boobs! "

Erika looked up at her Mother  and see that look in her green eyes. "OUCH!! Goddamn it!! That smarts!"   Erika back away from her Mommy.  She held her stinging bottom in her hands.  "I am telling Daddy on you!   YOU can't spank me!"

January 12, 2014 03:42

* From the Forge room*  " ERIKA! Your mother can so spank you, you ever take that tone with her a again and you will be grounded until you are 20 years old. No anything except school and chores.. You WILL respect your mother or else!  Also for that outburst there will be NO lessons with the axe of any kind for 2 weeks."

January 12, 2014 09:02

Etaine watched her daughter's outburst and Erik's reply.  Etaine felt sad enough for having to discipline her daughter.

She bent down and hugged her gently.  "Sometimes Erika. IT's needed and you must take your bitter along with the good.  Daddy will lock your axe up for two weeks.  You are grounded from the shop for that time as well.  You are grounded to the cabin except for school."

Erika was silent and she hung her head and Etaine held her close.  "Do you think I enjoyed doing it?" Erika shook her head but said nothing. "I did this because you never talk to others disrespectfully again."

Etaine sighed sadly as she looked to Erik taking the axe from near Erika's backpack. "The wand as well....Erik.  Plus you will apologize to Nate, Lora and Torla."

January 12, 2014 12:25

Nate looks at Etaine and says, "It is okay. They are children. It takes time to see what we see."

Torla is in the fire saying to Eirie, "Can you make it hotter in here. I want to take a nap or maybe even try this thing called smelting."

Lora looks at Etaine and Erika and says to them both, "I like you two. You are funny. Let's eat. I hungry enough to eat this place."

January 12, 2014 12:55

Erila watched as he axe and wand  were removed.  She looked at her Daddy shamefaced and hung her head.  She didn't say anything to her Mommyor Daddy.

Her Mother looked at her sadly and then nudged her gently.  "I am very sorry Nate, Loar and Torla.  I gotta go home now."   Shebent over to pick upher backpackbut Etaine picked it up and handed it over to Erik.

"That gets locked away too...That rascally daughter of yours carries a spare wand." Erika gasped at what her sneaky Mother said and did to her.

"Iam not sneaky.."   One stern look from Etaine had her closing her mouth quickly.  Her hands held her bottom.  "Ouch...that smarts."   A magic stinging feeling on her bottom made her jump.

January 12, 2014 15:31

Nate looks at Erika sadly and says, "You should obey mother....i mean your mother. she knows what is best for you little one."

She looks at Lora and says, "I will feed you. Come with me baby so I can give you some milk."

She gets up and goes with Lora to her room.

January 12, 2014 17:50

"Come along Erika.  It's time to go home now.   Erik can you bring the list of things I need?  It's onmy work table.   Also no more  jewelry crafting lessons for a month Erika...."

Etaine looked at Nate as she arched an eyebrow.  "Mother.....Okay Nate take care of the kids and if you need help call me.   I am posting abodyguard on Erika for the interim ..."

Etaine hustled Erika out of the Forge minus her backpack  to the Jeep and headed for home,

January 12, 2014 19:55

Torla comes out of the fire and goes over to some jewelry with a smile before grabing it and holding it in her mouth. She does it a bit before she tries to sneak away with out being caught.

Nate is feeding Lora in her room with groans between her singing the song, "Twinkle Twinkle little star"

January 17, 2014 00:43

"Mommy! Mommy!  My amulet is gone..."   Erika was wide eyed as she purred and then growled softly.  A small compact black panther had shredded her clothing.  Her golden amber eyes spotted a young drake with an  amulet in it's mouth. The small panther like cat yipped and yowled like it was being bit.

She leapt high and attempted to catch the young drake.  Her small claws grazed the small drake  and she growled againangrily.  ~Give me back myamulet you damn pest!~  Erika in her panther form was ready to fight the drake for her amulet.

The small maw of the small panther bit down on the drake's tail.

January 17, 2014 01:01

Torla yelped in pain before blowing fire at Erika but the fire misses as it touches the jewelry in it's mouth. Torla then says with a mouth full of jewelry, "NO. This is my hoard. I need to make my den with these. If you want you can visit but no touching and let go of my tail before i give you a lick of fire little furball."

January 17, 2014 16:30

Erika bit down harder on the small drake's tail and her amber gold eyes flashed angrily.    The small panther like cat diappeared and a black shadow cat appeared.  The cat yowled an angry battle cry and said 

~You will regret it you silly  lizard.  You can have anything in this place save my amulet.~

The small black shadow panther moved slealthly.  ~Have my blessing or suffer my curse little drake...~

January 17, 2014 16:45

* Hearing a commotion I step back into the main region, seeing a black cat stalking Torla I stop.* " ENOUGH!! Erika, you were to go home, anymore of this and i WILL do more more than ground you. Do you understand ?!?  * Looking at Torla.*  "Torla, that amulet was a gift given to Erika, we can get you another amulet to start your den but let Erika have hers back."

  * Turning back towards Erika*  " You will go home now with your mother and we will be having a talk as soon as I get there. Now go i will handle this and no arguements period."

January 18, 2014 10:44

Etaine comes back into the shop after waiting for Erika to get something she'd fogotten.   She watches as Torla the drake holds an amulet in her mouth and Erika in her cat shape.

"Erika you will do as your father says immediately,"  Etaine picks up Erika quickly amd looks at Torla the small drake.  "I need that amulet back please.   Anything in the shop and I will make you your own special amulet and a small chest to store your most valuable hoarde pieces.

Etaine waits patiently for the drake to return Erika's amulet.  "My daughter will not bei returning to the shop til you are fullt grown Torla."

January 18, 2014 12:35

"No I got it fair and square. If it had not been left about carelessly then I would give it back." states Torla with smug satifaction before a black aura is felt behind her and she looks back to see Nate.

"TORLA!!!! What have I told you of messing with other peoples stuff. I told you before that I will not let you start that nasty habit and you will not start it now. Now drop the jewelry and come here before I make you human young lady." she states with anger in her voice.

Torla quickly drops it and goes to her mother who knocks her once on the head causing her to fall to the ground and look up at mother while Lora still hangs on and suckles with a smug grin.

January 18, 2014 13:31

"Mommy  my amulet chain broke....I dropped by mistake...I found myself in cat form and after the little."  Erika flushes slightly.  "Where're my clothes!   Mommy!   What happened!?!?!?! "

Erika looks at Torla, Lora who is busy at Nate's chest.  "Those are big boobs....ooops  Daddy!!! I am sorry, but my amulet keeps me safe....that cat is in me.  Why...noone toldl me about her. My cat wasn't naughty she knows how to keep me safe."  

Erika grabs Etaine's light scarf scrambling to cover hersef as she babbles.  "I need some help here and my clothes!"

January 18, 2014 13:42

Nate bends down and offers her a small white silk dress. "Here you go little one. hope you fit in it well since I made it." she states with a smile as Lora looks at her from her mother and waves at Erika about four inches away since she was hanging from her food source.

Torla was pouting as she was being held by her mother by two fingers between her wings and glares at Erika for getting in trouble.

January 18, 2014 22:22

Etaine shakes her head at Nate.  "Maybe another time.   Perhaps Torla would like that white silk dress for her hoarde.  I need to take Erika to the bathroom.  She has a spare set of clothes there and I need to repair her amulet temporaily."

Erika looks at her mother but says nothing.  Etaine looks at her dsaughter.  "We need to have a girl's chat on somethings now that your cat has appeared...these talks and what follows are crucial."  Erika nods and hugs her mother.

Etaine lookes Lord hanging from her food source in a smug manner and an enraged Torla glaring at Erika.

"I think it's best the Erika not come to the shop in the meantime or you Nate to see Erika in the meantime. Safety for you anf your little ones Plus an angry drake isn;t a good mix.  Especially a jealous one and Erika;s manners need to improive as well toward your children."

January 20, 2014 09:40

Nate smiles at etaine and says, "okay. I do agree with what you are saying. I hope to see you two soon."

she then takes both of the little drakes to her room with a smile and a most feminine walk to her room. She seems quite different then usual which is something that would set alarms off on how she is. Her usual self would have argues against it or she would have acted in a child like manner but surprisingly she is acting like a regular female adult would.

Nate locks the door and looks at Torla and says in a motherly like manner, "I am going to ground you for a week. You are not allowed to go out of your room till I tell you so. And Sora I have told you before not to feed while we are in front of guests. Now both of you go to your rooms and think on what you did."

They both do as their mother says.

January 20, 2014 15:22

* Watching all of the goings on in silence, i gather the items left by Erika and walk to my car, loading everything in the back seat i slide into the drivers seat and drive off heading home.*

January 29, 2014 17:45

Nate comes out of her room a little later with both of her daughter who in human form. The little girls are wearing cute clothes.

Now in human form they smile as they go around the store happily with their mother behind them in a new dress.

She smiles as she looks at her little ones who are running around the store.

February 06, 2014 20:24

Erika picked the lock on the back door of The Forge.  She had to check up on Nate and those pesky drakes.  She disliked Torla with a passion and Lora well she wasn't much to deal with.  But she had read up on drakes or dragons and their hordes.  So she decided on two identicial pearl necklaces with golden clasps.  She even enchanted them with her Mother;s help.

"Hello anyone here?


February 06, 2014 20:42

Nate and her kids look up before Torla and Lora jump onto Erika and say, "Oh my gosh. Erika it has been so long."

They hug her tighly before getting up and running over to Nate and hugging her from both sides as Nate smiles down at her and says, "Erika. So nice to see you this time of day. Why are you here if I might ask?"

February 06, 2014 20:59

Erika stares at the two girls while she looks around for the two draikes, especially Torla.   "Helio  there!  Where are those drakes?  Did  you exchange them for two little girls?"

Before she knows it she is hugged tightly by two older girls and her presents drop on the floor.  "Ooops  Hi Nate!  I just wanted to deliver two pearl necklaces to Torla and Lora for their hordes.  Where are they?"

February 06, 2014 23:09

"Erika don't be so mean to us." states the first as the second says, "We are Torla and Lora. You going mental or something?"

Nate smiles as she picks up the gifts as she states, "These two are Torla and Lora. They recently learned how to become human using their magic. They are quite beautiful. Also I recently though to get rid of my old clothes and learn to become like the humans to live amongst you all."

February 06, 2014 23:32

"I am not mean.  I brought a peace offering.  I didn't know drakes could be human... I m a litte girl.  You are very pretty thought!"

Erika watched Nate pick up the gifts.  "Very good!  They sure are very pretty!   Magic is cool!   But my want is locked up for a month but I got Daddy's wand.You look very nice Nate."

February 06, 2014 23:44

"You make this old lady blush Erika. You are to kind to onne such as I. If you want I got some magic books from way back in the day I can let you read so as to learn new spells." states Nate with a smile and blush.

Torla and Lora look at Nate and get jealous as they say, "Hey no fair. You need to stop getting to close to mother."

February 07, 2014 00:02

Erika sighes and shakes her head no.  "I can't accept and your daughters come first.   Besides Mommy is teaching me some basic magick and Daddy will be teaching me runic magick when I am older.  For now I am exploring the woods around the cabin too, working in the greenhouse and got my wolf and panther to keep busy.  Daddy locked my ax up for a month.  But i found another in a hidden cave and it fits my hand and has one rune on it..."

Erika turns and goes toward the back end of The Forge.  "See you soon, Nate Torla and Lora."   Erika unsheaths her Icelandic rune ax and touches the single rune.   "Home please!"   Erika disappears from sight.

February 07, 2014 00:32

Torla and Lora smile as they then say to their mother, "Mom, can we go out shopping? We wanna go out and see stuff."

Nate opens her mouth to respond when the front door opens and a little girl runs in and hugs Nate saying, "Mother! Where have you been? I have been looking everywhere for you."

Nate sighs and says, "Sora! When did you get out of Japan?"

Sora then kisses her mom's cheek and hugs her sisters.

February 07, 2014 15:35

  * Time has past as I walk into the forge room, disregarding the lights I move to the walls and ignite the torches I have in sconces set safely along the walls. Once they are aflame I through the flickering light and restoke the forge to bring the fires and heat back to work temperatures, once the loading of the fuel is complete and appears to be catching nicely, I lean against my work table and mentally picture the iron scroll work I will be doing that day.*

February 16, 2014 17:45

Erika comes into The Forge quietly carrying a sack of Deli sandwiches and a few bottles of water for her Daddy.   She had come to the Forge with her Mommy, and  Ro.  Mau Mau stayed at home on pguard duty with Cajun Jack.

"Hey Daddy! Mommy and I brougth you some lunch then it's back home for us two!"   Erika finds her Daddy in he back work area where the main forge is.

She sets the sandwiches and bottles of water on a work table.

February 22, 2014 18:11

* Smiles as I hear Erika's voice, turning my head I see her set  a sack upon a work table.*

   " Thank you sweety, you two doing okay?? I haven't seen anybody since I came in here so I figure save on the lights since it is just myself.. Besides with what I need to work on and my thoughts the torches fit better :)..

February 23, 2014 13:17

Nate steps out of her room wearing a nice yellow sundress with flowers as her three daughters carry a big basket and blanket and she says, "I am going out with the kids for a picnic. Do you three want to come with us?"

February 23, 2014 15:08

Etaine follows in quickly after Erika  who run into the back work area.   "We only stopped by to dropoff your lunch, the order to restock fridge, freeer and make sure you are good.  Etaine gives Erik a quick kiss on the cheek.

She speaks again.  "I needed to check on some orders and  take them home to work.   She smiles as she notices nate and er three girl. 

"Not today Nate!  You spend the time with your girls  Erika is still grounded after a fashion.  She has her lessons to do and chores helping me in the greenhouse!"


February 24, 2014 09:21

Nate smiles and nods before heading off with her daughters happily to the park.

February 24, 2014 10:33

  " I'm stuck working NAte, I'm a bit behind, thank you for the invitation :).."

February 24, 2014 20:33

Nate comes back after about a month and smiles as she goes inside the shop to the forge area as she pulls out a big rock and starts smelting with a smile knowing she was going to make something amazing for once in her life to help others.

March 20, 2014 13:24

Kogan opens the door and steps into tho shop. " I hope I've come to the right place." He said as he look around the shop and as he saw all the weapons on display it appeared he had. Now I hope they can help me, Koga thought as he removed the katana and scabard from his back. Koga continued to look around at the display cases while he waited for someone to come to the counter.

March 29, 2014 06:58

Getting her project out of the smelter and into the water she gets ready to take it out and start hammering it into shape when she hears the bell ring. She places her project to the side and comes to the front while making sure she is clean and beautiful. With a smile she asks in a polite and frienly voice, "What can I do for you today sir?"

March 29, 2014 09:52

Koga looks up when he hears someone coming, "Yes ma'am I need a new reversed edge katana forged." Koga said as he pull the fragments of his old sword out of the scabard. "My name is Koga by the way." He said as he smiled back at her.

March 29, 2014 17:28

  * entering the shop from the rear door, I hear Nate's voice and one I do not recognise in the front.  Walking to the store area I see Nate in conversation with a customer.. I watch as Koga recovers the shards of his katana from inside it's scabbard.*

     " Good day Nate, I trust all is going well?? * Nods towards Koga*    Greetings and welcome to The Forge, did I hear you have a katana in need of reforging?"

March 29, 2014 17:44

"Yes sir and I need the new one to be able to withstand high velocity impacts." Koga said as stepped aside so the man could examine the shattered remains of his old reversed edge katana.

March 29, 2014 17:58

Nate smiles happily as she looks at Eirie and says, "I am doing quite well Mr. Breed. I was helping the one called Koga here and was about to call for you for helping fix his weapon."

She then turns to look back at Koga and smiles even brighter with her pearly white teeth showing brightly as she says, "Mr. Breed will help you with your weapons and with runes. If you need inhancements in magic I can help you and Mrs. Breed will help with jewelry and magic enchanments."

March 29, 2014 18:02

  * smiling at the help Nate is giving I make an announcement*

   " Nate, tomorrow there will be a construction crew here to build an addition onto the shop.  I have decided that you deserve a work section of your own for the dedication and help you have given here in the Forge.  I told them to put in a forge based upon my own's design so it will not effect any magics you may wish to incorporate.. Once it is complete feel free to practice to your hearts content although the crafting materials are your responsibilty my friend. Congratulations, you earned this."

  * Turning back to Mr. Koga i examine the fragments of his blade.*

    " What hit it hard enough to cause it to shatter if i may ask?"

March 29, 2014 18:08

"Thank you for all you help ma'am, I'll probably  have  need  to come back and get some enhancements for the new sword before I have fulfilled my vow to my fallen brothers." Koga said as he turned smiled at the woman . Then Koga turn back to Mr. Breed. "It shattered when my opponent's sword met mine as we attacked each other, thankfully his shattered to." Koga said as he looked at the remains of his sword.

March 29, 2014 18:16

Nate nods to Eirie as she heads to her room leaving them in peace as two baby dragons fly by Koga and are grabbed by Nate. She then states, "Girls! you know better then to play around in front. It is time for dinner."

The little drakes state, "Yes mother."

March 29, 2014 18:22

  * I could reforge the shards as they are and rehammer them back together OR with your permission, smelt the shards down and recast the metal into a block then reforge the blade anew which would by the time I finished make it stronger than it was originally.. I can also add a rune to keep it from breaking upon impact although edge wear would still occur.

  Overall it would take about 2 to 3 weeks for me to reforge it from scratch.. probably a week if you just want the shards `welded' back  together without being melted down and recast."

  * Looking over my shoulder I smile as the drakes fly after Nate.*

   " Hello Lora, Torla, nice seeing you again."

March 30, 2014 08:26

Koga thought for a moment, "I think I'd better go with the second option how much will it cost? He asked as he looked at the stakes flying by.

March 30, 2014 22:09

Nate comes out a little later as the two drakes go into the forge room. They enter the fires and curl up to sleep as Nate goes to a corner and closes her eyes as she starts moving her hands in circles in front of her making a ball of magic in her hand.

March 30, 2014 22:33

  "Since I won't be needing any extra materials it would be just for time spent in the forging.. Let me figure up the extimate and i'll give it to you in a few minutes.. Would you care for some coffee, or maybe something stronger while I work this up?"

March 31, 2014 07:02

"No problem"   Koga said as he went to look at  some of the item's in the shop.

March 31, 2014 16:11

Nate starts singing in an Irish voice a song. (the song is Lilly the Pink). She then starts singing a little louder as in her hand now sits a ball of blue light that she holds while picking up a sword in her other hand.

March 31, 2014 16:36

  * After working out figures on a pad of paper I tear off the sheet and hand it to Koga with the figure of 750.00 to reforge the shards back together without resmelting them.. 1500.00 if a full re-smelting is done with a guaranteed 500 folds minimum and true temper/hamen line.*

   " I included the cost for both ways Mr. Koga. "

  * gesturing to the display cases that display carefully placed, firearms and hand weaponry of knives/daggers plus smaller short swords, hand axes and such.*

  " Anything you like sir?"

April 01, 2014 09:54

Koga look at the figures Mr.Breed had written down and pulled out $5,000.00 and handed it to Mr.Breed saying, "If you can think of any improvements that you can make to the blade you have my permission to do them and how much would you charge to teach me how to use a handgun? I think it would be a good idea for me to learn to use and carry a sidearm for a secondary weapon in case something like this happens again." Koga said looking at the handguns in the case.

April 04, 2014 01:40

Nate then puts her hand of blue light and puts it to the blade and infuses it. The blade is now on fire in her hand and seems to be a lot different in design then it originally was.

April 04, 2014 09:45

  * Looks at Koga a moment and nods.. * " I can certainly add some improvements to your blade. and as for training you to use a hand gun, I'll do that already included in the costs.. Do you have a hand gun or looking for your first one?"

April 10, 2014 18:03

* As Koga looks around the displays, I take the shards of his sword into my forge area and place them carefully upon the bench.  Glancing at the forge's flames I see the 2 drakes sleeping within and smile. Catching sight of Nate holding a sword that has a blue flame about it I pause as I watch to see what happens next*

April 13, 2014 20:56

he walks in, annoyed that his last throwing knife had gotten chipped yet again, but also that he'd missed that cursed animal, so he'd come to this forgery to see if his knive could be repaired, and the runes on it upgraded, "Hello?"

April 16, 2014 14:00

* looks up as I hear the door open from the 1867 revolver I was examining.*

 " Good evening sir, welcome to The Forge, I'm Eirie NightBreed how can i help you?"

April 16, 2014 20:09

he places the knife on the counter, "I need about 100 of these made, with runes that can make them better suited to hitting hard, sometimes very dangerous things that are very hard."

April 16, 2014 21:01

Nate smiles as she puts the sword in its sheath and the flames go out. She then pulls it back out to burst into flames again before putting it back. With a smile she sets it aside as she tries using magic on another sword. This one she uses magic again but it seems almsot invisible. She infuses the magic into the blade and strikes it at the wall across from her causing it to split down the middle as if hit by a big sword.

Smiling she repairs the damge with magic and sets that blade to the side as well. She then gets another blade and starts whispering a song as she infuses more invisible magic into this new blade.

April 16, 2014 21:38

he also pulls out his demonic sword, somewhat reluctant to set it down, "I also need this dipped in the blood of an angel and witch that was given willingly, stupid curse on it has been driving me insane and seems to be getting worse as my travels continue, and if possible, I was wondering if I could pay with some of the demonic blood and ichior I've collected, it'll keep any flames burning for about a year longer than it should, and I have 20 vials of each."

April 17, 2014 02:46

  * Looks at the throwing knifenoticing the chips and nicks, then at the demonic blade.. Raising an eyebrow at that one I think a moment then nod*

  "Okay, I can do the 100 knives with no problem, I can also place a pair of runes upon each, they are called Hrelshai or victory, this rune increases the accuracy and to a certain extent the dammage inflicted. The second is Dledark or enduring, basically this will make the knives "almost" impossible to break.. Given enough force anything will eventually reach it's breaking point.

  Your sword I can do as well, but it will take me a couple days to get the necessary ingrediants to break the curse. As for the payment I would be amenable to the barter. say one vial of each for the job in full? "

April 17, 2014 19:31

He laughs before placing all the vials he has on the counter, "I wasn't asking to barter Sir, I meant to give you what I didn't use as payment anyway, its just cluttering up my space and I need that for other things as is, as for the blade....try not to cut yourself with it, it will steal your soul if you do, and I absolutly hate trying to free souls from it."

April 17, 2014 19:47

 " My friend one has to have a soul for a blace such as that to steal, I lost mine many decades ago but i know what you mean since I carry a weapon that has it's own version of a curse upon it. On the throwing knives do you want each one hand forged indivdually or  a commercial style?"

April 17, 2014 19:55

he smiles as he touches the nicked and chipped knife, "I want the best you can make for me sir, whatever you can do to make it as resistant to this state you see before you would be very good for my travels and hopeful life expectancy.  Also, do you happen to have any other throwing weapon that a demon with frightening strength could use as well?  I seem to be needing somthing that is lighter than my knives, but heavier than throwing needles."  he also glances at the nearby swords before shaking his head, "Lastly, I need some rare metals to forge a blade using my own blood as the medium so it will be more...friendly to me than my foes, as my current one seems to be these days."

April 17, 2014 20:24

Nate doesn't even look up as she continues enchanting some blades as she says, "I have the ingredients for that sword. You can take them out of my room if you want Eirie. I got plenty more where they came from. I also have extra of anything else you guys need."

She comes finally to a blade and this one she seems to put what looks to be pure light into the blade and smiles as she sets it to the side from the others.

April 17, 2014 20:39

"For other throwing weapons I have a fairly decent selection of shuriken and the like. * looks over my shoulder to where NAte spoke from.*  Thank you Nate I appreciate that, * Locks gazes with Phantom*  Yes we can handle making another blade for you and personalising itto you alone.. Is there a particular design you prefer over another?" 

April 19, 2014 11:00

Etaine comes into the shop carrying some steak and cheese sandwiches, fruit salad and a few bottles of water  in a bag with her.  Her nose smells something slightly out of place.  The smell of a demon in The Forge.

She had some past experiences with demons and a few of them rather unpleasant in her travelsin other realms.   She sighed inwardly and placed the food and waterbottles on the counter.

"Got the food order like you wanted Erik!"   Etaine smiled softly.  "I am off to the gem dealers for now.  See you when the air clears in here."  Etaine's hand quickly draws her dagger and whies past Phantom 's head but close up to make her point. Her dagger returns on it's own to her hand. 

She resheathes the dagger and leaves the shop quicly.

April 19, 2014 12:03

he smiles pleasently to the woman before bowing as the dagger flies past her head, "Forgive me for making you shop reek of my kin Miss, I'll be gone as soon as my business is done."

He returns to the man and seems to think, "I want a very hard type of blade, I want a demonic blade's nearly unbreakable metal, to be forged together with an Angel blade's supple and perfectly balanced metal, but I need something to keep the two from rejecting each other when my blood starts to fuse them."

April 19, 2014 12:58

"The best way to do that sir is to blood bind them to you. It is a rare and hard thing to do but luckily I know of this since i have used it before." she states as she smiles at Etaine at her little antices while winking at Eirie.

April 19, 2014 13:04

  "NAte is correct, it can be done, tricky but doable.. once the forging is completethen we use some of your blood to bound the weapon to you alone, that would cause it to jam in the scabbard, turn off center if it was used against you making a sure attack unlikely.  "

April 20, 2014 11:09

he nods before looking into the back, "Would you allow me to forge my blade myself?  I have some angelic blades I was able to find after a battle they had with some of the wilder demons."

April 20, 2014 11:17

 " I don't have a issue with that so long as you don't mind my being in there to assist. My training was by an ancient master whom helped forge Mjollnir, grumpy old dwarf but smart."

April 20, 2014 19:19

"I would like the help sir, and if you have mithril as well, I'd love to forge in into the finishing edge of the blade."

April 21, 2014 00:02

 " That won't be a problem Phantom, I keep a ready supply of many rare and so called mythological metals on hand. It will take my forge until tomorrow morning to fully reach operating temperature again since I had tot ake a break recently. Will that be a problem?"

April 26, 2014 21:00

"No sir, I shall be back when the forge is ready and I will probably bring a few more working ingrediants for your forge when I return." He bows slightly before taking his leave then.

April 27, 2014 03:14

 * I watch as Phantom leaves then turn to look at my forge, then towards Nate.*

 " Looks like we both have a challenge ahead of us starting tomorrow. Get some rest NAte, you'll need it for when the merging begins."

  * With a smile i walk into the forge room and check the flames, throughout the night I gently and knowledgeably nurse the temperature upwards, keeping it even and steady in it's climb until the heat is exactly where I want and need it to be.  Adding several shovels of coke to the fire I spread it evenly about keeping the flames even as well then with a nod I walk out into the main shop and sit down, taking a `combat' nap as I wait for Phantom to return.*

April 27, 2014 07:00

Walks in holding a large red scale, "Does anyone know what happens when a dragon appears, hands you a scale, and then simply leaves?"

April 27, 2014 13:04

 " Usually it meant as a gift, as any warning they might have would come in a much more forceful form."

April 27, 2014 19:26

he nods before simply handing the scale off to Eirie, "Then enjoy it, I have nothing that it would assit me with and I need nothing but what I have already asked for."

April 27, 2014 20:55

The lady in the corner looks at phantom and says, "A dragon is not one to be in purblic everyday. I should know since I was raised by one for much of my life."

She goes back to the swords and puts each on a rack beside her and labels are put above each of them with prices put below the name of each sword.

April 28, 2014 16:25

he sighs before looking at the scale, "Maybe I could make it into a sheath?"

April 29, 2014 00:35

 " The scale could be layered over a wood scabbard reinforcing it and giving it some added protection should any of the special properties dragons have remain within the scale.. As it was given as a gift i would say the odds are good that something remians"

April 29, 2014 06:37

"I would still like to know why it gave me the scale and not you, that would have made some sence."  he shrugs before starting to look at the metal, being careful to not touch the angelic metal and then nodding as he sat nearby while the lights in the forge dimmed and the shadows around him start to move, "I can't touch that angelic metal, so I'll use the shadows to help move it and keep it from being tainted."

April 29, 2014 12:33

Nate looks over and says, "I would suggest also to not touch the light blade. That thing is hotter then the sun and cuts through regular metals like butter."

She looks at her finished work and puts it aside as she then gets some armor and does the same.

April 29, 2014 15:27

he starts to place th metal into a line before rubbing his chin, "Now, what should I start with?"

April 30, 2014 00:33

" Overall what you start with isn't as big a deal as how you want to finish it.. that will decide what you want to begin with.."

May 03, 2014 14:32
Killian Doyle

~ Killian  walks in the  shop and looks around  a bit. he  needed to  talk to Eirie about   making a  sword  small enoughand light enough weight wise  for  Siobhan to  use and  able  to handle. he had already  gotten her an Ax  to  use  but the  sword he  knew  she  would already  know thatk to Ronan  how  to  use.

He looks at some of the Jewelry  that  he  had no doubts Etaine , Eirie's  wife  was the  fine  maker  of. Maybe once  Kelda was born he have  her  craft a   peice  for his  daughter.~

May 03, 2014 18:57

Nate looks up at Killian and watches him asking, "What are you looking for sir? You seem to know this place well?"

May 03, 2014 19:19
Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks up  to  see Nate. The  norse men  grins~

" I am  looking for the  black smithe  Eirie Nightbreed actually . I want to  see if he can  make  me  something special weapon wise. He is a  friend of mine . You  wouldnt  happen to  know  where I  can  find him  would  you?"

May 03, 2014 20:00

"He is busy in the back right now. I can go get him if you want?" she says with a smile as her black kimono clings to her slender figure.

May 03, 2014 20:02
Killian Doyle

"That would  be great thanks. "

~ Killian  grins a bit~

May 03, 2014 21:53

Nate heads towards the back as she sways her hips seductively as she gets into the back. She then says to Eirie, "Hey Eirie, got someone asking for you up front. He also says he knows you."

May 03, 2014 22:00

He glares at the demonic and angelic metals before looking towards the forge and then sighing, "I need blood fire's to get the metal as hot as it needs to be for the darker powers in the metal to come out, and blessed flames for the pureness of the angelic metal to be able to hold together."

He starts to heat and slowly work some of the normal metal into a short sword like shape, slowly building it to perfection before cutting his palm over the flames and watching as the turn a raging black as he starts to heat and violently beat the demonic metal onto one side of the blade, making sure to keep it perfectly halved as he worked, when he was finished he dipped the blade into the cool water nearby and pulled the still hot half blade out to quickly carve a rune in the side, making sure to get the black smith's approval on the look before carving it, "Would the rune for 'Bind' be what I want, or do I want 'Join'?"

May 04, 2014 00:32

* Looking up as NAte calls me that someone I know is out front.*

     " Thank you Nate, i'll be right there."

 * Seeing Phantom has things under sontrol, I walk to the front room and smile as I see KIllian looking about.*

   " Killian, it has been awhile since your shadow has graced one of my homes. How are you old friend and how can I help??"

May 04, 2014 20:05

he tries to move the holy metal but swears as his hand is burned before looking down.

May 04, 2014 21:08
Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks  up  and  grins~

"I  know it  has Eirie. I have  been  busy as of late  with family maters.YOu  know how  those can be I  am  sure. I  was wondering if I  can  get you  to  forge a  small and light weight vikiing  steel sword  for  my  wife  to  use  o defend  herself  with. She hasan  ax I  got her  but I  dont  want her  using it til afer our  daughter is  born. Price is  no object here . As long as it  is  strong , sharp  and light weight. Can you  do it? I  have the elves  forge one  but  I think I rather have her  have on  from my background as well."

May 04, 2014 21:41

Nate comes back out to the front and sits down as magic surrounds her and she starts to enchant weapons and armor once again not paying any attention to the two of them as she concentrates on what she has to do.

May 04, 2014 22:49

  " Would you like a single edged one that would have a strong thicker back that would make it excellent for thrusts and also useable is slashing/chopping through armor.  Or we can make a double edged midway between a short sword and a broad sword our people used.  Either way I could blend true silver adn cold iron so it would be a bane against many of the evils both in this world and others many do not see or know of. the weight for either would be at most half to two thirds the weight of the original of steel without the loss of strength.

   If you wish i can inscribe various runes as you know and even dabble with decorative work if such is requested.."

    * Looking towards Nate again I nod seeing her enchanting various weapons and armor. Then glancing back towards the forge room*

    " Phantom if you wish use my gauntlets, you will be bale to handle the metals without harm to yourself until you need to blood tie it ."


May 05, 2014 18:41
Killian Doyle

"I  want as old school  and  able  to  kill any one or  anthing  that could  or would  come  after my  family. I  trust  you  can  make it  pretty and  functional as  well. Double  edge if  possible this way  she can  get  cutting  mtion on bloth  forward and  back  ward slash movements."

May 05, 2014 20:03

  " You want it as old school as possible then I'll forge it at my home, nothing on that forge is modern.  I have all the metals I would need there as well. Give me a bit of time to work up a design and I'll have it ready once that is done within a weeks time."

May 05, 2014 21:03
Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks at  him  and  nods~

"Works  for  me. Take as  much time  as  you  need for it. I look forward  to  seeing the  finished product . Thanks  Eirie.  My regards  to your  wife and  daughter.


May 05, 2014 21:13

"Hey Daddy!"   Eriks bursts  into The Forge with her two adult wolves Ro and Do scurrying behind her.  Ro catches the back of her oversized  black hoodie.   Ro growls playfully at her as he looks about the shop.

"Stop that Ro!  Behave yourself like Do does!"   Erika skids to a stop in front of a man and her wide icy blue orbs latch onto his eyes.   "Don't worry about the new baby.  She will be a beauty and real healthy too!  I am Erika NightBreed sir.  Pleased to meet you!"

May 05, 2014 22:34

Nate looks up and is about to say something when a couple of baby dragons come out of the forge at high speed and attack Erika happily as they nibble her hair playfully.

"Come on you two. I told you two not to come out after being in the forge so long." she says as she gets up and grab the two dragons and take them to a corner to set down and talks to them.

May 05, 2014 22:41

Ro growls and nips at one of the baby dragons. Do sits and snorts at Ro's behavior.   Erika giggles as the baby dragons swirl and whirl around her nibbling at her long blond hair.

"Hey there Torla and Lora.  Her icy blue eyes widen as Nate speaks and grabs them by their wings.  "Gues you two rascals haven;t changed!"  Erika 's hands smooth her hair back inplace as Ro settled down on the floor next to Do.

Ro sniffs the air in the shop and growls  his muzlzle poking Erika.  "Yeah Ro.  I know there's a demon in the shop.  I am cool with it...If they cause trouble.  I am ready to kick some ass."

May 05, 2014 22:52

he roars as some the the angelic metal he is gently merfing with the rest of the blade hits his skin, but he refuses to allow himself to chenge his movements until the black and white of the blade is now together, the joined areas seeming to mix as he started to mutter and gently let his blood and the blood of an angel fall onto the blade while growling at the child, his hearing having picked her voice up easily, "Why is it everyone assumes my kind will instantly attack and try to kill someone else?  That's racist."

May 06, 2014 08:51

Erika hears his roar.  Her ears are sensitive to most sounds and she similes slightly.  "I sais there was a demon in the shop and I am cool with it.  I am neutral give me a break, Mister.  I have meet a few demons.  I even babysat one okay.  Cute little thing.  Impwitch is his name and hey I am not racist."

A soothing patch appears on the man's skin where the angelic metal hit it and another patch on his cut skin after he has bled on the metal.  She chants a blessing on his blade and then she ignores the demon.

She looks in her Mothers display cases and smiles.  "She has outdone herself this time!"

May 06, 2014 09:01
Killian Doyle

"You  must  be  Erika. I  reconize Ro  there. My  he  has  gotten  big hasnt  he since you  got him  from Liam. "

*Lyanna  and Fraya  come  in  from  outside and   sit  by the  door  waiting on  Killian.  He  had  gotten  Fraya long ago when  Ronan had  gotten Stargazer. He looks over at the  two  wolves  waiting  for him and smiles*

"Those two  are Lyanna and  Fraya. I have had  Fraya for  as long as  Ronan had Stargazer and  Lyanna  I  found injured back  at my  home. She  never  left. Fraya and  Stargazer are brother and sister."

*The  all white  female  wolf  looks at him and  walks over  when she  hears her name and  Stargazer's*

May 06, 2014 13:30

"I am Erika!  Ro's a real rascal nose into everything.  But he's got my back and Do he's more the quiet guy.

Ro and Do stand up like gentlemen.  Ro  yips a greeting to Killiam.  He cants his head to Lyanna and Fraya. He yips a greeting, then sits down next to Erika  Do remains silent and bows his head and goes to Ro's.

"They are beautiful.  I  remember getting Ro from LIam.  Erika bows her head sadly and she speaks softly.  "My Dad told me a lot about Ronan as well....Liam, his wife, Melody and Shasta are in the Summerlands now at peace.  I can hear a wolf sing when the moon is bright and the wind rustles  through the leaves.  I hear some voices speaking gently and a child's laughter when the flowers open in the early morning.."

May 06, 2014 13:41
Killian Doyle

"Can  you  now? Seems  the  other side of the celtic  summerlands are giving you little   peices of  sound  to   comfort  you. I  was  friends with  both Ronan and  Liam when  we were younger. My  older brother Rollo is the one  who  tought Ronan and  Liam  how  to f ight  with an ax years ago. Seems though they prefered  the  sword. I passed the ax fighting on  to  Ciaran, Ronan's son. "

*Killian looks over to  Nightbreed and  smiles  back  at the  child. *

"Seems  you have many  gifts  then  young one. Not many can  hear the other side of the  veil like that . I  know  of a few others  wh can  do  that and  that is Ciaran and the rest o  ronan's children . My  wife Sibhan can as well so  maybe it will be  passed on  to our  daughter."

May 06, 2014 14:13

"If you listen with your heart you can hear. It's comfort to me and gives promise when one's journey is done.  A place of peace,joy and contentment."

Erika unsheathes her axe from her back.  She holds it out to Killian.  "This is my fits my hand always.  I found it in a cave ..."   Erika's hand caresses the single rune o it.  "It 's good to learn to use the ax and I can now throw it with precision and lightning speed.

"Only a few there are others far wiser then me.  Ciaran can hear as wll and Ronan's children.  Many are gifted in that family and more  so than I.  Much wiser as well.  The Gods bless where they deem best and wise.  With many gifts comes much responsibility.  The wisest man I know is my Father."

May 06, 2014 14:29
Killian Doyle

"I  am  sure  that is  true. Then again I  dont need to  hear the other side of the veil at least not  right now. You  would  do  well to  listen  to him then  in matters when  you ask. "

~ Killian looks a t the  ax  and  smiles~

"I  think it is  good  to have the  ablity  to  fight  with  more then one  weapon . You  will have to  show me one day  how  good  you  are  with your  ax ."


~he smiles~

May 06, 2014 14:38

Nate looks at the man and asks after finishing with the two little drakes, "Would you also like any element enchanments or anything like that? I can do those for you for little to no cost extra if you want."

Looking at the little wolves she smiles and says in barks and yips of wolf language, "Hello you two. How might distance cousins of mine be this fine day of the hunt? Would either of you like something to eat and drink?"

May 06, 2014 15:20

he sighs as he keeps chanting, happy for the patches and the consideration before he slips the blade into some water, causing it it hiss and bubble before freezing, "Nice, its got ice powers."  he  places the blade in a normal sheathe that he pays for before bowing to everyone, "Forgive me, but I'll be taking my leave now."

May 06, 2014 15:37
Killian Doyle

~ Lyanna  and Fraya  look at  Nate  then  to  Killian~

"I  think  for now  what ever  Master Nightbreed can do  will be fine. My wifes 3 nephews and  2 of  her neices  cover all 5  of the  elements that  there are . We should  be  fine should  we need to  add them later. Thank you though for the offer."

May 06, 2014 15:56

"I listen to my Father."  Erika apeaks softly. "I must go now."

Erika nods as she resheathes her ax and speaks again.  "Some day maybe the bow and arrow.  I enjoy archery.  I have a beautiful bow and arrow set from a family friend.  But there is another bow and arrow set I have placed in a safe place I would learn on."

May 06, 2014 16:37

Nate picks up Erika and says, "I will teach you to use the bow if you wish."

May 06, 2014 16:57

  *I watch with a bemused smile as Erika is still her normal outgoing and dynamic personality.. *

   " Phantom, walk safe my new friend and know that you can come here anytime. Do you still want those runes inscribed??

  Erika, have you been home to see your mother yet?? She'd be hurt and upset if you hadn't..  Killian, I shall have the blade ready as I spoke old friend, give my best to the family and my blessings as well. Soon as I have it ready I shall send a raven.."

May 06, 2014 18:51

Erika sees her Father and his bemused smie.  She waits patientlyas he s[peaks the the man/demon called Phantom.

"Phantom your cuts will heal quickly and no's great to meet you.  I have a friend called Cajun Jack who's witch/demon/were-gator.   I wonder how he is doing..."

"Mother wasnt home.  She left a note saying she was going to a few shops and would meet you at home!  She would hurt and upset." Erika replied softly.  "I have missed you so much."  Erika hugs her Father tight.

May 06, 2014 19:46

he smiles and shakes his head, "Its fine my friend, I followed the guide I found and put the rune for coupling, binding, and sealing on both sides of the metal before I added the demon and angelic metal."

May 07, 2014 02:34
Killian Doyle

"That  wil be  fine Master  Nightbreed. I  have to  get  back  to  Siobhan  before  se  thins  I  got  lost  or something. Til  our  next  eeeting  old  friend."

* Killian  walks out of the  forge and  shop a nd  vanishes getting  back  to  Siobhan before  she  was anyw iser  he  was  gone.*

May 08, 2014 16:57

  * Entering the shop after being absent fopr several days I place a carefully wrapped parcel upon the counter and unwrap it exposing the sword Killian had commissioned me to make.  The 20 inch damascus blade shimmers as the light reflects off the layers of black iron and glimmering true silver steel.  The handle of ancient bronze off sets and counter balances the blade the cross gaurd and hilts reminescent  of the designs of the 800's era.  taking the 2nd item within the parcel I slide the short sword into the scabbard embossed with Siobhan's name and runes of guarding.  Wrapping the weapon once more I smile as I exit the store and  make ready to deliver the blade.*

May 10, 2014 18:15

he slips into the store without making a sound before walking to the racks of weapons and the racks of different ammo types, "Hey Eirie, are you here?"

May 20, 2014 23:47

Etaine  watches as Phantom slips into the store very stealthly and follows silently behind him.   Etane wonders what {hantom is up to or what he wants.  Her own innate curiosity has her wondering.   She had been working on something at home for Phantom but now he was more concerned for Erik' safety.

She aims a bluish whit light towatd his backside and a loud sounding crack emiits from the light.   "Hi there Phantom!  How can I help you?"

May 21, 2014 06:01

  * I hear Phantom's voice from the display area and Etaine's as well.. Walking from the forge area I step into the main store part.*

  " Hey Phantom what can Etaine and I do for you tonight??  * Looks at Etaine*  Good evening luv, how was work today?"

May 21, 2014 18:41

he ignores the woman who didn't seem to like him and speaks to Eirie, "I've come across a blade for you, and I was wondering if you knew about it."  he holds out a small, curved shortsword that is glowing yellow.

May 24, 2014 10:02

 * Gazes at the unusuak short sword for a moment before reaching out to grasp it at the handle then lift it from Phantom's hand.. Lifting it up towards the light I carefully look over the glowing yellow blade, then turning away from Phantom and Etaine to reduce them being harmed, I test the balance and the feel  by moving through a short series of movements.. Nodding at the way it moves smoothly I reverse my grip so it faces blade down and hold it handle first back towards Phantom.*

   " The only possibility I can think of Phantom is a sword called a sunblade, although those were principly a hand and a half or ******* sword style.. Never seen one but they were used alot in several game systems.. This could be an experiment of one someone created."

May 24, 2014 12:15

"Just stopped by for a few supplies,  I will be working from home.   You can bring any order back with you, hun." Etaine chuckled lightly as Phantom ignored her.

"Phantom, you are welcome in the shop and I don't know my I did what I did.    My magick seems to have gone on the fritz. Did you want me to order any thing for supper?  Are you staying Phantom.   I have done a bit if exploring in that caven Erika found.   There seems to be a demon type weapons and armor there.."

May 24, 2014 16:49

   " Instead of ordering dinner hun, I'll fix us something soon as I get home.. Also we get the chance we need to check that cave out fully, no sense in letting any enemies finding out what's there before we do.. Besides I haven't been underground in a long time :)"

May 24, 2014 18:23

Etaine nodded and spoke softly.   "I will meet you at home then!  I think that would be a good idea!  Very true we don't need the extra trouble either.  I'd love to explore it with you and anyonww else who would like to!"

Etaine picks up the supplies she needs,gives Erik a hug and a peck on the cheek.  "See you at home then!"

May 24, 2014 18:42

he smiles as he whistles, causing three small bats to appear before he hisses and they take off, "Your cave won't be found by any but those you want to find it, my friends will make sure of that, as for the blade, it is your's now friend....My own is still too thirsty to even be able to weild a second at this time anyway, so enjoy it and tell that child of your's to not touch anything that smells of death, and fire....but call me, it means....well that would be an Item I am seeking more than the home of the current elder dragon."

May 25, 2014 02:08

  " Thank you Phantom, I accept the gift and should you need help or supplies come to me. This willgive me time as well to see just what this actually is * smiles* "

   " I won't be but an hour or so Etaine and we'll have our dinner and plan out what we'll take with us.."

May 26, 2014 09:01

"See you at home Erik!   I will make the salad  and if you want we can grill some steaks and potatoes."

Etaine hugs Erik and hu him gentlt.  She leaves the shop with her supplies and heads for home.

May 26, 2014 18:23

he bows before handing his friend a list of different caves and their locations, and another list of different demonic, angelic, and unknown owners of each cave, "If you like cave robbing from those seeking to harm the mortals, then you might like to visit those places friend."  with that the shadows of the store converge on him before dispersing, showing him to have vanished

May 26, 2014 23:20

 * Accepting the list I return your bow.*

      " Thank you Phantom, the one on our property my daughter found one day exploring and it had an axe similar in design to mine, a wand etc so we figured it would be best to see what else lays within,lol."

June 03, 2014 19:28

Nate yawns as she comes out of her room before heading to the kitchen in only a thin night dress. Not knowing anyone was here so early she grabs some milk blood and heads back towards her room as her two drakelings dash about until they grab two raw steaks and head with her back to their room.

June 04, 2014 11:20

 * smiles as NAte enters the kitchen area and returns to her room and the children grab a couple steaks for a snack.*

June 06, 2014 20:41

Nate comes back out and heads towards the shower room while the two drakes start to fight with a bloody steak over a whole case of jewelry.

June 07, 2014 01:40

 * Sees the fight breaking out.*

  " Hey you 2 not over the display cases or Etaine will ground you both literally for a week."

June 07, 2014 14:07

Etaine headed back to the shop quickly  for a few gemstones and silver wire she had forgotten.  She was not exactly verry happy with herself for not rmembering

When she entered the shope hurriedly her moss green eyes spotted Lora and Torla squabbling over bleedy red steak over one of her more epensive jewelry cases.  She muttered a few words and encased the two drakeling in a golden circle. 

"You rascals! Destory one of my jewelry cses one of the other.  But not tht one!."   Etaine made the bloody red steak disappear.  The two drakelings were changed into two little girls.   She plucked one of them out of the circle.  Taking Torla by the arm gently. 

"You have caued enough trouble for now.  Now you are going to get some trouble on the bottom."   Etain went and sat in a chair and upended Torla to spanl her.   A few cracks on Torla's botton sounded in the small place.

"Erik you go get Nate please..."

June 07, 2014 15:54

 " Etaine you okay?? You seem a bit irritable today."

June 07, 2014 16:03

Etaine looks at Erik and she looks away.  "Erik that is a concern I'd rather dicuss in private.   I have been moody and feisty. My mogick has backfired on me a well.

Etaine lets go of Torla and slide her to the floor of the shop.   "I have had strange dreams too.  I have made two little arm bands of silver in the norse fashion with a few differences.   It cant be possiible it just cant. My kind bears but one offspring in their life time.  Two inseperable never to part.. Hands grapsed  beneath their mother's heart."

Etaine's hand slid to her stomach and she stood up.   She left the shop quickly.

June 07, 2014 16:12

 * Stands in the shop and exchanges looks of what just happened with Torla and Lora.*

June 07, 2014 16:26

Nate is in the shower still as both of her daughter's try to escape from Etaine's grasp with giggles as they go seeking a new steak to eat. Sora comes out of Nate's room with a yawn as she looks about and sighs saying, "Always causing problems when mom is busy."

June 07, 2014 17:55

 " Kids will be kids, I'm just trying to figure out why Etaine snapped like that.. That and what she was saying under her breath... Unless..... It couldn't be that, she said her people usually only had 1 child due to racial make up..."

June 09, 2014 18:44

A shout and a loud thud can be heard from the bathroom as the door now looks to be splintered from an empact. Nate's children run towards the bathroom in alarm as they seemed worried by the sound.

June 10, 2014 10:55

  * I spin as I hear the nopise coming from Nate's bathroom and the faint sound of wood splintering.*

June 11, 2014 17:31

he walks in, a new patch covering his right eye and a mask hiding his face as he wearily walks into the shop of his friend, though it seemed different, almost full of darker energy, but considering the fact that he was being hunted by a chaos being it always felt that way wherever he went, "Is anyone here?  If so, are you friend or foe?"

June 22, 2014 13:37

Natasha comes out of the back room and says, "Hello! This is The Forge! How may I help you today good sir?"

She stands in a black kimono behind the counter before him with a smile on her face as her waist length hair is held behind her in a pony tail by a piece of leather.

June 22, 2014 19:14

his hand had grabbed the blade at his waist while his peircing left eye glowed with the unnatural green that he'd awoken to when he'd last been reborn, "Do I know you?  I know I've met....met....this is still the forge ran by the master weaponsmith and his wife correct?"

June 24, 2014 16:41

"Why yes it is. Do you have any requests for them today? I am Natasha a family member of those two who is currently helping them run this place." she states as she smiels at him even as energy floats around her showing she was not scared.

June 24, 2014 18:57

he started backing away, "You seem familiar...but the last one who seemed like that tried to kill me.

June 25, 2014 21:14

"Sit if you are going to insult me and run then leave. This is a neutral area where we make things for people. We are not people who hurt others unless attacked. Now sir either order something or leave before my patience ends." she states with that still same smile though is seems a little less happy now.

June 25, 2014 22:36

His eye flashes dangerously, "Only one person may command me here Changling, and that person is not a woman who stays here, but the owner of this house of forging."

June 28, 2014 01:50

 * Walks back in the store after an absence and sees Phantom and Nate.*

  "Hello Phantom, Nate hows business been while I have been out??"

  * walks about checking the stock a bit then returns where Nate and Phantom stand.*

  " What can I do you for Phantom? I apologise for being absent this goes to you both, things have been happening that has prevented my coming in as I should be."

June 28, 2014 09:19

Nate smiles saying, "oh we have had good business while you and your lvoer been busy. How's the little one? Hope she has been keeping with the training I told her to do with the spell book i gave her."

she waves her hand as some things are picked up and moved about to be put in cases, on stands, or in the back as notes appear on each saying price, who owns i, and reapir and times needed.

June 29, 2014 01:56

"What's up, fine people?" Lilit said loud enough to be noticed as he pushed through the doors and into the shop. "I don't suppose you all sell metal...just the metal," he glanced about the shop, noting the equipment and various wares. Not bad...but not me. "Just sheets. Or completely raw materials if you haven't got any sheets. I'll make do." He walked around a bit, awaiting an answer, then plopped his body onto one of the glass display counters, making himself comfortable.

June 29, 2014 19:49

"I forging something....something very, very hard to make.  I need your help forging a demonic crystal, and then you to reforge my mind."  his eye grows tired as he falls to his knees, "I need to remember, I can't forget....never forget."  with that he falls unconsious upon the floor.

June 30, 2014 00:29

Natasha sighs as she picks up the demon man and takes him to the back to set on a couch before pulling a blanket over him as she begins doing what he wanted knowing this was going to hurt worse then the time she got eaten by a dragon and having to escape by climbing.

June 30, 2014 09:27

Lilit watched the other demon collapse with moderate interest. He noted how the man was immediately served, and sighed with irritation. "Ehem. Will I be helped soon, or should I leave and come back when I'm maimed?" He tapped his lengthy nails upon the counter with a rhythmic impatience. Despite how he may have treated others, he had a low tolerance for rudeness directed at him. A "Hello" or "One moment" or even a nod would have sufficed, but now he was heated, and quite literally so; the glass surface he sat upon was quickly becoming hot to the touch.

June 30, 2014 10:27

she comes back a few seconds later and asks Lilit, "How thick would you like the metal, what length and width, what kind, and how many pieces would you like sir?"

she snaps her finger making a piece of paper appear in her hand as she uses a pen to write down everything he states about the item when he was ready to ask.

June 30, 2014 15:21

Lilit takes his time answering, visually inspecting who appeared to be the shopkeep. He noted her physical attributes and managed to keep the repulsion he felt at the sight of her from manifesting on his face. "I would like the metal to be as thin as possible. As much like paper as you can manage...and am I going to get a name or something? Do you treat all of your potential customers like this?" his tone was casual; he twirled a portion of his hair about one his of narrow index fingers. "Or am I special? Let me teach you how it's done. 'I'm Lilit, welcome to my world. How may I haunt you?'" he hopped off of the counter and moved closer to the shopkeep. "Now you try. You say 'I'm...whatever your name is, welcome to my store. How may i help you?'" The demon leaned upon his elbow, balancing his weight on the counter, waiting.

June 30, 2014 16:01

she sighs knowing this man was gonna be trouble as she says, "I'm Natasha Sora Shovesha, welcome to the Forge. How may i be able to help you at this time?"

She then gets back to the subject trying not to look a little angry as her scent fills the air of were-animals showing how she is not quite happy at being used by this man, "We can make it paper thin or thinner but we must know what material and how much you need in order to know the exact price range needed for this item for you."

July 01, 2014 09:42

"Gold, brass, copper. Thirteen 8ft by 10 feet, paper thin sheets. Can you handle that, Miss Natasha?" Lilit was keenly aware of her displeasure, and it made him smile. "Maybe I won't write a scathing review of your place after all...assuming you actually own this joint," obvious skepticism shaped his features as he gave the scrawny girl a once over. Dear gods, she's unappealing



July 01, 2014 11:22

"First sir I do not own this place cause the owner is right behind me in the forge. Second I can hear what you are saying in your mind. Third I care noot what you think cause I have scene to many people like you before."

she then grabs the paper and pen and goes back to Eirie saying, "Here. I will let you deal with that person."

July 01, 2014 20:55

Lilit laughed as he watched the girl walk away, and spoke loudly so that he could be heard. "Oh my gods, is everyone around here a freaking mind reader? If you hear what I'm 'saying in' my mind, then I guess there's no point in holding it in, is there? I don't like the look of you. You repulse me. Disgust me. You make the hellfire within me rage so much that I almost break out into a sweat...and I lost the physical ability to actually perspire long ago," he stepped back from the counter and straigtened his spine.

"But, do I let that interfere with business? No. I come in, and you, the shopkeep, you blatantly ignore me. A man fainted, I get it. I really do," the demon sighed, agitated. He hated the type to just assume. People like you. As if you know me. As if you know anything beyond the fact that I find you woefully unattractive and rude. "I also get that it's common courtesy to at least acknowledge someone when they enter your shop or your home or whatever. You're the one in the wrong, Natasha. Do you hear that? Is that loud enough for you? And it's rude to invade a person's thoughts, but I'm not surprised you'd stoop to such mannerlessness at this rate." he laughed again. This was fun, more entertaining than he'd bargained for.

July 01, 2014 21:37

 * Stepping out from the back area where Phantom was taken, I look at the other demon that is getting pissed over the lack of hospitality.  Walking further into the main display/work room, my ice blue eyes dark as I fight to hold the rage within in check.*

  " I am Eirie Nightbreed the principle owner here along with my wife and since we are short handed I apologise this time for the delay.  Yes I can supply the metal sheets, the thickness will require a couple of days for me to have it delivered from my location in New York.  * Looking my gaze with yours* Will that be satisfactory or do you need it sooner?"

July 02, 2014 17:17

"A couple of days is fine. I just want to fashion some new clothing for Filth, my harpy. She's been shredding right through all the garments I've given her made of traditional fabric, so I thought I might try something a bit avante garde for her new wardrobe," Lilit smiled cooly at the store owner, meeting his gaze and making no effort to hide the laughter in his eyes. "Apologizing 'this time' for the delay sounds like it'll happen again, you know," he walked slowly around the store now, making a show of surveying all the machinery and other wares. "And that when it does don't be apologizing. That's not very nice. And that girl who I had to pleasure of dealing with before, she isn't very nice either," the demon can't help taking note of the overly solemn disposition of the shopkeep. It was too much for him, and suddenly he was being shaken by an onslaught of tear-inducing laughter, and he struggled to speak through it as he doubled over with giggles and guffaws.

"You--haha-you know w-what? Cancel the order. You people are nuts, you know that? I get justifiably upset at poor customer service, and your little weregirl throws a fit over it. Then you come out, and you try to stare me down like I'm in the wrong. Are you going to chastise the girl? I'm a terrible guy by most standards, but this is just too much! Hahaaa, dear gods! I can't-haha-I can't BREATHE," Lilit nods to the shopkeep and laughs his way out the door.

July 02, 2014 17:30

his eye snaps open as he leaps to his feet, his claws out and his teeth bared before he stumbles and falls to his knees panting before muttering in a strange language as he tried to make the room stop spinning, "Eirie?  Changling?   Is anyone there?"  he coughs hard before slowly crawling to the nearby forge, slowly slipping into the burning embers.

July 02, 2014 22:34

  * shaking my head as the other demon leaves I hear Phantom calling out and I move to where he is laying down. in the embers of the forge*

  " I'm here Phantom and we've started on the crystal you wanted.."

July 06, 2014 18:27

he shivers before looking at his friend, "I'm dying Eirie...I have to finish it before I die though."

July 07, 2014 10:06

  "Then finish it we shall, what do I need to do to keep you from making this journey Phantom, it is not your time yet, Much is left for you to accomplish in these lands before your time has come"

 * reaching out I fan the flames of the forge warming it to working conditions from it's moderate slumber, the heat rising and billowing about in waves around us.*

  " Let us begin my friend, Nate, can you prepare what ingrediants we will need as he calls them to us?"

July 20, 2014 07:32

he slips a hand into his cloak as the warmth seeps into his bones before pulling out a small crystal shard, "It's a sliver of my heart alone knows my entire past."

July 20, 2014 09:02

  * holds out my hand to accept the jewel and nod as I hear your words.*   " you will be healed Phantom, I give you my word on that."

July 20, 2014 17:21

he shakes his head, :Not healed Eirie, I'll finally leave my trace upon this world."

July 21, 2014 18:07

 " Your wish will be granted my friend, I swear to you that will come to pass. Rest a bit in the healing flames and i shall get started."

July 27, 2014 13:02

he smiles as Eirie starts to leave before looking at his hand as it seems to slowly turn grey, "Not much longer...its almost time."

July 29, 2014 11:04

  " we have time Phantom, that i swear to you."  

* Moving to a smaller forge I take the heart shard and place it upon a pure silver holder and then sitting down I take other pieces and assemble tham.. then remembering something I rise, walking to a locked iron bound chest I remove several crystals of demonic origin and begin the process of finding the one that matches the crystal harmonics of the heart shard.*

August 04, 2014 15:09

he gently humms as the flames start to waver before turning a strange brown, then blue as he smiles and then starts chanting, turning them green and then black as he lets all the powers he holds fuse into them and he smiles weakly, "It can not make any kind of weapon but holy without the needed rites or spells."

August 13, 2014 11:39

  * Not finding what I wanted among the crystals in the storage chest I suddenly recall one Etaine had told me about.. Going to her work station I remove her crystal and hold it beside the one Phantom had given me. closing my eyes I 'feel' resonating tones matching perfectly.. Turning back towards the forge I hear Phantom chanting and talking also seeing his hand turn grey.*

  "Phantom I found a perfect match all I need yto do is transfer the memories from your heart crystal into this one.. The spell will only take me a couple minutes to actually cast. Hold on and soon you will be whole again."

