The Truth Revealed - A Man's Cruel Intentions

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Abigor Kravenoff

The peaceful, silence of the upscale community was shattered as the roar of an engine and blaring sound of Hollywood Undeads' Whatever It Takes rose over the hill up the street. The source of the roar and music was my matte black Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat that raced through the streets. Drifting around corners and barreling down the straights the vehicle left the households complaining as I passed. I headed for my destination as I checked the GPS and soon performed a powerslide before pulling up to the gate of the mansion in front of me.

Rolling the window down I reached out and hit the button on the intercomm next to me. -I'm here to see Marah Boru. Tell her its her son, Abi.- It had been many years since I was at the old family house. It seemed quite a lot at had changed since i had been gone and as such, I felt a bit awkward about coming here. But I did promise her that I'd be by to meet my siblings, the question was would they accept me as I have accepted them.

January 28, 2018 10:59
Marah Boru +The guard came to me telling me about the man at the gate. Hearing him mention my sons name I nodded and gave the ok for them to let him enter. The guard at the gate opened the gate so the young man could drive through.

Pacing in the living room I felt a bit nervous to see my son. I only saw him twice since he had arrived. Going to the bar I pour me a glass of Jack Daniels and coke with a lime. Downing it I put the glass down and put a mint in my mouth. Going to the front door I waited .+
January 28, 2018 11:15
Abigor Kravenoff

Once the gates were opened I drove up. Parking near the two buggy's in front of the garage I got out and made a beeline for the door. Ringing the bell, I turned looking around the property and wondered just how much of the old life was still here. Hearing the door open i turned and smiled at her gently. -Hello Mother.-

January 28, 2018 11:28
Marah Boru +Opening the door I stepped aside so he could enter. +

"So tell me what has you here so late? Its been a while since I saw you last. You look like someone is chasing you? Trust me no one can enter this property that means harm. I have wards up. Something my brother taught me. And trust me it works. So tell me whats wrong?"
January 28, 2018 12:04
Abigor Kravenoff

Her flurry of questions caught me off guard as I stepped inside. -Ummm, mom, take a deep breath and chill.- Hugging her i kissed her cheek before releasing her. -No one is chasing me, I told you I would come by and see you so I can get to know my siblings. But I also invited Li, so just a heads up for when he gets here cause we gotta talk business after family time.-

Offering her my arm I smiled kindly as I looked around. -Seems you and the old man made some improvements to this place since I've been gone. Man this place holds so many memories for me and countless for you since then.-

January 28, 2018 12:12
Marah Boru + A relief came over me when he spoke and kissed my cheek. I kissed him back then taking his arm I spoke leading him to the couch+

" I could never get rid of my cabin. I always loved Bear Bear. However I was going to put the house up in the country for sale that your father bought after Mya was born.."

+ I paused for a second then after gathering my emotions I continued+

" Its yours, that is if you want it.?"
January 28, 2018 12:54
Abigor Kravenoff

Sitting with her I smiled when she mentioned the house in the country being mine if I wanted it. -How about we just keep it as a vacation home for the whole family?- Seeing the bar I walked behind it and began preparing a drink for her and one for me. -So where are the kids now?-

January 28, 2018 13:08
Marah Boru + When he mentioned vacation home it brought an uneasy feeling over her. To many upsetting emotions. Last time she was there was when she was packing up her and the kids things and the larger things for the movers. That was the day she spoke to Li last+

" The little ones are asleep and Marcus and David are spending the weekend at my fathers. Ghost hunting as they would call it."
January 28, 2018 13:15
Abigor Kravenoff

A gentle nod to her saw me pouring her drink which was Jack, coke with a lime twist. Something I remembered from the times I had been around my father when he was drinking with her. -Ok so can I have a run down, after me and Mya and the kids with Danny, who was next?- 

January 28, 2018 21:33
Li Kuroda He leaned forward getting the guards attention. He didn't know why Abi wanted to see him but oh well. "Li Kuroda." Was all he said as he leaned back against his bike. It was a rarity but he liked them either way. He waited as the guard told Marah he was here. January 29, 2018 09:53
Marah Boru "I'm not sure what your getting at . But I married a man named Velkin he treated really good I loved him till the day he died. A year later I met and married a man named Digger Venom I had twin boys with him before he died. They are David and Marcus named after my brothers they are 14 now."

+ The guard contacted Marah on the intercom going to it she spoke into it+

" Let him in James"

+Turning to Abi she spoke+

" Hes here .Its show time. I just have to ask are you sure you know what your doing?"

+ Going to the door she waited.+
January 29, 2018 14:08
Abigor Kravenoff

-I was only asking who the children were that came after the ones with Danny.- Raising an eyebrow I watched as she headed for the door and heard her question. Following her with a drink for her and one for Li along with one for myself, i handed over hers. -I am, as long as I have my family to support me then I'll be fine.-

January 29, 2018 14:12
Li Kuroda Li nodded at the guard and rode his bike up to the house. Placing his helmet on the handle he knocked on the door and once opened the entered.

Kissing Marah on the cheek and taking the drink he looked at the two of them. "What now?"
January 29, 2018 16:02
Marah Boru +Patting Li's shoulder when he kissed my cheek I closed the door behind him. Stepping into the Living room I went to the couch and sat down as I spoke.+

" Please Li have a seat. Okay Abi fill us in on this little tet a tet why don't you ya."

+ she looks at her son and waits for his response.+
January 30, 2018 11:37
Abigor Kravenoff

Handing my mother her drink we headed into the living room. Once seated I had hope to have a little family time before business, but I guess I shouldn't have been surprised with how it played out. -So this stays between us for now. I did some digging and found out that the whole thing last year with Angel, Vik and Kenichi all ending up dead at the same time, was a set up.-

Taking a sip of my drink I pulled out a small circular device and placed it on the table. -Mom, can you get the lights and the windows, please?- Retrieving my phone I activated the device and waited for the room to go dark before showing them what I had to.

January 30, 2018 13:28
Marah Boru + Taking my drink and taking a sip from it I placed it on the table. Going to each window I closed them then hit the wall switch turning off the lights. Going back to the couch I took my seat and looked at the device that Abi placed on the table.Looking from him to Li I asked+

" Okay and what might this be Abigor? our father left me when he vowed he would NEVER do such a thing. He lied to me left me with 4 young one 1 being a newborn. Yes I still have anger and hate for what he did taking the easy way out but most of my emotions and my powers tied to them are under control. So what is this?"
January 30, 2018 13:49
Li Kuroda Li kept standing as he went for a refill. Leaning against the wall as he listened to the two. Angel taking the easy way out didn't make a bit of sense to him. January 30, 2018 14:40
Abigor Kravenoff

Once the room was dark enough I hit the buttom turning the projector within the device on. Soon the room filled with files and various reports about what happened the night everything went south. -Mom, I love you but if you honestly think that Angel wuld make a promise like that and take the easy way out as everyone seems to have it, then you don't know him as well as you thought.-

Bringing their attention to a file he pulled forward. -This is a video clip from the night Kenichi, Angel and Vik went missing.- The video showed Kenichi arriving in the parking lot of the club but was soon greeted by a cloaked figure who the young man seemed to know. Seconds later two more cloaked figures appeared and attacked Kenichi but before he could defend himself he was knocked out by the first figure. -There are two odd things about this video. The first is, the video came from a store security cam outside Club Benriya. And based on the reports from your security staff at the club, the cameras inside and outside the club were down for maintenance. The second one is the way the two other cloaked figures attacked. And Li you should have picked this up from watching them. Who do they remind you of?-

January 30, 2018 21:11
Li Kuroda The video was over already but he didn't need to see it again. He'd already processed it and the glass cracked in his hand when he made a fist. "That was Angel and Viktor." He said as i cleared away the mess. "My question is what the hell is going on!" January 31, 2018 08:41
Abigor Kravenoff

-That's a damn good question Li, but I got a bigger and more sinister one.- Playing the video again I paused it on the first figure. -Who the hell is this person and how were they able to get Angel and Vik to turn on Ken like that?-

January 31, 2018 09:03
Li Kuroda "Something we need to look into." He said shaking his head. "One can never truly give up who they are." Intel was always his bread and butter. And his skills were as a sharp as ever as he watched the video. "We'll need to work fast." January 31, 2018 11:07
Abigor Kravenoff

-I got a bead on some questionable Intel from a deal I made. Oh and I should probably return these.- Using my magic I opened a portal and retrieved a case and a thumbdrive. -That break-in at Helix a few weeks ago.. That was me, I needed these to make a deal and now that the deal is complete I'm returning them.-

January 31, 2018 11:32
Li Kuroda Li raised a brow at what he said but took it nonetheless. Didn't know why but he'd drop it off with Frank when he left. "Well I guess they'd be happy to get these back." Li said waving his hand over the case making it vanish. "Keep me in the loop though." January 31, 2018 15:09
Marah Boru +Marah watched he video and listened to Li and her son spoke. She knew something didn't add up and she was hell bent on finding answers and if anyone or anything got in her way she would blow them up.+ February 01, 2018 18:45
Abigor Kravenoff

-I'll do that Li, but honestly I have no clue what I'm in for and if things go south then I'll be glad I told you and mom about this.- Looking over at my mother I saw that she was silently losing it. Gently taking her hand in mine I kissed it softly. -Everything will be fine mother. The truth will come out and we will have all the answers. I just ask that you trust me to do this.-

February 05, 2018 00:23
Marah Boru " I trust ya Abi, I do. But something .... I cant put my finger on it yet but trust me when I say I will move Heaven and Hell to find it." February 05, 2018 18:57
Abigor Kravenoff

Smiling I kissed my mother's cheek and raised my glass as I stood. -To family.- Downing the drink I was out the door and down the driveway. I had a mission to complete and it was time to get to work.

February 05, 2018 23:33
Barney Stinson I leaned back on a pole as I puffed on a cigar. The smoke drifting up into the night sky. This headache of mine continued to pound at my skull mercilessly as my memories over the past few centuries came charging back. I groaned as I rubbed my temple and looked up at the Helix building before me.

I had made contact with a certain someone and now I was waiting on their arrival. We had much to discuss before decide on whether or not I should go on the run again.
February 06, 2018 09:10
Abigor Kravenoff

It had been just over a month since I had left to find the truth. Unfortunately, every possible lead I found wound up dead or mysteriously disappeared before I was able to close in on it. Even when using my underground connections and squeezing the living hell outta the streets, I still had nothing. That is, until tonight.

I had gotten a email from someone that I had heard mention of in the Realm before. He was an enigma to some, a friend to others. But to those who knew him, he was Barnry Stinson; owner of MaClaren's pub in New York.  My question was why would he be wanting a meeting with me, and why at Helix?

