The Black Masquerade~ 2018 *Closed*

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Black Masquerade On the right hand side of the main club, a darkened room is guarded by Bael, the demon bouncer. Above the entrance way is a subtle, obsidian sign, glowing with lava, indicating the name of the VIP lounge.

The Devil’s Edge.

It was a perfect name, at least the King of all Demons thought so. And so, in favor of the Crossroads, Lucifer himself worked his magic, pushed from the depths of Hell a cavernous room, forged by the lava that flowed through his burning lakes to create a worthy VIP room of the Crossroads. Basalt in entirety, obsidian stalactites hung from the ceiling while stalagmites of equal fortitude erupted from the floors. The walls were infused the bright orange lava, the same from the sign, which provided the lighting for the room. Booths and lounges were covered in black leather and each table and counter top was made of the same obsidian rock that hung from the ceiling.

A small bar area is available for those to help themselves, but be careful…you may not be able to leave if you eat something from this room.
September 29, 2018 17:07
Black Masquerade ~*~Black Masquerade Rules~*~

First and foremost, all Crossroads rules apply.

Since this is an anonymous thread, we ask that you title each post with your costume. So if you're going as a pink bunny, your posts should start with something along the lines of:
The Pink Bunny
And follow that with your post.
(Note: we do allow a small picture at the top of the post, so long as you still describe your costume. This is a writing site after all!)

Remember to stay in the character of your costume the whole time! The point is for no one to know who you are! As with any thread, one liners are greatly discouraged.

Most importantly: Have fun!
***This thread will be open from October 27th until November 5th, so you have plenty of time to join and interact with everyone!***
September 29, 2018 17:09
Black Masquerade The Devil's Edge sets the perfect atmosphere for the Black Masquerade, leaving very little needed in decorations, only leaving the lounge to expand to accommodate that it is, for this night, open to the public. Spider webs were placed in the corners, fake—yet oddly real looking—spiders handing from the webs. Bats will occasionally fly around the ceiling, but don’t worry they won’t bother you! A small layer of fog covers the floor, so be careful, you never know what might be lurking around your feet.

Along with the music that will be constantly playing, scream tracks and other haunting sounds to randomly play during the night.

At the bar and each of the tables, is the menu, as well as a list of what can be won throughout the night.

Profile Awards:
Elder Choice
Best Couple Costume (2 people)
Best Group Costume (3+ people)

Player vote
Best Elder Impersonation
Best Male Costume
Best Female Costume
Scariest Costume
Funniest Costume
Most Creative
Best Overall Costume

Other Prizes:
If there are at least five participants:
1 1000BM draw.
For every additional 5 participants, an additional draw will be done for 1000BM

Plus! Every costume will be numbered and there will be 5 names drawn for the following Prize Pack:
500BM, 100K Cash, 1 Zombie, 100 minion tokens

Then, for anyone who participates on Halloween will be entered to win a Donation Pack #1, very generously offered by Lisbeth.

Participation Prizes:
300BM for making a minimum of three posts (Must be in costume).
An additional 50BM per post after five.
**Posts must be more than one liners**

October 08, 2018 22:22
Black Masquerade The Hostess
She made sure all the final touches of the room were complete. Each table had a menu, the music was ready, and food and drinks were being prepped. The clock ticked down ever so slowly. It was her favorite time of year. She loved seeing all the costumes and enjoyed the carefree interactions, even if it was only for a short while before everyone went back to being enemies.
October 26, 2018 23:53
Black Masquerade The Hostess
Finally, it was time. The clock struck midnight and she opened the doors, allowing guests access.

They would, of course, be checked by the bouncers. No real weapons allowed. And they wouldn't be able to use any magic either, thanks to a spell cast on the club.

She would great each guess as they entered, taking note of every costume for the prizes later on.
October 27, 2018 00:05
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper

He made his way to the room with the hood of his flowing, floor-length black robe pulled up, scythe in one hand and his white skull mask in place. As he entered, he nodded at the Hostess before heading to one of the tables to look at the menu.

October 27, 2018 04:59
Black Masquerade Poison Ivy
Halloween used to be the girl’s favorite time of year for reasons not like most. Now, she was a bit more melancholy about it. She wanted to get out and have fun though, so she dug out a costume she had once worn to a masquerade the last time she was here. It was one of her favorite costumes and she felt like she related to the character in more ways than one.

She slipped into a strapless green leotard that was covered in leaves. Green ankle boots covered her feet. She teased her hair with a hairspray that also served as a temporary red hair dye. A green masquerade mask, also adorned with leaves, was secured to her face. She touched up some make up and finished the look with a deep red lipstick.

Ivy arrived at the club, got searched and made her way in. It had changed since the last time she had been there, but she was really digging the atmosphere. A quick look around showed that only one other costumed figure had arrived. The rest of the folks appeared to be staff.

She took a seat at a table somewhat close to the Grim Reaper. Close enough to be heard over the music, she hoped, “I hope you're not looking to collect tonight,” she joked.
October 27, 2018 11:26
Black Masquerade


Finally the day was here!   Her stomach twisting in knots as the time slowly ticked away. Forcing herself to focus on what had to be done, painting her finger and toenails  black, letting them dry as she wondered what to do to her face until a feeling washed over her. Looking at another clock, the time was here.   


The long, black dress was a  velvet looking material with gold trim.  A belt that matched the material curled and tied around her small waist.  Another that would be longer and crossed over her chest as the rest of the lenght cascaded down her arms, taking on a long scarf appearence. Looking down, the length was perfect.  Now wasn't the time to become overly excited.  Grabbing her brush, brushing back her locks into a high bun, that smile returned as she looked at the head piece.  Placing the brush down carefully, picking up the headpiece, placing it carefully on her head, everything seemd to fit perfectly.  Her fingers curled and twisted around each snake, making them bend certain ways, more realistic.  Now it was time for the face.   Putting in contacts were difficult but once they were in, they looked like gold snake eyes.    Grabbing the make up, she hoped this would really work....although her eyes were already freakiing her out.   The bronze colored make up, covered over her pale skin, even the lipstick was bronze in color.   Once her face was done, putting the rest of the make up down, digits curling around the snake arm bracelet and slid it on.   Once it was on, she still had to cover her exposed body.  Taking off all her jewelry, she picked up the body paint that matched her face.   Hopefully it would come off.  But holding her breath, she slowly painted her skin.  It felt so weird but any exposed skin was completel covered in bronze colored body paint.   Two hours later, she left the bathroom and padded her way into her bedroom and over to the long body mirror.   Slipping her feet into the gold, high heel sandals,  she turned slowly around.    This disguise had to work.  She definitely didn't recognize herelf.   Once her bare arms dried, she curled the long fabric around her arms.    Her lips curled into a devious grin as she left her house. Walking into the Club, she took slow but steady steps.  Looking around, she didn't even smile but let her eyes scan the surroundings.  Taking a seat at the bar, twisting her chair around, she didn't know what to expect but the decorations were great!    -Oh, I hope tonight will be fun.-

October 27, 2018 14:41
Black Masquerade



Wilma walked into the festivities hall, smoothing her white mini dress before primping her bright red hair. The rather lacking in coverage of the costume left her with a shiver in the October air outside.

The bouncer did a quick check for weapons before letting her on her way.

Bare feet padded against the smooth, somewhat cold, floor. The first order of business was drinks. Well, in all actuality, that would probably consist of her whole night. Drinks and snacks. The Masquerade always had the most inventive things that were 'odd', though satisfiying.

She cast her eyes about the room to take in some of the other guests, loving each of the costumes she spotted. Such great imaginations! This year, she could tell, was going to be great, even if she was oozing nervousness. Social situations were difficult.

Wilma, however, gave a very Wilma giggle and reached for a drink. More than one actually. She quickly downed a Black Widow Shot and a Zombie Slime Shot before ordering herself two glasses of Cercei's Golden Champagne to sip on. She then reached for a napkin and placed two of the Ghost Cakes upon it.

She looked over the room for the tables. She spied one that seemed to be to her liking. She would be able to see people coming and going, and anyone who may be looking for her would be able to spot her as well.

Wilma kept a small smile on her lips, welcoming anyone to chat with her. Again, that made her a little nervous, but this party was all about overcoming things of that nature. Everyone was dressed up and allowed to just be their character.

She smiled as she sipped her champagne, waiting to see who would come in next, ready to be awed by another great costume.


October 27, 2018 16:09
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He chuckled darkly at Poison Ivy. He had to admire her costume as well, despite not being a comic book fan. "Not for the time being, as I've made my quota for today," he replied smoothly.

October 28, 2018 06:30
Black Masquerade

 The Fox


The woman scruncitied her reflection in the body length mirror. Her eyes traced her body as she made sure her outfit was exactly as she imagined it would be. Her dress was a stunning gold and black. It was low cut with sheer gold lace following down the plummeting neckline to her navel. Elegant swirls of gold stood out again the black base of the dress. A slit started from her left upper thigh and went straight down her leg. The dress barely touched the floor. Her gold ribbon laced heels peeked through the slit in her dress. Her gaze went back to her upper body were a modest amount of cleavage was shown. Golden glitter sparkled against her lightly tanned skin. She adjusted her inch thick ribbon style straps then began touching up her ruby red lipstick.

The woman reached for a black lace fox style mask and grinned as she placed it on her face. Once her mask was in place she adjusted her hair, which was in a messy yet elegant bun. Two strands laid curled and cascaded down either side of her face. Her eyes were painted with thick cat like liner and golden/burnt orange color. She was ready. The woman did a spin in the mirror then tossed a wink at her reflection before stepping out of the house and making her way to the club.

It didn’t take too long for her to reach the club. It looked like she was not the first person here either. The woman stopped at the weapons checkpoint and let the guard pat her down. It was funny, she never really carried weapons. Hers were her teeth and claws when she shifted but, she as sure they had certain spells cast to prevent her from shifting. As she entered the club she noted the other patrons in their costumes. Hers wasn’t very creative, she was basically dressing up and wearing a fox mask, but hey as long as it hid her identity she didn't care.

Tonight she would be known as the Fox. The woman tossed a smile towards the other patrons as she made her way to the bar to order something with a high alcohol content. 


October 28, 2018 10:36
Black Masquerade



She was just a ball of nerves and once a few more came in, she slightly relaxed. Fixing herself so she sat more correctly in the seat, right leg crossing over the left one,  she smiled but when she did, her fangs would be seen.  If anything, it completed her custome.  She was there to simply have fun.  Reptile eyes looked over at the others sitting near.   

" Hello Everyone."  

She wasn't normally one to speak unless spoken to and even though it just started, she couldn't wait to see more come in.  Head turning to see the bartender, she ordered a Vampire's Kiss Martini.  Hands clasping together,  eyes fixed on her black painted nails.  -maybe I should always paint them black-  she thought.   But then her gaze broke as the bartender brought over her drink.  Instead of taking a drink right away, her hands unclasped and slowly came down, merely hovering over the glass.  Right hand came down just a tad lower so that one digit played along the rim.   Head slightly turning to see the others.

" Halloween is soo much fun! just started...but still.."     

October 28, 2018 13:06
Black Masquerade Fred Flintstone

Before walking in, Fred straightened his one piece orange and black patterned pull over. His blue makeshift tie was almost too tight around his neck. He wasn’t too fond of the decision to wear huge shoes resembling feet, although it was better than showing off his big hairy Hobbit like feet. At first glance, Fred was immediately impressed by the set up. The blinding lava and the smell of black leather set the mood for what he thought will be an exciting and eventful soiree. Cool, the Grim Reaper is here. The dude almost looks real. I think I’m going avoid making eye contact with that guy tonight. He proceeded forward into the club and accidentally kicked a few chairs. These darn shoes are going to be the death of me, I can feel it.

Starting off slow wasn’t what he intended; after all it’s a party, and he thought the open bar was an brilliant idea. He took extra-long exaggerated steps to avoid kicking anything or anybody. Out of his peripheral he noticed the green beauty hanging out on the other side of the room. Oh my, strapless green leotards. Suddenly, I’m hungry for a salad. Damn and she’s got some junk in the trunk. Hoping to avoid making a fool of himself, he takes even longer steps. Yet again, a chair falls to the ground and a table squeaks across the floor. Okay, okay, just walk normal. I’m sure by now the Medussa chick probably thinks I’m a moron.

At the bar he helps himself to a couple Zombie Slime Shooters and chased them both down with a shot of Black Widow. Fred squinted at the hand gestures the bouncer was making. Using his index and middle finger the bouncer pointed at his eye and quickly pointed at Fred as to say that he has his eyes on him. With a nod and a thumbs up, Fred assured the bouncer that everything was okay.

Mixing a martini he noticed beauty at its purest form. A red head in the white who shined brighter than the glowing walls. His heart skipped a beat and it seemed to melt away. What a coincidence it is that someone would be dressed as Wilma and I as Fred. Perhaps I’ll go over and introduce myself.