 *I place the crystals near the heat of the forge yet not so close they will conflict with the energies Phantom is using. With intricate care I trace a rune of transferance and then place each crystal in it's respective position and release them. slowly I pale blue/white aura envelopes them as a soft musical soubd resonates through the shop, I glance momentarily towards Phantom making sure he is still with us while maintaining the focus I need to control the transfer between the two crystals. Gardually the aura brightens upon the side of the new crystal, and sweat begins beading upon my brow as I restrain myself from trying to rush the proceddure.*

August 20, 2014 19:40

he smiles as his entire face is now ashen and is starting to crack, "It seems you'll also be able to make hellfire weapons my old friend....I'm at the end of my time and there isn't anything I can do."

August 22, 2014 10:52

  * Finally I hear the faint chime as the memories are safely transferred into the new crystal and the piece hums in perfect harmony. Turning to the main forge I quickly walk to where Phantom lays within the coals seeing his face now ashen in appearance, I reach into the flames taking your hand and place the crystal into it. and close your fingers around the crystal as I continue to a9id you in keeping it there.*

  " Tell me what is needed next Phantom so we can keep you upon this world where you can continue to aid and make your mark here."

August 23, 2014 11:14

Erila run into the shop skidding to a quick stop she looked around the Forge until her acute hearing picked up her Father's voice.  Another being bumped her from the back.  

"Hey Wiz! WATCH OUT!   Dang familiars and I get a demon assigned to me.  I wanted a black ct... Erika grumbled as her nose twithed slightly.   "No wonder you appeared Wiz.   Gotta love you though.

A small curly black haired child gazed up at her with his wide blue eyes as he snifffed the air.  "Another demon?"

Wiz ws in the form of a child clad in the old Norse way.  "That bad Vampire is hunting for you and your dad again.."

August 23, 2014 16:03

he coughs before his hearing picks up the sound of someone before he smiles and opens his wings, "I will through another." He vanishes from sight and appears before Erika and gently holds out the shard as well as an orb that reeks of power and evil, "I spent my entire existance putting power into this every day that I could, and the for you to protect, I entrust everything to you little one."  he smiles as the shadows wrap around him and the disperse, leaving the orb and shard.

August 23, 2014 19:53

Erika blinks to see another Demon in front of her offering her a shard and an orb  slimey and oily looking. It's pure evil makes her ice blue  eye dilate and go a golden amber.   Erika sighes inwardly as she listens to the Demon;s voice and she nods. 

She takes the orb in one hand and the shard in another  hand.   "I accept the entrusting and will the shard and the orb."    She closes her eyes her lips moving and chanting placing a protective barrier around the black orb and another  the shard.

"It looks like I may have some explaining to do to Dad, Wiz.  I  want him to meet you..."

August 25, 2014 16:42

Natasha comes out of her room with a yawn as she is wearing only a small shear nightgown and asks, "Why is everyone so noisy? I am trying to sleep."

August 26, 2014 14:58

Erika blinks and then blushes as she attempts to cover Wi's eyes.   "Wiz can you disappear for a bit.   Wiz nods and disappears in a flash.

"Hey there nate!  That is interesting slee[wear....not appropiately for a youg demn like Wiz too.....Hey is my Dad about. I got some serious talking to do with Mom and Dad.   I meet this older guy and he's a super guy...."

August 26, 2014 17:36

"I'm not sure little one. I myself have been asleep for I think a month so I have no clue what has been going on around here. I kinda tired now so I am going to go back to sleep." she turns around showing just how tiny the night wear is by how much skin it shows as she goes in her room and shuts the door.

August 26, 2014 20:34

"Damn it Nate!  I am not a little girl any more!  At least I don't wear a thong and little else to bed.  But rest well Nate.... IS Nate preggers again?   Erika watches as Nate goes into her room and shuts the door.

Erika shrugs her shoulders and looks about the shop for her Father.

August 26, 2014 20:39

A message appears in front of Erika saying, "If your not a little girl any more then spend a night with me. ;)

Love Natasha"

A giggle can be heard from behind the door

August 26, 2014 23:10

A note appeared in front of Nate. "I am engaged Nate and my fiance would not apprepiate your efforts.. Erika.


A crack of thunder washeard in Nate's room.

August 27, 2014 00:11

The note appears again saying, "Then invite him to join in. Might as well teach the little boy on how to make sure your treated right. Might even train him for ya."

There is a red lipstick mark on the bottom with a smile next to it

August 27, 2014 14:11

he walks in with a list, his smiles wide as he lets out a loud, piercing whistle, "Hello, anyone home?"

August 28, 2014 18:31

Etaine  had walked in The Forge behind a potential customer.  Her nose twitched and she sneezed slightly. "Demons....okay  Wiz....Erika told me about you in a short letter.  I hope there will be no mishief out of you."

Wiz appeared in front of Etaine and a woeful forlorn look was in his deep blue eyes. "I am only a youngling Madame....I am her familiar and I am guarding some vaaluables too."

A crack of thunder was heard from behind Nate's door.  Wiz turned around and wiggled his fingers quickly.

"KIss your own butt Miss Natasha.  Her boyfriend don't share and he's slightly possessive of her..."

August 28, 2014 18:50

natasha laughs as she says, "I am to old anyways younglings. I am just to old."

She comes out of her room now dressed and sits behind the counter as she sighs saying, "I think the end is close for me. This old soul might just have to be ended soon cause I jsut feel so old these days to play with young folk around here."

August 29, 2014 00:10

he looks at his list and seems to sigh before looking around, "So can someone help me with this order?"

August 29, 2014 08:56

Natasha sits there and says, "I can help ya young one. Come over and show me what ya need done. I can take your order while these folks are busy or relaxin."

She leans against the counter as she smiles friendly.

August 29, 2014 19:21

 * Walks in from where I had finished makign Phanotom's crystal and watched him fade away.. Seeing Etaine, a young demon and a customer, I take a deep breath and remove the apron I wear while working in the forge room.*

  "Greeting sir, I am Eirie Nightbreed and I apologise for the delays.. How may we help you today??"

August 30, 2014 15:06

Etaine looked at Erik as she put a large basket containing some Philly steak and Cheddar cheese sandwiches, fruit salad and bottles of water on the counter.

"I had a short visit from Erika and also a note for you...This is Wiz or Wishingham is his full name.  He's Erika 's familiar and don't let his size or youth ful age confuse you.... He will be staying with us til Erika gets back from Cancun.

Etaine looks at the new customer.  "How canwe help you?"

August 30, 2014 18:53

Natasha looks at Eirie and Etaine with tired eyes as she says in a happy voice, "hey youngins. Nice to see you both looking chipper then usual. The little one keeping you two busy?"

August 30, 2014 23:41

he smiles as he looks at the list in his hand, "I need some throwing knifes made of light but sturdy metals, a few katanas of the Iron sand.  Some books on forging if you would spare them, and a short swort made in the old ways of demonic smithing...Whatever that means."  he holds out a bag of jewels that sparkle, "These are also for the female gem trader here, as per the boss' orders." 

August 31, 2014 21:23

 "The throwing knives I have in stock, from basic steel, cold iron to steel alloys. The books I have along the far ens wall, I have a mix of  books covering modern techniques, back to various forms of ancient craft.  The short sword I may be able to help with, I took a couple in trade off a demon whom had a few too many acquired from rivals, so he said. The katana's might take a bit.. the onl;y ones I have are of modern steel and construction, I keep them for the casual enthusiast.. I can either look around using my sources for a few or I can forge them by hand. Either way will take a bit.. to forge them wold take about a month a piece if you want them traditionally folded and bound."

  * I turn my head and smile towards Nate.*

  " I'm beginning to think kids of any age is a handful plus a bit,lol."

September 01, 2014 18:11

He nods as he looks at his list, "The time for the Katanas is whenever you get them done according to the instructions, the knives need to be light and able to punch though steel at the very least.  As for the shortsword,  the boss wants it handforged using the memory gem he once gave you."  he looks up confused, "Um...what is a memory gem?"

September 02, 2014 10:13

she gets up and goes to the forge slowly as she uses her magic to make the fire grow bigger as she asks, "Eirie can you help me with moving my weapons in here? I want to say goodbye to them since I don't need so many any more."

September 04, 2014 19:06

 * After a long saabatical, I enter the Forge and notice that Nate is no longer living here and the fires within the forge itself is long since cold and dead.  With a sigh look about in remembrance of another friend now gone.. Slowly walking into my workshop I begin the task of emptying the heavy stone walled forge of ash and fused material... Hours pass before I have it cleaned once more and fresh fuel laid within the walled confinement.  Crouching before a hand sized opening in the stone near the floor I offer a prayer to my gods for their favor as I restore life once more to the forge, to bring the flames again to life so as to remake raw materials into a living beautiful and useful object.

    adjusting the tinder and oil pot I use flint and steel to ignite the small pile carefully breathing the ember to a small flame then gently moving it within the main body of the forge. I listen carefully as the oil catches and the base fuel begins to ignite and spread the flames throught.  With a satisfied nod to myself I stand and walk to the main display area of the shop making certain the lights are once more lit and begin dusting off the display cases and stock laying within them.*

November 17, 2014 13:13

Blinks as he awakens from his slumber, the time seems to different and so familiar it hurts, but he can feel the warmth again, the life of the world breathing its evil desires and passions into his body as the roaring flames help him recover, allowing him to fully awaken before he coughs and steps from the flames into the room of what is clearly a blacksmithery, "I remember this place.....I remember dying and being with my daughter, and then.....that song brought me back to this fire and now I can feel it, my eternal flame has been relight here."  He looks around before reaching for his old friend, only to find the shadows ignoring him and the flames now dancing at his fingertips, as well as other new, and some truly destructive, powers, "This might be an interesting rebirth."

November 17, 2014 17:38

  * As I move about in the main area, I feel a presence in the forge area. Moving back into that room I look about and see a familiar form emerging from the newly kindled flames.  Walking closer I reach towards the form and ignoring the flames about it I clasp it's forearm in readiness for it to climb out.  Pausing upon doing this I begin smiling and nod as I finally recognise the essnce of the form within the flames..*

  " Welcome back Phantom, it is good to see you are once more alive and with us.. also I have something you wished made I have it in my car."

November 18, 2014 18:05

his eyes look at the man before him and he feels the passions that lie in him, the joy and sorrows, as well as the fears.  He moves away from the man before looking into the other;s eyes, "I know you...but I can't remember you or anything from this place."

November 19, 2014 12:30

" You came to me to have a gem forged to try and asve your memory but you faded just as I got it completed.. Another gentleman said a short sword was to be forged using the same gem and that is what I have waiting for you in my car.. As for who I am I am Eirie NightBreed and this is my shop, a gunsmithing and blacksmithing shop."

  * Reaching out with a power I found within a ring I had forgotten was in my possession I summon the short sword from my vehical into me hands and I extend it hilt first towards you.*

  "I believe this is the sword you were waiting on old friend"

November 20, 2014 12:56

he blinks at the blade before touching it, only for it to reject him and the blade vanishes, leaving only one word in his mind, unworthy.  He nods before looking to the ceiling, "Seems I am unworthy of my life from the past."

November 20, 2014 14:18

  " Memories will return in time Phantom, maybe not all, and probably not quickly although that can happen as well.. But you will remember things in due time."

November 20, 2014 18:02

he smiles as he pulls the flames to him and make clothes from them as he nods and then looks to his friend, "So tell me Eirie, what have I missed since I died."

November 20, 2014 18:18

  * Leans against the work bench*

   " Hmm, well, Nate the woman whom worked and lived here is gone as are her daughters far as I can tell. My daigter has returned after a year of apprenticeship with a Sorceress I once worked for in New York and broiught with her a new familiar named wish whom is now a male and I found out is a half blood demon whose father had been a templar during the 2nd Crusade.."

November 21, 2014 18:03

he sighs before shaking his head and looking towards the forge, "I guess I should find a job first then, return to the watering holes as learn well as train."

November 21, 2014 18:18

Etaine walked in The Firge making a rare visit to the shop.   'Hey Erik...are you about?  I brought you some lunch from the Deli down the street!   Hot Cheddar and Roast Beef sandwiches, fruit salad and a therms of hot blac coffee and hot herbl tea for me."

Etaine set the basket on the counter.  Her nose twitched,  her emerald green eyes narrowed slightly.  But she cntained herself and walked into the forge area.    Eri was taling to Phantom.  She arched an eyebrow as Phantom mentioned a need for a job.

"Erik, how about Phantom.   There's Nate's old room here at the Forge.  It's cleaned up  and redecorated. Whaat do you think Are you hungry Phantom?"

November 21, 2014 18:41

  " The sandwiches sound good hun thank you, and aye, Phantom. With nate gone there are quarters here you can use and a job as well if you wish.."

November 21, 2014 19:52

He blinks before rubbing his head, "If you don't mind me being here, as for food....I seem to hunger only for fires now I'm afraid."

November 22, 2014 09:38

 " You are welcome here Phantom, and the forge remains lit unless  it is allowed to burn out.."

November 22, 2014 17:10

"You are more than welcome here.... You are needed here.   The forge can supply your needs than and Erik will have a friend here.   I have a letter from Dana Saunders that you might want to read Erik.....Something about Erika and a new familiar a male Demon called Wish.  Seems she awakened a sleeping demon."

etaine babbled as she handed the letter to Erik.   "Phantom may be able to keep an eye on him.   Wish is a half blood demon with emerging powers.   Knight Templars were warriors and mercerancies to a point....

November 22, 2014 20:25

he grins as he touches his temple, "Me and the kid can train to grow then, as for keeping an eye on him...well, the most I'm good for until I remember my ways is to learn and do what I remember, so I'll help.  Thank you, the both of you for your kindness."

November 23, 2014 10:51

  " Glad I could be able to offer you this Phantom, yea, Wish is young and untutored in the arts of combat, not sure how much he knows about his demonic lineage though"

November 23, 2014 22:17

"If he knows how to kill then that is all the demonic lingeage he needs to know about sadly, as for combat....maybe some hand to hand first?"  he starts muttering as he absently starts to forge a piece of steel, not paying attention as he works.

November 24, 2014 09:39

  * Hand to Hand would work, i've learned he does weapon designing and has crafted a few, not sure how extensive his knowledge is but I'll find out soon enough once he's settled in..  You need or want anything for now??"

  * watches as you work a piece of steel by habit with interest.* 

November 26, 2014 15:57

he folds the metal by hand and thinks as he wonders before nodding and pulling out a massive sword that seems to be coated with red coals before he smiles gently, "I could use some of the elemtally charged metals, this thing will break, as for the other...tell him I'll teach him only nonlethal fighting, and if I can find my old friend, I'll get him something that will put almost anything he might have to fight back in it's place."

November 26, 2014 18:45

he stands and mutters a slight pray to the fire before slipping into his new room, leaving the door open as he reworks everything so it is neither in the way, or needing to be changed.  He then focuses on his powers and lets some flames leap out to make a simple mat with covers and a small pillow appears in the corner before he nods and walks back to the front so he can check and memorize everything that is there and everything that might need some work on it.

November 26, 2014 18:48

  * Nodding as I listen to Pahnotm speak and smile also as he draws a sword from the metal he had been working.*

  " Those metals are in the vault far left corner. Press the 3rd stone from the ceiling 7th from the connecting wall, that will allow access to the rare metals.. Just let me know if you need anything Phantom and also good to have you back."

November 30, 2014 10:56

he smiles to his smith friend before looking at a blade that hisses and whispers in a holy tongue, "Why do you carry Angelic blades in a shop with a wife that is of demonic decent?  Isn't that dangerous for the blade and wife?"

December 01, 2014 16:11

  " She's pf the fae my friend, and like me banished for things we had no control of. The blades were payment some froom you for jobs done in the past."

December 01, 2014 16:38

he touches the blade, ignoring the searing burn that laced through his fingers before glanging back at Eirie, "Can I let her go?  Seems like a waste to keep it here when she rejects everyone that sees her."

December 01, 2014 17:16

 " You mean the blade in your hand or my wife * smiles*  I can't change her past just try and help when the nightmares come calling in the darkest nights.. You crafted a beautiful blade Phantom, looks like you had training in the past"

December 04, 2014 20:18
Desire Lord

the blade suddenly erupts and consumes him, leaving nothing but a bright light for a moment before it vanishes, leaving him changed, altered, and weaker than ever before, "Son of a......she changed me into someone else?"

December 05, 2014 09:57

Etaine returns from her storage area to glimspe a woman standing in front of Erik.  She sounded like  Phantom a female version.  Etaine canted her head then shook it.

"What is going?  Has Nate returned?  Or did something happen?"

December 06, 2014 20:53
Desire Lord

He blinks before looking at himself, "I do look a lot like a woman...don't I?!"

December 07, 2014 09:07

  * Looks shocked a moment before a thougtful look crosses me face.*

  " Phantom, you said 'she' changed you? was that the sword itself?"

December 07, 2014 18:27

Etaine blinks her eyes once then again.. "Could you use a change of clothes Phantom?  I think theres a few things in the bathroom linen closet."

December 07, 2014 18:32
Desire Lord

he scratches his head before sighing, "The soul in that blade was.....odd, and it left me so weak I was changed by it, then it took off after stealing my power."  He looks down before blinking as the clothes of fire start to smoke, "Also my power of the elements is weakening to nearly bad levels, so I'll take those clothes, but I only need to cover my more....masculine parts thank you."

December 08, 2014 16:35

"One of those swords???  I remember a time I 'd some issues with your kind over a sword....  It had tired to do the same thing to me.  Sneaky demon  got her comeuppence  I cursed her  and I got her sword too  an elemental sword  I kepe that one under lock and key.   Maybe you can divert the power for your usage or something.  That demon was a weapon maker as well.   Help yourself and if that soul returns let me know I have a curse or two I could teach Phantom,"

Etaine looked a bit troubled and shrugged her shoulders.  "Do you thinkk Wish will be honorable as Demons go?"

December 08, 2014 16:55
Desire Lord

she sighs and shakes her head, "I am Phantom....or I was, I guess I'm someone new now....I will be the Lord of Desire then, and it will be glorious, but should that blade return, I remember how to steal power and revamp it to be posion to the holder, so I'll erode the metal from the inside out."

December 08, 2014 17:22

"Very well.  I still will show you the sword and you can have it, Lady Phantom.  It isn't so bad being a female. May the blessings of the Fae be on you and allyou seek to do. May you achieve your meansove acquiring your sword back and be the Lord of Desire."

Etaine winkedat Phantom and dug in her pocket for the key  that  locked up the sword in a cabinet in her office.  You will find that other sword and please take it off of my hands."

December 08, 2014 17:38
Desire Lord

she nods and takes the key with a boy before going and opening the case, smiling at the raw power that comes from it before she stops and looks at it and then closes the case and relocks it, "No....I have a new chance now, one to undo my past errors and redefine who....what, I am."

December 08, 2014 17:42
EirieNightBreed * I stand quietly as I watch my wife speak and help Phantom, closely I watch as Phantom accepts the key from Etaine and knowing the weapon she speaks of and somewhat of the power it possesses if not the actual powers I can do naught but nod as Phantom opens the case looks at the sword with a smile and then relocks it... It is also with admiration as Lady Desire Lord, speaks of changing what has happened in the past and moving forward with purpose.*

" If I can help you have but to ask my friend."
December 11, 2014 19:27
Desire Lord

she stands proudly before turning and walking to her room to begin practicing, "I need to retrain, be better, stronger and even faster than ever before."

December 12, 2014 10:02

Etaine retrieved thebox silently after Phantom has made her choice.  She makes the old wooden box is securely locked and she looks at Erik.

"I will taking this box containing the sword back with me and if you would secure it in the storage vault in the forge area.   SOmething tells me someone will reclaim this sword in timewhen they are ready for it."

Etaine hugs Erik gently and leaves the shop.

December 13, 2014 18:11
Lilly_Emperium * Quietly Lilly walked into the store. The hood of her long, black cloak shielding her face. A faint sound of her boots could be heard as she entry. Walking around, she stopped to look at an array of daggers.* December 14, 2014 02:11

 * I listen as Etaine asks me to relock the box up and I nod in agreement.  Soon after Etaine has left the main room, I catch the faintest sound of footfall. Turning I smile as I see a prospective customer walking about looking over the daggers in stock, the persons form shrouded by a long black cloak.  Looking to where Desire Lord went.*

     " Anytime you would like to spar while we aren't working in here let me know."

 I make my way to the counter place taking a spot where I watch about and reach whatever I may need to from the case.*

   " Good evening and welcome to The Forge, how may we be of assistance this fine eve?"

December 15, 2014 19:22
Lilly_Emperium *Softly Lilly chuckled* Long time, no see my friend. I am looking for a set of daggers for a gift for my son.

*Slowly pushing her hood back, Lilly smiled* Odd, I had yet to come in here since you and Etaine had opened... I really should have come sooner
December 16, 2014 01:47

  * I smile as you chuckle, then a brief look of puzzlement as I listen to your voice, finally a smile of welcome as I see who it is finally.  Stepping around the counter/display case I reach out both hands palms up in greeting.*

  " It has indeed been a long time Lilly, you have been a naughty girl for not visiting sooner, * a soft chuckle sounds*, You have been good yes???  And a son you say? and it would appear old enough for a matched set of blades.. We will find something he will like even if it needs to be crafted .."

December 16, 2014 18:49
Desire Lord

She touches her neck, focusing on her old form, feeling it wrap around her before opening her eyes to see the former form of Phantom, smiling evily as his blood drenched claws clench into a fist before the demonic hearing catches the sound of someone talking and makes the form fall away to show the female she had became, "Seems, I am cursed and blessed, I can hold the true form for a bit, but I need to rework my shifting powers...maybe the pagan charm's people can help?"

December 16, 2014 20:39
Lilly_Emperium *nodding, Lilly smiled* We tend to grow fast. Theo is all but grown now. *thinking for moment* would you be able to craft a bow aswell. December 18, 2014 17:31
Desire Lord

she slips out of her room and moves to the nearby space to prepare for some forging before catching sight of Lilly and winking as she moves to the back to begin her new job, as well as help hone her skills once more.

December 18, 2014 19:03

  " I can't craft a bow but I do have a friend whom specializes in just that. he has to make his own bow and the arrows as well, commercially made stuff had a tendency to break when he tried to use it. * grins*  Would you like his name?" 

December 18, 2014 19:13
Desire Lord

she starts to work on some swords that need resharpening while humming and the yells to Eirie, "I can still hear you buddy, and it's her now....most of the time, but when I get my powers back, you can say his."

December 18, 2014 19:16
Lilly_Emperium *Seeing the female, Lilly was unsure what to think. Shaking her head, she looked to Eirie* Yes I would, Angel has become an excellent archer...... the twins have yet to learn towards a weapon yet.

*Every so often, her eyes would glance towards the female. Attempting to figure out what was going on.*
December 18, 2014 19:24

* Looks into the forge region.*   " I didn't know you were a bowyer and fletcher DL.."

    * Glances back to Lilly*   " well if DL can make bows you can always ask her if you wish to.  For Ken to do it I would have to call him and he can come talk to you, otherwise you would end up going to New England area.  Ken volunteers at a school for troubled girls and acts as a security personnel as well. The school was built upon a labyrith of caves and tunnels where they'd ahd some nasty creatures come out and did a rash of killings. It was stopped but Ken decided to stay on up there in case something tried to come up and out again."

December 18, 2014 20:37
Desire Lord

she laughs gently before taking the metal by her, one of the rare one's she'd taken from the pouch of a traveler who'd stepped too close to her, and started to hum, all the while she heated and shapped the metal, singing it into a long, thin wire, then she cuts it in half and wraps the two halves into one, keeping the metal hot enough to be and stretch, but not meld together again.  After a few minutes of quick, deft movements, the metal is now that of a string, one made of pure, black colored metal that seems almost like normal twine, "Hey Eirie, can this be used for a bow string, or does it need something else?   I've never handeled this kind of metal except for wires and whips."  She walks out to show him her work so he can judge it himself.

December 18, 2014 21:07

  * I take a looki at the metal twine DL brings me to look over in appreciation.*

  " I would say it could work long as it flexed like a normal bowstring would.  I've seen some interesting versions, would you like me to contact Ken and have him look at it? He's the master at bow craft.  Plus  think he has found a pathway from his home to here. Last couple times he's shown up no vehicle and within a few minutes of a call once. Let me give him a call, maybe he won't be on patrol yet."

  * I give Lilly an apologetic look and pull out my cell phone. speed dialing a number I speak quietly then hang up.*

December 18, 2014 21:25
Desire Lord

"If you can open a rift, or know the ancient paths of this world, you can be anywhere in moments Eirie, but please and thank you for getting someone to check it out, I can make a lot, though I'm not really sure what I make half the time."  She laughs before looking to Lilly, "I'm Desire Lord, though it seems Eirie here has taken to calling me DL, nice to see you in my new for at my new job Lilly."

December 18, 2014 21:32
Lilly_Emperium *Giving Eirie an understanding nod. Looking to the woman, something struck her kinda odd about her.* That's an interesting name December 18, 2014 22:10
Desire Lord

"I'd like to think so, since Phantom was one that wansn't to other's, but that aside, how are you these days Lilly?"

December 18, 2014 22:22
Lilly_Emperium *blinking for a moment, Lilly quickly touched the woman's arm revealing her true form for a moment* I would have to say better than you.....what happened? December 18, 2014 22:54
Desire Lord

"I'm rather fuzzy on exact details, but sufice to say a deal with death ended badly for me and now I'm like this."  she shrugs and smiles at Lilly

December 18, 2014 23:05
Kenny R

  * The bell above th door jingles as it swings open into the store.  Entering the Forge strides a man standing around 6'1", and roughly 240-250lb.  his hair is reddish /dark brownworn loose about his shoulders. the soles of his boots barely whisper upon the concrete and the faint brush of cloth upon cloth is also heard as the duster brushes the legs of his pants.  While appearing human there is something that gives you an uneasy feeling about him. *

  " Hello there Breed, I believe you called me for something?"

December 19, 2014 19:44
Lark Ripper

A tall slender teenager girl entered behind a man called Kenny R.   She entered the shop quietly and though the bell above the door didn't ring she nearly bumped into the man.   A woman of about eighteen summers was clad in a brown leather jacket and leather pants molded to her slender figure.   A pair f brown leather boots soft soled gave no noise on the floorboards of the shop.   Her moss green eyes were sharp as she gaed about the shop.

She could have of been quite ordinary save for her slightly pointed ears and heart shaped face.  Her  long darkauburn hair flowed down her back in a tight braid.  She waited patiently behind her father as she loosened her gun belt and slipped it on the counter.

December 19, 2014 20:20

she waves lazily at the two new comers without much care before looking at the girl, "You, do you like to hunt, or do you prefer to waste your time with guns?"

December 20, 2014 01:16
Desire Lord

She growls before slapping her son, "Fang, behave and leave the girl alone, not everyone can hunt with claws and fangs as you can, now go home, why you are even here is something that makes me curious and slightly worried."  She then turns to the two new customers, "Forgive my adopted son, he tends to act on his impulsive desires, I am Desire, welcome to The Forge."

December 20, 2014 01:19
Lark Ripper

Lark's eyes narrow as she watches the woman slap her son and orders him to leave her alone.  She says nothing but remains soft spoken.

Mr Fang, I will be trading these guns in trade for repair on a very special knife... I hunt only for what I need if I hunt.   Your son is forgiven Desire. But never lay another hand on him. in my sight."

Lark's eyes glanced at Fang and she whispered a small chant.  "May you hunt with success and only when you nneed too.  Then you will be blessed in the hunt.  May your true gentleness be seen and your courage as well."

December 20, 2014 10:21
Lilly_Emperium *Softly Lilly laughed as she heard the young girl.* Ah to be young....*glancing to DL* I'll take him hunting if he would like. * Turning to the man* He went into the back. You must be the fella who does bows. December 20, 2014 19:44
Desire Lord

She laughs deeply at everyone before looking at the girl, "Fang knows better than to pester people, he tends to think he can do anything he wants to without the consquences hitting, so I'm teaching him to fully think things though.  Then again....maybe you are right, hitting him has only made his actions more wild, so Lilly, be a dear and teach him the ways of thinking on your hunt, and make him learn to think before he acts, its nearly impossible for him to understand with me it seems."

December 20, 2014 21:31
Lark Ripper

"He didn't pester me.  NO mother or father does such to their child..."  Lark looked at her father,Kenny R.   "Theere are other ways to install the right way of doing things."  

Lark looked at the other woman called Lilly.  "But she says as she draws a leather wrapped packagefrom a leather bag hanging from her shoulder   "Can Mr. NightBreed  repair this antique and shine it a bit."

December 20, 2014 21:40
Lilly_Emperium *nodding to Desire* Not a problem.......once I have placed my orders, I will go...i do need to feed soon. *Hearing the girl, Lilly shook her head* better than being like me December 20, 2014 21:41
Kenny R

  * I smile gently to the one named Lilly*  " Yes I am , my name is Kenneth Ripper but i am called Kenny R on the streets. Ken for short.  So I take it you are looking for a bow to be made??  Ahh yes, something else was mentioned by Breed, he said there was an object he wished me to look at?"

  * I take a moment to gaze at my daughter.*   " I may not believe in hitting my child but I do believe in discipline and to some in this world, they ahve a hard time telling the difference between that and abuse.. I do not believe Desire there intended the cuff to be an abusive act.  Mr. Fang, I have just recently met my daughter, but in that short period, I have neevr known her to' waste' time with a gun.. Weapons of any sort are a tool, Lark and I practice our marksmanship as in my time growing up, if one did not know how to use a firearm, odds were you would not live very long.  She helps me patrol underground tunnels filled with creatures that would more than likely drive you insane if you were around them much.  Beings like thos I hunt and either return them to their stoney caverns, or if I cannot then I eliminate the threat to the surface world all together..  As she said no offense was taken and none is meant buy my words. Perhaps one day I shall extend an invitation to you and let you see what lies beneath our feet, what lies hidden and has claimed the lives of many humans, weres, vampires and other beings not human.."

December 21, 2014 19:09

He rubs his poor head before growling as he looks at the one called Ken, "Sorry, but her basement sounds like that, the nexus portal there draws demons and other beings out into the realm safely, but that aside, I like to hunt with tooth and claw because it's fair in my is eating anything that stays down."  He smiles before his face hits the floor from the hammerfist the his mother shoot out to kill a fly on his head, "Ow."

December 21, 2014 21:58
Desire Lord

She grins evilly as he brings her hand back, "Another thing I may as well let you in on, little tyke here is part demon, he is fully able to withstand nearly anything I hit him with, so its the least I can do to punish him for his more....strenous outbursts I guess, that and he seems to have a skull nothing can hurt, I saw him take a fifty cal. bullet to the forhead and he didn't even flinch....stupid thick skulled idiot worried me then."

December 21, 2014 22:02

  * I return from the back area and see Ken has arrived along with his daughter lark.*

   " Didn't take you long to arrive Ken and I see you have met Lilly, Dl and Fang there.  DL has crafted a woven wire sring she wishes you to look over and see if it would be viable for use as a bow string. From what I can see it is flexible but I am not skilled in your profession set and Lilly there is wanting a bow made so I suggested you.

  Now as for you Lark, did I hear you say you wished to trade your pistols for something??  Come around the side and we'll talk it over..

  Oh DL, I doubt you would want Fang to be on the receiving end of a .50 BMG round of my making, I love using them on armored opponents that would prey on the gneral human populace,lol."

December 23, 2014 19:29

He sits up holding his head, everything spinning before shaking it off and growling, "Oi, the only reason you were worried was because you thought you wouldn't get that bullet you shot me with back, I swear you and that old guy are insane....though you are both great cooks and know how to train someone for fighting in close hand to hand."  He checks his head before starting to stand and then collapsing once more as he is clubbed over the head again.

December 23, 2014 22:15
Desire Lord

She barely pays attention to Fang as he growls at her before clubbing him once more and then talks to Eirie, "Wait, armored as in demonic armor, or as in human armor, cause if you're using armor piercing rounds on this idiot, then maybe something with a little more penetration might, might work.  Otherwise you may as well just club him over, and over......and over, until he passes out at the very least.  As for hand to hand fighting, I learned that through constant and brutal fighting Fang.   I've taught you the most kind and non-lethal moves I know so you can fight, training any further with me will end in your spine, neck, or organ failing to hold up to the strain."

December 23, 2014 22:20
Lilly_Emperium *Shaking her head, Lilly looked at Dl.* You may want to stop doing can cause a wolf to turn. December 24, 2014 20:05
Desire Lord

"Trying to make him change so he understands his inner wolf, but as I said, he has a very, very thick skull."  To illistraute she clubs him once more, this time actually putting true demonic power into the blow and planting him into the earth, forcing him to slowly come out with only slight cuts and bruises before she sighs at the boy, "I swear, if the rest of you was that durable, we'd make a small fortune on the fact of you being nearly indestructable."

December 25, 2014 02:56

he slowly stands, his head spinning as he slowly makes his way out of the Forge, the hole his head and upper body having made a reminder of him having been there before he stumbles towards the nearest hospital to get his body and head checked

December 25, 2014 02:58
Lark Ripper

Lark slipped her hand into her father's hand for a bit of reaasurance as she whispered under her breath.  She smiled sadly when she was done but she knew a certain female demon would get a few unexpected surprises in the next few days.

Lrark slipped around the counter with her guns and hostler in one hand and the leather wrapped package in her left hand.

"You made these guns for me....for a bountyhunter but I don't do that anymore.  I work with my dad now  to keep the tunnels and woods patrolled.  ButI found something at a fleamarket  some cavaleryman's possessions.   An antique Bowie knife could you repair it for me  it belonged to my's something he should have given back..."

Lark waited for Eirie to reply to her small talk.  "I want to trade the guns for the work if you can hel me out.  Dad says you do great work.  If you could spare a rune of protection for the one who uses it."

December 25, 2014 13:22
Lilly_Emperium *Softly Lilly growled as she looked at Dl.* Enough...heed my warning Dl. I have delt with demons and wolves most my life. I will not see another be harmed just to teach a lesson. December 26, 2014 16:07
Lark Ripper

A small sly smile curved Lark's lips asher hanf hide mouth.  She understood what the woman was saying and DL would find that out shortly.   She knew when a half blood Fae  such as she gave a curse or two.  It would accomplish it's own ends.

There was one thing Lark was well schooled by a former mentor.  It was most certainly blessings and curses.   She had a rare knack for doing them quite good too.   The protection spells she always attached to her father were proof of that and if any crossed her sense of fair play.  They too were receiver of her 'gift.'

She smiled at Eirie benignly.  "Has a Fae ever cursed a demn before?"

December 26, 2014 17:50
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly looked to the girl, and before Eirie could answer she spoke* light or dark...or just in I have known a few of both my dear December 26, 2014 18:00
Lark Ripper

"Light....My mother is a Fae...But mentor was a Dark Fae when it came to curses and a real hard teacher too... Normally I ignore 'bad; people moments"  but if it irks me.  Well let's say  they reap what they sow.   I meet some one who had trouble with a demon once they tried to trick a female soldier who was arranging safe passage through fae lands .   The demon almost got the better of her  tol someone wised her up real fast and that demon made fast tracks.

"That brought that warrior's magic big time and that fire demon learned a lesson in messing with her they didn't forget.  She got the passage through the lands but she had to take the demon with her and dispose of him... A nasty mouthy one too....I liked her  she stayed with us a short time.  Her name was Etaine Lightblade...She gave me my Fae light...."

December 26, 2014 18:10

  " I hear Lark's question and lilly respond before I do.*

   " Oh yes Lark, A fae an place a curse on demonikin, I know several whom have battled the demonic bloods and won. As for the knife, yes I can redo it for you and no I won't accept the pistols. Those were made for you, and sicne you are working with Ken you will need them sooner or later."

  * Turning towardw DL.*

            " My shells have gone through demonic armor  DL, I have fought some of your kin hand to hand and shot a fdew from a distance.. I have met a few whom were not out to wreak havoc on the human populace and they were given a by ."

December 26, 2014 18:28
Lilly_Emperium *Hearing the name, Lilly turned her head to the girl.* First, yes faes have cursed demons in the past. The out comes though for both are not always as that name sounds familiar....

*Turning to Eirie, Lilly looked at him* what was Etaimes maiden name?
December 26, 2014 18:29
Lark Ripper

"ThanK you Mister NightBreed or can I call you Breed?  I will need those guns when I work with my dad.  Thank you again.   I was real young but Etaine Lightblade laughed at the demon who in turn cursed her... The Demon told if she had a female child to beware of demons who come calling and ones attched to them.   I couldn't help much in those days but I cast a protection spell on her future female child and her as well.  I am afraid I never knew what became of the female warrior....  She hired her sword and was travelling to her last war...  I hope she found what she was seeking."

Lark 's eyes grew sad.  "She was a good teacher and a good story teller too!"

December 26, 2014 18:40

He wanders back in growling before sighing and sitting down, "You know, being hit by tons of force is bad for anyone that didn't have a body like mine Desire, it still hurts sometimes."

December 26, 2014 21:15
Desire Lord

She sighs before looking down and growling, "Is everyone going to jump me over a little rough housing?  I was raised by a warring race, born and bred to kill, slaughter, destroy, and comaprision sake, I'm nothing more than one of those winged rats you call angels when you compare me to my brother...or my little sister."   She glares at Lilly for a moment before looking at the girl, "As for what you refer to child, I won't be too affected by curses, blessings will probably hurt me badly though, so if you want to hurt me, then go for it...I've lived long enough to fill many, many lifetimes with regrets and sorrows."  She looks to Fang as he enters again and snaps her fingers, letting her own demonic healing slip into him to help any injuries.

December 26, 2014 21:22

  " DL, you need to rmemebr some folks even those whom are considered ahrd cases today haven't been through what most of us have been. I am not near as old a most in ths realm but have lived through more bloodshed and death encounters than many 10 times my age can claim, thus I know what you speak of.  But so long as Fang is not too badly bashed up where even he saays enough it won't be much trouble.. All I ask is that should he call enough let it be, please.. plus becareful of such displays as I do get some whom would not understand, and those whom align with thelight even more so than some. Not to mentionn the odd human or two that wander in.. That is all I ask and it is meant as such, not an order as you are free to come and go as you wish.

 Oh and Lark, the Etaine Lightblade you speak of?? She is the Etaine I am married to.. Ask your father about that sometime.."

December 26, 2014 21:37
Lark Ripper

"It's not in my code to 'hurt' someone  blessings or curses can affect theone who casts them. .Ask my father DL how a protection spell kept him safe even from my arrow.  I never miss my mark and my spells rarely fail.   I do not care to see another hurt unless they are training or ask for it.   To avoid any further trouble   avoid 'hurting Fang for a few days."

Lark chuckled and extended her hand to Denise and said  "I'd rather be a friend.  Because that is how I am mostly.   That is who I knew as a child ... She married you????  I will ask him...."

December 26, 2014 21:44
Lilly_Emperium *Feeling out of sorts, Lilly turned from the group. It didn't faze her, the glare Dl gave her. Lilly stuck to her belief. She had lived it once already....watched the destruction that followed. Reaching into her cloak, she removed a vial and proceed to down its contents. Lilly knew with age came wisdom. In her case it was the wisdom to know when to stop and not rehash her youth.Softly she uttered* some of them...flying rats as you called them...ain't as bad as you think.

*Lilly looked at a dagger, then spoke softly* Eirie, you can put emblems on it.... correct?
December 27, 2014 03:50
Kenny R

  * I hear lark murmur something and I raise an eyebrow as I speak softly*

     " Lark, behave..."  Desire Lord, do you have the wire you crafted?  and Lilly I believe?? you need a bow made you let me know what style, materials and draw weight and we can go from that.."

December 27, 2014 16:41

 " Yes Lilly I can emblazen them and even place a rune for specific actions or ptotection if you wish. If you would like a set of blades made special I'll be happy to do that as well. Plus I have a feeling DL there knows more about smithing than they realis quite yet."

December 27, 2014 16:43
Lark Ripper

"The words "Lark behave."    Lark calmed up as she glanced abut the shop and she stepped away silently from Mr. NightBreed who was now talking to another lady..

She heard the scratch of a paw on the door of the shop and she knew it was Cu Sith.   "Excuse me please for a few minutes.... I have to look after something....I will be right back.  Lark dashed out of the shop quickly.


December 27, 2014 18:26
Desire Lord

She pointed to where Eirie had put the strange thing she'd made and nods to said man, "I understand Eirie, I'll behave....mostly."

She then turns to Lark and watches her leave the store before looking to Lilly and moving to hug her, "Sorry Lilly, didn't mean to be mean to you."  She also smiles as she notices Fang now dozing in the chair, a wolf pup with his head hidden beneath his tail before she looks at everyone, "I better get my boy home....he needs rest before he goes training, or do you want to take him now Lilly?"

December 27, 2014 20:20
Lilly_Emperium *Looking to Dl, Lilly nodded* Take him to rest, he will need it. He needs to be at his peak in order to keep up with me.

*Nodding to Eirie* I'm glad to hear that. I will need the Emperium and Shade emblems put on
December 27, 2014 22:10

he looks up as she moves to take him and whimpers in annoyance before yawning and going to sleep in her arms.

December 28, 2014 08:33
Lark Ripper

Lark picks up Cu Sith gently and speaks gently to him.   "I knew you were close by with Lars. Dad and I are okay.  Thank you for checking on us."

Lark ruffles Cu's fur and goes back into the shop to stand by her father.  "Cu wanted to check o us since we hadn't checked in for awhile."    Cu yips playfully at Kenny.

December 28, 2014 16:32
Desire Lord

she walks back in smiling tiredly, "Little runt passed out in his bed the moment I let him down, Lilly, he's your's when he wakes."

December 29, 2014 21:57

" Lilly I will glad to put the emblems upon the blades for you. "

   * Smiling I take the blades chosen and walk to a small work bench and place then upon a cloth covered section for future work upon.*

  " I don't use a stamp Lilly, I hand rtch all my symbals so might take a day to get them the way I want."

January 01, 2015 17:52
Kenny R

 * Reaching over I ruffle the fur on Cu's shoulders.*

   "That is true enough, if he is here then Lar's isn't far away either."

  * taking the braided wire I look it over closely, feeling the flex and give.. bracing it and pulling to see how it responds under pressure of being pulled back upon like a conventional bow string. Nodding I extend it back towards Desire Lord.*

  " I think it work okay, certainly more for a specialty order than a mainline every day bow."

January 01, 2015 18:01
Lark Ripper

Cu's playful yips made Lark smile slightly  as her father's hand ruffled the fur on his shoulders.   "Cu says Lars is watching everything including us."

Lark watches as he goes about checking the braided wire. checking the flexand give.  He braces it and pulls it watching it respond under the pressure of a bowbeing pulled.

"That's a definite  dad!"    Lark pulled out a small leather wrapped packet and set it on the counter.   "One of my bow strings for a finer hunting or humting things other than game."

January 01, 2015 18:17

  * Standing at the bench I shake a finger at LArk.*

  " Those critters better ot make a mess in here now * i smile*  Lilly, you want the emblems exact copies of the drawings or you want them a bit stylized?"

January 03, 2015 12:17
Desire Lord

she shrugs before giving it to Eirie, "I made it when I was thinking, so I'm not sure what would be a valid use for it, that and it was from some of Eirie's scrap magic metal pile....I suppose if I had enough of the metal I could make more of it."

January 04, 2015 09:48
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly nodded* I think this set should be exact Eirie. The next set can be embellished. January 04, 2015 11:16
Lark Ripper

Cu wiggles in Lark's arms  and Lark smiles  slightly.  "I  will be waiting with Lars and Cu, dad.    Lark exits the Forge with Cu in tow.

January 04, 2015 17:51

 " Exacting it shall be Lillyand DL I an d glad to hear your creation will work as you had hoped. I know where the metal is from so we can order more if you want it."

  * Picking up a leather wrapped mallet and a very fine pointed etching tool, I place the first blade into a lined holder and begin to slowly etch the first emblem into this side of the blade*

January 05, 2015 14:27
Desire Lord

She nods before stretching and moving to the back after excusing herself, she then starts to use the scrap metal, using her demonic strength to bend and fold the super heating metals that she is melding together before she starts to sing a hauntly, sad melody, laced with power and sorrow.  As she works the metal starts to waver and flow more like water before slowly taking the shape of a massive ignot that then slowlt is forged down into a longsword that hums with strange tones as she dips it into the water to cool and inspect it, "Hmm....I don't even remember coming in her to work on something....wonder what evil tool I've made now?"

January 07, 2015 06:58

* Over the rthymic tapping of my mallet upon the etching tool i hear the faint sounds of metal cooling in water. I then catch the words DL has spoken.*

  " Not all things easily created are necessarily evil DL, It could be the creation is neutral in it's own right and is the purpose a weilder uses it for that becomes the good or evil.. At any rate as this shop is neutral and we cater to both sides even if it is evil so to speak I am certain someone will want it."

  * With one last measured tap I gaze upon the completed symbol for this side of the blade.. eyeing it critically I polish the surface and nod before flipping the blade over and begin the process anew upon the bare clean side I now look upon.*

January 11, 2015 09:14
Desire Lord

she shakes her head before looking at the strange edge before growling and tapping the blade against a nearby chair, only to yelp in surprise as the chair changes into a sheep that then wanders out of the shop, "What the hell....I could have sword I was focusing canceling magics into that metal.....Eirie, what metal in that pile can alter magics to its own will?!"

January 11, 2015 12:25
Lark Ripper

Lark had left Cu with Lars in a comfortable green shaded area with huge bowls of water and huge bowls of food.   "Keep watch kay Cu!  You are doing a great job.!"

Heading back back to the Forge  Lark spots a stiff legged eve walking from the door of the shop.Her nos weinkled as the odor of sheep dung hit her nose and she attempted to herd the sheep back into the shop.

"And I get told abut Lars and Cu's messes.....Blasted sheep get going!"    What happened was something that Lark would laugh about for a long time.  The so called sheep changed back into a chair and a chair was what she carried back into the Forge.

"There's an odor of  poor demon magick around here.. and they left a nice present for who made the magic....But nice chair   a Chippendale   I believe."

January 11, 2015 14:02
Desire Lord

She growls before glaring at the girl who'd returned the run away chair, "This metal is what messed up my magics, I've lost most of my powers yes, but I know how to infuse them better than.....look I used to dabble in sword magics runt, and I'm not really sure of the metal's in this realm, though considering that it altered a chair into a living thing that was true life, I think the most likely thing that occured was that my powers and the metal are polar opposites.....interesting."  She looks to lark and waves her to follow, "You are going to help me for a moment kid, you seem to be less evil in nature that me, so I need your help."

January 12, 2015 14:15

 * Listening to the banter betwen lark and DL i chuckle.*   " The metals are from different regions of eearth DL with some coming from the fae lands which would be primarily silver in content. I do have some you dropped off in your former incarnation as well as several different blades in the locker to your right as you enter the forge room."

 " Ken did you have anything you needed worked on while you are standing there??"

January 12, 2015 19:56
Desire Lord

She freezes halfway into the forging area, "You kept my old gear that I stashed here too right Eirie?  Was a small stone with a skull on it among my things?!"

January 13, 2015 12:42
Kenny R

  * listening to the others banter back and forth I check on Lars and Cu outside then hear Eririe asking me a question.*

     " Actually yes, I need a couple of firing pins and hammer springs for the old .50 revolvers. the originals finally wore out. As for ammunition I have about 20 rounds for each revolver but no hurry on those as the tunnels have been quiet the past few weeks."

January 16, 2015 16:26

" Actually DL yes there is, i put in a wooden box iron bound on the 2nd shelf  in the same place as the other materials.... No problem Ken, I have both in stock s9nce I figured it would only be a matter of time before you needed them. * walking to the counter I lift a narrow wooden flip lid box and lift a pair of firing pins and hammer springs for the revolvers ken carries.*  As for the ammunition once the blades are completed for Lilly I'll have a case loaded up for you within a week of tomorrow. I'll do a mixed lot as you never know what you will encounter in those dang things."

January 16, 2015 16:31
Desire Lord

She grins happily and rushes to said box before opening it and laughing at the unholy energy pouring out before she turns to Kenny, "You have any demons from pawn to lord rank in those tunnels?  Cause if so, I can make them vanish for you with this, all I ask in return it to be able to hunt there for rare materials."

January 17, 2015 10:30
Lark Ripper

"'t f won't follow you back to the forge and I won't use magick for bad things."  Lark felt unholy energy seeping out of the box and she drew a small protective ring around her and her father.

January 17, 2015 23:35
Desire Lord

He holds up the Skull shaped thing to show it sucking out her demonic energy as well as other energies, "It's not evil, it absorbs and seals all evil or dark energy...If I wasn't able to replace more than it can take then I would be dead by now, but it does this to all powers that are connected to it, or used near enough.  Basically its like a lightning rod for evil power, so I'll trade it to you for the right to hunt in your area since it sounds like rare things can be harvested there."  She looks to Eirie, "Since I'll be trading something for myself I will also help make any two Items to slay any demonic being alive today that isn't counted above the Lord class."

January 18, 2015 11:46

  * I stop etching a minute and think of the tunnels beneath the School I had entered once with Ken on our original assignment there.*

   " I don't recall encountering any but at the time I didn't get very deep in there, I think the team only went down 2 layers deep and that was enough. I can't remembe what was killing the girls but it took the whole team to drop it over a 2 hour battle period." 

January 20, 2015 17:36
Lark Ripper

"There is a pair of tunnel worms called Chopper and Blogger....before I found dad I made their acgqauintance. One of them was real sick and I healed him.   SInce then that I was in those tunnerl  they always looked out for me.  I had a few close calls. "  Lark shook her head.   "Sometimes  I can "hear" them and  'know' from them what goes on.  I can't figure it out why  and  I can see a glow off of others sometimes.   SInce I been with dad somethings are different with me.."

January 20, 2015 17:47
Desire Lord

She smiles and nods before carefully wrapping the item in some black clothe from the chest, "So no hurting the worms, got it, do we have a deal?"

January 20, 2015 22:40
Kenny R

  " I have been able to scout as deep as 5 layers in the tunnels, without getting in to a bind about being able to get back out. Judging by the strength of some i have encountered i would say there are between 3-5 more layers that I have not been able to get into.  I haven't seen any demonic presence BUt i have felt a power source very similar to one I killed several years ago and he was considered a lord. I never did get to thank you Breed for being on that run nor have I been able to contact the others. I am glad that everyone got out in time before the spell he was casting broke and ripped open a portal."

January 21, 2015 18:52
Lilly_Emperium *Listing carefully, Lilly gave a light chuckle. Thinking on some of the things she had encountered.*

You do know, you can track a portal....if you know what you're doing
January 21, 2015 23:09
Desire Lord

she hands Kenny the stone before smiling and taking off, to grab a few items and then runs back, "If I can get near a portal sight I can start seeing if I can open it again and slip into where it goes, as well as see if I can get some stuff that Eirie and most other's can't get normally."

January 22, 2015 00:48
Lark Ripper

Lark sighed sadly and looked at her father.   "Chopper and Blogger have been down five levels.  They know about him.   He is pure evil and he's searching for someone. There are level beyond where you have gone and the boys won't venture there. Trust me on that."

"I will go there I know I track but the boys and Cu go with me."

January 22, 2015 09:32
Desire Lord

She smiles happily as she looks to Lark, "So can I go?"

January 22, 2015 23:22
Kenny R

  * looks to Lilly*  " that one is destroyed, his portal disintegrated when I shot him with an iron arrow during mid spell cast.  * glances back towards Desire Lord*  If you have something that could help I would certainly be in favor of trying it.  As for traveling with us into the tunnels I have classes this week so I can't patrol far, just the known surface openings. but once the classes are over i'll be heading in to try adn find him. If you want to go we'll give it a try."

January 23, 2015 21:31
Desire Lord

She jumps with joy before smiling, "I just need to know where the entrance is, then I will be able to go on my own thanks."

January 27, 2015 11:22
Lark Ripper

Lark shakes her head and  looks at Denise Lord.  "Good luck.   I help you know what you are doing... I'd hate to see what thing would do to you.   He's got a few worms under his control and trust me.  He's no mere tunnel sppawn.  He's searching for someone and he wants that person."

Lark looked at her father and spoke softly  "I will wait for you with Cu and Lars.  I need some fresh air.  Mf. NightBreed thank you for everything."  Lark turned and exited the Forge.

January 28, 2015 09:30

* smiles a bit grimly as I recall the creatures in the deeper levels of thew tunnels I had journeyed in.*

   " You are welcoem anytime Lark and I will have that item for you in a couple days and I will also check your pistols over for safety sakes... 

Lilly, I am finished with the first one if you'd like to check it and see if it to your liking??"

  " DL, I know you are very powerful but so not get too ****y about the tunnels. If there is a presence that dep inside and it appears to have no problems moving about within them, it is something to respect.. I stood with 5 others and it still took all of us 20 minutes of steady combat to drop one of the adult worms. The thing filled half the tunnel that was roughly 25 foot high and nearly 30 across. the length of it was over 70 feet .  Ken was on the 'back' of the thing while it tried it's damnedest to eat the rest of us.  Took ken a week to heal once it was all over."

February 01, 2015 13:47
Desire Lord

She grins evilly before licking her lips, "Sounds like some good food sources if I can beat them down and harvest them then, but I still need to see the source....Eirie, it feels like my powers are coming from three areas and they are soaking in these people's energy.  You know I have to go and seek them out, to see if I can stop them from being used for evil."  She smiles weakly before moving to her room and picking up a pack and then looking to Kenny, "Can you show me the entrance please?"

February 01, 2015 14:17
Lark Ripper

Lark slips back into the Forge and looks at Desire Lord and Mr NightBreed.

"Thank you very much sir and that thing down there is seeking somene and trust me when that happens it's gonna take a whole lot to fry his arse good.    My father risks his life every time he goes in there.   And that thing tried to catch me....before I found my dad.   He's a murderer and he don;t care who he kills...

"I picked this up when he dropped it"   Lark pulls a out an old  sikver norse bracelet and laid it on the counter.  "He tried to get to me but something interfered ....Like someone was in the tunnels with me.'

February 01, 2015 14:18
Desire Lord

her eyes look upon the necklace before scratching her head, "Is that a pendent for protection or am I reading that thing upside down?  Again."  She looks slightly confused before reaching out to touch it and then yelps as her fingers seem to burn, "Yeow, that actually hurt's not demonic, that much is certain."

February 01, 2015 14:27
Lark Ripper

"It' belonged to someone he mayhave hurt or killed.... I am sorry for the one who lost this.  Only a warrior would have worn it and it''s old too.  Something passed down from father to son..An heirloom Desire Lord.

Lark pulled the matching one from her leather bag.   "He had dropped one when I shot him with an arrow and this one I found in the upper tunnels  A matched set and the owner is gone due to him."

Lark sadly shook her head.  "But they are beautiful aren;t they?"

February 01, 2015 14:36
Desire Lord

She nods before sighing, "I get that this place is dangerous, trust me when I say I'll be careful, but I have to see if this is the real thing."

February 01, 2015 15:45
Lark Ripper

Lark looks at the matching Norse dragon bracelets and touches them gently.   "They are very beautiful,  the silver wire work intracitely woven and it's crafter was a master at their work too.   It would be intersting to return to the person's family. But it's likely they are deceased and their own family wonders about them."

Lark looked at DLand spoje softly.  "IT's a matter being careful  and I was almost his prey save for that one person who trailed behind me."

February 02, 2015 16:41

 * Finishing the etch work on the 2nd dager for lilly, I carefully wipe the residue from them and polish tem slowly.. After a final inspection I place both in a scabard for each and place them before Lilly*

  "Here you are Lilly, I hope he likes them * smiles* , DL nobody here doubts your abilities least of all myself having had to battle several varieties of your type over my years. From what they say and I could sense I would give the probabilty a 89.6% chance that it is a major demonic presence. Personally so long as it stays within and becomes no threat I have no plans to tackle it...  If it isn't what we suspect then whatever it is may be in league with one and even a vampyre or one of the kin in general tend to shy from calling the attention of one to themselves..  To want to do that they would need to be very powerful in their own right.. Much like my sire would have been and probably still is."

    " Lark you said you found a couple bracelts this creatuire dropped?? Also whom was following behind you in the tunnels?"

February 04, 2015 09:07
Desire Lord

her eyes look at Eirie, "I have to go my friend...if I don't go and it is who I hope it isn't, then there is bad things coming for this, and any other worlds that exist."  She touches her side before looking to Kenny and Lark, " me to the entrance, I'll go alone and see if it is who I believe it is, if it isn't then they should let me be since we are kin and my aura is as evil as most other's of my ilk."

February 04, 2015 10:18
Lark Ripper

Lark  nodded sadly and picked up the two Horse dragon bracelets tenderly.   She looked at them for a moment andplaced them in front of  Mr. NightBreed.

"I nicked him with an arrow and he dropped one .   He was angry whatever he was ....and  I found the other one in the dirt.   Someone was following me and tracking him   I saw her ligh though she hid it real good   There was someone guarding her back and when the creature turned after me."

"Funny thing there was a guy guarding the girl following me.   I saw the glint of two axes one was like ice and the other was a flame axe. Trust me I added my arrows to their cause and the creature ran off.   I didn't ask who they were.  They couldn't of been much older than me.    The guy turned into a flame and he sent fire right down the tunnel after the girl got threatened by something he said.   I slammed up a mind barrier and well they disappeared after i got to the surface...."

February 04, 2015 17:46
Lilly_Emperium *Carefully Lilly removed the daggers and inspected them. Smiling, she carefully put them back* Eirie, these are awesome, Theo will love them. Now all I need to do I work on a bow for Angel. The twins ain't in a hurry for weapons February 05, 2015 05:41

 "I'll make arrangments with Ken there to have the bow delivered to me here and I can bring it to you.. you know what type you wish for ??"

  * As I look towards Lilly, I notice 2 braceltets and pick them gently up in my hands and look towards Lark.*

  "You said the creature dropped these? These belonged to my mother and father they have been handed down from generation to generation.. If it had these then my family did not die of age.. This creature MUST die if this is the case."  

February 08, 2015 19:06
Lark Ripper

Lark nodded as her eyes widened looking at Mr. NightBreed.   "He dropped them.  He screamed in rage and anger as I sent my arrows after him.  I don't miss when I shoot....  But something else I found and I don't  expect it to mean much.   I felt an aura from a ring he dropped too.    That person is still alive just barely."

Lark  place a man's ring on the counter.   "Do you recognize this ring?   I am glad you are alive.  But beware that anger and revenge does not harm nor hurt what you hold dearest to your heart, Erik Thorgarrd.   Four lives may weigh in the balance and four others may acconpany you..."

February 08, 2015 19:38

  " Lark you speak with the touch of prophesy there, I am not sure whom this ring belongs to but if they are near death then we need to find out... DL you want to go after this being I am for it, BUT if it is my sire whom has somehow come into powers I have never heard of I reserve the right to kill for what he has done to my people of my birth land and town, my family and especially what he did to me.

  Ken I don't know a thing about bow craft I'll leave that to you or DL to handle once Lilly knows which bow she wants for Angel.  Lark, I need you to go back home if you would and should more word become available of what is going on please let me know.. Do not risk yourself or your father needlessly  for information."

February 10, 2015 10:17
Lark Ripper

Lark looked down as her small hand picked up the man's ring.   She tucked it in her pant's pocket and she again up at her father's friend.

"I will go home and gather what information I  can safely.    I won't risk his safety or mine needlessly.  Protect the ones nearest and dearest to you  Blood is life and Life is blood. And that is where he may strike, Erik Thorgaard."

February 10, 2015 15:49
Desire Lord

"Very well Eirie, but if it is the demon who made me the first time...we run, there is nothing that can rupture his skin, nothing that can break his bones.  Worse is his unblinking gaze that will freeze your heart, soul, and mind with the worst of your past in a never ending loop, so watch out and don't meet his gaze unless you have neither a soul or heart, and your mind must be shielded completely.  She looks at her pack before back at Eirie, "I promised you and your's I'd always be here to protect and help you...Same with my brother that isn't a brother Laci."

