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February 18, 2019 21:09

+The club finally came into a head she was proud with what she accomplished. Now to get her friends and family first for the grand opening before the public. Finally she now had a club of her own and her families of course. It took a lot of hard work and shopping to find exactly what she wanted and for it to match her  images of just what she wanted.  

The bar was set with the liquor and glasses shelving were exactly the way she wanted appliances were all set in their propwer settings, The lighting that was to fill the club was perfect even the up stairs bar was finished matching all furniture that was down stairs. You could even see the dance floor and stage . 

Going into the office she made a call to her fiance giving him the address .She hoped he liked it cause he was going to be a big part of this. After all he was now part of the Boru family. After calling Chris she called her father and brother to let them know it was finished. She couldnt wait but mostly she hoped they all approved and be proud of her for what she accomplished+

February 18, 2019 21:33

-Ciaran  appear out  side  the   club  and   looks at  it. Was a  bit  bright  but then  again  it  would attract   people. He  walks inside and   looks a round  for  Marah  and    smiles.  -

"Well  the outside  matches the  inside .  This  is  gonna   do  great and   we  will be  able  to    keep  everything  under control. "

February 18, 2019 22:13
Marah +Seeing her brother she runs and hugs him +

" Cici I am glad your here. It took a lot of my time but it all came around and fallen into place. Wait till you see the recording studio. And yes we will be able to keep every thing under control. I'm gonna ask Dad if he has a few guards he can loan me for the doors . No riff raff in here. So do ya like bro."
February 18, 2019 22:19
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  appears  at  the  club.*

"Well  this looks  great. This  could work  out  really   well  in  the   end for  everyone. "

February 18, 2019 22:21

"Yeah I  think  that  could  work.I  am  sure the  studio looks  great. At least you wont  have to  worry  about anyoe  having   secret  informant  sources to  check any one  out ."

February 18, 2019 22:26
Marah " Thats for sure cause this is family operated."

+seeing her father she smiles+

Hey dad I'm glad you and Cici like it. All that is left is Chris. I called him and left a voice mail. I hope he feels the same as you both do. It took a lot of time and hard work."

+Marah looked around smiling and very much pleased with what she had done with the empty building. And the workers did a great job in a decent amount of time.+

" But it was worth it. I think the workers did a great job. So C how do you feel about being bartender. You can be like Tom Cruise and do the hippy hippy shake."

+ She couldn't help but say that and started laughing. This is what the family needed. This is their time now.+

"Dad I want to ask you do you have a couple of guards who can tend to the doors and keeping the peace. I don't want any outsiders in any high position. I wish Aunt Cassie was here I'd think shed like it. I really miss us singing like what we did at the dragon."
February 18, 2019 22:53
Ronan Boru

"I  will s ee  what I can  do  then for this .I  a  sure  that  Chris  will  be fine  and   happy  with this  place as w ell. I  will get  you who I  have  for that."

February 18, 2019 23:10
Ronan Boru

"I  will s ee  what I can  do  then for this .I  a  sure  that  Chris  will  be fine  and   happy  with this  place as w ell. I  will get  you who I  have  for that."

February 18, 2019 23:10

"Im  all  for the  bartender thing  just  not the   Tom  Cruise ****tail dancing  things. "

February 18, 2019 23:15
Marah +Marah hugged her father tight kissing his cheek and looked at him she gave her brother a laugh+

" I know C I was joking there.Thanks Dad your the best father any girl could have. And I want the best and whose else could get me that but you. I do hope he gets here soon. I hope nothing came up to delay him."

+Looking at her father and brother she started heading towards the bar. and looks back at them+

" You two want a drink got the best Irish Whiskey that Ireland has. "
February 18, 2019 23:17

"No I  am  good  right  now  on  the  drinking.  I am sure  he  will  get  here  as soon as he  can. as  soon  as  the word of  this place  gets out then  it  will  pick  up. "

February 18, 2019 23:20
Marah " Well first Im having just family and friends for opening night then it will be open to the public. But you might be right on that, its in a good neighborhood and and location. Live entertainment, Dj's and a nice size dance floor. And the top area has a matching bar and a Picture window tv monitor where they can see the bad. The tables by the rail has a clear view at the dance floor and stage." February 18, 2019 23:29
Christian After being called away for awhile he got Marah's voice mail and smiled. Showing up at the address he smiled. "Damn the woman makes me proud." Walking in he noticed all the people coming in. Then he spotted his soon to be bride and in laws.

Walking up he put a arm around her waist kissing her softly. "I'm sorry I'm late love. This place looks amazing."
February 19, 2019 01:33
LillyEmperium *walking inside, Lilly smiled*

February 19, 2019 10:59
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  turnss  to  see  Chris and    smiles. What  he  knows of  the  lad  and   the one  meeting  he  got  no  bad vibes  of  him*

"Was  wondering  when  you  were  going  to  show  up  here? Place  does look  good doesnt  it?"

February 19, 2019 12:06
Marah +Seeing Chris Marah returned his kiss her left arm wrapped around his waist. After her father spoke she answered+

" It should I put a lot of hard work into this place. Decided after 13 years of collecting interest I decided to put his money to some good use. Turned a night mare into a dream. Since the place wont be open for a few days I want the family here to kick start it."