Pulling up in my Hellcat, I parked at the curb and got out. Looking around I spotted him standing beneath one of the street lights a few feet from me. -I'm here Stinson. What do you need?-

February 06, 2018 10:11
Barney Stinson Hearing my name I turned to the man once I had freedom my lungs of the smoke. "Mr. Kravenoff I do apologize for having you meet me at such an awful hour." I said extending my hand to him. "Although you know me as Barney Stinson for your ears only though. My real name is Diego Kravenoff." February 06, 2018 16:15
Abigor Kravenoff

The reveal wasn't one i had expected but it wasn't something unheard of. -You know how many idiots come out of the woodworks claiming to be a relative of ours?- Shaking my head I was annoyed that he had wasted my time with this act. -Look Stinson, I know of you and I know you ain't that trustworthy a dude. So listen to me when I say this...-

My voice trailed off as I glared darkly at him with my eyes slowly turning to the Alpha Red wolf eyes the Kravenoff line was known for. -Do not show your face around me again. If you do, I will kill you.- Not waiting for his answer I turned and started off towards my car.

February 07, 2018 11:28
Barney Stinson Running my hand through my hair I chuckled. I should have seen that coming. "Pup." I said as I vanished and appeared in front of him. My once bright blue eyes turning to that of the Alpha Red. A slow grin emerged on my face as my teeth slowly turned into sharpe canines. Throwing my head back I let loose a howl. February 07, 2018 11:44
Abigor Kravenoff

Him calling me a pup was about to earn him a beat down of a lifetime. But when he appeared before him with the eyes of the Kravenoff Alpha and let loose the primal howl of a True Alpha, I felt the wolf within me respond in kind as I soon erupted with my own howl which rose to match his.

Realizing what had just happened I cleared some distance and glared at him. -Ok, so let's say maybe. Just Maybe you are a Kravenoff, who are you really?-

February 07, 2018 11:57
Barney Stinson I leaned back against his car as I stared up at the Helix building. Taking a pull of my cigar I spoke. "Like I said earlier. My name is Diego Kravenoff, first born son of Angel Kravenoff. Dad had a habit of making enemies. And after a run in with a few of them I went on the lam." I took another pull before releasing the smoke. "I've been switching identities for nearly 300 years."

I pushed off the car slowly and snapped my fingers. My body changing as my blond hair turned jet black and tumbled down my shoulders. My clean shaven face now spotted a neatly trimmed goatee. All in all I was a splitting image of Angel Kravenoff. "I haven't shown the real me in quite a long time." I said before returning back to my Barney Stinson persona.
February 07, 2018 12:42
Abigor Kravenoff

This was completely unexpected. His words and the change in appearance was completely out of left field. But he was right about one thing, Angel did know how to make enemies. And from me finding out that this guy was his first born son, proved he also got around a lot. However that still didn't explain why he called me out here. -Ok then, so I take it you didn't invite me here just to reveal yourself?-

February 07, 2018 12:51
Barney Stinson "That is true." I said nodding to the building. "I've had many names and identities little brother. Not only do I change my appearance I also wipe my mind clean of anything and everything. But after 30 years I start to remember who I am. And every personality I've had prior to this."

"One of those names was Diego Kaspar."
February 07, 2018 13:02
Abigor Kravenoff

Going wide-eyed as I looked up at the building. Diego Kaspar was someone who was doing business with my family. Honestly this was something completely confusing. -If what you say is true then I need to make a call.- Pulling out my phone I dialed a number that was set as speed dial one.

Listening to it ring I waited patiently as I soon heard it answer from the other end. -Yo, I'm outside Helix right now with someone very interesting. Get here now.- Ending the call I looked back at my brother. -We'll get to the bottom of this but I'm gonna need your help.-

February 07, 2018 13:08
Li Kuroda Li had put LJ to bed and was sitting outside smoking an asher. Hearing his phone and the person on the other end he got up and headed through a portal he opened.

Stepping through it he spotted Abigor and the last person you would've expected to see. "What is it?"
February 07, 2018 13:17
Abigor Kravenoff

Seeing Li arrive I looked at him with a hard expression. -Seems people ain't who we thought they were. Turns out Barnes here is actually Angel's first born son, Diego Kravenoff.- Looking over at Barney, I knew that Li would question the truth of it. -Show him your eyes, then tell him the last part that you told me.-

February 07, 2018 13:36
Barney Stinson I was a bit surprised to see someone else. Though I wasn't once I saw the face. Hearing the request I complied and showed my Alpha Red eyes. "As I was saying to young Abigor here. I used to go by many names through out my 3 centuries here. One of those names was Diego Kaspar." February 07, 2018 14:06
Li Kuroda Li was about to question the man but after seeing the show he had no need. "Great all this does is add more questions and not answers." Li said walking over to the man. "Then you should be able to answer this. Who's the man who says he's you then?" February 07, 2018 14:12
Barney Stinson "I wish I could answer that question. But I'm here to find out for myself." I said taking a draw of my cigar. "Whoever it is, then it must have been someone who knows the real me. And as I showed Abi earlier. Few people know that about me." February 07, 2018 14:54
Abigor Kravenoff

-That's why we're here. I got some intel from the deal I made for that serum I stole from Helix a few months back. Problem is, it was a dead end. But I got a number.- Bringing up the number on my phone I looked at Li and Barney before showing it to them. -Should I call it?-

February 07, 2018 15:16
Barney Stinson I looked to the dark haired smoker of the group before turning my gaze to my brother. "Of course go for it." February 07, 2018 15:22
Li Kuroda Li looked at Abigor and nodded. "No point keeping us waiting Abigor. You got the number so let's find out who's on the other side of that line." His asher was out as he relit it and waited. The sooner they got the pieces, then faster this puzzle would get solved. February 07, 2018 17:17
Abigor Kravenoff

Dialing the number I put it on speaker and waited for an answer. My number was not listed in any database and on top of that, it was wired to bounce off twelve cell towers before going to the number I called. Patiently I waited wondering who would possibly be on the other end.

February 07, 2018 17:37
Diego Kaspar

I had been sitting in my office at Helix Conglomerate pouring over some files for a new subsidiary that we had just acquired. Things in my life had become rather easy now with the only draw back being the explosion at my warehouse and the death of Kellie. But with all that, I had managed to keep things stable for myself.

I had been just about ready to leave for the night when I heard my phone ring. Problem was, it wasn't my regular number that the call was coming in on. It was coming in on my secured line. The line I used for... Other purposes. Steeling myself I answered as it was not a number I recognized. +State your business, with me.+

February 07, 2018 17:45
Li Kuroda His asher nearly fell from his lips when he heard the voice. A voice he was familiar with. But he regained his composure and nudged Abigor. Nodding at the device in his hand and urging him to continue. February 08, 2018 09:10
Abigor Kravenoff

Ending the call when Li nudged me, I moved before any one of them could stop me. Within a few moments I was across the street and heading into the lobby of Helix with a dark look of determination on my face. My attire and my walking like a man about to kill someone had the guard try to stop me. I had nothing against them as they were doing their job, but nothing would stop me.

Taking them out with a few well timed and placed punches I walked off before throwing a small ball-baring at the one behind the counter, it knocked him out as I got to the elevator and felt a rather large hand on my shoulder and knew who it was. -Frank, I got no business with you. So either let me go now or lose that hand.-

February 08, 2018 10:47
Li Kuroda Watching Abigor go off the said nothing as he followed the young man. He wasn't going to stop him as he understood his motive. Watching Frank appear Li rested his hand on the larger mans shoulder. "Its fine we have business up top."

They all piled into the elevator and headed to the top.
February 08, 2018 12:35
Diego Kaspar

The strange ending of the call was unexpected and something about it set me on edge. Pushing it aside I went back to packing up for the night. Gathering everything I decided on a drink before I left and walked over to the bar and poured myself a glass of American Honey before walking to the window to over look the city. 

February 09, 2018 20:50
Abigor Kravenoff

Making it to the top floor I was out of the elevator and headed for the office at the end of the hallway. The rush of adrenaline and anger I felt caused me to kick the doors so hard that they flew off their hinges and crashed into the desk in the middle of the room.

I had half hoped that he was sitting there when it landed but he wasn’t much to my dismay. He was standing near to the office window with a look of utter outrage on his face. -Good evening Diego or whoever the hell you are,- Glaring at him darkly my Alpha Wolf eyes showed my primal side as I slowly grew angrier. -We need some answers that only you may have. And one way or another I'm gonna get them.-

February 09, 2018 20:53
Barney Stinson

I follwed them quietly, even raising an eyebrow at the large man who appared as they headed into the elevator. Once out I shook my head at my brothers action but said nothing as i stepped inside. The large man from earlier pulling up the rear.

February 10, 2018 12:58
Marah Boru +Marah followed Abi and pulled across the street where her son wen in. Waiting which seemed like hours. She hen saw him leave the building . Li and some other man she did not know following him. getting out of the car she slowly followed them. Seeing them enter and a guard out side she knew it would not be easy. Creeping around the building she froze the the guard and entered the building. Going to the elevator she saw the floor they got off at and pushed the button. Getting into the elevator she pushed it to the floor beneath and got off. Taking the stairs she came to the floor they were on.

entering the hall she walked by every door trying to hear voices. She was about to turn the corner when she heard a male voice+

Guard: " And where do you think your going? I know you dont belong here and Im sure the boss would like to see you and find out just how you got in."

+ Rolling her eyes she turned around +

" I so don't have time for this!"

+Flinching her fingers she froze him. Then waving her hand she sent him flying hitting the wall. she then continued on her quest.+
February 10, 2018 21:12
Diego Kaspar

The explosion of the door flying off the hinges saw me round on the cause of the destruction. Spotting someone I hadn't known was back just yet, I saw the others with him. This was the part where I was up the creek without a paddle as I was being confronted by not only Li, Frank and Miko, but also a man i was familiar with by the name of Barney Stinson and the first born son of two people that I had a deep dislike for over the years. +So you've figured it out? Or are you just grasping at straws you pathetic fool?+

I had sensed the woman who I was more angry at than the man she got pregnant for and before another word could be spoken I was out of the office and headed down the hallway. Appearing behind her I gripped her throat from behind and held her in place in front of me. +Don't try using your powers Marah. That goes for all of you as well, cause if you do... Well lets just say the reunion with my dear brother and his mother here will be short-lived.+

Snapping my fingers two large men appeared next to me, flanking both sides. The men were larger than Frank and built like walking tanks. +You both stay here and stop them from following. If you need to, kill them. Let us take our leave Ms. Boru, you and I have much to discuss.+ One of the men ripped a hole in reality allowing me access to a domain where I knew Li and the others could follow. But even if they did, it wouldn't be that easy to wage a war against me in Hell.

February 12, 2018 18:40
Marah Boru +Feeling someone grab my throat and lead me into a room where my son, Li, and a man I didn't know.Hearing the one who held me speak his voice was full of anger and I didn't know who he was or get too see his face. Seeing a portal appear and the mans orders I look at the men one at a time sending them flying across the room giving Abi and the other a chance to do something. As we entered the portal I yelled out for Abi+

February 12, 2018 19:26
Franklin Jackson He had followed them in total confusion. He had no idea what was going on but he knew that he could trust Li. He didn't know the other men that well even though one of them was the son of Angel. Heading into the office after the door was kicked off he saw Mr. Kaspar book it before capturing Marah. This just kept getting weird but the anger radiating off the three men beside said well enough.