February 12, 2015 02:57
Kenny R

 " I will go investigate as well Breed, soon as Lark or I find anything out one of us will get a message to either of you as to what we found.  Miss Lilly, once you know what bow you wish please let me know and I will have it to you within a week. I have plenty of staves for the bow's body already prepared for final working... Ladies, Breed, I will hea dout now and see what i can find. Thank you for the ammunition old friend."

  *Turning I motion for lark to join me and miss the package she slips to Breed.*

February 13, 2015 19:06
Lark Ripper

Lark  joins her father in getting ready to leave.   She knows she is withholding some vital information from Mr. NightBreed.   Her heart is breaking for Mr NightBreed her father's friend.  But she keeps silent not wanting to fuel his anger further.

"Remember them as they were Erik Thorgaard and remember they love you.  Father, I want to go home please."

A single tear trickles down her cheek  as she looks at Mr. NightBreed.  "Perhaps you will remember their embrace and their love someday."

February 15, 2015 19:23
Desire Lord

She steps to Kenny's side, her eyes determined, "I will go alone first sir...unlike the rest of you I am a being of evil.  Eirie knows this and knows that most demons don't want to fight me unless they see I'm after what they are, I need to make certain....I have to know if he really is here and free from the void.  Please, I swear on the demonic blood and power I carry in me I'll be careful and I'll even leave the moment I know it's too much for me to handle."

February 17, 2015 15:14
Lark Ripper

Lark Ripper's eyes glanced at Desire Lord and she shook her head.    "Find a Demon called Kostas and he may talk to you...BUT do not mess with that one.    You don't want to disrupt destiny and what needs to happen.  YOU alter a will destroy a future meant to be.."

Lark looked at her father and speak softly.   "I will be outside waiting for you with CU and Lars.   Plwase let;s go home.   I need to tend to a few things and sort some things ."

February 17, 2015 15:53
Kenny R

" I don't know much about destinies but if you feel you need to check this out then do so. BUT remembe that the school and the surrounding area is my area to protect and since it is near my home i'll be about anyways.  I wouldn't be surprised if Bred got involved at some point.  If this is his sire or his sire possessed by the one you are after then Breed has the right to be there as that one attacked him and left him for dead, forcing Breed to become the vampire he is now. Not to mention his sire is reputed to have wiped out the residents of Breed's home town to a person.

  Becareful, be cautious and know that we will be about somewhere.   * looking towards my old friend*  I have to take Lark and get back she ahs something to show me as well.  Don't get stupid Eirie, let us find out what this is then if it is your sire then at the least Lark and I will back you up."

February 17, 2015 18:52
Desire Lord

She nods to Kenny before following Lark out the door, stopping only to speak one last time to Lark, "I know little about destiny girl, but I do know that I walk outside of it and I am going to find the one I seek...if it posses Breed's creator then I'll step back into the Shadows once more, to fight it from the darkness while you and the others slay it from the light."  She nods as the turns and then leaves.

February 18, 2015 00:15

  "I will hold you to that Ken.. DL thank you for your help on this and know even if it isn't my sire in one form or another i'll still back your play. All of you be cautious down there."

February 18, 2015 18:14
Desire Lord

She walks back into the Forge, staggering slightly before standing and walking to Eirie who is doing the daily check on stock before shaking her head, "Not who I thought it might be."  With that she falls forward, a dagger firmly planted in her back where her heart should be.

February 22, 2015 11:06

* Seeing DL stumble in and fall with a dager in her back where her heart should be I kneel beside her eyeing the wound. standing i quickly move to the fridge and pull out 3 bags of blood Etaine had donated, heating them up I drain all 3 then return to where DL is. Kneeling once more i place my left hand near the blade and then quickly remove the dagger with my right. I then place my left hand over the wound and invoke a little used ability i learned while fighting in "The Game" using the power I gained from the over feeding on Fae blood I push the power out of my body and into DL's litterally shunting the power from one body to the next.

  Slow as I could while keeping DL alive I repair the dammage the dager had done focussing the power until I am drained and lean back against the display counter and await for DL to waken now that the dammage is fully repaired*

March 02, 2015 19:37
Desire Lord

She hissed as she awoke, her power full and charged with odd energies, some Fae blood was running in her, causing the demonic energy to be thicker in her veins, denser and more powerful.  So she looks to her drained looking friend before touching his hand with her fingertips, passing tons of her power into him, trying to fix what she'd caused

March 02, 2015 20:33

* I feel the power flowing from Dl's finger tips and sit up straight against the case.*

  " I'll be alright DL, the ability I used was not created for a vampire to use. I have to transfer energy from one target and move it to the one to be healed. and since my way of feeding is blood not life force it takes more effort to convert the blood I ingest from liquid to a life force useable to heal. It's a rare abuility that I learned while working for a Sorceress and during the Opener/Closer war several years ago. How are you feeling?"

March 03, 2015 18:48
Victorine Maupin

Victorine Maupine a tiny delicate child had ducked into a strange shop that featured guns, daggers and other items of interest in a small window display.   A twinkle in one of the small jewelry case caught her attention and she slipped inside the shop for a better look at the jewelry.

It was then she saw a man drinking blood from a bad and  an ijnured woman on the floor.  Her light blue eyes widened in surprised shock and she stood still , watching the man.  He had to be a Vampire.  She was mesmerized by his comsumption of the blood from the bags.

She then inched a bit closer silently and again watched what he did for the woman on the floor.  He somehow helped her and he was working to keep her alive.

She watched as he leaned back against a display counter and she stood silently observing him.  The woman on the floor hisses apparently she was alive due to something that he had done and now she was trying to touch the man with her fingers.

"Are you a Vampire too?"   Victorine dug in her backpack and took out three blood bags and pushed them toward the man.   "You don't bit little girls, do you?"

March 03, 2015 18:57
Desire Lord

her eyes dart to the girl who'd slipped far too close for her comfort before she lets loose a growl, "I'm not sure about Eirie here, but I have no problems letting little girls fall, demons use those forms on occasion to harm others."

March 04, 2015 05:03

he slips in from behind DL and smacks her upside the head, sighing as he walks past her to stand by Victorine, "Leave my charge alone mom, she hasn't done anything but be nice so you be nice...."  he falls to the floor from the fist of Dl having clubbed him over the head, knocking him senseless.

March 04, 2015 05:11
Desire Lord

She growls as she cracks her knuckles after having clubbed Fang, "Boy, you better listen better and remember who your mother is, now behave and...wait, aren't you supposed to be training with lilly?"

March 04, 2015 05:13
Victorine Maupin

Victorine backed, her blue orbs dilated and changed to a glowering red.   She hissed angrily at the woman as she barred her fangs.  She spoke in hard cold voice that conveyed her displeasure.

"You don't know me very well, you hag!  Don't call me a demon! "    She caught the scent of ShadowFang as he slipped in behind the woman and smacked her upside her head .  She noticed ShadowFang sighing as he stood by her.   Her ears heard what she couldn't believe.  This woman was his mother and she had just clubbed him on the head with her fist.   He was knocked to the floor senseless and with blood spurting from a cut on his head.

Vic growled angrily,  her tiny hands and fingers turned into claws as she shifted to a small Dire wolf pup with glowering red eyes.   A snarl emitted from her mouth as she jumped on ShadowFang;s mother. from behind as his mother yelled at him.

She bit and crawled the woman on her neck and back.   She growled as she went for the woman's jugular vein snapping and snarling at her .   A voice spoke to the woman.    ~ Leave him alone!  He's my friend and he's protecting me!~

March 04, 2015 18:40
Desire Lord

She feels the pup leap on her, biting at her steel like skin before she sighs, "I may not look it, but I am pretty resilient, so....sorry for this pup, but SIT!"  With that she smacks the child, her anger snapping as she hisses and then steps on her before glancing to Eirie, "Do any wolves learn from their fellows...or are they really so loyal as to happily walk into something more dangerous?  Cause my evil demonic voice says kill them both and go get some chicken stripes....oddly my voice of reason just says go for the stripes.   I think I'll be out for the day robbing a fast food place Eirie, see you tomorrow."  With that she punts at the wolf pup, catching the leaping form of Fang who is sent into the pup and both into the wall, though they hit with nearly no force and Fang seems to have curled around the child, protecting her while she shrugs and simply leaves, grabbing a random human and starts to use him as a club for anyone in her way.

March 05, 2015 01:36
Victorine Maupin

Victorine found herself  savagely smacked on her muzzle and then stepped on hard by the woman. Vic refused to yelp or whimper.   She refused to let her enemies know she was in pain.  It was like the other times that her Sire had helped his minions so they had do his 'dirty' work.    She looked at the  breaded man with long blonde hair touching his shoulders.   He was no different from him and he smelled like him.   She opened her blue eyes to hear the man's name mentioned and that would be another name on her list.

The woman spoke in an evil demonic tone of voice at the man excusing herself and her actions.    Victorine knew what was coming and another vicious kick hit her in the stomach but no whimper emitted from her mouth.  She knew what punishment was and somehow she knew more was yet on the way.   ShadowFang had leapt at his mother but she just caught him throwing himat her.  The blow of ShadowFang against her again knocks the wind out of her, Her eyes close as they both hit the wall.

Vic kept silent and didn't move as the woman gave them once over, shrugged her shoulders and left them in a tangled mess.    The woman had kicked her small backpack spilling the contents on the wooden floor of the shop.   Vic saw her new cell phone crushed under the stomp of the woman's foot.     She winced as her mother's silver locket was also crushed under foot.   The one link between mother and daughter was destroyed by that woman.  She could expect no mercy from the male Vampire and  ShadowFang was in no shape to help her.

She looked at the woman as she disappeared from the store.    Her wide blue eyes glared at the male Vampire and she gazed at ShadowFang.     "Thank you for trying Mr. ShadowFang. My Sire is searching for me.... You did your best."    Victorine untangled herself from ShadowFang and she looked at the male Vampire.  "You are just like HIM! "

Vic dissolved into a mist leaving a droplet or two of blood on the wooden floor.

March 06, 2015 20:49

* Looks up from where I sat and shake my head again trying to clear the last of the weakness brought on by using the Shunting power. then looks towrds Fang.*

  " Well since I have no dang clue what that was about, do me a favor and deliver a message to your mother, She can control her temper or attempt to or she and I will have it out. I thank you for defending the little girl and I know her fear and anguish of being hunted by a sire one does not wish had been. I was force changed and I am willing to bet so was Victoria.. If I can help Shadowfang or if you know where I can find Victoria let me know will you?? I would like to make amends for what transpired in my shop."

  * Shakily rising to my feet I move towards the forge room and the vault i had put in for my personal weapons and other gear while working in the Forge. Looking inside I sigh with a weariness of the soul at the thought of haviung to wage yet another battle and am sickened by the though.*

March 07, 2015 10:47

he coughed, blood coming from his mouth as everything finally cleared, his anger snapping slightly before he growls at the sight of Vic's broken items before he senses Eirie and hears the man's words before nodding, "I'll speak with my mother Eirie, it seems she needs to relearn that there are certain customs one must meet."

He slowly stands, coughing blood up again before gently picking up the necklace, "Fix this for me though, I need to handle something."  With that he hands the item to Eirie and then leaves, his anger snapping and growing with each step, and his eyes slowly shift to a bright yellow.

March 07, 2015 11:25

* I accept the broken necklace and begin piecing back together, replacing the neck chain/backing material that holds the pieces together. Once complete, I place it gently on my desk and once more walk to my private safe and look over my gear, taking out a blade and sharpening it one by one saving the axe for last.. thinking about a vampire that would attack and bring over a child.*

March 07, 2015 19:24

Etaine entered The Forge on one of her rare visits.   She had stopped by the Deli and picked up spme lunch and bottled water for herself and Erik.  

"Erik, are you here?    Etaine 's eyes were drawn to a small backpack and a broken cell phone.    She frowned as she saw three blood bags on the floor.   She set the food and water bottles on the counter. 

She moved quickly toward the forge room alarmed at slmething being wrong.  "Erik!"   She skidded to a stop when she saw him at the vault near his personal weapons.   "What is going on love?   I came to The Forge smething isn't right near the cabin.."

March 07, 2015 19:29

   * I look over my shoulder as I hear Etaine calling me and appears at the doorway to the forge area. With a nod at her announcement that something is wrong near the cabin I collect my equipment, firstly putting on the mesh reinforced flak vest then the chain Hauberk. about my waist I buckle my weapons belt and attach the holsters for my pistols and knives, lastly i pull out my axe and look upn it a moment before turn to my wife.*

 " Once we figure out what is going on near the cabin, I have a man to kill it's simple as that. I'll explain on our way home. Thank you for the lunch hun, I can eat on the drive home"

March 08, 2015 18:26
Victorine Maupin

Victorine slipped back into the shop to get her backpack  and the few items she had in her short life.   She had been at someone's cabin searching for food.. Her actions had frightened some strange and she had seen a pair of beautiful babies in their cribs.

She smiled as she touched their little heads .  She loved babies and she had covered them up when they had kicked off their little blankets   But the woman their mother had entered their room when she had heard their cries,  She had vanished turning into a mist and left through the open window near their cribs.

She had entered through the open front door of the cabin since open doors were okay.  She would have needed permission to enter otherwise.

She found her crushed cell phone, the three bags of blood ans was stuffing them back into her backpack.   She looked for her mother's necklace and a red tinged tear slid down her face.   "Where is it....  "  



March 08, 2015 19:58

* i hear Vic's voice as I exit the backroom in the forge now equipped with my battle gear. Stepping into view I speak softly.*

    " The necklace is on my desk there, why did you run away Victoria?? I would not have harmed you and DL always hits ShadowFang that way even though he tries to get her to stop.. I also told him to give her a message from me about her temper and our agreement.. She is a full demon Victoria and agression is part of that being's nature."

March 09, 2015 18:00
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly stepped from the shadows quietly. Over hearing Eirie's statement, she shook her head.* she will be the death of that boy yet. He already was injured.

*Lilly smiled to the young girl, and extended her hand* Hello darling, you are safe here. I can promise you this. The owners of this shop, would never let harm come to those inside.
March 09, 2015 18:23
Victorine Maupin

Vic slid behind a counter where she picked up a pair of sais made made for the hands of a child.   They fit her tiny hands as though they were made for her.   She heard his voice.  It seemed soft and gentle.   She listened to his words.  

  " The necklace is on my desk there, why did you run away Victoria?? I would not have harmed you and DL always hits ShadowFang that way even though he tries to get her to stop.. I also told him to give her a message from me about her temper and our agreement.. She is a full demon Victoria and agression is part of that being's nature."

Her ice blue eyes widened slightly as she stepped out from behind the counter.  She had the sais clutched in her hands.  She knew she was tiny for a seven year old and she looked a bit younger.

She looked toward the desk cautiously and then back at him.   He was dressed for battle.  

"Are you gonna hunt me?   Can i get my mommy's necklace first?  Can you give me a fighting chance?  You won't hurt me?  I ran cuz I had to go heal and you promise not to hurt me ever.  She hit my friend.  I got angry  and I don't like her.   Mister I will work real hard if you get rid of HIM.   I am  small but I work hard.  I dont use much blood or energy or space. "

Vic sidled to the desk and grabbed her mother's necklace quickly.  She put the sais on the desk   "I can pay for those prong stickers too."

Vic waited for his reply.  She looked at the woman who then spoke to her.  "I will trust him.   If I gott trust someone then I will trust him after ShadowFang.   I can pay for help."    Vic fished in her little backpack.   It was a small wooden box containing a small wlfshead. It's mine now.  My daddy gave this to me.  He lived on an island.   His name was Loki Wolfsgaard."

March 10, 2015 18:42

  " The weapons are not for you little one, they are for the vampire who turned you into one. It is forbidden by most to turn a child into a vampire, there might be a chance I can help you with that but i would have to research background etc.

  As for the sai, I think I can afford a set as a gift.. What do you and Etaine think Lilly?? Be a good investment I think * smiles*

  Victoria, do you have a place to stay or are you just wandering the streets?"

March 10, 2015 20:50

Etaine had followed Erik silently form the back room of the Forge and had kept while Erik spoke with the child.

She noticed some of Erika's dlothes were on Victoria.   A pair of blue jean with pink heart and a matching pinl sweater and a loose jean jacket.    She had a pair of Erika's old boots as well.   Etaine shook her head and a a smile twitched at the cormers of her mouth.  She watched as Erik talked to the child.  

"You can afford them.   Erika can afford to outfit her and I can open the cabn door and invite her to stay with us.  SInce she has already visited us.  Viggo and Rhone seem to think she has possibilities as a good babysitter."

March 10, 2015 21:13

he walks back in hissing as he holds his ribs, " is super angry Eirie, but she accepts your conditions.  Also, she says....Oh, hey everyone....thought it smelled fuller than before."

March 11, 2015 07:46
Desire Lord

She walks back in behind Fang, gently patting his head and sighing before looking around, noticing the child from before she shakes her head and moves to her, bowing low enough that her head is lower than the little girl's, "I believe you and I have gotten off on the wrong foot child, I owe you a great debt for my actions and I intend to repay it before Anything else occurs between you and I."

She looks to Eirie and snaps her fingers, opening a portal that drops a small disk into his hand, "Place that in your storage room and it will replicate and refill your metals and other items you keep for sale, this is my way of repaying you for the trouble."

Her eyes look at lilly and she then looks away, shame fully on her face before she spots a piece of the destroyed phone and carefully picks it up and looks at it for a bit until she looks to Vic, "Child, do you have the rest of the item I broke?"

March 11, 2015 07:58

 " A fair trade DL and thank you, I know how difficult it can be. I well remembe my fist weeks as what I am now and trying to learn just how much my life would change. I thank you for this gift, it shall benefit us all here."

March 11, 2015 15:01
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly nodded to the thought of the Sias.* I think that would be great. Personally, they are are still my favorite.

*looking to the child, Lilly smiled softly* little one, if I may ask....who sired you?
March 11, 2015 22:53

he moves to stand behind Victoria and watches everything while smiling slightly.

March 12, 2015 14:54

  " Her sire is the same creatrure whom changed me.. I can sense we are of the lineage even though I have managed to all but break away from my sires bloodline.  The final piece will be when he is dead... I don't evewn know his name, if she does it would be a help in locating him


March 15, 2015 17:17
Victorine Maupin

Vic took the small sais quickly in one hand and pushed the small wooden box toward Eirie,   "I gotta pay for them or work for them, Mister.   I

Vic frowned when the male Vampire asked her if she had a place to stay.   "I am staying in a tunnel for now.  But I move around a lot cuz of what I am.  NO one wants a Vampire child around their own kids.  I asked and those people from those strange homes don't want a weirdo either.   If you want me Mister.  Would you adopt me?  I want a daddy and a mommy."

Vic looked up at Shadow Fang and than at the woman who walks in behind him.    She draws back but stays near ShadowFang.     She swallows hard as the woman comes down to her level  snd she tthen looks around to the others in the room .   The woman speaks to her  but Vic  looks at the male Vampire

"Aint nothing gonna happen between  us,Lady.  Just don't hurt ShadowFang  when I am around please and I will forgive you this time."   Vic patted her shoulder. "My mommy's locket is fixed and my cell phone was insured.

Vic looked at Lilly and then she shuddered.   She slumped her shoulders and spoke softly.  "His name is Viktor Anghelescu  or  he called himself  'The Angel.'

Vic looked at the male Vampire.   "I ran away from him.   I belong to me and I am a rogue.  Mister if you can get rid of him.  I will work for you.  I work real hard.  I don't  know if I will grow up either but I might.  I gotta find out too."

March 15, 2015 19:41

He hisses at that cursed name, having heard it before, "Victoria....if you never do me any other favor in this life, then let the last one you do for me be to never utter that cursed name again...I refuse to hear the name of the monster who....I need some air."  He leaves, nearly ripping the door off the hindges as he goes.

March 16, 2015 13:44
Victorine Maupin

Vic was torn between following ShadowFang out of The Forge and talking to the male Vampire called Eirie.

"Mister,  I gotta make sure my friend is okay!  But I gotta find a person called Erik Thorgaard too.  Please Mister Eirie.  It's real important.  HE's looking to hurt this person real bad.   HE knows that this person is married and has kids.  Somethinng's driving him real hard.  He will kill.   I knw what HE can do and  it aint no pleasure to watch.  I saw HIM do it before."  

Vic's little chin trembled as a pinkish red tear trickled down her cheek.  "I aint lying..... I gotta find ShadowFang and make sure he's safe."   

Vic ran out of the shop shifting like quicksilver to a small white wolf with blue eyes.

March 16, 2015 15:49

  * with a mild shock I watch as Shadowfang and then Victorine exit the Forge.*

     " So Viktor is his name, now with a name I have a path and with this path I can track this ******* and end his miserable existence once and for all. Many decades I have thought of this and now I can actually begin hunting him not the other way around.."

    * leaning against the wall, my axe makes a slight clink against the stone wall and a thoughtful look crosses my brow*

March 16, 2015 16:18

Etaine walks slowly to Erik's side as she watches the expressions on his facial feature change to a myriad of mixed emoitons.

She hears the name 'Viktor' and chill travels up and down her back.   "I have often wondered abut Erika when she had bad dreams and the times when she had bad dreams.     Erik can a Vampire like him sense one of your own?   If so what of Viggo and Rhone?  What of Victorine?   She's only a child now but what of later?   Will she remain a child?  She's older than she appears ...."

Many questions raced through Etaine's mind but the answers also in one form or another.   She slips her arm around Erik 's waist.   "Whatever comes we will face the coming battle together.   I will send VIggoand Rhone to my people. They must survive."

March 16, 2015 18:55
Lilly_Emperium * seeing Fangs reaction, Lilly nodded. Something caught her attention as the two left. Reaching into her cloak, she pulls two coins out and sets them on the counter* Let her know, they were paid for.

*as Etaine spoke, Lilly thought about what she knew. Taking a deep breath, she softly spoke* Etaine, if I is my understanding a sire can tell when they are near their "children" and their offspring so to speak. Case in point, mother couldn't always tell where us kids were.....but she knew where Dragon was..As she was, yea....subsequently she knew when I was with child and where they were.

*Shaking her head at the thought of the girls age* there are reasons one should not be made so young........personally a spell or potion can change her age, but it must be her choice. I offer my assistance to help
March 16, 2015 23:44
Desire Lord

She sighs before looking to Eirie and Etaine, "I at least have something to hunt once more...I will protect my son and his little friend no matter the enemy, so I'll ask only this.  Eirie, I need a master smith to forge my one of the Ancient Demon Swords.....Please find me the metal that can create such a cursed item."

March 17, 2015 14:00
Kenny R

  * stands outside and watches as Shadowfang and a young wolf pup come running from my friends shop. I watch as they disappear down the street and then enter, carrying a couple of bows for Lilly to view and see which might work for her needs. Entering I listen to the ones inside.*

March 17, 2015 16:41

* a grim smile crosses my lips and eyes filled with malicious anticipation, I turn and look towards Dl.*

   " I'll get the materials and forge the blade DL, there are not many with the skill to work a weapon of that sort. Fortunately i am one of those thanks to my dwarven master. Oh yes I'll forge it, I want to see you wield it DL..."

  *Hearing the door open I glance towards the one entering and notice Ken is back and nod towards him.*

March 17, 2015 18:42
Desire Lord

She nods before looking around, "I hope it won't change me once more....won't turn me back into the killer I once was."  With that she takes one of Eirie's blades and slowly walks out the back door to begin training."

March 19, 2015 12:00

Etaine watches the girl shift like chain lightning into a silver white wolf pup and scamper quickly out the door of  The Forge.  She shakes her head and spokes softly.  "Just what is she? Vampire or Werewolf?"

She looks at Lilly and a concerned look rosses her features.  "Children born to the Fae are few and I thought  Erika would be my only child.   We now have twin sons. Viggo and Rhone.   If his Sire seeks out Erik,   Will this monster seek out his sons?   Erika has encountered him as well.  This Thing has threatened an innocent.  I too will not let this thing survive to kill again."

She smiles as Ken entrs the shop and waves at him.  "Where is Lark?"

March 20, 2015 15:59

" Vic is a hybrid Etaine she is both lycan and vampire.. DL I will guarantee the weapon will not change you again. I have enough magic now I can prevent that from happening."

March 20, 2015 19:30

"Well she has a home with us then.   She shouldn't be much trouble and she seems quite independent.  She followed ShadowFang quick enough and he's a Lycan.    Viggo and Rhone will love the attention of another older sister."

Etaine looks at Erik.  "Are you staying here for now or going home?"

March 20, 2015 19:38

He slips back in, looking worn and tired, and his clothes are torn completely.

March 20, 2015 22:11
Lilly_Emperium etaine he may try....he will be able to track the line threw the one he made. If you wish, I offer safe haven to you and the children. No one dares stir trouble there, less they meet their fate.

*Lilly looked to Erik* hybrid? I've heard stories of them, maybe she learned a spell to change. Several in my family did, including myself.
March 21, 2015 18:52
Lark Ripper

Lark followed a strange man in completely tattered clothing.   He seemed worn out and tired.  He looked like a street person but there was a difference about him.  He had been in a fight that she was witness and has emerged with the street fighter. Her own clothes were blood spattered with the blood of the enemy.   Her nose twitched slightly at the distinct smell of a woodland person.    She wondered ho he was and if he was worth cultivating a friendship with.

Lark looked down at the two babies wh were wide awake  and gurgling.  A goofy smile crossed Lark's lips and somehow a maternal feeling regarding these two little babies swelled in her heart.   The were goodlooking little tyke. One  baby was light haired and the other was dark haired.   "Okay okay Ash and Eldred!"  

Lark  stepped over to her father's side and with a serious tone of voice.   "Can we keep them? Please  I will look after them!"

Lars walked in behind Lark carrying a diaper bag in his mouth.   Lars went and sat on Kenny's other side.     Cu Sith dragged in two baby blankets.   A silver white wolf pup  scampered in with something in her mouth a couple of baby nuks.  She skidded to a stop in front of Kenny shifting into  a little girl two nuks in her mouths muttering inaudible cuss word.    She spit out the nuks on Kenny's boots.   "Oh my word!"

March 21, 2015 20:30

he sits in the nearby corner, not looking at anyone as he tries to keep his torso hidden from view of everyone while also looking around, "Where did Victoria go?"

March 22, 2015 11:38
Victorine Maupin

Vic was still looking up at the tall man whom she had skidded against.   "I am real sorry Mister.   Those babies belong to me and that man over there."   She pointed to the man called Eirie and then his wife.  "The babies belong to them and I am trying to get adopted!"

Vic hears ShadowFang's voice quickly  and she scuttled toward him.  Her blue hues widen as she looks at ShadowFang   She quickly grabs a small tarp and a crashing sound is heard in the shop. 

Vic quickly covers ShadowFang .  "I got one of them real good.  I bit him in his  damn arse and used a rock to hit another in the lower gut!"

March 22, 2015 16:22

* winces as I hear the crash , then looks at LArk*

   "Sorry kiddo, can't keep em but you might help watch them with Lilly if that is how Etaine wants to handle it.. I'm going to be a bit occupied."

March 22, 2015 16:37

Etaine winces as one of her best displays cases containing her best pieces comes crashing down and splintering on the wooden floor.  She watches as Victorine covers ShadowFang.

She chuckles slightly as the girl describes her battle prowess to ShadowFang.  She looks at Erik to catch his wince and she replies gently. 

"I have needed display cases for awhile....Lilly my sons will go with you and if Lark is willing to help.  Can she go as well?   I would trust her very much with the boys."

"Vic  we need to talk in awhile about this mischief youhave gotten yourself in to."  Etaine looks at the little girl and shakes her head.

March 22, 2015 16:56
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly chuckles as she realized the lil ones were there. She leaned into them* awww they are truly adorable. If Etaine will be done. Lark may come with, if chooses. Let me call my son, that way he can let the kids and staff know what's happening

*Lilly looked towards Vic*sweetie....something tells me, you don't need to try. You have already captured their hearts

*Lilly turned as she took out her cell. Passing along instructions for everything to be ready*
March 22, 2015 17:06

"Viggo is the blond one and Rhone is the dark haired one.   They never like to be sperated where one is the other is as well.   Fraternal twins are rare in my line....  Etaine smiled at her sons.  "I want them safe and unharmed.  Erik needs to know his sons will survive and thrive should anything happen to us."

Etaine looks to Vic.    "If Victoria wishes could she also go with you?   She needs to be kept safe as well."

March 22, 2015 17:33
Lark Ripper

Lark handed off the babies to Mr. and Mrs. NightBreed's waiting arms.   "Dad, may I go with her and look after the twins?  

March 22, 2015 21:04
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly smiled and nodded* I fully understand, my twins are the same way. Even now, they train together. *again Lilly nodded* yes by all means, Victoria is included.

*Lilly smiled softly to the young girl* for your safety, and if you can use my training facility.
March 22, 2015 21:11
Victorine Maupin

Victorine looks at the lady in the hooded cloak.   "I gotta make sure ShadowFang is healed and he needs new clothes too.... He's my big brother!"

Vic looks at the two holding their bagies.  "Can I stay with you?   If you want me too I will stay and make sure I watch your backs..."

She sat down next to ShadowFang.  "I gotta watch his back too!"

March 22, 2015 23:22
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly having over heard Lark speak to her father. Softly she spoke* If you allow her, she will be safe and taken care of.

*pushing her hood back, it fell to rest upon her shoulders. Her blonde curly hair never budged. Lilly smiled softly to Vic and nodded* Fang needs to come here. I can help, I am familiar with were physiology. As to clothes, I can help there as well. He is about the size of my oldest...
March 23, 2015 02:31

his eyes snap to everyone as they speak before he shakes his head and gently rubs Vic's, "Go with the Little One's, make sure you use tooth and claw to defend them from what will hunt them.  As for clothes and healing....I need to just have time and to speak with my mother alone about something that is personal to my family.  As for clothes....I'm sorry Miss Lilly, but I must refuse for now, I need to get used to my Wolf form and this is a rare oppertunity for me to train before we hunt this monster that harmed my sister."

March 23, 2015 10:34
Desire Lord

She walks back into the Forge, a sword hilt in hand with the broken blade in her other before she freezes at the sight of her son, "...Someone explain why my son is wrapped in a tarp, and why he looks like he was fighting please.  Also, wolf girl, I've been thinking, Eirie should teach you about Runes and Seals."

March 23, 2015 10:39
Victorine Maupin

Vic  smiled widely to see ShadowFang rousing and she watched as his eyes glanced from one person to another in the shop;     She gritted her teeth as he rubbed her head.  

"I am okay.   I bit the b@stand in his fat arsese like you said to o  I clawed tge other one real good.   Bit when I did the squiggley letters.  The othe runned down the streets clutching his head,  A big wolfshead was howling at him....But the babies are safe now......

Vics stood up quickly and stood between ShadowFang and his mother.   "I covered him with the tarp and he fighted to  keep their babies safe.. But the lady was killed.  You won't hit him will you?    Runes and seals?   Squiggly letters and stamps?"

March 23, 2015 16:01
Lilly_Emperium * Lilly shook her head and looked at Fang* very well, as to the clothes....I do have a material that would adjust to your shifting....

*upon hearing Vic, Lilly showed a certain concern. Reaching into her cloak, she pulled out a small pouch* hmmm lil one....what do you know of squiggly lines and stamps?
March 23, 2015 21:05
Victorine Maupin

Vic looked at Lilly.  My daddy was a protector and a hunter for his pack.  He lved on an island. But  he worked on a boat.   He gave me his wolfshead.  It was my pack's symbol.  I am the last of my pack. "

Vic showed Lilly a pendant of a wolf howling at the moon.   "Please I cast only in big need.  HE didn't know I could do this.   I can learn and I can fight too.  I am little but Iearn."

March 23, 2015 21:52
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly looked intently at the pendant, and smiled softly* You are alright lil not worry. *lightly Lilly touched Vic's cheek* I bet you can fight, mighty big things come in small packages.

*Lilly slowly handed her a pouch that contained a set of runes*
March 23, 2015 23:35
Victorine Maupin

Vic takes thae bag of runes and looks inside it cautiously..  "Can I learn more about them. I am small but I can learn and I need to learn more."

Vic looked at Mr.NghtBreed.  "Can I go wth her?   But I need to tell you a few things first."

March 23, 2015 23:55
Lilly_Emperium *smiling softly, she nods* That is what I like to hear my dear. *Lilly winked at Vic* oh sweetie, I have no doubt that you can learn and your eagerness to learn is a great thing. This are healing runes, they are amongst the easiest in my opinion, to learn. March 24, 2015 01:47

He sighs before slowly standing, making sure to stay covered before he moves to DL and gently pulls her out of everyone's earshot and starts whispering with her for a bit before listening to her and then nodding as he seems to sigh and then he walks back into the group, "Vic, stay here please, I need to take care of something."

March 24, 2015 13:35
Victorine Maupin

Vic picked a few healing runes out of the smal bag and looked at therm closely.  She traced the surface of the runes gently and then traced them in the air.   She watched as the glowing rune shimmer and flow toward ShadowFang.

"Please heal and protect my brother ShadowFang. "  Vic closed her eyes and concentrated on the protecction rune for him as her small fingers traced in the air quickly.

She hadn't noticed that ShadoiwFang had talked to his mother but she nodded when she heard his voice.

"Be safe brother."

March 24, 2015 18:13

he pauses at the door, his look one of peace and sorrow before he smiles, "Safe is never in my fortune."  Then he is gone, having shifted to a wolf and left everything behind

March 26, 2015 12:11
Kenny R

 * looks at LArk as she speaks to me.*  " Yes you can go and help protect them Lark, I have no problems with that.. Breed, I shall go and prepare some equipment we may need for inside and let you work on Dl's sword. I shall see you when you are done with it."

March 26, 2015 19:23
Desire Lord

She stands watching as her son leaves, noticing the small necklace he had always worn was missing before she covers her mouth and tears hiss down her sculpted cheeks, leaving trails of blood as they go before she slowly turns to Victorine and Lilly, "I know I'm not liked by many...but if anyone needs to use my home as well, only something much more powerful than I am can even hope to get through the barriers I have set up around my home, I offer it to whomever needs it."  She walks to Eirie and Etaine, "Curse the blade...I've just lost a son to his inner chaos, and I don't wish to remember what will follow."

March 26, 2015 20:12
Victorine Maupin

Vic run to the open door of The Forge  shifting quickly into a small silver white wolf pup with blue eyes. But the pup  went no further then stoop of the shop.  She sat on her small haunches and raised her small muzzle to the sky.

A small howl emitted from her throat . Then a haunting howl of deep sorrow and knowing impending danger facing a wolven brother.  The little silver white pup sang for her brother. The wailing howl was the first wolf song she had sung for another of her kindred.

March 26, 2015 20:13
Desire Lord

Her anciet eyes snap to the pup and she whistles gently, " and I will train for a bit, and I will show you how to truly use those teeth girl, so even the most armored creatures will shred like paper to you."

She walks to the sword rack, picking up one of the Zanbatu's as if it were a twig before walking once more to the back.

March 26, 2015 20:40
Victorine Maupin

Vic heardd the whistle and she trotted after ShadowFang's mother.

March 26, 2015 20:52
Desire Lord

She reaches the back and moves to the middle of the training area, letting her powers shift and change the area to a large, mossy forest before she smiles and nods, taking a practice swing with the massive sword, cleanly cutting a massive tree in half before turning to Vic, "Prepare yourself child, it is time to spar and when you land a blow, try and focus your energy into your claws, and into your teeth."

March 26, 2015 21:38
Victorine Maupin

Vic sat on her small haunches tilting her head this way and tht way.  She yipped softly as the woman called Desire Lord or DL made a large mossy forest .  She wagged her bushy little tail and then bristled at DL.

She had cut down a massve tree and she growled slightly.

 Vic snapped to attention quickly when she spoke and growled slightly when the woman gave an order.

March 28, 2015 11:28
Desire Lord

She is suddenly before the girl, the massive sword towering abover her as a small glint appears in her demonic eyes, "Sometimes you will face someone who can change their armor and skin at will, other times you'll find those who have skin that is just that hard...when you focus enough your claws and teeth can cut and scratch through that...but the one's with skin naturally that hard take more energy, so dodge and try to figure out which I am."  She brings the sword down, bringing it at a quick pace towards the pup.

March 28, 2015 17:13
Lark Ripper

Lark nods as she hears her father's words.  "I wil make sure the boys are protected.   Check on my tree daily andit will give you news of me and the boys."

Lark  took a redwood leaf from her pocket  and handed it to her father.   "Keep safe and Cu is going with me."

March 28, 2015 19:50

* looking towards Lark I bid her a good bye and safe trip, then hearing Vic and Dl sparring I smile once more.. Closing my eyes i focus intently, the strain showing in my face before my form melts and reforms into an almost snow white timber wolf with ice blue eyes and weighing around 200 lbs. i shake myself to rid my muscles if the last lingering tongs of the change then pad to where DL and Vic went and stand and watch a moment.*

March 28, 2015 20:26
Victorine Maupin

Vic saw the ax coming and she shifted like quicksilver into a 'shadow wolf'.  It was her 'inner beast' that took over and her wolf focussed on it's teeth and claw quiclky.  A small silver white wolf pup leaped on the woman's back.

She went for the jugular vien and snapped down on it as her steel like dug into the woman's back.

March 29, 2015 15:32
Desire Lord

A sickening screech sounded out as she looked to the wolf trying to sink its teeth into her neck, nearly succeeding, but still not able to put enough energy in the bite, all while her clothes are shredded by the pup on her back before she laughes and the weapon morphs into a massive fan before she catches sight of the large wolf, catching the scent of Eirie, "I suppose using my demonic powers would be bad....right?  So maybe you should show her where she is going wrong attacking a demon?"  With that she grabs the pup on her back and then glares at the wolf still at her neck, "You want to let go, or should I punt you through a few trees?"

March 30, 2015 12:32

Etaine watches silently as she hands her son Viggo to Lilly and she slips past Lark who is cuddling Rhone.   She smiiles softly as she knows how she spols her baby boys.   She walks to the back of the forge where she finds Erik in his wolf form watching DL with a wolf pup scratching and shredding DL:s clothing.

She suppresses a smirk but she snickers at the sight.    "The words demonic powers as she flicks a fan around the wolf pup.    Etaine's moss green eyes harden as DL grabs the wolf pup.    Etaine's cat roars it's anger  inside her.  "Down girl down not  now!"    Etaine shifts quickly to her llarge black cat as she leaps toward the wolf pup that DL has grabbed. 

The pup was still snapping at her neck.   :Loosen up little cub and jump on my back.   Shift quickly I can bear your weight."  The pup shifts quickly and leaps on the large black cat.

"This is my cob....DL  Any future sparring and training will be cleared through Erik and then me..."   Etaine shifts to her normal form with Vic on her back.

March 30, 2015 15:43
Desire Lord

"Should we baby her simply because the rest of you are so unwilling to properly train her while I am here to take the blows?  I asked you to teach her how to break my natural armor and you shield does she learn when she does not understand?"  She seems massivly confused before turning to Eirie, "You know how to do this....since I cannot truly train her because of your woman, you show her and take my head off, don't worry, it won't kill me or anything close as you well know."

March 31, 2015 21:53
Victorine Maupin

Vic titled her head and looked at Desire Lord.   "It was her cat that spoke to you...momma Desi."   She leaped off the back of the large black pantherlike feline.   She shifted quickly to silver white wolf pup  and she trotted over to the female demon.

She opened her mouth and bit down on the demon's ankle.  She attempted to focus on her teeth and tried to bit harder on the ankle.

March 31, 2015 22:56
Desire Lord

She watched, her cold and nearly dead heart warming at being called momma, before smiling and gently shaking her head, "Little the older wolf closely, see their movements and attacks, hell, even the other demonness could show you to a degree."

April 02, 2015 02:07
Lilly_Emperium *as Lilly took Viggo, she smiled softly* oooh such a handsome little man. I know a couple kids that will be totally spoiled before their mom gets them back. *giggling as she cuddled him closely* it seems like ages since mine were this small.

*Turning, she smiled at Lark* Have you taken care of children before?
April 03, 2015 18:18
Lark Ripper

Lark looked from changing Rhone's diaper quickly and smiled gently.  She had just covered Rhone's mid section quickly.

"I have cared for other children babes, one learning to walk and that  said Viggo will want his bottle soon."

Lark fastened the diaper quickly and pulled up the baby jeans quickly.   "Rhone said  Viggo likes to cuddle whenbeing fed and that he prefers a nice new teddy bear with a bsttle ax like his father."

April 05, 2015 14:00
Lilly_Emperium *softly Lilly smiled* That is good to know. I personally have 5, though they are mostly grown now. Each one seemed to like something a bit different from the other.

*Lilly prepared a bottle for Viggo. As she held him, she chuckled softly* I have a surprise for you my dear...*reaching into her cloak, she pulled out a teadybear with battle ax and gave it to Viggo with his bottle* ah my Theo was very similar though
April 06, 2015 01:22
Lark Ripper

"When do we leave?"   Lark took a bottle out for Rhone and started to feed him.  "Rhone wants to know when he will get his first runes to play with..."

Lark giggled slightly translating gurgle coos and little gassy smiles for Lilly.   "At this age they are wanting to be spoiled."

April 14, 2015 16:37
Lilly_Emperium At this age, they should be abit spoiled. *Lilly thought for a moment, remembering her childhood. Softly she chuckled* Rhone, I know of a set that I think will be perfect for you sweetheart.

*Lilly smiled and nodded to Lark* we shall go . Do you wish to walk, or travel. Either way, it ain't that far to go
April 15, 2015 03:08
Victorine Maupin

Vic  smiledup at Lilly and ooked up at her,   :"Momma Lilly, can we go now?"

April 16, 2015 21:37
Lilly E *blinking she smiled* yes here in one moment we will Vic April 24, 2015 15:07
Lark Ripper

Lark shook her head  as she burped Rhone.   "I remember when I called another mommy that caused a bit of a stink.     Not many wanted a halfblood like me calling them 'Mommy.'    But  I am glad Vic can do that Lilly.   These little guys  will grow up just fine and they will thrive."

May 02, 2015 23:44
Lilly E

*Nodding, Lilly looked to Lark* My daughter Angel is mixed. Vampire, witch and slayer. It dont phase me. I once had adopted child that was an my opinion a child is a child no matter what side. *As she double checked the bag, Lilly spoke calmly* I have found, usually it is individuals that are more of a threat than any one breed. As to half bloods.............well here i dont think you will have to worry to much Lark, I've met a fair share. Just most like to hide it I think.

*Smiling softly, Lilly looked to Victorine* You my dear are a beautiful child.

May 04, 2015 01:19
Lark Ripper

Lark smiled gently as she handed off Rhone to her farher and nodded absently ar Lilly.   "Something's nt right.  Cu's callingme  be right back!"

Lark quickly exited the Forge and headed down the street.

May 10, 2015 13:40

* returns to work and planning*

May 25, 2015 18:22

Drives up on a broken old motor bike and growls when it dies before sighing, getting off and heading to the Forge.  Upon entering he yawns and looks around, "Yo, someone here?  I got a POS that I am wanting to sell for scrap."

June 02, 2015 18:21

   * hearing Fangs voice call out I move to the front of the shop.*

  " what's up fang, what item you wanting to get rid of?"

June 03, 2015 17:40

Etaine looks up from her work area and chuckles slightly.   "A motorcycle?   Lark is looking for one.  That girl seems to want a bike now.    Last I heard tell she's bought herself some land and built a small woodland getaway."

June 04, 2015 18:31

He points to the scrapped together bike, "I made one when I heard some rumors, but then the damn thing went and busted down on me...seems like my mom has been taken over by something though.  She's been destroying cities and slowly gaining power."  He looks tired and weak as he moves to a nearby chair to sit, "The first one I went to had some slayer she killed and carved Kati and Laci's name into...The second was worse, poor Angel got his wings ripped off him and then my name was added to the three existing ones....its kinda....kinda......"  He starts to snore quietly, his exahustion and stress finally taking their toll as he slips into a deep sleep in the chair.

June 05, 2015 09:07

"Etaine stood up and went to Erik's side.    "He can use my bike for his needs  til you can help fix his up....I haven't had the time to ride since before the twins were born.  Now I jog behind their stroller. Let him sleep hmself out."

Etaine's mind raced as she felt an evil aura  exuding from somewhere.   "Make sure the shop is secured at all time til SahdowFang can figure what his mother is up too."

June 11, 2015 16:34

As he sleeps he slowly shifts to into a wolf, his fur having become a red and his breathing is slow and easy, to anyone who sees him he is completely at ease for the first time in years as he fully lets his guard down and rests easy.

June 13, 2015 05:27
Tyra Dalgaard

She landed without gracei in front of the chair where the red wolf lay sleeping.  She canted her head and gazed upon him.  Her grey white wings finally retracted and disappeared into her shoulder blades.  She had tumbled into the shop out of nowhere.

"I desire some information of you have killed a slayer and an angel.... Why?"   She whispered gently in his ear.

June 13, 2015 11:39

his eyes snap open and he is instantly against a wall, his eyes searching for the threat that had dared wake him before his eyes landed on the woman, and he bared his teeth at her with a feral growl.  As he watched her he scented the room, trying to find the scent of what she'd used to get so close to him without him knowing it.

June 13, 2015 11:43
Tyra Dalgaard

She knew her soft whisper would awaken him. She merely watched him as his eyes snap open. She gazed at him with dark blue eyes that looked into his glowering eyes and sensed something else about him.  He was against a wall and his own eyes were searching for the one who dared to interrupt his repose.  She was the one looked at him with great interest.

His eyes landed on her as she peacefully stood before him her hands palms up and offering no threat.  She new he was scenting the air around him trying to find the scent she may have used to get in his vicinity.

"I am seeking information from you. your or another killed two beings."  She took in his scent and she frowned at him.  "Do not growl or bare your teeth at me!"  She gestured to the chair.  "Mind your manners and be silted."

June 13, 2015 13:31

he growled more, his own memories of being a slave coming to the front of his mind at her words before he took off, moving at her with his eyes flashing and his razor sharp teeth bared to strike her as he leapt.  His aim was for her throat and his speed was something that he'd focused almost solely on to the point of being able to nearly hit super sonic from a stand still.

June 14, 2015 05:22
Tyra Dalgaard

She knew sadly he wasn't listening to her.  She sighed inwardly as he growled at her.    Then he took off toward her with a feral look in his glowering yellowish red eyes.  His razor sharp canines bared to strike her as he leaped at her.

His aim would be to her throat and  speed was something Weres were known for when  they were thoroughly angered or outraged at someone or something.   There were two others in the shop and she didn't wish for them to be hurt or the shop damaged,

She willed her human form to fade from sight as it shimmered a grey white light.  Her voice whispered softly for him alone.

"Loki there is evil coming here.   Look to your friends."    The grey white light and voice faded away.

June 14, 2015 12:21

*walks from the back finally finishing some work on a special order. Seeing Fang*

      " If I heard right you have a bike in bad shape?  I can get it rebuilt for you or i'll buy it off you if you prefer... But what has you so worked up all of a sudden, the mental message I got from Etaine had you snoozing."

  * Closing my eyes I reach out seeing if i could sense what had Fang worked up*

June 14, 2015 16:41

his eyese were purely feral as he shook before resuming human form and simply tossing the keys to the bike to Eirie, "Do as you please with it...I think I need to go see a friend and maybe.......Its time I go talk to the last person I want to."  With that he turns and takes off, slipping out the door before a massive explosion sounds out, and he is gone.  The earth where he'd stood having been turned to powder from the sheer force of his take off, and the fact that his human flesh lay discarded showed he was moving at his fastest pace.

June 16, 2015 00:33

A week or more had passed since ShadowFang's explosive exit from The Forge.   The shop had been closed for almost a week or more.   Repairs to the front part of The Forge were quickly completed.  If ShadowFang had returned to the shop Etaine would have given him a good dressing down and she told Erik the same thing.    The damage had taken off the front end of the shop and had destroyed some of her display cases.  Etaine had lost most of her best pieces and the fire had destroyed her order book and her crafting tools.   Those crafting tools were the worst loss to her.   They had been a gift from her old teacher   The Artisan when he could no longer work his craft.   

Etaine was feeling bad enough when the news about Erika and Wish's return to New York City.  Erika had expressed her deep desire to return and seek further training under Danna Sommers.  Wish expressed his concerns for her safety as well and he would return with her.

"Sometimes things just happen too fast.!"  muttered Etaine silently to herself.    She had listed the supplies and items she needed to restart her jewelry crafting in time.  She would set a work area at home in the meantime.   But she didn't have the heart at this time to work with her trade.  Perhaps Erik would let her work in the backroom with him in the forging room.

She would still be at home more with her twin sons,  Rhone and Mikhail.   She would enjoy these babies and no wand would 'grow' them.   It was time to take life  a bit quieter and just appreciate what she had with Erik and their sons. 

June 27, 2015 13:56

  & hearing my wife's voice i walk in to the main part of the store from the garage where I had just finished putting the final touches on the restored bike.*


          " Hun, you want to work with me in the forge area you can do that anytime you wish it. I'll be sorry to see Erika leave as well but understand her reasons for wanting to learn more.  She'll be back in the future and it'll be old home wek all over * smiles*  "

June 27, 2015 14:14

Etaine goes to Erik sadness evident in her emerald green eyes.    "I know and I will work in the back forge with you.  It's  time for a change.

"Erika will be looked after as well.   We have the twins.   Please no magic tricks around them"   Etaine wrapped her arm around Erik's waist and looked toward the back part of the forge.

June 27, 2015 14:39

He walks back into the forge, his left eyes bandaged and his right arm covered in wrapping as he carries a backpack that held the tool to replace the gem tools he'd ruined when he had last been in the smithy, his eye showing sorrow and regret as he looks at all the new items inside the shop, "I really messed the place up when I was here last.  I was so angry I hurt my friend's business didn't I?"

June 27, 2015 14:56

  * Watches as ShadowFang walks back into the forge his arm wrapped as well as his left eye.*

     " I understand there were extenuating circumstances Fang, but my wife is a bit ticced * smiles gently*.  We can replace most of it. some were given by old masters and family but we will get past that.. Are you going to be okay is the next thing?"

June 27, 2015 15:53

"No...I doubt I will ever be okay Eirie, but that is my problem currently.  I am sorry for what I did though Eirie, I shouldn't have reacted so badly to that woman's goading."  He hands the bag full of tools to Eirie before sighing and runnign a hand through his tangled and overgrown hair, "I'm here to work off the damages and to help however I can Eirie, as well as helping your wife however I can."

June 27, 2015 15:59

 " We can deal with that once you are healed up.. You have a place to bunk at currently?? If not the spare room here is unoccupied if you want to bunk down for a while."

June 27, 2015 16:35

He scratches his head before nodding, "I could use some sleep, as for my wounds....they won't hinder me too much."   He smiles before looking at the spare room's door and then to Eirie, "Though I have to admit...the temptation to just heal for once is there as always."

June 27, 2015 16:55

   " Grab some sleep Fang, the room is insulated so you won't be bothered much by any work in the actual forge room..   I got the bike restored and purring like a kitten,  IOn the mean time I'm going to show Etaine the ropes of being a blacksmiths assistant,lol.  There is a full shower, and mini kitchen in there as well."

June 27, 2015 17:05

He smiles as he looks to the other man, "Tell her...I'm sorry for the trouble please, and that the professional cutting tools will be here in the mail within the week."  With that he heads to the room to shower and then sleep for a couple hours

June 27, 2015 17:09

Etaine had returned to the shop after a short trip to the Deli to get some hot beef and chedder sandwiches, fruits cups and bottles of cold waters.   She saw ShadowFang heading off to the spare room off of the store.   She looked at Erik as she set the basket of food on the counter.    She frowned at the door closing behind ShadowFang.

"I see you helped him out.   Well okay  I won't refuse him a place to rest and heal!   I can replace the gems gold and silver.  But my tools are another matter.   Those were my last link with Holgar ....."

Etaine sighed inwardly but she would bid her time with ShadowFang.  "I will forgive him but I won't forget this mischief he caused. "






June 27, 2015 18:23

          " I know the tools from Holgar meant a lot to you, but i MIGHT be able to help with that. plus Fang has some new  professional cutting tools for you coming here within the week.  So you won't be out completely.    Plus  the gems, gold etc, is minor, the gods alone know how much access to it we have,lol."

June 27, 2015 18:44

He showers and comes out of the spare room dressed in his normal baddy clothes before he freezes at the sight of Etaine before he holds his hands up in the universal sign of surrender, "I'm pretty sure you're really mad at fact I smelled anger when you entered the shop.  I promise I'll work off what I've damaged and I'll help you get anything I ruined back as best I can."

June 27, 2015 19:05

Etaine looks at ShadowFang as he comes out of back room area.   He freezes at the sight of her and she freezes at the sight of him.

"The gems are minor and so is the gold and silver.  They can be replaced as can my tools...II you can help me replace my tools.  That is all I need Erik."

Etaine  turned to ShadowFang and she notices him in his baddy clothes.  "You can work it off when you are healed and you are forgiven.   Next time please be a distance from the shop when you blast off okay?"

June 27, 2015 19:28

"I swear I will make sure my after shock won't touch the shop ever again."  He scratches his head before a thought hits him, "Oh yeah, I have a friend who used to run a famous gem store in France who sold his tools to me, would you like me to call my storage place and get them delivered here?"

June 27, 2015 19:53

"Then you are welcome to stay here, heal and don't  do too much damage."   Etaine managed  a slight smile.   "Meanwhile you guys can have the food  and water I brought.     I need to return home.  I have a few things that need doing."

Etaine  hugged Erik gently  and  spoke again to ShadowFang.   "May you find what you are seeking and may you truly find the ddeserved life you need."    She said it with concern for a friend.   She left the shop.

June 28, 2015 15:29

He smiles and heads back to his room before pulling out his cellphone.  He then calls someone, talking for a little over an hour before hanging up and then heading to bed, happy that he had righted a few wrongs.

June 28, 2015 18:42

  * Watches as Fang walks to the room and eventually lays down for some rest.  Nodding as I see Etaine heading for home, I smile and blow her a kiss before heading to the forge my mind a swirl with plans for a gift for Etaine and a gift for Erika as well.*

July 03, 2015 18:45

Awakens a couple hours later, and leaps up, growling and looking around for any danger before sitting down, rubbing his eyes and then heading into the forge, moving to sit near Eirie and watches him work silently.

July 04, 2015 01:58

* Flames rise as I feed air into the forge with the old fashioned bellows, sparks flying upwards  as the flames crackle and feed upon the coke I use for fuel.  Placing a flattened length of metal into the flames I work the bedding until the heat is uniform  and the bar begins to glow a soft orange then darken to a deep red.  Withdrawing the metal I begin bending it around the shoe shaped ebd, bring one end to close opon the side of the falt bar, before placing it back inside the forge to heat once more.. This is repeated until I finally have welded a single flat bar into itself to form a solid wrought iron ward against black magics.. Taking the piece, i dip it thrice into a cooling oil bath before placing it within a water bath watching closly so the metal does not become brittle by cooling too quickly.. Once satified with that stage I place it upon a rack to finish air cooling and then a hand buff to remove unwanted sharp objects and spurs.*

July 12, 2015 11:17

Etaine put what belongings ShadowFang had left behind him into a paper box and folded it quietly.  She taped the box shut and labelled it.  She would store like she had stored Nate's belonging before him.   She had cleaned the small apartment off the shop.   This would make a perfect nursery for the boys when they came to the shop with her.   The new au pair Melody Haskins could watch them and run the small errands for the shop. 

The boys were now more active and were crawling then normal.  Rhone and Mikhail were inseperable like Castor and Pollox..      Erik had replaced her old tools from Holger by doing a timeslip backward and ShadowFang's new cutting tools were even more precise.   She would use both sets from now and she would treasure them doubly.

July 12, 2015 19:30

He hesitantly walked into the Forge after having been gone for so long, his eyes glowing a bright yellow and he coughed to get everyone's attention, "Etaine....Eirie?  You guys still living here?  Or have you finally died and are now haunting the place, cause if you are haunting it let me know now...I've had too many bad ghostly encounters in my travels."  He smiles as he moves in and stands near the counter as his rasping whisper seems to carry to everyone's ears, slipping in and letting them hear him despite the distance from him.

July 21, 2015 05:30

Etaine had put Rhone and Mikhaeil down for their naps.   The twins were asleep, but their new little companion Erik was awake in his swinging cradle.   The little one had  a hwad of golden ringlet curls and a pair of dark indigo eyes.   He was unlike the twins in many ways yet like  someone she knew very quiet and observant.   He flashed a quick smile at her and she liked his baby smile.   It was somene else's smile as well.

Etain wondered how Breed would take the newest addition to their family.  SHe most certainly wasn't ready to be called by another name as soon as the little one could speak  and she wondered how her sons would re act to him and how they would grow up together.  She ears someone's voice.     Erik's dark eyes went a flame red.    That color she had seen in another person's eyes   She picks the littleone and heads to the front of the shop.

July 21, 2015 14:32

He smiles as he hears someone moving around the shop before looking to the door and he laughs gently.  "So they still exist eh?  I thought I had been gone so much longer."  He makes sure his hood is covering his face completely.

July 21, 2015 16:54

  Entering in from the back alley where i had been assisting with the delivery of a load of coke I used as fuel in the forge itself into the bin and chute i used for storage and access I hear voices and movement from the main work area at the front of the shop.  Dusting myself off I see a strange man standing at the main counter his face covered by a hood and my wife emerging from the newly rennovated nursery we made for the twins so they would be nearby us and we could still work.*

       "Good evening sir, I am Eirie Nightbreed co-owner here , you seem to have me at a disadvantange though  As for my maybe being deceased, I have many more appointments in the decades ahead keeping the gates between this realm and the realm of the ancients closed, the skein of my life is far from over..   How may we help you this day?'

July 21, 2015 17:34

Etaine entered the main part of the Forge with little Erik in her arms.   Breed had been busy in the back alley way with the delivery of a load of coke.     Etaine  looked down at the little one in her arms as he squirmed about flailing his little hands.

"Good evening sir.   I am EtaineNightBreed and this little one is Erik KostasNightBreed-Kaliberi.   My grandson and you seem to be mistaken about the NightBreeds.   WE are alive and well.   In fact we welcome you to The  Forge."   Erik howled loudly as his littls hands flailled and somehow a spark of a red flame travels toward the hooded and cloaked stranger.

Etaine's emerald hues widen as she looks at the flame heading toward the man's foot.   "I think he doesn't like demons much...."   Etaine 's nostrils twitched slightly as she looked at the strange and then her grandson. Erik.

July 21, 2015 18:19

  * with a flick of my fingers I extinguish the thread of flame as it approaches the gentleman.*  "Little Erik, that's not polite. Behave brattling  or no apprenticeship for you,lol."

July 21, 2015 18:52

Etaine sighes with relief as Breed extinguishees the thread of flame before it approaches the stranger.   "Now now  sweetling. You have your mother's mischievous streak and your father's flame.... but you behave  or grampa won't  apprentice you!"

Erik cooed softly  and fell asleep.  "I think you need to read the letter Dana sent about this little guy...He's not a total  demon....   "    Etaine  muttered softly  as she cradled the little one.    "Rhone and Mikhael   will get along with him just fine..."

July 21, 2015 19:03

His eyes watches the flame moving towards him, sighing before it vanishes and he shakes his head slightly before whispering out, "You may be alive, but you've become soft since the last time I spoke with you Forgist...the last time I walked this place you were able to spot a friend by the stain of his black energy...after all, My son seems to have made fine use of the tools that my friend from france sold him."  He grins and lets the hood fall to show his shifting eyes, as well as the new silver hair, and the younger face,  "How long has it been since Phantom walked this realm with you my friend?"

July 23, 2015 01:33

Etaine smiled softly at the little bundle in her arms and then looked to the man as he grins and lets the hood fall to show his features.   His eyes ever watchful especially on her mate Breed.  His facial features seemed younger and his silver hair lay abut his shoulders.

"Perhaps just alive.  But then a special surprise in the form of a delivery of little Erik. He's the newest NightBreed.   Rhone and Mikhael  figure he's their new brother and not their uncle.  Now what brings you back,  Phantom.   You can't get past this little demon....apparently he can sense them."