Fred made his way through the obstacle course of tables and chairs being careful to not them over.

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October 28, 2018 14:50
Black Masquerade The Fox sipped happily on her Vampire Kiss Martini she ordered from the bar. There were more than enough festive choices but this one caught her eye. A few more of those and she would be set for the majority of the night. There was only a handful of guests so far, but she expected there to be a larger turn out as the night continued.

Her eyes locked on a woman dressed as Medusa sitting not too far away from her. She had ordered the same drink, maybe that was an opening for conversation. The Fox offered her a bright smile as she spoke, “Having fun yet? I’m excited for what the night holds. I haven’t even attended a costume party.” The woman lifted her martini to her lips and took a long drink.

Her gaze left Medusa and fell upon Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Did they plan this or was it pure coincidence? It would be pretty comical if it was coincidence. But that’s what tonight is for, making connections! It was rather interesting to see how others interacted with each other. The Fox was definitely a people watcher.
October 28, 2018 17:49
Black Masquerade


Hearing the fox, Medusa nodded.   

"I've never been to one of these. Always wanted to but never had the courgae. But I'm so glad I did!  So far so good. I can't wait to see who else shows...more like..what else shows."


Just as she finished her sentence, she heard something pretty loud and had to turn to see what or who it was.  It was clear to her that this...person dressed as Fred Flinstone had a hard time navigating and she couldn't help but laugh. She didn't mean for it to come across as mean but it was something she would've done, if not worse.  Biting her lower lip, she turned away for she didn't want to embrass him either.  However, it was rather cute that he found Wilma. 

-Aww, they're so cute.  Hopefully they hit if off.-   She thought to herself.   Picking up her glass, she took a sip of her drink and couldn't help but find it delightful.

"Well that was fun to watch...I would most likely do much worse...anyway, are you having fun?"



October 28, 2018 19:03
Black Masquerade The Fox

She glanced at Medusa who seemed to be enjoying the Flintstones interaction as well. As the woman laughed at Fred's clumsy big feet, she rolled her eyes. Tonight will sure be interesting if anymore comics like this man come. The Fox tossed back her martini and waved the bartender over for a few shots.

"Do you think they came together? I was just wondering that. What an interesting coincidence if not, y'know?"

Was she having fun? Not too much was happening yet. But she wouldn't say she wasn't. She was content at the moment. The bartender placed her two shots before her which caused a devilish smirk to curl her lips. Alcohol was one of her few favorite things in this world. This open bar was a god send. IT was an open bar right? Oh heck, her tab is going to be outrageous.

"So far so good. I'm interested in seeing where the night takes us. I'm interested in seeing the others costumes."

With that said she tosses back one shot after the other and waves down the bartender once more for something to sip on.
October 28, 2018 20:09
Black Masquerade


Her hand never came off the glass as she lifted and began drinking.  There was one thing she didn't want to do and that was become stupidly drunk.  To much of that happened in the past and definitely a learning lesson.  Looking at The Fox, she gave a nod.

"I'm sorry. I'm sure he's quite embarrassed but that was totally funny!  I would do something like that but the floor would become my best friend and seeing how these floors look right now, I'm not even sure I would want to find out what lays hidden. My luck, I would step on something...squishy."

The very thought sent a chill up her skin, causing her skin to pebble.  But tonight, taking the drinks slow was a much better plan. 

"I do hope that more show. Although it would be funny if Fred and Wilma didn't plan it.  You never know."

October 28, 2018 20:19
Black Masquerade



Wilma heard the commotion before seeing the source, as she was enamoured with her chamagne. Her eyes roamed to the noise, and before she new it, she laughed, a bit of her drink spraying across the table. Fred Flintstone!

~Oh, goodness, I have to be a proper Wilma!~ She thought to herself, running her hands over her outfit and crossing her toned legs. Slender fingers went to the flame of hair atop her head as she smoothed it out.

She gave 'Fred' a beaming smile as he started making his way to her. A blush rose to her cheeks.

It didnt escape her that the two of them seemed to have an audience as well, as the beautiful Medusa and stunning Fox were watching the entire thing. This made Wilma blush even more.

Her smile was still holding steadfast as Fred made his way with his clumsy feet to her location.

She cleared her throat a bit, waving to him with a waggle of her finger.

"Hello, Fred!"

October 28, 2018 20:51
Black Masquerade The Black Swan

Once upon a time she had attended the Black Masquerade, but that seemed a lifetime ago. She decided it was time to once more enjoy the festivities. Before leaving she made sure all the little touches on her costume were perfect. The dress was a simple black strapless dress, the train was adorned with black feathers and sequin.

As the Swan arrived at the masquerade she held back from entering for a few moments. Cerulean hues danced across the costume clad figures in the room from beneath her black feathered mask. Medusa, two cave people, and a fox, it sounded like a bad joke in the making. What did the addition of the Swan make it? There was just one way to find out.

Her steps were placed carefully as not to trip on on her train, as she walked the light caught it just right and it shimmered. The Swan made her way across the room towards the refreshments, she was famished. On the way her eyes met briefly with a few of the other patrons, she offered a soft smile and a nod.

"I believe shall have the Death Punch."

A few moments passed and the drink was placed before her. Raising it to her lips she took a small sip before placing it back down on the bar. Once more her gaze turned back over the other costumes. She noticed a woman clad in green, Plant Woman? Also someone who resembled the Grim Reaper. What a bunch they made indeed. This would prove to be a fun night.
October 28, 2018 23:02
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He look over the other guests' costumes, which included a Black Swan and Fred from The Flintstones. This was going to be an interesting night. He then ordered himself a River's Regenerating C0cktail and some Witch Fingers.

October 29, 2018 04:30
Black Masquerade


Hearing someone else walk in, she turned slowly around and saw what appeared to be a Black Swan costume.  Medusa had almost picked out the same one but decided not to because hey, after all, how many more costumes would match hers?    It was an amusing thought and as she watched the woman, she smiled in return and turned back to her drink.  But after sitting there awhile, she looked around for somewhere more comfortable and just when she was about to give up until she saw a black booth.   It looked a lot more comfortable.  Grabbing her drink, carefully getting off the seat, her footfalls were small and careful.  Again, the unknowing what lay beneath the fog clung to her mind. 

As she passed others, she smiled as she head toward the booth and once there, sliding her body in, she could relax but still see who else would come in.  Not to mention, if anyone walked toward her or wanted to say hello, it was more comfortable and offered a place to sit.   Food would definitely be later.  

October 29, 2018 09:08
Black Masquerade The Fox

The bartender was rather quick bringing her another drink. What great service! This time she wanted to try River's Rejuvenating Elixir. It had a ring to it. The fox grabbed her drink and walked over to a small table where she could sit and people watch. Once she found a seat, she moved her fluffy fox tail to the side so she would smash it under her bottom, then plopped down. The woman crossed her legs at her ankles and proceeded to let her curious eyes linger.

Black Swan? She noticed a wonderfully dressed woman enter the club. What an elegant outfit. She always loved when people went for more elegant looks. However that's not to dismiss everyone else's costume! All creativity is great. After all this is the woman wearing a dress, fox tail and mask. Not much work, but damn elegant if she said so herself.

The Fox sipped on her Elixir and smiled contently as her gaze shifted to the Flintstones. How cute, they're talking to each other! If she could vote now they would be the cutest couple! But the night was still young, who knows they might have a surprise run for their money. The anticipation was killing her.
October 29, 2018 09:23
Black Masquerade

Grey Smurfette

Blue paint everywhere; in her ears, between her fingers, and any other visible skin. When it was time to wash the mess all off, it would take hours. She’d chosen to be Grey Smurfette (Smurfette's evil counterpart) from the comics, not the movie. On the bright side, all this paint and makeup meant she didn’t need to wear a mask to conceal her identity.

A wig of long black tresses flowed down her back. Her brows were penciled black as well. A grey Smurf hat was secured to the wig. She wore a simple grey sundress that hit midthigh with grey lace around the hem, and close toed chunky grey high heels. Two gold rings encircled the middle finger of her right hand. Fire engine red contacts hid the color of her eyes and completed the Grey Smurfette costume. Her one embellishment was the sparkling blue lips instead of matte blue like the rest.

It’s Halloween and she liked shinies.

Walking into the club, Grey Smurfette stepped to the side and stopped to take in her surroundings.  She’d never been to the place before and was sufficiently impressed. Onto the VIP Lounge and The Black Masquerade, where it’s been decked out for Halloween.

She grinned upon entering. Whoever decorated did a fabulous job of it but the fog covered floor made her wary, and not for the possible beasties lurking beneath. While adept at wearing heels, no visible footing could mean an untimely faceplant. Oh well. If it happened, it happened. At least no one would know it was her!

October 29, 2018 11:08
Black Masquerade Athena

Her long, dark curls were pulled backed from her face, pinned firmly to one side. The white robe she wore was fitted at the waist, then flowed free at her hips, the bottom hem was embroidered with snakes. Over her robe she wore gold, scaled armor and a golden helm adorned her head.

Athena made her way into the Black Masquerade slowly. Stormy green eyes took in the room as she passed through. A beautiful swan, a cunning fox, even a terrifying Grimm Reaper, but her favorite by far was Medusa. Such a history between these two characters in Greek mythology.

There was a pause in her step as she was approached by a server. "I will be having a cup of Cersei's Golden Champagne. Also please bring my new friend another of whatever it is that she has." She motioned in the direction of Medusa. Athena didn't think twice to invite herself to the table, that was why they were here after all.

Sweeping across the room, her stride carried her to where Medusa sat. She slid onto a seat across from the other woman. Before uttering a word Athena took a glance over the ones that she had missed. Fred and Wilma were delightful. A grey Smurfette, she would have to pick the woman's brain to learn how she'd come up with such an idea. Her emerald gaze moved back towards Medusa, just in time for their drinks to arrive. "Refills for everyone on me." She smiled as she slide some cash into his hand. "That should cover it."

At last she was able to turn her attention back towards Medusa. "Your costume, is impressive. You look almost lifelike. Not at all like some of the terrible and fake looking Gorgon costumes I've encountered in the past." Raising the glass of champagne to her lips she took a long sip. There weren't many people here yet, it left her feeling a little disappointed. This was supposed to be the place to be for Halloween. "Getting ready must have taken hours..." Placing her glass back upon the table her attention was now focused on Medusa.
October 29, 2018 19:34
Black Masquerade Fred Flintstone

Despite his awkward disposition, he felt himself gliding across the floor towards Wilma. The layer of fog that covered the floor throughout the club seemed to have dissipated around him. The whole time he concentrated on her eyes. Like sun at day break or springs first rain or even the falling of the first leaves of fall, her mere presence here has kept the wind moving through the trees and earth steady on its axis.

Life started to have been going in slow motion. He could see her lips parting and the air she drew to speak. ”Hello, Fred!” Her beautiful voice sounded as if he had a front role seat at a symphony. It was as if scores of angels accompanied her outward breathe. He longed to be close enough to be able to feel those angels breeze across his face. Still in slow motion, the blinking of her eyes only served to replenish the fire in her soul. A fire from which he sought warmth.

”Hello Fred, my name is Wilma.” He squinted his eyes and thought about what he had just said. ”I mean, Hi Wilma, my na”. Mesmerized, Fred could no longer muster the words.
October 29, 2018 19:56
Black Masquerade


From where she sat, she could almost see the entire room.  Almost.   Sitting there, one leg crossed over the other as her arms rested on the table and then as she remembered, not wanting to ruin her the paint, she sat back up slowly, gently lifting her arms as she carefully placed them on her lap.  Her smile had faded as she watched the next one come in.  This one confused her.  Lifting a brow, she remembered that smurfs were blue...except for this one.  -Uh oh- she thought to herself and then wondered if that would be Smurfette's twin...evil twin.   -Clever.  Nice costume-   Picking up her glass, she took a sip and set the wonderful liquid courage down.   -Don't over do it.-    It was her biggest worry.

As she sat there, another one came in.   Instantly she recognized the costume!   -Oooh, Athena!   How awesome is she?!-   Unable to stop herself from grinning, looking around, she wondered where Athena was heading and was surprised when she sat down across from her.   Hearing her order drinks, she slightly grimaced.  -Plan ruined...-  Her reptile eyes watched Athena's face as she gave a nod.

"Well, I am"    She couldn't help herself when she snickered.   "Sorry..Thank You.  Totally wish the head piece was real. Do you know how many would pee themselves?!  Talk about awesome.  And..yes.  It took two hours..if not a bit longer. Did you see my eyes?!?!  I mean...look at them! "     She really wasn't a freak, just overly exicted and the Martini was helping her relax a bit.  "I've never been to one of these before...I don't know why but I'm so glad I did.   And look at you!   Athena!  Did it take you long for your custome?  Sorry..I don't mean to chatter your ear off.  But seriously, Halloween rocks!"     Medusa picked up her glass once again but this time drained it, knowing more would be coming.  Placing the empty glass down,  pursing her lips together to absorb any alochol that may have been there, she smiled as her head canted slightly.   

