Master and Servant

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Cold dungeon walls, the stains of the dead plastered against the brick. What horrors this dungeon contained, only the dead could say. Starvation, flayings, beheadings, some of the more tame endings for the denizens.of this pit of horror.

HMC stared at the body before him, the life drained from it moments earlier. This one had been a tough nut to crack. She screamed, they all scream after all. She cried and pleaded for her life as well. She had the information he so desired, but the ***** held on to it. When he tore the skin from her breasts, the pain she must have felt was incomprehensible to him. Why won't she break? She had to soon, if she didn't, she was surely going to die. And that's exactly what happened.

Her eyes went lifeless as the last of her teeth were ripped from her bleeding mouth and her body slumped in the chair she was chained to.

Still the demon was no closer to knowing the name of the hunter he sought.

October 09, 2018 21:03

At least tonight he would feed on fresh human flesh and not the rancid corpses he had been used to eating.

Still, it bothered him why she refused to break. He could see the fear in her eyes each time he tried a new torture tactic. Until she finally bled out, he could smell the fear and terror eminating from her. Yet she did not reveal her secrets to him.

That meant she feared whoever it was she was protecting more than she feared dying.

This put a new twist on things for HMC.

November 30, 2018 17:47

HMC licked the blood from his fingers, savouring the taste of Jennifer Fowler.

"Goddamn she was delicious" he thought to himself.

His joy at consuming a human fresh and whole was short lived however. He needed to find out who was behind the rash of demon deaths in the Realm. Time was a commodity he had little of in this case. He would have to go after the next name on his list and see if they were any less loyal, or fearful of their master. Hell, he'd murder the wole entire list of names if had to in order to get to his prey.

Martin Voormann.


Last known location: London

Description: No known images in existence

Notes: Low level enforcer for the Sanctuaries. Motivated by money.

HMC could use that last bit of information to his advantage. Not that he would pay the Angel. They tasted as good as humans and they screamed louder when you bit into them. 

"Well Mr. Voormann, looks like you and I have a date in London."

December 07, 2018 19:43

HMC stood outside the Royal Bull pub. Martin Voormann was inside drinking, a lot. HMC had paid the bartender a handsome fee to make sure his glass was never empty. Enforcers were dumb as rocks, but strong as an ox. He wasn't looking for a drawn out fight with this *******.

Around midnight, he watch as the oaf stumbled outside and appeared to check all of his pockets for his keys. Another payout had ensured that he left the pub without his keys.

All HMC had to do now was fall instep behind Martin and wait til he turned down a dark street. Dark thanks to some old fashioned vandalism on his part.

December 18, 2018 19:16
Eloise Buchanan Elle left the nightclub earlier than usual and decided to walk back to her apartment rather than get a cab since it wasn’t far. To be clear, she was not expecting to come across anything of interest and yet those are the time you most often do. Not far from the doors of a pub she had never frequented stumbled a man, highly intoxicated. The usual run of the mill for this time of night.

Behind him, another man followed slightly after. To Elle it was obvious he was following the first man, but then as a predator, she noticed such things. The man in front had no clue he was about to have a very bad night. On top of that, neither of these men smelled completely human to her, there was just something off.

She let them pass, her whiskey gaze sweeping up to the second man to see if it was a face she recognised. It wasn’t. Once passed, she stopped to adjust a strap on her shoe, then she turned and quietly followed as well. One or both would be a meal for her this night.
February 22, 2019 20:09

He sensed the Vampire immediately. She thought she was being sly but he was trained to notice little subtleties like her ruse of fixing her shoe. Plus he had ****ed enough vampires through the years to know them intimately.

How was this going to play out? He needed to interrogate this freak he was following. It took him quite a while to track him down, he couldn't afford to lose him. This vampire better not be looking to poach.

February 24, 2019 14:56
Eloise Buchanan Feeling too close to the action she backed off and then crossed the street and got ahead of them. She disappeared into the dark recess of a closed shop. They were definitely not human, and she had never fed on anything that wasn't. What would their blood taste like?

She had no weapons on her apart from her trusted balisong, because that just went everywhere with her. How easy would they be to subdue? This was her biggest issue being new to the Realm and having spent far too long among humans. She didn't know her strength against her own kind or other immortals.

Guess she would have to wing it and hope her skills were transferrable. Ugh, sounded like she was going for a fvcken job interview.

Her eyes trained on the two as she watched to see where they would go.
February 24, 2019 22:28

Martin slowed his pace as the alcohol in him seemed to be having considerable effect on him. That was good for HMC. He had another issue to deal with.