July 23, 2015 23:22

"Demonic hunting blood is the scent I get from your new brood Etaine, and I apologize now for not being around him much.  I've had the misfortune of running into those before and I plan to stay away from them."  He smiles as he lets a small fire on his finger float around the child, and it even goes through Etaine, showing her that it is merely an illision.

July 23, 2015 23:40

Etaine chuckled slightly as little Erik opened his indigo eyes.   "Demon hunting blood?  Little Erik has some demon in him from his father.  But Rhone and Mokhail do not.   They won't hurt you. They may do yuome good."

A small fire on Phantom's finger float around little Erik.   Eril cooed happily and moved his hands as the flame flated through her.  "Just illusin sweeting!"  "A small blue flame appeared and Erik cooed as it formed into a blue orb.

July 24, 2015 00:32

He blinks before scratching his head, "Just how long has that child been able to conjure flames?"

July 24, 2015 01:46

The sun was just beginning to set as Kraven awoken in his manor just outside the city limits. Tonight he had some things to do before he set out on his usual nightly business of hunting, information gathering and syndicate management. Taking a step into his study he pressed a hidden button underneath his desk as the wall behind it slid open to reveal a 12th century plate of armor and a sword. Taking the sword and wrapping it in cloth he quickly pressed the button once again to close the wall back into the painting frame which was attached to the wall in halfs.

Stepping outside his manor he used his vampiric speed to reach the city, and the business district, within a few moments. As he stood outside the shop door he could smell and hear a few voices. A man, woman...child? But there was something else, a familiar scent he had run into before. Opening the shop door he took a few steps inside and stopped short of the people gathered around. His sword tucked away in its sheath and wrapped in cloth was firmly in his right hand. "I heard this was a blacksmiths establishment."

July 24, 2015 17:37

Etaine heard the bell above the door to The Forge jingle and  she looked at the man who had walked through the door.

"Welcome to The Forge.  I am Etaine NightBreed and this is my mate EirieNightBreed.  How may I help?"

Etaine smiled gently as she nodded toward Breed.   "Eirie can assist you shortly. This bratling is my first grandson, Erik."  

July 25, 2015 00:52

He smiles as he makes the flame split in two and dance around the flames gently before he looks to Eirie and Etaine, "I actually stopped by to say that I'll be running the Charms shop till Laci and Kati get back and I was hoping you would resume supplying it with the items you guys might have been.  Like any cursed blade some voodoo guy would look for in the occult, or other such crap we all know doesn't really work in rituals that are publicly found."

July 25, 2015 01:08
Arianna Kinsale

A  small cloaked figure slipped through the door. But the bell above the door did not jingle nor was she readily noticed.  She desired only to wait her turn in line.  She swept the long skirt of her dress away from the males in the shop.

She clutched a white envelope in one small hand and a small satchel in another.  She looked at the man who made a flame spilt in two and dance around the floor.  She smiled slightly but then composed her facial features to appear focused on the babe in the other woman's arms.

She was there to apply for a position as an au pair and to observe people in general.  She felt drawn to the man who smiled at the woman and the small babe.  She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts and to remind herself of the duty she was to undertook at the bequest of her former teacher.

July 25, 2015 01:55

As he waited for their response he felt a bit of his shadow stretch up and whisper into his ear while a strange scent hit him and he looked around for a bit, trying to find where it was coming from until his eyes caught sight of the smaller cloaked figure, he tilted his head slightly and waved, the flames splitting once more, now shifting into little dancing figures that pair up and start waltzing.

July 25, 2015 19:51
Arianna Kinsale

She stiffened her back when the strange man caught her in his view   He plain facial features hardened as he tilted his head and waved toward some dancing flames.

" *******!"  she muttered to herself and she turned away from him.  She placed her reference letter and her small satchel on one of the glass counters  A pair of old fashioned ornate silver baby rattles caught her attention and they disappeared from the display case  Another smaller silver rattle with runes on it caught her icy blue ones.  The perfect rattle for her new charge a few small changes and it would be the same as the other two rattles.  Little ones were to be treated the same and given no special privileges in front of the parents but if she had a special one it was her own concern.

She laid a few gold coins on the glass counter from her small reticule that hung from her small wrist.   She decided a different course of action was needed to meet the NightBreed brood.  

July 26, 2015 16:30

  * Looks at Phantom as I push aside what had been on my mind prior.*

              " For my part I don't see any issues being able to do that, Etaine might be awhile as she is restarting on stock again..  "

  * Turning a bit more I look at the gentleman with the wrapped bundle securely gripped in his hand.*

   " It is, I handle the Blacksmithing and gun smithing, how can I be of assistance?"

July 26, 2015 18:56

He nods to his friend and then turns to leave, the dancing flames slowly fading as he walks to the door, nodding to the cloaked one and then left, something telling him he wasn't welcome near them.

July 26, 2015 19:12

  * calls to Phantom as he heads towards the door.*

             " Good seeing you again Phantom, let me know what you need there "  * smiles*

July 26, 2015 19:16

Etaine watched as Phantom left the shop and  little Erik let out a howl as the man left.

"I will let you knowwhen I restock and I will send some supplies your way."

July 26, 2015 19:21

Walk back in holding a large bag of gold with a slightly irritated look, "So...Here I was walking about, minding my own business when a human who seemed to be able to spot non-humans starts screaming about me being evil and trying to destroy the world.  When I tried to explain I haven't done that in a long time he threw a bag of gold at me and then ran like I was going to destroy him if he didn't."  He throws the bag behind the counter, making sure it would land harmlessly on one of the shelfs before looking around, "And before you ask, no I didn't destroy him....I just sicced my dog on him."

July 27, 2015 17:45

Etaine had managed to get little Erik by feeding him and his brothers quickly.   After all the diaper changes and finally settling the twins down for their afternoon and little Erik in his small crib between the twins.

"Would a communal crib work Erik?  I need a triple stroller now as well....."     Etaine had walked out from the remodeled backroom with a baby catalogue in her hands.    "We need a part time helper as well."

Etaine looked and saw Phantom enter The Forge.   Before Etaine could ask him a question she was treated to a rather irate Phantom.   She listened quietly.  As the gold hit the shelf in a noisy clatter.  An outburst of irate howls and wails in tripilicate filled the backroom.

"And I am ready to sic Breed on you!"

July 27, 2015 18:58

His eyes snap to Etaine before he snaps his fingers, letting his dancing flames reappear before they solidify into life sized women with no true features then he looks at, "I made a mess and disturbed some babies, if they aren't happy, well, and unharmed in the next couple minutes, as well as sleeping, I'm going to be cursed by their mother by the look of things....please assist me."  He rubs his head as the four turn to Etaine and bow, two heading to help with babies, the remaining two heading to assist with the shop while he looks at Etaine, "Better?"

July 27, 2015 20:44

"Do you mind Phantom!    I will attend to them before these nurses give them eternal nightmares.   Thank you for the offer.  But I know the bratling who is causing the concern.  Thank you very much for the offer."

Etaine dropped the catalogue on the counter and walked past the 'two nuraes'.   "Ladies if you don't mind Phantom needs your help immediately!"

The two female figures with no faces left the nursery with one carrying something like a pacificer in it's cheek and the other had a rattle on it's form.

Etaine sighed as she checked the boys one by one  and they drifted back to asleep.

July 27, 2015 23:43

He shrugs and dismisses the nurses, leaving the figures that are helping clean and organize the store, "Disperse when you are finished please, and try not to annoy her any more than I have....thank you for this."  With that he turns to black flames and is gone.

July 28, 2015 04:53

    * returning from the store room checking my stock and noting what I need to re0order I snif and see Etaine upset.*

           " Okay what happened this time?? If it's the noise in general you know as well as I the little ones will be making noise and screeching till they get used to it all here.  I see Phantom has been here and gone and with you upset I surmise the two of you had another altercation. There has to be a way we can find middle ground within these walls, the shop is a neutral territory, You know where I stand hun on beings as a race preferring to make my opinions a person at a time.  I am also certain you meant no offense in anything said, as I doubt Phantom would cause harm to our family .  I'll talk to him and see if I can get this smoothed out, Some I think is how the new girl reacted to him being in here but not everyone will get along no matter what faction etc. * sighs*  Like I said i'll get things smoothed over."

       * passes Etaine my notebook with supplies needed*

 " would you look this over and add anything you need and we'll get it ordered tonight when most of our suppliers are awake"  * smiles at that thought* 

July 28, 2015 12:50
Lilly Emperium *Quietly she entered, never really sure anymore where she was welcomed. Keeping her cloak drawn and hood pulled. She quietly sat a small package on the counter.* July 31, 2015 18:39

"A large bag of gold that is residing above my work area near my favorite jewelry designs are kept along with my tools."   Etaine sighed sadly as she looked at Erik.    "The noise awoke little Erik and then Rhone woke up Mikhael and they were howling like an choir of outraged babies.   Erik sleeps so lightly....just like Erika did and so much like her.  Phantom caused the first indicate which woke the three bratlings up.    Then those things the poor boys.    One was wearing Erik's pacifier in it's cheek   and the other had Erik's rattle stuck in it's arse area."

Etaine looked toward the nursery and shook her head.   Please talk to him.  I know the shop is a neutral place.   I know where you stand firm on that. I support your actions ."

It was a gentle scold Erik was giving her and she smiled a bit at his gentle cajoling.  "Always the one to remind me when my head goes up my arse.  You usually pull it out fast enough.  Rhone and Mikhael like their new brother but it takes time for them to adjust to new things. Maybe that girl's reaction to Phantom upset them as well.  I know not all peoples are friends or allies.  There are certain  sensitivities between those of  different backgrounds. One person at a time. Talk to Phantom and tell him no harm.    He's still welcome here and anything he may need we can restock for him.   He can come and get what he figures what he needs."

Etaine accepts the notebook from Erik and glances at it.    Then she looks to see a small witch leaving The Forge.     She apparently needed to leave suddenly and Etaine glanced to the glass where rested some gold coins and a white envelope.   She frowned when she glanced at the glass display case containing silver baby rattles, rings bracelets and necklaces.    Several baby rattles were missing.   Especially the one she had made for little Erik.   The display case had contained only samples.   That the woman had somehow gotten them out of the locked glass case.   But she had paid for the three rattles.  Etaine would get that rattle back from the woman. That rattle was meant for her grandson.     Rhone and Mikhael would get the two silver rattles she had tucked away for them.   

Etaine picks up the white envelope and hands it to Erik.   "You check out the contents of this since it has your name on it.   "Could be a special order."  Etaine smiles and gives Erik a gentle kiss on his cheek.     "I will be in the nursery checking on the stuff you ordered  and adding what I need.  Then I will phone the orders in.   We definitely need some part time help around here."   

Etaine looked  as someone whose cloak was drawn and their hood pulled.   Etaine smiled and nodded to the cloaked figure.   The person had laid a small package on the counter.   

"Welcome to The Forge.  I am EtaineNightBreed.  This is mate EirieNightBreed.    Can we help you?  Rather can my mate help you?"      Just then a small cry sounded from the nursery.   "I will be back as soon as I can." Etaine went to the nursery  with the note pad and catalog in her hands.     "Hey there sweetlings.  Are we all awake now?"


August 01, 2015 16:03
Lilly Emperium *Reaching to the package, she opened it showing a set of broken sias. Softly she spoke, with a familiar voice* I know both of you.

*Turning she looked to Eirie as she slowly pushed her hood back* can they be fix Eirie?
August 01, 2015 17:20

A small paper envelope appears on the Forge's counter with the word, "Portable and temporal gate holding bags so I can condense some of the more dangerous items that need to be carefully cataloged as well hidden from people who know nothing about the darker magics."

August 01, 2015 19:18

   * walks to where Lilly stands as she pushes back her hood wit6h a smile*

           " You are welcome here anytime Lilly, ( looks at the breaks in the sai blades)  and yes these can be remade/repaired.. If you would like I can rune etch them so they will be harder to break. some people laugh at me because of the magic i use is slow to cast BUT the effects are the most long lasting around.. My master was one of the best at rune magics.. He was there when they forged Mjollner for Odin to give to Thor.... You give me a week and you will never know they were broken."


                       * The sudden appearance of an envelope upon the counter catches my attention, and I take a look at the writing upon the paper.  Upon reading the words I give a slight grin and pick the envelope up carefully placing it within my safe used for the more sensitive items I work with and keep safe for people.Sensing the sender, I cast a mental thought to them letting them know the envelope is in safe keeping for when they are ready for it.*


August 03, 2015 17:47
Lilly Emperium * smiling brightly at the news, it was a relief* Thank you Eirie. That was the set my uncle gave me, until now I have never had a problem. The rune would be awesome, take as much time as is needed. Papa Kain was the blacksmith in our family amongst other things. I wouldn't have known what to do nor if it could have been fixed. I would hug you right now, if I thought it was ok. August 03, 2015 18:32

  " Etaine won't mind, and neither would i,lol.  How have you been doing??"   *  Lifts the individual pieces and studies them closer as I chat with Lilly*

August 03, 2015 21:28
Lilly Emperium *smiling brightly, Lilly hugged him* thank you. I've been staying busy, I was actually training when they broke. How has everyone been here? Sounded like an extra cry from the back. I wasn't gone that long was I? August 03, 2015 22:56

  " We've had our twins and am now looking atfter Erika's bay while she is in back training with her master in magics further."

August 05, 2015 12:34
Lilly Emperium *smiling softly, Lilly chuckled* Eire I knew about your twins.....but when did Erika have a baby? I bet you and Etaine are enjoying being grandparents? August 05, 2015 13:09

Etaine  smiled as Rhone and Mikhael went back back to sleep of their bottles and diaper changes.  She looked down at little Erik who was wide awak cooing and gurgling.  He was making soft noises as if he were talking. 

"I an sure your brothers are fine.   As for you sweetling.  You are a stinker just like your mother was."

August 05, 2015 16:25

  "I found about him yesterday * laughs*. Seems Erika talked to her mother just before she headed North again."

August 05, 2015 18:21

Etaine comes out bringing little Erik in her arms.    She looks at Breed and Lilly.   "Erika was here for a short visit and gave little Erik to me....  She was married to Wish.  Apparently he was summoned back to his people and apparrently he won't back.  He was lost and  Dana advised her to send us their son to protect and rise as one of triplets.  

Etaine offered Lilly the opportunity to hold the baby.   "He was born several weeks ago and somehow Dana was able to 'age' him a bit.  He's human  more so than anything, Dana expects him to be a warlock of some talent or a castor .   For now he's just one of three little boys and he's a little NightBreed.  Erik Kaelen NightBreed.  Kael for short.   Kaelen was my father's name."

August 05, 2015 18:35
Lilly Emperium *chuckling softly* kids are funny that way sometimes.....I bet he's a handsome lil fella

*Seeing Etaine she smiled and willingly held him* oh you are a handsome lil fella. *smiling brightly, as she held him. Made her think of when hers were that small, and secretly she wished for more. In time maybe. Until then holding others always made her smile. Softly she whispered to him* Don't grow up to fast lil Erik...

*Looking to Etaine, abit of concern in her voice* how is Erika doing?
August 05, 2015 18:38

Etaine smiled softly as she looked at  little Erik.  "He looks like grandpa with the exception of his dark blue eyes.  He has Erika's tem[erment and his father's eyes.   An old soul he has and eyes see what his mother sees."

August 05, 2015 18:46
Lilly Emperium *Gently she tickled his chin, cheek and just played with him. Speaking gibberish to him, she heard what Etaine had said but just kept playing with him. She truly was weak when it came to children. Gently she kissed his forehead, nodding to Etaine she spoke softly* Sweetie, if I do not give him back now... I may wish to walk away with him.*softly she chuckled, letting them know she was kidding* He is such a sweetheart. Do you need anything for him...or them I should say? August 05, 2015 21:45

  * watches the interaction betwen Lilly and small erik with a smile.  Picking up the sais I place them on a work bench and switch on a led light and look closely at the breaks making mental notes of what I want to do to strengthen the metal grain before etching the runes into the blades and handles.*

August 06, 2015 20:35

Etaine watched as Lilly tickled his chin and cheek.   Etaine arched an eyebrow as Lilly spoke gibberish to him.  Etaine looked over at Breed and winked athim.   "You can hold him.  He likes people but it's strangee he reacted to a new customer we just had  and Phantom who stopped with a request."  

Etaine shrugged her shoulders.   "He can pick on somethings as young as what he is.   But when he arrived.  His garments were old fashioned and had lace on them.   The cutest little bonnet.  All satin handmad and well sewn.   Even his cloth nappies  each stitch perfect soft and gentle to the touch.  He even came with a list f instructions including nap times. The note was signed Dana Summa and Arianna Kinsale-Sommers   Erik, does Dana have a daughter?"

August 08, 2015 16:12
Lilly Emperium Maybe he can recognize certain demons? Or maybe something is attached to them? Some children are gifted at young ages with the ability to see what we can't. August 11, 2015 04:14

   " there is something for certain about him that didn't come from Etaine or my side of the family.   Little erik can already manipulate fire to a degree."

August 11, 2015 14:30

He walks into the Forge with his hood up, his cloak tightly wrapped around him, and he waved.  His hands were now completely covered in very fine leather gloves that seemed to have been made with small raised knuckles to support his punches.  His cloak was made from the darkest of materials while the underarmor he currently hid was fashioned from a Demolisher demon's nearly impenetrable skin and bone, and it was clear he was nervous from the glowing yellow eyes.  "Um...Eirie, are my portable pocket dimensions done?  I need them for the shop so I can finally set about putting Kati's more dangerous and unstable things somewhere that won't blow us all into some random existance....also, is Etaine still mad?"

August 12, 2015 00:11

  * notices Phantom walk in and nods with a smile..*  " No she's not angry Phantom, and I have the packets in the vault i use for the more sensitive items, let grab them for you."

    * walking into the forge area itself I unlock the wall vault and withdraw the packets Phantom was looking for.. After making certain the vault is relocked and wards reset I re-enter the main shop and hand them to Phantom.*

     " Safe and sound Phantom, How are you doing over there??"

August 12, 2015 16:48
Saja Wakahisa

Saja carried her Kaiken, bow and arrow for repair at The Forge.  The bell above the door jingled to announce customer.  Saja 's Kaiken needed the blade repaired  and the bow needed a bit of repair and a new string.

Saja kept a respectable distance but cautious distance from a tightly cloaked individual  who off to her side.She looked at his gloves  leather well made with small raised knuckles to aid in his fighting.  The dark shadow cloak troubled Saka but her intense curiosity of the being interested.  He had to be a demon and Saja had had enough experience with them to avoid them and give them wide berth. Saja listened quietly to the people in the shop.

"Portable pocket dimensions?   Random dangerous and unstable things? "    Saja smiled widely and spoke.  "Are you the one doing fortune telling?   Lots of interesting things have happened..... Are you still running the event?"

August 12, 2015 16:51

He blinks as he takes the packets, the bell having been missed while he'd been thinking.  The voice that spoke to him sounded femine and she had asked about the fortune telling he'd beening doing since someone had decided to play a prank on him while he'd slept.  He turned towards the voice and whispered to the now clearly female being, "I am the one who has beening doing them, and if you are one of the first ten to arrive before seven in the morning I tell them for free.  Otherwise it is a gold coin or five human dollars per fortune...though if I might ask miss, who are you and why are you so curious?" 

He felt his powers create a shadow gate in his shadow, a possible escape route now open should he need it, and he made sure the only indication of it occuring was the slight darkening of his shadow and the voices whispering to everyone in voices that seemed to quiet and far to be heard or understood.

August 12, 2015 17:01

   * Listens to the lady speak with Phantom as I look over the blade and the bow.*

        " The Kaiken Tanto I can repair and I have bow strings but the damage to the bow itself I'll have to get a hold of a friend to repair. I don't have any skill with Bowmaking unfortunately... And Lilly i will have your blades ready by the e4nd of the week * smiles at her* "

August 12, 2015 17:21
Saja Wakahisa

Saja cants her forehead as she smies widely. "Guilty conscience?  Saja then shook her head.  "First  time I ever hear a demon cursed to telling fortunes.    You will be telling them til you are blue in the face."

"Maybe you should go hide.   Whoever pissed you off, sure did you a great disservice.  Good luck and be careful.   You are telling loaded fortunes.  That must be some castor who cursed a demon!"

Saja placed a few gems on the counter.  "Will those pay for repairs?"  The small gems twinkled prettily as Saja seperated them.  "They are demon gem shards. not too rare if you know to look for them.  Do what you can with my Kaiken.  But please find a person with the skills to repair my bow or fashion a new one.  I will ay top price for excellent craftsmanship!"

August 12, 2015 17:37

  * laughs out loud at finding a master Bowyer, reaches over and picks up the phone on the counter placing a call to a man named Ken, after describing qwhat needs done i hang up.*

            " He will be here in about 15 minutes to look over your bow, and since he hand makes custom bows and arrows for a living, he'll do it justice.."

   * Turning my head I look at Phantom.*    " Think there might be a call for rune carved blessings on  small pocket sized stones?  I'm thinking of adding to the diversity and balance income.. If so I can have a dozen stones ready by end of next week give or take a day or two."


August 12, 2015 19:24

"You know how those blasted runes of yours work on certain demon's Erire, but if you happen to make some or need me to look up any demonic ones from my library I'm more than happy to help.  Though you know that finding the more...uncommon ones requires you to travel with a demon to my home realm...If you'd like just let me know if you want a portal set up there and I'll connect you to one of the unholy forests."  He shrugs and pauses before picking one of the woman's stones up with a critical eye and then sighing, "Lesser, you could have gotten a much better one if you'd waited till this demon's soul was fully curropted, if you would like Miss, I'll show you how to harvest something much better than these that have far more uses."  He winks at her before turning to Eirie and bowing, he then slips into his shadow while the voices slowly vanish.

August 13, 2015 01:12

Etaine had been busy with Lilly when she heard Phantom's voice.   "No I am not mad at you.    Little Erik didnt like those 'nurses'  the bratling.   Rhone and Mikhael followed their little brother's lead and addedm their concerns to the issue already in an attempt to protect their brother.  The three are bonding very well Erik is glued to both of them."

Erik cooed at Phantom and a blue fire orb appeared in front of Phantom. The orb opened and a small phoenix appeared in flames.  "His father was a half demon.  But he's pure witch Phantom.  Could a fire elemental not sure.  Nothing special in my background at all.  Just a wife and mom these days and glad of it."

Etaine chuckled slightly.  "Lilly if you want to play with Erik. Go for it.   As for those gems young lady.  I will look at them and figure their value."

August 18, 2015 15:22
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded to Eirie* take your time my friend. I'm not pressed.

*Smiling softly to Etaine as she coddled little Erik* having even a little bit of demon, ain't all bad Etaine. It will though make him more sensitive to knowing they are there.

*smiling Lilly was enjoying playing with him. Hidding her face, then uncovering say boo*
August 18, 2015 15:53

Etaine smiled at Lilly and looke at little Erik  who made a small icelandic axe appear in his little hand.  "Well grandpa I think yo have another axe wielder...and upcoming warrior too.  Get on the ball you old fart!:"

Etaibe burst out with a merry laugh when two voices from the back nursery sounded off and she ran to the nursery.   "Can you handle three of them axe wielding bratligs Breed?"   THe little icelandic were just small objects for now but Etaine knew by the single rune on them.  Those little axes would grow with the boys and the small fire whip in little Erik would do the same.

Somewhere, somehow Wish was watching over his little sonand he would make sure he grew up where he wascherished and loved for who he was.

August 18, 2015 20:33
Lilly Emperium *Lilly watched the axe form, and softly chuckled* just be careful lil man. *Hearing the other two she giggled* Etaine, are you sure you can handle all three?

*chuckling she cooed to Erik* what else can you do lil one? So young, so full of energy and life. You will do great things
August 19, 2015 01:33
Kenny R

  * The dorr chimes as I enter the Forge after having gotten a call from Breed. I pause upon entering seeing Breed and Etaine talking to a woman whom is playing with a child I do not know and yet they all do.*

          " I believe you called me for something Breed, where is this bow you need remade??"

August 22, 2015 18:10

Etaine went to the counter and smiled at Kenny R.  "Been a long time no see Kenny Ripper.  The young lady left the shop rather quickly.   She left payment of course and will trust the bowyer to do the needed work.  It's a beautiful bow  well made.

"The little bratling that Lilly is holding  is the first grandson ....but brother to Rhone and Mikhael for now.  Erika married and lost Wish... but little Erik is a joy though he is a bratling..."

August 22, 2015 18:20
Lilly Emperium *Turning, Lilly acted like she was covering Erik's ears* he's no bratling.... Just needs to be spoiled a lil bit.

*giggling she looked to little Erik* ain't that right lil man. Oooh what about a horse.... I bet you boys would love to ride
August 28, 2015 23:57

"The Breed sweetlings would love a horse maybe when they are a bit older."  Etaine laughed softly as Lilly playfully tried to cover little Erik's ears.

Etainr heard a pair of the soft coos, the jingle of rattlesand she shook her head.   "Seems Rhone and Mikhael areawake now  Would you like to see the twi thirds of the Breeds you havent seen ?"   Etaine motioned toward the back rook.

"Phantom the gems are adequate so no worries.  Would you also like to see Rhone and Mikhael?    Kenny, could Lark help out for awhile till we find a nanny or part time help for watching the boys?"

August 29, 2015 17:32
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled* I think I know a Shetland that would love a new home or at least New riders. *nodding to Etaine, Lilly smiled softly* I would love to see them. * Going the direction Etaine motioned, she smiled as she saw them* oh my....handsome lil men August 29, 2015 17:41
Kenny R

  " I am sure she would be delighted to help out Etaine and I shall get right on getting the bow work done for your customer.. "

August 29, 2015 18:06

he blinks and looks around, having gotten stuck hanging from the ceiling when he tried to shadow walk.  He then looks at Etaine and rubs his head, "Um...I'm good, if they start throwing anti-demon magic like someone in here smells of at me I'll be unable to keep my I'll stay here....nice and stuck."  He shrugs and then seems to fall asleep, snoring slightly.

August 29, 2015 20:37

"Thanks Kenny!"   Etaine shrugs her shoulders at Phantom's remarks.   "Little Erik has a bit of demon in him but he isn't into anti demon magick. "   Erik cooes and gurgles innocently.   A silver rattle appears next to Phantom who is hanging from the ceiling.   The rattle whacks Phantom on his nose gently.

Two other rattles appear in front of Phantom and  Etaine giggles slightly.   "Seems the boys want to give you their rattles as peace offering.   "But you stay there and roost. Just don't scare an customers away!"

August 29, 2015 23:38

He yelps at the rattle hitting him in the nose before falling to the floor, his head now bured in the floor while he seems to sigh and he tried to pull himself free without any success, "Um....why is my power no longer working in here?   Also, why is there a box full of knifes in the floor?"

August 29, 2015 23:46

Etaine turns and looks as Erik's rattle connects with Phantom's nose.  Phantom yelps at the rattle hitting him in the nose.  Phantom lands on the floor where he sighs and trys to pull himself free. 

Etaine makes the rattle appear in her hand  and she looks at it closely.   "WHO has messed with this little rattle....anti demon magick in this one...."     Etaine looks toward  Lilly and then she gathers the other rattles quickly.   "I am  stowing these rattles in the safe hun.  Please lock them up tight..."  She looks at Phantom  and at the box of knives.   "I don't know why?"

August 30, 2015 01:36
Lilly Emperium *Lilly looks to Etiane* not me.....wouldn't be in my best interest August 30, 2015 01:42

The young Native woman, entered the shop. Long brown hair tied back rested over one shoulder. She was wearing a denim skirt that sat just above her knees. And a soft blue tank covered by a denim jacket.  In her hands was a very adorned leather ****h of over four feet long. Glancing around she makes her way to the counter.Then tapps at the couter while waiting. She could hear the voices but minded her own business,while pushing s stray of hair over her ear, which twitched slightly.

August 30, 2015 11:10

"I know Lilly. No worries about you.     Hun  woud you see to the customer please and see what she needs?   I am sorry miss  but you are welcome to The Forge.   We have a fine selection of weapons and a good display of jewelry as well.   Take your time and look around!"

Etaine closed the door softly and jined Lilly in the nursery.   "Life has gotten quite lively with new addition,  Rhone and Mikhael are laid back.   One is a rune castor and the other will be a forger   Both may adopt the way of the warrior for awhile if they choose.  But the NightBreed blood of their father runs strong in them.  Demon hunters I think not!  Someone has mucked or messed here in the shop..."

August 30, 2015 16:22

    * walks to the front from where I had been reworking one of Lilly's weapons and notice Phantom on the floor and a new customer... Blinking a couple of times at the sight of Phantom in his predicament I turn my attention to the lady whom Etaine had  spoken to.*

           "Good day miss, I am Eirie Nightbreed how may we be of service this day?"

August 30, 2015 17:21

She didnt know of the man with his head stuck in the floor but turned to hear the women speak to whom she figured was her husband.  Seeing the man enter and ask her. She gives him a soft smile then lays her case on the counter. " I understand this to be a metal and gun shop, but I was hoping that maybe.... You may of know of some one who could repair these for me." She unties the leather roll then rolls it out slowly. One was a tomahawk roughly about two hundred and fifty years old, the other was a very adroned ash bow.

August 30, 2015 18:05
Lilly Emperium *Lilly looked to the twins and smiled. So small and so perfect. All this bout babies, was kinda making her want another. Smiling she chuckled* so one will be just like their father, that's good.

*A hint of concern crossed her face as Etaine mentioned demon hunters* could one make it look that way to draw attention away from them
August 30, 2015 19:14

He waits to see if he would be getting any help, but when none comes about he sighs and starts shifting through the treasure he'd discovered in the floor for a bit, only finding simple blades.  He growls and looks around before shrugging as best he can and once more goes to sleep, sticking out of the floor like a sick and dead corn stalk that had mutated badly.

August 30, 2015 23:20

She turns while waiting for the man to tell her if he can help. Brown eyes fall to the man sticking out of the floor still. She wasnt sure how to even begin to free him from the floor. But something told her that she should. Touching him lightly she tips her head and examines the sitution. Dark hands grip his feet and she begins to pull him out. Her voice was soft as she continues. "I am so so sorry if I hurt you at all, but I think you are coming free."

August 30, 2015 23:28

His snores can be heard before he whines out at the attempt to free him, proving usless, almost as if he had become the sword Excaliber in its stone prison, "Not ready to wake yet....five more years and I'll make the waffles."

August 30, 2015 23:42

  * Looks over the tomahawk and the bow and seeing the ancestory within them smiles, eyes crinkling closed just a bit*  

     " Actually miss I do know of someone and he should be about here someplace unless he snuck out.."

* Peering about I notice ken at a coner work bench studying the other bow he was to rework.*

     " Hey Ken, got another one for you and this one is certainly right up your alley old friend."

* Turning back to the young appearing lady, having well learned appearances mean naught now a days I point towards Ken as he approaches carrying the other bow he had been called in to look at.*

       " That gentleman there is a master fletcher and bowyer, if he can't fix it or remake it I doubt anyone can short of magics and I wouldn't want to attempt that with treasured heirlooms such as these."

August 31, 2015 07:52

She turned back to Mr Nightbreed and smiles. ""Oh really that would be fantasic." She watchs as Mr Nightbreed pointed to the man coming towards them. She loooks to him and smiles. "I have nothing against magics, but yes your right I would much rather someone whom can fix them properly.They are the last of their lines to be truthful." She looks back at the mans body in the floor, then back to the two men.

"Is it a costum for men to be buired like this here?" Yes she was a bit slow in the ways of humanity, but only because she spent most of her time hidden a way in the woods. Phantom was helping her with that but seemed to have disappear.

August 31, 2015 10:21

  " Actually no, I believe that was a mishap of sort * grins* pardon me while I see if i can extricate Phantom from my floor."

   * walking to where Phantom is stuck in the floor, I survey the situation then begin tracing archaic symbols from Iceland about the circumference of the hole, upon finishing I make certain they are drawn correctly and murmur the activation word, reaching out to take a hold of Phantom's jacket/shirt collar, I pull backwards gently as the hole wodens enough to safely remove his head from it's entombment .*

  " Okay now what blades you talking about being under my floor Phantom?"

August 31, 2015 16:36
Kenny R

    * As I move forwards at my friend's motion, I notice the strong features of the woman and the ancient artifacts she has brought to be repaired... My mind running through the bloodlines I knew of the native races trying to figure from which she was from.. As I stepped closer my own features are in stark evidence of my own ancestory from the Arizona desert.   I step to the counter and look at the items carefully, my eyes taking in the damage and what might be needed to repair them if possible or remake them if not.*

              " My friend is correct these are indeed items to be cared for and I can assure you that I can repair or failing the possiblility of repair to be able to refashion them in the ways of your people.  To be honest if any cracks in the bow are bad enough to warrent discontinuation of it's use it would be better to fashion another from the same wood and prepare it once more in the ways of the old ones. The hawk could be splinted if needed or I can refashion another handle should it be required also using the same woods and techniques.  The final decision would be yours of course plus  my workshop is in the New England region, not here in New Orleans but i could bring some of my tools down here if you would prefer the work done in this area."

August 31, 2015 18:25

She watch the man and could tell that he would be able to understand her problem with her weapons. She smiles and glances up at him. "I have no problem with you taking them to be fixed sir. " she then grins."I am Beothuk our band would be among the first nations of canada now but....I am the last of my lines. The others died in the middle of the 1800s. "

She picked up the hawk and smiles while placing it in his hands. "I trust you know what your doing. If you have any questions about the wood or such I am not hard to find." She smiles then turns hear Mr Nightbreed say Phantom. And smiles at him softly.

August 31, 2015 19:42

He blinks weakly, his body feeling suddenly weaker than ever before as his notices the hissing his cloak is giving off before it detaches itself from him and moves away, leaving him kneeling on the floor, his normally silver hair a deep black, his once shifting eyes now a human brown, and his former scent is now a human's as well.

He tries to reach for his power to chase whatever illness he had off but finds his power seems out of his reach, meaning he was for now in every way a human.  His eyes widen and he looks at Eirie, "I can't use my power Eirie....I can't even reach it!"  

August 31, 2015 22:14
Lilly Emperium *As Lilly talked with Etaine and played with the boys. She faintly heard phantom, yet caught the smell of a different scent. Setting Erik down with the twins, she looked to Etaine and whispered* something is wrong in the shop....*slipping out of the room she made her way back into the shop* August 31, 2015 23:04

Etaine watched as Lilly played with the boys     Lilly had a look of concern on her   face as she whispered to her.   "Go check on things and I will see to the boratlings."

September 02, 2015 21:54

Dema wasnt sure what had happened just then. The only thing she knew was it was Phantom, but now something was very wrong. Her hands tembled slightly, as her eyes flashed to amber. Her voice was scared like for him. "Please someone do something." She had to control her self or she would be sitting up top of one of the stores shelves in her 25 pound Lynx form. This likely wouldnt make the store keepers happy.

September 02, 2015 22:28

He touches his brow and is sweating profusly before looking to Eirie, "I need stop my demonic power....from destroying my body."  He coughs and seems unable to support his own weight before falling to his knees and panting, shaking as the demonic power in him seems to start slowly working it's way to his core.

September 02, 2015 23:59
Lilly Emperium *Entering the shop area, her eyes went straight to phantom. she heard what phantom had said. Moving close to him, Lilly spoke. Deep concern was in her voice.* phantom, what...what do you need? Let me help you up. *kneeling down beside him, there were few things she could do to help him. She knew nothing of this, though she could help move him, if he let her* September 03, 2015 00:21

A small silver baby rattle appeared over Phantom 's head.  It hovered there for a moment and it broke in half.  A small red fire orb landed on Phantom.  A small cry of a baby was heard in the back nursery.

September 03, 2015 00:29
Demasduit That was it for her, between the women coming out of no where and the spooky rattle thing and a baby crying. Nothing but clothes sat where she had stood. Now pacing on the top of the highest shelve was a 25 lbs lynx growling slightly, but with a very concerned look in her amber eyes. September 03, 2015 00:39

He hisses in pain before feeling something land on his head with someone spoke in his ear, making him notice that his sight was gone, leaving him in darkness while he swore weakly, "Someone, get me something to make demonic power go domant....hurry Please!"

September 03, 2015 00:46

The small fire orb grew bigger as it rose above Phantom's body and hovered near his hand.    The orb encircled Phantom's whole hand and the ring on his finger  was encased in the shimmery flame.  The ring fall off of his finger and orb contained it.  

The soft gurgling cry of a baby was heard.  A small sound of victory in the little chortle of glee and soft cooing was heard in the back.

September 03, 2015 01:14

He weakly moves away form the orb and the ring, his power quickly moving to heal the injuried he'd been given from it while his sight slowly returns and he feels his strength coming back to him, "I...that did it get on me when I....Pestelience."  His rage sparks then, his eyes slowly bleeding to a pure black as his teeth elongate and his skin starts to blacken while small bits of dust seem to start slipping out of him.

September 03, 2015 01:18

The small  fire orb contains the fire perfectly.    Etaine exits the back nursery with little Erik in her arms.  She stares down at the little black panther like cub in her arms.

She shakes her head as the little pather kit yawns and purrs in her arms.   "I think we have another little shifter in the family grandpa Breed.    What happened out here?   Erik was acting funny but Rhone and Mikhael are sleeping again."    Etaine bent down and picked up the fire orb containing the ring and two halves of the rattle hovered as Etaine held the orb.   The orb was concealed as the silver rattle appeared aain.   "A cursed ring and my grandson 's blessing to carry on my curse.   "This rattle was made to protect him by his father... "

September 03, 2015 01:25
Demasduit She moves from shelf to shelf, carefully not touching or moving anything as she does. Amber eyes focus of the panther cub, then move to her mate. Running through her mind was what could she do. All she could think of was one word. she doubted it would work but she would try, then venture down to investigate the small purring bundle that peaked her curiosity. She looks at him and softly speaks, yes words form in her form. "Sulawesi..." September 03, 2015 01:39

"Welcome to The Forge Miss Lynx and find peace and contentment within.   This is my grandson Erik."    Etaine sat down on the wooden floor of the shop  in one graceful fluid movement with little Erik in her arms.

She set little Erik on the floor so the lynx could see him.   "Sometimes the shop gets a bit of a distrubance in it.  But we are peaceful.   It has been a long time since I have seen a kindred spirit ..."

September 03, 2015 01:46
Demasduit Sitting on the last shelf, she tips her head looking at her Sulawesi,whispering his name again. Then slowly her eyes move back to the small kit now on the floor with the lady. She listened and the black tips of her ears twitched softly. Amber eyes moved from kit to Phantom. She wasn't sure if what was happening but slowly slinked down from her hiding spot and moved closer to the black ball of fur. A soft purring begins as she moved within afoot of the kit placing her chin on the wood while blinking at the kit softly. September 03, 2015 01:56

Etaine's emerald green watched as the amber hues moved from Phantom to the little black ball of fur..    She spoke gently to the beautiful lynx and said "You must calm down and then you can help your friend Phantom.

Little Erik purrs softly canting his little head attempting to get on his little paws.  "See my son welcomes you and knows you are indeed a kindred spirit."

Etaine wondered who Phantom was muttering about.   She wasn't a fan of 'trouble' in the shop but she wanted the lynx calmed down and Phantom back in his form minus his bad temper for the moment.

September 03, 2015 09:10

His eyes slowly move to his mate, unfocused and without reconizing her before he tilted his head as some deep instinct told him that should he harm this being, he would destroy himself just to make sure she was safe.  Then his cloak appears and seems to wrap him in a cacoon before he fell into his shadow and vanished from the shop, off to either cool his anger, or to unleash it on something that wasn't precious to him.

September 03, 2015 15:08
Lilly Emperium *reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a purple petal. Rolling it between her fingers she placed it in her mouth. With a soft sigh she watched her friend vanish. Knowing he needed to calm down. She could see, the unspoken between him and the lynx. *

*Looking to little Erik, Lilly smiled softly* ya know Etaine , some don't figure it out til their older.
September 03, 2015 15:50

Turning her head she glances at Phantom and Lilly, then softly purrs at the small ball of fur. She looksup at Etaine and whsipers softly. "He is Beautiful." While her nose goes to his to nudge him to try to stand. "I would change Mrs NightBreed, but with Phantom loosing his powers the way they did. My clothes are across the store by the cash regester, they shift with  me. But not this time. "She looks up at the vampire women and tips her head softly,while putting her paw out to her. "Evening, I am Dema. Will he be ok, I have never seen him like that."

September 03, 2015 18:34

"Take little Erik to the back room and I will get your clothing for you  Miss Demasduit.   Little Erik felt thenudge t get to his little paws and suceeded then plopped on his little haunches.  He tried again and stood on his little legs.  "He is a beautiful kit.  I am sure Phantom will be okay."

Etaine quickly retrieved Demasduit's clothing from near the cash register.

September 03, 2015 23:38
Demasduit Using her nose to push him along Dema helps the kit to the back, little legs getting tired she picks him up while purring softly and bring him in the back. Amber eyes search for a place to place the little fellow so he wouldn't get hurt. Nuzzeling him softly she finds a soft chair and plops up on it with the kit, keeping him from the edge. September 03, 2015 23:45

Etaine looked at Lilly and smiled sftly. "He is quite something.  Shifting that early is unusual though...."  Etaine watched as Demasduit nudge little Erik making him use his little paws.   Etaine now realized that the cat side of Erik and possibly the twins had to nurtured earlier than she had anticipated.

Etaine watched as Dema picked him up gently and carried him in the back room.  She found Dema ina soft chair with  Erik beside her.

Etaine slipped n the small bathroom and laid Dema's clothing on a small table.  "I put your clothing in the bathroom for you."

September 04, 2015 00:04
Demasduit Furry paws became a play hing for the little panther as he fell on his back and swatted at her paws. She purred softly at him while waiting for Mrs Breed to come in. She watched her come in and nodded. "Ok Thank you. May I ask, is he yours?" she said while gently poking him to get his attention back at her paw instead of the button attached to the chair. September 04, 2015 00:12

"Erik is my dauhter's son.  He is my grandson.   We have the privilege of having him with us.  My daughter Erika was married but widowed shortly before he was born.   He is uncle to my twins Rhone and Mikhael."

Etaine watched as Erik swatted at her paws.

September 04, 2015 00:17
Demasduit She listened and watched Erik. Amber eyes bouncing between him and his grandmother. "if you ever need some one to watch him. I am always around, when Phantom is busy. I am trying out this haman thing a bit more, but if you need a cat around to help him out I can come around and hang out with him." She looks back at her an sighs softly. "You may want to come here with him, so I can change. He's still a bit wobbly, wouldn't want him to fall of the chair." September 04, 2015 00:27
Lilly Emperium *Lilly took Dema's paw and and shook it. Slowly she nodded* Give him some time, Dema....I've seen him in a form of furry simular to this, but not quite this bad. He will be...he will be ok. *stopping herself she shook her head* where are my manners..... I'm Lilly.

*Looking to Etaine,Lilly chuckled* i would offer to help teach him to hunt....once he was older, and if he chose to learn.
September 04, 2015 05:25

"I am sure Phantom will calm done soon enogh.  Dema. I accept  your offer in regard for Erik.  He needs to learn what his cat needs to be doing.  But I must warn you  Rhone and Mikhael may shift in time though not as soon.  I have put a charm on their necks to prevent them from doing so.  Erik apparently will shift naturally.... But I am now wondering if I am wise in preventing the twins from doing it sooner."

Etaine went over to the soft chair and picked up little Erik gently.  "Sweetlng, I hope this is the start of something positive in you.  Accepting your cat this early is a great responsibility and never one to abuse."

Etaine looked at Lilly.  "That will be choice.   One he must make and bear the responsibility for.  He must be guided and mentored wisely. "

Etaine had had no one to guide or mentor her when she was cursed with er cat form.  She held to the Warrior's code of honor.

September 04, 2015 09:29

She pounces down and purrs softly. The cat enters the bathroom and shifts quickly. She then quickly redresses her self  and lets her hair fall straight. Hearing Etaine she smiles while coming back out. "I would be glad to help. And as Miss lilly said be careful as he may shift a couple different cats before settling on one." She stops and leans against the wall while listening to them. "My clan was Lynxs first its just the cat of our tribe. I have no worries with the other two as well, if they turn." Picking up the bag she had with her stuff she pulls free a bottle of water and sips some, before speaking again. ."For cats hunting come naturally actually, its part of play as a kit and then just gets better with age. Fighting and protecting him self will become his challenge.Which will need train equally in human and cat form, Miss lilly my be better stated for those tasks as I am not the easest of poeple to teach combat."

September 04, 2015 10:39
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded to Etaine* yes I know. Much comes from guiding and patience....

*Giving a nod to Dema* hunting comes naturally to a wolf as well... but techniques for a quick and clean attack are often picked up from watching the elders hunt. Also, someone going with him early on can save him from an unexpected attack.

*Giving a chuckle* teaching to protect himself and to fight is not that hard
September 04, 2015 11:34

"I had no mentor but my two guardians  one aged warrior who served my father and a midwife/mage who taught me the Warrior's way and that of what spells the aged Healer had.  I learned by watching the cats when a child and later I knew I had learned right.   Both as a cat and a human to train and fight.... Rhone and Mikhael may well choose what Erik has chosen.    Dema can you work with one or two or possibly kits?"

Etaine looked at Lilly and nodded  "Learning to protect one self and to fight is not hard.  It takes wisdom to learn the difference and be wise in picking the battle or the war.  I need to talk to Breed if he wishes me to remove the charms from their necks and see what rranspires."

September 04, 2015 15:24

"No it may not be hard, But Miss Lilly I am my self not versed in modern combat. Is the reason I said it. I have spent 90 % of the last two hundred years as a lynx. And my human years as a Chieftains wife, I can handle a tomahawk. knife and a bow. But they where mostly used for hunting. Back in my time Women did not fight as you can imagine."  She looks to Etaine then smiles. "But for the lynx, I can and will do anything you wish of them to learn. "

September 04, 2015 15:26
Lilly Emperium I ment no disrespect ladies, please don't take it that ways. Etaine, I understand what it's like, the lack of a mentor. I chose the wolf, and was lucky I grew up with one at my side. But neither mother nor father explained any of it to me.

Dema it may come more natural to me as I was trained from a young age. I think the theory was boys would follow father, girls could protect their homes. I was the odd ball...I chose to follow father... my children trained as well, I just wasn't as strict. I want them to be, who they want to he!l with tradition...

*nodding to Etaine* yes knowing the difference is most important as well as knowing words can bring peace or do more damage than any sword.

*looks to Dema* those weapons are still of value
September 04, 2015 15:58

Etaine looked at Dema.   "Before I met Breed,  I was a mercerany or sword for hire....I was exiled from my people.  I followed the prophecy given the path of the Warrior, Witch and Wayfarer plying either skill to those whou could pay for it or gave it freely.   My father fell in battle,  my mother in child birth and I was given to two aged ones who had no child of their own.   Si I wandered singing the litany of  Spells, Steel and Sorrow.  I came here to this realm seeking one last battle in which to die.   Instead I found live and my soul mate Breed."

"Lilly, I am not upset at anything spoken here in this room...'

September 04, 2015 17:50

She listens and nods at the right times. She was learning from each women of the lives they had. She gives each a smile and then sighs softly. "Ok I am sorry but I am not going to train killers. I will teach the kits what they need to survive in this realm as Cats, I'll even give them the chance of learning what their human bodies can actually do because of the cat. They will learn basic fighting skills in cat form and what they can do in human form will depend on what they learn. If I find one becoming blood thirsty I will reprimand. Killing will only be allowed if it is to protect them self or the need of food. And I will not unleash them on humans." She walked over and then petted the small kit. "Erik I know you under stand, can you show your Nana what a beautiful baby you are." She smiles then allows a soft rumble to escape her chest to encourage the little baby back.

September 04, 2015 18:21
Lilly Emperium *Looking at Dema, Lilly's face showed her displeasure in her words. Without even thinking she snipped* I wasn't taught to be a killer first... I was born one first. The children, irregardless of what they are taught.....will choose their own paths. Trust me.

*Lilly closed her eyes for a moment. As she rubbed her forehead, a wolf's howl could be heard from outside* mmmmmspeaking of guardians and protectors....*softly she sighed*

September 05, 2015 05:42

She sighs. While moving from Erik. "Miss Lilly I think your missing the whole point in this dicussion. And I am sorry to of offended you. The point was that a cat whither its a house cat or big cat of the wilderness. Is a cat, not a wolf. Cats have differant requirements then a wolf." She looks to Etaine and sighs. "The choice is yours mame, I never ment to start a ruckus over this. And its apparent Miss lilly wishs to train your grandson herself." She sips her water and places it back into her bag. "I'll just leave a number with Mister Ken, so I can return when my items are fixed.. " She purrs softly at Erik placing a soft kiss to his forehead, slips hrough the door in to the store to find Ken.

September 05, 2015 10:57
Lilly Emperium *shaking her head Lilly * that wasn't what I ment Dema. My apologize.....

*Lilly looked to Etaine, a hint of sorrow hid in her eyes* I am sorry..... I shall take my leave. There are some things I should tend to.....
September 05, 2015 13:55

She stops at the cash and urns around wayching Lilly go to Leave, she sighs as she looks to her. "Miss Lilly, I am sorry. Can we just agree to disagree? Differant ways of life we both have. These people are your friends. And I am just a bystander whom happened to be out of her element. " She puts out her hand to the lady vampire. "We can just let Mrs Nightbreed make her choice. I'll have no ill will either way. Friends?"

September 05, 2015 16:09

Etaine had been listening to the talk between Lilly and Dema.  She was also occupied with Erik in her arms.  He was squiring and wriggling in her arns.

"I know you understand bratling.   You sure about this choice.  Once made your path will not be an easy and you must learn what is it to embrace your cat inside.But t's a wonderful gift, Erik."

Etaine set little Erik on the floor and the kit cried and howled pitiously.   "You must take the first step on your own.   Erik got up on hiswobbly legs and weaved falling on his rump.   But he made it to the doorway and sat down and he howed pitously for his new friend Dema.

Rhone and Mikhael had been watching intently as if something inside them had awaked and they both wiggled and  squirmed in their cribs.  Etaine looked at her twims and said softly.  "Are you bratling sure....Once you accept this path you can never turn back  and  Erik will be your true bother in all things and you three will be bonded in all things."

Etaine quickly removed the charms from their necks and took the twins who had shifted to two small panther kits.   She took  them to the front of the shop and set them on the floor.    The twins rose to their wobbly legs and some how they made it to Erik's side.Three smal black panther like kits with eyes of amber gold sat in fromt of Dema.



September 05, 2015 18:26

She had honestly forgetton the sound of pitiful cring kits and her hands went to her over sensitive ears. She looked down to see Erik then not far behind him two other small panthers.  Her eyes shot from them to there mother and back again.She slowly released her ears and bent down to them giving each a soft scratch. She looks to Etiane and smiles. "I'll do my very best by them. Thank you." She picks up the three and looks in eachs eyes softly. "We will start here and as your feet catch up with your mind we will venture outside." She kisses eachs nose and lays them back on the floor. She looks to Etiane and smiles. "I do hope the Mr can handle four cats rumbling around this place."

September 05, 2015 19:37

He walks into the Forge, cuts and scraps on his body still healing as he looks around and then pauses when he sees Dema with some little panther kittens around her.  He stands there for a bit and scratches his head, giving his body and clothing enough time to heal and repair before he smiles, ", does anyone want to tell me why my Mate has a couple kittens around her?  Also why they seem to be hanging on her every word?"  He then blinks at Etaine and then looks around, "Wait...where is that little one you had earlier?"

September 05, 2015 20:32

Etaine watched as Dema covered her ears quickly.   Erik and his brothers made their pleas and choices known to Dema in the only way they could. 

Etaine smiled softly and replied "Do the best you can for them  I thank you in return." She turned to Lilly and spoke to Lilly.   "They will also train with you when that time comes as well and they will need their aunt to come and see them as often as possible."

September 05, 2015 20:59
Demasduit She smiles and while talking very softly to the small panthers she smiles over her shoulder at Phantom. "Well Sulawesi.....This little fellow here is Erik. He helped you. And the reason he is hanging on my everyone word is because in a panic from not knowing what was happening to you. I changed and so did he.It was him who helped break you out. And now We are going to help other, and his brothers will join us as well." she rolls one on his back and scratches his tummy. "Wont we buddy." She looks to Etaine and grins. "Would you get mad if I gave each a collar of a differant color just till I figure out who is who." It would be known though that Erik she knew just looking at him. As they had bonded. September 05, 2015 21:33
Lilly Emperium *Lilly looked to Dema and nodded* we can agree to disagree. Difference in opinions happen.* Lilly stopped from saying anything else. *

*Seeing the boys change, and hearing what Etaine had said about them needing their aunt made her smile softly. She liked the sound of that. Softly she chuckled yeah I'll be the only wolf with 3 kits with her. *Looking to Etaine she chuckled.* I have never shifted into a cat of any sort.

*Lilly heard phantom, before she saw him. Turning away from the view of the ladies, as if she was thinking about something for a moment. Softly she spoke* see Dema, I told you he would be ok.....glad you're alright phantom.

*with a softness to her voice she spoke as she touched Etaine's arm.* Demon is outside waiting, I will return. He is not the type of shadow wolf you keep waiting. If I don't go so I can feed, he will come and drag me out by my cloak.

*With that Lilly nodded to both Dema and phantom. Kneeling down she kissed the boys on their heads and whispered* we'll have fun, in due time.... be good for momma Etaine and we'll see what auntie brings back for you.

*standing up, she walked towards a shadow and vanished. Outside she could be heard speaking to something* come on Demon....I really don't feel that hungry
September 05, 2015 22:24

Little Erik sat near Dema in his panther form.  Rhone and Mikhael sat next to him   All three purred and yipped in areement.  Erik sat at full attention looking at Phantom closely.  His amber golden hues regarded him closely.   He purred at Phantom as he looked back to Dema.

"I think collars to tell them apart is a good idea.   A fire rune for Erik.  A dragon rune for Rhone and my silver flower rune for Mikhael on the collars..."

September 05, 2015 22:27

He walks to the little ones, his eyes shifting to a deep forest green before kneeling down before them and smiling, "Seems I owe you liitle Erik, you set my mind free from being destroyed from my powers turning in upon themselves.  Ask what you will of me and my lands, and I will do it.  Ask of me for my army to march to war and I will lead them into battle for you youngling.  I offer this to you for saving not me, but the mate I have claimed as mine."

He bows low, his head touching the floor, to the young panther before slowly rising and looking to Etaine, "Your child is owed a life debt by me now....should you wish to speak of this I'll talk about it after I've recovered and gotten my revenge on my sister.  I also owe you and Eirie, for all you have done for me in my time and life."

September 06, 2015 00:46
Demasduit She smiled and winked at the kits and then turned her attention back to Etaine and her Sulawesi. Standing up holding the little balls of fur she smiles and listened as he spoke to Etaine. Finding a basket she places the kits inside and whispers to them as the others spoke. "Now little ones, its rest time. I'll come by tomorrow and we"ll start then." she places a soft kiss on eachs nose. She then walks back over and slips her hand into Sulawesi's as he was talking to Eirie and Etaine. September 06, 2015 00:58

He smiles to his mate and gently squeezes her hand before nuzzling her.

September 06, 2015 01:05

Etaine listens to Phantom and replies softly.  "Erik thanks you very much for your good words.  He is glad you are safe.

Etaine looked at the sleeping kits curled around each other.  

September 06, 2015 02:34

The following day she stops outside the shop and glances around. Following a costomer in to the store, the lynx slips inside and pads softly to the back once there she, hops up on a soft chair and waits for Etaine and the kits to wake up. 

September 07, 2015 13:47

Etaine had quite a morning with three little panther kits who refused to shift to their human form.   They finally submitted when Etain had shifted to her black panther lcat form and she had growled gently at them  tumbling each of them in the meantime.   She did what any mother of the wild did and proceeded to play with them a little.  They got tired and finally shifted into three tired babies.

They were washed, fed and dressed in different outfits.   Erik in Tshirt and baby jeans. Rhone in a two piece Baby Geewhiz demin outfit and Mikhael  in a Tshirt and baby shorts.    All three rascals were in the triple and Etaine jogged to the shop with them napping all the way.

She wheeled the stroller in the backroom of The Forge.   "Hi Dema!"

September 07, 2015 15:20
Lilly Emperium *slipping into the shop, Lilly carried 3 little packages. Slowly she slid back the hood of her cloak, letting it rest upon her shoulders. Softly she chuckled. Her moods were unstable, but she was able to maintain her even temper. She needed to maintain it.* September 07, 2015 15:28

Giving out a toothy yawn from the chair she had ocupied amber eyes open. She yawns again and then sits up. Giving a slight stretch she looks to Etaine. "Hey, sorry seems this chair likes me." Glancing past Etaine she sees lilly and nods softly. "Afternoon Miss Lilly."

September 07, 2015 15:41
Lilly Emperium *nodding, Lilly spoke softly* good eve Dema.

*Handing the packages to Etaine, Lilly smiled* 3 outfits.

September 07, 2015 15:52

Etaine smiled softly at Lilly and too the packages.   "Thank you very much Lilly!   The boys go through a lot of outfits.   All three now sleep in just their diapers  or  as kits snuggled together in one large crib...."

September 07, 2015 16:43
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled* I would just put them in one crib honestly. Beth said, she never could lay Osi and I in separate cribs.....never went well.... Nor did we with Rylee an Corvinus. September 07, 2015 16:48

Etaine smiled softly as she looking at the napping boys.   "I think they will inseperable."

September 07, 2015 17:33
Lilly Emperium * nods *most twins are...and being the three have bonded this way, sounds bout right. September 07, 2015 17:41

She listens and watchs the women, moving back to curling up in the soft chair she makes the circle around three times, paws at the seat then flops down again. Training can begin once everyone has had their naps, and she was a cat by nature, soo naps where welcomed.

September 07, 2015 20:13
Lilly Emperium *watching the boys for a moment. She smiled softly* ahh one of the moments every child looks angelic.... * the mother in her caused her to kneel and check them. Gently she kissed their foreheads* so adorable so adorable September 07, 2015 21:44

Etaine looks at Demasduit curl up in the over stuffed comfortable chair and settle down for her cat nap. Etaine as Lilly fusses over Erik, Rhone and Mikhael asleep in the stroller.

She then settles the babies one by one into their new communal crib.

September 10, 2015 22:30
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled as she watched the boys for a moment* I remember when mine were this little. Enjoy this time Etaine September 11, 2015 22:10
Lark Ripper

Lark Ripper kept close to her father Kenny Ripper.   She followed him to The Forge.    She was curious as what the phone call as about.    She had her own reasons for tailing her father and wanted to make sure he was safe.   Cu Sith had been settled next to Lars and his needs were provided for him.   Lark checked on Lars and made sure Lars had the same provisions.

She walked into the shop quietly and the shop seemed quiet and desrted for the moment.  She figured Breed was back in the forge or in the back.    She heard the hushed talking of several women and the contented sounds of cooing babies.   Then her eyes glanced on the ax and the bow on the counter.   Lark's  hazel eyes light up with great wonder as she glanced at the ancient weapons.   They were almost perfect and Lark realized why her father came to The Forge.   He had been called by his friend Breed to consult on the repair of these weapons.

Lark grew excited as she examined the wood of ax and then the bow.   She instantly know where to find the wood amongst the supplies she had brought home with her.   There was a great need to preserve these weapons.  Would it be possible to have an exact copy of them and could she herself learn to make them.   She needed an outlet for the energy she had regained from her trees.   She needed to plan ahead and find  a future for herself.

September 13, 2015 20:18

As the old saying goes coursity killed the cat. Well it did appliy to lynxs as well. Hearing someone in the front, she opens her eyes and yawns. Glancing at the women chatting, the cat jumps down gives out a long stretch and silently pads out into the store. Hopping up on the counter she strool along its length up to where the newest person arrived. She watched as the young women seemed so excited to see the tommy and bow. Wide eyes watched while herself she smiled to herself.

September 13, 2015 22:10
Lark Ripper

An old Dryad saying about too much curiosity should have applied to Lark.   She smiled widely as she tucked a lock of brown hair behind a slightly pointed ear.  

