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River Song On the left hand side of the main club, a white room is guarded by Maelle, the angel bouncer. Above the entrance way is a bright and faintly gold glowing sign, indicating the name of the VIP lounge.


Not liking the idea of the people of the Realm being swayed to Lucifer’s side—and not to be outdone by his fallen angel—God provided the Crossroads with a little piece of Heaven. The room appeared as if it were floating in the sky. The walls, with the magic of the Heavens, were made to look like windows and no matter the time of day, the sky was a crystal clear blue with clouds floating by. Thick, cloud like fog wisped around the floor, but allowed you to be light on your feet, nearly floating yourself in the room. Booths and lounges were covered in white leather, trimmed with golden threading and each table and counter top was made of the same mystical windows of the room.

A small bar area is available for those to help themselves, but be careful…the food is heavenly and you may not want to leave if you eat something from this room.

((Please note, unless otherwise stated, VIP lounges are not open to the general public.))
January 05, 2014 02:58
River Song
First and foremost, all Crossroads rules apply.

Valhalla becomes a little more grounded for the Realm’s first Yule Ball. The clouds are above, instead of around and a magical snow fell from them. It’s not cold or wet and it disappears before it comes in contact with anything. The scene in the windows shows an endless field of pine trees. Some are decorated and some are just covered in show. Small ice sculptures of various Realm creatures sit as table centerpieces and larger ice sculptures stand in various spots of the lounge. Multi coloured lights line the ceiling, the bar, and the tables and seasonal music softly plays in the background.

And while you can order whatever it is you wish, there is a special Yule menu at every table you can order from.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Realm event if there weren’t prizes to be won throughout.

Everyone who makes an appearance will be given a Raffle Ticket and throughout the event we will be holding random draws for the following:

1. Donation Package #1 ($1.00 version) ~CLAIMED
2. Donation Package #3 ($1.00 version) ~CLAIMED
3. Donation Package #6 ($1.00 version)
4-5. Zombie x2
6-7. Dungeon Fill x2
8-10. 200 Minion Tokens x3
11-15. 100 Blood Money x5
16-20. 10,000 Cash x5
Final Draw: Christmas Donation Package
((When you post, your post will get an edit to put your Raffle Ticket # at the bottom so be sure to check your first post for your Ticket #))

And everyone who participates will get a special Profile Trophy to commemorate your time at the Yule Ball.
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December 15, 2019 19:11

The invitation to the ball  had caught Author and his wife quite by surprise.  He'd always fancied a trip to Valhalla, but never thought he'd get past the guardian.  It didn't take him long to get ready, he just threw on his ugliest Christmas sweater depicting the Grinch in a Santa hat.  Kellie would be a lot longer getting ready and she had urged him to go ahead and she would be along.  

He chatted with the angel at the door in perfect German before entering the main room.  He was right at the appointed time, but apparantly most considered it better to be fashionably late.  He looked over the menu at his table and requested the blood orange hot cocoa.  He was pretty sure it wasn't going to be real blood, but one never knew, they had invited a vampire so perhaps they would be accomodating to his tastes.  Actually, Author was a demon first and was housed in the realm in a vampire's body, but his dietary needs were the same as the usual bloodsucker. 

He glanced at the tiny ice sculptures at his table, wondering how long they would last.

Raffle Ticket #1 ~ River Song
December 16, 2019 11:33
Marah Whitmoore +Receiving the daily mail Marah scrolled through it. One letter caught her eye so she opened it and saw the Valhalla Christmas Ball invitation. Taking a shower she put on her red silk dress and matching heel and hair ribbon. Entering the building Marah went to the bar and ordered her a Cinnamon Toddy and looked around the room to see who was arriving.+

Raffle Ticket #2 ~ River Song
December 16, 2019 18:09

Author lifted his Blood Orange cocoa and nodded when Marah looked his way.  "Seize the night!"  he said with a smile.

December 16, 2019 18:36
LillyEmperium *She'd seen the invite and was intrigued. It had been ages (least it felt that way) since Lilly attended a ball. Being the season, Lilly slipped into a crushed red velvet dress, black boots and her black crushed velvet cloak to make an appearance.

Stepping inside, Lilly slowly slipped her hood back as she nodded to the bouncer. Slowly she'd make her way in and around *

Raffle Ticket #3 ~ River Song
December 17, 2019 01:05
Sean Lynch

Sean wasn't a social butterfly, but he wasn't going to let this invitation go to waste. He loved good food and drink. The Dullahan was not one for the cliche Happy Christmas-themed attire, though. Instead, he opted for a Jack Skellington pinstripe suit, black shoes and a black top hat with silver skulls attached to the band.

Once he arrived, he ordered a Blood Orange Hot Cocoa and some Bacon Wrapped Smokies.

Raffle Ticket #4 ~ River Song
December 17, 2019 05:00
Julien Vaillancourt

Festivities were... not generally Julien's sort of thing.  To put it mildly.  Or rather, to put it as once might say, "Hannibal Lecter is not generally a children's party caterer."  However.  He understood festivals, party events, and he certainly understood that he had no interest in ignoring invitations to some place like Valhalla from some beings like the Elders.

If they wished to celebrate the end of the recent storm, he would celebrate with them.  As elegantly as once he had ascended a throne.

The glittering white of the scenery suited his features and his fine, long hair.   But for his occasion he'd dressed in a simple, Italian-cut black suit, with a red tie covered in intricate beaded bloodstones, and a dark green scarf hung loose over his shoulders.

His eyes traced the room, his spine as taut as it ever had been at court, thousands of years hence.  Perhaps this was not warranted, but it was familiar.  At least, he decided, he might peruse the wine list.

Raffle Ticket #5 ~ River Song
December 17, 2019 06:06

Author did a double take when Julien passed by.  He hoped Julien hadn't quite noticed as he wasn't quite sure what he would say anyhow.  He was familiar but long, long ago.  Author tucked into his cocoa trying to figure it out.  Whoever it was, Author wouldn't look the same now, he possessed a different body every trip to the realm.  After some minutes he thought perhaps he had it, Author had possessed a minister at a royal court and this one was there.  He smiled as he tried to recall details, so long ago...

December 17, 2019 08:17
Kellie_Auber It had been easy for husband to get ready and so she sent him ahead. For her it wasn't so easy. She refused to just throw on some ugly sweater and walk out the door. After all this was a ball. After showering and setting the cirls in her unruly red hair, Kellie slipped into the silver dress and heels. Taking a last look in the mirror she headed to the ball.

Stepping inside it took several moments for her eyes to adjust. She would look at those gathered never spending too much time gazing upon anyone for long, as it would be considered rude. As green orbs land upon Author, she makes her way to his side whispering against his ear. "Miss me?"

Raffle Ticket #6 ~ River Song
December 17, 2019 08:47
Marina Pershing

The tiny little Witchling made her way quietly to the Yule ball in the Valhalla VIP room.  She was in black leather pants with a soft green sweater that ended above her knees and a tiny black boots.  She had her light brown hair swept up into a braided coronet on her head.  Her hazel hues flecked with green looked about the ballroom furtively as she set her violin case on a table.

She took her violin gently from it' battered old case.  She checked it over carefully and tucked it under her chin.  She was here to play her violin for the holiday.

The strains of 'Silent Night, Holy Night were heard from the violin of the little Witchling.

Raffle Ticket #7 ~ River Song

December 17, 2019 09:50

Author had still been musing about Julien when Kellie came up behind him.  He was startled, but then grinned from ear to ear.  "Oh yes, each moment without you seems an eternity of torment."  He rose and kissed her, changing at the last moment from the lips to her cheek so as not to smudge her carefully applied lipstick. He then pulled out her chair for her.  "You are the belle of the ball for sure, Kellie.  Positively radiant!!"

The music began and Author cocked his head and smiiled, "Stille Nacht*  I think I'd add a bit more vibrato."  He listened to the song a few moments then wrote something down on a cocktail napkin.  "I do love Christmas, with all the celebrations, commercials, drinking, frenzied purchases, idiot relatives and high expectations that are never met giving way to disappointment." The smile left his face now, "I just hate it when the baby tries to horn in on it." He meant Jesus.  "Excuse me," he rose and put on the table nearest Marina (so as not to disturb her playing) his napkin on which was scrawled:


Grandma got run over by a reindeer   

You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

Thank you :)

He returned to Kellie's table and sat down with an impish grin.


*meaning Silent Night. (The piece was originally composed in German.)

December 17, 2019 12:58
Virelai Tylwyth

A Yule Ball was not the sort of celebration Virelai was used to during this time of year. Though she had celebrated the dark season with a dance and a feast for many, many years, it had not been in this festive manner. At this time, were she still contained in her gilded cage, she would be partaking of The Hunt and the spoils that came with it. She had even contemplated holding such an event by invitation herself before she had heard about the Ball. To maintain the tradition of it or rather, to revive and reconstruct that tradition.

The trouble was that things had been particularly quiet recently and though she had taken over Wahnsinn it was perhaps that she was lacking the necessary skills to persuade people to participate. It was true she wouldn't know if she would be successful if she did not attempt to make it a reality. But the truth was that she had reservations – mixed feelings – about doing so. After all, the Winter Solstice was the day of her birth, though it had been countless years since it was celebrated as such. And celebrated was not the way she would describe the occasion.

That being the case, she chose a compromise and decided she would at least take the time to see the celebration of the season that was hosted by the Elders of the Realm. She dressed simply in a floor length scarlet and gold gown, her long silver hair swept up and pinned in place with red flowers appropriate for the season. As she stepped into Valhalla there was a sense of nostalgia for something she had never experienced. The glow of lights, the lavishly decorated room, the faces of those she did not know smiling and eating happily, the sound of the strange music filtering through the room.

She took it all in at a glance from the entrance and then stepped into the room alone, gliding across the floor like a ghostly presence, an apparition come to haunt the festivities. As she observed the room, Vir realized that it wasn't true that she did not know anyone there. She recognized one person among them, though she couldn't say that she knew him exactly. Their encounter had been brief but the information she had gathered from it had been meaningful. And so it was in his direction that Vir headed.

Appearing at his elbow, she lifted her gaze to smile up at him mischievously. “Julien.” His name danced from her lips, laced with amusement. “As dashing as ever I see. I did not expect to find you at such a place. Did you come to mingle?”

Raffle Ticket #8 ~ River Song
December 17, 2019 13:41
Julien Vaillancourt

For Julien's part, he had also noticed something familiar among the first guests.  It wasn't that he recognized anyone, but there was a curious familiarity to the energy, something hard to place.  Because it reminded him of long ago, it put him slightly on the defensive.  On the one hand, it was always pleasant to meet someone else for whom a century was a drop in the bucket: they looked upon time and upon patience quite differently to the young.  Yet, an aura that felt so familiar probably belonged to someone who had known Darkness, and Julien was not recovered enough even to pretend at being his old self.

He was about to approach the bar, liquid courage being an excellent solution to the question of whether or not to seek the source of this accord.  But instead, the purring tones of his new name caught his ear.  He turned and a smile touched his lips, executing out of pure instinct a bow that suited his current attire far better than the abbreviated version he had given her when they first met.  "Mingle?  I?  Of course not.  You look especially fine this evening."  The soft French name he used now was somewhat belied by thoughts of the past, which had enhanced the usually faint accent, archaic and yet distinctly Welsh, that colored his words.

December 17, 2019 17:02
Virelai Tylwyth

Virelai watched the man's movements as he turned towards her and bowed. His every movement was elegant and poised, fitting of someone used to making such gestures. The number of people she had met to whom the old ways clung so tightly were few and far between. It was comforting in a way, though it still stirred something vicious and dark within her if she was not careful to remember that this man, and those few, were not her enemies.

His words drew a peal of tittering laughter from her lips a mixture of mist and silver bells ringing softly. “You are too kind.” Vir shifted her gaze briefly to glance around them before meeting his eyes once more. “It seems you have arrived without a companion this evening. Certainly not unheard of, since I too came alone. Would you mind terribly if I joined you until someone more suitable arrives?” She flashed her teeth in a conspiring grin. “I could use a drinking partner. Else I doubt I will be able to bear such a peaceful and glittering evening.”

Julien reminded her of times long past. They were unpleasant and lonely memories in most ways but the nostalgia of this time of year weighed heavily on her. After all, there had been a time when she innocently and naively enjoyed the life she spent with the spirits who watched over her. And she had never had the chance to interact with any of her own kind when those spirits – who were neither mortal nor Fae – were her only companions.

It was nice to be able to speak to someone who perhaps could at least vaguely understand why she was the way she was. She was hardly the porcelain princess her father had intended her to be. The obedient tool he had required had been warped by the very instincts that were given to her simply because she was born exactly as he wished her to be. Those same instincts told her that this man was not only one of some standing but that he knew of the darkness of their shared people. That alone was enough to pique her interest and attempt to foster some sort of friendship.

December 17, 2019 17:32
Shadwyn Drake

Drake had followed Marina Pershing to the Valhalla where the Yule Party was being held.  The small child should have known better for her age.   She was a very stubborn and independant youngster.  She knew where to make a few dollars and she made her money in an honest manner.

Drake walked in with two violin cases. The two case contained a pair of gently used electric violins.  He saw her playing 'Silent Night, Holy Night.'  He saw a man leave a note on  a table closest to her.  He felt a sigh of relief that the man kept his distance.  He had a very fatherly feeling toward Marina.   His other children were off to their various schools.  They were good boarding schools and each had a very good reputation.   He set the cases on the table where the note was put and he looked at the song requests.  He chuckled s he opened the two case.

He knew both songs although he didn't care for them.  He would consult with Marina about the requests made by the man. He waited for Maina to notice him.

Raffle Ticket #9 ~ River Song
December 17, 2019 17:58
Julien Vaillancourt

Vir was not the only one who found memories of such courtly indulgences weighted.  For Julien, it was simply a measure of distance.  Sharp edges that he had thought dulled but were now being honed to the quick again.  He didn't notice the ambivalence in his companion's demeanor this night however, at least not immediately.  He was too distracted by those around him, by the strangeness of this little piece of heaven.  Truly, the crystalline skies, the cloudy wisps at his feet and the pale, glittering festivity was as far from the court where he had held his own Winter Ball, or nearly, as it was possible to be.  The only commonality was the elegance.

In truth, he was pleased not to play host.  It had been one of his least favorite duties.

"Certainly," he said.  "I enjoy your company."  This was simplicity, but he found he didn't care to mouth the normalities 'I'd be happy to escort you,' 'I'd be honored to join you.'  Honored wasn't really a stretch- there was a regal power to this woman that spoke to something in him, but in his opinion, a drinking partner was more pleasant when he simply spoke of enjoyment and not of things like honor.  They would inevitably remind each other of the past- they were a rare breed, and, he thought ironically as he offered her his arm, made a striking pair.  Was she Daoine Sidhe?  Y Tylwyth Teg?  Rude to ask.

