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Derek Norse Derek had a minute amount of time to make his plans before returning to New York, as promised. It is an odd feeling, to be going to someone. He isn't used to it, and doesn't really know quite what to think. More than once, he must remind himself as he talks on the phone making his plans that there is a woman in his cabin. She is helping herself to his stash, wearing his clothes, and watching movies.

This is a highly awkward predicament for a restless man.

"Yea. Go ahead and make that purchase. You know how to pack them, and then FedEx overnight to this address..."

The New York address is rattled off, sending his package directly to the the Den proper. The rest of the night would be spent doing nothing else but hotboxing his elder brother's home and falling down the rabbit hole that is YouTube.

You know the one. From cute kittens to the top ten most grizzly murders, and everything that comes through in between.

He'd drink later on, when his brother returned from his shift. The two would burn through two cases of beer, and barely get a buzz. They never really knew what it was to be drunk, anyway. That said, the Norse brothers never really miss anything. But they like the taste of it all, and the way it seems to relax them into their constant stream of bullsh-t they manage to spew at one another.

The next morning, Derek would set out early. His flights would be short and sweet, compared to what he might be used to. Perhaps, it may be because he sleeps his way through it.

Upon reaching the grounds, he would stop at the bar first and foremost. Raul, as usual, is surly, but after some deliberation hands over the package that Derek had ordered to be shipped to the bar. The last leg of the journey would be the quiet drive to his cabin, out in the middle of the woods.

Derek had chosen a more remote location, compared to a great many who reside at the Den. His cabin is far more simple than his California home, and if not for his clothes and personal effects, many might think it uninhabited. Like so many, it only contains three rooms: living and kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

It would be with a duffle bag over his shoulder, and a box under his arm, that Derek crosses the threshold. He steps through the living space, past the kitchen area, and into his bedroom where he finds a lump under the blankets and a mess of blond hair upon his pillow.

"...But... that's my side...."

March 16, 2018 19:08
Katherine Murray Katherine was not who she used to be, not even who she pretended to be most of the time, but that was an entirely different story on its own; nomadic, withdrawn, barely capable of blending into polite society was barely touching the surface of the new Miss Murray.

The closest she had been to her old self was when she gave up trying to drown the sounds in her head with copious amounts of liquor and found her way to another cabin that, like her own, didn't have anyone close by and unlike her little research cabin, it had that glorious stash.

One she burned all night long.

This was the greatest idea she's had in a very long time.

Bless the day she actually took a chance on chatting someone up in the Den.

Even if she couldn't help him find the spaghetti he had lost when they had first met.

Not that he seemed to care about that, luckily for her, since he told her where the stash was and certainly didn't have any issues with her crashing in his home. Except for the animals, that did give her pause; at the very least, momentarily. After the first hit, her preference for the fur-babies over people suddenly changed, Katherine knew right then that she was going to have to stick close to this new provider of blissful silence.

Quieting the cacophonous noise in her psyche was superb.

Enjoying the time spent in conversation with Mr. Norse, that was beyond her expectations.

Really, he was going to have to throw her out to get rid of her.

And one day, Kat would win him over on the animals.

For now, she would enjoy endless amounts of crime shows and reality television until Derek made his way home with more of the stuff she was currently burning. She did try the so-called naked reality show and to be quite honest, Katherine had a lot of questions.

Especially about how bare his home was, but mostly about the kind of reality tv this man was watching. The blonde was going to have to fix this; the television, not the cabin. Though, with the amount of chaos that resided in her home, she could likely do both. These revelations were thought about in grand detail during Katherine's five-hour Netflix binge, she didn't lie about not sleeping, but getting bored; well, that was her biggest downfall, which is why sometime after the current show quite auto-playing, her phone was out and Youtube was on.

She had more than a slight addiction (a mild love affair, to say the least) to her phone, so it was not above her to be so enthralled in the idiocy playing that she could be creeped up on. Granted, it is his cabin, so she wasn't quite positive if it was technically sneaking or just arriving; either way, she was far into the ninja cats and laughing.

That is, until he spoke.

Not that her chortling would stop; at least, not until she finally sat up and blinked owlishly at her new housemate (for real, not moving). Just a slight shift, bare feet upon floor and she was up nearly bouncing as she padded quietly across the room; attempts at brushing curls from her face would remain futile as sleeves Kat would forget to roll up seemed to do more damage than not. Normally, she wouldn't care, it wasn't like he hadn't seen her covered in blood and carting around a severed ear, but something compelled the woman to be conscientious about her appearance and she wasn't sure how much she liked that.

At least he was taller than she was.