He took off towards the two large men. Not chased by their size, once they were sent flying he landed a roundhouse kick to one sending him through the wall and the was sent flying through another. "Don't just stand there GO!" He yelled as the men hauled themselves to their feet. "I'll follow after I clean up." And with that he charged them.
February 13, 2018 09:49
Diego Kaspar

The men I left behind were Golems created to protect me. They were both well over six feet tall and had large muscular figures that made their opponent look minute. Seeing them get flung to the wall one after the other I snarled as I spotted the others making the beeline for the portal. Closing it before they got to me I growled angrily and spun the woman to face me. +I think you should realized your place, Marah.+

Shoving her away from me, I quickly performed several hand signs as I smirked darkly at her feeling my power build as my eyes turned to the Alpha Red of the Kravenoff Clan. +You might like this move. Kravenoff Family Secret Art: One Hundred Twenty-Eight Point Seal!!+

Closing the gap in an instant, I hit her with two consecutive strikes from my middle and index finger. Slipping around to her back, I hit her with another two strikes followed up with four more strikes as I moved to her left. I kept going with eight more, then sixteen more then thirty-two before stopping in front of her and hitting her a total of sixty-four times.

+Now, you will find it more difficult to use your powers. A little technique I picked up from reading up on my family history.+ Grabbing her arm I dragged her with me towards a large room where an army of my Golems waited.

February 14, 2018 00:00
Marah Boru + Marah watched as the doorway closed then felt him spin her around facing him. When he told her that she should know her place she gave him a sarcastic grin and tone of voice.+

" Know my place? That is really funny cause no one can tell me how to act or behave. You really don't know what or who your dealing with."

+When he shoved her away she saw the look in his eyes when i watched his eyes turn red. At the time she could not place it.When his powers hit me it felt like a hard sucker punch. With every punch she screamed out and hunched over feeling like she was going to get sick. The more he did it the anger grew inside her.+


+ He didn't stop and each punch was worse. Closing her eyes as her anger grew her hair turned pitch black. Pushing her nails into the palm of her hand blood started dripping from them. When he stopped she looked at him and he dragged her into another room glaring at him her eyes were pitch black.+

" Why don't you just kill me now cause if I can ever get my powers I will blow you up into tiny dust particals. You know getting me this angry will only call dark lighters on my trail. But then I think your to stupid to fight them or even know how to vanquish them."
February 14, 2018 10:02
Diego Kaspar

+What I am Marah dearest, is the son of someone you beloved Knight used and left without anything.+ Taking my seat on the throne I sighed deeply as I glared at her when two of the Golems grabbed her. The thoughts of what to do next now that my cover identity was blown rattled around in my head as I pulled out one of the Ashers' this family was famous for smoking and lit it.

I had secluded myself in my own thoughts and didn't realize that my thoughts had begun to go aloud from my mouth. +Damn it. Now that know I'm not Diego. But do they know that I'm Rorix? I don't think they do. How could they though? I was careful. I covered all my tracks.+ My rambling continued for a while before annoyance claimed me and I launched myself from the throne. +GOD DAMN IT!!!!+

My outburst say me destroy one of the Golem which soon reformed as I growled and walked back up to the throne.

February 15, 2018 23:36
Barney Stinson I watched as everything went down in a flash. Marah, that was my late fathers wife and Abigors mother. But as soon as I began it had ended with Frank breaking the golems and the portal vanishing before we could get there. "Now what?" I asked February 16, 2018 09:21
Marah Boru + Marah listened to him ramble the dude was crazy...he lost it.. lost all sense of reality. When the creatures grabbed me I struggled to get free but couldn't. Then I heard him mention a name..Rorix..Alaska's son she had with night. He was the twin of Vivian.She wondered what to say and with out thinking she blurted out what Aly told her all those years ago in her coven.+

" I knew your mom and Knight didn't use her. She used him to get to me,. She didn't want me with Knight or Danny cause she wanted me. She was in love with me. You have this all wrong."

+ Marah looked at him never telling a soul her conversation with Alaska.+

" Rorix I am telling you the truth. She wouldn't want you to hurt me or anyone."
February 16, 2018 17:46
Diego Kaspar

The mention of my mother from her and the revelation that followed saw me smirk as I looked at her and smacked her hard across the face. +You think I'm stupid Marah? My mother using that ******* to get to you? Please, my mother hated you and that jerk more than anything else.+

That was when reality hit that she had figured out who I was. Now things were going to get a bit worst for the plans that I had made. +You know what, since you already know who I am, i might as well move up my plans. And kill every last one of the people he used to love.+

February 17, 2018 13:24
Marah Boru +Feeling the hard stinging on her face she felt the bone blow her eye hurt and swell. The stinging on her cheek and the taste of blood from her lip. Placing her hand there she felt it swelling as well with blood on her fingers. Fighting the tears memories of Danny flashed before her.Looking back at him she spoke+

" Look I can show you that day cause frankly I thought she hated me as well and I asked her. That was when she told me that she didn't hate me that she loved me and she ...she kissed me. But hey if you want to kill me go ahead but you will be wasting your time. You see if Knight truly loved me he never would have cheated on me all those years ago. And yeah he married me when he came back but really do you separate from the one you love 3 times in a year? Just for not seeing eye to eye. Or being called on for not standing by me ? I mean not for a day but weeks and months. Then go kill yourself and leave the ones you supposedly love alone? Plus my kids no way can you get to them my dad has wards from the powers of the gods guarding his land where it only recognize blood. and getting past him hate to burst your bubble hed kill you. And hitting me like this ohhhh your lucky hes not her or my step mother she kill you first. But if you want to see reason... I can show you the past. You may have taken my witch powers but you see im part goddess from Brigit and those powers hate to say you cant do a damn thing about them. You see I could have used those powers but I didn't. SO that should prove to you that I am not lying."

+ She looks at him and waits. knowing he was probably scared to see the truth cause of his anger and hatred for Knight all these years.+
February 17, 2018 17:55
Li Kuroda Li scowled as everything happened in a flash. Diego or whoever it was leaving with Marah. The portal closed before he could do anything. Hearing Barney's question he smirked. "We simple call in our resident Angel of Death." Li said taking out his phone. As he made the call he turned to Barney and Abigor. "You sure about that Mutt?" He asked. After awhile he nodded and walked over to Barney.

He stopped in front of the blonde and did a few hand signs. He thrusted his palm into Barney's chest. He felt no saw the image of ghost appear before going inside the young man.
February 18, 2018 19:35
Abigor Kravenoff

My anger was getting the best of me in this situation. Not only had this jerk-off cause so many issues for my family, now he had my mother. Seeing Frank take out the two large men my eyes fixed upon Barney and Li. The sight of the wolf that once resided within my father appear when Li summoned it, I watched Ghost fused with Barney. -Seems Angel made the choice. What's your order my King?-

Falling to one knee as I spoke, I showed respect and reverence to the new King of the Kravenoff line. The question was would he accept the task at hand and rebuild our family home in WulfHaven. 

February 20, 2018 12:43
Barney Stinson I could feel the power of Ghost surging through once Li had released him in me. Hearing Abigor and seeing him take a knee I grabbed his arms and helped him to his feet. "Well that's easy brother. We find your mother, and show them what happens when you cross a Kravenoff."

I didn't finish talking soon enough before a portal was opened and a red haired individual stepped out. A cig between his lips as his gaze fell on us. "You rang?" He said.
February 21, 2018 18:57
Abigor Kravenoff

When Miko arrive I smirked and began to fill him in on what happened and soon I saw the man open a portal. On the other side was the place we had wanted to go, the gothic city of Hell known as Bludburg. The area controlled by the so-called Diego Kaspar. -We gotta move quick, I figure he's got eyes all over the place. Plus I have a feeling he has more of those Golems on hand.-

February 25, 2018 00:37
Diego Kaspar

Glaring at her as she spoke I soon started chuckling. +You want to talk about memories, Marah? Here's a few of mine.+ Closing my eyes I unlocked a power I got from my mothers' side of the family. Slowly black lines appeared like scars running vertical from just above of my eyes to just below them as the area around my eyes turned black.

My eyes darkened to a blood red as I rushed at her and grabbed her head and placed my thumbs over her eyes. +All of this, all of this pain and suffering. This is what I had to endure being the b@stard of the great Angel Kravenoff.+ The images that flashed through her head were of me as a younger child being beaten and severely hated for being the reason Angel died the first time.

+You want to talk about pain and not being loved? I took his last memories of you from him and I felt everything he did. He loved you more than he ever loved my mother. He may have been too much of an idiot to say it.+

February 25, 2018 00:46
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  knew w here  Marah  was and  he   knew   how  to  creat  a  diversion if  needed. He   did  at  that  were  house . Making a  small explosion in  a    run down  storage  shed  just off  the  property  line.  Ronan  hides in  the  brush  with   his  ar -15  and  waits .  He  kneww hat  marah and Abi  looked like but the  rest  were  open  targets.He  had  the  advantage of  most of  them  didnt know  what  the  PIRA  Irish  witch  looked like.*

February 25, 2018 11:29
Marah Boru + When she finished talking she looked around she knew where she was he took her to a hell dimension. Next thing she knew he was at her grabbing her head and his thumbs covering my eyes. Images passed trough my mind as if I were watching everything unfold. The pain the boy went through but she knew in her heart Knight had to of loved him and Viv. He loved their children and they were his. No way could he not love them. She knew he loved Alaska some way all this was blinding her. She then saw how much Knight loved her tears swelled in her eyes this was blinding her+

" Stop make it stop"

+Grabbing his wrists trying to free herself.++

February 25, 2018 18:04
Barney Stinson "Well either way we need a game plan before we do anything." I said stepping through the portal that the red head had opened. "Its safe to say he knows where coming and we will have a fight on our hands." I hadn't been in combat for so long that I knew I'd be a bit rusty. But no other way to do this I reckoned. February 26, 2018 10:42
Diego Kaspar

Releasing her when I heard an explosion rock the area I sent a few Golems to check it out. Pacing I knew that Abigor and the others were here and because of that, I thought to send them a welcoming party. Performing a few handsigns I bit my thumb and drove my palm into the ground. +Kravenoff Summoning Art: Hounds of Hell!!+

In a puff of smoke several large fiery hounds appeared. they looked like wolves but were completely on fire. +Seek them out my pets, have fun. Golems, move out as well.+

February 26, 2018 11:17
Ronan Boru

* Not seeing  anything move Ronan  grabs  his gear. If  any one  needed  him  they  knew  where to  find  him  and  those  that  could  get on  the  grounds of  his  would  be  already be  able. The  others  would  just  have  to  deal  with  2nd hand  information  since  he  was  dealing  with  none  what so  ever from  any one. He  would let  them all  deal  with it now and  stay out of  it til  asked  for  help  and  if  he isnt  then  so  be  it as  well. *

February 26, 2018 11:59

^ Ciaran  had  been  with his  father. He  felt  his father  leave. He  new what  he  was  thinking  but  he  also knew  he  had  to  do  something  in  this.  The Irish crown prince  and  witch  called  to   his  dragon  and   the few  wolves  that he  knew  would  be  of  aid  to  him. 