"I had been about to see if any of their seasonal cocktails have Irish cream in them.  I'm something of a fiend for it."

December 17, 2019 19:42
Virelai Tylwyth

This place was not of the greens of Underhill, nor the stark white that the Otherworld held during the long, dark winters. She was used to a more subtle beauty, a hazy sort of elegance that made the sharp edges of the darkness stand out more. Even here, where everything was bright and opulent, Virelai still glanced at the shadows they made, wondering.

She had been hesitant to ask for his company, nervous perhaps, interacting in a way she wasn't accustomed to. But his replay, the way it was phrased, was casual and she felt herself relax into an easy smile as she slipped her arm through his. Speaking as they made their way over to the bar, her voice was light and drifting, the usual cold and cutting sound gentling.

“Truth be told, I have only recently begun exploring the delicacies of inebriation. It was not until my arrival here that I had tasted anything like it. The bloodwine I usually partook of during these sorts of events could not compare.” Laughing as they moved, she noticed that their strides matched with a strange and subtle rhythm, in the way that like is to like. She did not have to worry about looking out of place or wonder if the gazes of the other guests were searching for the monster that lived beneath her skin. In fact, though still watchful, she did not feel the need to concern herself with what they might think at all.

“I am always looking to expand my education. Knowledge is power after all.” They arrived at the bar and she looked at the menu. “What would you recommend? I've never had Irish Cream but it sounds sweet and I find I am quite fond of the sweeter concoctions they create.” It was funny, she thought silently. It felt like it had been a long time since she had spoken with anyone this much, months perhaps. How strange, that she should miss it. The feeling of easy conversation.

December 17, 2019 20:29
Marah Whitmoore +Hearing _author she smiled +

"Happy Holidays _author"

+As she was finishing her drink Marah noticed that her mom came in. Ordering another she pays for it and takes it. Quitely she sneaks up on her and whispered softly in her ear.+

"Now what is a nice mom like yourself doing in a place like this?"
December 17, 2019 21:12
Julien Vaillancourt

"Ah, bloodwine."  The look on his face was both strangely closed and a bit wistful.  "It always put me in a rather vile mood, truth be told.  Hungry, but in a strange way."

Elegant fingers snagged a menu from a table they passed, and that odd expression melted away into a faint smile.  "Oh, marvelous!  Look, the Sugar Cookie Martini will have Irish cream, and white chocolate liqueur, two of my favorite things when it comes to alcohol.  Ah, and this Winter Wonderland cocktail... that is, I think, similarly sweet and creamy, but with chocolate and mint instead of the Irish cream and vanilla.  Perhaps we should each buy one, and trade sips?"

In the Winter Masque, it had always been a custom to share a glass, to prove no ill intent was meant and no poison lingered, in glass, glove or even the gloss of the lips.  But there was the added benefit that he wanted to taste both cocktails.

As he returned the menu to its place and continued their pace to the bar, he smiled faintly and glanced back at Marina.  "She plays very well, doesn't she?  I'm quite charmed."

December 17, 2019 21:31
Virelai Tylwyth

His comment on the bloodwine sent a shiver down her spine as the recalled those strange memories. Her voice shifted, a husky, deep whisper as she spoke. “Ravenous.” She supplied, trying to recall how long it had been since she had eaten. She had been secluded for a weeks, since All Hallows, no, shortly thereafter and had not been hunting since regaining her body. She shook off the feeling and turned her attention back to him as he snagged the menu and perused it.

Virelai's green eyes lightened to glittering gold and her voice was tinged with excitement, the earlier darkness fading like the last dying stars of twilight. “Yes, let's!” She had never had the privilege of sharing her cup before. The beasts did not partake of the wine, preferring blood from the vein, and the spirits could hardly count since it would not effect them either way. “I am very fond of mint, it reminds me of the fields of it crushed underfoot during the summer.”

They reached the bar and she took the liberty of ordering both drinks, hoping that he would not mind her doing so. While they waited for them to be prepared, Vir followed Julien's gaze to the girl playing the violin. Her expression was one of adoration mixed with envy. How long had it been since – too long truth be told. She had not touched a cello in decades, no, centuries during that time she had wandered as a spirit. And the instrument had been lost to her well before that.

Still, she smiled, eyes still alight at the young talent. The notes filling the room like soft and intimate conversation. “It is truly beautiful to behold. Music is such a gift, a magic with the power to transport one far from where they stand. I believe humans call it a form of escapism. I imagine she will grow to be a brilliant musician.”Vir's gaze shifted to Shadwyn who stood near the girl. That man had done her a great service when she first returned to the living. If not for him – in a way – she would not be where she now stood. And now it seemed he was watching over another, as was his nature she was sure. Her head nodded to him from where they stood and she smiled, turning her attention to the clink of two glasses settling on the bartop.

December 17, 2019 22:04
Julien Vaillancourt

The scent of mint in the summer was pleasant.  He nodded and waited as she ordered.  The intricacies of cocktail preparation caught his eyes, but his ears were still pricked keenly to the violins and also to the voice of his companion.  "Do you know, I had not heard any music at all from this century or the last, till a decade ago?  There is such infinite variety, such beauty, such emotion... so many stories told in so many ways."  He smiled as he lifted his martini and clinked it very gently against Virelai's glass. 

The first sip of his sugar cookie martini was... magical.  Rich and creamy, with Irish cream and chocolate and vanilla, but light and clear on the palate, little bites of cookie dough on the rim of the glass teasing his palate.  He purred, licked his lips, and watched to see Vir's response to her own cocktail.  It was only after that he would speak again, and that was to note the edge to her voice.  He often forgot to eat for months at a time.  No longer a helpless colt who had to devour, he could go long indeed without food, but... tonight was a celebration and sweet food seemed... earned.

"Should we purchase some of the food as well?"

December 17, 2019 23:33
Virelai Tylwyth

Lifting her glass, Virelai met Julien's gaze and smiled, listening to the sound of the two glassing ringing together. She watched him sip from his drink over the rim of her own, observed his expression, the way that he swallowed the taste, the curve of his tongue over his lips. The sound he made. They were responses she could understand, much like the way he spoke of music, they were things – endearments almost – that resonated with her.

And then as he lowered his glass she tilted hers the rest of the way and took a slow slip, savoring the taste. Rich and deep as dark pools of bittersweet chocolate, chased by the taste of fresh dew from mint. The way it danced over her tongue, sweet and almost spiced from the liquor that swirled with those delicate flavors, the burn of it cutting through the sugary, syrup-like sensation. Truly it was mixed in such a way that it was not saccharine and unpleasant, but left a fresh and subtle taste on her tongue. She closed her eyes to savor the taste of it, to imprint it upon her memory.

Vir lowered her glass and exhaled. “Ah, bliss.” At last, she spoke. “I roamed alone for a very long time, neither substance nor spirit but caught between. I could hear the music but it did not move me to anything more than sorrow and longing. I could not appreciate it as I can now.” Her fingers brushed a stray strand of silvery hair from her ear, as though she were removing an obstruction to the clear notes so that she might listen more closely.

“Shall we trade? You looked as though you enjoyed that. So I am looking forward to it as well.” Leaning her back against the bar, resting on her elbows, she grinned up at him and responded to his question of food. “Why not? Tonight is a celebration after all. Of the joyous Dark Season, the height of the Hunt.” The birth of a beast.

She stopped before saying that aloud and smiled wider. “Even if it were not for the human customs of joy and love and community, there are many reasons to celebrate a night like tonight.” Her eyes drifted away and she scanned the room, watching for those who might be coming or going. “After all, we met again. That is at least worth something sweet.” Her smirk was teasingly lighthearted, youthful even and only half a mask for her true nature and feelings. She was enjoying herself. Good company was hard to come by.

December 18, 2019 00:02
Keera Schmidt Keera didn’t really go out much anymore. Not like this, with the lights and the dancing and the drinks. In fact, in the last year she had spent so much time running around the world that she would never even consider taking time off to go to a party. Her time at the Fraternity had changed that, a little, because it offered her something she hadn’t felt since she’d been turned.


Her and Hadley had plans that would come to fruition soon. Very soon. So, until then, she was going to let herself relax and go out into *gasp* public. With people. Hopefully none of them that she would inadvertently eat the next day.

Sure, why not take the chance?

White chiffon hugged her upper body, the bodice of the dress accentuating what curves she had. The soft white fabric lay down off the shoulders of her tanned skin that hadn’t faded too much since she’d travelled away from Australia. A silver satin ribbon wrapped around her slim waist before the loose fabric trailed down to the floor, hiding the white Keds that would make it much easier for her to dance if she chose to.

Or walk for that matter. Let’s be honest, she had a hard enough time doing that most of the time despite her preternatural grace that only seemed to show itself in situations that didn’t really help her in her day to day life.

She really hoped that the tag wasn’t showing on the dress, since she was sure as shit going to be returning it tomorrow.

Wavy blonde locks were pulled back and away from her face in a low chignon that was decorated with glittering glass pins, though other than that she wore no jewelry. She didn’t even own any jewelry. Keera had, however, put on make-up that accentuated bright sapphire eyes and a soft pink lipstick that was dark enough not to make them look unnaturally pale, but just a nice shade that agreed with her tone.

Thank god for the girls at Sephora. They did it for free! I mean, yes, she probably should have bought something but that didn’t stop her from taking advantage of free makeovers.

Bright eyes scanned the impressive room like she was going to know anyone there. Except, hey! She did! She raised a hand to Julien from across the room but didn’t want to interrupt his conversation. Instead she made a bee-line for her favorite place in any party.

The bar.

Raffle Ticket #10 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 00:59
Sean Lynch

Sean casually watched more people arrive as he ate his snacks. A couple of people brought violins, which brought a small smile to his face. Being Irish meant the Dullahan had an innate fondness for music. However, he was simply content to listen rather than dance for now.

December 18, 2019 04:42
The Preacher It was time, the evening was still young, Levi went into the bedroom to prepare for something that he would not usually attend. His loving wife had talked him into going out for a night on the town at the Yule Ball.

Levi walked over to his closet, dug through it to find the perfect suit for that evening. Looking through he found his black jacket, black silk shirt, black vest, the tie he wasn’t sure of at the moment. Turning he walked over to the bed, laid the clothing out and proceeded to get dressed.

Shortly after, he was fully dressed. He picked out a silver tie to match the dress his wife said that she was to wear. Instead of tying it on like normal, he draped it over his neck to tie later, lord knows no one likes to be choked for any longer than is needed.

Livia should almost be dressed he thought. So, he walked out the house and into the garage and debated on what to drive for the evening. He could grab her impala, force her to let him drive, take her new Chevelle that he recently bought for her, or take his old truck. He stood for a moment and looked at his options before deciding on the truck.

Sitting in the seat, he turned the key, bringing the monster to life. Roar of the engine made him chuckle, sure to bring attention from anyone on the block. Opening the door, he exited the garage and pulled to the front of the house. His wife walked out, he opened the door to let her in, and then they were on their way.

The drive was short, he turned the corner to head straight to the doors of the Lounge. The rumble from his truck could be heard from a block away as the burnt orange, black hood and top, Seventy-two Chevrolet Custom Ten could be heard.

Driving to make an entrance the couple merely idled down the street, every so often patting the gas to hear the sound of the engine roar more to life than it already was. Levi pulled to the front door, opened the door of his truck and black wing toed oxfords hit the ground. He stepped out, straightened out his suit, walked, or you can say strutted with some swag around to the passenger side of the vehicle. He popped the door open and waited to see that beautiful wife of his step out for her ‘night on the town’.

Raffle Ticket #11 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 07:39
Livia Vlcek Don’t let him lie.

Levi asked if Livia wanted to go to the Yule Ball.. because he was truly considerate of how she felt, her wants and needs. It was with reluctance that Livia agreed.. not because she didn’t want to be social or seen with her new husband.. the Slayer was just not really the type to dress in fine attire and attend parties.

Introverted maybe.. but never anti-social.
She might also be slightly self conscious.

Verdigris gaze studied the reflection in the compact mirror that stared back. The scars of her face were less pronounced with makeup though tattered lips, glossed in pale pink, were still visible. Luckily the floor length dress she wore, with its box neckline, was not very revealing and did well to cover the scars drawn across porcelain flesh. Snapping the compact shut, Livia turned to study her husband, how his emerald gaze was so bright even in the dimmest of lights.

So handsome.
She was a lucky woman even if their courtship was ‘slightly’ unconventional.
Slightly? The thought amused her.

The drive to the club was short, thankfully. It left little time to become anxious or to decide to turn back for a cosy night at home in fuzzy pajamas. And when they finally arrived, when Levi opened the door for her to exit, Livia knew there was no turning back. Instead, she took the time to make sure his tie was straight before the sleek fabric of the dress she wore whisked her from the cab of the truck.

Taking Levi’s arm, Livia led the male toward the entrance of Valhalla; marveled at the multicoloured lights and snowfall that could be seen from the door while large doormen checked their persons. Once found to be free of weapons, the couple entered the club arm in arm while wisps of aether twined at their feet. Sensitive nose found these tendrils of fog and flakes of snow were not created by machine (there was no chemical scent to tickle olfactory nerve) but rather by magick. The Elders had, indeed, outdone themselves.

Pale eyes upon those in attendance, Livia anxiously searched for a familiar face in the growing crowd. There was only one person she recognised thus far; one that she had noticed on her many visits to the Fraternity. Keera, was it? Livia nudged Levi, nodded her head in the woman’s direction as if to say, ‘Look, it’s one of your own’, for she had never been formally introduced to the girl that Valentin spoke fondly of in recent past.

Waiting for her husband to decide whether they would interrupt Keera or not, Livia stood still as stone while silver empire-waist gown draped over a very pronounced, very round belly. Golden locks, normally left in loose curls, were swept up and pinned in a messy chignon. The Slayer mused how she might have looked like Queen Ravenna, minus the crown of course, from the Huntsman movie.

If Ravenna had been pregnant.
An audible groan left tattered lips, her free hand moving to cradle ever growing bump.
Yup.. they were doing this.

Raffle Ticket #12 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 07:42
LillyEmperium *Watching various patrons enter. Smiling softly she waved at Shadwyn when she saw him. It had been awhile since she'd seen him or Rose for that matter. As she was about to walk towards him, Lilly heard Marah. Giving a light luggage turned around. Hugging her gently Lilly smiled. *

Oh darling this place is nothing. Remember I use to mix and mingle with both sides years ago. I'm here to see old friends, and just have a bit of fun I suppose. You know make an appearance.

*grining Lilly looked to Marah *
A good question is what is a young innocent doing here? Hmmmm....

