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Xander James

|Today was the day. The day our garage opened and the day the people of Bella Vista knew that the Grim Riders were back. I had been putting in some serious overtime on the bikes for everyone. The restoration on the bikes for Peri and Artie were done and all got the Grim Riders treatment with the MC's Reaper displayed on the fuel tank. I made sure everyone's bike had the Reaper and I made sure to have the invites all sent out to the citizens and got notice to all the Riders of the time of the meet up before our entrance.|

|The hill I was currently on overlooked the spot where the shop was and right across the street from it, was the Grim Drunkard. Of course I was the first to arrive, what kinda President would I be if my crew got here before me. Chuckling at the thought I lit one of my cigs and waited.|

|As this was an occasion to go all out, I was flying the colors of the MC proudly that day. I had sported my kutte which proudly displayed a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. Beneath the kutte was a black, long-sleeved t-shirt with a pair of black, camo-designed, baggy cargo pants which sagged low on my hips causing it to crumple in heaps on top of the black and red Air Force One sneakers on my feet.|

July 09, 2018 21:42
Alrick Ivanoff The breeze picked up and almost blew Alex away as the large red dragon approached. Each flap of it's enormous wings had the trees swaying as if about to be ripped out of the ground. He hoped nothing broke because of the winds he was producing as he landed causing the ground to shake. Smoke billowed from his nostrils as his skin glittered from the sun's rays. He soon began to shrink until he was correct height and human form. A red long sleeved with a red sleeveless hooded shirt over it. His kutte covered that as below his waist he was dressed in black ripped jeans tucked into black combat boots along with black and red leather gloves. Smoke bellowed from his lips as he headed into the garage. "Wha gwaan genna?" July 10, 2018 12:12

Noire, who had been hanging upside down in a tree a bit up the hill in front of the garage, took immediate notice of Alrick as he landed. She hadn't been expecting him to do that, and the gust of wind from his wings had caused her to sway a bit.

"...Oh my..." She let the words slip out in a small breathe, just above a whisper. For a moment, she considered what she would do before letting her legs loose from the branch. Silent as she landed, the Demoness reached into the pocket of black skinny jeans to grab a smoke. Her kutte, worn as per usual since day one, was over a form fitting netted hoodie, and a black crop top beneath that. Loose black combat boots with the words 'Death Dealer' on either side hit just below the knees, showing wear and tear as the tongues flapped forward a bit.

** Kiddo, you ever consider not dressing like you're going in to fvck some Sh!t up?** V made his fifth appearance for the day, causing a noticeable twitch in Noire's left eye. Shaking her head, she chuckled to herself.  It was gonna be a damn fine day, no doubt. Making her way to the garage, she caught up to Alrick but turned to spot Xander up a ways. He had been waiting for everyone else to show up. Good. Lifting a heavily inked hand into the air, she waved to her Leader, her grey eyes becoming a bright yellow. As she turned to walk into the opening of the garage, she exhaled from her cigarette and cracked her neck in both directions.

"...Hey Alrick, we got coffee in this joint?"

July 10, 2018 21:30
Xander James

Chigga, pick a differant way fi fawud pon di ends zeen? Yuh inna waa bikah gang now, ride a bike ar sum'n. |Sighing as I looked over at my VP and shook my head. Alrick wasn't one for being subtle as per his dragon form entrance on the hill with me. But I knew he was dependable that's why I chose him as the VP. The arrival of Noire from the tree next to us made me smirk.|

Until the others get here, I'll tell you the sitch. We're riding into the city, taking the main streets and riding to the garage. This is how we're announcing that we're back. |Looking between the two of them I flicked a coin at the both.| So, I'm guess you two are gonna need a bike, right? Squeeze the coins and the bikes you want will appear. They'll have on this in common and that's the Reaper, apart from that, they're yours.

July 10, 2018 22:28
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick replied by blowing smoke directly at Alex before Noire arrived. He had heard her fascination in his form before shrugging at her question. "Alrick don't know, but will check." He said taking the coin, he wasn't a bike person. Why would he be when he could easily fly. But he would get one to please his little brother. Finding his prize he tossed it at Noire before squeezing the coin and watching a black Harley with red tints appear. The reaper prominent on the machine. July 10, 2018 22:35
Alyssa Beleren

'Not a bad look kid.'

Smirking to myself in the mirror I grabbed my kutte from the bed and headed for the garage of the apartment building i was staying in. Climbing on my bike I smirked down at it and reveled in its beauty. I had gotten a 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport from a junkyard on the edge of town and fixed it up with the help of Xander and Alrick. The Reaper of the MC was proudly displayed on the bike's gas tank with its powder blue coating.

Adjusting the mirror I smirked at my new look. I had decided to change my look now that my mana was back and that I was in this MC. Starting up the bike I rode out and headed for the meeting spot on the hill just outside the city. Pulling up I saw that Alrick and Noire were there with the Prez and made my way over. "Sup folks, Prospect Alaska reporting in."

July 10, 2018 23:00

Artemis had grown accustomed to the sights and sounds of Belle Visita.  She was up in the air doing what she was best on air patrol or aerial manvuers as Pericles told her.  He was her groun forces until he had disappeared on her in Belle Vista.

She knew what he was at heart and he desired a pack to be in.   He was a hidden Alpha and his chances of finding a 'spot' were not good.   She knew what he could do if he was backed into a corner and the results were bad for the challanger.  He only wanted a spot where he could help quietly and effectively.  He finally found a 'pack' willing to take him in.  A motley crew of bikers, she frowned at the thought of it   She since managed to talk him in to coming home and they'd change a few things.   She looked at the plain gold band on her finger and that had sealed a pact between.

Artie landed silently in a crouch with her wings fully unfurled.  She wore the kutte. The kutte boasted a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. On the front were four white patches, two on the left with the words Enforcer above Men of Mayhem on the Right in bold red letters, while Road sat above Hog on the left.

She knew some magic and had adusted it to short waist leather sleevess vest.   She sported a black t **** that read ' I love my biker boy.'   a pair of black jeans and a black letather boots completed her outfit.

She stood looking at Alrick.   "Another one to do aeiral patrol?"

July 10, 2018 23:05

Noire caught her coin and smiled. Any  one I want, eh? Her thoughts went to a motorcycle an old friend had recently shown her upon her return. Without thinking, she squeezed the coin, and before her and her Brothers, a 2018 Harley Softail Breakout appeared. Naturally, it was black on black. The Reaper of her Crew was prominently shown as part of the paint job, wrapping around the motorcycle in a white whisp of smoke. 

**Damn...**   If V could have smiled, he would have. Noire noted the pride in his voice and smiled herself. She noted the hint of detest in Alrick's actions. Didn't seem like a motorcycle kind of guy, but then again if she was a dragon...she would rather fly too. Unbenknownst to her Leader and Alrick, she had many a secret up her sleeve she would reveal in good time. There was a reason she was always where she needed to be, in a timely fashion.

Looking to Xander, she smirked back. " I'll be goddamned, Xan. Went all out, yeah? Much appreciated, Dear." She used the term to show her joy in recieving such a gift. The man really did go all out for this. She delighted in the thought of going out into the town to let everyone know what was up. With it though, she knew she'd be busy taking care of...things. Chuckling, she moved forward to her Motorcycle to place a hand on it and admire it for a second.

" Damn, you're pretty..."

As she spoke to herself, she realized  some of the others had shown up. Looking to Alyssa, she smiled widely, and winked. That kid was always on time. Wonderful. Another woman had shown herself, and Noire recognized her scent. The woman called Artemis. With yellow eyes, Noire looked to her and said a silent 'hello' by nodding her head. Looked like almost everyone was around. they were missing someone though. Peri. He'd be in soon enough, she figured. Keeping her gaze moving, she took in the general appearance of the group, realizing how truly bad a$s they all looked together. Fvckin' A, she thought.