+Seeing her mom Marah takes Chris's arm and leads him to her looking at her dad she linked to only his mind. " Now for one more approval Mama bear" Making it to Lilly she heard her comment and spoke introducing Chris to her.+

" Glad you like... Mom I would like you to meet some one. Chris this is my mom Lilly. Mom this is the man of my dreams Christian ...Christian Allen."

+Marah looks back and forth from Chris to Lilly+
February 19, 2019 14:25
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  walks over to  Lilly  and  wraps  his  arms  around  her  waist. *

"This will  work  out  and   if  there  is  anyone  you  dont  want  her  they  will  be  aske  to  leave.For  now  how ever  it all good."

February 19, 2019 14:44
LillyEmperium *Smiling as Marah introduced Christian, she extended her so she could shake his hand*

Pleasure to meet you Mr. Allen.

* Feeling Ronan's arms around her waist, she continued to smile*

It's true, the freedom of owning the establishment makes it easier to boot folks out
February 19, 2019 17:24
Ronan Boru

"you  are  in  control a nd  there isnt  much  many  can  do in  the  end. "

February 19, 2019 18:23
Christian Taking Lilly's hand Chris smiled. "A pleasure to meet you as well. I'm very proud of what your daughter has done to this place. I will be opeyup my studio not to far away. Or if Marah will let me I'll convert a few rooms here. It would be perfect I think." Looking at Marah he asked. "What do you think love?" February 19, 2019 19:49
LillyEmperium *Smiling Lilly looked to Christian and Marah*

A photographer? Nice. Actually putting a studio in wouldn't be a bad idea. I believe folks like to get pictures done while out still...Marah this looks wonderful. Ok...Soo who's going to tell me how you to met?
February 20, 2019 10:23
Marah +Marah looked at Chris when he mentioned a studio in the club and smiled+

" You know there were 5 extra rooms one I made my office in. Also The club opens opens at noon for Lunch and Dinner. I though serving meals would be a good idea cause of the huge kitchen. I thought closing the kitchen at 8pm except for maybe sandwiches or something. "

+Matah looks from Chris to Lilly when she asked how they met and blushed.+

" You know that is kinds funny. I was at my favorite Cafe eating lunch and his handsome man her just hot off a bus and came into the same cafe I was in right after I was finishing my meal."
February 20, 2019 13:07
Christian Keeping her close Chris smiled. "Best thing I ever did was walk into that cafe. When I came here I never imagined meeting the one that would make my world complete." He meant every word. Now that he was with Marah he couldn't imagine life without her. February 21, 2019 18:03

Flahme wanders in to the bright nightclub looking around for her friend, Marah. She had told her of this place and thought she would try a few different drinks to see what suited her.

She hoped Marah or any other patrons might give her some ideas on what is tasty.

She also hoped her fire wouldn't set anything alight, she had to make sure she kept that under control. 

February 22, 2019 18:04
Marah +seeing her friend Flahme Marah went to her. She was glad that she could make it. She knew this was probably new to her so Marah would break her in gently. When she made it to Flahme Marah smiled and spoke+

"Hey girl glad you could make it. So what would you like to drink? Its on the house anything your little heart desires"
February 22, 2019 22:37
Flahme "Hi, Marah! I'm not sure, I'm thinking something sweet."

She looks over a little drinks menu on the bar. "Pineapple coconut champagne c_cktail." she read out to the bartender. Flahme turned back to Marah.

"How are you? It's been a while since we talked, and this place is amazing."
February 23, 2019 01:30
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  continues to  look around when  he  sees  a   female  walk in  nad  MArah go  talk to  her. he  figured  she  was a  friend of  hers.  He  walks  over to  Marah.*

February 23, 2019 11:12
Flahme Flahme had decided upon a simple off the shoulder green dress to match her eyes and the black pumps she wore gave a little more to her average height. Her red mid length hair she left loose and a little messy. She was still getting a handle on this fashion thing. She noticed a man approaching and before he got to them she scented him as a witch, a very powerful witch.

"Marah, there are lot of witches in here, demons are allowed, right?"

February 23, 2019 16:59
Ronan Boru

"Everyone  lass  is allowed here  regarless  of  their  race.   My  name  is  Ronan . You  must  be  a friend  of  my  daughter's  as I  heard you  call her  by name."

*  Ronan  looks  at  the  re  haire  demon  and  smiles softly*.

"None  of  the  witches  here  now  mean  you  any  harm lass I  can  assure you ."

February 23, 2019 17:07
Flahme "Hello Ronan, pleased to meet you. I'm Flahme."

She heaved a sigh of relief, not only is she okay in here she wouldn't be harmed as that had been her next concern. She really didn't want to set the place on fire, that would upset Marah.

"Daughter?" She smiled wide. "Yes, I am in the same coven as Marah, and I certainly consider her a friend."
February 23, 2019 17:14
Ronan Boru

"Ah  very  good  then.  You  seemed shocked  by the  daughter  thing. Did  ya  lass  think Marah sprung  up  from a  hole in  the  ground  then like  some   dwarf or  orc?"