"I wonder how many more will show. are you this evening?  Oooh, we should just stare at others and make them wonder what we're up to. "    She stopped and thought about it.   "All in fun of course. You're pretty and I'm pretty Evil?  Altough...Grim 'might' have us beat. "   She couldn't help but laugh.  "I'm sorry. I'm only playin around.  Just having fun and it's so nice that we can be  here and not have to worry about much, ya know? "


October 29, 2018 23:10
Black Masquerade



As 'Fred' made his way to her, her heart set to flutter, and there were knots in her tummy. The fog surrounded him in an unearthly way, making him that much more adorable and handsome. There were butterflies in her stomach made her near giggle. He was not so clumsy on his feet now, in those silly shoes. He seemed to have a purposeful stride. And that stride was bringing him straight to her.

At his introduction, she giggled, the shake of her shoulders making her head swim with a touch of embarrassment that he have taken note of little old her.

She rose from her seat, taking note of his height next to her demure stature. She was supposed to say something here, but words were escaping her, and she seemed to forget how to breath for a moment.

When time, and her body, caught up with her head and her heart, she smiled warmly, gesturing to a seat at her table.

"Seems I have left my manners back in the stone ages...Would you care to join me?" She asked, hoping beyond hope that he would.

October 29, 2018 23:59
Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

She waddled in unceremoniously, the inflatable costume making her feel like a whale rather than the fearsome dinosaur of past ages which she was supposed to be. Her tail immediately knocking over a table as she went to turn around and walk to the bar, delectable treats and fizzling drinks flying everywhere as she grumbled something along the lines of "she would try and pick it all up but honestly couldn't bend down enough to reach anything." She flailed her arms about as she tried before promptly giving up and muttering her apologies to the staff.

The heat of the costume was starting to get to her, making her itch. She popped one of her arms back inside the costume to scratch and sighed a sigh of relief as she reached the bar. For the time being she decided to avoid any alcohol, instead opting to order a water, attempting to cool herself down. She sat herself awkwardly at the bar, adjusting herself so the tail would hang over the edge, slightly sticking out (but the best she could do without being a total trip hazard). Her gaze scanning the room as she took a mental note not to bother the Flinstones in case they decided their previous dinosaur-bone car required an upgrade.

October 30, 2018 01:01
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He continued to absorb the atmosphere while enjoying his drink and Witch Fingers. However, someone mentioning him got his attention. He glanced over and saw Medusa and Athena at a nearby table. He gave the unlikely pair a nod before turing back to his drink and snacks.

October 30, 2018 06:28
Black Masquerade


She had just turned to see The Grim Reapers expression and couldn't help but laugh.   The good part about tonight, is that she wasn't going to die..well at least not yet and she definitely didn't have plans on it.  Taking another sip of her drink, she thought about something before placing the glass back down.

"Grim, you can join us if you like.  Unless you would like to remain silent? "  Just has she finished her sentence, she looked at Athena.  

"Do Grim Reapers talk?"

October 30, 2018 07:54
Black Masquerade Fred Flintstone

Fred came to his senses but still had trouble gathering his thoughts. She gestured to a seat, but sitting just wasn’t what he had in mind. She spoke again and symphony in his ears only sounds more magnificent.

”Yes ma’am, I’d love to join you, only not here. Will you accompany me to the dance floor?”

He didn’t want to seem as to invade her personal space but he secretly longed to break the touch barrier. Fred extended his arm and slowly rolled his fingers. His hand now cupped with palm up, he anxiously waited for a response.

”I would be honored if you will please dance with me?” His heart was pumping so hard that he could hear his beat over the music.
October 30, 2018 15:40
Black Masquerade The Girl Scout

She looked in the mirror one last time as she smoothed down the muted green skirt. Her blouse was crisp and buttoned, and she had the cute little yellow tie just under the collar snapped into place. Her fingers traced over her sash slowly. She had sewn every single one of those patches on it with painstaking precision. They lined up properly in neat little rows and it had earned her yet another achievement award, her ‘sewing patch. She put on her ankle socks and rolled them down just a little before donning her pristine white sneakers. Her laces had the small green Girl Scout logo running up and down them and she knew her feet looked adorable. She wiggled her toes and stared at her reflection. Her troop number 666 was displayed impressively on her sash as she laid it across her body like a pageant queen. She brought her white gloves with her, although she was afraid of them getting dirty. She moved her pigtails to the side and placed her green beret onto her head and used bobby-pins to secure and make sure it wouldn’t fall off.

Her wagon was stocked with boxes of cookies, and she bit her lip as she wheeled it slowly down the entrance way and came upon the menu sign. She looked again at the neatly stacked boxes all sorted by color and flavor. She brought as many as she could think of, hoping to have something for everyone. Her eyes darted over the fancy sounding food and drinks. “No Cookies!’ She clapped and gave a gleeful squeal at that discovery. Some of her scout sisters had been creative putting up stands in front of grocery stores and dispensaries that provoked the munchies and they had a rapt audience for their record breaking sales. She was determined to do it a little differently, and thought since it was Halloween, this might be the perfect venue. She really needed to catch Tiffany’s totals so she could earn the coveted “cookie sales” patch. Exhaling slowly, she made her way into the grand hall of party goers pulling her wares behind her.

October 30, 2018 15:51
Black Masquerade


He wanted to dance? The music was fast paced, techno-ish. It was the kind of music she listened to when she cleaned, in the privacy of her own home, in her underwear, like a fool.

She found her breath give a hitch in her throat. She was temporarily frozen for a moment. His voice had been smooth as silk. How could she resist?

Her  brain gave her a kick once again and slowly she lifted a small hand, settling it into his outstretched, much larger hand. The touch was almost electrifying. Was it because they seemed to be of the same mind in costume idea? Or was this something more, something that connected them on a deeper level?

She finally canted her head to him, smiling up at him.

"I would love to dance with you?" The words fell graciously from her lips as she waited for Fred to lead her off.

October 30, 2018 19:04
Black Masquerade

Harley Quinn


Walking into the establishment wearing my red and white T-shirt , a leather wrist band on my left wrist, my neck collar with my loves name on it Puddin, I also had on a black Jacket and my black knee high heeled boots. My hair was in its normal pig tails with the red and blue hair band on each side that my tails color were.Red on the red tips and blue on the blue tips.Seeing the man at the door I hand over my only weapon which was a bat. After making my way to the bar I order myself a Death Punch and some Angel Wings. As I wait for my order to come  I look around watching everyone as tney dance, talk to one another. Everything would be perfect if I had my Puddin here, but seeing that was not going to happen I was going to make the best of things for myself.

After a few minutes my order arrives  so I start off by taking a sip of the Death Punch which quenched my thirst. The Angel Wings smelt heavenly picking one up I took a bite and thney were devine mouth watering good. Finishing the Wings and Death Punch I ordered another drink. The place seemed to be hopping so I remained seated at least for now.

October 30, 2018 19:18
Black Masquerade Athena

The story of Athena and Medusa was one as old as time. Once Medusa had been a beautiful maiden, she'd angered Athena who then cursed her as a Gorgon, with hair of snakes. Their costumes were the prefect compliment to one another. Reaching up she flipped a few of her long winding curls back over her shoulder. Raising her glass to her lips once more she took a long sip, that was the end of it. It would seem she needed a larger glass. Raising her hand up she motioned for another server who was passing by. Medusa might have been trying to take it easy but Athena's night was just getting started.

"Well, let's consider being alive a bonus. We're not guaranteed that around here are we?" A small grin spread across her lips, she was only half joking. The server approached and she twisted those grey-green eyes towards him. "Another round for the table please, actually I'll take two glasses. These glasses are on the small side," or maybe she needed to slow down. "Snakes for hair, might be an adventure you'd have to go on alone. It sounds a bit dangerous to me. Plus, unless I'm mistaken those would be venomous snakes if they were real." Athena gave a small shrug. "Imagine a lot of people would... pee themselves." Her head dipped back and she laughed for a moment. Medusa was humorous for sure.

Taking a few more moments she studied Medusa's eyes. They were indeed intricately done, each details was placed so carefully. It was plain to see a lot of time and thought had gone into the costume. She was bit jealous, she would never have the patience for such fine detail. Instead her make-up consisted of nothing, not that she needed on a normal basis but it was the Black Masquerade after all! "My costume didn't take more than the time it took to put on." She tapped her hand against the armor, it made a light clanging noise. "This took the most time, I couldn't figure out how to put it on correctly. I think it's right now." Who was really alive to say how an ancient Olympian Goddess wore her armor anyways? She drained the last of her glass of champagne just as the server arrived back with a tray of drinks. One for Medusa and two for her. Prefect timing! "Yes, it truly does. This is my first time attending as well."

"Staring at others seems to be the name of the game this evening. And I agree there are far to many things to worry about in this Realm already." Aside from Fred and Wilma and Medusa and herself everyone else seemed to be keeping to themselves. It was a pity, this event was meant to be so much more than that. Perhaps they were shy or nervous. That had never been a problem for her though.

Another moment and her stormy gaze passed over the others. Nodding to one another as though they were at Business Fest 2018, this wouldn't do at all. She chimmed in. "Yes, Grimm. Please do come right over. Even if you mustn't speak, but instead point that is what Grimm Reapers do right?" She may have been slightly confusing him for that one ghost from A Christmas Carol. Athena also motioned at the Black Swan, the Fox, and Smurfette. "Really anyone is welcomed to join us, that is why we're here. The more merrier." She stopped a moment, her eyes turning to the Girl Scout who'd entered. "Creepiest costume of the night hands down. I'll buy you a Shirley Temple."
October 30, 2018 21:35
Black Masquerade The Clown

Locks of curly blue hair flew every which way, such a mess. Two bright pink heels stood perfectly lined together just outside the main door. Just a one glance her way and that was all it would take for her to go in! She squealed with delight. She couldn't take it anymore! In she skipped, her skirt flouncing about as she made her way around the room.

No one would have to guess her costume. Her face was painted white with two rosy circles on her cheeks, instead of a big red nose she'd decided on the cute little button red nose instead, then there was that large painted on smile. So great for her cheery disposition! The striped red and white top of her dress and the rainbow, tulled skirt seemed to bring her whole costume together.

A skip around the room, she heard someone mention a Shirley Temple. Oh! she wanted one of those! Athena and Medusa were inviting people over to their table, she should join them!

About to do that she stopped and let out a shriek of excitement! COOKIES! SHE LOVED COOKIES! Reaching into the pocket of her dress, she pulled out a balloon and blew it up! Skipping over to the girl scout she smiled beneath that big fake smile! "Hello there little girl scout!" She held a the balloon out. "This is for you and I'll take one box of Thin Mints!" Again unable to help herself she danced in place and let out a yelp of glee!

Yep, she probably looked crazy. She was a clown for the sake of it all she probably was. Bouncing up and down in place she waited for the girl scout to give her the price of coveted box of cookies.
October 30, 2018 22:05
Black Masquerade The Girl Scout

Wowie this was going to be fun! Large wide eyes looked around at the decorations and costumes. The bar off to the side with its many colored bottles,those were definitely for the adults. Maybe she should put the wagon there? Oh the table of the fancy foods was right next to it. The aromas made her realize in her excitement she had forgotten to eat first. She hoped it wasn't too expensive or she might need to open her little green plastic coin purse and buy something yummy. She didn't want to compete with the food the party was offering, so instead she hung back slightly looking for a place where she wouldn't be in the way.

"Yabba Dabba Dooooo!" She giggled as she saw Fred & Wilma dancing. She then spotted the dinosaur and wondered if that was Dino, except it wasn't purple. She looked at the scary man in the black and wondered if maybe some "Lemonades" would make him less gloomy. They were tangy and made her lips pucker. There was a pretty lady in gold and black in a mask sitting close to another masked lady all in black and a Smurf, but wasn't she supposed to be blue? At least that's what she remembered from the cartoon show on Saturday mornings. The Greek and Snake ladies were sitting together at a table and one was looking at her. OOOH! Maybe she would like some "Trefoils"? They were very elegant cookies just like the ladies were. She didn't know who the other lady who came in with her was, but she liked her pigtails, and was glad she had to put away her scary looking baseball bat.

She was about to make her way to the table with the two ladies, pulling the wagon carefully when a Clown jumped in front of her. The Girl Scout smiled. She loved clowns. The one that came to her last birthday party was super fun and made the best balloon animals. When the clown handed her a balloon she almost missed her asking for the box of Thin Mints. "FOCUS!" she told herself. Smiling back at the clown and taking the balloon graciously, she tied it to the handle of her wagon while thanking her most kindly. A Girl Scout must always be polite and show good manners!