Talk about awkward when she towered over someone; the wee Irish made her feel freakishly gargantuan.

It was a plus. A huge one.

"That movie was not a reality show. Although, they were abnormally limber; do you think they were gymnast? Do they have naked gymnast? OH! Did you bring a present?" Oddly enough, she was not being rude, she didn't forget the statement made when he returned home, and Katherine was rarely dense; but the woman did tend to bubble over with excitement and forget things or move on from other topics just as quick as a blink. And some of those times, she had to wonder if her words got lost in the lilt of her homeland but did that stop her? Ha.


Bouncing on the tips of her toes in front of her new partner in crime, she probably looked like a bird ready to take flight; Kat really just couldn't contain her excitement sometimes.

Other times, she had her b-tch face on point. Today wasn't that day.


"That is rude of me, yes? I should not expect presents, I should welcome you home first. Welcome home! As for the left side, you made the animals leave. You snooze, you lose. Is that not the saying?"
March 17, 2018 21:24
Derek Norse This is the Twilight Zone. Derek is so sure that he has died and gone to Handsome Heaven, because the girl in his bed is doing this little giggle sort of thing. He's not even in the bed, and she's happy. He is both stunned, and impressed with himself. And then, after sitting up and looking at him, she is getting out of his bed - still in his shirt - and stepping up to him. It is as if, for once, he is the magnet.

Who is he kidding? He has always been the magnet.

She's a mess, and Derek is only groomed so much better. A late night, early morning, and multiple flights will do that to a person.

But he is still a stunner. Don't get it twisted.

A faded t-shirt and well-loved jeans adorn the man, not so different from the rest of his days. But her. Honestly, it doesn't matter what she looks like. Her hair is messy, eyes wide, and she really does look damned good in his shirt. Please hold while he puts his name on the side of a plane and lifts a hand to help her brush those golden curls from her face.

Rico Suave.

"Gymnast is a creative way of putting it. You remember video rental stores, and how there was always a section that was for adults only? Those are from that section." Derek allows the duffel bag to drop from his shoulder to the floor, giving her a roguish grin as he steps around her to the bed. Upon it, he so delicately places the box.

"I think you might be thinking of tit for tat, or something like what my mother would say," he pauses, glancing upward. Derek is far too sober right now. "...When is the last time I called her...?"

Another moment's thought.

"Wes can do it."

Shrugging, the man punctures and tears the packing tape upon box, effectively opening it and revealing air pockets that protect something delicate. A smirk is upon his face as he lifts the protective layer away, noting how nothing is tampered with or damaged. "There are some serious perks to having a brother in law enforcement, you know? That f-cker's apartment is going to stink for weeks."

He has purposely not responded to her question of presents, but instead skipped around the subject. Is this a present? No, but also yes. But then again no, since to be around him is to enjoy everything he has to offer (wink wink). From within the box, another would be carefully lifted. Blue, black, and white would surely be clear as the packaging differs so strongly from the neutral brown of the shipping box.

Another moment to observe and study the new box would be had before Derek turns to lay greedy eyes upon his lovely counterpart. Seriously. He can get used to this. "Katherine, my Ghost of...something... Past, I give you the future."

Without second thought, Derek makes the large box fully available for her viewing pleasure.

A PS4.

He already has one.

It's on the dresser, where it should be. But still. It's his baby.
March 18, 2018 17:22
Katherine Murray This was a huge step for Katherine.

Peopling is important.

She wasn't even having inner turmoil over the fact that it was a male; a gorgeous one at that.

Kat was actually enjoying herself and it was only the beginning, clearly.

It helped that he made it easy to take delight in the moment; Derek hadn't blinked a pretty eye over the bloody clothes, severed ear or her social ineptitudes. Granted, not many in these parts really did ever mind, but it was nice to meet someone new that didn't seem to mind her quirky behavior. Even better, he was helping her without actually knowing it; she was relaxed, happy, and starting to feel a little gooey inside (odd as it was, she enjoyed this as well) since his hands took over where her own seemed to have trouble.

Her dreadful curls were finally coming in handy.

This was far better than what her days normally consisted of, in fact, this would be quite evident by the euphoric expression currently pasted on her visage while sapphire orbs followed him; curious as she was about the box, it was listening to him that had her attention more, from gymnast to video rentals (she had to learn about this) to his mom.

Now, she had even more questions.

But those questions would come later after the happy squeal (that was new) over finally learning what was in the box.

She had no idea what to do with it but, by God, she knew it had games.

Like her phone.