*  The  fire  witch  smiles a gain a nd   laughs.*

February 23, 2019 17:22
Flahme Flahme laughs long at this as she starts to relax then shakes her head.

"I hadn't really thought of it is all and you do not seem much older than her, but then I guess I don't look my age either."
February 23, 2019 17:39
Ronan Boru

"Age  lass  is  nothing  but  a  nmber and   I  dont look  old as  you say  becasue  of   who  my  mother is a nd    the  blood of  my  father. We  dont  age like  normal   people is  all.  My  father is  Eldar and  my  mother  is Tutha de dannan. "

February 23, 2019 17:47
Ronan Boru

"Age  lass  is  nothing  but  a  nmber and   I  dont look  old as  you say  becasue  of   who  my  mother is a nd    the  blood of  my  father. We  dont  age like  normal   people is  all.  My  father is  Eldar and  my  mother  is Tutha de dannan. "

February 23, 2019 17:47
Flahme "That's true." She paused confused by a lot of what he said. Her memories did not provide information on who his parents are. Wait, Tutha something...gods?

"I'm not sure what all that means. Your mother, there is something familiar about that name, but I can't place it." Flahme blushed a little. "I have only been back on earth for the past month, so a lot has been lost to me."
February 23, 2019 17:55
Ronan Boru

"My  mother is the celtic  fire  goddess Brigit. My  father  is of  elf  blood. So  that  why the  slow  aging."

February 23, 2019 18:13
Flahme An intake of breath when he mentioned a fire goddess and she bit her lip.

"Brigit," she whispered committing it to memory. "Then you can do this?" She lifted her hands as a blue flame ran over them and her eyes turned red for a moment before returning to green. She closed her hands quickly now unsure of herself and if she had overstepped the mark.
February 23, 2019 18:22
Ronan Boru

*  ROnan looks  at  her. He  makes a   blue  black  flame   appear in  his  hand.*

"I  am  a  fire  elemental  witch  but  how  is  it you  have  the  fire  gift. Mye  eyes  dont  do  the  red  thing   however. My  father  name is  Murchad  Boru."

* He  was a  bit  confused now.*

February 23, 2019 18:28
Flahme Laughter bubbled out of her again at the flames in Ronan's hand. She wasn't sure others could do that too. But she sobered at his question.

"My mother was a fire elemental witch as well, they burned her." Flahme considered for the first time that perhaps her mother allowed it since she herself was immune to fire. "My father is a fire demon, so it's just, well, in me. If I don't control my emotions it just bursts out of me but I'm getting better at controlling it." She nods in confirmation and takes a sip of her drink.
February 23, 2019 18:35
Ronan Boru

"Fire is  one of  the  hardest  to  control.  Why  did  you  look odd when I  mentioned  my  mother  being Brigit the  fire  goddess?"

February 23, 2019 18:52
Flahme "Because I don't know of these," she paused, what did he call her? Celtic that was it. "Celtic goddesses and the idea of there being one just for fire is...comforting. And that she is your mother, is amazing, I think you are very lucky. Do you still get to see her?

She smiled, thinking how rich his family life must be, yet Marah had been through difficult times.
February 23, 2019 19:04
Ronan Boru

"When she   needs something   or   she   cares  to  show herself  I  see  her. AS of  late  no havent  seen  her. Well  she  also  the  goddess of child  birth  and   protector  of  women  as  well a s  the  goddess  of  fire. Brigit does  what   she  wants  when  she  wants to do it."

February 23, 2019 19:06
Flahme "She has a mind and will of her own then. I like her very much already."

Flahme takes another sip of the very sweet concoction she ordered.

"What is your father like?"
February 23, 2019 19:13
Ronan Boru

"When he  isnt  blowing  things  up   in  anyway   he  is  pretty  laid  back. Pissed off yeah  you  dont  want to  see  him  pissed off.Chances are if  you  are  who  he  is  pissed  at  you  wont  see him  coming and    you  end  u p  in  bits."

February 23, 2019 19:35
Flahme Flahme smiled not really sure what to make of this volatile family.

"I bet family gatherings are a hoot then. Do you have other children apart from Marah? I'm a very curious person, in case you haven't noticed." She blushed a little hoping he would just say if she asked anything inappropriate.
February 23, 2019 19:50
Ronan Boru

"I  do. I have  Ciaran   Matthew, Alexander, Tabitha,  Arwen. Elessar, Cira, Grania and Orchid is  my  youngest."

February 23, 2019 20:19
Flahme "All from one woman?" She asked a little horrified, she could barely imagine what it would be like to have one, never mind ten.

She noticed her drink was empty, the alcohol was making her talk too much. She placed the empty glass on the bar and asked for another.
February 23, 2019 20:31
Marah + Marah looked at Flahme and laughed. +

" I have 6. 15 year old twin boys, 3 year old triplets and 2 year old. Wait till you meet them. So how is your drink want another?"
February 23, 2019 20:42
Ronan Boru

"No.  Marah well  her  m other  was   well  for lack of a  better term  the  love of  my  life, my  first love. Her  mother  and  i  never married. then  the  next  5   were f rom   my  1st  wife  Angelica La  Croix.  Grania  is   from  my  2nd  wife, Maeve and  Orchid  is  from Lilly  and I."

