Re-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)

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vamp_goku *Goku wanted the tavern back as he was sad to know it burned down while he was away from the Realm. He just wanted something to remind him of all the good times he had in the realm before his leave. So he spent allot of money and time to rebuild Blood Brew Tavern, finally it was ready. Of course allot that did come here would never come here again, he just hoped maybe one day they would return.

Today was the grand opening of the place; he hoped a few old family and friends would show. The place was pretty much the same, the sign outside in red neon… Inside were plenty of places to seat, the bar was always full of whatever anyone wanted. The pillars were oak wood hold up the place, the candles light in ever few feet light up the place. He was not too big on the music in this place, but it was also one of the things he loved even though it annoyed him at times.

Most likely you will find Goku in the far end of the tavern seating in the darkest place of course, drinking his brandy or whiskey. Of course he had employees working the bar and waitress/ waiters for food and drinks. He also placed a few weapons on the wall along with some animal heads just to liven up the place. This place he just wanted others to come and enjoy themselves, to leave the stress and worries behind them. Just to relax have a few drinks as he knows the realm can be very stressful himself. *
March 11, 2014 20:16
Alyxandria Day

She padded up to the place, the sign declaring it Blood Brew Tavern and smiled softly. She opened the door and took in the sights that the place had to offer. She padded to the bar, ordering a Vodka Tonic and then glancing around again, curious as to who else would show up. She took a deep breath, scenting the room and then smiled, it smelled good. She brushed snow white hair back from a delicate face and began to walk around, exploring and sipping on her drink quietly.

March 11, 2014 21:21
Faia Shiria It was with a slightly melancholic feeling that Faia gazed upon the neon sign reading Blood Brew Tavern. The building was magnificent in itself and it almost looked exactly like the old tavern. Even the old lanterns where an exact replica of their predecessors, a touch she knew was important to Goku. Finally drawing e deep breath it was time to take a trip down memory lane.

Stepping inside was as stepping back in time. She almost expected to see Dragon and Lilly sitting at the usual table but today it was empty. No, that time had long passed and would never come back. She straightened out her back and raised her head. Time to make new memories. She flagged a waiter and ordered a blood rum, again something to remind her if old times. A soft smile curled her lips as the familiar scent from the liquor brought back a flood of memories. Closing her eyes as she sipped her glass she felt like coming home after being away for years.

She finally opened her eyes and looked around. Spotting Alyx she waved and raised her glass in a greeting gesture. Before socializing she wanted to find her husband and congratulate him in this well done project. She didn't have to search for long. Knowing where he'd be hiding she headed for the darkest corner in the establishment.

"Well look who's hiding in the shadows..." She chuckled softly. "You've done a great job rebuilding this my love. I'm sure Dragon and Lilly would be proud." Leaning down she placed a tender kiss to his cheek before taking a seat.
March 12, 2014 03:19
Ciaran _M Boru

*Ciaran  had  heard news that the  blood brew  was open  again  but  he  had  been  busy  dealing  with issues  in the  family and  at home that  he   had  just  now  gotten  a handle on  . After the  week  he had  he    decided  to  go  see what  Goku  did  with the  place.

He looks  up   at the sign  and smiles. he opens  the door and walks in. It looked like  it had  when it  first opened and  dragon  and lilly owned it. He  fines  Goku  and   walks  over.*

" Looks  good in here. So whats  going  on with  you?"

March 12, 2014 17:10
Alyxandria Day

She spotted Faia and smiled, raising her glass in return and then taking a sip. She watched her walk over to Goku who had been lurking in the shadows off to one side and waved at them. She then found a nice seat and claimed it as hers, sitting down and waiting to see who else entered. A man came in and she raised her glass to him in greeting before going back to her thoughts.

March 12, 2014 22:32
Ciaran _M Boru

*Ciaran Smiles and  nods  at  the  girl  in the  place before looking at  Goku with the  lass  he  could only  guess was his  wife  that he had heard so  much  about.*

March 12, 2014 23:38
Faia Shiria

Faia turned in her seat to see who entered as the door opened again. She didn't know the gentleman but nodded as he aprroached the table she was sharing with Goku. Apparently they knew each other. She offered a polite smile and pondered on whether her husband had fallen asleep or was just deeply engulfed in his own thoughts. She nudged Goku gently thinking that might spark him to reply to either of them before she turned to Ciaran. Offering her hand in greeting her shimmering pools of silver twirled slowly as she looked at him.

"You have to excuse my husband. He has a tendency to trail off like that in the most unfortunate of circumstance." She chuckled softly before continuing. "I don't think we've met. I'm Faia"

March 13, 2014 04:27
vamp_goku *It as seemed Goku dozed off for a few, maybe he was just tired from all the work he as done on the place. Maybe he was tired from well downing half a bottle of brandy, no matter what it was he snapped out of it when he felt a nudge. His first response was to go for his blade on his hip, until he looked at his side with her sitting there next to him. He could not help but smile at her, and looks around the place to see Alyxandria and Ciaran. Well a few did come which made him grin even wider.*

"Well hello Alyxandria, why not come over have a drink with us uh?"
"Hello Ciraran are you doing these days? If I might ask..Please sit what is your poison? My apologizes I can not remember what everyone drinks..hehe"

*Goku calls a waitress over, as she stands by the table waiting for everyone's orders.. He looks at the brandy bottle, maybe he should take it easier now since others were here. He asked the waitress for some coffee instead, he did not want to pass out on his customers..Plus it as been to long since he as talked to Ciaran.. As he turned to Faia smiling wide returning a kiss to her cheek.*

"What now what did I do? Now your over hitting me uh? I am going to call spouse abuse on you. Hitting me and then you kicked me, and here I thought I got enough of that from others.."
March 13, 2014 09:06
Faia Shiria

Faia’s eyes averted to the empty bottle of brandy sitting in front of Goku and figured that was the most likely reason for his ‘absence’. She shook her head and smiled indulgent. It wasn’t the first time and it probably wasn’t the last either. Especially now that he actually owned the place. She chuckled to herself thinking she would have to come here ever so often if she wanted to see him at all.


The waitress stood by the table waiting for everyone’s orders but Faia merely shook her head and raised her glass. It was still half full and she hadn’t been feeling that well earlier. No need to push the luck she thought and the waitress moved on to take orders from the others.


She felt his lips to her cheek and she couldn’t help but to smile wide as her hand went to caress his arm only to have her blink a few times at his words. “Hitting you?” She had a confused look to her face, then her eyes narrowed slightly but a humorous smile lingered. “I think the liquor is messing with your brain darling. All I did was nudge you. You have customers waiting and you’re just sitting here sleeping… And I most certainly haven’t kicked you. Maybe you’re just clumsy and stumbled ey?”

March 13, 2014 09:52
Alyxandria Day

She smiled at him and stood, unfolding herself from the chair and walking over to the small group. She knew Faia, but the other man was a stranger to her. She gave a polite smile and took a chair. "Good evening Goku, hello to you as well Faia," she said sweetly, her Scottish accent thick. She sipped at her drink  and studied the people around her, waving the waitress off with a show of her still almost full glass and a gentle smile.

March 13, 2014 21:03
Faia Shiria

Faia crossed her legs and turned in her seat as Alyx joined them at the table. She offered a bright welcoming smile. "Good evening. It's good to see you Alyxandria. So how do you like the establishment?"


She made a sweeping motion around the room with her hand and leaned in briefly to whisper to Alyx "Goku has put a lot of work hours in to this place. You better say something nice about it." She winked and gave a light chuckle as she leaned back in her seat again and her eyes averted momentarily to her husband.

March 14, 2014 05:02
Alyxandria Day

She smiled sweetly before speaking, "It is a very lovely place, I can tell that Goku has put a lot of work into it." She laughed softly as Faia spoke, "Well of course," she whispered back sweetly, casting a glance at Goku and smiling softly.

March 16, 2014 20:18
Lilly *standing in the shadows,as she did many times in the past. Lilly was glad to see her tavern running again, and much how her father had left it. Once it had been the gathering place of the realm, for both sides. She knew it would be again, in time.

Slowly she emerged, the hood of her cloak shielding her face. Approaching goku, she pulls out a photo of Kain and Jasmin.*

This should be hung, above the bar. In remembrance of them........
March 19, 2014 22:36
Killian Doyle

~After  being  gone for the week running a few things that needed his  attention only  for friends Killian decides  to check out this  Blood Brew tavern that Goku  had  mentioned to  him before he  left. He walks in and looks around.~

March 20, 2014 21:29
Siobhan Doyle ~* Siobhan got the text message from Doyle about meeting him at this new place so after her shower she blow dried her hair and gave it a little bit of a curl.Wearing her black leather pants and silky black shirt and ankle boots she grabs her black jacket and heads to the place. Once inside she looks around to finally see her husband at a table and walks over to him.~*

"He there handsome how do I look?"
March 23, 2014 15:02
Killian Doyle

~Killian turns around and  smiles~

"Well I  guess ou Boru  girls do  still clean up  nice."

March 23, 2014 15:11
Siobhan Doyle "Excuse me I am now a Doyle thank you very much and you will just have to live with that my love."

~* Shiv leans downs and kissed his cheek ~*

" This is a cool place how did you ever find it?"
March 23, 2014 15:20
Killian Doyle

"I know the  owner so  to  say. Hes  been  after me  to  get  here to  check the  place out  so  I  figured  why not. Speaking of where is  he?"

~ Killian looks around  for Goku.~

March 23, 2014 15:23
Siobhan Doyle "Hey love will you order me a drink i have to find the powder room .Now dont go no where I will be right back."

~*Kissing his cheek once more Shiv heads off to find the ladies room. She looks around the place as she searches ~*
March 23, 2014 15:26
Faia Shiria

Faia shrugged again as Goku didn’t seem to respond neither to her nor any of the others. She smiled sweetly at Lilly as she approached the table. It ws nice seeing her again after such long time but she got a feeling there was something she wanted as she headed straight for Goku. Faia merely nodded at her as she got up from her seat. She would go greet her in due time. For now she’d let them catch up.


As more people started to enter the tavern the waiters started to huzzle a bit more. One of the younger girls accidentally tripped and bumped in to Faia spilling the content of her drink all over her shirt. She grumbled under her breath but tried to calm the girl down saying it wasn’t her fault and that she wasn’t mad. She just had to go change. Luckily she’d kept a small duffle bag of all kinds of things out back while Goku had spent the long hours setting the place up. Upon returning to the main room she’d swapped the crimson shirt with a black silk shirt that matched the black leather pants and was now dressed in all black.


She headed for the bar to order a new drink. Hopefully Goku would snap out of this state soon or she’d have to ruffle the staff on her own.

March 23, 2014 15:30
Killian Doyle

"And   that d rink  would  be  what then  my  dear."

~Killian  watches her  walk  off. He shakes his head he  was many things  being  a  witch  but he  tended not to  try and read his  wife's mind. He wasnt s ure  hed  make it  back out of  it a live.~

March 23, 2014 15:35
Siobhan Doyle ~* Shiv links to him "sorry love I would like a Irish whiskey sorry I for got to tell ya but ya know its a Boru favorite". Fixing her hair she head back out of the rest room and notices a Juke box so she decides to and see what they had on it. She smiled when she saw Joan Jett I love Rock n Roll so putting a quarter in she hits the keys and smiles~*

"I haven't heard this since before Eden died. I do miss ya girl it seems I just don't have anyone to talk to when needed."

March 23, 2014 15:41
Killian Doyle

~ killian  walks  to the  bar and  orders  the  drink  Shiv  wanted and   gets one  for him.  He notice a  lass next to him  and  does a  double take. She looked  just like  shiv. The Irish witch knew his  wife and  what  she  always  wore  so    it wasnt easy to  get one  past him. not seeing the  fire opal  ring that all the Borus  had that linked  them  together he  walks off and  back to the  table.

He  starts  to  think  was siobhan wearing that ring  even. He  shakes his  head . Of course s he  was they never removed  them. Ciaran had  Ronan's now and  he  was unsure  where Liam's  was.~

March 23, 2014 15:53
Siobhan Doyle ~*Shiv started to dance her way back when she noticed that her ring was not on then she remembered she hadn't wore it since before she was kidnapped on her way back she got distracted wen her cell went off It was Cici telling her that he was coming back early.~*

"Well I know Doyle will be happy to hear that I will let him know and if you find my ring would you bring it to me I haven't seen it since I was at Liam's."
March 23, 2014 16:00
Faia Shiria

Finally the bartender finished her drink as a man walked up to her side ordering two drinks of his own. The bartender took to work but accidentally mistook the Irish whiskey with a Scottish brand. She didn’t want to embarrass the man in front of costumers though and decided to take the matter up on her own.


She tilted her head curiously as she noticed the strange look her gave her though. She turned and let her silvery gaze follow him to a table. She was pretty sure she’d never seen him before but in a place like this you’d never know. Biting her bottom lip she nodded to herself and left her drink at the bar before following Killian. “You know that isn’t an Irish whiskey… right?”

March 23, 2014 16:06
Killian Doyle

"AS  fast  as you  drink  it  wont  matter much  Shiv  will it?"

~ Killian  was  more then  sure  he  was looking at his  wife. He had never  know  there to  be any other siblings as he  grew up  with the Borus and  had  know  Siobhan  for  her entire life. ~

March 23, 2014 16:19
vamp_goku *Goku finally snapping out of another nap, he looks up as Faia is gone wondering where she went. And seeing Lilly in front of him, he could not help but smile as he gets out of his chair. Giving her a big hug and smiling at the picture she was holding out, he took it and walked over to the bar to place it where it was suppose to be.. Walking back to Lilly he smiles again.*

"Well hello Lil, how have you been? And you know this place is as much yours as it is mine, if not more so.. I placed your name on the place as well, no worries everything is payed for so do not freak out on me..hehe Excuse me for a sec please Lil.."

*Goku grins as he sees Killian and Siobhan, and it seemed Faia was being her little devilish self..He chuckles before he walked over to all them, just listing for a few before he spoke..He taps a waitress on the shoulder to bring him a drink, the coffee was not working anyways..As he taps Faia on the shoulder then hides on the other side of her trying his best not to chuckle.*

"Well hello Killian and Siobhan, how are you two doing tonight? If I might ask..I am very glade you guys stopped by to see the place, I tried to make everything look and seem the same as the old place.."
March 23, 2014 16:20
Tristan Eriksen

~Tristan orders a drink and finds a seat in the far end of the tavern. Keeping to himself for now he observes.~

March 23, 2014 16:23
Killian Doyle

~killian looks at Goku~

"Its  not the  Shamrock  but its not  such a  baad  place . Ciaran is thinking of  opening up  his  father's  place again but  we will see if that happens. something about  making it so  friends and  family only  can get in."

March 23, 2014 16:25
Faia Shiria

Faia blinked a few times wondering if he was serious or not. She was sure he’d purchased either one of the drinks for someone else but of course he was alone at the table and now he was offering her the drink. But who or what was a Shiv? She smirked and gave a soft chuckle. “And how is that you would know that Mister?”


Someone tapped her in the shoulder and made her turn only to find no one before hearing Goku's voice. She blinked again a few times. Who and what now? She then figured it was some kindof game they were playing and she wasn't about to step back from that. "I'm sure Lilly and Dragon would be proud to see it in such good shape again"

March 23, 2014 16:30
Killian Doyle

"Im  Irish lass I  know what home  brew  smells like. What  is  with you  today. You  know all of this  as well."

March 23, 2014 16:32
Siobhan Doyle ~* Putting her cell in her back pocket Shiv heads to the table to see Killian had a couple of people there. walking up next to him she sees the drink and downs it and coughs~*

"Bloody hell Doyle I said Irish whiskey not Scottish. "

~*tilting her head she extends her hand to the girl before looking at her~*
"Hello I am Siobhan and you ...."

~*Shiv looks at her and gasps~*
"You have my face."

March 23, 2014 16:33
Killian Doyle

"Wait a  second .I  havent had  but one drink and  already seeing  double  here. Goku  what the  bloody hell  do  you  put in theses drinks?"

~ he looks  from  the other woman  to  his  wife~

"D'eithe  daor sean cabhr'u liom ( Gods of  old help Me)"

March 23, 2014 16:36
Faia Shiria

Faia turned as a woman grabbed the drink Killian had just offered her, or so she thought. Her jaw dropped slightly as she watched the woman down the drink in one go. Not because she was drinking fast but more so because she was looking at what could have been her own reflection. "What the hell?!"


Siobhan offered her hand but Faia didn't move. "No you have mine..."

March 23, 2014 16:41
Siobhan Doyle ~*Shiv turned and looked at Killian~*
"OK mo ghrá nach bhfuil níos mó ag ól ar do shon. Tá mé gearrtha díreach tú amach"
( "Ok my love no more drinking for you. I have just cut you off")

~* she then looks back at the other girl it was like she was looking into a mirror ~*

"How come you have my face ? I know your not Simone my cousin cause she was killed when we were 14 by the Brits. Who are ya lass is this some trick."
March 23, 2014 16:43
Killian Doyle

"Mar sin ni fionnuar. Ar Cheann de na agat is F'eidir liom d'eilse'ail le dh'a go nach bhfuil an oiread sin"

(So not  cool. One of you I  can  deal  with  two  well not so  much.")

March 23, 2014 16:47
Siobhan Doyle "Hug Tá mé an ceann amháin agus mar sin ní mór dúinn a fháil amach an freagra anseo. Má tá a Máthair eile teaghlaigh rúnda nó athair a lán de mhíniú a dhéanamh. "

(Hey I am the one and only so we need to find out the answer here . If its another family secret Mother or father has a lot of explaining to do.")

~*Shiv looks at Doyle then the bar~*
"I think I need another and make it Irish this time."
March 23, 2014 16:55
Faia Shiria

Faia narrowed her eyes already in the defense. "I don't know what you're talking about lady but I'm not playing any tricks here it seems that you are."

She turned to look at Killian not understanding a single word he had spoken since Siobhan had joined the table. "I have no clue what you're jabbering about but is this your doing?"

Finally she turned to Goku hoping he could solve this.

March 23, 2014 16:57
Killian Doyle

"Nope  cut off  get your  own. as  for this   : A Cheapann T'u? ( Do you  think?) Can  always  get  with  Ciaran he  might be of  some  help."

~ he looksa  again  from the  lass  across from him  to  Siobhan  and  rubs his temples. This was one way to get an Irishmen  to  stop  drinking. Let his  wife find a  twin.~

"Lady  I  have no idea  what is  going on here. If I  did  i would admit to  it. Some one  here is  messing  with  all 3 of  us. All I know is you look  exactally like   Siobhan  , my  wife  here."

March 23, 2014 16:58
Siobhan Doyle "Hey leave my husband out of this I have had this face since i was born if Ronan and Liam were alive they would tell ya . Bren isn't here so hes out but Yes Cici is the best one he can tell ya lass that I looked like this all my life. "

~*Shiv looks at Killian rubbing his head~*

"there there love its okay."
March 23, 2014 17:07
Killian Doyle

"Hey  not  your  pet  dog here Shiv. Yeah think  we need to  call Ciaran since  we  cant  call  Ronan or Liam as of right now.  If I  wanted  to mess  with my  wife's head I make a  double of me  not her."

~ looks at her~

March 23, 2014 17:09
Faia Shiria

Faia rubbed her temples as well and grumbled under her breath. It seemed Goku had snapped off again and always with such good timing. Turning back to Siobhan and Killian she sighed. "Look I'm not trying to offened anyone but I have no family to confirm what I looked like as a child but I can assure you that I have looked this way as far back as I can remember."

March 23, 2014 17:11
Siobhan Doyle ~*Shiv looks at him and growls swatting the back of his head gently~*

"Remember that Boru temper ya said ya didn't want to be on the receiving end... and uh no, no double of you one is all I can deal with right now. i am calling Cici. Oh and he said to tell ya he is back and Ami isn't feeling to well i think its the baby."

~*Shiv takes out her cell and calls Cici.~*
" Ciaran Mordred Boru I need you here front and center at Goku's bar there is a lass here with my face and i need you to tell her i had mine all my life. See ya when ya get here."

~*Shiv hangs up and places her cell back in her pocket~*
"Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this when Cici gets here but i swear my nephew knows nothing i bet he will be speechless I tell ya."

Shiv looks at every one then the girl next to her. seems she had the same attitude that shiv had herself this was strange.~*
March 23, 2014 17:19
Ciaran _M Boru

* Getting the maessage  from  his  aunt  Ciaran knew something  big  was  going on  and   he  better respond  fast. He   orbs  to the  bar. Seeing his  aunt  and Uncle  he  walks over.*

"Okay what the  bloody hell is going on  now? Who looks like  what now? Oh  Grania says  to  tell you she  wants to  stay  with us a  bit longer if that is alright  with you Aunt  Shiv and  uncle Killian?"

* He looks  to the other  woman nad  then  back to them.*

"yeah  this is  odd. I dont remeber  da ever saying  you  were a twin  Siobhan. Then  again  I  wouldnt  put it  past him  not knowing."

March 23, 2014 17:25
Siobhan Doyle

~*Shiv looked at her Nephew ~*

" The only twin I had was my cousin Simone kelly Killian i a sure you knew her Ro called us 2 peas in a pod . Simone died when we were 14 I saw her die in that fire. so there is only one explantion You say you have no family  then something was hidden from both of us and i figure only one person would hide such a thing  and its the same one who hid liam's real father from him and that would be the Fire Queen herself .My Mother  You know how she loves her secrets.  As for lady G  yeah its spring break and it would be good for her i would hate for this to confuse her  she has had so much happen this past year. Just tell her Aunti banshee loves her . Don't look at me like that Cici that is what she calls me now  since that gift came into my being. And Doyle i never treated  you like a pet dog."

~*she looks at them both~*

March 23, 2014 17:38
lacigam He was walking around the town and notices a tavern that had opened again, and decides to take a look inside, he walks in and the place is very nice, and has a very good atmosphere, and he walks to the bar area and orders something to drink, the bartender gets him what he ordered and he kind of scans the room to see anyone he might know, he stops at Faia and *smiles knowing her all to well, a friendship that was forever in his mind, so he walks over to her and the people she is sitting with and calls to her " Faia! is it really you! and how and where is Goku? March 23, 2014 17:46
Ciaran _M Boru

"Well then  Siobhan  you know  who  you  have to  call to  get  answers  either  Brigit or  Murchad  will have them. AsI  said I  know  about Simone but this  I  havent  a clue a bout at all. Da never mentioned it never mind  uncle Liam or Uncle  Brandon  for that matter. So  yeah your  best  bet is  Brigit. Though its not unheard of  for  twins  to  be  seperated at  birth for  some reason  or other really."

* Ciaran  looks at the  other  female and smiles*

"Sorry  forgive me  where are my manners. Im  Ciaran  Boru and you are?"

March 23, 2014 19:30
Alyxandria Day

She sat silently, seeming to be in a world all her own as she looked around and memorized everything around her. She had not been paying much attention to the people around her but now that she snapped back she noticed that there were quite a few more than there had been. She studied each of them curiously, wondering who each was.

March 23, 2014 21:49
Lilly * nodding to Goku, she walked over to the bar an instructed a hand to hang the photo over the bar. For a moment, she thought she had heard her name and her deceased husbands name. Sighing softly she turned away from the group. It still troubled her, not having him by her side no more.

Smiling she turned, attempting to get the crowds attention. She abruptly, and forcefully yet eloquently spoke*

To all here, on behalf of management...... Eat, Drink, make Merry..... As in the past, this tavern has been a meeting for shall always remain so
March 23, 2014 21:57
Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks  up  to  Lilly   when  she  spoke and smiled. Killian  decided  when he  wasnt  at the  Shamrock  with  Ciaran and  who  ever else  family  and friend wise showed up there that this  wouldnt be a  bad little spot to   grab a drink.~

March 23, 2014 22:37
Siobhan Doyle

"But why would mother have us seperated and Ro was what 10 years old when I was born I am sure he would have known of  if I were a twin. But yeah mother is the best bet on this. "

~*Shiv looked up when she heard a females voice  leaving the table she goes to the bar and orders 2 shots od Irish whiskey . When the bartender brought them to her she looks at him raising her shot glass. ~*

"Well heres to your health and my sanity."

~* Taking the shot she downs it shaking her head then downs the other one.~*

"Now thats irish Whiskey."

~* paying the tab she turns and goes back to Killian and the others and takes a seat  rubbing her temples~*

March 24, 2014 12:04
Killian Doyle

"So then  you  ask  your mother  about this. Ronan might  not of know because  you  were pulled apart before he  saw or any of the others  did. Why  I do  not know  but Brigit  might  and should  be  able to  give that answer when you  ask."

March 24, 2014 13:19
Faia Shiria

With a more and more confused look Faia looked from person to person as Ciaran joined the conversation as well. She hadn’t had the chance to greet him yet but she knew Goku knew him. With an annoyed growl she muttered under her breath “What kind of trick is this?!” And what’s with the talk about twins and family? Hell she didn’t even know who those people were.


She sighed loudly and went to the bar to get a double shut of blood rum. Downing it quickly she turned back to rejoin the others but bumped in to Laci on her way. She gave a still somewhat confused smile. “Laci!”

She gave a brief hug and pointed towards Siobhan and the others as she whispered “Tell me she doesn’t look exactly like me!”

Faia swallowed and pondered on whether to go get another drink. “Goku is around somewhere but he keeps disappearing on me.”

Faia shrugged knowing he was probably out buying a new pair of boots since Vic had chewed his old ones up again. “But welcome to the Blood Brew Tavern. Make yourself at home and order anything you like.”

She then nodded towards the others. “You’re welcome to join us.”


She looked up as Lilly spoke giving an applauding nod. “Spoken like a true hostess Lilly! Welcome back”

Faia smiled before heading back to the others. She wasn’t keen on interrupting their conversation but she wanted to know what was going on. “uuhhmmm can anyone please explain what the hell you are talking about?”


She turned to Ciaran and took a deep breath. “I’m Faia. Faia Shiria. Nice to meet you Ciaran. I do believe you know my husband Goku..”

March 24, 2014 15:34
Killian Doyle

"Lets  just  say  there  might  be a  lead on who  you might be.  Ciaran here is  that link. Do  you know the name Ronan Boru?  Well his and  my  wife's  mother is the  celtic  fire  goddess , Brigit. She  never  been very  forth  coming  with the  truth on  who  is  who in the  family line . She might have the answers to this."

March 24, 2014 17:10
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan looked at her mirror image taking a deep breath she tilted her head then spoke hoping she was about to explain this right so she could understand.`*

"okay let me see if I can explain this right. You have.... I mean we have the same face right? And only one other looked like me and that was my cousin.Its obvious you are not her so ther can only be two explainations right? We are twins and seperated at birth , why I have no idea. Or your a doppleganger. I go for twin what about you? But if you have a better explanation I am all ears. But Like My nephew and husband said one person may know the answer and that is mummy dearest  Brigit the Irish fire queen. "

~* Shiv looked at her tilting her head with a raised brow. ~*

"You have heard of the Irish gods and goddesses havent you?"

March 24, 2014 17:18
Lilly * smiling to Faia* only always my dear, and thank you. I shall be around for a long time my dear.

* seeing Ciaran, and hearing parts of the conversation. Lilly approached slowly.* I don't mean to be nosey, but the similarities between you two lasses are.....startling.
March 25, 2014 04:32
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan looks at the woman who came to the table and stops rubbing her temples which seemed everyone at the table was doing at this time, Giving the woman a small friendly smile Shiv brushed a small strand of hair back off her shoulders then twirled a strand with her fingers.~*

"Ma'am don't you find it odd that 2 strangers look like well mirror images? I mean the last thing I expected when I came to meet my husband was to find someone who looks and well dresses like me, But I do have to say she speaks nothing like me so I know the lass isn't Irish which is confusing me. Man do I have a headache .Doyle I got my last 2 shots could you get me another. I now take back the cutting you off. I think we both need a another shot ...or you can make that 2 or 3 more."

~* Siobhan hadn't drank like this since the viral invasion  but something deep inside the pit of her stomach was telling there was a lot more to this then meets the eyes. So as soon as she gets home she was going to summon the Fire Queen herself ordering her to appear. ~*

March 25, 2014 10:27
Killian Doyle

~Killlian  gets up  and  gets the  shots. This  wasa  bit more then he  was  prepared to  deal  with  . he knew  her  famiy  like  his own  was  full of  secreats out there that  could   possibly  get them  killed or in  a lot  of trouble if they  got  out.

He  returns  to the table  after getting the  shots. Four in total. two  of  her  two  for him.  He hands  them  to  her.~

March 25, 2014 14:50
Siobhan Doyle

~* Smiling she takes one hot and looks at Killian  she needed this now more then she ever did. ~* 

" Love ya sure know my poison. Well here's to our sanity "

~* swirling the shot shot glass bringing the glass to her lips Shiv tilts her head back downing the irish whiskey then places the shot glass down. Leaning next to Killian she whispers into his ear  so no one else could hear ~*

" Doyle when ya asked me out for drinks I didn't expect all this excitement. But I love ya any way laddie. "

March 25, 2014 15:24
Killian Doyle

"This  was not  even  close to  what i  had in mind either lass trust me on that. Then  again  your family has always  had their secreats and  been well  a bit  not right in the head. You saw  that  with  Ciaran here not  so  long ago and this now. What other shocking surprise  are there we  dont  know  about?"

March 25, 2014 15:39
Siobhan Doyle

 ~* Shiv looks at him and stares~*

"And what do you mean my family isn't right in the head? I am perfect with a very good head. As for secrets leave it to my mother  At least I'm not a triplet at least oh gods of old i hope not ."

March 25, 2014 15:46
Killian Doyle

"Have you  been under a rock? Ronan pretty much told the coven leaders to go to hell so I heard  from Donnallan and um have you seen your nephew's temper as of late? You are all off in the head. Your mother has more secreats then any one and only shares them when its of benefit to her. No worries lass we Doyles are just as off in the head. Its not entirely a bad thing really."

~He  grins~

March 25, 2014 15:54
Siobhan Doyle

" Well not me so I have a good head. As for mother thats all true she only tells the truth when she is cornered and has no way out. "

~* Shiv leaned over running her fingers through his hair as if she was looking for something then kissed the top of his head. ~*

"Well no holes are in there so being off I guess is better.  I thought it was having a Goddess as a mother that made my family go off.  I have always been the quiet one. Do ya think I was adopted?"

~* she looks at him and smiles ~*

March 25, 2014 16:05
Killian Doyle

~ Looks at  her a nd  shakes his  head~

"Cute Shiv really now. Yeah  well its  gonna  get to the point that she  has  to  spill everything. No  your  family  goes off for other reasons out side of the Thutha de links  you share I  am  sure but we wont  get in to that here."

~ Killian  makes  a  soft  howling  noise  at  shiv so only  she  can  hear.*

March 25, 2014 17:27
Siobhan Doyle

~* Shiv smiled and shook her head when she heard his low growl.~*

" Ok what was that growl all about. I did nothing wrong? as for the answers yeah we will have to do that at home where I can call for her freely . But I am sure she knows about this encounter  if not she will as soon as we get home."

March 25, 2014 17:35
Ciaran _M Boru

* Ciaran shakes his  head at them.*

"Well then  that seems to  be your  best bet to  do . I  will see if I can  find any  thing in the family records but some how I doubt there will be  anything there. I  wouldnt  worry about  it til then much what is what. It  will get  sorted soon enough. If there are answers out there we will find them. "

March 25, 2014 17:48
Ciaran _M Boru

* Ciaran shakes his  head at them.*

"Well then  that seems to  be your  best bet to  do . I  will see if I can  find any  thing in the family records but some how I doubt there will be  anything there. I  wouldnt  worry about  it til then much what is what. It  will get  sorted soon enough. If there are answers out there we will find them. "

March 25, 2014 17:48
Lilly *Smiling Lilly nodded to Siobhan, as she extended her hand* First let me not forget may manners. I am Lilly Emperium Shade. Being an Emperium, I am very use to strange happenings.....came with the birthright. But Faia not sounding Irish could be due to being raised separate from you.

*Looking closer she chuckled* you are kin to Ro, am I correct in hearing this?

March 25, 2014 18:57
Siobhan Doyle

~* Shiv took her hand  and nodded at Lilly ~*

"Nice to meet you Lily and you are correct I am kin to Ronan I am his youngest sister. I am Siobhan Bridgette Boru well Doyle now. I think you may be right on the sounding thing.  do I catch a bit of Irish in your voice?  So if you know my brother then you know of my mother Brigit. Do you really think we look that much alike?  I just need to find out why we were seperated my mother must have had good reasoning in that one at least in her mind good reasoning."

March 25, 2014 19:53
Killian Doyle

"Yeah the reason lass is  that your mum  is insane. All of you  Boru lasses are insane. Thats why  ya  need the rest of  us Irish  lads to  keep ya in line. Were the only  insane ones that  can  keep  up  with ya."

~ Killian  smiles~

March 25, 2014 20:18
Ciaran _M Boru

"Well yeah Brigit  she is a bit insane I  give ya that Doyle  but I  have a  feeling  lad you  keep  pointing out  my  aunt  being insane you gonna find yourself either  sleeping  on the  couch  or alone at the coven house for  a  wee  bit  longer then ya  might want. "


*Ciaran  smiles  hearing  some one  mention his father  but  says  nothing about it. Lilly was  in  that  coven  with  them  ages ago and  he  knew  his  father trusted her more then  he  did most.  Besides  Lilly was always  kind to every one she met. Was one of her more endearing  gifts.*

March 25, 2014 20:24
Lilly *Smiling she shook her head* No, however my older daughter Angel is of Irish decent. I believe it to be important that she knows where she comes from. I do adapt to my surroundings though. Diplomacy through words, mother's idea....sometimes better than diplomacy fathers way, blood shed.

*Reminiscing for a moment, Ronan has saved her hide many of times. She never deserved a friend like him.* Yes, I knew him well. I have nothing but respect for him. It is my pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
March 25, 2014 21:24
Siobhan Doyle

" Wow I wish my mother was like you. But I learned all I know from Ronan then it was learning on my own the past 8 years. So tell me how long have you known my brother?"

`* Catching Killian;s and cici's conversation Shiv turned and gave Killian a scowling look ~*

"Like i said a 100 times I am the good one out of the family. I think I take more after dad then mum . And Doyle that is some good advice my nephew is giving you  with that back of yours I am sure you would rather sleep in a nice soft comphy bed then a hard couch for a week or two. I am the saine one  get that straight.  I am sure that Cici here never called barbie insane have ya  Cici?"

March 25, 2014 23:12
Faia Shiria

Repeatedly Faia looked from one person to another trying her best to make sense of it all. She still had to stop and stare at Siobhan as if she was a ghost or something but slowly she figured there had to be a natural explanation for all of this. It seemed they believed it to be possible that Siobhan and herself were twins. Faia had no way of knowing since she had no one to ask about family relations. Her only family was her husband and that wouldn’t help much. She looked around trying to find said husband but sighed as she failed to do so.


Looking back at the others she drew a deep breath as to build enough courage to speak. “I was brought up all around Europe really. My dad and I were in the circus” she paused and thought for a moment. “Well if he was my dad..”


Looking back up at the bar she could really use another drink but didn’t want to leave again. She turned to Siobhan “There’s gotta be a way to find out if we’re related or it is just a coincidence of a very striking resemblance”

March 26, 2014 06:42
Killian Doyle

"So you  keep  telling  me  that you  are the sane  one. Sanity is a  relitive  term  with your  family lass. You  know it. Besides I  have  seen ya less then sane as of late. Only way to  find out Faia is  to  for  Siobhan  or  Ciaran  to  talk  to  Brigit or  Murchad her  father. It  will get  sorted."

~ Killian  looks  to  Lilly  and  smiles~

"Aye  it is always  good  to  know  where one  comes from  and  the  traditions, people  and  food  that  goes with it. Sometimes  your father  was right  words  dont always  work and  blood shed is  needed."

~He looks  to  Ciaran. He  knew  the lad understood that  words made peace  but  sometimes a  show of  force  needed to  be  made  before the  words  could  come in to  play.  He  knew Ronan let all his kids know that  when  words  failed the  first time   a  show of  force  was needed and then  possible  words  again  to  smooth out any hurt  feelings  for a lasting  peace.~

March 26, 2014 07:50
Ciaran _M Boru

"Not to  her  face no but there  have  been  times  she  been a bit  insane I  am  sure. I  know  better then that. Well at least for  now I  do. Later that  could  change."

*He looks  to Lilly*

"Aye words only  work  when the other  party is  willing to  listen to you otherwise its a  waste of  time  and  energy.  Some  people  all they understand is  a show  of  force and blood. "

March 26, 2014 08:00
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan rolls her eyes at Killian and Ciaran then got up and walked next to Faia.It was strange looking at her own face on someone else but something came over her as her face softed and felt  a sibling bond. Gently placing her hands on the girls shoulders  she gave her a soft gentle smile.~*

"Yes there has to be a logical answer  hon and I will find out from the one I call mother , if she doesn't have answers then I will go to my father  and through my whole bloody family if I have to.  But I hate to admit it and I will feel sorry for ya lass but I really think they are your family too. But no worries I will get to the bottom of this trust me. One thing about my  or our mother she can never lie to me when confronted."

March 26, 2014 13:23
Killian Doyle

~Killian looks at the girl.~

"We will find it. Just  remember Siobhan this  might be  something not  even your mother knew about.  Tell us Faia what  do you remeber about growing up  and  moving around? You mentioned the circus you  never felt a  pull to  Ireland ?  Like  you  needed to be there for  some un known reason?"

*Killian  knew most of the Boru  blood line was connected to the  very land of Ireland  by all means not  just  because it was home  but because of  who they were and  what their blood was to the land of Ireland.*

March 26, 2014 15:00
Siobhan Doyle

"Hey twins normally feel things as well when something happens to the other and it sometimes hapen to them. They also feel their emotions and if they are not together they sometimes wonder why they are feeling them when its not happening to them. Faia when I was 5 I fell from my brothers tree house and broke my arm did you feel a pain in your right arm or did you do the same ? Also the past few years I had a rough time  the men I loved died and one time I had to kill one in the caverns it took alot out of me. Did you feel like for some reason your world was falling apart? and about 6 months ago this one man I was to marry well him and Ro had a outting and he killed himself in the caves  did you get like a real angry feeling and then shortly after I lost some one that ment a lot to me. I know this may sound weird to you but try to remember and think hard does any of this bring memories and feeling to you. Please think its important."

~*Shiv looks at the girl who could be not only a sister but a twin praying she hoped something would jog the girls memory. ~*

March 26, 2014 16:44
Lilly *chuckling Lilly smiled* I wasn't always like this though. My father, Kain, trained me for most of my youth. I met Ro, in when I was young. I was very much my father's daughter at that age. I didn't take to threats nor rules very well. He saved my hide on many occasions, and he became one of the few I trusted outside of my family. Now Cassandra on the other hand, I think she still dislikes me for something... though don't quote me on that, ain't spoken to her in ages now.

Mr. Doyle, Cirian, you are correct and I do agree. But I had to learn the hard way, there has to be a balance. As well as when to use which

*Looking to both girls, Lilly shook her head* You may have to call out telepathically to the other. Like with my twin, Osiris, I feel nothing right now.....he's not in the realm, on one of his walk abouts again. But when we are both here, we are like that. But we block a lot too
March 26, 2014 19:30
Killian Doyle

"Ciaran  what  about you  and  Matthew, Arent you  guys   able  to  feel the other one  if needed? I  know  Alexander  can  with  Tabby  and Arwen  but your uncle never told me if you  and Matt  were the same."

~Killian  looks  to  ciaran~

March 26, 2014 20:17
Ciaran _M Boru

*Ciaran looks at them.*

"When  either of  us  wants  to yees  but  we  dont make it  a habit of  getting in to  each others heads with out  permission. Alex , Tabby and  Arwen  do the  same. I  am  guessing  Elessar and  Cira  can  as well though  we  never talked about it  to  any one."

March 26, 2014 20:23
Faia Shiria

Faia chuckled a bit over the friendly bickering between Killian, Ciaran and Siobhan and smiled tryingly at Siobhan as she approached her. Faia jolted a little as a tiny surge of electricity rushed through her body when Siobhan touched her shoulder. Faia’s silvery orbs twirled a little faster as she locked eyes with Siobhan and listened. She nodded and took another deep breath. “It’s getting more and more likely that you’re all right about this.”


Faia scrutinized the face in front of her. There were small and subtle differences, like the width of the lips or the length of the cheekbones but all in all it was like staring in to a mirror. Except of course the eyes but Faia's eyes hadn't always been like this. Even the way their hair fell was similar. She turned to Killian as he spoke and tried to think back. “We moved around a lot of course so I’ve never really had a specific place to call or feel as home. Dad always told me that home is where your heart is.” A gentle smile curled her lips at the memories before she continued. “But no I’ve never been to Ireland… We only traveled the mainland of Europe and by the time I turned 16 we moved overseas.”


Turning back to Siobhan as she spoke again Faia frowned and shook her head. “No, but when I was 7 I broke my arm falling from the safety net.” Her eyes stopped twirling for a moment and took on a polished gloss. Her voice lowered almost to a whisper. “The past few years have been my own personal hell really and as for 6 months ago I estimate that was about the time I had” She paused. “An incident..” Her eyes shifted as they resumed their slow twirling motion. “I’m not sure how it all connects with your life though it could just be coincidences but tell me Siobhan, how old are you?”


She turned and smiled at Lilly. “Maybe you’re right and if neither of us knew about each other we wouldn’t know who to call out to.”

March 27, 2014 04:28
Killian Doyle

~Killian looks  from  Faia to  his  wife. He  knew  how old  she  was but this incident was worring him. He looks to Ciaran. 6 months  ago  was  when Ronan was killed and  Shiv had a incident  with her  banshee blood then. He wondered had this  girl  picked up  a bit of that incident. A bit of what siobhan  and the rest of the  family  felt. ~

" Okay not  an issue  with Ireland . Its  just  most of  the Boru  blood has a  pull to Ireland. A  stronger connection then  just home is  where the heart is feeling.  They are actually  connected to  the land  herself. Its  sort of like a power  base  for them  that  they can tap in to  for a extra  jolt to their  powers They  can  feel a nd  hear the Roar of the land  and  her  people even  when  away and off the island. Chances are you  dont  have it  because you never were there as you  said  you were on the main land."

March 27, 2014 07:03
Faia Shiria

Faia nodded at Killian and pondered for a moment. "I've alwas felt restless and not at home anywhere but I suppose that doesn't mean I would feel at home in Ireland just because I haven't been there. It would be worth a trip if all of this turns out to hold some truth."

March 27, 2014 08:49
Siobhan Doyle

~* Shiv looked at her when she said something about 6 months ago. even though they were not of the same age when they broke their arm it was close enough on how it happened.~*

" 6 months ago my brother , a good friend and some one special to me died. and well something happened to me a family gift as they call it  took over. Its a banshee let me tell you it was hell for me my head felt like it was going to explode at times . bWhat happened to ou 6 months ago ?  But I am 22 I was born on Halloween the eve of Samhain. How old are you Faia and when is your birthday."

~* The more she looked at Faia the more of a bond connection grew inside her a pull ~*

"Faia what was your dad like?"

March 27, 2014 09:14
Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks at her and nods~

"Indeed it  would be worth the trip.  No place is as beautiful  as  our little isle of  green any where in the  world. Then again  I  am  more then a  bit  biased on that having  been born there and grew up there. "

~Killian smiles a  bit.~

March 27, 2014 10:33

A cloaked figure comes in and sits down at the bar wearing a black cloak that covers almost all of the person underneath except for the feet. The feet are in a pair of Geta which stay on against even gravity.

The person turns and waves at Faia as if the person knew her.

March 27, 2014 11:07
Ciaran _M Boru

* Ciaran   looks  to the ew comer and  smiles a bit. He then looks  to  the others around him*

"While this has been  a barrel of laughs and  such I  have to  get back  to  my  family right now and  check on them and the  Shamrock as well. Yes I  reopened it and  had it redone before  you ask Aunt Shiv. Stop  by  anytime you lot  want. "

* With that  said the  young  druid  walks out of the tavern  ans  vanishes in to the  night.*

March 27, 2014 11:37
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan smilled and nodded as her nephew left then turned to Faia commenting on Doyle's comment about their home land~*

"Yes there is no place like that of Ireland especialy the cliffs that over look the sea. I have to agree with my husband i am a bit biased as well since I lived there all my life except when i left for about 8 years. I kinda  well ran away when I was 16  long story but once I left I felt like I had to search for something at the time I didn't know what . But i am thinking I know now. "

~* Siobhan looked at Faia and smiled finding it a bit easier now to look her in the eye's. ~*

March 27, 2014 14:14

The cloaked figure walks over to Faia and pokes her as the cloaked figure takes the hood off to show a young lady underneath it. The cloak then disappears to show the lady underneath it to be strange.

A lady in a pure black silk kimono. Her skin is peachy and soft to the touch yet muscles are visible under the surface. White waist length flawless silky hair flows freely. Her eyes change between blue and yellow but the cat like look is visible. Her ruby red lips smile brightly as her pearly white teeth shine bright. Her aura gives off a killer aura now she is uncloaked. She smells of were-animals and yet she moves like a human.

She seems quite happy and a little to perfect to be human. Her chest is also something that should be impossible. Her HHH-sized breasts seem to bearly stay inside her kimono as she holds a glass full of a pink liquid which smells like blood and milk.

March 27, 2014 14:36
Lilly *seeing the woman in the kimono, Lilly shook her head* I ain't saying a word March 27, 2014 18:13
Faia Shiria

Faia shifted uneasily at the questions about the events that expired half a year ago. “I’m not really sure to be honest. I’m still trying to work it all out. Most of my memories prior to the incident has been erased, scrambled or distorted to a point I could hardly recognize anyone when I got back. I know I lost something or someone and that was the catalyst for it all but at this point I know little more.”


Faia frowned a little before offering a sly smile. “Well I am 24 but as for my birthday I don’t really know. We never honored that occasion in life in the circus. I don’t really know why but I think it made my dad uncomfortable. I remember a few occasions where I would ask about it and he would act really strange and come up with some strange explanation about it only being numbers and that there were no point in celebrating getting older it would happen anyway.” She shrugged and smiled softly. “He was a gentle man but with a strict discipline. I was never allowed to venture out much on my own. He or someone from the circus always had to accompany me whenever I wanted to go somewhere. He always worried too much.”


From the corner of her eyes she spots someone waving at her and turns to wave back at Nate. She nodded to Siobhan and Killian about visiting Ireland sometime thinking it would make for a very interesting trip if half of this was true. She nodded again at Siobhans comment about searching for something and tilted her head a little. “Have you ever felt like something was missing and you just couldn’t figure out what? I’ve always felt restless at heart which is probably why I felt so much at home with a traveling circus but even with all the moving about I never felt at ease.”


Faia squirms a little as she is poked and turns to Nate offering a bright smile. “Hey Nate! Welcome to the Blood Brew Tavern. How is everything?” She leaned in to whisper. “Last time I saw you things weren’t exactly going well. I'm glad things seem to have turned out ok.”

March 28, 2014 05:23

"I am doing pretty good Faia. I kinda had some problems but they were fixed quickly." she says as she leans on the table looking at Faia with joy as she hickups and seems a little unsteady on her feet. She also seems to have an empty glass now in her hand.

March 28, 2014 10:50
Killian Doyle

~ Killian  goes  to the  bar and  gets  more  drinks  for every one and  comes  back  putting them on  the  table. There is even one there for the new  comer.~

"This  rounds on me everyone."

March 28, 2014 13:07
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan listened to Faia's life story when she mentioned about if she ever felt like something was missing  flashes back to when she was 14  came back and the time she ran away. How she just kept running from place to place searching for something but not knowing what.  Part of her thought it was running from Nicholas and Jeremy to stay alive but thinking back she also was searching for something else.  Listening to how her father kept her age a secret and  never wanting her to wonder out alone made the hybrids mind race miles per hour.~*

"Yeah I always thought there was a piece of me missing  I never got it till now, "

~* Shiv looked at Faia and gave a soft gentle smile~*

"As for your father he may have been a good kind  man but he had secrets  why else keep your birthday from you  and never let you out alone. He probably didnt want you to run into anyone.  Maybe that is why Ireland was one place you never went to."

March 28, 2014 13:13

Nate smiles and hickups again as she says in a kind of slurred voice as she drink more milk-blood, "I have been around for to long but I must say that days like today make up for my lonely years. Faia here is a good friend of a couple I live with."

She puts an arm around Faia's neck as she hickups again and whispers, "If I wanted a life mate I would love to have a girl like you."

March 28, 2014 13:59
Siobhan Doyle

~*Siobhan takes picksup her drink and takes a sip. When the new girl put her arm around Faia's neck  Shiv raised her brow with a surprised look on her face. So far everyone noticed the similarity between Faia and herself except this one. But  heaaring the sluring shiv figured that maybe she just had to much to drink to even look at her. Looking at the drink in her hand she tilted her head back nd finished it in one gulp then goes back to her seat next to her husband, ~*

"Thanks love I needed that. And it seem you do as well. Ya know thats nice of you buying everyone at the table a drink. Killian  if she is 24 and I am 22 maybe she isnt my sister  unless they lied to her about her age."

March 28, 2014 14:28
Killian Doyle

"Could  be  that they did lie to her. Might as  you  said  be the reason of her never coming to Ireland. Could  be they  didnt  want  her to  find  you or  any  family  for that  matter. Thats  the only  thing  that  makes  sense."

March 28, 2014 16:08
Siobhan Doyle

"Yeah I men think about it they come to Ireland and she is seen and they think she is me. Or even you and my brothers  seeing her walking down the street and you all call her and she ignores ya and not say anything ya would think I was on drugs or something. And that would blow their secret out of the water."

March 28, 2014 16:21
Faia Shiria

Faia took the offered drink with a thankful nod to Killian and downed half of it in one go. She gave a deep sigh before trembling slightly as the liquid burned down her throat. Faia returned the soft smile to Siobhan and found herself starting to find a deeper understanding of this woman. Somehow Faia recognized the tiny shifting of expressions in Siobhan’s face. She nodded as a few pieces of the puzzle that was her past seemed to fall in to place. “Maybe you’re right Siobhan. I find it hard to believe that the man I loved as my dad could be anything else but that but there are several things that seem strange now that I look back”


Faia sighed and sipped her drink before turning to Nate a bit surprised as she felt Nate’s arm go around her neck. Her eyes widened as she listened to Nate whispering. She almost choked on the rest of her drink and coughed loudly to avoid drowning in blood rum. Turning to face Nate Faia blinked a few times. “Yo … wha.. now?” Finally catching her breath Faia swallowed and gave a trying smile as she raised her hand to let Nate see the wedding band on her finger. She leaned in to whisper back “That’s nice of you but I’m a one man gal” Faia chuckled and nudged Nate before padding her arm that was around Faia’s neck. “Besides I think that’s the booze talking.”


Turning back to Siobhan and Killian she’d missed out on their conversation and wasn’t sure what had been said. “Well maybe I was kept away from Ireland on purpose. One year the circus wanted to expand the territory to England but my dad refused to go. He threatened for us to leave if they went on with the plans. Eventually they gave in and we never got to go.”

March 28, 2014 17:17

Nate sighs saying in a small voice yet all around can hear, "I kinda tired of *hick* being alone a lot. Seen so much *hick* death around me and lost *hick* my family and friends. I may be *a long hickup that stops her from saying how old she is* years old but *hick* I sometimes wonder *hick* why I still live."

She seems to have drowned her drink yet again without anyone seeing it. This is quit surprising since someone would have to be very fast to do so. She also seems quite drunk now and leaning on the table as well as holding onto Faia at this point to stay up.

"I have been *hick* in over 1000 wars but *hick* since last year I *hick* never been so happy in my *hick* life before."

March 28, 2014 17:44
Faia Shiria

Listening to Nate Faia suppressed a chuckle. Clearly she was way past her limit of drinks yet Faia felt the pain she spoke of. She herself had spent many years on her own since her dad died. A saddned expression crosses her face as she hugs Nate gently. “Don’t worry dear. You’ll find someone as well. You just have to hang in there.”


Looking at Nate’s empty glass Faia frowned for a minute wondering where the content had gone to all of the sudden. She shrugged figuring she’d seen far stranger things around here as she now struggled to keep Nate upright.


“Come on!” Grabbing Nate around her waist with one arm while holding on to the arm she had flung around her neck she tried to steady Nate enough to not knock them both on their asses. She turned to Siobhan and Killian. “I’m gonna see this lass to good rest before she downs anymore of that stuff” Nodding towards Nate’s empty glass she whispered to Nate “Come on now. Maybe we should find you some place to rest and sleep this off?” 

March 28, 2014 17:57

"I *hick* don't need a rest. I am *hick* perfectly fine and able to *hick* keep up with everyone here." she states as she holds firm to the table as if going from the table was something she was afraid of doing.

"I *hick* have been drinking since *hick* before this stuff was *hick* even made." she states as if it was true. That would make her older then the first castle to ever be made. which is before christ was born.

March 28, 2014 18:18
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan nodded to Faia as she led her friend out then turned to Killian. The mentioning of the threat of going to England made her mind race more then it already was. Granted her nor her siblings went to englan except for Deidra  who was infactuated with the Brit soilder and ran off with him. But surely if faia would have gone to England Deidra would have more then likely run into her at the circus since her sister loved clowns seeing that she was married to one that drove her away from the rest of the Boru family. Looking over at Killian Shiv patted his hand leaning over to whisper into his ear.~*

"I think its time that we should make our exist as well dont ya think. It's getting close to dinner  time and I would hate to see your cook if we arrive to a cold dinner. Besides I would like to see if I can get intouch with mum or da  I have questions which I am sure one or the other have the answers."

~*Standing up she looked over at Faia  and linked to her ~* "I will see about getting the answers we seek."  ~* If they were truely twins then like Lilly said Faia should hear her link.~*

March 28, 2014 18:40
Faia Shiria

Faia smiled indulgent and waited as Nate clung to the table for dear life. “Are you sure? So if I let go you won’t fall to the floor?” Faia pulled lightly on Nate trying to get her to come along believing that one more drink would send to girl in to a coma. “At least come find a comfy seat over here. The booths are nice and darkened and you won’t risk falling off either.” Faia was trying to drag Nate towards the booths at the far end of the tavern.


As sudden as lightning from a clear sky Faia heard a voice within her mind. She blinked confused as Siobhan’s voice resounded as if she was standing next to her. “I…” she whispered but didn’t quiet know how to react. “How?”

March 28, 2014 18:56

Nate lets go of the table and holds her head and says between hickups, "Ouch. *hick* No one use telepothy. *hick* It hurts to hear. *hick* I am not going anywhere *hick* Faia and that is final."

She states as in her hand where one empty glass was before now sits a barrel that smells liek the brew from earlier. This might be bad if she does it.

"I was here *hick* when religion was *hick* nonexistent. I know much *hick* about gods and stuff *hick* lick that." she stumbles as she is now sitting at the table somehow.

March 28, 2014 19:01
Killian Doyle

~Killian  shakes his  head at the other woman and  Faia.He walks over to her~

"We  will be  back  Faia with  a  few  answers and I  know  Ciaran  will find something if he  can in the family  records. Dont  worry.tell Goku  I  will talk  to him  when  we return. night Faia.  "

~he looks  to the other lass. ~

"Telepathy only hurts if you arent used  to it and it  is  used the wrong  way. My  family has  like  my  wife the  gift  for centuries."

~With that said  Killian  looks  to  Siobhan  and  walks outside.~

March 28, 2014 21:04
Siobhan Doyle

~* waiting for Killian at the door  while he went over to her double and spoke, Siobhan noticed something when she linked to her. Hopefully she was correct and made that connection.  Giving her another nod when Killian came back to her Siobhan left with her husband full of questions that she need answers for and once they returned home she would get in touch with the one who should have the answers.  Once outside she looked back at the Tavern and through the glass she saw Faia still with her friend. How she wished Eden was here to talk to she was always the one Shiv went to when she needed advice. Not realizing the link was still conected all she could think was that she may have not only another sister but a twin and that would be a special bond.~*

March 29, 2014 10:26

"Ouch *hick* please stop with the *hick* telepathy crap. It is *hick* giving me a headache. *hick* I hate telepathy *hick*" she states as she seems to be hurting as she holds her head. Her face contorts into wolf like features as she groans at the telepathy.

"I might need  *hick hick hick* another barrel. This one is *hick hick hick* a little empty." she says as she stands slowly and stumbles a little as she heads for the bar again.

March 29, 2014 13:32
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan arrived outside the tavern waiting for Killian to arrive. A snicker appeared over her face not giving him a far chance to do his vanishing thing. But then it did give her an excuse to use travel in her flames. While waiting  a cool warm breeze flew through her long blond hair  and heard what sounded to be a whisper of  I'm back. Trying to shrug it off the feeing it just wouldnt go away~*

"Bloody Hell what is it who or what has returned."

March 29, 2014 23:10
Killian Doyle

~ Killian  arrives  back a t the  tavern and shakes his head. ~

"You cheated.  Though I  should  be  used to that  after all theses years. You never were one to play fair."

~Killian keeps  his  knives on  him and   one of  his  smaller  axes.~

March 29, 2014 23:12
Siobhan Doyle

~*hearing Killian startled her which made her jump and heart pound . turning to face him she gave a small smile. she then wondered if he heard her  and if he did how would she explain it. this was something that was new to her and unexplainable. taking his hand she bit her lower lip to cover what she was feeling.~*

"hey sorry love  but I remember a time i thought we were going to race to the pond back at my families castle and you vanished and hid scaring me half to death.  but I'm sorry all this and something else has me doing things I normally wouldn't do. "

March 29, 2014 23:29
Killian Doyle

~He looks at her  a bit  confused.~

"No  worries I  am  sure. Shall we go in then."

~ he  pulls  the hood of  his  cloak upand  opens  the  door for her~.

March 29, 2014 23:33
Siobhan Doyle

~*pulling her hood back from her cloak she smiled and nodded walking in. She looked around she saw Faia still with her friend. seeing a table in the corner she walked to it and sat down looking at the girl she was sure was her twin. watching her she wondered what or if they had any similarities besides just their looks~*

"This table should do yeah. I mean its out of the way and private . So why are you looking at me like that Doyle ? It's like i did something out of the ordinary.""

~* she could see a strange confused look in his eyes she now was sure he heard her mumble to herself.~*

March 29, 2014 23:45
vamp_goku *Goku it seemed he passed out once more, when he took a seat.. He really did not have much to worry about his did pay his crew pretty good to take care of everyone in the tavern.. After all he was rich and only spent his money on Faia and his family and friends and bills, other then that his money stayed in the bank.. He did hear Faia and Killian and Siobhan talk, he finally snaps out of his nap as he stands up before he speaks.*

"Alright guys and girls what is going on now? I do apologize on dozing off on ya, I have not had much sleep lately.. I have been waking up in the middle of the night checking on Faia, she as had be worried lately is all.."

*He waves a waitress over to him, as he ask for a brandy with sweet tea and a shot of blood.. He sets down as he was not sure what was going on, he was open minded and will to listen to anyone that had any info on why these two looked very much like..*
March 29, 2014 23:48
Killian Doyle

"You  have  been  hearing things  on the  wind. Voice no  doubt.  What  have they  been telling you?"

~Killian  looks up  from  his  hood  his  silver  blue  eyes  swirling~

"Come  master Goku  and s it  with us  lad and  talk  awhile."

~ he  waves  Goku over to them.~

March 29, 2014 23:49
Siobhan Doyle

"Yeah I have its strange like static but all I can make out is that something or someone has returned. Who or what i have no idea. But it is annoying I tell ya. My powerful elements are fire and water not earth and air. I know I can do all if need be but i don't know Doyle with all that is going on as of late i am not in tune to my magical powers. But I do want to know who or what it is that has returned the last time I felt this was......"

~*Shiv dropped it when she saw Goku  giving him a smile the hybrid wondered if he knew exactly what was going on. Was he just as confused and dumb founded as her and Killian and she was sure Faia felt the same way.  But with what  both her and Killian found out from her mother this had to be the explanation they were looking for.~*

" Hey Goku how have you been?

March 30, 2014 00:17
Killian Doyle

Killian looks  up  to  his  friend and  smiles. His  hood  finally  fallling off. ~

"You look  terrible  my  friend.  What has  been  keeping you  up  to make  you look like this?"

March 30, 2014 00:20

Nate is laying on the table almost as about five barrels of her blood milk sit empty next to the table. She is hickuping the whole time as she stares with lust at all the others around her happily not even noticing what they are saying. She seems to be blissfully happy just watching everyone.

March 30, 2014 00:33
Killian Doyle

~ killian  looks  from the  lass on   the  table  to  his  wife and links  so only  Siobhan  can hear him~

"Little  dove I  dont think I remeber seeing  any one in  either  the  celt or  the  viking side of my  blood  in this place as drunk  as some seems  to  be.  Seems there is always a  party in this  place no?"

~The Viking  smiles and looks around~

March 30, 2014 00:38
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan looked over at him and linked only he could hear. Since her mother was the fire goddess Brigit  she knew how to speak to ones mind  like she did to Faia so only they could hear  and no one else could . Siobhan was a powerful witch and goddess and knew how to control her powers and when it came to mind linking no one could  hear her thoughts to another. ~*

"Aye love even my Da has never been that waisted  and he has had his fill of good old fashion Irish Ale in his days."

~*Shiv looked at him and smiled. It was good that they could speak to each other with their minds where no one else can hear them.~*

March 30, 2014 00:48

Nate moans unhappily and says under her breath loudly enough for all to hear, "I said no more magic ****. I am hurting here from you people and your neglect or abilities. Please stop before my mind blows up."

she starts bobbing off with half closed eyes still full of lust looking at them all.

March 30, 2014 00:52
Killian Doyle

~Killian  laughed at  what  was s aid  and  shook his  head. he looked  evey  bit the   viking  then  he  did the Irish. In fact it  was  the Norse  that  most  saw  before the irish  which  you  could only tell  when  he spoke  to  you with his  voice. He links back  to  her.~

"I  am  sure  your father  has  been that  wasted as you  say little  dove. I  have  never known an Irishmen  to  pass  up  a  drink. then  again I  have never known  one oof my  father's  blood  to  either. "

~ The  viking looks  to the  lass. and  speaks  with his voice~

"Perhaps  if  you  lass were not  6  sheets  to the  wind  you  could learn  to  block private  conversations  not only  between  husbands and  wives in the  room  but  possible  siblings as well.  Why  should  we  hold  back on  our  gifts  to  please you?"

~ Killians  Silver  blue  eyes  flash  a bit as  if ligtning  was in them.~

March 30, 2014 00:54
Siobhan Doyle

 ~* Hearing what was said Shiv let out her hybrid growl  She certainly knew it wasnt her or Killian mind link  no matter who she was she could not hear the mind linkage of a goddess so she linked back to  her beloved.~*

"You can say that again my Viking lord god. i just can't wait till my mum finds the answers we need I would hate to be on the recieving end of the fire goddess Brigit altho I have that temper as well and know how to use that magic when need be and trust me  mogra i will use it if i get pissed off ."

March 30, 2014 01:01

Covering her ears she moans helplessly at the mass of magic she feels and hears. It was pretty bad and she gets up to stumble away when she falls over causing her cloak to open and show a fresh black burn on her stomach that is the shape of a hand print. She groans and starts crawling slowly to a corner before falling asleep with tears in ehr eyes that flow.

March 30, 2014 01:04
Killian Doyle

"Now now  little  dove there is no  need for that here. No one yet  has gotten  violent with another."

~  he lets  Siobhan  alone  see that if  any one  did he  was  well armed as well with more then just his  gifts of  magic. Magic  was useful  but in  a hand  to hand  fight he  prefered  his  blades and  ax. Killian  looks  from the  girl  to  Siobhan. he  gets up and  walks  over to  her seeing the  burn  mark. He   gets eye level  with her.~

"Tell me young one who  did this  to you? Who would  dare lay a hand on  a woman in  any form of anger? I  will not harm  you for I see  you are  already  in enough harm."

March 30, 2014 01:05

Her eyes open a little in an unfocused gaze as she mumbles in a small voice with a very drunk feel about her, "Unseelie tired...."

she promptely psses out again as she seems to need it and might have been a reason why she got drunk in the first place even though she never touched a drop of any alcohol here and only touched the milk-blood.

March 30, 2014 01:12
Siobhan Doyle

~*Siobhans eyes turned to blood red it was the eyes of the alpha that was living inside her. she was not a violent one but it bothered her for one to think they could hear her ind linkage when she knew they could not. She didnt know who this person was but she was getting on the wrong side of this hybrid. Suddenly  Siobhan felt the warm breeze blow through her  where she heard the sound of the wind whispering into her ears once more. this was driving her mad and she started to feel the banshee inside her starting to come out . looking at Killian her eyes flashed from the blood red to ice blue something has returned and she needed to know what it was .

Closing her eyes visions flashed  from her past friends that were long gone but now seems like one has returned .Snapping her eyes open she could not believe what she saw was this a growing power of the banshee..~*

" Gods of old Eden has returned."

March 30, 2014 01:15
Killian Doyle

~Killian looks  back  at  Siobhan and speaks~

"What  do you  know the unseelie court 's  queen my little dove? Seems this is  what  is  causing this  poor lass some  discomfort. A curse  placed on her  by this  one."

March 30, 2014 01:15
Siobhan Doyle

~* gathering her attention back to Killian her eyes went back to baby blue. and walked over to him and the girl on the floor.~*

Unseelie court  queen that has to be Madb she is a vile and wicked witch  love why do you ask? If need be mum taught me how to deal with that witch. There is alot said about them they are called the Blesed ones. Alsothe Seelie were often depicted as a procession of brilliant light riding on the night air. The Seelie Court, as a group, would often use these excursions to find those in need of help. The Seelie were also prone to a great deal of mischief, especially when bored. However, their pranks rarely caused true harm, for the Seelie were really very fond of humans. why what is going on?"

~* Siobhan was curious why he would ask about Madb since she had been in hiding for so long She knew the Irish gods and goddesses were looking for her and it would not be wise for her to mess with anyone ~*




March 30, 2014 01:22

Nate wakes slowly and mumbles a little as she falls over trying to get up. Her heads feels like it is being split open and she says in a small voice, "moon area."

Her skin ripples and starts to split a little at this point as she seems to be unable to control herself.

March 30, 2014 01:26
Killian Doyle

"Seems  little  dove we might  have to  be  dealing  soon  enough  with her again then.  come on  lass  lets  get you  out side then if that  is  what you  need."

~Killian  Picks the  girl  up  in  his  arms  and  carries her  out the  door  to  a near  by  field of  wild flowers and  soft  grass. He   places her  down  gently.~

March 30, 2014 01:30

starting to shift she grows in size at an amazing rate. Soon the original 6 foot girl is a towering 37 foot white furred wolf that pants before changing again into a variety of forms. Some are smaller like a fox or leopard but some also get bigger like a dragon or a huge snake creature. at the end she finally goes back to her original form and falls to the ground with a thud whimpering as she holds her stomach where the black hand mark is.

She is a rumor that had been going around. She called herself a Panwere to all around her and was known to have all the forms of were that was possible.

March 30, 2014 01:36
Siobhan Doyle

"Killian it cant be her my mothers family hasn't seen her in months and my aunt Morganna would kill her on sight. But if it is her  I will need to go to Tir na nog and talk to mum and the elders. But if its the unblessed ones then we are in for a hell of a battle."

~*Siobhan follows him to the field and kneels next to her ~*

"tell me young one what did this so called queen look like?"

~* being the daughter of brigit she knew of Madb and her looks  she also knew everything about the wicked witch  and could write a book on her. Now she just needed to know what this girl knew so she could get to the bottom of this. Seeing the girl transform She turned into her 50 ft  600 lb were wolf  it was better to be prepared and protect her husband at all cost. one thing was Shiv was a vicious werewolf~*

March 30, 2014 01:39
Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks from the  girl to  his  wife  . He  knew littel of the unseelie  court. Most of  his  facts he had  was  from his  father's  family  save the  names of the  old  celtic  gods that  he  was  told  by  the  Boru  family.~

"What is it  we need to  do  to  deal  with this  queen  madb then? I  dont remember  any one  in  your  family talking of  her?"

~ Killian  pulls  his  ax . If  anything  he'd  use that  to  defend himself. He  knew therer were other  creatures in the darkness besides  wolves  to  worry about.~

March 30, 2014 01:42

She looks up in pain saying, "Mabd is dead. she is not the Queen anymore. A newcomer took her place and took up the search for me from long ago that had been abandoned. Her name is Anita Blake and she created me as what I am. She is why I still live to this day when I should have died many times before. I hate living."

She starts sobbing as she touches the handprint saying in a small voice, "I can never be with child now. She took away my chance at having child and still she hunts me."

She seems completely sober now but also seems in a lot of pain.

March 30, 2014 01:48
Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks at the  girl  confused. The  name she  gave made no sense  to him . It sounded mortal  to his  ears and  no  mortal  could over take the  seelie  court in  any   right that  the viking  was aware of. Then again stanger things have happened.~

March 30, 2014 01:50
Siobhan Doyle ~* the alpha looked at her Madb was not dead or her family would have told her. Something was not right here shifting back to her goddess form she looked at Killian with raised brows something was not right here and she knew this all to well.~*

"That cant be I heard of this woman and she is no witch or wolf she is a vampire hunter she is no match for Madb. Madb would make mince meat out of her. Now madb can change herself into many things and make you believe other wise trust me Madb is well enough alive and she can only be killed by the gods. Like i could kill her if need be cause young one I m a goddess . I am the daughter of Brigit the fire queen. This Anita Blake night job, and primary source of income, is the legal profession of re-animating the dead. As an animator in a parallel St. Louis, her job entails using magical abilities to bring temporary life to dead bodies in order to question them for legal purposes. She is also a necromancer, which allows her to control the dead, including vampires and zombies, but not ghosts and ghouls.
She is also a licensed vampire executioner, with eventual empowerment as a Federal Marshal. In her world this profession involves tracking down and killing vampires who have murdered humans. She is also held in retainer for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team, which investigates supernatural crimes committed involving magic, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. "

~* Shiv looked at Killian then back to this girl before her.~*
March 30, 2014 02:03
Killian Doyle

"So  then  this  woman  is  mortal  then? So  easy  enough should  we need to  kill  her as well? If madb is like the  gods of  old  that I  know  you are  righ lass only a nother god or  goddess  can kill her. "

~ Killian need  to re read some of the old norse  myths as  well a pparently a s  the old celtic ones of  Ireland as well.  None of this seemed  right to  him.~

March 30, 2014 02:14

Groaning in pain she clutches herself before a green magic surrounds her and makes it easier on her. She then makes a mental check to herself of magics that needed to go into effect and starts them up as a form of auto magic that continued throughout the day.

Barriers go up around her as she also has a couple of healing magics in constant effect. She sighs as she slowly stands and is dressed in her outfit from before that jsut appeared on her. With a count in her head she pulls out of thin air using portal magics: a book that looks older then time itself, a pair of diamond chopsticks, and a blank piece of paper.

March 30, 2014 02:18

* Walking into the bar I see Shiv, Killian and Nate sitting about and also hear word of the Queen's attack.Stepping forwards I speak.*


   " It was definately NOT Madb whom attack my home, attacked Nate ehre then tried to breach the wards upon my lands and home to take my daughter.. The woman announced herself as ANita Blake and yes Shiv I know whom Blake is, at least the one whom we hear about that works as an animator and Marshal.. This woman was no human whatever or whomever she is.. By sheer luck she was driven off and word sent to both Seelie and Unseelie courts of what transpired.  I doubt whomever this woman is she won't or shouldn't be back once it is heard she attacked a household that guards a gateway to Underhill."

   * Pausing by Nate i place a hand upon her shoulder.*

   " You need to rest my friend and your daughters need you, Etaine told you she and I would find a way to reverse what was done and we shall just be patient okay?"

  * With that I step to the bar and order a blood beer for a change of pace even though it had been a decade since I had one.*

     " Killian, it has been a bit how are you and yours doing?? Lady Shiv, much time has passed since our days with the Tide, you are doing well I hope?"

March 30, 2014 08:43
Killian Doyle

~Killian  puts his hood  back  up  .His silver  blue gray  eyes looking  at his friend as he follows  him inside.He looks t o  Nighbreeed and speaks.~

"So tell me  how and  what you know of this  anita  blake  person or thing which ever  she is. You heard  Siobhan though madb is not  dead. Her mother  or her  aunt  Morrigan would of  told her as much and  since they have yet to  telll us anything means  Madb is in  hiding herself  from  something. You  know Erik gods  and the like  do  not  normally hide from  a fight."

March 30, 2014 12:32

Nate groans as he lays against Eirie's arm and falls asleep soon after  Her mind finally goes to peace as her body goes slack against Eirie like a doll with its strings cut.

With her mind free she dreams such clear dreams of her past full of pain and suffering until the Breed family had brought her into their warm and happy home.

March 30, 2014 13:51

   " The Blake I know of is just as Shiv speaks of her, the Blake claiming to be the Queen of the Unseelie looked like her but was packing one heck of a lot of power. She didn't break through the wards Etaine and I had up once I kicked her out of the house using a banishment ward but she returened in a borrowed body and treid to get to my daughter and allow her in that way. When that failed she tried to break down the wards and eventually found a chink in them. I had a friend from my past come and assist us, I doubt she wanted to tangle with his hell hound hybrid either.. Ken used diplomacy to hold her at bay for a time but then she stated flat out  thatshe saw no reason for anyone to learn of what transpired at the cabin nothing would happen to her. 

 Hearing that I had ken ask Lars the hound to take Erika to my partner in New York where I knew even the Fae could not touch her. Bili in turn sent what was happening to my old master in both smithing and runic magics, and since he is a high ranker in the Seelie court he in turn alerted the Unseelie court as to what was transpiring.  Things were getting grim and I needed more man power so I used an ability i have that Ronan knew about and trandferred enough life energy to Nate here to reawaken her fighting spirit and for some reason it also broke the curse this Blake had placed upon her.  Blake left swearing that she wold get what was hers in time.  All I know is this whether it was Madb or not, Blake or not, ANYONE seeks to harm my daughter or family as a whole I will do whatever it takes even turning this Blakes seat of power into a sheet of glass if I have to."

    " In my time in underhill I never met Madb, woudn't know her if she walked up and said hello, but from I know of her it's a possibility with ehr power the madness caused one of her own to act independantly and if that is so, it could be anypne in her court."

  * Glancing down as Nate sleeps against my arm a small smile crosses my face even though it doesn't reach my eyes as the occurance at my home was too soon to be that happy.*

March 30, 2014 14:09
Killian Doyle

~Killian looks  to  his  wife then  back  at his friend and the other woman.~

"Things with me go  well as you can see. Siobhan and I  have  been happy so far in  being married. What have you and  yours been up  to besides dealing with this  issue here?"

March 30, 2014 14:10
Siobhan Doyle

~*Siobhan looks at her husband and nodded in agreement that this Blake woman is mortal and could be killed by  any made made weapon. Seeing Breed Shiv pulled her hood back over her head and followed them inside. After all this the alpha hybrid  could use a couple of stiff shots.. ~*

"yes please if you know anything please tell all I know of is from the clippings that my family gave me. They always keep me informed of these so called hunters and such so I can protect those I care about and love. As for Madb I can summon any of my family members  even Rhiannon since she is in control of the underworld she would be able to give us some idea where Madb is. But like I said no mortal hunter can kill such a wizard as Madb. Only a god or goddess can kill such a being. So what ever rumors your frien hear heard well they mislead her. My family always keep intouch on such matters."

~* looking at Killian she goes to the bar and orders a few drinks and brings them to their table that were just at. there were enough drinks for Breed, Killian, and herself to have a couple of shots. picking up one of hers Shiv tilts her head back and downs it. shaking her head she looks at Breed and Killian.~*

March 30, 2014 14:15
Killian Doyle

"I  think  Madb is not  the issue  right now little  dove. If she is  in hiding there is good reason  for such a  thing and  even your family might not  know where she is if  she fears her life.If  I can  be of  any help lord Nightbreed let me  know. I  do  however need  what information  you  might  have on this Anita  Blake  person  as I have my own  family to  keep  safe from this as well."

~ He looks over  at him  then to  Siobhan~

March 30, 2014 14:22

" Mainly working at the shop and at home. My daughter is being apprenticed to any old friend in New York for whom I was a body guard for over a 4 year span.. She is old enough that she recalls when Merlin himself came into power.. Last known she was ranked in the top 5 casters  still living. She works on the side of light but the gods help any who get on her wrong side.. She is the most powerful sorceress I have ever met, thus why I sent Erika to her to study the basics until she gains enough control over her abilities.. Maybe during this time we can find out how my daughter managed to be connected to my bloodline to the extent she has seen the face of my sire even when I haven't and spoken to him in her dreams."

  As for what happened Shiv, that is all I know, I had never met the woman before whomever she is showed up and assaulted my home, family and friends. I wish I knew more but it is all I can tell."

March 30, 2014 14:27
Killian Doyle

~Killian sighs.Things were not looking  good at all. He had no  fears of  any one let alone  this Anita  Blake. She  shows at  Stone haven  and   Killian  would  see her dead and  any one with her. He had not only his own family to  look after  but  also  Ciaran as well. He took  the information  he had a nd  filed it  away  in his  head for later  use.~

March 30, 2014 14:43

  * Pausing I look back to Killian and Shiv.*  " There is one other thing that occured, when this person claiming to be the queen and using Blakes name made her second attempt at the front of my home and said so long as word doesn't rach the court etc etc, she opened a poratl and summoned a dozen lesser unseelie that I had never seen before but they answered her summons and orders with out hesitancy. The only way I cold describe them is child like in appearance .

March 30, 2014 14:53
Killian Doyle

"Changlings perhaps. I  would  have to  look  it  up  . I  grew  up  withthe  ways of  my  father's  people not  so  much  my  mother's til I  started  becoming  friends  with  Brandon Boru  and  his  brothers."

~ Killian looks at  him  and knows  he will usnderstand  who  he means since Siobhan and   Killian are now married.~

March 30, 2014 14:57
Siobhan Doyle

~*Shiv listened  to Breed and Doyle speak things have been starting to get  strange if the wicked queen was in hiding then something is really bad. And for someone to say they killed her could possibly think that they did kill her  but in reality didnt. She knew her mother had to much on her mind at this time so if she needed to call on anyone especially about this  it would have to be the one who knows and sees everything but can not intervine,.That would be her grand mother Danu the mother of all the gods. She kept this to herself for now but if the time came then she would reveal this.~*

"I'm good my Viking lord..... I'm good."

March 30, 2014 15:03
Siobhan Doyle

~*Shiv listened  to Breed and Doyle speak things have been starting to get  strange if the wicked queen was in hiding then something is really bad. And for someone to say they killed her could possibly think that they did kill her  but in reality didnt. She knew her mother had to much on her mind at this time so if she needed to call on anyone especially about this  it would have to be the one who knows and sees everything but can not intervine,.That would be her grand mother Danu the mother of all the gods. She kept this to herself for now but if the time came then she would reveal this.~*

"I'm good my Viking lord..... I'm good."

March 30, 2014 15:03
Killian Doyle

"We will have to look in to that if they  were  childlike. Only thing  that  comes to mind  would  be changlings but as I  said that would  take me  having to do  some reading to  be  sure."

March 30, 2014 15:08

  * Nods my understanding*  " A changling I could go with, time will tell, so long as this being stays away things will remain as they should, if she returns the dynamics will not be in her favor.. SInce both courts are now fully aware that she knowingly attacked a household whom is knowingly and  willingly guarding a gate to the Fae lands, that is a no no since willing guardians are few and far between.. Not to mention I will call in all my markers and favors from the old days and that in its self is substantial."

March 30, 2014 15:11
Lilly * hearing Eirie, Lilly grew bit concerned* sounds like a battle brews Eirie... March 30, 2014 15:14

  "You could say that, but so long as they leave my family alone nothing will happen."

March 30, 2014 15:21
Killian Doyle

~ Killian  smiles. He knew  that  if it  came to  a fight   with the unseelie  court that Ciaran  was in and   that alone  would  bring a whole  world of  hurt  to  the fight alone with out  any one else  calling in their  banners so  to  say.  He  looks over  at  Lilly  and smiles.~

I  cant see them  being an issue  now Nightbreed .Not with a warning like that. I  know also if  any should attack  Ciaran or his  blood  he  will not  think twice about  calling  in his  banner men either and  tha alone is  a  hell of a  force  to be  up against.

March 30, 2014 15:29

  " truth that Killian but one can't but wonder and dream of a grand battle once more *laughs and winks at Lilly.*  How have you been doing lady Lilly?

March 30, 2014 15:37
Killian Doyle

"My  father's  family  were  raiders,  farmers and  fishermen  by   life I  follow  that  path more then  any other  but  my loyalties lie  with the  Boru now  for more then  the reason they  used to before  . "

~ He looks  from  Lilly and  Night breed to  Siobhan. ~

March 30, 2014 15:41

  " That is how I was changed.. My sire attacked me from behind while I stoood on the docks looking at the fishing boats that would head out the next morning.  All I ever wanted back then was to own my own boat and command it, bringing in the biggest catches.. that all changed in 1949."

March 30, 2014 15:50
Killian Doyle

"I think  more so  the raiders then  any thing but  they   it appaered  decided  that they  would stay  on the Emerald isle  after a raid. They settled in  Galway  becasue of the   access to the  bay there from  the  village."

March 30, 2014 15:52
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan started to feel hot her head was starting to spin pushing her last drink away from her she slowly made her exit from the table and everyone else. reaching the front door she stepped outsiide into the cool crisp air . taking a few deep breaths she went to the bench that was in front of the large window with its name written on it. Sitting down she bowed her head between her legs hoping that this would pass her by.  But she did know that she would not have any more drinks tonight  or ever till she found out what was wrong with her.~*

March 30, 2014 16:52
Killian Doyle

"I  will do  what I  can as I  said to  find out  what the  others were for you Nightbreed but  for now   I think  it is  time  Siobhan  and i return home since  she  seemed to of  gone out side. We will talk again I  I am  sure."

~ He stands up and  walks out the  door.~

March 30, 2014 17:23
Lilly *nodding she smiled, looking to Eirie* Been good, trying to get used to everything all over again. How have you been? March 31, 2014 03:11

 " Surprisingly busy, even with things I wish didn't happen *smiles* but it keeps me alert and active since I never bothered rejoining a coven after Blood Tide fell."

March 31, 2014 07:00
Lilly *nods* I can understand that. I really liked that one. *Smiling, Lilly took a sip from her glass* Hows your daughter, Erika I believe is her name. Very sweet girl, and very well mannered. April 01, 2014 01:10

Nate seems out cold and totally drunk yet again as she slumps against a nearby table. She is staring at everyone with eyes full of animalistic nature as well as a definite blush on her peachy cheeks that tell how she is feeling

April 01, 2014 01:15

  Erika has been sent to apprentice with a sorceress I know, she'll be studying the basics on how to control her abilities then come home.. She has also acquired a menagerie of animals * rolls eyes*  And thanks to me she is now turening 5 yrs old,lol."

April 01, 2014 06:40
Lilly *noting the woman's behavior, Lilly continues to talk to Eirie* she is a sweetheart. I got to meet her upon my return as she greeted me to the realm. Careful you might need a farm for the animals. I'm sure she'll like 5 April 01, 2014 11:06

  " Well she'll be staying with a friend and business partner of mine on our cattle ranch up in the Northern States so plenty of room for her animals,lol"

  * Looks over at NAte*

  " Alright Nate time to head back, you have 2 daughters whom are needing their mother tonight.."

April 01, 2014 20:35
Lilly *Smiling Lilly chuckled* that's good, hope she has fun.

*glancing from the man to the woman, Lilly looks back to Eirie* there is a connection between them, correct?
April 01, 2014 22:11

Nate hickups and says in an unhappy voice, "The day i leave from a pub is the day I lose my verginity. So ha."

She states with a smile at Eirie like she had won this fight.