Fvckin' A, indeed. 

July 10, 2018 23:06
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick grabbed the handle of his bike and picked it up like it was nothing. His inhumane strength on full display as he brought it to place beside Noires. The idea of riding this machine was ridiculous. He nodded at the arriving females before turning his attention to the one called Artemis. "Alrick doesn't patrol." He said as he took up the thermos he had tossed to Noire who forgot she had asked him for something as she was in love with her bike. Opening the container he poured himself a cup. "Alrick not fan of surprises, likes to see it coming." He added with a smirk. It was true even though few were as stealthy and good at tracking as he was he always liked going in head on. July 10, 2018 23:43
Summer Well, the job interview had went well. Very well, in fact. Summer slid the kutte on, smoothing it over her chest as she looked down at it. It fit exactly right, curiously. She wore a black New Christs teeshirt that she’d cut down to a tank top. The fabric was faded and soft, giving a nod to the many (many) years it had been in existence. Skin tight blue jeans and a pair of well worn low black leather boots completed the look. Her short blond hair was in a wild mess on her head, a stark contrast to the artist-grade makeup on her face. Pulling the flowered bedspread over the bed in the rented room, Summer clomped downstairs to grab a scone and a cup of coffee before heading out to the garage.

True to her word, she didn’t drive. She never did, not since returning to the Realm. Funny how fatal accidents can do that to a person. So she walked, enjoying the sunshine. The warmth and rays energized her in ways she’d not yet come to completely understand. All she knew was that after a day soaking up the rays, she could do some serious damage after sunset. Plus it felt fantastic.

On approach, she arrived just a bit late so she missed Alrick’s entrance. She did give a low whistle at the bikes. They were something else. Gorgeous. Sexy as all hell. Summer looked at them like they were a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day. Giving a bright grin, she greeted the group. “G’day, all! Feelin’ right as rain and ready to do what’s needed as prospect.”
July 12, 2018 00:32
Xander James

|Spotting summer arrive without a bike I chuckled knowing why. Flicking one of the coins to her I smirked.| Think about the bike you want and fall in. We're riding into the city, I'm in front as the Pres. Behind me will be Alrick as the VP on my left and Noire on my right as the Sgt at Arms. Everyone else falls in behind them starting with the Enforcers such as Peri and Artie, behind them are the Prospects.

|Looking around I smiled as I glanced up to the sky and caught the facade of my father and mother smiling down at me in the cloud. A bright smile cross my lips as the thought that they'd be happy that I came back made me start my bike.| RIDERS!!! MOUNT UP!!

July 12, 2018 19:26
Pericles Galanos

Peri rode his fully restored 1941 Harley Knucklehead Ghost behind Xander, Alrick  and Noire.  He had been a little late in getting there at the right time.   He had stashed Artie where she could find it and he mounted up behind  the three ahead of him.

"Sorry I had to get my bike.   Artie just finished her air patrol....Sweetcheeks preferes her wings to her wheels."

July 12, 2018 20:11

Artemis frowned at Peri.   "Can it honeybuns...  "    She brought her bike up to next to her mate.  She gave him a wink  and spoke to Xander.

"I have a spread that is being catered by a small business set up  and waiting.  Lots of munchies  and some Jamacian dishes.   The owner is from Jamacia.:

July 12, 2018 23:12
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick got on his bike and started her up. The machine roared to life as he revved the engine and got behind Alex and waited for them to hit the streets. He had never ridden this contraption before but was eager to break in the beast and show her who her master was. "Ready when yuh ready mi G." July 12, 2018 23:39
Summer Catching the coin deftly, she looked at it, spinning it between her first two fingers and thumb. Truth- she’d not driven since she’d taken the stolen car off the road, resulting in a tree branch to jam right through her vampiric heart (what luck). Truth- she’d vowed to never drive again. Also truth- she’d never been on a motorcycle before. Did that count as driving? Technically, yes. But what was she going to do? Grab her Huffy and pedal her hardest after the gang? She laughed out loud at such a ridiculous mental image. No. She would put on her big girl panties, summon up the strength from the vast well within and get her ass on the motorcycle.

But what motorcycle? The boss had merely said ‘think about the bike you want’. She nearly spat out a cuss, thinking about Huffy’s! Dammit all! Luckily, the coin was smarter than that, it appeared. She thought of one she’d seen just the other day, purring down the road like a wildcat. Sleek yet timeless, it held a vintage charm that tickled her hippie leanings. Looking at the coin, she pinched it between her fingers. With a gasp, her face lit up like Vegas at the sexy beast before her.

Shiny and curvy, the Indian Chief Vintage stood proud, star silver over thunder grey. The leather detail was all studded black, fringed when possible including the saddle bags along with front and rear mudflaps. The passenger seat was also black studded leather complete with sissy bar and luggage rack. The chrome mustache highway bars, gloss black front and rear fenders, and chrome Dirty Bird Peace Pipe exhaust completed the look. The only splash of color was from the blood red metallic console cover and the Grim Riders detail. It was absolutely perfect. Summer was fairly certain she’d finally found her soul mate. Biting her lip, she giggled, reminding herself the last time she drove something, it went a little ass-over-teakettle. Not this time, she thought, throwing a leg over. Resting a boot on the highway bar, she fired up the engine. Her eyelids dropped to half mast and she looked around, a lazy grin on her face.

Letting her baby purr, she waited until the others took off before taking her place in the rear as prospect.
July 13, 2018 00:25

Noire took her place to the left of Xander and felt the rumble of her motorcycle as she revved up. The  roar in her ears caused her to smile deviously. It had been a while since she'd been on one of these. **And the feel of a leather seat between those legs. This is what I live for.**  V, uncharacteristically so, made the comment in a mischievous tone. Generally he would have been dull in saying such a thing, but the energy about the group must have had him excited as well. Ignoring his ways, Noire looked to her Leader and gave him a wink. Eyes of grey became black as night. "Ready when you are, Xan."

Ride or Die. This was it. Everyone would know of Xander's crew. Her family. She took a few seconds to look back at everyone, and there it was...solidarity in a cause.They were all riding for the same reason, the same belief. The chuckle that followed Noire's thought process was a dangerous one. Back to Xander, her gaze never faltered. "...Into the fray." The roar of her motorcycle once again, and she damn near laughed aloud for everyone to hear. Demons should never be given this much opportunity to be wild. Not that she was complaining.

** Careful now, Bete. They can see your crazy from a mile away.** 

Noire rolled her eyes, and looked forward. The next move would be the beginning of a very long, very intricate plan. This is it, she thought, Showtime.

July 13, 2018 03:06
Xander James

|Once everyone had lined up I smirked as I started up the monster of a machine beneath me. Revving the engine a few times I pulled away from them and began the journey down into the city. The path from the hill led across the bridge at Millar's Mile, down McGrath Blvd and around the corner onto Dorington Ave. From there it led all the way down to Collins View Terrace, the street the bar and garage were located on.|

|I had specifically chosen that path as it had the most population during this time of day. Plus I did it to let all the other gangs know we were back. By now I figured news of the incident a few days ago at the bar had made the rounds and as such I noted the Cappos and LT's of various gangs watching us as we rode through. Chuckling I shook my head I pulled into the bar's parking lot and rode into my personal parking spot. Waiting for the others to line up in their identified spots, I dropped my kick stand and smirked.| RIDERS!! Make some noise.

|Revving my engine as loudly as I could I pulled my .357 Desert Eagle from beneath my cut and began emptying the clip into the air.|

July 13, 2018 03:12
Alyssa Beleren

'Damn these are some sexy machines.'