February 23, 2019 20:47
Flahme She gaped at Marah, the beautiful woman amazed her and Flahme realised she really had a lot of living to do.

"Twins and triplets, yikes. I would love to meet them." She smiled. "Yes thank you, I just asked for another, though I'm not sure I really should, I've been talking your father's ear off about your large family."

She turned as Ronan spoke again and grinned at his words. "Well that's not so bad then."
February 23, 2019 20:50
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  smiles*

"Large  and  insane family  that  the  Boru  are,"

*  he  laughs*

February 23, 2019 20:52
Flahme "And these six from Marah are your grandchildren. There are sooo many of you!"

She laughed and thought there is such a legacy in this family. Her coven is the closest she has to family.

February 23, 2019 21:02
Marah +Marah puts her arm around her fathers shoulder and teases him+

"Speak for yourself daddy-o I am totally sane, Now my oldest I think take after you. "

+Marah giggles+

" My oldest is from my 4th husband and the little ones from my first and last husband who is no longer here. He died 2 years ago. Oh Flahme I would like you to meet my fiance Christian. Chris this is Flahme. Were in the same coven. Shes a good friend."

+ Marah looks at Flahme and smiles+
February 23, 2019 21:08
Flahme Flahme's eyes sparkle at the teasing going on, and laughs along with Marah.

"Well they are all lovely, I bet you are a wonderful mother. Hello Chris, nice to meet you."

She sips more of her drink and really thinks she should make this her last.

February 23, 2019 21:30
Ronan Boru

Yes   they  are  part  of  them. I  have  other  from  Ciaran my  son  and  his  wife Ami.

February 23, 2019 21:42
Geoffrey Drake

*A man clad in a dark black duster  entered a place called The Night Club Insomnia.  The name reasonated the sleepless nights since his arrival in the Realm.  He located his brother, acquired a wife and an adopted daughter.  The Realm was a place of wonders and many changes for himself.  He glanced about the place and it's atmosphere was interesting in a mundane way to him. He smiled at some people doing their 'thing'.  He walked up to the bar and waited to be assisted.*

"One bottle of beer, please." *He found a seat near the bar and sat down.  Many thoughts flooded through his mind.  Could he truly settle down and not live the wandering  life of a modern day gypsy.*

February 23, 2019 22:50

-Ciaran  walks over  and   looks  at  Marah and   every one  and  smiles.-

"Well  we  could  be  worse."

-He looks  over to  the  guy  that   just  walked in .then  looks  back  over  to  marah  friend.-

"Hey. I'm Ciaran . One of  Marah's  brothers."

February 23, 2019 23:00
Flahme "Hi Ciaran! I have heard so much about your family I feel like I've already met you."

She smiled and also looked over at the newcomer to the club. Being new herself, she didn't know if he was someone they were all acquainted with or not.

"Do you know that man?"

February 23, 2019 23:15
Ciaran_M_Boru Actually I don’t know him.

-Ciaran looks at the male-

Welcome to club insomnia.
February 23, 2019 23:28
Geoffrey Drake

*Geoffrey's dark blue eyes glanced toward a man who had briefly glanced in his direction. He smled and nodded at him. He merely wanted his one beer, a quiet moment to himself and his thoughts. He was lucky to find his brother or at least news of him.  He had received a letter from his brother Shadwyn and his lawyer offering him a small apartment, a job and a larger home next to his brother in a secluded and a guarded community.  He had accepted all the largess his brother offered him.  He smiled at the waitstaff who brought him his cold bottle of beer.  He paid with a few gold coins as he spoke to the waitstaff..*

"Nice place. Thank you and keep the change."  *The waitstaff returned his smile and left him to his thoughts.  He enjoyed the ice cold beer and he knew that he would not keep any liquor or beer bottles at the apartment or his new home. He had  a wife and adopted to focus on.  He had battled too many inner demons to turn back now.  The black sheep of the Drake family was home at last.*

February 23, 2019 23:31
Flahme Flahme looks at the man as well. "Hello and welcome." She scents he is another witch. So many witches, she was going to get a complex.

She looks back at Ciaran and smiles. "You have children as well, adding more to this massive family?"
February 23, 2019 23:31
Geoffrey Drake

*Geoffrey looked up and smiled back at the man's greeting.  He spoke softly.*  "I am Geofrey Drake. I haven't the honor of meeting you or the lovely lady."  *He smiled at the young woman.*  "Have a good evening Milord and Milady."