"Simply beautiful and fantastic craftsmanship on the bow."    Lark pulled her bow and laid it below the bow that her father had looked ahead of her.    Her own bow had some similarities that she noted as she traced her finger on her own bow.   She would not touch the bow of it's owner.     She slid out some wood samples she carried with her.

She frowned a bit sorting through the samples it match exactly and she filled with excitement when she had found a match.    She had that wood on hand and perhaps her father could use it.

Lark noticed something  else,  a large feline sitting on the counter.    "Hello there1 Wherer did you come from?   Out of your normal surroundering aren't you?"

September 13, 2015 23:05

Amber eyes moved to hear her voice and she tipped her head slightly before opening her mouth to speak.  She eyed the peices of wood and pressed her paw against that one that Lark had chosen and whispered. "That one there is a good choice." She then nods. "And yes I am actully, but Etaine made me feeel welcome here.." She lifts a paw." I am Dema, as if I said my full name most get tongue tied."

September 13, 2015 23:45
Lark Ripper

Lark's curiosity was further  when the Lynx's amber eyes met her golden flecked hazel hues  If Lark was astounded that the bg cat speak to her.  She didn't bat any eyebrow. at the feline.  Lark was surprised when the cat pressed her paw against the one that she had chosen for the bow.

Lark smiled and nodded at the Lynx and remarked.  "It 's good choice.  I am a carver by trade and a weaver of baskets.   I have the wood for that bow and the ax.  My father is a carver and bowyer as well.   He will doo good work for you.   I am Lark Ripper, Demas.  The NightBreeds are good people. I know their daughter Erika too."

September 14, 2015 00:04

She tipps her head while listening to the women, amber eyes blink and she nods. "Yes ash or juniper are the woods from that time and eira, for where I come from." She glances back at the back room and turns back. "Yes the Nightbreeds have been very helpful." She wouldnt mention the panter kits as she felt that Etaine would be better suited.

September 14, 2015 13:45

He appears in the forge yawning, stretching, and sighing happily as his bones popped before pausing at the sight of Lark and Dema in the main room, "Um...Hey girls, hoving fun today?"  He walks to Dema and runs a hand through her silky fur before leaning close and kissing her neck, "I finished moving around all the stuff at the cabin and making sure we have a nice hunting grounds stocked with the kinds of animals that won't give you a bad stomach ache."  He smiles and keeps petting her fur.

September 14, 2015 19:09

Amber eyes turn to look up at him and she rubs the lenght of her body against his arm and then sits down. Tipping her head to look at him. "I see did you have fun? Hunting grounds...ummm sounds great to me. Not that much gives me a bad stomach...ok those moths I chased eirlier might have done the trick." She snicker softly.

September 14, 2015 21:23
Lilly Emperium * Lilly looked to Etaine and chuckled* in time... you'll miss this. I never got to see Erika this small. Though I do still remember the first I met her. September 14, 2015 22:09

"You can ask Breed about a certain wand he no longer uses.....Somehow Erika sprouted...she is nw age nineteen, married and widowed   She took loosing WIsh hard and vowed never to marry again.   Erika sent little Erik to us for now.   These little ones will grow at their own rate and their own time.  Though I don't know how their growth abillity as kits...."

Etaine looked at the little ones snuggling close to each other.  "For now I will enjoy them!"

September 15, 2015 15:01
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled about the wand* yes...I believe Erika mentioned something about that once. *Looking to little Erik, Lilly sighed softly. She could understand how Erika felt.* I can understand, if she ever needs... needs to talk. Let her know, she is more than welcome to come talk or just have coffee.. it is hard, to go on afterward.

September 15, 2015 15:50

  * looking out from the forge room, I see the women talking and a large cat sleeping in one of the chairs, seeing Phantom is okay I sigh and move back into the forge room itself, reopening the vault I use for the more special and deadly items accumulated and stored for others over the years. reclosing the vault I make certain the runes of concealment are in place as well as the locks that keep the items contained safely within..  Thinking a moment I shake my head at how "useless I had been in helping Phantom with the magics that had occured my own such as they were, took to long to be of use in such an encounter though they are powerful.. 

    My thoughts flow back in time recalling the night I was turned and left for dead, the weakness I have at using my vampiric abilities, having to acknowledge my limits in skills that are mainly physical based, like a normal humans is.  Turning towards the forge itself I make certain it is fueled to my specifications and begin to work the bellows restoking the fires within."

September 16, 2015 16:16

   Taking up Lilly's weapons I can "see" the fractures within from the feel of the weapon's balance, turning once more I keep working the bellows, watching as the flames build, turning from a dull red to a brighter orange tinged in blue, the coke slowly turning to a faint whiteish glow.. With a nod to myself, I take up the first of lilliy's weapons and apply myself to what I know I am good at, placing the blade within the hot confines of the burning fuel, the heat causing rivlets of sweat to stream down my torso, I watch as the blade heats , shifting it ever slightly to maintain even balance of heat, once I see the blade at the temperature i craved, I remove it with a set of tongs and take it to the anvil, taking up my hammer and begin to reforge the blades, repetitive blows fall, a rythmic ringing as iron and steel meet, one side then the other evenly, literally reforging the metal together making it stronger than before, periodic time to rehaet the blade, te procedure is repeated until I sense the time is right.

   Moving to the quenching baths, I slowly dip the blade into an oil bath bringing the temperature down gradually before switching to the water bath then placing the weapon aside to finish the cooling process.. I pick up the 2nd weapon and begin to repeat the process once more, all sense of time and rewason flows away from me as I immerse myself into the work... the one thought i have is that of gladness the room is thickwalled and the nursery soundproofed for the children to sleep.   I would not stop until the work is done this night.... At least in this i am of worth.

September 16, 2015 16:24
Kenny R

   Watching the others interact and the interest Lark has in Dema's weapons I gaze about and notice my old friend stand in the doorway of his forge holding some items before stepping backwards into the forge room itself a "lost" look upon his face. With a slight shake of my own head I look up to where Dema is now in cat form and I give a faint smile.*

    " Dema, would you mind if i took these to my workshop at my home?? I do not have a shop down in this region as I live in te New England part of the country.. And Lark  I'll need you to pick up the shipment of supplies on the way back for the school.. The delivery company is late dropping it off and I told them we would pick it up ourselves.. Looks like I'll have to find a new company to handle the deliveries."

September 16, 2015 16:31
Lilly Emperium *As the boys napped, Lilly kissed them on their heads. Gently she whispered to little Erik* I'm in debt to you lil one..

*smiling softly she noticed Etaine nod off in the chair. Walking over Lilly slid a footstool under her feet and covered her* rest dear.
September 17, 2015 00:44

Sitting on the counter still she hears Kenny and nods. Amber eyes light up and the speaks softly. "Why yes of course Mr Ripper. By all means do as you must." She turns and watchs Phantom and Lark as well.

September 17, 2015 14:07
Kenny R

  " Thank you, I'll have them done as soon as I am able.. Would you like me to deliver them to you when they are ready, bring them ehre or you want to travel to New England territory for them?"

September 18, 2015 18:05

She sits up and licks a paws gently. Amber eyes blink and as she looks back to him and tips her head. "hmm I havent been to New england in years Kenny. I may just do that. Prolly be a nice trip as well." She stops and think again. "Yes I think I'll be able to talk my mate into going aswell. Just leave word here with someone when they are ready and I'll come to you."

September 18, 2015 23:06

He blinks as he seems to come around from his slumber, noticing he'd fallen asleep petting his mate's fur before looking at Kenny, "Yo, how long have I been out that I didn't sense your lethal aura Ken?  Been a while since I've been so at ease I didn't think of you being a threat."

September 19, 2015 11:26
Kenny R

  " I've been here about half hour or so, perhaps a bit longer.. As for my being a threat, I only get that way when innocents are threatened.. I stopped worrying about racial issues when I paid more attention to the fact all races have idiot savants, fools and evil hearted people amongst them.. I have known Breed for many years, fought by his side, shared in mutual losses. I'm not well received by some on eother side of the conflict fence..

    I have my duties in New England, and they are enough to keep me occupied when I am not working on my music or woodcraftings."

September 19, 2015 15:56

Erika walked through the door of The Forge with a case in either hand.   Erika looked at Phantom closely and stood by Kenny's side.

"Kenny's no threat Phantom.  The threats you may be facing are lethal to you.  Protecting whom you love and care about  is paramount.  "    

Erika places the two wooden and rune engraved cases on the counter gently.  "My son's safety is paramount to me.   These will be his if anything happens to me.  Kenny is right and if a case is just on either side I too will join the 'battle'.   Now I want to see my son and my brothers."

Erika smiled and nodded at everyone in the shop and looked at the lynx on the counter.    "My son will need you to teach him what he needs.  Train him well.   I need to talk with my folks about some important things."

September 19, 2015 16:12

Still sitting on the counter she watchs and listens her head flicks from person to person and then to Erika whom she hadnt met. Eyes widen as she spoke to her and nods. She was slightly unsure of what they had been actually talking about with battle. Yes indeed someone would have to explain to the woodland animal.  Race, battles and protecting? She was slightly lost. She had her own enimy and yes he was a vampire but that wasnt her problem with him. The war of the realm was actual news to her. She sat now pressing her self closer to Phantom and looked up.Then back quietly. "What battle are ye all talking about."

September 19, 2015 16:31

Erika smiled gently at the lynx.   "My friend I meant the battles of daily living, the wise choices we need to make is all.   Resisting and battling the bad where it is least expected.  I have much to learn and auras are but a little to know you once had a child and my child will be my link to you. "

Erika 's icy blue eyes widened as she heard a coo from the back room and she left the wooden cases on the counter to go find her son.

September 19, 2015 16:50
Lilly Emperium *Lilly had been in the room with the boys, setting in a chair, moving only when they stirred. Staying out of sight from the forge, she remained quite. Hearing Erika's voice, she softly sighed. Picking Erik up as he cood, she chuckled. Changing him she whispered* bet your hungry lil man. Let's get you something to eat... September 19, 2015 18:20

His eyes followed Erika around and he nodded slightly to her and Kenny before touching his Mate's fur, "A lot of people don't like for the sides to get close and some start trouble for those who try to.  I've never really cared for them since I've fought on both sides for a number of reasons.  I've done a lot just for the fun of the war, but Eirie and others like him...they gave me a reason to not be like my past self was."

September 19, 2015 20:18

She had never fought for sides it was always just for survival. She looks up and nods lightly. "So will we have this problem with me being whom I am. Are we safe here?" She looked to the back room and back. "Etaine wants me to help train young Eric, can I do it safely with out worry of us being harmed?"

September 19, 2015 20:43

"You are safe in this place Dema, Eirie and Etaine are strong and have connections with most as being neutral so we will be fine."

September 20, 2015 11:20

Erika made a cooing sound in her voice at her son and then smiled at Lilly who was holding him,  She glanced at her mother who was asleep in the chair.

She looked at her two brothers still asleep curled close to each other.   "Cmmunal crib..... I take it Erik, Rhone or Mikhael have shifted early?    She noted the absence of the neck charms on them.   "They will grow the normal way for little ones.    I need to talk to mom and dad. "

September 20, 2015 12:52
Lilly Emperium *Smiling As she saw Erika, she chuckled* your boy was first. Honestly the communal crib is a god send, I don't know how your mom did it before. * giving a nod* your father is working, in the forge..

*Looking to Erika, Lilly gently touched her arm* how are you, lil one?
September 20, 2015 15:23

"I  am fine, Lilly and Wish had no choice but to do what he had to do.  It was either him or his son.  He wanted his son to live and through his son. He lives too and he is never far from me."

Erika smiled bravely at Lilly.  "It's okay.  Really his time was short.  He knew it and so did I.  I will not marry again.   Wish  was happy as he wanted to be."

Erika would not cry or show emotions so readily as Wish taught her in his own way.   He had stiffened her spine, curbed her tendecy to be over emotional and he helped her grow up in his own way.    He taught me much and so has Dana.  I am  returning now to learn further and if I am lucky Dana will have me as a co hort."

September 20, 2015 15:39

Erika looked at her son in Lilly's  arms.   "I need to talk with my dad and I will be back to visit with my son shortly"    Erika kissed her mom gently on the forehead.

"Thank you mom for taking Erik in.."    Erika went looking for her father and since he was not in the shop. He had to be in forge area behind the shop.

Erika headed there to talk to her father about him taking guardianshio of little Erik.   She wondered how he would feel about her asking.  She sighed sadly, but her son and his safety and well being were important to her.

Erika saw her father at work in the forge area.   "Dad, I need to talk to you..."

September 20, 2015 20:12

   * Looking up from my work on Lilly's second sai, I see Erika walk into the forge room and speak in a solemn tone... Placing the weapon beside the fire pit on the stone wall about to keep it from getting too cool, I remove the leather apron and wipe off my ahnds and face then walk closer to my daughter.*

         " What is wrong erika? You need anything you just let me know, are you okay or in trouble?"

September 20, 2015 20:17

"I need to talk to you about little Erik.   I know you and mom have Rhone and Mikhael to look after.   Dana has offered to teach me so much more.  She mentioned that maybe some day if I am adept enough and have the 'gift' to be like her...   She would take me as her cohort.  But Dana advised Erik be provided for in every way if anything happens to me."

Erika looked at her father.    "Wish wanted the same thing but he couldn't stay.    But he was happy when here.  He won't be back.  He wanted his son to live.."

September 20, 2015 20:27

   " Do you want your mother and I to take over guardianship while you are gone, is that what this is about?? That won't be a problem, you know that without asking Erika and if ANYTHING threatens you in New York, you call and I will be there as soon as I can get one of our planes in the air... But if you want to be Dana's apprentice and learn to be a full sorceress she can do it BUT you will have to do exactly as she says while remaining true to yourself, but yes she can most definately teach you.. Last I had heard she was the 4th ranked wizard/sorceress when I was with her as a bodyguard and working with the commune..

        Anytime you want to come home you don't even need to ask just return, but let Dana know your reason so she does not think you are abandoning your studies."

September 20, 2015 20:40

Erika nodded her head.   "Please I want you and mom to take over guardianship while I am gone.  I know you will come if anything threatens me.   I will call and I know you will be there.    I wish to learn to be a full sorceress like Dana.   I will do everything exactly as she says to do.   She is also asking you to take the guardianship for Erik.  She senses that magick will run strong in him. "

Erika hugged her father.  "I brought my ax home and Wish's fire whip.    I cannot keep them with me now. They will belong to Erik now.  That was another request of Dana.  Dana will know when I come here for a visit"

September 20, 2015 20:50

 "Are you certain you do not want a weapon in case of trouble?? I do not like you being defenseless even living near Dana, I know first hand how dangerous it is in that area of New York, it's why i was her bodyguard for 3 years.. If not your axe and Wish's fire whip then take another weapon from your cave, I want you to have something in case because magic will not always save you.. Even Dana has used physical weapons on occasion."

September 20, 2015 21:09
Lilly Emperium *Setting Erik down, Lilly couldn't help over hear Erika and Eirie. Turning around she softly spoke* maybe a set of daggers dear. I'm not sure where in New York you will be, but most areas one should have extra protection. September 20, 2015 21:17

"I have a katana and a pair of daggers from the cave.....There is a complete armory there as well.  Boxes of runes,  many things stashed by some one.   I have the guns  I brought home last visit.   Can you check them out for me?  The ammo as well.    Also make sure my katana and my daggers are in good form?"

Erika knew how her father felt about her with out weapons to protect herself.  "The axe and whip are now Erik's."

September 20, 2015 21:18
Lark Ripper


Out in the front part of The Forge, Lark nodded and speak to her father Kenny Ripper.   "I will pick up the delivery and  yes the delivery service has beenn sloppy lately.   But I notice the Brown's nephew Herman Gates is delivering their supplies."

"Maybe you could check with him.  Mr. Brown says he is reliable honest and discreet. He's starting up a delivery for those who are confined to home or prefer their privacy.     You can do the usual checks on him like you do when you have a concern..."

Lark looked at Dema and then Phantom.  "The NightBreeds are neutral and take of their own.  Their shop is neutral and their home is also neutral ground.  Eika is a friend of mine as well.  I am her son's godmother."

September 21, 2015 22:26

  * Looks at my daughter with a smile*   " Yes I'll go over them your hand guns I have kept up with anyways and I have a ammunition supply for you at home to pack up. If you will collect the Katana and daggers i will look them over at the house forge and have them ready for you."

     * grins hearing Lark's words..*   " Phantom knows my neitrality stance Dema will come to trust in time Lark, But sincve you and your father live within driving distance of New York, would you both do me the favor of Checking in on Erkia from time to time??"  * with a kiss to Erika's hair I also give her a hug.*  "

  " Now go spend time with your son, and know he will be well cared for and protected, I have a job to finish up for lilynow scoot brattling.."

September 22, 2015 13:09

He sighs as he looks at Erika, "Young one....I've lived for nearly time eternal....done things your father and mother would probably have slain me for if we had met in a different time and place.  Instead I've come to trust Eirie with even the protection of someone as important to me as my mate because I know Eirie and Etaine.  I owe them both a great deal, so much so that I even offer to you what I offer them, should you call...shou;d you summon me, I will heed your need for me and use all that I have to help you so long as it doesn't put my mate or our future children at risk.....We all know I don't care much for my own life, never have and I'm far too old to start now sadly."  He brushes a hand through Dema's fur for a bit before looking to Lark and then Lilly before whispering out, "I've done things for eons simply because they seemed fun or because I was bored, now I think....I think I'll begin to use my powers to wage a war once more for any of my, for any of my friends who ask for my aid."

September 22, 2015 14:53
Lark Ripper

Lark smiled at Breed as she put her wood samples away in her piuch.  "I will be waiting with CU and Lars so we can get back to the school.   I will get the delivery real quick.   She smiles at Phantom.  "You take care of you, your mate Dema or I will kick your ass and  take care of whom are your friends and any others you deem worth it. 

"I will check in on Erik, dnt you worr! We got some girl talk to catch up and we meet about fathers on occassion!"   Lark picked up her bow and quiver.   She set them in front of Dema and smiled at the Lynx.   "For you to use til dad fixes yours.   A Loaner and you can keep the arrows!" 

Lark headed out of the shop.

September 22, 2015 20:29

Erika kissed her father on the cheek and returned his hug.    "I will get my katana and daggers ready for inspection.    Meet you and mom at the house.   I am gonna go visit with my bratling and see if he has any new tricks to show me.  He's great with tiny flames and rattles...   Also  he changes to a panther kit,"

Erika hugged her father again and looked at Phantom.  "It 's hard to change hantom. But protect yourself and keep your mate safe.  The rest will come and I will call on you friend, when you are needed.  My son has chosen a new friend wisely.  He is much like his father.  An old spirit in a child's body.   When he sends you his rattle use it.  Now I must see my brat and visit with him!"

Erika hurried off to the nursery but turned around and gazed at Dema.  "My son chose wisely with you and he likes you a lot!"  Erika cloed the door between the store and  went to see her son.

September 22, 2015 20:48

As she listened she calmed and brushed against Phantom softly giving off a soft purr. She sits on her hunches and tips her head. "Thank you all of you. I didnt have a fear of you all. It was the talk of battles. I tend to stay neutarl as well. I just didnt understand with all the talks of war." She looks to Lark and nods."Thank you miss, I'll take care of them." Looking back to watch erika go to the back room she nods. "She seems a little far away in her thoughts. Please let her know Erik will be safe with me and I like him as well."

September 23, 2015 20:59
Lilly Emperium *glancing to Dema, she shook her head* these wars are old....but some will always side one way or the other.. even the elders forbid official marriage between the two sides.. covens and sancts tend to be against the mixing as well... trust me, I personally know this.

*Looking to phantom she sighed. Softly she uttered* my head ain't worth it no more. *shaking her head spoke* we no longer war, unless we must. I've come to feel..*her voice trailed off. What she wished to say, she didn't bother* I think...I need a drink
September 24, 2015 14:23

Etaine had kpt her eyes as the others talked and she knew her daughter Erika had entered the nursery    Erika was busy with her son, Erik.    She also knew that Erka's visit would be and she would also visit at the woodland cabin for awhile.    So she could wait to visit with her daughter.

She looked over Mikhael and Rhone,  She changed their diapers and put them into fresh outfits of blue Tshirts and baby jeans.   She gave them their bottles and they settled down to their individual lunches.  The bottles hoisted themselves by magic  and they were content for the moments.

Etaine opened the door between the shop and the backroom.   She left Erika visiting with her son.  "Erika, check on the boys in a bit and I will be back in a few minutes."

She heard Lilly speaking about  rleationships between the sides  and how some individuals felt about an inter racial union.     "In general the Races are discouraged from forming unions or relationships.    But it is up to the ones who make that choice and how they will handle it.    It is their business and theirs aone.   I welcome friends and The Forge is neutral ground.   My opinions and advice do not enter into it.   Weapons and  any bad mouthing can be left outside these doors."

September 24, 2015 15:37

  * walks out of the forge area with Lilly's weapons completed.*  " I know the heaches you feel Lilly because I lived it, I was ostracised for having dared marry a normal human whom was working for the NYPD and when she was killed I took my revenge and felt like I would never feel again what I had with her then I met Etaine and I was wrong.  I have fought ancients to keep the gates that would allow the ancient gods that pre-date even the written history of the christian God closed to prevent them from throwing this world into a state of chaos where they would reign over all with a bloody fist.. I was turned against my will and had to abandon my family and my home to keep them safe because my "sire" left me to die after the attack and to this day I still sewar to kill the ******* for what he done.

     But I STILL believe that if two beings want to spend their lives together  no matter what their species then that is THEIR choice and right to do so.  Yes there are those in this realm whom are vehemently against such unions and are entitled to those opinions but don't bring your issues to darken my doors... I will slay anyone who would harm my family, i will willingly give in to the blood hunger I fight every day to avenge their deaths and woe to any that would get before me. 

    I can understand the reason the enmity has happened and caused the rift, their has been wrongs committed to both sides in this conflict hence why I opened this shop to anyone whom wishes work done, whether a weapon , a trinket or magics to help protect them and theirs, and If i need to i will invoke the full power of the wards within this shop to keep the neutrality of it.  If someone has an issue with my dealing with any and all so long as they keep the peace within these walls then they can stay away for I have no time for fools.  But you and I Lilly have had to deal with those types many times, as has Etaine, and probaly Phantom and soon even Dema I fear but so long as I breathe you will all have a place to come and get away from the politics and drama that wind itself through this realm.

      Oh and here are your weapons Lilly, you will find them stronger than before and have no fear of them breaking again. May they smite your enemies and protect your family my friend.

         * turning my head I see Lark  leaving and Ken preparing to head home as well.*

     " Woton's blessing my old friend, I'll be up to visit once things settle down and the young ones are able to handle the trip."

September 24, 2015 16:57
Lilly Emperium * As she took her sias, she carefully wrapped them* training is probably all they will see now, thank you Eirie.

*lowering her head, she held them close to her. They were one of the few things tied to Theo she had left. Softly she sighed* please don't take what I said wrong. I ment no ill....I would be a hypocrite may be time for me to go to the brew. Thank you again....I shall come later, visit with your daughter while she's here
September 24, 2015 17:34

His eyes flare a dark red at the mention of the old gods as he glares at Eirie, "Had you and your wretched seals not caught those first, then I would have slaughtered those *******s when my blood was boiling....but, even after all this time I understand why I wasn't allowed my retruibution and now that I am with Dema...I can honestly say thank you Eirie, for saving me from becoming the beast that I was changing into."

September 24, 2015 18:07

He then walks to Eirie and for the first time hugs the man as if he were a brother before stepping back, "Call upon me my brother, should you ever need another blade to add into the chaos or to spar with."

September 24, 2015 18:08

  " Neither Etaine nor I took what you said wrong, we both understand what you mean, we were just voicing our thoughts is all. We know you mean no harm Lilly and are welcome anytime, no need to bury yourself away.  And Phantom I return the feeling, I was drawn into the "game" as it is called now by random chance and until I die I now am a some what reluctant participant in it. but i have 90 years left to prepare for the next time the veils are thin enough for the gates to be reopened if fortune frowns upon us."

September 24, 2015 18:25

"Point me at whatever it is that decides to try and slip through, I'll happily aid in anything you and the other's sealed away's death as I voiced when you all took my chance all those years ago.  Until then, I will be piling my mate with everything I a nice sword that she could use in any form maybe?"  He looks at Eirie hopefully to see if the other ancient might know of a way to do such a blade.

September 24, 2015 18:40
Skarlette Black

Wearing jeans and a tank top she enters her boots silent over the hardwear floor. Amber eyes falling to the cat on the counter with a smirk. "Last I checked she was better suited for a scratching post with one of those tower thingys on top."  She grins and rolls a ball down the counter playfully. Before resting her back against the doorway and peels a apple with a pocket knife placing a peice of apple on her tongue. "Long time Dema, ya know you still owe me that bushel of blueberries right"

September 24, 2015 18:50

His eyes snap to the new comer before he tilts his head to the side and his hand rests on the blade that seems to fade into existance by his side, "Who are you and why haven't I tossed you back out the door and assaulted you where I'm not techniqually breaking the neutral laws?"

September 24, 2015 19:01

Seeing the ball roll by then the voice she squeels out and jumps at her. "Skar... how where when. " She looks back at her mate and purrs. "Its ok Saluwasi. She is a friend." She looks at her agian and shakes her head. "Your alive, how?" She moves off her and back to Saluwasis side. She looks to every one and back at skar. "She is well um my sister in a way. We both where slaved together at one point and decided it was best to protect each other at the time." She wasnt sure how she was gonna tell them that she speands her time as a black bear, but yeah that would come at some point. 

September 24, 2015 19:10

His eyes never leave the stranger before he sighs and lifts his blade for Eirie's inspection, "It chipped and let loose a lot of my primal flames, not sure if it's broken or just in need of a patch job."  He then turns his full attention to the woman and then his mate, "You know I don't call someone friend very easily my little kitten, not without them having proven they deserve for me to trust them."

September 24, 2015 19:14
Skarlette Black

She places another piece of apple in her mouth and watches. "Ahh no worries, you don't need to trust me. Most wont around here anyway. But just for her sake, she saved my hid a couple times through the years as well I have for her. " She smirks "Behind her left paw is a scar about a inch long that I removed a trappers conibear trap from her foot. Another around her neck from a noose. Payback was taking me out of a military base in Nova Scotia." 

September 24, 2015 20:00
Lilly Emperium *nods to Eirie* I know..... there are few that have known me as long as you two, even few have known me longer. I bury myself away, in part because of my past dealings with the other side. In my case it wasn't so much the crime as much as who I committed it with. September 24, 2015 20:17

   " I kow that pain well myself Lilly, hence i don't travel as much as I used to, but like i said you are welcome anytime here or to our home. I doubt Ken would kick a fuss either even though he is more of a recluse than I am * smirks thinking of how much of a recluse Ken is*"

   *  Holds out my hands to accept Phantoms sword to better inspect the chipped area, wriggling my fingers inside the golves worn near the fires of the forge with a grin.*

     " One way to find out Phantom, if i may look?   And greetings to the Forge Lady we are a fairly informal lot those whom own it and work here even the part timers when they show * said with a chuckle* Even though you stopped in to visit Dema feel free to look about, we have a large assortment of blades, and firearms for your discerning needs, and if nothing catches your fancy, let me or Etaine know and we'll see if it can be fashioned. Etaine does the jewelry here and has been known to lay a protection spell or 3 upon them should it be wanted."

September 25, 2015 07:08

She turns her paw over to show the scar and nods. "Yes and if I rember right, I had to figure out how to get your big butt out of that sewer hatch," She looks to Erie and back at Lilly softly. "I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I am sorry. Lilly I am sure we have all had our moment of pain because of this or that side. Stay strong, that is the one thing I know you can do." 

September 25, 2015 11:24
Lilly Emperium As always, I am thankful Eirie. For both you and Etaine's kindness. And thank you, my friend for restoring my sias. September 25, 2015 11:29

He laughs as he nods to Eirie, "Don't touch the gem on the pomel though my brother, I took it...well from a soul stealing demon and it needs to be taken out before I get thatprotection ward I've been meaning to have laid on it so my mate can weild the demonic power in my blade without it, you know, killing everything within the blast area of it."

September 25, 2015 11:59
Skarlette Black

"Will do sir." She says looking at the owner. She glances at dema and nods. "Aye lass, it was a job wasnt it." She smirks and then pockets her pocket knife. Turning to leave she looks back. "Dema if you should ever need me. You can find me you always do. Good day to you all, I have some business to attend to." She had a date with a guy called Jack back at the crossroads bar. Opening the door to leave she looks back again before disappearing into the dusk.

September 25, 2015 12:05


Etaine has slipped quietly into the backroom and closed the door between the shop and the back area.   Etaine went into the nursery and checked on her sons.    She found them coing and gurging in the triple stroller.

Etaine and Erika quietly left by the back door after she left a note telling Breed they had gone to the cabin.  Etaine wanted some private time with their daughter.    The note also asked if Breed could bring Erika's two wooden cases.

September 26, 2015 12:29

Walks into the Forge and yawns before scratching his head and looking around, "Yo, Eirie are you here?  I need to commission lot of stuff and I was thinking that you are the only one I know who could do it."  He looks around before spotting a scythe and moves to pick it up, swinging it with a practiced ease before smirking, "Seems Death lost his precious again, and knowing the seals and runes guarding this place he isn't getting it back any time soon."

October 05, 2015 16:32

Etaine heard the bell jingle softly and  Phantom stood before her looking around the shop.   "Erik has stepped out for a few things  Lunch from the Deli for us.    He also went to get some more diapeers and catnip for the shop.  He will help you when he gets."

"Please be quiet or the boys will be out here in a flash.    They now can run at a good clip and they have a few new tricks."  Etaine smiled and chuckled as she laid down some gemstones.  She stoo up and glanced toward the open door.   She glanced at three sleeping black panther kits.   "Death lost it again and carefuly how you handle it."

Etaine swung back to see Phantom swing the scythe.    Three yowls then panther growls fillled the quiet shop as  three panther kits charged with Erik in the lead.  The three kits disappeared  quickly.  Rhone was on Phantom's head holding on tight.  Mikhael brought up the rear end his teether biting into the cloak.  Erik in the shape of a fire cat launched himself toward Phantom's chest as he swung the scythe.  The scythe missed Erik by a hair as he yowled angrily.   Erik wrapped his claws around the handle of the scythe.    "Now you did it!"

October 20, 2015 17:17

   * Walks in from the store and deli to see the kits swarming Phantom and Phantom sw9inging a scyth that had appeared a couple days before.*

     " What the heck is going on here!!!  Rhone, Erik down now!!  Phantom, you okay??"

* seeing the kits are not listening I cast a quick rune carefully capturing each child in a wall of force, displacing them from their current location on Phantom and moving them back into the nursery room and causing the door to flip closed once they were bgack inside there.  Walking the rest of the way into the main part of the shop I hand the food and diapers to Etaine before leaning against a counter*

  " So you have any clue who that scythe belongs to.. I came in and it was propped up against the wall there, i been working on an encasement for it along with the other objects we keep locked up for safety sakes, I forgot how much a pain it was to enlarge a secure vault for this stuff. One more day and i should have the addition finished up for larger items like that thing."

    " And you know * looking at Phantom and Etaine*, these 3 kids are going to be a handful, I don't recall erica being that boistrous"  * grins*

October 20, 2015 18:19

Etaine stood gobsmacked as Erik walked in The Forge.  She had stood still watching the kits swarming around Phantom.    Erik apparently had heard some noise including a swish of the scythe.  He had assembled his fellow compatriots and led a planned attack .

Etaine saw Erik deal with the boys encasing them each in a wallof force displacing them from their locations on Phantom.   Erik hissed then meowed at his brothers.    They all wound up in the nursery still encased in their force fields.  The door was quickly shut and  Erik handed the lunch and  diapers to her.

"Thank you!  I had no idea catnip was that dangerous.   NO more catnip for the boys....or me!"

October 20, 2015 18:51

He blinks before tilting his head, the claws having only barely clung to him because he'd felt it, the pulse from the scythe letting out a pained called before he'd heard the kittens waking and moving to him.  He had then softened his skin and mentally ordered his cloak to stand down just before the little ones were one him as he swung the scythe, though the little fire cat had nearly been cut by one of the most unholy of weapons and he'd broken his own arm to move it out of the way enough to miss the child.

When they were taken care of his glowing red eyes turned upon Eirie, "If you value the lives of everyone you care for...of all the ones you have come into this shop, then don't put this into your vault here Eirie, put it into your most secure and sealed vault and then put the most holy of holy runes and wards on it.  My brother can never again have this weapon....never again."  His eyes unfocus and a single tear slips from him, burning its way down his cheek before he slowly hands the Death Scythe to Eirie and then looks to Etaine, "Your younglings are energetic true, but they seem in need of the danger senses that we all had to learn...this scythe doesn't cut flesh, it reaps souls, and when it reaps them, it will pass through anything I've come across and hit it's mark."

He moves his arm back into place before a sickening crack signifies his arm mending and he looks at them, "Don't ask me to take that acursed thing either, you both know a weapon like that in my hands will end badly for everyone."  He then hands Eirie an order list for the Pagen Charms for a set of mystic crystal, "I've spent the last month looking for the real one's, but they seem to only occur on your lands and I seem unable to traverse them to harvest the crystals."

October 22, 2015 00:22

  * Listening attentively, I nod and accept the Scythe.*

   " I know exactly where to keep it Phantom, and I can even give a blood oath nobody or nothing will be able to take it out... The vault I have in mind already stores several artifacts that are too dangerous to have in the wrong hands.  I will not say the location but it will be safe... As for the crystals that will be fine, and I will reset my wards so you will  be able to visit our land and at the least say hello there.  "

 * Reaching out I my RIGHT hand upon Phantoms shoulder in a show of trust.*  " Vist my house when ever you and your mate wish to." 

October 23, 2015 16:12

Etaine listened quietly to Erik speak and accept the scythe.

"It will be safe there and the rascals will be nowhere near it.  You and Dema are more than welcome to visit on the lands we care for and there is a hiddencave that Erika has found.   You are more than welcome to explore as well.   Friends are welcome to visit there and take what they need.  But leave a small token pf thanks.  Plant a flower or small tree."

Etaine left the food on the counter and smile at Erik. "You two guys enjoy lunch!  I sm taking the bratlings home and make them play til they are fast asleep;   The charms will be back on their necks as 'punishment' for abusing their privilege to shift.   Firebug will apologize to Phantom after I speak with him.  Goodbye fellas!"    Etaine opened the back room door and took the diapars with her.  "Get rid of the catnip"

October 23, 2015 21:29
Phantom He smiles to Etaine and nods at her leaving before looking to Eirie, i trust you brother, you and Laci and the only beings I claim as brothers because you alone have been where i have, seen some of the things i've seen. You have offered a demon access to your most private home brother, and i swear upon my unholy power that if you ever need my aid, i will come and i will help you no matter what. As for stopping by, i will be prety busy taking care of my own young and trying to see if i can merge the lines with a wedding to demasduit...or if i must become like her to honor her." October 24, 2015 08:16

  " those decisions are important and do take much thought.  My first wife  * says a short prayer for her*  knew what I was and what I did for several years when I lived in New York and she on the police force, wasn't too bad until i had to quit the special unit i worked with which is how I met her.. It got bad for her as I had inherited the command position of a mafia family after I accidentally shot him while going after someone else.. Even with that and my being a vampire she stoood by me and even talked about converting to a vampire once but I didn't want her to go through what I had.. Then losing her to a car bombing meant for me made me second guess my decision on changing ehr but by then it was too late.

        Take the time you need, make sure you are at peace within your mind and soul about these things and f you need to speak about it we'll be around someplace."

October 24, 2015 18:32
Lark Ripper

Lark walked in the shop silently and the door bell did not jingle.   She overheard what Phantom and Mr. NightBreed were talking about Phantom's mate and Mr. NightBreed's first wife.  She knew about the woman from her father.   She spoke in her own words.

"You do what seems right to you Phantom.  To honor the one you love  is the choice of your lifetime and theirs as well.   I wish you the best Phantm.   Mr. NightBreed I was wondering about if the shop could sell some of my wood carvings?   I can do basket weaving as well.  Stout containers.   I also have some crystals and gemstones for sale."

November 08, 2015 15:04

Walks in with numerous sacks marked with demonic symbols and he smiles as he walks to the front and yells, "Eirie, I come bringing gifts and other items from my realms to repay your kindness to my mate and I...also my children seem to have taken a liking to your younglings and are asking for permission to come and play come time."

November 22, 2015 12:58

  * walks from where I had been inspecting barrel stock for custom rifles.*

        " Hey there Phantom, gifts huh?? You have come to the right crew bearing those * chuckles* and your kids can come play with ours anytime, be good for all of them, you know the whole association thing and so forth ..  How is Dema doing, haven't seen her about of late? "

November 28, 2015 15:14
Phantom At the mention of his mate cracks appear around his face while he smiles, "She's away...will be fore a while it seems, the children have started hunting for themselves too so maybe she grew bored of the area." His looks slightly hurt before tossing the sacks to Eirie, most containing herbs and demonic items used in forging, but one holds a book of demonic runes November 29, 2015 07:57

  * Notices the faint change as I mention Dema and nod slightly once as I catch the sacks and smile at the contents.*

     " Thank you Phantom, these will come in very handy and by all means bring the children around anytime here or at the cabin, you and they are welcome you know that.."

November 29, 2015 13:46

The small roar of a small panther cub who scampers from the back room of The Forge.   A small black kit bolts in a blaze of black flame and jumps into Phantom's empty arms. Little Erik starts purring and than his raspy little tongue gives him a small greeting.

Etaine emerges from the backroom with Rhone and Mikhael crawling on all fours in human form.  The boyscrawl toward Phantom making baby sounds.  Little Erik settles on Phantom's shoulder purring and making sounds in his throats.   He makes a small keening cry fr his friend Dema.

November 29, 2015 16:48
Phantom His body shakes as more cracks form and he gently sets little Erik on the ground before he sighs quietly to the kitten, "If it wasn't so hard to keep my true form from showing I'd happily tote you around it is, I'm too emotional to keep the ash I hold inside me where it won't harm others. In time I'll get more control back I hope." He then stands and lets loose a low whistle before a child appears, the boys eyes and face are exact matches for his own, but where his hair is pure black, the child's hair is a strange blue, "Styxx...why are you shifting your hair again? Actually, don't tell me, just play with the other babes and behave. December 01, 2015 09:59

Erik lowers his little head with his little ears flat.   A small silver rattle floats in the air near Phantom as an offering to placate him.   A small child like voice sounds in Phantom' ears.   ~I miss her too.~    Little Erik's eyes have an old look in them as he looks up at Phantom  ~Did my mommy feel this way.  When my daddy left us?~

Erik slowly got up and slowly moved away from Phantom.  He had to find a place in which to let loose his sorrow without letting others know.   He went to the back room near the warm forge.  He had never been in that room before the warm fire reminded him of his father.    Daddy Sean would understand and know where to find him.   Granny Etaine always found him where he east expected to be.

December 14, 2015 15:56
Lilly Emperium *Quietly she entered the forge. Lilly wanted to see how everyone was. Letting out a soft sigh she slowly pushed her hood back slightly. Looking around for the children. Spotting Etaine, Lilly walked up to her. A curiosity formed in her mind as her eyes held a question* I'm sorry for abruptly leaving when I was visiting.... December 14, 2015 20:52
Phantom He appeared by the boy and pulled him close, a quiet whisper escaping the ancient soldier as he did so, "Listen to me child, your mother hurt more than I could ever hurt. Her heart is as pure as mine is not and I swear I will teach you as best I can to be the best that the light can offer...I owe my Mother that much at the very least." He then offers the child a small ring with dancing figures carved into the inky black metal, "It will help you control the shadows when you wish to learn about them...sad as it may be, but you are the only being I've met able to one day own them as I do." December 15, 2015 07:27

~My mommy cries and daddy Sean cried too.  I heard it.  I know things cuz of who I am.  Caiberi can't cry  cuz we are strong inside and ouit.  But I got my mommy inside me  too.  Little Erik looked up at Phantom and looked at the ring sadly.    It was a small ring with dancing figures into the inky black metal.    Little Erik looked at the ring and his small paw touched it gingerly.

His golden eyes smouldered slightly as his little paw emitted a small black flame around the black metal.The dancing figures ingited into a golden flame.  Golden fame shadows mingled with black shadows.

Little Erik sat on his small haunches watching black and gold butterflies dancing with each other.

Etaine looked at Lilly and smiled at her.   "The twins are asleep  and little Erik is here or there exploring.   That's quite okay."

December 15, 2015 14:53

He smiles as he lets his shadows dance about, moving around as they whisper ancient dances to the boy while a haunting melody fills the forge, one that speaks of joys not yet achieved, "Humans and the were beings have something I do not child, the abilitly to heal from anything that they survive.  If they live through it, they adapt to the new change and make it their own in ways few could hope to ever think of...your mother is once such being, as for Mr. Sean...he is strong on the outside because it is required, but all hurt on the inside.  Even beasts who have no hearts such as I."  The dancing shadows then burst into flames of red and an inky black as he looks to the boy, "You are a born child of the flames, a spark that will one day be the hope that all look to, and I intend to teach you the darkness so you can counter, and if necessary, undo anything you need to so that lives can be saved.  My son Styxx will help with what he can, and little Claire will teach you any healing the darkness refuses to teach me."

December 15, 2015 19:23
Lilly Emperium * nodding she looked to Etaine. Her voice let her concern be known as she spoke softly* How are they doing? I know they were close to Dema....

*Hearing a faint melody, Lilly softly chuckled. Slowly she continued* how have you and Eirie been?
December 15, 2015 19:46

Etaine sighed sadly as she looks to the back forge area.   Rhone and Mikhael  are very sad but little Erik is devastated.    He knows things as little ones of his kind know.   Sean has given him a little keeway and comforts him as he does with the twins.

Etaine hears a faint melody and then answers Lilly,   I am fine and so is Eirie."

December 23, 2015 22:15

He smiles at the little panther before looking at his dancing flames, "The fire's I control aren't based on the natural order, if I was being honest really, they are based on the corruption of such order.  If you can understand how it works, you can figure out how to undo how do you think my flames work without staining the area around them with corruption?"

December 27, 2015 16:13

Little Erik gazed at one little black dancing figure gyrating a little bit differently than the others.  His little paw made contact with it.      The odd dancing figure rested on his paw.  He sniffed at it as his whiskers twitched a little.    His golden eyes dilated to black then to gold and finally golden with black slits.

He purred as his other paw made contact again ~Evil and good co exist within and without.~  The glowering black figure exploded and little Erik was bowled over backwards.

December 27, 2015 17:02
Damien and Drako Two cloaked figures entered quietly. They begin to look around, as if looking for something. In fact they were. Hoping to make sure someone didn't have a specific item. Standing quietly they spoke in Carpathian to each other December 28, 2015 22:37
Phantom He laughs gently as he shakes his head, "Evil and good aren't what happens here boy, think more along the lines of how that balance exists, now think how one could corrupt and change that order." December 29, 2015 20:15
Damien and Drako *Turning around, they stepped out the door. Satisfied the item wasn't there, and before being noticed.Not wishing to draw any attention to themselves* December 30, 2015 14:58

Little Erik purred slightly and he shifted into a red flame panthe cub. He meowed softly shift to a black shadow and floated over Breed's  hot forge.    Little Erik shifted into his 'demon' forge. The firey flames flared up and encopassed the form of a child in the flames.   The smal child forged  a tiny dagger quickly and tossed it on the ground.   The color of the tiny dagger was a black inky metal.   Another tiny dagger flew out of the forge and landed  next to the dark metal .  It was a reddish golden and pulsated with a life of it.  Erik appeared in the form of an toddler and he picked the tiny daggers.  The two tiny daggers joined and they fought.   In the end the golden dagger extingiushed the dark one.

Erik sat in his cat form watching the mock fight.  He wndered if that was what Phanto meant.

January 02, 2016 17:23

He thinks about how to better explain it to the child before letting a flame appear on his left hand, a black ball of energy on his right hand and he looks at them, "The shadows corrupt everything that they touch.  The hellfire I wield is the second hottest of the flames to exist, but they are neither good, or bad, they are simply there to be part of the world.  If I fuse them, normally my shadows would corrupt my flames, but they flames will not bend to the shadows because it is a base thing that will not be changed easily."  He then closes his eyes and focuses, drawing out a bit of his mother's power as a small orb of pure white energy appears while he struggles to keep it before him, "My dancing flames have none of this energy in them to balance the shadows.  So the light cannot aide the hellfires and that means that they would eventually be undone by the shadows into a type of fire that doesn't burn, but simply consumes."

He lets the energy go and leans agains tthe forge while thinking before nodding, "To put it simply, how is it that the shadows that you see moving in my flames don't take over the flames?"

January 03, 2016 10:51

  * little erik morphs back into a child form eyes blinking at Phantom then at the flame phantom holds... Tiny face puckered up in concentration, erik holds his little hands up a small orb of fire and a small orb of shadow floating over them.. Blinking a moment a thrid ball appears between them mimicing the hellfire in appearance one small finger points to the normal flame, then the shadow, pausing  before pointing to the center ball his mouth opens like he wants to talk but is too young yet so tilting his head little erik draws balance scale arms from the center ball to the other two thinking it would be like the balance betwen light and dark, without it one or the other wouwld consume the opposite...  Looking up towards Phantom, little erik blinks and his face expresses a questioning look as if is what he thinks correct or not."

January 10, 2016 19:01
Phantom "Almost, but in this case, I am the balance. My control over the shadows is absolute, my mastery of the fires I use is almost as strong, so I simply keep them apart." He smiles and touches his head before whispering into the child's mind, "Eventually you'll be able to make this connection through nothing more than a second thought too little one." January 11, 2016 04:03

He begins to let more flames out of himself in the form of his ash before it forms together into a bright red blade, "My ash is made from the demonic essence and my own will forged together to create something that is a living creature in and of itself.  When I make something from it though, it becomes one of the few things in all of existance that can summon me from anywhere...or any time if I'm tosed into another time rift."  He smiles and reforged the ash into a small baby rattle before handing it to little Erik, "If you need me, just give it a good bit of energy and shake it, I'll come and aide you in whatever mischevious actions you are up you."

January 11, 2016 08:40

Erik sat watching and blinking as Phantom let some flames out of himself.  He looked at the ash form together into a bright red blade.   The little guy's mouth forms an 'O' and a bay smile lights up his little face.   Though he can not speak and think like an adult.  He has a child's concept of what Phantom is talking about and demonstrating by examples.   He sits up straight and he holds out his little hand for the small baby rattle.  He had watched Phantom as he smiled and reforged the ash into the baby rattle.   The little guy smiled and let the baby rattle drop in his hand.  He studied it closely and he laid the rattle carefully down on the floor.  He listened to Phantom's words and he nodded at his friend.   He wondered if his cousins would begin to show some 'magick abilities.'  He would wait for them to start and just maybe he would have his companions.

But he wanted to learn what he could and start early so he could help his 'brothers."   He made a face as he tried to let some flames out of himself in the form of his latent being.   Ashes appeared next to him and he made a small chortling sound as the ash formed into a golden red blade.    He put all of his strength and will into the golden blade.   Three small golden platypuses apeared in front of him.   The three small items were a bit mishappen but he had done his best.   He yawned and rubbed his little eyes.   He fell asleep his little hand clasping the bay rattle and the three small golden figures.

Phantom needed a friend and his brothers needed him and their platys to look after them.  He had to head the crew til the leader would emerge from amongst them.    

January 11, 2016 20:03

He smiles as he makes his ash become a small blanket that wraps tound the toddler, his eyes filled with emotions before he silently and soundlessly stands.  He then makes the blanket lift up the baby before he walks into the main area and sits down while the blanket takes the boy to the crib while he himself yawns and looks around, "So...I wonder where everyone else went?  I was certain I sensed others here but just a bit ago."

January 12, 2016 03:19

   * Enters the shop again and sees Phantom sitting in an armchair.*

   " Evening Phantom, my apologies, had a few things come up, surprised Etaine isn't ehre unless she had to step out quick.. Everything going okay??

January 14, 2016 14:13
Phantom "When has anything in my extremely long life been okay I wonder...I'm tired Eirie, tired of remaining the balance when I'm meant for the darkness. Little Erik gives me hope though." He smiles at the other immortal before pulling his blade from the shadows and inspects it, "Can you reforge blade made in the void?" January 14, 2016 15:01
Lilly Emperium *Quietly she entered the shop, her hood drawn down. Walking up to the counter, she was just quiet. Pulling out a small pouch, she softly spoke* metal don't always age well, does it? January 14, 2016 15:31

His smile is bitter and remorseful as he shakes his head, "When has the metal touched by the darker powers ever aged in any other way Lilly?  It usually warps, twists, and slowly changes into that of one that is made into something used for the sole purpose of violently and slowly ending lives...After all, when have any of my kind ever been born into life without the other mortals being called as nothing but the most brutal monsters?"  His cat like eyes look up at her with a sorrowful look in them.

January 14, 2016 23:30

Etaine entered the shop behind Breed with the twins in their stroller.    She nearly bumped into Erik her mate and spoke hurriedly.   "Sorry hun.  The twins have done something I can't imagine the doing!"

Rhone and Mikhael were chortling with glee and their wide smiles as they were playing with shimering ice orbs.  They passed their orbs between each other.       Etaine shook her head then looked at Erik.   "I didn't think this possible.   My magick is not that strong...."

January 14, 2016 23:41
Lilly Emperium *Lilly turned to Phantom, her eyes took a yellow hue to them as she spoke* mortals....mortals don't know what they say. And if what you say is true, about metals..... It is as damned as I.*opening the pouch Lilly layed three pieces of a broken silver dagger on the counter. It was the dagger from her boot. Nodding to Etaine, she spoke softly* they are getting bi* January 15, 2016 05:37

  * Looking at the sword Phantom holds intently*

       " I can sure as loki is a ******* try phantom, my mentor weilded and forged many thing, including the weapons used by Woton and his son the Thunderer... If i can't i may know whom can, and Lilly if you want i'll see about your blade as well....* glances at the twins and shakes my head*  " when did they start using ice magics? that is beyond my casting skills * grins*  That's more along the lines of what you and your kin weild Etaine,lol."


January 15, 2016 16:43

Etaine looked at Erik and shook her head.   "A day or two I kin and I can wield magick.   My magick isn't that strong.   My magick was cursed by the unseelie court for interference.   As such magick I have retained was limited to healing and protection spells....   The twins are  considered full SIdhe regardless who the female or male parent is.   They can shape shift as I can and I thought their magic limited.   Even though Erika has no shape shift abilities her magic is strong,    I thought their magic would be nil or limited."

Etaine watched the floating ice orbs as the boys played with them.    A cry from the cot in the back room and a small flame orb joined the ice orbs passing through the ice orbs but not melting them. All three orb joined together and fused into one orb.

The orb floated over to Phantom and dropped into his lap.

Etaine looked at Lilly and then at Phantom.  "Swords and dagger needing repairs?"

January 15, 2016 17:03

He scoffs before looking at his blade once more with a bit a fear in his ancient eyes as he places the blade on the counter, "Eirie, this is the blade that was born with is my true blade and I'm trusting it to you, not anyone else...if you need time to work it, then take as much as you need.  If you need resourses from my home realm or elsewhere, ask and I'll collect what I can, or buy, steal, or simply make what is needed...but nobody else will ever touch this blade as intimatly as I'm willing to let you and Etaine."  He walks to the children and looks at them before smiling, "Ice and fire and natural negatives, but they can be oddly bonding when mixed right...enjoy those powers younglings, they will grow beyond even the ancient one's of old when you are older."  He then blinks and vanishes, leaving his blade for Eirie and a small bit of his black flames that hover near little Erik, warming and protecting the baby while harming nothing it touches.

January 15, 2016 20:08
Lilly Emperium I took a bad trip......when I fell I must of hit the bolder harder than I thought with my foot. Dagger broke inside my boot. *Looking from phantom to Etaine, she sighed sadly* it had sentimental value

*watching phantom vanish , she shook her head* sorry
January 16, 2016 06:47

* I look at Lilly again with a smile.*   " Nothing to be sorry for Lilly, I'll get your blade reforged for you, and Phantom if there is a way to fix yours i will, i give my word on that,"

January 17, 2016 15:57

Etaine looked at the dagger that had been in several pieces very closely.     "Erik can fix it  and here  is a copy of a protection or unbreakable spell I can place on it.   I need to check the boys and the bratling quickly.

Etaine went to the back room quickly.

January 17, 2016 16:00
Lilly Emperium *Lilly looked from Eirie to Etaine* Thank you both. If it could still say Theodore, I'll compensate. *softly she sighed* it may have been my fault he left, for that I am sorry. *Setting a package on the counter, she softly spoke* These are toys for the boys January 17, 2016 18:28

   " It will still say Theodore and we'll remake the blade so it won't break again Lilly., and thank you for the toys, between you, Phantom and Etaine these kids are going to be spoiled * grins*  would like something to drink or eat?? we still have the kitchen back here."

January 17, 2016 18:43
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled* They are children.... it's in my nature to do so. *Nodding she smiled* coffee would be fine Eirie and thank you. My son has the rest of the dagger set, I only kept that one. January 17, 2016 18:55

Little Erik cralwed quickly from the back room with Etaine in hot pursuit.  She had one of the twins under each arm.

"Stop the brat!  He is now toddling.  He walked a few steps landed n his bottom and is crawling like crazy.

Rhone and Mikhael were wiggling to get loose and follow their brother.   "I knew that bratling would be the first!"

Little Erik crawled to Lilly and pulled himself up and announced.  "Lilee!"     

January 17, 2016 19:51
Lilly Emperium *Scooping little Erik up quickly, Lilly smiled brightly* little man.. your getting big..shhh now don't squirm.*holding him she laughed* Etaine... could you use some help? January 17, 2016 20:00

"Da da!"  announced Rhone looking around and spotting his father.       Mikhael  looked in the direction of Lilly and then at his father.

Mikhael's wide smile covered his face as he announced "Mom mom!"  

January 17, 2016 20:04
Lilly Emperium *Seeing the boys, Lilly chuckled* wow.... Y'all got big. January 18, 2016 01:28

"I sure could use a bit of help.    All three are now crawling  and bratling is toddling a little.   I think the two will be taking off soon  and a little early as well.   Talking sooner too due to Mister Smarty Pants"   Etaine chuckled  as Rhone reached for his father.

"Da!"  He declared loudly and an ice orb landed on Breed's head,     A small icelandic ax landed on the floor barely missing Etaine's boot.  

"Luckily their weapons are play ones.... Mikhael be careful!"

"Hun could you take Rhone for some special time and I will take Mikhael.   Yes they are getting big!"

January 18, 2016 15:00

  * winces as the ice ball bounces off my head then catches Rhone before he topples.*

  " Well this is what you get when you mix racial lines and magic * grins* hard telling what they'll do next."  * Chucks rhone gently under the chin and smiles at Mikhael looking his mother the toy ace laying by her foot.*

     " Something to think about Lilly,lol."

January 18, 2016 15:05
Lilly Emperium

*Holding little Erik, she chuckled. She missed having little ones around. Looking to Eirie she nodded* It does make it hard some know what to expect. Idont think ......*she stoped herself. she already knew the likelyhood of any children, was very unlikely.Quickly she smiled, redirecting her thoughts she looked to little Erik* How can I help ya Etaine?

January 18, 2016 18:05

Etaine winces as the ice ball bounces off of Erik's head  and she sighs with relief as he catches Rhone before he topples.

"Rhone is the spiting image of you Erik and crossing racial lines and magick!  These sweetlings are potluck kids and don't you forget you put your stamp on them including the grandson!   All babies are unique and a granted mercy.   One was all I expected but you decided otherwise."

"Rhone chortled and pulled his father's long hair.  "Da!"  Some intelligle baby talk followed from Rhone to Erik and Etaine offered her translation.

"He wants you to tell him and his brothers a story about their big sister and a certain wand..."

Etaine hugged Mkhael then placed him on the wooden floor.  "Now bratling crawl and no axe for you right now.   Lilly just keep Erik busy for awhile and  give him some tlc. He likes you!"

January 18, 2016 22:46
Lilly Emperium

**Chuckling she held him and looked to Eirie*That story I might like to hear sometime.

*Looking to Etaine, Lilly smiled* Sure thing...Ofcourse he likes me....probably smells the chocolate in my pocket too.

*Playing with little Erik Lilly chuckled* what ya wanna do lil man?

January 18, 2016 23:38

"Just don't ask him to swish a wand over little Erik and most certainly over Rhone and Mikhael!   I want to enjoy y boys including bratling!"

Etaine tickled Mokhael who squealed with baby laughter.   "Dada!"  Mikhael looked at his father and held out his arms.   A small rune appeared over his father 's head.   "Da da Rho!"   The small rune spun around his father's head and the small ax floated up to his hand.

January 21, 2016 15:19
Lilly Emperium *Lilly chuckled* no worries there Etaine..... I miss this age...when they're small, still learning. Mine ain't so small anymore. January 22, 2016 00:39

He walks into the shop, his body hidden by a dark blue cloak and seems to pause, his red eyes starting out from the shadows of the hood before falling to his keens and then to his stomach, showing his back is littered with various blades with demonic repeling runes and anti-healing spells woven into the metal, letting a pool of his blood slowly appear.

January 22, 2016 16:29
Lilly Emperium *Lilly turned as Phantom entered the shop. Before she could speak, he began to fall. Quickly she sat little Erik down with the twins. Moving towards him she saw the runes. Kneeling beside him she stifled herself. As she tried to move the daggers. Softly she whispered* what in Hades name happened?

*Looking towards the forge, Lilly called out* Eirie...Etaine...please... god please come here
January 22, 2016 17:09

   * hearing Lilly calling out in urgency i move quickly to the main room of the shop handgun at the ready when i see Phantom laying on the floor... Setting the safety, i set the pistol aside and drop beside Phantom's body eyes scanning the wounds and the weapons that created them... Standing back up I run back into the forge area and grab a pair of leather gloves gifted to me by my trainer when my apprenticeship ended.  Moving back into the main room, I kneel on one leg for leverage and then draw the gloves on my hands..

       Reaching for the handle on a dagger low in Phantom's back I can feel the anti-healing magics like a distance buzz, as I slowly withdraw it from his back.  Looking to Lilly I ask.*

  "Lilly in the baby's room there is an EMT trauma case in the closet middle shelf, bring that to me as we'll have to apply a banadage to each wound as I remove a weapon or we'll lose him before his body can begin healing like it should again.. when you are ready let me know."

   * Looking down at Phantom I shake my head a moment*  " My friend the pointy end of those weapons are supposed to go in their body not your's, I would say you ran into a bit of trouble there.."

January 24, 2016 18:49

His eyes flutter open beneath his hood and he hisses weakly as he hears Eirie before he slowly pushes himself into a position where he is in his hands and knees, his eyes flashing dangerously before he tosses a dagger to Eirie's feet, "Damn...raiding party...should....have known...better that to....turn my back on other....demons."  He then hisses as the demonic repelling runes force his powers into submission and the anti-healing magics cause a loud hissing as his blood touches the metal, trying to melt the blades before his eyes roll up and he falls once more, unable to keep himself awake.

January 24, 2016 19:46
Lilly Emperium *Quickly Lilly went to get the trama bag. As she came back, she heard a loud thud. Realizing Phantom had tried to move worried her. Kneeling back down beside him, she whispered* please don't move....

*Looking to Eirie, Lilly nodded as she slid the bag beside him* ready when you are.....I know we'll have to apply pressure
January 25, 2016 04:30

 " Stubborn cuss, just had to try and move didn't ya, worse than I am..* rolls my eyes with a grin*  Okay, here we go Lilly so slap one on as I go, i'm going to pull them as quickly as I can without more harm to him so his system can reset itself."

    * Taking a deep breath I take ahold of another weapon and after judging the angle of entry smoothly, yet quickly draw it out, then tossit aside out of reach before moving to the next.  I lose track of time as the weapons are taken out but breathe a sigh of relief once the last is removed , looking over Phantom's back I can not heklp but notice the jigsaw puzzle look of the bandages.*

   " He got off lucky this time Lilly, They know he is no longer for the darkness and will be hunting him as well as any others whom dare to stand in the way.  Thank you for your help, but if you could assist me one more time  I'd like to move him to the guest room near the nursery so he can rest.. Luckily he's more or less man sized and we being what we are, can surely handle his weight.."