Warrior  and  Dagda appeared. No one  messed  with  Ciaran  when  these dire  wolves  were  around. No one  messed  with  a  Boru  when  they  were around. He  looks around  and   listens  to  the sounds around  him. He  had  both  gun  and  sword  with him. His  fatner  had  trained  him  well.^

February 26, 2018 13:38

^ Ciaran  had  been  with his  father. He  felt  his father  leave. He  new what  he  was  thinking  but  he  also knew  he  had  to  do  something  in  this.  The Irish crown prince  and  witch  called  to   his  dragon  and   the few  wolves  that he  knew  would  be  of  aid  to  him. 

Warrior  and  Dagda appeared. No one  messed  with  Ciaran  when  these dire  wolves  were  around. No one  messed  with  a  Boru  when  they  were around. He  looks around  and   listens  to  the sounds around  him. He  had  both  gun  and  sword  with him. His  fatner  had  trained  him  well.^

February 26, 2018 13:38
Ryuugo Mikoto I hadn't been to hell that much since I got memories back. But with mom dead the right time take care of it fell on my shoulders. I sometimes wondered how Li dealt with such burdens and still going on like it was nothing. Hearing the blonde speak I realized we hadn't been introduced properly. "Hey I'm Ryuugo Mikoto by the way." I said as I teased and looked to my left. "Seems we have a welcoming committee." February 26, 2018 14:20

^  Ciaran was going to  stay  out  of  sight of  the  others  but  that  by  no  means   ment he  was  just  going to  watch  either. He  decided  to  insted of  the  gun  that  would  to  easy  due  to  mule  flash  give  away  his  position  here  that  he  would   go  elf. with that  though  he   summoned  his  bow  and  arrows and   took to   being  able  to hide and  fire  when  needed at   what  he   felt  was  coming.  He   knew  there  were  dogs  at least  the  size  of  Dagda  and  Warrior  and    then  something   bigger  then  them.  He  hard  the ones  near  by  mention  hell  so   he  figured  hell  hounds  were  part of  the  welcome  party. 

His  father  was  good  at one  thing and  that  was  setting off  disraction  Ka-Booms  to  be  able  to  cover  any one  else  movements  unseen. Where magic  failed the  mortal  world  seemed  to  provide. He  notches a   arrow  and  waits  scaning  the   horizon.^

February 26, 2018 14:56
Abigor Kravenoff

Hearing the explosions sounding, I looked in its direction as I heard the howl raise in the distance. -Hellhounds. We need to move fast. We're heading for the castle in the distance, no one falls behind. Frank, you're our tank and rear guard. Li, you're probably the strongest one of all of us so you take up the front runner position, Barney you're behind Li taking out the ones he dodges. Miko you're behind Barney and I'm behind you. Single file and move out boys, let's raise some hell.-

Spotting several Golems coming our way I smirked as I decided it break out something, I had been saving for a special occasion. Performing the hand signs for Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey and Ram I slammed my palm into the ground as i spoke. -Kravenoff Contract: Ninken - Akita!!-

Suddenly a portal opened as a wolf pup jumped out and landed in front of me. It had pure black fur with a single ridge of red fur running from its nose over its head and down its back and tail. -Alright Akita, this is what we've been training for boy. Let's go!!- Clapping my hands together once I formed a two-handed sign as Akita started running towards the Golems and the hounds.

-Ninken Taijutsu: Wolf Buzz Saw!!!- The words saw Akita's fur harden as he leaped into the air and began rolling his body head to tail. Soon he was rotating at a speed equal to that of an actual buzz saw as he cut through the horde as I took off following him. -Fall in fella's we gotta move.-

February 26, 2018 23:06

^Warrior jumps in  to  the  fury and   all  that  can  be  seen  is  his   glowing  green  eyes as he  charged te  hell  hounds. Ciaran  fires a  few  arrows in  to  the  fray being  sure to   miss  the  wolves.He  speaks  to  Dagda  in  elven.  ^

"Eiras sher shar  os  thol"

((Attack but watch  our  friends))

February 27, 2018 12:11
Li Kuroda Li said nothing as he lead the charge. He had sensei Ciaran and Ronan but now only the son remained. He chuckled as Abigor and his pet went to work and tore through our welcoming party. He sensed another creature move through the horde well arrows rained down. He shook his head, Ciaran better move around so not have these creatures lock onto his location. Well better I ain't him Li thought. Soon a handle appeared out of the right sleeve of his black hoodie. He wasn't dresses for battle so the only weapon he had was the Blade of Caine that was always strapped to his right arm. He gripped the blade as the sheath appeared on the lower side of his arm. A twist to right saw the blade slide out through the right side of the sheath as he cut through a hellhound.

His movements were precise as he cut down everything that came into view. The castle in the distance kept getting closer and closer. With the creatures dead he stopped on a small hill staring at the castle. His electric blue eyes taking in the scenery as the others came up beside him.
February 28, 2018 11:18

^Ciaran  knew   how  to  move  through  the   brush.  and   he  knew  to  stay and  shoot  on  the  move. He  fires a  few  more  at  what  was  remaining.  with  that  done  he   appears  near  Warrior  and  looks at  the  black  Dire  wolf.^

"Trodaithe. Ní ghortaítear leat aon áit a bhfuil tú mo chara?"

((Well done warrior.  You arent hurt any where are  you my friend?))

^The  wolf  looks a t  Ciaran  and    nods  that  he  is  un  harmed .  Ciaran rubs the wolf's head. He  looks at  the  others. He    stops   when  he  see  Abigor. His  father  had  told  him about  this  lad.^

February 28, 2018 14:59
Ronan Boru

* Ronan tries  to  get in  to  Marah  head  with  a message*

"Your  brother is  on  his  way. He is  where  you  are. Look  for  im and   if  you  cant  get  to  me  call for him.  He  will  hear  you. "

*  All he  could  do  was  hope  the  message  got  through.*

March 01, 2018 17:25

^  Ciaran  looks at Li.  The  last time  he  saw  the  man it  was  not  on  good  terms but  that  was  the  past.^

" Greetings  Master  Li . How is  the  wee one? For  the  few  of  you  who   dont  know  me  , Im  Ciaran Merlin Boru.  Marah's  brother and  this is  Warrior and  Dagda , my  Dire wolves. Come  we  have  no time  to  waste here. I am  sure  more  await  where we  need  to  go  for  our  arrival."

March 01, 2018 17:28
Diego Kaspar

With everything going on I felt my frustration build. Glaring at Marah I growled before getting off the throned and walked over to her. +You know what, it's about time I drop the Diego facade.+ Clapping my hands together I released the seal that changed my appearance as I slowly completely a metamorphosis.

The young man before her was my true guise. The true appearance of the now twenty year old Rorix Kravenoff. +Shocking isn't it? You can see so much of Ali and Angel in me its uncanny.+ Walking to the window I saw that the men were fast approaching the castle. +Seems Ciaran, Li and Abi are leading the charge. I wonder how they would feel to come and find you dead? Probably almost as bad as I did when my mother died because of that...+

My voice trailed off. Memories from the past flooded my head and right now was not the time for this. +I'll say this Marah, even if I die here today, I take solace in the fact that you're soulmate is no longer on this Mortal coil.+

March 03, 2018 00:53

^  Ciaran   knew if  he   needed  to  he  could  draw o n  the   spirit of   Ireland  if  needed  to  boost  up  his  powers even   here. There wold  be a  delay but  not  a long  one  a second at  the most. Ireland  always  protected  her own and   backed  her  sons and  daughters. He hoped  she  back  Marah  now.  He speaks  softly  to  Ireland in their native language.^

Éist le hÉire dom anois go bhfuil do threoir agus cosaint taobh istigh de na ballaí sin ar cheann de do chuid riachtanas féin. Cosain í.

(( Ireland hear me now one of your own needs your guidance and protection inside those walls . Protect her.))

March 03, 2018 16:01
Marah Boru + Marah watched Rorix change from the look he had to his true looks. As she watched him she heard her father in her head. The thought of her brother coming put a half smile on her face. Talking to her father in is head at least she hoped he could hear her she wanted him to know things just in case Rorix did kill her.+

" Dad you have to know if I dont make it I love you and thank Lilly for being a mother to me especially when I needed one so badly. The kids tell them I didnt mean to be taken from them. I do want them to know their brother. I dont want to put all the burden on you with them cause you have my two baby sisters.I want them with family and Abi is their family even though you dont know him he is my son. My first born. He promised to find Mya that is if she is alive. I know what your thinking and yes I am a fighter and I will fight to the end."

+Marah's concentration ended when she heard him say that he would take solace in the fact that you're soulmate is no longer on this Mortal coil. That was when it hit her That he killed Knight her link to her father was still open as she spoke+

" Oh my god YOU KILLED HIM. YOU KILLED KNIGHT. YOU SOB. WHY ? What did he do to deserve this. I swear if I ever get my hands on you..."
March 03, 2018 19:14
Samantha Winchester ~At Kings request I sneaked into the castle with blade in hand.I heard a mans and woman's voice so I followed it. I just entered the room when the man started clapping his hands together and changed his appearance. .I could not believe my eyes it was Rorix. Was this the one Hannibal was telling me about who had his mother. I looked at the blonde and I saw King in her. I lowered my blade and walked in looking at Rorix. ~
" Rorix? what the hell is going on here? Please tell me you are not behind this.Tell me you did not take her and threaten to kill her. I wont let it happen. I kill monsters and right now I see you as a monster."
~ I did not want to hurt him or kill him. I knew there was good in him. I saw it.~
March 03, 2018 19:46
Diego Kaspar

Feigning a gasp of complete shock at Marah's accusations I started laughing. +Oh now Marah. I wasn't the one who killed him. It was Viktor and what he did was abandon a son and daughter to face the brutality of his enemies and your allies.+

I was about to continue when I heard a familiar voice sound behind me. Turning to face the woman I chuckled softly. +Typical. Abigor is too much of a coward to face me so he sends you. My only weakness to face me.+ My voice was hushed almost as if spoken to myself before a deep breath filled my lungs and I turned my eyes upon Sammie.

+I will give you one chance. Leave this place Samantha. When this place is destroyed, I do not want you here. And when I die, I do not want you to see me like that. So PLEASE... Leave....+

March 04, 2018 22:33
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  links  to  Marah*

" I  hear you  and  Ciaran  is  almost  there. Hang on. He has 2  of  his  dire  wolves  with him  a  white one  named  Dagda and  a  black one  with  green  eyes  named  Warrior. Dont  worry."