The assortment of two wheeled vehicles impressed me verily. The thought of all of us being in one sync, being of one group, representing one cause and being one family. This was what I was looking for. Starting up the beast beneath me I circled the ground before falling in line with Summer as I smirked at the girl seeing her choice in bike. "Not bad at all Summer. Not bad at all."

Following the group through the path I wondered what made Xander chose this route but didn't really question it as we pulled into the bar parking lot and saddled up to the space with my name in it. Hearing the boss' orders I began revving my engine and when he pulled his gun, I thought well F it then.

Channeling my mana I shot my hands to the skies as lightning rocked out of them to the air crackling and causing thunder to rumble in a clear sky.

July 13, 2018 03:15
Alrick Ivanoff He would have said it all went smoothly as he rode behind Alex but no it was basically the opposite. This was the first time he had been on a machine like this and safe to say he didn't believe he'd go back on one again. The ride into town was comical and frustrating as he half considered using his wings to balance himself on the bike. He almost ran into Alex more than once. Veered off and almost crashing into Noire or worse braking accidentally and causing issues with those behind him. He breathed a breath of relief as they pulled in to their parking spot and he hopped off.

"Bumbobloodclaat man!" He complained as he soon heard the rev of engines and Alex firing off into the sky. So primitive he thought as Alyssa joined but instead lightning and thunder shook the sky. He smirked as his eyes glowed it's Omega blue. Backing away he tilted his head back as he released blue flames into the sky from his mouth. Make some noise indeed
July 13, 2018 09:57
Summer Glancing over to Alyssa as she idled parallel to her, Summer grinned like a kid on Christmas. Or at least, a kid with a normal childhood on Christmas. But she digresses. Summer stroked the side of her bike like it was a wild mare that needed taming. It wasn’t too far from the truth, actually. “Alright girl, let’s see what you’ve got. Try not to kill me, alright?” Summer said lightly to the bike. It needed a name. It was a girl, obviously. Anything with that sweet, sweet purr had to be of the feminine variety.

Seeing Xander drive off, followed closely by his second and third, a zip of anxiety and excitement skittered up her spine. This was it. Do or die. and die. Gritting her teeth, she accelerated.

The powerful vixen beneath received an inch and took a mile. That is to say- Summer had barely touched the ignition and the bad b!tch took off like a spooked cat. Once the fear shook off, Summer laughed, then let out a strong yelp. The wind whipped through her hair, making it even more of a mess. It was scary and exhilarating and powerful and badass and freeing. Gods, she felt free. Her tire wobbled, making her stomach clench. Okay, maybe a little too free. Damn. Perhaps some lessons would be a good idea.

Feeling the tingle down her spine, she desperately fought to keep her wings ‘in’. Her aura could not be tamed, the glow around her was a warm gold and pink hue with strong orange spikes. Pulling into the lot at the bar, Summer felt as if her face was frozen into a cheek-splitting grin. Hot damn, that was addicting! At the call for noise, Summer glanced around at first. She didn’t usually pack heat- she was more of a ‘mano a mano’ type of fighter. Watching Alyssa, her eyes widened, definitely not having that ability! Regardless, she wanted to join. So she let out a loud zaghareet, the loud and joyous trill she’d learned while taking Bellydance classes in Lebanon last Fall.
July 14, 2018 00:41

Seeing her companions as they rode along, Noire took the time to go hands free on her motorcycle. She had taught herself that trick a while ago, and decided it was a fun one to grab the eye of civilians. With all two wheeled beasts revved and moving, it damn near sounded like a stampede as they rode into town. Moments later, they found themselves parked by their Leader, and Noire's eyes turned a stormy grey as she awaited his order. When Xander spoke, telling them to make some noise, she laughed in an almost hysterical manner.

**Noise is our middle name. Tell 'em, Kid!** V was just as thrilled at the commotion as Noire had been. With his demands, she met him with what she did best. Making Noise. Raising her hands to the sky, she yelled something, and her palms bled black ichor. From both hands, an energy black as night began to crackle and Noire laughed with every sound. Her hands and arms began to twitch as she released two very large, very present bolts of black lightning into the sky, matching Alyssa. The sound alone was deafening, causing Noire to smile wide. 

" How's that for some noise, sweetness!" 

She looked to Xander with a deliciously evil grin on her face, her fanged canines showing. Looking back to her group, she chuckled. This is what family was, right here. Not a doubt of it crossed her mind. With that thought, she clasped both hands together and shot one singular burst of black energy out into the open, to follow the smaller two from before. With this one, the cloud of smog that followed had formed the symbol of her Crew. Gun and all. **THAT'S how you do it, Kiddo! Get 'em!**

If a disembodied voice could jump with glee, now would be the time. Noire looked to the sky as the figure in the smog remained, tall and deathly proud. Some of her best work, truly. Jesus fvck, she thought, this is going to be one Hell of a ride.

July 14, 2018 04:05
Pericles Galanos

Pericles  slid his bike silently behind Noire.   His kutte was now a shortwaist leather jacket with leather sleeves.  The kutte boasted a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. On the front were four white patches, two on the left with the words Enforcer above Men of Mayhem on the Right in bold red letters, while Road sat above Hog on the left.

He didn't feel the need to show off his bike.   He was proud of his bike and its restoration done by Xander.  He wasnt a man that was reckless and careless with anything and anyone.  He would watch Noire, Xander and Alricks backs.  Artie would watch his back.   He knew she felt the same as him.  Both of them were ancients and older than sin.  He nodded as Artie pulled up next to him. " Lets ride."

July 16, 2018 00:07

Artie's motorcycle slid behind Alrick and his bike.   Her kutte boasted a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. On the front were four white patches, two on the left with the words Enforcer above Men of Mayhem on the Right in bold red letters, while Road sat above Hog on the left.   Her kutte matched Pericles in every aspect.

She was an angelic and a lady.  She left the reving of motors to the youngsters.  She smiled and winked at Peri.  "Are you ready sweetbutt?

July 16, 2018 00:23
Xander James

|Once everyone was parked and made the most noise they could I shut my bike down and got off. Walking over to the small podium that was set up in front of the storage yard area of the garage, I cleared my throat and smiled at the gathering crowd.| Ladies and gentlemen of Bella Vista, my name is Alexander James. I am the President of the Grim Riders MC and son of former president Calvin James and his wife Gina Dewar. I returned to the Belle to do what my father and his generation of Riders did for the city back then.

|Taking note of several of the Cappos and LT's showing up to hear my speech, I smirked and decided to up the ante a bit.| And I swear on the blood, sweat and tears that were spilled by every member of the Riders of the past and the citizens from when the Riders first showed up to the ones living here now that we're back. The Riders will protect this city and make it great again. Now, on to the festivities. Free drinks for the rest of the day at the Drunkard for anyone who gets work done on their vehicle today and two free meals any time for the rest of this week. So as of right now, the Hunter-James Garage and Body Shop is now Open For Business!!

|With that, I cut the ribbon on the doors cuing the magic to activate as the doors opened and the music started playing from the DJ in the Storage Yard. Nodding to the rest of the Riders, I headed inside and got to work getting people setup for their appointments.|

July 18, 2018 00:13
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick followed once everything was over and done with. Stepping inside he headed behind the bar and made himself something strong. He longed for the ale he drank centuries ago. Now that was a drink compared to these so called beverages. July 18, 2018 11:49

Artie settled her bike in a secured area.   She slipped in the side door of the garage and stowed her leather jacket with its kutte in a secure locker and locked it down.  She would patrol the perimeter and make sure there was no trouble from the 'competition'.    She knew trouble would lurk around every corner and some bike jockey from some rival gang might make an appearance and that wasnt going to happen on her watch.