*With a smile, she saw Liv. Giving an exaggerated wave. Lilly was thankful for familiar faces*

Anyways..... I needed to blow the dust off me dear....
December 18, 2019 09:48
Livia Vlcek Slow, simple or stupid.. take your pick.

Apparently, Livia was all three.
And blind.

A sheepish smile took to damaged visage as soon as Livia saw Lilly wave. How could she have missed her, of all people?! The woman that delivered delicious peanut butter by the jars to the Slayer was there.. right across the room.

An exasperated sigh, at herself, Livia mouthed 'I'm so sorry!' to the lovely Lilly across the room as she waved desperately. Maybe it was old age, maybe it was just the awkwardness of being in public for the first time in a long while but the woman did feel bad. Livia would make it up to her somehow. Maybe she could send a drink to Lilly?

A tap on the shoulder of a server that passed, Livia pointed to the menu to order a sugar cookie martini and was met by a horrified stare.

Oh.. she was pregnant. Right.

"For the lovely woman over there.." A tinge of crimson rising through her cheeks as she pointed to Lilly, Livia also requested Crown neat for her husband and a glass of ice water for herself.

December 18, 2019 10:06
Liam Dromeo Fluttering snow and blowing wind, fire crackling and the sun setting. Who would want to leave the comforts of a warm hearth and endeavor outward for the sheer sake of mingling? Liam sighed, flipped over the invitation again and stared at it while the embers leapt in evergreen eyes. They'd all be there. The folks from home. But so would everyone else. All dressed up, or down, just...coexisting. Mayhaps it wouldn't be unbearable but he would never know if he didn't start moving in that direction.

On his bed lay his best, and only, penguin suit. He considered wearing his old dresss uniform but he really meant retired when he made the commitment and there was no need for it. So it sank into obscurity in the back of his closet. Two ties lay out, neither particularly festive but more color than he liked just the same. Picking the dark green of the traditional tree, he put the other away and began to dress.

A full length mirror, a comb and twenty minutes later he mused he was as ready as he ever was and headed for his truck, nearly forgetting the invitation with all pertinent information in his hustle. Grabbing it, he trekked across the slippery yard in the stupid penguin shoes and settled in for the ride. He took the more direct route, less time to ruminate on what an asinine decision he was making.

Once arrived and inside, he stopped full in his tracks just to take a moment to breathe and observe. Maybe the suit had been necessary after all but it wasn't out of place either. The whole place had a cosmic...no make that divine...energy. He spotted Livia across the room, cutting a stunning profile as always. Maybe he would meander that way, there weren't any other familiar faces yet. As he moved to do so, he nearly tripped over a imp of a waiter who quickly helped him right himself and they both apologized laughingly. "Would you like anything to drink, sir?" He shook his head. "Not right now but thank you." Right now all he wanted was a place to sit and watch, no more moving around for a while.

Raffle Ticket #13 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 10:34
Julien Vaillancourt

It was that season, wasn't it?  The time of the rise of the Dark.  He had lost track, since he had left the Courts, and it no longer mattered what festivities were being held or how the balance of power waxed and waned.  But were he still upon his throne, this would have been the time for the Winter Masque, the dance of shadows, where all were invited to enjoy the blood-won luxuries of the Unseelie.  It was nearly time for the Hunt... and how the memory of that sung in his blood.  Racing through the forest in his true form, baying hounds around him, the scent of the Stag fresh and vital in the air...

He missed it, he realized, with some startlement.  He missed leading the Wild Hunt.  "I am surprised I never met you there.  Perhaps our times didn't quite coincide."  It seemed strange, however.  He did not think she was very much younger than him, or very much older.  But these sort of thoughts edged into the territory of unwise, impolite questions.  Rather, he extended his glass, eager to share this ancient custom and also to sample what Vir found so divine.

Julien didn't have such a sweet tooth, but he adored cream in all its varieties.  One thng the superstitious villagers of times hence had gotten right.  And to go with sweet drinks, there was only one item he thought best.  "Nutella twists, please," he ordered, and placed more money upon the bar.  Nutella toast had been an enjoyable treat, and he suspected its rich sweetness would compliment the creamy, cold beverages.  As he turned back, he caught Keera's wave and smiled faintly, the tips of his fingers twitching into an approximation of a returned gesture.

And then he tasted the cocktail.  It was rich, and pleasant, the mint cutting through the sweetness in a way not quite as warm and boozy as the martini.  They were both, he decided, equally delectable, though he would always prefer anything with Irish cream.  "Community at least is something familiar.  Even if we tend to keep our joys and loves a bit more private.  It was a pleasant surprise to see you here."

December 18, 2019 20:47
Virelai Tylwyth

“You would not have seen me, I imagine. I was not exactly a noteworthy participant.” Virelai spoke with a tenderness that did not betray the truth of her feelings for the Hunt. That was the only time she had ever come near her own people. Perhaps she had seen him or would have if there had ever been time to take note of those participating. The truth of the matter was that his vision of the Hunt and her own were quite different. For her, it had been a test of survival.

Every year from the time she had been small, Vir had the memories ingrained within her mind. How she would walk through the bonefire and leave those flames wrapped in illusion. The way she would race from the thundering of the beasts as they gave chase, pursuing the stag gleaming ever white in the distance. How many of her father's wolves had she disemboweled? How often did the hounds' jaws sink into her skin and tear her flesh to bone? Had any of them belonged to Julien? She would not have held it against him if that were the case. After all, as long as she crossed the boundary into sanctuary, the stag would separate from her and lead them away.

Vir smiled up at him, as they exchanged drinks, and her expression was bittersweet. “Perhaps we passed one another by. From what I remember it was a large gathering. At least that is how it seemed at the time.” Perhaps he was right though and they had never crossed paths in that way. Vir was never certain just how far the illusion extended. Maybe they were only ghostly memories.

He ordered food and paid for it and Vir thought that perhaps she should be the one picking up the tab. But saying so might be considered quite rude. “These look delicious.” She had never seen anything quite like it. Catching his gesture of greeting, she turned her head to see who had caught her eye as she sipped the drink they shared. It was an intoxicating taste, something warming and perfect for a cold winter's night. She thought she might prefer the sharpness of mint to the thick cream, but it was far from unpleasant and she enjoyed the taste of it just as well.

“I suppose it is in our nature to keep these things close to our chests. We are a secretive people, even among ourselves. And it is difficult to hold more intimate conversations with those who are not within our own inner circles. Perhaps that is why I am able to feel at ease...” The drifting notes of her voice drifted into silence as she realized she was speaking too much, babbling on. “Sorry.” Laughing she set the drink on the bar and took up one of the twists, admiring the spiraling form of it before taking a bite. It was sweet and melty, with a pleasant texture and taste.

“It is quite peculiar.” She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and forced her voice to lighten as she mused aloud. “I wonder if Beau makes something similar.” She scanned the room again and noticed that more people were arriving, each one as beautiful as the one who came before. Each appearance striking in a unique way, though she did not know any of them personally. “It seems are becoming more lively, no? How nice.”

December 18, 2019 21:42
Beau Theroux Beau was definitely out of his comfort zone. Never had he participated in such a fancy event nor had he any desire to do so. However, it was the duty of a leader to lead by example so there he found himself standing (awkwardly) at the entrance of Valhalla. He was so hopeless his grandmother had to assist him in picking out his outfit. A dark green paisley tuxedo jacket that had a slight shimmer was what they had settled on; green was always his color. The the bowtie around his neck had already come loose from his constant tugging. And his slicked back hair? He disheveled that before even leaving his apartment. Fancy was not his forte.

Seeing the people mingling about he decided to make his way towards the bar. Looking over the options his brow rose in confusion at all the choices. First fancy clothes now fancy drinks?

"Uuuuh... y'got whiskey?"

A nod was given.

"Then just some whiskey on the rocks. Thanks."

The Cajun's finger reached up to tug once more at his collar, a look of displeasure present on his typically happy features. Maybe this was a bad idea and he was just making a fool of himself? Maybe with enough drinks he'd start relaxing a bit more?

Turning his back to the bar he leaned against it while surveying the floor. A few familiar faces were present though they were locked in conversation. Arms crossed over his chest while golden flecks shimmered in his dark green hues as he scanned the room. Despite his discomfort, he could appreciate the effort put into the beauty of the event. If anything, it gave him ideas for event back at the Rougarou.

Raffle Ticket #14 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 22:42
LillyEmperium *Smiling Lilly looked to Liv, seeing her face she mouthed back* It's ok dear.

*When the server brought her the drink and informed her who sent it. Lilly smiled. It was funny what peanut butter seemed to do for friendships. It was funny how that friendship came about and has stayed going. One would have thought they'd be at each others throats so to speak to to one being a slayer, the other a vampire. In the the end, they were both women and at the time leaders. Lilly had watched Liv over the years, and was glad to consider her a friend.

As she looked to her, she noticed something odd. Not the man with her, no something else... Something deeper... Changing.. Then it hit her, Liv`s glass looked clear. She had an idea and would inquire after awhile to see if she was correct.

Taking a drink, she smiled and mouthed* are you ok?
December 18, 2019 22:45
Julien Vaillancourt

"I cannot imagine an instant in which you were less than noteworthy."  But talk of the past, of the season, while not entirely unpleasant, had made him drink more quickly.  The delightful martini was already gone, nothing left but a white film in the sparkling glass.  The twists had been very enjoyable as well, though he had only nibbled at one- hot and sweet and melting on the tongue.

"Ah.  I cannot imagine what you might be apologizing to me for," he added, gently, after they had exchanged sips, and enjoyed their dessert, and spoken a bit more.  He enjoyed speaking to Vir, and while he understood how uncomfortable she might feel at having spoken a bit more than usual, it pleased him to have put her so at ease that she would do so.

"I simply find myself struck with many suggestions which I find impossible."

He nibbled on another nutella twist and turned to order another drink.  It was then he noticed Beau, truly dashing in deep forest green.  He cut his eyes away and made his order.

December 18, 2019 23:13
Keera Schmidt How...the hell...did women sit in these things? The dress, that was. The skirt was full enough that it made it nearly impossible to hop up on one of the stools that were lined up in front of the bar without tripping and falling flat on her fucking face. She shuffled around, getting one leg up, but not the other. Then shifted and tried the other side.


Super fail.

Now the bartender was watching her and trying his best not to laugh and she was getting red in the face with frustration.

That was, until she started laughing. This was ridiculous. When she started to laugh, so did the bartender. He didn’t have to hold it in now that they could both join in on the mess that was Keera Schmidt.

Now, bound and determined, she gathered up the skirt in her arms and pulled it up. Not like all the way up, you pervs, but enough that she could move her legs a little more freely. Her sneaker clad feet latched on to one of the bars of the stool and she hoisted herself up and on to it without falling on her ass. Go her!

With a deep breath of satisfaction she settled on the seat and took the menu in hand. Under her breath she mumbled. “Peppermint bark...the fuck?” She flipped it over to see if there were any other choices. None that she could see.

“Do you just have beer?”

Then, a voice next to her, though a little way down the bar.

‘Uuuuh... y'got whiskey?”

Keera laughed and snapped her fingers then pointed at the bearded man in the green suit. “YES! Whiskey. I’ll have one of those too. Or like four. I don’t know yet. Just keep ‘em coming, mate.”

It was then that she really, really, hoped that this was an open bar situation and she didn’t have to like...pay...for anything. That was something she would figure out later. For now? For now she was going to enjoy her boozy beverage that wasn’t named after Christmas carols or some shit.

Right, the bearded dude. She gave him a broad smile and a wave, glad to see she wasn’t the only one that felt completely out of place in the crowd. The bar was better. Much better. And they had alcohol! “Hey, do I know you? I feel like I know you. Then again, I started drinking before I got here, so there’s a good chance I’m making shit up in my head. Again.” Her blue eyes sparked with good humor. Sure, she might be as uncomfortable as all hell, but damned if she wasn’t going to have a fun time.
December 18, 2019 23:47
Livia Vlcek Thumbs up to Lilly, a smile and nod. Livia was just fine.. a little awkward but good. She was just going to find a metal thing to stand next to and hopefully blend into the decor. Maybe she could borrow a strand of lights.

It was then the Slayer saw Liam and waved him over, an invitation to stand with her awkwardly. She wasn't sure if he felt that way but she sure did and they could totally be weird together while catching up. Azhi unity and all that. Rah Rah Rah.

And just to make sure her wave didn't go unnoticed..

"Liam!" It wasn't quite a yell or even her normal speaking voice. Nope. It was like an excited whisper. All the more to stay incognito and figure out what she might like to snack on while her husband chose a place to sit. "You came to the ball! I'm glad you made it.. it's really good to see you."
December 19, 2019 00:27
Flahme Dressed in a black off the shoulder velvet dress, Flahme entered the Yule Ball and waited for Landon to join her. She had to remind herself that to everyone else, he was Janus and call him by that name. The use of Landon was for her only. To his exasperation, and her amusement, she had insisted they get ready separately so he would be surprised by her choice of clothing. Coming straight from the coven, she was here first and standing a little taller than usual due to the strappy black high heels, Flahme studied the room nervous energy pouring off her making her core temperature more elevated than usual. She probably shouldn’t get too close to the ice sculptures that were dotted around the room and on tables.

The dress she had chosen hugged her slight form and had a collection of orange and red sequins perfectly placed starting at the hemline and moving up the skirt to give the illusion she was walking on fire. It was the prettiest dress she had ever worn and took some designing to get it right. Even before tonight she was unsure it wouldn’t just look like she’d bedazzled a perfectly good dress. Under the lights, however, the sequins shimmied in such a way to look like flames danced around her feet. There also might have been some magic about it since a witch created it, but she would keep that detail to herself. Flahme felt elegant and feminine, an unusual combination for someone who lived in jeans and t-shirts. The finishing touch at her throat was the ruby necklace she always wore. Landon had given it to her as a gift some time ago and it included a spell, affording the wearer added protection. Regardless, a gift from her love meant more to her than the magic did and Flahme treasured it.

Hair piled on top of her head; a few strands fell in curls around her face, and it was one of these she blew out of the way as she spied a free table for her and Landon. Looking about the room, then behind her, she spotted that very man walking towards her. A grin hit her face lighting up emerald eyes as he took her breath away.

“See, you would have hated getting ready with me in a cloud of perfume and makeup.”

Raffle Ticket #15 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 02:44
Sean Lynch

Sean glanced around as some more guests arrived. He hadn't spotted anyone familiar but a girl wrestling with her dress near the bar made him chuckle. The Dullahan decided to remain where he was. Mingling wasn't Sean's forte.

December 19, 2019 05:51
Manannán mac Lir A traditional black tuxedo complete with black bow tie and satin lapels was the choice Manannán made for the Yule Ball. It hadn’t said black tie, but ball usually implied as much, so he was dressed to the nines when he picked up Harlie from her apartment and got them to the party post haste.