*He gave his name and he glanced at his empty beer bottle.  One was his limit and he was ready to be on his way.  He avoided overhearing further spoken between the two young people.  He stood up, glanced about the club.  Maybe he would visit again with his mate.  He would discuss that with her.  He adjusted his well worn black duster.  He knew he looked like a homeless bum.  Funny it never bother him til now.  He would have to make some wardrobe adjustments in the future. He quietly left the night club.*

February 23, 2019 23:39

"I do   have  some  children  myself yes. Two  daughters my  wife  had  from two  previous relationships and I  have  one  daughter from  a  prior marriage myself  so  yes  I  have 9  children actually. Thankfully  there  will not  be  more any time  soon. "

-Ciaran  smiles.-

February 24, 2019 19:15
Ophir Jadu

-Ophir decides  to  check out this  Club that  Ronan  had  mentioned  his  daughter  just  opened called insomnia. Walking  in  he sees  Ronan and  Ciaran and  smiles. He  walks over to  every one.-

"Not  a bad  place like you  said  Ronan. I  can see it  doing  very  well  in  the  future. Your  daughter  did  well  in  decorating  this  place  as well.She  hasa  good  eye  for  it.   How  is  everyone doing?"

February 24, 2019 19:22

Flahme shakes her head at how many children they all have then notices a new person join them and smiles.

"Well thanks, I'm Flahme."

She sees her drink is finished and turns back to Ciaran. "I have to get going but it was nice to meet you all. I'm sure I will be back soon."

She waves to all the people she has met before finding the exit.

February 24, 2019 20:12
Ophir Jadu

-Ophir  smiles as  the  woman  leaves. he  then  looks  to  everyone else.-

February 24, 2019 20:26
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  looks  at  everyone  and  smiles.*

"Ciaran  you  aready  know  Ophir Jadu  Cassie's husband. Christian and  Marah this is   Ophir  Jadu.He is  a  gargoyle  and  he  is   married  to  Cassie now. Ophir  this is  my  daughter  Marah and  her  fiancee. Christian."

February 24, 2019 20:29
Ophir Jadu

-Ophir  smiles a nd  bows  slightly  to  Marah a nd  her  soon  to  be  mate.-

"A pleasure to  meet  you  both   lady  Marah  and master  Christian. I  am  indeed married  to  Cassandra now. Congratulations on  your  upcoming  union.

February 24, 2019 20:31
Marah +Marah waves to Flahme and smiles+

"Bye girl I'll see you at the Coven later.It was good seeing you."

+ When a new man came in she saw him talking to her father. When they were introduced she smiled. +

"Nice to meet you Mr. Jadu. You married my aunt? How is she?"

+Looking over at Chris she blushed slipping her arm through his.+

"Thank you we haven't set a date yet but when we do Dad will let you know."
February 25, 2019 20:51
Marah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Marah goes to the club to set up for the lunch and Dinner shifts. All tables have napkins, silverware and water glasses. She then goes to the kitchen to see how the cooks are doing then her final stop was the bar making sure it was all stocked up.

When everything was all ready to go she wet to the sound system and turned on the music and turned the breakers that turned on the lights.+
March 07, 2019 20:23
Arthur Arthur walked about staring at the card in his hand. Wondering if this was a wise choice but being out of work now that the club was no more he really needed a new one. Taking a deep breath he stepped inside and saw the lone female. "Hello, good day are you the owner?" He asked in a respectable and polite manner. March 14, 2019 16:13

+Marah looked at the man and nodded.+

" Why yes I am. Can I help you?"

+She noticed his action and smiled hoping to relax him some.+

March 16, 2019 22:39
Arthur "My names Arthur and I was wondering if you're interested security for your club?" He asked as he got closer to her. Relaxing himself as this was pretty much all that he knew. March 16, 2019 23:28
Marah + Marah smiled at him and nodded. She really needed security and shook her head+

" Well I actually do. I do have a few of my fathers men but my father is a very busy man they can't be here all the time. But I must ask do you have any credentials. You know like previous jobs? Oh forgive me would you like a drink ? On the house of course."
March 17, 2019 15:03
Lesprit A familiar voice called out from behind him.

"I can vouch for him." My voice was still a bit hoarse, but there was no doubt who I was. Walking up to Marah I hugged her, quiet for a moment. "I'm sorry to have worried you." I stepped back some and smiled, "Arthur is quite good at his job."
March 17, 2019 15:15
Marah +Hearing a familiar voice Marah looked up just as Lesprit hugged her. After she stepped back Marah did the same and spoke with a smile+

"Well you did worry and don't you ever do that again ya hear. I was thrown by the news of your passing. "

+Marah looked at Arthur and in a reassuring voice she spoke to with with a smile and held out her hand to him.+

" Well with Lesprit's assurance congratulations it looks like Insomnia has a new security guard."

March 17, 2019 15:28
Arthur Arthur was about to answer when he heard Aurelia. Turning around he was at her side rather quickly. "Come sit down, you know you shouldn't be up and about so quickly." He said helping her to a bar stool. Once he had her seated he took Marahs hand jn his own and gave it a shake. "Thank Miss Marah, could I get a glass of water for Lady Wick and I'll have my team here by this evening if that's alright." March 18, 2019 09:18
Lesprit I let him walk me to the bar with a soft laugh, "You worry too much, Arthur. I'm fine. Cracked ribs doesn't mean I can't walk around." I leaned back on the bar, crossing one leg over the other. "And I told you to stop calling me Lady. I'm just Aurelia. There's nothing special about me whatsoever." March 18, 2019 20:05
Marah +Marah went behind the bar getting a glass filling it up with ice. She then opened a bottle of Spring water and poured it in the glass and slid it to her.+