She took a look at where Xander was at the moment and she let her wings appear quickly.  They unfurled and she leapt up into the air and took flight.   She would patrol from above and she kept her eyes open and she knew Pericles would have the ground covered.

July 18, 2018 20:02
Pericles Galanos

Pericles parked  his bike next to Artie and make sure things were secured in the area.  He wanted the gala that Xander James worked hard to be a success.   He would do the ground patrol and keep in contact with Artie in their special way.

That woman was a pain in his neck.  But he adored her and he knew he had the goddess's blessings on their marriage.   It was a partnership in many ways for him.  He knew she had been married before and when he popped the question she accepted quickly.

He kept his kutte on him but he knew Artie had stored her in their lockerand it was now time for him to police the area.    He had spies about the gathering taking the news,  rumors and watching movements.  Any trouble would be dealt with and he had a zero tolerace for troublemakers.   He would make the punishment fit the crime.

July 18, 2018 21:07
Conner Kent

Conner had been in town for a few days now and he was still getting used to things around this place. Watching the bikers ride passed him, he followed them and took in their performance of sorts. A gentle chuckle saw him rise the Nikon D850 around his neck and began snapping pics. Focusing on the members as individuals before getting them as a group, he turned his attention to the man in charge and took a few of him as he headed for the podium.

Taking note that no one was paying attention to him, Conner used one of his abilities and was soon atop the building across from the podium taking pics of the crowd and the speech. Watching the opening of the garage he caught shots of everyone going in and also noticed the gang members posted around the area. +I wonder what kinda secrets this place has for me to uncover?+

The thought was settled into the back of his mind as he felt the vibration in his pocket. Retrieving the device responsible with a deep sigh, he knew who was trying to contact him. The way he left his world and the reasons he refused to go back were insurmountable in his mind, as such he slowly closed his hand crushing the device in the process.

Crumpling it into a ball of metal he took a pitchers stance and wound up before sending the ball rocketing into the sky; easily breathing the atmosphere and heading off into space. Using the ability from before he appeared in the alley next to the garage's main building and walked in. Snapping a few pics he began looking around as he realized that they really went all out on making this place professional and efficient.

July 20, 2018 17:59

Noire had stopped making a racket just as quickly as she had started it. As Xander spoke, she had dismounted her motorcycle and made her way quietly to the back of the crowd. Artemis and Peri had moved about to do their own form of perimeter walks. She chose to remain in the back, keeping an eye on all before her. 

** Let me see what I can find, Kid.** V had materialized by her feet, a snake once more. Noire looked down to him and nodded, allowing him to slip into the crowd unseen by all except the members of her crew. She noted Alrick leaving with Xander to attend to business. For a moment, she felt a pang of...well, she wasn't quite sure what it was. Something had set it off, though. Shaking her head, she made her way through the large crowd, eyes on all movement, and took in the music as it blared. She inhaled the scent of food and booze. It was everywhere now.

"...what in the...?" To herself, she spoke in her mother tongue, pushing past strangers as she had caught something. The slight *click* of a camera. Her ears pricked every time the sound went off in the crowd. Someone was spying... 'Someone is going to lose their hands...'  she thought. With each click of the unknown camera, she drew closer. Whomever was sneaking photos, was unaware of not only her presence, but of Artemis and Peri's. Hell, perhaps they knew the camera happy bast@rd?.... Couldn't be. Pressing on, she became aware of the sudden change in  angle. Very sudden change. The clicking noise had been coming from a higher vantage point...but now...somewhere just beyond the crowd. 

** should're not wrong. I'm watching it, Kid...keep it calm. You know I wouldn't let anyone harm him.**

The words were spoken with almost a hiss at the end. V hadn't necessarily taken too kindly to Noire's loyalty of another male, but he digressed. He was, after all, just a 'voice in her head'.  Noire's left and right hands twitched violently as his thoughts entered her mind. He had eyes on the one responsible for the clicking noises. He was more than capable of taking care of it. Noire sighed a bit, and backed off. She wouldn't take her eyes away from where Xander was, though. Just in case. She learned that one early on in her years.

"...He'll run into someone inside, anyways....bless him, he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into..." Chuckling, she sunk into the crowd and began to mingle. Her smile hid her irritation with the stranger. She never did like it when her plans to remain in the background were suddenly changed. Woe, the demon's way.

July 21, 2018 03:59
Audra Wolfden

She had came at the request of a good friend and brother in arms.   She had been in Belle Visita for a week or two scouting out the area under the disguise of a lone outcast from the Sons of Silence.   Her ride was safely housed in a small house on the outskirts of  town.   The tall regal red head was neatly dressed in black bootcut jeans, a black t shirt and an old cracked leather kutte of her mother.

Audie wore an lold cracked leather kutte with The Sons of Silence with an American eagle superimposed over the letter "A" flying under an an arch with the motto is "donec mors non deparat  had seen a man with a camera slip in the Hunter-James garage.    Her friend Pericles was patrol in the crowd.  He had asked her to come to Belle Visita about a job opportunity.   She wanted to see her old friend and if the offered job worked out for her.   She would stay awhile and work for him.

She silently followed the clicking maniac around the garage.  She worked with the mountain cougar that gave her catlike abilities.   Peri had saved her life and her sanity, but the young redhaired rebel was the member of a rival MC gang.   

"Hey snapper!  You casing the joint?  she hissed softly.  "Hand over that camera and come with me."  She stepped up to the man and put a hand out for the camera.  She left one hand turn into a mountain lion's claw.

July 21, 2018 14:54
Pericles Galanos

Peri nodded at Artemiss signaling to the Hunter-James garage.   He swiftly clutched at the coin  and swiftly changed into a huge wolflike creature on four feet.   He managed to get through the crowd who shied away from him.   He gave one of them, a biker from a rival gang and he gave them a warning growl.

The stunned biker took off away from him and stumbled over his own bike.    Peri loped off towerd the garage from another angle.   He snuck in another open door.    He stayed to the dark corner of the garage  as the man continued to snap pictures.   Peri then growled a warning to the man.

The woman was a good friend to him and she was more than able to help him out with the camera jockey.

July 21, 2018 15:31
Conner Kent

Conner had been taking the pics of a few of the new patrons of the garage when he was approached by a strange woman. She didn't seem like a member of the gang running this place but she did seem like a biker nonetheless. Her request to hand over my camera and follow her saw me offer a kind but knowing smile at her words. +Well for one, I was not... Casing the joint as you put it. I'm taking pictures for my blog.+

Handing her his card instead of the camera he heard the growl and took note of the large black beast in the corner. Sensing that things might take a bad turn he decided to try to defuse the situation. +My name is Conner Kent, I'm a photographer and journalist so I will not be handing over my camera. I'm working freelance on a story about Bella Vista and the gangs that run this city. The pictures are part of my article for today. The Grim Riders: The Saviors of Bella Vista or Just Another Gang? Or at least that's the working headline.+

July 21, 2018 19:37
Audra Wolfden

Audie knew her friend Pericles Galanos was in the garage.   He had her back if the man should prove a problem to her.  She had her adopted brother's back.

The man's knowing but kind smile didnt put her off balance.   His voice was calm and clear when he spoke to her.

+Well for one, I was not... Casing the joint as you put it. I'm taking pictures for my blog.+  

Her claw reverted to a hand that accepted his card.    He had the sense to try and avoid a tense situation.  He introduced himself  as Connor Kent.  "My name is Audie Wolfden, bounty hunter.   Sons of Silence Bail bonds formerly,"  She handed him a card with her name on it.  Also a licensed P.I.  and other skills as needed.