April 02, 2014 18:23

She pads into the pub, looking around timidly and then walking to the bar, ordering a Vodka and finding a spot to sit and watch the world go by. She watches everyone with soft green eyes and sips at her glass, content to watch everything for now.

April 02, 2014 22:56
Lilly *shaking her head, Lilly takes a long drink from her glass* interesting April 05, 2014 03:16

Etaine had picked up Breed's text on her cell phone regarding Nate.  She was extremely concerned since the two little drakes had taken to following her around.  The two little girls were adorable but in their drake form. That was another matter, she couldnt't escape the little ones.  She desperately wanted them back in Nate's hands.

"Nate is drunk in a bar.  IN goku's bar of all placess!  A vampire bar at best but fairly neutral at times if their owner was so inclined to be that way.  Upset him and that was another matter.  She took off for the bar on heir Ducati with one drake on the handlebars and the other perched on her back.

"Okay DIngbat and Dipstick,  I mean Torla and Lora we will go see your mommy."   She and the two drakes finally arrived at the bar and she waked in with the two drakes chitting and chirruping behind her.

"Erik, where's Nate.  Her drakes are hungry and need their food source! That is one thing I am not equiipped to deal with!"

April 05, 2014 16:40

Nate looks up and sees her little ones near etaine. She groans before giving a sigh of defeat where upon she then gets up and staggers over to Etaine saying, "I'll take care of the little ones as long as I can upon returning home."

She then starts staggering towards the door as fast as she can without falling over.

April 05, 2014 17:51

The two little drakes  chitter and chirrup at Nate then one of them notice notice a brandy bottle.  One of them flitter and grasp it with one of their tiny claws and one of them takes a good long swig of the bottle.

The little drake goes plop in the owner's lap and eyes him rahter bluryeyed and hiccups.

"Nate hold up  I think Lora or Torla just had some brandy..."

Etaine corrals one drake and holds it gently.

The small drake in goku's lap shifts to a little girl who looks up at him and hiccups.  She curls up contented and goes to sleep in his lap.

April 05, 2014 17:56

"Torla! You know that you shouldn't touch alcohol. I told you many times before." she says between hiccups as she goes after Torla.

April 05, 2014 18:10

"Nate, I think Torla is asleep now. and Lora  is okay.   I suggest we just leave quietly and leave Eirie to settle up the bill okay?"

April 05, 2014 18:15
Lilly *Lilly smiled and nodded to Etaine. Watching the events unfold. Lilly looked at her glass, then to the child. Shaking her head she spoke* I'll take care of the tab. If you need any help, let me know. In the meantime, I think I may go lay down as I think I may have had to much to drink......or I just saw a child morph.....not sure...*blinking Lilly knew it was the latter, Emperiums rarely get drunk* April 05, 2014 22:43

Etaine chuckled as the little drake shifted in her arms to a little girl.  "Mommy, is Torla really drunk?  She 's sitting in a Vampire's lap too snoring her head off?  Can I get drunk too?   I want to have some fun too.  You get drunk when you think I am sleeping too!"

Lora babbled on like no one's business telling the occupants of the bar Nate's drinking habits.  "Mommies aint supposed to get drunk either!   Auntie Etaine and Uncle Eirie don't get drunk!  They don't peepi in your window.  Like you do theirs!"

Lora announced more of Nate's habits and Etaine frowned at Lora then at Nate.  "A peeping PanWere!?!?!  NATE!"

Etaine looked at Lilly and chuckled slightly.  "You aren't seeing things... It's real...Thanks for picking up the tab Lilly.   Lora, quiet. and are you sure you mother did that or are you lying?"

April 05, 2014 23:31
Lilly *chuckling Lilly laughed* Thank the gods....for a moment I pondered many things as I have never been so drunk as to see things.

*Looking to the small girl in Etaine's arms, she smiled* ah you're bit young for that lol one.... but if your mother don't mind I bet we can convince the bar keep to get you some ice cream.

*glancing to Etaine then to Nate*my treat, if it's ok. Forgive me for staring, and thinking I may have drank too much. Just took me by surprise.
April 06, 2014 00:25

Nate is blushing deep now and is the color of a tomato before she dashes into the restroom for privacy.

She leaves behind a nate saying, "Etaine, please take care of the little ones. I am to embarassed by how I have been behaving to face everyone now."

April 06, 2014 09:11

Eaine juggled Lora on her hip as Nate blushed red as a tomato and then she dashes off to the restroom for some privacy.  Etaine's green eyes widened as Nate had entered the men;srestroom.

"Nate! Don't go in there please don't!"   Lora shifted into a drak and flew in behind  crying "Mommy!  I am sorry... I peeped in their windows not you.."

Etaine holds Nate's magical note.  "Nate,  I am not eqipped to be theirfood source.."

April 06, 2014 12:41
Lilly *chuckling Lilly watched the woman dart into the wrong restroom. Hearing Etaine speak of a food source, Lilly looked bit concerned. She had studied many types of people yet could not think of anything for them* Etaine, give her a moment she will figure it out. Luckily it is slow right now. On a more important note, what do the children require in order to feed? Forgive the curiosity, but for the first time I can admit my studies lack in this area. April 06, 2014 13:19

Etaine 's face reddened as she answered Lilly.  "They are drakes.  Little dragons and they require a mother's milk.  Which I am not equipped to do...  Erika was on the bottle til she matured....yes there are different species.  Nate mated with a dragon and got two drakes."

A man did afast exit with a little drake on his tail.  "My mommy doesn't do it in a men's bathroom!"  The little drake snorted and belched sending a thin flame toward his backside.  The man yelped dropping his wallet.  The little drake scooped up the wallet in her mouth and dropped it on the bar.  

Lora disappeared back in the mens bathroom.

April 06, 2014 13:33

Nate comes out looking a little more sober and mayeb a little sick as she soon is holding Lora between the wings with her fingers saying, 'We had better get out of here before my little ones get to excited and ruin this place."

she carries Lora with her as she hands Torla to Etaine to take with them.

April 06, 2014 14:05

Etaine takes Torla  from her and they exit the bar.  Lora yells at her mother.  "I want that wallet for my horde!"

April 06, 2014 14:34

"I have told you many times before and I tell you again, NO!" she states loudly


"Hordes are for grown drakes and males only. So get rid of those ideas and listen to me."

April 06, 2014 16:18

Etaine looked at Lora as Nate speaks to her daughter.   She sighes inwardly glad Erika is safe elsewhere. She misses her fiesty and precocious offspring but Nate's two girls are a handful period.

"Lora,  male drakes can't have little drakes like you can...but Nate would let you have a piggy bank to save what coins you find and a small box for trinkets  that could be your 'horde' but us girls call it a rainy day fund ."

Lora hiccups in her sleep and one eye pops open.  "More booze please.  I will shake it baby shake it!  Can I peek in the NightBreed's windows mom?"

Etaine gives Nate a glaring look. 

April 06, 2014 17:05
Lilly *nods to Etaine* I understand. I had read on drakes years ago. But didn't recall the feeding habits. An that would definitely not be in stock *she chuckled lightly*

*Watching as the events unfolded, she laughed as the man ran out. Shaking her head, she waved as they went to leave* nice to meet you all, feel free to come back anytime.
April 06, 2014 17:43

"Hey I was not allowed a say so in the ceramony for the little ones. Also for your information lady I am still a virgin so you don't know nothing. My father was the reason I had to do the cerimony. Lora you will not drink any more." she says with a blushing face as she also seems to be embarassed.

April 06, 2014 18:22

" And on that note we will definately be going... Lilly, nice seeing you and i hope you'll stay in touch with us.."

  * Looks at the kids and NAte, *

   " Lets head em out gang, looks like you all could use a break."

  * Stops a moment and places a couple of twentys on the bar, smiles, rolls his eyes and heads out following his wife Etaine and the others.*

April 06, 2014 19:10

Etaine puts Tora on the handbars of her Ducati.  She looks at Erik and her face flushes pink.  "I am ready and DIngbat,  I mean Torla is ready to ride.   Do you want to take over rik?  I could use the air to clear my aching head."

Etaine wonders what he husband has to say about this mess in goku's bar.  "I think we will wait until Erika is more grown up to add to the family.  I have had it for now..."

April 06, 2014 19:49

Nate follows Etaine out while making sure to hold onto Lora with a sigh saying, "At least Sora isn't here or I would probably drink myself to a coma just to not remember what happened."

April 07, 2014 12:31

"Don't go borrowing more trouble than you need right now."   She looked at Torla who was flappng her wings.   You have enough on your plate...Trust you do."

Etaine waited for Erik 's instructions.  "Did you bring your Harley.  If you did have Nate put Lord on the handlebars.  Let''s these butts out of Dodge!"

April 07, 2014 20:10

 " No I brought the car, I'm retuning the engine on my Harley.. Nate you want a ride to the shop or would you like to crash in your rooms at the cabin? Lora, you can ride upfroint IF you behave.."

April 07, 2014 20:15

"Can someone came for my bike then?  Torla has all but flapped herself out and she looks reall sleepy. "  Etaine takes Torla off of the handlebars and cradles her.   "Remind me no more offspring til Erika is more mature.  I hope Dana can help crub a but of her mischievous nature.  Not all mind you just a little. "

Etaine carries Torla to the car after she spoke to a worker at goku's bar who then moves the Ducati to a safer parking place and secures it.

April 07, 2014 20:24

 " Etaine if you want you drive the car and I'll ride your bike back to the house.."

April 07, 2014 20:34

Nate is asleep in the back passed out from drinking so much with both kids snuggling into her arms as she breaths softly.

April 07, 2014 20:37

Etaine nods at Erik and smiles.  "Great idea.  I didnt want to leave my bike here.  I dont trust goku's help to keep it safe.  It was your gift to me.  "

Etaine slides into the driver 's seat and puts thekeys inthe ignition.  She waits for Erik to get the bike  and  lead the way home.

April 07, 2014 20:49

  * walk to Etaine's Ducati, flipping my jacket back out of the way, I hit the ignition and hear the soft throbbing rumble of the exhaust settle into a steady tempo.. Putting my sunglasses on I drop the bike into first gear, and gently wheel onto the road heading towards home.*

April 07, 2014 20:56

Etaine watches as Erik pulls out onto the road and gives him a bit of time to go ahead of them.  She then follows behind him heading toward home.

April 07, 2014 21:04

Last time she was here was as a baby. The young women peers over black sunglasses, pulling her jean jacket around her she steps inside. Curly black hair frames her face as she pulls off the sunglasses with one hand, revealing the neon blue hues of her fathers. One sniff of the air told her though her uncle owned the place now. Stepping up to the bar, she gives the barmaid a wolfish grin, then orders a bottle of gin. Black nails tap on the counter as she waits. Once she receaved the bottle she takes it by the neck. Then she heads to a table and flips the chair around and straddles it sitting with her back to the wall and bottle in hand.

April 09, 2014 09:15
Scarlet_C_Wolfe Laying down the bottle she rummages through her jacket pocket till she find the cancer sticks and her lighter. She pulls one free and place it between her ruby lips while lighting the tip. Exhaling deeply the ring of smoke flows over her head and she picks up the gin yet again taking a long swallow from bottle its self. April 10, 2014 00:21
Lilly *Setting back, Lilly remembered how everyone use to gather in the tavern. Memories of her family, her parents, aunts and uncles, her brother and sister. Sighing softly, she missed them. Pouring another glass of bloodwine, continuing to reminisce as she drank.* April 13, 2014 15:58

He wandered the new streets, his mind in a daze as he again tried to come to terms with his memories, but he neeeded a stiff drink, something that would help him, if only because it reminded him of his mortal days and his past life.  As he stopped to look around he noticed a neon sign before slipping into the bar, not caring what else it was at the moment as he walked to the bar, "Your strongest, most potent drink please....and make it a double."

April 13, 2014 20:07
Lilly *Watching the newcomer enter, Lilly finished her glass. She was bout to pour another as her phone begain to ring. Looking at it she shook her head*

Hello....yes Theo, the old tell your sister I said to call the staff service...Ah yea that'll work my dear I'm fine, just thinking bout how things have changed....ok see you all soon. Give your brother and sisters my love...bye.

* sitting back she smiled, pouring another drink*
April 13, 2014 21:22

When the shots of murky brown liquid were set before him he downed them both in an instant before shivering and sighing as the potent alcohol burned its way to his stomach before he nodded and stood, moving to learn more about this strange city and its people.

April 14, 2014 00:58

Nate comes in sometime later with a smile on her face as she goes to the bar and orders some more of the pinkish liquid she had last time before going over to the dart board nearby and using her eagle sight and wolf strength she gets three bull's eyes in a row.

April 14, 2014 09:49

slipping closer to Vamp he set a small, unopened bottle of thirty year old scotch before him before bowing and making his way towards a booth so he could learn by watching for now.

April 15, 2014 06:42

Smiling she nods at phantom as she throws three more darts still into the bull's eye without even looking.

April 15, 2014 13:43

he froze at the woman's gesture before walking over and watching as she hit the middle of the target, "How are you hitting it so often without missing?"

April 16, 2014 01:22

"When you have been doing archery for about 3000 years it is like a prt of you that makes it impossible to miss. I like it but the best thing is to find an opponent who is like me." she states as she throws all three new darts with all hitting th bull's eye again.

April 16, 2014 09:23

he picks up a single dart before shaking his head, knowing that the darks were too light for him to throw with any accuracy, "It seems like an interesting game, but these are too light for me, and I don't wish to throw off my aim by using them."

April 16, 2014 13:56
Lilly *Over hearing part of the conversation, Lilly laughed softly. She knew she could out throw most, yet chose to sit there. Darts was a child's game for her, unless hustling a drink she thought it humorous.*

Hey goku, you hidding somewhere? *she spoke without turning to look*
April 16, 2014 15:31

he hears the laugh from the other woman before tilting his head before moving to sit down and order yet another drink

April 16, 2014 16:07
Lilly *Lilly looks over* forgive me. Just darts like daggers or javelins. April 16, 2014 18:35

he smiles as he orders some rum.

April 16, 2014 21:05

"Maybe sir we should use better items to do this game." she states as a couple of big knives appear in her hands and are thrown into the bull's eye cutting the darts in half

April 16, 2014 21:34

he smiles from his spot before flipping a throwing knife out and it hits between the knives before he smiles, "I'm very good with blades, though not combat knives."

April 16, 2014 22:06

She smiles saying, "Let's make this chalenging. Blindfolded throwing."

April 17, 2014 20:35

he laughs nervously, "I would if the slayers weren't already on me about the last time I did that with a drunken wolf and a vampire that thought he could dodge while carrying blocks of cement, how about we just simply try trick throws for now?"

April 17, 2014 20:39

"That seems simple enough" she states as she uses magic to grab all the darts and bring them back to drop on a table and the knives which she grabs and throws while conjuring rings of fire. around them.

April 18, 2014 03:01

he sighs before pulling four knives from his hidden pockets and throws them through the hoops while grinning, making sure not to hit anyone.

April 18, 2014 03:15

"Very nice but lets try something better." she states as she uses magic to shrink the target and knives before pulling the knives back. She throws hers again but this time they land in an arrow shape that points towards the bull's eye while she smiles.

April 18, 2014 09:53

he pulls out two small throwing knives before throing one and then throing the other much harder, using the second one to change the first's path to hit the bullseye at an angle so it looks like its coming from the arrow, "Anything else you want to try?  cause if its with knives, I can't lose very easily, but if we go to darts, I conced defeat here and now."

April 18, 2014 15:51

"Shall we try bow? I have never lost with a bow before." she says with a smile as she uses her magic again causing his knives to go to him and her knives to disappear. She now has two bows in hand and hands one to him

April 18, 2014 16:34

he looks at it before trying to draw back the bow, snapping it before sighing, "Sadly, I can't feel the tension in bows so I can't stop myself from breaking them...but it was a fun contest while it lasted."

April 19, 2014 00:18

"What do you suggest for a good contest she states as the bows disappear. She seems happy with these contests as if it was fun to do this

April 19, 2014 08:59

he thinks for a moment before walking to the dart board and looking at it before leaping to the ceiling and testing his knife before nodding, "How about we see who can defy gravity best using only one knife

April 19, 2014 13:01

"Is it cheating if I use my abilities?" she asks with a smile and does the same as he does to start the game.

April 19, 2014 13:10

he nods, "This is a straight shooting, no powers, kind of event, other than the ones we use to stay on the ceiling."

April 19, 2014 13:17

"Of course no powers." she states as she uses her animal bloods which were not powers to make herself lighter in bone density while making her arms stronger.

April 19, 2014 13:43

he rolls his eyes before looking at the target, "Only one knife each, and neither can retrieve the knife until someone declares who is the winner."

April 19, 2014 17:45

She smiles saying, "Easy peasy." she then lets go of her arms and flips to attach her feet to the knife as she waits upside down at him.

April 19, 2014 19:38

he turns and starts walking to the other side of the ceiling before whipping around, the blade in his hand flying to the dartboard, the weight of it helping it slip into the wood behind the target and out of sight

April 19, 2014 22:32

She then grabs the knife and does the same only to have it go into the board and blow it up.

April 20, 2014 01:04

"Hey, why'd you blow it up?  That could have been used some more."

April 20, 2014 02:01

"I lost. My knife was special. In a match of skill if I win then it makes a cut on you but if i lose then my knife blows up." she states as she repairs the damage with a snap of her fingers before heading for another drink with a sad sigh.

April 20, 2014 04:07

he  shrugs, sad to have lost a good knife by imbedding it so deep into the wall that is was probably in another country

April 20, 2014 10:30

she uses magic to make both knives appear beside him near his hands

April 20, 2014 11:13

he blinks, "How did you get a hold of my blades?"

April 20, 2014 11:26

Her only answer as she sits down to drink her drink again is, "Magic"

April 20, 2014 17:51

he shrugs as he goes and sits in the booth by the door and he starts to order drinks

April 20, 2014 18:21
Ciaran _M Boru

* Ciaran  walks in  to the  blood  brew and  smiles. It had  been a while  since he  had  been there. He  didnt reconizes any  faces in the  bar  . he  orders a  drink  and  looks around  again leaning against the  bar*

May 29, 2014 18:21
Desiree Laboe


The Blood Brew Tavern

This was all so new to her. She spent all her time in the underworld and now that she was able to come to ground she was on a mission to experiance all that the world had to offer her. From the stinking ally ways all the way up the penthouse suits of the best hotels. 

I will see castles, and dungeons and places no one has ever been before! But first... my first alcoholic beverage.

She entered the tavern and made her way to the bar as her bright blue eyes took in the scene around her. There where a few people in the joint, not as many as a club she assumed. It was homey almost. She looked up to see a picture of a smiling couple together and read the plaque. 

Kain and Jasmin Emperium... Hmmm. They don't look very happy together... or maybe thats just my mothers training screwing with my head.

She took a quick look down at herself. She wore a black leather mini skirt and a Black satin button up blouse. Of course being who she was the buttons where rather low, revealing a decent amount of what satan had given her. Her black red soled Christian Louboutin's clicked on the floor and she tapped her foot, wondering what to get to drink.

June 15, 2014 23:09
Lilly * Walking from the shadows as she appeared in the tavern. Lilly's golden hair peaking out from the hood of her black cloak. Quietly she walked threw as her heels never made a sound. Approaching the counter, the bar keep placed her drink on the counter. Sitting for a moment, she enjoyed her drink as her fingers trailed over the black velvet bag* June 16, 2014 17:55

Genesis opened the door to the tavern, stepping in soundlessly. She really wasn't much of a social butterfly, but when you had a craving for a good bottle of beer, you just didn't deny such a thing.

She stepped by other beings in the establishment, trying to force a smile onto her lips to be hospitable.

She moved to the bar, ordering herself a Corona, with lime. She took the first drink and smiled a real smile, enjoying the smooth taste with the hint of citrus.

She allowed her eyes to roam a bit, looking at the other patrons. The beer definitely helped a sense of calm to come over her. Now all she needed was some oysters on the half shell...or some liver and onions. She had varying tastes.

She looked around again. Things seemed peaceful enough in this tavern, maybe she'd have more than one beer, enjoy the atmosphere.

June 17, 2014 01:13
Henry Torvin

Henry was on his way back from his job at the bar, although he enjoyed it there it was no place to stay for a drink. He decided to stop at another local bar which was frequented by others of his kind, walking in Henry recognized a couple of people in which he shook their hands.

Walking over to the bar he glanced around a few times and was satisfied nothing looked amiss. Calling over the bartender he ordered a water even though he wasn't going to drink it. He wasn't one for big parties but he did enjoy a good night out at a bar with others, especially when those others were just like him.

June 26, 2014 14:41
Ravenna Aizen

I tried to stay away from places that served Alcohol. Why? the drunks got out of control. even if they were immortal.  As of late moon, i found myself checking them all out. I walked through the doors and found the perfect atmosphere.  no one being was too drunk. 

I was seen in a blue midnight halter sundress and matching stilettos. I was a lady, i might as well dress like one. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail and  dressed in curls. My lips were ruby red and my grey eyes were dressed with black eye liner.

July 01, 2014 20:50

he sighed as he downed the last shot of everclear and finished his massive pyrahmid before looking at the waiter and holding out his hand, "Pay up kid, I told you I could drink it all and still be completely sober, so pay up and then get me some of that acid your boss has stashed around here, its the only thing that mortals have that even gets me a little wasted."

July 10, 2014 18:46
Faia Shiria Walking in Faia let the hood of her black jacket fall back revealing a subtle smile. It was nice to be back and a few drinks would improve the evening greatly. She waved at the bartender before letting the jacket slide off and placing it on the stool next to her chosen seat. The bartender placed her drink in front of her and they exchanged a few words before work called him away. Faia turned her back to the bar, drink in hand and sipped it slowly as she looked around. July 13, 2014 10:21
Julietta Romerez

A new place. A new look. A new life. Gotten insain but that doesn't matter. Two voices inside my head and an insain style of clothes. SStill doesn't matter. It's a new life with new people.

I walk through the cold wind and clutch my thick coat to me as I reach the bar I look up at the sign. The blood brew tavern. "Hmm I w..wonder if they rent rooms" I say.

'I doubt it Julie. Doesn't look like that type of place.' Jena says inside my head. **You see, in The summer lands, I created Jena and she recreated herself for her-self. She named herself Jena because she alway wanted that name. Anyway when I left there she came back to me to live and have fun.** 'Stop thinking and just go in already!'

I push open the heavy door and looked around. I notice the well stocked bar and walk to a seat with a coat on, obviously it was the only seat left great. "Urm excuse me miss? Could you urm, move your jacket please so I can sit down?" I ask feebly.

'Sure ask like that! If it were me...' "Well it's not you so be quiet."

August 06, 2014 16:08
Lilly_Emperium Walking from the shadows as she appeared in the tavern. Lilly's golden hair peaking out from the hood of her black cloak. Quietly she walked threw as her heels never made a sound. Setting at a booth she smiled softly* August 26, 2014 19:04
Terrence Rydell

*Terrence strode in behind a lady who had emerged from the shadows.  He frowned slightly as the personage wore a black cloak with the hood up.  He drew back slightly as a flashback suddenly raced through his mind.  Her heels never made a sound as she walked to a booth  and he watched her sitting down.*

*Terrence followed her to the booth and slid in quietly on the other side facing her.   He landed an ornate necklace with the letter E. *  "Is this yours, Milady?"

August 26, 2014 20:55
Lilly_Emperium *She could sense his fear. Quickly she pushed her hood revealing her blond hair. Seeing the necklace, she touch her neck and nodded* yes I believe so. It's a protection charm.

* motioning for a waitress, she looks to him with concern* you ok?
August 26, 2014 21:22
Terrence Rydell

*Terrence slides the necklace across the wooden table as the woman pushes her hood back, revealing golden blonde hair. He watches she nods  her head.*  "A protection charm?  Perhaps you lost it

*Terrence shrugs his shoulders.*  "I was fine until someone decided she needed a midnight snack."

August 26, 2014 22:34
Lilly_Emperium * placing my hand on the charm, I attach it to the chain around my neck.* it's possible I did, though I know not when.

* Hearing him , she nodded.* I think I understand. *standing briefly, she removed her cloak. Revealing her attire. Her leather vest, leather pants, a sash she wore at her waist with a silver dagger. Setting back down, Lilly nodded* is this better?
August 26, 2014 22:47
Terrence Rydell

Terrence gazes at her small hand covering the charm ans then watches as she attaches it to the chain around her neck.  He gives a shrug of his shoulders and exhales softly.*

"Perhaps it wasn't you.  It's not every day an angel gets to be someone's midnight snack I wasn't much of an angel though..."  *Terrence chuckles slightly. slightly as she stands up to remover her cloak  He watches as she sits back down opposite him.  He smiles softly*

"Maybe it was you after all..." *He slides a silver dagger across to her.*   "Would you ever carry a spare dagger?"

August 27, 2014 15:25
Lilly_Emperium *Seeing the dagger, Lilly picked it up and looked it over. Reaching down, she pulled out the one from her boot.* looks like mine, but lacks the inscription of my uncle's name on it Theodore. Plus I haven't had any dealing with any angels lately. If it had been me, it would have been different August 27, 2014 16:01



*Walking in, she ordered a large whiskey. Wandering off to the corner  she sat, quietly drinking. Right then, solitude was prolly what she needed more than anything*

September 15, 2014 02:59
Rjor Vilmauth Rjor had arrived to the fabled blood brew tavern, sailors he flayed, fishermen he gored had loved this place. He looked around seeking out his love and found Lilly in the corner. He walked towards and smiled politely "So...this is where you go out to." He looked down at her "Are you okay Lilly?" His ring glimmered as did hers, her presence made it glimmer as his presence made hers glimmer September 15, 2014 13:44
Lilly_Emperium *nodding, she downed her glass and motioned for a refill. Looking up at Rjor, she had a lot on her mind* Oh I will be...eventually.....When I came in, it was after I had learned of my baby brother' incident.....he....will be alright in time...

*Lilly looked around the tavern, and sighed* This ain't the original.....that one burnt down..... family owned, my adopted uncle runs this one. *Softly sighing* oh how I miss roses and brimstone right now.

*tapping the other side of the booth she softly spoke*'s time I told you, what your getting yourself into. It's only fair.....
September 15, 2014 23:21
Rjor Vilmauth Rjor nodded and sat down, his arm against the table, leaning in with a keen ear "Lilly, I love you...and to be fair I am a sea demon..I have my share of..shady things to tell you in time." He looked sround and nodded slowly "Ay...." he placed a hand upon hers and smiled politely "Please..tell me" September 15, 2014 23:27
Lilly_Emperium *Taking the glass as it was sat down, she nodded* I am an Emperium child. That means I was born cursed. My mother was Carpathian, my fathers were turned by a curse you might say.

*Taking a sip from her glass, she sighs* I am a trained was the family business for so long...from watching mother I learnt other aspects of life.

* Taking another drink* so I do a couple things in life really well....killing and f**king* she stopped for a moment, but was not done*
September 16, 2014 00:53
Rjor Vilmauth He nodded and looked up at her "Go on." He had kissed her hand and smiled politely "I...I am the seas assassin..I share the same trait."

He sipped from a small flask he had in his cloak pocket "Mmm..." He savored the taste enjoying every drop
September 16, 2014 23:57
Lilly_Emperium I have done things, I am not proud of. For that....people still talk...and they will talk. *downing her glass she shook her head.* September 17, 2014 01:35
Rjor Vilmauth He sighed "Im sticking through until the end Lilly, let those people talk. They will rot in hell!" He exclaimed "I love you, and regardless of your past..I am your future, as are you mine..together we cam accomplish plenty September 17, 2014 02:46
Lilly_Emperium **********

*Lilly walked in, pushing the hood of her long black cloak back. Agitated, she sat at her normal booth. Ordering her normal drink, shuffling threw papers as her bloodwyne came. *
October 27, 2014 15:57
Lilly_Emperium *************

*Lilly walked through as the Yule decorations appeared. Snapping her fingers, a tree appeared in the corner. She always loved this time of the year.*
December 16, 2014 16:32
Lilly_Emperium . December 16, 2014 16:33
Starlen Vineheart

Starlen walked through the door, feeling the need for a drink. His top hat bobbed excitedly as he slid onto a barstool. He looked around, but it seemed a little empty in here. Honestly he preferred it that way. Setiing his hat on the counter, he shook his black hair vigorously. As he did so it shimmered and blended into a deep purple. He squinted into the mirror behind the counter and grinned. This was certainly a delightful thing he could do.

January 25, 2015 21:05
Kati Green orbs peered through the darkness, pale blue flecks swirling within her iris as she watched the sleepy world drag by. She stood in the shadow created by two large buildings on either side of her, the burning and flickering streetlights just outside the darkness offering solace to those that dared to brave the city’s streets past dusk. She watched a few lost souls rush past the mouth of the shadows, running or briskly walking to wherever it was that they should have been already. Some rushed to the protection of their cars, others to the safety of an apartment building or a house, and some simply ran in hopes that they might make it to see the dawn again. The world knew that there was darkness that lurked just outside of the light, they had always known that, what they now knew was that it was not the darkness to fear, but instead what lurked within that darkness.

She cast a sleepy gaze up and down the street, forest colored eyes taking on the appearance of a Demon that was dreaming. The world had fallen silent, the people all locked up snug in their homes, all the doors locked and all the shades drawn. She stepped from her dark corner and brushed at the skirt of her gown, tiny flakes of dirt and dust falling like dirty snow to the cement. An icy chill bit at her bare feet, making them numb and causing her whole body to tense with cold. She sighed, the feeling would pass, it always did. She brushed dark red hair back from a delicate face, her pixie like features giving her a look of innocence. She had promised her husband that she would meet him tonight. Pale light engulfed her, throwing her shadow up on the walls of the buildings around her, stretching the dark figure until it vanished into the place that the light did not touch. She began to walk, picking a direction that felt familiar to her, the Blood Brew Tavern was in this part of town, that was where she had promised to meet Lacigam. She slowly made her way down the dark streets, each block’s light giving way to more and more darkness, the once bright streetlights either burned out or broken.

She rounded a corner and saw the burning lights of the tavern. Her interest peaked as she drew nearer to the building. She had been here before, when it had first opened, and she vaguely remembered the interior, the memory caught somewhere in her mind’s eye. She walked to the door and stepped in, warmth wrapping around her like a long lost friend, she let it blanket her and slowly the numbness faded and gave way to the acute feeling of the floor beneath her feet. She looked around, interested eyes scanning the objects that now surrounded her, how peculiar this place was. She knew its owner, could smell his all too familiar scent coating the place. She walked around, admiring all of the things, looking at the tables and drawing light fingertips across their smooth surface. She would wait for her husband to arrive, she quite liked this place anyway. She inhaled again, taking in all of the peculiar scent and trying to decide what they were. Slowly she continued to move about, looking at this or that, letting her fingertips glide across the many things as she admired their textures.

January 27, 2015 19:43
vamp_goku *Goku doing his normal bruiting only because he missed his wife...Setting in his dark living room with a few candles lite drinking himself to sleep most days.. He finally got to see her the other day, as she always sparks of life with in him... Tonight he decide not to stay home tonight he wanted to go see how the Blood Brew was doing...He hoped it as not burned down again or that it as lost money while he was away..

Taking a quick shower placing his normal clothing on, his black button up shirt black slacks, combat boots, and of course his trust leather trench coat. Making sure he as everything he needs before he leaves out the door. As he opens the door a cool breeze hits him, he slightly closes his eyes as he breaths in deeply taking in the cool air in to his lungs. Giving his half devious grin along with his ice blue eyes shimmering in the night, he takes off to the Tavern..

It seems the place was still standing that was always a good thing he thought...Stepping inside it all seemed things were doing just fine, a few new faces were there as well..But of course the first thing he does is walks up to the bar and orders his fave drink, a brandy with a shot of blood in it. Maybe since he as not been around others lately, his sense were a little out of it..He was hoping maybe Lac and Kati might stop by, and maybe a few other old friends as well..*
January 27, 2015 21:41
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly stepped from the shadows quietly. The hood of her long black cloak shielded her face. Approaching the jukebox, fallen Angel began to play.

Approaching the bar, she got the attention of the bar keep* bloodwine
January 28, 2015 22:57
lacigam Laci gets home from the cottage and business there and stops home and sees a note there from Kati, and gets dressed and then heads to the Pagan shop to put some things there and then moves onto the tavern to meet Kati and hopefully Goku and Faia might be around tonight.
He gets to the street the tavern is on and then heads inside,he had heard the place was nicely designed and like home,and as he steps in the door he knew they were so correct. the place was filled with so many nice things and a lot reminded him of a lot of the different places he has been, he loved it very much so.
He looks over the place and its filled with so many people from all over,l and he could hear so many accents among the crowd it was like an international gathering and it made him smile a little, he finaaly sees Kati and makes his way to her and kisses her cheek and hugs her kind of sideways"hey baby, missed you today" he then goes to the bar and over hears a woman order a blood-wine and he looks at her with a smile.thinking to himself the he thought he was the only one who likes Blood-wine.

He orders a blood-wine and then heads back to Kati and looks for more people he might know.
February 02, 2015 21:23
Starlen Vineheart

Starlen sttod outside of the bar, looking up at it's sign. ~This must be the one that man was speaking of..~ Stepping in, he was immediately bombarded with the auras of many people, and magic of all kinds floating around. His face blanched from the overload. Taking a moment, he stepped back outside, bretahing heavily. "Wow, that was a lot..." After having a minute or so to catch his breath, he stepped back in. He saw a few people he had recognized. The man who told him about the bar, with someone who was very clearly his mate. He also spotted Lilly at the bar, drinking a blood red beverage. Shaking his head, he strode up to the counter and ordered his usual at any place he would go. "Uhm, could I get an iced water and a chapter book, please?"

February 02, 2015 22:23
vamp_goku Goku might had been a little out of it but, he was not deaf or totally unaware..His feelings were somewhat hurt as three others he knew very well seemed to pass him by.. Lilly might be a little out of as well, this is also her place after all.. He moves to her, giving her a light pock in the side before he places his arm around her shoulders giving her a hug.

"What Lil, you going to ignore me all night or what uh? And blood-wine, whatever happened to blood-rum uh uh? hehe How have you been? I am not sure if you guys have meet but there are a few I would like for you to meet.."

Goku yells across the bar at Lac and Kati, he was pretty sure everyone in the tavern heard him as well as if he cared.. Looking right over to them he waves them over to the bar.
February 04, 2015 20:18
Lilly_Emperium *Huggin Goku back, she smiled softly* I'm sorry my dear Goku, I didn't mean to ignore you. It's been one them weeks. The type that never seems to end February 04, 2015 21:24
lacigam He hears laughter and some other familiar voices and sees Starlen Vineheart In his usual character attire, that he liked very much, he waves to him and is happy he made it.

Then out of the normal noise he hears Goku and perks up to his call,he gets up and grabs at kati who was looking at him as well, and almost runs to hug their friend, the two being very close,and him and Faia in the same way had a lot of great laughs and times with the two of them,he thinks to himself and smiles.

He gets to goku and gives him a quick hug"hey! how are you doing bro" with a big smile and then he and Kati chat a little as he sips off his blood Wine "did i hear you say Blood Rum,I need to try that never had that drink before"
He sees him move a little to a woman he obviously knew well and called her Lilly and he then kisses Kati on her cheek ,and she kinda leans on him with a kiss of her own and then they move around to explore the bar while Goku meets others he knew.
February 07, 2015 18:06
Ciaran _M Pendragon

*Ciaran had  been  kept  busy  with   things with  Vivian  and  her  nonsense that  he  had forgotten to  stop by  and  say hello  at least for  a few  moments  to  Goku and Faia. He looks around  the  room and  takes a  seat . he orders a  whiskey. Things  were  far too quiet  for the  irish  witch as of  late. He  kept a  watchful  eye n ow on  everyone a nd  trusted a  very  few for the  last  almost  2  years. He  avoid  those  he  needed to  avoid and  worked on  his  magic and other  gifts more. He  kept as low as a profile as  he  could in  the  coven  as  well. Doing mostly  what  Dem  and  Moon  asked him  to do and  nothing more.*

March 04, 2015 11:46
Jamia Elric Skipping down the street my white coat fluttering behind me my visible eye black and red. A grin hidden behind my orange mask and the pattering of a light rain starting up. I skid to a halt pulling oof my mask a for a minute letting my face feel the coolness of the rain my other eye usually covered shinning blue, the pupils dilate to get acustomed to the light. I let my black red and white wig of hair fall off my head and flutter to the floor, my real bright blonde hair falling down to my shoulders.
I shake my self out of the trance of the rain and pick up my wig slipping it back over my hair and pulling my mask back on. I continue to skip down the road following the strong energy, dull but strong, down the street to a pub.
"The Blood Brew Tavern. Sounds cool pluse it's the source of this delicious arouma and feeling. Tonights going to be cool!" I open the door to the tavern and a quite quiet atamosfer is set upon me, "Ooh... The chills of solitude run straight through here..." I mutter, "Anyone need someone to drink with?!" I call out loud enough for everyone to hear, a slight hint of insainity seeping through, "I am fun you know... No need to be afraid unless you look tastey!" I say strething my arms above my head.
March 04, 2015 15:32
Ciaran _M Pendragon

* Feeling  the  air  shift  from the  door  opening  Ciaran  looks up  from   his table  and  his drink.  Nothing  new  ever walked in thte  doors of  the  tavern  as of  late here or  at  the  Cladaugh, then  again  Ciaran  kept the  Claddaugh to  friends and  family only for  the last  year or  so.  Less drama  that  way for the  most  part.*


"You  can  sit  here if you  want unless  you   lan on  meeting  some one here that is."

March 04, 2015 21:32
Jamia Elric "Ah! Goody, someone to sit with! Don't mind if I do..." I say walking over to the man and sliding in to sit next to him. I grin, "My name's Jamia Elric. Nice to meet you! You have somepower... But you know, I'm not that hungry tonight so I won't bother eatting you..." I say my red and black changing to the usuall bright blue. I pull of my mask, not my wig and my pale skin simmers in the lighting.
"So what's your name?"
March 05, 2015 01:39
Ciaran _M Pendragon

* Ciaran  looks  up.*

"Im  Ciaran  Pendragon. Pleasure  to  meet  you Jamia. Always  good to  know  Im  not on  the food menu  for  any one  tonight. Thanks."

March 06, 2015 20:45
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly chuckled as she wandered out of the back* and who might be trying to eat you Ciaran March 09, 2015 18:42
Jamia Elric

I grin, "Yeah! I know right? Well I've already had my fill of blood and flesh today. So I might just settle with a coffee..." I say leaning back in my seat looking up at the ceiling, I stretch my legs under the table. I sigh, " What are you then? Witch, were-animal, vampire, person of demonic genes? Personaly my life style is much closer to that of a vampires but I'm a human by birth. Turned into a ghoul by implants... Crazy stuff..." I grin and tilt my head, " So... Origins? Life-style? Supernatural type?

March 10, 2015 16:28

Severin entered the tavern and brushed his hair back from his face. It was his first time coming to the tavern. Every night he ambled through the streets, trying different stores and bars. "The Blood Brew Tavern," he muttered, "Sounds like the rare bar that I could get something at. It's got a nice ring to it." He fixed the collar of his leather jacket and sat at one of the stools of the bar. He rested his head on his hand and leaned to the side. He traced the pattern of the table with his finger. What am I even doing, he thought, every single night the same deal. I just wander aimlessly. Arrive at places where I can't even eat, due to my Vampirism. I swear they put garlic in everything. I don't even like drinking that much. I guess I'm just bored. At least it's something new. That's a little exciting. Severin looked around and noted Jamia over at another table.

I saw her just the other day, but I'm not really in the mood to talk tonight. Of course, it's ridiculous of me to go out if I don't plan on meeting anyone. He tilted his head and looked back at the selection of drinks. I suppose I could give whiskey a shot.

March 20, 2015 17:12
Jamia Elric I look around at the new entree. 'Severin, tell me if i'm wrong...?' I think to my self I wave at him and walk over and sit a few stools away from him, swinging my legs around as I spin on the stool. March 20, 2015 18:25

Severin saw Jamia come over and looked up, waving. Seeing her come over, he felt a change in his attitude. He felt a little guilty for being so unapproachable, since she was so nice. He was lost in thought about what he would do for the night, planning where to go and when to get the most out of the night time hours. He looked around again. He noticed Jamia swing her legs as she spun on the stool, and remembered that she was there. It took him a few moments but he eventually mustered up some positivity, and spoke to her.

"Hello, Jamia," he greeted her. "I bet you're drinking coffee as usual." He leaned closer to her. "Do they have anything else? You know...the kind of stuff I could enjoy. I figured the name of the tavern, and the presence of other vampires and demons here, means that I might find something good to drink." He leaned back, and looked at the array of beverages behind the counter. "I haven't been here before, so I wouldn't know. It is a pretty nice place." He brushed back his hair, which always seemed to find its way into looming over his gray eyes. "The atmosphere's nice enough. I could see myself coming here more often."

March 22, 2015 18:15
Jamia Elric "Of course I'm having coffee. I'm not sure but I think you can get what you kind of 'diet' needs." I smile and hop onto the stool next to Severin, feeling the tension in the air slip away. I spin on the stool again and order.

"Can i have a coffee please?" I call to the bar tender. In the next few minutes I get my coffee. I take a sip of the hot drink.
March 23, 2015 18:34
Ciaran _M Pendragon

*Ciaran  looks a t  Lilly*

"Thankfully  no one  tonight.  How  havve  you  been  Lily?  I  havent  seen  you  in  a  while.I  havent  seen  then  again  much  of  anyone. I  have  been  keeping to  myself as  of late."

April 04, 2015 15:33
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly chuckled*

That's good to hear, my friend. Yeah hadn't seen you nor Ami in ages. Nor my brother for that matter, but meh. I do hope things have been peaceful.

*picking up her glass, she took a drink*

I went home finally. Finished the restoration on the family manner. Otherwise, it's been kinda quiet
April 04, 2015 16:12
Collette Volkovia

Upon arrival at the bar, Cole had become even less willing than before to converse with others. But, she could never refuse an adventurous night after having started such a boring life. It wasn't often she went out of her way to attempt a conversation with someone new, and so clad in her usual hip-hugging jeans, black lace one-piece tank top, and leather jacket; she  timidly made her way back to the bar. Noticing stares from the corners of her eye from various patrons. It wasn't as if she could expect anything else, the sides of the black one-piece were low cut, to reveal tattoos surrounding her ribcage. The low cut back of the piece, exposed her spine. As well as the entricate tattoos that snaked their way down her sides and between her shoulder blades. 

It was then her coral-colored lips turned up in a devlish grin as she caught sight of a suitable bartender. Her makeup was done even more dramatic than usual on this particular night. Her eyeliner rising above where it usually stopped, to create a cat like appearance on the petite femmes face. Peach lipgloss was spread across her coral lips this evening, plumping them up past their usual fullness. 

"I'll take a Smirnoff Ice." 

April 04, 2015 16:56
Ciaran _M Pendragon

" Sounds like  fun. I  keep  busy with the  coven, Home and   my own  pub  but  its quiet  with  ai  and  the  kids off  seeing  family in NOLA right now. I  forgot  how  quiet it  was  with out   them  all running about and  carring  on."

*  he  smiles *

April 05, 2015 00:12
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly nodded as she smiled* oh I know what you mean. Been there, it's to quiet. April 07, 2015 16:27
Starlen Vineheart

A sound like a sheet of glass cracking resounded through the bar, and Starlen materialized at the bar suddenly. He looked ruffled, his hair sticking out at odd places as if he had just woken up. He looked around groggily, watching the usuual crowd mill about. Smiling, he took a seat and ordered a glass of iced water. 

His teleporting was becoming more sound, and ironically so, as the literal sound itself was more vivid. The smoke was fun, but it had started to leave a magical residue around, which made him easily traceable. Starlen wasn't entirely sure if that put him in any kind of danger, seeing as how he never managed to make enemies, but he felt safer nonetheless.

April 09, 2015 01:04
Rory Pierce

"A bar...?"

Rory questioned as he found himself standing across the street from what is apparantly the tavern to be at. With an eyebrow raised and a stroke of the chin Rory tapped his staff on the ground and in an instant it bruned away like flash paper. The evening air was cool and ominious. a feeling he knew to keep aware of and with a roll and crack of his neck Rory made his way towards the entrance and face to face with a guard of reasonable stature and with a grin Rory gazed up.


"The paint stays" Reffering to the skull paint covering his face "Spirits.. Ya know?"


Continuing inward he felt the guards confusion and desire to stop him but with no concern the doors closed behind Rory, wearing lightly torn up black jeans, no shirt, but a purple and black and purple pin stripe vest over his shirtless body, a large bone tooth necklace hanging loosely and reaching the bottom of his sternum. His hair was in short thin black dreads which he kept back in a ponytail and the white skull facepaint which to most was a sort of trademark but it was more than a fashion statement. A wall of smoke and a pungent smell of stale cigarettes, must and alcohol intruded his nose. The feeling of being watched, being in danger surrounded him; an uneasy state and his mental state on alert. Rory had a feeling it was due to not being used to such a crowd but being wary and on alert has kept him safe thus far. Making his way past a few smaller crowds of patrons he found himself at the bar and with no idea what he should be drinking he just gazed at the drinks others were having before ordering.


"Something... Sweet and strong." 

April 09, 2015 14:56
Ciaran _M Pendragon

*Ciaran  looks  to  lilly  and  smiles*

"yeah  hopefully  they  will be  back  soon.I  don t much like  the  quiet after a while . There is  only so much potion making and  magic  things I  can  do  before  that  gets old and  boring  for me  as  well. So  what  brings  you  out tonight?"

April 09, 2015 16:37
Rory Pierce

As the bartender approached with something of a lime green shade; tart but still sweet, Rory flipped around in the barstool and began observing the other patrons. Society never confused Rory but he spent so much time in solitude or with such select few that places such as these always interested him, Rory was a curious person; always acting as though he's watching fish in a fish tank, simply observing. Pulling out a twenty-dollar bill for the drink and tip he made his way to something familiar; a dart board. As luck would have it the board was free and the darts were still in tact, roughed up, but in tact. Placing his drink at the table next to him he took in a deep breath and began tossing, it almost seemed to easy: Bulls-eye, after bulls-eye. 


Reaching for another swig of his concotion he trotted over to the dart board, pulling them out one by one before stepping back once more to repeat the notion. The chatter of drama, small skirmishes, men being turned down and drinks clinking in celebration filled the room and Rory found himself with one simple question, though for the life of him he could not find anyone in charge and the bartender seemed less than eager to answer questions that didn't end with 'On the rocks.' Figuring the better of the choices would be step out Rory found a backroom, unsure if it was private, public or what he figured his odds were better here than in the bar. Sitting on a very comfy and large black leather couch he reached deep into his pants and pulled out a joint; with all the magic in the world, marijuana always seemed to do the trick. With a flick of a lighter he took a long drag and fell back into the couch, watching the smoking billow and form; the outside noise now muffled.

April 09, 2015 17:09
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly gave a light hearted chuckle* Trying to relieve the past I guess. Kinda needed to get out, round others. Don't want to be the crazy Emperium whom stays locked away April 09, 2015 18:01
Ciaran _M Pendragon

""No  I  would guess  not.  Sounds like  me  then  . Dont  want to  be the one  that  stays ocked away in  a  huge house  on  an Island  avoiding  the  out side  world  either. Besides not  in  the  family  blood  as  you  know."

*  Ciaran  laughs a  bit.*

April 10, 2015 13:03
Killian Doyle

*  The  viking walks in  to the  bar. He  notices  Ciaran  with  lilly and walks over to  them. No one  else looked familar to  him.*

" So I see  the  Celt and  druid has decided  not to  stay locked a way  while  the  wife is  away for the  time  being. Hello and  good  to  see you  out and about as  well Lady  Emperium. How  are  you this  evening?"

April 10, 2015 17:53
Ciaran _M Pendragon

*  Ciaran laughs and  looks at Killian*

" I  see  my  aunt  is  no  where about and  that  eans  play time  for the  viking  then. Lilly I  am  sure  you  know my  aunts  other  1/2  Killian. So  what  has  you  out and  about? Board like  the rest of us   sittig here  with  no noise  at  home  while  my  aunt  is  out   with  family I  am guessing."

April 11, 2015 00:16
Lilly_Emperium *Lilly laughed softly as she nodded to Ciaran* yes I remember Killian.

*smiling, she looked to Killian*Long time no see. I am good, I hope all has been well for you
April 14, 2015 04:11

* I wonder down the street, looking for some excitement tonight. I'm well fed, so there is no need to look for blood tonight. Now I'm just looking for a place to relax, and maybe have a drink or two. I stop and smile as I see a sign on a building. Blood Brew Tavern. Now that sounds like a place for me. I cross the street, and go inside *


* I smile again as I look around, impressed with the decor of the place. I look around at the people here as I walk to the bar. I give a gentle smile when the bartender comes over * Good evening. I love the name of this place. Tell me, do you carry elf blood? It tastes amazing in Wild Turkey

May 13, 2015 17:41
Lilly E *the barkeep nodded and slide him his drink. Hearing his order, Lilly looked over* your new to these parts, the brew has everything May 25, 2015 23:56

* i thank the bartender,and sip from my glass. then i look at the lady talking to me * I am pretty new here. I saw the name of this place, and just  had to try it. I could feel it was for our kind. Does it get exciting here?

June 03, 2015 03:37
Lilly Emperium *nodding she spoke softly* From time to time it's busy. Oh and the tavern is open to all, not just our kind. *Slowly she extended her hand*My name is Lilly June 06, 2015 03:18

* I gently take the open hand * My name is Night. I'm pleased to meet you. I'm sure anyone is welcome here, but I can see where that would cause problems. You know the trouble a few drunken  werewolves could cause. I hope you have a bouncer or two here. You probably need them on Saturday nights

June 06, 2015 16:59
Lilly Emperium *points over at the door where to big men stand* that's what they are for. Though I've delt with my share of wolves and slayers June 07, 2015 00:20

* I nod my head, and sip on my drink * I'm sure you have. Neither one of them are as strong as they think they are. They just can't match the strength and speed of a vampire. But they can be fun to play with  at times. I always enjoy the look of surprise on their faces when they end up on the ground

June 07, 2015 13:09
Lilly Emperium *Softly she chuckled* nope their not. But in their defense most were friends June 08, 2015 03:25
Killian Doyle

* Killian  walks in  and  sits  at  the  ar  end o  the  bar. He  orders a  Irish  whiskey . If  that  vampire  thought    they  were  the only  fast ones he  apparently has  never seena  witch on  a  rampage when  made angry. The  vikking  then  notices  who  the  female is  the other is talking  to and   smiles. He was  glad  to  see  Lady lilly  was  back again. He  looks  over to  her  and  smiles.*

June 09, 2015 21:58
Lilly Emperium *seeing Killian walk in, Lilly waved* Hey stranger, long time no see. Where have you been hiding? June 10, 2015 02:39
Killian Doyle

*Killian looks up  at Lilly  and smiles a  bit.*

"Dealing  with  a  few  family  issues. I didnt mean for  you  to  leave  your  friend  there and your talk  with him  lass. It seemed  to  be  an engaging  talk you  were  having."

June 10, 2015 11:42
Lilly Emperium *Giving a nod, Lilly replied* I hope it's nothing serious.

*Lilly looked from Night to Killian* The topic was who is faster. But before I forget my manners, Night this is Killian, Killian this is Night
June 11, 2015 15:41
Killian Doyle

* The  Viking looks up  to the other  man.*

"vampires a re  fast  as a re  the wolves.You should never  underestimate  them. Then  again  underestimating  your allies  can  be  a fatal  flaw  as well. Witches  can  be  just as fast  as any other  if  the need  arises."

June 13, 2015 23:20
Lilly Emperium * Softly Lilly chuckled, as she grabbed her glass* true enough true enough

* standing up, Lilly walked over to the jukebox and started looking at the music*
June 13, 2015 23:27
Killian Doyle

*Killian  looks  at  this  Night  person and  downs  his  whiskey. THe  viking  was leary of  many  the last  month with things  that  go  one  with in his  own  family.*

"Bar keep  another  round  for   my  friends and  I  if you  will?"

* The  bar tender  gets  the  drinks  for Killian  and     looks at him*

June 14, 2015 00:52
Lilly Emperium *as fallen Angel starts playing, Lilly walks back over. Lilly leans into killian and whispers* he's harmless, I promise.

* looking to the bar keep she nods as he fills her glass. Returning to her seat, she chuckled* I've come to realize something
June 14, 2015 01:19
Killian Doyle

* Killian  looks  to Lilly*

"And  there are those  that  like  to  look  harmess sheep  but instead  are a  viper in  the  grass waiting to  strike. "

June 14, 2015 17:55
Lilly Emperium *Finishing her drink, Lilly was shocked at what was said. Looking around, she motioned for her glass to be refilled* vipers..... June 14, 2015 19:59
Killian Doyle

"yeah   snakes  in  the  grass  that are  deadly  waiting  til  the  perfect time  to  strike  at   any one  and  every one  they  see  as a threat or  harmed  them in  some  way. Come  now little  bird  you  dont think  every one  here  doesnt  have their own  personal agendas  on  what  they  want  in  the  near  future? Every one has their own  plays  for power at  some  point question  remains on  if it  is  for the  best or  worse  path  that  they  get that power."

*Killian looks  at them  both then  back  to  his  drink. He  downs  that one a nd  orders  another.*

" leave the  bottle  this  time  lad."

*  The  bar  keep  get t he  drink and  leaves  the  bottle  as  killian a sked.*

June 14, 2015 20:14
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded* I know what your saying, guess I have kept myself at a distance from most for that reason. June 14, 2015 23:51

* When a fresh drink is placed in front of me, i shake off my thoughts and look around me .I had been lost in my own sad thoughts, and it takes me a minute to sort out in what I pass off as a mind all the things I've heard. I smile first at Lilly * I'm sure there are a few good wolves around. Juust because I haven't met any yet doesn't prove anything. I haven't been around that much

* Then I smile at the man that bought me a drink * Thank you very much, sir. I've seen you walking around in the coven, but we never got the chance to speak. I really haven't gotten out much lately. But you're right. I shouldn't talk bad of anyone else. Afetr all, it isn't the race that matters. Just the type of person they are, and the type of honor they have

June 15, 2015 09:41
Killian Doyle

"Many here  lack any  kind of  honor but  pertend they  have all of it in  the  world and  those   are  the  vipers  that lie in  the  tall  grass waiting to  strike  that  you  should  be  worried about. I  have  told  Ciaran Lilly  to  be  wary of  strangers  bearing  friendship  and  say  they  knew  Ronan.If  he doesnt recall them  or  if he tells me  the name and i  or  Siobhan  dont  chancesare  they are  nothing  but liars and   out  or themselves to get  something  from  him."


*  He looks  to the man*

"Ah  I  thought  you looked amilar  then. I  spend  as little time  as  possible  at the  coven  house  so  that is  more then likely why you  have not  run in  to  me  there. I  spend  more of my time  at my  own  home  in Ireland with  my daughter and  wife  when  she is  not  away on  something family  related."

June 15, 2015 12:49
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded* I am the same..... if one claims to have known Jasmine, Kain even Cephorus. Some are out for revenge. June 15, 2015 13:40
Killian Doyle

"yeah   and  that is  one  thing  none in   his  family need  right now  is  any one  looking  for trouble. We had a  share of it  with  vivien and   with the  crow  whn he  returned  but  they  were  both  dealt  with . Ciaran and  I   dealt  with  the  crow  issue and  let  vivien  to    Jqkull  and  them. was  just easier for  us  to  do. Since  then  Ciaran  and  I  have  kept our  distance  from  all  tied  to  him. You know  the  story  there  Lilly of  why and  too it  for  now  we   all  hold. Trust  is  earned  now  not  given away  freely a s  it once  was."

June 15, 2015 13:49

* I sip my drink,then nod my head * It seems very few people visit our coven home any more. Tho I can't say I'm much better at it. I should try harder for us

* I sip my drink again, and listen in for a moment * It seems you two have a long history here. It also seems there are many problems in this Realm. I take it there are those out here that need to be watched, or held at arms distance. I can see where you need to be careful of who to trust out here. I'll do my best to be one that can be trusted

June 15, 2015 17:33
Lilly Emperium * nods* I remember Killian.

*chuckles as she hears talking of the coven* I think I'll stay rogue for awhile in regards to covens. I've had my fill of political bs.
June 15, 2015 19:51
Killian Doyle

"Most  of  the onees  that  stay  uncovend I  think  Lady  Emperium  have  .If I  were single I  would  of  stay far  away  from  the  covens  myself  but  family  needs  protection.  As  for a history  lad  with  me  and lady  emperium  here  we  share a  common  friend and  a  common  family nothing  more  then  that in  the  end. I  am  happily married and  have a  daughter and   a  child on  the  way as w ell. You  should  never let  any one  to  close  to  ya master  Night   .  Pertty  words and  vows a re  just that in  the  end and  mean  nothing. You  are  lucky  if  you  find  a handful  of  people you  can  trust in  the end."

June 15, 2015 20:53

* I smile a little at Lilly * There really isn't much polotics in our coven. There is dust on the walls, and I think a family of bats have taken up residence in the attic. It's very rare to see anyonee in there,and even more rare to see anyone do anything. Tho I have to say again, I haven't done much better

* Then I look at killian as I sip my drink * I can understand not letting many close to you. I see things,and I hear things out here. There are many that can't be trusted, and there are also many who have betrayed here and there. It's a real shame that things are that way, but we do have to learn to deal with what is. And if that means being a little harder to know, that just has to be accepted and understood

June 15, 2015 23:58
Killian Doyle

I  should  pay more a ttention  to the  coven I  just  cant   bring my self to  do  it. I  do  what is  required  but  other then  that I  stay  pretty clear of it most of  the  time. We will see  what happens though in  time.

June 16, 2015 12:53
Lilly Emperium I have given too much to too many covens over the years. Only to be where I am now... naw I'm good for now without them... .. June 16, 2015 20:11

It's hard to be inspired to do things for them when no one is ever around. I even messaged our leader, or the one acting as leader right now, to clarify something, and I still haven't been answered. That kind of helps to discourage me from doing any more

* Then I nod my head as I look at Lilly * I can understand how you feel. They seem to give you a lot of rules,and nothing else. I sometimes wish I hadn't joined one, myself

June 17, 2015 00:02
Killian Doyle

"You can  always  leave at anytime.No one is forcing you  to  stay  any where you  dont  want t o  be. As for the  aacting leader you  messaged  life has  afew more important things perhaps  for  them right now  then what you  need. "

*The  viking downs  his  drink and  looks at  them  both.*

"People  have left the  coven before and    many have left  the  covens  over  the  years  for  others as well or to  be  outcasts in  self imposed  exile like Lady  Emperium here. In the  end  you  do  what is  best  for  you and  what is in your heart. Dont  place all  the blame on leaders as they have lives and are no different then any one else here out side of  the color of their robes. You dont like  something  as I  said no one is  holding you  to   a coven  for life  you  can leave after  you  ask for  permission of  course. All  covens  have  that rule."

June 17, 2015 14:12
Lilly Emperium *looking at Killian, Lilly finished her drink* if you only knew the half of it.... June 17, 2015 14:17
Killian Doyle

"People Lady  Emperium  do  what  they  feel is best for them in  the end as I  said. No one  is holding  any one to  a  coven  by  force. You  can  leave anytime  you wish and  never return to  any  coven  as  you  have  choosen  to do. I  know  you  have had offers from a t least one  when it  was here but times  change and so to  must   we  or  get let  behind and  fade away as  well."

* He looks at  them *

June 17, 2015 15:01
Lilly Emperium I agree, and there was a reason I didn't take it I wish I had....*sighs* I have one shot with one coven.... June 17, 2015 15:55
Killian Doyle

If you  wish  it you  should of  taken it. What  coven  is  it you  have a  shot  with  now?  I  would  take it  beore  you   end up  regreating itlike not taking the offer  fro Ronan when  he  offered. Yes I  know  about it. There  was  little Ronan Boru didnt tell me  about  or t hat we  didnt  talk  about.

June 17, 2015 16:56
Lilly Emperium *motioning for a refill, Lilly shook her head* New not right now......and do me a favor, Leave Ro out of this....if you must go there you might want the facts June 17, 2015 18:46
Killian Doyle

"Lady  Emperium,  Ronan Boru  and  I   held  no secrets  from one  and other. We have  been  friends   since  we were  children. I  am Ciaran  God father. I  have  know  the high  king  for  many  many  years. I have  know  the  children  for  their  entire lives.  Just  beacuse you  have only just in  the  last  year  seen  me  does not  mean I  was  not around. Ronan and  I  talked  daily.I  swore  years ago  my  blood for theirs and  unlike others  who  traded  vows of loyalty to  him by  word  only  I  have  done  so  with  deed."

*  he looks  at them.*

June 17, 2015 20:40
Lilly Emperium *Lilly shook her head* you missunderstand me, it's alright... I'm used to it June 17, 2015 20:58
Killian Doyle

*  Killian looks  at her. He  was  easy  to  get  defensive   when  it  came  to  the  Boru  family.  They  were  his  family. He  was   more then  just  a  Boru banner man he  was  Ronan  confidante  before any one  when  they  were  younger. If you  found  Killian   Ronan and Liam  were  right there  with him in  the  thick  of  things.*

June 17, 2015 21:22
Siobhan Doyle

~*Shiv knew there was only one place Doyle would be and that would be at The Blood Brew Tavern. Walking in she saw that it was crowded and saw a few familiar faces . Looking towards the bar she saw her husband with a woman . Walking over to where he was Shiv takes a seat next to him.~

" Hey there figured I would find ya here and just how much of this have ya had?"

~*Siobhan takes the bottle from in front of him*~

June 17, 2015 21:28
Killian Doyle

*  Killian looks  over  to his  wife.*

Enough. You  cant drink  so I  have  to  drink  your share love  too. Then  there is  drinking  for  Ronan  to  be  done as  well.

*  He  smiles at her*

June 17, 2015 21:32
Siobhan Doyle

"Well my Viking I think you have had enough. And who might this  young Lady be? I know I am expecting your twin sons  But I am not as big as a house yet."

~*She looks at him.*~

"And my brother is probably drinking with the gods laughing at ya right now,"

June 17, 2015 21:36
Killian Doyle

* Killian  takes  the  bottle  from  her*

"Good I  hope  he  is drinking  with them  and  watching  the  world  here fall to hell. Means  He  can see  what   him  really not  being here has  done  to  the  family a nd  the island  then  dont  it? This is  Lilly   Emperium. Friend of  Ronan's  from long  ago. Lady  Emperium my  wife   Siobhan, Ronan's baby sister who  some  how thinks  if  she  takes  the  bottle means  this  Viking  will stop  drinking."

June 17, 2015 21:41
Siobhan Doyle

~* Shiv grabs the bottle back and glares at him tapping her foot as she speaks in a dominant tone*

"And this Viking thinks he can drink his anger away but in reality he only gets madder. Killian Doyle you have had enough do ya hear me."

~* Siobhan's Irish accent  came out in full throttle.~*

June 17, 2015 21:48
Killian Doyle

"Your'e a  kill  joy  ya  know  this  right  little  dove. Fine  No  more  drinks. Stay  single  lad and  Lady  and  drink longer."

*  he  looks  from  Lilly  and  Night  to  Siobhan.*

June 17, 2015 21:51
Lilly Emperium *Lilly looks to Siobhan, giving a slight bow she speaks softly* we have met before M'lady how are you this eve

June 17, 2015 21:51
Killian Doyle

"She like a  old  school  head mistress.  She  takes  away  my  fun.  She  is  more  then likely  right  though on the  drinks  . We  will see  tomarrow."

June 17, 2015 22:08
Lilly Emperium *looking to Killian, Lilly chuckled* well you might wanna listen to your wife my friend... dog house is never fun June 18, 2015 13:36
Killian Doyle

"I  fully intend on listening to  her  for  now  anyway. I  just  have  to  be  a  smart  arse  about it  first.  She  knows  this I  assure you. One of my more  endering  traits so  to  say."

*  The  viking  grins  looking from  Siobhan  to  Lilly and  Night.*

June 18, 2015 14:48
Lilly Emperium *Lilly laughed as she shook her head. Glancing to Siobhan chuckled* tranquilizer darts work wonders.....*pouring another shot, Lilly downed it fast* Killian, I wouldn't say the whole world has went to hell.....just parts of it June 18, 2015 18:52
Killian Doyle

"Lass have  ya  seen the  Emerald Isle  as  of late?  Belfast  is  hell if I  ever  saw  it. Then  again  you  get  what is  coming  for  ya and  the  brits a re  getting it from  the lads and lasses there."

*  He looks at  Siobhan*

"no  tranquizer  darts  love I  am  not  a  horse or  a  farm  animal thank you  very  much.  You are  right though I  think  its  time  to go  home to  bed here."

*  He  stands  up.*

"Pleasure  meeting ya  master Night and   we will talk again  soon  I  am  sure  Lady  Emperium."

June 18, 2015 22:50
Siobhan Doyle

~~* Siobhan looks at Night, Lilly and Doyle and smiles wiith her next remark.*~

"Well being the daughter of Brigit and myself being a goddess I think a few lightening bolts in that arse of yours will help you with your smart arse remarks. And  being a Old head school mistress.......... I assure you I am not. besides I am not old. As for spoiling your fun  well Yeah thats my job since you spoilled mine . I use to be a party girl just ask Eden and Liv when I was a wolf  .. I would say to ask Caitlan but she is no longer here. "

~*She takes Killian by his arm helping him up and smiles.*~

"Yes Doyle its bed for you. No going past Go and collecting $200.00 ."

June 18, 2015 23:30
Killian Doyle

"See  no  fun.Killjoy. ah  well  wha  can  ya  do?  Wait how  did  I  kill  your  fun??"

June 18, 2015 23:36
Siobhan Doyle

"  Well  lets see after you came  back do I go out with the lasses any more ....lets see.. nope I dont , Do I drink like I use ta  and granted I could drink you under the table Doyle... ahhh lets see ....Nope I dont ... See kill joy."


~*She looks at him and smiles rubbing his head and brushing his long hair back over his shoulders.*~

June 18, 2015 23:51
Lilly Emperium

*Finishes my glass, then glance to Killian* yes I have been to Belfast recently......everytime i go to there something happens......i have a theroy...that place maybe the death of me. it's beautiful, but somethings could be better...

*nodding* I'm sure your right, until safe

June 19, 2015 00:04
Killian Doyle

" I  am  sure it  is not  that  bad. I  know if Ronan  were  there  you  would  return  to  Ireland .MAybe not  belfast  but  Ronan  was  born  in  the  North of Ireland in   Moy Co Tyrone. If  he returns that  would  be  my  bet  where you  could  find  him  after  time. I   highy  doubt he  will  be  seen  by many  if  he  returns. I  know  him  and  his  thinking  he  stay  out  of  sight  out of  mind and   only  certian  people  would  know  of  his return that he  trusted. So if  he  returns and  you  dont hear  from  him  its not that he  doesnt  care or  remeber its  a  personal  safty  thing.  When  he  want  he  would  contact you or  who  ever  needed  to  be  that he could  trust. Blood  family  would  know  first. Sioban and  Cassie  Ravenwalker  would  know  first. Stay  safe  both of you."

*  He looks  to  his  wife .*

Lets go little  dove.

June 19, 2015 13:33
Lilly Emperium *Lilly looked to her glass, a sadness on her face. Softly she spoke* you are right, I would..though I would go back to Belfast as well.... I just need to wait lil bit.

*looking up, Lilly nodded* be safe, both of you
June 19, 2015 15:11

* i watch and listen as i finish my drink, and smile at everyone as i get up hink I should be going, as well. There are things I need to look into. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope to see you again * I nod to everyone, and go out the door *

June 19, 2015 17:45
Lilly Emperium *nodding, Lilly shook her head* yup never fails June 19, 2015 17:58
Siobhan Doyle " Yes Doyle you need to get some sleep. Just how long have you been here and how drunk are you? I really hate it when you're this way it means your going to be doing something that i wont like. Cause you don't know how to tell me."

~* she looks at him concerned.*~
June 20, 2015 11:33
Killian Doyle

I  am  not  doing  any thing  you  arent  going to like.  And Im  not  drunk  enough  that I  dont  know names  and face of  friends and  family.  I hold  no  secreta  from  you and  you  know  that.

June 20, 2015 11:54
Lilly Emperium *softly Lilly chuckled, pouring another whiskey* ya may have been drinking the wrong thing June 20, 2015 12:00
Siobhan Doyle

~* Siobhan looks at the other two and back at Doyle. She gently pulled Killian's arm to her and whispers softly to him.*~

"Doyle please , this isnt the time or place. Your right lets go home alright."

June 20, 2015 19:18
Killian Doyle

*  Doyle  looks  at  his  wife  and  nods a s  they  walk out going home.*

June 20, 2015 22:23
Lilly Emperium

*After everyone left, the jukebox started playing*


Baby, I get so scared inside, and I don't really understand

Is it love that's on my mind, or is it fantasy

Heaven is in the palm of my hand, and it's waiting here for you

What am I supposed to do with a childhood tragedy?

If I close my eyes forever

Will it all remain unchanged?

If I close my eyes forever

Will it all remain the same?

Sometimes, it's hard to hold on

So hard to hold on to my dreams

It isn't always what it seems

When you're face to face with me

You're like a dagger and stick me in the heart

And taste the blood from my blade

And when we sleep, would you shelter me

In your warm and darkened grave?

If I close my eyes forever

Will it all remain unchanged?

If I close my eyes forever

Will it all remain the same?

Will you ever take me?

No, I just can't take the pain

But would you ever trust me?

No, I'll never feel the same, oh

I know I've been so hard to you

I know I've told you lies

If I could have just one more wish

I'd wipe the cob-webs from my eyes

If I close my eyes forever

Will it all remain unchanged?

If I close my eyes forever

Will it all remain the same?

Close your eyes

Close your eyes

You gotta close your eyes for me


*quietly Lilly sat and drank her whiskey as she faintly sang along*

June 20, 2015 23:10
Lilly Emperium *Lilly stood and walked slowly over to a booth, setting down she sighed. Lost in thought.* June 22, 2015 00:54

Asuna was wandering the streets at night, as she normally did most nights after completing assignments. Tonight though, Asuna was greatly exhausted from working all week and was looking for a tavern or a bar to crash in. As if on cue she heard music playing from the Blood Brew Tavern. Out of curiosity Asuna walks into the tavern, and has a look around. "Wow it sure is empty in here." Asuna says as she walks to a table and waits to be served. 

Asuna takes her hood off and lets her long blood red flow down her back. "How may I help you?" the waiter asked Asuna, startling her. Asuna ordered a beer and went back to thinking. She looked around and noticed a girl sitting in a booth. The girl seemed to be thinking hard about something.

When the waitor brought Asuna her beer, she thanked him and stood up to walk over to the booth the girl was sitting in and sat down across from her. She takes a long sip of her beer then decides to introduce herself. 'Hey, How ya doing? I'm Asuna, I'm a vampire." Asuna sits back and smiles at the girl in front of her. She continues to drink her beer as she waits for the girl to respond.

June 24, 2015 13:43
Lilly Emperium *Lilly having been lost in thought, looks up to the young vampire. Extending her hand, she smiled softly* I'm well. It's nice to meet you. My name is Lilly. June 24, 2015 16:42

Asuna shakes Lily's hand and goes back to drinking her beer. "Long week, I'm guessing?" She asks looking at Lily. "I feel ya.." Asuna chuckles. Lily seems like a friendly vampire to Asuna, rarely find those anymore. Asuna sighs and closes her eyes for a minute. She can feel her exhaustion getting to her. 

June 24, 2015 21:48
Lilly Emperium

*Lilly nodded* More than one could imagine...draining really. *Looking to the girl, Lilly chuckled* How are you finding the realm? I do hope no one has givin you any problems

June 24, 2015 21:53
Asuna "The realm is really nice and not really besides my 2 employers that are trying to kill me with the assignments they give me. They really out did themselves this week, too many assignments. I almost didn't finish them all that's why I'm so exhausted tonight." Asuna explained. She downs the rest of her beer and orders another one. It's going to be a long night. The waiter brings Asuna another beer and she opens it and begins to drink it. "I'm going to need something stronger cause this isn't doing anything for me." Asuna chuckles. Looking around, Asuna frowns from the lack of people in the tavern. June 24, 2015 22:31
Lilly Emperium Hmmm who are you working for, if I may ask?*looking to the waitress, Lilly ordered a bottle of whiskey, and another glass.* the realm can be a good place*glancing around, she chuckled* it's the slow time June 24, 2015 23:39
Asuna "I'm sorry to tell you but that information is confidential. They hate for their identity to be known to other people." Asuna chuckles. "But there are still some shady people, that's where I come in. My employers give me the information on a criminal and I go and catch them, bring them back and my job is done." Asuna takes another swig of her beer, letting the coldness relax her. June 25, 2015 01:04
Lilly Emperium *Sitting back Lilly chuckled as the waitress walked up with the order. Lilly filled both glasses and slid one in front of the girls.* ah I'm familiar with similar work June 25, 2015 03:38
Asuna "Thank you for the drink." Asuna thanks Lilly. She drinks some of her drink and notices that it has a better taste and its stronger than beer. Asuna sits back and looks around. "Why is the tavern so empty tonight?" June 25, 2015 09:07
Lilly Emperium *Softly Lilly chuckled as the girl took a drink* That there, my dear, is whiskey. Stronger than beer, and better taste in my opinion. * Looking around Lilly shook her head* in it's day, this place was packed. All the time. Many memories for some good, others bad. So drift threw then leave.... honestly it's matter of time, and she'll be big again June 25, 2015 13:59
Ronan Pendragon

*Ronan  walks  in a nd  finds a  corner .He  orders a dink  but  eeps his  hood  up  to  his  black cloak. It  wasnt  the norm for the  Celt to do  but  far safer  right now  for him then  needed. he  knew  that  he  looks around  the tavern and   takes a  sip of  the  drink  he  ordered. His  mind d rifting to  past  conversations  with his family  members. He  smiles.  He  knew they meant  well but he needed time to  be him again before  anything  else.*

June 29, 2015 15:43
Lilly Emperium *realizing her company had disappeared, Lilly shrugged it off. People did that from time to time. The waitress came to clear the table, and Lilly stood up. As she walked towards the front, a scent caught her attention for a moment. With a brief chuckle she walked to the front and ordered a sandwich* June 29, 2015 16:48
Ronan Pendragon

*The Celt finish  his drink  pays  for it then  walks  to t he  door. He  notices  the lass and rreconizes her  but  says  nothing and  vanishes in to  the night like a  ghost. He  needed the time alone  just lilke  he  told his sister.*

June 30, 2015 02:00
Lilly Emperium *having grabbed her order, Lilly turned just missing him. Shaking her head, she just sat down at the bar and ate her food* June 30, 2015 03:39
Lilly Emperium *Grabbing the towel, Lilly began to do like she used to. Clearing, and wiping down to tables. Softly she hummed, every so often she would sing a few words of it. As she finished, she sat back down for a moment* June 30, 2015 20:49
Lilly Emperium * After some time past, Lilly went into the office. Setting at the desk, she pulled a drawer. Pulling out a small box, that sat there for almost a year. Softly she whispered* I waited.... you never returned.... I shall return this to where it came from..

*Lilly stood up, slid the drawer shut. Sliding the box into her pocket, she locked up the office and left the tavern*
June 30, 2015 22:49
Lilly Emperium *Walking into the tavern, Lilly went straight to the office. Looking for a small box that contained dried forget me nots. She knew she left it somewhere. As she searched, she softly repeated* forget me nots, forget me nots.....the funny thing about forget me sometimes they help you forget... July 12, 2015 21:35
Lilly Emperium * As she found the small box, Lilly sat down. So many things on her mind, she slowly opened the small box. Seeing she still had five layers of the flower as well as her vial of nightshade. Deep down, she knew it was never a permanent solution.... one petal, to ease the mind some.

Walking out of the office, she poured a glass of rum. She really wasn't sure she wanted to go that route again. As she sipped her glass, she chose to wait. Though tempting, she would wait.*
July 12, 2015 22:24
Lilly Emperium * Pouring a glass of whiskey, she slowly sipped it. Her mind growing clearer. She knew she would test herself soon enough. But for the moment, she would listen to her music and drink* July 14, 2015 17:44
Faia Shiria

Faia entered with a slight chill running down her spine. It seemed like ages since she'd been here the last time. A subtle sigh left her lips but her saddened expression soon turned to a small smile as she spotted a familiar face. “Lilly, It’s good to see you again!” she proclaimed.


Taking the seat next to her friend she Faia smiled and ordered the same as Lilly was drinking which, judging by the scent, was a decently ages whiskey. “How have you been dear friend?” 

July 15, 2015 09:21
Lilly Emperium *Smiling brightly as she heard the mention of her name. Seeing Faia, Lilly softly spoke* I have been good, better now. Old familiar faces and friends make everything better. How are you Faia? July 15, 2015 11:44
Faia Shiria Faia smiled faintly "Agreed. Sadly there aren't that many left." She raised her glass towards Lilly "To friends and family returning"

A soft chuckle followed before she downed the desire drunk in one go. "It's arrange to be back here. This place holds so many memories." She sighed slightly "I miss those days, don't you?"
July 15, 2015 12:46
Lilly Emperium *nodding she had to agree* saddly you are correct, we are few now.

*with a nod Lilly chuckled* yes it is strange, but truthfully it was always a second home. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Many good and not so good happened at the brew. Some I miss dearly.....
July 15, 2015 13:12
Faia Shiria Faia nodded and gave a melancholic smile. "You're right. I've learned a lot of lessons here, both good and bad. But tell me. What's going on in your life these days?"

She poured herself another drink from the flask Lilly had started on. "I hope you don't mind?"
July 15, 2015 13:19
Lilly Emperium *Softly Lilly chuckled as she nodded* I don't mind, there's plenty in the private stock.

*Thinking for a moment* since last I you or uncle Goku ... I found I have a younger brother, by Cephorus... my daughter Angel is on her own...she has chosen to go by Emperium as well as Shade.

*Taking a drink from her glass she chuckled* other than that, not much has changed. Some people have yet to see I have changed. That's their problem though. I've come to terms with my past, and the sins of the family..
July 15, 2015 14:52
Faia Shiria

Faia nodded and gave a mischievous smile and downed her drink before pouring another. “Great!” she chuckled and leaned back.


Faia blinked a few times. “You have a brother? How did that happen? I mean how did you find out?” Tryingly Faia smiled. “I hope sheøs doing alright then. What is she doing at the moment?”


Faia nodded and shrugged. “Most don’t believe in change though I know it is very much possible. We make out own life in the choices we make, no one should judge you for the sins of your family and if you’ve chosen to be a better person than by all means go for it.” She paused for a moment “In fact most people could learn from that example. Anyway, What are you doing here all by yourself?”

July 16, 2015 06:15
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled* Avalon had been with Cephorus prior to his passing. One day, while back she came to tell me about him. He's a good kid, stays out of trouble. Angel, has been staying out of trouble, making friends. She decided to take a small vacation.

*Giving a nod Lilly chuckled* ah but some seem to think they know everything. Some day, they'll all learn. I currently have no mate, though seems one or two maybe interested.

*shaking her head* house was too quiet. The twins convinced Theo to take them to see their uncles Damian and Drako who have been enjoying Cancun for years now. And I needed to clear my head...
July 16, 2015 13:23
Faia Shiria

“It’s strange to suddenly find yourself related to someone.” Faia chuckled and thought of her own experience for a moment. “I mean, it’s nice and all but it’s weird to suddenly have a relation to people you don’t know. But good for Angel. She’ll make something of herself I’m sure.”


Faia smiled and nudged her friend. “Well in due time I’ll look forward to meeting the lucky chap. I’m sure Goku would like to meet them as well. If he decides to get out of the house again that is.” She chuckled and nodded at Lilly. “Cancun is nice this time of year and some quiet time for you is well deserved. If you need s shopping partner let me know. I haven’t had proper girls day in ages.” 

July 16, 2015 15:41
Lilly Emperium It was a surprise, but a happy one. Uri, is good thank the gods. Angel has the world ahead of her.

*chuckling Lilly blushed* hopefully this turns out ok. Still unsure, but I think after everything I've went threw in the last year it's understandable. But so far, I'm going slow.

Maybe we can drag uncle goku out..... Make him hold the bags while we shop. Most definitely we do need a shopping day.
July 16, 2015 15:56
Sinclaire Dracul

*Entering the tavern, he sits. His selection of seating, of course, is within one of the darker corners of the main floor. His grey eyes gleam with mischief as he drapes his leather coat over the chair. Lowering himself down into the chair, his boots rise to rest on the table. A smirk comes to his lips as he beckons one of the tavern maids over.*

"Two tequillas love, if you will, thank you." 



July 16, 2015 19:22
Lilly Emperium *one of the girls walked up, and whispered to Lilly before taking the man his drinks. Softly she chuckled, snapping her fingers making his feet fall* July 16, 2015 20:26
Sinclaire Dracul

*Sin's eyes scower the bar. A smirk comes to his lips as he notices Lilly's snapping of her fingers. Then he chuckles.* "All you had to do is ask." He whispers as he brings one shot, then the other to his lips. 

July 16, 2015 20:36
Lilly Emperium *shaking her head she chuckled.* n my apologizes...

*turning she poured another drink*
July 16, 2015 20:45
Sinclaire Dracul

*Grinning, he sits content. His eyes never leaving Lilly as she turns to pour another drink.* 

July 16, 2015 20:55
Ronan Pendragon

~Ronan walks in  to the  tavern and looks around to  see if any one looks f amilar out side of  lilly of c ourse. He knew s he  would  notice him .Thankfully the others in  the  place he  didnt  know. He  sits  down  at the  far  end of  the  bar.~

July 17, 2015 00:35
Lilly Emperium *As he walked in, Lilly smiled. Looking towards where he sat she chuckled* hey stranger, ya don't have to set by yourself. How have you been Ro? July 17, 2015 02:49
Faia Shiria

Faia leaned back in her seat and watched as Lilly socialized. There was a clear evidence that she belonged here. She was after all one of the original owners of the Blood Brew Tavern. It was good to see her roaming about again.

July 17, 2015 03:39
Lilly Emperium *smiling Lilly chuckled* ya know Faia, I think we can use a large bag of cheese puffs to lure Goku out.... If not maybe a crowbar..

*Taking a drink she chuckled* when was the last time you went on a shopping spree? Maybe we can go to Tokyo or Paris soon.
July 17, 2015 03:59
Faia Shiria

"Throw in a bottle of Whiskey and I think it might work" Faia chuckled pushed her empty glass towards the barkeep. A smile tugged on the corner of her lips "If you'll bring the crowbar I'll bring a 4by4 and maybe we can scare him out of thiding? Ya know there's not much mpre scary than two armed women" she added and laughed softly.


"Jokes aside. I can't even remember the last time I was shopping unless you count shopping for a camping trip." Faia shrugged and smiled at Lilly "Well I haven't been to Tokyo in years. Maybe it's a good time to widen my cultural horizin ay?"

July 17, 2015 06:30
Sinclaire Dracul

*Rising from his table, he approaches the bar. Offering a smile, he places down some fresh bills as his eyes go to Lilly.* "Thank you for the drinks." *Straightening the collar of his black, leather jacket. He proceeds out of the bar. * 

July 17, 2015 11:30
Lilly Emperium *chuckling she nodded to Faia.* We shall have to fix that. Tokyo has some nice markets. It has been a little while for me as well.

*As the fella approached, Lilly nodded. Something struck her odd bout him* Your welcome, come back anytime.
July 17, 2015 13:40
Faia Shiria

Faia offered a friendly smile to the man as he approached the bar before leaving. Then she looked to Lilly and nodded and laughed a little. "Well seeing I've been gone for some time my wardrobe is terribly outdated. It's about time to change it."