"Here you go hun."
March 18, 2019 20:41
Lesprit I took it with a smile and took a drink. "That is quite lovely. It could just be the whole dead for a day or so thing, but everything is just so much more vibrant right now. Even color and sound. It's oddly exciting if I'm honest." I found my gaze drifting up to the stage as I pondered asking if I could use it. I gave my head a shake and sighed. March 18, 2019 20:48
Arthur "Right, right." He said as he watched her. His eyebrows raising slightly as he matched her gaze. A small smile taking over as he recalled she had a wonderful voice. "Yes, please do." He said grinning as he ran towards the stage. March 19, 2019 09:23
Marah +Marah sees him running to the stage so she called out to him+

" The sound equipment isn't ready yet my recording producer hasn't come in yet to set it up. He has to set it up for my voice tone and all like he did at my recording studio. I'm still hoping my cousin comes back soon so I don't have to audition a new band. I'm sorry but I just opened and everything isn't quite ready yet. I'm really hoping my aunt Cassie arrives soon.I still her in put on some things. "
March 20, 2019 12:24

                                   ~~~~~~~~~New day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+All the sound equipment was set Sound stage was in excelent working order so it was ready to be used. Tapping the Microphone she spoke into it hearing an echo through the empty room+

" Perfect now with Drav back maybe just maybe we could get the band back to singing again instead of me going solo."

April 02, 2019 15:46
Arthur Arthur hummed as he directed the men at his disposal. Showing them where to go and how to position themselves. Lady Marah was onstage attuning the instruments while he went about setting up the security. "Every thing looks good Lady Marah?" He asked from his spot at the door. April 04, 2019 09:22
Lesprit I was struggling a bit, weighed down with the crate in my hands, but I pushed the door open. I was just in time to hear Marah doing her mic test. I set the box down and smiled, waving as I called out. "I brought presents! I was cleaning out the wine cellar and found some great spirits. Thought you might like 'em."

I gave Arthur a bit of a shy wave and tucked a stray curl behind my ear. "I'll erm. I'll polish these up and put them by the bar if you'd like."
April 04, 2019 10:01
Arthur Seeing Aurelia enter Arthur waved back before taking up the crate and heading towards the bar. "And how are we feeling today?" He asked settling the crate on the counter. April 04, 2019 11:44
Lesprit "Better." The admission was soft, "I slept a good bit of yesterday and had my assistant take care of my meetings. The dizziness is pretty much gone to." I pulled out an old bottle of Irish whisky, polishing it and setting it on the bar. April 04, 2019 12:22
Arthur Arthur nodded in approval at her words. "That is good to know. Glad that your feeling better that before." He said with a grin April 04, 2019 20:42
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan   walks  in  and  looks around. He  sees  Lia  and   smiles.  He  knew  Marah  was  on  the  stage. He  walks over to  Marah.*

"You   need  anything. Looks like  you  got  a  good  set  of  security  here  going. I left  a  gift  for  you  . Not  many  places  out  side of  THe  Shamrock  will  have this  seeing as it is  family  made. "

*Ronan  pulls out a bottle  of  Boru Vodka*

"Case of   one of  each of  the  3 . All  handcrafted  back  home  in  Ireland. Only  way  to  get it  is  from  me . So  I  can  say  with out a  doubt   that   your  old  boss  has  none of  it and  will  get  none  of it. Only  other   place  to  haveit  it  as  I  said  is  my  hous,  your  brother's  and   the  Shamrock's  2  locations. 12  bottes  to  a  case. I  might  leave a   case at  the  blood brew  of  each too."

April 06, 2019 11:56
Lesprit I was blushing slightly at his words when I saw Ronan come in. I pressed a hand over my cheek in an attempt to hide the blush as he looked over. After taking a moment to compose myself I took Arthur's hand and walked over to the stage trying to summon every drop of confidence I had. April 06, 2019 17:34
Marah + Marah heard Arthur and smiled looking up at him she then saw Lisprit and waved at both of them+

" Good gob Art hey Lisp whats up. Presents I love presents just ask my dad."

+ She no longer said that and there was her dad . She gave a small smile and blush as she spoke and saw the bottles her smile widened+

"Hey pop-o. Roger did all the tuning perfect and euuuu Vodka yummy. This is awesome. Thank you very much. Boru liquor for a Boru club. I hear Draven is back. If or when you see him tell him to stop by. I have some things to discuss with him. And yes Arty here comes with great references Lipsirit here."

+Marah got off the stage and walked over to her father+

" Dad hows mom doing?"
April 06, 2019 18:40
Arthur He nodded at the make that had appeared before he was being lead across the stage. He wondered if she was going to perform and secretly wished it. She had a lovely voice, Arthur just wished she was more confident with it. April 07, 2019 23:28
Lesprit I cleared my throat slightly and gathered my courage. "Marah. May I borrow the stage? I want to tell Arthur something, but everytime I try to say it I get all frozen. I'm hoping that maybe I can do it with a song and be more successful."I held his hand tight as I waited for her response. April 08, 2019 01:11
Ronan Boru

"Yes   well  as I  said  no  where  but  our  places  have  it. I  fully  intend on  keeping it  that way. "

April 09, 2019 14:12
Marah + Marah just finished asking her father a question when Lisprit caught her attention and nodded+

" sure its cool"

+ Marah then looked back at her father and waited for a response+
April 09, 2019 14:13
Ronan Boru

Lilly  is  fine.  She  been  busy  jut as I  have  but  she is  ok."