"It was ok.  Pericles its safe!   He's a journalist  and  maybe he should meet this Xander James."

July 21, 2018 20:21
Conner Kent

Hearing her introduce herself he nodded gently at her. Glancing in the direction of the wolf he wondered silently what these Grim Riders were doing with someone from another biker gang working in their store? +Perhaps I should. He was the man giving the speech earlier right? The President of the Grim Riders?

Looking around I noticed that several of the patron were taking notice of the confrontation between myself and the woman before me. +So in the spirit of my blog,+

Pulling out a digital recorder he cued it up and began speaking again. +As the name of my article states, The Grim Riders: The Saviors of Bella Vista or Just Another Gang. As a member of another MC yourself, do you think the Riders are here to make this city great again, as the President said earlier?+

July 21, 2018 20:48
Audra Wolfden

She smiled and nodded in return at Connor Kent.  He glanced in the direction of the wolf.  "Dont worry.  He won't bite you.   He's fine, Pericles."

She looked around as well and several men and women were looking in their direction.   Confrontation had to be nipped in the bud  and Audie grasped Connor's arm gently. 

"Show's over and this is Conner Kent who is doing an article on The Grim Riers The Saviors of Bella Vista. No I am not in a biker gang right now.  My folks rode with the Sons of Silence til they tangled with the wrong gang...Now let me show you around .... I am here for a job interview ..."

July 21, 2018 21:18
Conner Kent

Instinctively pulling his arm away Conner took a step back from her. +Ummm, sorry. I just don't like being touched. But, you have not answered my question.+

What was it about this woman that set him on edge? And the fact that she seemed to dodge the question he asked made him wonder if she was really an ally to the Riders or someone trying to tear them down from the inside? +And since you dodge my initial question, here's a follow up. Why would you interview with a biker gang for a job?+

July 21, 2018 21:24
Audra Wolfden

Audie didnt push it when Connor pulled his arm away and when he stepped away from her.  She shrugged her shoulders and canted her head.

"I can relate to not liking to be touched and no I haven't answered your question.  I am here for a job interview with Pericles Galanos, who runs the bail bonds.  I am a bounty hunter and maybe if this biker is lucky find a place in this gang.

She knew she put him on edge.  She had reason to avoid most men but Pericles was an exception and he had been there when her parents were murdered.  "I was raised in a biker gang  Connor and I wore my folks kutte til I left to come here.   I left with their best wishes and their emissary to speak with Xander James.".

July 21, 2018 21:40
Conner Kent

Listening to her, I understood the loss of family. Maybe not parent, well adopted parents. But fmaily nonetheless. Sighing softly I shut the recorder off realizing that I wasn't going to get much else out of her. +Thank you very much Audra. You may see some of your quotes in my blog.+

Offering a kind smile I walked off, not to leave but to get the take of some other people on the Grim Riders.

July 21, 2018 21:48
Pericles Galanos

Pericles shifted from his wolflike form quickly with the help of the coin.   "I am Pericles Galanos and this is my sister Audra Wolfden-Galanos.   She's cool,  Mr.  Kent.

He smiled widely as he stopped out of the shadows that had covered him.   "We hope to help this town and it's people take back their streets.   I handle all legal and legitimate things here for the Grim Riders and yes I take care of some less savory characters in a judicial way.   Would you like to meet  Xander James?   Get the truth from the man cleaning up this town?

July 21, 2018 21:51
Conner Kent

The sight of the once wolf now turned man coming towards him put Conner on edge once more. What was he to have expected? This place seemed to thrive on the supernatural, so a wolf turning into a man shouldn't be that surprising. Looking over at the man as he spoke, Conner wondered just what these people had in common that brought them together under this Xander James person.

+Sure, I would love to meet the President. However, I don't think that the opening day for your business would be the best to have a one on one interview or meeting with him. I mean, by my estimates you guys are understaffed here.+

July 21, 2018 22:03
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick was up and about and currently around the back. Manning the bar as he couldn't leave summer alone to handle everything. Once he had helped everything to calm down he headed off to find Alex.

Stepping into the garage he paused only to focus on the trio. His ears perked up as he shot a look to Alex and nodded in the trios direction. Not being a soft spoken individual. "Problem?!" He asked Pericles
July 21, 2018 22:14
Pericles Galanos

"Hey Alrick!  This is Connor Kent  and he wants to interview Xander one on one.  This lady is Audie Wolfden-Galanos,  my sister from another mother.  She's from the Sons of Silence  an emissary sent to help in whatever way she can help."

July 21, 2018 22:18
Summer Summer tended to the bar while Alrick walked off with a purpose. She’d seen the man snapping photographs. In this day and age with social media, she at first figured it was no big deal. Taking pics for Instagram maybe. Then she reminded herself that she wasn’t just tending any bar. And he was taking photographs with an actual camera. Narrowing her eyes, she honed her focus on Alrick as he walked away. If her focus remained on him, she could hear what he said to the man. More importantly, she could hear if trouble brewed. Not that the dragon couldn’t handle himself. Far from it. Still, she needed to know the Riders were safe. July 21, 2018 22:20
Xander James

|I had been in the office going over the files for the new clients and contracts we got. That was when I noticed that several of the Riders and a female I hadn't recognized were crowding the man from before that was taking pics. Heading out I heard Alrick's question to Peri and listened for the answer.|

|The reveal of who the man was saw me intervene with an idea. One that I thought would solve most things quickly and give him the answers he sought.| Stop crowding the poor guy. Sheesh, haven't ya'll heard of overcrowding?

|A gently smile saw me extend my hand to the young man.| Xander James, and you're Conner Kent right? Blogger behind the Kent Files on the BVNN website?

July 21, 2018 22:30
Conner Kent

The sudden crowding of people affiliated with the Grim Riders was starting to make him feel clustered and this was not good. Closing his eyes as he listened to them all around him, Conner felt something he was trying super hard to hold back for weeks now start to surface. Taking a deep breath he tried to steady himself when he heard the voice of the President also as if the man came to his aid.

Shaking his hand Conner nodded gently with a soft smile finally able to reign in his surfacing tendencies. +Seems you know my work Mr. James. Are you free for an interview as some of the members of your... Entourage seem to be insistent on it.+

July 21, 2018 22:33
Pericles Galanos

Pericles noticed that Xander had control of the situation and he spoke  softly.  "I gotta check in with Artie and I am taking Audie to  meet her."

He walked off with Audie in tow.   "You need to meet Artie.   You can talk to Xander later."

July 21, 2018 23:07
Alrick Ivanoff Seeing everything relax once Alex had arrived Alrick released a low grunt and turned walking off towards the bar. Not one for crowds himself as he stepped inside. Heading around the bar and picking up a bottle of Dragon Brew and downed the liquid before turning his attention to those in need of a drink. July 21, 2018 23:33
Xander James

|Chuckling I gestured for the young man to follow me as I led him into my office. Offering him a seat I settled behind my desk before pulling out one of my smokes and lit it. Taking a slow deep pull my eyes settled upon him.| So Mr. Kent, what exactly do you want to know?