"Thank you Miss Clown! One box of Thin Mints coming right up! They are $3.50 a box and all for a good cause!" The Girl Scout beamed. Her first sale!

October 30, 2018 23:50
Black Masquerade


The History alone on Athena and Medusa was sad.  Medusa was in the right to deny Poseidon, however, this didn't work out for her and in the end, Athena did something she felt she had to do. Even the Gods themselves made mistakes.  However, tonight, if anyone knew the entire story, they would see how this situation was a bit odd, even though they were wearing customes.  It was quite Ironic really.  It taken her a few minutes to get used to the idea but then again, she knew where they were.  Thank goodness for Halloween!   

"You're correct!  If this hair were to be of snakes, I'm the only one who could withstand them.  I'm not sure who would be more grumpy, me or them.  Yikes!"

After the invite for The Reaper himself, which still amused Medusa, she took a look around a few more had come in.  The T-Rex -yikes-  Watching whoever it was, trying to navigate around was almost painful as watching Fred and Wilma dance. But as she sat there looking at the three of them, she accidently spoke out loud.  "I wonder if they know Dino is here?"   But she hadn't stopped herself as her eyes wandered around to whom else came in.    The Girl scout..."Man..I hope that's not a little kid.  But she best be sharin them cookies.  Oooh, the thin mints are to die for."   It was then she realised her inside voice was on the wrong side of the door.  "Oops."  Once her drink arrived, she washed her words down with one big gulp.  

Now she saw Harley Quinn and..a..oh no...The Clown.  -Man, we're gonna die!- This time, she kept her inside voice where it belonged...on the inside.  

"We might...well I hope Grim works his hollow butt over here cause if he don't kill us, I believe she will!"  Picking up her glass, her eyes moved to Athena. "Ya know, I'm not sure I like the whole snakes on my head. It's okay for tonight but I'm just glad  that they're not real.  One, it would creep me out. Two, I would be scaring a lot of peeps tonight. You know? I almost don't want the night to be over. However, this place needs to become more alive."  

Hearing Athena's invite for more to come this way, was music to her ears. "Ahh, Athena?   Tell me who's creepier?  Girl Scout or Clown?  You know?  this is like a movie I watched once. Just once. It was about a Clown named IT.  I believe I pee'd a lil back then. Shower drains still mess me up.  And now..we have a Clown. But hey, if Reaper walks over, he's got his scythe.  Hey, do you think it's real? "    Her hand curled around the cool refreshing glass. Lifting it, so her arm bent at the elbow, the glass was brought to her bronze colored lips as she began to drink.  -Ooh, this is way to easy. There should be a law against this.-  She thought to herself and when the glass was gently placed on the table, she leaned forward.  "I think I'll need two more!"   Sitting more upright,  her mouth opened, revealing her fangs as she shouted.  


A laugh that was so loud, kinda matched her crazy costume. But now everyone could see Medusa's face.  She really took on a snake like appearence.  Sitting back down, her smile wide, as her eyes met Athena's. 

"Giiirl, it may not be the greatest way to meet guys but damn it, it suuure is fun. This night is going to be Awesome!!"

October 31, 2018 00:08
Black Masquerade The Grim Gorgon Wilma

It had taken much thought on her costume. She wanted something original, something unique. Parties weren’t her thing, but figured she ought to show up. Better than sitting at home waiting for little brats knocking at her door begging for candy. Honestly- sweet death come quickly. So, the little introvert shoved her hair under a wig that was complete with snakes. Not just any snakes, but red ones. Red ones fashioned into an iconic coif straight from the famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon of years past. She slipped on the trademark, easily identifiable white sheath dress and chunky pearls. Lastly, she pulled a long black cape on and grabbed a scythe.

Looking in the mirror, she remembered the Coco Chanel quote- before you leave the house, take one thing off. But truly, she looked so amazing she simply couldn’t. Everything was exactly as it should be. She was just the right amount of creepy. If there was one thing she did not care for, it was to be scared. She loathed it. Why on earth would anyone intentionally seek out being frightened? It was truly the stupidest thing, she thought as she hailed a cab to the party.

A wide smile parted her pretty lips as she entered the party, very much intent on having an absolute delight! Her face fell nearly instantly upon entering. There she was, a Wilma. A very good one at that. Standing near a Fred! The blood drained from her face. Spinning to avoid being seen, she came face to face with none other than Medusa! Looking every bit majestic as the original. Hand pressed to her mouth, she spun in the other direction. Of course, of course, there was the Grim Reaper. Looking so authentic, he very well may be the actual grim reaper. Well, she certainly hoped so, because this was an epic fail. Epic. Fail. He could do the honor of reaping her soul now to end this embarrassment and she’d be much obliged.

Is there anything more horrifying than showing up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else? I’ll tell you the answer. No, there isn’t. Here she stood, experiencing that horror thrice-fold. She even pinched her arm to see if she were in some kind of freakish nightmare. Either she was in the deepest sleep or this was in fact real life. Before she could experience any further humiliation, she turned on her heels and ran off, black cloak flapping behind her. Hopping into the back seat of the cab, she was eternally grateful he hadn’t driven away. Sliding along the ripped vinyl interior, she shoved a wad of cash at him and directed him back from whence she came. A bottle of wine and the porch light off- not the most exciting Halloween but certainly less horrific. Perhaps she’d watch a nice film. She’d heard of a new one about families called Hereditary she thought she’d check out. A nice and peaceful evening, not scary or horrifying at all.
October 31, 2018 01:10
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He turned to face Athena and Medusa again as they called to him. He wasn't the most social being, but he would oblige for tonight. "Very well." He finished his snacks and wandered over, glancing at a Girl Scout and what looked like a cartoony Gorgon.

October 31, 2018 04:39
Black Masquerade Harley Quinn

Finishing yet another drink I saw Medusa look my way. I gave a wide smile and walked over to the music machine and put in a few coins pressing D7 ,It was the Halloween theme. Oh how I loved that music it made me dance around with my arms spread wide to my side. I twirled all the way over to Medusa and in my canning voice I asked.

" If I look at you in the eyes will you turn me into stone?"

My eyes were fixed on her and waited eagerly for her reply. This was the night not only for fun but tricks as well.
October 31, 2018 09:42
Black Masquerade


She had turned her head when she saw something odd.  It was like looking in one of those fun mirrors but instead of one image, she saw three.  Her mouth closed as her brows furrowed and she slowly stood back up.  Canting her head, her reptile eyes searching to see what it was she saw but before she knew it, the individual was gone.  -Who and what was that?- she thought to herself.  Head turning to the side, she wondered if Athena had seen it as well but the look of confusion disappeared when she heard Grim speak.   

"Athena!!  Grim talks!!   YES, YES, YES!! "   Wanting to say something else Medusa stopped and looked a bit confused..again.  "If he eats or drinks, does it...fall back out? "   Shaking her head, she couldn't help but laugh at herself.  If there was one thing she could, that was amuse herself.    "But we do make an interesting trio if you think about it. "

Medusa was just about to sit down when Harley Quinn popped up.  She looked so cute in her weird pig tails that held different colors.  But it was her question that made Medusa smile deviously.    "Why Miss Harley, you never know what I'm capable of.  But the one you should fear is the one I sit across from.  The Beautiful Athena."   Once her words left her mouth, she turned to Athena and whispered  "Play along! "    It was merely in fun and obviously no harm would be done.  However, the very thought tickeled her senses as she sat next to Grim, making him push over.   

"Come on Grim, scoot down, I need to make room for Harley. "    This time, her gaze slid over to see Miss Quinns face. "We have plenty of room. Come on in.  Ooh, this way I'll be hidden and scare the pants off of everyone..well...almost everyone. OH MY GOD, this is so fun!"

October 31, 2018 10:07
Black Masquerade Fred Flintstone

Fred took her by the hand and carefully led Wilma to the dance for. The beat of the music was too fast for what he had in mind, but to him it didn’t matter. He was going to slow dance with her no matter what music was playing. At the dance floor, he took a few seconds to remove his foot wear. Fred tossed one across the dance floor and the other in the air which seconds later landed on the bouncers crossed arms. Staring into her eyes he took a quick breath and pulled her close to him. The touch of her body burned into his skin, heart still racing – he felt almost dizzy.

Fred slowly breathed in and quickly became engulfed by her scent. ”She smells amazing,” he thought to himself as he exhaled gently on her neck. She didn’t resist the closeness and he wondered if he could get away with pulling her in a little closer. Fred lowered his hand to the small of her back and pulled her in even closer. It took him a few tries but he managed to synchronize his breathing with hers. The rhythm of the music seemed to have slowed down. Together they moved to the music as one, at least the melody of the music they were making there in each other’s arms.

He pulled away for a second to make eye contact to affirm what was happening. "Thank you for joining me."
October 31, 2018 15:39
Black Masquerade Harley Quinn

Harley grinned as Medusa spoke her eyes twinkled looking over at the Goddess Athena. How coukd domeone so beautiful be one to be frightened of. Harley watched as Medusa made room for her and slid in next to her. Her smile still wide this was going to be so much fun and making new friends was just a Harley Quinn Halloween special.

"I really want to thank you for letting me join you. I hate being alone on Halloween.Dont you?"

October 31, 2018 17:05
Black Masquerade



Wilma followed Freds lead, and giggled a little when he got rid of those silly shoes. She downright chuckled when the intimidating demon bouncer recieved one of them. He seemed to take no offense, thankfully.

The music was fast, but that didnt matter. Fred pulled her close...very close, the hand on the small of her back made her shiver and blush at the same time. Those butterflies danced about her tummy once again. She didnt stop him at all. Despite the music playing, their hearts seemed to be creating their own rythm and melody just for the two of them. His breath on her neck made her feel as if she was not even touching the dancefloor, just hovering there, with him.

She rested one hand on Freds shoulder as the other rested against his chest. They swayed to their own tune, and very pleasant one at that. When he spoke, she looked up into his eyes and gave him a smile.

"They pleasure is all mine, so thank you for asking." She said to him, that blush still tinting her cheeks as she let out a sigh of contentment. "This is a wonderful night, indeed."

October 31, 2018 18:03
Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

She sipped her water as she watched the interactions of the night, her eyes scanning the room. She wondered whether she should've come as her second option, an ancient Greek sandal, just so she could join in with Medusa and Athena, their glances making her shift uncomfortably as she assumed they were most likely plotting world domination. With costumes like that, I think they will take over.. here, at least.  

She leaned her elbows on the bar and sighed as she watched Fred and Wilma, two peas in a pod, almost beginning to day dream as she realised this was a party and it was halloween. What am I doing! Stop this, and go and talk to someone! She slapped herself in the forehead and shook herself awake with a wiggle of her tail involuntarily, motioning to the bartender to bring her some ghost cakes.

She happily nibbled on the corner of one before spotting the girl scout and her cookies. “Oh! Cookies!” she exclaimed to herself animatedly, thankful that no-one could see her face and tell how excited she was. She was about to muster up some courage and wander over there to see if she could have some but a flurry of blue and giggles blocked her way, the bubbly Clown jumping up and down in her own excitement. Maybe I’ll wait.. She pondered, wipping off a few ghost cake crumbs that had found their way on to her lap.

October 31, 2018 18:53
Black Masquerade The bum

Staggering into the room he finds a chair to fall into nearly missing it.
Looking around the room he rubbed his nose and felt his chest bump as a hic escaped his mouth.
October 31, 2018 19:11
Black Masquerade


Giving a nod, she put money on the table to make sure the drinks didn't stop.  Harley was right. No one should be alone on night that spoke of mischievousness and fun.  But as she answered Miss Quinn, that didn't stop her eyes from moving about.   If there was one thing she didn't like seeing, is some left alone.  

"You're so right Harley.  No one should be left out or alone. Now scoot.  Sit next to Grim. Oh..if he does something let me know."  Giving a wink, she was having so much fun and as Harely got out, Medusa made her move.  Once her body was free from the seat and table, she moved with ease, along the dance floor until she was back at the bar.  This...dionsaur was the most loneliest looking individual.

"Excuse me....T-Rex?   I noticed you..a few...well when you came in. We have a table of evilness over there if you care to join. Plenty of drinks to go around.  This is a night of fun, not misery. "   Her eyes never left the dinosaur when she spoke and after she was done,  scanning the rest of the bar, she spoke loud enough to the rest who sat there. 

"All of you are more than Welcome to join us."   Turning around, she moved her way back to the table but as she did, she made sure not to disturb Fred and Wilma.  -those two are so cute.-   She thought to herself as she sat down, moving Harely over.  "Girl, don't be afraid of him...I don't think he has teeth to bite. "

October 31, 2018 19:34
Black Masquerade The Girl Scout

She finished up the transaction with the Clown and eyed the table with the now four people. The Greek lady had already looked at her once, and she hoped it meant she was interested in a box (or two) of cookies. She looked at the snakes on the head of the other lady. Hmm. She had not gotten her “Animal” patch yet… she wondered if not getting bit by one would count towards a requirement. If she DID get bit, well she had her “Life-Saving” patch already earned so she was pretty sure she could suck the venom out if she absolutely had to. She had her first aid kit in her wagon, of course, because a Girl Scout must always be prepared.