Due to the warm overcoat Harlie wore her dress was entirely covered, and Manannán was looking forward to the reveal once she removed it at the venue.

Waiting at a cloakroom area where Harlie was to hand over her coat for safekeeping for the night, Manannán looked over to the ballroom and smiled at how magical it all looked and felt. The snowflakes that fell would never be bothersome or cold as they gently floated about the room. Beautiful ice sculptures adorned tables and larger ones placed on displays here and there. The patrons, some he knew and many he didn’t, drifted in and out of his line of sight as soft music reached his ears.

It should be understood Christmas was not something Manannán usually celebrated, so he was thankful this event did not focus on that aspect. It was a wise move considering there would be many supernatural beings attending whose tradition was something far older like his own. What did make him happy was the season for giving gave him the perfect excuse to shower Harlie with gifts. Now that he could get behind.

Turning back to Harlie he realised sheepishly she had been waiting for him. Taking her hand, he bowed over it and pressed a kiss to the back before straightening with a gleam in his eye and a flash of at least one dimple. Then he helped her remove her coat and was speechless at what she wore. “You look stunning, Harlie-girl. You take my breath away. Are you ready to go in?” Offering his arm, he waited patiently until she was ready.

Raffle Ticket #16 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 06:49
The Preacher Levi had walked into the room with Livia, her arm wrapped in his. After they had entered, she ordered his drink, waved at a few people that he did not know or recognize and settled for standing off to the side for a few moments. Levi took his drink from the waiter as it was brought back to him, a small sip, not to get plastered in public and then he sat it down at a table close to them. He kept a close eye on it though, he knew first-hand what an unattended drink could cause.

While standing there, he stepped behind his wife, hands wrapped around her waist, slightly cradling the bump that was now her stomach. While he ‘supported’ it, he took his emerald gaze and peered around the room. A slight nod to Keera, about the only one in the room that he knew, and then he kept his gaze moving to examine everyone else in the room. It was a ball, he was searched upon entry, and felt very naked with no weapons on his person.

“All of this makes me nervous.”

Was all that he whispered to his wife while he placed his chin onto her shoulder. Rather awkward to be honest. Usually if he was in a room with this many people it was because someone was going to die at the end of the night. After a few more minutes of standing, he guessed his wife was tired from carrying around all that extra luggage that had recently grown on her and he turned his head, glancing at the table that he laid his drink on to make sure no one had sat at it, then placed his hand on the small of his wife's back and lead her over to the table for her to sit. He pulled the chair out for her and when she sat, he slid her under.

“I’ll wave the waiter down if you want anything to drink or eat.”

Spoken at a tone just enough that it could be heard over the noise in the room as he stepped over and took the seat next to her, his hand finding his crown once more for another taste of the fire water. He felt slightly bad that Livia wasn’t able to drink with him but she had ordered it for him.
December 19, 2019 07:55
Merida Campbell It was the holidays of course when you consider that the trauma units are never quiet from all of the blood shed of stupidity of others. Merida wasn’t surprise what so ever while listening to a young man barely into his twenties talking about how it wasn’t his fault when his car blew thru a red light before t-boning another vehicle. She took a deep breathing to quell her anger as she placed the last staple on his forehead. Glancing over her shoulder as she spoke up ”He’s all yours now.” She stepped back letting the officers move into place while she finished the paperwork.

Glancing up to the clock, she realized that time was not on her side. Speaking up as she handed the chart to the Shift Nurse ”Gotta run. Have a good night ladies and gentlemen. For I am late for a very important date.” Her mind was racing recalling that this event, she would have to dress in something nice and festive. Nice she could do but festive was questionable.

Two hours later

Merida had just arrived at the Yule Ball. Stepping out onto the sidewalk, she began to feel uncomfortable within her own skin. She glanced down to the black suede heals as she held onto the matching clutch. Her reflection caught her attention as she admired the deep evergreen dress that reminded her what Audrey Hepburn would have worn during that type. Vintage Vogue comes to mind. Her hand touched lightly to the right side of her head making sure her hair was in place for the style she had chosen.

She stepped into the place and to her it seemed it was hopping. Merida moved within the crowd towards the bar. Right now, she needed a strong drink.

Raffle Ticket #17 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 09:19
Naberius Reum The invitation to the Realm's Yule Ball arrived at Legba's warehouse. It sat in the pile of mail on top of the Voodoo Priest's desk for hours before Nita needed something, and she found the intricate decorated invite, instead of what she actually needed. The bartender brought it to Legba's attention, who made sure to text Naberius and Zahrah.

The assassin pirate had been forced to leave the warehouse by Abigor to do a small retrieval job with the promise of being able to return upon completion. And the General was doing everything in his power to keep Naberius longer.


After four long hours of serving his Master's whims and stupidity, Naberius finally made it back to Legba's place of business. He needed to talk to the Voodoo man about creating some sort of entrance for Zee and himself to get in and out of the Warehouse without the general public knowing. More times then not, he walked into the building covered in blood, and it was disturbing to see if one wasn't prepared for it. Bad for business and all that.

Ignoring the looks he knew he would receive, he made his way to his room to shower and dress. Blood splatter covered him from head to toe. There was no way in hell he was missing this event; especially since Zahrah agreed to go with him.

Once again, he had to rely on Nita to come through for clothes. He didn't own any Yule Ball attending attire and was broke as fuck. So, she went shopping for him.

A charcoal grey suit with a black cotton business shirt beneath, hung on a hook over the bathroom door. It took him thirty minutes to shower, then dress as quickly as he could. A pair of tiny, silver skull dagger cuff links were then clicked into place in the cuffs of the shirt. No doubt that Legba had instructed Nita to find them. No tie. The top button undone. He used the same dress shoes he wore to The Crossroads, cleaned of Corbin's blood. His lengthening hair was tied back with a leather strap that somehow appeared on his dresser one day, and he started using it.

Satisfied that he looked halfway decent, he pulled his leather jacket on as he made his way to his Harley motorcycle, the engine roaring to life with a flick of his wrist and he pulled out of the warehouse's parking lot. It didn't take him long to get to his destination. Once there, he took his leather jacket off, folding it inside a side duffel before heading inside.

After being frisked for weapons, Naberius' chocolate eyes scanned the growing crowd. The lights, the music, the decorations were all very festive. The Elders did a fantastic job of making the place Yule Ball ready. He weaved through the crowd, trying to avoid bumping into people, until he was able to find a bar to order a drink. A brow raised at the list of Yule drinks for the evening. Yeah.


"Scotch on the rocks, please." The bartender acknowledged his order, moving quickly to accommodate his request. Naberius took a sip once it was produced, turning his body to watch the door for Zahrah to appear.

Where was she?

Raffle Ticket #18 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 12:58
Liam Dromeo The faux snow would have sprinkled his short and hastily groomed hair if it had been the sort to stick around. Thankfully it wasn't. Last thing he needed was to look stupid on top of feeling it.

Aimlessly hovering near a two top table, currently empty, Liam watched the stream of people come and go from the bar. Until he heard a familiar, almost excited whisper. Ahhh...Livia. His one familiar face. She called him and gestured him over and he followed, in a roundabout way, the navigable path to her.

He nodded in the direction of her husband, spoke fimrly, "Sir." And rounded his attention on Liv. "Heyyyy. Surprised you're not curled up nice and comfy tonight, its been nasty out." Indeed the weather and behavior of the Realm up to this point had been unfortunate but it was just but small talk to fill the empty air. Maybe he would have a drink after all, he wasn't very peopley.
December 19, 2019 13:15
Marah Whitmoore " I needed time away mom. I think I should enjoy the holiday season. I am young right. I'm a good mother to my kids but as you and dad told me once I need time to be me. Yeah I get it when I am singing and on tour but I need more right.?"

+ When her mom said she needed to get the dust off she smiled and added+

" You go do that mom enjoy and I am going to have another Cinnamon Toddy and maybe one of those Cajun Turkey sliders. Oh Ami mentioned about stopping in as well just to see whose out and about. I have no idea if my brother will be joining her. By the way is Pop-o going to make an appearance?"

+ Marah headed to the bar and ordered+
December 19, 2019 14:37

The moment he entered the ball, Landon felt at home. From the ice sculptures to the winter themed room, the magic in his veins sang like a rhythm in his soil. Of course, this was all accompanied by the heat flooding his face as his dark eyes landed on her impossibly perfect form. 

Flahme was stunning after her most exhausting days. Now, she was a vision. Absolutely breath taking and erethreal. From her dress, to her pinned up hair, and the mischief sparking in her eyes, all of it made his heart skip a beat. 

Crossing the distance between them in a few steady strides, he straightened the lapels of his jacket to say, "You could coat my tongue in hairspray and I'd thank you for it." he grinned. 

Gently taking her hand, he brought it to his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of it. "You look absolutely stunning. It's a shame everyone else will pare in comparison to your perfection." 

Hooking his arm with hers, he led them to the empty table she had been eying when he walked in. It was only once she was seated that he decided to reveal the secret he had long held close to his heart. 

A smile on his face, Landon dropped to one knee. Both to genuflect, and to pull out the ring he had carried in his pocket all of these months. Some nights, the black suede box had sat on his night stand as they slept, hidden in plain sight while they became a tangled mess of limbs. 

"Flahme, I've loved you for so long and I've always felt our fate together was written in the stars long before our paths crossed." He swalled, tears threatning to spill onto his cheeks. "All that time ago, I asked your father for your hand after you begged Janus for my freedom. Your decision has always been yours to make alone, but I want to do you right. Even if it's the only thing I do in my long, miserable life, I need to do you right." 

Trembling hand lifted the ring from its case as he slid it onto her finger, "Here, before all of the Realm to see, will you agree to marry me?" 

Raffle Ticket #19 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 15:41
Flahme Laughter spilled from her as Landon’s declaration about hairspray left his lips, followed by a light stain to her cheeks at his compliment. “Thank you. I wanted to surprise you. Apart from being Arial that one time I’m not sure you’ve seen me dressed up, and I’m pretty sure mermaid costumes don’t count.”

The courtly kiss upon her hand and Landon’s suit surprised her as well and made her heart skip a beat. Who knew two demons who sauntered into Hell not that long ago could scrub up so well? “You look so handsome. I don’t think it’s me who is perfect. I think it is us who are perfect.”

Following his lead, Flahme sat at the table and was about to pick up the little menu when Landon went down on one knee. Her mouth dropped open, and butterflies hit her stomach as he pulled a small black box from his pocket. Flahme felt in actual danger of fainting. Her core temperature spiked, and it wouldn’t have surprised her if tiny flames sparked off her. Taking deep breaths, she regulated her breathing as his words penetrated her mind and revealed a ring snug in the velvet folds within the box.

Never one to hide her emotions, a tear slipped down her cheek as Landon spoke. He had asked her father! He never told her what he and her father discussed so quietly before they left Hell, and now she knew, and that Landon had wanted to marry her since that time made Flahme’s heart fill with joy. She loved this man with everything in her and had already followed him literally to Hell and back. No one else would do for her; fire and ice made for each other.

Trembling the same as Landon, Flahme accepted his ring onto her finger and stared at it a moment before raising her watery emerald hues to his. So overcome, she was momentarily speechless as she looked into the warm gaze of the love of her life. “Yes,” she whispered, then cleared her throat and more forcefully declared, “Yes! I will marry you.”

Not waiting for him to stand, Flahme threw her arms around his neck and kissed him right there where he knelt. For a moment the world fell away in that way it did when their lips were so close. Lingering a moment before she pulled away, the world rushed back in, and she laughed as they regained their feet and gazed at one another. “I adore you. Thank you for making tonight perfect. You might have to fix this ice sculpture though. I melted it a little bit in all the excitement.”
December 19, 2019 17:59
Zahrah Mubarack

The Realm's Yule Ball. A Christmas event.

She hadn't celebrated Christmas the past few years as she'd really had no reason to. But now, with new people in her life, and an actual invitation, it seemed she now had one. That and it was a chance to go out with Naberius, which she quite enjoyed. Being with him in any setting was becoming a favored way to spend her time.

Her last few days had been spent doing research in her room when she wasn't growing closer to her demon slave. When he was away, which was quite often, doing whatever was needed from Legba or Abigor she had plenty of time to do what she needed. But she'd also been able to tag along with Nita when she went to buy Naberius his clothing for the Yule Ball. They took special care that they weren't followed, nor were they seen by anyone whom seemed to mean them -or more specifically her- harm.

Considering this was a Christmas gathering, she chose to step out of her comfort zone in the way of attire. Instead of her normally dark clothing, something new caught her eye. A bright red, short sleeve, knee-length dress. At the waist, a sheer white overlay of material with tiny embroidered snowflakes popped against the bright red of the dress. While top of the dress was form fitted, the skirt flowed, and she loved the way it swayed as she walked. A matching set of red pumps were quick in her sights and she knew this would be the perfect outfit for a holiday event.

Her long, black, normally straight hair was a mass of waves down her back. She was finished. A once-over in the mirror was the most attention she gave to herself before putting on her long, black, winter coat and saying her goodbyes to Nita and Legba as she headed out the door of the warehouse.

Even though she resisted, Legba was adamant that one of his personal drivers take her where she needed to go. She didn't mind walking or calling her own cab, but Zahrah knew the old Voodoo man was trying to protect her. It was just as endearing as it was annoying. A part of her couldn't help but feel special, though, that he cared enough to make this arrangement for her. Despite her protests -which did zero good- she thanked him with a frustrated sigh and a smile.

The drive wasn't long at all. When they came back to the Crossroads and she could see the bright sign, her lips involuntarily pursed. The last time she was here it hadn't turned out to be such a great evening for her. She hoped that tonight, with Corbin being gone, there wouldn't be anything stopping her from just having a good time and being with Naberius. She would have to leave soon, back to New Orleans, and she was sure her departure would leave a sour taste in everyone's mouth. Best to enjoy what she could while she could.

There were many cars outside, and an even larger amount of people inside. After the weapons pat-down by the guards, she checked her coat in so it could be securely held. She would normally just lay it to the side, but she hadn't brought a clutch with her tonight, so her cell phone would have to stay in her coat pocket. She would come back to check on it later.

The chatter amongst the crowd was loud. It wasn't defeaning, but comfortable, and it wouldn't be hard to hold a conversation with someone else. Her hands smoothed the front of her dress down as she looked around and chewed the inside of her cheek nervously. There were a lot of people here. She figured Naberius would be here before her, and if she knew anything about the man, it was that he would get here and want a drink.

Scotch. On the rocks.

She looked around, for the bar, and began walking once she spotted it. The drink list was... different. But, why not? A sugar cookie martini was soon in her hand. Craning her neck a little, she was able to finally catch her handsome demon slave down at the other end of the bar. A grin spread across her lips as she thanked the bartender and made her way to him around the other guests ordering their drinks.