March 04, 2018 23:11
Samantha Winchester "Han told me this Diego guy had his mother and destroyed his family. When we met you told me your name was Rorix. You looked like you do now not that other face. As for King I never told him that I even met you. Rorix this isn't you. Let her go "
~ I could feel the anger grow inside me that he lied to me on who he was.Going to one of the Golems I pulled my sword back and plunged it into his heart. Pulling it out I swung and cut off its head feeling the blood spray on my face. I went for the other one but it was not going to be taken off guard. Taking its hand it flung me hard against the wall pulling my arm socket out and cut my forehead. Getting up I kicked it sending it a few feet back. Taking my sword I Pierced its heart and cut off its head. Going to Rorix with my blade extended to his chest my voice was harsh filled with anger and hurt.~
" Im not leaving Han is not a coward he just sent the best hunter to do a job. That hunter is ME. You asked me once who was I, well this is who the hell I am. I am the one who was sent to kill you. "
~ My vision got blurry from tears and blood using the palm of my hand I wiped them away. Never have I let my emotions get involved in a job.~
" Was anything you told me the truth? Who are you whats your name really Rorix or this Diego monster? PLEASE RORIX LET HER GO. You want to get back at Hannibal then take me. We cared for each other once. But ..we decided to stay friends. There's good in you I saw it GOD I FELT IT. LET HER GO. Please I don't want to go through with this? "
~Tears and blood fell from my eyes~
" God Rorix I love you. Or was this apart of some sick joke on your part. Tell me the truth. Maybe we can end this with no blood shed. Let the good man in you let her go."
March 04, 2018 23:35
Diego Kaspar

I watched as she went on her tirade. The damage to her from the Golem had me wanting to tend to her but I knew I couldn't, even as she spoke. The words from Samantha stired my heart but it was too late for me. I had caused the deaths of people Abigor and Marah called family. I had torn Angel from his wife and left his children without a father, much like I was. +I am going to die today Samantha. Whether it be by your blade or by the hands of my family.+

That words felt weird on my lips after so long. Family. Were they even my family? Would they consider me Family? Shaking my head I freed myself of the thoughts and moved before she could stop me. Grabbing Marah I took off towards the window and leapt out. +Time to end this Mrs. Kravenoff.+

Landing on the ground I tossed her down before letting out a bellowing howl. +ABIGOR COME FACE ME BROTHER!!! FACE MY VENGANCE AND FURY!!!+

March 04, 2018 23:54
Samantha Winchester ~Watching him leave I followed landing on the ground. Hearing him I looked at him with horror on my face as I watched him. I could not let this happen I knew apart of him wanted to be saved I saw it and felt it.~
~ I pleaded with him~
March 05, 2018 00:07
Diego Kaspar

I hadn't wanted it to come to this. But knowing Samantha, I knew she would try to get involved. And her mention of having such a connection with Abigor, made this choice easy. +Kravenoff Family Secret Art: One Hundred Twenty-Eight Point Seal!!+

This was the same move i had used on Marah earlier, but with one slight variation. While Marah was given the full brunt of each blow, I held back against Sam. +You are going to sit there and watch this Samantha. I'm sorry I couldn't give you what you wanted.+ Turning I walked back to Marah knowing that in a moment Samantha would hit the ground unable to move and in extreme pain.

March 05, 2018 00:14
Samantha Winchester ~I heard him call out something then I felt it. I fell to the ground in dire pain I screamed as I curled into a ball.I yelled out in pain~
~I rolled over on my back screaming~
March 05, 2018 00:25

^Magic  was definatly  a help  to the  druid  witch and   the  fact  that he  could  orb  faster  then  most  could  run  was a big  thing  for  him. He  places  his  hands o n  his  two  dire wolves and  vanishes in  dark  green  orbs  to   Marah  by locking on  to  their  shared  blood. He  was  told  to  aid the others  when  they  needed  it  but to  try and  act independantly  as  well. He  and  the  wolves  ppear near Marah  where  she  would  spot  them. He  was  unsure  what  this  other  people  could  see.He llink  to Marah.^

"Im  hear look  to  the  right of  you. What  or  who is  this  guy? Others  are  coming Li and   Abigor ."

March 05, 2018 09:03
Marah Boru +Seeing this girl arrive and kill the Golems and her connection to Rorix I wondered just how close they were . Even when she tried to get him to let me go. Something about her I didn't trust and made me wonder just how close she was to my son as well.

Rorix then took me and leaped out of the window. The girl followed that was when Rorix did to her and what she did to me. When Rorix yelled out to Abi I looked for him I wanted him safe.

Hearing her brother she turned and saw him+

" Hes Knights and Alaska's son Rorix Please right now dont hurt him I have to do this for Aly. I owe her from when she helped me all those years ago.. Abis half brother. Knight never acknowledge him and he held this anger in him. I think hes a changeling. He can change his looks to look like others. He killed Knight Cici he killed my husband and kids father. This girl I have no idea just that she has a connection with him and my son. Please stay back for awhile and watch till its time. If he kills me please help Abi and the kids through this.And keep a eye on that girl something isn't right. "

+ I hope my link to him went through since Rorix did something to my powers+
March 05, 2018 09:41
Ryuugo Mikoto I basically did nothing as we ran through the golem and hellhounds. Well Li ran through them, we just followed like kids watching their big brothers beat up bullies. We arrived and looked over at the castle. That golem army was not one to test. "Word of advice there. Those golem are basically indestructible once they are in close range of whoever it is we're after." I said. "An army would just be pointless because even if we crush them another would just reappear." I turned to Li and smirked. "So anything up your sleeve that can help us out there Reaper?" March 05, 2018 09:58

^  Ciaran   got  bits a nd  peices of what  was said and  he  got  the  stay  back and  wait. part  so he  just  watched. he  kept  the  two  dire wolves back a s well. If a  golem  showed   their  be no holding the  dire wolves  back if  they  saw  it  as a  threat to  Ciaran  or  his  blood.^

March 05, 2018 11:03
Abigor Kravenoff

The sound of Golems crumbling all around me filled my senses. I knew that this wasn't going to be easy the closer we got to the castle, but this was not what I had expected. Hearing the bellowing tones of someone calling me to come fight, I rushed ahead before coming upon a sight that made my blood boil.

My mother was battered and gripped by the back of the next by someone I thought had died years ago and on the ground not too far was the motionless frame of my best friend. -I am going to make sure you die slow and painful for this Rorix. You are dead!!!-

March 05, 2018 11:04
Li Kuroda Before Li could tell Ciaran about LJ he was off the same time he heard Mikoto explain about the golems. This saw the shaman grin because now he could flex a bit. He chuckled at the comment about an army. "Then an indestructible army needs an army that cannot be defeated as well." He stepped forward as the symbol of omega appeared on the back of his right hand. Thrusting it out as three gates appeared around the castle. I control the dead and hell itself." He commanded. "Now rise my army of the dead. Let the Vikings taste war again." I loud cry emerged as vikings flooded out of the gates. Taking on the army of golems.

He had seen the three figures leap from the castle. Abigor had ran off the moment Ciaran had left. He shook his head as he turned to his friends. "Mikoto get Marah and Frank get the other figure that fell. Barns assist Ciaran" With the orders out they all went into fray. With only one person to really deal with Li turned his focus on the golems. Time to have some fun.
March 05, 2018 11:07
Samantha Winchester ~I rolled over when I heard Kings voice so i yelled out to him~
~I suddenly started gapping for air I was not sure if it was the fight with the Golem or what Rorix did to me~
"I I can not breath. I can not breath Rorix please let go of your anger. I I can not "
~My voice trailed off I slowly closed my eyes~
March 05, 2018 11:15

^  Ciaran looks over  and  see that   I  sent  assistance. Normally  he   not  care for it  but  in  this  fight  everything  and  every one  counted. He  looked  for  a  way  to  get  to  his  sister and    Orb  her  any  where  but  here. Once   she  was  safe it  would  give  the others  reason   to  not  worry  and work on  the  rest of  the  fight. He  looks  over  to  hi  nepew  then  to the  aid  Li  sent.^


"Li  sent  you  right to  assist me I  need  you to  assist  my  nephew  abigor in  anything  you  deem  he  needs help  with. Can  you  do  that. Dont worry  about Marah  I  can  get to  her and   get  her  to  safe  haven away  from  this. Worry  and  assist  the others."

March 05, 2018 13:16
Ryuugo Mikoto Getting to Marah was an easy task. Li's army and golems just made it easier. I slipped through with ease as there was no point in fighting these things. Another one would just take it's place once destroyed. And seeing that the person who they wanted Rorix was it? Was nearby which meant he wasn't going to do anything. I appeared beside Marah using the darkness as my cover. Explosions shook the grounds and I swore I heard Li laughing. Great let's hope he remembers we're here as well.

"Marah its me Mikoto. I'll take you to Li so he can undo whatever it is that has you immobilized." I said softly. I picked her and faded into the shadows without being seen. "Abigor is it? He'll will deal with that guy but I'm guessing you don't want to be taken away from here do you?" I asked as I appeared safely on the hill with her.
March 05, 2018 14:28
Barney Stinson I said nothing as we headed off. I had decided on jumping from golem head to golem head until I landed close to where I was needed. Li indeed was a powerful individual one that made note to never piss off. Remembering my training I stealthily appeared beside Ciaran. Hearing him I shook my head. "Orders had already been given. Besides your sister is in safe hands. I pointed to where she was seconds before Mikoto took her to safety. March 05, 2018 14:43
Marah Boru " take me to my brother he's over there he can heal my bruises, then you can take me to Li and he can take this off of me so I can have my magic back.Abi is going to kill him i cant let that happen i have to do this for Aladka and Knight. We can lock him up or something.But he cant die. That would make us worse then him." March 05, 2018 14:54

^ Ciaran  watches  Marah  vanish and     follows   her  blood  call  to  the  hill  Ryu has  them  on. He  looks at  her the  to  Ryu  hearing  what  she  said at  the  very  end.^

" I  dont  think  we  have  much  of a say  in  that   case  if   that  man lives  or  dies  lass. I  thinmk  that is  up   to  Abigor  now and  him. Magic I  can  not  fix  but  the   bruises and    other  wounds  I  can.  Healing  magic  is a  wonderful  gift  most of  the  time . I  havent  used it  in a   while  but   lets  get  these ones  fixed. Shall  we."

^ Ciaran  rubs his  hands  together to  warm  them  a  bit.  It  was  odd  that they  were  even  cold  to  him  since   that  was never  the case  before. Once   his  hands  werent   cold  he  called on  his  healing  magic . With  a faint   green  light  he  was a ble  to  heal  her. ^

"That  should  fix  that  part  this  other  magic   is  a  bit  more  well out  of  my skill  to  reverse. I'm  more  elemental  and   healing  then  what  this  is. Not  about to  try a  crash  course  in  any of  this  now. If Li  can  reverse it let  him."


March 05, 2018 17:57
Franklin Jackson Frank hadn't seen this much action since he was kidnapped. He was having fun breaking these golems as he tore a path towards his location. Smashing golems and tossing them out of his way like a black Hulk on a rampage. He eventually reached and didn't even stop as he swatted the guy in front of him aside like he was nothing. The swat though sent him hurtling towards a pissed off Abigor who pulled his hand back ready to connect.