She wheeled her way over to the table and smiled sweetly at each of the guests sitting there. She took a deep breath, remembering her lessons from the “Cookie Business II” class they had for Entrepreneurship and gave them all what she thought was her best smile. Hello! Isn’t this a lovely party? You all look very nice over here, and I was wondering if you might like to add to your already delicious plates of food with a box of cookies? You don’t have to eat them now and can take them home for later and to share with friends. It is for a good cause.” She waited politely while they made their decision, and noticed a man come in and miss his chair completely. He didn’t look so good. Maybe cookies would help?

October 31, 2018 19:47
Black Masquerade The Bum

Looking up he got to his feet and wobbled a bit. He saw the girl scout and smiled.

October 31, 2018 21:02
Black Masquerade Tide Pod

Arriving at the club, Tide Pod simply looked at the bouncers with a challenge. Weapons? Unnecessary. The Pod was a weapon in and of itself! Would they allow the guest to enter? Of course.

Stepping through the door, TP glanced around at all that gathered. There were some very interesting and arresting costumes! Fred and Wilma dancing. A little Girl Scout selling cookies. Medusa with her snake hair; Tide Pod probably shouldn’t stare too long at her. Athena, must have been Medusa’s companion, the old tales and such. And there were others still that disguised eyes would study. With a smile, Tide Pod waddled toward the bar and inspected the menu.

“Champagne please.” How long had it been since TP had a good glass of champagne? The contemplation didn’t last long when treats were spotted.

Taking the glass offered, money found the bar keep’s hand and Tide Pod was off to inspect the delicacies present. Sure it was difficult moving about with what resembled a pool float filled with milky detergent covering their person. People might have even been confused at first with what TP was, if it wasn’t for the signature blue and orange swish symbols filled with colored water emblazoned across their stomach. Still, TP managed to make it to the table of treats, fill a plate with everything and not spill a drop of wing sauce on any part of the white bodysuit worn beneath the costume.
October 31, 2018 22:08
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He resisted the urge to snort at Medusa. He was more than capable of speech, as well as eating and drinking. However, he did not get to say much more as he was forced to scoot to the side to make room for Harley Quinn. He chuckled darkly at the remark about his teeth. "I do have teeth, considering my head is a skull."

November 01, 2018 05:15
Black Masquerade


She wasn't sure if it was her but the music seemed to get a bit louder.  Turning her head, she heard a small voice and a brow rasied.  The Girl Scout was selling her cookies. Medusa leaned forward and eyed her up and down and then the chocolate sweetness she tried to hide.   Lips curling into a grin, her arms were placed on her lap.  She could smell the mint ones and couldn't help but lick her lips.  

"Hello Girl Scout.  I see that you do have..cookies.  One question that I do have.  Are they laced with something? Because that would seriously wreck my night. I wouldn't be happy."    After all, it didn't hurt to ask.  

Waiting for a response, a bum was spotted and her face into a look of concern but also made her nose crinkle.  -I'll make sure to stay away from him.  That can't smell nice.-     Staring at him, another image caught her attention and it was the most amusing thing, not to mention clever. 

"IF we start to stink, I'm gonna call that one over.  But a word of advice, don't lick it and it's not food." She couldn't help but laugh out loud.  Shaking her head, she stopped and realized Grim spoke.   -HOLY SH*T,  HE SPOKE!-     There was so much emotions taking place but now she remained stunned as she looked past Harely. 

"WOW!!  You DO talk! you're a skull with teeth and...eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww..I don't wanna see you chew! DO have a...robe..on...ya know, I'm not sure what to call it.  But I''m liking you more and more. do you contain "    This very thought caused her brow to rise and she looked at Harely.   "I'm not sure how to feel right now. "     Instantly her head turned and looked at Athena.    "He spoke!  He sounds mad creepy! "  Her head swivled toward Grims direction.   "Okay....your voice kind of creeps me out but say something else. Talk Reaper..I knoooow you can."   Her smile widened as she waited.  He had her complete attention.   "My night just became better. "

November 01, 2018 09:51
Black Masquerade Harley Quinn

Harley scooted over now sitting sitting next to the Grim Reaper when Medusa left. She watched Medusa make her way to the bar. She couldnt help but smile at the way she had with people. 5his surely was going to be not only a f7n evening but an interesting one as well.

She listened to the others speak as she glanced around scanning the room and the others that were there. Wilma and Fred caught her eye and chuckled they did make a cute couple.
November 01, 2018 16:50
Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

Her eyes glazed over a little as she watched the festivities, her nose wrinkling as The Bum caught her attention. How did he get let in… when they said leave weapons at the door, surely his smell would’ve counted? She raised an eyebrow, which pretty much looked like a wiggle of her inflatable head before her eyes scanned the room as the door opened again. In marched a giant Tide Pod, her own giggle causing her camouflage-like pattern to blur as she wiggled, “Well, now we know who to send to clean up the Bum!” She muttered to herself.

Suddenly she heard her name. Making her to jump a little in fright as she looked at the perpetrator, swinging her large bobble head in the direction of the bronzed gorgon, nee Medusa, and causing her nose to hit one of the ghost cakes covering it with a dusting of icing sugar. She was hoping that the inflatable head of her costume hid her shock as she slipped off the bar stool in response. "Oh, why thank you. Of course I'd like to join" She spoke with a slight roar, attempting to stay in her character at least somewhat. A gulp of the last of her water and mustering her courage she waddled over to the Table of Trouble, naming it in her mind due to the variety of guests now clustered there.

With a bounce of her tail she tried to avoid collecting another cluster of chairs, only to slightly bump in to The Girl Scout (luckily at the end of her entrepreneurial spiel).  She bounced off her a little and spun around 180 degrees, her costume jiggling like freshly-set jello before swinging her large head to look at everyone at the table. She coughed, slightly nervous, her head leaned down making it look like her large snout was actually sniffing the table as she muttered, “Helloo..”

November 01, 2018 18:46
Black Masquerade Athena

At some point she had become fascinated with her nails and seemed to be studying them very deeply, the gold paint was starting to peel slightly. Ridiculous! You pay that much to get your nails done and it's coming off the next day. She made a mental note not to go back to that nail salon again.

"Athena!! Grim talks!! YES, YES, YES!!"

Suddenly she remembers where she is.

"Oh, yeah! I figured he talked, it's a matter of if he would.

"If there were an actual Grimm Reaper, I don't think he would eat or drink. Maybe this one does?" Those stormy eyes turned towards the Reaper and looked him up and down for a moment as though she were trying to determine if he were real or fake. "Yes indeed, quite the trio."

Suffering a lack of words for a moment, she picked up her glass and took a long hard drink. She drained the glass and motioned the sever to bring another. "You know, just keep them coming on second thought"

A clown buying cookies from a little kid was creepy as Hell. Harley Quinn and laundry soap. What wouldn't people dress up as these days? Harley had joined their table along with the Grimm Reaper, well she'd said the more the merrier but maybe some of the more might have to sit at the next table over if this continued to be a trend.

"Also the Reaper and Harley Quinn whatever their having." She told the server before he wandered off.

"So, we've established the Grimm Reaper can talk. Though.. I'm not sure I find him that creepy." She shrugged. "After all..." She gave a quick toss of her hair and put on a mock look of arrogance. "Only mortals fear death. I am an Olympian Goddess." She wasn't that funny but she couldn't help but laugh at herself.

Then came the T-Rex, she moved her chair more towards Medusa to make room for the bulky dinosaur. "Welcome." She said briefly before finally turning towards the Girl Scout. She was really pushing this cooking thing wasn't she? Talk about dedication to a costume. "Okay sure, a box of Samoa's and Thin Mints for the tables." She put seven dollars on the table to pay for the cookies. "That should be enough."

November 01, 2018 19:24
Black Masquerade Athena

She let her eyes wander over to The Black Swan who seemed to be frozen in place. "Are you going to join us or just stand there staring at the room? I don't think anyone, except maybe the Reaper and possibly the T-Rex will bite you." She waved her hand motioning the young woman over. She didn't seem too interested though.

Finally the server arrived back with their drinks, this time he brought two for her. "Oh, thank Zeus!" The first one she picked up as soon as he set it down and within in a matter of seconds she had drained the glass. Setting it back down she glanced at the Reaper and then the T-Rex, then the images in her head. Oh! They were too much! Her head dipped back as laughter erupted from her lips.

Yes, she probably looked crazy tonight. That was alright. If you couldn't show your crazy with pride on Halloween there was no hope for this world. "Ok, so I just had the funniest thought." She looks at Medusa, then Harley, at Fred and Wilma, and then finally a quick glance between the Reaper and the dino. "Just imagine... The Grimm Reaper and a T-Rex dancing. Again she burst into a fit of giggles. Perhaps those drinks were starting to catch up with her. "Okay, I'm sorry but you do have to admit that would be kind of hilarious to watch. Or really anyone dancing with a Grimm Reaper, it's pure comedic gold!"

Athena picked up the second glass, this time she just sipped it a bit before setting it down. This helmet on her head was getting heavy but she wasn't taking it off. Armor rental was expensive, especially when you needed something so specific. "Really though, jokes aside everyone has nice costumes and most ... of us managed to be original." She didn't mentioned the very failed attempt that had vanished as quickly as it had come. "Though..." She glanced over her shoulder to make sure the clown wasn't listening. "Her painted on smile is really creeping me out..." She was Athena. Grimm Reapers, no problem. Gorgons, piece of cake. Clowns, no way in Hell!
November 01, 2018 19:45
Black Masquerade


She couldn't help but laugh with Athena on her mental pick of Reaper and Dino.   Except her thought on it was, who would eat who?   Tossing her head back, laughing her ass off, she had to calm herself down.  Surely this had to be the drinks taking affect since she hadn't eaten anything.   


 Shaking her head, she couldn't help but wonder more about Grim.  What he actually looked like under the fabric that hid him from anyone else.  Leaning forward, Medusa tried to get a good look but failed at it.   Brows furrowing, she leaned back in her seat.  

  "Well, you might not find him a bit creepy but I do, yet, I also want to know more. Granted, if he was real, we wouldn't be sitting here right now, drinking and having fun."  Leaning forward  "Don't take that as a bad thing Grim, I'm curious. I mean, after all, how many come across a grim reaper?"  

  Her eyes moved to Harley and back to Athena.  "You see Harley, Athena is an amazing person. She is strong and wicked but if you want proof, look at me. I mean, who can turn someone's hair into a crawling ball of snakes? She's not one to mess around with."  Giving Athena a wink and a grin, a snicker soon followed.  "Man, if we were really scary would we be?  I mean come on, think about it. It would be awesome..or maybe we would be annoyed."     

Leaning back once again, she did her best to ignore the Clown.  That was one thing she couldn't wrap her mind around.  She was sure she was nice but there was just something about Clowns.   As the drinks came back around, pulling a twenty out of a hidden strap, she placed it on the table and couldn't help but notice eyes looking at her.     "Whaaat?!  It's not like you guys gotta touch it.  They do but hey, I'm not sweaty, which is worse. I mean..eww. And I really want some thin mints but they better not be laced with something. Man, that would seriously wreck my night."  Taking a drink, brows furrowing in wonder.  "I said that..right? I mean..before...? "  

  Her eyes scanned the room, everyone, and saw the bum doing something but not sure what exactly.  "Do you think that's a costume or an actual bum? I'm not gonna go smell him, I'll tell you that much. Ooh hey, maybe the Clown can...after all, he might like the Clown Or she could like him?  It could happen..No? "  After all, everything and anything was possible.      "Oh and Rex, don't be shy. I don't think much of us at this table are shy. Maybe some...but not many..or not at all.  I don't know...I should stop talking now...maybe..or continue to drink....ahhh, I'll figure it out."

November 01, 2018 21:48
Black Masquerade Athena

"The Grimm Reaper doesn't reap souls before their time. It's all part of the grand design." She'd heard that on a show once. It sounded good. "So, unless one of us was destined to die tonight we would be fine even with the Grimm Reaper in company."


"I can see how you would think he's creepy. A skeleton in a black robe but honestly death comes for us all. We don't know when our time is. So, let's make the most of the time we've got!"

Picking up her glass, she raised it up. "To being young and making the most of the time we've been given." She drained the rest of the champagne from the glass. To bad her tolerance for alcohol was spectacular, she just kept right on going. Waving at the server she motioned to the empty glasses building on the table. If he wanted a tip he had better move a little faster.