April 09, 2019 14:22
Marah +Marah looked at him forcing a small dainty smile on her face as she spoke but still she was very much worried+

" Ok dad I was just wondering is all "
April 09, 2019 18:24
Arthur "What do you have in mind?" Arthur asked as she squeezed his hand. Was she going to perform? The question was not lost on him because she did have a wonderful voice. April 11, 2019 18:02
Marah Whitmoore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~girls night ~~~~~~~~~~~~

+Marah gets to the club and sets up glasses and bottles on the bar pouring shots waiting fir Lilly and Kitty to arrive+
June 25, 2019 16:10

Almost stumbling in, looking a bit weird, her eyes lit up.


"Oh. EM. GEE!  This place is amazing!"


Eventually she made her way to the bar and grinned.    


"I made it..."

June 25, 2019 16:13
Marah Whitmoore "Here ya go girl bottoms up."

+Marah slid her the shot glass. Picking up hers she downed it slamming the shot glass down.+

"Thank you I put all my energy into making this place. Its my get away."
June 25, 2019 16:19
LillyEmperium *walking from the shadows into the club. Lilly knew where to go. Walking up she pushed the hood of her black cloak back.*
June 25, 2019 16:20
Marah Whitmoore +Pouring herself another Marah slid the shot to Lilly+

" Hey mom-o here bottoms up. Kitty another?"
June 25, 2019 16:26

Her fingers curled around the glass and slowly she picked it up.

"Fcking men!"

Bring it up to her mouth, her head shook. Tossing the glass back, the familiar liquid swolled her tastebuds and she slammed the glass down.

"Hit me!  Not literally."

June 25, 2019 16:29
LillyEmperium *picking up the shot, Lilly downed it. Setting the glass down she chuckled*

So what's up
June 25, 2019 16:30

Another went down as she grinned and then just like that, it faded.

"I hate men. Seriously, things were going beyond well and now..not so much."

June 25, 2019 16:31

"Why didn't we do this sooner?"

June 25, 2019 16:33
Marah Whitmoore +Marah giggled downed her shot again and poured her and Kat another.+

" You said it men... present husband excluded. Damn Ex's"

+ Marah looked at her shot and downed that one. 3 shots in less then 2 minutes she was on a roll. +
June 25, 2019 16:35

Downing another glass, her eyes pulled away from the glass as she looked at both of them.

"You two are so lucky.  Not the Ex part cause, oh my god, I'm so frustrated and I don't know what to think. Why, just why can't they fight for you?  And things were going well and BAM! Everything is bad. Just like that. I don't know what to do and this is the best thing I know how to do. I'm thinking of becoming an alcoholic. I could marry the bottle. And if one breaks, go get another."

June 25, 2019 16:38
LillyEmperium *shaking her head, Lilly poured herself another. Setting the bottle down, Lilly looked to Kat*

Wasn't always so lucky.
June 25, 2019 16:46
Marah Whitmoore " You can say that again mummy Same here.. in the same boat as you there."

+ pouring the shot glasses up again Marah lifted her and spoke+

" I think my best choice was eloping with Rafe. I am glad I had a 2nd chance. You know I was so stupid the past 2 times. Marrying men and believing in them and BAM they fvck you up!! "

+ Downing her shot she knew she was feeling tipsy even when she spoke before. Her eyes were getting slanted and her voice was not normal as she spoke swaying her glass in her hand+

" You know ...what.. why do ex's have to keep coming back and messing with ya. First Danny and now..+hiccup+ Knight.. oh...wait...its...AAaaaangelll."

+She downed her 5th shot+
June 25, 2019 16:49

"I'm sorry..."

Playing with the glass, eyes meeting the glass as she watched it slowly turn back and forth.

June 25, 2019 16:50

"Why does sht gotta hurt and then..then you feel like the ass but it's not really your doing.  In a blink of an eye, you go from estatic to miserable. Why?  I thought for sure....that h-he was here. I'm such a fool."

Not knowing how much she had consumed in a twenty four hour period, Kat wasn't about to stop.

June 25, 2019 16:53
LillyEmperium *Downing her shot, Lilly looked to Marah*

Ease up girl, I'll have to carry you home..

*Looks to Kat*
All I ment was sometimes we go through a lot to get to the right place. Yo can't rush what's right. Trust me...and who did you think was here dear?
June 25, 2019 16:59
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at her mom and laughed then she took her hand and patted Kats hand+

" Because they are meeennn Kitty you didnt deserve that. Nope ya didnt. Want me to blow some one up for you with just a flick of my fingers? They will be molecule dust."

+ Marah giggles lowering her head+
June 25, 2019 16:59

"Him. He used to be here but not anymore."

Pouring another shot, she drank it immediately and placed the shot glass down.  It was now Kat couldn't help but grin.