Rising to her feet Faia looked towards the door. "I'm pretty much idle most of the time at the moment, so you just let me know when you're free yes? I'd better head home for now. Gotta feed the dog" she said and chuckled.

July 17, 2015 15:32
Lilly Emperium *nods* very well, will do. It's good to see you Faia. We shall shop till broke, then do it again. I'm free most of the time, but I will get everything sat up and give you a call. July 17, 2015 15:43
Ronan Pendragon

*Ronan looks at Lilly. He knew she was  right but he also  knew  how  busy a  bar / taern  coud get.*

"I  am  aware  thanks  but you  were  busy with  others and  I  knew  in  time  you  would come  over  when  those  conversations  were done. I  am in  no  hurry  as you  can  see  fr  any thing or  any one  important to go on. Did I hear you  right  does  Goku need luring  back here yet again? Good luck  with that  make  sure  you  have a  rather large crow bar for it."

July 18, 2015 06:51
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled, as she went and sat by him.* I plan on using a crowbar, a long stick and whatever else I can find to get him to budge. I do love my uncle, but Damn.....he does need to blow the dust off every so often.

*smiling softly* How are you doing Ro?
July 18, 2015 12:02
Ronan Pendragon

"A  bit  better now  but  still not  where I  want to  be . All thins in  good  time though. Goku  will come  out again when  he is  ready. Though the  lure of t he  warm  sun  in  Cancun  is  strong. "

*Ronan  smile*

"How  have  you  been?"

July 19, 2015 09:15
Lilly Emperium *Lilly smiled softly* you'll be there in no time, I have faith. In the meantime..*she gives him a poker with her elbow* you have friends you can lean on when you need help. When it comes to Goku...he started becoming a homebody before I started having problems.. *As he mentioned Cancun, Lilly nodded* I understand from my brothers, it is relaxing there.

I am doing well. One day at a time sorta thing but nonetheless I'm ok. I seem to have myself under control again. allowing myself to be distracted every so often seems to be a good thing.
July 19, 2015 15:19
Ronan Pendragon

*Ronan laughs*

July 20, 2015 22:29
Lilly Emperium *looking to Ronan, Lilly was confused. Downing her drink, she looked to him. Softly she spoke* what was so funny my friend... July 21, 2015 01:55
Ronan Pendragon

"Distractions  being a good  thing. I  have  seen  the  "good" distractions  get good  people  and  innocent  people  killed."

*  He  takes a  sip of  h is drink.*

July 21, 2015 17:23
Lilly Emperium *shakes my head* I've seen good people lose themselves with out it. *pours a drink* not all are bad....sometimes it's relaxing July 21, 2015 17:39
Ronan Pendragon

"Just  make  sure  you  can  tell the  difference is  all in the  end  between the  good ones and  the  bad. Hate to  see  any other friends in  the  grave  yard  for  stupid  reasons like  distractions of  any  kind  good or  bad."

July 21, 2015 17:44
Lilly Emperium *nods* I try to avoid anything that may put me there Ro. July 21, 2015 18:11
Ronan Pendragon

Most do  but  sometimes it  is  un avoidable.

July 21, 2015 18:25
Lilly Emperium *nods* I understand July 21, 2015 18:27
Ronan Pendragon

*  he  nods and  smiles*

July 21, 2015 22:31
Lilly Emperium *chuckling, Lilly shook her head* do tell me, what's new. July 21, 2015 22:43
Ronan Pendragon

"Not alot. I was  cleaning  the things out  from  my  past t hat I  no longer need  so  that I  can  move  forward  was  all hopefully this time  with no distractions  that  will end  like  thte  last time. No  stress on  the  whole  gold  thing  so  to  say. So  things  should  be  fine."

July 22, 2015 00:55
Lilly Emperium *nodding* One has to do that, from time to time. Even I've had to do some cleaning of my past. If not one tends to dwell on it. July 22, 2015 01:03
Ronan Pendragon

"Aye  that  they  do. Clutter  even the mental  kind  can  be   a set  back in  the  end."

July 22, 2015 12:40
Lilly Emperium *nodding, Lilly understood too well what he ment* sometimes that's the hardest one of all. July 22, 2015 13:31
Ronan Pendragon

"I  have d ecided  it  was  better f or  me  to  pack  the memories away. Send  what  photos  the   kids  might  want to  them  and   leave  the  rest to  the  slow  decay of  time in  the  end. I  know  many  will see that as  cruel  or  harsh  but  it is  something I  need  to  do for  my own  sanity."

July 22, 2015 19:41
Lilly Emperium *shaking her head, she spoke softly* not at all dear. You've went threw alot. If you were to allow yourself to dwell on the past... it can drive one insane, trust me. July 22, 2015 19:52
Ronan Pendragon

"pretty much  what I  have decided  to do not  dwell on  the  past. Besides  which being  who I  am I am  already  insne  dont  you  think?"

*  Ronan  smiles  ad  laughs a bit.*

July 26, 2015 07:11
Lilly Emperium *Lilly chuckled as she showed a small space between two fingers* maybe just a little bit. I always did say you were a little nuts. *lightly she touched his arm* sometimes that's a good thing my friend. I know if it weren't for you being the way you are.... I probably would have been in a lot more trouble over the years. July 26, 2015 13:23
Ronan Pendragon

"Ah  you  would o  found  your way out of it  I  am  sure in the  end  with out  my  help. You  would of  learned  what  was  what  as well  with out  my  help.  there  are others in  the world  that wold of  told you  what  you  needed to  know.Besides you  have  done  well  enough  with out me  here like  you  were . I  am no different then  any one  else now  or  ever. I  can  be ruthless if neeed  but  alot of the  time I  choose  to  ttry  and  be  diplomat and in the e nd  that  not  what  was needed and  more then likey never  will be. Far too many  are  willing to  get in to  fights  they  dont  ned  to here and that  I leave  to them."

*  he looks over  at  her*

July 27, 2015 10:51
Lilly Emperium *shakes her head* others... Bah.....the only thing others ever wanted to tell me was that I either belonged in their bed or in a permanent grave. Or they had other motives. Very few were not like that, and none took your approach. So for me, yea you always were different. Even before I knew of your bloodline, you were a dear friend. I am just thankful that your still my friend. July 27, 2015 13:13
Ronan Pendragon

"Why  wouldnt I  be? Others are out there  you   just have to  want to  find  them. Not all were or are  Dragon  Shade. he is gone and  he  knows  if he returns  he has no  friends  with my line at this point  knowing  what you   have told  me. I  dont g o  wwell  withmen  trying to  control  females. I  never  have."

July 28, 2015 12:22
Lilly Emperium *softly she sighed as she smiled* Ro, what I told you when you returned, will always ring true. But much like I told you, your son and Killian..... I value your friendship more. That rings true the most. What makes you different? That is something that happened along time ago, when we were younger and I was very much an arrogant Emperium. You may never understood.. July 28, 2015 13:41
Ronan Pendragon

"Understood  what? You  might  be  shocked  what my  druid  witch  brain  will comprehend  even if you think it wouldnt."

* He looks at her*

July 28, 2015 13:59
Lilly Emperium *softly she sighed, tipping her head slightly as she looked to him. Her voice was soft as she spoke* You maybe right anyone could have done those things. But no one cared to. You for whatever reason, stopped me couple times from doing things I would have regretted eventually. Mainly before I even knew who you were. I actually thought you were crazy, telling me, in the coven hallways, I couldn't do what I was bent on doing.

*with a slight nod, Lilly gave a faint chuckle.* you are right, not everyone is like him. It is not that I haven't tried to go on with my life...something always seems to happen. While you were gone, I found that to be true and again recently....though I *shaking her head* never mind..

*Taking a sip from her glass, she looked down for a moment. Then back to him. With a softness in her voice she spoke* I do not regret what I have felt Ro. I only regret that half the realm heard before you. Part of me always knew....knew that you couldn't feel the same way. It was a fools hope so to speak, to think otherwise.

I have always been, and will always be grateful for your friendship. I would rather have you here as my friend than you not be here at all.

*looking to the glasses, Lilly refilled them both* speaking of moving on .....Not all women are the same either. Yea, before you say anything....I just want to see you happy and safe. One day, I hope you find one you deem worthy of your heart.
July 29, 2015 04:15
Ronan Pendragon

"what do you  mean  1/2 the  realm  only  ones  who  knew  that I  know about  was Killian and  Ciaran. No o ne  else  came up  to  me a nd said a  word about  you. I  know  they  are not all  the  same  but  right now I  need  to  be me  before I  can  deal  with  any one  eles being allowed in  or  close  to me. I  had  that  spy  in BT  . I  know  there  was one   and  I  couldnt get to  see  who it was  so   that is another reason  I   trust  very  few now as well. I  dont need  the  entire  world knowing anything  about  me now. It  will be a cold day in hell before I take  gold again. Hope and even a  fool's hope is  better then none in  the end."

July 29, 2015 11:41
Eowyn Emperium

*Eowyn took a step into the old bar that her family had owned as she took a deep breath trying to relax before making her way to the lounge area propping her feet up looking over to her mom and the man she was talking to but had kept to herself to not try and interrupt their conversation*

July 29, 2015 13:53
Lilly Emperium *looking to Ronan she shook her head* Ro I never said a thing bout those robes....they had no bearing on how I felt when it came to you. I would still follow you anywhere, just as I would have years ago...when bt fell..*shaking her head* I have no knowledge of a spy though it would not surprise me.

*Taking a breath she nodded. Softly she spoke * I can understand trusting only a few. I've been there for along time. The only problem with a fools hope much like a fools errand... is the fool involved....with that said, this fool is fine and can live with who she is. I will always be here for you my friend.

*seeing Eowyn, she nodded and motioned a girl to take care of her* Ro how many of my children did you ever meet?

July 29, 2015 15:10
Ronan Pendragon "Let me think . None I was always busy with my own or coven stuff as you know. As I said right now its all about me."

* Ronan cane sits next to him. he knew he need it alot longer then he once did and for the most part at home he didnt use it. Only when he was out for long periods of time.
July 29, 2015 15:12
Lilly Emperium *shaking her head, she was not going to fuss. She ment in the past. But then again, he may have been correct even then. She hid her children, guarding them. Protecting them from the realm. Glancing towards his cane, Lilly whispered* would you let me give you something to aid in your healing... I have a salve that works wonders. The only thing it couldn't heal right for me was the scare on my leg...

*At the same time, she snapped her fingers. Causing Eowyn's feet to hit the floor. She half waited for her daughter to say something*
July 30, 2015 05:24
Ronan Pendragon

"I f  that is  what  you  wish  then  fine but I  dont  put  much  stock in   magic  healing  right now. Scar  from  what on  your leg  now?"

*  He   watches    the  girl's  feet hit the  floor. He  smiles*

July 30, 2015 11:47
Ciaran Pendragon

~Ciaran  walks in to the  pub  and  looks around and  smiles. He sees  Lilly and  his  father a nd  walks  over to  them.~

" Da  seems  to  want to  leave  magic  anything out  for a bit when it  comes  to  his  healing  here. I  offered  potions but  he is  stubborn as all  hell as  you  know."

July 30, 2015 12:20
Lilly Emperium *As she started to say something, Lilly saw Ciaran. Shaking her head she laughed. Nodding to Ciaran she chuckled*

Ciaran, welcome to the brew. No truer words can be said than that.. yes your father is stubborn. He has always been that way dear. Nothing really magical about it though... just a salve with herbs. I know better than to offer your father the one thing that would heal him quickly. I already know, setting here he would not take it.

*Looking to Ronan, she nodded. Pulling a small pouch out, she pulled a small ornate jar out. Opening it, then closing it she gave it to him.* the scar I mentioned was a result of Rei and a fire he sat years ago.
July 30, 2015 15:11
Ronan Pendragon

"Lilly  you  do  know  that Ciaran  and  the  rest of  the  kids are  very  well  versed in  herbology and  how to  make  all sorts of things like  potions and  what not  from  them? He might  be able to  make you  something stronger then  this if you  want  him  to  try."

*  He looks over at  Ciaran and then  back  at  Lilly.*

July 30, 2015 19:42
Ciaran Pendragon

"I  can  try  if  you  want  but  I need  to know  what you  want it to do in  the  end. Intent in  any potion  or  any thing in life  made is   at least  1/2  if  not  more.  Da is right we are all very  wel versed in the  lore of  Herbs and  what  can  be  used f or  what in  the  end. It is  up  to  you  how ever if you  want me  to  try."

*  He  looks  over at he,Truth was  he and  his  siblings  were wiz kids  when it  came to potions and  all of that. They  had  the  better t eachers  ggrowing  up  then  most  others  they  knew  had. They had  the  elves and  the  druids. Most  kids were lucky  if they got one of those  races  let alone  both.*

July 30, 2015 19:48
Lilly Emperium *Taking the small container, she placed it in Ronan's hand* Ro, for once take it for what it is....a gift. *sighing softly* I may not be...

*stopping, she looked to Ciaran and softly spoke* Ciaran, my dear I know. What I was told, after it couple different folks... It was part of a curse for me leaving him.. the only thing I have been able to do was place a charm so no one saw it. You may wanna try if you wish...

*Turning she pulled up her left pant leg, gliding her hand over the back of her calf revealing a nasty scar with a faint blue flame that moves over it.* A friend made it stop hurting years ago
July 31, 2015 16:34
Ronan Pendragon

"You  may not  be  what? " 

*Ronan  looks  from Ciaran  to  Lilly.*

July 31, 2015 16:36
Lilly Emperium *as she turned, dropping her pant leg back down. Softly she spoke* you probably don't want me to finish what I was going to ain't worth it. July 31, 2015 16:59
Ronan Pendragon

"If I  didnt  want you  to  finish it  I  wouldnt o said  what I  did. Seriouly  sometimes  I  wonder if  you  hae  known  me for  more  then  5  seconds  of  your life  here?"

August 11, 2015 17:48
Lilly Emperium Sometimes you are impossible Ronan... I may not be well versed in herbology....but I was taught when given a gift, one should graciously accept it. Even if you never use it. Manners before pedi....*stopping herself a moment* we were fighters.....healing was taught with it.

*deep dow, she did hurt. To an extent, she felt as if she were less. But she hid the feeling, beneath her charm and liquor*

*softly she spoke* sometimes I honestly don't understand you. I stop myself for good reasons...
August 12, 2015 05:46
Ronan Pendragon

"I  will  try  it Lily  and hopefully like  you  said it  will  work a  bit. You  should  let  Ciaran  try though  since like  you  we  are  fighters too  and  well trained in  healing as  well  for  that  reason  alone. We  help  our friends  even  when gifts  are  given.You  know  me  well  enouogh to  know  that  much."

* He looks a t her*

August 12, 2015 15:24
Lilly Emperium *nods* as I said, he may try. I am not against the assistance my friend, I was only saying what I was told years ago.

*walking behind the bar, she pulled out a bottle and filled her glass* I know you help your friends dear....
August 13, 2015 03:57
Ronan Pendragon

*  Ronan  looks at her  and  then  to  Ciaran . He  knew  his  son  had a  good  idea  what   he  had in  mind to t ry and  use. *

"Have a  bit of  faith  lass  that  there is  areason  for  it all  to  work. Its not like  you  to  despear  like  you  are."

August 16, 2015 10:45
Ciaran Pendragon

"I  have a  few  Ideas about  what  I  can  do  .Give  me  a few  days  and  I  am  sure I  can come  up   with  something  you  can  try  in  the  end. If I  cant in  a few  days I  an  always  talk to  Alexander and  see if  he  has any suggestions to try as well."

August 16, 2015 10:48
Lilly Emperium *softly she sighed as she nodded. Ronan may have been right, maybe she wasn't herself as of late. * I'm sorry Ro, guess I've had it for so long... I just believe myself to be stuck with it. The lasting reminder of Rei Gotto.

*Lilly looked to Ciaran and smiled softly* Thank you Ciaran, take as much time as you need.
August 16, 2015 14:05
Ronan Pendragon

"You might  well  be . Who  or  what is Rei Gotto then? What  did  you  do  to  them to  warrent a curse?"

August 17, 2015 22:06
Lilly Emperium *Softly Lilly spoke as she looked off* Rei was my daughter Sahara's father. What I did..... I left him. I didn't know, at the time of the fire, I was pregnant. He knew....he knew I would try to save him. Jackarse set the fire and left.... leaving me to believe he died because I couldn't move threw the flame. It was ment to harm me, no one else. August 18, 2015 13:13
Ronan Pendragon

"Sounds as  if  her  was more then a  bit  pissed off then to  me  that  you  left. I cant  blame  him  for  being  pissed off  but to  go to  the  extreame he did was  uncalled for in  the  end. Harming a  person  is never the answer to a  issue unless it is a last restort kind of  thing. "

August 18, 2015 17:42
Lilly Emperium *Looking down, Lilly closed her eyes. * he was...and he was justified. I left after we were engaged... I couldn't handle being alone. It wasn't....*sighing she shook her head* August 18, 2015 18:44
Ronan Pendragon

*Ronan  looks at her. He  knew  she  wasnt going to  finish  telling him  anything  so  he let  this one  go for now  any  way.*

"I  am  n ot even  going to  ask you  to  finish  that  though as I  am  sure I  wont like the  answer."

August 18, 2015 23:42
Lilly Emperium *she looked to him and sighed* everyone that thinks they know me.....Don't know everything. I wasn't always... I didn't always cheat on my mates. Rei, for as much as I grew to hate him after I left.... I did love him. He gave me everything, though I never asked for it. Wasn't controlling, very kind and loving. Then slowly, after the engagement, he was never around. I began to feel more like a nanny for his son than a soon to be wife. I saw his friend Danny, more than him....

*softly she sighed* I left, so I wouldn't cheat.... I might have went back... if he hadn't tried to scare me into turning time back...

*there was a deep hurt that could be noticed as she forced herself to smile. She knew her life was scr*wed up. Downing her drink*
August 19, 2015 00:00
Ronan Pendragon

"You  are  not the only  one  lass  that  had a screwed up  life or   had    some one  hurt you . We  have all been  there. I  had it  with  Angelica. Then again it  wasnt  always  bad either. There were and  are  good memories still of times  before she  went  mental and  all due  to the  bird brained psychopath. I  was  hurt and  angry at her  but  the  kids  never  got a  bad  word  said  of  her from me. Deep  down I  still  care  a great  deal  for  her but I  cant  risk life again for  her if   the psychopath  decides to  return. I  hope  after  the  bounty Killian placed on  him  he  has  the  common sense  not to  but  we all know  its  just a  matter of  time  before  he  does if  she  came back and  he  knew I  was  here as well. Some things are  better left in  the  past  I  thin  then  others. Rei sounds like one of  those  kind of  things  for  you."

August 19, 2015 00:12
Lilly Emperium *nods, she understood what he meant. Softly she spoke* sometimes time prior to the scare he gained help from a voodoo woman. When he tried to scare me by showing me the 7 levels of hell. I honestly thought I miscarried. His dealings with her, costed both of us our daughter. She stole Sahara from me, leaving me thinking I miscarried.... When she found the woman's journals, was when she sought me out.... for as much as I loved him.....that day I despised him. August 19, 2015 00:28
Ronan Pendragon

 It is  fully  understandable  why. Which is  why I  said  somethings  need  to  be left in  the  past  where  they a re best and  can not harm us.

August 19, 2015 00:42
Lilly Emperium *nodding slowly. She agreed, the past was where she tried to leave many things.*

I couldn't agree more
August 19, 2015 00:51
Ronan Pendragon

"The  here and  now is  all that  matters not the  past now  5 years down  the road.  I know  many  who  take  everything  they  have  for  granted and  in  the  end  they ose  everything  as  well they  tried  so  hard  to  hold on  to. Some times it is  better to  just let  things  go. A lesson  I  learn  many times over."

August 19, 2015 01:00
Lilly Emperium I worry not about the future, mine will come in time. The past tends to haunt, in the minds and on the lips of those who enjoy gossiping or are unable to let go.....I've put a many thing behind me, as well as a few people..... *with a chuckle she looked to Ronon* as for the here and now.....I enjoy the time I get to spend with friends August 19, 2015 01:11
Ronan Pendragon

"Live  your life  for  you and in  the now and  you  will get  by  well enough."

*  he  smiles*

August 19, 2015 01:20
Lilly Emperium *nodding she smiled softly* that's what I'm trying to do dear. August 19, 2015 01:26
Ronan Pendragon

"I  have  to go  there is a  coversation  I  need  to  have  wit  Ciaran  on  some  family  matters. YOu  be alright  here  right?"

August 19, 2015 02:14
Lilly Emperium *nods* I'll be fine Ro. Be safe my dear, I do hope it's nothing serious August 19, 2015 04:24
Ronan Pendragon

"No  its  family matters  that need to  be  cleared  up  is all. Nothing to  bad. We will talk again soon. Good night."

* Ronan goes out  side and  vanishes  in   blue  flame.*

August 19, 2015 14:29
Lilly Emperium *nodding she chuckled* ok Ro. Be safe, don't be a stranger.

*as he left, she shook her head. Grabbing her cloak, Lilly decided it was time for her to leave. *
August 19, 2015 15:21
Marius Masai *trudging through the street he came across a sign in from off a building that to his opinion smelled like a bar?, a tavern. As he decides he could not take the rain and cold anymore he enters the building sitting himself down at a stool and setting his medicine bag unto a stool next to him. With he relieved breath as he now feels a little warm he takes in the feel of the place and a smile forms, gently he pulls his sleeves back from his wrist to his elbow and stares at his many tattoos on his arm.* September 22, 2015 18:59
Lilly Emperium *Walking in, the hood of her cloak shielding her face. Walking into the office, she placed a package inside. As she stepped out, she slowly pushed her hood back, letting it rest upon her shoulders.

Walking over to the bar, Lilly poured a glass of Whiskey*
September 24, 2015 17:56
Lilly Emperium *Coming out of the office, Lilly had much on her mind. Things as of late had sent her into confusion. Sliding behind the bar, she adjusted the stock. Feeling slightly ill, she avoided moving to fast.* December 16, 2015 21:07
Phantom He entered the bar and silently pointed to the acidicposion reserved for demons such as himself December 17, 2015 01:44
Lilly Emperium *The barkeep poured the drink, setting it in front of phantom. Lilly was temporarily distracted with joting down the items needed. Turning she went off on one of the girls* for it's simple... place the order as I wrote wonder no one comes anymore..

*Grabbing her glass she made her way towards the front. Seeing phantom she smiled softly, covering the fact she didn't feel well. Sliding her glass under the counter, she refilled it.* if you'd like a bite... the cook is are you tonight phantom?
December 17, 2015 02:04
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon walked into the bar and then sat at the counter and ordered a shot of whiskey straight up. When the bartender poured him the shot he took it and swigged it back then got another one. So many things were running through his mind right now it was insane. He will just sit here and drink all night if he wanted to.*

"Hey please just leave the bottle."

*He placed a solid gold coin on the counter and then poured himself another shot and took it.*
December 17, 2015 23:46
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded to the bartender, letting him know it was alright to leave the bottle. Looking to the coin, Lilly slid it back over. Softly she spoke* Mr. Ravenwalker, sit and not worry about the coin December 18, 2015 04:23
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon looked over at the woman and gave her a soft smile. He leaned up against the bar and then spoke.*

"Thanks darling. Well that is exactly what I plan to do actually is relax."

*He poured another shot then grabbed another shot glass and poured her one as well pushing it towards her then placed his in the air.*


*He took the shot and then smiled.*
December 18, 2015 16:06
Ronan Boru

"Seriously  Moon?  What is with  you? Cassie  is  back  at  my house an  here  you  are  drinking in  the  dark corner why? Are  you trying  toend  up  back  on the other side faster then  you  want?"

December 18, 2015 16:40
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon looked at Ronan and the he looked back over at the woman he was talking to and spoke.*

"First off I just begun to drink and second of all we are no longer married and she punched me in the face I don't think she wants anything to do with me so yeah I am drinking with this pretty young woman right here who I didn't get the pleasure in her name."

*He took her hand into his and kissed the back of it softly and smiled.*

"Besides Ro don't be rude and have a drink with me as well."

*He poured another shot then one for Ronan and handed it to him.*
December 18, 2015 16:46
Ronan Boru

* ROnan  looks  at him *


"Moon  Ravenwalker  you  are an idiot. Get  up  and  go  talk  to  Cassie  before I  kick you  in  the  arse  myself. Last  thing  you  need  to  be  doing is  drinking  with  any one  right now  male  or  female. Death  does not  end  your  relationship  with  Cassie  an  you  know it .  MOVE and  GO TALK TO YOUR WIFE NOW!!!"

December 18, 2015 16:49
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon growled and then spoke.*

"Listen I think not I am happy and content right here thank you. I think it is a good idea I stay right here it will help advoid me getting punched again. I tell you some people are just so ungrateful you know. You come back from the dead for them and yet they always seems to be p!seed off at you for something and you end up getting punched in the face for it."

*He took the shot then poured himself another one and took that one.*
December 18, 2015 16:56
Ronan Boru


* His eyes go  black. He was in no mood  for this  pity  party.*

December 18, 2015 16:58
Moon G Ravenwalker *He looked at him and just shook his head then spoke.*

"Look Ro I am not going to do this with you right now. I am just having a drink at the bar with this lovely young woman who was nice to give me the bottle on the house. I haven't drank in forever let me have this to just relax okay. Tell Cassie I will talk to her later okay."

*He looked back over to the woman and smiled.*
December 18, 2015 17:07
Ronan Boru

"get  your  sorry  arse  up  off  the  god damn  bar stool and  go TALK TO HER NOW!! I  am  done  playing  nice  with  you and   happy  go lucky MOVE!!"

December 18, 2015 17:09
Dutchie DePonce *Dutchie entered the pub looking around she saw Ronan and Moon . She headed over to them sitting in the seat between Ronan and Moon. She looked back and forth at the two men then leaned on the counter and spoke to Moon first.*

" So this is where you took off too. Does drinking really eases the pain from Cassie's right hook? And Ro sorry had to get out of there your sister is delivering babies and I haven't done that in 12 years so really don't want to be around that. Its contagious they say. And well I am not in the mood for that to catch me. SO what are you two handsome men up too?"

*Dutchie then noticed the woman from Ronan's house and smiled.*

" Hey how are you doing?"
December 18, 2015 17:10
Ronan Boru

"Oh  nothing   Moon  is going to  go  talk to his  wife instead of  sitting here  getting  drunk and  acting  the arse with  who  ever or I  am  going to  kick  his  arse. "

December 18, 2015 17:13
Moon G Ravenwalker *He looked at them and then spoke.*

"Okay fine I will as soon as I finish this here bottle of whiskey thank you very much and for another thing we are not married do you see a ring on my finger no you do not. So if you will excuse me I would like to finish getting drunk and enjoy myself."

*He poured himself another shot and took it.*
December 18, 2015 17:17
Dutchie DePonce " Well hes got ya there Moonie. Ro what are your plans after Moonie here leaves ?"

* Marah looks at him with her bright blues shinning eyes*
December 18, 2015 17:18
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  picks  up  the  bottle   and  corks  it. He  makes  it  vanish.*

"Witch   gifts a re  great. You  can  have it  back  after you talk  to  your  wife. You know  as  welll as I  do  that  the  Carpathian  vows   have  nothing to  do  with  a  wedding  ring  on  your finger. NOW MOVE!!"

*  He looks  at all of  them.*

December 18, 2015 17:20
Moon G Ravenwalker *He went to go pour another shot then he watched Ro make it disappear and he looked at him and then spoke.*

"Wait what? Ronan you give that back please that was not cool. Why you so hell bent for me to go talk to her? She doesn't want to talk to me she is p!seed off and you know how your sister is when she is there is no reasoning with that woman. We may be by Carpathian law but doesn't mean I have to be with her. She had you to keep the demon at bay and as long as I am here living again she will be just fine."

*He looked at the woman and smiled.*

"Got another bottle darling I could pay for it this time."

*He continued to smile at her.*
December 18, 2015 17:27
Ronan Boru

"Do  not  give  him  anything!!! MOON  RAVENWALKER you  now  damn  well  she  is  pissed  becasue you  come  back a re  here temporaly  and then  off again. YOU  HAVE NO IDEA  WHAT THAT  DOES  TO  HER!!  I  have  seen it  and  what it  does  to  all of them. you  are as  much  to  blame  for  that  demon  getting  in  hold  on her as  any one  else. SO NOW YOU  GO  AND  MAKE IT  RIGHT!!!"

*  He looks at  Marah then  back  at  moon*

"I  am  so  damn  tired of  everyone  and  thier  damned  pity parties. put on  your  big  boy/girl  pants  and  fix  your  crap a nd   act like a   damned  adult you  all  are and  not  a bunch  of  spoiled  children."

December 18, 2015 17:33
Dutchie DePonce * Marah ordered a shot of Whiskey and continued looking from Moon and Ronan. Her drink was placed in front of her and was about to drink it when she heard Ronan's comment. Marah shook her head and spoke.*

" Well remind me not to get on your bad side, Well Moon here is Blood in your eyes."

*She then downed her shot.*
December 18, 2015 17:39
Ronan Boru

"There  was a  time  I  would of  been  more understanding  but  after the  last  events since  my  return I  am  more  then  a bit  tire of  the  pity  parties  people throw  themselves  to  get others  to  feel  for them. Fix  your  crap  people  causeno one  is  going to  do  it  for  you. I  also  know  that  people  you  once  considered f riends  can  turn  on  you  at  the  drop  of a  bloody  damn  dime so   I  trust  no one  but  blood  not to  turn o n  me.

*  he looks  to moon*

Own  your  mistakes  Ravenwalker and  fix  your  crap. I  am no saint  and I  have  done  things  in  the  past  that I  shouldnt of and  trust  me it  will be a  cold day  in hell the  next time I  do  anything  for  a mass group  to   keep a home over  their  heads. I dont  care  about  the  "spy" that was  said  to  be in there  any more. Hell I  hope  who  ever it is  gets away  with it  some more in another  coven  or  what  ever but  I  also know in time  they  will  screw  up a nd  death  will  get them  but it  wont  be  by  me  or  my  blood.I  have  no desire to  talk  to  any of  the  leaders  out there in  the  world right now becasue I am  just  a regular coven  member and  n othing more.  I  have  enough  issues on  my  island  to  deal  with I  dont  need  the  add  political  crap  of  being a  coven  leader on  top  of that now  or  ever  as I  said it  will  be a  cold  day  in hell before  I deal  with  that  pile  of  crap  politics again. MAN THE HELL UP RAVENWALKER!!!"

December 18, 2015 17:47
Dutchie DePonce * Dutchie choked on her drink and started coughing from the drink going down the wrong pipe. She looked at Ronan placing her glass on the counter and stood up '*

"Okay I think that is my cue to leave. I think I will be heading to to my hotel if you want me, Moon go talk to Cass. "
December 18, 2015 18:01
Moon G Ravenwalker *He just rolled his eyes and then shook his head. He took the woman he was talking to hand kissed it softly again and spoke.*

"It was lovely to meet you ma'am I hope that I see you again sometime. Thank you for the drink."

*He looked at Ronan and then disappeared.*
December 18, 2015 18:51
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  watches  Marah  leave  then  looks  back  to  Moon*

"IS  any of  this  sinking  in to t hat  bloody  thick  skull of  yours  then Moon or  do  we  need  to go a few  rounds?"

*  He   sees  moon  vanish  and  rolls  his  eyes  then  flames  back  to  house.*

December 18, 2015 18:52
Lilly Emperium *with a loud growl, Lilly walked off towards her office* I swear... This is getting old. No respect.... trust who you want but even blood can turn..

*she had, had her fill of bs for a life time*
December 19, 2015 05:03

Her Hair was pinned up, she was wearing jeans and a short sleeved white blouse. Her eyes dark as coal itself. her boots clipped at the floor quietly as she entered then made her way to the counter. Sitting down she orders a bottle of Jack and tips the waiter. from there she finds a corner seat where she can just sit and bellow in her selve and bottle.

Coming back was stupid, she hadnt been thinking when she made that pac. His anger wasnt something she had thought of. And hearing what was happening with the kids....damn. Pulling out her cell she searchs for a hotel nearby. Then pays for it right there, well at least once she felt numb, she would have a place to lay her head, till she figured out wither to stay in the realm or go back to hell.

December 19, 2015 13:13
Lilly Emperium *Lilly had noticed someone come in, opening the office door she saw it was Dema. Walking up to the bartender she told him not to charge her. Lilly could see something was up, shaking her head she sat down.* how's it Dema December 19, 2015 13:36

Placing the bottle to her lips and swallowing the liquor down she hears a voice and looks up to see Lilly. Her eyes close as she sighs, placing the bottle down and sitting back." Not bad I suppose....I lost my house keys, then I died,  Made a pact with the devil to bring my sorry a$$ back here. Listened to Phantom ream me a new one, and then I lost him and kids. ." She picks up the bottle and downs some more. "And I cant find the bus pass to get me back out to the forest." She breaths out and then downs some more of the firewater. "And how have you been?"

December 19, 2015 13:50
Lilly Emperium *blinking Lilly looked to her and sighed* bottle is on the house. I've yet to figure out how I am. I find someone, think it's going well... then pow.... He asks the question I really can't handle..... would I run away with him..leaving everything and everyone including my children behind. .. yea no.

*Looking to her, she sighed* I could try and talk to phantom for you.....can't guarantee he will listen to me though
December 19, 2015 14:39

"Ahh yeah been there a couple times. Didnt do it either and I survived." Her eye brow raises as she then speaks agian. "Then came Phantom... and yeah well you seen how that went. He trusted me with his heart, and I broke it.  But it couldnt be helpped death just happens some times. And of course instead of the happy happy joy joy I thought I would receave when I came back. I had my own heart broken." She picks up her bottle and downs a few quick swigs.  "So..lets see what can I tell you.... problly not the right one to give any advice right." She lays her head back against the wall. "Yeah you can try if you like but.... be warned he wasnt pleasent."

December 19, 2015 14:46
Lilly Emperium * nodding she. Chuckled* he ain't blowing things up, we're good yet. I've seen him invarious forms of anger..... he has never given me cause for fear. December 19, 2015 14:54

"I wasnt fearful of him either. I just walked away. I am to old, sore and tried to even try expaining things to him right now. I have a cat inside who wants to tear into him like a lion. And now a demon that thinks she won, and that I will be alone just like she wants me to be."  She puts the bottle to her lips and pours it back into her. "Either way Miss Lilly, I am screwed. So I'll sit here drink this bottle maybe another one as well. Then crawl to the hotel I booked nearby. I'll then sobber up and either had back to the woods, or come back here and get another bottle." 

December 19, 2015 15:11
Lilly Emperium Demons... They are tricky sometimes. You'll gain control eventually. As to phantom, he may need some time.

*sighing she shook her head* I may make things worse as well
December 19, 2015 15:28

"tell me about it and I have only had it in me since I arrived." She lays her head on the table and looks at her. "Never know with Phantom, he is like a double edged blade."

December 19, 2015 16:24
Lilly Emperium In time, you'll control it...*pouring her glass, she dropped a shot of whiskey in it.* one has to know how to handle him as well. I only wish him to be happy.... again. December 20, 2015 05:06
Dutchie DePonce * Wearing a black strapless dress with a black hood cloak and heels she walked into the pub. Marah felt numb even though she wanted to stay in her hotel she knew if she did she would go crazy. What she needed was a drink going to the bar she ordered herself a shot of Tequila with a beer chaser.* December 20, 2015 19:08
Lilly Emperium *Lilly watched as Marah came in to the tavern. Waiting for a moment, just to see if anyone else was coming. Nodding she called over* welcome... back to the Brew.... what can I get you Marah December 20, 2015 19:21
Dutchie DePonce * Marah saw the woman who she met at Ronans and nodded. She tried to smile but knew if she tried she would just cry. Taking a breath she looked at Lilly and ordered.*

" Thank you Ma'am I would like shot of Tequila with a beer chaser. please."

* She looked at the door then back at Lilly*

" No need to worry I don't believe I will have any company. Something must be wrong with me it seems I am not worthy of anything ."
December 20, 2015 19:40
Lilly Emperium *Looking to her, Lilly shook her head as she poured a couple shots. Sending them over by one of the waitresses.* Seeing how I don't think we were ever formally introduced.... name's Lilly. I doubt all that is true dear. Sometimes we think the worst right at the brink of the best.

*Taking her glass she walked over* if you would like something to eat, let me know
December 20, 2015 19:52
Dutchie DePonce " I'm Marah my friends call me Dutchie . Its a nick name I got from my brothers. "

* Taking the drink she shook her head and spoke*

" You don;t know the half of it. Younger men please all they are is raging hormones.. Like that is what I want..As If. Phft."

Marah took the tequila and downed it biting the lime then down the beer chaser. Handing her a $50 she looked at Lilly*

" Keep them coming till that runs out and if I am still able to stand I give you another."
December 20, 2015 20:06
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled* if you don't mind me asking, who are your brothers?

*Seeing the money, Lilly left it lay. Setting a bottle on top of it* some guys just s*ck arse. Ain't just the young ones...
December 20, 2015 20:10
Dutchie DePonce *Marah poured herself another shot and swirled it thinking of her brothers then spoke*

"David and Marcus. They died years ago my twin sons carry their names. For the past 10 years of their life I have been mother and father to them . Their father died when they were 2. But he lives on in them."

*Marah drank the shot and poured another and looked into the shot glass.*

" I never let any one in till recently but only to be shot down about being young and getting with young men. Cant they see whats in front of them."

* Tears filled Marahs eyes then she downed the shot and looked away. Here she was pouring her heart out to one who didn't know her maybe it was true what Digger always said you can talk to the bar keep.*

" Thank for listening but I took up most of your time keep the change or just add it to my tab."

*Marah pulled her hood up and smiled at Lilly and left.*
December 20, 2015 20:44
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head, she knew who she was. Snapping her fingers the money appeared in Marahs pocket with a note* think nothing of it dear. Come again anytime.... December 20, 2015 20:51

Waking up she glances to see the bar still empity and picks up her bottle. She still had leggs under her so she slowly makes her way to the door and off into the night to find that hotel room and bed that was calling the women badly at this time.

December 21, 2015 07:08
Lilly Emperium *With Christmas passing, without any real issues. Lilly sent the gals around the tavern, getting it ready for New year's as she checked the stock and placed her orders. Softly she hummed to herself as she went about her work. Pushing everything that she'd been dealing with out of her mind. She'd had fun with her children, staying out of sight from the world.* December 26, 2015 16:20
Verity Hawkings

*The black cloaked tiny Witch appeared on a bar stool. She looked with a bit of curiosty sparkling in her oynx colored eyes.  She place a gold coin on the counter.*

"A gingerale with three cherries and a parasol please."  *She was watching the two women who has left in their rather interesting of ways of leaving the bar.   She wondered what their issues were and she was grateful.  She was a free spirit and things some people did to drown their sorrows.*

December 26, 2015 19:29
Lilly Emperium *As the glass was placed in front of her , Lilly made her way to the front again. Seeing the little witch, Lilly chuckled* how ya doing Verity? December 26, 2015 20:01

He stumbles into the bar that seemed open, his mind clouded by the acid he'd been drinking, and he growled, unable to look at anything clearly.  He then moves weakly to a booth and sits, ordering more of the liquior of his race before setting his head down and groaning, his cloak torn and in worse shape than it had ever been since he had come to the realm.

December 27, 2015 14:18
Lilly Emperium *As the girl told her the order, Lilly nodded* I got this one.

*Walking towards the booth, a bottle and tumbler in hand. Lilly softly spoke* penny for your thoughts?
December 27, 2015 15:30

"I think you'd be broke and poor if you I told you it was a penny per thought today.  So lets keep it simple...I've found humans celebrate this holiday and they mix a sweet, milk based drink with liquior to help...I thought it might be a good idea to follow their lead and now I've drank so much acid I think I burned a hole in that last bar...and maybe the idiot who was sitting in my toilet."  He laughs at something then before starting to mumble to himself about his sword being mad at him.

December 27, 2015 15:59
Lilly Emperium That drink would be eggnog..... and i think you've had enough if you think your sword hates you my dear. December 27, 2015 16:22

He blinks before pulling the weapon out and pointing towards it before letting go and watching it take off through the air out the door as a random person sticks their head in through the door, "My sword is a sentient hates me a lot right now."  He then pulls out a flask and takes a quick hit from it before smiling to Lilly, "I really like this...eggnog you called it?"

December 27, 2015 16:29
Verity Hawkings

*Verity pushed her gold coin toward the female server and she spoke nodding toward the dark cloaked man sitting in the booth.

"Hot strong coffee with a bit of eggnog in it.   I do hope his sword bites him."   *Her dark onyx hues sparkled with a bit of mischief.    "I do love potions.  Love potion number 9 is my best...   Pour this in his tumbler and coffee as well." 

*She pushed a cloudy vial of a tarry substance to the female server and said pertly.*   "Keep the change." * Verity picked up her gingerale and took a sip of it.  She saw the sword take off toward the door and nearly whack someone's head off.    She sputtered nearly choking on a cherry as her smal fingers wiggled at the sword.   A small double edged sword appeared in her hand. She spat out the cherry on the floor.*

"Ye blooming arsehole. Ye let a good sword go.  Drink addle yer head?"

December 27, 2015 16:35
Lilly Emperium *Looking to phantom, she chuckled* your cut more booze for you

*overhearing Verity, Lilly chuckled* if ya set it on the other side of the counter, I'll lock it up till he's sober.

*Looking back at phantom, Lilly shook her head* why is it mad at you now?
December 27, 2015 16:59
Verity Hawkings

*Verity looked at the drunk man in the booth and shook her head sadly.*   "Gad she caught ye off.  Ye are proper soused and lost yer sword."

*She set her sword on the other side of the counter. She looked at the woman speaking to her.*  "This be my sword.  Name is Dougal.   Lock him up til it be safe.   Mayhap his sword be insulted by his drunken and sotted self."

December 27, 2015 17:11

"I may or may not have used it as a club...on mailboxes...with humans cheering me on.  It really hates humans so I think it will be mad for a while.  That aside, why did you stop her?  Love potions don't do a thing to me...well maybe that weird black necromantic one, but it only makes me fall in love with violence."

December 27, 2015 17:12
Lilly Emperium *nodding to Verity, Lilly chuckled* will do dear.

*Looking to phantom* I only had her place your sword where it can't harm no one. It can stay locked away.... at least till you sober up. As to the coffee.... it'll be here in a moment

*Walking back to the bar, she locked both swords up*
December 27, 2015 17:17
Ronan Boru

*Ronan walks in  to  the  Blood Brew and  looks around  he  walks over to  the  bar a nd   grins  seeing  Lilly.*

Hey  Lils how  was your  holiday?

December 27, 2015 17:17
Lilly Emperium *Hearing a familiar voice she chuckled as she turned around* it was somewhat relaxing, I think the kids were glad though when we got home. How was yours Ro? December 27, 2015 17:31
Ronan Boru

Peaceful for once. We  need to talk .


*  He s miles*

"Its  nothing  bad  or  evil  so  dont  worry on that."

December 27, 2015 17:35
Lilly Emperium *smiling softly*
That is good.. that is how it should be.

Very well... if you like we can go in the office
December 27, 2015 17:39
Ronan Boru

Makes  no  difference  where  we  go  love. We  just  need  to  talk. Well I  need to  talk a nd  you  need  to  listen.

December 27, 2015 17:43
Lilly Emperium *blinking, now she was confused*

Umm.. ok office might be best...
December 27, 2015 17:50
Ronan Boru

Lead  the  way then  lass. Dont  worry  all I  assure you  she  will be  back.

*  Ronan  looks at   Lilly*

December 27, 2015 17:53
Lilly Emperium Follow me...

*She began to walk towards a room to the side. Holding the door open, she nods*
December 27, 2015 17:56
Verity Hawkings

*Verity watched as another man walked in the Blood Brew.  She breathed more easily as he appeared to be sober.*

"Dougal be safe locked up.  Dougal's me sword.  Now me harp is another thing. No love potion for ye Mister. I will be picking up Dougal later."

^She hopped off of the bar stool and walked out of the Blood Brew.  An ancient small har appeared onher back.  She smiled softly as the harp started to play a haunting meoldy.*


December 27, 2015 18:01
Lilly Emperium *Walking back out, she grabbed her glass and finished it* what's all this about Ro? December 27, 2015 18:09
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  follows  Lilly  and  grins.*

"Drinks are  on  me  for the  next  round. Now  lets see  oh  yes the  gift I  have  for  you. "

* Ronan  pulls out the  small green  box  and    places it on  the  bar.*

"I  have been thinking  alot what you  and  I  talked about. I  had another lass intrrested named  Marah De ponce but   I  have  decided I  dont  need to  be  raising some one  else  12  year old  boys at  this  point in  my life. I  am  done doing things  for  everyone  else. So   what  you  see in  that  box   there  when  you  open it and if you  open it is  true and  real. ."

* He  puts  the  box  between them and  waits  for  her  to  decide if  she  wants  to open it*

December 27, 2015 18:26
Lilly Emperium *blinking, she lightly touched the box and looked to him. She needed to know something, softly she spoke.*

I am glad you thought about it, I do need to ask... please tell me there was more than she had kids you didn't feel right helping with...I ask as my twins though independent and rely mostly on my oldest, are only 14....tell me there...*she stopped herself unsure... she wanted to accept* the gods know how I feel, as you do.
December 27, 2015 18:42
Ronan Boru

"There  are  other  reasons  yes  besides  the  kids  thing.I  wont get in to  them  here and  now  but there are   things   that  she  can  not  understand as  others  do  that  have  been  around  longer. Things  others  know  the  truth on not  the  lies and  the  petty  things  that  were  there as  well over the past  years  things  that  she  can not  be  part of  or  even  begin to  understand  just  from  hearing about them. Thingsone  had  to  be  there  for  to  understand."

December 27, 2015 18:46
Lilly Emperium *nodding she pulled the box to her, gliding her fingers over the box . Smiling softly she opened it*

Then I accept...... I had to ask...
December 27, 2015 18:54
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  looks at her and  smiles softly.  he  takes  the  box  from her and  opens it.*


"I  choose  you  Lilly. Marry  me  lass."

December 27, 2015 18:57
Lilly Emperium *Her eyes got big as she smiled* yes Ro...Hess December 27, 2015 19:02
Ronan Boru


*  he  smiles and looks at  every one. Then  looks at her. He  didnt  care  who  was  pissed off  in  the  end of all of this  he  was  following   his  heart on  this one. Any one  who  didnt like it  could  kiss  his  Irish  witch Arse.*

December 27, 2015 19:08
Lilly Emperium *giggling she smiled* what would you like to drink dear December 27, 2015 19:13
Ronan Boru

Irish whiskey  the older the  better.


*  he  smiles and  looks a round.*

December 27, 2015 19:16

Cassie took a deep breath and walked into the bar where her brother told her where he would be and he walked up to him and to Lilly and took another deep breath then she spoke to Lilly.

"Lilly please just sit there and listen to everything I have to say please  I am not here to cause problems with you no nothing so here it goes."

Taking another deep breath she started to speak again.

"All knows that me and you have had our share of issues and I have alway thought of you as a pain in the arse but I know you thought that of me as well.  I did let go of the past but then all had started crap over the years and to be honest it is totally tiresome and I know you must feel the same way.   My point is I want us to bury the past no more fighting between us my brother loves you and I can tell he does and his happiness means a lot to me and if that includes you being part of his life then I am willing to put my big girl panties on and deal with that fact.  But I have seen that you do love my brother back and well it is a start for me.  The one thing I will say that if this is to be then you must accept all of us including my kids and no more of this hate against each other.  If you can accept this then I am all good about my brother and you."

She looked at her and waited and she looked back at her brother as well.

December 27, 2015 19:17
Lilly Emperium *blinking, she listened to what Cassie said. Softly she spoke.* Cas I've tried to do that.... I will continue. I can accept your long as you can accept mine December 27, 2015 19:31

Cassie looked at her and then spoke.

"To be honest I never knew you had any kids but yes I can.  So then that just leaves one last thing then."

She gave them both a smile.

"I want to throw you guys the wedding if that is okay with you both.  I want it to be my gift to you."

She looked and waited.

December 27, 2015 19:38
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded*
Three surviving.....I'm fine with that if Ro is...
December 27, 2015 19:45
Ronan Boru

Im  good  with  what  ever. No  death  though and  lots of  drinks.

* Ronan  drinks  his  whiskey  and  grins*

December 27, 2015 19:53
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon walked in the bar and saw Lilly and smiled at her and spoke.*

"Hello pretty lady how you doing?

*He then noticed that his brother n law was drinking and then saw his wife and jumped ten feet in the air.*

"Um um hello there my love are we being behaved or should I be afraid?"

*He gulped a bit as he waited.*
December 27, 2015 19:55

Cassie crossed her arms and then looked at him with a evil glare and then spoke.

"I don't know Moon that would have to be intirely up to you and your behavior now doesn't it.  Question would be is how do you know Lilly?"

She looked at him and then waited for his answer and it better be a good answer.

December 27, 2015 20:02
Moon G Ravenwalker *He looked at her and then felt like a fish out of water and then he bit his lower lip then spoke.*

"Well my love it was all innocent really nothing bad I was here the other day trying to have a drink when we got into that little fight. Lilly here was kind enough to give me a bottle on the house but then your brother came in and made my bottle disappear. Yeah that is pretty much sums it up. She is a pretty cool woman. Boy my love you sure looking pretty beautiful tonight."

*He continued to look at her and waited.*
December 27, 2015 20:08
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  takes a drink of  his whiskey and  speaks*

" Moon sit down  before you   get knocked  down  lad. As  for  Lilly  there will be no more  shameless  flirtling  with her. Pretty lady or not unless you  want  me  to  kick your  sorry arse for  real this time."

*  He  never looks at  moon  as  he  speaks and  takes a nother  sip of  his  drink.*

December 27, 2015 20:12
Lilly Emperium *Looking to Cassie she chuckled* nothing to worry about..... I knew who he was when he came in.

*nods to Moon* thank you...and ya might wanna listen to Ro...
December 27, 2015 20:17
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon scratched his head and then tilted it a bit confused to what was going on then spoke.*

"Okay so I flirted a bit there I said it you punched me in my face Cassie so I didn't think you wanted to rekindle us. Sorry if you think ill of me. Hey Ro you still owe me a bottle."

*He looked at her and waited.*
December 27, 2015 20:31
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  laughs *

"I  owe you nothing  as  I  wasnt  drinking it. I  have it back  at the  house. Thought  you   knew  me better then  that. Why  the  confused look  lad?"

* He laughs some  more  and  looks at  Lilly.*

December 27, 2015 20:35
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head she chuckled. Snapping her fingers a bottle appeared. Tossing it to Moon she simply said* think fast December 27, 2015 20:40
Ronan Boru

"trust  me  love  thats a s  far as  you  want to  go on  this one. I  know  cassie and  Moon  had  this  coming  for  days now. I  am shocked that  it  took  as long as it did ."

December 27, 2015 20:42

Cassie looked at Lilly then back to her husband and spoke a bit angry.

"So just cause I punched you in the face for a good reason may I add you flirt with the first girl you see.   Lilly so not mad at you hun but you Moon Ravenwalker I am p*ssed off at.  Even in death your arse is still mine you seem to forget about all that life mate stuff."

She started to walk towards him and then pushed him on the stool and continued as she got into his face.

"I punched you in the face cause once again you went and died on me on our children when we needed you the most.  You decided that it was okay to just give up on us but yet you sooo love me right no screw you Moon Ravenwalker you do not get to think you are getting out of this and play the poor me pity party and sit there ohh you punched me in the face so I didn't think anything do you think that you could oh wait talk to me or give me a few minutes to process everything after I got undemonized.  You are a idiot."

She looked at him angry as all hell.

December 27, 2015 20:43
Lilly Emperium *nods to Ronan* that's bout as far as I will go dear... just figured he may want a drink. December 27, 2015 20:44
Ronan Boru

"he  might  need a  doctor after  this  one. Cassie on  agood  day  pissed  is  better then  she  is  now. Hell I  rather  deal  with  the demon  version   then the  pissed  version  we  now  have."

December 27, 2015 20:46

   * Dressed in heavy cotton trousers, a pull over tunic, heavy cycle boots and a horse hide cycle jacket I enter the bar, pausing inside after stepping to my left allowing my eyes to adjust to the dimmer lighting.  Scanning about I see Lilly speaking with Ronan and to my surprise Phantom in a booth with a familiar not quite there expression upon his face and a customary lack of weapon.  Walking towards the bar i order a black coffee and place several bills on the wood to cover the expense before making my way to where Phantom is sitting.  

     Stopping before the booth i sniff and **** an eyebrow picking up the strong scent of nog emanating from him. *


     "  Evening Phantom, it would appear you have been enjoying yourself a fair bit,, first time tangling with eggnog?"

       * Standing there I sip from my cup of coffee with a slight grin of amusement as I watch Phantom collect his wits somewhat about him.*



December 27, 2015 20:49
Lilly Emperium *chuckles* I'm aware how she can be when pissed off. The alcohol will help...

*spotting Eirie as he walked to phantom, she smiled softly.*
December 27, 2015 20:51
Ronan Boru

Possible we  will see. Might  be too late and  too short  for  him  here.


*  Ronan  sees  nightbreed and  smiles  at him.*

"Long time  no  see  there  northman. How is  the  family?"

December 27, 2015 21:11
Lilly Emperium *nods* I'll stay out of long as they don't come to blows here.. December 27, 2015 21:17

Etaine spotted her mate Erik walking into a place called The Blood Brew.  She arched an eyebrow as she adjusted her black leather duster.  She then adjusted her black leather riding vest. and the sling on her chest  She wondered why he had gone in there and she was going to find out why.

Her riding boots made no sound as she walked through the doors quietly.   She then saw Erik near  Phantom who seemed rather drunk or in his cups.   She smiled at Erik. 

"Order me a cup as well?  It's a wonder little bratling has stopped keening.   He's asleep now.  No need for the ride to calm him.   So much like his mom...  She gazed down  at the sleeping cub next to her chest..

December 27, 2015 21:17
Lilly Emperium *leaning into Ronan, Lilly kissed his cheek and whispered* I'll be right back my dear.

*slowly she got up and walked over to the Breeds. Smiling softly she handed Eirie back his money* drinks are on the house.... and he's passed out
December 27, 2015 21:34
Ronan Boru

"They shouldnt  and  if  they  do  I  know  Caassie  will  take it out side. Moon  isnt  dumb enough to  swing at  cassie a ny how."

* Ronan  notices  Etaine  walk in and  smiles.*

December 27, 2015 21:35

  * declines the return of the money with a smile as I hug my wife and check out the little one in his sling.*

   "  Freebies aren't the best for keeping the bottom line in balance Lilly, so lets do this, consider it an on-call or freebie for someone who could use a cup or something, someone will need it sooner or later."


          * Sliding my eyes to where Ronan sits I give a polite nod of respect and friendship.*

December 27, 2015 21:43
Lilly Emperium *nodding, Lilly knew not to argue* Very well Eirie...I will do that.

*with a softness to her voice, Lilly spoke gently asshe looked to phantom* can you two do me a favor..... help keep an eye on him...
December 27, 2015 21:52

Etaine returns the hug gently and smiles softly as Erik checks the little one in his sling.   Etaine dug in her coat pocket for a few bills.

"I could so use a cup of coffee and  Phantom will need the whole pot soon!"   She stood next to her mate her arm around his waist.  She looked at Ronan Boru.  She nodded politely to show her respect and friendship the NightBreed way.

"Wee bratling needed some special care."

December 27, 2015 21:54

  " Be glad to, from the scent i would say he hit the nog pretty hard. * slips into the booth across from Phantom then glances at a chair and with a beaconing motion slides it across the the booth as well so Etaine can sit comfortably with the munchkin*

December 27, 2015 21:55
Lilly Emperium *nodding again she would not argue. But spoke softly* he will need more than coffee I'm afraid... eggnog was strong..... but may not have been strong enough for tomorrow.

*Looking towards the sling, Lilly smiled softly* how is the lil man doing?

*nods to Eirie* his first go with it apparently
December 27, 2015 21:59

  " He'll get through it Lilly, i noticed his sword has been put up which is a good thing as it has a mind of it's own from time to time.. How have you been doing??"

December 27, 2015 22:03

"Bratling hit the nog pretty hard.  Thank you love.  The chair looks wonderful."  Etaine sat down gently and looked at little Erik.   "He still cries for his friend Dema.  He's a young one and feels things more than his nephews."

"What will Phantom need"

December 27, 2015 22:04
Lilly Emperium *nods* his sword was rather mad at him, figured it was safer that way. I have been well Eirie.

*Looking to Etaine Lilly spoke* Dema still ain't been around? She's back... I'm surprised. *Looking to phantom, she spoke softly* understanding and maybe something strong
December 27, 2015 22:12

  "I've fought demons, i have carried demons but never have i dealt with a drunk one.. I could always purge the alcohol from his system but not sure he'd appreciate the after effects * grins*  ... As for him and Dema, I have no idea, I knew she was back in the realm but i have only heard from her once briefly.  It would help him if they could settle their differences but he is a head strong one for certain."

December 27, 2015 22:14
Lilly Emperium Right now... he's harmless. Purging it, could causea problem Eirie. He's been there a lot.... December 27, 2015 22:20

Etaine listened silently as Erik spoke to Lilly.    She looked down at the cub nestling in the sling.

"If bratling could see her.  He woudn't grieve so much.  He's greatly loved this little one.   Rhone and Mikhael adore him.   He loves his brothers to bits."

December 27, 2015 22:23
Ronan Boru

* ROnan  looks  at  Eirie and  laughs*

"say the  head  strong insane  nothmen  that  is  the only  one  to  even  go  toe  to  toe  with a Celt and   stand  his  ground.  Aye I  havent  forgotten  about that  old  man. Only one  other  North man  would  stand  up  to  me  like  that  and  that  man i s  Killian  Doyle."

December 27, 2015 22:25
Moon G Ravenwalker *He looked up at her and then he spoke.*

"Cassie I am sorry that I died again and your right I am a arse and you do have the right to be mad at me and yes I deserved that punch in the face."

*He got off of the stool and got on one knee then took his hand into his and spoke.*

"You are the most stubborn hot headed woman I know and sometimes a pain in my arse but I know I am not perfect but I know I love you more then anything in this world always have and it will never change even if I would die tomorrow it couldn't change the way I feel for you. You are a caring loving woman you are stronger then anyone I know and you are brave. Just cause no one else around here or anywhere for that matter knows you as I do."

*He pulled out a ring box out of his pocket pulled out the ring and then placed it to the top of her fingertip. It was her old engagement ring he gave her so long ago but this time he had it engraved with the words a special love for eternity inside and he looked up in her eyes and continued to speak.*

"I know I can't promise you things cause I don't want then to get broken but this I promise you I will always love you and will do my best to show you that I am here for you and our children I will do everything in my power to show you we have today and take everyday one step at a time. I promise you that you are and always do have my heart and soul no one has the power over me that you do. I ask you in front of everyone here tonight. Will you Cassandra Carnivale marry me again?"

*He continued to look at her and waited for her answer.*
December 27, 2015 22:28
Lilly Emperium *turning around she watched Moon and Cassie. Motioning to the waitresses they brought the Breeds their coffee smiling softly she spoke* please just watch him for me...I'll explain later if I have to Eirie..

*Walking back towards the counter she smiled softly as she grabbed a drink*
December 27, 2015 22:49

Etaine nodded at Lilly and spoke quietly  "We will watch him for you."  Etaine looked down at llittle Erik in his human baby form.  She quickly formed a nappy and onesie a pair of baby jeans and a sweater on him.  He moved in his sleep snuggling next to her chest.

Etaine accepted a cup of hot coffee from one of the waitresses and settled back in her chair.

December 27, 2015 23:13

He blinks as his mind restarts and he looks around with a smile on his face, his eyes a human hazel as he hicups and then giggles before standing and stumbling over to Eirie and throws an arm around the man before looking at everyone else, "See this guy here?  He's mah pal...he helps me get through so much and I barely knows how to repay hish kindness.  So I gone and thought it out for weeks before I decides he needs something for his troubles and I then finds my answers in a forest.  Thish fat old man in red was talking to some deers about hows he needed to take his magic bag and deliver gifts to good peoples and I thinks that would be the perfect I hit the guy with a deers and tooks it before some humans gots me sipping this nice stuff." 

He pulls out a massive bag from his shadow before setting it down and laughing happily as he stumbles off out the door, calling for his sword like it was a dog as he leaves.  Leaving behind his cloak, his bottle of acid that is slowly eating through the bottle, and a bunch of presents that are marked for little Erik.

December 28, 2015 08:23
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head, Lilly snapped her fingers as a robe appeared on Phantom as he left. She knew it was the effects of the nog that caused part of it* December 28, 2015 15:30

  * pauses lifting my cup og coffee for a drink in a moment of surprise and look at Etaine like did I just hear what i heard expression.*

  " Did Phantom just say he robbed/mugged Santa?"

December 28, 2015 15:56

Etaine set down her coffee cup and shook her head.  "I believe he did say that.  Poor Santa I bet he isn't aint happy  and I like the old guy.   He was quite kind to me in giving me directions to the Realm....He told me Keep your dreams close and remember keep the spirit burning..."

A small wail from little Erik cut short a quick cup of coffee.   Etaine stood quickly and kissed Erik on the cheek.  "See you at the car,  bratling wants his cup of 'coffee' and some tlc.  I will be waiting for you and bring the bag as well.  Santa will know who stole it and who has it...."

December 28, 2015 15:59

Cassie stood there still in shock to what Moon just asked her in front of everyone and she felt tears fall down her face but they were  not for happy reasons just everything flooding of memories and how everytime they get married he ends up dying on her and it scared the hell out of her and she didn't think she could do it again. She took the ring off her finger and took his hand into hers and placed it gently into it and felt the tears fall down her cheek as she spoke but broken up.

"No I am so sorry Moon I just can't marry you again it hurts to much cause everytime we do you end up dying and leaving us and it kills me everytime you die.  I can't do it again I do love you but I..."

With that said she turned around and ran out of the bar a bit embarressed that she told him and made him feel like sh*t.  She just couldn't do it again.

December 28, 2015 21:57

  * I sit quietly the sack of toys beside the booth seat and pretend not to hear what was said betwen CAssie and Moon, even knowing them both and knowing their history it does not make it easier to hear even as I sympathize with them both.  Looking at Ronan I smile*

   " Well someone has to keep you crazy Celts in line, and since us Norse are known for our level headedness and compassionate natures it may as well be us.  * grins*  Besides knowing that in 85 years i'll be back in the mix to keep the gates closed yet again, you celts are a vacation.  I hope the family is doing well Ronan and i will stop by once things settle a bit with the young ones."  

* finishing off my coffee i place the cup on a napkin and place a 20.00 bill beneath the edge of it for a tip.  Picking up Santa's bag I head for the door.*

   " Take care all be safe i'm going to take my wife and grandson back home to rest."   

December 29, 2015 11:10
Ronan Boru

"Be  safe  Nightbreed."

*  Ronan  smiles*

December 29, 2015 12:11
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon watched her walk away and he held the ring in his hand and sat on the stool. He then turned around placing the ring back in his pocket and looked at Lilly and sighed and spoke.*

"Hey darling can I get a bottle of whiskey and leave the whole bottle please."

*He placed some money down on the bar and waited.*
December 29, 2015 13:28
Lilly Emperium

*Turning to the bartender she motioned him to give Moon a bottle*

yea..... no problem. Just sit right there it'll be with you in a moment


*As it was sat in front of him, Lilly spoke softly*  Maybe give her some time?

December 29, 2015 15:19
Verity Hawkings

*The tiny black cloaked Witch with her harp appears on her bar stool.   She smiles as her dark onyx hues twinkle merrily and her harp plays on it own accord.  She speaks softly as her tiny hand strokes her harp gently.* 

"A  wee bit of song? I ken sing a bit!   A cup of hot black coffee if ye have some."

December 29, 2015 16:21
Lilly Emperium Sounds good Verity...

*a cup of coffee appeared before the little witch*

Enjoy dear
December 29, 2015 18:40
Lilly Emperium *slipping her arms around Ronan, she smiled* can I get you something to drink... maybe eat love? We do have a great cook here. December 29, 2015 22:37
Nora Devereaux

Nora let out a sigh as she walked down the side walk. It had been one hell of a night. From being jumped by three grown men with knives, to ending up killing one and fatally injuring the other two. The sad thing is, Nora didn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse for them. It wasn’t because she was defending herself. Which she did to a point, but then it became a game to her. The feeling of warm blood on her lips, and the look of absolute terror in a person’s eyes was like candy to her. That sounded awful. But that’s exactly what she was. A sadistic, mutated, monster.

She needed a drink. Not just one. But several to get her mind off tonight. The night was chilly and her jacket had a slash in it from a one of her attacker’s knife. Nora could feel the cool winter air slip in through the gash. Great, this was a new jacket.

Not a moment too soon, Nora noticed a tavern just ahead of her. Perfect. She’d get her a drink and a warm place to sit in for a while. Nora’s mossy green eyes read the sign to herself; Blood Brew Tavern. That was an interesting name. But nonetheless, the alcohol was what she was interested. Pushing her way in the doors she looked around, observing the patrons that fill it.

She made her way to a seat at the bar and waved down the barkeeper. “Could I get a whisky,please?” Her tone was soft and courteous. 

December 29, 2015 22:55
Lilly Emperium

*Seeing a new person, Lilly motioned to a watress to see to her order. Quickly the girl brought over a whiskey for the new person. setting it neatly upon a napkin*

December 29, 2015 23:11
Nora Devereaux

Nora let her eyes wanted the Tavern. She had never seen this place before. Although, she hadn't even been in town for a week yet. Maybe this would become a regular spot for her. Nothing like a familiar place to enjoy a much too familiar drink. That mainly depended on the patrons. A place is all about its company. If she could get along with these people, which would be the real issue. Nora was a loner. Ever since being on the run, she's learned nothing good comes from making friends. You'll either have to leave them or kill them. Both such sad endings.

Her drink reached her in no time at all. A soft smile as she nodded to the waitress. "Thank you." Nora lifted the glass to her lips and tipped it back. She could feel a sense of relief wash over her as the bitter liquid slid down her throat. There was nothing better than the sense-dulling glass of whisky after a long day. Did that make her an alcoholic? Oh well. It didn't matter.

December 29, 2015 23:24
Nora Devereaux

Nora turned her attention to the woman that had brought her a drink. She was in a mood for a little small talk and was hoping the waitress would oblige. Her mossy hues searched for the waitress and once they spotted her Nora raised her hand and flagged her down. "Excuse me, waitress." She was trying to sound friendly, as not wanting to bother her. Waitressing was hard work. Plus the fact you have to please people all day if you wanted to make a living. Nora would have probably punched half of her patrons. She has a slight anger problem. Also people weren't her cup of tea.

Nora needed a place to rest her head for the night and somewhere to tend to her wounds. The nasty wound on her forearm was starting to become sore. Possibly from infection. She was a nurse. She knew better than to leave a wound unattended. But, she was lazy sometimes. Nora took a free hand and ran it through the messy bunch of brunette hair. Also finding a hair brush wouldn't hurt either.  She didn't wait for the waitress to approach her and already began talking. "Yes, Hi, Hello." She stammered. "I was wondering if you, or anyone might be able to point me in the direction of a hotel or Inn? You see I'm fairly new in town and have yet to find a place to stay. " 

Honestly, Nora had been homeless for quite a few days now. But sleeping in her wolfen form was starting to get the best of her. She could feel herself become more and more a bloody thirsty monster the longer she stay in it. Which, was a good cause to not shift as frequently.

December 30, 2015 00:03
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon sighed as he looked at Lilly and spoke.*

"No I really think she is done with getting married to me. Hell who could blame the woman all she gets are broken heart and I seem to not be worthy right now."

*He opened up the bottle and took a swig of it then placed it down and went into a daze of his own.*
December 30, 2015 01:01
Lilly Emperium

* The watress walked over to Nora. She thought for a moment then nodded*  Yes ma'am, down bout 3 blocks from here...they generally have rooms and at a fair price. would you like something for your wound on your arm though?


*As the watress handled directions, Lilly looked to Moon*  It could be she just needs to see you aint goin' anywhere.... may just need to show her you mean to stay.... A matter how strong she protrays herself....will always be weak in one area....thats the heart. We will protect it, but generally only let our walls down for those we love...

December 30, 2015 01:22
Moon G Ravenwalker *Moon took another swig of the liquor and then looked up at her and spoke.*

"I had asked her to let me in a long time ago and I broke her heart so this is on me and like I said who can blame her. Maybe you are right maybe she does need to see I am trying."

*He took a good coin out of his pocket and took her hand kissed it fast then place it in her hand then humping down from the stool He spoke.*

"Thanks darling you just have me a idea. You a good woman Lil. I will catch you after."

*He chuckled as he was walking out the bar and he was thinking to himself that he had a idea.*
December 30, 2015 13:18
Ronan Boru

"No good   can  come  from  Moon  Ravenwlaker  having  an idea.  Although  he wont  be  going  an  where and  I  made  sure of  that. Aye  I  could  tel  cassie  that  if  I was inclined  but  I  think  like  you told  moon  he  needs  to  prove  something to  her and  to  himself  in  the  end. That is  that he  is  worth  fighting  for  and  so  is  she."

*  Ronan looks at  lilly  and   finishes  his drink. He looks around.*

December 30, 2015 22:07
Lilly Emperium Sometimes knowing someone loves that much, is worth a lot more than anything. December 30, 2015 23:19
Nora Devereaux

Nora's eyes met the waitress as she began to speak. Only 3 blocks away? That wasn't bad. Nothing better than having a bar walking distance from where youre staying. It wouldn't be too hard if Nora decided to stumble down that way after a few drinks.  It would probably be pricey. But, money wasn't an issue for her just yet. So, there was no reason for her to turn down the idea of staying at a hotel. "Alright, thank you."

Te waitress's next words through Nora off for a split moment. She had almost forgotten about the wound on her arm. The stinging had basically gone away by now. But, yes, she probably did need to at least get it cleaned up. "Uh sure. Do you have some alcohol and bandages?" Simple fix for now. Once she got to her hotel she would worry about stitching it up. 

December 30, 2015 23:59
Lilly Emperium

*The waitress went to the back, then returned with alcohol and bandages* It use to be more common for this as a need here than what it is anymore. Take a moment, and take your time dear. Better to be in one piece than many. she chuckled * If ya need anything else just wave me down.



*Lilly looked to Ronan, gentlly she touched his cheek as she spoke softly* Are you ok dear?

December 31, 2015 04:52
Nora Devereaux

Nora sips on her whisky as she waits patiently for the waitress to return. Her eyes wander down to the wound on her forearm. Taking a finger she peels back the torn jacket to reveal a very clean slice taken out of her arm. From what she could tell it looked deep and would most definitely need stitches. Great. Nora could go a day without something bad happening to her. She would have to stop by a store on the way home to get the suturing material that she needed.

The waitress soon returned with the items that she asked for. A smile lit Nora's full lips as she nodded at the waitress, "Thank you, very much. I've never been to a bar with such kind people." This was true. Although, shes never been to a bar in this area. People around here might just be a little more accepting that the cruel world around us. Nora took the alcohol and bandages from the waitress and placed them before her on the bar. Sliding out of her jacket, she placed it on the back of her chair. Thankfully, Nora had on a tank top, it would make things much easier. Placing her arm on the bar, she begins to blot the wound with an alcohol soaked bandage.

December 31, 2015 12:46

* After a long day of shopping, Steph made her way to the Brew in sore need of a drink. Slipping into the dusky enterior of the tavren, she made a bee line to the bar. Sitting on one of the many bar stools she waits to place her order.*

January 04, 2016 15:00
Verity Hawkings

ly *Verity sat on her bar stool quietly looking at the people in the Blood Brew.  She knew Lilly Emperium in assing and from the Ooven she had joined.  She was a solitary creature by nature.  But she had emerged from her woodland glen and sought to observe the denizens of this Realm.   Her talents as a Witch were latent and she knew some day they would emerge hopefully.  She shook her head and opened her small case containing her harp called Talesin.*

*She put the small harp  in her lap and struck a cord gently and she spoke softy*.  "Moya Brennan's I Will FInd You."  *She began to sing and he voice took on a soft Irish brogue.

Hope is your survival

A captive path I lead

No matter where you go, I will find you

If it takes a long, long time

No matter where you go, I will find you

If it takes a thousand years




No matter where you go, I will find you

In a place with no frontiers

No matter where you go, I will find you

If it takes a thousand years

Hale wú yu ga I sv

Do na dlo sv

Wi ja lo sv

Ha le wú

Do na dlo sv

No matter where you go, I will find you

In the place with no frontiers

No matter where you go, I will find you

If it takes a thousand years

No matter where you go, I will find you

No matter where you go

No matter where you go

No matter where you go, I will find you

I will find you

January 04, 2016 16:27
Alaric Belmont


Walking in he followed Steph to the bar and said" this is a nice place to get a drink." He smiled at her and ordered a bloody Mary and waited for his drink.

January 04, 2016 18:10

* Seeing her new love walk in behind her an place an order for her favorite drink, Steph smiles an also request a Bloody Mary.*


" Well my love it would seem as if for a moment my family is not here, but do not fear for if I know them they will be here soon." 

January 04, 2016 18:22
Alaric Belmont


Smiling he wrapped his arm around her waist and said" I have all night to wait,I would like to meet your family." He smiled at her as their drinks where sat in front of them. Lifting up his glass he said" cheers." He started taking a sip of his drink with a smile on his face.

January 04, 2016 18:27

* Lifting her glass with him, Steph clinks hers against his.*


" Cheers an here is to a new life an a new love. May our happiness never dull."


* Taking a sip of her Bloody MAry, Steph glances around the bar looking to see if any of her family has come in yet.*

January 04, 2016 18:35
Alaric Belmont


Smiling he said" may we live a long life together." He smiled at her as he took another sip of his drink and put his hand on hers and said" I think they will be here." Rubbing her hand with his thumb softly,giving her a smile and soft kiss on her cheek.

January 04, 2016 18:39

* Giggling I snuggle into your shoulder*


" Ric you make me feel so safe, an loved. Shall we move to a booth?"

January 04, 2016 18:44
Alaric Belmont


Nodding his head he said" we shall." Wrapping his arm around her he walked over to a booth near in the middle,letting her take the inside,he sat down beside her with both their drinks and placed her infront of her. Taking a sip he held her hand and kissed her hand softly and said" I love you Miss. Steph." Giving her a kiss on the cheek.

January 04, 2016 18:47

* Hearing you confess to feelings of love for her, Steph chokes up with happiness.*


" You love me? Oh my god I love you to Ric! I never thought I would find love again, but then you came into my life an Wow.......You love me."

January 04, 2016 18:55
Alaric Belmont



Smiling he gave her another kiss on the cheek and said" I'm glad you feel the same way,I thought I wouldn't find love either,until I saw you and I knew I had fallen for you." Smiling at her he gave her a soft kiss on her red ruby lips.

January 04, 2016 18:59

Cassie heard her sister's call and she arrived back to the blood Brew and shook her head as she spoke when she found her.

"What's up sis  you made it sound as if it was very important is everything alright?"

She looked at her and noticed a gentleman she never met before standing next to her and she waited for her sister to respond to her question.

January 04, 2016 19:00
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  appears in  the  bar a nd   walks over to   Cassie and   steph. *

What the  hell  was so  damn  important ?

January 04, 2016 19:01

* Hearing her sister an brother speak, Steph stands up an hugs them both quickly an then turns around to include the man by her side.*


" My beloved sister an brother,  please meet my love Alaric. Alaric please meet my beloved sister an brother Cass an Ro. Cass, Ro? Will you join us for a drink?"

January 04, 2016 19:06
Alaric Belmont


Looking at the both the people that arrived he gave a smile and said" pleasure to meet you." Bowed his head to them,as he stood beside Steph giving a smile to both of them.

January 04, 2016 19:09

Cassie  hugged her little sister and then spoke.

"Nice to meet you Alaric and sis I can't right now I am making my homemade cookies why don't you both come to the house if you want plus I am making sure Mel is actually doing her homework like she told me.  I would in a heartbeat if I wasn't so busy trying to show my kids they are important to me so this way my daughter doesn't go demon on me again.  Like I said come to the house I do not mind okay this way we can get to know him and you can see your nieces and nephews."

She smiled again.

January 04, 2016 19:12

" I would love to come to the house sis, Ric my dear would you care to join us at my sisters home. I would be happy to take you there." * Steph hopes things go well, for she really did love this man an hoped that one day he would ask her for her hand.*

January 04, 2016 19:16
Alaric Belmont


Smiling he nodded and said" I would love to join you." Giving her a smile he had wrapped his arm around her waist and said" lead the way when you are ready to go." Giving them both a smile.

January 04, 2016 19:18
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  looks  to  the  man  and  nods.*


January 04, 2016 19:20
Alaric Belmont


Nodding at the man he said" hello." Bowing his head to him.

January 04, 2016 19:21

She nodded.

"Okay well come on let us go cause I also got to get back before the little ones start tearing up my house."

She smiled and vanished.

January 04, 2016 19:24

* Tossing a twenty dollar bill down on the table as a tip, Steph gives Ric a soft kiss on the lips. *


" Follow me my love we shall take the slow way to my sisters home."


* Walking to the exit, Steph feels giddy inside *

January 04, 2016 19:28
Lilly Emperium

*Having walked in to the tavern, she went into the office. Quietly she sat down and begun to strum her guitar. Before long she could be heard*


Closed off from love, I didn't need the pain

Once or twice was enough, but it was all in vain

Time starts to pass, before you know it, you're frozen

But something happened, for the very first time with you

My heart melts into the ground, found something true

And everyone's looking round, thinking I'm going crazy

But I don't care what they say

I'm in love with you

They try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth

My heart's crippled by the vein, that I keep on closing

You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

You cut me open

Trying hard not to hear, but they talk so loud

Their piercing sounds fill my ears, try to fill me with doubt

Yet I know that the goal, is to keep me from falling

But nothings greater, than the rush that comes with your embrace

And in this world of loneliness, I see your face

Yet everyone around me, thinks that I'm going crazy, maybe, maybe

But I don't care what they say

I'm in love with you

They try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth

My heart's crippled by the vein, that I keep on closing

You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

You cut me open

And it's draining all of me

Oh they find it hard to believe

I'll be wearing these scars, for everyone to see

I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you

They try to pull me away, but they don't know the truth

My heart's crippled by the vein, that I keep on closing

You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

Oh, you cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

Oh, you cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

January 08, 2016 20:09
Lilly Emperium

*Locking the office, she nodded to the staff and left*

January 09, 2016 00:58
Ronan Boru

*board and needing  something to  do  the Irish  druid and  witch  decides  to  go  see  who  was around at  the  blood brew. He  walks in  and  looks around.  He   goes to the  bar a nd  orders a  whiskey  shot.*

January 19, 2016 20:50
Lilly Emperium * The bartender sat the shot in front of him and nodded as Lilly came out of the office. Smiling she almost walked up behind him* How are you Ro? Everything ok? January 19, 2016 21:09
Ronan Boru

"good. Yeah  things a re fine. Ami  and  iran  have   the new  born  twin daughters  to    get used  to  again. Kathrine Angel and  kristin Kerry  are their names . What have  you  been  up  to?"

January 19, 2016 21:15
Lilly Emperium *Thinking for a moment* beautiful names, aren't they early? Please tell me every one is alright. *Looking to him, she sighed* Went to the beach outside LA for lil bit. January 19, 2016 21:28
Ronan Boru

Yes  they  are  early and  yes  everyone  is  fine. Ami  gave  us  a scare but  she is  fine  now. The  harpies  are no  longer an  issue  for  her that  they  were. Sounds like  fun.

January 19, 2016 21:41
Lilly Emperium *She smiled, even though her eyes showed her sadness.* I am glad everything is alright now. She's a strong girl...erm young woman.

*Pouring a glass of rum, she was just thankful everyone was ok* yea, mostly just some chill time. Should go with me sometime, you might like it..
January 19, 2016 21:54
Ronan Boru

"I  might do  that.  I  have  been  thinking a bout   going to  the  coast and  spending time in  Galway but  havent really  made  up  my  mind on that. So  we  will see."

*  he  downs  the  whiskey*

January 19, 2016 22:01
Lilly Emperium *chuckling Lilly smiled, taking a drink before she spoke* If you would like some company, let me know. Though I do understand needing time to one's self as well. January 19, 2016 22:15
Ronan Boru

"I  will  always  take  company over  alone time. I  have  spent f ar oo much  alone time dont  you  think?

January 19, 2016 22:24
Lilly Emperium *giving a light chuckle, she nodded* I just don't want to smother you either dear. January 19, 2016 22:39
Ronan Boru

"Nah  Im  am  good  no  worries. trust me  smothering  is the least of  my  worries in  the  end. "

*  he laughs*

January 19, 2016 22:47
Lilly Emperium *she smiled as she looked to him* oh dare I ask what does worry you? January 19, 2016 22:59
Ronan Boru

"I  dont  really have any  worries  right  now  do I? Unless you  know  something  I  do  not. "

*  he  looks at her*

"Is  there  something  you  are  neglecting  to tell me  about that  I  should  be  concerned  with?"

January 19, 2016 23:03
Lilly Emperium *Looking to him, she shook her head*

nope not that I can think of. I only asked cause you said....*sighing she shook her head* I am sorry... I took it as literally you had concerns.
January 19, 2016 23:35
Ronan Boru

"Nah  I  am  good  to go. "

*he  looks at her*

January 20, 2016 11:37
Lilly Emperium *smiling softly, she slipped her fingers over his hand* I'm glad to hear it. January 20, 2016 12:29
Ronan Boru

"For now  any  way.  You  know that  can  change  from  min.  to  min and  on  who  is  where in  the  end."

January 20, 2016 19:37
Lilly Emperium *blinking she nodded* I understand January 20, 2016 19:39
Ronan Boru

"yeah. So  how  is  the  family doing?"

January 21, 2016 09:08
Lilly Emperium They're doing good. Theo has mentioned schooling, though he's skeptical bout leaving. Corvinus and Rylee are doing good on their studies. My little brothers are ....staying out of sight for the most part.... lilith*she shook her head* she's alright.

*Finishing her glass* How's your family?
January 21, 2016 14:04
Ronan Boru

Same as  always. Grania  hates  school but  she  is  alright there. its  rough  being  a  first grader and  6  I  guess. Ciaran  is  dealin g  with his  own  kids and  the others I  am  guessing no news is  good  news  from  them. Siobhan is   with  Kilian and  the  kids for  now and all  is  quiet there.

January 21, 2016 16:31
Lilly Emperium I'm glad everyone is doing well. Oh would Grania like a kitten, I was given one recently. Cute lil thing named Smokey. January 22, 2016 00:58
Ronan Boru

Would  give her a  play  mate when  Siobhan's little ones arent  around. That is  up  to  you  if you  want to  part  with him."

January 22, 2016 10:50
Lilly Emperium *Softly she chuckled* I wouldn't have asked otherwise. January 22, 2016 13:32
Ronan Boru

"Was  j ust  checking was all."

*  he  smiles*

"I  think actually  that  she  would  like  that  very  much. She loves  animals."

January 22, 2016 20:29
Lilly Emperium *Smiles she nods* it's alright, I'll bring him over for her. January 22, 2016 20:34
Ronan Boru

"When  ever  you  get the  chance is  fine. No need  to  rush for  any t hing."

January 23, 2016 11:09
Lilly Emperium *smiling she nodded*

January 23, 2016 12:49
Ronan Boru

So  hw  the  family  taking your  future  plans  then?

*  he  looks at  her*

"the ones  that know  any  way."