He picked up downed female and retreated. Using the fighting as cover until he was back on top of the hill with Mikoto, Marah and Ciaran. "Mikoto signal Li."
March 06, 2018 09:10
Ryuugo Mikoto "Seems you forgot that Li is capable of healing I see." I said resting a hand on her forehead. "I sense no lasting damage." I smiled at her as Ciaran appeared and healed her. Frank arriving after with an unconscious female. "Sure." I said shooting a fireball up into the air. "Lets hope he can pull himself away from having fun." March 06, 2018 09:15
Li Kuroda A blast erupted as several golems were engulfed in flames. The culprit was Li who boasted a red gauntlet with a gem in it. He may have tweaked it slightly but it was the same one a certain Mutt liked to use. He saw the explosion in the sky and vanished. Reappearing in front of the small group on the hill.

He knelt before the bruised woman he recognized as Samantha. A friend of Abigor. Li placed a hand on her head as the symbol for alpha appeared on the back of his hand. Matching glowing blue eyes followed as he healed her wounds. And soon she was a hundred percent. "So what happened Marah?" Li asked. "You're a fighter and yet I haven't seen you blowing up anything. What did he do to you?"
March 06, 2018 09:31

Blood  can  in  some  cases  heal  blood  faster  and  easier. As  for  what is  blocking  her  magic  gifts  I   have no idea  how  that  works. If  you  do  LI  and  can  reverse  it  I  say  go  for  it. My  gifts are  Earth  based  elemental, orbing , healing, telekenisis, Telepathy and  a few  others."

March 06, 2018 11:12
Rorix Kravenoff

The arrival of Abigor and Samantha calling him Han finally saw the pieces being put together but nonetheless, this was where I would fall today. +Awww, what's the matter lil Abi? You mad that I broke your mother and your little hunter?+

Chuckling menacingly, I watched as he grew aggitated by my words I had sensed when Mikoto got Marah away from me. This would be good, at least now I could let loose and face my death without holding back. What happened next saw me get smacked so hard it almost broke me in two. The cause of the hit was Franklin Jackson, who by this time was gone with Sam to where Marah and the others were.

The only good thing about this turn of events was me closing the gap on Abigor, knowing full well this fight was going to be a lot harder if the others got involved.

March 06, 2018 15:41
Samantha Winchester ~I sprung up gasping I could breathe, the pain in my chest and on my head was gone. I touched it and there was no cut it was healed. I then started to move my left arm and it was better as we. I heard Rorix call out to Han so I turned around crouching on the ground watching the two. I could not believe Rorix and his changed of attitude. He was actually mean. I could not believe that this was the same man who I got close too. The way he talked about Han's mother and me. This was breaking my heart.~
" Rorix how could you ? why ? I thought you cared for me. Maybe I was wrong."
~I spoke under my breath. Was I going to see my best friend kill the man I grew to love. No I would not let that happen. I was a vampire after all and I could get to Rorix in a flash and take the both of us away before anyone knew what happened. I watched Han or Abi as everyone called him here. Please Han dont kill him I prayed silently~
March 06, 2018 17:55

^  Ciaran  tried something he  wasnt  sure  was  going  to  work but  he  tried  to  link  to  Abigor.^

"Abigor , Your  mother  is safe.  I  healed  her . Listen to me  my nephew  there are other  ways  to  deal  wit  this  person besides  death. Please  rethink  this  action  . Let  together find another  way."

March 06, 2018 20:01
Marah Boru "He took my powers by doing that 128 point seal that Knight use to do to his enemies. It hurt like a b!tch dude. It felt like I was being hit by Rocky 1,2,and 3. Li that's not Diego its Knights son Rorix that he had with Alaska. I cant let Abi kill his own brother. I have to do this for Aly she did so much for me I owe her this. I cant let her son die by his brother. But Li I found out something else .... He...He killed..."

+My eyes filled with tears as I finished +

" He killed Knight and I think Viktor as well. Granted he said Viktor killed Knight but Li Vik died first. Oh god...he took Knight away from me cause he loved me more then Alaska. Li who is that girl? she seems to be close to both my son and Rorix. Can I trust her?"
March 06, 2018 20:10

^Ciaran  looks a t   Marah^

Viktor  Kravenoff  was  killed  by  my  father. Viktor  came  to  him  and  asked  him  to  take  him  out in the  fighting  Caverns. He  never  really  told  him  why  . This  Rorix had nothing t  o  do  with  that  death  and  neither  did  Angel.  As  for  who  killed  Angel I  couldnt  tell you  if  that  was  true  or  not.  Viktor  I  know  was  killed  by  my  father  after being  asked. Marah  ask  him  about  it  he  would  never  lie  to  you  and   he  never  has dad.

March 06, 2018 20:14
Li Kuroda Li rolled his eyes as he did a few hand signs before pressing his thumb to the forehead of Marah. "Release." His said. "That is the most annoying move in that Mutts arsenal." Li said before turning to Samantha and doing the same. He stood up and stretched when he heard Marah say that Rorix was the reason behind Angels death. "Well if Abigor won't kill him I sure as hell will." Li said turning and storming off.

He didn't get far before he stopped in his tracks and growled. "Are you serious!" He yelled to nobody specifically. "Fine!" He snapped and stored off in the other direction. He was pissed and needed to calm down. Lucky for him there was an unlimited source of golems around.
March 07, 2018 08:48
Samantha Winchester ~I felt like myself when the man touched me. My strength came back and i could move again standing up. I watch Rorix and Han. I heard the man say he would kill Rorix so all I could do was wait till I saw what was going to go down. I was not going to let Rorix get hurt or die. We had a lot to talk about and I needed to know what made him like this.~
"Rorix please dont do this there is still time "
~I said to myself. I should have taken him before all this happened.~
March 07, 2018 09:16

^  Ciaran  looks a t  Marah^

"Let  father  know  you  are alright. I  am going to  go  see if  I  can  prevent  more  bloodshed and  talk  sense  in  to both  this  Rorix and  Abigor. I  think t he  rest  of  you  that are  able  should  help  Li he  wasnt  pleased  about  something and   may not  be  thinking  right."

^ With  that  said   Ciaran  orbs to  where  Abigor  was and  looks  from  him  to  Rorix.^

"Rorix  right.  My  name  is  Ciaran Boru.  I  knew  your  father. Marah  is  my  sister and  Abigor here is  my nephew.  This  doesnt  have  to  go  down  with more  people  getting  hurt.  You  want  a  family  you  have one.  You are  blood  to  Abigor through  Angel that   makes  you  family. I  beg  of  you  now both  to  end  this  peacefully before  any one  does  something  they  will  regreat in  the  end and  more  innocent  people  get  killled or  harmed. Please  see  reason."

^   The   druid celt witch  looks at  both of  them  and  waits.^

March 07, 2018 15:46
Barney Stinson I stood there watching everything unfold. How Li knew how to reverse our family's secret art was shocking to say the least. Was he secretly one of us? I needed to get to know more about him. Watching the young man go off and then leaving pissed. Followed by Ciaran who left to talk with my brothers. I realized that I should be the one to put an end to this. Worse I was the oldest and I needed to behave as such or put them both across my knee if I have to. March 07, 2018 16:42
Abigor Kravenoff

Seeing Frank send Rorix flying at me I smirked as I heard Ciaran in my head. Hell, this Boru clan communication thing was awesome. But it was too late. My body had reacted instinctively as I rocked back into a stance that anyone who was worth their salt as a Kravenoff would have been able to know. -Kravenoff Family Secret Art: Strength of the Bloodline!!+

Slowly my body began glowing red as black runic marking burned into my skin. -THIS IS YOUR END RORIX!!!- My body shot out of its former spot and closed the distance so fast, if you blinked you would have missed it. Within a microsecond a right hook that packed all the power and strength within our familys' bloodline connected with his face.

A shockwave exploded upon impact before creating a small crater beneath us. What followed was another shockwave causing another larger crater to form around the initial one. This continued within that passing moment until the entire ground beneath us for a fifty meter radius exploded before he was sent rocketing off faster than the speed of light. -MEGATON PUNCH!!!!-

March 08, 2018 14:40
Samantha Winchester ~What I saw happen made me freeze. I had known Hannibal for 25 years and I never saw that from him before. I felt fear and loss inside me this was going to end in someones death. I ran towards them when the ground started shaking. That was when I fell to the grown on my stomach.~
~As I looked up what I started to see scared the hell out of me. I could feel myself starting to shake in fear and tears started to roll down my cheeks. Crawling on the ground closer to the large continuing crater I feared Rorix demise. I could not let that happen I had to get them to hear me and see me.~
~I lowered my heard closing my eyes praying this would all stop that it was just a really bad dream. I started feeling sick to my stomach. Turning my head away I started getting sick.~
March 08, 2018 16:10

^  Ciaran reache out  to Abigor thoughts^

" I  understand  your  anger Abigor. I  would of  responded  the  same  had some  one  hurt  my  mother as you  are. Anything he  says  to  you  is  out  of  his  own  anger .  Dont  let your  anger like  his  has  consume  you. Your  mother  wouldnt be  able  to  handle it.  Your  father  took  his own life and  Viktor asked  my  father  to  take  him  out of  this  world at  the  fighting  caverns. Yes what  Rorix  did  was  wrong  but   you  cant  kill your  brother. It  will not   bring  back  those  who  you  have loved  and  lost  . "

^   He    had  to  keep  trying  he  knew  some  how  had  to try and  reason  with  Abigor. Enough blood shed  had  been   shed  already. All the  family  Rorix  had left  was Abigor . No  matter  how  idiotic  or  stupid  things  that  either  of  them  did  they  were  bound  as  brothers  by  Angel's  blood and  brothers  dont  kill one another.^

March 08, 2018 16:31
Rorix Kravenoff

The power behind the punch that Abigor connected with was no joke. It held all the rage and strength of our familys' bloodline and I knew he wanted me dead. Careening across the ground I crashed into a wall shattering it to pieces as I slowly felt blood pouring from my mouth and nose. +Well damn... I never expected him to go this far... But I guess its for the best....+

My words were broken with fits of coughing as I felt my strength leave me and I knew any other hit from Abi would end my life. But I wasn't really speaking to anyone in particular. My eyes grew hazy as I dragged my weary frame to my feet. +Is that all you have Golden Boy? Is that really all the son of Marah Boru and Angelus Kravenoff can muster?+

March 08, 2018 22:40
Samantha Winchester ~I kept watching and hearing everything. When I saw the punch Han gave Rorix I knew that he could not take another one it would be the end of his life. At the top of my lungs I yelled. Anger was in my words.~
~ I knew if Han killed Rorix it would be the end of us. I would never be able to look or talk to him ever again.~
~ I felt my heart breaking with every second that past. I knew that I was crying now. I finally found love after Jessie and Hannibal was going to take from me. I could not let that happen. Running to Han I grabbed his arm.My face was full of anger and my cheeks were wet from the tears falling.~
March 09, 2018 09:43

^  Ciaran   watches  what going on  and   links  to Abigor^

"For  your  friend Abigor  stop  this now.  She  cares  for  him  and  deep  down  you  k now  this is  not  how  it  should  end.Your  m other is  safe and  that  is all that  matters. Stop  this  attack now. "

^  Ciaran  wasnt   normally  the  diplomat.  That was Matt .It  was always  Matt  that  could  talk himself out of  anything when  needed . Right ow  however  Matt  was not  here  so  Ciaran  had  to  try.He  waits  to  see  what happens. If  he had to  he  put  up  a  blockade  to  get  them  to  stop. he  never  used  his  agic  to harm  family and   he only  use it to  defend  himself in  anttack  if  needed.^

March 09, 2018 12:49
Marah Boru +When Li touched her Marah looked at a dead tree and flinched her fingers and watched it turn into splinters. Looking at Li and her brother she sang out+

" I'mmmm baaaaaaack."