July 22, 2018 00:23
Conner Kent

Following the man to his office Conner looked at him as he sat down. Pulling out his recorder he cued it up and leaned back in his seat after laying it on the table. The man smoking wasn't something that surprised him but he wasn't the type to like people who smoked... Well cigarettes at least. +Well first of all Mr. James, the title of my article this week will be - The Grim Riders: The Saviors of Bella Vista or Just Another Gang? So my first question would be, are the Grim Riders the Saviors that the Belle need or are they just another gang that's gonna terrorize the street?+

July 22, 2018 11:34
Xander James

|Listening to what he had to saw I relaxed a bit and smiled understanding where he was coming from with this.| Please call me Alex, and interesting choice for a headline by the way. Now to answer your question, let me ask you one. How many innocent people have been hit in the cross fire of gang on gang violence in the two month before the Riders got here? The answer is two hundred and seventy-nine.

|Taking a pull from my smoke I let that sink in for a moment before speaking again.| How many have been hit since the Riders have been in town? Answer, fifty-nine all of whom are members of known gangs. Why? Cause we've done the one thing no one gang in this city has ever thought to do. We've effectively put a bottle neck on all the guns coming in and out of the Belle. We hit all the weapons depots that every gang in this city has within the first two weeks, then we found the supplier for each gang and took over product distribution in this city. Yeah, honestly speaking this makes us just as bad as the other gangs in the sense that we're holding all the guns. But on the flip, we're the one's who says who gets a gun and when they can use it.

July 22, 2018 11:57
Conner Kent

This man did not give a damn about releasing this information to Conner. It was almost as if he wanted Conner to know exactly what the Riders have done to cut down the shootings in the city and he wanted people to know it was them. That was when he realized why the others were so intent on Xander doing this interview. +Ok Alex, that's impressive and all from the criminal stand point. But why are the Riders back? After two decades of not caring about this city, what brings the Prodigal Son and his cohorts back to the Belle?+

July 22, 2018 12:01
Xander James

Let me ask you something Mr. Kent. |Standing I walked over to the window behind my desk and looked out over the view of the lake that had been enchanted on the window. Taking a slow pull from my smoke I turned to face him before leaning against the wall.|

What would you do if you were ten years-old growing up without a father and knowing nothing about him or his past? You'd go in search of answers right? Now, what if those answers told you that you were the heir to a criminal empire and a Motorcycle Club's President seat and you also found out that you're mom hid this fact from you to protect you from the truth? You'd most likely be confused and look into it even more right? So that's what I did and when I found out what was happening in Bella Vista, I decided to do something. Problem is as ten years-old kid there's not much you can do. So for the next sixteen years of my life, I devoted myself to learning the ins and outs of a biker gang and how to be a leader.

|Remembering the night I got bitten by those two wolves and turned into a werewolf, then remembering how Peri turned me to an Alpha with his own bite and smirked.| And thanks to some, fortunate misfortune; I found myself with a pack that has the same ideals as I do. |Taking the final pull from the smoke I snuffed it in the ashtray next to me.| Do the necessary evils for the greater good.

July 22, 2018 12:10
Conner Kent

He had a lot of valid points. He sounded like someone who wanted to do something about the current state of affairs in Bella Vista and he was right, some times the necessary evils need to be done for the greater good. This got Conner thinking of his past and something about himself that he wasn't wanting to accept. +Ok then Alex, so final question.+

Reaching over Conner shut off the recorder and looked at him sternly. +Are you looking for more muscle in the MC?+

July 22, 2018 12:19
Xander James

|Seeing him shut off the recorder I wondered what the question was. -Are you looking for more muscle in the MC?- Was this kid serious? Did he actually wanna walk this path? Thinking about it for a minute, I handed him a card with a time on it.| Be at the bar tomorrow at that time. We'll talk more about this then.

|Standing I headed for the door and opened it for him.| I'm looking forward to reading the new article.

July 22, 2018 14:58
Conner Kent

When he handed Conner the card and told him to meet at the bar the following night at the time on it the young man nodded. Getting to the door he shook Xander's hand and offered a kind smile. +I look forward to that meeting tomorrow.+

Heading off Conner headed home to develop the pics and write the article.

July 22, 2018 15:00

** You missed a good gathering, Bete...the kid almost lost his head. There's some chick...Audie, I think? I don't know. She's new. Friend of Peri's. Also....Your esteemed leader went into the office for an interview...with the annoying camera kid.**

V's voice reverberated throughout the nooks and crannies of Noire's brain, sending her left arm into a seized position. She had been speaking with a member of an opposing crew, and had been shooting down offers when it happened. The sudden seize caused her to jump a bit in pain, and she had excused herself into the bar with Summer. Goddamnit, V...You know I can't do that in front of people, she thought. Nonetheless, she knew the black snake had followed Xander and the Kid to the interview. He made sure Xander knew he was there by hissing low and long. 

Noire shook her arm repeatedly to rid herself of the pain, and realized she was being stared at by random guests to the get together. Straightening herself, she went to the bar and sat down in the darkest corner of it, motioning to Summer. " They're all okay, Honey. You know Xan by now. Handles it before he can't." A soft chuckle and light smile showed she was in better spirits once the pain was gone. 

" You got anything strong back there?" Her aura suggested a deadly inclination, but she remained calm to the current situation so as not to bother the others. "...I'm going to need it."

She knew best to wait, as Xander was in no true danger, but she maintained a watch on everyone else. Something was bound to go down today. Alcohol being present, it was only a matter of time. For now, though, she would join 'em. One drink. Always One. 

July 22, 2018 15:08
Summer Letting out a breath she’d not realized she’d been holding, she smiled gratefully at Noire. “Yea, I know. I can’t help but worry though. Old habits die hard. Or something.” She chuckled, the sound soon petering off as she really looked at the girl. She looked...exhausted? No, that wasn’t right. Summer detected the unsettled aura, raising a brow at her request. “Do we have something strong? Oh, sugar. Yes, we do.” She said matter-of-factly with a grin. “We have the Drunkard Special, guaranteed to slowly knock you on your ass. And we also have…” She reached under the bar and retrieved a bottle with an indecipherable label on it. “...some Dragonbrew. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet myself, but Alrick seems to love it. Go figure.” Looking at the bottle like she half expected it to grow horns, she suggested, “If you do opt for what is behind door number two, maybe go easy with that one.” She looked at Noire, ready to pour whatever drink she’d like. In a lower voice, she asked, “You gonna be alright?” July 22, 2018 23:22

Noire's smile betrayed her, as the upper left corner of her mouth twitched. Summer's question was low in tone. Taking the bottle of Dragonbrew from her companions hand, she pulled off the cork and took a swig. The heat of the liquor burned her throat with an intensity she had never experienced, but she allowed it to flow through her, nonetheless. 

God that's good she thought. Looking to Summer, her eyes darkened a bit, the black taking over the white's of her eyes. For a moment, she decided if it was best to fully disclose such information to Summer, but then remembered....she was family now. Through thick and thin.

"..I will be...eventually, I suppose." Being stubborn was part of her nature, and she liked it that way. A long, heady sigh before she continued. This time, she leaned back and put the tip of her trigger finger to her head. " Like everyone else, I have my Demons. Sometimes they lose. Sometimes they win....And sometimes they get to be too much entirely, and they leave me in pain." The look in her eye shown a sad story. Something that seemed to be too much to speak of at the moment. Noire took note of it, and smiled quickly.

"...Maybe one day, when there aren't wads of people around,  I'll tell you about it." No need to bring the mood down, she had decided in finality. Summer would know of her pains. Just not here. Taking one more swig of the Dragonbrew, she put the bottle back down in front of Summer. " A swig to help your worries go down?" 