January 25, 2016 18:46
Lilly Emperium *Softly she chuckled* my oldest, Theo, though he's heard your name most of his life..... he reminds me to be careful...Rylee and Corvinus just want me to be happy, Angel, says as long as I'm happy and don't get treated bad she's ok with it. My younger brothers Damien and Drako are another story....they think....*shakes her head* they're skeptical about it. January 26, 2016 04:34
Ronan Boru

"Well  good  they  can  come a nd  find  me  then  and  we  can  have a little  chat.  I  dont  mind. I 'd be  concerned  if  they  were  all  good  to go. I a m  sure  you  woul  be if  every one  in  my  family  was as  well. The  kids  just  want  me  to  do  something  for  me  for once  and  to  hell  with  anyone  else  feelings on  it. Siobhan  will get over  what  ever  her  issue is and  just  deal.  I  have already  talked  to  her and  well  you  heard  what  cassie  had  to  say  so  we  are  all  good there. Unless you  feel  the  need to  talk to  Ciaran a nd  hear it  from  his own  mouth  then  by all  means  feel  free  to  do  that.

Your  brothers  worry  becouse of  you  past  with others I  am  sure  like  your  issues  with  Dragon  Shade and  well  if  they  need  convincing  I  am  NOTHING  like  that  iiot  then  so  be it. I  say  bring it on.It's  what  brothers  do. I  did  it  with  Siobhan and  her  men before  Killian. It  in  our  job discription to  do  what  we  can  in  situations  like  this. Brother's right.  "

* Tthe Irish  witch  looks at  her smiles and laughs a bit.*

January 26, 2016 10:14
Lilly Emperium *Nodding she smiled*

Oh I know they're just trying to protect me. Theo sees it as his job as do my brothers. My brothers can be a bit paranoid, but it comes with the territory. Our family has never been well liked.

My son just don't want me to get so caught up with everything, that I get hurt again. My brothers may very well seek you out to talk. They are ....I can understand why they are the way they are.

*Shakes her head* Siobhan is more than likely just trying to be protective of you hun. It's normal, she loves her brother. I am not sure why she dislikes me so, but it is alright. Could stem from some misunderstanding. If she wishes, she could always speak with me. I don't expect everyone to like me, I do hope though they may tolerate me.
January 26, 2016 12:57
Ronan Boru

"They  wont  have  much  of a  choice  but to  in  the  end.  Who  knows  what  Siobhan  issues are.  They  change  like  the  wind  most times  with  her a ny way.  my  family  we  have always  looked  out  for  onanother  with  of  course  a  few  exceptions over the  years like  my  sister  Diedre . She  has  disowned  the  family in  favor of  her  husband's life  so  I   have  come  to  let  that  stand  where it  does. She  has no  say  in  anything  that is  family  related a ny  way. Siobhan  is  thick headed  but  in time  she  might  come  to  you then a gain  she  might not.

Like I  said  your  brothers  can  come  find me  anytime  they like. I  have nothing to  hide. I  never  did."

January 26, 2016 13:14
Lilly Emperium *Nodding, Lilly understood*

I can understand, that'll be her choice. Cassie, was the one that really surprised me though... My children's opinons were the only thing I was truly concerned about. I've always told them, they'll never be alone.

My brothers, they will in time seek you out. They just don't want anything happening to me. I get it, I do.
January 26, 2016 17:45
Ronan Boru

"Cassie  would  do  any thing  as long as in  the  end I  was  happy .That  is  why  she  did as  she  did. It was  make  peace or  not   see me so  she  choose  the  make  peace and  bury the  past  with  Dragon  Shade and  all of  that  nonsense from  years ago. Dragon  isnt  here and  if  he  did  return well lets  just  say  he  wont  find  the  same  Ronan  Boru  he  once  knew  waiting  with open  arms of  friendship."

January 26, 2016 17:52
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head* Dear, I doubt you have to worry about him returning. .. I'm pretty sure he won't pass threw the vail ever again. January 26, 2016 19:35
Ronan Boru

"Not  if  he  values  keeping  his life here. I  am  not  worried  about  him  returning. So  what  really went on  between  you two  that  no one  saw   behind  doors? Were  things  that  bad? I  still  say  ya  should of  said  something o  one of  us in  the  coven  leadership  about it and  let  us  handle it  from  there. I  would of  told him  that   it was  not  going to  happen in  Eternal  embrace in  any  shape  or  form and  if he  didnt like  it to  take  a hike .I  would of  given  you  the  $  to  divorce  his  sorry A**.

January 26, 2016 20:06
Lilly Emperium

*Pulling out a bottle of Whiskey, Lilly refilled both glasses. Taking a drink she sighed*

It would depend on what you call bad. Some of it I did have coming to me, I did do somethings I shouldnt have. I was reminded, often of my transgressions....yet I wasnt to bring his up. I wasnt to have male friends, yet he could have female friends....we would argue over dumbsh!t....He had a friend of mine bountied just for saying hi at a wedding.....Micheal still aint said a word to me since then......I should have sought help, but i felt responsible for him and his actions. He wasnt always so bad

Running to you for help would have probably made matters worse at the time. He at one point thought I was chasing after you or was sleeping with you then..

January 26, 2016 21:34
Ronan Boru

"You  should of  went to  Cassie  then. She would of  handled it  too.Granted  she  would of  informed  me  of it as well  and we would of  handled  it.  I  would of  told him  that  wasnt  happening and  you  know  if  he picked a  fight I  would of   had him  blood  hunted  before   he  could   swing let  alone blink. Lilly NO ONEdeserves to  be  hit  for  anything  that is  NOT  their  doing. I  NEVER hit any one  I was  with. I  never  will. He  was a  control  freak and  nothing more  by the  sounds of it. You  are NEVER  responsible  for the  actions of  another least of  all  that  jack  off.

Well  like  I  said  if  he returns  here he is in  for  one  hell of a  rude awakening  then isnt he? I  doubt like  you  said  however  he  will  return here.  I  dont think  he is  that  stupid any  way. He  wont  find  llilke I  said  the  same  clam friendly  Ronan he  might  remember. Being  fair  and  nice  gets  you  killed in this  world. Doing the right  thing  gets  you  killed so  forget  that  crap I  care  about  family  only and  friends  the  rest of  the  world  can  fend  fo it self  now."

*Ronan  looks a her. His blue  eyes  flash  momentarly  violet  then  back.*

January 27, 2016 14:29
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head, she looked to him* it wasn't physical...He never hit me. It was verbal...starting before he found out about the mutt. He always swore I was too close to certain folks, even before I cheated.

*Taking a drink, Lilly shook her head* you could have told him til you were blue, that nothing happened between us....wouldn't have mattered. Jealousy got him bountied once, promises of change followed.

I was young and dumb. I did dumb sh!t, and paid the price. I tried to keep him alive, and paid for it. What I came to feel, after a time was my fault as well.

When we would try work it out, that sister of his would chirp in his ear. Bringing it all up again. This is part of why I don't care for drama anymore. I've done seen and lived threw enough of it.
January 27, 2016 16:28
Ronan Boru

"Didnt  know  he  hada  sister. Is  she s till  running around  then? Verbal  is  stil  abuse  lass. I  have never  gotten  lou or  called any  female a  name  . Not  even  Angelica after all  that  crap. It  not  who I  am."

January 27, 2016 16:43
Lilly Emperium *Nods* changed her last name, sheded any association with his name and my family. Still in the back ground she whispered.

*Looking to him, she touched her glass* a person can change their name and story, but still sing the same tune. Golden or not....she can say what she wishes about me, but I have never hid nor left any part of me behind. Moon wing did.....oh she don't go by Wing now, but I watched the change... I still have questions for her....ones that'll never be answered....

*Finishing her glass, a sadness was upon her for a moment. Forcing a faint smile, she whispered very low* I want to know the truth about Orchid....
January 27, 2016 17:26
Ronan Boru

Only Orchid I  know is  Blue  Orchid? Are  you telling  me  Blue  orchid that  ran  Bloodtide was  her?

*Ronan  looks at her. He  was starting to  think  maybe Ciaran  was  right about a few  things now.*

January 27, 2016 17:48
Lilly Emperium *Shakes her head* no Moon, years ago had a little girl by Kain..while him and Jasmine were separated....Her name was Orchid.....Orchid Emperium... January 27, 2016 17:52
Ronan Boru

Ok  yeah  the  only  Orchid  I  knew  was  blue and I  was like  Wait  what  how  did  I  miss  that. Glad it wasnt  her.  We  should  talk  of  this   in  private . Not  here too many  can  hear a nd  get the  wrong  ideas and say  thing  that they  dont  need  to  say  with only  half  the  information.

*  ROnan  looks a t her.  He  had things  going on  in his  head  but   for n ow  they  would  stay  there unspoken  to  any one.*

January 27, 2016 17:57
Lilly Emperium *Nods* agreed January 27, 2016 18:03
Ronan Boru

*  ronan looks a round. He  keep his  eyes on   what  needed  to  be  with out any worry. For now  this  was  going to  be let  go til  a  safer time and  date as  well  as  place. He  takes a  drink.*

January 27, 2016 18:08
Lilly Emperium *Lightly she touched his hand and smiled*

On a brighter note, at least everything is somewhat quiet
January 27, 2016 18:26
Ronan Boru

"For n ow  yes  but in  the near f uture we  both know  how  quickly  tha  can  change hands and  all  hell breakes out somewhere."

January 27, 2016 18:44
Lilly Emperium *Nodding she chuckled* yes all too true. All the more reason to enjoy the peace dear. January 27, 2016 19:02
Ronan Boru

Most definatly a  good  reason  to  enjoy it  while  we  can.

January 27, 2016 19:25
Lilly Emperium *smiling Lilly looked to him and asked*

want a snack or something?
January 27, 2016 20:03
Ronan Boru

Nah  Im  good  actually  I need to  be  getting  back  to  grania. She  in  tara care and  mre then likely  eatting as  much  junk  food as  any  6 year old  can  when  teir  parents arent  around. 

*  he laughs*

January 27, 2016 20:25
Lilly Emperium *Nodding she chuckled*

I fully understand what you mean. I know how that can be, mine were good for doing the very same thing
January 28, 2016 01:20
Ronan Boru

"You  know  where I  a m  should  you  need me for  any thing. We wil talk again soon  I  am  sure."

*  Ronan gets  up  and  leaves. Once out side he vanishes  in  blue  flames.*

January 28, 2016 11:47
Lilly Emperium *Smiling softly she chuckled*

That I do dear.
January 28, 2016 13:03

Slips in and sits quietly, his cloak keeping him hidden as he whispers his order to the one taking it and then looks around the room without moving too much.  He wasn't the most trusting these days after the last attack on him, something that made him freeze when he saw the others there and then hunker down more, trying to keep out of sight.

January 28, 2016 23:30
Lilly Emperium *Wiping down the counter, Lilly got rid of the glasses. She knew he was there, but if he chose to stay out of sight that was fine. If he wanted company, he would let her know. Quietly she hummed a song as she continued to clean.* January 29, 2016 00:45

He sipped his bubbling acid and rubbed his eyes under his hooded cloak, tired and weak from his current dealings, as well as unwilling to ask for help.  He'd messed up and was actually planning to go into hiding for a bit before resuming his war with some of the less liked beings around, but now he'd come here without thinking or really paying attenion and he glanced up to see if she was coming over or not.

January 29, 2016 01:46
Lilly Emperium *As the place emptied for the night, Lilly motioned to one of the girls to set him a bottle. Quietly she made her way towards the back, to where Phantom had been setting. She wanted to make sure he was ok.*

How are you doing Phantom?
January 29, 2016 03:21

He took a slight breath, having been drinking acid for hours now, and looked at her, "I'm...not okay.  I found something out and did a little mission that went south, now I've got some angelic scientists that want me dead and a wolf I might have skinned wanting his flesh back.  I don't even know why I came here honestly, I was planning to go over to the Forge and then into one of the safehouses Eirie has."

January 29, 2016 13:04
Lilly Emperium *Setting down, she listened to him. Lightly she touched his arm* have you ever asked anyone for help, before going and doing something that'll get you hurt. *Shaking her head she sighed* Sorry, don't mean to sound's just... angels don't give up easily January 29, 2016 13:13

"You all aren't made for the kind of fighting I've been doing Lilly...Most demons are made to take blows meant to kill others and keep fighting like it wasn't even a scratch.  I've been in the blackest parts of the shadows fighting some enemies that will come out to play eventually unless they die sooner, and I stumbled on some deep cover angelic scientists that I ruined the tests there were preforming."  He takes another sip of his drink, idly noticing he'd already gone through most of the bottle before sighing, "Besides, why would I bring people I care for into things I know I might die doing Lilly?  I want to protect you all, not bring you where I know I can't help anyone else by myself if things go completely wrong...which you know that they usually do when I'm there and I see a chance to take out key players for my enemies."

January 29, 2016 14:22
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head, she sighed* You may underestimate some of us. Though admirable dear, friends and family look out for each other. You have no idea, how much I trust you. *setting a set of keys on the table* there is a place, you will be safe.... It's secluded, away from everything and everyone. January 29, 2016 15:42

"Does it have the seventh level seals on it?  I need some serious hiding this time since I might have gotten one of the lesser bases for Eirie blown to hell...and that was me trying to kill the thing chasing me.  It seems able to hone in on my scent and my energy unlike anything I've ever seen annoys me to say, but I've never even met something that can scent me like it can so easily."  He growls in frustration before blinking at the two empty bottles before him, noticing that his cup was almost empty as well before motioning for another bottle.

January 30, 2016 20:12
Lilly Emperium *Blinking she shrugged* check it out and you tell me. I never asked. As far as scenting you out, you need to learn to hid your scent. January 30, 2016 20:18

He glares at her before his glare softens and he sighs, "You know I can hide from you if I don't want to be found, even with your little...present helping you.  This thing though isn't using my scent Lilly, I'm not even sure it is tracking me by my energy, but it is the only thing I can think of since I'm cloaking both right now.  You ever heard of anything angelic or otherwise that can track a creature who's cloaked?"

January 30, 2016 20:30
Lilly Emperium *Sitting she thought about an offer from years back* p!ss off Gabriel lately? Not everything that tracks for angels, is angelic January 30, 2016 20:50

"I usually make the Archangels mad by blasting their messenger angels when they try to tell me off.  I really do hate those weak little runts who think that just because they have business with a big person in the new god's army, that I won't kill them and put the video of me doing it on the internet those humans love so much."  He shrugs before tossing a messenger pouch to her filled with angelic messages, "You tell me if I made any of them personally mad or not, I don't like reading that language in the least...can't even really remember why I learned it to be honest."

January 30, 2016 20:56
Lilly Emperium *nods* good point. Years ago, he wanted to make a group of.....lack of a better term, hunters. They don't track by scent per say ... More like emotions and blood. Mostly made up of wolves and vampires.... January 30, 2016 21:09

"Blood would be useless since mine is whichever human I drained Emotions is how it might be tracking me?  Interesting and annoying...I want to kill the beast after me, but I've never met a wolf or vampire who could take my full flames and not even be singed a little."

January 30, 2016 21:41
Lilly Emperium *Looking to him, she made an odd face.* ehh ..Elvin material maybe January 30, 2016 22:02

"Elvin material is pretty resistant, but it eventually does catch, I hit it with my released powers, completely and for nearly five minutes Lilly...this thing isn't seems almost like it was made from alchemical reagents meant to counter me specifically."  He scratches his chin and thinks more shaking his head, "I don't know, maybe they just reinforced the elvin material with demon's flesh from a volcanic demon spider?  No...that isn't resistant to my fire type, so it wouldn't help at all....hmm."  He seems lost in thought, trying to think of things resistant to his flames that might reinforce the material.

January 30, 2016 22:06
Lilly Emperium That is odd. I have no clue then..... January 30, 2016 22:21
Ronan Boru

****************************new night***********************

*Ronan walks in to the  tavern  and   looks around  .He  gets  his  normal  drink  and  sits to  where  he  can see  who  comes in  and  out. He  no  longer  kept  his  hood  up  and  in the  shadows. Those  ays  were  far  behind  him along  with  all the  crap  that  happend in  the past. The  pas  was  well best left in  the past. He was happy  right  where  he was . His life his own.*

February 04, 2016 20:09
Lilly Emperium *She had been hidden in the office, placing orders and hiding since hearing of her brothers death. One of the girls let Lilly know of Ronan's arrival. Nodding, she smiled softly as she looked out fromthe office. Standing in the door way she chuckled as she looked at him*

Now there's a sight I haven't seen in years....

*walking over to him, she smiled as She sat down*

So....handsome, how's your day?
February 05, 2016 05:57
Ronan Boru

"Ok  considering  the  issues  that are a round that you  know  of. I  will be  fine  though. I  can deal  with the petty  crap  any longer . Family  wants to  use  family  that  has  long seen us as dead  as allies now  then  so  be it. I  am  done  trying to  be  the  father,  brother ,  protector to  ones  that  would  rather  use  the  traitor and her  husband  for  allies  then  listen t o  reason  any more.I  cant  do  it  any more Lilly and I  won't. Family  wil either deal  with  my   choice or  they  can  not. In  the  end  only  one who  is  harmed is  them  and  thier children."

*  he  looks at  her.*

February 06, 2016 14:26
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded, pouring herself a drink she whispered* I am sorry dear..... you shouldn't have to go threw this. February 06, 2016 17:35

Walking through the front door, Elessar wears his typical robes that seem to shimmer from white to platinum and gold with a katana on his back. Looking around he sees the bar nearby. Walking up to thebar, he orders a pitcher of tea to brought, knowing his tolerance for alcohol needs to be well hidden.

February 06, 2016 19:55
Lilly Emperium *Smiling one of the girls brings him his order. This was good, others finally filtering threw the doors again* February 07, 2016 16:18

Seeing the tea being brought to him, Elessar hands her the  money to pay for it and sizable tip to keep it coming. Looking around, Elessar tries to see if he can find a friendly and familiar face. Shaking his head as he sees a young lady from his past, Elessar mumbles quietly, "I must be dreaming."

February 08, 2016 08:07
Lilly Emperium *One of the waitresses walked up as he mumbled. Softly she spoke* Is everything alright sir?

*Lilly had been sitting talking with Ronan, when he entered and only now glanced over towards the Angel*
February 08, 2016 16:09
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  looks  at  Lilly*

"Its  nothing  part of  who  I am  and  I  deal  with it. If its  not  the  Irish  temper its  the  elven so  its al  good in  the end. "

*  Ronan was  wearing   his  elven  clothes over his normal  "human  "  Clothes.He  didnt  even  see any one  walk in . He  was too busy talking to  Lilly*

February 08, 2016 23:46
Lilly Emperium *Raising a brow, Lilly chuckled* I never thought of elves as having a temper dear. February 09, 2016 00:00
Ronan Boru

"We  do just  alot of the  time it takes  more to  bring out then it  would  a human or  others. Its ok though most of  us  can  keep  it  in  check . It  does  however  get the  better of  us at  times like  every one  else."

February 09, 2016 00:18

"Just thinking I seen someone familiar from my past. It could be just my thoughts overcoming me." Elessar replies as he looks over in the direction of Lilly and Ronan, then continues softly, "He looks familiar for some reason."

February 10, 2016 05:38
Lilly Emperium *Smiling, Lilly looked to Ronan* slow fuse so to speak, is better than a short fuse.

*The waitress nodded and spoke to Elessar*
It possible sir, Miss Lilly's family has ran the Brew since it opened.
February 11, 2016 04:27

"True. It is possible It does happen." Elessar says with a gentle smile as he drinks some of his tea, then asks warmly, "What kind of food is served here?"

February 11, 2016 12:24
Lilly Emperium *Smiling the waitress chuckled*
We here are just glad to see her smiling again. Well our cook is well versed in most foods, is there something particular that you'd like?
February 12, 2016 04:22

"I usually go for salad with strips of grilled chicken."  Elessar replies warmly as he is happy to know that owner is happy.

February 12, 2016 05:00
Lilly Emperium *Smiling the waitresses nodded*
no problem, I'll go get that for you

*Going towards the kitchen, the waitress returned moments later with a salad for him*
February 12, 2016 13:24

Looking at the salad with a smile, Elessar says queitly, "Looks good. Hope it's as good as looks."

February 13, 2016 09:47
Ronan Boru

Or  no  fuse  my  dear  .I  know a few  people  like  that. 

*Ronan  looks around*

February 14, 2016 01:53
Lilly Emperium *The waitress smiled*
If you need anything, let me know

*chuckling, Lilly nodded*
I've been that person, but I try not to be
February 14, 2016 02:39
Ronan Boru

I  ued  to   Have  the longer one  but   you learn  in  time who  you  can  and  can not  trust.

*The irish  elf  witch feels  a  bit  like he  is  being  watched. He  looks around the  tavern  again.*

February 14, 2016 19:52

After noticing the familiar face look around, Elessar starts eating his salad and tries to hide his ace so that the one looking around doesn't recognize him.

February 14, 2016 20:10
Lilly Emperium *Nodding* that comes with time dear.

*Motioning to the waitress, Lilly spoke to her for a moment, thenchuckled. Lilly looked over to the Angel and spoke softly* we do carry non alcoholic drinks as well Elessar. Long time no see
February 14, 2016 20:41

Smiling gently as he had been spotted, Elessar says queitly, "Long time no see, my friend. I am surprised that you ound out that I was here. You and Ronan are two that I recognize from a time before now."

February 15, 2016 08:29
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  looks over t o the  angel.*

"Elessar  right?  Your name means"  Elf  friend ".  You  were  with Julie  for a  while  were  you not? Sorry memory is a  bit  off as of late had  a lot  going on personal wise. How are you? "

* Ronan  had  slight  elven  fetures but  none that a normal  person  would  notice about  him  looking at him. Elf kin and  his  family  knew of  them and  could  see them*

February 15, 2016 13:09
Lilly Emperium *Lilly smiled softly* tea and salad...bit of a give away. Why though did you try to hide your face? You are welcome here anytime February 15, 2016 14:10

Raising an eyebrow, Elessar says quietly, "Of course I ran with Julie for a while. I am fine, just hoped I didn't think you ould remember me, and if you did, you wouldn't have me around you." Looking over at  Lilly, he continues, "Hiding my face was unintentional, just didn't want to encroach onto your conversation without permission."

Taking a bite from his salad, Elessar then says quietly, "I had spent time trying to keep my head down from others who might want me out of the Realms on a permanent basis."

February 16, 2016 06:48
Lilly Emperium My dear Elessar, if I've ever done anything to lead you to think I wouldn't want you around or wished you any kind of harm....please forgive me. February 16, 2016 12:01

"You have done nothing to cause me to feel unwelcome or be harmed or not want me around." Elessar replies, then continues, "Ronan and you are contacts of mine from a former life, and I try to continue that, with the hope that you two, among others, still desire me around you guys as I am a different race than before."

February 17, 2016 13:07
Ronan Boru

"Elven kin  knows  its  own  Elessar but   keeping  contacts  with our inds  could  get all killed depending on  information  but  for  just  friendly  talks  I  think  would  be  fine."

*  he  looks at him.*

February 17, 2016 13:17
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nods, then chuckles* it's all good my friend. I'm not one to judge by species but actions February 18, 2016 03:47

Smiling, Elessar replies warmly, "Good to know."

Taking a bite from the salad, Elessar continues, "I try to stay out of trouble. as long as the trouble stay away from."

February 18, 2016 03:56
Lilly Emperium *chuckling, Lilly nodded* ah yes, I know how that can be February 23, 2016 13:24

Offering a bite to Ronan, Elessar says with agrin on his face, "hungry?"

Turning back to Lilly, Elessar says, "But, soometimes being in trouble is fun."

February 23, 2016 13:39
Lilly Emperium *motioning for a refill, Lilly chuckled as she nodded* yes....that's true Elessar, but normally the trouble that finds me recks havoc... February 28, 2016 23:26

"But, I would like to be here if trouble arrives, if you would have me stick around." Elessar says with a smile, then continues, "Whatever happened to Julianna anyway?"

February 29, 2016 15:18
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded and smiled* stay as long as you wish. *As he asked about Juliana, Lilly sighed* that's a long story my friend. February 29, 2016 18:16

"I apologize if the subject hurts as I remember her from a past incarnation here in the Realms." Elessar says quietly, then continues, "I would like to hear it, if you have the time."

March 01, 2016 03:50
Lilly Emperium *looking down for a moment, Lilly sighed. Looks to him she nodded* only in part is it painful. She died, but her children walk the realm. March 15, 2016 04:07

"I would like to eet her children, if it possible." Elessar says gently, then continues, "If you and Ronan allow it to happen."

March 15, 2016 04:31
Lilly Emperium Her children are grown, I can talk to them and see what I can set up March 16, 2016 00:20

"I appreciate that, ma'am." Elessar says with a smile, takes of his salad, then says quietly, "How has life treated you recently?"

March 16, 2016 13:30
Lilly Emperium It has been....interesting March 29, 2016 19:39
Ronan Boru

*Ronan walks in  to  the  blood  brew and looks around.  he ordersa  drink and   sits  down.*

March 30, 2016 19:45
Lilly Emperium *smiling softly, Lilly walked up quietly behind Ronan* would you like some company? March 30, 2016 22:31

It had been an interesting week to say the least.  She normaly didn't drink and for it being the middle of the week...wasn't a good sign.  She had a lot to do this weekend and hoped she could.  

Walking into the bar and looked around.  Seeing some familiar faces, she approached with ease.


" This is gonna be an interesting night.   How is everyone doing"? 
March 30, 2016 22:45
Ronan Boru

"hello Kat.  How  are  you? I  am  doing  great. Draven and  Saphire  should  be  here  soon. I  told  them  to  come ."


*  he  smiles and  looks  to lilly*

"Hello  love.  Sure have a  seat."

March 30, 2016 22:46
"Hiya Ronan.   Well, it should be a good time....or I can at least hope so".  

Looking over at Lilly, she smiled widely.

" Girl, you havin fun yet?" 
March 30, 2016 22:52
Lilly Emperium *Setting down beside Ronan, Lilly looked to Kat and chuckled*

Everyone is in one piece, and where they should is a good night.

* motioning a waitress over, she chuckled*
March 30, 2016 22:59

" Well that would be a plus.  I don't like lookin at zombies.  Those things creep me out". 

March 30, 2016 23:14
Ronan Boru

Yeah  it is a  good night  for  that  reason.  one  doesnt  get  to  tell Death  not  today every  day."

*  ronan smiles*

March 30, 2016 23:14
Lilly Emperium *looking to Kat, Lilly chuckled* they smell funny too.

*smiling, she looked to Ronan* I'll drink to that. Thankfully you were able to do so...
March 30, 2016 23:21
Saphire_Ravenwalker ^Sapphire couldn't help but still laughing her a$$ off as she walked in the bar wearing her purple rank top, her black denium jeans and a pair of her black high top sneakers. She still smiled and laughed as she hugged her uncle giving him and gave him a kids on the cheek and then did the same to her aunt Lilly.^

"Drav is coming he was parking his bike. What we drinking?"

^She say say down on the stool.^
March 30, 2016 23:24
Ronan Boru

*Ronan grins*

"yes  I  was. Swera  that  boy  needs a  real  car."

March 30, 2016 23:30
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven parked his bike shaking his head as he got off it and headed into the bar.  Hearing his sister still laughing he growled a bit but then smiled as he saw everyone including Kat sitting at the bar.  Walking over to everyone he slipped his arms around Kat's waist and then kissed her softly then spoke.~  "So sorry I was late had to go stop at the house and change my clothes.  Saph it was not funny you can stop laughing you know."

~He was smiling on the inside thought but she didn't need to know that.~  "So uncle what's up?  Did you get that target pole you said you would get for the practice training room? Hey aunt Lilly." 

~He placed his chin on Kat's shoulder and still smiled.~

March 30, 2016 23:32

Kat saw Saphire come walking and smiled. 


" Hello Saphire,  I don't think we've actually met..met but I'm Kat"

Her arm extended as she probably greeted her.

March 30, 2016 23:33

*Kat couldn't help but smile when she saw Draven stroll on in.  Giving her nervous lips a lick, she returned the kiss and listened as everyone spoke.*

March 30, 2016 23:36
Ronan Boru

"I  did.  we  should  be  good  to  go. Should  help  every one  out that  needs  it. me now more then  needed for  this."

March 30, 2016 23:39
Lilly Emperium *Hugging Sapphire back, Lilly chuckled* I think I'll stick with rum for now.

* chuckling she looked to Ronan* there ain't nothing wrong with a bike.

*Hearing Draven and Sapphire, Lilly chuckled* dare we ask what happened?
March 30, 2016 23:39
Ronan Boru

"yeah  for  now. We will see. So  yes we d o  dare  ask.  what  happened Draven?"

March 30, 2016 23:41
Saphire_Ravenwalker ^She gave the girl a soft smile and she shook her hand then spoke.^

"Very nice to meet you Kat. And it was hilarious Drav I am sorry but it was."

^She started laughing again.^
March 30, 2016 23:42
Ronan Boru

"Dra what  happened? YOu  know  if  you  dont tell us  your  sister  will."

*  he  looks at his  nephew*

March 30, 2016 23:46
Draven A Ravenwalker

~He brushed Kat's mind and spoke.~  "It's okay my love she is laughing at what happened.  You are with family remember I am right here."

~Draven threw his hand up to the bartender and spoke.~  "Hey can we get some beers sir."  ~He smiled when he watched the bartender shooting 5 beer bottles of Gueiness and he took his and Kat's and handed her one and then took a sip of his.~

~He then looked at his aunt and uncle and spoke.~  "Wait what about my bike? Well me and Saphire were out scouting and saw a few rogue vampires and of course they had zombies well the last zombie I was in the middle of killing I ended up landing in the pond and she thought it was funny.  Needless to say though we got them.  Still not funny but it's okay I shall get her back for laughing and she will never know when it is coming."

~He smiled and took another sip of his beer and continued to hold Kat close to him.~

March 30, 2016 23:50
Ronan Boru

"Clumsy  as  ever I  see draven."

*  he  laughs and  takes a  drink*

March 30, 2016 23:58

Kat's face scrunched and then she dared to inhale deeply.  Her eyes closed and she shook her head....


" Oh smell...zombyish.....and that's...that's just wrong Drave....why...why...oh why?    There are other things to play with besides them....they're gross and yeah.."

March 31, 2016 00:02
Ronan Boru

HAHAH poor you  Drav. You  need  a  shower  though  lad she is  right.

March 31, 2016 00:08
Lilly Emperium *softly she chuckled. Taking a drink, she watched Draven and Kat for a moment. Shaking her head she smiled softly.* it is a good day March 31, 2016 00:11
Saphire_Ravenwalker ^She took a sip of her beer and just smiled.^

"We need to found out why that happened. And wait I thought you took a shower?"

^She chuckled and took another sip.^
March 31, 2016 00:11
Ronan Boru

That  is  is.  I  wouldnt  worry  too  much  about the  zombies   Dra they  normally  just  do  what  they  are told  by  other and   fairly  easy  to  kill.

March 31, 2016 00:15
Draven A Ravenwalker

~He looked at his woman and then back at his sister and uncle.~  "I did take a shower.  Oh well I will be back then I will go all the way back home and take another one." 

~He chugged his beer down and then kissed Kat quickly and then went out the door laughing.~

March 31, 2016 00:18

Kat shivered at the odor. It seriously wasn't pleasant and she didnt' know how others could kill or even eat them.  The very thought simply grossed her out. 

Taking a swig of the beer, she put it down as she simply stared the bottle. 

" Well...lets hope, that whatever happened today, doesn't happen again.  Very uncool and I believe I need something stronger once this is gone."

March 31, 2016 00:23
Ronan Boru

"I  think I  can fix  that. "

*He  looks  at  the  bar  tender*

"So  we  could  use   your  best  bottles of  rum  and whiskey  here."

March 31, 2016 00:28
Lilly Emperium You name it, we have it here Kat....I do agree, I'd rather never repeat to day again. I'm just glad everything is ok now. It can serve as a reminder...time can be short, and enemies ever plotting.

*Hearing Ronan, she smiled. Watching the bartender set the bottles on the counter,she nodded*
March 31, 2016 00:30
Saphire_Ravenwalker ^She took another swig and then stared at the beer bottle and was lost in thoughts. The rogues where starting to get a lot stronger and the fact that they had zombies helping them this time confused her. She continued to stare a bit not speaking.^ March 31, 2016 00:34

Her brow raised as she did her best to think of the name.  She wasn't a drinker, however, there were times she liked to and this was one of those nights.

" What...are those drinks's ...well maybe that's what it is... ****tail...a fruit **** has rum and something else in it and it just tastess...sooooo....damn...gooooood".


Just thinking about it, her eyes closed. 

" I could drink those all the time".

March 31, 2016 00:37
Lilly Emperium *Lilly laughed* a c0cktail....*Lilly nodded to the bartender to make her one.*

*Lilly looked to Saphire* hey.....are you OK hun?
March 31, 2016 00:43
Ronan Boru

"saphire we  will figure out the  rouges  with a   zomie  connection  later. YOu  need  to  not  right now  worry  about them. Come  lass  just relax for a  bit."

*  Ronan  looks at his  niece.*

March 31, 2016 00:48



Kat's voice boomed by complete accident.  


" Sorry....but those are soo friggin awesome"!! 

March 31, 2016 00:53
Saphire_Ravenwalker ^Saph came to when her aunt and uncle talked shook it off then spoke.^

"Yeah just was thinking about today and then about mom. Wish she was here is all. And uncle you are right I am fine I promise. Mom was right though not your time yet glad she kicked you back here with all of us."

^She took a sip of her beer and smiled.^

"So Kat I am very happy to see that my twin is smiling more rock on. How long have you been seeing each other?"

^She looked at her smiling.^
March 31, 2016 00:58

She had been trying to finish the beer when she heard Saphire's voice.  Looking over, her smile grew instantly.


" Well..for a couple of days to be honest.  He's the sweetest thing I've ever met.  I have zero plans on letting him go. He's kinda stuck with me and you know what..I don't think he knows how stuck he is.  Although, he pretty smart..but I haven't told him yet".

March 31, 2016 01:11
Saphire_Ravenwalker ^Saph smiled and then chuckled a bit.^

"Oh I beat he does and he couldn't be more happier. Good for you both see it is starting to turn out pretty great now. My brother is a very lucky man and he is really a great guy. Hopefully he gets back here soon."

^She took another sip of her beer and smiled more.^
March 31, 2016 01:19

Looking toward the door,  a slightly worried expression washed over her features as she thought about it.  Putting the drink down once more, her head nodded in agreement. 

" Yes...he better be okay.  I would hate to go on killing spree tonight". 

March 31, 2016 01:26
Lilly Emperium He is fine, I'm sure. I do agree though, it is good to see him happy and you too Kat. March 31, 2016 01:43

" Thank You.  It feels good to smile again.  It's been a long, long time". 

March 31, 2016 01:48
Draven A Ravenwalker

~After about 45 minutes of going all the way home again him taking a shower for a while using the strongest Axe male body wash he had under the sink in his bathroom he decided that his other one didn't do anything for zombie smell.  Axe works everytime and he parked his bike again got off and headed into the bar.  He was walking in when a gentleman came up to him and he did not recognize him and he spoke to him calmly with a eyebrow shooting up cause he did not know why he was standing there in his way staring at him like that.~  "Can I help you sir?  Kinda would like to know why you are standing in my way while I am trying to get by giving me that look."

Josh:  *He continued to look at him and he didn't know if he recognized him or not but it was kinda fun to mess with Draven Ravenwalker and he crossed his arms and continued to stare at him then spoke.*  "I was just wondering why the hell is a ugly some a b*tch would be in a bar like this."  *He held in his laugh but it was about to come out.* 

~Draven gave the man a hard look and growled a bit at to his comment.  It then darned on him who he was and he then crossed his arms still standing there staring right back.~  "Because ugly ones have a lot more fun."  ~He bursted out laughing and then he patted him on the shoulder then hugged him.~ "Joshua Berrnet how the hell are you man?  It is great to see you where you been bro?"

Josh: *He let out his laugh and then just smiled.* "I am great man really great I am just passing through for a few days.  Drav it is good to see you hey I am sorry about your mom I heard she was pretty awesome."  *He heard his other buddies calling for him and he nodded.* "Hey I got to get going it was awesome to see you maybe we can get together and hang out before I have to leave.  I am staying at that new hotel down the street."

~Draven nodded and then spoke.~  "Yeah thanks man.  Oh and that would be cool I will give you a call.  Great to see you Josh and be careful out there okay."

Josh: *Nodding he then patted his shoulder and left.* 

~Draven just shook his head and walked over back to where everyone was then pulled Kat into his arms and spoke.~  "Smell better I better cause I used that strong Axe body wash stuff.  Did you miss me?"  ~He softly kissed her cheek.~

March 31, 2016 02:13

Strong was term he used loosely.  Pursing her lips together, her face scrunched once again as she tried to breathe. 

" Holy damn, I think you used the whole bottle". 

Doing her best to breathe, she now began working of the fruit c0cktail that finally arrived and she was slowly starting to feel it. Her legs began to feel weak but she wasn't saying a word. 

"However you should know me..of course I missed you. I would have to be on drugs to not miss you". 

March 31, 2016 02:23
Draven A Ravenwalker

~He held her close as he felt her legs about to give out on her.  What ever she was drinking was making her feel good.  He looked at the bartender and got shot down another beer taking a sip he then spoke.~  "Well I rather of used the whole bottle then keep smelling like zombie sh*t.  And good I am glad cause I missed you to."

~He linked with her as he continued to keep her close so if anything he would be the one that was keeping her up.~  "You feeling okay my love? You don't drink a lot do you? Wait what are you drinking smells fruity."

March 31, 2016 02:48

Her mind linked to his as she let out a growl

" It's mine and you can't haz it!!  MINE"!

The cup came up once again and her eyes closed.   She waved for the bartender who had been watching her. Giving him the signal for another one, placing the cup down, she gave a cheesy smile. 

" Well..I'm glad you smell better.  You need to find friendly food...ones that don't have an odor."

Her speech was okay for the moment but the drink started coating her insides smoothly, mellowing her out.  It was going to get interesting. 

March 31, 2016 02:54
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Linking back Draven just shook his head and smiled.~  "Well then you have your fruity drinks and I shall drink my beer. Did I ever say how sexy you are and I love that outfit you have on.  And they were not food my love I will explain it all to you later when we are alone."

~He looked at everyone and spoke.~  "So what did I miss while I was gone?  Anything interesting?"

March 31, 2016 03:04


*Again realizing how loud she was, Kat winced. 

" My's just sooooooo good"! 

March 31, 2016 03:13
Draven A Ravenwalker

~He smiled at her and was happy that she was having some fun.  After the day like today they all needed to have a bit of fun.~  "I am glad you like it my love.  How many have you had of those so far." 

~He took another swig of his beer.~

March 31, 2016 04:12

* Her eyes moved slowly towards his direction* 

" Why"?

March 31, 2016 04:15
Draven A Ravenwalker

~He laughed and then spoke.~  "Cause I want to know how many beers I need to drink to catch up to you.  Just trying to ;keep up with my woman is all."

~Bending down he kissed her lips and then smiled.~  "I am glad you are having fun love."

March 31, 2016 16:53
Ronan Boru

* Laughs*

Drink  enough of  the  fruity  drinks and   you  might keep  up."

* Ronan   downs a  shot  of  whiskey  and  looks at  them.*

March 31, 2016 17:04

*Cradling the cup in her hands, protecting it as if someone was after it, her hands slowly brought it up so the straw would touch her lips and as she sucked on the straw, the refeshing taste of everything, coating her mouth, her eyes closed and before she knew it, it was gone. Looking down, frowning, she signaled for the bartender when he came over, she whispered. 

" Another one please...might as well bring two maybe three or four over". 

*Letting out a snicker, she looked over to Draven.*

" Ooh...that is for me to'll have to...oh, I don't know....what?  Yeah....just watch".

*Laughing out loud, the alcohol was clearly taking over."

March 31, 2016 17:10
Lilly Emperium *Softly Lilly chuckled* just ain't exactly milk your drinking.

*finishing her rum, she refilled her tumbler*
March 31, 2016 19:48
Ronan Boru

*ronan  watches  amused by  his  surrondings and  everyones actions*

March 31, 2016 20:47

^Smiling at her brother and his girl she just shook her head and finished her beer.  Looking around she could feel someone staring over at her then she made eye contact then turned around and didn't pay much more attention to it.^

Guy Stranger:  *Walking up to the girl at the bar Jose knew he was pretty hot looking and wasn't afriad to admit it but he also didn't care what others thought of him.  He was also the type of guy if he wanted something that he liked he went for it or took it either way he didn't care.  He placed his elbow on the bar counter and leaned up against it staring her up and down then bit his lower lip.*  "Hey there fine mama did it hurt when you fell from heaven cause you look like a angel."

^Saphire was taking a sip of her beer when the man she never met before came up to talk to her.  She couldn't help but spit it across the bar when he tried to use a cheesy pick up line on her.  Shaking her head she spoke.^

"Um come again? "

^She looked at him a bit confused.^


Guy Stranger: *Taking her hand into his he continued to speak to her smiling by her confusion look she had on her face.*  "You would break my heart if you didn't dance with me right now they are playing our song girl."

^Saphire made a face when this man took her hand and she pulled it back shaking her head.^

"Um no thank you but thanks for asking don't feel like it."

^She turned around facing the other way hoping he would just go away she took another sip of her beer trying to ignore him.^

Guy Stranger:  *He was loosing his patience and thought she was being very rude.*  "You don't need to  be rude you need to turn back around and look at me when I speak girl."

March 31, 2016 21:31
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  looks  at  the  man  and  walks  over.*

 "Excuse you  but  last  I  heard  my  niece told  you  no  thank you  and  a real  gentleman  would  walk  away. I  see  however  you  are  far  from  that  then. If you do  not  back  the  hell off I  will  make  you in front of  every one  here and  trust  me  you  wont like it. so  back  off while  you  can  stil  walk  and  do  so  under  your own  powers."

*  Ronan  eyes  flash  violet. The Irish High king was not  amused.*

March 31, 2016 21:40

Guy Stranger: *Looking at the man who got in the way and between him and the girl.  He looked at him and scoffed.*  "Go on old man before you get hurt I am talking to her not you."

^Saphire's eyes just looked both ways when he said the wrong thing to her uncle and she started to laugh.^

"Okay well I said no and now saying no again and if you want to talk to a woman you shouldn't use cheesy pick up lines as you just did.  And I wouldn't of said that to him what you just did I just hate to be you right now."

^She took a sip of her beer still smiling.^


Guy Stranger: *Listening to what she said he reached for her hand.*  "Listen come dance with me at lease."

^She growled and quickly grabbed her dagger and then the man by the throat her eyes turned red the blade was very close to his throat her fangs extended out.^


^Pulling away she pushed him toward her uncle.^

"And get new lines you moran."

^Sitting back down on the stool she took another sip of her beer just shaking her head.^

March 31, 2016 21:56
Ronan Boru

"Lilly  love did  you  just hear  this lad? He  called me  old  man. Tsk tsk laddie   i  would leave  just  as  my  niece suggested  and  seriously  work  on  ne  line that  fallen  angel from  heaven  bit  I  used  that as a lad. So  what  does  that say about you  then?"

March 31, 2016 22:11
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Watching the scene unfold Draven just stood there holding Kat still close then drinking his beer. He didn't get involved he knew that his uncle would of handled it but he also knew his twin and how she was.  You p*ss her off just enough and she would go all hostle on your sorry a$$. Looking at his family he smiled as he watched his sister go off on the guy.~  "And this is why we don't p*ss off my sister she will go knife happy on you in a heart beat."

~He laughed a bit and finished his beer.~

March 31, 2016 22:32
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  waits  for  the  lad  to  respond.*

March 31, 2016 22:40
Saphire_Ravenwalker Guy Stranger: *His eyes got wide when he saw here fangs and felt the knife. When he was pushed into the old man he pulled away fixed his collar to his shirt then pointed as he started walking backwards.* "I for it old man keep your hands off me. This isn't over. No one says no to Jose."

^Just shaking her head. She finished her beer then spoke.^

"Yeah okay but work on the lines good bye. So get uncle what you drinking?"

^She just ignored his threats.^

March 31, 2016 23:00
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  grabs  the  lad by   the  arm*

Bréag duit lámh amháin ar mo neacht beidh mé ghearradh sé amach a thuiscint? Amach ag an wrist.

(("You  lie  one  hand  on my  Neice  I will cut it off understand?  Off at  the  wrist."))

March 31, 2016 23:02
Lilly Emperium *Finishing her glass, Lilly turned around. Speaking calmly, she allowed a little of her charm to flow*

Jose is it? It would be a good idea to mind your manners. The lady said leave her alone.
April 01, 2016 17:25
Killian Doyle

* Killian  walks in  the   bar and  sees  what  is  going on. He   pulls  out  his  ax an    walks over  running his  fingers of  his  left  hand over the  sharpend  blade.*

" Well  hello there Ron. Lilly  how are  you? Problem Jose is it? I dont  think you  really  want to  mess  with  my  friend  here or  his  niece. They  arent  exacatlly kind but then  again  neither  am  I."

*  Killian rest  the  ax's  blade on  the  boy's shoulder  and  smiles.*

April 01, 2016 18:28
Ronan Boru

*Ronan looks oer  to  killian a nd  smiles*

"Seems  now Jose  I  am  the least of  your  worries. Doyle  here is  the  lass other uncle and   well you heard the  stories and  learned I am  sure  all  about  his  people  the  Vikings and  what  brutal people  they  can  be if  provoked . Good luck then."

* Ronan  releases  the lad.*

April 01, 2016 18:51
Lilly Emperium *Lilly smiled softly as she spoke*

All is as well as it can be Killian. I think you can put the axe away.How are you? How's the family?
April 01, 2016 19:09

Guy Stranger:  *He gave the man that just came in a dirty look then scoffed.*  "Oh please like I said this is not over yet I always get what I want."  *He looked at the girl then back at the two gentlemen who got in the way.  He turned around and walked out the bar.* 

^Saphire just rolled her eyes but was happy none the less to see her uncle Killian and she jumped off the stool and went and hugged him.^ 

"Hey uncle Killian glad to see you.  Are guys always that much of a idiot Uncle Ro?"

^She smiled.^

April 01, 2016 19:58
Killian Doyle

"Most of  them yes. How  are you and  your  brother doing?  I  heard  even  in  Norway  about  your  mother and  father's  death. I  am  sorry I  was not  here  but  I  was  needed  by  my  family. Lady Lilly  the  family  is  well As  am I."

*  Killian   puts  his  ax  away and  smiles.*

"Thought  for  sure I  might  of  needed to  take  that  boy's head off  right here."

April 01, 2016 20:02
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven came up behind his uncle and tapped him on the shoulder smiling.  It has been a while since he seen him.~  "Hey uncle Killian right behind you sir.  I haven't seen you in a while glad you are here.  Want you to meet someone.  Uncle Killian this is Kat my girlfriend Kat this is my uncle Killian."

~He walked back behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.~

April 01, 2016 21:01
Killian Doyle

"hello Kat. Killian  Doyle How  are  you?"

*  he  smiles  at  her*

April 01, 2016 21:49
Ronan Boru

Ronan looks at  everyone  and  smiles.

April 01, 2016 22:00

*Kat finishes her drink and starts working on the next one.  While drinking, she heard what was going on and decided it was best to keep her mouth shut until she was introduced.  Turning around, so she could see the gentleman, she smiled. 

" Ellooooo....I'm Kat.  Nice to meet you Mr, Killian Doyle.   Dear, don't mind meh...Imma drinkin meh it if was's almost just as gooooood". 

*Her hand came up as her fingers gripped the straw and plucked it out of the empty cup, only to place it in the full one.  Turning around, her hand slowly slid down the glass as and gave it a good grip, Bringin it up, she looked at Draven with a huge grin.*

" Cheers!".   

Kat then turned to the center of the bar as the cup was then placed gently down and all she could do was laugh. 

" Oh my god. This is awesooome"!! 


April 02, 2016 00:37
Ronan Boru

"I  think  my  dear  Viking friend  she  could give  you  a  run  for  your money drinking  wise one day."

*  He  looks at  Killian a nd  laughs.*

April 02, 2016 12:02
Lilly Emperium *Lilly's phone went off. Opening her personal cellphone, she became slightly agitated as she responded to a few text messages. Closing her phone she looked to the bartender. Handing him her phone she spoke* put this in my office, grab the wine from under my know the bottle...lock the office for me, then give me the bottle

*Taking the phone, he did as instructed. Lilly poured a glass as she nodded* thank you Jeff

*Taking a long drink, she slid the bottle behind the counter*
April 02, 2016 15:18
Ronan Boru

"Are  you  alright ?YOu  normally  dont  seem  that  annoye  over  your  cell  going off."

April 03, 2016 12:12
Lilly Emperium *looking to Ronan, Lilly smiled softly* I'll be ok love. Just something from my past, apparently wasn't deeply buried. *Taking another drink, Lilly tapped the side of her glass lightly* this contains more blood than alcohol..... April 03, 2016 14:19

*Kat wasn't sure what time it was but knowing this was her last drink, finishing what was left, , she dared to stand and did well.* 

" Well....I should go home...I..I think I've drinken to much....ya know what?  I'm not sure but I should go...I think...Imma not sure...well..I am but not...."


*Her hand went up to her mouth as she let out a laugh.*

"Yep...I gots to go...Thanks guys".

*Turning around, she went to the door and thought for sure it was open and walked right into it, knocking her off balance.  Her hand came up and rubbed her head and this time, when she walked out, she made sure the door was open and left.* 

" Bad door"! 

April 03, 2016 19:45
Lilly Emperium *Lilly watched Kat, and tried not to laugh. * um dear.....I think ya need to becaerful.

*Glancing to Draven* dear you may wanna make sure she's home safe.
April 03, 2016 22:24
vamp_goku *Goku waking up from his long slumber, stretches as he awakes from his coven.. Not knowing where his wife was, maybe she is on one of her travels..In the mean time he decides to see how the realm as been since his time away.. Of course the Blood Brew was normally his first stop, as it seemed he was fully out of his devil juice so to say..

Finally waking up after a few cups of coffee, thank goodness his wife did not drink it that often.. Taking a shower before he leaves, of course..Wearing his normal look black button up dress shirt short leaves, black slacks, combat boots, and of course his dark leather trench coat.. Making sure he as his smokes and zippo, before he walks out the front door.. It seemed like a nice night and calming as well, nice cool breeze clear skies with a half moon..

Thank goodness the Blood Brew was not to far from him, so he decides to walk on this fine night.. Keeping his head down as he walks in to the place, his eyes dart around the room as he gives a slight grin at a few new and old faces..Slowly walking to the bar, he walks around it as he goes to his old office which is now Lilly's.. It was her place first after all, but he payed to have it rebuilt. Playing as if she was right in front of him, he sticks out his tongue "Nahaha my money my place Damn it"

Walking in to the room seeing that old dusty desk, as he shakes his head.."Lil needs to learn on how to pick up a damn rag once in awhile." Slipping in to his old chair, as he checks the desk for a old bottle.."Yes! Still here.." Along with a glass, placing his feet up on the desk..Gibing a small sigh as he pours himself a drink, and just smiles as he sips..*
April 04, 2016 08:47
Lilly Emperium *Seeing Goku go towards the office, the bartender motioned to Lilly. Softly she laughed* yea I thought I saw him go that way.

*Finishing her glass she hollered towards the office* Hey....the party is out her Uncle Goku.....not in there
April 04, 2016 21:25

Mystic had made the decision that she was going to come and make an appearance so that Goku would know that she valued the fact that he had invited her to his establishment. She had never been very relaxed or comfortable in the bar scene.

She looked up at the bright neon sign and took a couple of deep breaths, she pushed open the door and walked in. Hoping that she would see Goku quickly.

April 04, 2016 23:51
Shadwyn Drake

Drake knew he was a reclusive person and more of a family man.  He valued good friends and family above many things in this realm.  So he followed his mate Mystic Rose to a bar called the Blood Brew.  "Interestkng name."  he muttered to himself but he was mor concerned about who had invited her to a place like this.

A man called vamp_goku or just goku.   He had heard about this man.  He made it his duty to look into the history of this person.   He wasn't surprised to learn of the man and his past.  But he was amazed that a good woman had to reform him a bit.  This meeting would be interesting and he would get to know the friend  or friends his beloved wife had.   He smiled as he bought a few  red paper roses from an old woman who looked rather seedy.  He walked into the Blood Brew Pub to find his wife.

April 05, 2016 09:33
Ronan Boru


*  Ronan  laughs and   smiles*

April 05, 2016 19:51
Lilly Emperium *Seeing Mystic then Shadwyn walk in, Lilly smiled* Welcome to the blood Brew....have a have you been? April 05, 2016 20:00
Shadwyn Drake

Drake nears his  wife Mystic Rose and places himself at her side protectively making sure no other man comes near her. His icy blue eyes turns a midnight blue.    He places the red paper roses on a nearby tale.    He looks at the man who just shouted  out

"OH  DEAR  GOKU  COME  OUT AND  PLAY LADDIE".    His eyebrow arches slightly as he hears the man's Irish brogue.   "Who is this goku?   Does he indeed play?"  Drake's arm protectively encircles MysticRose's slender waist.     "I am Shadwyn Drake and this is my lifemate MysticRose Drake.    Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?   Are you this persoon or is he yet another?"

Drake appeared friendly, his manner calm and collected  he knew his lifemate was safe from harm.  Drake heard a familiar  voice and saw Lily Emperium.   He smiled at Lilly and bowed politely.   His eye kept on the other man.

April 05, 2016 20:04

Mystic saw Lily and immediately smiled when she heard her say hello to her then to Shadow, she felt his arm circle her waist in a very protective mode, Oh dear she should of talked with him before heading here. Mystic smiled brightly and greeted Lily, "Lily it is so good to see you, doing well as always I see. I decided to come out and see what Goku had done with the place. After all he is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I needed to show him support as he has done for me over the many years I have known him. So where is my foul tempered friend??

April 05, 2016 23:01
Lilly Emperium *Lilly gave a soft chuckle and smiled softly* Shadwyn, MysticRose...I would be pleased to introduce you to my husband...Ronan Boru. Goku is my adopted uncle whom at this moment seems to be hiding in the office. April 05, 2016 23:05
Shadwyn Drake

Drake smiled softly at MysticRose and he loosed his arm from his petite waist.   He brought his arm to his  side.   He winked at MysticRose and he reached for her hand and take it in his hnad.   He grently squeezed her hand to let her know all is fine and no explanation was needed.

Her words about the goku put him at ease and  he would still check out this man quite thoroughly.  For now he would indulge his beloved in any manner she wanted to be indulged.   "Foul tempered?  Is he Carpathian aswell?"   Drake was curious abut him and he hoped MysticRose would enlighten him privately.   "Then I hope he will be became a friend and visitor to the Drake home."

April 05, 2016 23:13

Mystic Smile, "I do believe that I have met your husband in a previous life, but it is a pleasure none the same," Mystic was pleased to see happiness on Lily's face. "So Goku is hiding out I do hope not for long I am looking forward to introducing him to my husband, Shadow"

April 05, 2016 23:16
Shadwyn Drake

Shadow looked at  Ronan Boru and canted his head.   "I remember an old friend of mine talk of you.   He is gone now and still deeply missed.  But that is the past.   A pleasure to meet you, Ronan Boriu."

Shadow bowed deeply.   "Call me Shadow or Drake."

April 05, 2016 23:29
Lilly Emperium *Lilly smiled softly as she heard Mystic, and Mystic was correct. Lilly remembered when it was. Softly she spoke* you would be correct MysticRose, long time has passed. If I may add you look even lovelier now than then...
April 06, 2016 02:24
Ronan Boru

"Pleasure  Drake.  What old  friend of  yours  mentioned  me? Just Ronan will do. No  need t o  use the last  name. I  havent  been  back  myself  for  a few  months now. Lilly  I  however  have  known  for  years. Hello  Lady  Rose I  believe you  are  right  we  did  meet  once  before  I  believe  as well long ago  it  seems. Much  has  changed but  there are a  few I  remember from days  past still around. Please  come  have a  drink  with  us."

*  Ronan  smiles softly. Ronan  was  a bit  on  edge  if this  shadow  person  had a  friend  mention Ronan's  name and  Ronan didnt know  him.*

April 06, 2016 10:23
vamp_goku *Goku just trying to relax in his old office chair, it was like setting on a cloud..He about dozed off lean back in to it, as well as almost dropping his cig in the floor..Lil would KILL HIM! But he did not, what really woke him up was all the loud voices outside the door way.. And then a screech Irish voice yelling at him..As he as had a few nice strong drinks, he was also a little off on his balance. Coming out of the office placing his right hand on the bar, so he could stand up straight.

"BLOODY HELL! What is all the screaming about?? Ooh hello Lil, by the way you ever clean that darn office?? And of course Ronan, how could I forget that voice uh..And of course Lady Mystic how are you, how have you been? Drake I see is here..It is a pleasure to meet you as well.."

*Goku of course being his normal paranoid self, was not sure about this Drake fellow..He knows of him but was never sure if he liked him or not..The others of course were always in his good book, as he missed them all since his long slumber.Slowly walking to them while he slightly stumbles along the way..*

"So what as everyone been up to uh? Hell Lil and Ronen together..That is great, congrats you two.."
April 06, 2016 12:30
Ronan Boru

Thanks goku.  So  what are  you  drinking now?

* Ronan looks at him and  smiles*

April 06, 2016 12:37
Lilly Emperium *Softly she chuckled* ehhhh I use it mostly for storage now. I rarely go in there anymore.... April 06, 2016 13:55
Shadwyn Drake

Drake arched an eyebrow at the other male scuttling out of an office.   He smiled a little trying to keep the laughter inside him. The man was indeed slightly tipsy as if he had had a few strong dinks.    He had been told of this man as  well.  He had a katana anda bottle or two of a rare bottled Brandy.

"I  have business with you  as well vamp_goku.  A small delivery of sorts to be done privately.  A personal request as well...but again of private nature.    Drake  then realized he hadn't  given his namr.   "I  am Shadwyn Drake.   Call me Drake or Shadow.  You know my lifemate Mystic.   I can trust her safety with you.  I have no reason to surmise this wrong.

Drake knew both this goku and Ronan were on edge.  He smiled warmly his midnight blue eyes twinkled as he let his  arms hang  at his sides  his palms open giving no threats.   "My friend was called Dominic.   He was my friend and adopted brother.    He gave into my care  Mystic Rose and her children.   Mystic is my lifemate and her children are as my own.  He said only  good things of you both.   That at any time you have need or help in a small way.   You can ask of me or Mystic.  For  Mystic's  sake it is offered.   I am a jeweler by trade  and research specialist in the arcane.   You can fgure much or little of me as you wish."

Drake spoke his piece and now he would be sient.   He would watch their reaction of him and what he had said to them.

April 06, 2016 17:11
Ronan Boru

*Ronan looks a t  them.*

"Dominic?  Dominic humm Dominic MCKinnton? .Is  the only Dominic that I  know  of. Doesnt  matter in  the  end. "


* Ronan  downs another shot of  Whiskey.*

April 06, 2016 20:18
Shadwyn Drake

Drake shrugs his shoulders and looks at the man. "Perhaps he was mistaken  and in the end.  It truly doesn't matter.   Life must go on and it was an honor to meet you Ronan Boru.

Drake turned his attention to Mystic Rose, Lilly and goku.   He longed to be back home with the children, his books and the fireplace in his study.   His life revolved around his beloved Mystic Rose and their children.   The realm and it's troubles didn't bother him and their welfare and safety was his only concern.

Reclusive by habit and ingrained by the silence within he wanted nothing of the outside world except what was needed to be done outside.  He would complete his tasks and make sure his lifemate was safe.

April 06, 2016 20:48
Ronan Boru

"My past is  not  what  you  have  heard Master  Drake.  There arethings not  even Dominic knew of. Things only a  select  few  know of and  as  you  said those  few  are  long  gone. Life  must  go  on as  you  said."

*  Ronan  looks at  them.*

April 06, 2016 22:21
Shadwyn Drake

Drake glanced back to Ronan Boru.   "The name was not McKinnnon.  Somethings are best left to the past.   Mystic,  I have left the children at the arcade and must check on them.   They are with their tutor but Gabe and Henry have challenged me to a game of mini golf.   Chu and Rhia wish to go for icecream after the arcade.   Join us when you can."

Drake looks at Lilly and smiles softly.   "Look after Rose for me if you could.    vamp_goku thosei several items will be delivered here in care of Lilly if she would be so kind.   They were from a person who knew you ,an old katana and several bottles of a fine aged brandy.  Rose visit with your friends.   The children and I will be at home when you return."

Drake smiled warmly at his lifemate and took his leave.   He would not return to this Blood Brew Pub.   He would go look after his children and let Mystic have her time with her friends.    He squeezed Mystic's hand gently and walked from the pub.

April 06, 2016 23:03

Mystic felt the tension in Shadow and knew that he was only here to ensure that she was in safe company. She really should of discussed them with him before now. She knew anyplace where these three were you was in no harm from anyone. But with her past Shadow was suspicious of all round her.

She felt him gently squeeze her hand and she smile softly at her mate, "I will join you and the children shortly, thank you for coming and meeting my friends." She leaned in a softly brush her lips agaisnt his then watch as his silently walked towards the door.

"So Goku" she laughed softly "had much to drink tonight?"

April 07, 2016 01:14
Ronan Boru

* Ronan smiles and  looks at  Drake  as  he leaves. HE  seemed like  a  good  guy and  they let them  be. IF Drak  came to  him for  help at  any point he  help  the lad  as well. Friends  were  hard to  find let alone  keep.*

April 07, 2016 12:22
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded to Shadwyn, and spoke softly* no problem

*After Shadwyn left, Lilly smiled softly and thought about the name mentioned. Turning slightly she looked to Ronan and spoke softly* I wonder if he meant Dominic McConnell.....the McConnell's were in Fractured Reality with us...he was a nice fella
April 07, 2016 20:09
Ronan Boru

" OH  good  gods. I  havent  heard a nything  from  the  McConnell's  in  years  let alone  from  Dominic or  Gabriel himself. "

April 07, 2016 21:02
Lilly Emperium *Lilly nodded and tried to hide her distane for the name Gabriel McConnell as she smiled softly. It had been Gabriel that she'd argued with in the coven halls. Softly she spoke* that was years ago. April 07, 2016 22:35
Ronan Boru

"Still it as  almost  10  years ago. What  did  you  two  have  words about any  way  do  you  remember?"

*  Ronan  looks at her. *

April 08, 2016 00:28
Killian Doyle

"You  had words  with  Gabriel McConnell a nd  lived? Old  man  must  of  really  needed  that  nap  he is  taking then. I  dont think  there are  man  alive today that  would  of  been able  to say  that outside of  ROn  here.Only  reason  ROn  gets aawa  with it  is  the old man  is  his  God  father. "

April 08, 2016 01:02
Lilly Emperium *Refilling her glass, Lilly added whiskey to her drink. She would have been glad to leave the past in the past, until she heard Killian. Taking a long drink, she sighed as she sat her glass down. Closing her eyes for a moment, she chose her words carefully as she finally spoke to Ronan*

Yes I do....something's one does not matter how much time passes

*Looking to killian she continued* it was a personal matter...had it not been for Ronan and Dominic...mostly may have been more than just words. There are something's in this world that mean more to me than life...
April 08, 2016 06:44
vamp_goku *As it would seem Goku once more, as fallen asleep standing this time..With out his wife around, he normally drank heavy..Finally waking up, he was about to go for his katana on his right hip..But quickly remembered were he was, as he nods to everyone..*

" apologizes guys..It is wonderful to see you Mystic, where did your hubby go? Yea I was wondering if Lil left my bottle alone, and good girl she did..hehe *patting her on the head.* It was a gift from a old friend, not even sure if you guys remember her or not..Claudie long long time a leader of this realm..Actually it was my first coven here, also were I meet my sister Mystic Huskey as well.."

*Goku shakes his head side to side to clear his thoughts and drunkness off.. Also ordering the bartender to get someone to clean up his damn office, since Lil was being a lazy bum. As he as taken care of her since the sad day, of her parents leaving this realm.. He was thinking about telling Ron, how see was a chubby little baby and she would not stop eating.. But maybe he will tell that story another time..For now he grabs his drink taking a few sips, as he notices and nods to Killian..*

"Good day to you Killian, how have you been uh? I hope all is well and good with ya.."
April 08, 2016 11:24
Ronan Boru

"Gabriel  has a  temper  as  you   know  Killian. It was  yearsa go and  left in the past  seeing as  I  dont think my  dear  godfather  is  rejoining  this  world any time  soon. I  cant  say  if  he  did  if  he  rember  what the  words  were about  or  that  he  still feel  the  same over them.  He  is alot like  Cassie though was  too. He   fix  it  if  he  felt  he  had  been  wrong  all  these  years.  "

* He  looks at  killian  then  to  Lilly*

April 08, 2016 12:04
Killian Doyle

"Hey   Goku.  Things a re  good. Family is  well. How are things  with you?"

April 08, 2016 12:17

^Saphire got up from her stool after listening to everyone talking about the past and she was just not feeling it anymore.  The Drake guy just kinda made her feel creeped out just a bit she could feel the power coming from him but she would not say nothing unless she needed to.  She walked up and gave her uncle Goku a hug and then walked over to her uncle Ro and uncle Killian hugged them and then her aunt Lilly then spoke.^ 

"Well I must be going I love you all I am actually getting tired and all this talking of the past is kinda making me get a headache.  I will see you all later."

^She waved to them all as she walked out the bar.^

April 08, 2016 13:53
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  and  Go ku  would  talk  later of  this  Shadow Drake  person and  see what   goku  knew of  him. Ronan looks at  Mystic  Rose and  smiles.  He  remembered at one  point  she  was  married  to  Dominic  McConnell. He  wondered  why  Drake  would mention  the McConnells  after  all these years.  Most here  wouldnt  recall any  of them . The  fact that  the  McConnell namae  was  mentioned  put  Ronan on  edge.*

April 08, 2016 13:56
Lilly Emperium *Looking to Goku, Lilly threw a peanut* I don't touch your stuff uncle.

*Taking a deep breath, Lilly touched Ronan's arm. Smiling softly she spoke* it is alright....even if he did return, I can leave the past in the past....where it belongs..*Leaning in, Lilly whispered to Ronan* are you OK?
April 08, 2016 21:19
Ronan Boru

"Yeah. I  will  be  fine. I  just  didnt think  a ny one   knew  who  the  McConnell were. "

April 08, 2016 21:42
Lilly Emperium *nodding she smiled softly* well he referred to Dominic as a friend... I've known Shadwyn for a long time....he's always been a kind man April 08, 2016 22:35
Ronan Boru

"I am  sure  he is. We will deal  with  it is all. I  will be  fine as I  said."

April 08, 2016 22:38

Mystic was becoming increasingly incomfortable, there seemed to be an air of suspension stirring among a few around her. This made it hard to relax, she decided that she would say her good nights to all and head home to her family,

Shadow was a kind and decent man, just a little protective of her and evidently it had put them on edge.

Mystic smiled "Lilly and Ronan it was awesome seeing you both again after so long. I must also add that you both look amazing together." Standing she walked over to Goku hugged him tightly and kissed him softly on the cheek "Thank you for the gracious invitation to be part of your place, I will be going now enjoy the rest of your evening/"

Mystic smiled at everyone , turned and walk to the doors heading home to her mate and children. Hoping that all respected Shadow for honoring Dominic last request to look after her and the children.

April 09, 2016 00:14
vamp_goku A NEW DAY
April 09, 2016 12:10
Phantom He walks silently into the bar where the old legends gathered occassionally and moved to grab a single bottle of the bubbling brew he was probably banned feom having. When the bartender moved to stop him he let loose a single growl and focused killing intent upon the being befire walking past their falling body, his mood was as black as his stained soul and his temper was barely being held in place currently. As he sat though he didn't even move so he could see all in the bar, too far gone in the depressed state he was currently in to even remember basic survial tactics that he had never before not followed.
April 09, 2016 20:34
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  walks in  to the  blood  brew.he  wanted to let  Goku know  that he  and   Drake  talked and  all  was  well. He  notices Phantom  and  looks at him. Something  wasnt  right  with  him .Ronan could  feel it.*

April 10, 2016 10:25
Phantom He drank heavily, as if trying to erase memories he didn't wish to have any longer. All while ignoring any that came close. The only time he bothered to look up from his bottle was when a server asked if he needed something and even then his threatening growl had the girl running away before he returned to his self destructive substance April 10, 2016 22:27

* Ciaran  walks in  to  the  tavern he  wanted to  be  sure  Goku saw  he  was indeed  alright again and  back. He  nods at  Phantom  as  he  leaves a message  with the  bar  mai   to  let  Goku  know he  would  return  later in a few  days. Once he  was sure the  message w as written  he    vanishes in  green orbs from  the  bar.*

April 13, 2016 14:00
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven walked into the bar and looked at the bartender and spoke.~ "A bottle of your strongest whiskey and leave the bottle and keep the beers coming."

~He sat down on the stool and smacked his head a few times on the countier and sighed in frustration. When the bartender brought him the bottle and the beer with a shot glass he lifted his head and the twisted the cap then poured his first shot. Picking it up he then took the shot then poured himself another one and took that. He then picked up the beer and took a big swig of it and then took his third shot.~
April 14, 2016 22:28

* Ciaran  walks in and  sees  his  cousin. Dessy was with Ronan for  now. Dessy and Grania would  paly  and  do  what little  girls  do.He  walks over to  Draven*

"Really  whats  got you drinking  like  my uncle  Killian  would on a  bad  day?"

April 14, 2016 22:42
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven took another shot then looked over at his cousin and then poured another shot.~ "The minute I think I figure things out I get smack back. How did you do it man when you and Ami first met and got together. You guys have been together forever. I feel like I am doing something wrong. It get's so annoying that being a Carpathian male you are born with all these imprints on what is what. I try being myself and show things and it just feels like I am doing something wrong."

~He took his shot and poured another.~ "I tried to protect my sister and she ended up hurt and I blame myself cause we got into a fight and I was so awful to her. Yeah I know she is back and all but I seem to screw up that along with the other kid siblings."

~Taking another shot he sighed.~ "I am in love with Kat man it is just simple as that and I just get this feeling that I did something to mess it up with her. I try to be romantic and that didn't seem to work. I try to do right and I just feel like I screwed something up. Love is confusing and not saying it mean or anything but women are confusing sometimes."

~He took another shot then finished his beer then poured another.~
April 14, 2016 22:58

"Lad  all females are.  Trust  me  when you  think  you  have them  figured out the  change.  Ami and  I  we  hold  no secerts from each other.  We are a  team but  sometimes  Draven a lass  needs  a  bit of  her  own  space as well.  Is  there anything  that makes  you think that you   messed up  with  her ? anything she said or  did?"

April 14, 2016 23:05
Phantom He growls darkly from where he had his head down, idly noticing the empty bottles around him before he smacks one into the bartender's head and stands, too far gone to care anymore as he starts to stumble from the room with a hand upon his head and his eyes shifting colors too fast for any to be seen. As he leaves a waiter comes up to ask for money, only for his head and body to separate and the demonic energy fades with him as he vanishes out the door. April 15, 2016 02:54
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven took another shot and then went to pour himself another one only to realize the bottle was empty. He looked at his cousin and spoke.~ "No she is amazing and don't want to loose her is all. I think I am going to go home and sleep it off."

~He hiccuped as he got up from the stool and caught himself before he fell. He started walking towards the door and left.~
April 15, 2016 14:45

* Ciaran  shakes his  head and  finishes his  drink  and vanishes back  to  his father's house. He  catch  up  with  everyone  later. Right now  he  was  still  sore  from  the  war and  ambush and  needed  sleep.*

April 15, 2016 15:33
Lilly Emperium *Having received an urgent message from one of the waitresses about phantom, Lilly appeared. Hearing what happened, Lilly grumbled* he might as well be family...what is my rules about that..

*Snapping her fingers, the mess vanished. Looking to the girls, she nodded* looks like I'm off to track phantom...and handle this..

*with that she was gone*
April 16, 2016 03:02
Draven A Ravenwalker

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEW DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~Draven was sitting at the bar drinking whiskey.  After spending a little bit of time in the bar so far he already managed to drink a full bottle of the liquor all by himself.  He waved to the bartender and ordered another bottle then smiled when he gave it to Draven.  Unscrewing the bottle top he started to pour himself a shot then slammed it back.  Pouring himself another he saw this woman from the corner of his eye.  The woman was gorgous long black hair down to her buttocks, long gorgous legs with her black high heels made her legs look slim.  Her light blue dress was skin tight and it came up just about her knees and showing a bit of clevage to boot. He continued to stare up at her and then a big grin appeared upon his face when he watched her walking up to him.  He took another shot and then poured himself another one taking that one and she was closer now staring at him.~

Strager Sexy  Girl:  *She walked over to the gentleman who was staring up at her and with a sexy smile upon her face she started to walk all sexy like then she spoke in a soft seductive tone.*  "Hi I was noticing you were staring at me so I figured you were all alone so I thought I would come over and join you.  Is this seat taken."

~Draven's mouth dropped open when he saw her coming up and then he was hooked when words came out of her mouth.  His eyes were in a daze like and it took him a bit to come to and answer the gorgous woman.  He shook his head and then spoke.~  "Um um why sure would you like a drink?  What kind would you like?"

Stranger Sexy Girl:  *She giggled a little bit and then spoke as touched his hand lightly.*  "You are cute I will have whatever you are drinking there stud."

~Draven grinned big and then looked at her as he was pouring the shot then handed it to her.~  "Well thanks you are pretty hot yourself what's your name sweetheart?"  ~He took the shot.~

Stranger Sexy Girl:  *Taking the shot from him she slammed it back then made a face but smiled after.*  "Now that is good stuff.  Name is Candy.  Want to get out of here and go somewhere else with me?"

~His eyes were wide at her question and he laughed a bit as he thought about it.  Pouring himself another shot he took it then spoke.~  "Sure why not."  ~He poured himself another.~

May 24, 2016 22:33

*Ciaran  walks in  ,looks around a nd  notices his  cousin.  He had  caught  word of  what  happened and  was  going to  make  sure  he  was alright.*

"Draven We dont do trashy. Have you learned nothing sinc  last time?"

*  He s laps  him  in  the  head.he looks  from  his  cousin  to the   tart  stand  on  the  other side.*

"DRAVEN ALEXZANDER again  we  dont  do  trashy. HAve you  really learned nothing  again since the  last  time. Have a   wee bit   of  self  respect lad."

May 24, 2016 22:35
Leugim Li stepped into the tavern the same time Lilly ran past "Hey Lilly" He cried out hoping she'd stop but no luck.

Sighing he weaved his way through the crowded tavern and sat at the bar "Strongest thing you have" He said
May 24, 2016 22:40
Ruby * Ruby enters the pub looking around she saw that it was crowded going to the bar she leans on the counter brushing her long black hair back over her shoulder.The bar keep comes to her and speaks. *

Bar Keep: Hello miss whats your poison?"

*Looking at the bottles on the shelf she answers him.*

" Umm lets see how about a Jack Daniels and coke please."

* Looking down the bar she saw two young men and a girl. One seemed to be picking on the one with the girl. The bar keeper brings her, her drink. Taking a stool she sits down and watched them. Shaking her head she smiled taking a sip of her JD and coke.*
May 24, 2016 22:50
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven was about to get up from the stool when he heard his cousin speak and then felt a slap to the back of his head making his forehead hit the bar.  Keeping his head there for a bit he placed his hand up in the air and spoke in a muffle tone.~  "OUCH!"

Stranger Sexy Girl:  *Placing her hand on her hip she started waving her finger back and forth in front of the man who came and spoke.*  "TRASHY!  WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO BE CALLING ME TRASHY." 

~Draven lifted his head from the bar and placed his hand on his forehead rubbing it.  Pouring himself another drink he took it.~  "I think that is going to hurt me in the morning.  Yeah why she trashy?"

May 24, 2016 22:57
Leugim Li took a well needed sip before looking at barkeep and sighing "This can't be the strongest drink you have here?" He asked. When the barkeep nodded he banged his head on the counter. May 24, 2016 22:58

"Seriously  Draven? Her name is Candy. How  much  more Trashy  can  you  get ? Look  at  her  man. All she  cares about is one  thing and  it is  the  one  thing  you  right now  do  NOT  need. "

*He  looks at  the lass*

"Move along  trashy  tramp He's  not in  any condition  to  catch  what  you  have."

May 24, 2016 23:00
Ruby *Enjoying the show she finished her drink and ordered another. When it was handed to her she continued to watch taking a few sip of her drink.She was amazed that the girl was still there taking it all end and that she just didn't get up and leave.* May 24, 2016 23:06
Lilly Emperium *Quietly Lilly walked in, standing in the shadows for a moment before walking into the light and clearing her throat.*

How is everyone tonight?
May 24, 2016 23:08
Leugim "Look" Li said returning the shot glass and asking for a regular glass "How about a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of White Rum?"

As he sat there waiting he heard the all too familiar voice of Lilly. Without thinking he jumped off his stool and tackled her wrapping her up in a hug "Lilly!!!" He cried out a bit too excited
May 24, 2016 23:10
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven looked at the woman again and gave her a big smile then spoke.~  "How you doing there sexy?"  ~He poured himself another shot and then took it.~  "I am totally fine there bro I promise."

Stranger Sexy Girl:  *She gave the man who was talking crap about her a dirty look then spoke again.*  "EXCUSE YOU?  I SIR AM NOT A HOOKER MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT FIRST.  HE DOESN'T HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE."  *She grabbed the guys hand and spoke softly and nice to him.*  "Come on why you listening to this guy for he doesn't know me so he can't talk about me that way.  Let us go and we can go for a walk."

~Draven looked at the woman then back at his cousin then poured himself another shot placing it in the air for a toast then slammed it back.~

May 24, 2016 23:11

"Im  his  cousin. You are  trash. Hanging out  hitting on  a lad  who  clearly has other issues. If  you  arent  a  stripper then  why  are  you  dressed like you  are  and  in a  bar alone.  As I  said  move along  trashy."

May 24, 2016 23:13
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven placed his head down on the bar then lifted it back up when he heard his aunt's voice and he smiled.~  "Hey it is my aunt Lilly another great woman.  Candy so sorry but I think my cousin might be right."  ~He started to hiccup as he placed his arm on his cousin's shoulder.~  "HICCUP!"

Stranger Sexy Girl:  *She gave them both a dirty look and grabbed her purse hopping off the stool.*  "You are a idiot and it is your lost."  *She started to walk out sexy like and then turned her head a bit to give him one last look then walked out the door.*

~Draven watched her walk away and smacked his cousin on the chest then spoke.~  "Bro that was so not cool.  I hate to let her leave but I like watching her go oh my god she is gorgous.  I think I should go after her I think she liked me."  ~He poure himself and his cousin a shot of whiskey and handed him a shot.~

May 24, 2016 23:44

"  saved  you  from  a  mistake for sure."

May 24, 2016 23:56
Draven A Ravenwalker

~He poured himself another drink then spoke before he took it.~  "Okay so I give you that wish you saved me from another one before but hey can't wish them all to be a good woman now can you.  Seems like you can't find to many that won't lie, cheat, betray and try making you something you are not." 

~He took the shot then went to pour him another realizing it was all gone.and he shook the bottle then made a face.  He waved to the bartender ordered another bottle then smiled as he twisted off the cap then poured another and drank it.~  "Oh and not to mention when you tried and tried you get yourself cut down to size made felt like nothing was ever good enough but yet they kept crap from you all the time but you are the bad guy in the end. Good times good times."

~Pouring himself another shot still hiccuping.~

May 25, 2016 00:15

YEah  well  sorry I  wasnt here  for that  so  dont  know what  happened there?

May 25, 2016 00:19
Draven A Ravenwalker

~He looked at his cousin and then took another shot.~  "Yeah well I guess I am not very good at telling the difference with someone and their true nature.  You know something I think I forgot where I parked my bike at care to help me find it bro I think I have had enough to drink for tonight."

May 25, 2016 00:30
Lilly Emperium *Hearing Li, Lilly chuckled* How are you dear? I trust all is is Bella?

*Hearing Draven and Ciara, Lilly spoke* you give your aunt too much're cousin is right though....that is not what you need dear.
May 25, 2016 00:39
Leugim He placed her back down on her feet and rolled his eyes. "A pain in the ass." He said. "But she's my pain in the ass" a huge grin now on his face. "As for me am good but there's nothing strong here."

He looked at the direction Lilly was looking and nodded at the pair "Sup"
May 25, 2016 00:53
Lilly Emperium *Lilly laughed lightly as he put herdown.* You better be good to her, or it will be me who you answer to pain in the ads...that may run in the family. Go look behind the counter...might find a strong saki back there

*looking towards Ciaran and Draven, Lilly chuckled* she bit lively tonight.
May 25, 2016 01:18

"Oh?" He asked. "Should go well with the whiskey, Jack Daniels and the white rum I ordered then. Plus youaint the only one who has given me that spech before"

May 25, 2016 01:29

Ah  the  infamous you hurt  her  I  kick  you ass speech I  am  guessing  then? Yeah  got  them a few  times. In  fact I  am  sure I  got one  from  my  wife's  mother  before  we  got married.

May 25, 2016 12:38
Leugim Li looked at the guy who spoke "Tell me about it" he said. "How comes the girls don't get that speech? I'm sorry I'm Li be the way" He extended his hand May 25, 2016 12:58

"Ciaran  Boru. Lilly here is  married to  my  father."

*Shakes his  hand*

"Drunk  boy  here is  my  cousin  Draven Ravenwalker."

May 25, 2016 16:03
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven looked at his aunt and hiccuped again as he got up from the stool catching the bar counter before he fell then spoke.~  "HICCUP!  Well it is the truth.  You know this man has a point I don't know him all that well but it's true why don't they get told that only us guys get.  HICCUP! that speech?"

~He pulled out his wallet took out 200 dollars placing it down on  bar in front of the bartender and then leaned up against it speaking to the man.~  "HICCUP!  Okay man there is what I owe and the rest is for around of shot of their choice for everyone.  Cici tell him your choice and Li is it shot on me."

May 25, 2016 16:04

"So  not  driving  home  . YOur bike  is  staying here.  I  will bring  you  home. Drunk  boy."

* He  looks at  his  cousin*

May 25, 2016 16:05
Cassandra Boru Getting wind that her seat son was in the bar and was indeed drunk Cassie arrived at the blood brew. Opening up the door She walked in looking around then spotted him and her godson shaking her head as she heard Ciaran tell him he was not driving home and she was going to saw the say the same thing. When she got up to them both she hugged her nephew and spoke.

"Glad to see you are back Cici how was your trip dear? Where is my girl and my great nieces and nephews?"

She looked at her son and then spoke as she picked up the bottle of whiskey he was drinking.

"Whiskey I see and from the looks of it you are drunk. Your cousin is right though you are not driving home of anything he takes you home and I will drive it home."

She took the bottle and it's cap placing it back on the bottle. She looked up seeing her sister n law and she spoke.

"Hey sis thanks."

She looked from her to her son then back at her sister n law then back at her son. She knew something was bothering him for him to drink like this.
May 25, 2016 16:19
Leugim "Nice to meet you too." He said leaning back on the bar.

"Shots you say?" He asked. "I'll pass seeing how I can't leave my 3 bottles unattended" he gestured to the whiskey, Jack Daniels and the white rum on the counter.
May 25, 2016 16:25

"So   spil  it Dra what  happened  to you  and  Kat  wasnt  that  her  name? I  dont  know  who  was  what  but  you  need  to  tell  me  whats  up. Cant  help  you if I dont  have the  facts."

May 25, 2016 16:28
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven saw and then heard his mother's voice as she approached him and his cousin and he smiled big as he listened to her and hugged her close.~  "MOM!  Hey everyone this here is the most awesome mom that you ever could have she is jus awesome."

~Watching her place the cap back on the bottle he chuckled a bit then took the bottle from her and undid the cap again pouring himself another shot then poured his mom and cousin one handing them both a shot glass then spoke as he took his own and raised it in the air.~  "HICCUP!  To the best family I have in the world who never once betrayed me and who have HICCUP! always been there for me.  Come on mom have a drink with me."