"I have seen commercials for these, it has only been in the last few years that I have learned about television, but this... game box, it was on the television. Do you have games? Does it have Siri, because the little God is rude sometimes. Can you teach me to use it? Do you play it a lot? Do you like your parents? If you do, you should call your mother."

Maybe she was overstepping, maybe she didn't really understand personal space.

Or maybe Katherine was too busy caressing the pretty box while rambling that she didn't even pay any mind to the fact that she had swapped topics in the middle of her usually tiresome questioning. There was absolutely no guile behind those blue eyes that fluttered upward, piercing him with a poignant stare; she would likely have to explain that one day, but not right now.


Katherine was the queen at avoiding particular subjects; especially her past.

Which wouldn't escape her, thankfully, because that's exactly what she did; avoid, that is.

"I never liked gymnastics. I was always too tall. Dance, however, it is wonderful. Ballet, not stripper, which I learned by living in France. Stripping, well, not learn it but learn what it was. Actually, I did learn ballet in France too. You can rent videos from stores? Where is this at?"

Oh, how he would live to regret this.

Poor, poor Spaghetti Man.

"Scotland." Yes, that was out of the blue, out of context; even with the toothy grin that read like he should know exactly what she referring to. Unequivocally, it was all Katherine.

"The ghost of. Your Ghost of Scotland's Past... it works."
March 19, 2018 11:38
Derek Norse She is excited, and her excitement makes Derek excited. Not like that, perverts. Though there is no denying her beauty. Honestly, he could easily fall into unhealthy habits with this one. It is like she is him, but a woman. And as she fires off questions, Derek is dismantaling the box.

"So, I actually have one of these babies on the dresser. And games. But we can get whatever you want," because he is a sucker for a pretty woman. "No Siri."

It doesn't stop there. Derek is now pulling the wrappings from the hulk of technology, laying it on the bed, and stepping to his closet from what he would pull his toolbox. "We can play Call of Duty. You shoot people and talk loads of sh-t and try to make little kids cry. It's f-ckin' rad."

Extracting the screwdriver, he steps back over to the console, turning it over and proceeding to unscrew the device. "My parents are alright. I guess? We talk at Christmas, so we're cool."

One screw down, he moves on to the next.

" strip?"

He's half listening as he concentrates on the third screw. He can practically smell it, and it causes him to salivate. "I hear ballet makes you real limber. That true? ...Asking for a friend."

He's not. Really. Derek is interested. The man is so interested that she's nearly got him wrapped around his little finger and he cannot wait for the chance to text his big brother and rub his good fortune in the man's face. And now, the big reveal.

"Sorry, Ghostie. This one... is not for playing."

The bottom of the console is lifted to reveal something absolutely gorgeous inside. His gift for her.

A pound of weed.

Not just any, but his. Derek's own special blend, home grown and packed up just for her. And him. Let's face it, the man is selfish. So selfish, in fact, that he would likely do nearly anything she asks of him just to keep her here, in his shirt, in his bed, with those big, bright eyes and her bouncy, sunshine colored hair.

"This is for smoking." He lifts the pack from it's hiding place and steps up to her with a wicked smirk upon his face. Yes, Derek is proud. He knows he has done good, and is continuing to do good. And maybe, in time, he would do even better good.

But, as much as Derek is all about this beautiful specimen before him.. he is also surprisingly timid.

"I hope you're not too heartbroken."
April 05, 2018 19:53
Katherine Murray Katherine was listening intently.

At least until she started fighting with the cursed sleeves of the oversized shirt; she could give life to forms that shouldn't exist, she was death and destruction, but give her sleeves that covered her hands.

She was useless.

This was her life now.

Kat would have given up, but she would prevail; stubborn Scot, she really didn't know when to give up.


So, listening while fighting with what could possibly be the death of her, not quite as easy as it sounds; but she would hear games and then 'no Siri' which would pull a pleasant smile across her disgruntled features, that b-tch was rude and never did what Katherine wanted. Probably the language barrier.

Her accent was not made for iPhone.

More about the games and the fun. Making kids cry, promising. Shooting people sounded a lot more fun than being shot. Kat would know. That sh-t hurts.

Oh, and then onto parents; that was a sticky subject but he did share and following social cues (Ha. Yeah, she could do that) she should give a little information as well; but how do you say, my parents are dead. Mother killed Da, turned me, I killed her, without it getting a little... odd.

"My parents are dead." Simple, honest, probably not the most uplifting thing one could say. "But it has been a very long time, so it is fine."

Nice save; socially retarded. strip?

"No, I mean, when I spill things on me. So, yes?"

Really, it's not because she's blonde, I swear.