++Marah turned when she heard the girl scream and saw her son using his fathers techniques. She heard Abi's friend tell him that she loved Rorix. It was genuine and full of love and emotions. Watching her run out to them not afraid of getting caught in the cross fire almost reminded Marah of herself just before she met Knight all those years ago. Marah felt that there was something in the girl a loss, hurt, anger. all that she went through last year. Marah knew she was on her way to the dark side if it wasn't for her family. Marah had to get to know this girl maybe she could help her get through this. Marah felt she owed this since there were those who helped her. She then saw Abi use the punch on Rorix and knew just like his friend this had to end. For Alaska and Knight.+

March 10, 2018 18:48
Abigor Kravenoff

The fact that everyone was basically begging for him to live was beyond me. -Really? You all want this piece of filth who had destroyed our family to live? With everything he has done, you all want this to end with him still breathing?-

My anger was building to a point that I wasn't going to be able to control it much longer and I could already feeling something inside me stir. Something so dark I had buried it so deep that I had completely forgotten about it. The primal bloodlust of my feral side.

My body started reflecting my growing rage as I slowly changed into a leaner, more human monster than that of my normal werewolf form. This form was both powerfully muscular and strangely seductive with gleaming Alpha red eyes, incisors reformed into fangs, ears tapered to points over thickened, wilder hair and fingernails grown to razor sharp claws. -I will not allow that.-

March 11, 2018 12:46

"Listen  to  me  Abigor. Trust  me  brothers younger or  older  do  some  stupid  crap. I  know I  have had  to  bail  my  3 brothers out of  fights and  gods of old  many others  things  and  I  hated the  whole  time  but in  the  end  lad  they  are  my  brothers  and  yes  I  be  angry  with them for  what  ever the  dumb  crap  was  that I  had  to  bail  them out of  but   they  were  still  MY  brothers  and  I loved  them. It  in  their nature for them  to do  dumb  crap.  Hell  its in  the job  disricption  I  believe. Matthew my  dear  fraternal  twin yeah  we  were kids I   had many  bulliees  to  beat  up  for  him .  So  may I  lost  count of them after a while. They aggivate  the  hell out  of  you  and  yes  there are times  you want  to  kill them for  what ever stupid  crap  they  did and you   fight  but   in  the  end   you  kind of  just let it  go and   move on."

March 11, 2018 13:16
Rorix Kravenoff

A pained but bloodly laugh escaped my lips as I glared at Abi and the others who tried to stop him. This was going to end soon and unfortunately thanks to these bleeding hearts, I was going to live. +No, no, no, no, NOOO!! None of you will stop this. The Golden Boy wants me dead, so I'll give him more than enough reason to kill me.+

Clapping my hands the ground in front of me opened as a large basket rose from within it. The familiar scent of infants filled the air as I glared at Marah then back to Abi. +Either you kill me right now.....+ yanking the cover off the basket as several hellhounds appared around me, I revealed the contents of the basket to be Marah and Angel's babies. +Or, I have my hounds feast on baby meat tonight.+

March 12, 2018 14:29
Samantha Winchester ~I knew a lot about Hell Hounds and I killed a few. Drawing my sword I go to where the babies were. I aimed my sword at the beasts.~
" Hell Hounds really? They are like bunnies to me. I can kill them in one swing. Who are you? You are not the one who I spent time with. You are not the one who said"
~ I stopped what I was going to say and just looked at him. All you could see was hurt and lost. I then turned and looked at Han.~
"Do what you have too."
~Tears in my eyes as I spoke in pain and sorrow~
"It's over"
~I then stepped aside and looked at the shell of the man I loved~
"Good bye, have a nice trip to hell."
March 12, 2018 15:07
Marah Boru +Marah watched and saw the evil look in Rorix's eyes. Seeing the basket she knew her kids werent in there, that they were safe with her father and mother. Besides they were to big to be in a basket. Marah looked at her brother then to her son saying the unthinkable.+

" Abi Take him out or I will blow him up myself. Im sorry Aly, Im sorry Knight but hes a danger to my kids and family. I have to protect the ones I love."

+ Marah stood there watching and waiting.If Abi didnt kill him she would and no one would stop her. Not even her own brother.+

March 12, 2018 16:01
Alrick Ivanoff A figure emerged decked in full black armor. His long sword on his back while his two jians hung by his sides. The scent or scents were strong here as he ran. His hood cape was up hiding his face. A battle was before him but he was a veteran of war as he slipped through the chaos. He took to the air as his omega blue eyes glowed from beneath the hood. Kravenoffs fighting? He would put a stop to it immediately.

He landed between the two of them. And charged the one who had changed. "Ivanoff Secret Art." He said butchering the language. "Paralysis." Even though Alrick was in his base form he needed not worry as he hit the wolf with simultaneous shots to the body. He watched as he fell to his knees unable to move. Alrick turned on the other one and closed the distance in a flash and dropped him as well.
March 12, 2018 16:10

^  Seeing the  attack Ciaran makes a   ball of electcity appears in his  hands.he  knew  that  his  nieces and  nephews  were  safe with his  father. There  was  no  danger to  them. No one  that  wasnt  Boru  blood or  that  didnt  have an  invitation  personally  from  his  father  or Lilly  could  get on  the  land that  lived o n. He  play  along  for now  though.^

March 12, 2018 16:53
Barney Stinson As I watched everything going down I was about to get involved until I saw the blue eyes. The name he called it was Ivanoff. I stared at the man wide eyed as both of my brothers now fell to their knees. "Don't do anything!" I yelled to everyone as I approached the medieval knight. "Ivanoff." I called out as I got closer. March 12, 2018 17:43

^The  Irish  witch    hears  the  voice  but   keeps  the  cracking  ball  of  electricity in  his  hand.  His  father had  tought him  never leave  yourself  undefended when  you  werent  sure of  those around  you and  what  they  could  do or  not  do.

Ciaran  knew  he  had not seen everthing  his  older nephew could  do if  provoked. If  needed  he  would  defend Abigor against any one  left  wishing him harm. Ciaran's  eyes go  violet as  he looks at his  sister. Violet  eyes  meant only  one  thing  the  Pendragon  blood and  Arthur  was  coming  through. He had never told  Marah about the  Pendragon  blood . THe only ones  that  knew about the   flip gift  with  Arthur 's spirit were  Ava, Ami  and  his  father.He  looks over t o  his  sister and  the other  lass and  speaks.^

"Do not put your  guard  down!! "

^  His  sword  appears   in  his  right hand. Summoned  with out  using  a  spoken  word. His  other  hand   hods  the  electric  crackling ball.^

March 12, 2018 20:48
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick didn't draw his weapon as he had no reason to seeing the blonde appear he could sense the Royal blood in him as well. He bowed respectively. "Need talk to you Kravenoff." Alrick said before looking at the two men he had downed. He walked over to the beaten one and picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. He walked past the man and got the other Kravenoff and turned towards the blonde. "Here not good." He said as he stepped through a portal he had created with both men over his shoulders. March 13, 2018 12:42
Barney Stinson He was right as I looked around. A battle was still going on and it seems he wanted to talk about our family. He hadn't seen us before yet he knew we were Kravenoffs. "Frank get Li we're leaving now." I headed towards the portal. "Ciaran get the girls we've had enough fights for one night." I nodded at him before stepping through the portal. On the otherside and explanation was waiting. March 13, 2018 13:04
Samantha Winchester ~I watched the man take Rorix and Han and followed~
"To hell with that where ever they go I go."
~I ran through the portal with the man who had Rorix and Han~
March 13, 2018 13:11

^Ciaran  looks  to  other  man  who  spoke to  him . He  then  looks  to  his  sister. He take no  orders  from the other  man . Only  Boru or  Pendragon blood. He   makes  the  energy  ball vanish.^

"You  will  need  to  follow them as  you  are  as  much  their  blood as  Boru  Marah  so  go. I  will be fine . There  is  much  for  you  to learn of   our  blood but  go  fix that one  first."

^  with that  said  Ciaran  vanishes. He  would have t o report  these players  back  to  h is  father. Anything  that  happened  out  side of  tonight  was  Kravenoff  issues a nd   the  Irish  witch and   his  family  would  stand  down  unless  asked by  Marah alone  to  stand  forward. He  did  what his  father  asked  he  maid  sure  Marah  was  safe .The rest of  what  ever  this  was   was n ot his  concern.^

March 13, 2018 15:24
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick stepped out of the portal and placed the men on the ground. Far apart as he looked up at the newly rebuilt building. Sensing the man who came behind him he turned to each Kravenoff and pointed at the building. "Know where you are?" March 13, 2018 16:23
Marah Boru +Marah looked at her brother and nodded after he vanished Marah rushed to the portal and followed. March 13, 2018 16:23
Abigor Kravenoff

The feeling of being unable to move annoyed me to no end as I glared darkly at Barney and the new guy who looked like some knight from a forgotten centry. The place I had been brought somehow made me stronger but I was still unable to move and that was when it become clear where I was. The newly reconstructed building in front of me was the Kravenoff Clan castle in a place called WulfHaven. -Why am I here?-

March 13, 2018 18:20
Samantha Winchester ~I came through the portal and knelt by Rorix then went to Han. I looked around having no idea where I was. I knew Han was mad at me but I talked to him anyways.~
"Han are you alright? Where are we?"
March 13, 2018 19:41
Barney Stinson As I gazed up at the building I could feel myself getting stronger. Unknowingly my hair grew out pass my shoulders changing from blonde to pitch black. My face got bushier and my body more muscular. My suit felt a bit tighter because of it. Once my transformation was complete I looked like the splitting image of my father Angel except for the eyes. I was home I thought as I didn't hear Abigor. March 14, 2018 10:06
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick pointed at the three men. "All Kravenoff." He said as the blonde transformed before him. "You here to build back clan. Kravenoff will rise and be stronger than ever. With Ivanoff protecting Kravenoff as is duty." March 14, 2018 12:38
Rorix Kravenoff

+Like hell I will.+ The snarl from my lips could be heard around the area. I was paralyzed and completely pissed off about this whole thing. Not only was my task for revenge thwarted but now this... Whoever the hell he was wanted me to work with the off-spring of the man I hated the most to bring this clan back to what it once was.