~He took the shot then poured himself another then looked at his cousin and spoke.~ "Don't really feel like talking about that one maybe some other time there bro.  Trying to forget the name just have fun I am single to mingle.  A shame that you didn't let me get that chicks number before you ran her off.  She was sizzling gorgous mom would of probably liked her if I brought her home she was pretty sweet."   ~He took another shot.~

May 25, 2016 16:31

"It was  alright.  Much  needed trip. As you  can  see  he  is  very  drunk. How  bout you  need  to  talk  about  that  and  not  another time. Sooner  you  talk  the  better.  As I  told  you  we  dont  do  trashy. Trust  me  Aunt  Cassie the  girl looked like  a  stripper  and  had  the  name  to  go  with it. Said  her  name  was Candy.  Short  skirt and   top way too  small."

May 25, 2016 16:35
Leugim Trying not to impose Li sat back around the counter and was about to pour the liquor into the cup when he remembered what Lilly had said about the Saki. Asking the barkeep for said drink he added it along with the others before taking a well deserved drink. "Damn that feels good." He said as the liquid burned its way down his throat

He turned to Draven "Oi Draven as to that question I don't know. Its basically biased to us men because they think we're all prone to messing up" With that he downed another glass
May 25, 2016 16:47
Cassandra Boru Cassie shook her head some and hugged her son back still holding on to the bottle then she spoke.

"Thank you Draven for that compliment and I love you too but I think it is time to go home and sleep it off."

She watched him take the bottle out of her hand then reopened up the bottle pouring himself and two others. Taking the shot glass from her son she sighed softly then took the shot thinking maybe that it would help get him out of the bar. Listening to what her nephew said then her son she then began to understand why he was acting the way he was acting. When she saw him taking a shot one after another she grabbed the bottle from his hands before he could pour another one then stuck the cap back on it and then moved it away from her son as she spoke.

"Right well then that will be enough there Draven time to go home now. Ciaran would you so kindly take your cousin home please. And your cousin is right you do not do trashy and we will talk about the other thing later. Come on up you go. So sorry Lilly and thanks again. Can you walk out of here Draven or do we have to carry you out?"

She looked at her son and waited.
May 25, 2016 16:48

"I  got  this  aunt  Cassie.  This  is all over a  damned  girl  that   broke  his  heart.  Honestly  I  think  he is  better off  with out  her  anyway. Last I  heard  they  were  having  issues. Come on  Draven  lets  go and  deal with  this thing  later when  you  can  think  clearly. Lets go."

*Ciaran  brings  him  out to  his  car and  puts  him  in  the  passangers seat and    buckles  his  seat  belt. He  brings  him  to  the  Paris  house.*

May 25, 2016 16:57
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven looked at his mom then to his cousin and chuckled a bit as his cousin started to bring him out to the car he yelled back to the man he was talking to.~  "Hey maybe we can figure that out and talk about it some more I would love to know the answer to that."

~Draven then looked up at his cousin when he stuck him in the car and spoke.~  HICCUP! When did you get so blonde there bro?"

May 25, 2016 17:06
Cassandra Boru Face paining herself in the face she just shook her head then follwed right behind her son and nephew. She knew where her sons bike was and she swung her leg up and over to the other side grabbed the helmet placing it on strapping it under her chin then closed the viser and started the bike. Giving it a little rev of the motor she looked to see if anyone was coming kicked at the kick stand and then pulled out fast when no one was coming heading home. May 25, 2016 17:14
Leugim Li just placed his cup in the air. "Whatever you say" He yelled back. "Was nice meeting you lot" and he went back to his drinking May 25, 2016 17:18
Lilly Emperium *Shaking her head* I have my reason for saying what I do. Oh....Li you might try the snake venom...I understand it's good.

*nodding to Cassie, she chuckled* it's alright, better here than another tavern. Here he's safe.

*watching everyone leave she shook her head*
May 25, 2016 17:45
Leugim "Looks like your nephew can't hold a candle to you then Lil" He said as he stared at his 3 empty bottles. May 25, 2016 17:48
Lilly Emperium *Laughing Lilly shook her head*

Not many can out drink me. One could say it's in my blood
May 25, 2016 20:02
Leugim "Well these empty bottles and my cabinet should threaten that reign of yours" he said laughing May 25, 2016 20:05
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  walks  in  to  the  pub a nd  over to  his  wife. He  wraps  his  arms around  her and  looks at  the  man  she  was  talking  to.*

"Draven  was  here  was  he? That  lass  messed him  up  good  I  would say."

May 25, 2016 21:10
Leugim Li glanced at the man holding Lilly and gave a nod figuring out that he was her husband. He asked about the snake venom "How strong is this stuff anyway?" He asked the 2 lovebirds May 25, 2016 21:23
Ronan Boru

"I  have  seen  it  bring  grown  men  twice  my  size  to  tears. Try it  if  you  want  thoough."

*  ronan  looks at him*

May 25, 2016 21:26
Leugim Li takes a sip and shuddered a bit. "Taste and feels good.' He said taking another sip May 25, 2016 21:34
Lilly Emperium *Smiling softly, Lilly looked to her husband.* Yes he was here...poor thing is heart broke.

*shaking her head as the snake venom was discussed* someone I knew....that was his drink of choice....manners where are mine... Li...this is my husband Ronan...Ro this is a friend of mine Li.
May 25, 2016 22:05
Leugim After downing the drink and shaking his head he extended a hand "Nice to meet you" May 25, 2016 22:13
Ronan Boru

"pleasure. "

May 25, 2016 22:46

He leaned over  so Lilly couldnt hear him even though he doubt he was whispering "So did you get threathened to treat her good or else speech too?" He asked

May 25, 2016 23:16
Lilly Emperium *Lilly shook her head as Li whispered, thinking she couldn't hear her. * Li your voice would have to be a whole lot lower for my ears not to catch it.....I highly doubt that ever happened...most of my family is dead....even if they weren't. I doubt they would have cared that much as to what happens to me... I say it to you, cause I was close to Bella's family... I was..I'd rather not lose another member of that family. May 25, 2016 23:33

He patted Ronan on the shoulder "Lucky you my friend" He said with a smile. "So wait am I not family?" He placed a hand on his chest in mock hurt "You wound me deeply Lil"

May 26, 2016 00:33
Lilly Emperium

*Shaking her head, Lilly chuckled* You'll live'll live i promise.

May 26, 2016 02:21
Leugim "I better if you don't want an angry Bella tearing down the place" He laughed as he sipped on his new bottle of snake venom May 26, 2016 02:36
Sophia Raden Having kept to herself long enough Sophia decided it was time to go exploring. Leaving her place she headed for a tavern for something to drink. Maybe a little something to eat as well. Walking in she looked around before going up to the bar. May 26, 2016 11:52

Aries had only been in The Realm (again) for but a few hours. Something about the Old tavern re-opening excited her,truly. How many of her own kin would she see? Long forgotten were the days of joining old friends in this place...She was the only one left. Darker, perhaps, but still as kind as she could be on the inside. Tonight she would have a drink in memory of old friends, and to new beginnings. The road ahead would not be an easy one, but damn 'em if they kept her from getting answers.

Looking beyond the door, and into the building, she sighed. 

"Looks like it's I and I alone make use of the time."  She entered, not knowing who she would run into or what would happen. These were times where one could not be too careful upon a return visit. Lest there be someone who caught her mannerisms and remembered her, she expected to be let alone tonight.  Who knows, she thought, perhaps I'll get a bit of a surprise?

May 26, 2016 14:55
Lilly Emperium * Looking to Li, Lilly laughed. Picking up her glass, she took a long drink before speaking* I'd just have to explain what happened.

*Seeing two new comers, Lilly waved lightly as she spoke* Welcome to the Blood of the girls will be with you in a moment to take your order.
May 26, 2016 15:00
Sophia Raden Sophia nodded. "Thank you, I'm in no hurry." Which she wasn't no one was home waiting for her. Except her wolf pup but he would be fine for a few hours. May 26, 2016 15:05
Logan Floyd Logan walked into that tavern he was new to the Realm and was looking for something to do. He was dressed in a simple suit that was all white. His red hair down to his shoulders was pulled back into a ponytail. He walked over to the bar and sat down.

"Umm what good around here."
May 26, 2016 15:27

Aries noticed someone waving in her direction. As the woman stated, someone was with her to take her order. "Sufficient" She said to herself.  She hadn't remembered this place very well, as she was sure the last time was not greeted with such..warmth. Warmth may not have been the word she was looking for either, but it would do for now. Getting her drink within moments, she lifted her glass and nodded to the woman who had spoken to her. She was sitting with someone else, a man. They both looked familiar but she couldn't place it. 

Damn. The last time she was here... She chided herself for even going back on all of this. She was here to have a drink or two and observe, possibly speak with, the other patrons in the Tavern. 

May 26, 2016 16:01

Li shook his head at her "Doubt she'd listen though" He said as he gave a nod to the 3 who were at the bar while raisng his bottle in a 'Sup' gesture before resuming his tormenting of Lilly

May 26, 2016 16:17

* Foregoing her normal form fitting lace off the shoulders mini dresses she so loved to wear, Steph walking into the bar in a pair of faded an torn blue jeans an a soft light blue tank top. Her long pale blonde hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail, while her sneakers barly made a sound on the floor. Walking over to a table she sat down an waited to order a stiff drink.*

May 26, 2016 16:47
Sophia Raden Ordering her own drink she smiled. "Just a beer please." Sophia said to the waitress. "And a shot of Jack please." The girl nodded and returned shortly with her drinks. May 26, 2016 17:36

The man across the way had nodded in her general direction, getting a smile out of her. He was quite the polite one, she noticed. Finishing her drink, she without hesitation, raised her glass to signify a refill was in order. "..Make it a double, won't you?" Looking to the pair just down of her own seat, " And put their next drinks on me."


It had been a while since Aries had been welcomed in such a fashion.  In her mind, it was time to repay the favor and do something good for someone else. A Demon, darker and slightly less sane than she used to be, Aries would do her best to be kind to those she met at this Tavern. She needed  answers....wanted to get out of her head. As she looked on, the waitress had made her way to the pair by the bar.

May 27, 2016 15:49

Li raised an eyebrow at the waitress but politely waved her off after learning her reason for being there. He turned towards the girl "Am sorry but I have lost count on how many people have wished to purchase another round on me" He said with a smile

May 27, 2016 16:32

Aries had been quite confused by his refusal of her offer to buy him a drink. Smiling as best she could, she spoke with caution. "I did not mean to offend, sir. You and yours were kind to me upon my entry, and I thought 'why not buy this man a drink'?"  Nodding her head to him, she dismissed herself silently, finding a table in the darkest corner of the Tavern. At least she tried being kind to someone. She continued to watch on from the shadows , soft candle light showing her eyes only. She had forgotten to bid him a good eve...manners weren't her first priority it seemed. She'd have to make up for that at some point.

May 28, 2016 04:49
Leugim Li sighed and walked over to her "Please you did not offend me one bit" He said smiling. "Its just as I said I've been offered drinks all night. Didn't know declining offended you. How may I make it up to you?" May 28, 2016 14:53

Astonished at his continued kind manner, Aries smiled but felt it quickly fade. 'Trust no one, not even Me' went thru her head about twice before she shook off the memory.  "You didn't offend me. You'll have to forgive's been quite some time since I've been back at this Tavern. So many new faces." She examined his for a moment. " So many familiar ones,but I can't seem to recall names these days." 

Punishment for coming straight from Hell,she guessed. "You must be quite reknowned around these parts for everyone to buy you drinks most of the night,eh?"

May 28, 2016 15:50
Leugim He laughed as he ran his hand through his raven hair. "Would you believe me if I said that its my first time here?" May 28, 2016 15:56

Aries managed to laugh at his statement. "Truly? That's just wonderful!" Her eyes lit up a bit as she imagined her own silly little scene in her head. First timer and he was already getting drink upon  drink.  Years ago, she remembered meeting a different man who had had the exact same thing happen to him.

" And what brought you here tonight?" Coal black eyes became grey as she finished the sentence. 

May 29, 2016 05:43
Leugim "Think its my charm" He said resting his hands on the chair in front of him. "Just needed a different environment. Somewhere fresh you could say" May 29, 2016 11:00

She had understood his statement completely, her head nodding in compliance.  Were it not for change in her own life, Aries would still be alone, walking the streets of her hometown with a deadened expression upon her face. 


Flickering candle light gave the Tavern a warm feel to it. Like home. Aries allowed her eyes to wander around a bit, taking in the scene before many people. " Tell me, where do you hail from?" 

May 29, 2016 14:51

"Moscow" Li said. "But am more of a nature freak by nature. So am hardly in one place"

May 29, 2016 15:18
Lilly Emperium *Lilly chuckled as she finished her drink* May 29, 2016 15:23

His ears picked up Lillys laughter and wondered if it was directed at him. But chose to ignore it as was per usual. They had become good friends after all they've been through and the attempted murders etc

May 29, 2016 15:42

Aries immediately picked up the laughter of a woman, her ears pricked gently by the sound of it. Making a note of who it had come from, she looked again to the new face before her and smiled a bit.

"Friend of yours, I see?" She hadn't been used to seeing such friendly interactions. This was the same woman her acquaintance had been sitting with earlier up at the bar. Her scent was closer to inhuman than his was. At that moment, she realized she had forgotten to ask one of the more important questions. 

" You smell more like a human." 

Way to go, jacka$$. She had meant to phrase it in the form of a question, but life never did seem to be too fair these days. Had her mind been right, she would have asked properly what he did for Yes, she thought, living. "Sorry...I'm not quite...I'm a bit more crass than I used to be."  

May 31, 2016 04:52
Leugim Li chuckled. "We all are at some point in our lives." He answered. "And yea you could say that I'm human just a bit different. As for you I can tell that you aren't. What do you do?" May 31, 2016 09:12

You should probably mention that...tread carefully.

.Again, The Madman's voice echoed. Though it was her own thought, she had always heard his voice, along with the other one, when she made a point of something. Her true purpose of returning was rarely ever spoken of, so she made something up quickly

"I'm travelling for now. Looking for a place to call my some point, but I feel it shall be later rather than sooner."  Her eyes flicked to the scene behind the man, and she smirked a bit. She loved to observe the actions of others. Always. The bartender was quite efficient in his movements.

" I don't mind it though. I've always been quite fond of the woods."

June 01, 2016 00:59
Lilly Emperium *Again Lilly chuckled, this time it was in connection to what Li said about being human. Standing up, she walked over to the jukebox as she spoke* speak for yourself Li.....I was born this way...not made or turned.

*Looking to the girl for A moment, then at the music* forgive my rudeness....I'm Lilly....
June 01, 2016 01:01

"Fond of the woods you say?" He asked a smile ever tugging on his lips when he heard Lilly comment

"But I was born this way" Li countered without turning his head to look in Lilly's direction

June 01, 2016 01:11

It would seem you have another visitor, the voice in her head cackled with glee.

Aries ignored it and smiled. She took in their banter back and forth for a moment before speaking,

"The pleasure is mine, Lilly. You can call me Aries." She hadn't had any social interactions with another female yet. This one seemed to be a lovely woman indeed. She had made the effort to introduce herself, and Aries appreciated it. Looking to the jukebox, her head lolled to the side as she wondered what kind of music Lilly preffered. What had been playing was quite dull and she was hoping the change would be a bit more 'up beat'. 

Turning back to the man, Li as he had been called, her eyes went to a deep red. "Yes, the woods have always been my go to. I made my home there once....but that was a long time ago." 

So emotional tonight.... 

The voice had been louder than usual.

June 01, 2016 01:14

"Its always a good place to clear your head"

June 01, 2016 01:20

She nodded in agreement. "So, how do you two know each other?" She had gotten the impression they were of kin. Then again she had been wrong before. 

June 01, 2016 01:23

"Oh I tried to kill her friend" He said calmly with a smile on his face

June 02, 2016 02:43

He must be a Mad Hatter, himself.

Such a loud voice, she had. It crept up from the back of her mind, usually to say something smart to her when she wasn't expecting it. Thank the Gods, no one else could hear it.

Raising a fine brow, she chuckled. "Tried to kill a friend, eh?" She looked in Lilly's direction, then back to Li, eyes ablaze in amusement. " Some of the best friends I've had have tried to kill me at least twice."

June 02, 2016 03:56

Rubbing her head, Kat walked in and sat at the bar.   Giving the bar tender a wave, she ordered her a fruit ****tail and she knew there was going to be more.  Her head, body, and soul hurt but instead of letting it defeat her,  she was now more determined than ever and she would find out eventually. 

Letting out a sigh,  her drink arrived quickly and instead of picking it up, she went blank.  Her eyes fixed on the cup until small beads of condinsation formed causing her fingers to clasp around the glass and brough it up to her mouth.  The sweetness of it, forcing her to swallow, she put the glass back down and ordered another one.  Kat felt confused.  There was so many questions and not enough answers.  Someone knew something. 

June 06, 2016 00:03
Phantom Wraith He walks in and orders a small shot of whiskey before taking the bottle and walking to the nearest table to drink the human brain killing brew. His eyes watch everyone as he remembers the payment and tosses the human woman behind the bar two gold coins before grinning and stretching. June 06, 2016 01:08
Lilly Emperium *Lilly grew agitated, things....everything was stressing her now more than ever. Kicking the jukebox, she hadn't been paying attention to who all entered. She was vexed and now even more so that her song was no longer in there.*

Li, thank Knight for that...I would have killed you for harming Ryu..

*kicking it once more, Lilly grabbed a bottle and walked into the office. She felt like her mind was lost. There were times very few things kept the demon at bay now*
June 06, 2016 02:09
Phantom Wraith His eyes followed Lilly before a quick shadow portal before the distracted woman brought her walking towards him, "You know that machines didn't cause you any suffering, the fool who played with them did that to you." He smiles lazily and downs another shot. June 06, 2016 05:52
Lilly Emperium *sighing softly, a half smile crept over her lips. Slowly she touch him, as if to make sure he was really there* yet I am unable to filay who touched it. It is good to see you again Phantom. How are you doing? June 06, 2016 12:42
Phantom Wraith "Honestly I am annoyed, ythey stopped serving my brand of acid and my normal spot is currently over ran with I decided to drink this sludge that the humans call booze and not just rip them asunder and sits in my set...I mean the place has my name and ever." June 06, 2016 15:04
Lilly Emperium *raising a brow*

Hmmmm I thought there was some back there. As to your name on everything...*Lilly chuckled* it might as well be.
June 06, 2016 15:45
Leugim Li wondered if he should go and check on Lilly. While still wondering if she harbored any grudges for what happened in the past. Especially when he disappeared for over a year.
He turned back to the girl and said "I'm not sure if I got your name"
June 06, 2016 15:57

Brilliant, he wants to know your name...Hahaha, you'd be wise to lie.

Aries muffled the voice as best she could before speaking. While speaking with the man, she had noticed several others had walked in, one looking quite displeased with life in general.

" Aries.Forgive me for not having mentioned in the first's been a long time since I've been here." She hadn't been used to all of the hustle and bustle. So many new faces, and a Jukebox, the damnable thing hadn't worked a day in it's life. For a moment, she thought she recognized the man that had walked in, but shook it off before continuing. Li seemed to have a bit of worry in  his eyes. "Are you well?" With a brow raised, she fiddled with the empty glass before her, eyes becoming the brightest of blues. 

June 09, 2016 02:01

Li nodded "Yes I'm fine just lost in thought for a moment there" He said turning his attention back to her

June 10, 2016 00:05
Phantom Wraith Blinks from where he had fallen asleep at the waitress whole looks fearful of him before he sits up and yawns, unable to remember when he had fallen asleep exactly, "Hmm...oh well, I had a great nap so it is fine." June 18, 2016 16:48

Knowing what was going on but not paying any attention, her thoughts were her own, her worries were her own and her whole body felt heavy.  So much confusion and guilt soon over came her senses. 

Making eye contact with the bartender, he knew what she liked and before Kat knew it, there was a fresh, cool, drink in front of her and with a heavy sigh, her hands cupped the coolness, picked it up and began drinking slowly and steadily. 

Sitting back, placing the glass down,  she looked lost and yet determined.  Now it was to move on and things were going slowly, yet steady.

June 19, 2016 20:12

Not knowing what do, getting up slowly, walking out of the bar, she fell against the wall and simply leaned on everything she could until she got home....

June 20, 2016 17:06

A few days later, nothing feeling quite like herself, everything a blink of an eye, she hated everything.  Instead of sitting in a booth, she at the bar and the bar tender gave her the usual.  She just sat there and stared at it with a blank expression.  So many apolgizes and nothing.  Why was it everyone else got a second chance but her?  The very thought, cause enough emotion to escape and leak down her smooth face.  It simply wasn't fair. 

June 22, 2016 18:57
vamp_goku It as been some time since he as been at his own/Lilly's bar, which once was owned by her father Kain..Goku did miss him, he was always amusing even if he was so serious at times..He smiles as he sees Kat at the bar. He walks up to her as he places his hands on her shoulders gently, leaning his head down to her ear softly speaking.."You know you are one of the few that can drink at my bar for free right?" He chuckles giving her a soft squeezes on both her shoulders..

He takes a sit right next to her, as he nods to the bartender knowing what Goku's normal drink was. Of course brandy on the rocks, he looks to Kat and slightly smiles once more before he speaks.

"Well kitty, I guess your having the same kinda of night I am uh? How have you been? Anything I could do for ya? You know there are some great burgers here and onion rings, not to also say app's too..yummy..hehe"
July 02, 2016 00:27

Slightly tensing upon feeling hands on her shoulders, head slightly tilted slightly as she looked to see how it was, she smiled. 

" Well, hello Vamp Goku and nope, I didn't know that.  Although these days, I don't eat anymore.  I simply, hunt, kill, and train.  The less I interact with individuals the better off I am. "

Looking back at her drink, a brow raised as to something she just heard.

" I'm sorry...I didn't know this was your bar.  I...really didn't know that.   I hope it's okay that I'm here."

July 02, 2016 00:38
vamp_goku "Well it is Lilly's and my bar, she turned my office in to a dungeon it seems..It burned down some years ago, I decide to reopen it with my own money..It as been here for years, and just did not seem right for it not to be here ya know.. You are one of my good friends, so yea drink all you like Kat.. Why the hell would it not be ok for you to drink here uh? "

He smiles back her, as the bartender gives him his normal drink. He was about to walk off with the bottle, until Goku shock his head no. "Leave the bottle damn it.. Kat what are you drinking? What ever it is leave her bottle as well.." Goku places a hundred dollar bill on the bar, even it was his anyways. "Keep the tip" He looks back to Kat, as he takes a few sips out of his glass.

"Alright tell me what is up with you..I rarely if all see you like this..Please tell me your not taking after me, that is a road you do not wish to go down..Believe me.."
July 02, 2016 00:53

"It's just a fruit ****tail, with all the right stuff in it."

Sitting up, sitting back just slightly, Kat didn't know where to begin. 

" I..I don't know what's going on.  I see everyone...or at least, a lot and they're so happy and yet, I keep hitting a wall.  I....I think I finally have it and it turns out that I don't.  I don't know what to think, I hardly sleep and I constantly think.   Hlaf the time, I feel lost."

Inhaling deeply, pursing her lips together, her eyes still fixed on her drink as she continued.    " I...don't think there is anyone for me. I know, it's sounds odd but that's where I am these days."

July 02, 2016 01:08

Qrow was rxhausted from the long travel to Tansylvania. Leaving the train station, he walked around town at midnight, and found the bright neon lights saying "Blood Brew Tavern". It was then that he felt having a drink or two for the meantime.

He entered, and found that there are plenty of seats as well as plenty of beings inside: human, and the preternatural.

He felt so welcomed all of a sudden.

July 12, 2016 20:00
vamp_goku NEW DAY*************** July 27, 2016 20:06
vamp_goku Goku was in one of his normal moods, just wanting to drink his worries away is all. As it seems no one was here, he walked up to the bartender ordering a bottle of whiskey.. Goku leaves him a hundred dollar bill, also know as a C note.. Sitting down at his normal dark corner booth, only a few could come up to him at this time..

Not even using a glass, he chugs the bottle down about quarter way..He gives a slight sigh before he lights up a cig, wondering if anyone else was going to show tonight.. If not, he always had his bottle for to comfy him..
July 27, 2016 20:12
vamp_goku He lights up a smoke with his lucky zippo Juls gave him.. As it seems no one else was in the bar..He had plenty of money, so did not care if anyone was here or not..Just wanted a place where people could relax and have a few drinks was all..

At this point he did not mind talking to anyone, just that he was really getting drunk..So might be a little hard to keep a serious conversation with anyone.. Was all..

"Hey bar keep, need a long island ice tea over here..What the hell am I paying you for uh??"
July 27, 2016 20:30
Phantom Wraith He slips in and blinks, disbelief on his face at the sight of the legendary bar empty save for Goku, " kill someone to clear the place or did they find a new place to go?" He slips behind the counter and grabs the bubbling brew of hissing acid and left a small bar of gold before walking to sit at Goku's booth, "How goes it King of the Night?" July 27, 2016 20:30
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  walks in  to the  tavvern  and  looks around.  It  was  quiet.  He  fins a   seat in  the  corner and   gets a  whiskey. He  looks around for  a familar  face or  even  that of  his  wife. He hadnt  seen  Goku since  the  dinner a t  Cassie's and  he  wanted t o make  sure his old  friend  was alright.*

July 28, 2016 17:06
Shadwyn Drake

Shadwyn Drake didn't like bars or nightclubs. He had an errand to do for an old friend.   He also was going to meet MysticRose at the Blood Brew pub for a date.    He shifted the ancient katana on his back hidden from the sight of other eyes.

He stepped into the pub and looked around the pub.  He saw Ronan Boru sitted in a corner.  Drake was a peaceful and quiet man with a hidden past.  He guarded his secrets with a jealoua and protective nature. He protected his beloved mate in the same way

He found a place at the bar where he could waitfor MysticRose.  He had learned to let his Rose go about her way and her friendly nature in making new friends did make him smile.  Her happiness and contentment meant the worldto him.  He would do what he could to change but his old world nature cramped it.

July 30, 2016 15:25

Mystic brush her hair back and straightened her slinky black dress that she had choosen just for her date tonight with Shadow. She smiled to herself a date after being married for so long. Change was good and she believed that they did need to change abit,

She pushed opened the door and walked through, stopped and looked around the room. She spotted Ronan sitting quietly of in a cozy little corner he seemed somewhat deep in thought.

She headed towards the bar glancing around as she did and her eyes landed on her handsome beloved sitting there waiting.  she headed to straight towards his with a brillant smile upon her lips. 

July 30, 2016 23:22
Shadwyn Drake

Shadow did a double take when he saw hisMysticRose in her form fitting black dress.  He growled under his breath as he noticed others turn their eyes to look at his mate.   He fought down the urge to offer his black suit jacket.

He instead smiled widely at her and then kissed her on the cheek.  He slid a small white velvet pouch in her hands. 

"Rhia picked these out at the shop for you."  The pouch contained a small single strand of pure white pearls.

July 30, 2016 23:54

Mystic heart swelled with the way Shadow was looking at her. She smiled at him as he slid the pouch into her hand. Her beautiful daughter was becoming such a treasure, She opened the pouch and slid the esquite pearls into her hand and smiled.

She handed the pearls to Shadow and turned, gathering her hair aside and turning her face slightly to him "WIll you do the honors my beloved'" 

July 31, 2016 00:15
Phantom Wraith He stood and shook his head before walking over to Ronan before sitting across from his friend, "So why is it that I keep getting calls about a place of neutrality? They said you and a few others said I could help them when I am just now getting the money together for my new shop." July 31, 2016 00:59
Shadwyn Drake

His mate was his treasure and he took greater care and was much more attentive to her needs  He had to admit that she was right and though change was a bit tough.  He definitely found the benefits and rewards much stimulating and life was much more interesting.

"I will do the honors."  The perfect pearl necklace felt cool against his fingers as she handed them to him,

She gathered her hair aside and turning her face slightly so he could place the pearl necklace around her neck.   He clasped it securely and kissed his lips against her cheek.

"Where would you like to go after I deliver this package to vamp_goku?   Visit here?  Perhaps that new place you mentioned?"

July 31, 2016 15:40

She turned and clasped her hands around his neck and looked into his ice blue eyes and smiled, "I would love to see Goku and catch up on how he is doing especially since Faia has returned if you are alright with that. We could also make a right night out of it and maybe check out the new place as well, What do you think?

She looked deeply into his eyes hoping she wasn't pushing the issue of change, she sure didn't want to push Shadow to far to soon.

July 31, 2016 18:00
Shadwyn Drake

"Then we will see Goku and I would like to meet this man who seems to a legend.  I would like to meet his mate.   A good woman is the reformation of many a man.   If you wish we could make a night of it here."

The look in her eyes melted his heart and the issue of making changes didn't seem so bad.  "Your wish is my command Milady MysticRose.  I believe goku favors a rare brandy a 1796 and I have several bottles along as well."

July 31, 2016 18:33

She felt a wave of relief to know that she hadn't pushed it far with Shadow and he was open to a night of wonder for them.

"Oh that is wonderful he does like his drink" she said with a brilliant smile " I do hope we see him soon, by the way what is in the package for him?"

July 31, 2016 18:48
Shadwyn Drake

"An old katana....Rose.   and a message for him.  Something from his past.   I was to deliver Domenic's katana but that I believe should go to Gabe or Henry.   This katana and it's message should do and he will need the brandy to bolster him."

Shadow smiled as Rose smiled and he was happy to see that rare brilliant smile.   He would keep that smile going.

"What do you say to the boys enrolling in a martial arts class?  Rhia is interested in attending that school for the magic arts.  We can make disecret inquiries for this.  The boys need an outlet and Rhia has learned all I can teach her at home  The children need their growing time and need to learn of the world now.  Of course we both will take them back and forth together.  What do you say to that?"

July 31, 2016 19:11
Lilly Emperium *Walking into the tavern, Lilly smiled softly. She was in a rather pleasant mood.* July 31, 2016 19:20

It was nice to see Shadow so relaxed and full of conversation, but talking about the children always did bring that out in him " I agree it all sounds like a wonderful plan for them," Even if deep down she was at odds with them growing up.

Just as that thought filtered through her mind she spotted Lily as she entered the tavern, she waved to her and smiled.

July 31, 2016 19:23
Shadwyn Drake

"What would you like to drink, Rose?"   Shadow smiled and nodded at her friend.   "All children grow up and Chu has his moments and he has expressed more time out in the woods.   What do you say to a house in the country?   That way the house and forests nearby can be purchased for the family needs   He has an interest in wolves and their continued survival....That being his nature.  He should encouraged to be the wolf and future man he can be."

July 31, 2016 21:52

She comtemplated it for a moment " I think I would like a Tequilla Sunrise" she said with a wink. 

" I know they must grow up but it is hard to let go" she said softly " I sometimes forgot that it is his nature and I must allow him to come into his own, It is easier to accept that Rhia interest lies in the magical side of her. I think a quaint little place in the country would be nice. The cildren are so mixed in their natures sometimes I have a difficult time in realizing they need to nuture them."

July 31, 2016 23:00
Shadwyn Drake

Shadow mentioned to the bar tender and ordered two Tequila Sunrises,    "Make that two Tequila Sunrises.  Send this bottle of 1796 brandy to vamp_goku compliements of th Drakes."

Shadow turned his attentions back to MysticRose after he laid two twenties on the bar counter.  "Would you pick the new home?   We have children with many interestsand they need to find things that expand their world.  I wasn't that privileged Rose.   An old mage and a child to raise on his own  a few years later..."

July 31, 2016 23:24

" That may be true for you Shadow, but look at the man you have become one of strength, loyalty and you have many awesome gifts of creativity, your a loving father and husband, you may not of had privilege yet you are still a better man for it."

"I still wish I could remeber my orgin, no matter my efforts I cn complete that part of my life I don't know if I was privilege or not." she fought back the tears of resentment for the loss.

July 31, 2016 23:50
Ronan Boru

"What  is it  you  need  help  with then  Phantom  that I  know  you  can  n ot  do  for  yourself and  your love I  hear Dema? What is  this  shop you speak of  then?"

*  Ronan  looks  from  Rose  and  Drake  to   Phantom.*

August 02, 2016 15:03
Shadwyn Drake

"Rose, you are a strong woman.  A loving wife and mother to our children.   Look into my eyes and remember the splinters in your mind for a bare moment."

Shadow spoke softlytoMysticRose.   Shadow's icy blue hues became a soft midnight blue.   He forgot about his drink.  He looked into MysticRose's eyes with love and concern.  "Remember and have hope sivamet."

He gathered he close to him and shielded her  int he way of his father's people.  

August 02, 2016 15:36
Phantom Wraith "Mortals keep asking if I set up a shop for people who are looking for a place of neutrality to I really seem like the neutral kind of guy?" August 02, 2016 19:03
Ronan Boru

"I dont  know  are  you? If  indeed  you  are  how long  can  on  remain  not  picking a  side?  YOu  do  what you  must  though in  the  end it is  your  choice  to live  with. I  personally  keep  my  place  for  family  and  friends  only less of  a  worry of  people  there to look  for trouble."

*  Ronan  looks at  him   the  around  the  tavern  again.*

August 02, 2016 21:17
Lilly Emperium *Walking up to the Drake's, Lilly gave a respectful bow.* I trust all is well, and the girls that have been serving you have done their job well.

*Hearing Ronan and Phantom talking, Lilly chuckled.*
August 02, 2016 22:40

She felt his protect aura cover her and she did have a feeling of fulfillment, for the time it would fill her void of loss and that deepened her love for him.

Yet she was feeling a bit of tension from somewhere in the room and couldn't quite place where it was emitting from which to be honest puzzle to her. 

She looked around the room and stopped briefing on Ronan and his companion in what seemed a serious conversation, not wanting to intrude she finish scanning the room and sighed.

August 02, 2016 22:43
Phantom Wraith He shrugs and grins, "You know me Ronan, I play the war on both sides as a merc, any who pay my price can have my armies and strengths backing them...for a few months." August 03, 2016 01:04
Ronan Boru

"Aye I  do  know  that but  trust me   my friend  there will come a  time  where no one  will  pay and  then  where  will  you  be  left  if  you  make  enemies on  both  side of this  war? Be  careful  is all that  you   dont  forget   who  your real  friends are or  who  family  is  to  you  .Family  can  turn  on  you  as  easy as  anything here.  I  had it  happen  recently in  my  own  over the  smallest  thing and  the  want of  power.  Many  innocent  people  died  in that  power  play  even  after  it  was  over. That  however is  over so we   move  on."

*  He  looks at  his  friend*

August 03, 2016 12:15
Shadwyn Drake

Shadow smiled at Lilly and nodded his head at her.  He turned his attentions back to Mystic and whispered in her ear.

"We will find out what we can about your past.  But I think you need not worry ever.  You are perfect in my eyes.   Let us relax and you can introduce me to your friends."

August 03, 2016 22:23
Phantom Wraith He holds up his hands in surrender, "I'm a soldier usually, or I used to be. These days I'm just an information broker like I swore I would be Ronan. Unlike all those who power play these days I'm not interested in money or anything, I just want peace and interesting things to happen. My interests aside, what have you been up to lately my ever mistrusting brother?" August 04, 2016 03:05
Ronan Boru

"You  know  me  I  trust  every few after  my  last  visit to  the  other side of  the  veil. I  have  been  working on  my  own  things and   keeping  the  wife  happy and  contet as  well. I f inally feel  free of all the  drama that  was with the  gold robes. I  still have mine  well in the  dark  back of a closet  somewhere collecting dust  and  what  not.  I  have no  wish  to  put them on  again anytime  soon  and  if I  did  it  would  be  MY  coven that  I  made  from  the  ground  up. Not one I  get handed from  another under  the  promise it  was only for a  few  week and  months. No if I  do it  will be  my  crew  from the  floor  up  to the  roof ,Mine. That  however is a  long time  in  coming if  even ever. "

*  He looks at his  friend and  then  around  the  room .*

August 04, 2016 11:38
Lilly Emperium *over hearing Ronan and phantom...mostly what Ronan had just said. Lilly shook her head, and poured a glass of bloodwyne. When it came to the coven, she was split mind on what she should do. Taking a drink, she walked over* not worry about the robes....I'm the current nut in that area... So can I get you two anything?
August 04, 2016 17:42
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  smiles*

"Whiskey  would  be  great love  thanks . You are fine doing what needs  to be  done  for the  coven for now."

August 04, 2016 17:45
Lilly Emperium *Pouring the glass, she sat it infront of him. Shaking her head, Lilly looked up* there's probably more I should be doing August 04, 2016 18:41
Ronan Boru

"I  wouldt  worry a bout it  right now  seeing as  we  arent  there. You  ca only  do  so  much  of  what you  are  with  only  being in  the position you  are in."

August 04, 2016 19:35
Phantom Wraith He downs the last of his bubbling brew before sighing and leaning back, "Still not sure how I feel about covens...they almost seem like tribe wars all over again." August 04, 2016 20:24
Ronan Boru

I  have  just  managed  to  keep  my  self out of  drama and  when  it comes I  just  shut it  down  ASAP. Had some  a  while ago  with in my  family  but  shut it  down back  in  may  when  it  started. I  managed  to  drop  the  drama  llama  out of  my  family  faster  then  they  couldd  blink  since  it  seems  they  were  already  telling  people  before that  I  had kicked  them  from  the  family. All I  did  was  make  their  wish  a  reality.

* Ronan  looks a t  him  then to  his  wife.*

August 04, 2016 20:49
Lilly Emperium To some extent, you may be correct Phantom. But they are more, like a community. Your leadership should be helping you grow, as well as offering a safe home.

*Nodding to her husband, she continued*

You did what you had to's all quiet now.
August 04, 2016 21:00
Phantom Wraith He shrugs, "Thats just it, war, death, chaos, and bloodshed are natural parts of life, but these days the war and bloodshe is replaced with rumors and bullying. I don't know, maybe its just my need for old methods, but I miss the fight and chaos, that was easy to understand. These days everyone is smilling as they plan where to stick the knife in your spine." August 04, 2016 22:40
Ronan Boru

"yeah  your  preaching to the choir my dear  friend.  "

August 04, 2016 23:17

Mystic relaxed and just pushed her concerns to the back of her mind, she wanted a good night out with Shadow, especially seeing they hadn't had many as of late.

She really didn't think she needed to introduce him to the few people she knew in the tavern tonight. He was already aquainted with Ronan and Lilly. She did't know personally Ronan friend, although she did know who he was.

The music that was playing there was very nice, maybe her and Shadow could have a dance, something slow and close. The thought brought a smile to her lips.

August 05, 2016 01:30
Phantom Wraith He nods before looking at the sky, "If I held a human heart, I might have been capable of understanding my adopted child's dream of it is, I am only able to understand war and hatred as my life blood it seems." August 05, 2016 02:07
Ronan Boru

"It  was   dream  of  his  nothing  more. I gave up  that  dream  myself  years ago  now. He  semed  to think I could of  helped him  with  getting  that  dream in  to  our  reality. Truth is   that   as I said it is  a dream and  nothing more. A loely  dream  but  the  battle linees are  drawn  deep and   it  wount  happen  unless  both sides  want  it  too. Besides there is  more  money to  be  made in  war then  in  peace."

*  Ronan  looks over at  Mystic  Rose and   smiles a bit. *

August 05, 2016 10:38
Shadwyn Drake

"Would you like to dance Rose?"Shadow watched MysticRose listen to the music and watch other couples dancing.    He smiled as he set down his drink and offered her his hand.

"I 'd like to see your moves in that lovely dress."   he smiled tenderly at her waiting for her to accept his arm.

August 05, 2016 22:49
Bella Eda

Bella decided to come here. She was wearing black jeans and a blue chemise style tank top. A pair of boots slid to low calf. Her silver white hair styled back falling around her face. Making her way to the bar. She was meeting her man Li here.

August 06, 2016 17:09
Phantom Wraith "True...there always seems to be someone willing to pay for merc forces. Alas these days are growing more and more like the anicent wars of my youth...and that terrifies me." He stands and lays a few gold coins on the table before turning and walking towards the exit, "Who knows, maybe one day we'll fight side by side Ronan." August 06, 2016 18:56

Li sure did miss this place although he doubt anyone remembered him. He was in a simple white shirt and his hooded black leather jacket. Black jeans and his favorite combat boots. His eyes scanned for Bella who he found at the bar. He walked over to her placing his chin on her shoulder. "Hey there pretty lady." He said wrapping his arms around her. "Don't you look beautiful tonight."

August 06, 2016 19:07

Mystic placed her hand in Shadow's and let him lead her to the dance floor, placing one hand on his shouder and the other on the back of his neck she moved in close and smiled.

As they began moving to the beat of the song she closed her eyes.

August 06, 2016 21:34
Shadwyn Drake

"A penny for those thoughts love."   Shadow's arms protectively kept MysticRose close to him.  "We will go out more often if you wish."

August 06, 2016 22:01

" I love the feel of us close to one another " she said softly "nothing compares to the feeling of us being one with another.

Mystic thought to heself he was trying so hard to change things for her, maybe she should give back as much for him.

"We don't have to go out more my beloved, just being together more is just as fulfilling" she said with a smile.

August 06, 2016 22:30
Ronan Boru

"Perhaps Phantom  we will but   I  think  that  day is  still  a  bit far off  for  right now. I  am  sure our  paths will pass  more often   then  they have  lately.  You  know  where  you  can   find  me if  you  should  ever  want to  talk. The  Shamrock  is always   there for my  family and  trusted  friends to  come  to  relax. Feel  free to  stop  by at any  time."

* Ronan smiles.*

"Drinks  will be  on  me  of course seeing as I am  yeah owner."

August 06, 2016 23:29
Bella Eda

Bella smiled and leaned into him."Thak you love but you have yet to see me dressed up dressed up and that means in a dress. What are you drinking tonigh?" She asked waving a bartender over

August 07, 2016 09:50
Leugim He whispered something in audible in her ear as he placed a kiss to her neck. He slid into the seat next to her. "Bottle of Snake Venom if you don't mind." He said smiling. August 07, 2016 11:03
Bella Eda

She nodded at the bartender and ordered what she was going tto drink as well. Turning to Li she let her eyes slowly roam over him then meetting his eyes "Mm and you look delicious too"

August 07, 2016 11:19

He wagged his finger in front of her. "Behave troublemaker." He said smirking. "And thank you."

August 07, 2016 11:27
Bella Eda

She laughed "Me behave that'll happen when hell freezes over. Besides you are mine and that means I can look at you any time and any way I want to." Handing him the bottle the bartender put on the bar to him

August 07, 2016 11:36

"You forget." He said leaning over so his breath was hitting her skin. "I can make hell freeze over." Placing a kiss to her neck he pulled back winking before popping the top and taking a sip of his drink.

August 07, 2016 11:45
Bella Eda

Her eyes snapped to him with mischief in them "You forget that I can thaw hell out too" She said as she leaned in nipping at his neck playfully

August 07, 2016 11:55

"I'd like to see you try." He said smirking at her. As he turned to survey the room. So far he hadn't spotted Lilly and was wondering what she was up to. "Seen Lilly yet?"

August 07, 2016 11:59
Bella Eda

She shook her head "No I wasn't here to long before you got here. I was only scouting for you. I know a few people here but I doubt they would remember me."

August 07, 2016 12:04

"People like who?" He asked taking another sip before ordering another. "I don't know anyone here other than you."

August 07, 2016 12:09
Bella Eda

"Ronan I think he is an uncle or something so that would make Lilly my aunt. Goku was my moms best friend."

August 07, 2016 12:14

"Want to say hi?" He asked as he slid off the stool looking around before realising he had no idea what they looked like

August 07, 2016 12:43
Bella Eda

"He is busy right now" She pointed out the one who was talking about The Shamrock "That is Ronan Lilly's husband and Goku is here somewherre he always blends with the crowd when he wants to."

August 07, 2016 14:40

Li narrowed his eyes that man he was pointing at before poking Bella in her side. "It's not polite to point Isa." He said taking her hand down before she was seen

August 07, 2016 14:44
Bella Eda

She grinned "How am I supposed to show you who he is if I can't point him out."

August 07, 2016 15:17

He rolled his eyes. "Just call him already." He said. "Kinda curious as to what he's like actually."

August 07, 2016 15:19
Ronan Boru

Hearing  his name a nd  lilly's  he  looks  to  see  where it  came  from and   notices  Bella talking to  some one and  mentioning  the  Shamrock.Her m other  Juli was  Ronan adopted  sister so yeah  he  was  for that  reason  her uncle and Ciaran is  her cousin.

August 07, 2016 15:30
Bella Eda

Bella looked up and smiled waving him over. Looking back at Li "There bossy I called him over already and I guess introductions are in order when he comes over here." She said rolling her eyes back at him. 

August 07, 2016 15:47

Li being the mature person he was stuck his tongue out at her

August 07, 2016 15:52
Dutchie St. Claire

+ For the past few months since  she became a wolf again she was starting to get visions something that was her twins power  when he was alive. But since David died all his powers transferred to her including his Ice Phoenix. But now she was getting visions of someone whom her aunt Siobhan sent to a hell demention  and she wasnt sure what this all meant.  After calling the house  with no answer she knew of one place where he would be. At least hoped.  

Making her way to the Blood Brew she hesitated for a few minutes out side  just looking at the place. Last time she was here was just before she left. Taking in a deep breath then exhailing  it she opened the door and entered. Looking around she noticed her sister and Lei. turning her gaze just a bit she saw her uncle and went over to him. Speaking low she spoke.+

" Uncle Ro can we talk. I really need to talk to some one and Cassie is no where to be found about this.That is if  I'm not interupting anything.?" 

+ Nodding to a vacant booth she went to it. Sliding in she sat and waited. She really needed some insight on what was going on.+

August 07, 2016 15:58
Ronan Boru

"Give  me  about  2  mins   Marah and I  am  all  yours. I  will be  right  back."

* Ronan walks over to Bella and   smiles.*

"Whats  up  Bella? Whos  this?"

August 07, 2016 16:04
Bella Eda

Bella looked at  Li "Oh real mature you know what you can do with that tongue right?" She asked taking a sip of her drink and leaning against him.

Turning back to Ronan "Uncle Ronan this is Li, my significant other. Li this is Ronan Boru my uncle."

August 07, 2016 16:06

Li rolled his eyes as he turned to the man infront of him. "Names Li." He said extending his hand to him. "Li Kuroda"

August 07, 2016 16:12
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  looks at a him.*

"Ronan Boru. Pleasure mr  Kuroda. I  have to  go   for  a  bit  my  neice Marah needs  to  talk  to  me .I  am  sure  we  will  meet again  in  time. Bella  behave lass."

*  He  walks  back  over to Marah*

" What  has you  so  worked  up   Marah ?  cassie  is  awway f or  a bit  but  this  sounds  important."

August 07, 2016 16:15
Dutchie St. Claire

+ Marah watched Lei she still had a few issues with the man but she was trying really hard for  bella's sake along with Angels. But how ever she watched him with her uncle  a part of her didnt trust him not after what he did.

Taking out the ritual they used to send James away  she got another flash her head was about to explode. She saw Shiv running the sword through his chest and him being sucked away in the orange vortex.  Then suddenly she saw a flash of bright blinding light and James laying in the building where  it all took place a couple of years ago. Her breathing started to get heavy  her hand when to her forehead  everything was spinning  he head went to the table. Till she heard Ronan's voice.+

" Visions.. I am getting visions of someone who should not be here. Where is Shiv? We may need her again."

+ Marah looks at her uncle+

August 07, 2016 16:20

"I think we've met before when  I came here awhile back." He said. "And telling Bella to behave is like telling a fish not to swim. She's a troublemaker i tell you." 

Li watched as he headed over to where he saw Marah head to. He knew that she along with Lilly didn't really trust him. But that was something he was used to and he didn't really care if anyone did. Well he cared what Bella did anyway she afterall meant everything to him.

He eased Bella off of him as he rushed over to her. "Hey Marah you alright?" His voice filled with concern

August 07, 2016 16:26
Bella Eda

Bella looked at Ronan "And how many times did you tell that to my mother and she didn't listen?"

Looking at Li "Yes I am a troublemaker but you would have me no other way."

Watching Li go to where Mar was she sipped her drink again before walking over with her drink and Li's silently handing Li his drink

August 07, 2016 16:30
Ronan Boru

"Siobhan isnt around  right now  she   getting  her  eyes  fixed . Come   Marah   we  cant  talk  about this  here is  not the  place  right now. As  for  your  Mother  Bella she  never listened but  at least it was said.  Marah  meet  me  back  at the  shamrock.  We  can  talk  there  and   its secure then  it  is out here i n the open."

August 07, 2016 16:36

"Is she going to be alright?" He asked Ronan as his drifted from him to Marah not really focusing on Bella

August 07, 2016 16:46
Dutchie St. Claire

Marah looked up at Lei her eyes were full of curiosity. However she could hear the concern in his voice. She was about to speak when her sister came over. Not wanting to worry them she gave them a reassuring smile. +

" Oh its nothing just a headache. I thought being pregnant only made you sick but it seems I am getting headaches. Bella you were there when Ryu said something about them draining my wolf and phoenix powers. Please dont worry and gods sake dont tell Knight he is over protective as it is. "

+ Looking at Ronan she nodded one thing she didnt need her sister involved if what she was seeing is true. She may have only been a cousin when they were younger but now she was the big sister to both her and Ryu and protecting them came first to her.+

" Damn I think we really need her.But I will be there .Bella if it makes you feel better he tells me that as well everytime i see him. Dont you Uncle Ro?"

Standing up she was still a bit dizzy but brushed it off. Giving her sister a hug and a kiss on the cheek she  then hugged Lei.+

" Thank you for your concern Lei.  Who knows if you keep this up I might change my mind on you. But really thanks for your concern I am fine really. Just please zipped lips when it comes to my future husband.  I say that cause I have no idea when were getting married. I will see you two later."

+ Smiling at them both she turns and leaves. Once outside she walks around the building and transforms to the Phoenix and heads to the Shamrock.+

August 07, 2016 16:50
Ronan Boru

"yeah. Bellal let  Lilly  know I  am  at  the  Shamrock.  She will  kowwhat  you  arre talking about."

*Ronan  flames out*

August 07, 2016 16:56
Bella Eda

Bella shook her head she knew Mar well enough to know that was a flat out lie. She was a bit peeved that Mar was not talking to her but she understood why. People tended to be tight lipped around Li. She forced a laugh "Yeah mom told me that a lot about Uncle Ronan." She took another sip of her drink. She would tell Li when they were alone

August 07, 2016 16:57

Li shook his at what Marah had said after releasing her from the hug. He already told them that he didn't really care what they thought of him. Either accept it or do something about. Of course he wasn't going to do anything to his future sister in law. Angel, Ryu and Bella would make sure there wasnt any conflict.

He looked Bella. "She keeps forgetting that I can read people. And what she said was a flat out lie." He said taking a seat at the table

August 07, 2016 17:13
Bella Eda

"Yeah it is I sensed it too. There is something she is trying to protect me from and it is ticking me off. Ok Ryu and I are younger than her but we also can take care of ourselves. I am not a child and hate being treated like one. I am tired of people p*ssyfooting around me." She said taking a swig of her drink tempted to grab Li's knowing it was stronger.

August 07, 2016 17:36

"You know she doesn't trust me right?" He said his eyes trained on the snake on his bottle. "Already told them that I didn't care if they did. They still keep me at arms length but put up with me for your sake."

August 07, 2016 17:55
Bella Eda

"Yeah I know they don't but I am not them Li. Let them not trust you I do. But I also know a side of you that they don't I know you will never hurt me in any way." She said to him. "Part of you wants them to trust you for my sake but you don't care whether they do or not. You care what I think though."

August 07, 2016 18:06

"If I didn't care what you thought I wouldn't have said anything." He replied. He stretched his hand across the table palm up. A small smile on his face

August 07, 2016 18:13
Lilly Emperium

*Lilly had been in the back, mid argument over stock. Stepping towards the counter, she yelled back towards the kitchen* Fix it............or your next on the menu

*shaking her head, she poured her drink. As she did, she noticed her husband was missing* hmmmmm....intresting....

*Downing her drink, she noticed Bella and Li* Well when did you two get here? I do hope all is well

August 07, 2016 18:17
Bella Eda

Bella looked over at Lilly "Uncle Ronan left with Marah he is at the Shamrock. He told me to tell you if you asked about him and that you would know what it meant."

She placed her hand in his. He already knew she trusted him with her life. "I guess I just have to live with it because I am not giving you up. I don't want to choose but I will if I must. I lost you once Li I won't lose you again for any reason. They will learn in time to trust you." 

August 07, 2016 18:18

"When isn't everything well Lil?" He asked grinning up at her. He turned to Bella and shrugged still grinning. "Doesn't change anything as I said before."

August 07, 2016 18:32
Bella Eda

"I know it doesn't Li. It won't until they want it to and I know this so I am not forcing the issue on their end. In time maybe they will know what I know. I am not going to say see you as I do because I may have to borrow a line from your book and poke their eyes out."

August 07, 2016 18:36

Li shook his head as he finished his drink. "A bit of a savage are we?" He asked teasingly as he leaned back in the chair

August 07, 2016 18:40
Bella Eda

She laughed "No you are mine is all" she said to him as she leaned back as well. "I am protective of what is mine is all."

August 07, 2016 18:48
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  flames  back  to the  Blood brew*

"sorry. Family  issue. I  will  fill  you  in  Bella  and  Li later  right now  is not the  time  to  worry about it til  we  have  more  informations on  it. So  what  did  I  miss  here? Who  were  you  thrating to  be  food  Love?"

August 07, 2016 19:12

"A bit overprotective but I find it rather cute." He said smiling.

Li nodded as he listened to what Ronan had said. "Is she always theathening to turn workers into food?"

August 07, 2016 19:17
Ronan Boru

"No  actually  thats  the  first time  I  heard  her  do  that.  We  might  have  an issue with an  old person   coming  back  that  we  thought  was  gone  for  good. His  name is  James Causey. Hes  not a  good  guy and any one  in  the  family  could  be a  targetto  this  man  if  he  is  indeed  back and  free.  You  needed to  know both  of  you. I  dont  have  the  proof  that  he  is  free  but  better  to  be  safe then  sorry  here. Marah  thinks  that  attack on  her  had nothing to  do  with  ones out to  get  Angel. She  feels it is  this  person."

August 07, 2016 19:24
Lilly Emperium

*Looking to Li, Lilly shook her head*

As to trust issues.....................stop shooting people. Folks dont take kindly to it.

**nodding to Bella, Lilly smiled*

Thank you dear.

*Hearing her husband, she chuckled*

Oh just couple new workers in the kitchen. Apparently they all seemed to think they could orfer whatever and it would be fine.........I'm sorry vegie burgers aint going to sell.....particularly if any wolves came in.

August 07, 2016 19:38
Dutchie St. Claire

+ Marah knew where her Uncle was and needed to tell him what she found oud out this was not good. entering the bar she saw him with Lei and Bella.  Going to him she spoke  low.+

" I was right there is like a black body line infront of that statue. It looks like it was burnt into the cement. The good thing is the sword is still in the statue bad news. Hes staying in the manison. and I found a pile of these. "

+ taking a arrow from her cloak she hands it to Ronan it was the same kind that she was shot with.Seeing Lilly she gave her a soft smile not sure if she knew yet or not. Looking at Lei she took his hand +

" I need to talk to you"

+ Leading him away she spoke to him calmly.+

" I meant what I said earlier. Thanks for your concern  but it was a headache really. I get them when I get visions. Angel knows of them but not of what I see.  I didnt want to say anything till I had proof. And now I do. I want to trust you I did  before you pinned  me to that wall. But that is the past this is now. I know Bella is pissed at me but I  can deal with all her anger at me  just as long she is safe. Keep her safe. This man is evil. I mean evil. I love her and my brother. I just found out about them I dont want to loose them. I would die for them."

August 07, 2016 19:42

Li waved her off dismissively. "No promises." He said simply.

Li's eyes hardened. "Bella is her sister also my gf. Angel her fiance also my brother." Li said rising slowly. "If this person is going after her family then that means my family is at risk and I don't take that lightly."

He listened to Marah and when she was done he spoke. "Yea I get that and I had my reasons as I always do. But You being in danger means Bella and Angel are also in danger and you know how I get when people mess with the ones I love." He said trying to keep his voice calm. "Either way you look at it you're my family as well ecause of those 2 and I'm sure as hell ain't allowing however that is to harm any of you."

August 07, 2016 19:45
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  walks over*

"Look I  know  of   maybe  5  people  James  will  go  after and  that is  myself,  my  sisters  Cassandra and  Siobhan, Killian  Doyle  and  Lilly  only  because  she is  my wife.I  highly  doubt  he  knows anything about  any  of  you  .So  this  was a  just incase  thing. Just  keep  your  eyes  open  for   any  one   asking  question  about  things   when  it  comes  to  us  is all I  am  saying. I  am  not  even  sure he  knows  who  any  of  you  are or  how  he  knows  who  Marah  is."

August 07, 2016 20:11
Dutchie St. Claire

+ Looking up at him she let out a soft sigh. +

" Look I have trust issues it goes back to when I was married to this Pig named Danny but he isn't the issue here. I need to trust you again Le. I want to trust you. As you just said we are family. You are with my sister and Angel.. well we will marry when we finally have time and there is no obstacles in our way. God knows we have the cash. to do it. James used  me to get to my Aunt aunt Cassie. I really liked him he was a sweet talker. You hear of a demon with a face of an Angel but a cold hearted brutal killer well that's James. And let me tell you they got that story right. I cant say anything else here but I think a meeting at my condo is called for when Angel gets back."

August 07, 2016 20:15

Li gritted his teeth as he listened. "Alright then." He said turning to Ronan. "I'll keep my ears to the ground. But know that if he goes after Bella I will show him what hell really is. Take it from Bella I'm not someone you want to piss off."

"I'll be honest with you Marah I dont really care who trust me or not. Yes I shot Ryu and Angel more than once." He said rolling his eyes. "Yet Angel trusts me with his life without second guessing. I've ditched you all for over a year and Bella still doesnt think twice about trusting me. They both know me and know that my actions tend to have double meaning." He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "If you want to trust me or not because i shot your baby brother and future husband more than once then thats up to you. But look at the one person I've never lifted a finger hurt. Plus your dragons love me." He said with a cheeky grin. "I may wound the people I care about but I sure aint going to shoot him

August 07, 2016 20:48
Ronan Boru

"Look  Leugim It isnt a  matter of trust  with  me. Its a matter of  I  dont  know  you. Right now  the only ones I  trust is  my  blood, wife and  our  family  Dire wolf  pack. "

*  Stargazer  walks in  and    lies  down  at   Ronan's  feet*

"You  see Leugim I am  not one  tht any one  should  piss off  either.  I  have  gifts that  James  Causey   knows  of  and  knows  that  they  can  end him  once and  for all  this  time. There  will  be  no  hell  for  him should  he  come  here and   I  get a  hold of  him.  My  sister  Siobhan's  husband, KIllian is  deadly  as  well  with  his  own right and  set of  weapons  so   even if  he  does  find out about  any of  you  he  wont  ever  get  close  enough to  act on  it . I  can  promise  that."

August 07, 2016 21:09

"It's Li not Leugim." He said. "I don't go by that name. And we can agree on a few things as well.

1) I don't know you other than you're Lilly's husband. You don't me know me other than the faact that I'm Bella's bf.

2) I only trust her, my brother and my village. But seeing how the ones I trust seems to trust people who trust you then I can tell we'll never be enemies.

3) If he does come and I even feel like he's inerested in any of them pray you got to him first. Cause If I do it won't be pretty

August 07, 2016 21:39

*  Ciaran  walks in a s  he  hears and sees a  man  getting  what  he  sees as  rude  with  his  father.  He  walks over. His  wolves  Pendragon and  Dagda  are  with  him.*

"Who in  bloody hell  do  you  think  you  sir are  talking  to  like  he  is a  dog? "

*  He looks a t  the  man  and  stands  next to  his father.*

August 07, 2016 22:50
Ronan Boru * Ronan looks over to his son a nd his two Dire wolves Dagda and Pendragon and speaks to his son only*.

"Ciaran, Seas síos mac. Tá mé seo láimhseáil. Níl a fhios aige rud ar bith faoi ár teaghlaigh agus nach bhfuil a chuid a dhéanamh mar Bella agus Marah Níl ​​a fhios rud ar bith faoi an fhuil Boru agus atá againn. Níl sé cosúil brag linn faoi cé muid féin sa oscailte."

((Ciaran, Stand down son. I have this handled. He does not know anything about our family and that is not his doing as Bella and Marah do not know anything about the Boru blood and who we are. It is not like we brag about who we are in the open.))
August 07, 2016 23:21

Li turned his attention to the newcomer who remembered from his last visit. When he had to take his drunken friend home. Li smirked and shook his head, "You are quick to anger for silly reasons." He said. "And obviously you mistake my tone towards your father when it is clear we are showing interest on the same topic. My anger is not directed at him but at the topic of our conversation." 

Waving him off he turns to Ronan before he was so rudely interrupted. "Like I was saying I've heard of this James person from a while back. But I never thought much of it although she told Lilly and I her history with him. Well mostly Lilly i was eside them so I ended up being a part of the conversation." He said. "The fact that she's with my brother I didn't see much reason to worry." He leaned back on a table before glancing over to Bella who he gave a small wave to grinning like the in love idiot he was. "But then I found out that they are sisters so if this James person comes back and targets here then Bella automatically becomes a target."

He looked at Marah and shook his head. "Whoever this guy is he better ensures he brings an army with him if he wants to get to you." He said. "And don't worry I won't go shooting anyone... I hope."

August 07, 2016 23:24
Ronan Boru "Um hold up did you just wave my son off like he was a annoying child? HOw in hell would you know anything about James Causey seeing as um yeah the issue he had was with MY SISTER Siobhan not Marah here? Marah wasnt part of the issue with James so as I said I doubt he will go any where near any of you. He had a thing for Siobhan. "

* ROnan looks at them.*
August 07, 2016 23:31
Ciaran_Boru ~Ciaran gets a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass from the bartender a nd sits at the bar . He says nothing to any one in the place and takes a shot. He was pissed but he wasnt going to let this person get to him. Least of all in public and at goku and lilly's place. Had this been the shamrock a ll bets would of been off though.

Finishing the shot the young Prince pours another~
August 07, 2016 23:37

Li shrugged folding his arms "Being quick to anger solves nothing. Directing that anger at me won't affect me." Li said unphased. "Your son came up to me talking to me in the same tone that you are now using. If he had approached the situation and addressed me ass someone trying to figure out why our voices maybe a bit angry then I wouldn't have waved him off. Plus you said you 'doubt' that he'd go after Marah. 'Doubt' is not something that I familiarize myself with. So unless you are 100% sure that Marah is safe from this James person then I wish you nothing but the best and hope that he hasn't truly return. But you continue to say you 'doubt' it and that word only has me on edge because not even you are 100% which means there is a possibility he'll come after her

August 07, 2016 23:44
Ciaran_Boru "You think you know anything when you really know nothing. My father is a 100% sure he will not come after Marah because as you were just told it was an issue with my AUNT SIOBHAN not my cousin MArah. so he have NO reason to go after ones that were NOT involved in the first place unless you make yourselves involved. Got it now?"

~Ciaran downs another drink.~
August 07, 2016 23:48

Li chuckled. "The temper you guys have." He said shaking his head smiling. "I forgot how easy it was to get people riled up. But Ronan if you wish for me to believe what you say. Then say it without using the word 'Doubt' look me in the eye. Are you 100% sure that James will not come after her?"

August 07, 2016 23:57

~Ciaran looks  at  them    very  much  fighting to  keep  his  temper in check. He  looks at  them  all and speaks. He  knew  his  father  would  understand  what  is  said~

"Faigh níos mó ná tú féin. Tá Níl aon cheann de seo faoi tú. Riamh Bhí. Is féidir leat teacht liom athair ag ár n-áit leis na buachaillí."

~Ciaran  then leaves  money  for the  shots a nd   vanishes in  green  colored  orbs~

August 08, 2016 00:03
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  nods  to  his  son as  he  vanishes  then looks a t  every one.*

" He  wont as   NONE  of   you  had anything  to  do  with him  in  the  first  place and  sending him  to   where  we d id. HE HAS NO REASON TO TARGET YOU. so  yes I  can tell you  with  100%  certianty  that  you  are not  targets. This  has  to  do  with  my  SISTER Siobhan and  him. I only told  you  about  them  because   you  were  concerned  for  Marah  but James  will  have  nothing to do  with  any of you that  are not  BORU blood. None of  you  have the  BORU last  name  so  there  for  he  has NO  reason  to  deal  with you at all. Got it  now as  my  son  said?"

*Ronan  looks  over to  Lilly and  sighs*

August 08, 2016 00:14

Li shrugs. "Just wanted to hear it without you saying you doubt it." He replied. "Didn't have to shout though you know. Kinda pointless and wastes precious energy." He looked over at Lilly and shrugged as if to say 'Not My Fault'

August 08, 2016 00:21
Lilly Emperium *As Lilly face palmed herself*

Enough....irregardless of anything...NO ONE is dumb enough to come inhere and start any real trouble.
August 08, 2016 00:30
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan goes over to the  bottle  his  son  left  on  the  bar and  pours  a  shot. Ronan  knows  this  was all  going to  look  like  he  was  the  "bad"  witch  here but  he  didnt  care. He  downs  the  shot.  Says  nothing  and    goes in  to his  own  thoughts. He chuckled  a bit  at  what  his  son said  knowing it  was  true.*

August 08, 2016 00:32

Li started cracking up as he leaned over towards Lilly and whispered in her ear for her alone to hear. "Are they always so easy to anger?" He asked slightly amused

August 08, 2016 00:37
Ronan Boru

* Ronan Looks over  at  them and  growls slightly as  he  sees  Li  laugh. Now  he  was  pissed  .This   ass  was  just now  boldly  rude  in  his  face. He    walks over t o  lilly  and   speaks.*

" I  need  to  go  check on  Ciaran.  He was  aggitated and  left  for the  safety of  every one  here and out of  respect  for  you  and  his  uncle  Goku. Nothing  good can  come f rom  the Irish  CROWN Prince  being  that  aggrivated. You  know where you  can  find  us if  needed. No  JAmes  wouldnt  be  dumb  enough  you  are  right to  come  in  here. I  wouldnt let him  get  with in  100 miles of  this  place."

*  Ronan's eyes are a  deep  violet  color*

August 08, 2016 00:44
Lilly Emperium *Lilly's mood was not good, she'd already been dealing with sh!t. So when she heard Li's question, she calmly leaned in and whispered* not near as fast as I do.. remember I owe you for the arrow thing. *Pulling back, she looked to Li and Bella* check on Ryu if you would....he lost his girl and wasn't handling it that well...*there was more that she wanted to say but cut herself off as she hid her anger*

*Turning Lilly looked to her husband*
Do what you need to do love
August 08, 2016 00:59

"So I'll just add you to the list along with Marah." He replied smiling. "Think I make more enemies than I do friends." He hugged Lilly and then Marah. "I really should behave though." But he was still smiling as he headed to the bar for another drink. He paused when he came back. "Then again since you 2 can put up with me isn't that good enough?" he asked as he took a drink

August 08, 2016 01:04
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan leans  over  and   put  a  big   kiss on  Lilly's lips.*

"  I  will  do  that. You  know  where to  find  me. Oh  and   so  you  Li   my  son  was  right  you  need  to get over  yourself.  Last I  checked  the world  didnt  revolve around  you.  Love  you  Lilly."

*  With  that  said   Ronan   raises and  eybrow  and  chuckles  as he  vanishe in Blue flames.*

August 08, 2016 01:05

"Guess your son needs to come off his high horse and stop assuming things." He said grinning as he waved at disappearing Ronan

August 08, 2016 01:07
Lilly Emperium *Gently she kissed Ronan back, often she still thought she was dreaming. Smiling softly*
Love you to Ro. Yes I know where to find you.

*Hearing Li's comment, Lilly looked at him*
For guys don't need to get along except for here. I would never speak ill of any member of your family....refrain from doing so of mine
August 08, 2016 01:41

Li chuckled. "So they can say what they want of me and I should allow it and say nothing?" He asked. "Is that what you're saying?"

August 08, 2016 01:52
Lilly Emperium *shaking her head she looked at him* no I'm saying find some manners....after all they are kin to Bella. August 08, 2016 03:03
Bella Eda Bella had heard Marah and she came over to her "Stop with the secrets Mar. I am not a child and I can take care of myself. You say we are sisters and that you love Ryu and I well then stop with the secrets. You see what secrets can do to people do you want the same reaction from me Li got? When he disappeared the part of me that was soft and had a regretted killing but that snapped I will kill without a thought and not regret it. Ask Angel he seen me do it as well as Ryu and Li."

Looking at Li "Uncle Ronan is right I seen him fight when I was little. He helped teach me some of the things I know about fighting. We are all deadly when forced to be but I am not the soft Bella you left for a little over a year. That year hardened me. You've seen that in me already. No one will hurt me and get away with it."

Bella looked from CiCi to Ronan to Li again "Enough postering already" She said through gritted teeth. Trust me when I say that Li will either know him or know of him. You do not know what he does for a living."

Bella shook her head "The men all need to find manners Lilly. All of them are to hot tempered and quick to anger including mine. He will do what he must to protect me as will the rest of the the males when it comes to the females they love be it wedded to or related to."
August 08, 2016 07:24
Leugim "I do have manners and I'll show it when I'm given it." He said rolling his eyes. "Don't care if they're kin to her. They are too easy to temper and you should know that I tend to rile up easily hot tempered people."

He looked at Lilly. "Fine I'll behave next time if they do." He said. "This is my your place so I want cause trouble here."
August 08, 2016 08:58
Bella Eda

Rolling her eyes "You all are to hot tempered to begin with and you egging them on does not help. Yes I know you rile those easily riled but play nice with famliy please? If you don't we may get kicked out of here and I actually like coming here." 

August 08, 2016 09:06
Leugim "Just said I won't cause trouble here for her sake didn't I?" He asked. "Plus its not my fault I rile people up so easy. It just happens without me knowing. Lilly and you both know it." August 08, 2016 09:58
Bella Eda

"Yes it does Li because you have the aire of a killer and that makes people nervous so they tend to be on edge and ready for a fight when it comes to you." 

August 08, 2016 10:17
Leugim "Psssssssssh." He said glaring at a spot on the floor. August 08, 2016 10:23
Bella Eda

"Don't you pssssssh me." She said placing her fingers under his chin and bringing his face up to meet her eyes. You and I both know it Li. I know what you can do or did you forget I seen you in action a few times? I just know that you will never physically harm me. Most do not know this though. You will harm or hurt anyone you think will harm the ones you care about and that means my family whether or not you get along with them." 

August 08, 2016 10:37
Leugim Li glared at her. "Sometimes your family tend to act like idiots and it seems like they all have an issue with me." He said yanking her fingers from his chin but quickly entwined it with his before placing a kiss on her cheek. "But I love you though and I'll hurt anyone who hurts my family. Which whether I like it or not involves your uncle and cousin." August 08, 2016 10:52
Bella Eda

"Every family can act like idiots no ones is perfect. I know this. My mothers and Uncle Ronan's relationship was sometimes very rocky. Though they do care I don't even know much of the Boru line no one ever really told me anything." 

August 08, 2016 11:07
Leugim "I don't care about any of that." He said as he looked at his rosary beads wrapped around his right wrists. "They don't concern me anyway. Could have killed them either way if I didn't remember him and his son." August 08, 2016 11:27
Bella Eda

"You would not have Li not with me right here. If you ever had to go at my family you would not want me to see it. But you won't you turned down the contract on my family once already and that proves right there to me that you won't go after my family no matter how annoying they may be they are still my family." 

August 08, 2016 11:31
Leugim He shook his head. "You misunderstood Isa. I didn't kill your parents because I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't." He said. "I didn't know them much less know they were related to you. Has nothing to do with family. It was just an off feeling why I refused."

He leaned closer to her ear. "When we got back from dealing with the philosopher. I got called in and was given 3 contracts. Your uncle and cousin was on it so was Marah. If I hadn't remembered that he was married to Lilly well need I say more?"
August 08, 2016 11:38
Bella Eda

"You wouldn't Li I know you not when it comes to my family and not unless they were going after me. I love Mar but she is my half sister not my full blood sister but she is still my sister all the same though she was born to my mother under her alias Julianna Silverblade." 

August 08, 2016 11:44
Leugim "Marah was safe from day one. She's going to be my sister soon. Lilly and I have an I like/dislike you relationship so am not going to kill her husband or anyone close to her." He said. "I told them to walk away from this and unlike SB they listened so their contracts have been terminated." August 08, 2016 11:53
Lilly Emperium *A faint hiss escaped her lips. Looking to Bella, Lilly spoke gently*
Bella, if you wish to know about the Boru line....speak with your uncle. He will gladly tell you about it.

*Looking towards Li*
You're as bad as Ryu....know this, even if Ronan was not my husband...I would hunt down anyone who caused him or his family harm.

*bending down behind the counter she pulled out a fresh bottle of whiskey*
August 08, 2016 11:53
Leugim "Well don't worry your pretty little head Lilly." He said to her as she vanished behind the counter. "The contracts were terminated I'd anyone comes after them. Lemme know and I'll point you in the right direction. It wouldn't be of much help though cause the agencies don't ask who you are or why you want someone dead. As Lind as their money is good." August 08, 2016 12:08
Bella Eda

Bella looked at Lilly "I was just telling him that I do not know much about the Boru line but know this if Li was going to go after any of them he would have already. You and yours are safe you have my word on that. So please for my sake back down. I know Li and he will protect family to his dying breath and you are all family because of me." 

August 08, 2016 12:09
Lilly Emperium *pouring a tumbler full, Lilly looked to Bella and sighed* I'm aware of how contracts work...I'm just tired of hearing it...after a recent incident, I just..never mind August 08, 2016 12:23
Leugim "Come on talk to us." Li said poking her in her side after snatching a cup hoping she'd full it. "Maybe we can help you know I'm good for it." He smiled at her still poking her side with the cup August 08, 2016 12:27
Bella Eda

"Yes Lilly talk to us maybe we can help. No use keeping it bottled it doesn't do any good trust me. It just eats away at you. Even if we can't help it gets it off your chest and you can use us as sounding boards." 

August 08, 2016 12:40
Lilly Emperium *looking towards Bella*
Ask Ro, he'll tell you about the family..

*looking towards Li, there was a deep pain in her eyes* I would rather forget right now....when someone admits..*taking a drink, Lilly shook her head*

*looking back to Bella*
It has to do with something you're brother said recently...
August 08, 2016 12:40
Bella Eda

Rolling her eyes "What did my brother say now?" She asked her looking her in the eyes letting her know she can talk to her. 

August 08, 2016 12:45
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven wanted to stop by to check on his aunt and he stood there for a little but listening to everything that was being said. Seeing the man poking his aunt with the cup trying to get her to speak his eyes flashed red and then back to their normal color. Walking up to the counter he cleared his throat and spoke.~ "Hey aunt Lilly mom needs you for a but you think you can step away?"

~He then turned and looked at the man and the woman beside him and then he softly spoke.~ "You know poking someone to get their attention is kinda rude don't you think? Especially to one who works so hard around here like my aunt Lilly."
August 08, 2016 16:02
Shadwyn Drake

Shadow's sharp took in the talking and his icy blue eyes smouledered to a dark obsidian color as Rose spoke to him.

He let his protective aura cover and block the goings on in the pub.   He whispered in her ear gently.  "Sivamet beloved I would have you happy and content.  You are in care and your happiness and contentment are placed above my own.   But we could go to that little place you told me about.  A quiet dinner for two?  A heart to heart chat?   A walk in that garden you speak so much of?  A carriage ride?  All promises I have made and broken to you.  It is time my Rose tells me what is in her heart."

He wanted only her and a peaceful place in which they could be with each other.   "The katana and note can wait  and the person can conduct their own business with goku.  You are my business.  Your happiness and  contentment are my only concern.  Come let us leave and bask in this special night."

August 08, 2016 16:18
Leugim Li sighed a frustrated sigh before glancing at the man. "Do you know the type of friendship I have with your aunt?" He asked politely remembering his promise to Lilly. "I don't believe you do. So what you may deem rude is something Lilly understands because she knows. Although I wasn't trying to get her attention. That's how I behave around her."

He ran his hand through his raven colored hair. These relatives of hers where really getting to him. He quickly poured himself a shot of whiskey. Quickly downing it relaxing slightly as the burning sensation enveloped his throat.
August 08, 2016 16:29
Dutchie St. Claire + Marah listened to everything that was going on between Li, her Uncle, cousin. She couldn't believe what she just heard. She never mentioned James to anyone it was a past she wanted to forget. Watching Cici buy a bottle and leave then her uncle getting upset granted he wasn't there when James used her to get to Cassie and Shiv due to her ties with them. Once Ronan left the way he did that was it she had to step in and set things straight. Going back to Li she spoke and she wasn't happy.+

" LI.. are you crazy talking to my cousin and uncle like you just did? And you just bold faced lied to them about James. I NEVER spoke of him before to no one. And the person Lilly and I talked about was Danny Ocean my ex pig of a husband. James is some one I want to forget. He used me to get to my Aunt Shiv and Aunt Cassie due to my ties to them. You dont know James Causey and the only ones he will have a target on is mostly Shiv. And anyone with the Boru last name cause the man is obsessed with Shiv. And he would only come after me cause of Cassie because of her love for me. But he has no idea of who Bella, Ryu and Angel are or you so you 4 have nothing to worry about."

+ Looking at Lilly Marahs hair started glowing fire and her eyes were full of fire when she looked at Lilly and spoke +

" Aunt Lil did I EVER tell you about a JAMES CAUSEY or were we talking about that PIG I was married to who used you as well?"

+ She no sooner got those words out when her sister came to her telling about keeping secrets+

" Look I am not keeping secrets I didnt lie about the Headaches cause that is what I had and I get them cause of the visions. And what I know about James has NOTHING to do with you , Ryu or Angel. Li does not know this man he is as evil as evil gets he is the devil incarnate. And Uncle Ro and Cici left because of Bella not because they are scared of you trust me. They have faced worse then you. But like I said the main person he will aim for is aunt Shiv."

August 08, 2016 16:34
Lilly Emperium *Looking to Bella, Lilly shook her head* I shouldn't have bothered checking on him...I shouldn't let him bother me, but reminding me what he did to Maka...I'm done. Right now I can't handle that. I was left feeling the fool. Next time he jumps, I might not be able to save him...

*Hearing Draven, Lilly sighed* yea, um where is she dear.
August 08, 2016 16:39
Bella Eda

Bella looked at Li "Li lets go find somewhere to eat and then a walk to cool down." She said trying to defuse the situation before it got any worse. She needed to cool down right now. She looked at her sister "We'll talk when we are both calm."


Looking at Lilly "You know my number if you want to talk. Hit me up later or whenever. I am sorry Lilly Maka was my uncle and I regret his death every day"

August 08, 2016 16:42
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven got in between his cousin and the man and then placed his hands on Marahs shoulders and gently gave them a run and started to speak.~ "Hey now cousin he isn't worth getting all upset he is just one of those people who think it is all about him. So lets walk away and go and I will make you some triple chocolate brownies or I will have mom do it actually but we can talk."

~Draven looked at the man and then just chuckled.~ "Well I do not give a damn you need to learn some manners to be honest in fact."

~Placing his hand in his jean pocket and pulls out a ten dollar bill and slammed it in front of him on the counter and spoke.~ "Here is ten dollars go buy yourself some maxi douchebag. Do me another favor when you don't know sh!t about anything why don't you keep your mouth shut about it cause you have no clue about my family so why don't you mind your damn business. Come on Marah lets go aunt Lilly see you at the house in a bit."

~Draven took his cousin's hand and headed out the bar.~
August 08, 2016 16:46
Bella Eda

Bella let out a low growl at Draven grabbed the money walked up to him tossing it back at him "We don't need your money douchebag why don't you go and buy maxi's for yourself. If I want to talk to my sister I damned welll will got it?" She hissed at him 

August 08, 2016 16:50
Leugim Li sat there listening to everything that was said. He wanted to point out that it was just a mix up of names. A small error on his part but realizing that opening his mouth would probably see him making the situation worse and he really didn't want to break his promise to Lilly. He also noticed once again he seemed like the bad one in his conversation with Ronan and his son. As if he wasn't disrespected. He nodded at that thought.

So he sat there soaking up the anger, frustration and all the negative energy. It was oddly refreshing and Marah's slight change had him biting his cheek to refrain from laughing. He was so absorbed in what was going on that he was obviously unaware that Bella was talking to him. And worse he had subconsciously changed into hooded cloak. He finally laughed out before turning his now dark cold blue eyes to Lilly.

"I fear that if I open my mouth to say anything I'll end up breaking my promise." He said smiling. "So to avoid that I'll be outside. So please enjoy the remainder of the night." With that he disappeared into mist leaving them.

Reappearing at the entrance he sat down outside letting the smell of the forest and coolness of the breeze calm him.
August 08, 2016 16:56
Bella Eda

Bella looked at Mar and Lilly "Like I said I will be in contact with the both of you when we all have had a chance to cool down before someone says something they will regret. Like I said Lilly Maka's death is on my hands and I will do what I can to make that right with you. Mar I will talk to you later too."

With that she turned and headed for the door slipping out breathing in the air and letting out a slow breath to calm down

August 08, 2016 17:12
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven looked at the girl and spoke and just laughed.~ "Yeah well she doesn't need to be around someone like that. Keep the money sear maybe it could but you some lessons in learning you should not be with someone like that but then again you will choice that over your family and I am sure he will be your down fall in the future. Just know of you decide to push family away and you need anything then you will find that no one would want to be around you. As for Marah being your sister well she just found that out not to long ago I have known her my whole life and I will take her away from drama cause she does not need it right now. Good day to you."

~Draven continued to walk out with Marah not giving a crap what anyone had to say.~
August 08, 2016 17:13
Dutchie St. Claire + Marah looked at Draven and nodded Marah was more then pissed off she was IRAT> +

" Sure but give me a sec ok. "

+ Turning back at Li she spoke low and calmly but very direct. +

" You said you had contracts out on my uncle Cici and ME well you know what I have connections too and trust me IF ANYTHING happens to us I MEAN ANYTHING you will be in the grave before you bat an eye. Cause the people I know are a hell of a lot stronger then you and wont think twice in taking out a slayer. Besides the hate the othe other side.. Especially Slayers. And Bella its going to take a lot for me to cool down right now while you can stand there and let him talk to YOUR family like this. Ro and Cici are my family and I will be damned to bloody hell if I let anyone and I MEAN ANYONE talk to them like they are dogs."

+Letting out a breath of air she looked at Draven and spoke+

" I would say if I wasn't pregnant I could go for a whole bottle of JD. But brownies sound good I so need a sugar rush. You know I dont think they would know what to do if they came face to Face with James Causey. But then if they did it would be all on them I would just get my popcorn and coke and watch. Granted he used me once to get to aunt Shiv it wont happen again. I will let Shiv deal. I wonder how he got out of that hell dimension anyways."
August 08, 2016 17:18
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven looked at his cousin and then have a soft smile.~ "Better yet lets go by Cicis I am sure that he could whip something up as well. Come you do not need this drama expectally in your condition."

~He left the bar with her.~
August 08, 2016 17:28
Bella Eda

Bella turned back before she went outside "Unlike you Mar they are family that I barely remember but fine you want to choose them over someone who has been who you thought your blood cousin then turned sister by a strange string of events than do so you know where I am if you want to talk. I hate it to be this way but if this is the way it has to be than so be it Mar. This decision is on you not me. I have said my piece and yes he had contracts but he ripped them up because it did not feel right to him to go through with it."