"If I was an Olympian Goddess I doubt that the Black Masquerade would be my choice of venue. I'm sure I'd be busy with ... well whatever it is that Gods do." She wasn't up to date on all her Greek mythology. For pete's sake it was Halloween after all. "Though yes, I believe that meeting a real life Medusa would be terrifying and a real life Athena would result in the death of nations for just a mere look."

"I seriously doubt she laced the cookies with anything but love, sweat and tears. She just doesn't seem the time. I mean, she was even nice to the C-L-O-W-N." She spelled it out as though she didn't believe the clown could understand.

Again more drinks arrived. "Just have a nice and enjoyable night and stop worrying so much!"
November 01, 2018 22:33
Black Masquerade


A single hand came up to her face as she watched and listened.  Athena did have a point. 

"Good point!  I'm not sure who would have the biggest scare.  Hmmm...anyway, I think we should do something besides sit here.  Maybe dance...try not to bump into Fred and Wilma...or something.  I'm gonna try not to think about real one. "

Taking another sip of her drink, she couldn't help but wonder.  But instantly stopping, placing her glass back down, Athena had a very good point. 

"You're right.  Man...we need to get up and so something.."    A laugh escaped her lips.    Some of her thoughts were odd.

"Oooh, I wonder if we can ride the wagon?  Hell knows I've fallen off the damn thing several times."

November 01, 2018 22:46
Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

She squished herself in right next to Athena, her little arms grabbing her tail and squashing it behind her butt so it wouldn’t stab anyone as they walked by. A slight smile as Athena spoke to the Black Swan, ‘Are you going to join us or just stand there staring at the room? I don't think anyone, except maybe the Reaper and possibly the T-Rex will bite you..’ before giggling to herself as she opened her mouth and over-exaggerated a biting motion with her jaws like she was hungry for some chicken as she glanced over at the swan.

Her eyebrow raised as she watched the Goddess pick up her drink, her armour glittering in the dimmed lighting almost making her dizzy as she watched. Blinking she came back to her senses just in time to hear the ringing laughter of Medusa, the snakes wiggling on her head mesmerising her for just a second before she realised they were laughing at her.  She wrinkled her nose and reached for the plate of Angel Wings, flailing her arms with her fingers outstretched as far as they could reach, the inflatable costume getting in the way. A loud huff escaped her lips, enough breath leaving her mouth to send the icing sugar airborne, straight in the direction of The Grimm Reaper, coating his black costume with a sheen of white.

She blinked. ‘To being young and making the most of the time we've been given.’ The Gorgon toasted just in time, hopefully not noticing the mess she had made of the food, before nodding her head and muttering the toast along with her. She glanced from Athena to Medusa, only to do it all again before smiling and slapping her little hands down on the table, the liquids of everyone’s drinks swooshing about from the sudden movement. “Damn right we need to do something!” She suddenly exclaimed, her voice still fairly quiet and a little squeaky (not quite dinosaur-like) even though she was trying to make herself heard. “Athena, Medusa.. Would you like to dance with me?!” She managed to utter, in spite of her reservations and nervousness.

November 01, 2018 23:58
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He snorted again at both Medusa and Athena. For two entities that were supposedly enemies, they seemed to getting on rather well. "Yes, I speak, but only when necessary." His next remark was a response to Medusa's comments about him being creepy, yet enjoying himself. "I am supposed to be creepy. Also, I have made today's quota, so I don't have to collect until tomorrow." He then brushed the icing sugar off his robe before turning to look at the T-rex while dusting off his scythe.

November 02, 2018 04:33
Black Masquerade The T-Rex

Her courage returning as she waited for Medusa and Athena's response, she turned back to the Grim Reaper. Her bobble-like head tilting as she looked at him, his hand dusting the icing off his scythe in a slow, purposeful manner as he glanced at her. She swallowed nervously and her voice shook a little as she spoke to him, "My my, Mr Reaper, what a large scythe you have there.. You're welcome to join us for a dance if you'd like?"
November 02, 2018 06:13
Black Masquerade Tide Pod

"IF we start to stink, I'm gonna call that one over. But a word of advice, don't lick it and it's not food."

Mid bite of a fricassee slayer heart, Tide Pod glanced up, brows raised, face absolute innocence. Was Medusa referring to TP? “Don’t listen to Medusa. Lick me, please.”

Not that anyone probably heard because suddenly the Grim Reaper spoke and this was, from the sound of it, an apparently shocking thing. Not as shocking as T-Rex doing it’s best Tony Montana from Scarface impression with a ghost cake; you know the scene, where he’s sitting in front of a literal pile of yayo. Which caused Tide Pod to effectively lose their sh*t, so to speak.

Body shaking with laughter, Tide Pod waddled towards an open high top because, let’s face it, sitting wasn’t an option. Setting their plate of food on the table before anything spilled on the floor, they glanced up at the rather adorable Wilma and Fred as they danced their little hearts out. And then Athena was toasting to making the most out of the time everyone has been given.

“To Death.” Tide Pod raised their glass to the others before tipping it back and draining the contents of the champagne flute; tried not to choke as T-Rex sent icing sugar towards the Grim Reaper like he was some beignet being dusted before serving.

Poor Reaper.

He should really take that dance to shake, shake it off.
November 02, 2018 07:33
Black Masquerade


Medusa lost it when everything landed on Grim  and then she heard the remark on the length of his scythe.   Tears forming from her eyes, having to dab them so the paint wouldn't come off,  she was laughing so hard her stomach hurt.  Seeing Rex trying to move was hilarious and seeing Grim covered was even better.   Reaching for her glass, she had to calm herself down before downing the liquid.   Oh, it felt way to good when it hit her system and she knew she would regret it the next day but it was totally worth it.

Upon hearing Grim speak, her face slowly fell.  -Yeah, cause that wasn't creepy at all.-   It was then she wondered if everyone had heard the same thing. A bit of confusion smacked her system as she leaned forward.  Poor Harley was stuck in the middle.

"Wait. What? "    She wondered if he was serious or maybe he as playing.  -Damn.-    So many thoughts and luckily they were inside thoughts.  

"So...are you real?  I mean...hey cool...maybe. that a costume or are you the real deal? "   Medusa became slightly concerned.   "Athena?  Can you see his face?  Or he the real deal?! "     Her question back to Grim.  "Are you the real deal?! "    Biting her lower lip, as her head slightly shook. 

"Still gonna take the reaper over the Clown. I'm just sayin...okay?  So all of you know ahead of time."

November 02, 2018 09:00
Black Masquerade The Clown

Dancing in places she clapped her hands together. "Thank you little girl scout!" She forked over the 3.50 and accepted her cookies. Now it was time for fun!

First she did a twirl, her skirt swooshed. That sound was music to her ears. Soon the clown was caught combination of twirls one way and then the next. The entire time her giggles were echoing throughout the Masquerade. Then she heard someone call her creepy. She stopped in mid-twirl. Her blue eyes gazed hard at the table of five. "Listen here lady!" She marched across the room to the table staring the lady in the white bed sheet down.

"I don't think a woman who's portraying the Goddess of War should be calling anyone creepy. According to stories she made THAT!" She pointed at Medusa. "Who even imagines to make someone into that? Someone evil and creepy!" She stomped her foot, crossed her arms over he chest, and began to sob. "Plus you invited everyone BUT me over. RUDE!"

No one would have expected such a joyful soul to grow so angry so fast. She was not an evil creepy clown in a sewer, she was a sweet clown buying cookies from a little girl scout and Athena was a word she wasn't going to use in front of that little girl scout!

Her head jerked towards Medusa for a minute. Take the Grim Reaper over a fun, happy clown with candy and balloons? She shook her head. "Lady, you're as nuts as the lady in the bed sheets. It's your loss because if I do say so myself, I'm delightful and entertaining!" Shrugging she then turned and skipped off towards the bar. Maybe they could make her a special drink, her favorite: an upside down lemon strawberry double lime mocha margarita with a triple shot of espresso!
November 02, 2018 18:24
Black Masquerade Athena

"I look so amazing just sitting here though!"

In truth dancing wasn't her thing, it never had been. "Uh, sure. I suppose."

"Listen here lady!

Before she could get up there was an unexpected outburst from of all people, the clown. ""I don't think a woman who's portraying the Goddess of War should be calling anyone creepy. According to stories she made THAT!" The words spewed from the clown's mouth like venom. Athena's stormy eyes narrowed upon the woman. Costume or not, things were about to go in a bad way. "I think you're taking things way to seriously. She twitched at what the clown said next.

"Who even imagines to make someone into that? Someone evil and creepy!" Was this clown kidding around or serious, she couldn't tell at this pint. Looking towards Medusa a second to see what kind of reaction the clown was getting out of her, she turned those gray-green hues over the others as well and then back to the clown. She was being punked, she just knew she was. "Take a step back and breathe. Frankly Medusa is a magnificent creature, both here and in mythology. She was Athena's best mistake." No one had time for this clown's drama on such a festive night.

The clown said her piece to Medusa and as quickly as she came she was gone. Well then. "More like delightful and psycho." She choked out slightly under her breath as the clown skipped away. Anything was bound to happen tonight.

Turning back to her companions at the table she just shrugged. Athena and a clown, yep tonight was full of the starting lines of a lot of bad jokes! "So... about that group dance..."
November 02, 2018 18:48
Black Masquerade


She had compeltely forgot what she was saying when all of sudden, the creepy Clown decided to give her opinion to Athena.  This was definitely going to be interesting and she almost regretted for not being the actual Gorgon. Sitting back, eyes narrowing as she listened.  Her jaw clenched as the Clown continued on with her rant. 

When her anger shifted to Medusa, it was everything she could do not to stand up and come face to face with the individual.  This was a Halloween party and remembering that no violence was to commence, she sat there patiently. Her eyes followed Miss Clown, as Medusa gave her opinion and she knew the Clown would hear her.

"I never met a Clown that was 'cute' or 'sweet'.  All you clowns have a few tricks up your sleeve.  And for the record, the Clowns I've come across...well..they became unrecognizable...or the people that attacked were unrecognizable."     Picking up her drink, she finished it off before setting the glass down.  "Another thing, if we were the real deal, well...a lot more would suffer our rath."  Another glass was placed in front of her and she grinned and lifted the drink. "So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"   

November 02, 2018 18:54
Black Masquerade


Downing that glass, she began to work on the other.   Athena's response was perfect.  

"You know Athena.  I really wish we were the real deal.  So much mouth for someone so unstable.  Then again, look at us.  As far as dancing, I need a few more drinks.  That was a complete buzz kill.  I was totally enjoying...well..time to enjoy more."    -be good, be good, be good, be good, be good-    "Love when my patience gets tested.  And don't listen to her.  You're the sexiest one here.  But that's just my opinion."   Medusa gave a snort as the thoughts came across.   "She'd be the one to watch out for.  They always carry knives..."    

November 02, 2018 19:08
Black Masquerade The Clown

She did not hear Medusa. There was nothing worth hearing, she'd already proven what kind of person she was. What did the woman want? A cookie for seeing a few clown movies? The woman had probably never met a clown in her life. No, she was already lost in her own little world again. It must be a terrible burden to have such a hateful heart, all she could do was wish the nasty gorgon the best from afar.

Plopping onto a stool at the bar she crossed one leg over the other, looking at the menu she sighed. Darn, darn, darn! She was going to have to pick something of this menu. Boo! "Okay, okay.. I'll have..." She ran her blue eyes up and down the menu. "Okay, I know... I'll have... no! no! Wait.." Then she had it! "Please mix me one River's Regenerating and one Cersei's Golden Champagne, together as one drink!" It sounded delicious. So full of imagination and charm, unlike others.

Then, after a few minutes the bartender brought her the two drinks, mixed together. She giggled and kicked her feet excitedly. "Oh! I can't wait to taste it!" She squealed at the bartender. She put the money owed on the counter and just stared at the drink in awe. It was so beautiful she wasn't sure if she wanted to taint it by drinking it. But she had to! She picked up the glass carefully with both hands and took a long drink. It ... was .. DELICIOUS! Again she squealed and this time spun around a few times on the swivel stool.

"Okay! One more of those! That should be enough!" Wait, something to eat! "Oh! Oh! Also Batter fried demon tail. Anything else? No, she was happy with that! Now she just had to wait for her food to come back. She spun around on the stool again, looked at the table where the rather nasty woman was and giggled before turning back around. She shoved the mass of disheveled blue locks out of her face. She would't let a couple of nincompoops ruin this night for her, not one bit!
November 02, 2018 19:31
Black Masquerade The Mime

A simple costume: Black leggings, stripped white and black shirt, a black fedora to replace the traditional style, white gloves, her face was painted white, and of course to add her own flair to the a pair of cute heels. It was perfect.

She sauntered up to the entrance and attempted to go through the door. An unseen force stopped her and sent her stumbling backwards. An exaggerated look of shock crossed her features. This would not stand!

Again she marched right up to the open door and tried to shove her way through. Her hands pressed against the air and it was no use she couldn't get through! She started yelling, but nothing came out! Mimes weren't known for their conversational.