January 25, 2016 14:55

As soon as the last blade slides free of him the cloak rears to life, hissing dangerously as it quickly wraps around his body and seems readly to strike with the fangs that had appears in the mouth.  The saliva it seems able to produce falls to the flood and starts hissing as it quickly begins eating into everything and the cloak creature seems to be trying to move him, but only manges to pull him slightly, causing a grinding sound that seems to be from his steel like skin scrapping far too hard against the floor than a human his size and weight should be possible to make.

January 25, 2016 20:09
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded to Eirie, then saw the cloak form. The hiss startled her for a moment, then shaking her head she sighed* I really think that cloak has a mind of its own.

*walking over beside Phantom, Lilly closed her eyes for a moment. Kneeling down, her eyes opened slowly as they took on a honey yellow appearance. Softly she whispered towards the cloak, trying to convey the fact that herself and Eirie were trying to help. Hoping it would let them continue*
January 26, 2016 06:14
Lark Ripper

Lark Ripper walked slowly but with purpose through the doors of The Forge.  Her knapsack full of her wooden carvings  She had talked with her dad about asking the NightBreeds if they would display some of her best pieces.    She dropped her knapsack to the wooden floor when she saw a woman and Mr NightBreed attempting to help a man in a cloak. 

She looked at the three babies on the wooden floor of The Forge with some salvia like fluid sliding toward the NightBreed twins and and another little guy was toddling toward it.

The white blonde haired toddler was saying "Tom tom!?!"  The little guy seemed frantic.   He waved his little hands.

Lark picked up the twins quickly and wondered where to place them safely.   She looked at the littl guy toddling toward the hissing cloak and it's emittance of salvia.    "Cu!"    Cu appeared behind the baby his mouth open and catching the little guy by the back of his baby jeans and jacket.    The little tyke seemed unterested in the position he was in.   A silver baby rattle appeared in the fangs of the cloak and  "Dad da do dodo dah goo Ish ish dodah!"   Babylike gibberish came out of his mouth  and a blue flame appeared on the man's cloak near the fangs.    His voice wailed Tom tom!"     He wiggled franticly trying to free himself from Cu's hold on his clothes.  "Googie go!"

Lark set the twins on top of a work table with a few toys she found behind the counter.

January 26, 2016 15:50
Phantom The cloak snapped at anyone coming near him as it keeps trying to pull his body without much success before noticing little Erik and seemingly becomes transfixed with the babies eyes before disloving and refomring as his cloak once more. January 27, 2016 00:38
Lilly Emperium *Watching what happened, Lilly was curious. Maybe if it was distracted, then maybe they could drag him around to the room* January 27, 2016 02:50
Lark Ripper

Little Erik stopped wiggling  and looked at the cloak reforming with wide icy blue orbs.  He looked at his friend Phantom and spoke.

"Googie go Tom tom!"  He didn't struggle somehow knowing the big strange doggie was protecting him.

Cu looed at Lark for permission. She nodded and said  'Put him down. But stay close."  Cu set Erik on the floor gently  but hunkered close about his little charge.

January 27, 2016 09:10

   * watches the rattle appear with the aura of flame and the cloaks response before shaking my head.*

    " Ooookay then!! i can see that my grandson is even weirder than his mother.. since i don't see a mouth now how about I grab his arms since they'd be closest to the mouth if it reappears and you try and wrestle his feets, maybe we can get him in bed before it decides it's in a grumpy mood again."

           * Looks at wehere Lark has the twins and then down at lil erik and Cu with a sigh.*

  " Cu if he gets near the cloak again, sit on lil erik will you..."

January 27, 2016 18:00
Lark Ripper

Little Erik  sat on the wooden floor near Phantom.  Cu's ears perked up and he gave a low growl of approval as he looked to NightBreed.  Cu looked at his little charge who was now nodding off sleepily.

Cu nudged the little tyke gently and he then gingerly picked him up.  He trotted off toward Lark and the twins.

"Googie ...."     A small charm appeared on his dog collar.  A small call rune in case if Erik needed some help.   Erik sighed happily and drifted off to sleep.  The spell had tired him and he knew his friend was safe for now.

Cu looked at Lark as she took Erik from him.   Lark just stared at the small bundle in her arms.  "This kid aint normal is he.... I wonder if I could teach to grow things.  Maybe he'd be good with plants and trees.."

Rhone and Mikhael  were playing quietly together as Lark settled Erik into his spot in the triple stroller.

January 27, 2016 18:17
Lilly Emperium *Nodding, Lilly grabbed Phantom's ankles* I agree, let's go Eirie. Before the cloak gets angry again. I swear, he needs to teach this thing to remember some of us as friends January 27, 2016 18:36

  " I think that cloak has it's own mind, * stoops down hooking Phantom around his upper arms with my hands gripping his triceps.*  Ready when you are Lilly.... Lark make sure the door to the guest bedroom is open would you?"

January 27, 2016 18:41
Lilly Emperium *chuckles* your right Eirie it does. I'm ready, let's move him January 27, 2016 18:50
Lark Ripper

Lark quiclly fastened the twins in the stroller  and looked at Cu SIth.

"Watch the boys for a few minutes."   Cu growled gently as if to say 'Okay!"

Lark went to the back room and opened the door quickly for Breed and Lilly to get Phantom in the guest room.

January 27, 2016 18:55

When they went to lift him, instead of a heafty weight, they found him to barey weigh more than a few pounds.  His entire body seeming to weigh barely more than three pounds to them both as the cloak vanishes with one last hiss of disaproval and he coughs weakly from his unconsious dreams, muttering in demonkin and other, far older languages as they pack him into the guest room.

January 28, 2016 11:29
Lilly Emperium *As they got him to the guest room, Lilly looked to both Lark and Eirie. Softly she spoke* thank you. January 28, 2016 13:01
Lark Ripper

"NO problem.... I was in the area.   Mr. NightBreed I have some of my best carvings if you coud display them for me. Dad says they are good enough to sell.   Nothing like his work.  But he's gonna teach me whathe knows. 

Lark looked at theboys and said softly.  "I can help with the little ones as well.   I am real good with little ones."

She looked at Lilly and asked her.  "Who is this guy?"

January 29, 2016 16:04
Lilly Emperium *Lilly looked to Lark* A dear and stubborn friend of ours, Phantom.

*carefully she covered him up*
January 29, 2016 18:40

Etaine entered the shop and noticed a knapsack on the floor of the shop.  She placed it on the counter for safety.   She heard some talking and  noise from the nursry/backrom.  She walked quickly looking for Erik.   She found the boys asleep in the stroller well cared for  and the bratlings were aslee.

Little Erik had his hand clutching his rattle and his ever present black flame near him.  Rhone and Mikhael are asleep holding hands  two small blue orbs near their hands.

"Any excitement?   I assume Lark brought some of her  carvingsforus to display and sell.   Erik 's hand clutched a small wooden bobcat. "Mema... Erik spoe in his sleep.

January 29, 2016 18:50
Lark Ripper

Lark watched as Lilly covered up the man called Phantom.

"He's a Demon.  Isn't he?   I know one called Fess.   He fought with us in the battle....he give me a few things. Wait I carry what he gave me in my side pouch.   He taught me some of his magick."

Lark focussed on her hand and a small black flame hovered in her hand.  She blew  on it and it flamed up. Lark walked to the bed that Phantom lay on.    She released the black flame as she moved her hands over his frame,

She chanted a few words quietly so they remained unheard except for his ears.   "Let him rest and keep him safe.  I will leave a vial for him and he will need to take it. It will rstore some strength.  I have no idea if it will work but he will heal."

Lark took the black glass vial from her side pouch and handed it to Lilly.    Her cell phone rang and she looked at the tet on it.  "I gotta meet dad and go home.  Call me if you want to display my carvings  There is a small Lynx for Erik  and two panther carvings for the twins.   Lark left the shop.

January 29, 2016 19:24
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded to Lark as she took the vial. Softly she spoke* Yes he is a demon, and thank you.

*As Lark left, Lilly heard Etaine's voice*
January 30, 2016 01:07

His eyes snap open after only an hour or two before he blinks and hisses at some foreign substance in him until he lets his inner flames burn away the other demonic healing magic, growling at whoever might have done that before sighing and shaking his head slightly.  He then looks around and coughs, "Seems someone decided to wake me early by trying a different demonic speciecs healing method on me...for the record, I heal naturally and anything put in my to try and hasten it except for certain demonic herbs do nothing but sicken me.  Now...where is Erik?  Is the little firecat okay?!"  His position keeps his eyes from being able to see the child or anyone as he blinks and then sighs, " my sickness is blindness this time, so I won't be walking around for a couple days."

January 30, 2016 03:51

Etaine glances at the vial Lilly is holding.     "I will call Lark and tell her that her carvings areagreat item to display and sell here!

Etaine glanced at Rhone and Mickhael clutching each other's hand.   Erik was clutching a small wooden lynx.   She smiled at the boys and spoke.   "They seem very content.     But little Erik seems very tired.  Has he been magicking again?"

She looked at Phantom in the guest bed and it hit her.  "What did the hellcat do?"

January 30, 2016 12:12
Lilly Emperium Sorry Phantom, Lark was trying to help you. *Lilly spoke softly* lil Erik is fine January 30, 2016 16:21

Etaine sighed inwardly and spoke to Phantom.   "Lark has a kind heart.   I would trust her with Rhone and Mikhael.   I d trust her with little Erik too.    The bratling is asleep no worse from whatever he did clutching a wooden Lynx.   He must have checked that knapsack out... he named his wooden toy Dema...  IF another demon taught Lark a healing art.... then she is trusted."

January 30, 2016 16:52

   " She didn't know about the mixing with your system, I knew you were high on the food chain so to speak  but not how much the difference made, she'll know the next time.. And lil Erik is in good shape Phantom, he conjured a silver rattle in the cloaks teeth and set if aflame in the clear blue bunsen burner type flame,lol.  but he's doing okay and clutching that rattle and a wood lynx..snoozing away."

January 30, 2016 19:43

"I stand corrected  Phantom.  Little Erik thinks of you as his Uncle and that is saying a lot from the bratling. Lark didn't know  but she thought she was helping."

Etaine felt a little foolish.  "I worry about you and the family.    Your eye sight will return now you rest and tell us what you need."

January 30, 2016 19:50

He smiles wearily before snapping his fingers, letting the contant flame around little Erik bring the boy to his side to nap near him as he lays back, "I'll watch over him till he wakes then...not much else I can do without my sight since I seem to have lost any sense I had that could let me see.  As for my healing then don't worry about it, I'm not exactly one of the demonic race's who plays well with any of the fact I tend to wage wars with them because they annoy me so usually.  Thank you for helping me though everyone....and if the cloak responded to little Erik then I think one of my living flames might abondon me for him...I wonder if he can understand it when the thing whispers to him?"

January 30, 2016 20:07

Little Erik hummed in his asleep shaking his little silver rattle.    Something tried whispering to him and he felt something at his mind.   He shook his ratle to silence the whisperings and he focussed on his friend Phantom.

His friend couldn't see him.    His small sattle ends opened and a small black life flame floatedout and floated on Phantom's eyes.   The black flame became black ash on his eyelids.   Erik opened his weary eyes and closed them again.  He needed to sleep peacefully and heal so he could look after his family.  It was humbling to him to look after his beloveds and watch over them.  A big job for such a little guy.

That whispering cloak needed to know that he was a good guy and he would not be a bad guy.  His grandpa was a good guy and he hoped to be just like him.

January 31, 2016 16:50

He slept soundly as his body slowly healed, the ash covering his eyes soothing his usually burning eyes and allowing him to heal them quickly and easily as more and more of his heat slowly seeped into the baby beside him, warming him and stoking the fire power inside the boy, stregthening it while also slowing its growth so it wouldn't burden the child.  As they slept his cloak appeared to rise before the two, tilting it's head one way and then the other before wrapping around them both.  It then split, letting a massive amount of energy wash out of the room where the split had been before it become a cloak once more for him, and a small blanket for little Erik, slowly adapting to the child and his elements, having erased all memories that bit held for it's former master and fully aligning itself with its new one.

January 31, 2016 18:29

  * watches with a raised eyebrow as I see what the claok does and then i chuckle*

January 31, 2016 20:45

Etaine slides her hand around Breed;s waist.  "I think little Erik has included Phantom as his uncle and guardian.   I wonder how Sean will take that.   I imagine the nanny will have to adjust."

January 31, 2016 20:48

    " Sean will get over it and deal with it,lol."

January 31, 2016 20:50
Lilly Emperium Kids have a way of doing that. *softly she smiled* At least they both will be ok.

*Stepping back, she stepped out of the room*
January 31, 2016 21:16

"Indeed he will have to deal with it.  The bratling can pick his own friends.  Both of them need to rest and the little tyke is safe enough."

Etaine wheeled the stroller out of the back room and waited for Erik to follow her out.

"Thank you for helping with Erik and Phantom, Lilly."

January 31, 2016 22:48
Lilly Emperium *Looking to Etaine, she nodded* It is I who should thank you....both of you and little Erik too. January 31, 2016 23:12

Purrs gently in his sleep as he moves so the child in nearly hidden from sight while black spikes appear to cover them both in a comfortable cacoon of energy while they sleep.  His small smile and peaceful sleep having left him looking almost innocent to any who might be looking upon him.

February 01, 2016 07:49
Dema A Scratch at the back door could be heard as she sat on her rump. Licking a large paw. she tips her head to listen for a click. Amber eyes glancing up and down the ally. taking a close eye on the package she brought with her. February 02, 2016 17:03

Two little boys called Rhone and Mikhael were now crawling and took off toddling after their uncle Erik whom they called Riki.    Rhone become 'Hone' and Mikhael became 'Heal'.  Ho and He shifted into a pair of running panther like kits with their emerald green and blue eyes.  They scampered to the back door scratching on it and growling softly.

Their ears perked up as their little noses caught the familiar scent of theiraunt Dema called Mema. Little Erik kept her memory in their minds as they linked with each other and spoke their own language amongst the three of them   They discussed looking after their beloved and how best they could be cuz their beloved had a hard time looking after them and each other.   They traded information so they were up to date on everything.

Etaine had headed to the backroom when she heard something in her head and it was Rhone's gurgle and laughter.   "Mom come Mema!"    Etaine heard it and slapped her forehead.   Another gift long quiet had emerged  the maternal link to her twins and her nephew.   "I am coming guys."  Etaine opened the back door to see Dema in her Lynx form.

February 02, 2016 17:33
Dema As the door opened the lynx picked up the paper bag in her mouth and runs inside, knowing there would be questions and such she headed right for a table and bounced up to place the bag down. Tipped ear fluff danced as she tipped her head to look at Etaine. "Miss me?" She smiles, then noses the bag softly. "For the kits, Salmon fresh." February 02, 2016 17:39

As he sleeps his hearing catches a sound before his mate's scent hits him and his eyes snap open, fully healed before he looks at the baby by him and the he vanishes, leaving a flame as his replacement for the child, and looks at his mate in her lynx form as he tilts his head and smiles gently.

February 02, 2016 17:46

Etaine 's moss green hues widens and she swept the door open quickly. She closed it quickly as the Lynx entered with a paper bag in her mouth.

The Lynx leapt up on the table and placed the bag down.   Dema tipped her head to lookather  and Etaine smiled.  "Missed you like crazy.  and bratling missed you loads.   I think he will be happy to see you but he's sleeping right now.  He's trying to help his uncle tom tom  I mean Phantom and he misses his Mema.

Rhone and Mikhael were leaping at the table as their little noses twitched at the smell of fresh salmon.

February 02, 2016 17:49

Lady fluffy but was back and barring gifts. She giggles as the kits where bouncing and tips her head to see her mate and smiles. "Tom tom? Well thats pretty cute." She grins and then smiles. "Where is my bratlings all of them?" peaking down over the table just out of reach of the savage kitties below. 

February 02, 2016 18:49

Rhone jumped on the chair nearby and Mikhael watched closely as his brother rested for a moment.  Rhone meowed hungrily in hopes of a free meal or a few bits of the fresh salmon and Mikhael looked at Dema and waited.

Etaine chuckled and pointed at the sleeping figure in the bed.   "Erik has a cloak like Phantom now too.  Seems Erik helped him a little and he s taken to Phantom.  Tom tom is what he calls him ."

February 02, 2016 19:40

Nosing at the bag she managed to unroll it enough to tease the kits slightly. Before sliding it out. She looks back aup and smiles. "Well slight problem, in this form there is no place for a knife to cut this up with. Soo someone with thumbs will have to do the honors." She winks at the kits. "But we have to make sure Erik gets his sahre as well." She looks to her mate, "and yours is at home Tom tom."

February 02, 2016 19:49
Lilly Emperium *Seeing the kid's run off to Dema, Lilly slipped out the front door* February 02, 2016 21:49

He smiles and lets his hand shift to a claw before quickly cutting the meat into thirds before hugging his mate to you, "You know I could wrap you in clothing when you shifted right?  If you'd like to hold your little kittens."

February 02, 2016 21:49

She purrs softly and rubs along his side, then grins."Sure I do, but then I wouldnt get to do this." She crawls up and sits on his shoulder, which is pretty cute. Considering she is a lynx of thirty pounds."But yes I suppose I would like to get some cuddles in, before you wisk me away home."

February 02, 2016 21:58

"I'll wait until you are done with your snuggling before wisking you away home Dema."  He grins impishly as he vanishes and replaces himself with the fire creature that had been keeping Erik warm and smiles from the bed before yawning and going back to take a nap.

February 02, 2016 22:11

Dema removes her self from the table and gives a catlike strectch before shifting. She couldnt help but grin, when she was clothed. He forgot that he had already did that spell months before. She swiftly picks up Rhone and Mikhael and begins the suggle fest. But made sure it was time to give them each their pound of salmon. "Now make sure Erik get his and that he knows that I was here.

February 02, 2016 22:30

Erik woke up and shifted into a small pantherlike kit and jumped off of the bed.  HIs tiny nose twitched at the smell of the fresh salmon and he purred  But he sat on his small haunches and raised his nose.  He made a small happy yowl and purred softly.

Etaine stooped and picked him up gently.   She knew little Erik was glad to see Dema.   "Yes she is back and yes she will be more careful this lifetime."

February 04, 2016 15:31

He smiles from where he lays before simply melting into the shadows, leaving behind little toys for the boys and a small bad of gold for the NightBreed's.

February 04, 2016 19:56

She almost squelled whe she seen him and giggles softly. "My three little monsters!" She then runs her hand over Eriks fur. "Come now I brought you guys something." She looks back and looks saddened a bit seeing Phantom gone. But recovers when the purring is sounded.

February 04, 2016 20:25

Grins from the rafters and whistles softly so Dema could still know that she wasn't alone.  He smiles down to her and the rest before looking at the kittens and starts making fireballs dance around for the boys to chase and play with while he stretches and pops his fingers and back.

February 04, 2016 20:51

Little Erik purred happily as his Mema's hand slid over his fur..  He looked at the fresh salmon and yiped ecitdely.   His little paw quickly dividedly his share into five equal shares.   Two shares for his brothers one for Mema and the fourth one for Tom tom.

He looked at his  share and he remember his Gramma and Gampa so he cut his share in half for them. He knew his beloved would understand and they were provided for by him.   He yawned tiredly and curled up in a circle his new cloak adjusting to his feline body as a blue blanket for a child. His cloak whispered a lullaby to hi.  He had everything a little guy could want in the Realm.

February 07, 2016 16:03
Lilly Emperium *Quietly she walked in, silencing the bell as she did. Setting a box with a bunch of toys down, she smiled softly* February 07, 2016 16:06

Smiles at how thoughtful the little boy was being before he appears by him and gently rubs his furred back, "Just this once child, take the whole bit meant for you, others like your mother and her parents are grown fully as is, but you little one are yet to get there.  You'll need the food and we all understand this, so eat and let us worry about our food today."  He then turns to his mate and scoops her up into his arms while she is still holding the other two and grins, "I'm positive that it is time to go home and see to restoring a few things my darling."

He then replaces them with more fire creatures who seem only able to warm everything they touch and he looks down at everyone from where he is standing and holding Dema, "I'll leave those three here so they can help with the forge for everyone, I'll be back some time to have more fun with the kittens and teach them more stuff next time I suppose."

February 07, 2016 16:31

Etaine  picked up little Erik and placed him in the stroller.  She gently wrapped the cloak around him. and she left the backroom for a moment.

She saw Lilly setting a box of toys on the counter.   "Lilly  come and viit with the boys!  They would love to see their aunt Lilly!"

February 07, 2016 16:50
Lilly Emperium *Hearing Etaine, Lilly smiled slightly. The last couple days had been rough on her. Seeing her nephews would be a good thing. Slowly she made her way past the counter*

I didn't want to intrude
February 07, 2016 17:27

"YOU never intrude and the little guys love you period.  Little ones can't judge and they just trust for now.  They don't know how to hurt others or mistrust them.I hope the boys learn early to not to judge or hurt someone intentionally.   Little Erik will always know somehow things ahead of his nephews..."

"YOU are my friend Lilly and I keep few friends period.  So how is it being a newlywed?"

February 07, 2016 18:12
Lilly Emperium *Smiling she nodded. It did her heart good to hear Etaine say what she did. * The boys have good teachers, they will be fine. You and Eirie, are wonderful people as are Dema and phantom.

*Softly she sighed, as she nodded. Her voice was soft as she spoke* so far ok. Just little bumps in the road
February 07, 2016 18:32

   * pops back in from the back where i had taken out some debris to be placed in the dumpster.  Seeing the kids with etaine and hearing her talking with Lilly, I notice my namesake sleeping and the smaller portions of fresh salmon divided up and smile before moving closer to make sure he is doing well... Standing i take the items I had saved back and head intot he forge room itself to work on a blade of/for Lilly based on the knives she had shown from her family. Stoking the fuel and working the bellows to feed the air into the heart of the old forge I build the heat higher my mind relaxing as I enter into a state of being and mind to be solely focussed on the job at hand... sending a small breath of air i set the door swinging closed so as not to disturn the children and etaine and lilly.*

February 07, 2016 19:21

Etaine looked at Erikchecking out his namesake.  "The little tyke wants to share..his gift,  Almost equal shares.  He's a bundle of joy."   Etaine looks at Rhone and Mikhael dividing their shares as well.   She knew her boys would follow their little uncle's lead til they found their own ways.  She smiled as her Erik went off to his forge and she would leave him to his work.

"Now Lilly would you like some tead or blood water?  I have some cookies around here."

February 07, 2016 20:44
Lilly Emperium *Smiling she chuckled* blood water would be fine, thank you. My my they have gotten big . February 07, 2016 22:52

Etaine smiled a bit and got  one of bottle of blood water from the fridge and poured herself a glass of ice tea.

She went to another smaller fridge and pulled out several bags of blood. She placed two blood bags on a tray.  She returned to the fridge and brught out a ham and cheese sandwich, a fruit salad and a slice of apple pie.   "Big Erik's lunch!  He's repairing that blade of yours.  I will leave the goodies for him and  he wil get something soon and we will have some cookies.   The kits will have their fresh fish."

Etaine gave Lilly her bottle ofwater and a blood bag.   A tall clean glass was placed in front of her and Etaine stepped out to deliver Breed's lunch tray.





February 08, 2016 14:54
Lilly Emperium *Smiling she mixed her water and blood in the glass giving a light chuckle*

See I knew you kept him well fed. I do appreciate all the work he's done in recent times for me. Ooh fresh fish, I bet the boys just love that... What do they think of deer meat? If you would like, I can get them some
February 08, 2016 16:07

Etaine came back in the back room and  saw two panther kits asleep with full bellies.  "I keep him well fed.  He takes bloodwhen needed and Erik will eat food as well.  He appears to be human to others and I do naught to discourage it either.  The closer to human he appears to others the safer for this brood of bratlings. The twins are more like me in their way and much like Erik in other ways.  Now lil Erik is more his father and some as his mother.   Deer  I believe the boys would like that!"

February 08, 2016 16:47
Lilly Emperium *Nodding she smiled* we were raised very similar to that. If you would have come to the manor at the holidays, one would have sworn we were mortal... Made business and trade far easier.

*Seeing the boys sleep, she smiled softly.* I so miss that, sleeping lil ones. The next time I go for a hunt, they will have it as well as plenty for you and Erik. I may do that soon, it's good for getting aggressions out.
February 08, 2016 16:56

"I used to hunt as well.   When I was a Warrior.  I did some spying on defenses and such.  I also hunted for game I could carry back for the stew pot.  Erik and I used to hunt together but Erika was born and the twins soon followed. There won't be any more NightBreeds.   Erika was to be my only child,but Breed decided otherwise. "

Etain looked at the little ones sleeping soundly.   "The boys I will savor every moment with them. Namesake will be a stinker and so will the twins.  So etra meat will beaccepted gratefully!"

February 09, 2016 18:01

He walks in once more, a grizzly nawing on his head this time, and sighs before looking at everyone, "Why is it that any time I decided to visit anyone who owns country lands I end up with some animal wanting to use me as a chew toy?  Also, can anyone speak bear?  If so, please get this thing off me before I give into my urges and eat it."

February 09, 2016 23:04
Lilly Emperium *Nodding, Lilly smiled at Etaine* When I do hunt, its mostly for thrill and blood. Depending on where I'm at, it's more preferred to lose a couple heads of deer or on extreme cattle vs people. The the meat I try to find a home for.

*Looking to the boys, Lilly smiled* enjoy them while their small, they grow to fast. I miss little ones sometimes

*Hearing Phantom, Lilly chuckled*; er um have you tried growling at him
February 10, 2016 03:53
Phantom "Several times, he just growls back and bites harder...he is about to get bitten." He growls more as he clenchs his fist and seems to be restraining himself February 10, 2016 06:24

   * hearing a noise I look out from my work and see a bear chewing on Phantom's head.. reaching behind me I pick up my axe and prepare to move out of the forge room when the opens up with a squeek and the platypus waddles in... Stopping for a moment looking  at the bear chewing on his buddy's head Rudy works his way forwards and begins hissing at the bear.   

      Shaking my head at the strange sight of the little platypus hissing at a grizzly i lightly stroke a rune on the handle of my axe and speak the trigger word, watching as the grizzly shimmers out of sight.*

   " So I see things have picked up a bit *smiles*, Phantom you must have a pheromone or something these critters are attracted to.  And don't worry about the bear I teleported him to New England, Ken will run into him sometime today."

February 10, 2016 21:07

His eyes are glowing red as he mentally marks the region where his future meal was teleported before blinking as he looks at Rudy, "I thought you were staying at the Breeds because of their safe zone.  Why did have a link to me don't you little one."  His eyes search the far too intelligent eyes staring at him before he sighs and shrugs before turning and walking to his friend, "I brought you some more of those blood herbs as well as some...lets just say I'd rather tell you the last few things away from pertains to the scythe you have locked up."

February 11, 2016 00:34

Erika managed her small overnight case and a few small bags of baby clothes for her and her brothers.  She hadn't seen her little man in a few months.  She had emails and photos from her mom and she was glad the little guy had shown some talent in magick.  But she wondered at the guarded remarks in the terms of magic.  She knew little Erik would show a strong inclination to magick as she had talent for it and the father of her child was another agicker of a different sort.  She wanted to talk to her parents about little Erik being apprenticed at an earlier age than she.

She opened the door by magic as she entered the back of The Forge into the apartment/nursery area.    She saw a bundle with his butt up in the area sleeping under a black cloak  She set her overnight bag and smaller bundles on the table.  She went to her son to pick him up and the cloak hissed and growled at her.   She stepped back and stared at the cloak.   The fangs of the cloak stopped growling when a silver rattle was lodged in the fangs and a tiny gurgle sounded from her son.  Mama!  The cloak whimpered slightly unable to dislodge the rattle.  Erik stood up and put his hands out to his mother.

Erika piced him up and checked his aura.  Something was different about her son and she knew he had been tinkered with.   "Can someone explain to me what happened to Erik..."

February 11, 2016 19:47
Phantom When he heard Erika's voice he took a deep breath, picked up Rudy, and then walked up to her. He then looked the shorter woman in the eyes and stared at her for a moment, a small bead of sweat on his temple, before he turned and took off sprinting at his top speed. Running through the door and off into the nearby housing district, walls, cars, abd fences doing nothing to stop the fleeing demon as he hit mach 4 speeds and vanished into the woods. February 12, 2016 04:40

   * As i turn to speak to my daughter i see Phantom stand and pick up Rudy then stare at her a minute before running out the door at high speeds.*

   " Well, I was going to say lil erik had found a buddy in Phantom and has seemed to adopted him, the cloak is a splinter of Phantom's own and it has formed a protective feeling towards lil erik. The kid is doing well, Phantom spoils him, i watch him get spoiled and get smacked by objects that appear thanks to your son and my kids..  Plus dema is watching over them as does Lilly.. These kids are as protected as can be plus we have your knew hoping to be  boyfriend as a nanny as well.

    I'll track Phantom down once he has a chance to calm down some and i'll check and se what it was he had brought me." 

February 12, 2016 11:18
Lilly Emperium *Watching Phantom take off, Lilly shook her head* how have you been Erika? February 12, 2016 14:43

The bear had had Etaine's attention and she was glad the Breed had sent it off elsewhere.  Poor Ken would have to take care of it in a humane manner.   She hoped that poor bear would find some nice safe place away from Phantom.

She was glad to see her daighter Erika but less thrilled about having to explain who had tweaked little Erik's abilities.  That would take some time and careful explaining.   "Little Erik has adopted Phantom as an uncle.   Little bratling caught Phantom's attention when he needed him.  Phantom being whohe is gifted little Erik with a few tweaks to help him.   His aura is changed a bit but your son is the same as he was.   He is spoiled outrageously of course as are his little cousins.   I am thankful his magic and your brothers' magick is free of the curse put on me... save for the shape shift abilities .   NOW spend some quality time with your bratling and your brothers! I expect you to spoil them even more."

Etaine looked at Breed and then Lilly.

February 12, 2016 15:36

Erika held her son tightly in her arms as she turned her attention to her father and listened to him.  "Track him down for me please and let him know that no har was meant."  SHe swallowed hard as little Erik looked at the ring on her finger.

"Yes little guy, daddy Sean asked me and I accepted his ring.  But we are waiting for awhile til you can give mommy away in a few years.  Erika smiled at Lilly and  "I am fine, just home for a visit overnight."

February 12, 2016 22:31
Lilly Emperium *Lilly smiled* good to see you dear. the boys are such a joy February 13, 2016 13:02

"The boys are an absolute joy.  Sean sends pictures, texts and emails all the time.  He mentioned a platypus called Rudy.   He told me about Phantom abit.  He felt sad for him when he lost his mate.    He was upset that little Erik was devastated and all the boys are now toddling, talking and all three doing magick."

February 13, 2016 15:14
Lilly Emperium *Looking to Erika, Lilly nodded* Dema has returned to Phantom...he's doing better now. She's even been here to see the boys. I tell your mom, and now you......enjoy this time.... it goes fast February 13, 2016 16:02

"I enjoy Rhone, Mikhael and bratling immensely.   I wasn't able to fully enjoy Erika's baby days due to a certain wand!  Erik has since stayed to rune agic!"  Etaine chuckled slightly and hugged Erika'    But we have a plus here  with a grandson and the twins.  The NightBreed family lline will endure and be strong.I plan to enjoy the boys."

February 13, 2016 16:22

Erika nodded as she gave Lilly a side hug and handed little Erik to her for a bit.   Erika went and hugged her dad. 

Track him down and tell Phantom thank you for keeping him safe.  We will figure a way for Erik to be be masked or we can just tell Dana outright.  She will fuss a but but if he shows any more abilities he will have to be guarded closely."

Little Erik gurgled and said "Mama!"   Erika went to Lilly and retrieved her son.   "I am meeting Sean for awhile and we may as well have a 'family' outing together."  Erika left the forge by the back way.

February 13, 2016 19:41

He slips back in after a bit, his eyes looking over everything before he sneaks into the back and then into the burning hot flames of the forge to curl up and take a nap as he slowly recharges his lost energy.  His quiet snores the only sound out of his as Rudy sits on his side, completely unaffected by the fire and heat around them.

February 14, 2016 03:36

Etaine watche as her daughter left with her son in her arms.  "Well that was short and sweet.  Bratling and the boys are more then looked after and I d say a damn sight better than most are period."

February 14, 2016 19:23
Lilly Emperium *Nodding in agreement* very much so. But at least she does see him February 14, 2016 20:58

"She stays in close contact.   I am grateful for that.   I am glad little Breed is with us."   Etaine picks little Rhone and hugs him gently.  "I got three good grateful reasons.  Not many grannies canraise their own grandkids!"  Etaine chuckled but a faraway look appeared in her mss green hues.

"I am grateful to have Eirie.   I saw my future in his eyes when I first saw him. No man in this realm can match him."

February 15, 2016 17:14
Lilly Emperium *smiling softly, Lilly looked to Etaine*
Is everything OK?
February 16, 2016 08:33

"I am quite fine.  I am graterful my buys know their father and their mother...I never knew my father and mother, Lilly.    My father died in battle the day I was born any my mother died soon after I was birthed."

Etaine spoke in almost a gentle whisper.  "Only Breed knows this and now I have told you.   To have the privilege of offspring is a blessing to me.   Few children were born to those I was a part.   But that is my past and I wonder if my people know or will learn of my sons..."

February 16, 2016 17:27
Lilly Emperium *Looking to Etaine, Lilly nodded* I can understand. Children are a great blessing.

My parents....
February 16, 2016 18:10

Etaine arched an eyebrow at Lilly.   "You too Lilly.  I had foster parents.   Both aged and human... they  cared in their way.   But an orphan is a curse among my folk and a half breed.  Though the halfbreed is considered a full Sidhe.   Even now I am long lived .....Did you know your parents even a bit?"

February 17, 2016 16:20

   * comes back in after a look about for Phantom , hearing etaine and lilly talking I quietly step into the forge room and see Phantom asleep in the flames with Rudy on top of Phantom the flames and heat not bothering him.. Checking the fires i se they are burning good and step back outside the room leaving our 2 guests to rest.*

     " Guess I won't be hunting him, he's asleep in the forge and rduy is with him, and doing well, the heat and flames don't seem to affect the little guy."

February 17, 2016 17:59
Lilly Emperium *nods* my story is different. As the story goes Kain was my stepfather or adopted father....jasmine my mother. I nor Osi knew our father was Cephorus until we were adults. Kain tried, I will give him that...until they went insane for a time. But even at that, we all might as well have been alone...left with nannies and teachers, barely seeing way for children to be raised.

*sighing, she shook her head* the insanity, coasted them...including what respect their kids had for them. What I knew of them.... It's not always the best memories to have.

*Hearing Eirie, Lilly chuckled* ummm phantom runs hot lol.
February 18, 2016 01:11
Phantom After a few hours his eyes open and he yawns, idily noticing Rudy now on fire with small bits of lava drool coming from the creature as he stares, "I get it're a golem who tied yourself to me...odd little things you are." He shrugs and stays in the nice warm forge. February 20, 2016 05:35

Etaine handed Rhone to Erik as she listened to Lilly.   She hugged Lilly gently after hearing what she said.

"The ones who raised me care in their way but love was something they felt wasn't  a necessity to give me. My former clan wasn't known for it either.   Erik was the first one and now my children.  Beyond a few others. 

Etaine checked on Moikhael who was still asleep his belly full of fish.

"I will take these rascals home and see you there Erik!"  

February 21, 2016 15:14

Erika slipped in the forge a little later with Sean and little Erik waiting for her.  She looked in the forge area and saw Phantom  and a platypus asleep in the hot forge. 

"There you are!  Thank you for being there for Erik, uncle Phantom.  I can trust you with him.' 

Erika put a small demonic rune near the forge. " This belonged to Wish keep it safe for Erik."

Erika slipped out of the forge quietly.

February 22, 2016 01:02
Lilly Emperium *smiling softly, Lilly hugged Etaine back*

See you guys later, I'll see what I can do about the deer meat.
February 22, 2016 01:03
Phantom His eyes landed on the rune and then the retreating friend before he shruggs and grabs the rune before plunging it into himself, atoring it into his very being until it was needed. February 22, 2016 01:17

    " You still doing okay in there Phantom??"  * looks at the change in Rudy and smile thinking that things are gonna be interesting.*

February 24, 2016 18:29

He smiles at the little plytapus and gently pets it's head as small chunks of his flesh start to turn black and vanish, "Seems I've reached the limit of my powers eh little one?  Sad thing that...the creator will be mad that I couldn't last any longer than this,"  With that said 'Phantom' turns to a fire elemental and then vanishes into the flames of the forge while Rudy simply hisses and moves to stand by Etaine and Lilly.

February 25, 2016 16:29

Stepping throughthe door in his white leather trousers, white leather boots, and white t-shirt with his katana hanging at his side, Elessar looks around at the place trying to figure out what exactly he needs and how to approach the subject.

February 26, 2016 11:30

Etaine carried her son Rhone to the front of the store with Rudy hissing and followinf her.   She noticed a man in a whitet-shirt,  white leather trousers and white leather boots.   He was an Angelic by his aura,  Etaine smiled warmly and set Rhone on the counter.

"Welcome to the Forge!  I am EtaineNightBreed.  How may I help you?"   She looked at the katana hanging at his side.  "Do you need to speak to my mate Eirie?"

Rhone looked at the man and smiled.  "Hi!"   A small white bird appeared and alighted on the man's shoulder.   "Birdy!"   Rhone pointed at the little white dove who cooed gently.

February 26, 2016 19:36

Looking at Etaine, Elessar replies warmly, "I seen this place from a distance and thought it would be interesting to look inside the place."

Hearing the greeting, Elessar replies with a smile, "Hey. Always nice to meet new people."

Feeling the bird land on his shoulder, Elessar raises his hand to it, raises an eyebrow, wondering what it'll do.

Looking back at Etaine, Elessar says quietly, "Know a good smith who can make a solid sword that can be mounted to the wall but can also be used in battle?"

February 27, 2016 08:01

   * walks from the back room after watching the disappearance in the forge room.*

  " That would be me, anything in particular you are looking at having made?   European styling, nordic, asian, Sumerian,  * grins*.. "

February 27, 2016 17:08

"I am looking for a sword that is light enough to mount to a thin wall, but is strong enough to go through just about anything. My preference in style is Japanese style katana." Elessar replies, then continues as he pulls off his katana and unsheathes it, "With these symbols along the blade as well."

February 28, 2016 08:04

Rhone cooed at the little dove and put out his little hand.   The dove spread it's a bit before the man unsheathed his katana.

The dove  flew and landed on his small hand.   The dove cooed softly at  Rhone  and  looked over  at the man.   Rhone squealed happily  as the dove  went  to the man and alighted on his shoulder.

Etaine smiled gently  and she spoke softly.  "Rhone wants you to have Kyrie as a friend.    He  has a love for  stray  animals  and Kyrie is a special  one to him.  Etaine  turned  and spoke to Erik.  "I   am going to check on Mikhael who is napping now."

February 28, 2016 16:08

   " Alright hun... I can do a Katana, solid steel blade , folded or steel alloy mixes. As for the symbols, I can acid etch, engrave, laser cut which ever you prefer.  Let me know the basic style you want done along with the hand guard preferance and we'll go from there."

February 28, 2016 18:35

Smiling to Etaine, Elessar says warmly, "I am honored that Kyrie has been gifted to me."

Turning towards Eirie, Elessar says warly, "I prefer it to be done with silver blade, if you can pull it off, but otherwise in the curved katan standard way. As for the engravings, it will be done by what you believe is the best way. The hand guard, I prefer square with one point at the spine of the blade and one towards the edge."

February 29, 2016 15:23

    " Silver will not be a problem, I have all the materials at hand and I am just finishing up a repair job and can start on your order tomorrow.. Do you have a time frame when you want it completed?? "

   * I grin as I watch the bird and Rhone*

February 29, 2016 18:20

"I have no time frame. All I ask it that it is finished and done well." Elessar says with a smile, then continues with a warmth, "I am glad to have a good smith. Not many can work with silver."

March 01, 2016 03:47

  " I touch up several weapons that are at the least edged or blended with silver and silver alloys..  I'll get started on your weapon tomorrow morning if that is okay."

March 02, 2016 20:44

"I a not in a hurry to get it." Elessar repsonds with a smile, then continues, "How is life treating you?"

March 03, 2016 04:15
Phantom Is tossed into forge, landing against the weapons wall where he is pinned by a blade now sticking through his chest before he glares at it and then sighs before smiling and laughing weakly, "Man those deer really don't like being ridden by anyone, and he smashed my Apple-pie flavored acid, "He has a sad look as he tries to walk with a blush on his face before he yawns and smiles oddly, "I'm stuck it seems, oh well, Eirie or Etaine will save me." He keeps trying to walk, now happily singing about flying food. March 03, 2016 16:45

  * I hear a noise from the Forge room while speaking with Ellesar and excuse myself to check it out.  Entering the room I see Phantom with a blade sticking through his chest as he wanders about swinging about flying food... As I watch I think back to when he was eating acid and getting bombed, smiling I speak*.

   " Hey Phantom come over here and i'll pull that blade out of your chest, who are you ticcing off this round? lol."

March 05, 2016 16:31

Following Eirie into the room, Elessar sees someone with a blade stuck out his chest. Waiting for Eirie to do what needs to be done, he prepares a herbal medicines to heal Phantom in the event the person needs it.

March 05, 2016 19:42
Phantom He giggles and flies to Eirie, "Hey there Eirie, I done proposed to Dema. She said yes too, now I just need to find a guy in those robes to wed us...I hope they aren't still mad at me for blowing up that church last time, but to be fair it did have a demon I wanted dead in it." He flies around Eirie's head as he talks, the blade swinging around slightly as he starts to shrink so it's easier to fly. March 06, 2016 00:59

Raising an eyebrow, Elessar says quietly, "Demons...some of the worst that walk among us...but, things happen because they do."

Shifting his robes slightly, Elessar offers some herbal remedy to Phantom for them heal, then smiles gently, "This is to help you heal and lessen the pain."

March 06, 2016 08:32

His unnaturally keen hearing catches the man's words, causing the now two foot tall demon to freeze and growl dangerously, "Human's are far worse that any demon I've walked or warred with mortal, we don't torture innocent children for sick lust filled pleasure or because we claim to love them!  Demon's are far simpler and kinder than any of the black hearted human scum I've met in my extremely long, and bloody life time.  Now, if you will excuse me, Eirie and Etaine's rules forbid me from simply striking you with anything dangerous so.."  He pulls out a water balloon filled soda before he slings it at the man and darts off into Eirie's pocket to hide among the lint, leaving behind the now bloodied sword and a single gold coin for Eirie.

March 06, 2016 08:56

Hearing the words from Phantom, Elessar looks over at Eirie and says warmly, "When there is time when I can be allowed to be here without interruption, I will return to place my order. I will take my business elsewhere. My apologies for bothering you."

March 06, 2016 20:16

Etaine  brought Rhone and Milhael out in the twin  stroller.   Etaine had been watching from the backroom.

"I am sorry for  this interruption.   Phantom is a friend and  Erik, if you could take him to back room and put him to bed.    I will talk with this man.    Please do not go elsewhere.   I too can place protection spells on your new blade and if there is any jewel you wish to place on it.   You can count on me to do the work free and clear  as a gesture of friendship.

Etaine motioned to a comfortable chair and she smiled warmly liking the man who had entered the shop.

"Would you like some tea?"

March 06, 2016 20:45

"I would like some Angelic tea, if you have some." Elessar replies, with a smile, then continues, "My apologies, but when the appearance of Demon made me extremely uncomfortable. If you are still willing to do the work, I will place my order for my silver katana with these symbols," showing th symbols to Etaine then continues, "on the blade. It is a protection rune against Demonic forces, of which I hunt on daily basis."

March 08, 2016 04:18

"I believe I have some of that tea!    It's close to lunch time for the adults.  The boys are eaten and should be napping soon in their stroller  for awhile.   Their au pair will be picking them up in a bit  and bringing some salads, chicken and ham,  fresh fruit and salad dressings.  You are very welcome to join us for lunch."

"No apologies please.   Phantom comes and goes ashe will.  He will not disturb further.  Too much sugary acids or he gets slightly drunk on something he eats or drinks.   The Forge is neutral place for all Races.  But I am not above some butt kicking if trouble comes looking."   Etaine chuckled sliightly as Rhone and Mikhael fell asleep clutching each other's hand.    "Now I will go and put the tea pot on and  have a quick look at those symbols.    Some demons can be a sort of mischief or otherwise.  Can you keep an eye on the boys for me  and shout out if they wake up?"

March 14, 2016 13:03

"Of course." Elessar says with a smile as he sees Etaine walk to put some tea, then sits down as he pulls out his own little knife sharpening kit and starts sharpening his personal knife in an attempt to occupy his time while he watches theboys.

March 15, 2016 04:27

   * Looks into my pocket at Phantom hiding inside appearing to be asleep... Walking into the main area, I see Elessar sitting sharpening a knife while watching the boys.*

     " Sorry about that Elessar, Phantom gets touchy now and then but he tries to do right by most folks.. * reaches back into the forge room and draws out a 3# bar of silver ore and offers it to Elessar for inspection. * A friend of mine mined the ore and is about as pure as can be gotten from the earth in this realm, will this work for your sword?"

March 15, 2016 18:28
Sean Calloway

Sean Calloway ambles in The Forge with little Erik mounted atop  a Rottweiler that was half grown.   The dog sniffed the air as he looked about the store.   He appeared curious about the man who was showing another man  something silver in his hands.

"That's Mr. NightBreed,  Mr. Cool.  You will have to ask him if little Erik can keep you.   Not his fault if he can't keep you though.   Yes yes I know you are hellhound   You have good bloodlines and Lark wouldnt send just any mutt.  "

Mr.Cool growled softly and pawed the floor as Sean set the food  on the counter.    "You are a good guard dog and I will take you on okay if Erik can't accept you.   Now calm down."

Mr. Cool sat on the wooden floor near Elessar and watched the two man closely.   Mr Cool let his rider slide off of his back to the floor.  Little Erik's bottom hit the floor with a soft thud.  Little Erik pulled himself up and toodled to the man in the chair.

He raised his hands up and said.   "Up!"  His light blue eyes widened as he smiled at the man.  "Putty putty!"   Little Erik pointed to the silver bar.

March 15, 2016 19:40
Phantom His eyes snap open and he pops out of Eirie's pocket, his eye flashing dangerously before he rushes the hellhound and tackles the animal looking like a small man. He then starts petting and playing with the puppy laughing as he keeps rolling around the front room. March 15, 2016 23:55

"The silver is perfect for my sword." Elessar says with a smile, then, as he continues sharpening his knife, he continues, "I hope you can get these runes carved into th blade as well."

Hearing Phantom come out of Eirie's pocket, Elessar raises an eyebrow as he looks in Phantom direction. Trying to hide his disdain, Elessar nods as he tries to avoid doing something on neutral territory.

March 16, 2016 13:41

Erika walked in The Forge  to see if Sean,  Erik and the new pet  were visiting her parents.  Her blue eyes widened in surprise at the sight  of  Mr.  Cool and the  family friend Phantom.

Mr.  Cool sat calm and collected   with a look of amusement in his deep chocolate eyes.   He let the small looking man rush him tackle him and finally pet and play with him.  Mr Cool sat with dignity as Phantom laughed at himas he was rolling on the floor.  He sniffed the small man gently and then layed his head on the wooden floor.   Mr Coolkept his cool as the tiny what appeared to be human yet not human by his aura.

Erik was struggling and squirming in Sean's arms demanding to watch the proceedings,  Seanturned him to watch and little Erik stopped struggling.   Erik's  little face grew somber as he watched his Uncle Tom tom act strangely.   "Tom tom  Cool!  Goo gaa  doo dah!"  Erik 's little shadow cloak slipped from his shoulders unto the wooden floor and crept over to Phantom.   "C oak  doo dah tom tom!"     The cloak covered Phantom and contained him from rolling on the floor.   "Coak  top tom tom!       Erik's little face was sad  as his chin trembled.  "Bad tom tom!"    "Cool tom  nap nap!"   Cool stood up and  nosed the little bumdle and picked it up in his mouth.   "Tom tom   bed!"    Erik's  little finger pointed to the back room durecting Mr Cool to the place in the back.   "Daddy!"   Erik clung to Sean little tears streaming down his face. The little guy yawned  the magick tired such a little  guy.   He knew he was tiny  but he had to protect his Uncle Phantom.  He knew the man in the chair was different. from him.  

He looked at the man.  "Me good!  me good!"   His little fingers moved and  silver fire  rune dropped into the man's lap.   "Fire!"    Little Erik looked sadly to his grandfather,   "Gampa  me good!  tom tom bad?"    Little Erik knew he had some of Phantom's kind in him and some of his daddy Wish.   He was sensitive to other's feelings and he didn't know why.   He knew his gampa was different like granny Etaine.   His small knowledge had grown and he knew far too early things were not what they seemed.  His little  chin trembled and little tears splashed his cheeks.  He held his arms out for his mommy  "Daddy  See?  Mama!"   Little Erik looked to his mother for comfort  and she took him from Sean quickly. She cuddled him close and bore him from the front of the shop with Sean following close behind.

He needed his  mommy and  daddy Sean. He was hurting bad  inside wondering and curious why someone thought he was different.

Erika  whispered in her  son's little ears a small spell to calm and cease his little sobs.  "The world doesnt understand that some special people are good inside even if they appear otherwise.  That's why we need to be watchful and keep the peace  little man.  So much like your daddy Wish ..."

March 16, 2016 18:47

  * As i watch my grandson and namesake seek to "protect Phantom I sigh slightly as the little guys words reach me.*

     " No erik, phantom isn't bad, you are not bad either, I know Phantom would protect you to the best of his abilities and cares about you or he wouldn't have been helping you learn your powers and his to control the opposite of your light powers.. Yes appearances can be misleading but nothing is wrong and you are not in trouble."

    * Bounces the silver bar in my hand*  " I have not found a symbol or rune i cannot etch into a blade yet, you won't be disappointed. And thank you for your restraint as I know how the war is in this realm..."

    * Looks towards his daughter*  " Erika good seeing you again and yes he can keep the hound as a companion, after knowing Lars for so many years I have no reason to mistrust Cool, there but i need to get started on this blade it'll be intricate and will take my full attention.. * waves to his family and a nod towards Sean*  Love you all."

      With a look of determination I turn and walk into the forge room, my focus now on the design and working of the blade to come.*

March 16, 2016 19:47
Phantom He appears by Eirie, suddenly sober and his eyes red as he stares at the cloak carrying a shadow of himself now, "The cloak doesn't have a voice anymore Eirie...I cannot hear anything from it but whispers of the shadows in it. They speak of an anger and sorrow in the boy that makes my hunger for death come out a lot." March 16, 2016 23:29

Erika left  little  Erik in the care of Sean.   He was asleep.  Erika was grateful that the small spell would give her little boy the healing sleep he needed.  She walked to the forge room where her father did his forging and she saw Phantom with him.

She listened to him talk to her father.    She observed his facial features, his tone of voice and the way he held a cloak.

"The cloak does have a voice, Phantom.  You hear the whispers of the cloak because of the sorrow and hurt of a little boy who more than most understands what is out there.  It makes you livid with rage inside you.  The cloak talks to him and whispers to him.   For the first time hiscloak becomes obediant to him is that he wished to keep you safe and protected.  He went beyond himself and what is inside him has emerged earlier than expected."

"He loves you and you are family to him.  Talk to him and explain to him.  He will understand you for the little one he is.   He knows even if he is small.   My little brothers are the  same way.  Trust me what one knows all three share and learn."

March 18, 2016 15:32

  " She is right Phantom, the shard of your cloak you gifted my grandson is picking up the feelings he is having while trying to protect one of those he loves.. While he may not understand fully he picks up a lot, speak with him and explain things a bit to him.. I know you are good with children and as Erika said little erik sees you as family too.. It will work out just fine. We will help should you want/need it my friend.."

March 18, 2016 20:37
Phantom He shakes his head as he leans against a wall while rubbing his eyes, and then griwls, "His powers are manifesting more demonically then...I will need to siphon them slowly to make sure they are kept in check by the child's will...I will have Claire spend time with him to do so." March 19, 2016 00:36

Etaine  placed   a small tray  on a small serving.    It held  a teapot full of Angelic tea,   a china tea cup and  a  sugar cookies  and  one of the leafy green salads th Sean had picked up for her.     The meat was    placed   seperate  from salad and several containers of salad.

Etaine rolled out the small cart to where Elessar was sitting and watching herboys.  "I am sorry for the short delay.   Be at peace  all is resolved.  If you must know or understand.  My grandson Erik is a small child and gifted like many  others in this Realm.  He also has the blood of several races in this realm.  Witch, Vampire and Demon.  Please understand his feelings.  A family friend is like his uncle and they share a closeness.  He lost his father who is a cabieri a special man  who was good and kind.  We are one of many places where neutrality is required  for those who need a weapon forged ore repaired.  Even a few minutes of peace or a friendly smile goes a way.."

"I thank you for watching my sons.  It shows I can trust you.   You have my blessings friend. May your journey be peaceful and you find what you need always."   Etaine slipped an elven ring on the tray.   "My mate has started work on your new blade."

March 19, 2016 18:45

  " That will be fine, his father Wish was a Cabieri demon, well half blood of one his Father was a templar knight back in the days.. It will work out alright Phantom and you can count on lil erik calling you tomtom for years to come * grins as I check the coloration of the coke coals in the forge before beginning the cautious process of heating the silver and adding just enough steel to allow it to hold solid form for combat while yet not diluting it's pure properties.*

March 19, 2016 19:02

Nodding slightly, Elessar says quietly, "Thank you. Your trust is well placed. I will not attack a child. My apologies for my..disarray of emotions."

Sitting down and mixes the meat, then takes a drink of the tea. Beginning to eat the salad, Elessar says quietly, "This is good salad and tea, thank you."

March 19, 2016 19:49

"No apologies needed  and  you were right to be concerned.   Enjoy the meal and be at peace.   From one Warrior to another warrior.   I understand the need forwisdom and restraint.  You have welcome here anytime."

Etaine wheeled the stroler  to the back room.   "I will be back and froth.  If you desire anything.  Just speak up."

March 19, 2016 19:55
Lark Ripper

Lark wanted to check up on  the half grown  rottweiler pup called  Mr.  Cool.    She walked through the door  of The Forge.    She carried a small cloth of  her latest carvings and  a few strange artifacts  from her wanderings  in the tunnel with her father Kenny R.

"Hey!  It's  me Lark!   I have  some more carvings  and  a pieces of old jewelry to show Etaine.   I  see Mr. Cool is asleep and resting.  Is he working out okay?"

Lark set the cloth bag on the counter.  She turned and smiled softly at the stranger seated in the chair. He was drinking a cup of something.   "Hello my name is Lark."

March 19, 2016 23:11
Phantom He nods before rubbing his eyes and glancing back into the room, letting his powers take over the flames so they no longer burn his adopted brother while he works and then sits by the forge, "I suppose I will just watch and aide as best I can, but Wish's race was a fickled one with how their powers work. They never had any writtings outside of their people and I have no desire to unleash that race's full powers upon the youngling before he is ready." He smiles as he summons a small swirling vortex of flames that shift until an image of little Erik appears in them and he smiles, "Ask Erika if she would let me train him for a few years when his demonic power beging to surge please." March 19, 2016 23:43

Etaine wheeled  the twin stroller near  the communal crib/cot  and she checked Rhone first. He was dry and she laid him next to little Erik who slept on his tummy with bottom up in the air.  Rhone put his arm around his little uncle  and  Mikhael did the same when he joined.them.

"Coak goo doo dah Hone Rik Heal."     Erik made his cloak appear and him and his cribmates to keep them warm.   The cloak whispered a soothing lullaby  a lullaby his daddy see sang to him.

Etaine watched closely  The cloak did no harm to it's guests and she left the brothers to sleep.   She knew the cloak would keep them safe.

March 20, 2016 16:26

Erika's icy blue eyes snapped angrily  when she heard Phantom's words about  Wish's people. ,

"but Wish's race was a fickled one with how their powers work. They never had any writtings outside of their people and I have no desire to unleash that race's full powers upon the youngling before he is ready."

Erika kept her temper harnessed as she spoke to Phantom.   "My Wish and Sean's people aren't f!cked as you think they I  mean we are There are  ancient writing kept close from outsiders and I  have  seen them.  Little Erik is imprinted as to when his powers will emerge and no sooner than that.  Each is gifted with what they need and no more.  Wish desired a son and  he is placed in my care and my parents.   Most Cabeiri offspring remain within the people.  Yes you teach him.  But do not insult my people....   They are wiser than mst who have travelled in this realm."

March 20, 2016 17:00

Stepping out of the Forge for a moment, Elessar says nothing about why, but that he needs to go outside for some breath of air. Breathing for a bit, Elessar eels the divine spark pulling away ever so slightly. Shaking the niggling detail, he checks his wings as they move from an iridescent shimmering white to a shade of black that seems almost shockingly quick. Looking into the darkened window of a nearby shop, Elessar sees that his features were no longer Angelic, but reflected more demonic in appearance.

Shaking his head slightly, Elessar turns around and heads back into the Forge and says quietly to no one in particular, "No need for the runes to fight demons any longer. I am no longer in need of demon hunting weapons."

March 20, 2016 19:57

Etaine hears  a soft voice in The Forge.   She enters to see a man who looks like Elessar  yet different.

"Come in and speak to my mate about whatever new weappons you require.   He can and will forge what you require.   You always have welcome here."

March 20, 2016 20:30

Raising an eyebrow, Elessar says quietly, "Sorry for the difference of appearance, but the core of who I am has not changed, except I am no longer an Angel."

March 20, 2016 20:35

"No  apologies needed!"   Etaine  raised an eyebrow as she looked at the tea cup.   "Yes,  I believe you are the same  person whose  inner core is not changed at all.   Whatever you need or require can still be made."

Etaine smiled liking  Elessar for his homesty.  

March 20, 2016 20:47

Smiling gently, Elessar says quietly, "The runes on the blade would do me no god any longer as they would harm me more than help."

Going back to eating the salad and drinking the tea, Elessar looks around towards the area Phantom and nods.

March 20, 2016 20:51

  " Erika, I understand your feelings but remember the Cabieri and Phantom's race are diametrically opposed in how the powers are channeled and used.. Wish's people kept their writings secret much like the Masons and Templars did and to many even my race that makes someone whom is so secretive fickle.. It is just a manner of how someone is perceived and as much as i liked Wish, I am not taking offense to what Phantom said.. The two races did not mingle interact except to probalby go at each other not to mention not all Cabieri were of good nature either so take a breath and look at what was said with a clearer mind and you will see what I am saying..."

   * Looks towards Phantom and nods.*  " I can see your point of view as I have lived it within my own race being different as I am and Thank you for balancing the flames for me, i may not say it often but when you help even in such a small way i do appreciate it as it makes things easier."

    * Hearing Ellesar's voice and what he says I grin.*    Ellesar you still want the silver Katana only with neutral runes say more for defense or endurance of the blade itself?"

March 20, 2016 20:55

Erika nodded  and she nodded  at  her  father.   "I know and  yes you are right.   I meant no offense to Phantom.   Phantom is welcome to help Erik.   He  will  need to learn as he will be with us always."

Erika smiled at her father and then at Phantom.  "The little guy may surprise you. "

She left the forge area to check on her son and Sean.

March 20, 2016 21:56
Phantom "I have only fought Wish's people twice, both times I may have been the victor of the battle, but they left their scar upon me as a reminder...I have no real wish to show demonic fighting powers to the youngling Eirie. If possible I would rather train the boy to be a healer first, but as we both know Wish and Sean are natural warriors, their blood hums for battle as surly as your own and mine does. I regret that there are less fools like us these days, but I will honor my oath, both to your family, and to Wish." He sighs and rubs his eyes as he starts singing the haunting languages while leaning against the wall, drawing demonic energy into himself as he keeps controlibg the flames. March 21, 2016 03:54

"For more defensive now. I wish to defend those who have not done me harm. I have caused enough harm by hunting. I was under a rage to cause my own fall, but one of that was inspired by deep love." Elessar replies with a warm smile.