Raffle Ticket #20 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 20:02

She stepped in from the cold, removing her coat and setting it aside. Addison looked around in amazement of the Valhalla Hall and smiled.

She had never been to a Yule Ball before. There were so many people here, having a good time, and it appeared that she had just walked in to witness a proposal. How beautiful, and what a wonderful time of year! Granted, later in the night she would cry into a gallon of ice cream and drown her sorrow of her singleness with her 72 cats, but she was happy for the couple.

Addison moved through the room, stopping for a blood orange toddy, and casually eying the treats on display. Nothing looked too awful appealing at the moment, though, she was sure to feel a little more peckish later.

She sipped her toddy, looking through the mass of people for others she knew, but when she found them, she held her distance. She hated to interrupt people and was well aware at how socially awkward she was.

She was thankful, however, that she chose something suitable to wear. It wasn’t too fancy, but it was a full length gown, very modest, but nice and sparkly. She had left her red hair down. Why mess with perfection? Also, Addison only knew three hairstyles. Down, ponytail and sloppy braid.

For now, she kept to herself. She smiled at anyone who passed by however, hoping to spread a little holiday cheer.

Raffle Ticket #21 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 20:17
Naberius Reum His eyes were constantly scanning the crowd for Zahrah. He wanted to make sure he saw her the moment she stepped foot into the club. Anytime that he accidentally caught the eyes of someone else, he simply inclined his head to them in polite greeting even if he didn't know them. No need to be rude.

His head canted to the right as his eyes settled on a man kneeling in front of a woman in a very unique dress. The bottom of said gown looked like it was on fire. It looked like an engagement was taking place. The woman must have said yes for she threw her arms around him for a kiss.

Good for them.

It was a refreshing scene to behold instead of death and blood. Maybe he would learn their names tonight and send a simple wedding gift afterwords. The Realm was a tricky place to survive, but to have someone by your side to help navigate the ...

A sense of awareness pricked at the base of his neck. Naberius' head turned to his left, spotting Zahrah instantly. His breath escaped his lungs at the perfect picture. A bright red, low scooped neckline dress that stopped at her knees. There was white fabric over the red that looked like ... snowflakes? As she drew closer, the sparkle of her necklace caught his attention, a silver snowflake.

His lips curled up in a pleased smile. "Little dancer," Strong fingers brought her knuckles to his lips as he pressed a kiss there. "lovely as ever. Started to wonder if you were standing me up." He teased gently as he drew her closer, his eyes falling to the white over her dress which in fact was snowflakes. "Beautiful, my love. You're simply beautiful tonight."
December 19, 2019 22:21

With a long suffering sigh, Genesis entered into the Yule Ball. Not that she didn’t want to go, she just hadn’t expected to be attending alone. She put on a smile before anyone could take note, and moved through the holiday cheer with grace.

Her dress was a tad tight, but not altogether uncomfortable. The shoes, however, were murder. She could have gotten away with her sneakers with the length of her dress.

Her hair was curled and simply styled with pretty hairpins to keep it from her face.

She looked around, taking the Ball in. It was quite fancy.

The first order of business, and probably the business of the entire night, was to hit up the bar. The menu had a great selection of holiday cheer mixtures, and she wanted to try them all. The food looked pretty damn good as well. There was plenty of food and drink to keep the little lycan distracted most of the evening.

As she enjoyed her drink, her eyes swept the room for all exits and things that could be used as weapons. It was something that was ingrained into her being. She simply couldn’t help herself. It was soothing.

The next order of business was taking in the people in attendance. She knew some, and knew of others but had never actually met them. She was a pretty private person, and really didn’t do these social gatherings often. She was trying to break that habit.

The holidays seemed to bring her down a bit. Old memories and the like. But now it was time to over-write those memories with better ones. She hoped tonight would be the start of that.

Raffle Ticket #22 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 23:53
Harlowe mac Lir

~Harlie smiled, her crimson stained lips curving upward as she followed Manny's gaze to the ballroom. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, at this particular event, at least. The Christmas season had always been her favorite time of year. The excitement and anticipation, the love and spirit of generosity that accompanied the holidays had always made her feel warm inside. In ways that the fire that burned within her, warming her skin, couldn't. 

Things had changed though. She had changed. And she wasn't sure how she felt about celebrating the holidays after...everything. But she could certainly appreciate the beauty and magic of the winter wonderland that had been created for them.

Realizing Manannan was distracted by their surroundings, she took the opportunity to watch him, to admire the way the tuxedo he wore fit him. Blue eyes traveled appreciatively over him, starting at his polished shoes and moving upward. He looked achingly handome, always. But her husband in a tux was absolutely irresistible. 

Ex-husband, she mentally reminded herself.  Pausing at his mouth, she thought briefly about leaning in and pressing her lips against his to steal his attention away from everything and everyone surrounding them. Thinking better of it though, she moved on to his eyes, watching as he took in everything going on around them with those mesmerizing aqua blue orbs. And she waited patiently at his side for his attention to return to her. 

It didn't take long, and her smile grew amused at the sheepishly apologetic look he shot her way as he took her hand and made it tingle with the touch of his lips. An adorable dimple made an appearance and she couldn't help grinning back at him. He helped her off with the heavy white coat she didn't need, but wore anyway to complete her ensemble, and she sighed in relief as cool air brushed her heated flesh.

  Beneath her coat, Harlie wore a red satin off the shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline, a bow at the waist and a floor-length skirt  with a split that revealed occasional flashes of her legs. Silver stilettos encased her feet,  her red curls were held in an updo by strategic silver combs and the only piece of jewelry she wore was a diamond "H" pendant on a delicate chain  around her neck.

  Her smile widened and her eyes danced in delight at his reaction to her dress. Tucking her arm in the crook of his,  she leaned into him as her eyes met his. Her voice took on a light, flirtatious, almost teasing tone.~

Why, thank you. That was my aim. And you're lookin' exceptionally handsome this evenin ' yourself.  I'm ready for whatever tonight brings. Let's do this. 

~Harlie nodded her head decisively. And then Manny lead them into the ballroom. Her blue eyes took in all the festive decor and she smiled to herself. But her smile faded slightly when she focused on the slowly growing crowd of people. They were mostly people unknown to her, but her gaze lingered for the briefest moment on a familiar face. 

Her attention was snagged quickly by a couple who looked vaguely familiar to her, seemingly in the middle of a proposal. She smiled slightly before she looked away from the romantic scene and pressed a hand to her stomach, unable or unwilling to identify the emotions rolling around inside her in that moment. She glanced up at the man at her side.~

Baby...I-I mean Manny, maybe we should just go home. Or somewhere else...

Raffle Ticket #23 ~ River Song
December 20, 2019 04:03
Virelai Tylwyth

Vir threw her head back and laughed, the sound rising from the depths of her soul, piercing her melancholy. How gentle he seemed, how peaceful and kind he appeared here in these glittering lights. Even if it were all an act, a lie, an illusion, she would not care. They all had their secrets, the dark pieces of self that were hidden, buried beneath these amiable expressions.

Speaking of expressions.

As Virelai parted her lips to speak again she caught a shift in his, as he looked on at something and then his line of sight sliced away, returning to the bar to make another order. Vir's gaze flickered outward to see what had caught his attention and her lips parted with a mischievous and understanding smile. He could have looked to anyone certainly, but there was only one among them that she thought might cause such a reaction in him. After all, Julien did not seem to know many of the people there, and she had only just mentioned the man who had made his entrance. So her gaze was drawn to him just as easily as his might have been. Even if it were not Beau he was looking at, the wolf dressed in deep green was the one who drew her own eyes through the crowd.

The bustling activities suddenly increased, with a swarm of people entering, and the increase in excitement drew Vir's eyes away from where Beau stood. The first was the couple of leaders who entered. She did not know them personally but of course, she knew of them. They made a stunning appearance though they seemed to shy away from most of the crowd. Still, the woman waved at someone who greeted her rather enthusiastically and Virelai made a note to greet them herself if she got the chance, out of respect.

Then there was the heartfelt and heated marriage proposal which left her with mixed emotions. It was a lovely thing, she imagined, and the joy certainly filtered through the crowd in more ways than one. Her lips smiled, though her eyes gleamed golden and cold as she glanced away. Such joy was a private moment that she did not have the heart to look upon for very long.

And that was when she saw them, two more familiar faces. Bright and lovely and sharing a warmth that she could not touch. Dared not. Much like that of the proposal. Her expression froze in a strained sort of smile like a mask had been placed over was hiding beneath it. She could leave, however... Her gaze shifted to Julien as he ordered another drink and she thought about snagging Beau from where he stood so that he might join them. That would have to wait though.

Instead, she turned to the bar, turned her back on the festivities, the lights, and music, the growing crowd. With a twist of her fingers, a piece of parchment and a pen appeared. With care she wrote a short note and folded it in half, sliding her nail along the crease to secure it. Then she snagged one of the waiters and handed it to him, whispering something softly that only he could hear before sending him off in the direction of the ballroom's entrance.

Finally, she ordered another drink of her own, paid for it and the next drink for everyone in attendance who choose to have one, and turned back to the crowd. From the ether, she pulled out a small vial and poured the thick, red contents into the cup, and then raised the glass. “A toast!” She called out over the murmuring crowd, her eyes settling briefly on the couple celebrating their joy with the rest of them. “To the engagement of this lovely couple.” Her eyes flickered away and met with a pair of startling blue orbs across the room, a smile tugging lightly at her lips. “May you bring one another happiness.”

She tilted the glass back and downed the contents before setting it back on the bar. She turned to Julien, gold eyes glittering with something other than that otherworldly glow. “This night promises to become even more lively, don't you think.” She glanced back in Beau's direction. “It is a good night for such things, I suppose.”

December 20, 2019 04:40
Sean Lynch

Having finished his snacks, Sean decided to get a Cinnamon Toddy and watch the new arrivals mingle. One guy even proposed to his missus, who apparently accepted. Although it was a nice scene, the Dullahan was somewhat romantically-challenged. Sean sighed as he quietly watched the other guests.

December 20, 2019 04:43
Landon couldn’t help but roll chuckle. “Of course mermaid costumes count, you made the most lovely one of all.” Flashing her a smile, he watched as the apples of her cheeks blossomed with a familiar rosy color. He had to agree with her. They did look perfect together, or so he thought. They were opposite in nearly every way, with her fire and his ice, he felt as if they were cosmic.

As he knelt before her, the heat that radiated from her filled his chilled bones with a delicious, all too familiar heat. He could have sworn he saw sparks spread from her to lick the ice sculpture on the middle of the table, but then again, why would he expect anything else? Still holding her hand and the box, he reached up to brush away the stear that strolled down the gentle curves of her face. 

It was only when those stunning green eyes met warm regard, that he let the tears spill over as her acceptance met his ears. Had they been in private, he was sure they would have fallen to the floor in a rare display of his emotions. It was one of many reasons he decided the Yule Ball was the perfect place to propose to his love, his light. What better way to declare himself than in front of everyone? 

Landon felt the breath leave his lungs as Flahme hurled herself into him, her arms now securely around his neck, and her lips crushed to his. It was this moment that made all of the struggles worth it. From meeting in Hell just to be torn apart, meeting again on the surface just to be forced into a marriage he didn’t want, nearly losing her. He returned her kiss with just as much intensity, all the while returning them to their feet, careful not to stay tangled in her dress as she pulled away from him. 

He knew the smile that was spreading across his lips, and didn’t dare try to hide it, his happiness turned his lips upwards into a goofy grin he knew she loved. “There’s no need to thank me. You deserve the world.” Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he gave a subtle wave of his fingers towards their table. The half melted ice sculpture reforming itself. While his lips still pressed against her forehead he continued with, “I’m so happy you agreed to become my wife. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world.” 

Parting his lips from her head, he twirled her around so that he could sit in the chair she had occupied only moments before, and bring her down with him. Once he was sure she was situated, he nestled into the crook of her neck to press a gentle kiss there. “Big wedding, small wedding, or no wedding. I’m just happy to belong to you.” 
December 20, 2019 09:57
LillyEmperium *Giving a chuckle, Lilly looked to Marah *
I don't know if he's coming. I'm just glad to see him happy hun. I can't explain it, but he seems truly happy this year. Everything is calm. Oh I do hope Ami comes. If not I'm sure both will be at the gathering.
December 20, 2019 12:24
Ronan Boru

*Ronan knew  about t he  Yule   ball  and decided  he  should  stop  by  now  that all  the  things at  Dromoland  were taken  care of. Tara   was  sure to  have the  kitchen  back  home   sorted and   busy  so  he  wasnt  needed  for that. He  walks in  and  looks a round. It  was   great.  He  sees  Liv and  smiles at her soflty. Live  was  along  with a  few others old  friends  with  Ronan and  he made  sure if  his  friends  needed him  he  was there. He   gets a   Cinnimon toddy and  smiles seeing  Marah there   and  happy  was all  that   mattered. he looks around and  finds Lilly.  The  fire witch   walks over to  his wife and    puts  his  arms  around   her.*

"This   looks  great . Everything  is set  up  at  Dromoland  for  tomarrow  night b ut  tonight is for  us  to  mingle  with out   worries. I saw  that Liv  was  here and  MArah  I  saw  as  well.Sorry I  was   running late ahad to  make  sure  all  was  taken  care  of  at home  first. How  long  have  you  been  here?"

December 20, 2019 15:29
LillyEmperium *A smile kept over her lips as she felt his arms go around her. She wondered if he knew how much he Ment to her. Slipping one of her hands over his arm, almost as if making sure he was actually there before she spoke.*

I'm glad you made it love. Oh not long, sometime after Marah but before Liv. I knew you and Tara had everything handled there love.
December 20, 2019 20:36
Ronan Boru

"yes it's  all  handled  so  much as  Tara  kicked me  out of  the  kitchen.I  saw Liv  was  here. More then  a  few others I  only  heard of   by  name but never talked  to so  it  should  be an  intereting  event for many I  think.  I  havent  talked to  Marah  yet  but  she  seems   to  be  having a  good time  so  all  is  well."

*  He  looks around again  and  smiles.Happy  wasnt  something  the   Irish  witch  was  used  to  feeling but  he  could  get  used  to it.*

December 20, 2019 20:48
Dessa Chambers Dresses, dresses, dresses. Dessa had plenty of them and that was pretty much the issue. She couldn’t decide on which one to wear. Blue, red, green...white? No. White, while definitely a winter color, would not be the right choice. She huffed in frustration and pulled out a dress in blue and held it against herself and looked in the mirror.


Tossed onto her bed.

Next was a red one. Too Short. Tossed onto the bed.