August 08, 2016 17:29

~Ciaran  sends  Lilly  a  text message to  her  phone~ 

"S o  you  know  Da just left here. I  am  fine so  you  know  but  will  no be  by the  tavern for a  while out of  respect  for  you  and  not wanting to  cause you  drama.We  will talk  soon. Be  safe."

~Ciaran  hits send and    goes  back to   what he  was  doing  where  he  was.~

August 08, 2016 17:46
Leugim Li leaned back on a tree outside the tavern. His eyes were closed as he fiddled with his rosary beads. He had heard everything they had said about. Proving why he kept to himself he was back in his regular clothes. He touched a bead that glowed brighter than the others. "We need to talk." He said simply. A flash if light saw him opening his eyes to shinobi covered from head to toe. A spirit glowing bright blue. "Hello again Li." The spirit said in a sweet motherly tone. "Hi yourself Ayame." He replied with a grin August 08, 2016 17:52
Bella Eda

Bella came out to Li. She was shut up tighter than when we got there she knew not to let them know they got to her especially Draven. "Li lets just go please" She said softly to him as she started walking down the street at a good clip the further she gott away from Blood Brew the more her muscles bega to relax

August 08, 2016 18:00
Lilly Emperium *As everyone left, Lilly slipped down behind the counter. Setting with her back to the racks she sighed. Hearing her phone, she read the message and nodded*

I think I will sit here for a minute.
August 08, 2016 18:03
Leugim Li didn't move but with a flick of his wrist she was in front of him. "Sorry I can't I'm talking to a friend." He said as he turned his attention back to the glowing shinobi in front of him August 08, 2016 18:04
Bella Eda

She looked at Li "Li I won't be far ok right just in the cafe down the way. It's better for everyone right now before I go back in there or somewhere else and give Draven a piece of my mind the douchebag from hell." she said under her breath knowing Li could hear her ranting.

August 08, 2016 18:12
Skylar Ravenwalker

* Skylar was in the blood brew talking to a friend when she heard some chick go off on her husband SHe was about to make her way to the girl when her husband and Dutchie met het. Walking out side with them she took Dravens hand. *

" My love what was all that about? I swear if you two didn't come when you did  i was about to go to her and shut her up.  I was talking to Sandy when I heard her say what she did. Oh Sandy says hey by the way. "

 *Sky  then looked to Dutchie and was about to speak  when same crazy girl yelled at Dutchie. Well that was it Sky couldnt hold back.*

" You know you have a problem. They way you were talking to her and my husband in there if I wasnt a calm person  it would have been the last thing you ever said. I really didnt like the way you talked to my huband chick. Come on love lets go its getting humid out here."

* Turning around Skylar walked off with her husband and Dutchie knowing any where would be better then here.*

August 08, 2016 18:32
Bella Eda

Bella looked at her "Your husband started with me and my man I just finished it. I am normally calm but right now I am not. I came in here for a drink and a good time is all and things got out of hand I tried to smooth it over but that didn't work to well. If you husband would have stayed out of it when I was talking with my sister than I would not have said anything to him and would have been on my way. They are my family and I was trying to stop a fight unfortunately that was not the case. We left to not give Lilly any more trouble than already was caused."

August 08, 2016 18:41
Dutchie St. Claire

+ Marah looked at Bella shaking  her head. Didnt Bella  tell Li that she was just a half sister  when she was walking away . Marah looked at Skylar and sighed.+

" Hey you two give me a sec ok. Sky dont worry I got this.."

+Marah walked over to Bella and spoke low so no one could hear cause she really hated making a spectical.+

" Look Bells so now I am your sister. Didnt you say I was just a half sister. I know that is true but I NEVER considered you just a half sibbling. And as for those so called contracts he would not have been able to touch me cause Ami and Shiv would have taken them out in one blow. Plus Draven over heard  and came to get ME cause he knows my temper which you  ah Dont. But trust me soon you and him will know what a fire and Ice phoenix really is. "

+ A black and red dragon landed behind Marah with smoke coming from his nose and mouth. Marah reached back cupping his neck with her arm and spoke calmly.+

" Now now Damien no need for that you dont want to burn my sis.. I mean half sister now. And Bella They never treated me as half or adopted they treat me as pure family. Especially Draven  and Cassie. Cassie was  a sister to me when my brothers and sister died. I was there when Draven and Saphire were born.. Something you need to know about family little sister is there are no halves, step, or adopted . Family is family..Blood or not."

August 08, 2016 18:58
Bella Eda

Bella looked at Mar fighting the hurt in her eyes. "Whether you want to believe it or not you are my sister even when we thought us only cousins I looked up to you as a sister. Half or not, adobted or not I know blood is blood but like unlike you I don't know much about them. Our mother tried to protect me from Sector Black and that is why I know so little but you want to choose them over me than fine I understand. Is it going to hurt oh hell yes but I will survive. The Silverblade/Eda line always does mom made damned sure of that. I am sorry but I am not going to idly stand by and let this turn into an all out war. I love you but I do not have to take that crap from Draven or his wife. I will defend myself even if it means against my own family. I thought we were closer than this but I guess not. Do your worst Mar I am not afraid of you but we both know mom would not have wanted this from either of us. She always hoped we would always remain close."

August 08, 2016 19:08
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven held his wife's hand and then listened to all that was said.  He chuckled a bit and then turned around and spoke softly yet calmly which he felt like he was about ready to explode but he was taught better then that.~  "Um I think you need to get your facts straight there Bella.  First off I wasn't talking to you at all first I was talking to your boytoy there then you decided to chime in then I talked to you so if you want to sit there and say something totally different that is on you.  Second of all your man needs to learn manners and you both need to know that not everything involves you or is about you.  You talk about family but you know what your choices in life are going to get you hurt in the long run but I hope all works out for you.  Third I don't give a damn what you think of me your opinions mean crap to me cause I don't know anything about you and to be honest I care not to know either of you.  So again if you don't know anything about a certain situations then you need to keep your mouths shut and not open them until and unless you have all the information about the situation.  But you all have a great night.  Come my love and Marah we shall leave and let them think on that one.  Hey Marah can we get a ride to Ciaran's?"

~He pulled his wife closer to his waist and smiled as he kissed her cheek softly.~

August 08, 2016 19:21
Dutchie St. Claire + Damien knelled down extending his wing . Marah turned and walked up till she was sitting on the large animals back. She listened to Bella and sighed leaning on Damien's neck looking over at her sister.+

"I thought we were close to but maybe things are changing. Look Bella I am not choosing anyone. There doesn't have to be a tug of war. I have talked to Uncle Ronan and I am learning a lot about the Boru blood line. And he said he will tell me more. I guess not much of the Silverblade runs through me. I guess I am more St.Claire since I was raised that way. My father taught me to stand up for whats right and walk away from a losing battle. I thought we were close to but I see where your loyalty lies. Mine is with family. And right now we are getting no where so I am doing what my father said walk away from a losing battle."

+ Looking at Draven and Skylar she smiled and nodded+

" Sure get on. Once you ride on a dragon you wont want to ride anything else. And Bella maybe as you said we need to cool off so I guess time will do that. But I want you to know something. Believe it or nor. Your my Sister and I do love, care and worry about you."

+ Marah waited for Draven and Skylar to get on then told Damien where to take them.+
August 08, 2016 19:25

Li once agaiin overheard everything but did nothiing. "See Ayame one small misunderstanding has caused all this nonsense. If the bond they all claim they had were strong as they thought they would have sat down and dealt with this like adults. But instead they behave like brats." He gazed at Daiman he was still fond of the dragon Kuri was bigger but Kuri knew better than Damian when to get protective.

Ayame: "Do you lame yourself my young Shaman?" She asked him. "Was your decision right or wrong?"

Li shook his head. "I don't believe in right or wrong." Was his reply. "I believe in consequences. If I had believed in that I couldn't do what I do without feeling guilty or remorse for my actions but as you can see I don't lose any sleep. Yes I faced the consequences of my actions but I had been expecting it and embraced it." He wished he could set Ayame on them so she could talk sense into her daughters but thought better of it. "I hope for their sake they sense quickly I don't mind them setting their anger towards me but Isa shouldn't have to be apart of it."

Ayame: "She loves you and only wish to protect you." She's blinded by that love and so are you except you don't fight her battles you just support her choices." 

Li nodded. "That is how I am because its her choice to do what she wants." He said. "I only feel sorry for Lilly I gave her my word that I wouldn't cause any problem or do anything stupid. Yet everyone else did as they pleased. I bet if i had done that I would have been the 'bad' one in that situation. They really are pissy idiots. No offence"

August 08, 2016 19:30
Bella Eda

"You are right I don't know what is going on with Mar. And I did not even try to think I knew as a sister I was concerned about her but also when threatening starts I am going to start threatening back. Yes my boy friend not boy toy can be crass I have always known this and he was worried about my safety and through me Mar's safety. All the men can be quite crass when tempers flare and I know I am no better but for a while I did try to defuse the situation. It did not work. And you do not know me so do not judge me. You want to start on my boy friend or me yes I am quick to defend. I would have defended Mar until she threatened the life if my boy friend but if she wants to throw stones I can too. I do not want this fight I never did. He had and the key word is had contracts but he will not hurt me that way."

Bella turned her shoulders back straight as she walked away. She knew they never heard it as she mouthed I'm sorry. I screw up everything around me. My parents are dead because of a damned book I just had to read. My sister and I are fighting and not sure it is ever going to get better. I should have left everything well enough alone but I just can't. Blinking back the tears that threatened to fall.

August 08, 2016 19:32

'Hey Isa come here.' He said as he connected to her link. "We need to talk."

August 08, 2016 19:38
Bella Eda

Once she knew there was no trace of the tears in her eyes she turned back to him keeping a very careful blank face as she came over to him. She was building a wall around her emotions "What is it Li?" She aske quietly 

August 08, 2016 19:48

He wrapped her in his arms and gave her a soft kiss. "You can't hide your pain from me remember." He said mumbling against her lips. "I can tell what you're feeling."

August 08, 2016 19:55
Bella Eda

She looked into his eyes after she kissed him back "It is not you I am hiding it from Li and you know it. You know me and I know you know what I was just thinking too. I do not know Draven or his wife they will not see a weak Bella Eda."

August 08, 2016 20:02

Li called over his shoulder and the spirit came over. "I think you need to talk to her." He said turning her so her back was to his chest.

August 08, 2016 20:34
Bella Eda

Seeing the spirit now she said softly one word "Mom how?" She breathed deep letting out a slow breath 

August 08, 2016 20:40

"I have control over her spirit, I can summon her whenever I want." He said. "The fact that I didn't kill her saw me doing a ritual to get in touch with her soul." He lifted his rosary bead and pointed to one of the glowing beads. "This one is hers."

August 08, 2016 20:53
Bella Eda

Bella nodded touching the bead with a finger "I'm sorry mom everything is spiraling out of control and I can't fix any of it. Marah and I are not seeing eye to eye and things were said that should not have been I don't know how to fix any of this." She said softly

August 08, 2016 20:58

Ayame: She reached out and placed a gentle hand on her cheek before pulling down her mask showing the rest of her face. "Being able to admit when you are wrong is the first step but none of you will do that because you both believe that you were right." She said. "You cannot ask Li his thoughts because he doesn't know the difference but he knows the consequences that will follow from your choice. Do you wish to be at odds with your sister?

Li nodded in agreement. "I really can't help you there."

August 08, 2016 21:06
Bella Eda

Bella shook her head "No I don't I don't want this fight between her and myself but I will not let someone I do not know talk to Li or I the way they did. I am tired of it all Mar threatened Li and I don't do well with that and I will protect him. It is who I am who you taught me to be. Protect who you love. Yes I would have stood in Li's way had he not dismissed the contracts he had on them. Mar is my sister and I would protect her too but how can I protect both?"

August 08, 2016 21:11

"Telling you that I don't need protection will just go through one ear and out the other Isa." He said chuckling. "But you must learn that when people say things to me they mean nothing. They are just words and nothing else. Marah will be fine because she fails to understand that she's with my brother and if he was here it would not be a pretty sight. I believe if Angel said what I said she'd be defending him against her family because she knows his temper dwarfs all of yours. Its because its me."

Ayame: "Li may have a point if the roles were reversed it may go like that or it may not we will never know." She said. "But find away to put this behind you and find away to talk to her and settle this. Family may fight but if they are strong enough they will always come back. And Li i don't know if its a vendetta against you..."

"I don't care." Li replied. "I'll ensure Bella fixes this and hopefully the consequence will be something you approve of." He tightened his arms around her. "Like I said before people talk when they themselves know nothing. They jump to conclusions, quick to anger and fail to realize its just boring facade to me. Their all idiots simple"

August 08, 2016 21:25
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  goes  back  to  the  blood  brew  it  was Lilly's  bar  so  he  wanted  to check on  his  wife. Now  that he  knew  that  ciaran  was alright and  safe. He walks in  to the  blood  brew  and   over to  Lilly*

"Love are  you alright? Ciaran  is  fine so  you  know  .He is  back  at   the  shamrock   chilling out and  safe  with PIRA   lads and  lasses.  No one  will  mess  with him  there."

August 08, 2016 21:25
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven returned to his aunt's bar with his wife holding her hand as they walked down the street.  He knew that Sky thought he forgot about their date night but he sure didn't he just got sidetracked with idjits earlier.  Opening the door for his wife he smiled at her and spoke.~  "After you my love.  You didn't think I forgot about our date night did you?"

~He waited for her to go inside with a big grin on his face waiting for her response.~

August 08, 2016 21:32
Bella Eda

Bella sighed and looked at her mom "I know things don't bother you Li but I am not you. I wish sometimes I could be but I can't I am fueled by emotions. I always have been and I want to fix this I do not want to lose Mar but she is very angry right now. I am quick to anger yes I fully admit that but I cool down rather quickly too. But I do not have to like or get to know Draven and his wife I will be cival with them if I must but that is as far as it will go."

August 08, 2016 21:35
Skylar Ravenwalker

*Skylar waltz in holding her husbands hand taking a step in front of him. *

" Well I did think it for like oh 3 seconds.  I am glad that Cici is better drunk but better. And  Dutchie really liked those brownies and chocolate shake. . Oh look its your uncle."

* Skylar being the calm cool and collective on was glad the bar was cleared out.  so she les Draven to the bar and sat on the stool. *

" Dra man I talked to my brother Rafe today and told him about Dutchie and her singing he seemed interested."

August 08, 2016 21:38
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven kissed her cheek and laughed a bit.  Placing his hands around her waist as they walked into the bar he spoke.~  "You my love never have to worry about me ever forgetting you cause you are the most important thing in my life and you know I will give you the world if you ask of me."

~Softly caressing her cheek he smiled again as he saw his uncle at the bar and then helped his wife on the stool as he took the one next to him.  Listening to her about her brother he nodded and spoke.~  "Oh good that will be awesome I know she has been waiting to hear back about that.  Hey uncle Ro and aunt Lilly is there a available booth for us with a candle in the middle?  You know it is that time of the week for date night we figured we would come here.  Can we also get your best bottle of blood wine and a order of your hot wings?"

~Taking her hand into his as they waited he looked at his uncle again and spoke.~  "You okay uncle Ro you seem a bit blah."

August 08, 2016 21:48
Ronan Boru

" I  m  fine  Draven.  Just a  simple apparent  misundersanding is  all. we will see  how it  unfolds  later  as  time  goes on."

August 08, 2016 21:52
Skylar Ravenwalker

" Yeah I thought he forgot for about 3 seconds then deep down I knew if he wanted to live he would remember."

^* Skylar did a small chuckle then looked at her husband.*

" Yeah I know  she is really good with a unique sound. I sent the tape  of her I recorded and he said its what he is looking for but he has the right guys   for the back up band.  I really cant wait for him to show up ya know. I miss him. But both him and Quinn said to say hey."

August 08, 2016 21:55

Li gave her his phone ."Call and say that you're are sorry or text her which ever is simpler."

August 08, 2016 22:07
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven nodded to his uncle and then  turned his attention back to his beautiful wife.  He was a little bummed that his brother and sister n law couldn't of made it to their wedding but he was looking forward to seeing  them soon enough.~  "When are they coming here?  I hope soon I would really like to see them again and it will be nice maybe we could throw a dinner party when they do come.  I am telling you this thing with the music for Marah will be great for her with all the drama that has been going on as of late maybe it will cheer her up some and some relaxation will be good for her." 

~He gave the bartender a smile when he gave them both beers and Draven reached into his jean pocket pulled out a $20 dollar bill and handed it to the bartender and then spoke after he took a sip of his beer.~  "So after dinner what would you like to go and do my love?"

August 08, 2016 22:08
Bella Eda

Bella looked at Li "I always have my phone" She said producing it from her pocket. Firing off a text to Marah. She wasn't sure she would hear back but still it was worth a shot.

"Listen Mar I am sorry about tonight everyone got off on the wrong foot. Tempers flared all around and yes I know mine did but that is who I am. I am working on control but I have not mastered it yet. I do not want this to screw up the relationship we have. We are all still reeling from recent events. Call me or text me if you want to talk and work this out."

August 08, 2016 22:36

Ayame: "It is a start my child." She said. "And as for your temper hopefully Li can help you hold it and that tongue of yours." She turned to look at Li. "Keep my daughters and my son safe Li. That is all I ask of you." She leaned forward and pressed her lips against her forehead. "I love you Isabella." And with that she disappeared in a flash of blue light.

"She needed her rest." Li said releasing her and leaning back on the tree. "I am proud of you though."

August 08, 2016 22:42
Lilly Emperium *sitting on the floor, behind the counter. Lilly decided to have her drink. Hearing her husband's voice, she popped up* oh hey love....everything is ok? Glad Ciaran is ok.... August 08, 2016 23:42
Ronan Boru

I  am  fine  love.  draven  spoke  to  you  as  well did  you  hear h im? he  is  here on  a  date  night  with  Skylar it  seems. Something  in  fact  that  we  have not  done  in  a long  while  either  so  how  about you  come out  from  behind  there and  we  get  the  staff to  cook  for  us and   you  an I  just  relax  now."

August 08, 2016 23:46
Lilly Emperium *Looking to Draven and Sky, she whispered*
Sorry's on the house guys.

*Looking to Ronan, she smiled softly* sounds like a wonderful idea hun. *Walking out, she kissed her husband* yes..let's do that
August 09, 2016 00:07
Ronan Boru

"Sounds  like a   plan. Lets   go  sit   at a   table  and   just relax  all of  us  for once."

August 09, 2016 00:22
Lilly Emperium *cupping her hand around his arm, she smiled softly* lead the way love August 09, 2016 00:30
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  fins a   table  and  sits  down  an   waves  draven  ad   Skylar over.*

" Join  us  young  ones  as I said  we all  need  bit of  time t o relax  after all  the  BS  that went  down  in  here before."

August 09, 2016 00:54
Bella Eda

Bella looked at Li "Why I screw things up? Sometimes I am more my father than my mother and when tempers flare I am my father through and through. My mother was the one who would try to think things through first. I can't help who I am. I protect what is mine? Yes I may be blinded by love but so wasn't my mother. My parents could not be together so they did the best they could. My mother loved my father with her whole being until the day she died and she would have done anything to protect him. I am that way when it comes to you. But that same protection extends to my family too. I meant it when I said that I would have stood in the way to save Mar and my family if you had decided to take the contracts. It is not because I am going against you but it is who I am." 

August 09, 2016 07:14
Leugim "Sometimes when you feel your anger getting away from you. Ensure that your mouth closed." He said. "But id you want to know how someone feels about you listen to them when they are angry. Words cut deeper than any weapon Isa. And once it is said it cannot be taken back." August 09, 2016 08:08
Bella Eda

"That love is easier said than done. I know staying silent is the best thing to do at times but it is not easy when you want to fire right back. I did good though for the most part I didn't punch anyones lights out" She said with a small grin. "I tried to walk away before I did punch someone I felt like I wanted to and I honestly did not want to disrespect Lilly like that." 

August 09, 2016 08:13
Leugim "Not like it mattered to anyone. Well Ronan left because he didn't want to start anything. At least he cares what she thinks." He said opening his arms. "But that rocky relationship I had with Marah just became unstable." August 09, 2016 08:23
Bella Eda

She stepped into his arms "Thing is it does matter to someone it matters to me Li" She said taking a deep breath breathing in his scent letting it wash over her and calm her more. "Yeah unfortunately I know it did and I am not sure any of us can really get past that. I want to trust Mar I do but she threatened you. She would defend Angel if I went after him the way she did you. But I don't have any reason to go at him at all so I won't. Besides he is your brother and I will not put you in the middle of a fight between me and Angel." 

August 09, 2016 08:35
Leugim "Angel has seen everything there is to see. He's a wise old Mutt he finds sense in words and actions before he speaks." Li says holding her. "Although he is quick to angee when it involves us. If he was here I'm positive what happened wouldn't have happened. He calls you out if you're "Wrong" regardless of us being family. But you wouldn't have done any of that because you need to realize that words don't phase me one bit." August 09, 2016 10:28
Bella Eda

"You are right if Angel wasn't here Mar would not have went off the way she did. He would have calmed her long before any of this happened and things would not have been said that may be regretted later. I even know not to mess with Angel. Trust me I don't want his anger turned on me." 

August 09, 2016 10:36
Leugim He stroked her hair. "That's why its never wise to be angry. Because an angry person's words cut deeper than any blade." He said. "Plus you tend to speak your true feelings when angry. Don't worry I will help you mend your relationship with her." August 09, 2016 10:50
Bella Eda

"Because when angry you tend to speak without the filter that is normally there in regular run of the mill conversations. Anger makes you lash out to hurt on purpose and hit below the belt to cause the most hurt possible. I know this it is just telling my brain that when I get like this." 

August 09, 2016 11:12
Leugim "Whats said is said and no matter how you wish to change it. It cannot be undone. You apologized and that's all that you can do." August 09, 2016 12:05
Bella Eda

"Yeah I know whether she reaches out now is up to her I did what I had to do. It is a wait and see game" 

August 09, 2016 12:11
Leugim "No you did what we told you to do." He said smirking down at her. August 09, 2016 12:32
Bella Eda

"It is still what I had to do in the end I just did it sooner than I would have because lets face it I can be stubborn." 

August 09, 2016 12:34
Leugim Li scoffed at her. "Can?" August 09, 2016 12:38
Bella Eda

She laughed "Alright I am stuborn better"

August 09, 2016 12:46
Draven A Ravenwalker ~Draven nodded took a sip of his beer got down off the stool. Placing his beer down he smiling as he scooped up his wife up from the stool he grinned as he placed her down so her feet touched the floor as he chuckled a but.~ "Hey uncle Ro had a great idea what you say love double date night? Besides this could be fun don't you think? Did I also tell you how beautiful you look tonight?"

~Pulling her into his arms wrapping his arms around her waist he placed a soft kids upon her forehead then pressed his forehead up against hers and sighed with contentment. He always felt better when he held her she was truly his everything.~

August 09, 2016 13:04
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  smiles a nd  makes   flowers a ppear*

"Draven  I  need  you  to  come  with  me  real  fast. I  have  to  show  you  something."

*  Ronan  had maaged to  have  his  godson's  back and  got  roses  for him  to  have  for  Skylar*

August 09, 2016 16:11
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven kissed his wife on her cheek softly after nodding to his uncle and then he spoke.~  "I will be back right back my love why don't you go back and sit with aunt Lilly."

~With that said he walked over to his uncle and gave a smile~  "What's up uncle Ro?" 

August 09, 2016 16:32
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  smiles *

"I  got  your  back lad. here these are  for Skylar. You are going to  learn  the  proper way to  wine  and  dine  a  lady.  Not like  the  fake  crap  you  have  been  seeing  from a  few  people."

*  He  hands  him  the  flowers*

August 09, 2016 16:34
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven looked at his uncle and took the flowers from him and gave him a smile then spoke.~ "Thanks uncle Ro I normally try not to forget things like this.  I am glad you are here to show me things please do not tell mom that I forgot the flowers besides you she tries to tell me as well."

~He patted his uncle on his shoulder and then hide the flowers behind his back so he could surprise his wife. Slipping his left arm around her waist he kissed her cheek and spoke softly.~  "Got you something my love."  ~Pulling the flowers from behind his back he placed them in front of her and waited for her response.  He was thankful that his uncle helped him out with that.~

August 09, 2016 18:10
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  smiles a nd  winks at   him  and  hands  the  blue  roses  to   Lilly*

"for  you   my  beautiful  . They  pale  in   comparison  to  you of  course."

August 09, 2016 18:33
Skylar Ravenwalker * Skylar's eyes lit up when she saw the roses. Looking at Draven she smiled taking the flowers and smelling them.*

" Oh Dra they are beautiful. You are such a sweet man and the best husband ever. I do love you so much my love."
August 09, 2016 18:41
Lilly Emperium *Her eyes seemed to brighten as she smiled brightly*

Oh Ro....thank you love

**Taking them, she blushed as she smelled them. * thank you my love
August 09, 2016 21:51

"Yes you are." Li said grinning. "And I love you just the way you are Isa." he tilted her chin up and pressed his lips softly to her as the wind slowly picked up around them in the night

August 09, 2016 22:32
Bella Eda

She kissed him back forgetting the world around them and just let herself go and feel what he was making her feel. 

August 10, 2016 09:16
Ronan Boru

* Ronan smiles*

"was  nothing  love  really.  So   what  are  we  all in  the  mood  for  food  wise?"

August 10, 2016 13:29
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven smiled at his wife and then hugged her close sighing in contentment.  Kissing her on her cheek he softly spoke.~  "I love you to Sky and I try to be.  I know sometimes I get over protective but I can't help it.  Come let's sit down with uncle Ro and aunt Lilly and get this date night started." 

~He was excited for tonight and he took her by the hand and headed to the booth.  He smiled up at her and then spoke again.~  "After you my beautiful wife which by the way you look very pretty tonight."  ~He leaned over and whispered in her ear.~  "By the way That outfit that you are wearing is one of my favorites."

~Looking at her with a big grin he gave his wife a slight bow as he waited for her to get in the booth first.  Hearing his uncle speak about food he then spoke.~  "I think Sky wanted some hot wings for a appetizer isn't there a appetizer that has a varity like a platter."

August 10, 2016 13:48
Lilly Emperium *smiling softly she chuckled*

Yes Draven there is a platter like that...I think it's called the delight
August 11, 2016 01:37
0racle Standing outside window peering into the festivities inside* Oracle decides to enter this "New Tavern" gossips has been mentioning. Quietly finding his way to chair in shadowed corner ordering a water and lemon* August 11, 2016 09:27
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven gave his aunt a smile and nodded his head as he spoke.~  "Well that is interesting name for that I think we should start off with that first if everyone wants to this way we can think of what to get for the main dish.  Oh hey aunt Lilly you think you could maybe put some cookies in your pocket for the next time I try to steal from you so this way I at lease get something if not money."

~He laughed a bit then smiled big while he waited for his wife to get into the booth looking at her he tilted his head a bit then spoke as he went and wrapped his arms around her waist looking into her eyes.~  "Hey my love are you okay where did you go to?  You seem a little lost."

August 12, 2016 14:58
Skylar Ravenwalker * Skylar looked at Draven as he spoke to her. Sliding in the booth she took a moment then answered him in a worried mannerism tone of voice.*

" I went to the ladies room and something crossed my mind.What if Dutchie's fight with her sister comes between her and that guy she loves. I would feel bad if I had or we had anything to do with that. I mean she told me how happy she finally is and in love. And now one thing wont go bad thats the deal with Rafe and Quinn. Did she seem off to you she did to me. But then it could just be me seeing things that aren't there."

* Looking at the menu she grinned at Draven point to an item*

" Look Dra Hot wings they got hot wings."
August 12, 2016 20:27
Draven A Ravenwalker

~Draven slid in the booth next his wife and then placed his arm around her shoulders as he listened to her and then he sighed and spoke.~  "What happened earlier is not our fault my love and if Uncle Angel loves Marah then they will be just fine.   Marah is under a lot of stress and I was really trying to help out by taking her out of her so she wasn't so stressed out.  But let's not worry to much about anything right now we are on our date night and it is so cool to be here with uncle Ro and aunt Lilly so no more talking about them okay."

~He kissed her on the cheek softly and then laughed a bit at her excitement about the hot wings and he nodded his head.~  "Well if you want to get them so be it my love order what you want order everything off the menu so we can have a varity of everything whatever my beautiful wife wants she shall recieve."

August 13, 2016 15:30
Skylar Ravenwalker

* Hearing what he said she grinned and  looked back at the menu. *  "I do love you so hot wings it is and a cheif salad. that is ok right? and hey maybe some of those pettled onion thingys.I am feeling a bit peckish."

August 13, 2016 16:42
Starlen Bolt

~A bar? Well I guess I could use a drink...~

 Starlen shook her jacket of rain water and stepped into the obscure bar, feeling glad to be free of the weather. Various inhuman beings were dotting the bar, each one watching her for a second before going back to heir drinks or conversations. She stared around for a moment before sliding onto a stool at the bar, running her fingers through her hair as she took her jacket off.

August 25, 2016 13:04
Phantom Wraith He slips in silently and walks to the counter before setting a bar of gold down, "The entire stokepile of sulferic and hydrocloric acid I can smell in here...bring it to me in the office please." With that he walked up the stairs and into the vip rooms and office area before sitting down with his face in his hands. August 30, 2016 18:19
Rosa Rosa has been in and put of the realm for the past couple of months but now she was looking for something fun to do. Walking in to the tavern her blue eyes took everything in going to the bar she ordered a coke and rum. September 24, 2016 13:32

Becca stood outside the tavern, leaning against the wall as she finished off her cigarette and then let the stub fall to the ground to be crushed beneath the toe of her black combat boots. She took a deep breath before heading inside, deciding she could use a drink or two... or ten. The memories of her sister had been bad lately and she needed something to help her forget, at least for a little while. She took a seat at the bar and order a shot of Jaggermeister to start off and pounded it back, embracing the sweet taste of licorice on her tongue as the alcohol burned her throat and warmed her stomach. She ordered two more before she decided to move on to something stronger. "Give me an Aunt Roberta," she said and the bartender gave her a questioning look. "Gin, vodka, brandy, blackberry liquor, and absinthe," she explained to him. If one or two of those didn't help her forget, nothing would.

September 27, 2016 06:48
Demonic Stormwielder *he walks into the tavern and over to the bar, his features covered by his hood. He looks around the tavern, wondering if he even belings here. He snaps out of his thoughts and order the strongest drink he could think of. The person behind the bar hands him the drink and he finds a table within a shadowy part of the bar and sits down, observing the patrons.* October 05, 2016 09:32
Lilly Emperium *quietly Lilly made her way threw* October 07, 2016 19:51
Phantom Wraith After a bit he wakes, sitting in the chair of the VIP room he had taken over with bottles all around him and a splitting headache, "Oh Gods why did I drink?!" October 08, 2016 01:08
Lilly Emperium *quietly Lilly went to check the stock* November 13, 2016 23:51
Siobhan Doyle Shiv comes in taking a seat at the bar. In her hand is the latest edition of the realms 'gossip rag' ordering a drink she looks for her sister in law
sliding her cash on the counter.Looking at the bartender shaking her head

"Thank you keep the Irish Whiskey coming please."
November 14, 2016 10:28
Lilly Emperium *As Lilly finished, she came back threw the kitchen carrying a bottle of whiskey. Seeing Siobhan with the paper, Lilly shook her head.*

Pay that no mind Siobhan...tabloids are trash papers for a reason...they use just enough truth in their stories to grab the Reader's mind.
November 14, 2016 12:48
Leugim Li sat in a corner of the tavern arms folded on the this as he looked at his cup filled with whiskey. The bottle now halved beside it. He was dressed in a simple black jeans, black shirt, vans and his black hoodie which had the hood up. It had been awhile since he was here and was hoping for a different outcome. Downing his drink he quickly refilled it as he sighed. He needed a vacation soon... November 14, 2016 15:54
Siobhan Doyle Shiv glanced over at her sister in law nodding in agreement downing her shot of Irish Whiskey.

" Yeah I know Lilly Pad. Last week it was all about Barbie and now It's Doyle and me getting divorced. Little do they know Doyle and I keep the lines of communication open and dont believe idol gossip. Poor Dutchie went to little seal and Doyle worried but I think they calmed her down. I just hope she won't be their next target seeing she is my brothers daughter. But I have to say the Viking and I sat on the couch eating cookies and having a great laugh. I swear don't people have a life that they have to make up lies and start drama. And it's funny that some see me and Doyle as a power couple it's hilarious "
November 14, 2016 18:53
Lilly Emperium If they do, I'm sure there would be trouble.. *shakes her head* trying to pit Ami against me.... **** if this was earlier this year, that could have fed my paranoia.....but now....nah November 14, 2016 20:05

Walking into the tavern, Sandra took a nervous look around. Back in a town she had been running from for 10 years. This time around she planned on staying, and staying required socializing. So here she was at the local tavern. Although a little changed from the last time she remembered it, it still had the same vibe. Open. 

She sauntered over to the bartender, "a shot of Everclear, please." She took in all the faces and began thinking about how she was going to start settling back into town.

December 24, 2016 02:48
Ronan Boru

* Ronan walks in to the Blood  brew  and   looks around. It  had  been a  while  since  he  was  here but  he  had  heard from  goku  and  knew  where to  find  the  man . That  and  he  needed  to get out of  the  house . he  was  going  crazy . Too  may  questions and   not  enough  answers  to them .He  would if  Lilly  wanted  him  to  let  al  of that  drop  for now. All his  wife  had  to  do  was  say  the  words a nd   he forgive  her anything and  do  what  she  asked. He get  a drinkk  of Irish  whiskey .*

January 22, 2017 13:18
vamp_goku Goku was a little grumpy this day, it as been awhile since he as seen his own wife. Knowing her she was off buying or shopping for something or another. He rarely ever worried about her much she was a strong headed woman,and could take care of herself.. For now he just sits in the darkest corner of the bar, with a full bottle of whiskey. As he looks around hoping no one knew it was his second bottle this time around.

It as been some time since he as been in here, but who knows he might see a few old faces in this place.. It would be nice to catch up with everyone, since he as been asleep for some time now. Not much as chanced or at less that he as noticed, but lets face it he barely notices a thing since half the time he is drunk..

But come on it makes everything more interesting and fun, the so called liquid of courage..He rarely was ever worried about his own words, but he did try his best to not say nothing to off..
January 22, 2017 14:41
Faia Shiria Walking in to the familiar establishment Faia almost felt like coming home. Taking a deep breath she smiled as she spotted a familiar face in the crowd. Waving at Ronan she went for the bar to order a drink before joining him at the nearby table. She placed her bottle of ale on the table before hugging the man tightly. Taking a step back she wasn't sure how he'd react but she just was happy to see him again, alive.

"It's good to see you dear. How are you and Lil doing?"

As second later a familiar presence made her smile. She glanced around the room for a moment and spotted him in the darkest corner.

"Please excuse me for a moment dear" She offered a smile to Ronan before walking over to her husband placing a soft kiss to his lips. She could taste the whiskey on them and chucked.

"Come on love. Don't hide over here. Come greet Ronan. I don't know about you but I haven't seen him and Lilly in what feels like years. Come on now"
January 22, 2017 14:49
Ronan Boru

* Seeing  Goku  he  walks  over*

"Did  you  have a  nice  nap  then Goku? Its  been a   while s ince  I  have  saw  you."

* He looks  to  Faia and  smiles*

"Lilly and  I  are f ine.  we had a few   things happen  but  we are   more then likely  for  now  just  letting it  go. I told  her I  would  do  as  she  waned and  if  she  wanted  to  let it  go  I  would  with  the  whole  coven  thing. She  has  yet to  answer  me  . You know  me Faia I  can  forgive  that  woman  anything."

January 22, 2017 14:49
Faia Shiria Faia smiled and nodded at Ronan. "I'm sure you will find the way that suits you both. You both deserve some peace and quit. It's very nice to see you out and about again though. Maybe you can help drag my husband out of the shadows as well?"

She chuckled and winked at Goku.
January 22, 2017 15:01
Ronan Boru

"Ha I  doubt  that  very  much. I  can  now  see the  reason  one  would  stay to the  shadows and  darkness . Then  again there are some  things  that are  better in  the  light  to  see."

*   He looks  at  them and  smiles.*

January 22, 2017 15:16

In one swift movement she entered the room and sat at the bar, ordering whiskey neat, she took in all the people around her. Make idle conversation? People watch? Be adventurous and maybe dance with someone? Who knew what tonight would hold, Adrienne only hoped something even remotely interesting would happened.

February 03, 2017 03:06
Trenton Stills Trenton steps in, removing his hat just inside the doorway, then takes a seat at the bar. He briefly looks about the room before pulling out a cigarette. He lights it then begins to scribble on a bar napkin as he hums . February 04, 2017 16:06

Adrienne moved bar stools and motioned to the man smoking a cigarette, "I'd say those are bad for you but I'm about to ask you for one." She gave him a smile and sipped her drink. "I'd also ask what your writing but I like a mystery." She downed the last of her drink and ordered another whiskey.

February 07, 2017 23:55
LillyEmperium *Walking in, Lilly knew she shouldn't have her normal drink. But she also knew she needed to tend to business. Slowly she pushed the hood of her cloak back as her pale blue eyes scanned the room. Everything was as it should be.

Hearing one of the girls go on about how things had been. Lilly nodded and walked over to pour herself a glass of bloodwyne. *

Yess I see...
March 06, 2017 01:11
Jessica Martinez

Her boots kicked up the dirt she'd dragged in and she gave a half smile apology to the bartender before ordering a Manhattan and spinning in her bar stool. So many people were here and it made her wonder how well everyone really got along.

March 07, 2017 14:16
LillyEmperium *Looking around, Lilly noted many new faces. Smiling softly she cleared her throat slightly*

Welcome to The Blood Brew everyone! Order as you wish, I'm sure we have it. Please remember though... We are one of the few neutral ground taverns. Have fun and enjoy.
March 07, 2017 18:07
Leugim Li stepped into the tavern with his fingerless black glove covered hands tucked into his black jeans which were also tucked into his black combat boots. He also wore a black long sleeved muscle shirt under a tactical vest. Over that his black hooded cloak and glasses tucked into a pocket. He also had an unlit Asher resting between his lips as his electric blue eyes scanned the room. He spotted Lilly and smile played on his lips as she addressed the room. He'd say hi in a bit right now he needed a drink.

He went over to the counter and ordered a few bottles of Brewmeister Snake Venom. It had been a long day and he needed a drink.
March 30, 2017 14:07
LillyEmperium *Seeing Li, she nodded. Turning around she went to her office for a moment then walked back out* March 30, 2017 22:15
Jamie Fraser

~Jamie  walks in  to the  tavern. It  sort of  reminded  him  of the  ones  back  home.  He looks arond  to  see if  he knows a ny one. Seeing  no o ne  at  the  moment, he  orders a  drink and  sits at a  near  by  table.~

April 04, 2017 20:08
LillyEmperium *Walking back out from the office, Lilly smiled *

Well hi there Mr Fraser. How are you this eve?
April 04, 2017 20:45
Jasmin Laval

*She stepped in quietly her feet seeming to float over the floor her green eyes, framed by long thick black lashes,  adjusting quickly to the lighting of the place. Her dress clung to her body being perfectly tailored to fit her body. It was white almost to white making her skin look like it actually have some sort of color to it. It had thicker straps that clung to her shoulders showing off her neck that was covered in a diamond choker. The dress v-ed down to her belly button but covered her full breasts and fell just past her knees. Her heels white except for the spike of the heel was red curving up in the shape of a snake. She unclasped her black cloak the clasp made from a ruby. Removing her cape revealing her her long thick blonde tresses that falls down past her shapely butt . Her overall beauty stunning but also if you knew her was a weapon she used to the fullest. Her facial features all female with lush full red lips that begged to be kissed. She calmly walks up to the bar and asks the bartender for a glass of wine mixed with blood. She takes a sip her lips caressing the glass lightly. She takes her glass of wine with her cloak draped over her arm walks to a table to sit down . She sits down on the chair every bit a lady raised with grace and many instilled manners. She crosses her shapely legs and enjoys the environment of the public place her eyes searching around. She was looking for him for kain she doubted she would find him but it was worth a look. She had figured he would've sensed her by now and been back to finish what he had started. She tapped her nail on her glass and a small smirk could not hide itself from her mouth.  She was always one for dramatics and the such.* (What else could you really do with eternity but entertain yourself?)

April 04, 2017 20:51
Jamie Fraser

"ah  Lady  Boru. I  am  well. How  are ya fairin' tonight yaself?"

April 04, 2017 20:52
LillyEmperium *Lilly laughed lightly as she nodded. Motioning for one of the girls to bring her some bloodwyne. Taking note of the woman who entered, she motioned to another to watch and tend to her. *

Aye.... Soo formal. I did away with the whole lady thing years ago. From lady Emperium to lady shade back to Emperium now lady Boru... Please we are in my family's tavern... Just Lilly.
April 04, 2017 21:00
Jamie Fraser

 Sorry lass  was  the  way  i was  raised  that  makes  me  act  with  respect like  that to a  lady. As  you  wish  then  Lilly. I  am  then  just  Jamie.  I like our  husband  dont let friends   be  so  formal.

April 04, 2017 21:05
LillyEmperium Very well, sounds good to me. I to was raised insaid fashion. Mother would have had a fit if we forgot our manners.

*Pointing towards a painting at the wall, she chuckled *

Mother and father.... Happy and together... Jasmine and Kain Emperium...before...

*taking a drink from her glass, she winced *
April 04, 2017 21:08
Jasmin Laval

*She looked onto the exchange between the two. She couldn't help but admire her offsprings beauty for it was comaparison with her own and jasmin did amire herself of cours. She was slightly irked that Lilly did not recieve her unique green eyes. Then it would of been like looking onto a replica of herself. Although her daughter was in many ways like Kain and kinder in nature than herself.  So Lilly looked like herself in so many ways but was complete opposite on the inside from jasmins twisted ways.  She couldn't help her selfishness to just watch her daughter from afar. she reaches up touching her throat thinking of when lilly had been so tiny and had looked up to her mohter. It was all so long ago and she had missed out on so much of her life. Kain had tried to get jasmin to be more involved in the childrens lives but she feared she lacked that motherly nature most seemed born with. Jasmin smirked at Lilly's comment she was right she did have kain spend a lot of money on personal tuitors for the children.  * 

April 04, 2017 21:15
Jamie Fraser

Ah I  see.  I  remeber my  mother  singing and  painting as well. I  had one  sister and  2  brothers.  Seems  like  ages ago  and  another lifetime when  wer  were all last together and  happy.

~He  smiles  softly  remebering  that  the  song his  mother  tought him  he  had  also  tought  to  Cassandra  many moons  ago.  He  wondered  if  she  remembered  it now.~

April 04, 2017 21:27
LillyEmperium My mother.... She could host a party like none other.... Jasmin had a knack for it... I didn't follow her footsteps.... I followed father and my uncles. children never had to choose.... They much like their uncles Damien and Drako, can follow what ever star they wish.... No worries. I want them to be happy April 04, 2017 21:39
Jamie Fraser

my  mother  was  the  same  when  it  camme  to  us as well.  She  always  told  us  to  "Follow your  bliss and  your  hearts.  Do  what  makes  you  happy  my  darlings. Funny  the  things we  can  remember  at  differet times yeah? So  whats  with  you  ad  the  grmpy  old  man  Boru?  what  rock  did  ya  find  him  sulking on?"

~  he smiles  a bit~

April 04, 2017 21:46
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  walks In*

"she  didnt  find  me  sulking on  any rock  Fraser.  Aye  that  would  be  where  one  lass  would  find  you  if  I  remember  right. Hello  lilly  love. How  are  you?"

April 04, 2017 21:48
Jamie Fraser

~Jamie  laughs and  looks  at  them~

"Aye  but its  been  years  since  I  had  that issue. Besides  last  I  remember  it  was only Claire  that  had  that  effect on  me so shut it  Boru."

April 04, 2017 22:01
LillyEmperium Grumpy... Old.. *lilly chuckled as she smiled hearing her husband on the heels of Jamie's comment. *

Aye love... I'm good... Other than the bundle trying to rumble with my organs

*looking to his eyes she linked to him.. I will be OK love.... Not even she can make me feel that bad*
April 04, 2017 22:06
Ronan Boru


*  Ronan  grabs a  drink  and   sits  down  next to  his  friend*

"Again  Fraser watch  who  you  are  calling  old  and  grumpy there grandpa. So  whats  going o n  here tonight?"

April 04, 2017 22:13
LillyEmperium *chuckling Lilly smiled *

Just reminiscing bit over times past...and enjoying good company after making sure the correct orders had been placed.
April 04, 2017 22:22
Ronan Boru

"Lilly you  are  being  watched."

*  Ronan  looks  over to  where  anouther  female  sat*

"She  looks  familar  to  you?"

April 04, 2017 22:27
LillyEmperium * nodding to her husband, she spoke gently *

I recognized her scent as soon as she walked in... A child, no matter how old never forgets what their parents smell like. I wonder if I should tell her.... I've said nothing directly to her, why watch me? I have no clue love
April 04, 2017 22:49
Jasmin Laval

*She leans foreward she figured her daughter was to observant like her father to not have known her surroundings. She takes a sip of her wine and gives her award winning dazzling smile at lilly*


"I figured you would know but didn't think you would want to talk to me. but you look lovely as ever. Luckily you took mostly after me ." 

April 04, 2017 22:55
Ronan Boru

Ronan looks a t  Lilly  and  smiles then  speaks.

"Jasmin i  am  guessing as in Lilly's  mother. I'm  Ronan Boru.  ImLilly's hsband. This   pain  in  the  ass  is a old  friend  of  mine from  scotland  named  Jamie Fraser. Pleasure  to  meet  you."

April 04, 2017 22:59
LillyEmperium *Lilly's eyes briefly went from their blue to Violet then back to blue. Softly she smiled and with every bit of eloquence she could muster at the moment she spoke*

It's funny... I used to have so many things I wanted to say.... To ask.... *shutting herself down she started after a moment *

1 free Round on the house.... Welcome back....... Mother. Maybe you'll stay and get to know what's left of the family.
April 04, 2017 23:16
Ronan Boru

"yeah family  normally  is a  good  thing when  needed .You should  stick  around."

April 04, 2017 23:59
Jasmin Laval

 *She lets a soft laugh escape her lips sounded like tiny bells. Amused at her daughters self control. she stands up and walks over and extends her hand to Ronan palm down .  Something that ladies of old would do. Her hand having a couple plain gold rings on them and one with a tiny tear drop ruby in it. * 


"I plan on staying a long while. I feel that I can find some enjoymeant in the simple things of life. Plus I have much unfinished business I plan on wrapping up." 


*Her green eyes sparkle slightly and showing her full age  that her body never betrayed.* 

April 05, 2017 02:16
LillyEmperium *Many thoughts ran threw her mind as her nose gave a slight twitch. She watched her mother carefully as a faint agitation came over her. Taking a long drink, she slowly rolled her head from the right to the left. Looking to her mother she nodded *

Do as you wish, lest it shine a bad light upon this family ....If your unfinished business involves Kain... Good luck with that, he left for parts unknown briefly stopping in Cancun along time ago....
April 05, 2017 02:36
Jasmin Laval

*Her green eyes deepen slightly in color at her daughters comment and lets her hand fall back to her side. She looks her daughter over closely something had changed about her. Jasmin could only guess that life had sharpened her once to soft spoken daughter. But one not to bite back her eyes glitter once again.* 


"And I am confused what happened to your first husband.. ?"

*she brings her hand and taps her finger on her lip and looks off exagerating the look of trying to recal his name.* 

'Blood shade,,,, no ... snake shade.. Oh yes... dragonshade. Yes that was what it was"

*She snaps her fingers as she remembers the name. * 

"as to your previouse statement I have no wish to taint the name emperium any more than it already is. That became a very dull costly game any ways." 

*Her eyes deepend to a dark green at the mention of kains name it was reallly more of mixed reaction for her*

"He left to Cancun?"

*she reaches up to lightly touch her forehead. He had actually left her all alone in that coffin and not even attempted to join her. He had meant to kill her permanetly.* 

April 05, 2017 02:45
LillyEmperium *Lilly's eyes almost rolled as she listened to Jasmin acted like she couldn't get Dragon's name. Lilly knew better, life had taught her many things. Including when it was a game. She truly wanted to lose her cool, however she chose to keep her cool an play it off. *

Mind not what it use to be I take it. Yes Dragon was his name. Death happened... Amongst other things.

*Keeping it short, those that needed to know.....knew what happened. Some knew more than her. The past.... Her past... Was just that past. Why should she dredge up unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Now was not the time. Setting she watched her mother's reactions. Wincing slightly she rubbed her side as she continued *

Yes tainting the name Emperium is costly, more so now than before I suppose. As to Kain, he is or was exploring as far as I know. After your little poison stunt he wasn't long. He couldn't stay, he was broken without his.... mate... his wife. He left with the twins, leaving me the tavern and everything else tied to the family. I only know he had been to Cancun when the staff let me know Damien and Drako were living there.

*It was true, Lilly was not the same person that they left. Left to sort everything out and deal with the mess that was here at the time. She buried many friends and family since then. She grew up, and fast. Pushing her own limits and that of those around her. Giving a faint smile she spoke *

Keep the mansion..... I'm sure you've been there. Forgive the rudeness, I'm not exactly myself.

*softly she smiled to her husband *
Rylee and Corvinus should be visiting soon. Theo mentioned school break was coming for them. I told them to come anytime, break or not.
April 05, 2017 04:37
Ronan Boru

* Hearing  DragonShade's name  Ronaneyes  go  m omentarly  dark blue  and  then  back  to  their  normal blue.  *

"Yes  of  course  they are  always  welcome to  visit anytime not  just breaks."

*He  looks at  Jasmin*

" I  was  actally  the  cause of one of  Dragonshade's deaths in  a  Coven  blood  hunt because  he had  the  tendancey  to be  an  ass and  liked to  run  his  mouth to  leadership. You speak kof him  as  if  you  miss  him , Lady  Jasmin but I  can  assure you  should he retur  here it  will not  be  a  friendly  meeting  again.There is  much  about  his relationship  with Lilly  that  you  dont   know and  I  now  after  years  do. Lilly and I  have  been  together  for a  year and I  am  in  no  way  anythig like  the  pathetic  excuse  for  a  man. Unlike him  I  now  how  to  treat a  female."

* Ronan didnt mean  to  sound  cold  but  when  it  came to  Dragon shade nice was not  something  the Irish high  king  and  druid was  going to  be for anyone.*

April 05, 2017 07:38
Jamie Fraser

~Jamie watches his  friends closely. He  knew  enough  to  know  that  this DragonShade man  name  was  dead  if  he showed  up  near  lilly  again  .Jamie was sure  there  had  been  some  sort of  abuse  that  Ronan's wife  suffered  at  the  hands of this Dragonshade  to  make Ronan  react  to  the  name  and  say  what he  did. He  could also  tell that  there was some  distrust between Lilly and this  Jasmin  person as well. ~

April 05, 2017 07:47
Jasmin Laval

*Her daughters reaction was slightly dissappointing but her new husband was entertaining. She didn't expect what came out of his mouth however. she may poke at lilly mentally but in truth she didn't want anything ..such a true death to take her away no matter what life served up to lilly.  Jasmin knew herself to be to selfish to let go anything she remotely liked. she moved gracefully to lilly and ran her hand softly along her jaw as she used to when she was tiny. She peered down into her eyes.*

"I hope he did not put hands on you daughter. I honestly didn't think he had it in him. He always thought he was so righteouse and above being evil.  I am not one to profess love and all so easily but I imagine if I did you would be the center of it Lilly. You do have loyalty from me and if he had put hands while I was around would of been a worse fate then simply killing him . That in a way is to much mercy in my eyes. " 

*she lets her hand fall back to her side and looks back to Ronan.* 

That is yet to be seen

April 05, 2017 11:50
Ronan Boru

~Ronan  looks  at  this  woman. He  would  never raise  his  hand  to Lilly nor  would he of  ever  pulled  the control issues  that  dragonshade  did. Ronan was raised  far  better  then  that. Ronan knew  m ore about  what  happened  between  Lilly and  Dragon  but  he  would  let lilly  talk of it  if  she  wanted  this woman to  know.~

" What  is  yet  to  be  seen? Trust  that he  was  not  as  honorable  as  he  put  on. If  he  did  return  and  come anwhere near  my Lilly he  would  be  dead  with in  48 hours of  the longest  of  me  finding out  about it. I  knew  Kain and  I  know  he  wouldnt of  stood for it if  he  had  known but I did not til about  a  year ago myself  what   that  "Man" did fully. If  Lilly  wants  you to  know of  any of it  then  she  will  speak  of  it  to  you . There is  never a  reason  any man  should  ever  raise  his  hand  in anger to  a  woman. I  would NEVER do  such  a  thing  even  when  others told  me  I should of with  my  first  wife  Angelica. I  NEVER beat or  abused  any  woman.  I  was  raised  better  then  that. All  Boru men  are."

April 05, 2017 12:43
Jamie Fraser

^Jamie looks at  the  other  woman and   shakes his  head^

"Madame you  can  trust  that if  Boru  here  says  if  this  Dragonshade returns  to  cause  any  harm  or  annoyance that  within 24- 48  hours he  will be a dead  man. He is not anything like  some  here that you  might  know  or  known . Boru  wont  let  any one harm his family or  those  close  to  him."

April 05, 2017 15:00
LillyEmperium *Hearing her mother talk she sighed softly. The touch to her face almost made her reminisce of a different time, when her family was whole. Then almost as quick she shook her head and looked at her mother. She couldn't believe the words that she heard her mother use. Under her breath she spoke*

I've seen they loyalty and mercy some of the members of this family has given.

*speaking normally she looked straight to her mother *

Hand no, he knew better... But thanks to the mercy you so gave him.... His trust was broken long before my transgressions. Always accusing and controlling has a way of slowly killing a person. Though you should remember.... His loyalty was always really with the one who turned him and only partially with his wife.

*gently rubbing her sides again, Lilly continued *

As to what remains to be seen..... I can personally say, it is far better than what it was. I have many to thank, especially my beloved husband.
April 05, 2017 15:52
Ronan Boru

"You can  rest assure if it  was  physical and  I  knew  what I  know now he  would  of  been  dead long  before  he  was. I  dont even  try to  control  any one. Besides  even  if  I  wanted  to  Lilly  wouldnt  of  stood for it. I dont  control Lilly and  I  dont care if  she  has  female or  male  friends in   the end. I  know  where  she  lies  her  head at  night  and  with  who  so  there is  as I  said  no  reaso to  be  like  that and  the  Boru  men  we  were  raised  better  then  that."

April 05, 2017 15:59
Jasmin Laval

*Jasmin brow farrows slightly trying to remeber if she had indeed turned Dragon. She remebered trying to break his good will .. that he had been a hunter at one time. But it was all so long ago it was hard to recall. she laughed softly listening to what Ronann Boru had to say. She directs her green eyes towards him.* 

"I do not know you and obviously my lack of attention to Lilly caused me to miss a lot in her life. I do trust her decisions somewhat. "

*she looks back to her daughter her eyes returning to a lighter green.* 

"I think he sounds somewhat like a typicall male to me. Always wanting to control you. "

*she smiles her mischevouse grin and even faintly blushes* 

"But maybe thats just with me and my nature. Your father did try his best but only if I had met him earlier in life. And for the most part this family was loyal to one another mainly against outsiders but still we sometimes managed to pull together.  "

*Jasmin in truth missed the big dinners and family gatherings they had. But being real with herself she devoured everything around her.* 

April 05, 2017 19:30
Ronan Boru

"More  then  alot  I  would  say. It  would  be  up to  her to  let you in  to the  rest of  what  she  has  now. And  who  sounds  like a  typical  male  to  you?"

April 05, 2017 19:48
LillyEmperium *She had begun to grow agitated, instinctively her hand slipped over her husband's hand. Within moments she began to calm. He truly was her calm in the storms, shelter from disaster. He was her everything. Smiling softly, she spoke as calm as could be. * Feel free to sit and ask questions...i may answer what is important..

*Taking a deep breath, she continued *

As to who he is... He Is my husband... My mate.. My may not recognize the name... But I assure you he was around. He has heard and seen it already.

*giving Ronan's hand a gentle squeeze, she smiled softly *
It is a good thing, for me if she does not recall a name.
April 05, 2017 20:36
Ronan Boru

* Ronan looks  from  this  woman  to   Lilly and  smiles a  bit  and  laghs  softly. He  could  tell  lilly  was  getting  annoyed and  it  was  fun  for  him to  see.*

"I remember  watching Emperuims  fall  like  flies at one  point here. I dont know  the reason a nd if I  did  I  have  since  forgotten  it  as in  the  present it  doesnt matter seeing as  the  past is  just  that  the  past  . There  hasnt  been  issues  with  the Emperium name in  a long  time  here and  if  you  make it  to be  here one and Lilly  gets  caught  in  the  cross  hairs  of it  for  no  reason  you  really  wont like  me. See  unlike  some  I  know  what loyalty  is and those  that get  mine  have it til  the  end of  their  days . It  doesnt  come  cheap  either."

April 05, 2017 20:46
LillyEmperium *smiling softly, Lilly winced. Slowly she stood. * please excuse me, I'll be right back. If not, no one will wish to come here for a month.

*swiftly she went threw the office to the private bathroom. At least there she could tose her cookies in peace for a moment. Once finished, she cleaned herself up and slowly stepped out. Looking towards a barmaid Lilly instructed her to fill her glass. This time, straight blood. Walking back over she smiled *

Much better
April 05, 2017 21:49
Ronan Boru

*ronan  looks a t  her *

"hey  not  nice there  little one  no  making  mama sick."

April 05, 2017 22:02
LillyEmperium *setting back down as her glass was set down*

I think someone was trying to do flips on my stomach.
April 05, 2017 22:27
Jasmin Laval

*Jasmin turns and focuses her now dark green eyes filled with ire. She focuses on Ronan her new daughters husband and lets his words wash over her like someones nails across a chalk board* 

"We were all arrogant and became feared because our numbers climbed not just family but freinds. We didn't fallow procedures that have been set forth by this territory. Not to mention alot of us were yound and had hot heads with no patience. We paid a heavy price and some paid to much to even come back from. In those darkest days. "

*she closes her eyes breifly..regaining her compsure she didn't come to fight not that she could in her state anyways. She was still so very weak from whatever was in that concoction that was given to her.  she opens her eyes her long black lashes sweeping * 

"I wish sometimes people really knew the whole complete story and not just what hate is spread towards me. I was not the cause of that and I do claim blame were it is deserved. I should of listened to ones older and wiser than me. But yes as you say this was a long time ago a different lifetime in many ways." 

*She looks off feeling every second of the long life she had been gifted with.  Her eyes watch her daughter return and then hearing the news smiles slightly a genuine smile.* 

"Congratulations Lilly " 

*She still had many questions to find answers to and at present was drained. * 

"I will be around lilith .. hopefully for a long time. " 


*she finishes her glass of blood wine and puts on her cloak fastening the red ruby catch and pull the hood over her golden head. she walks elegantly as a queen towards the door and out into the night* 

April 06, 2017 00:09
LillyEmperium *Lilly knew she missed something while she was away. slipping her hand over Roman's, she heard her mother Congratulate her and about her sister. Nodding, she smiled softly *

Thank you. When I'm in the neighborhood, I might swing by.

*Watching her mother leave, Lilly was of mixed emotions as the door shut. Biting down on her lip, she slowly pulled herself back. Reaching up, with her other hand Lilly wiped a single tear from her eye. She wasn't wanting to fight, however she wouldn't be pushed either. many questions left, not the time to be had. Taking a long drink, she smiled *

That..... That was interesting....
April 06, 2017 01:38
Ronan Boru Yes it was. I told her if she brought i wanted attention to the Emperium name again and you are caught in the cross hairs I would not be kind so to say. I told her I remember when your family members were falling like flies and I wouldn't have you in the cross hairs just because of she or another decided to be asses and bring up the old issues. April 06, 2017 06:36
LillyEmperium If we're lucky, everything should stay the way it is love. Wonder what's next for surprises. It matters not, til Kain returns I still head the maters..... He returns..... He can have it. If drama or anything occurs at that time.... I step away. I was willing to do so once, I will again. April 06, 2017 11:40
Ronan Boru

"We  will do  what needs  to  be  done with  both sides of  the  family. Emperium  and  Boru as one."

April 06, 2017 13:30
LillyEmperium *Giving his hand a gentle squeeze, Lilly smiled softly *

I know love... I know
April 06, 2017 17:13
Jamie Fraser

"I  dont think  she  expected  Boru  to  be  so  forward  with her. I  think  she  expected hiim  to  sugar coat his  words. She has alot to  learn  lass  about your  man if  she  thinks  he  is easy  to  walk  all over or  turn  to  her  thinking in  any way. I  will leave  ya  two  love  birds  for the  night . I  have  some things I  need  to  check on.We will I  have nodoubt talk again soon."

^ With that  said  Jamie  gets  u p a nd  leaves the  tavern.^

April 09, 2017 09:57
LillyEmperium *nodding Lilly chuckled *

Be safe Jamie..... Catch ya another time.

*smiling softly she sighed as she muttered *

Times like these..... I wish he would return. Then I wouldn't have to deal with this that much.
April 11, 2017 00:51
LillyEmperium ******New eve******

*Leaving the office door open, Lilly sat going over invoices making sure everything was correct. Sipping her bloodwyne and popping a chocolate she sighed softly.

Turning the radio on, she turned to look out towards the bar. So many times she could count many things that happened there*
April 13, 2017 01:15
LillyEmperium *Once everything was done, Lilly got up and walked out. She needed much fresh air, and away from memories * April 13, 2017 23:55
Jasmin Laval

*She appeared in a swirl of rose petals a soft luagh of pleasure at once again having the strength to do what kain himself had taught her. She runs her hand over her dress.  A white dress that was floor length and clung to her shape. the neckline was high with sleeves.  Her back was revealed largly with a deep open v of the dress to just above her butt.  The dress was decorated with pearls and mostely see through material but in good taste. The pearls ins swirling designs covered her breasts and decorated around her hips. The left side of her hair was swept up partly and held by a ruby red pendant serounded by pearls. the rest of her hair down in curls . As she walked forward towards the bar her stilletto white heels , beaded in pearls to match the dress, make a soft sound as they connect with the floor. She scans the bar not really especting to see any old faces. She snaps her fingers and the jukebox plays a random song. * 

"That is much better is way to quiet in this place.   A glass of blood wine ... please." 

*The please resounding in her ears did not sound like her. she smirked maybe she was in a good mood today. she moved to sit on the bar stool and crossed her shapely legs under her dress her heels resting in the stools bars. she waits patiently a sthe bartender makes her drink. she takes it from the bartender. She takes a small sip, before seeting in down in front of her on a napkin to keep the cool glass from sweating on the bar. She smiles to herself revealing her perfect teeth. She looked like some unearth angel in white and her blonde hair. But she knew she was far from that her beauty much like a venus fly trap. Very appealing until you are caught in the venus's sap. she taps her nail on the wine glass lightly in the beat to the song playing in the back ground. Her tapping breifly stops as the song close your eyes by lita ford and ozzy comes on. she stares into her wine glass. The image of a couple dancing seems to form in the pools of the liquid. She gets lost in it .* 

April 14, 2017 18:18
Ryuugo Mikoto I stepped into the tavern dressed as if I was conducting business. A simple black pinstriped suit, black vest over a white dress shirt. A red scarf hung freely around my neck. My amber eyes scanning the room until it landed on its target. That target being my best friend and boss Li Kuroda drinking away at the bar. I sighed as I approached him glad that there was an empty seat beside him. I eyed the bottles of Snake Venom he'd been drinking and gtimaced as I ordered a bottle of whisky. "How was your mission?" I asked. April 16, 2017 12:26
Leugim He only nodded in acknowledgment to his friend as he downed another bottle before taking the bottle of whisky and pouring some of it into his now empty bottle. "It was fine." He said as he placed the bottle to his lips. "Just fine." April 16, 2017 13:44
Ryuugo Mikoto I sighed as I realized that that was the best I'd be getting out of him. Things hadn't been great for his friend but he could only hope that time would see things going back to how they once were. "Fair enough then Li." April 16, 2017 16:00
LillyEmperium *Walking in, Lilly went and kicked the jukebox. Fallen angel began to play and she smiled. Turning she noticed who all was there. Motioning to the waitress, her glass was promptly brought with bloodwyne * April 17, 2017 00:44
Jasmin Laval

*Jasmin comes out of her memories when the song she was listening to faded away and replaced with another. she picks up her glass her nails clicking softly agaisnt the glass. she takes a deeper drink of her glass. she licks her lips savoring the taste. She knew the blood brew usually had a nice winery collection. she moved to look over her surroundings and noticed her daughter. She smiles showing off her perfect white teeth. It made her proud her daughter rivaled her in beauty. She would even say since Lilly was not as self centered as Jasmin, that she was even more lovely. she looks over to see there were other people in here as well. she had been really lost in her memories.* 

"Interesting choice of song." 


April 17, 2017 00:59
Leugim "Good." Li said downing the content of the bottle. "Now sit there, be quiet and help me finish these bottles. We'll talk when it stops hurting."

He had seen when Lilly stepped in and smirked when she abused the jukebox.
April 17, 2017 01:01
LillyEmperium *nodding to her mother she smiled. The song was just that... A song. At one point it was more but not anymore *

Thank you mother.... I trust your being treated well

*nodding to Li and towards Blaze. Lilly could tell something was off... Not right. *

Why are you.....
April 17, 2017 01:19
Leugim He looked at her with a raised brow. "Yes?" He asked drink poised at his lips. April 17, 2017 01:24
Jasmin Laval

*Jasmin looks back to her daughter and smirks.* 


"Why of course I am. I rather like this remake place.  " 


*she laughs on the inside knowing if she was not treated well she was known to cause a scene. But to be honest she was just in a elated mood lately.And being here at this place she felt almost close to him again. As lame as it was not that she would admit it .  Most likely all the blood and taken care of herself she had been attempting to do had her in a good mood. she reaches up touching her earing lightly and then looks to who her daughter was speaking to. Obviously the man was trying to drown something away what with a whole bottle in hand. she was curiouse herself what was causing him to suffer. *

April 17, 2017 01:29
Ryuugo Mikoto I too had turned to see Lilly and smiled at her while giving a small wave. I shrugged at her expression as if saying 'What can I do but drink with the guy' April 17, 2017 09:40
LillyEmperium *Looking to her mother*

Have to thank Goku for alot of that. The staff is wonderful I think.

*walking towards the men, Lilly looked to Li*

What's wrong? Don't say nothing.... We both know that'll get ya no where.
April 17, 2017 15:41
Leugim "Then I won't say anything then." He said. "I just want to sit here with this idiot beside me and drink, and drink and..." He stopped saying as he glanced at the clock in the tavern. He placed the bottle down as he retrieved his phone and called Bella. He heard when she answered and placed the phone on speaker as he started to him a song his mother sang to him as a child. LJ had a habit of staying up when he was away and wouldn't go to sleep unless he heard his dads voice. So every time he was off he'd call and sing him to sleep.

Once he was sound asleep and had assured Bella that Miko was with him. He bid her goodnight pocketed the phone, took the bottle up and without missing a beat. "And drink. And when I'm done I want to drink some more." He said turning the bottle to his head.
April 17, 2017 16:07
LillyEmperium *shaking her head she looked to Li*


*Turning she looked to Blaze*
Do me a favor.... Keep an eye on him
April 17, 2017 18:01
Ryuugo Mikoto "Its part of the job." I said to Lilly as I drank my drink at a more defined pace. "Let's just hope this phase passes soon." April 17, 2017 19:35
LillyEmperium If not..... Let me know. Maybe he needs a vacation somewhere... I just don't recall him drinking.... Quite like this....

*looking to Li, she sighed *

Sooner or later dear...... When your ready, I'm sure you'll talk
April 18, 2017 00:27
Leugim He shrugged as another bottle was placed before him. "Whenever that day comes." He mumbles as he took a long hard sip. "As much as I need one I doubt it will help." April 18, 2017 00:32
LillyEmperium *taking a hard look at Li, Lilly shook her head*

You act like someone died..... Whatever is eating at you can't be that bad.... And since when do you drink like this... It can't be that bad.... Could it?
April 18, 2017 01:00
Ryuugo Mikoto 'Talk a out hitting the nail on the head' I said to myself. Though this was a bit different she was right. I kept quiet as I took a sip. It wasn't my place to say anything April 18, 2017 10:05
LillyEmperium *stepping closer, Lilly motioned for the bartender to grab a bottle of snake venom and place it on the bar between Li and Blaze. Giving a sigh, she looked to him*

Li.... Please what happened?
April 18, 2017 20:30
Bella Eda Karoda

Bella walked into the tavern it had been a while since she had been here. Seeing Li and Blaze at the bar and a bottle between them. Her first thought was this is going to be fun. Li had not come home and he was not at the club so she knew to look here for him. 

Seeing Lilly "How much has he drank?" Looking at Blaze "You could have called me and let me know how bad of shape he was in." She chided him. "Li come on come home. LJ wants to play with daddy." 

April 19, 2017 10:15
Ryuugo Mikoto I shook my head and was going to say something when Bella walked in. Li wasn't going to like that it was late and he had just called so he could sing LJ to bed and the nanny wouldn't be there tomorrow cause it was going to be a get together. But then I remembered Sprite and Kuri LJ and Li's guardian dragons and I relaxed when I realized she was scolding me.

I rolled my eyes at her. Yes a bit rude I know. "You sent me to find him and I did." I replied. "He doesn't want to leave he just wants to drink like an idiot." I downed my drink and glared at him knowing it would do nothing. "Idiot." I muttered shaking my head. It wasn't wise to argue with him so I just sat and kept drinking but at a more dignified pace
April 19, 2017 11:01
Bella Eda Karoda

"Yes he is being an idiot. I fully agree with that and no LJ is not alone I called mom she is with him right now. Now we can either knock him out or sober him up and get him home but he is not going to drink his way out of this one this time. It does nothing but make you feel worse in the long run and don't roll your eyes at me either." She said with a hint of a smile. 

April 19, 2017 11:14
LillyEmperium *Shaking her head, she looked to Bella*

He was already drinking when I came in dear..
April 19, 2017 12:03
Bella Eda Karoda

"I see" She said to Lilly "How have you been other than that?" She asked forcing a smile. She was worried about Li and trying not to let it show 

April 19, 2017 12:07
LillyEmperium Off balance.... *Lilly having no clue what was going on, walked over by Bella. Barely above a whisper she spoke as she leaned in* I can make sure his next drinks have no alcohol. I don't know what's happened.... But I take it was bad April 19, 2017 14:43
Leugim He groaned when Bella came in. Like seriously? He just called and put LJ to bed why'd she have to come here? She already sent Blaze out did she not trust that he was fine? "Ugh." He said when he realized the whisky was gone. He waved to the bartender for another bottle and not caring opened it and turned it to his head. Chugging the liquid down like it was water.

When that was empty he almost threw it behind him but stopped and placed it down before requesting another. The bartender seemed reluctant until he glared at her. She timidly placed another bottle in front of him. "Thank you." He said smilingly and was once again chugging. When he placed the now empty bottle down he lifted his finger to say something when everything went black.
April 19, 2017 15:17
Ryuugo Mikoto I had switched to nonalcoholic drinks after Li emptied my bottle of whisky. And I new things were not going to go great. I turned to the frightened bartender and asked her to tally up what we owed so I could pay.

The words weren't out of my mouth good enough until I heard a sickening thud. I turned to see Li passed out with his head on the counter. I rolled my eyes as I slid off the stool and hoisted his unconscious self up and over my shoulder. "I'll take him home Isabella." I said as I paid our bill.
April 19, 2017 15:21
Bella Eda Karoda Bella looked at Blaze and nodded. Looking to Lilly and the frightened bartender. "I'm sorry he is normally not like this. Lilly knows this." Looking back at Lilly "I'll be in touch soon." April 19, 2017 15:46
Ryuugo Mikoto "No need." I said paying our tab and tipping the poor woman. "You can stay and catch up with Lilly. I'll be back shortly." Nodding at both of them I walked off with the unconscious man on my shoulder. April 19, 2017 15:59
LillyEmperium *nodding Lilly shook her head, then let out a sigh*

Later then
April 19, 2017 18:13
Bella Eda Karoda

Rolling her eyes at Blaze. "Alright I need a bit of time with Lilly. Girl talk that is. I will be home soon." She said looking at Li and shaking her head. She could not tell Lilly as it was not her story to tell but she would let her know that Li would be alright she would see to it. 

April 22, 2017 09:11
Leugim He had entered the tavern eyes roaming as he looked around for a certain someone. He hadn't seen who he was looking for and went to the bar and ordered a drink as he sat and waited. April 23, 2017 01:37
LillyEmperium *Having taken to the office, Lilly watched as the bartender served Li*

April 23, 2017 02:26
Leugim He narrowed his eyes at the bartender who served him. "Sorry about the other night." He said to her with a smile. "Just been through a lot didn't mean to scare you." April 23, 2017 02:37
LillyEmperium *The bartender nodded and looked to him before speaking *
That's alright sir.... Honestly you didn't break nothing. Just passed out. Though any rough feelings probably are best taken up the my boss.
April 23, 2017 02:51
Leugim He smiled at her. "Glad to know. Can you tell her that her annoying brother is here?" April 23, 2017 03:02
LillyEmperium *nodding the girl went to the office, then both her and Lilly walked out as she spoke *

Oh really now? Soo what's up Lil man?
April 23, 2017 12:59
Ryuugo Mikoto I walked into the tavern spotting Li and Lilly. "Trucks outside." I said handing Lilly my clipboard. "Sign this and we can start unloading what's inside." April 23, 2017 13:13
LillyEmperium *raising a brow, Lilly took the clipboard and began to sign *

I'm unload what blaze.....
April 23, 2017 14:23
Leugim "Your stock." Li said getting up. "Restocking your tavern sis." He grinned at her while he shrugged off his jacket. "Least I could do after what happened." April 23, 2017 22:42
LillyEmperium *shakes her head and signs*

Well you're time was numbered at your last bottle.... Not many can drink it and stay above the bar. Thank you, though you didn't have to..
April 24, 2017 00:55
Ryuugo Mikoto "He knows but that's Li for you." I said as I followed suit removing my jacket. April 24, 2017 01:00
LillyEmperium *shaking her head she chuckled * flowers and a card would have worked fine... April 24, 2017 12:11
Leugim "Can't drink flowers of a card Lilly." He said rolling up his sleeves and heading out the door. Few minutes later he was back with a pallet over his head filled with crates that held a variety of alcohol. "These I can drink." He said. "Even have your favorite somewhere on here. So lead the way." April 24, 2017 12:30
LillyEmperium True... But wasn't worried. *watching Li leave then return she chuckled at his comment as she led him towards the back* don't matter, you get like that again I'll make sure you get snake venom again April 24, 2017 15:25
Leugim He shrugged as he followed her around the back and started packing the things away. He didn't comment about how he'd been but did say something. "Thank you for pitching my son against me." He said as he put a bottle away. "Almost burned the drumset and shipped it over here you know." April 24, 2017 18:03
LillyEmperium *with a laugh, Lilly looked to Li. * I would send him another..... Maybe maracas next... April 24, 2017 20:56
Leugim "Stop trying to turn my child against me." He said snapping his fingers and watching the pallet disappear. April 25, 2017 09:51
Ryuugo Mikoto I entered in time to hear Li's comment and chuckled. "If the world only knew." I said placing a crate at his feet. April 25, 2017 12:10
LillyEmperium *laughing she looked at him* what would make you ever say that April 25, 2017 15:55
Leugim He narrowed his eyes at her. "Because you wish to have him clobber me every chance he gets." April 25, 2017 15:58
LillyEmperium Hmmm... Maybe daddy should duck more... I mean I could send weapons instead... April 25, 2017 19:58
Leugim "Daddy was sleeping." He said rolling his eyes. April 25, 2017 20:05
LillyEmperium *lilly couldn't help but bust out laughing * Ooohh poor thing...... You'll live..... I promise April 25, 2017 20:25
Bella Eda Karoda

Bella smiled hearing Li say daddy was sleeping "More like daddy was passed out drunk" She said as she hugged him kissing where LJ had hit him with the drumstick." Then going over to hug Lilly "No weapons please at least not yet. I don't want to always be cleaning blood from the floor from one of them." 

April 26, 2017 07:16
LillyEmperium Hearing Bella, she chuckled *

Dear... Never worry..... I wouldn't give him a real one for a couple more years.
How are you doing my dear?
April 27, 2017 00:31
Ryuugo Mikoto I leaned after I was finished and listened. "That would be something to see." I said laughing April 28, 2017 11:14
LillyEmperium * making sure everything was put in its correct location, Lilly smiled. Turning around she snapped her fingers as a bottle floated down * April 28, 2017 22:37
Ryuugo Mikoto "You sure Li should be drinking again?" I asked jokingly May 05, 2017 10:07
Azazelle Ixielle She entered the bar looking for cigarettes, alcohol, food, drink and friends, as well as things that could aid her as she waged her Demoness tail upon flying inside the place scanning the area and crowd.. June 28, 2017 21:02
Li Kuroda Li hadn't been here to the tavern for awhile and decided to drop in. He hadn't visited anyone since he came back and the first person on that list was Lilly.

He wasn't that she wasn't there so thought he'd grab a drink while he waited.
July 05, 2017 11:12
LillyEmperium *Walking up from the back, causing her cook to bump her with a box. she bout dropped her glass when she saw Li. Walking over she began poking him*

Good to see your back Li
July 05, 2017 15:37
Li Kuroda He slapped her hand away. "You and your poking." He said narrowing his eyes at her. "Guess it's good to be back." July 05, 2017 16:58
LillyEmperium Hmmm..... Really now.. For all I knew, I was hallucinating. In which case I would have needed to lay down July 05, 2017 21:52
Li Kuroda He shook his head as he hugged her. "I can assure you I'm real. I just feel like I'll pop." He said July 06, 2017 10:11
LillyEmperium *hugging him back* Bella know you're back yet? Be thankful you returned.... Otherwise I was going to dig you up and kick your arse.. July 06, 2017 15:16
Li Kuroda "Kinda husband would I be if I came back and had yet to see her?" He said shaking his head. "Plus LJ doesn't know what happened. Was just happy to see daddy." He grinned at the memory. "But you are the first person I've visited since I came back though." July 06, 2017 16:16
LillyEmperium Soo the answer is you haven't been home, I ought to kick your arse. Do I seriously have to hurt you? *shaking her head* I swear... It is good to see you Li. Is there anything you need? July 09, 2017 01:12
Li Kuroda He rolled my eyes. "Yes I've been home. That's the first place I went when I came back." He said. "I don't know what I need." July 09, 2017 09:28
LillyEmperium *raising a brow, she laughed * good... Didn't want to have to drag you.... Well do you need weapons? I mean I know where there's some if needed July 10, 2017 16:27
Li Kuroda "I am a walking weapon though." He said looking at her. "Plus my weapons are easy to get." He smirked. July 18, 2017 16:15
LillyEmperium *shaking her head*

Li....your nuts. But ok
July 19, 2017 23:43
Li Kuroda "Don't think I've ever given you reasons not to think that." He said. July 21, 2017 12:06
LillyEmperium ****************new day**************

*Walking into the tavern, Lilly made her way towards the back. In a small wrap, she carried Orchid with her. Checking the stock, she ignored most of what she heard going on around her. Making a few notes, she then went into the office to place a couple orders. As well as placing another call. *
August 17, 2017 20:10
LillyEmperium †****"*********

*Sitting in the office, Lilly sipped on a glass of rum as she thumbed through a few books. Every so often she'd chuckle as another memory came through.*

Ahhhhh....that was then

*Pushing back a stray piece of hair, she chuckled as she glanced to a photo or note*
October 05, 2017 23:15
Eoghan Ravnos

Eoghan wlks in  to  tavern  and looks around. It ws different then  the other  he  waas  at  and  quiet. He  need  quiet  right now. He  needed  to  think. He  gets  beer and sits  in  a  corner turning the  bottle  around in  his  hands.

October 08, 2017 15:47
LillyEmperium *walking out of the office, Lilly poured herself a drink and nodded*

Welcome to the Blood Brew
October 08, 2017 16:33
Eoghan Ravnos

Eoghan  snaps  o ut  of  his  trance  and  looks  to  the  woman  who  voice  he  just  heard.  He  smiles nd  nods  back.

October 08, 2017 16:40
LillyEmperium Should you need anything, feel free to ask. I'm Lilly, and my staff here will be willing to handle just bout any need you may have dear. I don't mean to intrude but... You seem slightly out of it, are you ok? October 08, 2017 17:10
Eoghan Ravnos

"Sorry yes  I am fine.  was  just g oing over things in  my head with a name I  found was all that I  was wondering about.  Pleasure Lilly. I  am Eoghan Ravnos."

October 08, 2017 17:26
LillyEmperium *nodding she looked to him*

The pleasure is mine Mr. Ravnos. If I may ask, what name has you wondering? My family has been around these parts for a long time, maybe I can help you.
October 08, 2017 19:24
Eoghan Ravnos

"Cassandra Carnivale? I  think  she  might  have some  information  on  some one I  am  looking for. Just  Eoghan is  fine to  call me."

He looks at  her.

October 08, 2017 19:36
LillyEmperium *raising a brow, she took a long drink. nodding her head slightly*

Well Eoghan, I do know the name as well as the person....if I could ask what it is your looking for, I can give her a ring and let her know.
October 08, 2017 19:58
Eoghan Ravnos

"Any  information She  has on  a man named Fallon would  be  great.It  might  be a link to  my past is  all I  am looking for. "

Eoghan  looks at her  a  bit of disbelief on  his  face. Finally some  possible answers after months of  nothing.

October 08, 2017 20:09
LillyEmperium *Lilly had heard that name, in passing, but nonetheless remembered hearing in the past. Taking out her cell, she sent Cassie a text. Then looked to the young man, she could tell this had been a long road for him*

You've been looking for a bit?
October 08, 2017 20:25
Eoghan Ravnos

Few months yes. I was hoping to find out anything I could about  my  father. I  dont  have  any  informtion  o n  him  mother  just gave me  the  name  before  she  died. She   was  killed 2  years ago by   slayer.

October 08, 2017 20:38
Cassandra Carnivale

Getting a text from her sister n law was a nice one but when she mentioned someone was looking for her she was a bit cautious none the less but who could blame her with everything that has happened over the last few months.  None the less she was planning on going to see if Lilly needed help anyways so this indeed work out in the end.  Walking down the street to the brew she keeped her cloak hood on so no one would see her she was in no mood for unwanted attention she was still hunting the one rogue that got away from her not to long ago which was very rare for on to do.

Once she reached the brew she opened up the door then walked inside and headed up to the bar.  Once she saw her sister n law behind the bar she gave her a soft smile as she got closer pushing her way though the crowd not trying to seem rudly to others.  As she got up there she sat down on the stool gave Lilly a nod then she spoke.

"Wow full house tonight as always I see.  Hey sis can I get a shot doesn't matter surprise me along with a beer.  How are you doing by the way?  Need any help tonight? I got your text by the way funny I was going to come here anyways tonight to see if you needed any help so it worked out.  So what is going on?"

She continued to look around and then looked back at her.

October 11, 2017 13:25
Eoghan Ravnos

Eoghan looks  down a t his  dragon pendent and  it wasglowng  blue.  Somethng  he wassre he  never saw  it do  till tonight  when that  woman  walked  in.  He  looks over at  her then  speaks.

"Cassandra Carnivale?"

He  pulls his  hood down  and  looks at  the  woman.

October 11, 2017 15:28
LillyEmperium *Hearing Cass, Lilly laughed*

If if I stood outside and yelled free beer, it'd be standing room only.