With speed imperceptable to the human eye he flew towards the stalking vampire, pinning her against the wall. His lips nearly touching hers as he held a blade to her throat in one hand and a spike poised at her heart in the other.

"Why are you tracking me?" he roared at her, causing her hair to wave in the air.

February 25, 2019 10:42
Eloise Buchanan Elle watched appreciating the beautiful fluid movement of the supernatural predator as he flew towards her. Not a vampire, few witches moved like that, so he was most likely a demon. She could have got away, but ever the curious one, she wanted to see where this might go.

He pinned her to the wall and kept her there easily which told her he was strong, possibly even holding back and if she needed to get away breaking his hold would likely prove difficult.

A knife and a spike, overkill? Yes, she thought, but it did show he wasn’t messing around and she shouldn’t piss him off further. Regardless, if he thought she was afraid of him, he was very much mistaken.

“I wasn’t tracking you, specifically. It’s more that I was bored and a little curious.” Elle glanced at the knife at her throat. “Judging by your reaction, I interrupted something that was more than your average demon hunting a feed. Can I help? We are on the same side after all.”
February 28, 2019 02:36

"Are we?" he growled at her.

HMC breathed in her scent and read her emotions. She was frightened and surprised. He read no true malice in her or deceit,beyond what their kind was already known for. Judging her as a foolish young Vamp, he released his grip on her but kept his weapons at the ready.

"You're playing around in a world you want no part of child."

March 01, 2019 06:36
Eloise Buchanan “Yes! We are, and I have nothing better to do right now.”

Elle breathed a little easier when he stepped back. He was intense, and she wondered what had happened in his world to make him that way. She had lived through some rough things in her vampiric life. She had seen and been the cause of more than enough deaths, and not all for food, so she wasn’t entirely green. However, his demeanour led her to think his experience was something different from hers altogether. There were still things for her to learn.

“Look, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Another pair of eyes, ears and hands to help out. Worst case scenario I end up dead, no skin off your nose, right?”
March 01, 2019 07:15

HMC looked down at the little vampire.

"What are you? 200, maybe 300 years old? What do you even know of the world?"

He looked back down the road at Martin who had yet to recover from his drunken pause.

"So what are you suggesting?" he asked turning towards Elle. "You want to be my partner?"

March 03, 2019 21:38
Eloise Buchanan Elle had on low heels tonight, yet regardless of her considerable height she still had to look up at the demon. He was a big guy.

“A little over 200 years.” She shrugged, there were some considered that all but newborn for a vampire, she wasn’t one of them. She followed his gaze to the man across the road still very drunk. What was the deal here?

‘You want to be my partner?’

“Sure, why not? So, why are you following this guy? What’s this all about?” Maybe she should have asked this before agreeing to anything, but she felt the need just to break out and do something different in her life.
March 04, 2019 00:15

What the hell had he just gotten himself into? Did he have a partner now? Was he suddenly in some buddy cop movie?

"He's a special project." he replied to her. "That's all I want to say about that for now."

He looked down the road at Martin. The man was starting to walk again.

"Stay out of sight!" to told Elle. "And follow me...partner." 

March 04, 2019 11:26
Eloise Buchanan When he called her 'partner' Elle couldn't help but grin. He was clearly reluctant to the setup but was going along with it anyway. Perhaps he too needed something different in life.

"Understood. I'm Elle, what do I call you?" she whispered then nodded for emphasis at his words to show she would do as instructed.

She was both excited now and nervous at what was ahead of her.
March 05, 2019 20:35

"You don't call me anything. Nobody calls me anything 'cept my wife." he said as he stood there taking her in.

She was eager to please him and she genuinly looked as though she wanted to truly be his partner.

"Stay behind me kid. I don't need you losing your head in an instant. We'll..." the words were cut off as he turned in time to dodge the strike from Martin.

The drunk man wasn't so drunk anymore and he must of sensed their presence. He redied himself for the next attack.

March 14, 2019 03:56
Eloise Buchanan “Fine!” She said as she placed her hands on her hips. Grumpy ass demon seemed the most appropriate name. Regardless of his temper she still wanted to help out. She had things to learn and traveling with this demon was probably going to be a sink or swim situation. Learn fast or die.

“But you know that’s going to make it really…whoa,” she dodged out of the way as she saw the demon move. The drunk had come to his senses.

Elle got behind the drunk ready to cut off his escape route if needed, as the demon prepared for the next attack.
March 14, 2019 20:53

He produced his own weapons and went after Martin realizing that this was a fight to the death. Not what he had hoped for. He ran at the man, parrying his latest blow and drove his dagger up through the man's jaw and into his skull. He watched as the eyes went solid black.