July 22, 2018 23:54
Alrick Ivanoff Alrick as always had headed around back when things had quieted down. Returning with a chicken sandwich and a bottle of chilled Dragons Brew. He liked it cold ever since he discovered the use of a fridge. Stepping out with the sandwich mid mouth he sniffed the air and turned his gaze on Noire. He could sense her mood and stepped over to her. Glancing down at the female with his chocolate brown eyes and his hair free from it's ponytail. "What wrong?" He asked in a low and somehow deeper voice. July 23, 2018 10:58
Summer Listening to Noire, seeing her react to the drink, Summer nodded and gave a soft smile. Boy did she ever understand. She supposed that is one thing that unified this seemingly strange group of people who came from all different walks of life. They all had their demons. Some more literally than others. Chuckling, she grabbed the neck of the bottle between her forefinger and thumb. Giving it a wiggle, she grinned. “I better take a raincheck. I haven’t had a chance to try this and think maybe that should be done when I’m off the clock.” She gave Noire an exaggeratedly serious look like she knew trouble would brew if she imbibed while working. :”Don’t get me wrong, I can handle my booze just fine. I’ve just finally honed the skill of controlling my umm...emotions without the need for mind-altering substances.” Laughing, she scooted the bottle back to Noire. “That’s probably a story for another time as well.”

Summer smiled as Alrick approached, giving the Second a nod. “I think she’s doin’ much better now that she’s sampled some of the dragonbrew.” Summer chuckled. “I better get back to the bar- can’t let anyone get thirsty!”
July 24, 2018 00:20

Upon hearing Alrick's words, much deeper than the last time he spoke, Noire turned to face him from her seat. He had also chosen a bottle of DragonBrew, though she wouldn't have expected less from him. **Because don't other men just love a Damsel...**

V's voice, now back in full frontal volume, echoed a bit in Noire's head and had caused a sudden change of eye color. From a deepening black, they became stormy green...a color that had not been seen for quite some time by anyone. In fact, the last man who saw eyes like that... **We killed him.** The statement was matter of fact by V, and he even chuckled afterwards. Noire's grip on the neck of the bottle she held tightened. Finally speaking, she was calm and the tone was just sweet enough. " I'll be alright, Alrick. Just a day in the life, savvy?" She sighed and smirked, dangerously sharp canines becoming prominent of her lower lip. 

Raising her DragonBrew, she took another swig. This one hit her pretty well, and she felt a sense of calm wash over her. Drinking was never a problem for her. She couldn't truly become drunk. Not anymore. That had been an issue for her as a young whelp, and as she grew she developed an uncanny....tolerance. 

" To Family." Raising her bottle, she waited for his to 'clink' against it. "...And to the ones who made it so."  

July 24, 2018 17:23
Alrick Ivanoff He could see the inner tormoil in her eyes and in her reaction. The change in color the canines it all said enough, but Alrick wasn't one to push or pry. If she needed an ear to speak to without worry he could play that role. He was by his estimates the last of his kin. So like the family he swore to protect everyone here fell under his protection as well. All beit an older sibling if needed. He smirked as he clinked his bottle with hers before resting a large hand on her head and ruffling it. "Family." The dragon said before tipping his drink back. July 24, 2018 18:14

With a large hand ruffling her hair, Noire felt like a kid again. She smiled at the action and she felt her pain fade for a bit. V remained silent, though she knew he detested people putting hands on her, in any fashion. She was grateful for his silence, and for Alricks gesture. Tipping her bottle back, after removing the hand from her head, she took yet another swig and polished off the bottle. Summer had gone to tend to some others at the end of the bar to Noire's right. 

Strange, she felt it, she turned to her right and nodded at the pair. They looked familiar to her, and she took note of them staring. It was like they had never seen a white haired, grey eyed, inked Demon before. But they had. Chuckling to herself, she straightened up in her seat and leaned back into it, rocking ever so slightly, keeping eyes on the men next to her. 

"Bonjour, Mes Amis..." She spoke in perfect French to them, with a kind smile. She knew why they were there, they had their own colors on. Speakings of...she turned to Alrick and narrowed her eyes a bit in curiosity.  "...Alrick, do me a favor?"

July 24, 2018 19:46
Alrick Ivanoff Once his drink was done and she had shoved his hand away with a smile. He perked up at her question as he was about to go away. "What that?" He asked raising a brow at her. July 25, 2018 13:23

She had watched as Alrick's behavior changed when she asked him for a favor.  He seemed to have perked up a bit, from his usual demeanor. Taking note that the two men to her right had chosen to stand, both showing signs of slight unease at her tone of voice, she smiled at her companion.  **Does he need to know why those two are here? Or are we just gonna remove them without question...** V's voice was a stern tone this time around, as if he had been scolding her.

Leaning in, she whispered to Alrick, her tone light so as not to show her distaste of the two behind her. " Watch my back?" Her eyes had become a bright yellow, and her left hand had started to twitch. She had her reasons. The two men behind her weren't actually part of a Club. They had been sent for her. Someone from her past wasn't ready to let her go. Not alive, at least. **It's cute, isn't it? That they think they could just walk you out of here.**

Cute indeed, she thought, very...fvckin'...cute.

July 30, 2018 21:49
Marvin Saunders

A 'small' discontented yap' of  a small chug in thearms of a tall sternfaced man who had entered the garage.   His vechile,  a 1968 BMV 1600 Cabriolet had chosen to give up the ghost right outside a place called the Hunter-James Garage and Body Shop.

"I will get her fixed pronto, Belle."  He smiled gently at the long haired pug/chihuahua mix nestled in his arms. He  looked at the occupants of the garage area.  A  small crowd in the  open area seemed to be clean and well-kept.

His ice blue orbs looked at a woman and a tall man.  He looked at the two other men who seemed to be in the process of some 'mischief.'   He smelled trouble with a capitol T.      Belle growled a warning.   "There there love.  Do be a little lady, Belle."   He soothed the small delicate dog and spoke.

"My car has broken down.   Whom do I speak with?"      He went over to the woman.    He looked at the two men and he canted his head.

"Is there a problem, gentleman?"

July 30, 2018 22:25
Alrick Ivanoff "Hmmm..." Was all that he said as she told him what she required of him. He agreed with a nod and headed behind the bar. He kept his gaze on her when a person entered the bar. He seemed to require help as he spoke about his broken down vehicle. "Sit, drink, wait bit." He said to the man as the persons who could help were held up a bit July 31, 2018 10:44
Conner Kent

Conner had just walked into the main area of the bar and spotted the man with the chug in his arms and chuckled. Hearing the man's question he walked over and gave him a kind smile. +I'll help you out sir.+

Since he was working Conner was clad in a pair of black sleeveless overalls which sported the MC's Reaper on the back with the word Prospect in bold red letters on the back while a pair of black boots were on his feet. +Which way to your car?+

July 31, 2018 11:05
Marvin Saunders

The small  fluffy chug yipped softly and looked up at her owner.   He ruffled her small head  and he spoke softly to the woman behind the bar.   "Do you have a small bowl and a bottle of Perrier water   Belle is a bit thirsty and hungry.   Her needs first and I will have a cup of tea  Earl Grey and two sugars.    Do you have a bit of hamburger?"

He nodded at the man behind the counter and then he turned to the young manclad in a pair of black sleeveless overalls sporting MC's Reaper and the word 'Prospect in bold red on the back.   

"It's outside.  That's my other baby.   Seem's the radiator needs some work.   She's called Luna and she's a 1968 BMV 1600 Cabriolet.   A bit tempermental like me. "   His ice blue eyes had a quizzical look in them.

"MC Reaper?  Prospect?    I ran across a gentleman who was collecting a toll to go there this town.   Needless to say he shan't be bothering others.  Not one of yours of course.    He said something about requiring my car ....for the toll.  You will find his cropse in the back.   Could you contact the local funeral home.   Also what goes for the local constable or the one who runs this town.  My name is Mr, Saunders.   Your name of  course young man?"

