2017 Winter Bloodies Campaign

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Cersei Lannister The Winter Bloodies is here, and now is the time to prepare.

It is time to start campaigning!

Make your fliers, post them up for the Realm to see, leave them on every doorstep, lamppost, gulag, and inhabited stocks you can find.

Most of all - post them here

This year's awards will include:

Best Coven
Best Sanctuary
Best Overall Crew
Most Missed Crew
Most Missed Character
Best Angel
Best Slayer
Best Werewolf
Best Vampire
Best Witch
Best Demon
Best Overall Character
Best New Character (Born after June 1, 2017)
Most Promising Character
Most Original Name
Most Original Character
Most Terrifying Character
Friendliest Character
Most Helpful
Saddest Death
Best Baddie
Best Writer
Most Improved Writer
Best Character Background
Best Bio
Best Roleplay
Most Envied
Most Adored
Best Moment
Saddest Moment
Best Couple
Catchiest Profile Quote
Biggest Addict
Sexiest Man
Sexiest Woman
Best 70s Pornstache
Realm Robin Hood
Realm Batman
Best Beard
Biggest Kahuna
Realm Lush
Realm Houdini
Best Suit
Most Eligible Bachelor
Best Elder
Most Eligible Bachelorette
Realm Longbottom (see urban dictionary)

Nomination window closes 1/15/2018
January 06, 2018 15:22
Jameson Orlav Vote Jameson Orlav for prettiest princess 👸 January 06, 2018 15:52
Elouise Orlav Jameson Orlav is a lil b*tch. January 06, 2018 17:55
Mackenzie Vote Elouise Orlav for Most Eligible Bachelorette. ✌️ January 06, 2018 18:22
Quinn Abernathy Gideon Abernathy for Most Terrifying Friendliest Character!

...really. He is friendly.

To me.
January 06, 2018 19:50
Jameson Orlav

Honestly why isn't Hottest Widower a thing, guys?

January 07, 2018 00:36
Isabeau LaSalle

Jameson Orlav for Sexiest Man 

January 07, 2018 16:49
Evaine Sterling

Bree Ravencroft for best Witch

January 07, 2018 19:30
Atticus Hammond

Camille Hammond for Hottest Widow *caverns*

January 08, 2018 17:53
Elouise Orlav I don't think Hottest Widower counts if she marries you out of pity. January 08, 2018 23:19
Elis Griffyn Select all
Elis Griffin
January 09, 2018 19:20
Declan A Black

Friendliest Character / Most Helpful- Taylor Ainsworth. 

Best New Character- Taylor Ainsworth or Sky Jackson (Both are pretty bad ass) 

January 10, 2018 20:23
Taylor Ainsworth

Ahh Declan you're too nice... But hey I will nominate myself for a few. 

Most Helpful- Taylor Ainsworth

Friendliest Character- Taylor Ainsworth or Katarina Valentine 

Best New Character- Taylor Ainsworth

Best Baddie- Oh I'm going with Sky Jackson, she's a killer. 

Best Couple- Declan Black and Katarina Valentine

January 10, 2018 20:27
Katarina Valentine

Most Helpful- Taylor Ainsworth or Declan Black

Friendliest Character- Taylor Ainsworth or Declan Black

Best New Character- Taylor Ainsworth and Declan Black

Best Baddie- Mackenzie

Best Couple- Declan Black and Katarina Valentine

January 11, 2018 00:03
Tiber Loche Mmm, don't mind me. I'll just be
over here being the 'Sexiest Man'.

January 11, 2018 00:05

For best Best Bio whitch you left off the list up there.

January 11, 2018 04:23
Mackenzie Pssst. It's up there.

"Best Character Background
Best Bio
Best Roleplay"


Also - Sit down, Tiber Loche.

At least until you grow a beard.
January 11, 2018 12:37

Sorry I must have been tired when I posted and over looked it. lol

January 11, 2018 17:49
Cassidy Axelsen Hmm.. New here but it seems to be a tough one. :D January 13, 2018 12:04
Lloyd R Darrow

#best couple



January 13, 2018 19:20
Quinn Abernathy January 13, 2018 21:19
Gideon Abernathy Want me all to yourself, Lloyd? I never took you for the type.


Yes, I did.

January 13, 2018 21:28
Lloyd R Darrow They don't call this 'stache the Tickler for nothing...

I'll always love you, Gideon.

Gideon Abernathy and Lloyd Darrow for Best Couple.
January 13, 2018 22:26
Quinn Abernathy Rude. January 13, 2018 23:03
Tiber Loche Gee Lloyd, you folded awful fast.
You're banished from the fan club.
January 14, 2018 00:27
Gideon Abernathy Damn, Tiber, youíre one-member fan club is already disbanded? Shame.

I do have to agree, though, Lloyd, bit of a turn off. I like a little chase to my fight.

January 14, 2018 07:30
Nicole Rhodes

Get over yourselves. Single pringles rule the realm.

January 15, 2018 16:01
Aziz al Saqr My apologies for arriving too late to submit myself into the running for Best Beard, Smile, aand sexist Male, and most Original Name, not to brag about myself of course, my wife would have entered me were she still here, sadly she was only around a brief amount of time due to other matters.(RL got in the way of her mun and she died for inactivity.) July 15, 2018 15:31