The mime knew she had to get in there, she had to boogie until the cows came home! She proceeded to kick the air. Trying her damnedest to get the thing to open it wouldn't work.

Then she had an idea! She knocked on the air door and waited for someone to come let her in.
November 02, 2018 19:49
Black Masquerade Athena

The clown. She just left it at that. There wasn't enough time in the night to chase down each person who was offended. Life was far to short for that!

Taking off her helmet she sat it on the table. Her long, dark curls cascaded down her back as set them free. She was growing weary of all this back and forth. It was difficult to keep up with a conversation with five people and then there were others chiming in such as their friend the clown.

"You know Athena. I wish we were the real deal."

She wasn't sure what Medusa meant by that. Athena and Medusa were mortal enemies, it wasn't likely they'd go out for drinks together. She wasn't so sure Olympian's even went out for drinks. Of course if she were truly an Greek goddess she would be free to smite whoever she wished. Medusa was the perfect example of a God's power. Of course there weren't many who believed in the Pagan Gods of old anymore.

Reaching up she pulled the rubber band that was restraining her hair out and let her hair flow freely, it reached well below her waist. Sometimes her curls were a pain but the thought of cutting them was too much for her. She would suffer through before she would ever let that indignity fall on her.
November 02, 2018 20:27
Black Masquerade Athena

"A few more drinks sounds like a plan to me. She wasn't sure how dancing with a T-Rex and Grimm Reaper would go. She looked towards them both and a small smirk crept over her lips. "Reaper and Rexy, you go ahead and have the first dance. We'll join you soon."

She raised her hand at the server as he passed by. He'd figured out by now she was signaling for more drinks. She would be wiped if she kept this up, at least that's what he thought. Not the case at all, sadly the alcohol wasn't going to work for her, but she still loved the taste of that champagne. "I wasn't worried about her to begin with. I'm more worried about taking that conversation any further than it's already been." There was a simple solution she liked to follow when she finally had enough of someone, ignore them.

Smoothing out the wrinkles in her robe, she stared down at it. Perhaps it resembled a bed sheet a bit but a very well made one with very intricate embroidery on it! "Awe, well thank you for the compliment. You truly needn't worry. The opinions of sheep don't matter to a lion." By which she meant the clown was the sheep and Athena was the lion.

Tapping her fingers on the table a moment she glanced towards the door. A mime. Nope, not happening, no way no how! As though a clown wasn't creepy enough!

Reaching for her helmet she placed it back on her head not bothering to secure her curls back in place. Then she bounced to her feet. "You know, I think dancing sounds exquisite right now. No reason the cave people should have the dance floor to themselves all night!" She attempted to grab Medusa's arm and practically drag her to the dance floor. "Come on Reaper and Rexy. Look out right behind you Fred and Wilma!"
November 02, 2018 20:29
Black Masquerade


The thought of Lions tickled her senses.  They were so pretty and scary, not at all creepy.  Looking over at Grim, who was awkwardly silent, she wondered what he was doing or planning.    -He's a creepy kind of cool-     It out of the corner of her eye that she saw Athena move and looking toward that direction, a brow raise.

"'s not a Clown and I never understood them.  Then again, I have to voice my opinion because..well..I can. But that would be...ya know, I have no idea. "

When Athena latched on, just about dragging her, her headpiece just about fell off.  One hand came up and secured the head piece, she couldn't help but laugh.  Finally able to catch herself, so her feet were underneatch her, she followed Athena to the dance floor and almost bumped into Fred and Wilma. 

"Okay...I gotcha..hang on...or I'll hang on.  Aww, do you think Rex and Grim will dance?  Although, his body language doin't feel right.  I'm gonna blame the clown for that one...even if her intentions were good."

November 02, 2018 21:23
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He ignored the others' laughter as he was dusted. However, the dinosaur spoke again and got his attention. "Yes, it is. I am not one for dancing." He chuckled darkly at Medusa's question as he turned to the Gorgon. "Perhaps, perhaps not. Ask no questions, tell you no lies."

November 03, 2018 04:37
Black Masquerade The Girl Scout

She looked at the Snake Lady, shocked that she would suggest that something was done to the cookies. Cookies were pure! She shook her head no, her eyes still wide at the mere thought of such a terrible thing. She then turned her attention to the Greek Lady who was kind enough to purchase a few boxes. She completed the transaction passing along the colorful boxes of tasty treats. When they all started talking of dancing and flirting things, she picked up her wagon handle with the pretty balloon still attached and made her way over to the food table. She had been smiling all night and her cheeks were starting to hurt.

All of the food looked yummy, and messy. She ordered a small plate of the Angel Wings and Demon Wings hoping they weren't REAL! She had to take her white gloves off to eat, as the BBQ looking sauce would just ruin the carefully bleached white color. The Girl Scout wrinkled her nose. She could still recall having to scrub them in the funny smelling liquid and water so many time to get the look. It DID earn her a 'Housekeeping" patch so it was worth the effort.

Her eyes scanned the room watching all the activity. Animated conversations, dancing, drinking. She noticed the big Tide Pod wandering about. She had heard about those things at school. All the Teachers and Parent's were so worried about them but she didn't understand why. Weren't they just for laundry? Adults are so silly sometimes. She bet it smelled really nice though. With a smile she had a lovely thought.

The Girl Scout Law says that she will be friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong. Taking the words to heart, she felt sorry for the poor bum that was falling off his chair looking so hungry. She made a plate of the food from the table and picked up her wagon handle and walked along the perimeter of the Hall. She made sure to pass the Tide Pod, and breathed in the soapy, clean smell. Once she had that filling her senses, she wheeled her way over to the bum. With her most sincere smile, she offered him the plate of food she had gotten. "Hello Sir, you looked hungry so I brought you this."

November 03, 2018 06:42
Black Masquerade Athena

Clowns were creepy sure, but mimes were the stuff nightmares were made of. Hell. F-cking. No. She was not opening that imaginary door.

"It's a mime, it's evil. It will reap all our souls, even the Grimm Reapers." Not waiting for that by the time someone one let her in Athena would be across the room. Perhaps the Mime and Clown were friends. That would make sense. "Their painted white faces, over exaggerated expressions, and silence is disturbing. Let's avoid that."

She did drag Medusa right do the dance floor. Perhaps it looked more like Athena dragging Medusa to her death to onlookers. Except the problem was that person she wanted to drag to their death was that damn Mime.

Then they were at the dance floor, just in time the music changed from a slow song to something more upbeat. Something she could dance to. So she did.

"I think the clown is caught up in whatever the heck she's doing, so good for us." She glanced at the Mime who still seemed stuck on the other side of that imaginary door. "I think they'll have a beautiful friendship."

Her robes flowed around her, thank goodness she wouldn't have been able to move so well in tight jeans. The armor was real so it was a bit heavy, but she wasn't taking it off. It had been on the pricey side, she'd have to wear it the next four Halloweens to make it worth what she paid. However, it tied her whole costume together so it was worth it. Mimes and clowns aside, the night was amazing.
November 03, 2018 08:41
Black Masquerade The T-Rex

Well. This was not going quite how she planned. First she had asked Athena and Medusa to dance, Athena said yes but changes her mind and takes Medusa to the dance floor instead. She shrugged, admitting it was only fitting that a Grecian goddess and a Gorgon get grooving. Then, Mr OG cool, calm and collected himself declines her offer to wet his whistle on the dance floor, (lick his scythe.. whatever you want to call it) citing that he 'doesn't dance'. Obviously forgetting that this is a masquerade party.. And you know, people at parties normally dance. She huffed, causing her inflatable costume to jiggle. She guessed that saying wasn't true for her, "You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper". Probably because dinosaurs weren't really his thing (not that she could blame him, really) and that they happened to be killed off by a giant asteroid, not a glorified skeleton in a dress with a long pointy stick.

It was at that point she decided she wasn't going to give up. Not like her ancestors before her! She was going to dance whether an asteroid hit this place and all that was left was a smoking pile of boulders and bones or not! This was going to be her night. She was sure of it! With all her new-found fury she collected herself and stood up from the table suddenly, sending the drinks wobbling once again, before marching in the direction of the Tide Pod. Unfortunately she misjudged the distance between herself and the pointy end of the Grim Reaper's long stick. His scythe slightly tearing in to the shoulder of her costume as she stormed past.

Time stopped. She swore the music stopped too, (Fred and Wilma probably didn't stop but we'll never know) because all she could hear was the wooooosh of the sudden escape of air out of her inflatable suit. Her heartbeat filled her ears and her entire face turned the darkest shade of beetroot as her costume collapsed in on itself. In five seconds flat she went from a stomping Tyrannosaurus-Rex-on-a-mission to a floppy rubber snake. Her tail dragging behind her and the suit smothering her lithe frame. She was sure she resembled more of a squashed toad with the snout now covering her entire head and making it incredibly difficult to see.

Her voice now barely a squeak as she hitched up the remnants of her costume and moved past the Grim Reaper, "Excuse me." Before sliding herself over to the Tide Pod, the ominous swirling smoke around her feet becoming caught up, floating and making it look like steam was almost coming out of her ears from the embarrassment. She looked up, though she was certain they wouldn't be able to tell, with the weight of the deflated costume covering her head. Her little voice almost as little as her tiny T-Rex arms, "I might not be Fred Flinstone, but I can make your bedrock?"
November 03, 2018 10:32
Black Masquerade



As she went, more like yanked, to the dance floor, her body moved to the music but she couldn't really see the mime, for Athena had her eyes on it the whole time.  This made Medusa laugh as she danced.   Poor Athena was NOT having it.  As they ignored the Clown, because well, she had her own lil thing going on, Rob Zombies, Living Dead Girl, came over the speakers.  Medusa's body moved to the beat, looking very odd as it looked like she was floating.  The dance floor was already covered with fog, so it was quite fitting.  As she turned, her head went back as she laughed.   Oh, how fitting! 

Once her laughter died down,  eyes catching the attention of Rex and her custome.  "Ooh, a just...oh that's not good."   She winced but saw her attention was drawn to T-Pod.  Nodding, she agreed  "Perfect"     And went back to dancing.   Although as her head bopped, her body swayed matching the beat, she couldn't get her mind off of Grim and his words.   -Damn, he's gotta be like a Demon or something.  Which is even more fitting...maybe I can google it.-  She thought to herself .   As she looked to Athena, who was way to fixed on the mime and it only caused her to laugh.   


November 03, 2018 11:45
Black Masquerade The Girl Scout

She heard the WHOOSH and quickly looked towards the sound just in time to watch the poor dinosaur begin to shrivel. She didn't know what happened, but there was some black mist and the tail in a small thin mess on the floor. She just knew she had to act. She didn't wait for the bum and instead put the plate on the chair she was about to sit in. She quickly walked to her wagon - and being prepared - reached into the side and pulled out her sewing kit. She made her way not wanting to watch an extinction.

She passed the main entrance and paused. There was a mime there, knocking on an invisible door and waiting to be let in. She had her white gloves on, having donned them again when she brought the plate of food to the bum. She paused, even as the dinosaur was getting smaller. She placed her sewing kit to the side, and silently began sliding and unbolting locks down an unseen door and then turned the door handle. She opened it and made a grand sweeping gesture while bowing slightly, trying to usher the Mime inside with a welcoming smile.

She then picked up her sewing kit and hurried over to the other side of the room, ready to offer help.

November 03, 2018 15:52
Black Masquerade Athena

She could understand why the Reaper didn't care do dance. It wasn't her thing either, but she try anything to keep her distance from that Mime.

"There are two things creepier than a Mime, frogs and Jesus pictures with the eyes that follow you around the room. Especially those pictures, those are level five on the creeper scale." She was glad no one came dressed as that, though she'd have to say that would be original.

Her toga was dragging on the ground and catching at her feet as she moved. She should have opted for something a bit shorter, that wouldn't have fit her vision of Athena. In looks she was probably as far from descriptions of the Olympian Goddess as she could get. She didn't have an olive complexion or fair hair, at least not at the moment... that was a story for another time. Her grayish-green gaze was the only thing that was similar. She could have worn make up and a wig but why hide what was already wonderful.

Medusa was going on about those cookies again. She must have missed the two boxes sitting on the table. For Athena sweets didn't sit well, she preferred red meat to anything else. That was just her nature. She let Medusa continue on as her gaze caught sight of the Girl Scout unlocking the imaginary locks on the imaginary door.
November 03, 2018 22:16
Black Masquerade Athena


Her words came too late, the Girl Scout wandered off get her I Let a Mime in the Masquerade badge or something like that. Now the damn Mime was free to roam around the Masquerade spreading her silent entertainment around. That pained white face and those white gloves made her shudder. She was starting to feel like the night would never end. She tried to ignore it but she looked over at it ever few seconds, she knew any moment it would be in the same room with her.