March 21, 2016 11:57

   * Nods at Phantom's words and how tired he sounds.*   " I know that feeling all to well Phantom but i think you and i have done well in helping others, healing what wounds we were able to and in general keeping an eye about for signs of forth coming troubles.. We are like the dinosaurs, archaic, controversial but inside we mean well and do the best we can and that my friend is all anyone can be asked to do.. * reaches out and and pats Phantom's right shoulder in a friendly manner.*

            " Defensive it shall be Elessar, I've done my share of bloodshed but fought my current nature every inch of the way, being what you are doesn't change what you are inside nor what ytou wish to accomplish."

March 21, 2016 15:53

"It does make me more aggressive than before, by instinct." Elessar says quietly, then continues as ofers his hand towards Phantom, "My apologies for my statements before. I have fallen from the ways of righteousness and became what I once hunted."

March 21, 2016 19:44
Phantom He opens an eye and growls darkly, "Speak not to me of righteousness Boy, your former head angel knows nothing of such things and couldn't have taught any of your former race about it. Just remember this, Etaine, Eirie, Lacigam, and Kati are the only beings outside of my mate I trust or accept completely that you will hear of from me. Besides, I do not care how you speak to me, but if you ever speak to my beloved mate in such a way, I will kill you...zones of Neutrality be damned." With that he lays back and once more begins singing softly before falling asleep. March 21, 2016 21:11

Etain sighed sadly and shook her head.   She knew how hard it was to make adjustments when one's world had turned upside down and she heard both sides of other peoples's stories.

Etaine did only the only she could and that was to accept Elessar as another family friend.

"Elessar  you have my welcome here and at the NightBreed home.   You have my sworn protection in The Forge and in my home.    I trust few as I trust Phanton, his mate Dema and Lilly..   Phantom we all have travelled the way of the warrior.    I once followed a three fold path that meant my death.   Cursed and exiled for my remaining life. Warrior, Witch and Wayfarer...   I feel I held and hold somethings in common with this person as I do with you.   We have trusted you with the one who will carry the NightBreed line further than Erik would have ever hoped.  I trust this man with my boys and no SIdhe does that with their offspring."

March 21, 2016 22:35
Lilly Emperium *Lilly had entered quietly, over hearing Phantom mention who he trusted. Sighing, she didn't let her thoughts be known as she walked up towards Elaine. She nodded to Elessar*

Etaine....pardon me for a moment, but would you know of a healing rune...
March 22, 2016 00:06

Being rebuffed by the other demon, Elessar turns on his heel and walks towards the door as he says quietly, "I was offering a peace between us."

At that, he looks towards Lilly and nods politely in return as he says quietly to Lilly handing her a hand full of small rocks with different runes on them, "Nice seeing you in here. I enjoy speaking to you as you are one of my closest friends, Lilly. Here are some runes, many of them healing runes for you, if you wish to keep them."

March 22, 2016 13:31
Lilly Emperium *Lilly took the runes and smiled* thank you Elessar. *Looking to phantom, she sighed then looked back to Elessar* give him some space...he ...*shaking her head* he does not know you Elessar, there for he is defensive... March 22, 2016 20:19

"Thank you for helping Lilly as well."  Etaine watched as Elessar turns on his heel and she understood how he felt when rebuffed.   Etaine kept her temper in check.  A small wail from the back room caught her attention and the shake of a silver rattle belonging to little Erik warned her some mischief would be ensuing soon.

The silver rattle appeared near Phantom and tapped him on the head gently.    The rattle shook and then slid into Phantom's mouth attempting  to silence him.   Two other rattles soon followed and Etaine scuttled out of the main store attempting to control a smile on her face.

The silver rattles made a  noise  and a small crack of black thunder sounded behind Phantom.    

March 22, 2016 21:23

Hearing the thunder behind him, Elessar turns to look in the direction as he his instincts warned him to keep from doing something hasty, he moved slowly towards hoping that something isn't going to harm him or those who he considers friends.

March 22, 2016 23:43
Phantom His eyes snap open and he floods the forge with his dark eregy before blinking and looking around, his clawed hands slowly returning to normal before he growls as bites through the silver rattle in his mouth as he glares where he knew the one who was trying to prank him was at, "Child I need sleep, I am cranky abd too old to play when this tired and am in little mood to have fun, let me sleep and wheb I wake we can have sone fun." He then yawns and moves to lay in the flames of the forge to sleep more, his eyes showing dark rings under them from lack of sleep March 23, 2016 02:51
Lilly Emperium *Lilly sighed, as she shook her head* is alright no harm will come to you here.

**Lilly looked from phantom to Etain, then she spoke softly.however it was evident in her voice something was bothering her* the next day or so....when he wakes...would you please let phantom know I would like to speak with him.

March 23, 2016 03:39

"That message was meant for someone other than you Elessar.     I was afraid this was going to happen.   Seems we have three small male witchlings here.   I wonder how grandpa 's gonna hadle it     I will tell him  and the boys weren't playing around."


March 23, 2016 09:29
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded* thank you Etaine, I appreciate it.*softly she chuckled* looks like you'll have your hands full soon. March 23, 2016 11:17

Raising an eyebrow as his defensiveness steps down, Elessar says quietly, "I was concerned that harm might come, and if it does, I was hoping it would come at me instead of any other here."

Smiling gently, Elessar goes back to have a seat to attempt to allow things to cool down between him and those who have seemed to be ofended by his presence.

March 23, 2016 14:34

"Elessar, the boys are Witches like me...  Rhone and Mikhael are part Fae like me and they have vampiric attributes as well.   Little Erik has some Fae, Vampire, Human and Demon in him.   He is a mix and for what he is a little boy.   He is more given to White and Phantom gave him the ability to learn of his 'magick.'   He likes Phantom.   But Phantom is a decent sort in his way and he feels Erik and the boys are his extended family.   But I would like Rhone and Mikhael to know you as well.   Little Erik too if you are willing.   The wider circle of people the boys know early, the more they will be adaptable."

"Erik was offeended by the way Phantom responded to you and the twins agreed with him.  So they figured Phantom needed to know they were offended by him.     The boys share a special link with each other."

Etaine hoped this eplanation would be enough at this time.

March 23, 2016 16:17

Raising an eyebrow, Elessar says quietly, "No ofense taken, just thought I was being sent away from the grounds of neutrality by remarks of present company."

March 23, 2016 23:32

"Now  you weren't being sent away.    Sometimes wordscan be said from away  a person  feels and knows from present experiences.  Phantom speaks from his past and experiences.  He is a friend and my mate's adoptive brother.   He  sought only to make  sure the ones he cares about are safe.    He needn't  worry.   I am sorry thingshave been awry since you have come in."

Etaine looked at Elessarand her moss green eyes looked straight into his own.   "The boys made  their choice on getting to know Phantom and anyone else."

March 24, 2016 00:18

  *Watches Phantom sleep deeply within the flames of the forge a moment as I move the silver/cold iron blade to a rack to cool and set slowly overnight before i begin stage 2 of the forming.. that accomplished I work the bellows a few times stoking the flames more and adding more fuel for the night to keep the temperature steady till morning.*

March 24, 2016 18:17

"I need  to check on my mate and see that he eats and drink something.   I will be back as soon as possible!"

Etaine went to the back room.    She got several bag of blood,  a bottle of cold water  and  two cheddar and steak sandwiches  with a side salad on a small tray.

"Hun,  Sean got you the steak and cheddar   you like! Come eat and relax."

March 27, 2016 15:08

  * Seeing the forge is clear, I refocus on the sword for Elessar.. Stoking the  fflames, I begin the 2nd stage of the forging, carefully folding and refolding the metals blending them and strengthening them... Hours pass by, sweat flows freely down my torso, the only sounds are the ringing of the hammer upon anvil and the flames that are breathing life into a new blade..the days pass in a series of hammering and quenching until I sense a balance has been reached and the final stage is at hand...

    Setting the blade upon a rack once more to finish the cooling with a gentle sray bath I begin looking through woods for the handle scales then the wrappings which go over the grips.. Settling finally I sit back and wait for the cooling to complete.*

April 17, 2016 21:44
Phantom His eyes snap open suddenly before he lets loose a roar of pain and anger as cuts appear across his face and arms before he bursts into flames and vanishes to get away from what seemed to be attacking him April 18, 2016 03:14

Little Erik who was sitting on the floor playing with his wooden rune blocks and stacking them.   HIs icy blue eyes widen as Phantom lets out the deafening roar of pain and anger.     A big tear flashes down his little cheek as he gets to his feet and toddles toward  Phantom  who brusts into flames.

"Tom tom!!?!?!   Owie???"    Little Erik looks at his grandfather Erik as he toddles  toward him.  His tiny arms open and little hands waving in the air.   "Gampa Tomtom  ouwie!  Big Breed ouwie?"   

April 18, 2016 16:08

   * turning about quickly at the roar of pain from Phantom and my grandson speaking to me..*

         " No little one i didn't hurt Phantom, we'll figure out what is wrong and help set things aright once more.."

April 18, 2016 18:49

Little Erik crawled near Breed and sat down on the wooden floor.    He looked up at his grandfather and smiled.   "Big Breed!

April 18, 2016 20:11

Stepping through the door of the Forge, Elessar, wearing leather sleeveless shirt, leather pants, and leather boots, with his black wings peeking out from behind him. Looking around and feeling the heat coming from the back, Elessar calls out, "Anyone around?"

April 20, 2016 13:08

*  Ciaran  steps in  to the  forge. It had  been a  long  while  since a  Boru had  steped in  the  door of  this  place and  he  knew it. He looks around  for  Etaine  or Erik. He  was  glad  this  place stood the test tof time and  was doing  well from  the looks of  it.*

April 20, 2016 13:15

"Be right with you!   Checking on two guys needing the snacks.   Seems Big Breed and Little Breed are in conference.

Etaine carried a small tray of cold waters,   small finger snacks for little Erik and a few ham sandwiches for Breed.   A bag of warm blood was on the side away from the human food and drink   A small sippy cup contained apple juice for little Erik.

Little Erik had crawled in Breed's lap and was cuddling against him prattling and smiling looking up into his grandfather's eyes with pride.  "Ni'Breed!  Lil Breed!"

Etaine smiled as she headed to the front of the Forge.    She smiled when she saw Elessar.  "He's almost done with your weapon!  His best piece of work as well! "

Etaine saw Ciaran Pendragon  Boru and she smiled softly at him.    "Welcome to the Forge Sire.  How may we assist you.   Breed is in the back resting and  in conference  I mean little Breed is making sure his grandpa rests watching the new blade cool down!"

April 20, 2016 18:23

Nodding gently, Elessar smiles warmly, then replies, "I am glad." Nodding to the other person, Elessar says quietly as he offers his hand to Ciaran, "How are you?"

April 20, 2016 19:30

   *  Grins at my namesake grandson and nod.*  " yes you are boy, you watch and learn..

* standing up I carry Erik into the main display area seeing both Elessar and Ciaran.*

      " Gentlemen, Good to see you both, Elessar, I am waiting on the blade to finish the final stage in cooling before fitting the scales for the handle, I do have the tsuba hand guard ready for fitting as well.. I'll have it completed by tomorrow afternoon, plus the runes are etched in place as well so those are completed.."

   * Bounces lil erik a bit as I pivot and smile at Ciaran.*  "Welcome back to the shop old friend, how can the Thorgard clan be of assistance?"

April 20, 2016 20:55

"I  just  came  to  thank you  all  personally  or  your  offers of  help  when  we  all returned t o the  Boru  clan. We are now a ll  back and we thank  you for  any assistance  you  gave those of  us  that needed it. It  means alot to know we  have  friends  we  can trust still  around."

* Ciaran  looks  at  Erik  and  smiles.*

April 21, 2016 14:55

  * Shifts my grandson to my left arm and offers my right to Ciaran*   We do what we can old friend feel fre to drop in anytime... Now if my wife will take the minime i'll get back to work on your blade Elessar..  * setting down lil erik I point him in his mother's direction and smile before heading back to work

April 21, 2016 19:29

Etaine picks up her grandson and she feels as if he were truly son and she hugs him gently despite his protests.

"Ganpa!  Big Breed!"   The little rascal piped up rather loudly.   "Potty?"   LIttle Erik turned his attentions to her and she knew he needed to use the bathroom.

"If you gentleman will excuse me, this little man needs to take of his business.  If you have need of anything just ask and big Erik will assist you Ciaran. "     Etaine took little Erik to the backroom to care of his needs.

She made a reminder to send a message to the head of the Bori clan to see if there was anything needed for the future.   She knew from experience just how perilous the realm could be.




April 21, 2016 22:45

* After checking the blade's temperature I begin fitting the wood scales for the handle, although my hands were steady they were nowhere near as skilled as my friend Ken's but these would be battle quality for certain.. Once the scales were hand fitted to the tang, i insetr the 4 pins to hold them securely in place and begin wrapping the ray skin about the wood handle further reinforcing it and providing a better grip, once complete, I tie it off at the butt andleave a 4 inch piece as a decorative tasset.  Stepping back I give the sword a final look over and seeing a few places i did not like i touch it up with a light polisher and finally I step back for good and nod... Taking a breath I lift Elessar's sword and put it thru a 45 minute kata testing the balance and flow, sheathing it in the scabard, I walk into the main room the sword held across my palms in respect and approach Elessar with the final product, offering it to him at long last.*

April 24, 2016 19:02

Smiling at the completed weapon, Elessar says quietly, "It is excellent and well crafted. Thank you very much."

Pulling out a hand, elessar offers a small roll of cash for Eirie's work as he says queitly, "this is for you and your work."

April 30, 2016 08:48

  * solemnly i accept the money and  respectfully bow towards Elessar*

        " May it ever find it's mark and may it ever be the one thing that will never fail you. My family and I thank you ." 

April 30, 2016 19:47

*******************************************************A New Day

EtaineNightBreed went to The Forge early in the morning to do her inventory in some peace and quiet.  She left the boys with Sean and Erik.

She set her cup of hot coffee on the counter near her work station.

May 07, 2016 17:47
Kenny R

  * Walks up about an hour after the shop is opened and enters carrying a heavy canavs "seabag" and a smaller soft leather belt pouch that is well filled. The seabag clinks as i set it upon the floor and grin as I watch Etaine deep in thought at her work station.. I remain quiet as I see how long before she notices my presence.*

May 15, 2016 21:57

Etaine had forgottne to set up The Forge's bell as customers came in.   She was so focused on a new design and grateful for the bonus time given to execute the piece of jewelry.     She heard a soft click and she jumped the stone she was trying to set fell from it's prongs.

"Damn it! Now what?:   She turned around ready to upbraid the individual who dare upset her concentartion.  She turned around to see Kenny Ripper.

"Mister Ripper how are you!?!?!  I was busy with a new project.   But how can I help yu?"   Etaine stood and walked to the counter from her work station.

May 16, 2016 19:33
Kenny R

    " I come bear `gifts` you could say, this belt pouch is for you. * passes it over* and this seabag is for Breed, I got hold of an associate that owes me some favors and had them get me, 50 pounds of mithril ingots.. I figured he would be getting low so i brougvht some ahead of time... your poush has 75 assoted semi-precious and precious gemstones. All of them have been checked over and you can cut them to suit your needs etc, and all will take and hold magics well."

May 16, 2016 20:11

"You come bearing well needed gifts and the NightBreeds thank you!   I have a gift for you as well."    Etaine reached under the counter and brought up an old ancient box.  The ancient artifact was simply carved and fitted together in an exordinary manner.    "I know you would say save it for Breed.   But this goes to you... for being like family to us."

May 16, 2016 20:21
Kenny R

   * looks the dagger over solemnly and nods.*  " Thank you Etaine for this and thank you as well for being a part of my family.."

May 16, 2016 20:22

Etaine smiles gently and speaks softly.   "Can I offer you anything?   Erik should be shortly with the boys.  My project can wait til later and perhaps I can find a more suitable stone for this pedant.   What stone is Lark's favorite?"   Etaine went to her work station and picked up the design she had drawn and the piece she had cast for Lark.

"It 's taken the last bit of mithril  I had and I have put a brone/copper patina as an overlay due to Lark's love of the forest.  But the stones I have tried just don't work out.   Would a peridot work perhaps?"    She took the piece of paper and the lovely bronze/copper mount for Kenny to look at.    "I 'd like for her to have some protection she can draw when she needs it.  I sense some powers in her are emerging..."

May 16, 2016 20:34
Kenny R

  * Looks over the paper Etaine has given and smiles.*

       " Lark will ove this and the peridot will work wonderfully,  as for myself i am fine, i just wanted to drop these supplies off to you guys.. I need to return to my duties but i'll return for a visit soon as I can..Tell Breed I said hello and hope the ore will work out for you both.."

     * Leans down and gives you a hug.*    " See you soon Etaine.."  *With a final smile I turn about and walk silently to the door and head into the streets heading for home and the school.* 

May 18, 2016 22:33

Etaine nodded as she listed to Kenny R.   He mentioned that Lark would love the necklace and a peridot would work quite well for the stone.    He then refused anything stating his need to return home and to the school.

Etaine hugged him back quickly and then watched him leave The Forge.   She looked at the pouch and opened it carefully.   Many fine precious and semi-precious gemstones    Her quick eye spotted the perfect stone a beautiful many faceted green peridot.   She picked it up and studied it closely.   Her thoughts again asorbed in her latest design.

May 19, 2016 18:25
Styxx He walks into the weaponsmithy the his father had valued more than most other places, his eyes looking over ever detail as his expensive suit rippled before he looked down and blinked, "So he even placed wards to restrict powers here? Father must truly have loved this place and its owners to have included his own blood in the restrictive seals." May 21, 2016 22:59

"Yes he placed wards to restrict powers here.  The Forge is a neutral place period.That is the policy here and those who have issues are asked to leave.   Your father had refuge here and this is or was his place as well.  Your father loved this place much and he loved a little bratling called Erik.   

Etaine haad finished Lark's pendent and was glad of the results.   "Here is a sample of my well."

May 22, 2016 17:27

  * walks in with the children seeing Etaine speaking to Styxx..  With a nod to each I take the boys to the play area and get them situated before returning and then giving my wife a kiss hello then turning to Styxx and offer my hand.*

      " Welcome to the Forge Styxx, I hope you'll come to like it here as your father did, he helped me on several projects and added his own wardss to the ones we already had in place... He also stayed here in the small apartment area we built towards the back, he tweeked it to his liking..And he played with the boys more often than notteaching them things about handling their growing abilities and in general acting a kid as well himself."

May 22, 2016 20:40
Styxx Styxx smiles and shakes Eirie's hand before once more looking around, "Well if you don't mind a Deal's demon working out of your shop then I offer you my training for little Erik...sad to say I've no experience with shadows or their use. I am however able to use the base elements as if I was the primordial they were spawned from." Styxx grins impishly as balls of fire, earth, wind, and water fly up and around him before vanishing as he wills them away. May 23, 2016 00:05

Etaine watches as Erik settles the boys into their play area on the wooden floor.   Erik, Rhone and Mikhael look up at their grandpa and father  with their eyes and they nodded back at him.   They began to play and gab amongst themselves.

Etaine returned Erik's kiss with one her one and listened to him talk with Styxx.

"Pretty pretty."  A voice sounded as little Erik mimiced Styxx's actions.  Dark shadow balls orbed around the play area.   Then little balls of fire, earth, wind and water flew around the play area.   The three boys chortled with laughter.   Then tinier orbs flew around Styxx.  The water orb broke and splashed his suit,  The dirt orb burst and landed on Syxx's head.  The wind and fire balls flew around Erik with the shadow orbs inside protecting him.

May 23, 2016 21:05
Styxx Styxx smiles Impishly as the water on his suit shifts together with the dirt that had landed on his head before a tiny golem of earth and water is made, "Sorry youngling, but unless you use those shadow powers in you, you won't be playing pranks of elements upon me. Though I am willing to show you how to create using the magics in you." May 24, 2016 00:38

Little Erik pulled himself to his feet and toddled over to Styxx.    "Tomtom?"    His icy blue orbs looked at the tiny golem.    He smiled and nodded.    He whispered to his little shadow cloak.   Maybe he could or could not give this man who seemed like Uncle Phantom what he wanted .

He reached for the tiny golem of earth and water.    He focused as best he could and made a small black whisp of smoke appear and a pair of tiny eyes on the golem opened.  He let the whisp of smoke enter the body of  the clay like golem.   The tiny golem wiggled in  Styxx's hand.

"I want!   Gank you!"   Little Erik stood self assured in front of Styxx.   He added one other word empathically

"Learn!"  He showed his willingness  to try and learn.  Me good! Hone and Heal learnt too!"

May 24, 2016 15:31
Styxx Styxx laughs and with a wave of his hand the tiny thing shifts into a near perfect copy of the boy, its eyes and even the hair matching as he kneels before the child, "You have no idea the powers waiting to come out that reside in you child...but they aren't meant for just healing. Your uncle Tomtom once said you held a deeper connection to fire and the light than any he had met, but the fire of your father spoke of shadows as well. My father wanted to show you how dark and evil could become good and light child, and if the Ancients are willing I will show you how the powers in you can be used for creation. If Aunty and Uncle say I can I will teach you about how you can use them for war...I know that you will have to war one day child, and I refuse to let you be untrained." His emerald eyes look up at Etaine and Eirie, "Since father is gone many barriers he held keeping the demons and angels apart have been undone." May 24, 2016 21:39

Etaine checked up on her from time to time, to make sure she was okay. Well she was okay to a point. She needed to get out of the house and breath a bit and what better place then the back room of the forge to have a cup of tea with her and a chat. She needed that badly, the phone calls were nice but not cutting it in human contact wise. She made it to the employees entrance and found the key that Etaine had left for her. 

Balancing the tray with one had, she open the door then used her butt to keep it open as she slipped inside.Once inside she eyed the comfy chair that was her fave and sat down and waited for her friend to realize she was there. As she did she placed the hot teas down and sat the bag of treat along their sides.

May 27, 2016 21:02

Etaine slipped into the backroom to get a couple of cold water bottles, sippy cups of apple juice and finger snacks for the boys.

She smiled as she saw Dema sitting in her faverite overstuffed chair and beside her was some hot tea and snack bags.

"Hey Dema,  how are you?"

May 27, 2016 21:25

She smiled and then grinned as she seen her come in. She then stands up to place a soft hug on one of her only friends. "I am good,your self? I needed to get out. And within all honestly you where the first person to come to mind." With newborns at home being watched she actually needed some adult human interaction, instead of bottles and diapers right now.

May 27, 2016 21:30

   * After watching the by-play between Styxx and the children, I turn with a smile towards Dema.*

                 " Hello Dema, it is good to see you again.. "

May 28, 2016 10:17

Little Erik watches the little clay boy but then his quick eyes notice Dema and his granny Etaine.  "Dema!! He alerts Rhone and Mikhael,   The twins leave their activities shifting into little panther cubs  they scurry over to Dema .   They sat at attention purring softly.    Little Erik noticed the small bags  and exclaimed.


May 28, 2016 15:38
Styxx Styxx grins and shakes his head as he walks with the younglings to where his mother sits, "How is everything at home mother? Still as crazy as always, or is it just calming down now that the foxes have full freedom to travel where you are?" May 28, 2016 17:12

Handing Etaine her tea, she smiles and looks to see Eririe. "And same to you, loooks to me as everyone is doing good around here." She smiles and sits down just as the cubs coming running in, And Erik as well. then her son followed along. "Well the forge looks a bit more like a coffee shop today." She giggles and winks at the three boys, while picking up the bag. "Yes Erik since when have I ever come here with out something for my four favorite boys. Opening the bag she pulls out Chocalte chip cookies, then sliced salmon. And turkey jerkey. She winks at the there boys then tosses one of the cookies to Styxx. she then picks up Erik and puts him on her lab while handing him a cookie, and giving the cubs some salmon.

May 28, 2016 22:57
Styxx He catches the cooking and then hands the three pieces it hand fallen into to little Erik before grinning impishly, "Sorry, not allowed to eat for another three days due to a current deal some human made...but when its over I'm going to be enjoying that idiots soul." May 29, 2016 03:24

She grins."I always loved deals but yes that one not so much. And the foxes are enjoying them selfs quite a bit. "She giggles and feeds the cobs some more Salmon while Erik eats his cookie. "So how is everone doing."

May 30, 2016 08:56

Etaine takes the tea cup from Dema and takes a sip from her cup. She sets the cup down as little Erik toddles in and demands a snack.

Rhone and Mikhael shift quickly to two small panther cubs and pounce on the salmom quickly.  They divide up their shares and put them aside for later.   It was a habit Etaine couldn't break them of and Erik shared even his snacks with his brothers in arms.  

"I am doing fine and how are you doing?   The boys are good..."

May 30, 2016 16:26
Lilly Emperium *Quietly Lilly entered the Forge, her cloak was drawn closed and her hood pulled down. She was tired, but refused to let on, slowly she slipped her hood back so it rested upon her shoulders. It had been awhile since she came here* May 30, 2016 17:36

Etaine stood up quickly as Lilly entered The Forge.   Her cloak was drawn and her hood was pulled down.  She was walked in a tired way.   She slowly slipped down her hood s it rested on her shoulders.  

"Lilly come and sit down!   What can I get you?  Some blood water or what would you like?"

May 30, 2016 18:20
Lilly Emperium

*walking over, Lilly sat down. Softly she spoke as she looked to Etaine* That would be fine.....I'm sorry I didnt mean to intrupt. I just wanted to see if Eirie could or would make a set of darts for me

May 30, 2016 19:13

"You  aren't interrupting by any means."    Etaine went to the fridge and pulled a few bottles of blood water and went to the smaller fridge.    She pulled out a few blood bags and carried them to Lilly. 

"If you need few...I can oblige.  "   Etaine set the blood water and blood bags near Lilly.   "Erik will help you on that subject."

May 30, 2016 19:28
Lilly Emperium

*Nodding she smiled softly* Thank you Etaine, you're very kind. How has everyone been?

May 30, 2016 20:11

Dema smiles as lilly appeared and tipped her head slightly. "You my dear look tired." she says  softly as she put Erik down to the floor with the boys to go through the salmon peices together. She giggles. "You guys might want the turkey jerky as well. While you are all busy there." She hands then the brown paper bag as well. Which as  kitten was more fun then anything to her.

May 31, 2016 07:31

Erik sat on the wooden floor looking at the salmom and the other bag with the turkey jerky.   He piped up loudly and said

"Cookies!  Gank you!"

The little cubs shifted back to two boys looking at Dema for their cookies.    Erik toddled over to Lilly.  "Hold?"

May 31, 2016 20:14
Lilly Emperium *Taking a drink, Lilly nodded to Dema* wee bit. How are you?

*seeing little Erik, and hearing him speak. Lilly smiled softly as she picked him up* of course darling, anytime. Missed you Lil man..
May 31, 2016 22:49
Sean Calloway

Sean Calloway did all he could to find out about the mate of the late Phantom.  She had three surviving children.  Styxx being one he had seen only once and that was under adverse conditions.   He knew that he could not make amends to the son Styxx but he was hoping he could talk to his mother.

He had her general description from the P.I.  he had emplpyed to trace and find what basic information he could gleam about her.  He also found out she was expecting another baby or babies.  He could man up and marry the widow.  He had been very active in that pursuit or he had been pursued and caught even before Erika.

Sean snuck in the back door of the shop when his green hues gazed on Dema and her tea cup.   He blurted out and he stared at the Styxx.   But  he manned up.    "Miss Dema, would you marry me?  I made you a widow and you are excepting a little one?  Maybe two or three?   NO need to worry I can provide for you quite well!"

June 01, 2016 19:30
Styxx His emerald greens eyes snap to the one who he still blamed for what had occurred before he launched a blast of pure fire at Sean, "I believe that I warned Uncle Eirie that the next time you ever came before me I would Kill you. I don't make threats you *******, I make oathes!" With that he is over the table with sword drawn and in mid slash towards Sean's throat. June 02, 2016 03:00

Phantom was gone and of course she was still living whiched she took hard for a long while. They had made a pac, where he went so dod she. That promise fell through, and she was left with three newborns at home and the elder ones off doing their own things.  She was holding her cup to her lips when Sean came in, and her jaw dropped slightly. It had been moons since someone had been that outspoken and brave. And willing to take her and her children at face valu. Her Head snaps as she stands up and looks to her son and Sean.

She then stands between the two and faces her son. "First of All Styxx Wrath. You are breaking Forge Rules. Back down. " She then looks to Sean and lowers her head slightly. "You will have to pardon my sons rudeness, Sean." Placing down her cup she looks to the family whom owns the forge. "I am very sorry for the disterbance." Turning she removes the point of the sword drawn at Seans throat. " And I would be every proud to become your wife Sean."

June 02, 2016 11:26
Lilly Emperium *Lilly hissed as she sat down her glass, glaring at Sean. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Looking at both him and Dema, Lilly couldn't hold her anger. Looking to Styxx, she uttered* I have only one regret in my life now...

*looking to Sean she spoke* you can not, nor will you ever replace him..

* Her eyes shot black, as a flame danced upon his shoulder. The flame grew as she focused, before she felt the wriggling toddler and was snapped back. Looking to Lil Erik, she grew quite. Giving him a kiss, she handed him to Etaine.* I am sorry, I must go. I can not be here or I will kill Sean.

*looking to Dema she spoke* that man is why phantom is where he is...and the children have no father.
June 02, 2016 12:34

Dema was standing at a standstill, she had just said yes to marring Sean. Unaware he killed her late husband from what was being said. She truly was standing at zone of being very confused. But wait no, she had a letter from Phantom before his death, stating when she found the letter he had killed himself.

June 02, 2016 13:11

Note: Please remeber Dema knows nothing of the happenings that took place up to Phantoms death. All she knows is that he left her a letter saying he killed himself.

June 02, 2016 21:19
Styxx Styxx's eyes finally shift to pure black as he curses in demonic tongue before he turns and throws the blade into the wall, growling darkly as the blade vanishes before he turns to look upon his mother, "If you marry that man then be warned, unlike Terisa and fathrler's fights the one between him and myself will only end with one or the other's death...this I swear upon my powers and life." With another curse to Sean he turns and heads to leave, calling one last thing before vanishing, "I will be telling Claire and Terisa as well...lets hops sister Terisa is still angry with father." June 04, 2016 01:00
Lilly Emperium *looking towards Dema, Lilly spoke* Sean's wards at the Breeds home sealed what happened.

*towards Sean* ain't you supposed to be with would have been smarter had you went there.

*looking back to Dema, Lilly sighed* do as you wish....but know this man has set a course of events in to play that are more than just phantom in stone....

*stepping back, Lilly took the boys to the side room so they could nap. When she returned, she nodded.*
June 04, 2016 04:21
Phantom Wraith He grins from the shadows before laughing at them all, "You all know that I am a true born ancient demon of battle and yet, you all assumed that a little case of death would keep me from my mate? Here I was thinking that you fools would be telling stories not fighting about anything. As for you Sean...well done with that demonic rune, though next time make it so the thing teleports me, not binds me, safer that way." June 04, 2016 09:44

She stopped and listened to them and then shakes her head. This was becoming rather strange and weird now. She looks to Etaine and Eerie. "I so very sorry, if I had known this was what would have atken place today I wouldnt have come in. I do beleave in second chances, Phantom had many. Forgiveness is something that is given as I am pretty much sure other things took place as well. I am going to the statues, That I didnt even know about, to seek guidance. I am so sorry Etaine for this spilling into your home, it should have never happened."  

She then looks at her son leaving and sighs. "As for you my son, you and your siblings have one thing in common, its rage. Second from the time your baby brothers and sister where born None of you have spoken to me till this day. When your father abandoned me, so did you. And ye have the nerve to call your brother then monster." She turns away from him and looks at Sean. "Please I am sorry for this. Give me time to think." She picks up her purse and swiftly hugs Etaine. "Again Iam sorry. I will be gone to visit the statue."

With that she leaves  to go back to her cabin and retreave the triplets.

June 04, 2016 09:49

Etaine looked at Phantom with widened moss green hues  and she had a puzzled look on her face.

Little Erik toddled out of the side room and looked at Phantom.  "Papa Tomtom."  He pointed to Phantom.  He peered at Sean,  "Daddy Sean?"     His little icy blue eyes looked to  his grandfather.  "Gampa Papa N'Breed.fix!"

He stood in front of Phantom and levitated as his small arms went around Phantom's neck.    He looked at Styxx and spoke frankly.

"Papa Tomtom  spank bad man!"

June 06, 2016 22:49
Phantom Wraith His eyes look upon little Erik before he growls slightly, "Has Eirie been toying with that damned wand again? The youngling seems older than before...but I can't smell any aging magics on the boy." He is so puzzled over his ponderings that he never noticed anyone else other than the boy now in his arms and speaking to him, "Styxx will be dealt with for breaking the laws but for!" June 06, 2016 23:30

"Wand Gampa N'Breed?  Me Grow!"   Erik hugged Phantom and snuggled against him.   "Daddy Sean trouble?"

Little Erik looked at Phantom as his little chin trembled. dlightly.   "He hurt Daddy Sean!"   Little Erik glared at Styxx. 

One of Breed's display sheathed katana levitated and a loud whack was heard applied on someone's backside.  Black smoke encircled Styxx as little Erik's little fingers wiggled a small rune.

June 07, 2016 01:06
Phantom Wraith With a snap of his fingers the katanas blade turned to as as he looks upon little Erik, "I will deal with Styxx later youngling, let him leave and remember, all are bound by the laws of this place...including you and I." He smiles before sitting in the middle of the floor, "How about I teach you about the shadows a little?" June 07, 2016 01:30

Little Erik's blue eyes widened as Phantom took care of the katana.  The bratling had been caught trying to administar a bit of flat edged justice.

He looked at his granny Etaine and swallowed end at her stern face and the promise of something else later on.   it wouldn't  be juice and chewey chocolate chip cookies his favorite snack'  He'd take granny's justice later on but right now he turned his attention back to Tomtom.

"Styxx learn too?   Phantom spank?  Me sorry..."   Erik tried to charm Phantom  as Styxx left the Forge.   Erik spoke up "Me learn!   Styxx too!  He sat on the floor with Phantom waiting for his shadow lessons.

June 07, 2016 17:11
Phantom Wraith He laughs and shakes his head before touching a shadow and pulls a whisp up for little Erik to see, "Shadows are form less young one. They move as they please and only truly work for those whom command their respect, so let me intorduce you to your shadow bond." He pulls slightly and gring as the shadow becomes like a cord and seems to grow before attaching itself to the boy's palm, "This tether is where your connection with the shadows is the stongest and most easily focued." June 07, 2016 22:48

Little Erik sat on the wooden flor with Phantom  and watched him closely.  Phantom touched a shadow and a shadow whip was formed   He listened intently as Phantom spoke to him.

Phantom pulled the shadow like whip slightly and grinning as the shadow became like a cord.  Erik squealed slightly as it attached to the palm of his small hand.

Erik held onto his shadow thether and he focused on the shadow tether  and it moved on it's own curling around Erik and then around the floor.

June 10, 2016 22:43
Phantom Wraith "Good youngling, now try and ask the shadows to dance for you. This will tell me where your powers with the shadows should be focused, though I already have a good idea where they will be strongest." June 11, 2016 00:21

   * Entering the forge from the backdoor, i see Phantom sitting upon the floor teaching my grandson..*

            " Good to see you are back and hale once more Phantom.. * I pause as i look about seeing objects and inventory in slightly different places.*  " Okay whom has broken the hospitality and neutrality?"

June 12, 2016 21:40

"ME bad gampa."  Little Erik 's lower lip trembled and tears appeared in his eyes.  "Me spank Styxx...Me bad."

Erik looked up at his grandfather Breed.  "Me Bad.."

June 12, 2016 21:45

  * With a sigh I listen to my grandson admit his guilt..*    " I understand you wanting to protect and correct others but you do not have that right in here.. As punishment starting tomorrow you are forbidden to use magic of any kind for a week, this will be in addition to what your grandmother will do as well."


June 12, 2016 21:53

Little Erik nodded as he understood more than most would ever knowexcept for his grandparents.    He gave the tether to Phantom and his little cloak floated to his grandfather.

"Safe!  Me be good..."   He looked at his grandmother who stooped to pick him up.

"Little bratling, grandpa bite you better than I could and no panther cub for a week,  You are forgiven,but you will never ever do that breaking of the rules. "

June 12, 2016 22:00
Phantom Wraith He grins impishly as he leans to whisper to little Erik as if giving the boy a grand secret, "What I am teaching you isn't magic, it is simply teaching you to talk with power inside yourself, so techniqually we can still keep training...and besides I said make the shadows dance so I know your shadows please." June 12, 2016 22:33

Erika  stood by the back door and smiled at her rascally son.   "It's okay Phantom.   He has to learn and respect the rules of this shop no matter how young.   Please  understand and I will give you something in return."

Erika held up a bag of runes and wards for Phantom.

June 18, 2016 18:26
Phantom Wraith "Oh, shinies if I let the poor rascal learn his lesson, and endless growling and griping if I teach him about loopholes? Thats an easy one for me, I like loopholes and besides, teaching him how to use basics for shadow healing doesn't require requires knowledge." June 19, 2016 05:03

Erika shook her head and put the bag of runes andwards on the table  "Loopholes?  very well then  nothing more becaue I will know.   My little brothers told me they are for going magicks as well.  The little rascals learn from  him.  You have three students Uncle Phantom.   My brothers do possess the talent for magic."

Etaine set down  Erik on his little legs and he zoomed off to his mother.  

June 19, 2016 15:12
Phantom Wraith He laughs and shakes his head, "I can teach the other two the basics of shadows but I do not think they can use that power Erika. Maybe they will be able to undo them if they learn more about them though." June 19, 2016 22:51

Etaine watches as little Erik scuttles over to his mother.  Erika would be returning to New York shortly.   She missed her daughter at those times.

Etaine turned to Phantom and chuckled slightly.   "The twins have a bent for magick but as you say you could teach them  and even if they never use it.  They will know of it.   They can benefit from it and learning from you too.  Remember you are their Uncle Phantom too.    What one knows the other two will know of or try to learn...."

Rhone and Mikhael toddled quickly to Phantom and looked up at him.   They sat down at attention.

June 19, 2016 23:08
Phantom Wraith He grins before touching the air and two more threads of shadows appear, through barely there and very frail he nods, "I think I'll leand you my powers then younglings. These are your threads, they are the most control I can hand to another to gain their own use of. Now try and make the threads Dance. Each one will move and form from your thoughts and desires so just focus on them dancing." June 20, 2016 01:07

Erika whisks little Erik out of the back room so they can go an excursion while the twins settle in for their first magic lesson.

Etaine looked wondering if indeed any magick was strong in her laid back Rhone and Mikhael.

She watched quietly as both of them  took their threads and she chuckled gently when Phantom explained the first lessons to them

Rhone accepted his slender thread with a serious nod and hr hold on tight.   Slowly he made the thread dance slowly and shape itself into a ball, circles and a small round shield.     Mikhael studied his slender thread and made it dance slowly and sinously  then quickly and slowly.    He let go of the thread and stared at it.  The thread moved on it's own.   Mikhael's thread went over and tapped Rhone on his little shoulder.   Rhone nodded and coreected his fcus by joining hands with his brother.   Together they made the two slender threads dance together intertwining and disengaging.

Etaine then knew the twins had their own magick but also the twin magick that the Sidhe twins shared between them and the knowledge to use it together.

June 20, 2016 19:08
Phantom Wraith He watches silently before sighing, "So alone they are a soldier and protector, and together they are titans...honestly why am I surprised? If you two trian it has to be alone for now, your bodies will never support twin cast for the shadows. Normally they barely cost any energy, but for you to cast a power that doesn't normally work together costs more than casting a power that is you opposite element." June 20, 2016 23:05

"They are full Sidhe in the eyes of my former people.   Twins are rare for them.   The wards guard them so far.   My people will come calling soon for news of them.   Magick weilders, Soldier and Protector... twin sons who will or may cause the fall or unhappiness amid my kind.   Twins are no blessing among my people.   One is killed and the other will live.  If they were birthed there.   Breed's sons need this time to train and grow to meet their destiny among my kind or this realm.  They have much of their father in them.   His abilities besides I wonder how they will fare in either place."

Etaine shuddered slightly and a faraway look appeared in her eyes.  "For this reason I chose exile according to the runes cast by the artisan."

June 20, 2016 23:17
Phantom Wraith He nods as he touches his arm silently, "The Sidhe there is a bunch I never wish to cross blades with again. In the last war they nearly routed us, but something caused confunsion in their ranks and gave us time to route and drive them back. I still remember their maick flying at my troops, turning them to ash, ice, and goo...a fun time though." He shows the youngling how to stretch the shadows before nodding, "do that until they grow in strength, it will take time to get to your little thrid's pure strength, but by then you will be better able to call to the shadows than he is. One day your teather will become something more even." He lets them see his own tether appear, but it is in the shape of a small fox that yawns at the boys before it coughs a bit of flames and then looks around, "Meet my familiar, Kit." June 21, 2016 01:08

  * reenters from the back area..*   " If any of the Sidhe deside to visit, it better be for business or friendly, I won't tolerate their interfeance anymore."

June 21, 2016 20:51

Etaine went to Erik's side and wrapped her arm around him.   "You are correct on that.   The twins are safe.  I know that hun.    I am the one of two.   I have a twin who lives concealed from the Sidhue.   The Artisan raised her as his child... Love keeping her safe and alive was all he could do.    He was my uncle and my mother's brother. "

Etaine looked at her sonsand treasured them.   "None of my former people shall take from us with out a damn good fight.  Erika escaped their clutches and will do so."

June 21, 2016 21:38
Phantom Wraith His eyes glow red as he growls and looks from his lesson, "Should they try, they will die...I refuse to tolerate their presence near my friend anymore than Eirie does with threats near you all." June 21, 2016 23:01

Etaine knew what Phantom meant and she felt the same way about Erik and her children.  Their grandson Erik was a good sign the NightBreed line would be strong and resilient.   The twins were of sterner stuff because they had their father's ways in them. She knew they would be strong brave and resourceful as their father.

"I know we can count on you Phantom.  Should anything happen to us or Erika.   Erik would  be in your charge  for his learning but he and  the twins would go to Dana."

June 22, 2016 00:25
Phantom Wraith He remains silent for a bit before shaking his head slowly, "Should they go to her Etaine, I would not be allowed anywhere near them. Nor would my family, you all know how my kind is viewed by most, and Dana seems to like us less than others." He has Kit dashing between the boys and yips as it plays, spelling out short easy words for the boys to copy using their own shadows. June 22, 2016 01:11

"Exceptions can be made  and I will talk to you and so wll Erik.  Outside of you and her there is no one else.  Remember you are family Phantom  you and yours."

June 22, 2016 09:08
Phantom Wraith "I claimed you all as my blood before and now Etaine...but even if I was blood I am still a killer and a user of Darkness. I will not and cannot change that, nor will I pretend to be anything but what I am. I love you all and cherish you as family, but Dana and I would fight tooth and nail over the boys until one would die, should anything happen to you both." He smiles sadly as he stands and looks around the shop, "My home is with Dema, my life with my friends, and my hopes with the children...I am fulfilled." June 22, 2016 13:02

Etaine listened to Phantom.   "I don't espect you to change any more then I could change period.  Then we will makes ure nothing happens to the blended family we have.   Your kids included.   Erik will make sure none of my former people will pass through the wards att he cabin.   Your ward as well.  Here at the shop business or otherwise will be conducted in the neutral way.  NO Sidhe would break the law of neutrality when another Sidhe sets her own wards and enforces them."

June 22, 2016 22:00
Phantom Wraith His eyes flash dangerously, "Oh they can certianly try breaking my wards protecting the younglings, but I hope then do. Then I am free for an hour with my full and former powers to lay waste to them as I did all those years ago...I doubt they forgot the Shadow King in their myths, but I'm sure I can help remind them why taking from those I love is stupid...and I am sure much less painful than what you would do to them should you catch them first." He smiles and laughs before waving Kit over, "Now young ones, the words before you are the basic words of every language, and while you won't know them, your shadow will. Eventually you will be able to ask the shadows to translate them for you and they will, but never forget, like all powers the shadows are not to be abused. They are living, breathing extensions of the rest of the world that think and understand the world, if they feel threaten they will either consume the threat in the worst cases, or never again aide you in the best case. Train and grow with your powers and they will defende you from any threat even at the cost of themselves, but they are a jealous and fickle creature, prone to outbursts and fits of rage like any other who is wronged." June 23, 2016 08:18
Phantom Wraith

He smiles as he holds out a hand to Eirie, "Would you like you to meet my newest child in full as trainable children my beloved siblings?"

June 28, 2016 06:00

Etaine watched as the twins sat at their first lesson and they also watched Kit.     Rhone nodded as he watched Kit and a thoughtful look appeared in his eyes.   He formed a small shadow fox in the form of Kit and Mikhael formed a light fox in the form of Kit.     The two fake Kits merged together as the twins joined hands.

They looked up to Phantom who held out a hand to Eirie   They heard the word 'child' and two well used silver baby rattles appeared in Phantom's lap.

June 28, 2016 20:23
Phantom Wraith He laughs gently before pointing at the joined fox that burst into flames, "That is another thing we will work on young ones, you seem to need to be touching to use your combined powers, maybe we can change that." June 29, 2016 01:05
Lilly Emperium *Quietly Lilly walked in, silencing the bell as she did. Quietly she sat down a box containing an assortment of meats* June 29, 2016 23:56

Etaine went to the front room of The Forge.   Twin magick was strong in her father's family and twins were the curse of her former people.   She wondered if there would be trouble coming and how it would be handled.

Etaine saw Lilly and she smiled.  "Hey there long time no see!  Welcome in!"

July 03, 2016 16:00
Lilly Emperium *Smiling softly Lilly looked to Etaine* I am well... I apologize for it being so long since I was last around. How are you, Eirie and the boys? I thought y'all might make good use of the meats. July 03, 2016 17:50

   * watching the children and Phantom i have to smaile and then accept the hand Phantom extends to me as I sit upon the floor to be with those i call family.. ****ing my head a bit i hear Etaine and lilly speaking in the front area.*

    " I would enjoy that indeed Phantom, i would like to meet your yopungest.. * sends a whispered hello forward into the front area.*  Hello Lilly, good to have you return to us."

July 03, 2016 19:22

Etaine hugs Lilly gently.   "Little Erik is off with his mother for a few days.  Rhone and Mikhael are learning from Phantom.  Twin magick as well has emerged.   I was hoping otherwise..but bratling jumpstarted them"

Etaine smiled as she looked at the assortment of meat.  Big Breed is gonna be hopping after the twins soon enough."

July 03, 2016 19:25
Lilly Emperium *waving back towards where Eirie was, she whispered* thank you my friend

*Nodding Lilly looked to Etaine, smiling softly she spoke* ah twins generally carry some magic together...Osi and myself were a power house twins as well are powerful together...
July 03, 2016 20:11
Phantom Wraith He smiles and gently rubs little Conor's head, "Then when he is older would you mind training my son in the art of forging? You know I am only capable of copying what I have seen made, not really make new things since I have no idea to the forging crafts." July 04, 2016 09:34

Twin magick was not unusual and Etaine knew it very well.  But there was other 'magick' of her people.  That magick was unspoken and unused by her people   Little Breed had some inklings of it and the twins also showed it.

Etaine smiled and nodded at Lilly   "Of course,  You are righ on that.   The twins have a close bond together  and perhaps it may fade over time.  Nothing more than normal  NO exceptional talent in the NightBreed line."

July 06, 2016 16:22
Lilly Emperium

*nodding Lilly listened. She knew she didnt know all...only what she experieanced within her family. Lilly remembered though reading, amongst the fey it was different. Looking to Etaine lilly whispered*

you have a concern though about it.....Etaine, should any trouble arise....I would be here in an instant. This i promise you.

July 06, 2016 16:32

"When Erika was little we had visitors  and we were lucky because Erik managed to keep them out.  He masked Erika from them and kept her safe.   We thought her, the only one we would have but somehow I was blessed with Rhone and Mikhael.    My people have but one cycle for a child in their lifetime..   My father and mother had that time early.  I was born last and my twin was born first and taken away at birth to protect me.    My father was a twin as well.   Somehow Erik overcame that obstacle.   I got blessed with two more."

Etaine knew she was far older than Erik and the life she had now was a far cry from the old life.   "Back then a sword for hire didn't worry for a mate and a hearth.   My mate was my sword and my horse was my closest companion.   Because if my old people found my sons.  One would be killed and the other left half alive with half a life.   Breed will again set the wards and mask the twins.   Phantom will teach them to use the shadow wisely  Little Erik will keep his brothers safe as well.  Soon their link will keep them safe and protected."

July 07, 2016 21:21
Lilly Emperium *Lilly listened carefully and nodded. Thinking for a moment, she sighed softly.* there is something I could give them....the ability to shadow walk.....shadow walkers are rare...basically, they could use the shadows as a door way...allowing them to escape to safety if needed. July 07, 2016 22:56
Phantom Wraith He sighs and walks to where he knew lilly was, the stroller following behind him as he moves, "I already set in them all the power to eventually command the shadows, and shadow walking is...hard to control for you. Maintaining the doorway is taxing on the mind since you have to open, move through with a set destination, close the door behind and come out. An easier but less effective method I was told about was teachimg them teleportation, the only problem is I have no clue how to teach powers that are not originally mine to begin with." July 08, 2016 18:58

  ( In response to the posting by Phantom on the 4th for some reason my reply didn't get added here so here it is again somewhat,lol.)


         " I would be honored to teach your son to forge and smith in the old ways.. Less and less people want to take the time to learn the old ways with the advancement in modern science/machinery.  But i have found the old ways stand the test of time better than the newer steels... Aye my friend i'll teach him as i will be teaching my children and grandchildren should they wish it... I would like to see someone carry on what i have learned from my various masters in the craft.."      

July 08, 2016 21:26
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head she sighed. Lilly disagreed with Phantom's thoughts. She knew it was taxing, but only if not done right. Turning she looked to him. Lilly wanted to help, but realized she was not needed. Softly she spoke*

It is good to see you Phantom. I beg to differ..I have done fine, as did my brother Osi. We started at about their age. However...I would recommend rifts over teleportation any time.
July 08, 2016 23:50
Phantom Wraith "I heard rifts require more precise control, I personally have never tried them so I have to go off of what I hear, are they more stable than teleportation?" His eyes are wide and eager to learn before he blinks and shakes his head, "Only little Erik held any ability to naturally harness shadows though, the other two have to build their own trust with the shadows before they may safely enter them and use all know some of the true horrors that live in my realm, and I cannot guarrentee their saftey in those shifting, everchanging lands. July 09, 2016 10:11

Etaine looked at Lilly and then Phantom.   "The shadows hide many things.  What you may uncover in time Phantom is only the tip of the iceberg

Etaine smiled sadly  and she left the two friends to talk amongst themselves.   Etaine thought to herself. If only they knew the darker side of her people.   Their true ability and the true power they had and how they sealed it closed.   Etaine's concern was for her sons and she knew they would be protected and her grandson woud see to that.

July 09, 2016 20:37
Phantom Wraith He watches Etaine walking away, "I won't let what hides in my domain take them...I will protect them as I protect all I call family Etaine. All you have to watch out for is those who thrive where I cannot go." July 10, 2016 00:53
Lilly Emperium

Riffs and teleporting make me queasy. However riffs didn't land me in the Baltic sea cause i got slightly distracted. Both still require a certain level of concentration. I prefer to use rifts to open the void where certain items are stored. Um, controlling certain aspects *slowly she raised a finger, slicing a spot. reaching in she pulled out a book* hmmmm how did that get there....anyways........thats more on the magic side of things...*setting the book titled transportation in front of him* that may help

*Looking to Etaine she nodded*

they will be protected.....they can have a guardian....that'll help protect as well

July 11, 2016 01:10
Phantom Wraith His eyes light up as he grabs the book and sits where he had been, beginning to read as he loses himself to his current focus, slowly and throughly looking through all the information, "So...teleportation is like shadow stepping, but requires the same focus as shadow walking...maybe if I taught them the dimensional movement? No, all those require too much concentration for children to maintain for long periods of time...maybe blinking?" July 11, 2016 10:51

   * Listens in as Phantom talks about walking the shadows and so forth*

     " When i enter the Land of Shadows where my wolf companian is from it's literally like a doorway, i step thru maybe at most 2 steps and i am in the Shadow realm.. May eb the form of dimension walking i employ thru the axe to reach it is far different but even Kan has said even when walking from one gate to another time passage is different and once in the main thing is to know the location of the so called doorway yo exit into your destination."

July 14, 2016 20:26
Phantom Wraith He blinks before scratching his chin, "Well techniqually you are Shadow Gating through that axe...but the method you employ is more like walking than gating honestly...maybe using an item means your using multipul methods at once while using only one as the focus point. Even then, opening any meams to move is outside of younglings abilities for now, they simply cannot keep their focus on one thing long enough, or clear enough to move more than a few inches at worst, and a couple feet at best. They need to develop more before they start honing advanced powers and magics." July 14, 2016 21:08
Jennifer Constantinescu

She smiled as she adjusted the backpack on her shoulders as she passed a place called The Forge and saw a small sign in a display window.  ~Help Wanted.  Inquire Within.~

Her bluish gray hues read the note quickly and  a short term job was needed to provide some well needed funds.   She adjusted her skintight black leather gloves and opened the door to The Forge

"I have come to check on the 'help wanted' in thewindow?"   She glanced over the guns in their display cases and  wondered if this place was a legit business.   "Cool it Jenn.  I am sure it's quite legal."

July 15, 2016 19:37
Kenny R

   * Watches as a petite brunette i do not know enters the Forge, on silent feet i enter behind her slipping in before the door closes and chimes it's announcement of a visitor again.  Leaning against the wall beside the door i grin at her words.*


               " Yes this is a legal place of business, one of the few that caters to the old ways of forging a weapon and yet still catering to the new technologies for making of firearms and so forth.. I shouldknow as I supply items for use here.."

July 15, 2016 22:16
Jennifer Constantinescu

She turned around smoothly but quickly toward the voice of a person behind her.  The man had entered behind her very silently and stealthly like an Indian.   The jingle of a bell sounded his entrance Jenns 's thoughts were elsewhere occupied in finding a man called EirieNightBreed.

She looked at the man who leaned against the wall.  Her bluish gray orbs glanced up at him  Her ears pinkened a bit. 

"I am sure the place is quite legit.   I need a gun serviced and some info on the whereabouts of an EirieNightBreed."

July 16, 2016 18:24
Phantom Wraith He glances from where he sat, "Um...any chance you might have a reason to be seeking my brother specifically? I will warn you this place is a neutral place and any acts that break that will result in banishment or retrubution upon the guilty." July 16, 2016 18:29
Jennifer Constantinescu

Her attention was drawn from the man leaning against the wall to another who sat in an overstuffed chair   His words specifically chosen to infict fear in a person.   Jenns smiled at the man in the chair disarmingly as she spoke to him.

"I wish to speak to him personally.  I am a writer who needs a legal signature from him to use his name or a foctional name of his choosing.    I can assure you you have a name?  Both of you gentleman are rather protective of this person.   Trust me I knew him and he could kick ass and trust me one of the damned few I'd call a good friend."

Jenn looked at the man in the overstuffed chair to the one leaning against the wall.  "I am also interested in the help wanted ad   When I travel I work for a living"

July 16, 2016 18:51
Phantom Wraith He shrugs, "All are welcome as far as I know...last I saw of Eirie was just a moment before you came in." July 17, 2016 10:48
Kenny R

  " Odds are he headed towards the back, he spends most of his time there forging , hiding so to speak or dabling in something new.."

July 17, 2016 12:05
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns nodded at the man in the overstuffed chair and spoke to him.  "Thank you.   I am Jennifer Constantinescu and you are? 

Her bluish gray hues looked toward the other man who leaned against the wall.  "Thank you as well.  You are?"

She didnot offer her hand to either one of them. It was only polite and safe for both parties.

July 17, 2016 14:36
Kenny R

   " My name is Kenneth Ripper, or Kenny R. on the streets and music scene. Nice meeting you Jennifer Constantiescu, and as for what the gentleman in the chair said, this place is under neutrality law and Breed maintains it with an iron fist and more than one type of weaponry...And both myself  and he are friends of Breed, I spent several years working with him in New York before he relocated for the most part down here.."

July 17, 2016 14:50
Jennifer Constantinescu

She nodded at the man leaning against the wall.     "Kenneth Ripper!  Have some of your music."    She looked at the man in the overstuffed chair and smiled a bit disarmingly.  

"The neutrality law is the best possible thing in a public places."    Jenns 's right hand slid under her black leather duster for her gun.   She set it on the counter in one fluid move.   She slide her backpack on the counter and left it next to the gun   Both need a lookover and ammo.      She knelt and unstrapped her old dagger and laid it on the counter,

"My guns have all the legit paperwork and the dagger is a family heirloom.   I am a dhampir/witch and I have other abilities as well   I meet Mr. NightBreed when I was posted in New York on a special sqaud..."

July 17, 2016 15:16

   " YTou were on the zombie squad as well?"

July 17, 2016 15:33
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns' bluish gray hues lite upon another man who entered the shop   "I was an observer only.     Unofficially I dealt with a few interesting creatures.    I do know one thing those squads were underestimated.     There was one formed in Los Angeles.   I headed that squard til I  retired from the force."

July 17, 2016 15:46
Kenny R

  * Looks towards Breed as he speaks and raises an eyebrow at the mention of the zombie squad*

July 17, 2016 15:52
Jennifer Constantinescu

"The "Zombie Squad" it was called for the lack of a better name.  Had some etremely efficient officers and some of them paid the ultimate price.  The members of that squad were not given the respect they deserved and they dwelt with the 'unknown aspects' of crime.    I am here to get his permission to use his name or another name of his choosing.  The proceeds of the upcoming book will be donated to those squads quietly...."

Jenn looked at Kenneth Ripper.  "Have you ever dealt with 'strange happenings."

July 17, 2016 16:07
Kenny R

  * Laughs outloud as I look once more towards where Breed stands and then towards Phantom.*

               " You could say that, i was in New York when he was on the squad, he and i worked together before he was on the squad then again afterwards once he was a free agent again.. Besides I am one of those strange happenings, my birth was onere fusing to leave the mortal plane when i died of old age.  As is I currewnt stand watch over a series of connected tunnels in New England to keep the assoted denizens from emerging and killing the locals and the students that reside within the school that sets above the tunnels."

July 17, 2016 16:11
Jennifer Constantinescu

She smiles sadly as Kenneth Ripper laughs out loud and looks toward where Mr NightBreed stands and then over at the man in the chair.

"So you are a friend of Mr NightBreed?   You worked with him as well?  I unoffically worked with the Zombie Squad in New York City   I meet his wife Tracy,   one of their  old Zombie Team told me he lost his wife.  They suggest the book be dedicated to her.   I am very sorry for his loss."

Jenns looked over at Mr. NightBreed.

July 17, 2016 17:25
Phantom Wraith He sighs as he leans back before grinning evilly, "Ah now that crew of misfits takes me back...used to get a call for the customers who Eirie and the rest couldn't take on due to...territory issues. I however, obey no paltry things and go where I damn well please, as Kenny could attest when I get in a rare mood of anger and head into his tunnels for my anger management." He drops the book he had been ready and stands before bowing to the girl before him, "Former Lord of Balance and one of the oldest beings to walk this or any other dimension, Chaos and Shadow Lord Phantom Wraith at your service Miss...also the adopted brother to Eirie and Etaine Nightbreed and eternally bound to Demasduit Wraith." July 17, 2016 21:23
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns paid strict attention to the man in the overstuffed chair.   He seemed to be a knowledgeable and expierenced individual.   She replied in a calming voice as her bluish gray eyes locked unto his eyes.

"Of course you would do as you damn well pleased.  That is a part of your nature.   Best to control one's anger constructively.   I generally do the same thing."