Dessa went through this process until there were nearly ten dresses on her bed until she finally settled on a deep forest green gown. The dress touches the floor without shoes on, but she had a nice pair of suede three-inch heel pumps that matched the color of the dress. Once she finally settled on the color she was going with, she snapped a picture of the fabric and sent it to Valentin. This color. Probably :P She was teasing on the probably. The dress was perfect with it’s V-neck in both the front and back, with a band around the waist and a slit down the left side.

She fussed about with her hair, giving it wavy curls and leaving it down to frame her face. Makeup was next. She didn’t over do it, she never really did; just some mascara and simple eyeliner and a nice deep shade of red for lipstick. Very holiday themed. She finished off the look with putting on a thin, golden chain with a single diamond that laid in the hollow of her throat.

Feeling happy with her look, Dessa slips on her shoes, drapes a shawl over her shoulders and stepped outside to wait for Valentin to come pick her up so that they could attend the Yule Ball together.

Raffle Ticket #24 ~ River Song
December 20, 2019 22:44
Valentin Metzger Formal attire is not something foreign or even uncomfortable to the male. Valentin is fond of things like the opera and theatre and has, on more than one occasion, been required to dress formally for these events. This particular evening he is simply waiting for confirmation on Dessa’s part so he may accessorise properly before he departs to escort her to the ball.

Text received, the large man retrieves from his closet a matching tie and pocket square, both a deep forest green to match Dessa’s dress. Considering the single breasted jacket, waistcoat, trousers and shirt he wears are all black, the tie and pocket square add a nice yet subtle pop of colour but will not detract from the amazing dress his Liebling will be wearing.

A quick glance in the mirror, the Colossus straightens his tie before grabbing his cane and the bouquet of flowers meant for Dessa. Minutes later finds him driving towards Dessa’s flat, the large SUV’s engine rumbling steadily beneath a heavy boot. He would have preferred something more elegant for the occasion but egregious snowfall had left normally bustling streets dangerous for the rear wheel drive AMG.

Spotting Dessa, Valentin guides the vehicle to a stop right in front of the flat, hops from the vehicle, flowers in hand. Engine running to maintain cabin temperature, he makes his way to Dessa, turquoise optics taking in the beauty that stands before him as he offers the bouquet.

“You look.. breathtaking.” A smile that reaches blue green eyes replaces stoic mien. She is always beautiful, he thinks; tonight she is moreso. A kiss to her cheek, Valentin takes gently Dessa’s hand and guides her into the awaiting vehicle. Making sure her dress is not in the path of the door, he closes it and jogs back to the driver’s side. “How was your day?”

He glances briefly towards Dessa before merging into traffic. Quietly she recounts her day as they travel across the city. He sits in relative silence, listening, concentrating on the road and only interrupts to acknowledge what she says or add to the conversation. Soon they are parked outside the CrossRoads and he is escorting Dessa towards the entrance of Valhalla, car left in the care of a valet.

“I have been thinking about Christmas..” Baritone voice is hushed while doormen search their persons for weapons and are cleared. Stepping through the door, Dessa’s hand in the crook of his elbow, the Butcher takes in the scene before him, brows raised. He has never been to the Crossroads, let alone Valhalla and might be in a mild state of shock. It is unlike anything he’s ever seen. As if he has stepped into a snow globe or his camp has been removed from the boreal forest of Irkutsk and shoved into a massive room. He feels.. oddly at home. “Would you like to go to Irkutsk with me?”

Pale irides search the room, spot a few people he knows. His employer, the Preacher, is there with Livia. Then there is Genesis, the woman who is much like a younger sister. He waves to her, offers a smile. And then there is Keera, who appears to be having a wonderful time; which doesn’t surprise him really, she is one of the outgoing ones. Boisterous and friendly.

“Shall we visit the bar or would you like to dance?”

Raffle Ticket #25 ~ River Song
December 20, 2019 22:47
LillyEmperium *Lilly couldn't help but chuckle over the thought of Tara kicking him out of the kitchen *
She is very particular about her kitchen. Marah is doing good. I seen Manny around, looks like him an his lady worked things out.

*Tipping her head slightly, Lilly looked to Ronan. She loved seeing him happy. His smile was a welcomed sight to her. Considering everything that had happened over the last couple months. Softly she whispered *

Tá súil agam an aoibh gháire sin a fheiceáil i gcónaí. Caitheann tú go maith mo ghrá.

(I hope to always see that smile. You wear it well my love. )
December 20, 2019 22:53
Ronan Boru

"The  last  few  months   being   slow and  peaceful  have  helped  . I  havent  had  to  deal  with  drama  from  any one  that   would  end  with  me   paying an  exteneded visit to   the  other  side of  the  veil so  yes   Happy  is  good."

*  Ronan  sees  Dessa  and  grins a s  well. He hadnt  noticed her   when  he  walked in  but  he  was  looking more or less  for  Lilly.He   was  glad  that   everyone   was  getting along here  regardless  of  their  ties in  the  on  going wars. Seeing  Marah   he  waves   at her to  come over.*

Raffle Ticket #26 ~ River Song
December 20, 2019 23:02
Sean Lynch

Sean glanced around as more people arrived. He still didn't recognize anyone. Either everyone was unrecognizeable dressed up or the Dullahan needed to get out more.

December 21, 2019 05:32
Marina Pershing

She looked over to the table nearest her and spotted the note left for her.  She viewed it quickly as she looked up to Mr. Shadwyn Drake.

He had two violin cases in his hands.  He looked uncomfortable in his black suite and open neck black shirt.  His dark blue eyes looked at her with a look of relief in them.

She looked up at him hopefully as she slid the napkin closer to him side of the table.

"I can play these songs but I need someone to sing them. Can you help me out please?"

December 21, 2019 06:33
Manannán mac Lir The red satin against Harlie’s flawless skin made his mouth water along with the occasional flash of her legs. Shaking his head, he got back in the game and flicked her a cheeky wink when she said he looked handsome.

Walking into the ballroom, Manannán looked around and smiled at the people he knew. He waved to Lilly and sketched her a bow, she had given him some good advice not that long ago, and he nodded to Ronan stood at her side. Then he noted the couple who appeared to have just got engaged. They were both from Sine Metu like him. However, he had not interacted overly much with either of them. They made an attractive couple. There were others he waved or nodded to as well, some he hadn’t seen in a while.

As they moved, he felt Harlie stiffen at his side. Then she murmured words suggesting they leave. He got caught on the fact she called him ‘Baby’ because he enjoyed when endearments fell from her lips. Deciding not to make a big deal of it, he turned with a frown to see what was wrong and noticed a waiter slip a note to her. “What was that note? Are you alright, Harlie-girl? We can leave if you wish to, but we did just get here. Perhaps a drink first, then if you still wish to leave, we will do.”

These sorts of events often felt a little uncomfortable at first which is why he hoped a drink would settle Harlie enough for her to enjoy the evening. Being around new people or seeing old familiar ones can bring up many emotions, and Harlie was more sensitive to these things than he. Though he wasn’t entirely sure what had caused her discomfort, he could hazard a guess, but the romantic scene may have also triggered sad memories of when they were married. He hoped that they would be married once again someday.

Moving fast, with efficiency in mind, Manannán found an empty table and ordered champagne for Harlie and a whiskey for himself. The drinks arrived quickly, and he was about to take a sip when a toast was made to the newly engaged couple. He raised his glass to the toast then drank and turned back to Harlie. “I hope champagne is fine, but there’s a menu here if you want to try one of the event specialties,” he watched her closely to gauge her mood, not wanting to bring the note up again, then covered her hand with his much larger one and gently squeezed. “One drink, love. You were looking forward to this, and I don’t want you to miss out. I’m not sure what’s spooked you tonight but remember I’m at your side for whatever you need.”

At the end of his words, his stomach growled loud enough to wake the dead. “Change of plan. How about one drink and a couple of snacks then we go?” Manannán ridiculously waggled his eyebrows, an attempt to lighten the mood then ordered three snacks off the menu; Nutella twists, bacon-wrapped smokies and cajun turkey sliders. That should be enough for them both…maybe. He took another sip of the whiskey as he kept an eye on both the room and his beautiful Harlie.
December 21, 2019 08:07
Flahme That her strong, capable man had tears in his eyes as well as she, undid Flahme. Landon usually kept such things in check and hid behind a mask, so it took her breath away that he would be so open, declare himself so thoroughly. After all, they had been through to date. This proposal was a milestone in every way.

As Landon stood and fixed the ice sculpture, a thrill ran through her body. Flahme loved anything magical or unusual because it was her world, and she thought for a moment on the night she had met this wonderful man. Sitting in his apartment chatting about their lives that night, she had never wanted to leave. Of course, they now knew the reason was that they had met before this time on earth which was why they were so drawn to one another. He was her home.

The twirl made her laugh, and she was a little off-balance as she landed in Landon’s lap then purred as he laid a kiss on her neck. Before she could answer his question, a toast was raised in their honour and she grinned and waved to the room thoroughly enjoying the moment. So caught up in Landon, Flahme hadn’t taken time to see who was here and realised she knew a number of them. Catching eyes she smiled and waved to close and distant friends alike. She wanted to talk to her good friend, Marah and would do soon but right now her focus returned to her future husband.

“I’m not fussed about a big ceremony, perhaps a small affair to make it legal. I only have one request, one promise I want from you. Well, after the one where you will love me forever and a day of course. The promise is that we won’t turn into some boring married couple. We won’t wear boring pants, or not go out on a weeknight, or start drinking kale for breakfast and we will be crazy in love like a couple of horny teenagers forever. I mean, I don’t think that’s too much to ask all things considered.”

It was tough to keep a straight face throughout that short speech, and yet she meant every word. She didn’t want this to change who they were but enhance their love and their life. A symbol of their commitment to one another in every way including their ability to help each other develop into more than what they were now. Gods, she was more of a hopeless romantic than she ever realised. She didn’t expect perfection. She hoped that even when it was flawed and needed development that neither would give up and they would still have love and laughter no matter what.

“Okay, here’s what we do now. Order one of everything on this menu and pretend we are food and drink critics. Also, we should probably mingle at some point, not right now. I’m too comfy, but soon.”
December 21, 2019 08:57
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  sees Flahme and   smiles at  .She  was  friends  with   Marah at one  point.  Marah  and  her had worked on  some  quest or another. The  male  he  did  not   know . The  witch  most of  the time  hated  these formal events  but   right now  it  wasnt a n  issue  as none   but a  few  knew  his  bloodline  here and  that  was a  good  thing.Ronan   gets another  drink and  looks  back at lilly. She  seemed   happy  as  well.*

"You seem much  more  lighter  then  you   were as  well.  THough  I  am  guessing  it  is  the  season and  this  Ball  that  makes  you   that  way Yeah?"

*The  High King wasnt  big  on  the whole  formal black  tie dress  thing  but  Lilly  seemed  to  like  the event  so  he  did it  for  her. She  made him  happy most of  the  time. she  was  able  to   talk  sense  in to  him  when   needed about things.

December 21, 2019 10:14
Shadwyn Drake

"I can help you out Marina."   Drake opened the smallest violin case and gently picked up a small electric violin.  "You can use this to play the music to my singing.

He watched as  look of surprised wonder appeared in the little witchling's eyes as she picked up the electric violin and lt's bow.

Marina quickly put the electric violin to work as she played the starting notes for Mr. Grinch.

Drake cleared his throat  a little and his baritone voice sing the song requested by the man.

Verse 1]

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch

You really are a heel

You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch

You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel!

[Verse 2]

You're a monster, Mr. Grinch

Your heart's an empty hole

Your brain is full of spiders, you've got garlic in your soul, Mr. Grinch

I wouldn't touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

[Verse 3]

You're a vile one, Mr. Grinch

You have termites in your smile

You have all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile, Mr. Grinch

Given a choice between the two of you I'd take the seasick crocodile!

[Verse 4]

You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch

You're a nasty-wasty skunk

Your heart is full of unwashed socks, your soul is full of gunk, Mr. Grinch

The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote

"Stink, stank, stunk!"

[Verse 5]

You're a rotter, Mr. Grinch

You're the king of sinful sots

Your heart's a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots, Mr. Grinch

Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful

Assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable, mangled up in tangled up knots!


[Verse 6]

You nauseate me, Mr. Grinch

With a nauseous super "naus"!

You're a crooked dirty jockey and you drive a crooked hoss, Mr. Grinch

You're a three decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce!

December 21, 2019 12:05
LillyEmperium *Smiling softly, Lilly looked to Ronan. She knew he wasn't big on these type of events. She understood, she really did. Which made her all the more thankful and happy when he did show.She really was thankful for the small things. *

Hmmm maybe lil bit due to the season... It was bout to be a bit boring though. Thank you for coming love. You made it much better.
December 21, 2019 12:31
Ronan Boru

"Well not   much  to  do  at home  til  later and   Tara   was insistant  that I  get out of  her  way. So  here  I  am .  Besides it  wont  kill  me to  be out and  about  every once and  a  while  really. Being a   hermit   doesnt work in  the end. "

* Hearing  the   song  being  sung   Ronan  laughs a  bit  and   smiles.*

December 21, 2019 12:43
Marina Pershing

She flashed a quick nod and one of her wide grateful smiles.   She loved the little electric violin in her hands and the music viberated in her small hands.   She played with all her heart for music was  a part of her gypsy soul.

The song ended quietly and she again smiled at Mr. Drake.  She knew he was helping her out but this type of music wasn't his forte.  He kept his talents well hidden from others.

She glanced she didn't know too many of the people.   She would finish the other song and maybe one more.

December 21, 2019 12:44
LillyEmperium *Softly she chuckled *
No love, it's good to get out and blow the dust off ya every so often.

*Hearing Shadwyn sing, Lilly clapped afterwards. Finishing her drink she smiled*
He's good... This is good for the realm.. Peace for a time is good for everyone
December 21, 2019 13:38
Marina Pershing

The little Witchling nodded at Mr. Drake and she smiled at him.  Mr. Drake had a good for singing and she appreciated his talent.  He was helping her and she would do her best with her music to assist him.

Mr. Drake nodded at her and she played the first opening notes of Grandma got run over by a reindeer.

She put her heart and soul into playing for Mr.Drake.

December 21, 2019 15:32
Shadwyn Drake

Drake winked mischevously at Marina and then he nodded at her. She played  a few opening notes.

Drake nodded at Lilly Emperium. He figured if he made anyone happy at this Yule party.  He figured they would enjoy themselves.