*Hearing Eoghan, Lilly nodded*

Let me introduce ya... Cassie this is Eoghan Ravonos... Eoghan this is Cassandra Carnivale... Sounds like y'all have something in common
October 11, 2017 16:00
Eoghan Ravnos

"Yeah I  dont recommend  doing that you might  attact  those  who  mean to  cause  harm  to  others  here as well. "

~Eoghan  looks over t o  cassandra and  nods.~

"Pleasure. We indeed  do more like  someone in  common actually."

October 11, 2017 16:30
Cassandra Carnivale

Taking her shot she swallowed the liquor then looked at the man when her sister n law introduced her to the man.  She then bowed in respect to him then looked back up at him and spoke.

"Well Lil that would not be a good thing to do I would not want to hurt someone if they tried to hurt anyone here or you.  Pleasure is all mine Mr. Ravnos so how can I help you? And who would that someone be that we have in common."

She gave him a soft smile as she reached over taking a sip of her beer while she waited for him to speak.

October 11, 2017 22:22
LillyEmperium *softly Lilly chuckled *

Oh Cass, most know better...this is neutral territory for all..can I get anyone anything
October 11, 2017 22:40
Eoghan Ravnos

"well I was  told  you  might have  some  information on  some one  I  seek  by the  name  fo fallon  Carnivale. I was  told  by  my    mother to  find him  and  he  could help  with  me  finding  my  missing  1/2 so to say a nd  by  that I  mean my  father. Do  you  know  if  he  is  arond  or  not?"

October 12, 2017 09:37
Lilim Click. Click The soft sounds of her heeled boots as she enters inside. Taking in all the people she heads away from them. Choosing a seat away, she pulls the hood from head, allowing the blonde curls to fall around her face. At least this place was a little busier than the last. October 12, 2017 17:59
Eoghan Ravnos

"Another  beer if  you  would  please  miss Lilly. "

~Eoghan  sees another  female  walk  in .  He  smiles  briefly  at her  but   his  main  focus  is  Cassandra Carnivale and  any  information he can  get on  this  Fallon  man that  has  her last  name.~

October 12, 2017 19:21
Lilim She smiles back at Eoghan briefly, before taking some papers from her bag. With a long sigh she begins to read them furiously while tapping her pen against the table. October 12, 2017 20:11
Cassandra Carnivale

Taking another sip of her beer she then placed some money on the bar for Lilly then looked back at the gentleman as she hopped down from the stool.

"Maybe this would be better if we went somewhere more private so we can talk about this matter.  Who knows that is here that can be listening.  One can never tell if it will be used against us in some way.  Hey Lilly I paid for our drinks will catch you later sis thank you.  Don't forget dinner this week bring the family will call you with a time and day."

With that said she gave her sister n law a smile then one back at Eoghan and head out the door.

October 12, 2017 23:35
LillyEmperium *Hearing Cassie, Lilly chuckled*

Yes yes....let me know...

*Handing Eoghan his beer, she nodded. Leaning in she softly whispered*

She is correct in her concern. Follow her. My tavern is open to all here.

*Nodding the the newcomer, something in the air seemed off. *

Can I get you something miss? Beer..... whiskey.....snake venom....burger?
October 12, 2017 23:45
Lilim She raised a brow. Snake venom, seriously? Was that what her kind had been showing others in this realm? Looking to Lilly her voice was extremely soft as she responded. "If possible a Jack and coke would be wonderful." She smiled lightly at the young woman.

She had not been here long and already she could tell what people thought of demon kind. Of course she wasn't sure what she should have expected. After all her kind were pretty unruly most of the time. Not all were that way however.
October 13, 2017 08:55
Eoghan Ravnos Eoghan downs the beer and follows Cassandra
We can go back to the coven and my room there and talk no one will be in there.
October 13, 2017 09:32
Galen C Lynch Galen walks in and over to Lilly. He smiles.

"Hey Lilly. This place is hopping tonight. Have ya see your husband today? Seems a certain British officer was about asking questions back in Armagh in crossmaglen about his where abouts and actions recently. I wanted to let him know.

Galen notice the female Lilly spoke to when he came in and smiles softly.
October 13, 2017 14:26
LillyEmperium *making the girl a drink, she sat it in front of her*

Enjoy....kinda looks like you've been busy...

*Hearing Galen, Lilly laughed*

It's just the way I like it...mmmmm last I saw Ro, he was with Marah... they best leave him alone lest I go on a spree and wipe that Brit out....
October 13, 2017 15:52

"Busy doesn't begin to explain my life so far. Thank you for the drink." Truth be told she was still trying to get her bearings and find a way to fit in. Didn't seem like that would ever happen. Not being what she was, especially when they discovered who her mother was.

Shaking her head lightly, she smiles once more and Lilly and then the gentleman that enters. Looking down at her paperwork she shakes her head. How in the hell was someone to make any sense of this legal garbage? 

October 13, 2017 16:11
Galen C Lynch

"Everyone  gets  the  busy  life  every  once and a  while. No  worries Lilly no  information  ws  given. This Brit  is  the  same  one  married  to  his  sister  Diedra. I  believe its a  fishing for information  thing on  any  plans  the PIRA might have .  That  or  he is fishing  to  see if  he  is a target  for   Ronan. "

He  smiles at the  girl.

"I  just  wanted  to  give hi  the  heads  up  was all. How  is  Marah  doing now? Ciaran and I  have  been  keeping  an  eye  o ut  for  any  issues  with  well  the  darklighters nad   what not that  would  be attracted  to   the  situation with her."

October 13, 2017 16:45
LillyEmperium *Looking to the girl she raised a brow, then chuckled*
Name is Lilly, if those are legal papers I can recommend an attorney....

*Hearing what Galen said, Lilly gave a grumble*

I don't care if he's married to a toad....he can fish if he likes. But should he come near.....then my deepest sympathies to Diedra...

*Shaking her head she sighed*
Sorry dear Galen.....I protective. Ah Marah will be ok, in time......she just needs to believe there's a silver lining to her dark clouds....I know, both you and Ciaran are wonderful. Thank you
October 13, 2017 18:04

"A pleasure to meet you Lilly. I am simply called Lilim. And they would appear to be legal papers not that I can make any sense out of them. Things are different here than where I come from." Her voice drifted allowing Lilly to speak with the male as she squinted over the papers once more. How was anyone to know what they meant. 


She was sure they had something to do with her brother's disappearance and what was to follow but she had no clue what.

October 13, 2017 18:09
Galen C Lynch

Galen  looks at  the  lass and  smiles.

Sorry  to  of  inturupted  you. I'm Galen Lynch. Lilly  is a  friend  of  mine and  her husband,Ronan a s  well. I  am  married  to  their  Niece,  Saphire.

October 13, 2017 18:16

Lilim offers a kind smile with a soft nod. "A pleasure Galen. I am called Lilim. I know not of those who you've named as I am fairly new around here. I only came because I was called upon to take care of things after my brother's disappearance. Can't say I will be around long enough to remember anyone's name really either but stranger things have happened."

October 13, 2017 18:21
Galen C Lynch

"I  see.  I know  what it is  like  to  not  know  where a  sibling  is  . I  havent  seen  my  sister Saoirse in years."

He  looks at her.

October 13, 2017 18:31

"I know where he is. I suppose it is just easier to say he disappeared than the reality of it. Death is just too final sometimes. Even for my kind." Especially for my kind, she thought quietly as she picked up the drink from the table. Taking a small drink of it she sets it back down quietly.

October 13, 2017 18:33
Galen C Lynch

"ah it  is  then. I  have  got to  get  back  to   taking  care of  that  boarders with  Ciaran  for  Ronan and   keeping a  eye on  Marah as well as  we  can  too. I  am  sure  we  will all  talk  again  once  we  have   been less  busy."

Galen smiles at  them both then  walks out  the  door and  vanishes.

October 13, 2017 18:38

She nods to Galen as he leaves before focusing on the paperwork in front of her. If she wasn't mistaken claiming the stuff her brother had left behind was going to be more difficult than any one had originally thought. She shakes her head and rubs her tired eyes. She would deal with it later. Perhaps, Flint would understand some of it.


Placing the papers back into her bag she slowly drank her Jack and coke enjoying it as she sat there.

October 14, 2017 15:30
LillyEmperium *nodding Lilly began to wipe the counter down*

Dealing with death, especially that of a close family member is never easy
October 14, 2017 19:41
Lilim "Especially when they leave their final wishes behind and you have no idea how to go about it." October 14, 2017 19:51
The Rainbow Angel She searches out places to go and then stumbles upon this establishment. She enters the place to take a look around as she smiled and waves to everyone as she tries to think about what she wants to do... October 16, 2017 21:27
LillyEmperium *nodding Lilly understood*

Ah that it can...

*Seeing the newcomer, Lilly smiled*

Welcome to the Blood Brew,I'm Lilly... feel free to take a load off and relax. All are welcome here. One of the girls will be around to take your order.
October 17, 2017 00:31
The Rainbow Angel The Rainbow Angel smiled to Lilly "I'm The Rainbow Angel" she said before awaiting one of the girls to take her order, she rests and thinks while awaiting one of them... October 17, 2017 11:30
Lilim She stands after nodding to the new girl. Taking some money from her pocket she places it on the table. With a light smile she speaks to Lilly. "Thanks for the drunk Miss Lilly and the ear. Enjoy the rest of your night." October 17, 2017 21:30
The Rainbow Angel She smiles to the girl who smiled at her while awaiting for one of the girls to take her order in the establishment.... October 18, 2017 21:31
LillyEmperium Nice to meet you

*As she spoke a lanky redhead walked over*
How may I help you?
October 19, 2017 00:49
Ryuugo Mikoto I stepped into the tavern. It has been awhile since I was here and of course there was Lilly. Seeing how she was dealing with someone I made my way to the bar and ordered a drink. October 25, 2017 16:19
LillyEmperium *seeing to everything being taken care of, Lilly turned and walked back to the counter. Giving a slight smile, she snapped her fingers as fall colors appeared around the tavern *

Ahhhh there we go
November 01, 2017 03:37
vamp_goku *Goku waking up from his long slumber, stretches as he awakes from his coven.. Not knowing where his wife was, maybe she is on one of her travels..In the meantime he decides to see how the realm as been since his time away.. Of course the Blood Brew was normally his first stop, as it seemed he was fully out of his devil juice so to say..

Finally waking up after a few cups of coffee, thank goodness his wife did not drink it that often.. Taking a shower before he leaves, of course..Wearing his normal look black button up dress shirt short leaves, black slacks, combat boots, and of course his dark leather trench coat.. Making sure he as his smokes and zippo, before he walks out the front door.. It seemed like a nice night and calming as well, nice cool breeze clear skies with a half moon..

Thank goodness the Blood Brew was not to far from him, so he decides to walk on this fine night.. Keeping his head down as he walks into the place, his eyes dart around the room as he gives a slight grin at a few new and old faces..Slowly walking to the bar, he walks around it as he goes to his old office which is now Lilly's.. It was her place first after all, but he payed to have it rebuilt. Playing as if she was right in front of him, he sticks out his tongue "Nahaha my money my place Damn it"

Walking into the room seeing that old dusty desk, as he shakes his head.."Lil needs to learn on how to pick up a damn rag once in awhile." Slipping into his old chair, as he checks the desk for a old bottle.."Yes! Still here.." Along with a glass, placing his feet up on the desk..Gibing a small sigh as he pours himself a drink, and just smiles as he sips..*
November 29, 2017 20:16
LillyEmperium *Lilly was milling around when she over heard Goku's comment. She knew, he had no clue she was in earshot. She waited til she was sure he'd placed his feet on the desk. Snapping her fingers, his feet were forced down. With a giggle she looked in the office.

Wearing her tight top and normal pants, she appeared to be as she always had plus a baby carrier. Giving a smile she chuckled *

Well as I breathe..... Do you do anything other then complain uncle....
November 29, 2017 21:10
vamp_goku He tips his head back savoring the 1875 brandy, which was a great year for him. Maybe that is why not to also say it was damn good brandy. Spilling a drop on his shirt when his feet were knocked off the desk. He raises in the chair ready to kill whomever made him waste even a single drop of his special brandy. "What the @#$%!"

Looking over the desk to see his niece giving a slight growl of annoyance, with a soft grin and nod to her. Finishing off the glass before he sits it down and speaks.

"Well damn Lil, you could not at less keep the office clean uh? And I would not have to complain if you just got some pledge. Ooh ohh make sure it is the lemon scent too, I like that one Or ooh ooh the forest spring one is nice too."

He leans forward over the desk noticing the carrier, looks back up to her then back to it as he was unsure what was inside since the back was facing him. He leans back into the chair filling his cup back up, after he lights up a smoke. A confused look upon his face, then a look as if the lights finally came on.

"Whatcha got there Lil? OOH is that the new blood order for the mixed drinks?! I really could use a shot of blood in this, that extra little spice always taste great."
November 29, 2017 22:18
LillyEmperium *rolling her eyes, she snapped her fingers again as the lights came on*

Hmmm.... Really now.... You wake and this is drawer, do it yourself... I've been busy... An If you want blood in your brandy, get it out of the fridge.... Not my child.
*muttering under her breath as a book it Goku in the back of the head*
Good to see you too....
November 29, 2017 22:45
vamp_goku "And what have you been so busy about uh? This is your place as well, and what no hug? I see how ya are now."

He chuckles slightly before reaching for another glass filling it halfway, before sliding it across the desk over to her. Leaning back holding his glass in his left hand and puffing on his cig with his right. AND putting his feet back up on the desk crossing one over the other, before he speaks once more.

"A kid uh? So what's it's name? And as if I was not already related to more then half the realm anyways. Alright fine....I will be nice tonight, let me have a few more drinks. I get cuddle after a few. Well glad your glad to see me as well..hehe OUCH! What the hell was the book for!?"
November 29, 2017 22:56
LillyEmperium Orchid Gia Boru..... How am I supposed to hug you, with you sitting like that.... Smart Be thankful I don't put your feet permanently on the floor, least then we'd know where to find you.... Good lord you slept too long this time... Finish your brandy, before another book finds you..

*Opening the carrier, the blue eyed, blondish haired fair skinned baby raised a finger. In for which Lilly gently touched the almost 5 month olds finger and whispered *

Don't think it...
November 29, 2017 23:03
vamp_goku "Is that the same name as Moon's daughter? Not the Gia Boru part, or not at less I think anyways. Walk around the desk and lean down and hug, should I write out instructions for ya? I got some paper around here someplace. You all know where to find me, same place I normally am. What you afraid of my little pets uh? You know they love ya."

He chuckles as he jokingly looks for some paper and pen on the desk. Looking up at her making sure there was no other books coming his way. His left hand reaching low around the chair in the small fridge on the floor, for one of his chilled beers. Placing one hand over the cap of the beer, while the other hand holding the beer slams down on the corner of the desk to pop it up. Taking a few chugs before he speaks once more.

"I was not always asleep sorry I had to catch up on a few Netflix shows, the Punisher is great by the way. Damn you and those books! I swear they are all leaving this office today!"

Goku looking at Lil then the baby, giving a deepen sigh with a few cusses words under his breath. Finishing his beer before grabbing another one, taking a few sips before he speaks once more.

"You gotta be kidding me!? I got to deal with another little magic kido? You serious right now?"
November 29, 2017 23:39
LillyEmperium *shaking her head Lilly looked at him*
Your pets become spoiled when I'm around too often ... Moon? You mean Angel Moon as in Angel Moon Shade..... Or something else... The books stay, she just gets fidgety when I get irritated.... Yes another magic kiddo... Then again even my others have some power...
November 29, 2017 23:56

A young Eurasian with almond shaped entered The Blood Brew with a pair of hyneas.  Icy blue orbs took in the place where she could find someone she had not seen in a long time.    She had visited his house and he was gone.  But a pair of hyneas had meet her at the gate and refused to be parted from her .

They followed her on the walk to the bar where she remembered sometimes he visited and drank himself silly and sentimential.   Mickey was on her right side and Mallory on her left side.  She held onto their collars and she was given a wide berth by the general population.   She was cloaked and her few belongings along with her katana hung from her back.

Mickey and Mallory made their way excitedly through the Blood Brew past the crowded bar and into an office where a woman. a man and a baby were.

"Don't tell me, you are a new father.  Congratulations, old man!"   The young woman stood looking at them as she tugged once on the hyneas ' collars to sit down.

November 30, 2017 20:45
LillyEmperium *Blinking for a moment as she heard the young woman and saw the hyenas. Lilly chuckled lightly*

No my dear... She is not his child, but his niece..... Feel free to relax.

*Looking towards the hyenas, Lilly grinned*

And if you two behave, I'll see to couple ham hocks for you both
November 30, 2017 23:16

The young woman's hood slid to her shoulders as she released the two hyenas 's collars. "Lay down Mickey.  Lay down Mallory and be good."

She looked at the little baby girl and she wiggled her small fingers.  A small green jade dragon appeared and hovered above the little one.  "This was mine.  My mother Midori or Marie got this from my father and it was mine and I d like you to have it little flower."

She smiled at the woman.  "Only his neice.  He  has no other children?  I had hopes of that. The old fart and yes I remember another place and time but it  is not so clear right now."

She turned to look at the man holding a beer can.  "I brought you some decent 1796 brandy...and you drink canned swill?"  She shrugged her backpack and laid her katana on the desk.   She set the backpack on the desk and pulled out an old of 1796 brandy.  "Try this father.  I am you palate will appreciate the change.  Mickey and Mallory came with me as protection.  Very thoughtful of them and they want steaks for breakfast too."

November 30, 2017 23:33
vamp_goku "As if they are not spoiled enough, Faia always gives them steaks. I think she gives them more attention than me at times. And Moon you know moon moon, coven leader use to hang around us all the time was married to a guy named Nicky. Had a daughter named orchid or something alike. Speaking of magic gals, have you heard from Mystic?"

Goku looking towards the doorway of the office when Mid appears. He spit out a mouth full of beer all over the office desk sitting right up planting his feet back on the ground. Just being shocked to see that she was still around, and that she was still here and not at the temple. Then he leans over the desk to see his two fleabags, it looked as if Mid had them under control as he leans back in his chair.

"Forget that Mid! You are the only child that I have. Or at less that I know of. I am not like most around here, I have enough headaches to deal with with out a little one running around me. And why did you bring those things with ya? They ripped up my pillow while I was sleeping, little sons of.."

Lil jumped in before Goku could finish his sentence. He gives a slight grumble leaning back in his chair sipping on what was left of his beer. Listing to the two little chickadees talk.. He did care for his once lost daughter even before he got to know her, even though Goku can be a total ass one thing was for sure he cared for his closes ones.

No matter how many times Lil has been mean to him or slapped, he still cared. Not to also say others alongside her. He chuckles when Mid pulls out the bottle giving one of his half devious grins, showing of his left fang hanger over his bottom lip.

"You truly are a great daughter, thank you sweetie. Now I just got to hid it from Raoul and we will be just fine. And hey! You two stop babying my babies! They are in trouble and deserve no treats. You women I swear, I can never win around here.."

December 05, 2017 12:56
LillyEmperium no haven't heard from Mystic in a bit, I believe she sleeps.... As to Moon wing *lilly let out a faint growls* her Orchid... My sister has been missing Al. Post as long as Kain. December 05, 2017 17:05
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  walks in  and  hears   what going on.*

 "Wait Goku  why is  my  wife  growling a nd   orchid  did  what   now when?"

*  He  looks at  every o ne.*

December 05, 2017 17:31
LillyEmperium *Hearing her husband, she smiled softly*

It is alright love.... Long and confusing story
December 05, 2017 17:59

-Midori- watched as her father spat out his beer as he sprang out of his chair.  "That canned swill dull your sensitive palate you old sybarite.   That adorable black and white puppy you have locked into that small kennel!  Shame on you!   He is so cute.   I have him fed and watered him.  He's chewing on a pair of new boots...  He got his kibble and I love him to bits."

She watched as the woman spoke to him and shook her head.  "Micky and Mallory told me they chewed up your pillow cuz they were bored.   Don't you ever play or spend time with them?   The pup told me they told him to chew on your boots and  other things.  He choose the boots instead."

She saw a man approach and she turned to smile at him. "Hi.  I am Midori Yatusake.  Just visiting my father for a bit.  I was at the temple but I am now on journey.   I brought an old katana I found  and wondered if it was yours?   It appaers to be one forged in the style of the one you carried so long ago.  If it is your may I have it?  My ability to use a katana is good."

December 05, 2017 18:23
LillyEmperium *smiling softly Lilly chuckled * I think my manners have taken a holiday.. Ronan... Midori.... Midori my husband Ronan... And these two pups are Mickey and Mallory...

Midori... Dear seems goku don't play with much these days... They shall definitely get those ham hocks
December 05, 2017 18:29
Ronan Boru

"Wait  your  Goku's  kid?  You poor lass.  I  do  feel  for  you.  Im  Ronan Boru."

* Stargazer  looks  from   ronan and  lilly  to  the  other lass  and  walks  over  to  her.  The  black  Dire  wolf  rubs his  head  on  her  hand to  pet  him.*

"seems   Midori  that   stargazer l ike s  you."

December 05, 2017 18:30

-Midori-   smiled softly at Lilly and her mate.  She bowed politely her palms together.   "I am my father's daughter, vamp-goku is my father and my mother was Midori.   He made my lineage when he mentored a very distant grandmother of the same name.  That is a story for another time.  

"I feel no shame for him, only a daughter's love for a misguided man.  But he has a mate and seems to have grown some wisdom."   She notices a arge black wolf walk over toward her and rub his head on her hand.   She knelt to gaze the black wolf in his eyes.   She petted him very gently and rubbed behind his ears.

"He is a very beautiful gentleman. Perfect manners and a guardian wolf as well.  Faithful and loyal"   She smiled as her hand rubbed behind his ears and she gave him a hug.  "You must always guard and mentor little Orchid.  Her father and mother will have much joy in her.   I am gad to meet you Lilly and Ronan Boru.

December 05, 2017 18:55
Ronan Boru

"Stargazer  there  is  a  Dire  wolf. H  has  been my one  constant  companion.  wisdom   if  you  mean  drinking  contests and   yeah  this  place  which  I  remind him Lilly  keeps  up  and  running while  he  sleeps   and  does  what  ever. You  are  right though he is a  guardian  .He has  been  for  all   my  children  and  family."

December 05, 2017 18:59
vamp_goku "Ron haven't you meet your wife? She is mean to me all the time, when is she not growling at me? Also Ron I got a nice bottle of brandy here, wanta glass?"

Goku sits there for a few pondering why others hang around him, if only just to abuse him or what? Deciding beer was doing nothing, he pours him another glass of his brandy listening to everyone talk amongst each other. Goku was listening to Mid's voice but got slightly confused for a moment, as most here know that is not a hard task to do.

"Wait what a uh Mid? You talking to Ron about the blade or me? And if it is me, you are my daughter. You can have any damn thing you like, even though time has not been kind to us. Being apart for so long, doesn't mean I did not wish to see your first steps. Lil when did you ever have manners uh?"

"Ron what the hell?! I try my best to help others out come on now. And no feeding them! They are in trouble bad boy and girl. And that puppy I kicked across the hallway , even though Faia did kick my butt for it." *grumbles*
December 05, 2017 19:00
Ronan Boru

"She  has  manners  Vamp  just  not  around  you  and   you  know   if  you  were  challanged  to a drinking  contest  you  be  all  in so  dont  even  try  to  lie out of  that one. Other then  that  glad  to  see  you  awake  and    sort of  moving  about. You  are  lucky  all  Faia  did  was  kick  your  butt for  it.  Kicking  the  poor wee  puppy like  that. "

*  Ronan  looks a t  him  and  laughs.

December 05, 2017 19:15
vamp_goku "Drink contest when and where???!! Ooh darn, your just messing with me uh? Still no answer on that fine glass my daughter brought all this way for me?"

Still waiting on Ron's reply Goku pours him another. And still looking at the full glass he had poured Lil earlier as well. Glazing at it then back to her giving a throat sound in her direction.

"Uh Lil you really going to waste that uh? And come on Ron, Faia just did not want to damage this body to much. Who would uh, mess up this godlike bod." *growls*
December 05, 2017 19:28
LillyEmperium *seeing the waitress place the ham hocks for Mickey, mallory and one for stargazer. Lilly shook her head *

Goku.... I am nice as to the pup... I can u know do what Faia didn't. But I could do one better dear uncle... With out hurting you.... Too much that is
December 05, 2017 19:40
Ronan Boru

Yeah  I  am  just  gonna  let  that god like bod  comment  go. 

 * Ronan   pulls  his  shirt  off.   Looks at  Lilly  and  laughs . He  takes a  drink.*

December 05, 2017 19:41
LillyEmperium *Lilly knew he wouldn't let it go. Grinning, she sat at the corner of the table. Looking her husband over, she grinned. It didn't bother her to have him do that. If anything it excited her*

Hmmmm.... I'm very partial to the Irishman..
December 05, 2017 20:23
Ronan Boru

"Now  that is  how   you  use a  real  body  of a  god. "

*  Ronan  laughs.*

"Pays  that   my  mothere is  the  celtic  fire goddess. I  really  do  have  the  body of  a god."

*He  puts  his s hirt  back  on and  looks  from  lilly to Goku.*

December 05, 2017 20:30

-Midori- stands up and she listens to Ronan speak about Stargazer.  "They knew these children of nature and even Micky and Mallory have feelings.  That poor puppy you kicked told me all about it, father.  Mother would be ashamed of you.  Faia, my new mother and I will teach you to treat your pets better.  I know a grandmother who used the flat of her blade accross your backside.  What a tale that was and rightly so you taught her that move.   I care for all nature's children."

She giggles softly at the banter between Lilly, Ronan and her father.  "If that is what Irishman reveal. Is there a spare one about? No I don't think so..."  She frowns and then taps her head.   "One drunken master to a household!  Have my father tell you when he spat out some brandy the first time he saw me.  A proper waste of a rare brandy...   A fire goddess?   I guess that" She seemed to like this Ronan Boru and his sense of humor.   "If I meet anI Irishman I hope he keeps his shirt on."





December 05, 2017 20:48
LillyEmperium *grinning she chuckled *

Ah the only man on the planet to truly shut me down... Hmm... Yet he actually can without doing all that.. Mmmmthats a bonus....

*shaking her head for a second *
You two can have your drinking competition anytime..... This I might enjoy seeing

*smiling to Midori she giggled *
Darling there's a whole island full.... But none quite like mine
December 05, 2017 20:52
Ronan Boru

"As long  as  he  not  a  Boru chances a are  he  will  unless  of  course   if  he drunk anything  is  possible. Yes  my  mother is  Brigit  the  Irish  fire  goddess and  goddess  of  the home  protector  of  womenn and  children. She 's the  reason  I  can  do  this ."

*Ronan makes a  black  flame fire rose  appear *

December 05, 2017 20:59

-Midori- giggles and nods at Lilly.  "Most at the Temple have Sake contests.  But I think my father could drink them under the table.   I have some saki and some aged Irish Whiskey.  Trice distilled ...a student brought it to the Temple and none ever sampled it."

She looks at Ronan.  "I am sure all Irishman would loose their shirts or give the shirts off of their back. If drunk, anything is possible.    A woman of the hearth home woman and children."

She watches Ronan as he makes a black flame fire rose appear.

Middy 's small fingers move gracefully and a small bonsai tree appears.  The small sculpted tree is green and green is her color.   "My magic pales but please accept this small token and the Whiskey from my house to your house."  

December 05, 2017 21:09
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  puts is  shirt  back on. He  flash  freezes  the  rose  turning it  to  crystal  and  hands i t  to  Midori. He  takes  the  bonsai tree.*

"THe  whiskey  we  should  drink."

December 05, 2017 21:29
LillyEmperium *snapping her fingers, a round of glasses appear. Hoping of the desk, Lilly kissed Ronan* just as handsome today as you were then December 05, 2017 21:38

-Midori- accepts the rose with a smile.  "I will forego the drinking if you do not mind."    She finds a chair and sits to see the others. 

She remembers back when she first meet her father and his friend Raoul the Unknown.   "Where is the unknown one with whom I spoke a long time ago.  He is missing and I loved his company."

December 05, 2017 21:46
LillyEmperium *Hearing Raoul's name, Lilly sighed softly * He, much like many others sleep.... So much time has passed, but yet seems so close. Odd, I wish most would wake December 05, 2017 22:01
Ronan Boru

* Ronan opens  the  bottle  and    grabs  3  glasses*

" Suit yourself  lass."

*  He hands o ne  to  Goku and o ne  to  lilly.  *

December 05, 2017 22:02
LillyEmperium *taking a glass, Lilly nodded *
Thank you.
December 05, 2017 22:32

-Miidori- sighes sadly at the thought of Raoul asleep for so long a time.  She remembered when her father married another woman.  That woman was as cold as the grave and she left sadly because she had to leave on her on accord.  "I know.  I remembered my father married a woman who had no use for a step-daughter and informed me of such.  I departed back from I came.  The Temple was my birth place. I received my 'orders' to depart in any fashion I desired.  I came this time to find my father and if that woman still remained.  I found news he had been reformed of sorts and married.  If I receive again the order to go then I shall never return."

She looked at her father  and then to Ronan. "I will suit myself and I will return Micky and Mallory when they finish their snack.  Scampers is waiting for his walk and his kibble."

She sat contented watching the others do their thing.  She was not a social drinker but she enjoyed the company of others.

December 05, 2017 22:35
Ronan Boru


December 05, 2017 22:41
LillyEmperium Midori, stay as long as you wish.. Is there anything I could get you to drink instead? Pop... Coffee... Water? You name it dear.. Faia is a sweetheart, I'm sure she'd love to meet you sometime December 05, 2017 22:41

"I heard from others, she is a good wife to my father who deserves some happiness in his life.  Some tea would be fine.  But I must take these critters home so they can rest and chew some more boots.  I would like to meet her and I think we will be friends.  If any who can make him feel happy and content is the mother I would adore and a girl needs another woman to talk to."

Micky and Mallory chomped on their ham hocks while watching vamp_goku.  "I wonder who will be carried home tonight."

December 05, 2017 22:55
LillyEmperium *nodding a waitress hurried and brought Midori a cup of tea *

I definitely think you and her will be fine.... As to Goku.... Worse case he sleeps where he is. Tomorrow he'll have kinks but ok
December 05, 2017 23:01
Ronan Boru

"Old  man  cant  hold  his  liquior. He'll  be fine  lass  dont worry . No o ne   but family  is allowed  back here so  if  he   sleeps  here he  will be  safe. I  will  leave  you  lases  here  for  a bit. I  have a few  things  to  look  in  to  back  home. Lilly you  want  me  to  take Orchid with  me?"

December 05, 2017 23:17
LillyEmperium *smiling softly, Lilly nodded *

Ok love. Sure she's sleeping now, should rest.

*carefully she gave Orchid to Ronan, kissing her forehead and his cheek *

Thank you love
December 05, 2017 23:28
Ronan Boru

"Not  a  problem at  all. I'll  see  you  when  you  get  back.  "

  *Ronan takes  Orchid and   smiles.He walks  outside  with  vanishes.*

December 05, 2017 23:45

-Midori- nodded her thanks to the waitress who brought her a cup of hot tea.  It was Oolong tea she liked very much.  She took a few sips as the other three sampled the bottle of Whiskey.  Middy was like her father but she was also conservative to a fault.

Her father fell asleep after they all had finished the bottle and she set her tea down on the small table.  She went and capped the brandy bottle and secured it in her packback.  She slid off her warm cloak.  She covered her father gently.  Micky and Mallory looked up at her and she put her fingers to her lips.   "You two behave now, finish your snack and then sleep while he sleeps.  

She drew another green cloak her mother's cloak from the small backpack.  She smiled as Lilly gave a sleeping Orchid to her mate.  "A magical backpack is a grand gift and it contains all that I may need."  She slipped the cloak on herself.  "I will stay here and watch over him."

She slide to the floor in one fluid motion and her hood went over her head.  She sat quietly and meditated as her father slept in a drunken stupor.  She wondered where her new step mother was and what she was doing away from her father.

December 06, 2017 20:00

^  Ciaran walks in  to t he  blood  brew. He  needed a  change  of  view  for  a  bit. He  was  glad  things  were  quiet  though within  the  family. He  orders a  beer a nd  then  looks around  the  room.^

December 23, 2017 19:36
LillyEmperium *Softly Lilly hummed as she over saw some work in the back. Helping with a few things before coming towards the front. Seeing Ciaran she smiled*

Well hello dear, I trust all is well
December 24, 2017 04:07

"All  is  quiet. How  have  things been  here then? Did  you  know  Marah  was  selling  any  thing  she   shared  wit  Angel except  for  the  big  bear   house? She  wants to  move  to  the  Island to  be  near  family. Da  said  something  about   Galway  to  her. I  think  its a  good idea actually for  her.  What  do  you  think?"

^ He looks over a  her^

December 24, 2017 11:35
LillyEmperium All is well. Hmm.. It's possible... I don't blame her either. It's hard, when it's time to move on.... What time keep, what to let go of. She will make the right choices... Personally I did something similar after Dragon... I let go of many of the homes we had. December 25, 2017 11:45

I figured  she  would do the  same.It  will tae  some  getting  used  to  for  her  though . We  have  te  advantage that  we  grew  up i  Ireland . We  know  the people and  wat  not  but she  will  learn  I  am  sure  quick  enough.

December 26, 2017 11:45
Annalise Veran

     A small vampress found her way into a small tavern. It appeared to cater to creatures of all species, and perhance Annalise may find a meal, companionship, or even a place to rest her head for the day. She wore an ancient outfit, a long white nightgown that was tattered at the hem. She stood at maybe four feet, ten inches tall, and had a face that could remind most of a child. Deep red eyes looked around the darkened building, taking in the other characters that had also taken refuge in this place.

December 26, 2017 14:36

Ciaran looks  from Lilly  to  the  female  when she  walked  in. 

"Im  good  you  should  take  care of  the one  that  just  walked  in.She  looks like  she  could  use it  actually. What  ever  she   wants I  can  cover."

December 26, 2017 15:23
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jenn had been following an interesting person who drew her interest.  She had been on her way to visit the NightBreeds.  She figured that visit could wait for a little while.   She had several packages of Christmas presents she wanted to give them.   But she ducked into a place called The Blood Brew Travern.

She cast a small spell to protect herself.  She would leave her service revolver in the small of her back.  She knew the hunger that young woman was feeling as normal for her species.   Jen even had to resort to blood to keep her  'inner' demon at bay.   Jen set her packages on a small table but took a seat at the bar's counter.   "What do you serve for food.   I have another need as well.  I d be willing to assist the young woman as well."

December 26, 2017 15:55

^  Ciaran  knew  when  magic  was  used  and  he  shakes  his  head.  One  of his  gifts.Most  magic  users he  knew  could  tell  when any  magic  was  used . He  couldnt  tell who  used it and   he  didnt  care  as  it  was a  protection  spell  .Nothing that  could  backfire and  arm  any one  but the  caster.^  

December 26, 2017 18:14
Jennifer Constantinescu

Jen smiled at the man and she knew her protective spell was a shield for herself.  She smoothed out her black leather gloves.

"You are very right.  It wont backfire and it's safer for me.  Most slayers are a dubious race and some have their beginnings elsewhere.  I am Jen Constantinescu."  She lifted her hands palms up to show she meant no harm.  "I was on my way elsewhere but I have need of something.  Do they serve a blood wine here?"

December 26, 2017 18:23

"They  serve  what  ever  you  like actually. How  did  you  know  I  knew  about  the  magic  as I  never  said  anything about it out  side of  my  own  thoughts? "

Ciaran looks at her

"I'm  Ciaran Boru."

December 26, 2017 18:48
Jennifer Constantinescu

"Thank you for telling me that." Jen smiled softly as she turned her eyes elswhere toward the counter.  "Very few of my kind are about...just a talent from my parents a pair of gypsies who were unique. Travelled by night.  My father was from Romania, not from the Carpathian mountains.  My mother was human.  Let's say I avoid looking another in the eyes no matter their immense skills.  I saw and felt enough to know. But no matter. "

Jen laid a few gold coins on the counter.  "Where I am going may be they will have some stored away." Jen got off the bar stool.  She went to the bags.  "Pleased to meet you Ciaran Boru.  No worries I am just a writer of tales and wanderer."

She set a green cloak with a thick cotton lining on the table.  "For the young lady over there.  I must take my leave and thank you for the company.   Blessed Be and No harm done.  Merry Christmas." Jen picked up her packages and went on her way.

December 26, 2017 19:06
Annalise Veran

Seemingly out of nowhere, a server approached and held a beverage in offering to Annalise. The ancient vampire didn't know what to do, but she accepted it with a soft whisper of thanks. To most, her voice would sound hoarse, similar to that of a newly changed. "Th-thank you." She slowly stuttered, before holding the drink and simply staring at it. It smelled absolutely horrible. She was turned in the times of only fresh blood, straight from the veins of prey. This... Old blood certainly would do her no good. However, she couldn't be rude and not take it, so she disappeared into a small crowd, emerging once more with free hands. Trust was earned, and a drink given to her by a stranger was not an acceptable first meal.

December 26, 2017 19:57
Ciaran_Boru You are older then you appear. I’m ciaran. My mother was a vampire named Angelica la croix. I have some kindred blood in me as well. You need fresh blood don’t you?
Clan looks at the lass.
December 26, 2017 20:20
Annalise Veran

"I am old? When is the year?" Her brows furrowed in her confusion at the person's words. "Angelica? I do not know Angelica. Apologies." When the mention of fresh blood met her ears, the small woman visibly brightened, her crimson eyes focusing on the speaker with intent, which most mortals would find disturbing or uncomfortable. "There are feeders? I must feed."

December 26, 2017 22:17
LillyEmperium *Lilly snapped her fingers, as a young man came out and approached the young woman whom seemed starved. Lilly spoke gently * do not worry, you won't harm him. Feed, and after I shall see to you having a supply dear. December 26, 2017 22:33
Annalise Veran

The small female stared up at the other vampire, then to the donor. Her lips parted slightly as her fangs grew, sharpening into franslucent feline points. In a matter of miliseconds, the comically small woman had pushed the man into a chair and bent down over him, a hand curled in his hair and holding his head at a sharp angle. His face was contorted in a grimace for only a moment before her teeth sunk into his throat, and he relaxed completely. Her venom caused a soothing effect, and if wanted, a pleasurable effect. several minutes, she drank deeply until he had lost consiousness, and she pulled away. A small trail of his blood fell down her bottom lip, but she brushed it away with a swipe of her right hand. "Thank you." She murmured, her voice stronger than before.

     Her voice was soft and gentle, almost musical in tone, and only added to the effect that she could never harm anyone. Her youthful looks and her soft voice had made her a skilled hunter in her days, but now things had changed, while she hadn't. Most prey now looked for a feminine huntress, rather than a youthful one. Voluptuous curves won over her child-like figure, and so she would have to learn how to navigate the world of modern times.

Her eyes found the vampress that had donated a feeding, and she curtseyed to her, a hand lifting her tattered nightgown smoothly in a comfortable manner. "Thank you, once more."

December 26, 2017 22:43

Depends actually   What  year  were you born or changed 

December 26, 2017 22:51
Annalise Veran

"What year was I changed? I do not remember. Do you remember when the Plague was active?" (Speaking of the Bubonic Plague) The small woman now had somehow managed to gain the attention of two seperate entities, and after so long, was unaccostomed to such acknowledgement. Her eyes darted repeatedly between the two others, Confusion still lighting her crimson hues.

December 26, 2017 22:57
Ciaran_Boru 1340-1400 in Europe would of been Black Death.It’s last week of 2017 now. So yeah. I’m ciaran and this is my step mother Lilly.
December 27, 2017 00:09
Annalise Veran

"Ciaran and Lilly? It is a pleasure to make your accuaintance." Her mind was reeling. Six centuries she had been innactive. Six centuries, the world had changed and she hadn't. "Wow.. I suppose.. I must go? I have much to learn."

December 27, 2017 10:27

Ciaran nods. He  knew it  could be confusing to  be back after  just  a  few months or years let  alone  6 centuuries. He  looks at  her then  to  Lilly.

"Allies and  friends are  always a  good  thing  in  this  day  and  age  and  with the  change  in  the  world friends and  allies in all  races is  good as well. Find  those  you  can trust. It  will help  when you  need it."

December 27, 2017 11:04
Barney Stinson I looked up at the tavern a smile on my face. This could be my new hunting ground but that wouldn't be wise. I needed to be careful this realm as fun as it is was still dangerous. Know wonder I stayed. Chuckling I stepped in admiring the decor before finding a table in the corner and ordering a gin and tonic. December 28, 2017 10:20

Ciaran  looks at  Lilly 

"I  have  to  get  back  home . I will try and  stop  by later  in  the  new  year  just  to  say  Hi  to  you  and  Da  . Might have  te  kids  .Depends on  if  Ami  is  back  ome  yet  or  n ot. Be  safe."

Ciaran walks out  side  and  vanishes  in  green  orbs.

December 28, 2017 10:40
Galen C Lynch

^ Galen  walks in . Saphire  was s till  visiting  friends and  family back in  Romania and she  had Eamon  with  her.^

"Hey Lilly. How   has  every o ne  been?"

^ He  orders a  whiskey and  smiles looking around.^

December 28, 2017 10:44

-Midori- woke up to the sound of her stomach growling and she glanced over at her father. vamp_goku.  He was sprawled in the office chair with his feet on the desk.   She glanced at Micky and Mallory who instantly woke up when she stood up.

"Guard him, please.  You will get some fresh raw steaks."  The hyenas looked at her and then at vamp.

"He won't wake up and if he sneaks off bite him in the arse and sit on him.   Middy wondered if they served Ramen noodles and green tea in this place.

She walked out to the bar area and sat on a bar stool.   She glances about the bar  and spots some interesting people.   "Hey Lilly do you serve Ramen noodles and green tea here? Dad 's still asleep and drunk as a skunk in a stinky cheese factory."

December 28, 2017 23:57
Barney Stinson I took a long satisfying drink from my glass as I kept my eyes roaming. People came and went as i kept on drinking. A few saw me raise an eyebrow but other than that I kept to my seat. December 29, 2017 09:17
Galen C Lynch

^ Galen  smiles at  the  lass  that  just  came out of  the  office.^

"You  must  be Midori? Ronan made  sure  we all  knew  who  you  were. I 'm  Galen .A friend of   the  Boru family. Figres  Goku  is  drunk. I  dont  think I  ever  remeber  seeing  that uncle of  yours  Lilly  sober  ever. Is sober  even  possible  for  that  man  now?"

December 29, 2017 11:50

-Midori- smiles at the man who spoke to her.   She bowed politely with her palms together and she spoke softly.

"I am Midori Yasutake, daughter of vamp_goku and my mother Marie.  I am pleased to meet you Galen.  My father has a reputation for being a Drunken Master and I am still proud of him.  I am my father's daughter but I am not like him in his habits.  He can be sober but he misses his mate.  I understand she has reformed him somewhat.  I do not think he will give up his booze."

Middy offere a hand of friendship and remarked  "There are many stories of him when he knew the first Midori, my honored ancestor.   Even then he was one to drink sake and then fight in a drunken state.  I think he taught fighting to students like that.  He did not  teach my venerable grandmother.   But he did teach her the katana, the marital arts and he even mentored her   Before he left the temple he made sure she married a worthy man.  We remember goku because he changed my people's way of thinking and doing."

Middy blushed a little and her eyes lowered to the wooden floor.  "I have spoken of the past. I am here to see him and to be sure he is doing what he does.   I left when he took a mate and she did not approve of a illegimate piece of baggage such as me."

December 29, 2017 15:28
Galen C Lynch

^  Galen  looks  at  her^

"Well that  is  the  past and one  should   move on  from  the  past.I  know  a  bit  how  it  feels  to  feel l ike  baggage to  people  who  arent in it  for  your  best  interests in  the  end but  you  can  and  most  do  make  something  of  themselves despite  that. I  am  sure  your f ather  is  proud of  you. Mine  I  couldnt tell  you  as I  never  met  my  real  arents  .They  died  when I  was  younger."

December 29, 2017 19:31

Middy smiled and nodded her head at Galen.  "You've a good point and I have returned to see how my father is. Drunk or sober, he is my father.  I wasn't baggage to him....but the time as crucial that I had to leave and make my own way.  I have done that and I have come back to see if he's found some peace and contentment.   I know the loss of a single parent, but the kitsune of The Temple raised me.  My mother passed shortly after I was born."

Middy knew many losses and she had found out that her father had remarried yet again.  "I will move on again if his mate desires it.  A short visit and I will return home only wiser and my journey will be my own."

December 29, 2017 19:51
Galen C Lynch

^ Galen looks at  her.She was right on  all of  it.  He  knew  if that his parentswere alive   they  would  be  proud of  eveything he  has done. Saphire, Little Eamon and the  medical degree as  well . He  used it  mostly  for  his  family and  his  people but  then  they  needed  his skills  more ten  te  rest of  the  world  right now.^

"You  are  right everyone's path is  their own  to  follow."

December 29, 2017 20:54

"With one step a journey can begin.  You appear to be a very man. Do you have a mate, children and a duty you call a job or profession? My choice is as a writer of tales,  I am training a scribe to preserve the writings of my people.  But I journey now to learn of other people and to gain wisdom and experience from what teachers are here."

Middy accepte a hot cup of green tea from the waitress.   "Can I get you something, Galen?  My father speaks well of Ronan Boru."  Middy laid a small packet of incense and some herbs on the counter of the bar.   "These are for you.  They come from the temple garden.  They soothe a patient or freshen a room.  The insence is for the prayers to your diety or symbol of faith for them to hear your prayers and wishes."

December 29, 2017 23:21
Galen C Lynch

"I  do  have a wife.  Her  name  is  Saphire and  a  son as  well  named Eamon Moon. I  am  a Doctor  or  healer   to  any  who  need  it. Though  I  care  more  for my  people.  My  parents and  grand parents  were/ are what  are  called  Tinkers or  Travellers  in Ireland. Irish  gypsies  so  to  speak. I  have   not  prayed  or  spoken  to  the old  gods of  my  people  for  many years but  thank  you. They  should  be   put to  goog   use."

^Galen  smiles  at  her^

December 30, 2017 12:40

Middy smiled as Galen mentioned he had a wife, a boy child and was a healer.  She remarked very gently to Galen,

"We had many Travellers visit and stay with us for times.  They told my people of the outside world and like goku they taught us to journey outside the confines of the temple.    Gypsies have a wonderful background and heritage to be very proud.  Your people are a tough and hearty people.   Speak to the gods of your people for wisdom and for what they may reveal to a healer.  When you are weary, tired or hurting seek the comfort they will give you.  That alone is a journey. "

Middy spoke in the goodness of her heart for she knew the gods of her people comforted them.  "Sometimes they are watching and protecting you when you least know it."

December 30, 2017 18:44
Galen C Lynch

"I  am  sure  they  are but  for  many  years I  was  unable  to  speak  of  them  let alone  to  them. My  gran used  to always  tell me  "the  gods dont give  you  anything  you  cant handle ,Galen . You  might  not  see  them  but  they  are always  there.They  come  when  you  need  them." I  am  VERY proud of  who I am  and  what  my  background  is being  a  Tinker and  Irish."

December 30, 2017 22:57

"Very true Galen and as your gran said to you.   Her words are very wise.  I must go now and sleep before I leave.   I have not meet his new wife.  He seems content even if he is rarely sober.  I will leave him in his family's hands."

Middy took her bowl of Ramen noodles to the office,   She would leave soon for the temple.  But she would check in on her father at varied times.

December 31, 2017 15:42
Galen C Lynch

^  The  Gypsy  prince  smiles  softly.^

"if  I  knew  where  my  younger sister was as she is only  family I  have  besides you  lilly  and  ronan a nd  of  course  Saphire's  family  but  she is  blood to  me  and   that  counts  for  much."

^ He  watches  Midori  go  back in  to t he  office.^

"She is  a wise  lass  that one. far  beyond  her  years as well. "

December 31, 2017 19:39
Galen C Lynch

^Galen  looks  to  Lilly^

I  have  to  get  home .I  told  Saphire  I  would  meeet u  with  her and  Eamon in  Romanaia  for a  bit.Stay  safe  and  I  will be  back  as  soon  as we  can or I  can.

^Galen  walks  out of  the  tavern and  vanishes.^

January 05, 2018 11:41
Airmid Boru

^ Airmid walks in to the  tavern.She looksat  the bartender and  ordersa drink then  sits  down  and  sighs.  Things  were  much  more  then  her father realized  when  it  came to this Angel  Kravenoff and  her sister.  She  was  glad  he knew what  happened to  that  lad  Rorix  in  the  names of both  Marah and  Angel and  that   he agreed  with  er  that is was wrong  and needed to  be  fixed.

To  kill someone  then  bring  them  back  just to  do it again  was  more then  the  young  Irish  lass  could  bear to  hear. Then  to  hear i  was  done  in  another's  name  by   other  people jusr  made  her  sick. How  could  some one   allow  that t o  happen  to their own  flesh and  blood  and  how could a  mother  allow  that  to  happen  to  a  child  even  if it  wasnt  their  blood?  That poor  ladRorix  had  every  right to  be angry  at  the  Kravenoffs and  her sister for  what  they  did a nd  allowed  to  happen in  their names.^

March 21, 2018 14:34

-Midori had found a secret  place to hide her father's rare cache of 1796 brandy and other bottles ofrare wines.  She wanted to sober up her father a bit. She  hide his best stuff in an old cellar that contained  a rare find of other bottled liqour.  She put a strong, secure and unbreakable ward on it.

"That should work. Sobering him up just a bite is hopefully okay.    I really need to talk to him..."  She had received a message from her guardian/foster/mentor about a match between her and a young male kitsune.  "I don't want to go back...he really needs to invoker his parental responsibility or set me free to do as I wish to do!"   Her father had to sober up a bit  so he could  listen to her.

She took a plate of food from the cook in the kitchen.  "A vegan burger and homemade fries miss."Middy smiled at the man.

She  took  her plate and  a hot cup of tea.  Middy noticed a lone young woman with a drink.   "Can I join you?"

March 22, 2018 22:51
Airmid Boru

^ Airmid  looks  up to  the  woman  and smiles^

"Please yes   do  have a  seat  lass. My  name  is  Airmid."

March 23, 2018 19:49

Midori smiles back as she sets her plate of food and cup of tea on the table.   She places her palms together and bows respectfully.

"I am Midori, daughter of vamp_goku.  Pleased to meet you Armid.  Do fathers ever take responsibility for their children?  I have need of advice and he sleeps in the back like a Drunken Master."   Middy realized she had spoken her thoughts.

"Do you know Ronan Boru? Maybe he could adviseme?"

March 23, 2018 22:59
Airmid Boru

^  Airmid  smiles^

Actually  I  do  know  him.  I  am  his  oldest  daughter.  It is  pleasure  to meet  you  Midori, Daughter of  Vamp  -Goku. Most  fathers in  the  end  take  resposiblity  for thier  kids  those  that  dont  then  that  is  on  thtem. MOst  children if  needed will  find a  stand in  with another male  faily  member.

March 24, 2018 17:43

Middy bowed again. "I know your father and he likes a good Irish Whiskey.  I have a concern and I have no wish to acquire an unwanted marriage with a male who does no want or need me.  I would like to stay here on journey.  SO I hide my father's moral support.  His liqours and his hyenas agree they now wish to accompany me as protectors..."

March 24, 2018 21:07
Airmid Boru “ your father wants you to marry this man you do not love and who doesn’t need or want you anyway? I am sorry there. We had that tradition back home where I am from many moons ago but my father was the one to break that when he got together with my mother for a brief time. Then changed it again when he married Lilly. My mother was killed before they could get married however. If you do not love this man you need to tell your father that and what your desires are as well. “

^ She looks at the lass and smiles softly ^

“ I am sure your father will hear you out and if not I can try to speak to him as well since he has known my father for years I was told.”
March 25, 2018 08:43

Middy shook her head.   "No vamp_goku did not arrange the marriage.  It was my guardian/mentor/foster father who did that..  My mother met goku many years ago and she returned home not knowing she was carrying me.  So I first travelled here to the realm to find him.  I was happy for awhile  it was a first journey but  he married a woman  who did not an illegitimate female in her house.  I left because she told he felt the same about me."

Middy also had listened to Armid's words and was amazed to hear the same thing.  "All I want to do is to stay here and  goku needs to take over his responsibility and acknowledge me.  He can void the marriage arrangement. made by the temple guardian.  Thank you."

March 25, 2018 15:14
Airmid Boru

"I  am sure he  will void  the  arrangment with out an  issue. Ages  ago  Royal families  for alliances not for  love got  married and  the  two  it  was aranged  for  had  no  choice in  the  matter .Love  was  not a reason  to  get  married  but  alliances and  more  power  were  as  well  as  producing a  MALE heir."

March 26, 2018 10:47

"I hope the arrangment will be voided by him.   I am not  of high status where I came from.   We  younglings are taught early respect and good manners.   It is ingrained in us from birth.  I am not a full kitsune as my father is goku.  I have his blood in me and  I wish to be his daughter.   I am permitted this journey to decide my path.   I have welcome at the temple."

Middy was puzzled about the talk of royalty.   "The origins of my ancestor began when an orphan unwanted and unloved found a wounded man outside the temple... She was the only one who opened the gates to him.  Her path crossed his path and he made sure she was settled before he left the temple.  It is a tale told around the evening fires to the young."

March 26, 2018 15:44
LillyEmperium *quietly Lilly stopped out of the office. Standing she watched and listened to Airmid and -Midori- as they talked * March 29, 2018 00:48
Airmid Boru

^Airmid looks over to  see  Lillya nad  she  smiles a  bit.^

" So  how long  have ya  been standing there then  like  a  ghost  just listening"

March 30, 2018 14:46
LillyEmperium *softly she chuckled *

Long enough dear, wasn't meaning to eavesdrop really. More like a force of habit.

*nodding to Midori *

Dear those marriages are easy enough to get out of. If you're father don't wake soon, let me know... I'll help you if you like...
March 30, 2018 22:55
Phantom Wraith He walks into the brew and heads to his usual table, sitting by two women and ordering his usual toxic substance before laying his head on the table. After a moment he blinks and looks up to see two women he did not know and Lilly, "Um...did I interrupt? If so...well, I'm not leaving but I'd be happy to drink my self fairly stupid so I'm not a nuisience to you...the local police and other services, I will probably start wrecking again. Sorry, I'm Phantom, I'm friends with the woman stalking the table and I know the other big person Goku here." March 31, 2018 12:51
LillyEmperium *with a soft chuckle, Lilly nodded to Phantom*

Sit.... Drink.... Enjoy my friend.

*looking to the girls then phantom, Lilly smiled.*
Midori... Airmid...this is my friend phantom.... Phantom this is goku's daughter Midori and Ronans eldest daughter Airmid
April 01, 2018 01:24
Phantom Wraith He flicks a stone to where Goku normally drinks/sleeps in surprise, "Well now, Goku you have been well blessed indeed, though I wonder my Ladies, I am sorry, I happen to be cursed with extraordaniary hearing and I must ask if you do not wish to marry then why even pretend to do it? I know I am a heathen by all accounts, and Lilly can attest to my savagery so I ask, if you'd like I can help void it through the heathen methods and simply kill the suitor who seeks to be the one your step-father chose for you."

He drinks a bit from his bubbling cup before sighing tirely and glancing at Lilly, "I was born to do such monsterous acts afterall, and lately...those such acts have began weighing heavily upon my head but my ladies, that is something I must admit, that for my friend's friend's daughter I am more than willing to accept."
April 01, 2018 23:17
Midori Yasutake

Middy stood up and  bowed respectfully to Phantom.   "My father is goku.   I am only half Kitsune and I do have a temple guardian.   He only needs to void the marriage arrangement to the son of my temple guardian.  He does not want me and I do not want him.  Violence or monsetrious acts of stupidty are not needed.   Logical thinking and mutual consent work much better."

Middy smiled at Lilly warmly and spoke gentlely.   "He needs to wake up soon.  I just may think of some other way to wake him for Phantom  I know of his kind.   All bark and all bite too.  If you can wake him up  by all means do that...but no violence is needed  or desired."

April 02, 2018 16:57
Airmid Boru Ah phantom, yes my father has spoken about you before tonmy brother Ciaran. How is it you came by my family then? Ronan is my father I’m a fraternal twin to Marah actually. My mother was a lass named Marie Reilly. She was well before Lilly here or any you might know.” April 03, 2018 00:08
Phantom Wraith "I think he and I first met on a random street...its how I meet most people. Ronan is a good guy who I find a little serious for my tastes, but he is a good friend and I'd wage war for him...Goku though I call friend we are more distantly associated than friends, but a bit closer than associates." April 03, 2018 03:22
Li Kuroda Li had been in the neighborhood and decided to stop by and annoy Lilly. He rubbed his eyes a bit as the shaman was indeed tired. He stepped into the tavern and spotted the blonde almost immediately. He also phantom and a few females he had never seen before. Stretching he made his way over to the group. "Hey Lil." He said kissing the top of her hair before sitting down beside Phantom. A yawn escaping from his lips which he had covered with his hands. "Phantom. What would happen if I were to take a drink of that?" He asked curiously. He looked at the ladies and nodded. "Pardon my manners I hope I'm not interrupting anything." April 03, 2018 12:18
Airmid Boru

~Airmid  smiled  softly.  She  reconized the  man as  Li Kuroda . Her father and  brother  both  told  her  about him.~

"Not at all. Your  name  is  Li right? I'm Airmid.  You know  my  fraternal  twin sister I  believe Marah and  you  have  met  my  father, Ronan  and  younger brother, Ciaran more  then  once. My father mentioned  you  to  me  briefly. No  you  are  not  interrupting anything of  vital  importance . We  were  just talking  was all."

~ she  looks  back  at  Midori  and   smiles She liked  the  lass. She  could easily see  her and   Midori being  close  friends. She looks  to  Phantom.~

"Aye  seems  to  be  how  my  father  would  find  most  of  his  trusted inner  circle is  through  random encounters in a  street some  where or a  pub. I  am  more then  sure  that is  how  he  and  Killian Doyle  met  was at  the  pub  we  own  called  the  Shamrock. Not  many  people  would say that  they  would  rage  war  with  my  father let alone  any one.  He  can  be  very serious at  times  but  he  does  have a  fun side a s  well  when it is  called  for. You  just have  the  luck of always  catching  him  on  the  times  he  needs  to  be  serious is all. You  should  catch him  here  or  at  the  Shamrock  then  for  the  softer  and  fun side."

~She  looks over to Lilly. LIlly  would  know  that her  father  wasnt  all  serious all  the  time.~

"My  father  has alot  to  deal  with  on a   daily  basis but he  manages to  be able  to  cut loose  once in a while I a m  sure Lilly  can  tell  any  who  ask  that."

April 03, 2018 13:32
Phantom Wraith He laighs and nods before blinking at Li, "When did...nevermind, Ladies this insane fellow here is a prime example of who I've met in the streets and now would go to war for. Though I strongly suggest you don't drink my liquior, it is one hundred percent pure acid and to the best of my knowledge it would melt your internal organs." April 03, 2018 16:17
Midori Yasutake

Middy looked at the man called Li and she bowed respectfully.  "We were just talking and the matter will be dealt.  I will take the bull by the horns and do it myself."

Middy did not keep many friends and she usually kept her own counsel.  She liked Armid and she wondered if a friendship was a possibility she could explore.

She thought back to the oral history of her old ancestor who had meet goku and she was the one who started a written tradition.   She had written down his stories of battles and  one battle where he fought with a being when he was a warlord.   "goku was many things to my people.  He was a mentor and a teacher to the first Midori.    The battle raged between him and a being of immense power.   goku had a demon in him as well such savageness but somehow he beat the other demon back from the temple.   The temple of the Kitsune took much damage but the skill of the Inari protected us.   The demon inside goku was tamed by the orphaned girlchild who held out her hand to him.   She was considered no account but she had one gift.  The wisdom of the Inari gave her a magic all her own  and that same skill flows in the blood of my line. Not always apparent but blood knows blood  and I know the being who goku battled.  Tell me Phantom did he survive by his own will or the mercy given by his attacker?"

Middy looked to the back room and sighed inwardly.  "I must be patient with the old soul....even the mark of the shadows still swirl around him and I know the shadowed darkness well.  For I look into his eyes and see his own past... "

April 03, 2018 16:34
Phantom Wraith He laughs tiredly, "You've no clue...back in those ancient days war and battles among my kind were so common an occurance that it was impossible to say any demon alive wasn't currently at war. That was after a branck of the Kitsune Demons left my realm and came here though so Goku did what I did...he save a people from a monster and fell in love with that people." He takes a long drink before sighing contently as a small blush begins spreading on his face, "Oh man got the demon blend this time! Heh, anyway, that demon didn't let Goku live, hell last time I was in the underworld Goku still has a bounty on his head from back them...not as bad as mine, Eirie NightBreed's or Ronan's but an impressive bounty none the less." April 03, 2018 16:50
Midori Yasutake

""My people's ancestors came from another place to be here. Kitsune demons yes, Phantom but not all kitsune are 'bad' demons..  I know the stories of my people shrouded in mystery,  legends and the truth as well. It is ingrained in us from birth to know where we were from.   That other demon would have destroyed my ancestors for a wrong he felt they did to him or by leaving his realm.  You protect fox children don't you?  Dear to the heart,  as goku was dear to the heart of my people."

Middy walked over to Phantom and her ice blue eyes gazed into his eyes.   Her blue eyes dilated and went an onyx hue.

"I know who goku fought and one question.  Why did you stay your hand?  He was nearly dead when the child opened the door of the temple...  Her eyes are my eyes ....the soul is not so blackened and the heart is not so hard that mercy of another stayed his hand.  Warrior to warrior.  The meeting of kindred souls."

April 03, 2018 17:04
Phantom Wraith He froze and cursed before sighing, "I...I thought I was protecting them from a warlod okay? Yes they left their home, yes I felt betrayed for a bit, but I love those annoying foxes dearly. They are all my children and when your ancestors left I grew worried because of the humans, but every time I came to check on them Goku and I met and as I said...war during that time was common and we fought. As for why I stayed my hand...he protected the child when she appeared, that alone proved to me I was wrong and so I fell back. Goku would probably have never believed me is I had tried calling a truce, demons were infamous for using that tactic to make surprize attacks. April 03, 2018 17:12
Midori Yasutake

"My ancestors still  spoke of the cloaked protector,  the phantom who protected them felt betrayed.   You are the one the elders speak of in shadowed whispers.  goku was a warload who waged war  but he protected the temple.  His own heart was not so jaded or evil  that he protected the child. You stayed your hand because the child showed mercy to a protecter."

"For that my ancestors and your Kitsune children thank you. They are a good solid people who now travel on journeys many journeys to learn and experpience what you protected them from.   How can a child know or learn if their protector does not let them learn.  A thousand journeys begin with a step."

Middy smiled at Phantom gently and spoke softly to him.  "May I call you Uncle?"

April 03, 2018 17:36
Li Kuroda "Your timing is getting off my friend." He said ordering a drink. "I'll try that eventually." He bowed to the two ladies. "Pleasure to meet you all. Now what's this about a way now?" April 03, 2018 17:55
Midori Yasutake

Middy smiled slightly at Li. "Pleasure to know you too.  I must return to my father and check up on my new pets.  Micky and Mallory...are his pets.  Lilly where did my father obtain these sweethearts.   They are hungry again....they say guarding goku is making them hungry again."

"Thank you for talking to me, Airmid.  I hope we can speak further!"   Middy went to the back room.

April 03, 2018 18:04
Airmid Boru I am sure we will Midori and I look forward to it.

-she looks to phantom.-

My father with a price on his head from demons? Now that’s new. Normally it’s the English who want his head so to say. What would the underworld have one on him for? Ah nightbreed another name he has mentioned. A Norseman like Killian Doyle. Erik is part of a few my father holds in high regards and considers part of his inner circle so to say. Tell me what this bounty you speak of and what it for? I am sure the demon world should know placing a bounty on the head of the son of the fire goddess, Brigit is not a very wise thing to do in the end.
April 03, 2018 18:48
Phantom Wraith "Tell that to them after he killed a legion of them. Highly wary of the gods though most of them are, they are still extremely proud and pridefull creatures. Ronan just annoyed a demon price if I remember the poster right. Though probably just told the idiot the truth and they too offence to it. The english last I heard dropped that bounty though, I killed the ones who wanted his head a year or two ago and their kin have yet to forgive it...but mortal weapons have no affect on me and I can smell divine weapons from a mile is why I refuse to go near Li or Ronan's armories...even if they both hold blades I'd really like to aquire." He grins at Li before shaking his head, "You may want to try it Li, but wait till I'm sober and around please, at least that way I can take the damage for you." He pats Li on the back before nearly squealing in joy at the sight of the unmarked bottle of bubbling green liquid, "Ravasher blood?! Lilly when did you get that delicious brew?!" April 03, 2018 19:02
Airmid Boru That sounds like something that he would of done. Though I am sure there are more then a few English out there mortal wise that want my father’s head on a pike. Pretty sure all of parliament there in England would be pleased with him dead at some point. Sadly though if that happened they have myself and my brother , Ciaran to deal with as well. I am after all my fathers’s daughter. No worries though gods and goddess’s blood we have and exactly what weapons does my father have do you think you could get your hands on or would want to get your hands on? Tuatha de Dannan weapons just aren’t randomly handed to just anyone. They are earned. April 03, 2018 19:11
Midori Yasutake

Midori listened quietly to the words between Phantom and Airmid.   She knew Airmid Boru had a father and she was his daughter.  She had family she could claim and Midori was treading on shallow ground.  Her father goku was a man whose life had changed drastically since she had left the realm. goku was a vampire and vampires were not known for their parenting skills much less as sires.   She was what goku's ex mate called her 'an illegitmate b@stard and unwanted baggage. He had kept her only out of a sense of guilt.   Middy wanted the true from his own mouth and if he turned her away it would be on him not her.

She was wondering if this journey was worth it and the short time she had been granted to get the marriage arrangement made null would be goku's choice.  It wasn't voided and declared null, she would find a life of her own with out her father.  She knew she was up to the task and she could still return to the temple and teach the next generation.  Her teaching place was heredity in the house of kitsune.

She smiled sadly and went about getting some  rare steaks for the hyenas and a fresh bowl of ramen noodles for herself.

April 03, 2018 20:41
Phantom Wraith He grins, "Oh Ro has quiet a collection that he has gathered. Your brother has helped, but a few demon blades he has can't be destroyed and are too dangerous for most, but ole ro has them still and I want them. They always taste so good and unlike most I can actually handle the curse of eating them and consuming their energies, but Ro won't let me." He pouts before flicking a peanut at Goku's usual seat, missing it by a few inches before he sighs, "The entirety of Parlament would absolutly adore my death since then they would legally own everything in Ireland. A bad purchase on my part, and I still have no idea as to when I even bought be honest I don't remember buying most of the lands I own."

He scratches his cheek and leans back, "I just thought of something, hey Midori, your kin originated from the fox demons who live in my lands right? Well, if they did then can't you ask for a right to combat for the choice? Last time I checked that was how most of the foxes in my realm marry even."

He blinks and takes a large drink before shaking his head as he finally notices the many empty cups and bottles before him, "Oh...I've been drink...a little too much again. I should go." He stumbles to his feet and heads towards where he though the door was, instead walking through a wall and into the night.
April 04, 2018 01:55
Li Kuroda Li chuckled as he watched his friend walk through the wall. "He sure I'd an off one." He said grinning while rubbing his eyes. He was seriously tired. April 04, 2018 10:50
Airmid Boru Here’s the thing the tutha de dannan own Ireland no Desmond. Some one needs to check their facts before they say **** like they own Ireland. I’m pretty sure my father family would argue that fact greatly. April 04, 2018 13:27
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  walks in  to  the  tavern and  looks a round. He  doesnt  see  any one  he knows  by  face  .  He  looks at  the bartender  and   gets  a  drink. Airmid  had  told  him  what  was  said and   he  was  not  pleased at all.  He  didnt  care about  a ounty  on  his  head  if  there  was one at all in  the  deon  world  what he  ared  about  was  some o ne  not of  Tutha  de dannan blood  was s aying  in  public  that  they  OWNED Ireland. That  was  what  got  him  the  most. Ronan knew  for  a fact  that NO ONE of  demon  blood  owned Ireland as a whole. Maybe  property on  the  island  but  NOT the  whole of  the  Island.*

April 09, 2018 13:28
LillyEmperium *Walking back up front from the back, Lilly smiled softly as she saw Ronan. Quietly she walked up*
Everything alright love?
April 10, 2018 23:19
Ronan Boru

"Yeah  its  fine. Everything  has  been  handled with  Phantom  and   what   that  was a ll  about . I  have a few  very pissed of  fae  to  appease back  home  but  nothing  that  cant  be  handled  easy  enough.  Seems  the  Leperchuns   were  giving  him  a hard  time  speaking in  Gaelic or  as  he  said  their  insane  language about gold he  took  from  them and   he  was  threating to  kill them  all off. wanted  to  sell  me  Ireland  for a   chiken  feather  I  gave  him a   penny  just to  get  him  off the  island and  away from  them."

April 11, 2018 13:25
LillyEmperium *raising her brow, she chuckled *

Oh boy, I zone out for a moment and things get strange. You know I didnt even realize leprechauns existed any more...
April 11, 2018 14:29
Ronan Boru

yeah  they  do  and  they  are  easy  to  offend  if  you  mistreat  them. I  handled  it. Spoke  with  thier  representitive and  maade it clear  that  Phantom  does NOT own Ireland  and  to  be honest  never  did. I  told him  I  gave  Phantom  a  penny  for  his  deed  to  the island  that  wasnt  worth  the paper it  was  actually printed  on really. So  they a re all  appeased  for  now.

April 11, 2018 15:52
LillyEmperium Are they actually small? Just curious...

*curiosity would always get the better of her. Chuckling she nodded *

Glad all has been handled. Phantom normally means well.
April 11, 2018 18:42
Ronan Boru

"Think  like 3 ft  children . but  yeah   they  really  do  exsist  and  they  are  actually  small. They  are  normally very  reasonable   but  when you  offend  them  you  will know."

April 11, 2018 19:01
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly chuckled *

Learn something new everyday.

*pouring herself a glass of rum, she took a drink*

As long as their happy, and you're happy.... Then all is good
April 11, 2018 19:13
Ronan Boru

"Yuppers. They are  back  to  being   their  normal  happy  selves . "

April 11, 2018 19:24

She stood outside for a moment before going inside. How long had it been since she had been here? Only gods would know. The tiny witch unclipped her jacket and opened the door. once inside she glanced around and hazel eyes fell on the bar. ands slipped into her pockets as she steps up to the bar and nods at the keep. Yup she was about to break her sobriety. "One, double of glenlivet on ice." She climbs up on the stool and glances down the bar seeing Ro and Lilly. She smirks and then smiles. "Evening to the both of ye, looks like a night with out the wee ones I see."

April 11, 2018 22:11
Ronan Boru

"Grania  is  away  for  spring break  with  Orchid  visiting  my  father. Long  time  no  see  here  Ava. Did  you  get your wee o nes  back  safe then?"

April 11, 2018 22:16

Taking her drink from the keep she turns her stool and smiles. "Aye Ro, just as I picked them up. I got the call the castle doors had been fixed. So had no reason to take them to the coven thankfully. So home they are with jeeves and Jan. My oders are as followed. Go rest...And I got boried stairing out into the yard and came here." grins. "Plus someone cleaned out the bar at home."

April 11, 2018 22:21
LillyEmperium *softly Lilly chuckled *

Perfect place to come then, we never run out. And we always have our doors open. It's good to see you Ava
April 11, 2018 22:28

She smiles and glances around Ronan. "It was the best of option really. To damn quite at home. And its great to see you as well Lily. Your looking as lovely as ever!." She says while sipping her drink softly.

April 11, 2018 22:33
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly nodded *

Thank you Ava. I do try...from time to time
April 11, 2018 22:53

She waves the keeper back and looks at him. "For the cost of just opening that bottle you may want to leave it here. Its gonna be a long night." She nods and then looks back at them."from time to time... Really Lily, you always look great."

April 11, 2018 23:05
Ronan Boru Well at least I am not the only one that thinks that then. I’m glad you got the keys figured out at home for you and the kids. April 12, 2018 00:14

She couldnt help but laugh lightly. "See even your hubby agrees, Lily!" She nods "Aye wasnt so much the keys it was a ward that Jo left up to lock the castle down. I guess with him gone it miffed itself up locking out everyone."

April 12, 2018 07:20
Ronan Boru

"Sounds like  that was  the  case. Most  wards if set  up  and  the  person  passes  to  the other  side  they  normally disapate but then  again  that  with magic  I  amaware  of. His  was  different  then  most."

April 12, 2018 11:37
LillyEmperium *softly she chuckled *

Thank you both. Would either of you like a snack or something
April 12, 2018 13:49

Drinking her drink, then pouring another after the guy left the bottle. She nods at Ronan. "Yeah it was, but managed to get it fixed thankfully. She smiles. "No thanks Lily,I am good Jan had dinner ready when we got in."

April 12, 2018 14:08
Ronan Boru

"Im good  love  thanks. Im  more  then  sure  Tara will have  some  sweet  things a round  tonight  when  we  get  back".

April 12, 2018 21:15
LillyEmperium *smiling she nodded and chuckled as she sat a box of chocolates on the counter*

True enough.... But these are divine
April 12, 2018 21:38

Seeing the chocolates she grins. "Ohhh , on second thought just one Lilly. Please Something with either rum or carmel." she giggles and sighs out deeply. "I honestly cant say the last time i sat here." She glanes at them both. Had it realy been that long ago?

April 12, 2018 22:38
LillyEmperium *turning the box around, Lilly pointed*

Oh if you like... I do have some blood chocolate
April 12, 2018 23:07
Ronan Boru

"Oh I  almost forgot . Seamus  at the Shamrok  wante  me  to  give  these to  you."

* Hands lilly a   velvet coin  purse with  gold blood chocolate  coins in  them.*

"They  went on  a  trip to  the  Scottish highlands him and  his  wife and  found  these in one of  the  sweet  shops and  thought  you  like  them ."

April 13, 2018 00:27

"Thank you Lilly." She says with a smile.

Then takes just one as the chocolate wouldnt agree with her stomach and the whisky well. Pouring her self a drink from the bottle in front of her.

April 13, 2018 14:01
LillyEmperium You're welcome Ava.

*smiling as she took the coin purse*

Oh they didn't have to... He is a sweet man, I'll have to find a way to thank them both
April 13, 2018 18:10
Ronan Boru

* Ronan smiles*

"No  they  didnt  but  they did. "

April 13, 2018 23:25

"Well guys I think I am going to take this bottle and go home. Its been a long couple days. " She says while placing down the money for the keeper and stepping over to Lilly to give her a hug. "i have missed you both. But promise I'll be around."

April 14, 2018 11:22
Airmid Boru

@Airmid walks in  the  tavern and  sees  her  father and  Lilly.  She  walks over  and  smiles at  the  lady  taking  her  leave. Ciaran  had   shown her  who  was  who   and  she  knew  the  lass  was a  cousin  named  Ava Mystic.@

April 14, 2018 14:03
LillyEmperium Missed you to Ava.... Please don't be a stranger.

*As her old friend left, Airmid walked in. With a soft smile, Lilly nodded *

How are you today Airmid?
April 14, 2018 14:40
Airmid Boru

"Better  then  I  was. Ciaran  sends  his  love. He  filled  me in on  who  was  who as  best he  could  rememeber. That  was  Ava Mystic wasnt it? Ciaran said shes a  cousin  to  the  Boru  line. She  was  married  to  a guy  named  Jokull something  or other. Ciaran said  he  wasnt  fond of  the  mate  of  hers."

April 14, 2018 14:57
Li Kuroda Li had his head on the table at the back. "I should ease up on the drinking." He said yawning as he poured another shot without looking. He sat up and downed his drink before laying his head back on the table. He waved his hand so he could get another bottle. April 14, 2018 20:48
LillyEmperium *lilly nodded to Airmid*

That would be correct dear. She's also an old friend of mine as well as the mother of my youngest brother.

*Hearing Li, Lilly look at him*

Good grief.... You're still here.. Yes you should ease up, before I have to have you carried home
April 14, 2018 21:21
Li Kuroda "Yes am still here." He said rolling his eyes from the table. His head was still on it as his drink was placed on the table. "I'm fine." He hiccuped April 14, 2018 21:59
Airmid Boru

Airmid looks over at  the man  and  shakes her  head.

"I  forgot  he  was  here.  Has he  been  here  since  I  left ? What is  he  drinking that is  that  strong?"

April 14, 2018 22:12
Ronan Boru

"Li aye  you  do  need  to lie off  that drink. "

April 14, 2018 22:23
LillyEmperium Snake venom I'll bet... That's your last bottle Li. Otherwise I'll have to get the babies and Lj and care for them til your sober. *sighing * I know you're going thru alot but, it'll be OK. April 14, 2018 22:35
Li Kuroda He rolled his eyes but said nothing as he finished his drinks. He got a bottle of water and right there poured it on his head. The feeling that came from being drunk slowly vanished ad he leaned back in the chair sober. "I'm fine." April 14, 2018 22:46
Ronan Boru

"If  you  say  so. So  whats been bothering  you then? Maybe  I  can  help or  find  sme one  who  can. All  you  have  to  do is  ask for  help  you  know  to  get  it."

April 14, 2018 23:03
LillyEmperium *lilly looked to ronan and whispered *
Bella hasn't re...

*stopping herself she looked to Li*
Would you like me to take LJ and the babies for couple days? Or maybe send one of my nannies to help...
April 14, 2018 23:07
Ronan Boru

"Ah I  see. If  you  want  Li  we  can  totally  take  the  wee o nes and or  send a   nanny to  help  you  out. What  ever  you  need. I  was  part of  the  reason LJ has  that  tin  whistle any  way.  I  knew  that  noise  was  fun.  My  own  little ones   had  them  and  drums  as  well. Just  say  what  you  want  and  need."

April 14, 2018 23:16
Li Kuroda He shook his head. "That's alright, I have enough eyes on them to know they're alright. Plus I don't think taking them is wise. They keep me grounded." He said leaning forward and lacing his fingers. April 14, 2018 23:18
LillyEmperium *nodding, Lilly looked at Li*

We are here if needed Li.
April 14, 2018 23:56
Ronan Boru

"Aye  . If  you   need  to vent  though then  you  know  you  an  find one  of  us. Im  used  to  people  needing  to  vent  I  have  siobhan  for a   sister a nd  Marah  for a  daughter  so  yeah  venting listening  I am  good  at. Wee o ne can  keep  you  grounded as well.You  arent  sleeping  well are  you? Let  me  know if you  want  me  to  make  you a  potion  to  help  you  sleep. "

April 14, 2018 23:59
Airmid Boru

"  I  just  wanted to stop  by  and  let you  both  know  I  was  back. Hey  Li  if you  need  anthing just like  my  da  said  just  ask. I  will  talk  to you  all  later  or a nother  time . Get  some  rest Li if  yo  can."

~ With  that said  she  walks out  and  vanishes  again.~

April 15, 2018 00:07
LillyEmperium *smiling she chuckled *

And if you want to spare, let me know.... I'm always willing to go rounds. I may even let you win one
April 15, 2018 00:08

She had been leaving but when she made it to the door she changed her mind. Silently she moved to a corner both and sat bak down in the silene if the corner. Hazel eye fixtated on the bottle in front of her. Alot of things going through the witchs over active brain at high speeds. Going home would only add to them.

April 15, 2018 08:54
Ronan Boru

"Thought  you  were  going home  Ava? Are  you alright lass?"

*  Ronan  looks over at her  then walks over and sits down  opposite  her and  waits  for  an a nswer.*

April 15, 2018 13:48

Hearing his question she glances up from her bottle and sighs. "Aye Ro. I am.. Just dont feel like going home is all."

April 15, 2018 14:13
Ronan Boru

" ah I  see . Even  you  have  to  face  your  own ghosts  lass who  or  what  ever  they  maybe. Only then  can  you be free  from them as  much as  Uriel  has  to  eventually come  to  some  kind of  terms  with  what  happened  to  him. this is  life  Ava.  I  know  its  been  hard for  you  alot lately  with Jqkull and  now  Uriel  and  h is  mood not  finding  Ashton waiting  for him. In  time  they  too  may  return. til  them  dont  forget  to  live  yourself. Its a roller  coaster I  know I  have  been  there many  times. What  could of  been  is  a big  deal.  I  deal  with what  happened  with  Marie  every day.  I  got  lucky Lilly  understood  that connection and  she is  good  with it just  as I  am  with  her  past with Dragon shade. If  Jqkull comes  back  I  do  have  a  few  words  for  him  trust me  on that but  for right n ow  your life is  your own  and  the  wee  ones  to  do  as  you  see  fit. Understand?"

*  He  looks  at  her*

"My  offer  to  Li  there stands  for  you  too. If  yo u need  to  leave  te little ones  with  us  for  a bit to  find  you  again  feel  free.  We  have  the  room  at  killyleigh I  assure  you."

April 15, 2018 14:45

she had been stairing into the bottle as he was talking. An eye brow raises as he pretty much covered everything that was going on in her mind down to detail. "Your getting to darn good at this Ro. When did mind reading become a hot topic for you." she smirks and sits back relaxing into her chair.. "Ronan my dear cousin. My life has never been my own, I wouldnt even know where to begin. My life has always been about family, friends, coven members .Never about just me." She pours another glass and breathes out deeply. "It may be best if Siri and Conner do stay with you for a bit. They need a safe stable place. Just till I figure out what the hell I am suppose to be doing now that I am back."

April 15, 2018 15:22
Ronan Boru

"you  will  figure it  out . Its  not  Mind reading  lass  its  watching   a person's behavior a nd  body  language.  forget  about  what  you   hear  them  say  watch  what  they  do.  Actions  speak  louder  then  any  words  . That a nd  having  the kids I  have and   what I  have  gone  through  with  Angelica  and  Maeve  you  learn  to  read  these normally ignored  signals."

April 15, 2018 15:34
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to Ava*

Ava, if I may..... I can tell you how you start.. One step.... One day at a time. Doing for yourself and your children first, long before anyone else.
April 15, 2018 17:22

She listened to both and sighed deeply. "Aye I know that much its just getting the will power to do it now. Working I can do, just turning it into something workable I suppose." She drinks her drink. and Looks at Ro. "I remeber back then Ro, it was a rough time for you back then. And you didnt stair at the walls watching paint dry."

April 15, 2018 17:50
Ronan Boru

I  couldnt I  had  the  kids  to  think  about then. With  Maeve it  was I  had a  coven and  Grania  to  think  about. I  didnt  have time  to  do  the  whole  self  pity  thing .  People  needed  me .  Besides  which  Maeve and I  were  a  mutual  agreement  to  split  and  call it  quits. I  hold  n o  ill  will  against  her and  I  never  will.  I  hold  none  against  Angelica  either.  Made  peace  with her  years ago  when  she  was  here  for a  brief  time. The  truth  got  out to  her a nd  he  got  it  finally  that  she  was lied  to  by  many people  all along.

April 15, 2018 18:11

She nods and then smiles."I remeber  it was a long time. At least you are fine now. I'll be okay,just gotta get my footing again is all. Fine something I am good at and do it."

April 15, 2018 19:39
LillyEmperium Whatever you do, don't isolated yourself completely. *taking a long drink* makes things worse, trust me. April 15, 2018 20:37

She smiles at Lilly and then sighs slightly. "Well was planning on hiding in my catacombs for the rest of my life."She smirks."Honest just joking. I was thinking about teaching again. Not sure yet though. Not even sure if its something done any more. But when we had a coven, I would take time out to take on a class or two weekly for the children of the coven."

April 15, 2018 20:53
LillyEmperium *softly she chuckled * I would hope you wouldn't.... I'd have to go down there and drag you out. Honestly.... I would. *Thinking on the teaching, Lilly nodded *i suppose you'd have to ask your coven mates, find if there was a need. I think it's a wonderful idea. Gods know you have patience, well more than most at least. April 15, 2018 21:13

She laughs."Well I'll take that as a complament. But I wasnt thinking in the coven this time. It isnt a place for children to be honest.. But I dont know yet. Was just a thought, and better then the catacombs." she giggles.