"For f*ck's sake." he yelled. "It took me forever to track him down."

He stood there breathing heaviliy for a few moments then turned to Elle.

"Are you hungry?" he asked her.

The vampire had stood silently, perhaps thinking he was angry with her.

"Have you ever feasted on Demon blood?" he asked as he tore Martin's heart out and began to eat it.

March 18, 2019 20:00
Eloise Buchanan Her demonic companion easily took the drunk down with a well-placed dagger to the skull. That takes some strength to ram it through, right through the brain, and drunk guy was dead before he hit the ground.

The demon was not overly happy about the situation; she could understand that it sounded like he’d been after him a long time.

“Yeah, I’m a vampire; we’re always hungry.” She grinned at him then stared as he tore out the heart of his victim and started to eat it.

“Is that sanitary?” Then realised he asked her a question. “No, never tried demon blood.” She knelt and ran two long fingers through the cavity in the dead guy gathering blood on them and popped them in her mouth. “That’s tasty. Why were you tracking him in the first place?”
March 19, 2019 04:43

"Eat first, talk later." he said as he continued to tear into the heart. "We need to rid this area of his essense before others know what happened here. Leave nothing in his veins."

When the pair had finished consuming the demon, Mick set the corpse on fire. It looked more like a flash, as the fire burned for only a few seconds before it was gone and only ash remained. That too did not last long as the wind picked up as if on cue and scattered the gray matter.

"Come on, we got things to discuss."

Mick departed, oblivious or apathetic to whether Elle was keeping up with him or not.

March 20, 2019 00:43
Eloise Buchanan Elle stood licking blood off her lips and fingers. Hmm, she thought, demon blood was pretty damn good, there was almost a burnt flavour to it. She made sure to exsanguinate the body, which was pretty much vampire 101. Greedy lot.

Watching her demon compatriot set the corpse on fire, she wished she could do that, finding a dumpster or burying the body was a pain in the butt.

"Good, I have a lot of questions." She responded keeping stride with him her long legs attempting to match his pace. "Can we go somewhere where there is vodka perhaps?"
March 20, 2019 00:57

"We need to get somewhere safe, fast" he called behind him. "I know a place we can go. There's vodka there."

Mick continued walking for several blocks then turned down a tree-lined street. A long building was to the left of them, a school. To the right were houses, a few feet apart from each other. He stopped in front of a small single story green one and walked to a gate on the right side of it. Reaching over and unlatching it from the inside, he motioned for Elle to follow him. Thirty feet from the gate they came to a screen door that lead into a small aluminum covered porch. Mick opened the door and they entered. Once inside, he produced a key from his pocket and opened the door that lead into the house proper. From there, he walked through a kitchen area to a door that was locked but also opened with the same key that had let them in the house.

Elle followed him as he made his way up the stairs to an old attic. Cast away items and long forgotten heirlooms were everywhere. Mick continue to walk and made his way into an area that had been remodeled into a small bedroom.

"Lay down on the bed." he told her. "That demon blood is going to kick in at any minute and you're not gonna want to be standing up when it does."

Elle looked at him puzzled and went to speak.

"Hold it for later." Mick told her. "Demon blood affects Vampires that have never had it, the same way hard narcotics does humans."

The vampire looked at the bed and hesitated a moment, then walked over to it and laid down.

"What's going to happen to me?" she asked Mick.

"I haven't a ****ing clue. I'm not a vampire. None of your kind has ever died from it, if that's what you're worried about."

He walked over to a desk on the far left wall and opened the top drawer, producing a bottle of Smirnoff.

"Here, this'll help." he said as he handed her the bottle.

March 20, 2019 04:57
Eloise Buchanan Elle sat up as the demon brought her a bottle of vodka. She could feel the beginnings of something as if mist or vapour was rolling through her system beginning in her legs. Slowly, seductively numbing her limbs, coaxing them to relax.

Taking a long pull of the vodka, she set the bottle down as the muscles in her torso and arms relaxed, and she fell back onto the softest downiest mattress she had ever felt. Surrounded by cotton wool, her body buoyed by it and sinking into it at the same time. So. Very. Relaxed. She decided she would stay here forever.

Colours and sounds played across her senses, was someone talking to her? Eyelids fluttered as she tried to make sense of the stimuli and yet didn’t care about it at all.

She was sure she could hear blood pumping through her veins and her heart beating, did the demon blood do that? She didn’t have a heart. Like the lion in the Wizard of Oz she just needed a heart. Hers had stopped long ago. Maybe the wizard would give her a new one. She would find him as soon as she could get up.