The man stood and formally introduced himself.    Jenns bowed respectfully and she spoke calmly.    "I am Jennifer Ioana Constantinescu,  daughter of Vlad Constantinescu and Eiriene Magyar, born in Romania.  A Romaniy gypsy with ties to the house of Vlad and the Magyars.."

July 17, 2016 21:58
Lilly Emperium *Lilly shook her head, as if coming out of a daze. Looking to phantom, then reaching into her cloak. Pulling out a small vial, she quickly downed the contents* July 18, 2016 22:58

   * After listening to Jennifer's explaination I pause a moment longer before speaking.*

           " So you are writing a book on the squads, too bad the bosses in general have no clue what they are doing and if it wasn't for those of us abnormals they hated, the other human officers would have been fodder for the animals..  If you think this book would help shed light on what has gone on and is probaly still happening, then yes you have my permission only use my street name Eirie Nightbreed, i never used my given name except around tracy and a select trusted few friends and confidants."

July 19, 2016 19:50
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns waited for Mr. NightBreed's permission or refusal to use his name.   Her attorney Maimus Aleander made it careful to her about all legal aspects.  She was by nature a cautious and by the book person.  She only broke the rules if needed and if 'breaking a rule was for the greater good  She would stretch the rule to the max.

"Yes I am and it's to set the record straight.  I appear as 'human' and I have lead a zombie squad of my own.  I lost some damn fine officers.   I resigned from the force when they shut us down  This book will shed some light on the subject   I will use your street name only.    Mine was Svengali.'"

Her attention was than caught by a woman who seemed confused as she downed something from a vial.   "Mr.NightBreed do people in your shop swallow strange liquids and appear rather confused?"    Jenns went to the woman's side and inquired.  "Can I be os assistance?"

July 19, 2016 20:23
Lilly Emperium

*Lilly looked to the woman, and chuckled*

I'm good answer the question asked.....I'm probably one of the few that does that...It helps me, regain myself

July 20, 2016 00:00
Phantom Wraith He sighs and touches a finger to Lilly's head, "Is it truly growong so hard to stay Lilly? Do you need more blood or power?" July 20, 2016 09:26
Lilly Emperium *Lilly's attention was broken when she realized a finger was against her forehead. Giving a light chuckle she smiled softly to phantom* my dear...I have not fed recently like I should have...I haven't been traveling. At least I didn't collapse again...I should be fine. July 20, 2016 14:11
Phantom Wraith He rolls his eyes and nods to the others before picking her up bridal style, "Nice try little blood drinker, but you and I both know that you need something sustaining in you and I think I'm the most potent in the shop currently...besides, I still owe you so lets go get you fed." He grins teasingly at her before nodding to Eirie and Kenny, "I'll be back later brother, still need to order a new hellblade and a rift opening weapon, my old one broke in the last dragon I killed...knew I should have gotten one from you the first time, but the price on it was so small I just couldn't resist." He sighs and shakes his head as he carries Lilly from the shop. July 20, 2016 19:36
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns watched the proceedings with some amusement.  She watched Phantom and Lilly left the shop.

"Now Mr. NightBreed,  I thank you for the permission and need your signature   Now about the hel wanted sign?   I work when I travel.   The job is doing what?"

July 21, 2016 16:38

Rhone and Mikhael scuttled outt to the front of The Forge.  "Tom tom!!!"  Etaine  followed after the twins and skidded to a halt when thee boys turned their attention to the new person near their father.

"The job includes taking care of three little boys,  Rhone and Mikhael and Erik at odd times  Mainly meals and play times.   Help about the shop  Room and board included."

July 23, 2016 16:54
Phantom Wraith He reappears looking drained, "Who called for me here?! I don't sense a threat or Little Erik" He looks around confused as he tries to understand before shrugging and he walks into the forging area to test what he could make without copying what he'd seen Eirie doig. A few minutes later the metal he is working starts swelling and then explodes, throwing him into a nearby wall, "...Ow...what kid of metal was that?!" July 23, 2016 17:42

Etaine looks at Phantom and shook her head.   "The boys are fine just looking for you...  We may have a person working for us.   I am sure she will be no trouble..." 

Rhone and Mikhael looked up at the lady and smiled at her.  "Mommy?"

July 23, 2016 20:27
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns knelt down and looked at the boys.   One was fair haired and the little boy was dark haired like his mother.

"Well young ones.   I guess you could call me hired then.   Give me a three day trial period and see if the boys want to keep me."  

She looked up at Etaine and then Eirie for their approval.

July 23, 2016 23:49

soundes okay to me, oh and that metal was an experiment i lifted from another dimension i hadn't been to before.. sorry about that Phantom.

July 24, 2016 20:07
Jennifer Constantinescu

"Is your friend okay?   I remember one of my L.A. squad was into interdimensional travels and rare metals.  He blew up the police lab a few times.   His name is Hovis Crane.   Eplosives and bomb detail too."

Jenns turned her attention to Rhone and Mikhael.    "Now guys what is your speciality?  

July 24, 2016 20:13
Phantom Wraith He coughs before weakly growling, "Divine energy hit me, but I couldn't sense it at frightening. Anyway, can someone find my arms please? I need those to focus my healing powers, even one would work." July 24, 2016 20:15
Jennifer Constantinescu

"Divine energy?  Jenn looked up and saw an arm laying on her backpack near the glass counter.  "Holy crap!  I believe one arm is on my backpack.   I will get it for you Phantom."

Rhone and Mikhael got up and followed Jenns to her backpack.  "Holle cwap!"  Rhone announced nd Mikhael looked closely at the arm.  Owie owie!   Cwap!" added Mikhael.

"NO cussing boys or no ice cream pudding..."     Jenns stooped and retrieved the arm quickly.   Her back leather gloves could not keep out the feelings she picked up from the body part.  She gritted her teeth and restrained herself from further cursing.

"Here you go buster and please heal quickly.  We have young ones who needn't be educated so early.  But I think they know more than they want to say to me.  You yourself are more than you reveal to me.."

July 24, 2016 20:48
Phantom Wraith He laughs as he nods, "They can converse with the shadows, if they understood grown-ups completely they would know everything about you including your personal life information...thanks for the arm by the way." He begins the long process of patching up his injuries, "Sorry for wasting your metal Eirie...any way I can replace or pay for it?" July 24, 2016 21:23

  * grins as i shake my head after the explosion*   " That piece had been around for a while Phantom, i brought it with me from the farm in New York.. I had forgotten i even had it, Not sure what dimension/realm i had landed in when i grabbed it.. This was back when i was first learning what some of the runes on my axe did, all i remembe was bright, nasty and down right unfriendly.. Judging by the reaction there, i doubt it would have been of use for what i do here, at least not with the techniques i use."

         * Looks about a monet before spotting Phantom's other arm laying propped by the vault we kept hidden and warded for the more dangerous items we stored.*

   " Found the other one Phantom * passes the arm to you*  "

July 28, 2016 08:20
Phantom Wraith He laughs and grabs the arm, "That sounds like fun for me, though to honest I would rather not test something that gives you warning...thanks for the arm." July 28, 2016 13:12
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns smiles at the little boys and encourages them toward the backroom.  I will fine my way around.   Rhone says he loves chocolate chip cookies and apple juice.   Mikhael says sugar cookies and orange juice.    They will have their lunch,  a wagon ride and then a small class in tea leaves and a small lesson about gypsies   When you teach them Phantom I will sit in if you don;t mind?  I can learn as well."

July 31, 2016 16:02
Phantom Wraith He blinks and scratches his head, "You have power of the shadows or fire? Cause if you don't then my next lessons will be worthless to you. Also i need time to heal before then." July 31, 2016 19:10
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns turned around and saw Phantom blink and scratch his head.  She smiled brightly and laughed softly.

"Phantom, demons were on my squad back in L.A.  I learned a bit of the shadow art from him.   A fire demon was quite useful in flushing some of the worst crime elements as well.  Yes I would appreciate you teaching me if you can."

July 31, 2016 21:22
Phantom Wraith "Alright, but what I'm training isn't shadow manipulation, it is shadow partnership...the difference will be covered next lesson." He looks around before shrugging and once more attempting to forge something, this time using normal steel. July 31, 2016 21:59
Jennifer Constantinescu

"Knowledge is power and I would like to learn what you can offer    The boys have to get used to me and you will be helping me.    I do deal in some rare metals... but they are stored elsewhere and require careful handling."

Jenns watched him shrug his shoulders then go back to what he was doing at the forge.

August 02, 2016 14:58

  * watches the interaction between Jennifer and Phantom, scanning about i see my namesake crawling about and point him in the direction of the other 2 minchkins before heading in the forge room to watch Phantom create something from his own design.. I still my breathing as I approach the doorway and wait an expression of anticipation as I know one day soon especially after the resurrection and change in Phantom will be able to create something wholey from his own design, nodding at his technique I say a prayer to the smith of the Norse gods to guide his hands , knowing how important this would be to Phantom.*


August 03, 2016 20:03
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenns found another little boy tugging on her pant's leg.   The little guy looked up at her and said  "Ewrick!"

"Why hello kiddo!   Erik?  Okay  snack time and follow the guys"    Erik scampered after the other two little boys.   Who does he belong to?"

August 03, 2016 23:05
Phantom Wraith His concentration is shifted from his work to a little one's voice and movement, his eyes shift from the forge to little Erik, "I'll be, I can start my training within a week then huh? You beeter have been practicing your shadow creation on things aside from weapons youngling." His hands move through the molten metal without slowing or stopping, moving with the grace and swiftness normally reserved for his flying as he slowly shaped a small plate into a dull sword that he spins once and dunks in water to brin the cooling metal to its final form, a small short sword without an edge and slightly heavier than normal, "Eirie, will this work as a practice blade for the younglings?" August 04, 2016 02:55
Jennifer Constantinescu

Little Erik's attention was turned toward Phantom.   "Tomtom!  See!"     Erik pulled some metal from his pockets and they levitated slightly. They sparked then became shadow tendrils and formed into a thin rope.

Erik sat down near Phantom.   "May I leave Erik with you Phantom?  He likes you and he is Eirie'schild?"

August 04, 2016 18:32
Phantom Wraith He pats Erik upon the head as he begins to slowly wrap the pommel with leather before looking to Jennifer, "Sure, I'll defend the little fire starter and keep him tamed for now." August 04, 2016 18:42

  * looks the blade Phantom forged critically then smiles.*  " Aye it will do worderfully Phantom and thank you for thinking of it that was good work ... And Jennifer, little erik is my grandson,  the other 2 in the playroom are mine and etaine's twins. but the three are growing up together as brothers."

August 04, 2016 21:53
Phantom Wraith "Better than me and my brothers. At least when they play fight worlds aren't destroyed." He mutters to himself as he keeps working before laying the practice sword down and begins work on another, this one looking more like a katana than an actual bshort sword. August 04, 2016 22:32

    * watches longer with a smile seeing the creativity my friend now exhibits..*  " True but those centuries forged you into the man I know and have befriended Phantom :)"

August 05, 2016 20:36

"Me fit too!"  Little Erik looked up at Phanton and then at his grandfather with an furrowed brow.  He bit his little lip  and his little hands took a golden glow.   Sweat appeared on his little brow and a small dagger appeared on the floor

Swort!  Me fit too!"   He watched as the small sword cooled on the floor.   He then picked it up it and looked at it.

August 05, 2016 20:46
Phantom Wraith With a quickness to his movements he commands the shadows the forge the new sword while he turns, "Craft a shadow creature this time youngling, no fire or light okay?" August 05, 2016 23:53

Little Erik lost interest in his beautiful little sword.   He sadly patted his play toy and as he patted it again.  The metal broke down into nuggets.     Erik whispered into his small shadow cloak and his cloak whispered in return to him.

Erik looked at the shadows working in the forge on the new sword.   He whispered quietly to the shadow flames and they formed into a shadow of a panther like cat sittingnear the new sword.  A pair of red glowing eyes.

Kitty cat!  Meow!"   Erik looked up and clapped his little hands  "Come Kitty!"  The huge shadow cat jumped from the forge and scampered over to Erik.

August 07, 2016 13:50
Phantom Wraith He shakes his head, "Youngling, don't use the fire to help, use only the shadows. Think of a cat that can pass through the shop without problems because the small bit of fire in that will cause it to shatter." August 07, 2016 19:44

Erik nodded and whispered to his shadow cloak.      A few tendrils of dark shadows emerged from Erik's little hands and  some little black shadow crows circled Phantom's head.   They cawed loudly and something went plop on his head.

"Hwoly cwap!"  stated Erik looked at the one crow on his shoulder.   'Plop'  was heard again as another shadow crow circled another victim and this time Breed got a plop in his long hair

"NO Breed no gampa!"    The shadow crows came to Erik quickly and stayed near him.  The shadow cat sat protectively curled around Erik.

August 07, 2016 19:53

  * trie3s to keep from laughing out loud as the crow drops a gift from above, then turns a frown at his grandson.*

          " What were you told about cusing erik?? You want me to inform grandmother what you just said?? " *raises an eyebrow and waits*

August 07, 2016 20:08
Phantom Wraith He growls darkly at the ones circling him before they all vanish and he looks at the boy with the crow on his shoulder, "Congradulations, you made your shadow familiar. It is like your cloak there youngling, except it will filter the secrets the shadows whisper to you and will allow you to focus easier...feed it power well or it will turn on you." He then summons hos own familiar, a rather plain black fox with normal eyes and actual fur instead of shadow, "This is Kit in his full form, he is my most trusted companion and I would gladly die protecting him as he would me." August 07, 2016 20:09

"Me  sworry!  Rapper my cwow  Hi Kit."     The crow hopped on Erik's lap and then bowed to Phantom.  He cawed softy and settled to preen his black feathers.

NO Pwops!"  Erik scolded the other crows as they left the shop on the lam.   

"I heard that Erik!   NO more cussing or I will tell your mother..."   Etaine shook her head and looked at the crow and shadow cat.

"Kitty Cat!"

August 07, 2016 20:35
Phantom Wraith He sighs and waits till the birds are outside the boys range to feel before destroying them and then looks at the crow before him, "So little shadow child...what do you claim yourself as?" August 07, 2016 20:40

   * watches the interactions of the crow and Phantom's familiar the fox before closing my eyes and reaching outwards seeking a friend from another realm.. I smile as she senses my ` presence` and moves forwards.. Several minutes pass before a darm mist begins to form beside me, turning itself solid and into the form of a female shadow wolf from the realm of shadows, my old battle companion from the opener/closer battles..

     Kneeling down i l;et her sniff my hands and face and watch as she gently  nips at my chin before giving my cheek a couple of licks.. Smiling I gently stroke her coat of smoke colored fur before looking up at Phantom.*

            " This is one of my caompanions from my earlieur years when i lived in New York and before i met Etaine, she doesn't have a name per sey but we bonded and when i am in her realm for short periods I am seen as her mate there.  Many see her as just a wolf and she is when at home but she ahs survived battle hardened warriors have died in.. it just saddens me she cannot exist in our realm for long nor i in hers, as I am like a beacon there and all manner of nasties home in on me and i refuse to jeopardize her life. She ahs been here once before after a battle we had at the cabin before erika was born but i have not seen her since then, i am glad she could come this time even for a short period of time."

August 07, 2016 20:52
Phantom Wraith His eyes watch the old shadow creature and he stands, his eyes watching her as her own watch him and he kneels before her to look levely in her eyes. His eyes swirl with ancient power as he whispers, "What if I offered to change that. You know my powers allow me to break the law that restricts her and can keep her here without any problem." August 07, 2016 21:09

"Gampa Rapper wolf stay?"   Erik stood and his crow hopped beside him. The crow looked at Phantom and dipped his beak  and scribbed in the dust.   It was something that only Phantom could decipher

August 07, 2016 21:18

  " The choiuce would be hers and hers alone Phantom, her pack still roams the shadow realm and they act as guardians there more or less. From what i can gather she is one of the alphas left in it, the main alpha was killed according to her last year.. I don't think she would leave them defenseless and leaderless my brother but as i said it would be her choice."

August 07, 2016 21:22
Phantom Wraith "If they live on my land they wouldn't be...but I won't lie Eirie, her age of shadow is...rare. power is in her very essence and to tell the makes me curious is she is related to Leta, the wolf mother of the shadow packs." He touches the wolf's fur before glancing at the writting in the dust, "Is that your true name, or what you are to be called?" August 07, 2016 21:30

"GO and Come  all doggies!"   Erik toddled over to the shadow wolf and stood in front of her.  "Momma!"

Erik looked at the wolf with ice blue eyes that were old in a child's face.  "All stay puppies!"  Erik knew an alpha wolf and that was what the crow told him.   Erik balanced his shadow crow .  "Rapper.   Ewrick."

August 07, 2016 21:35
Phantom Wraith He pats the child on the head before bowing to the wolf proper, "Formality then...when meeting a shadow worthy of true respect for the first time youngling, you bow and offer thanks for the meeting between you. Then you may speak frankly with them." August 07, 2016 21:55

Erik  looked up at Phantom  and he bowed clumsily to the shadow wolf and pulled out a small piece of dried meat from his pocket.  He bowed a little   "Gwank you."  He offered the dried meat to the shadow wolf.

"Gwank you.  Rapper.  Ewrick"

August 07, 2016 22:00
Phantom Wraith He smiles and looks at the raven, " exactly did you get that name?" August 07, 2016 22:46
Sifjar Thuresson

The  Norse warrior entered the shop.  She needed a repair done to her sword and she laid it on the counter carefully.   "Could anyone be of assistance?"

Sifjar Thuresson waited patiently for someone toassist her.

August 07, 2016 22:55

Rapper ruffled his feathers and he cawed softly at Phantom.   He bobbed a quick but respectful bow to Phantom.   He hopped over to a wooden handle and did a rappity rap tap.   He repeated it  and his black beady eyes looked at Phantom and he hopped back to Erik's side.

August 07, 2016 23:34

    * The shadow wolf watches the human cub a moment before autiously sniffing it's hand and the piece of dried meat before gently taking the offering from the cub's hand.. after chewing the meat the she-wolf inclines her head towards her human mate's offspring, then looks at the crow before accepting that it is also a creature of her plane and inclines her head towards it as well, then finally looks at Phantom sensing what he is yet also sensing her mate/companion is not afraid of him nor considers Phantom a threat to him or the cub and so inclines her head towards him in mutual respect before settling beside Breed's feet once more.*

            " Interesting, * upon hearing a woman's voice from the main showroom, i excuse my self and walk to the front.*  Welcome to the Forge miss, i am Eirie Nightbreed, how may i be of service??"


          * In the back the she-wolf waits patiently for breed to return before she must head back to her plane or perish in this one.. Although in her mind she thinks of the offer made by the one called Phantom but she know she would need to find a way for her pack to be safe should she leave or possibly bring them as well if possible.  with a sigh she lays down and waits.*

August 08, 2016 09:48
Phantom Wraith He sits by the she-wolf, "Would you like to stay? I can promise you will be safe and protected from the laws that currently bind you. I will also take into my lands your pack...and I think you know of me...I will treat them like protected guests there." August 08, 2016 15:13
Sifjar Thuresson

The dark haired Norse woman bowed with a fluid grace.  She smiled widely and nodded toward her blade on the counter.   "I am Sfjar Thuresson or Sif to friends Eirie NightBreed.  I have need of a sword repair."

She indicated the double edged sword and placed a leather pouch of gold coins next to it.   I also require a protection rune of the thunder god Thor restrung on a sturdy chain or leather thing.  Do you have a replacement blade to sell or rent?"

August 08, 2016 15:25

Little Erik inclies his head to the wolf and sits politely at full attention in respect of thewolf

Erik follows Phantom and sits on the othe side of the she wolf. "Leta.  Momma stay."   He pulls out his treasured silver wolfs head that his own momma gave him.   He places it in front of the wolf.    He inclines his head and listens to his shadow cloak tell him of the wolf called Leta.   "Momma wolf!"

August 08, 2016 15:46
Phantom Wraith He smiles, "Leta is a wolf name I remember well youngling...she was a fierce, powerful champion that fought and battle till the Chaos Wars...she...she was a friend that I failed and wish I could have saved instead of being too slow." August 08, 2016 17:31

"Hwelp Leta? Momma stay!"   Erik pointed to his treasured wolfshead.  "Leta!  Tomtom hwelp Leta!  Puppies stay  Rap watch  puppies safe."

Erik's icy blue eyes turned black like Rapper's eyes. "Me see in Rap eyes."

August 08, 2016 17:36
Phantom Wraith He hand lashed out and the shadows encased the bird, sealing it from all contact as he watched the child with fear, "Erik...calm down, if you slip into the shadows more I won't be able to pull you back even if I held my former powers...I'd have to make a deal with my father to save you from what you almost summoned." August 08, 2016 19:20

"Thank you for sealing that damn bird away."   Etaine 's   moss green eyes were filled with concern for her grandson  and she sat on the floor next to him.   She scooped him up into her arms.   She crooned a lullaby to calm him.

She sang in the ancient tongue of her clan to calm Erik.    Erik's blue eyes lost their black twinge.  Etaine looked at the wolfshead.  The same one that her mate had given Erika after the attack on their cabin.   "Erik kept her safe with this and now it keeps him safe....  Little man you are so wise for one so very small.  I fear my kin will seek more than NightBreed soon...  Erika's son is as his mother ."

August 08, 2016 19:40
Phantom Wraith He shivers and grabs his head as his eyes flash dangerously, "A Void Lord...he almost opened a shadow gate to the Void Etaine...I have to go seal this now!" Before leaving he pats the wolf on the head, shattering the bonds trying to force it from this world and he leaves within the animal a small power to travel between the two realms at will, "Whatever you choose...the powers will abide by your choice." August 08, 2016 22:25

  " We can handle all that easily Sifjar Thuresson, my wife has the materials to make whatever chain,thong or other necklace material you would like for the protection pendant.. As for the sword, my forge is already hot and i can start the reforging today and yes i do have a blade I can sell/lend to you, the choice would be yours."

        * walking to a panel in the wall i whisper a phrase beneath my breath releasing the wards and locks. Opening the panel i withdraw a sword of danish design, doubles edged, the blade 32 inches in length, the hand guard bronzed with a gold filigreed scrollwork speaking to the thunder god.  The handle wood wrapped in a supple leather and bound with a silver alloy wire for additional grip. The pommel also bronzed with gold filigreed scroll work, placing it and the scabard upon the counter I look into your eyes..*

        " Will this work Lady Thuresson?  I know the blade well as it has been around my whole life." 

August 09, 2016 08:17

      * Listening to Phantom, her ears pricked forwards in attention she decides Leta is a good name as the one calle Eirie had not chosen one for his use as hers would be unintelligible to him.. Hearing that both she and her pack could cross over and she could be with her chosen human she had bonded with while keeping the Eldar gods from reentering this plane of existence she pauses and then loses her chance as the cub of Breed takes too much a chance in his bid to get her to stay and almost summons a Void Lord, a creature she and her pack evade to stay from it's influence... Feeling she no longer nees to heed the pull to cross back to her shadow plane Leta decides she will wait for Phantoms return and make her decision then.*

August 09, 2016 08:24

Erik calmed down in Etaine's arms.   He looked up at his grandmother.  "Me bad."   he sounded so sad that Etaine cuddled him again.

"No just over anxious and a bit too eager to please.  You need to be careful bratling.  Be yourself but careful.."

The pantherlike shadow cat flicked it's tail and the glowing red eyes became moss green.  The cat began to purr softly and it 's muzzle sniffed at little Erik.  The big cat sighed and knew she had been rejected for a blasted black crow that whispered 'bad' things to the child.  But the cat had let child learn a hardfast lesson that nearly cost a child 's soul and life to boot.

The cat had a jealous nature and the cub was hers.  The cub would turn to her and she could help him.

"I know Airia would be proud to be your familiar Erik.  But she has a jealous nature and must learn to share you with Phantom.   She was my familiar and she is of the shadows I know and though Phantom  may not appreciate the gesture.  But we need to rein an over achiever like you til you control better."

August 09, 2016 16:23
Sifjar Thuresson

Sifjar bowed politely to the man.  "I am called Sif by friends.  Lady Thuresson is used elsewhere.  I will buy the sword.  The workmanship is a credit to it's craftsman.   If you knew Thor he himself would appreciate that sword."

Sifjar laid her silver Thor's hammer necklace on the counter next to the sword.  An old friend made this for me.  It only needs a strong and sturdy chain."

"I will return in a day 's time and full payment and a few small gifts for your kindness."  Sifjar left the shop.

August 09, 2016 21:13
Phantom Wraith He stumbles back into the forge, his neigh indestructable cloak in tatter that are slow to repair themselves, his clothes full of slashes and tears, and the flesh that can be seen is cut and bleeding a terrible green ooze as he moves to the forging area and falls into the flames, his flesh reddening as he curls up and growls weakly in pain. August 09, 2016 21:48

"Tomtom!  Owie!"   Little Erik got out of Etaine's arms and scampered over to the forge.   He looked at the flames and if he was a little fire bug.   He did the one thing his clan could do.    The little toddler looked at his grandpa and grnadma for permission.   Etaine nodded and little Erik morphed into his red golden flame and joined Phantom in the forge.   He crawled up next to his uncle Tomtom to offer what comfort he could.

August 09, 2016 22:02

  " That will work fine Sif and my wife has several chains of various types and metals to choose from. I do want to ask would you like me to add a rune of enduring to your sword?  It makes the weapon virtually unbreakable, no extra charge for something of that nature."

August 09, 2016 22:13
Phantom Wraith He weakly opens an eye and smiles to the little one by him, "This is the price...I pay to keep those I love safe young one. We all have to pay a fight our natures. I am happy to keep paying...this one." He then falls unconsious as the shadows gently carry the boy to his mother and then begin stitching his wounds as the flames of the forge become black and burn around him to the point he is hidden from view. August 10, 2016 01:24
Sifjar Thuresson

Sifjar turned around when she heard his voice.   "Yes please on both swords and the talisman as well.  HAve your wife pick a nice sturdy chain to match my talisman.  I trust your skill to do a good job."

SIfjar smiled mysteriously and sadi.  "It is pleasure to meet a craftsman of the old way  and an artisan in his own rigtht.  May Thor the Lightning God protect this shop and all those who are within it's walls."

Sifjar again bowed slightly to the male Artisan and Weaponsmaster.  She disappeared in front of him

August 10, 2016 16:43

Erik appears in her arms  and Etaine cuddles him like one of her own sons.  "How come I feel like your mother bratling?   So much like Erika. Now you sleep and heal little one."

Little Erik slept on the comunal cot in the back room.  Airia stayed close by him and she watched over Rhone and Mikhael who were also napping.  The boys cuddled agains their brother and their arms enfolded him.

Etaine went to the front of the shop to check on her mate.

August 11, 2016 23:31

   * listens to Etaine as she walks into the display/sales room.*

           " Have a talisman for you to work on luv, she wants a good sturdy chain to use, and i will be working on her broken sword and getting the runes ready to apply on both once this one is repaired."

       * Taking the broken sword, i head to the back and place the pieces on a work bench to start repair work a few hours from now, allowing Phantom the time he needs to heal and mend his wounds.*

August 12, 2016 11:24

Etaine smiled at Breed and gave him a peck on the cheek   She looked at the talisman and picked it up to view it closer.  "The workmanship is made by a master artisan.  I am nowhere near this level of craftsmanship...but I have a chain that would match it.   This piece is very old and I knew only one who could craft this talisman   The one who crafted the dragonshead for you "

Etaine carried the talisman to her work area and paced it on her work table "I will do my best."

August 12, 2016 16:04
Phantom Wraith He lays in the flames as they slowly helped heal him before his eyes snap open and he takes a deep breath, sucking the flames into himself before breathing out the normal flames that usually resided in the forge, "S-sorry for this brother...I can still barely move." August 12, 2016 21:53

  " Take all the time you need Phantom, nice thing about my work, i have a second forge at home * smiles* .  Is there anything i can do to help you heal?"

August 13, 2016 14:14
Phantom Wraith "Don't stop how you tend to the forge...your flames and coals love you as a child loves its father. You truly are a master at your trade brother." He curls up so his form is out of the way of the hottest parts of the coals. August 13, 2016 22:43

Etaine cleaned  the talisman gently and tenderly.   She then made a detailed sketch of the talisman and would ask the woman for her permission to make copies of it.  She would make  a copy  for Erik though he could not wear the symbols of his faith and beliefs.   She could ask the Aesir for her help.   Her daughter and sons and grandson could wear the symbol  of their fathers' faith.

She would ask at least for this request from the woman who travelled as a human in their world.

August 15, 2016 21:51
Phantom Wraith He shivers as he lays in the forge before slowly cralwing into a nearby patch of shadows and vanishes to finsh healing somewhere else. August 18, 2016 12:44

 ( my apologies to all for4 the delay in my replies. work ahs been a mess)

        * nodding at Phantom's words and smiling at the image they bring, i Sif's sword and place it within the coals to begin the heating process shifting it's position from time to time to ensure even heating... Looking up i notice Phantom disappearing into the shadows and shake my head in regret i could not do more to help him at this moment..  Once the weapon is at the temperature i want i reach beneath the anvil and withdraw my father's smithy hammer and begin the cycle of rythmic hammering the ringing almost one steady tone as i reweld the break and cracks back into one solid blade again.. Hours have past before i dip the blade into an oil bath to slowly cool the blade before gazing critically along it's length making sure i can see no possibly imperfections before setting it to the side to finish the cooling process.*

August 18, 2016 20:29

~~~~ hours later~~~~   * seeing the blade is now cool, i reach for a mallet and a fine cold chisel and begin to SLOWLY etch the rune for enduring into the blade near the hilt before repeating it on the blade face on the opposite side as well... Once finished I begin polishing the whole weapon removing blemishes and so forth then wrapping it in a protective cloth to await it's owner.*

August 20, 2016 13:17

ErikaNightBreed entered The Forge from the rear door.  She had come to talk to her parents about little Erik returning to New York with her for awhile.  She had discussed some concerns that her mother and father mentioned to her.  She agredd it was time for little Erik to spend a little time with his mother  and auntie Dana Sommers.  He needed a break from trying his fledgling powers and the calling of an 'evil' crow was quite enough.   That was  the straw that broke the camel's back.  

Rhone and Mikhael were beginning to show the same fledgling powers that were evident in Etaine's clan. But the NightBreed twins were a pair of content boy who were laid back and cautious like their father.

Erika went to the cot where her son was sleeping and scooped him  up into her arms.  "Time for a break and for us to see just how far you have come.  But little man  you need to learn to control those have inside you."

August 20, 2016 15:41
Phantom Wraith He watches silently from the shadows before sliding a small necklace to Erika, his eyes showing only as he weakly whispers out, "It will sever his connection to his familiar and allow him to have a new one. I'll keep the crow here until you're gone and destroy it so it cannot follow." August 20, 2016 22:37

Erika nodded and accepted the necklace from Phantom. She slipped it on his neck quickly and she motioned for Aria  the black shadow cat.

"Thank you.   You are still his teacher uncle Phantom.  He will return when he is truly ready.  Destroy that crow and I will be forever grateful.   Dana Sommers says you are welcome to visit us in New York and you will be sent mails from us on a regular basis.  My brothers will learn from you.  They are quick but cautious.  They want to be children for now and are happy with their uncle Phantom."

Erika disappeared from sight with her sleeping son in her arms.  Aria the black shadow cat followed quickly after Erika and her son.

August 20, 2016 23:36

  * hearing the interaction between Phantom and erika I head that way catching a glimpse of my daughter as she fades from sight carrying little erik.. Looking about i see Phantom has changed locations and moved to the shadows in here. taking a seat near him, i recline a bit to relax and keep my friend company.*

           " If there is anything i can do Phantom let me know, besides when the twins  get wind of this they'll be asking questions galor in their own fashion of you * smiles*  "

August 24, 2016 17:40

Mikhael and Rhone were up from their naps.  Jenns had left  New Orleans for a few days on personal business.  Etaine watched as thetwins scampered to the forge in the back.

"Daddy! Daddy!  Tomtom! Tomtom!"   Rhone scampered over to his father.   Mikhael sat down on the floor.

He looked up at Phantom in the forge.   He looked at his mommy and he saw her nod at him.   "I believe you have a pupil or two.  Phantom,  could you teach the boys what you can?"    Mikhael let his shadow tendril extend to Phantom.

A little coal black raven appeared next to Mikhael and was hopping about the floor.   The raven looked up to Phantom and awaited his approval as familiar to Rhone.

August 24, 2016 21:51

  * reaching down i lift Rhone up to sit in my lap and watch as the raven manifests near Mikhael and moves forwards looking at Phantom as if awaiting approval for his being their..*

       " At least the raven was odins bird, crows could be tricky.. The final decision is up to Phantom whoim with his blessing will teach you about the shadow parts of yourselves. Listen to him should he say yes and learn well and remembe.."

August 25, 2016 07:59

Mikhael sat patiently as Etaine sat on the floor next to Mikhael.    "Woden come!"   The little raven looked at Mikhael and then he looked at Breed for approval.

Another little manifested on Breed's shoulder and settled patiently there giving an inquiring small peep.

The twin ravens were cautious around the little boys and mostly around the figure in the fogure.  They were young just fledgings but some had sent them.

The little raven had thin necklaces with the initials D.S. on them.

August 25, 2016 09:19
Phantom Wraith He finally pulled himself from the shadows to weakly sit by Eirie and sigh as he shook his head, "I cannot tell you if they may stay or if they must die, yet. Shadow beasts and familiars are...strange and yet they are kind when properly used...train with them for now and when they mature we'll see how trust worthy they are, but..." His eyes glow red as they look to the cage before he clenches his clawed hands and loud birds screeching can be heard before silence rules over the former noise, "Should you try to control any I call family, you will see that there are fates worse than death for even shadows."

With that done he leans back and touches his chest before his phone goes off and he simply glances at the number before sighing, "I hate my job least when I was a soldier I could kill my idiot superiors and nobody cared because the wars were too much to not focus on. Now if I do it, I get twelve different boundry laws breaking and a freaking titan after me...almost makes me miss the freaking Chaos Wars."
August 25, 2016 15:00

"Woden obey!" Mikhael piped loudly and Rhone looked at his raven  "Fwreya  good!"  Rhone added as he looked up at his father.

"Me obey!"  Rhone's white blonde curls were ruffled by his young raven who watched Phantom andwhat he did in the raven's view."

"Ravens are Odin's birds  and the boys will make their choice whether or not.  They are letting you approve them.  Dana Sommers sent  them for a good reason.    I think that the fact they are young ones.   There is no guile or hat in young ones.

Mikhael 's raven was on his little shoulder and nuzzling his cheek.

August 26, 2016 15:26
Phantom Wraith He nods as he watches the ravens before shrugging, "Who knows, maybe they will grow old enough to utterly destry even the old ones and claim the heavens with their familiar's help. It has been done, but I like them, they seem...almost normal." August 26, 2016 22:58

  * Looks at the D.S. initials on the necklaces the ravens wear..*

          " D.S. , Dana did send them and naming them after the All Father and Freya is a nice touch.. Wonder if Maurice tried to teach them some habits to try and trick me with *chuckles then reaches up to gently pet the crown of Freya's head and nods at the raven fledgling Wodon..*   " We will see how things go as Phantom has said but knowing dana as i do she'd not send a creature that would harm my children . As powerful as she is, she also knows i would do whatever necessary even razing her entire building while she slept to exact retribution... Time will tell,lol."

August 28, 2016 10:26
Phantom Wraith He shrugs and slowly heals himself more as he lays back and closes August 29, 2016 23:00

  * Watches my friend lay back and heal more as i hold my son and watch the raven on my shoulder out the corner of my eye.*

          " Is there anything we can do to help Phantom?  My work is caught up until Sif returns to pick up her blade."

September 01, 2016 14:28
Phantom Wraith He smiles slightly and shakes his head, "Void venom is a pain to heal, nothing can stop it but my powers can slowly burn it away...just tires me out a lot." September 02, 2016 00:33

  " Would the flames of the forge help more than here? if so i'll get you back in them straight away."

September 02, 2016 20:22
Phantom Wraith "No, my flames are more interally working now, the only help I need is rest and water...both of which I'll get later. After all, I can rest when I'm dead and don't have a lot of people to wrangle tonight." September 02, 2016 21:03

Woden stayed close to Mikhael.  He was nestled i Mikhael 's small blanket that he carried everywhere with him.  He knew he had to give up the blanket to his new friend.  "Woden keep!

Rhone looked at his small blanket  as Freya hopped in it.  "Fwreya Woden home!"     The small black ravens settled in their small nests and closed their eyes.

"Interesting the boys gave up their blankets so willingly.  But perhaps it's time they did..."    Etaine smoothed down Mikhael's dark hair and a small sidhe and norse bracelet was placed o Mikhael's upper arm.

"Soon I will teach  you about my people.  You have given your best loved possesion away."

Etaine passed a matching child's armlet to Breed.

September 04, 2016 14:04
Phantom Wraith He stands slowly and stretches, loud popping sounds coming from him as a soft purr rumbles from him before he sighs, "Time to do my job I guess. Eirie I'll be back to see if I can reinforce my wards here later, and Etaine I'll put runes on the younglings to keep the shadows from whispering to them in their sleep so they don't wake you constantly about voices in their heads." September 07, 2016 00:38

    "That will be fine Phantom, do what you need to the kids will be around underfoot as usual,lol.  Let me know if i can be of help.."

September 08, 2016 21:17

Etaine looked at Mikhael and Rhone.  Her moss green eyes alighted on Phantom.   "Thank you Phantom.   Outside of Erik and the children  I would have nothing in this place.    The ones I count as friends and family are very few.  I trust very slowly toward strangers.   Breed's sons must be kept safe til their majority and away from those of my clan."

Etaine knew how precious life was and how things could change in an instant.  Etaine cuddled Mikhael as Rhone cuddled against his father.  She would enjoy seeing her sons grow to be good men like their father.

September 08, 2016 23:27
Phantom Wraith "Then send me to them when I return and I'll make you among the last living of your blood my sister. You and Eirie know I'll kill for you and to protect you and your's." He waves as he walks out the door, grumbling about useless minions as his phone goes off once more. September 09, 2016 13:26

"Thank you again, my brother and uncle to my children."   Etaine smoothed down Mikhael's long dark curls.

"Bratling, we must fed your raven and show you how to care for them."

September 10, 2016 22:38
Phantom Wraith Walks in the next morning dressed in a sleek business suit with a blood red tie and his hair tied in a pony tail as he grumbles and walks to where Etaine normally resides when not busy with a customer. His eyes are filled with anger and tiredness as he leans against a nearby wall, "So my sister, you still want your people gone as a threat? In my current mood I can make it so if you'd like. Just teleport me to them or near them and then watch the news for an explosion." September 12, 2016 17:44

"I do not need their destruction.  No threats have yet  happened.  The wards here at the Forge and the cabin hold strong.  The twins have somehow learned to mask their presence here and at the cabin...  Little Erik somehow spilt his shadow cloak between all three of them.  When they slumber their cloaks shield them...the shadows sing to them only of safety and protection.   My sons share a link with me.  So I would know if they were threatened."

Etaine looked at Phantom.  "What is wrong?"

September 13, 2016 18:03

  * walks from the back where i had been checking the fuel in the forge.*

          " I have never seen you in a suit before brother, Is there something i can do to help??  As for her people, not all are against her, and the last threat was wheil littler erik was a bae and you helped me drive them back.. We strengthened the defenses there , the three of us and nothing nor anybody has attempted to come at us since..Rest assured should something like that occure i will let you know and three of us will bring pain to those whom would threaten any of us as they never encountered before.. That I promise you..

          I didn't know little erik could split his cloak, when he do that??"

September 13, 2016 20:06

Etaine looked at Erik as she got up and went to his side.   "He spilt his cloak after the trouble with the crow...  He somehow put a protection  ward on the shadow voices as well.   Sidhe magic is strong in little Erik and he wanted to '[protect them.'   He is a true Sidhe and he will be as strong as in his magic as Erika.  Perhaps stronger he is safe with Dana and Erika for now.    Rhone and Mikhael are content aslong as life goes peaceful.   Erik has a much older soul in him.  My father was much like  Protective of those he loved and as a fierce an enemy to his foes."

Etaine's moss green hues looked saddened as she looked in Erik's eyes.  "I never knew him only of him.  AN orphaned girl child with no family to keep her.   A sidhe's magic is written in him before their birth,"

September 13, 2016 20:22
Phantom Wraith "Unlike me the boy has true gifts for the Light and the Darkness. If he can harness what powers lie inside him, master them, and not be consumed by the Darkness...lets just say he and my father would be very, very wise to remain apart. There is a reason that Chaos and Order needed Balance between them." He smiles before sitting, "As for my clothing, I dealt with shuffling some of my workers around and had to made more deals than I like to count with humans using that blasted cloth money they use. Also had to wear something that didn't make me appear as my older brother...honestly, Why did they get us switched around? I detest wearing clothing like this while he loves it, I hate being seen."

His clothing morphs to his normal hooded cloak as he steps up to examine the cloak before swearing quietly, "Foolish are spreading your power and control too thinly. You need to focus on getting your powers stronger and more precise before attempting to command my flame like this. Though it may respect and cherish you, it is still a living essence and I can see the anger at being split in it." He swipes his hand over the cloak where strands of red energy flow into him before her grins, "I'll take on the backlash this time time though you better be ready, the shadows pay for their angry in doubles."
September 13, 2016 21:20

   * cover my mouth with my left hand to stifle a grin, knowing Phantom was correct and remembering the teaching i went through while learning runic magic.*

September 16, 2016 07:32

Etaine stifled a snicker as Mikhael and Rhone cast anxious looks at their cloaks.  "Me be good!" declared Rhone as he looked up at his father.   He didn't want to loose his shadow cloak.  Me cloak? Okay?"

Rhone understood what Uncle Tomtom about the cloak's anger in being spilt.  Mikhael had a serious look on his little face as he lifted the corner of his cloak   He watched Uncle Tomtom swipe his hand over the cloak    He swiped his own little hand over his shadow cloak   Some red sparks jumped at him and flowed into him.  "Owwie Me sorry Ewrick sorry."

Mikhael sat quietly studying his cloak and looked up at his mommy.  "Me learn hard.  Me no do"  His green eyes took on a faraway look.  "They watch me...  Mommy me good."

September 16, 2016 14:49
Phantom Wraith He smiles and takes the young boy's hand to show the marks where the engergy had touch him. He then waves a finger over the smal hand and makes sure that the boy can see them vanish, "I won't take what isn't mine younglings. I will protect you both though, like I protect my own and Erik. I know this may be hard to understand, but the shadows deemed all three of you worthy. They will guide and cloak you, but they won't stop whispering the secrets of this world to you...I'll teach you how to grow with my powers, like your parents and your teachers." September 17, 2016 00:59

    * smiles upon hearing Phantom speak of the shadows deeming his sons and grandson worthy.. Nodding slightly i stand and walk into the forge area again stopping before an antique wooden seaman's chest.. My eyes close a moment as i stand looking at it, before crouching down and sliding the chest from it's resting place beneath the corner work bench.  The chest groans as it slides across the stone floor of the room, once clear  i kneel on one knee and reach up beneath the work bench slipping an ancient  iron key from it's hiding spot.. Inserting the key withing the lock plate i turn the key counter clockwise twice then clockwise once releasing the locking mechenism within, after a pause i slowly raise the lid and gaze upon the contents..*

September 18, 2016 13:30

Rhone watched what his brother Mikhael did with wide blue eyes and picked up the corner of his shadow cloak.    "Me help!"   He stroked the cloak gently  as the red energy hit his small hand.   He bit his lower lip so he would not cry out.  He could take a little pain to keep his shadow cloak from being angry at him.   He placed his little hand near Freya and the little bird looked at it.   She pointed her beak toward the forge and Rhone toddled toward it and put his hand on the forge.

He watched as the red energy left his hand travling up the forge and the red flames appeared in the forge.

"Me learn!  Daddy teach!"

September 18, 2016 14:05

    * after a few minutes of gazing into the chest in remembrance i reach inside and begin lifting out one piece at a time the tools gifted to me by my mentor upon "graduation" .. Placing each item upon the bench gently I look over at the forge when i hear Rhones voice and see the flames turn red as some of the shadow magic from my son's cloak is transferred to the forge... Smiling i beacon Rhone to join me.*

September 18, 2016 14:25

Rhone turned and smiled at his father.   He scuttled off joyfully to join him.     Freya, his little raven was on his little shoulder.

"Me and Fwreya come!  Me learn!"   Rhone's icy blue eyes looked at his father and then the items on the bench.

The little raven hopped on the bench and also looked at the items cautiously and her black eyes gleamed with intelligence.

Rhone gazed at the items and then back at his father.    His little hand reached out for a small hammer and he lifted it with both hands   "Me learn   Wrunes?"   Rhone looked at some runes laying nearby and Freya tapped her beak on the bench at his choice.   Rhone picked a norse and dwarven rune and looked up at his daddy.

September 18, 2016 14:37

    " Yes these are tools for crafting runes but they were firstly one of the tool sets owned by my master whom taught me to be a blacksmith and weaponsmith.. These tools are centuries old and carry a magic i cannot understand even though it is familiar.. With these tools i will make a weapon and armor for you, Mikael and little erik, until now it did not seem like the right time to use these tools but now i believe it is my son.."

September 18, 2016 14:48

Rhone looked at his father intently and then back at the tools set out on the bench.   He gently touched the hammer he had put back into it's place.   "Woden bwess  Fwreya bwess  Me learn magic."

Rhone spoke with the innocence of a young child and his small hand touched the runes gently and he smiled widely.  Me son daddy's lil Breed."

September 18, 2016 14:56

   * leaning over i kiss the brow of my son as I hold him to look at the tools of my trade.*  " Yes Rhone you are my son as is your brother although he takes after your mother than he does me *smiles*  "

September 18, 2016 15:07

Mikhael watched his daddy and his brother over by a bench.   His moss green hues looked up at his mother.

"Mommy....  me go daddy!"    Etaine watched as her son scampered off to his father and brother.   "Me look too!"

Woden sqwauked at Mikhael as he rode on his shoulder.   Woden nipped Mikhael's ear a little to go slower.  "Me sorry Woden!"    

Mikhael looked at the items on the bench and his little brow crinkled as he looked at the tools, runes and a small unfinished axe.     He touched the axe gently and he knew it was an axe his mommy had.    He picked up a small rune and placed it on the small throwing axe.   "Mine me learn wrunes!   He reached for Rhone's hands.  "We learn daddy!"

Mikhael's hands glowed as the rune was set in place on the small axe.   He bit his lower lip but did not cry as the rune left it's impression on his small hand.  "Me learn"

September 18, 2016 15:35
Phantom Wraith "Truly they will grow to have the precision of the shadows that only little Beth has. For now though they are like I was, happy to simply be." He smiles and walks to Eirie and pats him on the back before moving to the back. He then sits in the chair meant for guests and sighs, his body popping and creaking as he lets his tiredness fully show for the first time in a long time.

As he sits there his memories run wild and a great pain seems into his eyes as he begins singing in the ancient tongue of the shadows. A whispering, yet carring manner that seemed to reverberate through everyone who hears, bringing forth the worst memories that hid deep in their hearts. As the memories twisted and wrung at their hearts his tone shifted slightly and with it came their happiest, most cherished memories to chase away the bad and heal their hearts, leaving them with only their good memories as the last note fades and he can be found look for all the world in the deepest, most vulnerable sleep he had ever been seen in within the shop.
September 18, 2016 21:26

*  I watch as the impreint is healed from Mikhael's little hand and listen with a smile as Phantom sings in the ancient tongues.. As Phantom appears to drop into a deep and vulnerable sleep i keep watch over my friend as he has done so many times over me and my family.. Picking Mikhael up i hold both sons as i keep watch and begin to sing in my ancient tongue and the language of the elder dwarves.*

September 24, 2016 16:16

Erika slipped in the back entrance of the forge with a small overnight bag and several paper bags.  She set the items down on the ground.   She secured the door and set the wards.   She saw Phantom and her small brothers tucked up in her father's lap.  They were cuddled against him.  They tried to sing with their father but they learned the words which were being imprinted on their memories as they listened closely to both Phantom and their father.

She had news of little Erik to share as well about some mischief and that Dana decided to take him on as a student as well.  She needed to tell her father one other thing as well.  She would be remainig in New York with Dana for good.  Dana wanted her as a partner and she would be in training to do so with Dana.

Mother and son would be together where Dana could teach them both and curb their willfulness.  Erika still smarted from the lecture Dana had given her about herself ad her spoiled rascal of a son.  She had expected better.   Dana had given her son the first real spanking of his little life.   She couldn't interfere either when Dana flatly told her needed some discipline.  She then learned her own lesson when Dana told her to leave her son in her total care for a few weeks.   Erika would go home ad visit her family. 

Erika sat down on the ground to watch over Phantom with her father.   She sang softly in your faher's ancient tongue and in another unknown tongue to strengthen the wards and to enhance Phantom;s sleep.

September 24, 2016 18:44
Phantom Wraith His eyes snap open at Erika's voice and he looks around weakly, his eyes filled with tiredness as he smiles when he spots Erika, "Ah...youngling who isn't so young these days. How have you and the little Erik been?"

He then spots Eirie nearby and smiles to his old friend as he stands and stretches, "Sorry brother, seems I may have taken your time from the others more than I had intended."
September 25, 2016 07:08

Erika opened her tired icy blue eyes and smiled softly at Uncle Phantom. "I am not so young any more in mortal years.   Old bad dreams have returned.. My dad knows of them.   Little Erik is fine and is getting lessons small ones from Dana.  She speaks kindly of you  as well.  She is amazed at little Erik's gifts and has asked that you let him learn with her for six months with visit here for classes with you.  She is teaching him focus and yes he has the ability to learn control.   She can guide him without suppressing anything you have taught him and gifted him with."

Erika looks from Phantom to her father.  "I need to speak with you later at the cabin.   A strange person was inquiring of you from people around Dana's place.   I contacted Bili and he has posted protection for little Erik.  Rhone and Mikhael must be in sight.   I saw him again."  

September 25, 2016 15:16
Phantom Wraith He walks to Erika's side, "You and your family know you only but need ask and I will aide you to the death. Though I suppose it is time I meet with the bratling's Light teacher so she doesn't try destroying me when I come to meet her." With that he hugs her and then leaves with a wave to his adopted family. September 25, 2016 22:53

   " I'll send word To Dana about the meet.. She will be expecting you.. want to meet at the cabin so it's neutral and even she won't break it..

    Erika, it has been awhile since that dream has come to you, we'll talk about at home and aye i'll be bringing phantom in for the fun as well if it comes down to that confrontation."

September 27, 2016 15:12

"Thanks dad.   I am worried for my brothers.   Uncle Phantom is a good man and little Erik loves him to bits."

She gave her dad a peck on the cheek.  "Treasure those little guys.   I don't want that b@stard taking them away from you and mom.  Count me in on the fun when it happens."

September 30, 2016 23:02

  " I will sweety, be sure to tell your mother goodbye if you are going to head back to New York already.." 

             * walking to the phone hanging on the wall i dial Dana's private number and leave a message for her about Phantom wanting to meet her and check on his adopted siblings. I don't leave my number as she will have means to reach me.*

October 09, 2016 18:13

Etaine hugged Erik gently and smiled at her daughter.  "Love, I think Erika will be staying at the cabin with us  for awhile."

She knew the cabin was the best place for a meeting with Dana and any other individual.  It was the safest place she knew and one place she could defend with her magick and weapons.

October 09, 2016 19:11

Erika's icy blue eyes looked into her father's eyes.   "I came home to draw him away from Erik....but my little brothers Rhone and Mikhael are now in his sights as well.    The one who sired you hell bent on destroying what happiness you have found and killing the spawn of him..."  

Erika spoke bluntly and honestly to her father. "But he won't succeed period.

October 24, 2016 23:19

  * Listens to his daughter as she speaks of his sire*   " No he will not Erika, but so far he hasn't come at me where i can get to him without throwing off the balance between what/whom we are and the regular human population.. He will be dealt with rest assured of that."

October 26, 2016 07:43

I Know you will be his downfall.....he has no shred of humanity within him and you are his opposite...He will be destroyed.   I will guard your back and guard my brothers as well.  Being what/whom we are is because of you and your blood binds us together as one.   He will face us all and he will fail."

Erika looked at her little brothers and smiled at them.  "They will not have the nightmares I have had of him and the fear of facing him ever."

October 26, 2016 16:59
Phantom Wraith

He walks into the Forge growling darkly as he looks at his broken sword, "Who the hell has a God as a pet?  Seriously, I used to put them in the ground and make them regret having come close to me and yet my oldest ally of the Gods is now one of my enemies?  This is completely insane...Hey Eirie, where in all that is are you Brother?  I need my secondary sword repaired, old Set and I had an issue in the Sahara and he broke my blade...also, is Erika still here?  I need someone who knows plants to help me harvest and she seems more capable and less busy than anyone else I know."

October 26, 2016 17:21

Erika turned around and looked at her uncle Phantom.  She smiled warmly at him and gave him a quick hug.

"What do you need?  Sure I can help you out?  Erik is doing fine and he loves studying with Dana.  But Maurice dreads taking him to the park every day...." 

October 27, 2016 22:42
Phantom Wraith He smiles and hugs her back, "I need some help harvesting demonic plants is all little one. As for my little student, tell him behave or I'll make him train his fire powers without the fire immunity, my father was a very good teacher on how to temporarily remove immunity powers." October 28, 2016 22:53

"I will help you with what you need done.   Erik knows if he doesn't behave. The longer he stays with Dana.   He will be quite a different young man when he returns.   My little brothers are content to be as they are.   To enjoy themselves and look to mom and dad for what they need.andwant.   Their wants and needs are simple for now.   You are a very good teacher.   He tried charming Dana and that didn't work."

Erika laughed a bit and shook her head.   He burned her favorite dressing gown and scorched a hole in Maurice's new pants.  Needless to say his little bottom smarted for awhile.   He now behaves beautifully for Maurice and he minds Dana.  He loves her to bits when she cuddles him.   Dana says he has a lot of his grandpa in him."

November 06, 2016 22:57
Phantom Wraith He laughs with her and nods, "Oh he has a lot of his parents and grandparents in him for sure. When he starts to train in weapons again let me know...for now it seems I have to put down a demonic power struggle between my children and one of their former lovers...really annoying." November 06, 2016 23:02

"Leave me the list of plants you need and I will  find them for you!  I do have some stored in my secretcave.  It's quite a place my refuge when I come home..."

Erika nodded and hugged Phantom again.  "Be safe and come back quickly."

November 06, 2016 23:25
Phantom Wraith He laughs and starts to set out his usual demonic ores for Eirie and the gems for Etaine, "Youngling, when have I ever walked the safe path in life? I prefer the dangerous path because you meet so many interesting beings then." November 07, 2016 22:53

Erika looked at her mother and father.   She then looked at her little brothers.  "When is the road ever safe?  We might meet interesting people sometimes."

"Dad, I know you are Vampire and whatever gifts your Icelandic bestows on you.  You bestowed them on me.   But can you explain to me why though I am your daughter.   Why until certain aspects haven't emerged..."

November 08, 2016 00:08

EtaineNightBreed went and hugged her daughter  "Whatever grace and mercies the Icelandic Axe have given your father.  You and your brothers are the greatest mercies granted us.  If we lost everything and stll had you.  We would begin anew. Regardless what comes the NightBreeds will overcome.  You have blessed us with a grandson who is like his grandfather"

"We have more blessings then we will ever count Erika.  I thank the day my eyes saw your father.   He saved my life and gave me purpose once again.."

November 13, 2016 21:00

  * Grins at Phantom's words of not walking the safe path and in honesty agreeing with them.. Then looking at my daughter solemnly i take a moment before responding to her..*

         " Erika, in all honesty i do not know what all may have passed on to you upon your birth, the axe only allows me a semblance of mortality  but as you know should i ever lose the weapon i have a short period of time to recover it or i fall prey to the blood hunger i built up over a 3 year period before i learned the axe not Bili's ressurection spell made me how i am now.  You carry aspects of myself and some of your mother along with ehr affinity for magics as does your son and brothers..  I truely do not know what all will manifest itself within you or even when they willa ppear if ever.. As your mother said if we lost everything but had you and the baies still we would eb blessed and i count Phantom in that list as he is family now as much as anyone else.. All i can say or do is be here for you and to help whatever may come our way."

November 17, 2016 18:03
Phantom Wraith "If worst comes to worst then I'll simply just you all back into my realm anyway. Afterall, I truly hate the thought of what may occur fo my brother and his family...though I still say you should let me merge that cursed axe into you reeks of cursed and unholy energy that is equally balanced with light and neutral powers...that this is a constant reminder that there are still fully formed imbalances that I cannot destroy....annoying thing." He pouts about the axe before noticing he still had a small black diamond on a string before he tossed it to Erika, "A chaos diamond...despite its name to takes your greatest weakness and turns it into something that cannot harm you, or makes your greatest strength stronger than ever before." November 17, 2016 22:46

Erika listened to her father attentively and then to her uncle Phantom.  Herfather was right in what he told her.   Her tongue flickered over her canine teeth.   She knew she possessed some of his vampiric skills.  She had his blood and her mom's blood in her.  She was intrigued by it.

"I have your fangs though they are smaller but none of what you describe.  I do use blood at times.  But like you did...   I can also draw on the life force of other things human and otherwise.  Dana discussed this with me as well. My axe is always with me.  But unlike you I can have left it in the care of Bili for safekeeping.  Ife we battle your Sire.  Dana says I am to cover your back closely along with any others.   Mom and I am to stay close to you."

Erika catches the pouch adriotly and looks inside it.  "Thank you incle!"

November 18, 2016 22:52
Phantom Wraith He blinked at her words before tilting his head, "Even now I am still used to being is still strange to me. Though you are welcome little one, just remember, should you need me, I am but a name call away." November 19, 2016 08:37
Phantom Wraith He then pulls a large crystal from his bag that seems to glow even in the light, "Etaine can you do anything with this? One of my servants found it in the mines they run and I've no idea what it is...gems and the like aren't really my thing save for the really special ones." November 20, 2016 21:30

  * eyeballs the crystal as Phantom pulls it out of his carry bag, curious as to the color and such even though my knowledge of crystals and gems are limited to what they cost on the market :)  *

November 21, 2016 07:39
Phantom Wraith He sets the giant stone on the counter and starts to bring out more before grabbing his head and wincing. His eyes unfocused and sweat begins to bead his forehead as he stiffly before walking to the rest area, "I...think I should go lay down. Not feeling too..." His words are cut of as he falls to the floor and then into the shadows themselves. November 29, 2016 18:55

Etaine had been silent when  Erika and Phantom were talking.  Her attention was drawn to the stone.   The giant crystal sparkled  in the light.  Her moss green eyes widened as  she looked into the stone. She covered it quickly and muttered  af ew words

she heard a crash to the wooden floor as Phantom disappeared into the darkness.   "Phantom!"

November 29, 2016 19:31

  * Using my speed i lunge forwards as Phantom falls to the floor and the shadows cover him i plunge my hand into the darkness where he should be my fingers closing about his shirt feeling the solidness of flesh beneath it as i use a rune to blink us into his apartment at the shop placing him upon the bed and letting his cloak drape protectively about his form allowing him to rest.. Sitting in a chair nearby i stand as a sentinal over my friend as he rests. in silence.*

December 05, 2016 06:48
Aiofe Donohue *The day was cold As my daddy walked by the Forge and stopped by the entrance. Daddy only wore a denim jacket, A Rammstein T-shirt, and black jeans. He didn't seem to care when people were staring at him in shock when he wore no shoes, he would simply state that the cold doesn't bother him. The cold however bothered me. I was wearing a deep blue jacket and a purple sweater while the fur on my legs and tail did their best to keep me warm. I glamored my tail and legs to look like I'm wearing pants and snow boots. We stopped at the entrance of the Forge so I can warm up a little more. He looks at me while I'm in his arms.*

"Let's get ye' warmed up before we go hunting again. There should a forest nearby, and if there's a forest, there should be deer."

*I cuddled up to Daddy.*

I hope so. I'm starving.
December 05, 2016 11:57
Phantom Wraith He shivers and speaks in ancient languages as he remains unconsious and his flesh is slowly turning to his armored state. His body