April 15, 2018 21:24
Li Kuroda "We both know I'll win either way." Li said cracking a smile before it dissolved slightly. "Thanks for the offer, I know I got people who I can go to but it's something I'm just not used to doing. It comes easy with Bella but she was and still is my other half." He sighed softly as he leaned back and stared at the ceiling. April 15, 2018 23:27
Li Kuroda "We both know I'll win either way." Li said cracking a smile before it dissolved slightly. "Thanks for the offer, I know I got people who I can go to but it's something I'm just not used to doing. It comes easy with Bella but she was and still is my other half." He sighed softly as he leaned back and stared at the ceiling. April 15, 2018 23:28

He walks in and glances around. Eyes fall on a man staring at the ceilingbefore  heading towards Ro and Lilly. He was just about to ask if either of them have seen his mother anywhere, when he finds her at the table with a bottle in her hand... "Not sure if I even wnat to know, but is she behaving." he whispered before kissing his sister on the cheek.

April 16, 2018 05:55

The witchs eye brow lifts as her son asked his sister. She takes a drink and lays it down. While smiling, at the fact that he was the one asking the adult question, and then smirked at Ronan playfully. "I thought I was always behaveed.?"

April 16, 2018 10:37
Ronan Boru

"Dont  worry Uriel  she is  fine  here.   have a seat  lad. What  brings  ya  here?"

*  Ronan looks over at  him  and  smiles a bit.*

April 16, 2018 12:21
LillyEmperium It takes time Li.... It takes time.

*Hearing her brother, she gave him a warm hug. With a soft chuckle she nodded *

Yes Uri, she's doing alright. As to behaved, she's always been so. Well compared to some at least dear. How are you this eve? Would you like something to drink or eat?
April 16, 2018 12:34
Li Kuroda He frowned as he seriously hated hearing that phrase. It did nothing to help him feel better other than piss him off. But he sighed as called for another bottle. He was sober now as he poured a shot of whiskey mixed with Snake Venom and downed it. "Yea. So I hear." April 16, 2018 12:49
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  looks over  to  Li and  sighs. There was little  he  cold  do  to  help  the lad with  what  was  bothering him.  He  didnt have the ift to  bring people  back  from  the other  side of  the  veil. If he had  then  many   more  wold  be  here  now that are  not.*

April 16, 2018 13:16

She nods and then smiles.  She knew what the man was going through, as she was going through it herself and at times was the one gone as well. It didnt get better with time, you just learned to deal with it better.And continue on. But getting to that part was the hard part were, herself was even stuck.. She raises her glass to Li. "And pleanty of whisky." She drinks down hers and looks at her son. "Sooo why are you hunting me?

April 16, 2018 15:09

He laughs and then smirks. "Well if thats the case. Guess I am the good kid today." He looks over at his mother then back at his sister and Ronan. "I have the great honor of being the one to inform you."Looks over his shoulder at his mom with a cheeky grin. "We may not have a castle you when and if you decide to go home." He looks at his sister. "Conner tryed to burn the place down and Siri is sick."

April 16, 2018 16:37
Ronan Boru

"What  wrong with  Siri then? I  can  come over  with  airmid and  check on  her. Airmid  is a   well  versed in  healing  arts  so   she  be  a  hge  help  if needed. All  little  one bos  mostly  try to  burn  things its in  their  nature alot of  them."

April 16, 2018 17:59

He looks back at Ro and nods. "That would likely be helpful, but I think it has to do with her elven side, The tips of her ears are bluish, shes throwing up, feverish. Pale blue splochs over her body. Her blue eyes look greyish. Jeeves is with her upstairs with her in nothing but her diaper in the bathtub. While Jan tryes to control Conner. Last text Jan mentioned was not good conner pulled down the curtians. and is out doing spell work to try to release the dires."

April 16, 2018 19:15
Ronan Boru

"Uriel lad  have  you  forgotten  I  have elven  blood ? Cold  be  just  coming in  to  powers  on  that  bloodline is  all. Alexander's ears turnd  orange  though .Its  different for  different  people. As  for  conor and  spell  work  that normal once  they  learn  they  can  use it. Ciaranset  2  acres  of  woods at  Dromoland  on  fire when  he  was  4."

April 16, 2018 19:31
April 16, 2018 19:45
Mystic-husky She sits up placing down the glass. "Lets not forget about a six year old who took a aging potion and now stands here in a tavern when he should be eight years old and at home in bed himself." She smirks looking at Ronan. "I think we all remember that one." She grins at Lilly then looks back. "We"ll check on Siri though blochs dont sound right, nore vomiting, but again like Ronan said every elve is different. Mine looked like welch's grape juice for like two weeks, when I begin to ascend." She gets up and places a hand on her sons arm. "onner cant break those wards, no worries."
April 16, 2018 19:49
LillyEmperium *Lilly blinked as she processed the whole ear changing thing. Shaking her head, she chuckled *

Well..... I don't know know bout the ears.... But.... Angel at 2 caused a blackout in London.... Theo, well... 6 or 8 months after Dragons death, he was the cause of one of the wildfires in southern Cali. Both of them, tried to convince me my twins had pox.... Markers, permanent at that...

*nodding to Ava*
Well he had to have the potion eventually... He would have aged very slowly otherwise. Blame the blood line, but least his was a better grade... Easier controled.

*giving a chuckle she smiled *
April 17, 2018 05:17
Li Kuroda Li got up and paid his bill. He patted Ronan on his shoulder and pressed a kiss to Lilly's cheek. "I'll see you guys around. Maybe bring the kids as well." He turned to the other two and bowed his head before turning to take his leave April 17, 2018 11:07
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  watched  Li leave. He  knew w hat  the  lad was  feeling but  he had  to  come  to  terms  with it  himself. Bella  might  still return .Some times  it  just  takes a  bit  and  the  other  side  want to  see how  you  will do  with out them  for a  bit as a  test t o  find  yourself  so  to  say .He  knew  he  couldnt  right n ow  tell  that to  Li in  the  state  he  was  in  but  that  cold  be all  this  is.*

April 17, 2018 11:33

She watched as the pained man left, then turns to her cousin."I guess from the looks of it, I am going home to check on Siri. You are welcome to come when your ready. " She heads for the door way. giggling as Lilly spoke. " I suppose your right, but I still miss his little batman pjs."

April 17, 2018 17:02
Ronan Boru

Hahah we  can  find  him  an adult  size if  needed of  them  just  for  you if  you  want. Ciaran  had  superman Matt had Aqua man and   Alex  had  flash  gordon if  I  remember  right ones  when  they  were  younger. Grania has  Belle from  beauty  and  the  beast.

April 17, 2018 18:12

He watchs them all and shakes his head. "Now I know I am not having kids, ever." Gives his sister a hug. "Looks like were headed home, love ya sis."

April 18, 2018 06:58
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  laughs a nd  looks  at lilly. *

"He  says  that  now but it  will change I  am  sure in  time. eventually  they  all  have t o grow  up  but  Ava  is  right  you  miss  the  things  you  normally  took  for  granted  when  they  were  younger  when  they  do."

April 18, 2018 13:22

She nods brightly and then  smiles."Yes we do they are all kinda cute when they are small. Well unless one is trying to burn down your home and the other is puking up a storm. If ye need me I'll be home figuring out the little miss has."

April 18, 2018 15:17
LillyEmperium *softly Lilly chuckled * Uri, in time..... You will find it happens. And you were a cute Lil thing.

*hugging her brother back *
Don't be a stranger.... An no more vanishing. Or I'll put a tracking device on you.
April 18, 2018 18:41
The Orange She Wolf She enters this tavern, just seconds after she comes into these lands, all this being new to the orange haired girl, she likes what she sees, she is weird like that "Hiya" she says smiling with a friendly greeting. April 23, 2018 22:16
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  looks over at the  girl  that  just  entered  and  smiles.*


"Hello  lass.  Welcome  to t he  blood  brew."

April 24, 2018 14:11
The Orange She Wolf She looks at the man who just greeted her "Hello sir and thank you, I just got in these lands." she replied to the man in the Blood Brew as she smiled back at him in return smelling like Oranges. April 24, 2018 14:15
Ronan Boru

"I'm  Ronan . You  are very  welcome. If  you  have any  questions  sine you are new  please  feel  free  to  ask and  I  will  do  what I  can  to  answer them  as would  may  if  you  asked a simple innocen  question."

April 24, 2018 14:18
The Orange She Wolf "I am Orange, but you can call me Orange or Vitamin C, what do you do here? what do you serve here?" April 24, 2018 14:20
Ronan Boru

"Pretty much  what  ever  you  want  can  be  gotten  here. My  wife Lilly  runs  the  place and  owns  it last  I  remember with  Vamp  goku  her  uncle. Orange  it  is  then. All  are welcome  here  so  no  worries on  what race  you  are."

April 24, 2018 14:25
The Orange She Wolf "I respect all races myself and anything that is Orange i would like Ronan, I just came to these lands and have nothing and nobody." she said to Ronan in the Blood Brew "I am in Search and need all the help I can get." she said placing her order for anything Orange. April 24, 2018 14:27
Ronan Boru

OK let  me  see  what I  can  get  going  for  you  to  start  you  off then  weapon wise ,$  and  Blood  money.

*  ronan  looks at his  phone  and  makesa f ew  calls  to  have  some  things left t o  her  to  pick  up  in  the  market  place  she  might need.*

April 24, 2018 14:39
The Orange She Wolf "Okay thank you I appreciate all of this and more..." she said grinning making a note of it while waiting for something orange and smiling to Ronan. April 24, 2018 14:50
Ronan Boru

"there  that  should  be a  good  start  for  you  then. "

April 24, 2018 16:04
The Orange She Wolf "Anything helps and thanks and nice to meet you." she said kindly to Ronan in the Blood Brew "So Tell me about this Blood Brew." she said smiling and giggling wanting to know while smelling up the place with a Beautiful Orange citric smell. April 24, 2018 16:12
Ronan Boru

"Not  much  to  tell you really . Its  here and  open to  Everyone  who  walks in  the  doors. Lilly here  can give  you  the  deails  of  the  place  better  then I  can really."

April 24, 2018 16:21
The Orange She Wolf She smiles listening to Ronan interested. "Hmmm who is this Lilly might I ask?" she said politely smiling and grinning in the Blood Brew. April 24, 2018 16:24
Ronan Boru

"Lilly  is  my  wife. She  runs  this  place."

April 25, 2018 11:55
The Orange She Wolf "Oh Okay Ronan, so shes the owner in another words." she said smiling to him "I would love to meet this Lilly." she said smelling like Oranges and enjoying her time. April 25, 2018 12:27
Ronan Boru

* Waiter  came over  with a  orange  creamsicle  mixed  drink for the  shewolf  and   places  it  down  before  walking a way.*

"Yes  her and  her  family own  this  place. Lilly  comes a nd  goes  from  here so  you  might  run  in  to  her."

April 25, 2018 19:48
The Orange She Wolf she smiles as she drinks down the orange creamsicle mixture glady whilst listening and resting "Comes and goes? Just like me." she said continuing to enjoy herself and resting. April 25, 2018 20:14
Midori Yasutake

Middy  entered the office  with a tray containig some red raw steaks, tea pot of tea and freshly made ramen noodles.

"What the bloody hell!"  hollered Middy as she saw Mallory partially on the desk with her front paws on goku's  chest.  'Slurp...slurp slurppy slurp.' went Mallory's tongue all over her father's face.   She saw a wide devious grin and sigh from between the erstwhile kisses of Mallory  on his face.    "Faia...more please oh ...."  As goku spoke in went  Mallory 's togue in her father's mouth.  She stood gobsmacked as the hyena did her wonders to perform on her father.   She set the food on the table as she heard an insulted growl from Micky as his jaws snapped in goku's ears.

Her father wrapped his arms around Maillory and mumbled something while enjoying his supposed frolic with his wife.  "Micky No you dont!  Mallory stop that.  You naughty babies!    Father what is the meaning of this unseemly behaviour with your hyenas!"  Micky delivered an outraged howl in goku's ears.   Middy stood amused at the sight of  her father two hyenas  having a go at her father.

April 27, 2018 16:19
Li Kuroda Li stepped into the tavern and headed for the bar. "Bottle of whiskey." He said taking a seat and tugging his hair loose. He ran a gloved hand through his hair as the bottle was placed before him. Thanking the woman he poured himself a shot and took a well deserved drink. May 02, 2018 20:02
Ronan Boru

"Rough  day Li. "

*  Ronan  looks over  at  the  lad  and smiles a  bit.*

May 03, 2018 16:02
Phantom Wraith

He walks into the Brew and orders a simple bit of coffee before sitting by Ronan and Li, "Do you two know exactly how hard it is to find you two when you aren't being as open and well viewed by the public?  Serious Ro, it's like you literally vanish from the earth, though Li is easier to keep tabs on it is much more costly...seriously, though, asking for Death's favors costs me many hours of tracking for those bloody lists through realms you guys aren't allowed into usually.  Plus pulling them out for the reapers alive?!  Beyond annoying Li...sorry though guys, I honestly was hoping to ask you two for a favor since Eirie isn't around and I feel too awkward asking anyone else I know."

May 03, 2018 22:39
Li Kuroda He nodded. "I prefer rough days. Easier to desk with. When am free is what worries me." He said to Ronan as he downed his drink. Hearing Phantom he raised an eyebrow. "And what's bothering you now?" He asked May 04, 2018 09:59
Phantom Wraith “I was hoping to ask you two...well, if you would both help me understand the human ways better? I’ve been alive for so long and around mortal race since their creation but I don’t know anything about them. I know how to kill humans, but I have no idea about them and it is infuriating to be honest.” He sighs and sips his coffee before looking around the tavern, every being I have truly loved was even human at one point, but...sometimes they said or did something that I had no understanding of and I want to fix that.” May 04, 2018 10:44

-Erik- followed  his uncle Phantom to the Blood Brew Pub.   He entered  quietl via his shadow cloak.  ~I am old enough to be in here.~ His shadow disappeared from his long and lanky form.  He silently listened to his uncle and the other man speak.

"Is it just humans or the humans who appear, uncle."   he revealed himself slipping the hood off of his hoodie.   "I  knew how humans hurt you and upset you greatly."

May 06, 2018 14:16

Middy managed to get Mallory off of her sleeping father.    Micky had been tempted by the raw red meat. Mallory was settled next to her mate and started  on her raw steak.

"You two lovelies guard the old fart.   I can see he aint waking anytime soon.   You will get all the steaks you want.  I am returning to the temple after a visit to Cancun."    Middy left the letter  to her letter from thetemple elder.   She left by the back entrance .

May 06, 2018 21:38
LillyEmperium *blinking, Lilly was slightly confused by the conversation. Even more so by the young man who walked in. Tipping her head slightly, she looked at him. Attempting to place who he was before she spoke under her breath *

No way....
May 07, 2018 00:21
Phantom Wraith He nods slightly at Lilly, “Yeah, little Erik got bigger thanks to Death. They made a little deal that had my big brother currently in hiding from me and Erik looking older than he is! I swear I’m going to gut Death for this...and they won’t tell me what exactly the deal is which makes me think I’ll be all the angrier when I figure it all out.” He then turns to Erik, “I know nothing of humans in general aside from their weaknesses and how to kill them, their culture and lifestyles I know because that’s the first thing you learn about your prey so it is easier to hunt. That aside boy, I better not see you trying to get anything you know you aren’t allowed to drink. Etaine would skin is both for that and I like my flesh where it is thank you very much.” May 07, 2018 03:25
Li Kuroda "That's interesting." Li said refilling his cup. Then again when it came to Death he just did his job whatever he did wasn't of interest to the shaman. "So what exactly do you want to learn?" Li asked Phantom. May 07, 2018 15:11

-Erik-  turned his face to Lilly and smiled sheepishlyat her.  "I am Erik Kaliberi-NightBreed.  I m not here to sample the hard stuff Milady Emperium.   I came in here to make sure Uncle Phantom sticks to just coffee. Do they serve root beer and cheeseburgers with the fixings?"

"Yes I am more mature in appearance."   Erik grew silent as his Uncle Phantom spoke about his deal with Death.  "It was a fair deal and I will ace it Uncle.   You know their weaknesses, their culture and lifestyles.  Do you know their greatest strengths? If you look where you haven't looked before you will find you have missed the most evident traits of a human or those who appear to be human."

He kicked back in his chair and watched the other man speak to Phantom. He'd watch and observed the others for awhile.  He knew his elders preferred silence from the younglings.   Erik had more than enuf to manage scanning for other issues and concerns.

May 07, 2018 15:25
Phantom Wraith

He threw his hands into the air and growled before sighing and turning to answer Li, "I want to know about them...I don't understand marriage or such bonding things humans do because my specific manner of bonding if literally melding my life with another.  I also will never understand their odd urges to come at a foe who is clearly much stronger in every manner.  It's pure insanity to me because they are just throwing their lives away."

He glances at Erik before snapping his fingers as a mug of ice cold root beer and two cheeseburgers appear before the boy, "You do realize that the longer you hide your deal from me the more, and worse, I'm going to break evil on Death for messing with you right?  Also, is it why I had to kill a soul hunter who was prowling the cabin, or was that simply an idiot looking to raid your grandpa's personal armory again?  I can never tell."

May 07, 2018 16:56

-Erik-  listened quietly as Phantom and the man engaged in their conversation.    He looked at Phantom glancing at him.

A mug of cold root beer and two cheeseburgers appear before him.  -Erik- says when Phantom continues his probing.  "The deal is between us too.  If you break evil on him.    A soul hunter near the cabin? Hey gramps is gone to Cancun.   Etaine took care  of the other soul hunter you missed.   An Unseelie got that delicious find."

The food and drink suddenly looked uninteresting as he quickly stood up and he pulled the hood up from his black hoodie. His shadow cloak enveloped him and a slight smell of firey brimstone was eivdent.   His icy blue dilated to a smouldering yellowish red and he disappeared from the Blood Brew.

May 07, 2018 19:11
Diego Kravenoff I had heard about this place and thought I'd give it a run. Nothing better to do until I had to go back to work. I spotted Li in deep conversation and nodded at him before going to the bar and ordered a drink. May 07, 2018 19:18
Li Kuroda He shrugged at the question. "Gotta be human to understand. Its not that they don't know that you're stronger. Its just that they don't wish to give up." Li said not skipping a beat. "A small fire can still destroy a forest. So they'll try and try until they succeed. It is our will after all."

He poured a drink as Phantom and the young man spoke. He turned to Lilly with narrowed eyes. "Are you up to something?" He asked. Li spotted Diego and waved at him before going back to his interrogating of Lilly.
May 07, 2018 19:21
Phantom Wraith He blinks and tilts his head at Li, “That makes less and less sense the more I think on it. seems to make sense, but why don’t they try to avoid the fight and simply live? Surely they can at least consider such a thing right?” His confusion was great as he glanced to see the food untouched, “Thank goodness, his demonic hunger isn’t in control, and he seems pretty alert...if something happens that brat better call me for help.” His tone his filled with annoyance, but everyone can see worry in every mannerism he had about Erik May 08, 2018 03:59
LillyEmperium *blinking Lilly shook her head*

I was about to think I'd truly been absent too long..... Wait, what deal with Death... That don't sound good

*tipping her head, she looked at Li*
Only always....only always
May 09, 2018 00:45
Li Kuroda "Like I said it tends to be in their nature. Well the ones you keep on encountering. Trust me you have a lot who tend to run to the hills than fight a losing battle."

He responded to Lilly by poking her in her side.
May 09, 2018 09:42
Phantom Wraith He laughs gently and when a waitress walks up he orders the strongest drink his kind can make before sighing and looking at his untouched coffee, “I’ll never really understand human beings because I’m just too different...will I?” When the woman brings him the bubbling black liquid he downs nearly the entire bottle in a massive swig before laughs weakly, “I wish I was more like you Li...or like the slayers or anyone who was human...then dealing with pain wouldn’t be so hard...because right now I’m in such pain I want to die, but I’m not even allowed to do I Lilly?” He glares at her teasingly, though his eyes are full of pain and loss. May 09, 2018 09:50
LillyEmperium *softly she sighed, she was no stranger to pain an that of the heart. Looking to him, Lilly gently touched his hand*

I will tell you, what I tell most.... One step at a time, one day at a time. You are a dear friend to me, I have went through hell and would do so again for you. We fought side by side, and dined side by side
May 09, 2018 18:28

It had been years since she stepped up to the doors of the place. Emerald eyes glanced around before she entered and pulled her cloak off placing it over her arm. Striaght to the bar was the plan. Then oder a scottch on the rocks.

May 25, 2018 14:16
Ronan Boru

"Th more things Change the morethey stay  the same. I  was  wondeingwhen  you be  bak or  if  you  would  be back, lass. How have you  been  Elly"

May 25, 2018 22:21

Glancing up at the voice, she turned to she him. A wide smile escapes her lips."Well, lad I am well. Aye it does doesnt it."  She gets up and gives him a hug.. "And how are you and the family? I 've heard there is a new lass, and family." She steps back to give him room. "And you look like your in one peice. Word of wars found my ears."

May 26, 2018 08:37
Ronan Boru

"I am  well.  THe  family  is  well. Ciaran  all grown  up  with  a famil of  his  own  and  yes  there is  a new  lass.  Her  name is  Lilly.  She owns  this  place  actually and  you  might  remember  her   as  Lilly Emperium. As to words of  war  yes  I  saw a  few  but  I  always  come  back in the  end . What  have  you  been  up  too?"

May 26, 2018 17:45

Twirling the liqiud around in her glass as his was talking she thought about the name he gave and then smiles. She hadnt actually met the women but now the name came up she did remeber hearing of her and her family as well. She nods knowingly about this place and wars. She couldnt help but grin when he asked what she had been doing. Oh yes that was it. "Seems to me the best way to answer that in short would be sleeping me dear Ronan. I have learned how to do it well. Okay maybe better to say in slumbers as sleep being dreams, slumber doent."

May 26, 2018 23:04
Li Kuroda Li mumbled as he stepped into the tavern. Brushing the rubble off his shoulder and suit. He still wondered why those idiots chose to build the factory near that damned hill. Shaking his head furiously he spotted Ronan and a familiar face. "Ah, I see my words were indeed true and you found Ronan." He said as he ordered a drink. "How've you been Ronan?" May 27, 2018 11:34
Ronan Boru

"As  can  be  expected Mr. Kuroda. yes  Elly  and I  are old  friends  for  many  years  ago. I  dont make it  hard  for  my  friends  that a re  loyal  to  find  me. You look  a  bit  dissheveled . Is  everything  alright"

*  He looks  t  the  man.*

"looks like  you  were  caught in  an explosion  or a   cave in."

May 27, 2018 12:52
Li Kuroda Li nodded as he got his drink. "Both actually, my team had set up base near a mountain side and had been drilling into it to see if they could gather any natural resources." He said taking a drink. "Things went array and an explosion happened. I was called in to get them out." May 27, 2018 13:18
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  shakes  his  head *

" I  see. Well I do  hope  no one  was  seriously harmed  then."

*  he  looks  back  at  Ely  and  smiles.  he  had  only  done  a few   explosions  of  his  own  in  recent  month  but nothing  that in  any  way  could  be  tracked  back  to  him either  directly or  indirectly in  the  end.*

May 27, 2018 15:15

Taking a drink from the glass she turned to see Li and an eye brow raised slightly before giving a light chuckle. "Aye it seems Ka boom tends to be a growing trait . "She smirks at Ronan and looks back at Li.. "And yes not hard to find, just got to rememeber where things are again."

May 27, 2018 17:13
Ronan Boru

"all  in  good  time  it  will  come  back  to  you.  What  do  you  remember  when  you   left to  sleep then ? From  there  I can  tell  you  how things  have  changed. Aye  Ka -Booms seem  to  grow  as  of late. Do  ya  know  what happened  then  to  set  off  the  explosion , Li or  was  it  just some  freak accident ?"

May 27, 2018 18:16
LillyEmperium *Quietly Lilly walked into the tavern as she removed her cloak *

Good eve every one
May 27, 2018 18:30
Ronan Boru

"Well  hello  love. Lilly  my  love  I  like  you  to  meet an  old  friend  of  mine  Elsbeth Macleod. Elys  this is  my   wife  Lilly  Emperium."

*Ronan  smiles a nd  looks  from  Elys  to  Lilly . He  takes  Lilly's cloak  from  her.*

May 27, 2018 19:25

Elly smiles as the lady arrives and listens to Ronan."Evening to you as well Lass." She puts out her hand in greeting. "Pleasure to meet you Lilly."

May 27, 2018 21:45
Li Kuroda "So far it seems like a simple accident and all injured had been treated and taken care of." Li said running his hand through his hair. May 27, 2018 21:47
Ronan Boru

"Ah  that  is  good then Li that  any  hurt  have  been  taken  care of. Anything  else going  on Lad?"

May 27, 2018 22:13
LillyEmperium *smiling softly, Lilly kissed Ronan's cheek as he took her cloak *
Ever my gentlemen...

*Seeing the woman, she gently yet firmly shook her hand. As she released, she spoke gently *

Pleasure to meet you Miss Macleod. I do trust your having a pleasant evening...

*looking to Li, she tipped her head*
You ok?
May 27, 2018 23:04

Shaking her hand back she nods brightly.  "Aye Lass I am thank you for asking." She sips her drink and looks at Ronan. "Last memories before sleep took over where in early 2014 febuary I think." She Grinned at Li. and plucked some sand of his shoulder

May 28, 2018 07:01
Ronan Boru

"Aye  that  was a  while  ago  then. So  yes  you  remember  me  being  married  to Maeve then last. We  had a  mutual  split   then  actually .No ill  feeling  between  us.  We  just  out  grew one  another .  I  have  Grania  our  daughter actually Maeve  hasnt  asked  to  see  her but  Grania know  of  her."

May 28, 2018 10:29
Li Kuroda He waved off her concerns. "Just an explosion caused a cave in at work. Nothing to worry about." He said as Elly removed the dirt off his shoulder. "Thanks, seems I still have dirt in me." He said shaking his head as he opened his jacker to see if he was still dusty. May 29, 2018 12:12
Ronan Boru

"well  as long  as  no one  was  harmed  too  badly  then  it  was  just an accident. What  resource  were  you  looking  for  ?"

*Ronan knew  that  wolfhaven was  back  and  being  rebuilt. He  knew there  was  another in  power  of  that  family and  he  was  going to  stay as far away from  them all as  he could unless it  was a  chance  encounter like  this in  public.*

May 30, 2018 15:03

She chuckles while drinking the last of her drink and waving the barkeep over for another. Glancing over at Li she smiles and nods.. "No problem there, just dusting ya off as someone might think your a newly turned ot just crawled up out to the soil." She winks taking the drink from the barkeeper.

May 30, 2018 21:49
Li Kuroda He nodded. "A rare mineral that if used correctly with a certain plant could help with the fight against diseases." He said to running before raising a brow at Elly. "Sure that's definitely what I want them to think." He said chuckling. June 01, 2018 09:29
Ronan Boru

"sounds  promising  then  for  your  people  to  have. Other then  the  accident  is  everything  good  with the  others  then. I  only got  one  side of it  from  Ciaran  before  he  left you  all  to  have  what  he  called a  pow wow  for  that f amily."

June 04, 2018 13:53
Alexander James

|I had recently arrived in this place called the Realm and decided to take a night out and see what the strange place had to offer. I had been cruising the streets when I came across and interesting looking tavern. Pulling up to the curb, I sat with my arms leaning on the handle bars of my 2017 Dyna Low Rider S. Making the choice I shut the bike off and walked in.|

|Making my way up to the bar I sat down with a nod to the others around me. I had my now shoulder length black hair pulled back into a short bun revealing that I was a young and handsome man with piercings in my ears; two red diamond in my left and two black ones in my right.|

|I had chosen to forgo my usual attire tonight and was clad in something a little less conspicuous. My torso was covered by a black, long-sleeved, hooded muscle t-shirt beneath a grey leather jacket with brown army fatigues and black combat boots on my lower half. Gesturing for the bartender to approach I offered a kind smile.| Jack on the rocks straight up, leave the bottle and a shot glass.

June 25, 2018 23:57
Ronan Boru

*Ronan walks  in  and  looks  around .  He  was looking for  his  wife Lilly or  even  Goku but Goku  like  others  come and  go  as  they  wish. he  walks  up  to  the  bar a nd  gets  the  whiskey he  normally  does. Seeing  the  man  he  nods.*

June 29, 2018 17:48
LillyEmperium *walking in Lilly smiled brightly as she saw her husband. Seeing the newcomer, Lilly nodded * feel free to order what you wish, the staff is well versed in preparing most things.

*walking over to Ronan she kissed his cheek*
How are you love
June 30, 2018 15:05
Alexander James

|Seeing the obvious couple arrive separately I nodded at them as I heard the womans' comments. I had decided to take up a seat at a table away from the bar as it was becoming a bit too crowded for my tastes. Sitting at the back I noticed the stage and wondered if they ever did a talent night here.|

|Shrugging the thought aside I went back to my drink as I watched the people around the bar.|

June 30, 2018 20:02
Li Kuroda Li yawned as he stepped into the tavern scratching his head. Its been a rough day and a drink was well needed for the shaman king. He spotting Lilly and Ronan he made a beeline for the two. "Well if it isn't one of my favorite couples." He said taking a seat and grinning. "How have you two been?" July 04, 2018 11:50
Ronan Boru

"hey  Li .  Busy  for the  most  part.  I  have my  grand daughter,  Dessy  staying  with  us  for the  time  being. What   have  you  been  up  too? Have  you all  gotten  your  Kravenoff  stuff  family  wise  settled then? How  have  yo  been  personally?"

*  Last time  the  Celt  saw  him  he  wasnt  doing  so  well and  was  having  some  issues  since  Bella  did not  return from  her last  death.  He  felt  for  the  lad  ut  he  had  his life  to live and  issues  to  deal  with  now.*

July 11, 2018 13:24
Li Kuroda "Busy with work, hopping from country to country ensuring that things run smoothly. Barely have time to take a break." Li said ordering a drink. "I like being busy it helps my mind be at ease you know." July 13, 2018 11:26
Ronan Boru

"Ae  that  it  does  that it  does. Well I  am  glad  things a re  working out  for  ya  then lad with  n othing  major  going  wrong."

* Ronan  gets a drink and   smiles a bit.*

July 13, 2018 13:21

-Ciaran  walks in to  the tavern.His ribsand   right  leg  still  in  pain. he  gets a  whiskey and looks over to  his fater ,step mother  and  Li . He smiles. It  was  going to  take  a  long  time  for  him  to get back what  they took from him  but  he  was  if anything his  fater's  son in many  ways.-

July 13, 2018 17:38
Ronan Boru

"Feeling  better I  see. Wewill get  you  back  as soon a s  we  can  to what  you  lost."

*  ronan  looks at Lilly .

July 13, 2018 22:07
LillyEmperium *nodding Lilly looked to them *

Yes, an don't need to be stubborn... I know you must have an appetite. Anything you want Ciaran?
July 14, 2018 04:04
Ciaran_M_Boru “No Lilly I am fin for now thanks. Maybe in a bit though. Glad to see this place is still here and being used though publicly. Any thing new that I missed with the regulars here?” July 14, 2018 09:27
Li Kuroda "Nothing major in a bad way, just hectic but other than that it's good." Li said to Ronan as Ciaran stepped in. Lifting his glass in greetings as he took a drink. "Welcome back." July 15, 2018 00:11

Thanks  Li. Long time no see. It is  good  to  be  back actually. Keeping  busy  I  am guess  then?

July 15, 2018 00:13
Li Kuroda

"Being busy these days are more of a blessing to me than ever." He said to Ciaran. "Work and the kids ensure that I rarely rest."

July 15, 2018 14:03

"Wee ones  will  do that  to  you  but  they  are  worth it  in  the  end for  sure.'

-He  smiles a  bit.-

July 15, 2018 15:22
LillyEmperium The only things new.... Was Li trying to blow himself up I believe.... *stopping Lilly shivered for a moment. Shaking her head, she continued* nothing much else July 15, 2018 18:59
Li Kuroda He turned his attention to Lilly with a raised eyebrow. "When was that?" He asked curiously July 15, 2018 20:19
LillyEmperium When you walked in with rubble on your shoulder.... Or am I thinking someone else.... Cause that's not good July 15, 2018 20:29

Making  yourself  go  Ka  Boom  is  never a  good  thing.

July 16, 2018 00:06
Li Kuroda "Definitely thinking someone else. Told you there was an explosion at one my sites and some workers got trapped inside a mountain." He told Lilly, as he poured a drink. July 16, 2018 00:23

"Ah that  would  explain  then  rubble on  you  if  you  helpped  rescue  them then. Was  every one alright"

July 16, 2018 11:27
Li Kuroda He nodded at the question. "Few cuts and bruises but otherwise all good. Suspended work for awhile until e everything was clear." July 16, 2018 16:47
Ronan Boru

"Sounds like a  good  idea and  that  there  were   so  little  severe  injuries.  Got  lucky  there. "

*  Ronan  looks  to his son. If the  Borus  knew  anything  it  was   how  to  make  things   go  KA-BOOM and  wha to  use  to  do  so.*

July 17, 2018 09:43

"Aye  very  good  that no one  was  killed or  seriously  injured. What were  they  useing  to  brake  the rock then?"

-Ciaran  looks  back  at  his  father then  to  Li. Ciaran  knew  dynamite was  used  mst  commonly  in  mining to  break  rocks.  He  knew  that  his  family   had  used it  in  the  past   but the last  few  years  changed  to  Symtex plastic instead.-

July 17, 2018 09:48
Li Kuroda "Various items like dynamite, drills etc. But after the incident I took control and dealt with the digging so work could continue." Li said July 19, 2018 11:58
Ronan Boru

"Ah  glad it  didnt  put  a  stop to your  plans  then. Other then  that  and   others  things  how  have  you  been  holding  up. Our  offer  to  watch the wee ones  still stands  if  you  need  it."

July 19, 2018 17:19
Lilim Lil opened the door to the tavern, taking a break from her own restaurant for a bit. Things had been hectic. Not just in the business aspect of her life but in other areas as well. Inhaling sharply she smoothed her hand over the black top and jeans she wore before entering. She stood just inside the doorway allowing her blue hues to adjust to the lighting. July 20, 2018 20:23
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  looks  over at  the  lass  that  just  entered  and  smiles  softly  before  turning  his attention back  to  Li  and  Ciaran.*

July 21, 2018 14:18
Li Kuroda "Things have been better than my last visit. Not overly wonderful but better." He said. "I never allow anything to stop work from progressing. If I have to get my hands dirty then so be it. I'll roll up my sleeves if I have to." He saw the person who stepped in and waved at her. A warm grin on his face as he did. July 21, 2018 16:45
Lilim She nods toward the male with a smile before waving back at Li. A warm and genuine smile moving to grace her lips. "Hello Li." She spoke lightly before moving to an empty stool and sitting. July 21, 2018 19:11

-Ciaran  smiles at  the  female  that  sits  near  Li.-

July 21, 2018 19:33
Li Kuroda "Here have a drink, you seem to have had quite a busy day at the eatery. All is well?" He asked as he took a sip of his whiskey. "My apologies as I don't know if you've met before but this is Lilim. Lilim meet Ronan, Ciaran and Lilly." He said July 21, 2018 23:41
Ciaran_M_Boru -Ciaran smiles softly and nods-
“pleasure miss Lilim.”
July 22, 2018 10:47
Lilim She smiled once more at Li with a slight nod. "Business is definitely picking up. I may end up hiring more help soon." She turned toward Ronan, Ciaran and Lilly as he introduced them, giving each a friendly smile. "A pleasure to meet you." July 22, 2018 12:06

"What   kind of  place are  you  running  miss Lilim? New places  of  all  sorts pop  up  all  the  time   .They  last a  bit  then   for  what  ever  reason  vanish again. Few like  the  Blood  Brew have  with stood the  test of  time."

July 31, 2018 18:05
LillyEmperium *****
*pouring a glass of whiskey, Lilly sat down quietly in the back of the tavern. Watching the coming and going. *
August 14, 2018 11:47
Raze Wraith He walked in with a sigh, rolling his shoulders as he growled, “Man this sucks, my energy is gone! Bottle of the oldest scotch please!” He then sits by Lilly and grins, “Been a while huh?” August 17, 2018 08:18
LillyEmperium *With a smile, Lilly chuckled as she saw her friend * lookie what the cat drug in... Yes it's been a minute... Would you like anything to eat? August 17, 2018 08:26

- Ciaran  walks in  and  looks around. he  felt  infanitly  then  he did about  a  week ago.  he  gets a  drink and   notices  his  step  mother  Lilly and  smiles.-

"Have  ya   seen  da  as of late Lilly?  Ami  seems  to  be  have  some  issues with her  mother."

August 17, 2018 12:32
Ronan Boru

* Ronan walks in  just as he  hears his  son  mention Ami  and  issues with  her mother. This of  course  didnt  sit  well  with the  Irish witch. He  had  warned  Kathrine if  she  was  here  for  trouble  he  would  deal  with her not  the  young ones. He  walks over  and   looks  from  his  wife  to  his  son.*

"What  did Kathrine  do  now? I  had a  feeling  she  was  up  to  no good. She lies and  apparently  that is  what  she  has done  to  Ami.  Has  she  been  around at all?"

August 17, 2018 12:39
LillyEmperium *Raising a brow as she looks from Ciaran to Ronan. Giving a light chuckle she nodded *
Aye dear, he's standing right there. Now what has Kathrine done, so I may go make do on a promise.... First is Ami and the littles ok? Cause I swear, that woman harms them in any fashion, I'll do as I said...
August 17, 2018 14:55

"They  are fine. Kathrine hasnt  shown  up  and  that is  what  is  bothering  Ami. No  word or  anything.  She  thinks  that  her  mother  is  going to  die  Red  death. She left  no word  to  Ami  in  any fashion. She  said  she  was  told  that  Kathrine wanted  to  have a  relationship  with  her  but  has  done  nothing  to  show  that in  any way.  No  contact  at all . I  am  not  sure  how  much  of  the lies a nd  decite she  can  handle  from  Kathrine  to  be honest. Ami  isnt like   us in  that  we  can  deal  with  lies and  decite  easy enough  since  we  have  been  for  generations  in  one form  or another. She   hasnt  had  to  deal  with that  at  all really. She lived a  relitivly  sheltered  life."

August 17, 2018 15:25
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan listens  to  Ciaran and  looks  to Lilly.*

"I  am  guessing  I  am not the only one  to  of told  Katrine  Peirce if  she  is  here to  cause  issues and  trouble  she have  to  be  watching  over  her  shoulder  for   one of  my  fire  balls to  hit  her  in  the  ass and  multiple  times  at  that?

You are  Ciaran Ami  hasnt  had  to  deal  much  with  things like  we  have  in  the  past so what  ever  her  m other is  planing  is  good  or  bad  we  better  keep  an eye  on  it. If i  were  you  son  I  wouldnt  leave  her  alone  with  the  wee ones  or  Ami  for  any  amount  of  time. She  never  been  the  loving   and  nurturing  type  of  person. She more  the  what  can  I  get  from  this  person  that I need  then  toss  them  to  the  fires of  hell   or  in  to the  gutter like  trash."

August 17, 2018 15:34
LillyEmperium *raising a brow, Lilly nodded *

I'll talk with Ami dear. That was why I warned Katherine, I don't trust her. Ami knows as well what I told her. If Kathrine does go red.....maybe the Salvatores can find another casket for her....

*looking to her husband she chuckled *

Not fire balls love..... I'll remove what makes her her...
August 17, 2018 15:36
Ronan Boru

"Ouch. Remind  me  lad  never  to  piss off  Lilly in  the  near f uture ever. I  heard you  had a  thing  with  her  where  you   couldnt  tell it  was  her  right  away.  Still  having  the  nightmares  then  I  see? It  will  take  time Ciaran. Ami  knew  it  wasnt   you  in  this  reality.  You  head  was  still  in  the  moment  with   the  past. Its  completely normal reaction . Death  and  major  trauma  have  different   ways  f  working o n  different  people physically and  emtionally . She  said  she  was  able  to  pull you  out of  it  though so  that  means  that  bond  you  were  worried  about its still  there."

August 17, 2018 15:47
Ciaran_M_Boru -Ciaran laughs and looks to Lilly. -

"She feels like a screw up and worthless when ever that vile woman is around. Honestly that is the only difference I can see between Kathrine and my mother, Angelica La Croix is that my mother never made me feel like I was worthless or a screw up. She even thinks about harming Ami or the wee ones physically , Mentally or emotionally I will end her and that last death and coffin will look like heaven and a palace when I get done with her."

-Ciaran looks from his father to Lilly. His eyes flash black.-
August 17, 2018 16:20
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  notice  the other man in  the  tavern  and  smiles. there  was something  different  yet  familar  to  the  high  king  about  the  man.*

August 17, 2018 16:23
Raze Wraith He stretches and stands before walking to the kitchens to cook something up for everyone, he smiled as he found a good use for his 5 star cooking talents. August 17, 2018 16:59
Ciaran_M_Boru -Ciaran watches the man walk to the Kitchens. He looks at Lilly-

"Umm who that guy walking to the kitchens? "
August 17, 2018 17:09
Raze Wraith He pokes his head from the kitchen and calls out, “Its me what would you like to try? The spinach casserole or the slow cooking pork?” August 17, 2018 18:43
LillyEmperium * looking to both Ciaran and Ronan*

That is Raze... Well Phantom, the way he should have been had... He's ok now, I think..

*Looking towards the kitchen, Lilly yelled*
Don't cost me any staff... The good ones are hard to replace..

*looking to Ciaran, Lilly shook her head *
I warned that excuse of a woman to not be like my mother.. It will take time, but Ami will be alright hun. Have to remind her she's better than her mother
August 17, 2018 18:43

"I  know . As I  said so  help  me  gods of  old  she  does anything I  will  make  her last  death  look like a  god  send and  if  she  thought   she  was  in  hell  before  then she   has another  thing  comeing and  hasnt  seen  anything  yet."

August 17, 2018 18:50
Raze Wraith “I could do their jobs better than this Lilly, they can barely keep up with dishes!” He comes out with a few plates for everyone to try s he turns and heads back into the kitchen to whip her cooks into shape. August 17, 2018 19:02
LillyEmperium It's hard to be in Ami's position, trust me. You want so badly to have their love, it's hard to get past it.

*Looking at phantom Lilly asked*
Um... What's this Phantom?
August 17, 2018 20:26
Raze Wraith “I gave you a rare steak with minced thyme since these guys are out of whole leaves, a nice potato with a bit of honeyed blood and a small bit of energy mixed in, with some fresh steamed green beans to finish it all off, the steak and potatoes are for your vampiric nature. For Ro and Ciaran I’ve started a dish from old Irish traditions that this really interesting demon taught me, but for now Irish brewed whiskey and slow cooked beef stew to hold them over.” August 17, 2018 20:34
LillyEmperium Very nice Phantom...... This should be interesting... August 17, 2018 21:30

"Sounds  interesting this  demon you mention."

-  Ciaran  looks over  at lilly  then  to  Ronan  to  see  his  fathers reaction  to  this  demon  being  mentioned.-

August 17, 2018 21:37
Raze Wraith “Said his name was Koner, but I could tell that was a lie, he was a traveling chef who learned every cooking secret he could and inspired me to the culinary arts. The man was my teach for...ten years? I think? Afterwards he vanished to find a new cooking art to learn and perfect.” August 17, 2018 21:55
Ronan Boru

"I  know  of a  few  demons  that  it  could  be. There are  about 10  Celtic  demons  I  can  think  of off  the  top of  m head. 3  with  names  and  those  three  would  be  Balor, Carmen and  Caothannach .

Balor  is  the "king" of  demons so  to  say, Carmen is  the Celtic goddess of evil magic.

This destructive witch roamed around with her three evil sons: Dub (“darkness” in Irish), Dother (“evil”) and Dain (“violence”), destroying anything or anyone in their path.

Carman put a blight on Ireland’s crops and terrorized the Irish until the Tuatha De Danann, the “peoples of the goddess Danu,” used their magic to fight and defeat her, and drove her sons across the sea. Basically  until  our  bloodline came  centuries   on  centuries  ago.

Caorthannach, thought by some to be the devil’s mother, is a demon that was fought off by St. Patrick when he banished the snakes out of Ireland.

The saint is said to have stood on the mountain now known as Croagh Patrick and expelled all the serpents and demons out of the Emerald Isle into the sea to drown.

One monster, however, managed to escape – Caorthannach, the fire-spitter. The demon slid down a mountain away from the saint, but Patrick spotted her and chased her down upon the fastest horse in Ireland, which was brought to him.

The pursuit was a long one, and Caorthannach knew St. Patrick would need water to quench his thirst along the way, so she spit fire as she fled, and poisoned every well she passed.

Though the saint was desperately thirsty, he refused to drink from the poisoned wells and prayed for guidance.

Patrick eventually made it to the Hawk’s Rock, where he waited for Caorthannach. As the demon approached, he jumped out from his hiding spot and banished her from Ireland with a single word.

The evil fire-spitter drowned in the ocean, leaving a swell behind that created the famous Hawk’s Well.

August 17, 2018 21:59
Raze Wraith He pauses his work on his meal to look at Ronan, “That sounds utterly disgusting Ro, but no, my master was a lesser demon, of that I’m sure. He had no warring urges or desire to cause chaos, just to cook. Odd guy really, but if you think anything I can make is good, then you’d never be able to eat anything else after trying my master’s cooking.” August 17, 2018 22:04
LillyEmperium *As Lilly took a bit of her food, she chuckled *

Actually one of our former cooks here was part Demon.. Surprising how many can pass for human
August 17, 2018 22:11
Ronan Boru

"Those are just  the  named  ones . I  never said out  myths  and    what  not  were all  rainbows    and  sunshine there lad. We  have our fair  share of   ghouls and   beasties  out  there.  Not  everything is   tinkerbell  like  faries  and   leapherchuns with  their pots of  gold and   what  not."

August 17, 2018 22:12
LillyEmperium *as she continued to eat, Lilly looked at them,* as I understand it fairies and leapherchuns ain't all fairy dust an gold. August 17, 2018 22:18
Ronan Boru

Yeah  not really. There  are  bad   fairies and   Leaphchuns  can   be  well  if  crossed the  wwrong  way and   not shown  the  proper  respect  for  the  work they   do. By  nature  most a re  cobblers  tha  keep  shoes in   good  repair. 

*  Ronan   grins and  laughs a bit.*

I  remember  when  Ciaran a nd  Matt  were  younger a nd   they  were learning  about Leaperchuns  and  they   were  told  they  were  cobblers  the y   wanted  to  know  if  they  were  peach  or   blackberry til  I  told  the it  was also  some one  who  fixed  shoes. So  very  disapointed the  2  of  them.

August 17, 2018 22:43

"yeah  we  were  what  4  at  the  time  so  there  is  that in  our  defense.It  was  peach and   Cherry actually."

-He  grins-

August 17, 2018 22:58
Raze Wraith He comes out with a tray of Donal Skehan, “This took me a month to learn and a full ten years to get to where it is now.” He set Ronan and Ciaran a plate before rubbing his side, “I detest leprechauns and their need to use clubs.” August 17, 2018 23:24
Ciaran_M_Boru When you are small the clubs as you say come in handy for many things . Every race has to have ways to defend them selves even if others aren’t happy with their choice of defense. What would you recommend for them to use then? August 18, 2018 09:47
Raze Wraith He pulls out a sword and give Ciaran a deadpan look, “Swords, they don’t break knees and leave someone laying in a ditch for a few day wondering what would happen if it rained? Just say, Drowning is horrible.” He then returns the sword it his shadows and heads off to keep cooking August 18, 2018 14:22
LillyEmperium *With a dead pan star, Lilly turned and looked at Phantom *

Put it away..... Showing such things can be done else where but not here. It can be taken wrong, at the wrong time.
August 18, 2018 16:30
Ronan Boru I can think of worse ways then that. August 19, 2018 02:36
Ciaran_M_Boru Aye so can I. There burned alive, strangled and beaten to death had that one and buried alive as well. Burning ya don’t come back from more times then ya do the others at least you got the body still intact. August 19, 2018 02:41
Raze Wraith He shrugs as he glances from the kitchen, “I got...oh what’s the word? Hobbled? By one of those tiny little monsters and left in a ditch during a heavy rain, the ditch flooded and I got to enjoy drowning with broken legs! It’s a very, very annoying thing.” August 19, 2018 02:49
LillyEmperium *As she seen the turn of the conversation, Lilly shivered. Pulling her cloak around her tightly. Sipping her drink, she shook her head * August 19, 2018 03:08
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  looks  to  Ciraran a nd  shakes  his  head as if  to  tell his son  to  let it  go. It  wasnt  a  battle   that  needed to  be  had  right now. He  then  looks  back  to  Lilly*

"  are  you  alright  lass? Leperchuns  dont  normally  fight  unless  they  are  provoked  or   treated  wrong by  some  one ."

August 19, 2018 10:37

-Ciaran looks at  his  father and  lets it  go  but the  young Prince  knew  as  he  sais  worse  ways  to  die then  broken  legs a nd  drowning in   a ditch. He had seen  worse  in  his  lifetime many times. He  could  see the  change in  his  step  m other's   demenor a nd   smiles  softly.-

" It  would  of  never  escelated  Lilly I  assure  you  on  my  end  anyway.  I  know  how  to  pick  my  battles  thanks  to  my  father. No  worries. Never  would of  pulled a  weapon  in here with out the intent of  actually  useing it to  defend  myself or  another and  not  withoout  permissin  from   you to  do  so."

August 19, 2018 10:43

-Ciaran looks at  his  father and  lets it  go  but the  young Prince  knew  as  he  sais  worse  ways  to  die then  broken  legs a nd  drowning in   a ditch. He had seen  worse  in  his  lifetime many times. He  could  see the  change in  his  step  m other's   demenor a nd   smiles  softly.-

" It  would  of  never  escelated  Lilly I  assure  you  on  my  end  anyway.  I  know  how  to  pick  my  battles  thanks  to  my  father. No  worries. Never  would of  pulled a  weapon  in here with out the intent of  actually  useing it to  defend  myself or  another and  not  withoout  permissin  from   you to  do  so."

August 19, 2018 10:43
Ronan Boru
Ciaran, Lig sé balach. Ní raibh a fhios aige cad a tharlaíonn i ndáiríre ar ais sa bhaile in Éirinn gan a bheith ann. Lig dó dul. Níl sé tábhachtach.


((Ciaran, Let it go lad. He couldn't know what really happens back home in Ireland without  being there. Let it go. It isn't important.))
August 19, 2018 12:10
Cici Cici had been on her way from the bookstore, her books tucked safely into the satchel now when she saw the tavern. A soft smile on her lips she decided to enter. A single drink couldn't hurt before she returned home and poured herself into the books she had found. She smiled and nodded to those already inside as she sat down at the first table she came to. Resting the satchel next to her she sighed softly. August 19, 2018 12:21
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  smiles as  the  lass that  walked in  sits  down. He  turns  his  attention  back  to  Lilly and  to  Ciaran*

August 19, 2018 13:10
LillyEmperium *Looking to Ronan, Lilly nodded. She didn't like how the discussion had went in truth. She knew many horrible ways to die. But just felt it wasn't the place not time for it. *

Just a chill dear. I'm fine.

*looking to Ciaran she nodded *
I know dear, I know....

*Seeing the young girl, Lilly smiled softly. She knew who the girl was, but didn't wish to startle her*
Welcome to the Blood Brew. Let any of the waitresses know what you may like, and they shall bring it to you.

August 19, 2018 13:36
Cici She smiled lightly at Lilly. It wasn't a faked smile but truly genuine. "Thank you, miss." She said softly. Ordering a rum and coke she pulled one of the books she had purchased from her satchel and began to scan it, quietly. August 19, 2018 13:40
Dante Asher

Dante had only recently arrive in the realm and decided to take some time to see about the people living here. As such the evening found him entering a tavern that seemed to be a bit... Questionable in his mind. But then again, he learned a long time ago that looks could be decieving. Saddling up to the bar, he gave a nod to those already present and also noted the looks he got from several of the patrons as well.

He was a handsome young man with a light-brown complexion while his dark-brown shoulder-length dreadlocked hair hung freely, framing his strong features and storm-grey eyes. He had dressed his six foot five muscular, athletic frame in a black letterman jacket over a dark grey turtleneck sweater, black and grey camo print cargo pants and black Timberland boots. Gesturing for a bartender, he waited paitently until he was addressed.

August 19, 2018 14:31
LillyEmperium *As the waitresses bustled around, Lilly took notice of another person who walked in. From her seat she motioned one of the ladies to take his order. Looking to the young man she nodded *

Welcome to the Blood Brew, feel free to place your order with any if the fine wait staff. They will see to your needs..
August 19, 2018 14:38
Cici As the young man entered she looked up. Well that was her cue. Stashing her book back in the satchel, she placed the money on the table for the drink she hadn't touched and stood. Nodding to Lilly out of respect she placed the satchel back on her shoulder and headed for the door. August 19, 2018 14:41
Raze Wraith He walks from the kitchen with the food for Ronan and Ciaran before spotting Cici, “Hey, what’s going on? You see me and run as fast as you can my little pixie?” He slips through the crowd and hugs her from behind, glade he wasn’t at his full height currently.” August 19, 2018 16:10
Cici She squeals with an absolute delighted giggle when he hugs her from behind. She shook her head softly before turning to him. Her entire face was lit up and her somber eyes were shining brightly. "When have I ever ran from you? I didn't know you were even here." Ha yeah right. She could feel him miles aways. She smiled lightly still looking at him. August 19, 2018 16:15
Raze Wraith He grins and waves to everyone, “I’ll see you guys later, seems my dear Cici is heading home, and a gentleman should walk her. Sadly I only trust Ro that much so I’ll have to go instead!” He takes her hand and grins at her, “Let us wander a bit shall we?” August 19, 2018 16:23
Cici She takes his hand squeezing it softly. "You can stay and mingle with your friends love. I don't mind at all. And it isn't like I can get lost from here to there." She hadn't come to take him from his friends and a small piece of her felt guilty since that is exactly what happened. August 19, 2018 16:27
Raze Wraith “I was just cooking love, and besides I’ve been slow roasting something for you all day, so let’s go enjoy some food and maybe some wine?” He grinned as he kissed her and and then calls back, “Let me know how that food is sometime Ro, I still have the same number as the last time I put it in your phone, so shoot me the results okay?” August 19, 2018 16:36
Cici She kisses him back softly, her cheeks turning pink. "You've been cooking something for me? Sounds amazing. I am ready when you are." She smiles up at him. August 19, 2018 16:43
Raze Wraith With a wave to everyone he is out the door with Cici in his arms, laughing as he carries her into night skies on his back. August 19, 2018 18:29
Ronan Boru

*Ronan feels  the  bit of  tension  that  was  there  fade  from  Ciaran . He  looks  at lilly.*

August 20, 2018 11:38

"I   have  to get  back  to  Ami  and  the  kids. I  will  keep  you  both  updated  as  best  I  can  on  anything .I  will keep  my  eye  out  for  any  information  on  that one  you   mentioned  to  me  the other  day as well just  to  be  safe as  well. "


-With  that  said   Ciaran  walks  out the  door a nd  vanishes  in  green orbs   home.-

August 20, 2018 12:36
Dante Asher

Giving a nod to the woman who greeted him, Dante ordered his drink and settled in for the evening. Well, however much of the evening he decided to spend here. Noting the newest additions to the crowd in the bar itself, he kept his eyes fixed on his drink of Jack Daniel's with a splash of tequilla. A drink he called SpitFire and one he favored when he just wanted to unwind.

August 21, 2018 11:02
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  looks to Lillyand  then  to  the  new  male  that   walked  in. *

"He  might need  a  bit  of  attention  I   think in  a  few.  No one  ever  only  comes in  for one  drink.  I  think if  Writh is  here  you  wont  find  Ciaran  back  here. At least  for  a  while."

August 21, 2018 12:05
Reyna Asher

It had taken me almost two years to track this jerk down. Two years spent going to Russia, Egypt, Japan, back to America and now finally, this Realm version of London. I swore to myself the moment I spotted him, I was gonna smack him senseless. I had chosen to blend in with the London populous until I found him.

And as such I had dressed my slender yet toned muscular build in a white sleeveless t-shirt with a flaming heart on the front beneath a brown leather jacket while blue jeans and black boots. I had tied the top half of my boob-length locks into a high ponytail and left the rest to fall down my back.

As I walked down the streets of the neighborhood I was in, I caught the scent of something familiar in the air. My amber colored orbs drifted around the streets as the scent rippled through the air. "Found you."

Taking off in the direction his scent flowed from, I came to a pub. Well it wasn't exactly a pub but honestly, I can't tell them different sometimes. As long as they had good music and good drinks, I didn't care. Heading inside I immediately caught sight of him and growled angrily. "DANTE-ALEXANDER RYUUSUKE ASHER!!!"

September 07, 2018 19:17
Dante Asher

He had just about finished his drink and was going to ask for a refill when the scent hit him. He silently wished to which ever gods would have been listening that they'd save him. But no such luck. Her familiar enraged tones filled the air as he sighed softly. Downing the rest of his drink in one go, he threw caution to the wind. Pulling one of his cigs from the pack in his pocket he put it between his lips and lit it.

Taking a deep pull he filled his lungs with the smoke and let his body relax. -Hey can I get like four more of these right now please.- Gesturing to his glass as he spoke to the bartender he got off his barstool and turned to face her. -Aight Momo, you found me. But how about we take this outside so we don't wreck the people's place.-

September 10, 2018 22:02
Reyna Asher

The moment he acknowledged me, I wanted to jump him and start beating the hell outta him. But, I had to restrain myself when he mentioned wrecking the place. "Fine, outside. NOW!!"

Heading towards the door, I stopped to remove my jacket and my top revealing a black training bra as I fished a pair of red boxing handwraps from the jacket pocket. Once outside, I had begun wrapping my hands and preparing myself mentally for what was coming.

The chance to dish out everything that I had bottled up for the last two year, seven months, three weeks, four days, eight hours, thirty-nine minutes and fifteen seconds. "Sixteen seconds, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen." Now anyone who heard me would have defintely thought that I was nuts, and truth be told because of his punk @ss; I was slightly nuts. Nonetheless, Dante was about to get this beating.

September 10, 2018 22:31
Dante Asher

Sighing deeply he peeled off his jacket as well. Making it to the same chair he deposited his jacket and then removed his shirt. Leaving himself topless he headed outside and retrieved the black handwraps he had in his pocket. -So we really doing this?-

Looking at her, he felt the rage oozing off of her in waves. Yup, no talking his way outta this one. And the worst part was, he knew he deserved it. But he also knew that if he didn't fight back, he wouldn't be the brother she deserved. -Aight Momo, come at me.-

Taking a fighting stance, he lowered his center of gravity a bit as he took a boxer-style stance.

September 11, 2018 23:49
Reyna Asher

Unleashing two year worth of frustration, I vanished from his sight and appeared above him. Landing a perfect Superman Punch on him, I continued my onslaught with a barrage of punches to his body and kicks to his legs. The problem with this though, was that because he was in his boxers stance;  it was hard as hell to penetrate his defenses. So, I decided to bait him.

Clearing some distance, I smirked at him. "How about we just cut the BS, D? You and I both know that you're gonna guard from now til the end of time. So let's throw down for real. No holding back and no more baby punches. You gotta pay for leaving me behind, and you gotta pay for this." Closing my eyes, I cancelled the concealment magic I had cast revealing that the entire left side of my body was covered in Elven glyphs and writing. The realization in his eyes told me that he understood what had happened.

((OOC: Ummm, hey guys... I know this is not the norm for forums like these, but Dante is better with writing fights than me... So I give him full authority to use my character in his post as he sees fit for the fight... We had already previously discussed this, and we are both in agreement on this... Thanks for your consideration in this matter. - The Player Behind Reyna Asher))

September 14, 2018 22:26
Raze Wraith His mood was absolutely foul currently as he stalked towards the Brew, wanting to just take a small break since he had been jumping between different dimensions so casually. He had forgotten that time never really flowed the same in other dimensions so here he stood, a year having passed for him, mere hours here, and now a couple of fighters stood between him and the acid he so dearly craved, “No offense, but get the hell out of my way or go through the walls, either way, you’re going to move.” His eyes were glowing red as the shadows around him shrank away and the air popped into bursts of flame while he began cracking his knuckles.

What was worse today, Cici was busy and he had to let her be, so being apart from his wife had made him extremely agitated and ready to snap at everyone as his hands morphed to claws dripping a clear substance the began melting the ground the moment it fell, “So you going to move and let me pass, or do I introduce you to the walls? Besides idiots, this is a public street, no fighting where humans can see.”
September 17, 2018 04:50
Dante Asher

he was just about to address his sister when the newcomer arrived and started running off his mouth. Sighing in frustration as he didn't want anyone getting involved in their sibling squabble, Dante stepped aside and looked at the man. -how about you be on your way and leave family business alone? You ain't got nothing to do with me or my sister so stay outta this.-

Without another word to the male, Dante closed the distance between himself and his sister. Leaping into the air, he threw a decapitating kick with his right leg; which she ducked under to avoid it. Landing on his left, he used the momentum to spin around and drive a mid-level kick straight for her stomach. Reyna blocked it, well actually she caught it and swept his balance leg from underneath him.

September 18, 2018 12:13
Raze Wraith He growls before stalking past, having been let through as he walks past everyone to the bar and simply leans over before grabbing a bottle of bubbling green stuff, he then walks through the Brew to the dark corner and begins to drink the concoction as he sighs irritability while obviously ignoring everything and everyone. September 19, 2018 00:54
LillyEmperium *walking into the brew to see thee scene unfold. Lilly shook her head, this was not how things should be. With a booming voice that seemed to come out of nowhere she spoke*


*with that, Lilly stepped away to grab something from the back*
September 19, 2018 14:25

-Ciaran  walks  in  and  hear  what  his  step  mother  says  and  shakes  hi  head.-

"This  dear Lilly  is  one of  the main reasons  we  keep  the  Shamrock  to  friends a nd  family  only. Keeps  the  fighting  down  to  almost  nothing. "

-  Ciaran  sees  Raze and  walks  over to  him.-

"See  I  am  not the only one  whos  Mrs.  is off busy  some  where  then. Congrats  on  the  union. I  heard it  was a  great  party.  Would of been  there  but I  had  some  family  matters  that  were  in  need of  my attention."

October 17, 2018 17:02
LillyEmperium *Smiling softly, Lilly heard what her step son said. *

I know dear, however I'd rather the Brew stay open to the public. Folks will learn to behave or they will be chased out. It is wonderful to see you out and about. Ami I'm sure is over joyed
October 17, 2018 20:34

"I  have  yet t o  see her. I  just  got  back actually.  So how  have  thing  been  here then? I  hope  quiet  and   nothing  huge  going on."

October 17, 2018 21:37
LillyEmperium Nah nothing big nor life changing dear. Ami came checked on me, as I explained I'm alright. October 17, 2018 21:44

"I  figured  if  you  were not  my  father would  of  told  me some  how.  I am  glad  you  are  alright though and    havent  had any  bad  side  effects  ."

October 18, 2018 11:06
LillyEmperium Oh he would have let you know, I'm sure. *glancing of to the left for a moment, Lilly shook her head * just the normal things for this time the year I do believe October 21, 2018 15:45

"You  been  seeing  spiits  havent  you? Have  you  told  my  father about  this? It  been  sine  before  thi  mont hasnt it? Tell me  what  you  have  been  seeing. II  know  you  have  been  eeing  them I  can  tell  by  the  way  you  looked off just  now  to the left. What  is it?"

-  Ciaran knew  of  the  spirit  world and  has  always  had  contact  with  it  since a  lad. He  always  saw a nd  knew  the  ghosts of   where  he  grew  up. Ghosts like  the silver wolf  knight and  the  monk  in  Killyleigh, his  father's home .-

October 22, 2018 19:57
Raze Wraith He groans weakly as he presses his hand to his forehead and whines, “For the love much did I drink?” He then groggily looks at the table he had filled with empty bottle and blinks before sighing, “Yeah...I’m going to be in trouble about this.” He then stands and stumbles slightly before catching his second wind and begins to make his way out until he noticed Ciaran and made his way over to say hi, “Hey kid, hows life going for you?” October 23, 2018 08:11

"Its  going. Its life  and  no one ever  said it  was  easy  or  fair. I do  what is  needed  for those  I  care  about. Dont  you  have a family  now  to  be  getting  back  to  before  something  happens  that   proves  my  point  abot  life not  being  fair to any one?"

-He looks  from  Lilly  to  Raze.-

October 23, 2018 14:28
Raze Wraith He chuckles and nods as he holds out a bottle with a paper inside, “Its a recipe I found while I was out, it’s in some Irish language I never learned. So I figured you’d like it.” With that he waves at Lilly and heads out to return home. October 23, 2018 14:51

-Ciaran  looks  at  the  paper and shakes  his  head.-


"This isnt   Irish  Gaelic at all.  Its  Scots Gaelic . I  dont  know  anyone  who  can  read  this.  Dad might  if  he  could  get  a hold of a  old  family friend  in  Scotland. "

- He looks  at   LIlly.-

October 23, 2018 19:14
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  walks in  to the  blood Brew and   sees  Ciaran and  Lilly. *


"How  have  things  been  here? You  got  a n  idea  of  who  you  want to  stop  by  for  Samhain next  week  then on  Wednesday lass?"


October 27, 2018 20:30
LillyEmperium *Lilly nodded and chuckled*
Thank you phantom.

*As Phantom left, Lilly looked to Ciaran. With a soft sigh, she slowly pressed her index finger to her lips before saying anything *

Shhhh.... I'm sure your father suspected, but I promised to keep my crazy locked away.... As much as possible dear.

A few I know are not me.... They reside there, I know and understand.... Some I know is the vail... I accept this..then sometimes. ..i can't be sure.... But I try not to focus on it too much...

*Hearing Ronan's voice, Lilly smiled softly *
Things are well love... Honestly I have no clue
October 30, 2018 22:30
Ronan Boru I’m sure you will figure it out. Can’t have just the ghosts around ya know. October 31, 2018 01:18
Li Kuroda Li fell with a rather loud thud through a table. Groaning he laid there rubbing his head and wondered where he was now. His eyes were still closed as he sat up grumbling. Cracking an eye open to realize he was at the tavern. Right in the middle of a crowd of familiar faces. October 31, 2018 09:48
Ronan Boru

"What  in  the  hell was  that  all  about Kuroda? Are  you  alright?"

*  Ronan  looks at  him  then  to  Lilly  and  Ciaran*

October 31, 2018 23:02
Li Kuroda Li nodded as he got to his feet slowly. Dusting himself off as he looked at the others. "Don't blame me Ronan, told LJ I was going to grab something from his aunt Lilly and the little guy teleported me off." He said chuckling. "That's something I haven't gotten off to teach him as yet. Oh how I wonder who taught him that?" He looked over at Lilly with a raised brow and amusement on his face. "This isn't your doing now is it?" November 01, 2018 12:11

"Kids learn  these things in  their  own  time  believe it  or  not. Eli  was   moving  teddy  bears around  Ashford  at   2-4 months old with out  any  one  showing  him   how  to  do it. How old  is  he?"

-Ciaran  looks  at him.-

November 01, 2018 13:30
LillyEmperium *looking innocent for a moment, Lilly laughed*

Yea..... Actually that may be my fault..... A wee bit...... I just worked with him on it, he'll get better in time
November 01, 2018 19:54

"She  right  they   do. Eli  got   better at getting   them  to    inside  the  houe  and   not in  the  pool  or  the  garden. So  no  worries.  "

November 01, 2018 22:28
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  laughs*

"Dont worry  Li he  will  get  better.  Ciaran  and  Matt  used  to orb Alexander  all  over  the  place  til  Alex  learned  he had   fire  as  his  element  then  well lets   just  say  a  few    1st  and   2nd  degree burns  later   that  ended  . Its   just  what  kids  do til  they  can get  a  hold of   their  powers. No  worries."

November 01, 2018 22:34
LillyEmperium At least he has used a rattle to hit you in the head with.... Angel an Theo used to levitate theirs, hitting folks in the head with them November 02, 2018 00:09
Li Kuroda "Sounds like I'm in for a quite a ride then." Li said scratching his head. "He's two in a few days and happily not blowing up anything for now. Teleporting I can deal with explosions not so much as yet." He added with a laugh November 02, 2018 15:20
Ronan Boru Aww baby’s first Ka booms are fun.

* Ronan laughs *

at least in the Boru line they are a mile stone markers.
November 03, 2018 00:20
LillyEmperium *shaking her head, Lilly chuckled *

Oh boy..... Well can't be no worse than daggers moving.. That was Theo... He was gifted his name sakes daggers..
November 03, 2018 00:31
Raeyynn -raevynn quietly slips through the door and finds herself a dark seat near the door where she can see everything clearly, wet from the rain and in need of a warm drink she keeps her head down and removes her cloak hanging it from her chair to dry, while she waits for a server. November 03, 2018 17:00
Li Kuroda

"Well I guess I should be looking out for that now." Li said chuckling as he waved a hand and fixed the table. "What else should I expect?" 

November 04, 2018 09:40
Raeyynn -she smiles a little- always expect the unexpected, right? November 04, 2018 09:56
LillyEmperium *one of the waitresses walked over to the newcomer to take her order as Lilly nodded*

Welcome to the Blood Brew

*Looking to Live she chuckled*
Just wait.... He may even master music as he blows something up.
November 05, 2018 22:10
Raeyynn -smiling, seeing the waitress' tension she orders a simple drink and settles in- seems like a quiet enough place tho. A little explosion would only hurt the bar. Tho sometimes good musik is worth it. November 06, 2018 09:31
Ronan Boru

"Has  been  known  to  happen.  Explosions  arent   so  bad  Li you get  used  to  them and  I  doubt  they be  very  big   since  its  not  something  your  family is  known  for  in  the  end."

November 06, 2018 13:02
Li Kuroda "Well I guess I'll get used to the experience once it get started. Who knows I may enjoy it too." November 07, 2018 08:51
Ronan Boru

"They  really  arent  that  bad.  There are  ways  however to  bind  his   powers should  you   want  to  do  that but I dont  recommend  that ever. Binding  powers  just  so  yo  dont  have  to  deal   with  the  out  come of  them  is  selfish and  does no  good in  the  end to  him  or   you."

November 07, 2018 10:42
Raeyynn ~without looking up from her drink she speaks quietly~ you could always use a crystal necklace it'll help concentrate his power and can be used to control it. November 07, 2018 16:31

-Ciaran  looks  over at  the  female-

"How  did  you  know  that?"

-Ciaran  wasnt  used  to  people   saying  anything  magic  wise  out loud  like  that. It  caught  him off  guard a  bit.-

November 08, 2018 20:11
Raeyynn ~she looks up at the stranger realizing she had spoken out loud~ I apologize my mother was a healer and a witch, she taught me many things about magick. ~she bows her head~ bit it was impolite to intrude on your conversation. November 08, 2018 20:33
Ronan Boru

"No  lass your fine. You  are  right  a crystal  would  focus   powers  but   in  doing  so  more ties  then   not  I  have  seen  that  focus  turn  more deadly then  the  power  would of  been  with out it but aye  for  some  it  does  work."

November 09, 2018 10:22

"you  are  alright.  you  just  caught  me  off guard was all speaking. My  name  is  Ciaran. You  are?"

-Ciaran  smiles  a bit.-

November 09, 2018 10:25
Raze Wraith He walks into the brew, waving off the one who came to get his order before he spots Ro and his son, “Ronan! I came to say hi, and show pictures of my new babies!” November 09, 2018 10:39
Li Kuroda Li shook his head at the thought even though it would be helpful. "No thanks I'm not binding his powers. Let him wreak havoc all he wants while i teach him control." Li said finally taking a seat and ordering a drink. "He's wild like the ocean, and you know you can't restrain the seas."

He looked up at Phantom as he entered
"Babies already?"
November 09, 2018 10:55
Raze Wraith He hugs Li and grins happily, “Four of them! I just had to show off the pictures. They were born yesterday, and are always so playful! Little Acheron even had my hair glowing pink earlier.” November 09, 2018 11:15
Ronan Boru

"Pink really?  Nice. Grania turned  mine  green .  Was  green  for over a month.  Cute."

-Ronan laughs-

November 09, 2018 17:08
Raeyynn Thank you ~she takes a sip of her drink~ nice to meet you ciaran my name is raevynn. November 09, 2018 18:33
Raeyynn November 09, 2018 18:34
LillyEmperium It's risky, binding a part of who they are.... Even riskier channeling through something.

*Hearing Phantom, Lilly looked to everyone *

Free round on the house.... Congratulations Phantom.... May they grow to be big and strong my friend.

*seeing her phone go off, she read a text. Shaking her head. She wondered if the watchers were correct in what they saw. Closing her phone, she'd inquire later. Meanwhile it was time to spend quality time with friends and family.

Looking to Ronan she chuckled *
Green hair? Hmm bet it looked good on you love.
November 10, 2018 05:27
Ronan Boru

"it  was a musing  to  say  the  least. Was  that   an  important  message  you  missed  or  not  answering? "

*  Ronan  looks at  her. He  could  telll she  was  hiding  something .He  could  always  tell  she  was  hiding   something .Now  however  was  not the  time  to  talk  of it.*

November 10, 2018 11:37
Raze Wraith He throws his arms over Ronan and Lilly’s shoulders, “I’m so happy! Know what! Drinks today are on me until midnight! I’m paying for everything!” November 10, 2018 12:07
LillyEmperium *Smiling to Phantom, Lilly laughed*

It's good to see you happy....

*Leaning into Ronan, she placed her head against his shoulder as she softly whispered*

No need to answer.... The guardians down by the port took notice to a name on the incoming sheet.... It has yet to be proven if it's the same Kain as my father....

*smiling softly, she wasn't bout to let anything ruin her friends day nor a good evening. Lilly looked to Phantom *
How is Cici doing? Do you two need anything for the littles?
November 10, 2018 12:30

Happy  is always  good  in th  end. If you  need a nything  I  think we  might have  some   thing  yo  can use  as well.

November 11, 2018 10:45
Li Kuroda Li hugged the man rather fiercely before patting him on the back. Lilly's award for free drinks along with Phantoms saw the shaman grinning before he leaped over the counter. "Hope you don't regret that choice." He said as he appeared with a few bottles of whiskey. "I think a toast to family is needed correct?" Li asked looking at the happy group before him November 12, 2018 18:11
Raze Wraith He chuckles at the eccentric man before grabbing a bits of a sign and walking to put it on the door. The sign reading, “Free drinks until midnight, in celebration of new friends and family ties.” November 12, 2018 19:55

-Ciaran looks around. -

Congrat Raze but  I  have  to  be  getting home  for  now.  Let  me  now  if  you  and  the  Mrs need  anything and I  will see if  we  have  it for  you for t he  wee ones. Later all.

- With that  said  Ciaran  walks  out  side a nd  vanihes  in  to  the  night.-

November 13, 2018 16:14
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  watches  Ciaran  leave.  Somethign  didnt  seem  right  about him  but  he  knew  his  son  if  it  was  important  and  he  couldnt  handle it or  needed  to  talk  he  would  come  to  him   when  he  was  ready and  not  before.*

November 13, 2018 20:20
Raeyynn -raevynn finishes her drink and gathers her things looking out at the joyous celebrating smiles and laughs she allows a small smile before turning to the door- November 16, 2018 21:49
Shinjukku Zipangu Shinjukku just awaken from her slumber sets out on a mission, she traverses the streets and then she smells blood, the demonic Asian herself decides to follow its trail, hours on in after inspection, she reaches a blood brew tavern, and decides to go inside it....

She scans the area before looking around the place, then decides to place an order for demonic blood wine before waiting...

"Anyone here?"
November 16, 2018 23:17
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  looks  at   the  lass a nd smiles*

"hello  lass"

November 20, 2018 10:37
Shinjukku Zipangu The Asian Demoness looks back at the man who spoke to her "Hello to you too." she said waging her demonic tail entering the bar November 20, 2018 11:43
Ronan Boru

-The Irish witch  looks at her-

"What  can  we  get  you lass?"

November 20, 2018 15:45
Shinjukku Zipangu "Devils Maw Brew" the Asian answered the man back as she waited for it in the tavern. The demoness looking at everyone here. November 20, 2018 21:19
Raze Wraith He rolls to the floor, having drank enough to kill an entire naval vessel worth of people while the opponent he had been battling in his drink off stood and took another shot before the tiny mouse kept down and scampered off. After a moment he groaned, “Dang it...I knew I’d met that mouse before! Bloody bottomless pit of a creature and now look...oh, hi there miss! I’m buying everyone the drinks tonight!” He is clearly very drunk as he stands and stumbles to Ronan before holding out his swaying hand, “I want my keys....I need to get my new car home to Cici!” November 21, 2018 00:46
Li Kuroda Li was already through his third bottle as he watched the comings and goings of patrons. Seeing Phantom in his state had him stifle a laugh as he got up and headed over to his friend. "Don't think its wise for you to drive." Li said November 21, 2018 08:43
Ronan Boru

*Hands  the  drink  to   the  female.  Ronan  looks  at   Raze*

"Yeah  how about  no.  I  can   drive  you  home  and  then  get  backk  here easy  enough.  You  however a re  not  driving  Li  is  right."

November 21, 2018 11:26
Shinjukku Zipangu

She takes the drink and then stands in a corner while drinking it and surveying the rest of the tavern and its inhabitants as the asian pulled out a cigarette and waited for anyone to talk to her or for something to happen to pass the time.

November 21, 2018 11:41
Raze Wraith He narrows his eyes before stumbling to a seat, he blinks at everyone before chuckling drunkenly and then he simply falls into his shadow and it vanished leaving behind a massive pile of gold. November 21, 2018 11:49
Shinjukku Zipangu

She stands there in a dark corner watching the goings on hidden from view in the tavern as she drinks her Devils maw, possibly awaiting interaction or something thereof.

November 21, 2018 13:32
Ronan Boru

-  Ronan  watches  Raze  vanish and  shakes his  head. he then  looks over to  the  female.-

"So  waht  brings you  out  and  in  here  tonight? Havent  seen  you  around  so  that  means  you  either  dont  get out  much  or  you  are new  to  the  area."

November 21, 2018 16:18
Shinjukku Zipangu She answers the man "Both you could say but more so new, I just escaped that boring pit!" she states "Several things bring me in fact, adventures, seeking items, friends, people, a wife etc..." she adds... November 22, 2018 02:38
Ronan Boru

"Friends  are  a  good  thing  to  have  in case  of  trouble  lass. As  for  Items  I  might  know someone  who  can  help  you  there to  get  you  started  any  way. I  will let them  know  of  you asap. Anyway  welcome   to  the  world  such  as it  is right  now."

November 22, 2018 11:58
Shinjukku Zipangu

She smiles to the man "Thank you sir, i may be crnk at times, but every little bit helps and is apprecited." she said, rarely admitting faults but also thanking them and appreciating anything as he continues to speak to him.

November 22, 2018 12:48
Ronan Boru

"It  is  not a  problem I  assure  you.  More then  few  people  I  know  have the  means  to  keep  themsleves  nd others  well  and safe if  needed."

November 23, 2018 13:40
Shinjukku Zipangu

She smiles nodding to him "We can agree on that." the asian demoness said to Ronan she spoke with him in the tavern while drinking "Anything is appreciated." she adds.

November 26, 2018 13:43
Ronan Boru

"It  isnt  a  problem  at  all.  I  am  sure  however  you  will  be able  to  keep  yourself  safe with out any  issues.  You  dont look like  a  lass  that  would  take  to bein'  pushed a round by anyone f or  long  to me."

November 26, 2018 14:13
Ophir Jadu

~The  Gargoyle  shifts   back  in  to  his  human  form  before landing  out  side  the  tavern. He  was  on  a mission  to  find  the   female  from  his  vision and   it  has  brought  him  here. To  the  stange  place  but  he  knew  she  was  here somewhere a nd  he  would stop at  nothing  to  find  her. This  female  in  his vision  appear  every  bit  his  equal  in    fighting skills and   endurance. He  had  to  find  her  to  see  that  she  was  real  and  he  wasnt going  insane. Jadu   opens  the  door  and  walks  in.~

January 05, 2019 19:25
Raze Wraith

He blinked as he saw a man shift from a creature he could have sworn he saw last week on a church.  After a moment be shakes his head and walks in, "Hey Ronan, did I leave my keys here?  I can't get into my garage and this is the last place I remember going that I had them...last place I remember them being on by bender at least."

January 05, 2019 19:49
Ophir Jadu

~Jadu  didnt   care  if any  one  saw   him  shift  chances a re  if  they  were  human  they  just  think  their  eyes  were playing  trick on  them  in  the  dim  lights of  the  streets lamps.  He  finds a   plaace  by  the  bar  and  gets a  shot  of  fire  ball  whiskey. ~

January 05, 2019 20:02
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  looks  to  the  man  that  just  sat  down  then  to  Raze  and  speaks*

"No  sorry  lad  I  havent  seen  them  but  look  around .  If  they  were foud  they  be  behind  the  bar here."

January 05, 2019 20:04
Ophir Jadu

"If  you  spent less  time  drinking  you  wouldnt  miss  place  important  things and  perhaps  you  should  invest in  one  of  the  key  rings  where  you  whistle a nd  they  chrip so  you  can  find  them as  well."

~ Jadu  downs another  shot. He  never  look over  to  the  man lookinf  for  his  keys.~

January 05, 2019 20:23
Ronan Boru

"Perhaps  lad  the  newcomer  is  right. Spend  more t ime  at  home  with the  wife and  kids and  ya  woldnt  lose  things  of  importance."

*  Ronan looks at him.*

January 05, 2019 20:41
Raze Wraith

He chuckles gently, "Ro, I'm older than you, so why the 'lad'?  As for the key ring, I have one, but all it does is shock theives.  As for the drinking, Cici told me to go have fun while she was doing stuff so I stopped messing with her...that led me to Mephesto and a drinking contest that just...well, you saw the after consequences of that night of least I hope you were the worst place I visited, otherwise I might be in trouble with more than Cici."

January 05, 2019 20:50
Ronan Boru

"Old  habit die  hard  is all.  Like  the  gentle man  said  lay  off  the  drink  and  you  might not  have  to  orry  where  you   ended  the  night  and   if  Cici  is  going to  be  pissed. When  was  all  of  this  drinking  going  on?"

January 05, 2019 20:54
LillyEmperium *Walking in, Lilly smiled softly. She'd neglected being at the tavern last couple weeks. Shaking her head as she stepped in she saw her husband, her friend and a newcomer.

Hugging Ronan she smiled before looking towards Raze.*

What are you looking for phantom?

*Nodding to the newcomer, Lilly spoke gently*
Welcome to the Brew, please make yourself at home.

*Looking to Ronan, Lilly smiled*
Ah the beginning of a new year, and I've yet to change decor here..I'm lagging a little bit.
January 05, 2019 20:54
Ophir Jadu

"Age  is  but  a  number nothing  more  then  that. I  am  sure you are  ancient  but  apparently  with  your  age  did not  come  wisdom . "

~Jadu  reaches  over  the  bar a nd    puts  3  sets  of  keys on  it,   The  Gargoyle  looks a t  Raze.~

" Any  of  them  yours Old Man  that  you  lost?"

January 05, 2019 20:57
Ronan Boru

"I  am  sure  you   will  get to  it  in  time  love  . Its  been a  busy  holiday season  for all  of  us anyway. Some  more  then others when  it comes  to  the  drinking ."

January 05, 2019 21:04
Raze Wraith

He looks at the newcomer with a raised brow, "None, and sir, I have wisdom, but even the brightest man becomes foolish after drinking three devil lords under the table and then going out for a drink."&nb