She might not pick up on some things, but the whole 'asking for a friend', the blonde did not believe for a second; but he was far too adorable to really say anything about it, other than answer is question. That is, if she could concentrate.

The smell.

It was coming from what he was working on and she was practically drooling.

Bless this man.

"Yes, very limber. Dancers are better than gymnast. Maybe those naked movie people were dancers instead?"

Wide, innocent eyes blinked slowly; she was puckish at times, granted at this point he wasn't paying much attention to her playfulness, as he was making his big reveal and to be honest, the reveal was far more important.

To both of them.

Her brows would pull together when he asked if she was heartbroken; confused wasn't quite the word she would use, perhaps perplexed would be stronger, far better of a description when it came to the question. However, there were no words for how she really felt about it; excitement, happiness, wonderment, emotions that Kat was not quite used to anymore.

And it was all because of him.

She could kiss that adorable man.

With her fingers finally free, sleeves rolled up slim arms; she could do just that. Cool digits pressed against cheeks and an upturned mouth pressed hard and quick before the blonde was back rocking on her heels and cerulean orbs fell on the package again.

"Not even a little bit. You are absolutely wonderful." Sure, her gaze was on what he offered, but the words were all for him; of course, she felt that the weed was wonderful but it didn't compare to Derek. "Now, if you tell me we can smoke that while you show me how to make children cry... I might have to keep you forever."
April 09, 2018 17:44
Derek Norse Her parents are dead.

Okay. Alright. No need to sweat it. She said it's fine, so it is. Derek merely nods, unsure of what else to do. Okay. No, he can smile a little, too. But only a little. Too much, and he is deranged.

But not stripping. Unless.

He pauses, considering, and eagle eyes sweep the area for a glass full of liquid. No such luck. But, there is always later.

Derek is indecent. Yes, he knows.

Yes, very limber.

He stops, salivating as he tears his eyes away from his handiwork to appraise her. Derek is slowly figuring out that he has met his match. He thought it once, he'd think it again. She is the female version of himself.

A total pig.
Wait. That's his brother.

No time for that. Because he is holding a giant bag of weed before her and she is taking hold of his face and holyfvcksheiskissinghimMAYDAY.

His mouth falls open, finding himself staring at her as she stares at his stash.

"Holy fvck.."

The words tumble from his lips as if from the tail end of a sinners prayer. The man does not know what to do. Whether he realizes it or not, he is beginning to cradle the bag to his chest, hugging it with a dreamy look upon his face as visions of dancers prance through his head.

"We... we can smoke while we make children cry..."

The excitement in his voice is palpable, and it is completely obvious that all his game is gone. Completely, utterly gone. Rico Suave, no more. The ridiculous grin on his face is enough to make anyone realize that the man is stupefied.

What the fvck are you doing, Dare?
Get it together, man!

Without a second thought, he tosses the package aside and secures an arm around her. It's quick, and smooth as it possibly can be, as he dips her with a sly smirk that reaches his eyes.

"We're gonna make them wish they never picked up their controller."

And, with that, the man lays a kiss on his Ghostie that is neither quick nor timid.

The complete opposite.

Rico Suave returns.
April 15, 2018 19:33
Katherine Murray Katherine is by no means a shrinking violet; not one person could ever label her shy, more often than not the woman was outlandish and outspoken; far more the type to do as she pleased and not ask for forgiveness later, which is one reason she could act the way she did.

Being strange had its perks.

Puckish, had even more benefits.

Like, kissing her new favorite person.

Sure, she was feeling impish, but mostly delighted in his present to the both of them.

It really was the most glorious thing she had laid eyes on.

Besides Derek. Not a thing. But glorious all the same.

She could probably hear the Hallelujah chorus.

At least she would know it wasn't the legion in her head if it was that song.


Holy fvck...

That was not musical.

Completely the opposite and would have Katherine's bright eyes pulling away from the package in his arms, slowly being tucked against his chest and locked onto the strange expression on his face.

Confused, she would tilt her head and open her mouth to ask if everything was alright with him, really, she was very unsure of herself but rarely would let that show; except with him it seemed, until Derek spoke again, agreeing with her idea and all was right again in the world.

The wide grin on her face certainly would express that.

A grin would lead into confusion once again as she was watching that wonderful package being tossed away and suddenly her world tilted; literally, figuratively, in every way possible.

All Kat could do is just hold on for the ride and enjoyable as it was; she couldn't help pulling her mouth from his while clinging to him and grinning like an idiot.

Struck with the dumb is a good way of putting it.

But she had important questions.


"Does this mean I get the left side?"
April 23, 2018 16:50