His baritome voice sounded again

One, two, three, four

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Walking home from our house Christmas eve

You can say there's no such thing as Santa

But as for me and Grandpa, we believe

She'd been drinkin' too much egg nog

And we'd begged her not to go

(Don't go, grandma)

But she'd forgot her medication

So she stumbled out the door into the snow

When they found her Christmas mornin'

At the scene of the attack

(Let me tell you something)

She had hoof prints on her forehead

And incriminatin' Claus marks on her back

Two, three

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Walkin' home from our house Christmas eve

You can say there's no such thing as Santa

But as for me and Grandpa, we believe

Now were all so proud of Grandpa

He's been takin' this so well

See him in there watchin' football


Playin' cards and drinkin' beer with cousin Mel

And it's not Christmas without Grandma

All the family's dressed in black

(Amazing grace)

And we just can't help but wonder

Should we open up her gifts or send them back?

(send them back?)

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Walkin' home from our house Christmas eve

You can say there's no such thing as Santa

But as for me and Grandpa, we believe

Now the goose is on the table

And the pudding made of fig

And a blue and silver candles

That would just have matched the hair in Grandma's wig

I've warned all my friends and neighbors

Better watch out for yourselves

(Sing it right)

They should never give a license, no

To a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves

And that's why grandma got run over by a reindeer

Walkin' home from our house Christmas eve

You can say there's no such thing as Santa

But as for me and Grandpa, we believe!

But as for me and Grandpa, we believe!

Yes, as for me and Grandpa, we believe!



December 21, 2019 15:39
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  looks over  at  Shadwyn  and   laughs.  His  other    hated  that   grandma  got  ran over   song. So of  course  Ronan  let  the  kids  sing it  every  year  that  she  was   around  ust  for  that   reason. He was  glad  he  Drake  was  having   fun . He  walks  over to  him  after  the  song.*

"Hey  shadwyn where  is  Dema  and hows  the   family?"

December 21, 2019 16:11
Shadwyn Drake

Drake smiled sheepihly at Ronan Boru.   "Dema is off on  her adventures.   Geo took Mia and Max to the grandparents.  Lilias went on ahead of my brood. Chu and Rhiannon MysticRose's oldest  will be there soon.  Gabe and Henry the youngest are there already.I think."

"How is your family?  Marina says we have one more song to do.  Would you honor us with  request?"

December 21, 2019 16:27
Ronan Boru

 "The   family  is  well  thanks  and    no  I  think   what   ever  you  choose  will  be   fine with   everyone  here. "

*  Ronan  looks  to  the  little  violin   player  and  smiles. She  was  about the  size  Matt  was  when he  played. *

"Yor  little   violin  player  however is  very talented.  Reminds me  of  Matt  when  he  was  younger. Music is  a  good  thing   to  have when  you need to  vent."

December 21, 2019 16:34

Author applauded long and loud for the two pieces of music that had been performed after his requests.  Indeed it made him smile broadly and laugh on the inside.

He had drunk only half his cocoa, once it was no longer hot he had lost interest as it was very sweet.

December 21, 2019 18:38
Shadwyn Drake

Drake smiled softly as he looked over at Marina.  "Yes she is very talented. Music is a very good thing it helps one through some rough patches. Your son Matt still plays I hope.  My skills are fair at best.  Others are much more gifted.  I hear Marah is quite talented in singing."

"Would Marah favor us with one of her songs?"

December 21, 2019 20:01
Ronan Boru

"I am   sure   Matt  still  plays  He  has   been   for   well since he  was   about  5. As  for  Marah  if  you  ask  her  she  might   sing  for  you. Music is  in  the   blood of  my  family   so  you  never  know  unless  you  ask  her.  Send over   your  wee  violin  player  there to  do   so a nd  she   will  not  be  able  to  resist. "

*  Ronan   winks and    walks  way. He   knew   at  some  point   Marah  would try to   rope  him in  to  singing  but  it  wasnt  happening  here. At  home  was a  different   setting.*

December 21, 2019 20:12
Shadwyn Drake

"She's a wee onebut she's an old soul.  She works in the forge for room and board.  I will scoot her off to Marah. 

Drake watches as Ronan Boru walks away and he goes to Marina.

"Have you another song you wish to play or sing?"

December 21, 2019 20:22
LillyEmperium *Lilly quietly walked up behind her husband. Smiling softly, she looked to Shadwyn and the violinist*

You both are wonderful. An Shadwyn, in all the years I've known you... I had no clue of your voice. Please do me a favor an pass my holiday wishes on to Rose. If you both are taking requests, might I ask if you could do white Christmas...
December 21, 2019 22:33
Harlowe mac Lir

~A soft blush filled her cheeks at the endearment that had slipped thoughtlessly from her lips as a swirl of emotions filled her along with  memories, both good and bad, of the not so distant past. Feeling a vague sense of anxiety coil inside her, Harlie waited for Manny to finish greeting the various people milling about that he seemed to know and acknowledge her words. Before she reclaimed his attention though, a waiter approached her with a folded piece of parchment. The hand at her stomach reached out automatically and took the paper and she flashed a weak smile for the waiter. Though she hadn't seen where it had come from, Harlie instinctively knew who this note, she assumed it was a note, was from. There was only one person she knew who would, and had in the past, send communication to her via the thick paper. 

Her gaze moving down to the parchment she held, she flicked it open, long enough to see, and recognize, the handwriting inscribed on it. Closing it again, she blinked and realized Manny was speaking to her. As he quickly ushered her to a nearby table, speaking all the while, she gave a little shake of her head, automatically sitting in the chair he pulled out for her. As he sat across from her and ordered drinks for them, her focus remained on the parchment. And, heart beating fast in her chest, she slowly opened the short letter again. Her eyes carefully absorbed the words written in familiar, flowery script and as she read, emotions warred for dominance within her. A wistful sadness for the way things once had been, a touch of bitterness for the way it all ended, a vague sense of amusement that she would be contacted in this way, reminiscent of another party, which seemed so long ago but was only a matter of months. Though Harlie hadn't been at that party. Hadn't been invited. And in fact, she had been the one to send communication via parchment, and a bit of magic, that time. 

And then, finally, there was a faint feeling of happiness. The kind one felt when someone who had meant so much to them was getting everything they ever wanted, though they were no longer a part of that. As she read, everything she felt was reflected in her downcast gaze. And remnants of those emotions lingered in her eyes as she lifted her head to look at the man seated across from her. The man...god...who had managed to win not only her heart but her trust, twice. She opened her mouth to speak as she refolded the parchment and placed it on the table, but their drinks were delivered then. And the server had barely stepped away from their table when a voice, so familiar to her, filled the room and called for a toast. 

Her head turned and she found the speaker. From across the room, she looked into golden eyes and lifted her glass of champagne in silent acknowledgement. The slightest smile curved her lips before she brought her glass to them and drank the bubbly liquid. Setting her glass on the table only after it had been drained of it's contents, she pasted a bright smile on her lips which didn't quite reach her eyes as she gazed across the table at Manny. He grabbed her hand and squeezed and she gave his a reassuring squeeze back.

She stared into his ocean eyes and let them work their magic on her. Feeling her heartbeat regulate itself and the anxiety that twisted inside her ease, she let out  a soft exhale of breath she didn't realize she'd been holding. And even as she allowed her body to relax, she considered what to say to him. How to explain what she was feeling. The overwhelming emotions that accompanied seeing, and then being contacted by, someone who had meant so much to her. The woman she had considered to be her other half, as much her soulmate as he was, though  in a way not quite the same. And on top of that, to witness that incredibly sweet proposal. The newly engaged couple had reminded her of where they had been such a short time ago. And how much had changed between them since their brief engagement.

The few minutes spent at the ball had reminded her of everything she'd once had. And everything she had lost. And she couldn't prevent the stab of sadness she felt deep inside. But looking across the table at Manny, seeing the warmth and concern and love in her eyes, reminded her of what she still had. Things weren't the same between them, she wasn't sure they'd ever truly get back to where they'd been, but they were together. And happy. She certainly didn't want to ruin this evening for him. Though he hid it, she knew he had been looking forward to it just as much as she was.  And it was the holidays. Time to embrace love and happiness. And perhaps...forgiveness. Her eyes drifted for a moment to the golden-eyed woman who stood with a blonde man before she returned her gaze to Manny. Perhaps.

A surprised laugh fell From her lips when his stomach growled loudly. And then she laughed harder when he waggled his brows at her playfully. She loved this side of the god she had married and was now dating. This playful, silly side he rarely let out. Only with her, she thought as she covered her giggles with her hand, looking around quickly to see if anyone had noticed them. Deciding she didn't care if these people she mostly didn't know we're watching them, she returned her focus to Manny and grinned, her blue eyes shone with unshed tears of laughter rather than sadness as her giggles slowly subsided. Playfully rolling her eyes at him, she threaded her fingers through his.~

Champagne is perfect. And you can have all the snacks. I'm not all that hungry. From the way your stomach is rumblin' I'd say you need it more than I do anyway. Or you ate Thor.

~Harlie laughed again at her own joke and gave him a teasing wink. Licking her lips, tasting the champagne on them, she glanced down at the parchment on the table. And then she looked up again as she slid it across to him with her free hand.~

I'm sorry. We can stay as long as you like. I'm just...just bein' silly I guess.

December 22, 2019 06:35
Sean Lynch

Sean chuckled as some guy with a baritone voice sang You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch. Whoever it was sounded like Thurl Ravenscroft. The second song wasn't his thing though. Despite only liking one song, the Dullahan clapped for both and waited to hear what would be sung next.

December 22, 2019 07:07
Shadwyn Drake

"Thank you, Milady.  I do sing of course very privately.  I offered my assistance to Marina.  Marah has much more talent  and ability.  MysticRose has been gone a long while.  No doubt she is sleeping or on a journey. I will make sure she receives your message."

Drake smiled at Lilly.  "One more song for Lilly." 

Drake looked at Marina.  "After we are done here,  you can ask Milady Marah Whitmoore to sing if she wishes to do so. If you will assist me, Marina."

Drake knew Marina was very shy and that she kept very assidiously to the background.  It was important to Drake that he kept the newest member of the forge safe and sound. The streets were no place for a child like her.

December 22, 2019 13:03
Ronan Boru

"Lilly  Love  I  have  to get  back  to  the house. I  will see you  when  you  are done  here. I  think one of  us should  be there  when  our  guests start to arrive."

*  He  kisses her  check  and   vanishes  once  he  is  out  side  *

December 22, 2019 16:12
Marina Pershing

She nodded at Mr.Drakeand she tucked her violin under her tiny chin.  She played the few opening notes of "White Christmas."

She would play one other Christmas song she liked fter "White Christmas".  

She was shy around adults except for the very she knew at her new place. She knew of Ms Marah Whitmoore but  she knew the woman was far above her street abilities.

December 22, 2019 17:48
Shadwyn Drake

Drake listened for the few opening notes.  His spirits lifted high as he sang the song.

'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the tree tops glisten

And children listen

To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

With every Christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright

And may all

Your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the tree tops glisten

And children listen

To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

With every Christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright

And may all your Christmases

May all your Christmases

May all your Christmases

May all your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white

Christmas with you

Jingle Bells

All the way, all the way

The little girl had done superbly in his view and he would talk to her about continuing her eduction in music.

December 22, 2019 17:58
LillyEmperium *hugging her husband before he left, she knew he was right. She'd catch up with him later. Smiling softly as she listened to the pair. Thinking of Christmas` gone by. Smiling softly she swayed as they preformed.

When they finished, Lilly looked to Shadwyn and whispered*
Thank you dear.

*Kneeling beside the young girl, Lilly spoke*
Darling, you are very good. Never lose the drive, love of what you do.
December 22, 2019 18:23
Marina Pershing

She was slightly nervously when  the woman knelt beside her.  She backed off slightly as she listened to the woman speak to her,

"I won't Ma'am. My music's a part of me.  They tole me that violin was found with me.  Could Lady Marah Whitmoore sang for us here? I am askin'  I got one mor song to do. "

She looked up at Mr. Drake and spoke politely.  "Mr. Drake do you know how to play Curoo Curoo."

December 22, 2019 18:44
Briahne Christiann

Yule Ball huh? Okay, let’s do this.

Briahne actually went shopping, she found a perfect outfit, shoes, even makeup. Tonight for this ball, her eyes were dark grey, almost black ….what did that mean, nothing honestly, her eyes change like the wolf that lives inside her. Her smile though reaches all the way to those gorgeous eyes. Tonight, it’s a white soft sweater with a long black slim skirt and black heels, yes this makes her taller but that’s okay. Her makeup is natural, a gentle smokey eye and soft rose for her lipstick ….satisfied with this look, she heads to where the ball is.

No weapons, no tricks; just herself and her smile arrives at this club for hopefully one heck of a night. She notices the decorations first, absolutely lovely; then the bar. Reading the menu, she orders a Peppermint Bark Mimosa and Snowball cookies. She let’s herself enjoy the surroundings as she seeks out a table to sit down. Tonight, there was Peace and she would take part in it, finally.

Raffle Ticket #27 ~ River Song
Note: No images please.
December 22, 2019 20:26
Amethyst Ami enters and notices her father in law , Lilly and Marah. Walking over to Marah she pats her back.

"Having a good time Mars Bar?. I'll catch up to you later let me say hi to Da and mama Lil."

Walking behind them she gives each a hug.

" Glad to see you all out . Mama Lil you look beatiful abd da you look debonair."

Raffle Ticket #28 ~ River Song
December 22, 2019 21:28
Shadwyn Drake

Drake smiled at Marina.  He opened up his violin case to find his own classical violin.  Chu must have taken his electric violin with him.  He loved his own violin and he checked it over before he placed his violin under his chin.

He raised the bow over his violin and played a few opening notes for Marina to sing her choice of song.

He played as the little witchling started to sing for the party goers.   He poured himself into his music.

December 22, 2019 21:40
Marina Pershing

She closed her eyes and opened her moutht to sing.  She let her heart and soul into the song she had chosen for herself.

She was small in stature but her voice sang out in the room.  She opened her eyes to look at Mr. Drake and she sang for him.

Full many a bird did wake and fly

Curoo curoo curoo

Full many a bird did wake and fly

To the manger bed with a wandering cry

On Christmas day in the morning

Curoo curoo curoo

Curoo curoo curoo

The lark the dove and the red bird came

Curoo curoo curoo

The lark the dove and the red bird came

And they did sing in sweet Jesus' name

On Christmas day in the morning

Curoo curoo curoo

Curoo curoo curoo

The owl was there with eyes so wide

Curoo curoo curoo

The owl was there with eyes so wide

And he did sit at sweet Mary's side

On Christmas day in the morning

Curoo curoo curoo

Curoo curoo curoo

The shepherds knelt upon the hay

Curoo curoo curoo

The shepherds knelt upon the hay

And angels sang the night away

On Christmas day in the morning

Curoo curoo curoo

Curoo curoo curoo

It was one song she remembered from her few memories before St. Agnes.