"Cookies, um yeah.

"Yeah, I think I'll go have some of those cookies now. That sounds spectacular. I need another drink anyways. Coming?"

She didn't wait, of course Medusa probably wanted to dance. This was a party, sitting at a table wasn't a great social standard. Athena had no plans for cookies or to sit down. She would be quick prey for the Mime's act that way! She would need to move quickly if she was going to escape! Reaching the table she stopped. Glancing at the Reaper, really he kind of resembled a Mime bit.. that made him instantly more creepy than before.

She snatched up her half full glass and drained it quick. Then the other was in hand. She glanced at the .. snake? Interesting. Taking another long sip of her drink she decided to play it cool. Mimes could smell fear after all.
November 03, 2018 22:16
Black Masquerade


She stopped dancing all together when Athena, more or less,  shouted  'No!'.    Turning her head, now seeing what the reason was, giving a nod, it was..well...creepy.  But the Clown was the one who freaked out Medusa the most.   Once they reached the table, Harely still hadn't moved and neither did grim.  -Weird-  she thought, before sitting down. 

"Was it weird that as soon as the song ended, that mime came in?  Could be just me "   There were two Martini's waiting for her when she sat back down.   Searching Athena's eyes, seeing them studied on Grim for a brief moment, caused Medusa to turn and look.  But as usual, he was just..there.  She didn't dare put a hand up to his face well, because one never knew what would happen and she wasn't about to chance it.  But Harley hadn't moved.  She was just sitting there, looking rather blank.

"Well, he hasn't moved much but neither has Harely.  Do you think she's still alive?  Or is she sleeping."  Her shoulders shrugged and instantly picked up one glass and began to drink.

"Soon, I'll have to go, cause I feel itchy but my drinks are still here, begging for attention. Ignoring them wouldn't be nice. "

November 03, 2018 23:17
Black Masquerade Tide Pod

Clown. Mime. Tide Pod’s worst nightmares had come true. How did they not notice these two? Orange and blue eyes glanced at the plate full of food. Oh yeah, preoccupied by the delicious treats. Speaking of..

Tide Pod saw the Girl Scout, expected her to stop and offer her wares.. especially when the girl took the time to sniff Tide Pod.. but she kept rolling right on by. Did TP smell? A sniff or two confirmed freshness. A scowl appeared. The detergent pod could really use a box or ten of thin mints maybe some of those peanut butter sandwich cookies. Whatever the heck they were called. Hell, the soap substitute would buy the whole wagon of treats if the Girl Scout would just stop..

Tide Pod was evil.

"I might not be Fred Flinstone, but I can make your bedrock?"

Was someone speaking to them? Tide Pod turned mid bite of a deep fried demon tail to see a.. well.. a deflated T-Rex. Expression turned from horror to amusement, poor thing was probably embarrassed by the sudden lack of air in their costume, so the detergent pod conceded.

“Shall we?” TP extended an arm to allow T-Rex passage towards the dance floor.

Look out Fred and Wilma. We coming for you.
November 03, 2018 23:47
Black Masquerade The Mime

As she continued knocking no one came at first. Cupping her hands against the false glass of the door made of air she looked through to see if anyone was coming there was a little girl headed her way.

Crossing her arms over her chest she checked the watch that she wasn't wearing and then tapped her foot impatiently. The party would not wait for her and pumpkin hour was approaching.

Then the little girl, who she then recognized to be a girl scout carefully unlocked on the imaginary door. She cupped her gloved hands together in the shape of a heart once the door opened to show her appreciation. Then she gave a swift bow, tipping her had to the girl scout when then wandered off to sell her cookies. The mime hoped that there was a badge for being kind to a stranger or mime.

The costumes were strange, wonderful and just all around delightful.

The Mime trotted into the room tripping over her own feet in an exaggerated manner. Catching herself dramatically her hand popped over her mouth as though she was shocked. Then she heard Athena and Medusa talking about her. That was kind of rude! She stood up straight and popped her hands on her hips in disbelief.

As Athena left the dance floor the mime followed, now imitating the Greek goddess's walk just a few steps behind she and Medusa. Once they reached their table she stopped several feet away. Hand on her hip, exaggerating her attitude in her movements since mimes don't talk. She waved her finger and gave them looks of anger, shock, and displeasure. Then she turned and flipped her air hair (because her actual hair was pulled up in a bun) and sauntered way. That would show them!

November 04, 2018 00:25
Black Masquerade Athena

Athena wished the Mime would eat a Tide Pod, that might help put her out of her misery.

She could feel the the Mime watching her, stalking her. It was going to eat her soul.

She had taken a few more sips of her drink before she actually realized the Mime had followed them from the dance floor. She screamed! Her glass went flying and landed no where near the Mime, it was a good thing it was a plastic flute and not glass. If it landed on someone, she didn't care at the moment. She cowered a bit as the Mime seemed to be scolding them. Had she heard them? That was even worse.

"Just go away!"

That seemed to work because the Mime sauntered off in a different direction. She breathed a sigh of relief. That darn girl scout! Someone needed to talk to that kid about answering the door for strangers or something!

"You think?" Was the universe working against her? Someone was out to get her! She knew it all along. Of course she didn't share those thoughts, she didn't want to seem like she had lost her mind or anything like that. Instead she just nodded. "Yeah, you're right. that was strange." Now that the Mime was gone she relaxed a little and sat back in her seat.

Athena looked at their table mates and shrugged. "The night will be winding down in a few hours I suspect." The club had to close sometime, they didn't have their VIP lounges open very often. In fact this was the first even she could recall for awhile. "Perhaps they're just tired." She wasn't tired but she was certainly sick of dealing with the town crazies. An altercation might get her banned for life though! She might not ever come back but she damn well was going to have the option if she wanted it!

"Or they're lost in their own thoughts. Seems likely for the Reaper."

She signaled the server, a woman this time. That adorable young man must have gotten off for the night. Sad. "Three, no one or two but three glasses of Cersei's Golden Champagne and three of whatever my friend here is having." She didn't even have on to sip on since her drink had gone flying a few minutes before. "Also, please be quick.

"I don't imagine I'll be far behind you, things seem to be coming to a bit of a halt." Sad, there were at least a few hours left. She slid the two boxes of cookies over to Medusa. "There you go.
November 04, 2018 00:51
Black Masquerade The T-Rex

She was surprised when Tide Pod offered their arm, her large green eyes exposed as she moved her deflated maw just off her face so she could see again. She wasn't sure whether TP was just feeling sorry for her but at this point she didn't really care. This was a party. And party she wanted to do. And if Tide Pod was the one to dance with her, she wasn't going to complain. They at least seemed in a better mood than Grim, who still looked like a dusted cookie.. Maybe the Girl Scout would sell him too? She linked her hand on to Tide Pod's arm, following their lead with a bounce in her step. Or as much bounce as she could muster being deflated and all.

Her head swivelled as she watched the mime being let in, a slight shudder of her shoulders. Being the brave dinosaur she was (not including her previous nervous incidents) she didn't let it faze her. She was too busy being enamoured with her soapy partner. Almost blinded by the orange and blue as she blinked at them. Her smile bright and toothy, she grinned at Tide Pod. Her hips swayed and she was happy, enjoying the black masquerade, not noticing the girl scout stalking her.
November 04, 2018 01:44
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He snorted at the T-rex's words. "Everyone but Gorgons, goddesses and dinosaurs." He chuckled with amusement as the poor dino's costume was punctured by his scythe. "Woops." He then turned to Athena and Medusa as they came back. The Mime did not bother him and he gave the silent entertainer a nod before she flounced away.

November 04, 2018 04:47
Black Masquerade


When Athena screamed, Medusa was just finishing her drink when she damn near choked to death.  Coughing and sputtering, she couldn't help but glare as the mime 'told' them off.  -Seriously?!-   She had never seen anything like that before and them not being able to..or wanting to talk, was..well it didn't make any sense but she was glad to see her go away.

Her hand came up as she wiped her mouth.  This was embarrassing but seeing Athena's face was..well..there was just no words.

"Girl, you tryin to kill me?  Cause's kinda working."    Clearing her throat, her head shook.  "Yes, I do know what you mean but hey, she's gone.  It's okay.  I think everyone has found there spot...except for Miss Quinn over here, which I'm not sure if she's alive.  She hasn't even blinked."     Her gaze soon landed on Grim as she became more intrigued by the moment.  

"You know, you really need to call me later...or find me...if you can."  Snorting, she didn't think anyone knew who she really was and that was the fun better, if not the best.  And then an idea popped in her head.  "Oooh, we should play hide and seek after...or not.  Well....Okay, so it sounded fun in my head and now a bit ridiculous after I said it.  I mean, it could happen, right?   Or not... "

Her drink came just in the knick of time.   At least she would swallow something a bit better.  Handing Athena some money for the cookies, she grinned and swallowed the mouth full of liquid.   "Thank You my dear and here you go."

November 04, 2018 14:22
Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

She jumped slightly as she heard a flap of wings above her head, peering up she blinked and muttered to TP that she really didn't like bats, almost as much as she didn't like mimes. Being careful not to look anywhere else except for the dance floor. Because who knew where that creepy mime went! Let alone the crazy clown. She really hoped that maybe the Girl Scout did lace her cookies, if only to keep the clown in the bathroom or something...

The music had changed, something oh so familiar. She squealed in delight and removed her hand from Tide Pod's arm. "TIDE POD. I KNOW THE DANCE MOVES FOR THIS SONG!"  The utter excitement in her voice evident along with the dinosaur stomp she was now doing with her feet. She spun around in a circle and clapped her hands to the intro beat of Michael Jackson’s Thriller blasting over the sound system.  A quick inhale as she pretty much became a T-Rexed up version of MJ himself, though maybe a little saggy in places due to the now-floppy costume.

She stomped around Tide Pod, her hands on their shoulders briefly, in her best zombie impersonation, her little voice singing along. “You close your eyes, and hope that this is just imagination, girl but all the while, you hear a creature creeping up behind… you're out of time..” Before spinning around to clutch TP’s side like in the video clip and moving around in front. “Night creatures call, and the dead start to walk in their masquerade, there's no escaping the jaws of the alien this time (they're open wide) this is the end of your life, they're out to get you, there's demons closing in on every side… they will possess you unless you change that number on your dial, now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together.. all through the night I'll save you from the terror on the screen, I'll make you see..” Her hands quickly cup their face, (or tried to) before spinning out a little in to the middle of the foggy dancefloor.

Step two, three, four.. shoulder up, shoulder up, up and sliiiideeeee, arms out! Hip thrust, head flick, side step, side step, T-rex claws, T-rex claws and spin to the other side. Muttering “T-rex claws, T-rex claws”, step to the left and shuffle, step to the right and thrust two and three! Clap! Hands up! Drop dowwwwwwwwwn, head wiggle and dinosaur stomp! Shoulders up, glance right, clap! Slideee to the left, head wiggle, dinosaur stomp! Shoulders up, glance right! And “Shimmy, shimmy shimmy shimmyyyyy”  She sings before shimmy-ing like a car wash roller, swooshing and shimmy-ing, spinning around and tripping on her deflated tail falling right in to Tide Pod’s chest. "Oof!!"

November 04, 2018 20:57
Black Masquerade


She didn't bother to wait for answers because the music had changed to something more interesting and upon turning her head, she couldn't help but laugh.  Rex was trying her best to move in her costume but seeing how it was pretty deflated, it wasn't working out that well for her but hey, she had to give her credit where credit was due.   Her hand curled around the glass as she brought it up to her lips and finished it.   Her own head was starting to spin and that in itself told her everything.  Turning her head toward Athena, she gave a warm smile. 

"Well Miss Athena.  It has been a pleasure to party with tonight.  Thank You very much for the drinks, cookies, and a good laugh."   Looking at what appeared to be a lifeless Harely, she couldn't help but give an awkward grin.  -Yikes-.   Her gaze then drifted to Grim, who still remained, well for the most part, silent.   "For the two of you, have fun and I'm sure we'll see each other around..then again, you never know."     Getting up, she stretched.  "However, I'm out for the night.  Tonight was a lot of fun. Happy Halloween!"

Turning around, as she walked out, she couldn't help but let out an odd laugh and before she exited the doors, taking her head piece off, letting her shoulder length, brunette hair free from the bun, she smiled and didn't look back. After all, she was sure people would figure out whom she really was...if she had turned around.



November 04, 2018 23:42
Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He turned to Medusa and nodded. It was a shame she was leaving. Although her and Athena had been a crazy couple, their antics were amusing too. "Of course, death comes for everyone."

November 05, 2018 04:10
Black Masquerade The Hostess

As everything dwindled down, The Hostess would call out that the party was over.

"Thank you everyone for coming out, I hope you all had a great time! Prizes and voting will be announced shortly!"

And when the last of the patrons left, the doors were closed and clean up began.
November 05, 2018 07:54