“Are you the wizard?” she whispered to no one, or someone, maybe the demon. Why was a demon here, would he give her more blood? They were going to do something…important. Save the world, yes they would save it. Elle drifted in and out of a reality coated with dreams and shadows, a world only she could see and hear.

Eventually, the demon blood wound through her system, and she slept for a time. That was the most unusual part; she hadn’t slept since becoming a vampire. When she awoke her head felt heavy, and it took her time to sit up and reacquaint herself with reality.

“I slept,” she spoke slowly. “I never sleep. How long have I been out?” Elle asked the demon shaking her head gently. “That is some powerful sh_t right there.”
March 20, 2019 08:02

"You weren't sleeping." he said to her. "But you did continually call me a wizard."

Mick rose and walked back to the desk and shuffled some papers around. Finding what he was after, he handed a yellowing sheet to Elle and went back to the chair at the end of the bed and sat down again. Next to the chair was a small end table that looked as if it had been puschased at a thrift store. It was in bad shape and wobbled as Mick removed the glass of bourbon that sat atop it.

"That's a list of people I'm looking for." he said after taking a drink and replacing the glass. "We can cross Martin's name off of it."

Elle was staring intently at the list. The names were vaguely familiar to her. Vampires, witches, and demons. She'd heard of a few of them but nothing important from what she could recall.

"What's the next name on the list?" Mick asked her.

March 21, 2019 20:22
Eloise Buchanan The wizard, oh yeah, she remembered how important that had seemed during her demon blood high. She laughed and shook her head, though she was surprised she hadn't slept as it really felt like it.

Looking over the list, Elle picked up the vodka and took a few swigs of it. The next name was someone she had met.

“Langley Tanner. I met this person, umm vampire a couple of years ago. He always seemed a little shady to me but then vampires tend to keep to themselves, our nocturnal activities aren’t always on the up and up. There was something off about him. Like he was looking for an opportunity to get one over on you.”

She folded the list and gave it back to him.

“What is this all about? Why do you need to find these people so badly?”
March 22, 2019 09:20

"Someone or something, I don't know which yet, is eliminating our kind and the names on this list are helping them. They're all betrayers to the Coven. At least that's what my bosses think. The one I interrogated before I started tracking Martin was willing to endure every torture I threw at her. She was more afraid at what was pulling her strings than she was of what I was going to do to her."

Mick finished his drink then stood and walked over to the bed and grabbed the bottle from Elle's hand. After taking a long pull from it, he handed the vodka back to the vampire. 'Poor thing' he thought to himself. She thought I was going to keep the bottle.

"How are you feeling right now?" he asked her.

March 22, 2019 20:29
Eloise Buchanan Elle listened intently when he gave a run down of what was going on, she didn't like the sound of any of it and people randomly dying pissed her off.

"What the hell is worth enduring torture for? Something powerful," Elle mused, then looked at the demon. "I mean really f*cking powerful. We've got to stop this." She chewed her lip a moment then whispered almost as if she was worried she would be overheard. "What if it's an Elder, I mean could it be?"

Eyeing him as he gave the bottle back she drank deeply again. "How am I feeling? Good, better than good. On top of that I have Langley's number. I'll set up a social meet up and if he's not helpful we can put the hurt on him." She pursed her lips. "When I say we, I mean you. I'm good cop. Deal?"
March 22, 2019 21:58

"It's not an Elder." he replied to her question she let float in the air. "Whatever it is, it almost killed Van Helsing. It's strong, and it's building an army."

Mick pulled a second bottle out and lifted it by the neck in a partial toast to his new partner.

"Still want to be a part of this **** show?"

April 03, 2019 02:27
Eloise Buchanan Elle sighed, her idea about it being an Elder was dashed. "Almost killed Van Helsing? That's insane. Alright, I'll call Langley now so we can see what he knows."

She made the phone call and set up a date at a local pub. Langley was a bit of a creep, and if things went south, she wouldn't care much if the demon chewed up the vampire and spat out the bones.

With a quirk of her lips, Elle lifted her bottle in salute and drank deeply before wiping her mouth.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!"


A short time later Elle and the demon entered the pub and met up with Langley who was a six-foot greasy vampire that smelled like he hadn't bathed in days. He clearly expected to be meeting up with Elle alone but was too polite, or more likely scared, to say anything to the huge demon at her side.

During chit chat, she threw in random things about demons going missing and he grew steadily uncomfortable. She was sure he knew something.

"Langley why don't we go and find a snack together," she said smiling at him. He seemed to take the bait, and she turned to her demon partner. "You don't mind, do you?" she asked hoping he was getting her plan that they could get Langley outside then take him someplace else for questioning. She figured the demon had that part covered.
April 03, 2019 07:33