+Why would I help rebuild a clan that saw its King toss me aside like I was nothing? His own son... I was nothing to that barbarian and I will not do anything to help his family.+

March 14, 2018 16:28
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick grabbed the man by the shirt and hauled him into the air. "Kravenoff is strong, Kravenoff rise and face anything head on. The stand by family no matter what." He said pulling his hood back to show his face. "They family to you. Blood runs through your veins as does with other two." He eventually dropped him to the ground and pulled my sword. "Kravenoff forgive family no matter what but you weak. Complain too much. Alrick will end you if that wish." March 14, 2018 17:02
Barney Stinson I blinked a few times to remember where I was. I overheard what Alrick was saying and got between him and my brother. "Alrick stand down." I said not sure if he'd listen. I still couldn't believe a living breathing Ivanoff stood before me. March 14, 2018 17:32
Rorix Kravenoff

+Weak?!?!+ Growling angrily at him I snapped. +Take this freaking paralysis off of me and I'll show you weak you stupid little....+ Seeing Barney who was now in his full guise of Diego Kravenoff the eldest son of Angelus Kravenoff made me wonder just how many others did the old man have out there.

March 14, 2018 18:05
Abigor Kravenoff

Rolling my eyes as I listened to Rori and the knight go back and forth I glanced up at my older brother. -I'm willing to help restore the family, but the question is who will be on the throne?- Looking at the Knight I sighed really getting tired of not being able to get up. -Ummm, can you take whatever this is off of me please? I'd like to stand and move around on my own accord.-

March 14, 2018 18:07
Samantha Winchester ~I stepped next to the blonde who turned dark haired, I pointed my finger at the man who carried Rorix and Han~
" No,no your not killing anyone. and "
~ I turned and look at Rorix~
"Wait a minute wait a minute Your Hans brother?"
~ I look at Han~
" You wanted me to kill your brother? And I thought Deanna and I were bad."
March 14, 2018 18:32
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick bowed before sheathing his sword and backing up. Hearing Rorix he shook his head. "Even with hand behind back you still lose." He said. "As Kravenoff wish." He added before lifting his right index and middle finger. "Release." He said undoing the move. "But if two fight I will drop you." He said before sitting crosslegged. March 14, 2018 19:45
Barney Stinson He actually listened to me I thought as I watched him back off and released my brothers. The question from Abigor lingered in my head as I began pacing. I could just give it to Alrick but he's been bred as a protector and warrior he wouldn't do it. Abigor and Rorix wouldn't see eye to eye for now and we needed someone who could handle everything that came up. "What do you think about me?" I asked. March 14, 2018 20:01
Marah Boru + Looking at everyone Marah looked at Barney and Alrick+

" Well I'm not a Kravenoff any more not since Knight died. So I have no say so in his matter. Abigor Lucian I want you to behave yourself. And when all this is over I want to get to know your friend here. Bu right now I need to get back and see your younger siblings. Your grad pa has had them long enough. You know the last time I was here was when your dad and I had a private wedding.Seems like a life time ago I was his queen. Well we will talk later."

+ Marah smiled and orbed out in fire orbs.+
March 14, 2018 20:48
Rorix Kravenoff

When the Knight threatened bodily harm I scoffed and rolled my eyes. +Whatever, keep convincing youself that you're such a tough guy.+ Feeling the hold on me release I sprang to my feet and suddenly felt a power strangely familiar to me. So this was the famed WulfHaven. I could see exactly why our family had thrived here and honestly I wanted this power for myself.

Hearing the real Diego say that he wanted to be on the throne I scoffed again. +Yeah right. How the hell are we even sure you are Angel's kid? For all we know, you could be one of Viktor's. Even so, Golden Boy here ain't getting the throne and neither are you. So why don't you two just........+

My voice trailed off as I felt something stir around me. Something familiar and eerily dark. +Ah crap baskets. Seems we got one more coming in.+

March 14, 2018 21:38
Vivian Kravenoff

[She hadn't expected things to turn out like this. Not in the slightest. Sighing as she watched the one called Barney change into a younger version of her father she finally realized just what the hell she had gotten herself into. The whole back and forth about the throne and Marah leaving was kinda annoying to her, but the sound of her brother trailing off made her chuckled as he spoke again.] >What's the matter Rori?<

]Emerging from behind a nearby tree she smirked at them all. Her choice of attire was a blue and grey hoodie beneath a black leather biker jacket, dark colored denim jeans along with knee-high black boots.] >Ain't you happy to see your lil sister?<

March 14, 2018 21:50
Abigor Kravenoff

Glancing over to Diego, then the Knight and finally Rorix, I turned my gaze towards the young woman and instantly knew who she was. -Now ain't this a whole other level of weird. Vivian Alyssa Kravenoff, as I live and breath. Seems its a regular Kravenoff bonaza in the Realm once more.-

Turning I walked over to where the Knight was and sat down before pulling a pack of Ashers from my pocket and lit one. -Aight, so I'm not interested in being King of WulfHaven and it seems that only Diego and Rorix want it so I'm gonna sit this one out. You two slug it out and whoever wins in the king.-

March 14, 2018 21:54
Barney Stinson There was another reason why I tended to change my appearance. Fighting just wasn't who I was but the knight was right I was a Kravenoff and from what I saw I was the oldest one. My other forms lacked the power I held when I was Diego. Hearing Rorix continue to run his mouth just annoyed me more. He needed to read up on our cousins the Ivanoffs and when he did he'd know to keep his mouth shut. Not even I would get one mad.

"So you wish for me to prove that I am in fact the first born son of Angel Kravenoff?" I asked as I approached Rorix slowly. "Abigor has the right idea. Winner becomes King loser lives with that fact and accept their place." Before he could do anything I shortened the space between us. Left hand pulled back and was soon hurtling towards his head. But it missed him completely but the force behind my punch followed through and shattered a statue behind him.
March 15, 2018 13:20
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick had picked up the scent of the other Kravenoff. He was overjoyed to know so many survived. He had no problem with them fighting as the other one had mentioned. Seeing Abigor sit beside him he patted the young man on his back. Probably a bit too hard as he almost fell over from the force. "Alrick sorry. Forget own strength sometimes." He said grinning March 15, 2018 13:40
Samantha Winchester ~I looked at Han then to Rorix. Why were they ignoring me? Making a huffing sound I go to a bench and sat down. I watched what was going on and the exit of Hans mom. Then a girl appeared I heard Han mention her as a Kravenoff this made me think was she with Rorix like a wife or something. I knew it was not Hans sister cause he said her name was Mya. No wonder Rorix was avoiding me and being mean to me as well. There was someone else in his life and apparently it was not me. Not being family or blood I started to feel out of place with this family stuff.~ March 15, 2018 14:59
Vivian Kravenoff

[Chuckling at the display from Diego she shook her head. Taking note of the young woman sitting by herself she started to wonder who she was. Almost as if on cue she saw the way the girl looked hurt when gazing at Rori and this sparked Vivian interest very much. Sliding along the bench next to her, the Kravenoff sister smiled kindly at the girl.] >And what's your name lovely girl?<

March 15, 2018 18:20
Rorix Kravenoff

I had been about to answer Viv when I heard Abigor speak. The idea of possibly kicking the real Diego off the throne was appealing but before I could do anything my ideals were dashed. The destructive power he held was something that only a true child of Angelus Kravenoff could muster. +Fine. You got the throne you pompous jerk.+

I was about to turn and leave but noticed that Viv was now seated next to Sam, I was instantly in front of them before tugging Samantha to my side. +She's off limits Viv, do not make me have to do what I did in Cairo again.+

March 15, 2018 18:21
Samantha Winchester ~I looked up to see the girl look at me then came over and started talking to me.~
"Sammie, uh Samantha Winchester and you ar"
~I was stopped by Rorix and what he did next. I now knew her name but what he did next threw me off. I was now on my feet and in his arms. I then felt relieved and wrapped my arms around him.~
" You ok? I mean I thought I lost you there? And what happened in Cario?"
~I looked over at Vivian~
" I heard your a Kravenoff is Rorix your"
~I stopped and looked back and forth at them~
March 15, 2018 19:07
Vivian Kravenoff

[Rori's reaction to her getting friendly with the girl intrigued her. The fact that he brought up Cairo meant this girl was special to him and this would make keeping him in check much easier. The scene of her hugging him and speaking to him as if she was completely in love with him made Vivian slightly nauseous but when the girl spoke again she almost busted a gut laughing.] >Sammie, you are either the cutest little thing ever or the dumbest. I did say that I was his lil sister and Abi confirmed it so unless your ears are in your butt then I have no idea where that question came from.<

March 15, 2018 19:12
Samantha Winchester ~I tilted my head~
" Sorry I really was not paying attention since no one was paying attention to me at the time. I dont eaves drop Viv. It is going to take me a while calling Han Abi. So tell me what went on in Cairo?"
March 15, 2018 19:16
Rorix Kravenoff

Glaring at Vivian when she spoke down to Sammie I draped my arm around the Winchester girl and lead her away. +Cairo is something wee never talk about.+ Joining Diego, Abigor and the Knight, I tried to keep my head level as I processed everything. +So if you're on the throne, then who's who's gonna be the King's Hand and who will make up the council?+

March 15, 2018 19:24
Samantha Winchester ~ I looked over to Han and knew I would hear it from him. I kept one arm around Rorix waist and looked back at Viv and smiled at her hoping she would join them. ~
" Oh but I do want to know about Cairo. Sounds intriguing, If you do not tell me maybe your sister will."
~Standing there I felt out of place~
" Rorix I should not be here I am not family. "
March 15, 2018 19:31
Abigor Kravenoff

When Alrick smacked me on the back I could tell this guy wasn't normal and it would take some time for him to adjust. Watching Diego crush Rori's ego I chuckled to myself as I took a deep pull from my Asher. The whole thing about Cairo intrigued me too but I had not idea what it was about, though I wanted to know now as well.

-What the hell are you talking about Sam? You are like a sister to me and its obvious you and Rori got some thing going on with you two. So you are more than family.-

March 15, 2018 19:38
Samantha Winchester ~I Looked at Han shaking my head after what he said~
" Ok so who are you and where is Han? Or should I call you Abigor, Abi. I just do not know any more. I am so lost and confused on all this. "
~ I then looked up at Rorix~
March 15, 2018 19:42
Barney Stinson That was a good question I thought as I paced back and forth. Here stood four Kravenoffs and an Ivanoff. "That's a difficult question to answer as either two of you could fill that position." I said as I stared at the Ivanoff on the ground. "So far everyone here has a place on the council. And those three we left back in hell." I stopped in front of the knight and knelt before him. "Tell me your history." March 16, 2018 11:20
Alrick Ivanoff "Alrick father Gregor brother of Lucian. He change name so he could be protector of Kravenoff clan. I'm second son." He said staring at the ground. "When Kravenoff fell Ivanoff fell after. Brother Alfons take care of me. Trained me and taught me what duty is. Roamed the earth for 400 years until I end up here." March 16, 2018 13:17
Ryuugo Mikoto I made my way through the portal hauling Li by the legs. If we didn't stop him he'd still be there wreaking havoc and we had to go. "Sorry Li but everyone had left without us so we have to go." I said as we got closer to the group. I realized Marah was gone and there was a new addition. Add to the fact that they all seemed civil around Rorix. "Did we miss something?" I asked dropping Li. March 19, 2018 10:06