July 31, 2018 14:52
Conner Kent

Listening to the man Conner nodded to him gently. +No worries Mr. Saunder, I'll take care of the radiator and the body. And uh, no need to get the po-po involved or a funeral home. And the names Conner, Conner Kent.+

Giving the man a wink Conner smirked as he headed outside to handle the car. Realizing that no one was looking, he lifted the car effortlessly over his head and walked into the parking lot of the garage to get to work.

July 31, 2018 20:27
Marvin Saunders

The small chug placed her paws on Mr. Saunders's shoulder and laid her head down on his shoulders.   "Thank you, Mr Kent.  There, there Belle.  Quite a tramatic experience for her.  Be careful with my vehicle. You can dispose of the dead biker.   I would like my garotte back, however."

Mr. Saunders arched an eyebrow at Mr. Kent as he left and headed outside to his car.   He followed to make sure the old girl was treated right by the young man.  Mr. Kent lifted the car effortlessly over his head and walked into the parkig lot of the garage.

"Quite strange Belle quite strange indeed."  He shrugged his shoulders and nonchalantly walked back into the bar.

July 31, 2018 21:49
Conner Kent

After about an hour Conner entered the bar and handed back the garotte to Mr. Saunders. +All cleaned up and your ride is completely fixed. Even took the liberty to give the engine a good cleaning and retooled some of the parts to run better.+

Saddling up at the counter he pulled the top five buttons on the overall and dropped it leaving himself in only a black tanktop which clung to him with sweat and showed off his chiseled torso.

August 02, 2018 21:00
Marvin Saunders

Bell lay asleep on the bar stool next to Marvin.   She had been feed and watered quite efficiently by the staff.   Mr. Kent returned to the bar in about an hour.   He accepted the garotte back and put it away in it's small case.  

His ice bue eyes softened a bit as Mr. Kent spoke to him.  

."All cleaned up and your ride is completely fixed. Even took the liberty to give the engine a good cleaning and retooled some of the parts to run better."

He had saddled up to the counter and pulled the top five buttons on the coverall an dropped it leaving himself in a dark tanktop.   "Thank you, Mr. Kent.   For a job well done.."   He slid an envelop containing money to cover the needed repairs. Another envelope containing money for the person who had taken care of Belle's needs.

He placed a final envelope on the counter and it was addressed to Mr. Xander James.   "It's proof of a contract I was obliged to take.  They needed a person gone and they have been dealt with.   Mr. James will not have any further concern about the woman and some rogue bikerw called the Sons of Silence.  No charge of course.    Lovely little town you have here, Mr. Kent.   Thank you again for all you have done for me."  

He picked his small case in one hand and his dog in his other hand.   "Time to go Mia Bella."    Mr. Saunders left the bar quietly and went to his car.    He started up his car and she purred like a kitten.   He drove out of the small town.   His services rendered to a friend and his obligation in that way was meet.   He had paid an old debt to a good friend.

He smiled knowingly that some day they would meet again.

August 02, 2018 21:53
Anyssa She had been having trouble with her kick start peddle for a couple of days and rumor had it that this was the best place to go. She walked inside and saw a man behind the desk so she went up to him.

"Umm excuse me is there anyone here who knows about a 2018 Yamaha Cruiser? My kick start peddle is giving me problems. I think its sticking."
August 08, 2018 16:19
Xander James

|I had been in my office doing some paper work when I heard a voice from the monitors. Looking up I realized who was at the counter and smirked. Getting up I headed out and offered a kind smile.| Finally made it in here huh Nessa?

August 08, 2018 16:22
Anyssa Nessa was stunned when she heard a familiar voice and have him a smirk of a smile.

" Xander? I heard this was the place if you had a bike. So you work here ?"

She had no idea why else he would be behind the counter.
August 08, 2018 16:36
Xander James

|chuckling as I listened to her about me working here.| You could say that. You said something about a Yamaha?

|Moving from behind the counter, I gestured for her to lead the way.| So, how you been?

August 08, 2018 16:43
Anyssa Nessa followed him

"Yeah when i go to start it the clutch sticks i jump hard and it sometimes start i was lucky and i was able to get it to start to get here. As for how ive been i have been ok. What about you?"
August 08, 2018 21:29
Pericles Galanos

Pericles smiled as he carried a small brown bag with a few sandwiches and two flasks of Dragonbrew to the Hunter-James garage.

"Brought you some lunch and a few Dragonbrews?"   Peri canted his head at the young woman.

"Good to see you again, Anyssa.  When you and Xander are finished consulting about the Yamaha.  There's some sandwiches I made.   I barel got ahead of the shovel you call Alrick Xander."

He sset the bags on the desk and went out back to check over his bike.

He gave Xander and Anyssa a smile and gently in a light but firm manner.  "How about Anyssa joining the pack.  She's got guts and you got that extra perk now."

August 08, 2018 22:14
Xander James

I've been doing good, just.... |My voice trailed off as I looked at Peri who came up with the bags. Flushing red at the last thing he said I looked at Nessa and moved towards her bike.|

This is an easy fix and I can do it in ten minutes. Unless, you want me to have someone else do it and join me for a sandwich and some Dragondrew?

August 08, 2018 22:37
Pericles Galanos

Peri grinned deviously when Xander got red in the face.  "Go and talk to Anyssa about joining the pack.  I will rend to that little problem of the Yamaha."

He walked out to the bike and tinker with Anyssa's bike.   "I will get Conner if I can't fix it."

August 09, 2018 09:08
Anyssa Nessa was about to speak her mouth slightly jawed when the man who showed up said he would work on her bike. Giving her head a slight tilt she felt her tummy growl its been almost a day since she ate. With a smile she nodded as she replied.

" Sure why not a sandwich sounds good."

Nessa saw Xander blush but didn't say anything since they were just starting to get along.
August 09, 2018 17:00
Xander James

|Leading the way to the office, I opened the door for her.| Wait here I'll be back in a moments.

|Heading back out I grabbed two of the sandwiches and a small keg of Dragonbrew along with a bottle of water. Making my way back in I laid the food and the water on the table before setting the keg down on the ground. Tapping the keg, I got my mug from the table behind me and poured myself some of the nectar.| So, about what Peri said about you joining the Riders... Would you be up for it?

August 09, 2018 22:37
Anyssa Nessa followed him and walked in when he opened the door for me. I waited in the outer office and watched him go in back then returned to where I was. When he asked me about joining his club I thought briefly then answered him.

" I might be would you explain it to me about whats all involved. But only if you are certain you would like me to be in it?"
August 10, 2018 00:01
Xander James

|Her request wasn't a hard one but one that had me wondering if she was really ready for this. Picking up the remote on the desk I hit the button at the top causing a soft hum to start running through the wall. We were able to pick it up because of our hearing, but other wouldn't| Nessa, I need to know that I can trust you with this. Can I?

August 13, 2018 15:14
Anyssa Nessa looked long at him taking in the question then nodded and answered him honestly.

" I know it may be hard for you to believe me with our past but yes Xan you can trust me."
August 13, 2018 20:01
Alrick Ivanoff ++++++++++++++
Alrick wiped the sweat off his brow as he was in the garage tinkering with his bike. He still sucked at operating the machine but did his best to learn how to ride it. He was shirtless dressed in only his cargo pants and combat boots. His ever present fingerless gloves were tucked in his back pocket. He was rarely like this but was not one to be shy about his physique. He was rather muscular but from what he was told he looked like he was sculpted from marble or whatever mineral they used. He's known to make most drool from his looks alone. He eventually stopped and headed for the bar. Stepping inside it was teeming with life until everyone fell quiet and all eyes on him. He had forgotten his shirt.
September 03, 2018 12:17