December 22, 2019 21:51
Julien Vaillancourt
He did not think she wished to continue reminiscing about the Hunt, however, and he was unsure about his own feelings on the matter.  It had been an exhilarating time of his life.  Something wild and raw that could distract him from the ennui and the endless work that was sitting a throne.  Others might imagine that a throne of thorns and chaos would require less control than one of light and order, but in truth he thought it was probably the opposite.  Keeping the countless factions of goblins, sluagh and beasts from tearing each other to pieces required more diplomacy and far more paperwork than he wanted to think about.  It gave him a headache, even as a part of him, a dominant pulse, remembered how satisfying it had sometimes been.

And the growing crowd certainly made it difficult not to remember those days.  For centuries, he had been entirely alone, and after that, barely interacted with anyone except for Philippe and his family.  He had few memories similar to this, to the rush of people and the wild interplay of their personalities.  Without consciously realizing it, he had shifted his posture.  Always firm and upright, it was now regal, but in a brooding sort of way many would find unapproachable.  His eyes kept flickering to each new burst of activity, but not lingering upon it.  It was better to remember the Winter Masque than to remember Philippe's proposal.  Better to share in the simple happinesses and uncertainties that surrounded them then to allow himself to fall into bad memories.

The silver-spun Fae, it seemed, were entirely in sync this evening, as he caught Vir's expression grow stiffer and colder too, her eyes flickering with the same controlled history he was certain had blossomed in his own.  But like him, the flicker was quickly consumed behind elegance, beyond the requirements of the night and the beauty of the festivities.  He sipped his drink as she scrawled out a brief note but did not inquire about the contents.  Prying was beyond rude, it was an outright insult.

Then she made her toast, and Julien felt his lips curve into a smile, cool and indulgent but a smile nonetheless.  He nodded along with the sweet sentiment and held out his glass, drinking more than he needed to, creamy liquid burning down his throat.  He was thinking about happiness, and wishes, and raised an eyebrow quickly at the arch look she sent between him and Beaudoin.

"I cannot imagine what you mean," he said dryly.  Just because the man practically glowed with a warmth that Julien wanted to curl around... no.  "But it does seem as if we have both relaxed enough to expand our gathering."

Relaxed wasn't precisely the right word.  They were both 'on.'  Julien was different now than he'd ever been around Beau or around Keera.  He wondered idly if they would dislike it.
December 22, 2019 21:52
Shadwyn Drake

Drake finshed the last note and he laid his violin init's borrowed case.  He helped her by taking the smaller electric violin and secured it safely in it's smaller case.

He noticed she was very tired.  "Ready to leave, Marina,"

Drake wanted to leave quietly and get Marina back to the forge.

December 22, 2019 22:28
Marina Pershing

She had finished singing and she nodded at Mr. Drake.

"Yes sir.  It is time to go home. Thank you for helping me out." 

She put her prized violin in it's battered case.

She followed Mr. Drake out of the Valhalla and back to the forge.

December 22, 2019 22:32
Briahne Christiann

The Romanian sits there drinking her Mimosa, watching others enjoy this rare festivity.  That song sang a bit ago was beautiful and offered a touch of merriness as well.  It made her think of the little Eastern Orthodox Church she would go to as a child close to her home.  Christmas was a time of celebration, of course she would wait till January to celebrate hers but for now, this was nice.

December 23, 2019 00:29
Sean Lynch

Sean continued to listen quietly to the music. The next two songs were not his cup of tea, either. Glancing away from the musicians, the Dullahan saw more people arriving.

December 23, 2019 04:55
Merida Campbell Merida stood leaning against the bar. She ordered a double of Balvenie while listening to the others that were singing various tunes. Her fingertips brushed along side of the glass before lift it up to her lips. She took a few sips before stepping in the spotlight. "This is an old song that we use to sing at this time." She took a deep breath and let it out slowly before she sang the first note.

Leanabh an Àigh, an leanabh aig Màiri,
Rugadh san stàbull, Rìgh nan Dùl;
Thàinig don fhàsach, dh’fhuiling nar n-àiteSon’iad an àireamh bhitheas dhà dlùth!

Ged a bhios leanabain aig rìghrean na talmhainn
An greadhnachas garbh is anabarr mùirn,
‘S gear gus am falbh iad, ‘s fàsaidh iad anfhann,
An ailleachd ‘s an dealbh a’ searg san ùir.

Cha b’ionnan ‘s an t-Uan thàinig gur fuasgladhIriosal, stuama ghluais e’n tùs;
E naomh gun truailleachd, Cruithfhear an tsluaigh,
Dh’èirich e suas le buaidh on ùir.

Leanabh an àigh, mar dh’aithris na fàidhean;
‘S na h-àinglean àrd’, b’e miann an sùl;
‘S E ‘s airidh air gràdh ‘s air urram thoirt dhà
Sona an àireamh bhitheas dhà dlùth

As the last note passed her lips, Merida bowed her head for a moment then began to walk back over to the bar to finish her drink


Blessed is the infant ,Infant of Mary,
Born in a stable ,King of the earth;
He came into the world ,And suffered for us,
Happy the people Who’ll trust in Him!

Though sons are born To kings of this earth
In greatness of joy And greatly loved,
Their life will be short And they’ll grow weak,
Their beauty and form Fade in the grave.

How different the Lamb Who came to deliver –
Humble and modest Right from His birth;
Undefiled and holy ,The Creator of all,
He rose victorious From the grave.

Blessed the infant ,Foretold by prophets;
And for archangels He was a delight;
He’s worthy of honou r And worship by people –
Happy are they Who’ll trust in Him!
December 23, 2019 11:38
River Song "Welcome to the Yule Ball everyone!"

River stood at a podium to address those who had arrived at the ball. She wore a deep maroon coloured dress adorned with whispy desgins and topped with a feathered shawl. Her spoilery hair was pinned up in a simple updo.

As people entered the ball, she wrote their names down on a sheet and noted a coresponding raffle ticket. "If I can just draw your attention for a few brief moments, I am going to draw two names for the first two raffle prizes!"

She sticks her hand into a bowl that contains everyone's names so far and pulls out two slips of paper. "Flahme and Harlowe! Please come see me for your prizes!"

((Please mail me to claim your prize - Please note the image is just proof of randomizing the list, only the first two have won so far, but there's still LOTS of prizes to be won, so keep coming back!))
December 23, 2019 17:22
Kiernan Tigra The Angel had been gone for far too long it felt like. Last he could recall wandering the streets, it had been Christmas time the previous year. Or so he thought anyways. To hear that there was a Yule party going on this year around when he'd returned both tickled him silly, yet also made him anxious. The rules of the Crossroads and by extension, Valhalla, meant Kiernan had to go without any of his normal gear. It wasn't necessarily a 'bad' thing per se, but when one is used to watching their back, going to a place of true 'peace' was never really a thing. Yet there Kiernan was, staring at the Yule party invitation, wondering what he was going to wear. His normal clothes were out - nothing he had was 'proper' for a party hosted by the Elders.

Ultimately, he decided on wearing pants that were nicer than jeans, but not quite dress pants as part of the set. Some would argue they were suit pants probably, but he didn't care. They looked polyester as far as he cared to know. He also wore a red dress shirt, tucked in, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and the top button undone showing his lightly tanned chest. As with every outfit, there was a slit so his wings could sit in their normal resting position. On his way out, he scooped up a sleepy Little One; The Dragon almost always loved the attention he got when traveling with Kiernan.

The Crossroads, and Valhalla, were never 'far away' for someone who wished to go as Kiernan understood it - such was the nature of the Realm. Just as he arrived, Kiernan caught the tail end of River's address to the current attendees. From outside still, unfortunately. "Dang - I missed first call it looks like." His gaze drifted to the not-quite-clouds letting out what looked to be snow. Holding out a hand, he noticed the flakes disappeared well before it ever reached him. Come to think of it, as he observed closer, the flakes didn't seem to be touching anything. The Angel was in awe of what the Elder's did for fun, for the Realm residents no less.

The Crossroad's bouncers were blessedly brief with Kiernan since it was apparent that the Angel was physically unarmed. There was a question as to whether Little One was a 'weapon' of sorts, but Kiernan shook his head. "He's a pet and a friend. If anything, he's liable to sleep on my shoulder all evening." The silvery dragon chirped an 'agreement'. Besides that, he was sentient and generally understood what was going on around them. With a smile and a nod, the Angel slipped into Valhalla, curious as to who he would find.

There were a few familiar faces he took note of right away, all from his home at Ahzi. Kiernan had no intention of bothering them quite yet. The night was young and there would be plenty of time to mingle. Plus they could always catch up back at Ahzi if they missed each other completely. Socializing was far from Kiernan's strong suit, so the Angel made his way to one of the many tables closer to the bar. As he sat he shifted his night black wings to be a bit more comfortable. His attention swayed between people watching for events of interest and admiring the ice sculpture at his table.

Raffle Ticket #29 ~ River Song
December 23, 2019 19:30
Manannán mac Lir The emotions that rolled through Harlie were clear to Manannán. Her eyes usually so bright told him much and he wanted to soothe away the sadness he saw there. After the toast, Harlie turned to him and simply stared at him for a moment. He said nothing, just let his calm strength reach her, to assure her he would always be her calm in the storm if she needed him. She seemed to relax as if she had reached a decision, or perhaps it was acceptance. Either way, he also relaxed, and when she broke out in laughter, he grinned from ear to ear. He loved seeing her happy, genuinely happy, even if it was because he was goofing around.

With the order he placed for food, he also added more drinks since Harlie seemed fine to stay for a bit longer, and when she reached out and took his hand, her soft skin against his rough palm was delightful. He couldn’t help himself and leaned in to press a quick, sweet, kiss to her smiling lips before briefly reading the note she had passed to him. Manannán looked at her and nodded, acknowledging that the evening had brought unexpected emotions to the fore. He now realised her look earlier was possibly due to being lost in the past for a moment. She had endured much. “It’s time to make new memories, Harlie-girl. Honour the past, but head towards the future, and enjoy every moment along the way.”

Their food and drinks arrived, and he did indeed make short work of the snacks after making sure Harlie didn’t want any. As he was wiping his mouth with a napkin, music began, a solo voice with violin accompaniment. Carols and other Christmas songs rang out around the venue with the last being a Scottish tune. It made him glance around the room to realise he hadn’t seen either Kyla or Edward. A shame, the Scot may have enjoyed a song in his own tongue.

Returning his attention to Harlie, Manannán spoke. “I have an idea…” he began but was interrupted by their host River Song. Upon entering the ball, they were all given raffle tickets, and it appeared a drawing for prizes was about to occur.

“Flahme and Harlowe! Please come see me for your prizes!”

Manannán choked on the whiskey he was currently sipping as the names rang throughout the room. He grinned at Harlie and laughed for a moment, then shared why he found it so amusing. “There you go, lass. New memories are already on their way. Congratulations!”
December 24, 2019 02:28
Sean Lynch

Sean turned towards the podium as River addressed the crowd. He was curious to see what these raffle prizes would be but didn't count on winning. Despite being Irish, the Dullahan wouldn't call himself lucky.

December 24, 2019 08:55
Briahne Christiann

Bri picked her drink up and moved over to Merida...."That was beautiful but what was the language?"

December 25, 2019 17:28
Shannon Taylor

She was late. She knew it and the thought weighed on her as she contemplated scrapping the idea completely. Shannon bit at the bottom of her lip and slid hangers back and forth in the closet wondering if she had something suitable to wear. One dress. Her nose wrinkled and she looked at the garment in disdain before her fingers touched on the soft forgotten velvet at the back of her closet.

She pulled out the dark gray velvet pantsuit with small silver paisley pattern embossed in  the lapel. She added a black silken blouse beneath and small heeled black ankle boots. She carefully applied a light touch of make-up, and swept her hair up behind her in a black hair clip, letting soft tendrils frame her face as turned slowly and regarded her image in the mirror. Content with what she saw, she wrapped the warm shawl over her and added a black felt brimmed hat and headed to the magic of Valhalla.

She expected the party to be in full swing and was not disapointed in any way upon her arival. The place was decorated quite festively and she could hear the soft strains of music ahead. She hummed softly recognizing the carole, and slowly she felt the spirit of the holiday enter her as she handed her wrap and hat to the coat check. Amber hues scanned the room, and she slowly made her way to the bar, thinking a glass of bubbly would be just what she needed to put her nerves at ease. She could then find a nice dark corner to retreat to and watch the merriment as the effervence tickled at her senses.

December 25, 2019 22:11

Author's chair faced the bar so he saw Shannon when she went up.  Since her back was to him he called out, "Shannon, good to see you! Seize the night!"

December 26, 2019 14:27
Merida Campbell Merida had motion to the bartender for another fill of what she called liquid heaven. She heard a familiar voice, which made her smile. Turning her head slightly as she spoke up ”Its Scot Gaelic. Language that is spoken from where I came from. How are you my friend?” Her fingertip brushed along the edges of the glass. ”I see that you made it through that little mess from awhile back.” Bri had always had her back that night in the alley fighting off the unknown. She felt blessed having a friend like her. December 26, 2019 15:24
Briahne Christiann

"It was rough going, but we did it, we beat the shadows back.  I am doing very well.  Gaelic ..well it's a gorgeous language and one I am interested in learning if you can point me in a good direction to start?"  Briahne polished off her first drink, then ordered herself another while she was at the bar.  Merida was certainly in a good mood and that meant she could lighten up more and really enjoy herself here.

December 30, 2019 13:22
River Song Once more, River took a few brief moments to address the crowd, "We have some more names to draw for some more prizes!"

She sticks her hand into a bowl that contains everyone's names so far and pulls out 7 more names and calls them out one by one "Zahara, Kiernan, Amethyst, Janus, Virelai, Marah, and Kellie! Please some see me to claim your prizes."

((Please mail River Song to claim your prize))
December 31, 2019 14:28

Author clapped for the winners and squeezed Kellie's hand when her name was called.

January 01, 2020 07:29
Merida Campbell A slight tilt of her head towards her left "I would be honored in helping you learn and I can help you with the dialect and the pronunciations which some find can be difficult to say." Soft laughter escaped her lips as her hand motions for another round of drinks "Of course after a few dozen or two of the fine spirits will help roll them 'R's with no problem at all. Such mischief was bubbling up into her eyes as she gave the room a quick glance. January 17, 2020 07:47
River Song River was quite pleased with the turn out, but now, the holiday festivities were coming to a close. She made a draw for the final prizes and then told everyone, "Thank you all for making the first Yule Ball such a wonderful time!"

((Please see below for a list of winners - all minion tokens, cash and BM prizes will be sent shortly! If you've won a Dungeon Fill or a Zombie, please mail River Song to claim. Thanks again everyone!))

January 19, 2020 16:34