"That would be amazing but seeing that he's already a demon, I'm sure he'd come back."  

These days it was hard to smile and it faded.

"I don't think he ever loved me. If that's case, why did he have to show up at my door.  I'm not a piece of ass!!"

June 25, 2019 17:03
Marah Whitmoore "I hear ya right after Angel died some Aqua-man wanna be had the nerve to ask me to jump his bones. Well not so nicely. I put him in his place and told hi..... Hey I dont know you and I dont sleep with someone I just meet on the streets. Pfft. Like I would him. Hey not my type. I am no loosey goosey I tell ya. I respect myself I do."

+Pouring another shot Marah tilted her head back downing it+

"This feels good. Ladies I say once a week we do this. Right Here. Drinks on the house."


"Why not I own the place. Wait who came to you ? Oh beat him Kitty. You deserve someone good that deserves you"
June 25, 2019 17:12
LillyEmperium *Lilly raised a brow*
Who Kat?
June 25, 2019 17:12

"Li.  He came and left and was just able to let me go. Not once did he try to fight back. I asked questions and got very little answers.  Li, that's who I'm talking about.  I'm not a piece of meat and obviously I was to him. Do you know I actually said those three words?  What the fck is wrong with me?!  I should know better than that."

June 25, 2019 17:18
Geoffrey Drake

Geoffrey had left his baby daughter Lilly in the care of his friend Etaine.  He was looking forward to a drink in a bar. He wasn't a social person but he enjoyed watching people in a quiet bar atmosphere.

He spotted a place called the Night Club Insomnia.  He chuckled softly, as he thought of little Lilly finally getting her days and nights straightened.  That experience was enough to give him sleepess nights or a good case of insomnia.

He walked in the doors.  The place was very livey. and noisy.  He could handle that for a glass of beer and some food.

He found a seat at the bar where he could watch others without being in the main flow of people.  He put up his hand and signaled a waitstaff for a bottle of Corona,  He glance at several women speaking against themselves.  He found himself missing his mate Dema.   He decided against any food order and paid for his beer.  He would enjoy his beer and order take out at a local deli.  He didn't want to leave his child for very long.

June 25, 2019 17:26
LillyEmperium *sighing, Lilly looked at Marah*
Any absenthe back there......I'm going to need that damned green fairy...

*Looking to Kat, Lilly spoke gently*
He would have, in order to protect you. You were not in harm's way Kat. Honestly I think you both need a bottle
June 25, 2019 17:28

The corner of her eye caught someone. Seeing who it was, she had seen him around but never spoke to him. It was then she heard Lilly but now became easily confused.

"Huh?  Protect me...from what?  Wait....what?  Who was gonna hurt me? I'll kill them before they even get a chance."

Grabbng the bottle, she poured herself another one.  Downing that one, her head shook as she swallowed. 

June 25, 2019 17:36
Geoffrey Drake

Geoffrey set his beer bottle on the counter.   He slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out his 'scrying' stones.   Labradorite for Dema and a small turqouise for Lilly.  He set the gems gently on the counter on a paper napkins.  

He gazed at the small turqoiuse stone and it shimmered for a moment. His daughter was asleep in her crib. He passed his hand over the stone gently.  He smiled softy as he knew his daughter was safe asleep in her crib.

He gazed into the labradorite stone and it shimmered at his touch.  He  smiled softly as he gazed at Dema in her lynx form in a tree.   He passed his hand over the stone. "Be safe and rest well, my loves." 

He stood up and slid the two gemstones in his jean pockets.  He laid a few gold coins on the counter for the waitstaff.   He left his bottle half full but he didn't need to finish it.  He quietly left the night club.  He found himself wanting to go and be with his daughter.

June 25, 2019 17:50
LillyEmperium *rolling her eyes, Lilly shook her head*
No one is trying to do more liquor for you
June 25, 2019 18:52

"But you just said...."

Pulling her glass away, eyeing it carefully, she was in disagreement.

"Aww but I'm not done....two..maybe three or ten more. And we need to stay longer. I can't go back right now, I'm not ready.."

June 25, 2019 19:35

~Ciaran  walks  in  his sister's  club and   looks around.  He  sees  his  step  mother  and  Geo form  the  coven and  he smiles  a  wildkat.~

"Greetings  all."

June 25, 2019 20:04

Taking her eyes off the overprotected glass Kat gave Ciaran an intoxicated smile

"Heeey. You need a drink too?"

June 25, 2019 20:12

"No  Im  good  actually .  whats  up   with you"

June 25, 2019 20:14

"I need more and more drama than I wish.  Long story short, fell for someone who didn't feel the same for me. I thought he had but I was wrong...once again."

June 25, 2019 20:21

"Sorry  lass. Are  you  sure   that  the lad  doesnt  feel  the same?  What   other  drama  have  you  had? Ami and I  had  to getaway  due to  drama ourselves going on. She still  at  her father's  house with the little ones."

June 25, 2019 20:27

"Most positive. Just let me I mean, at least put up some kind of a fight but did I get that? Nope. So...he can be with himself and I'll just might be good a thing..or not, not really sure."

An odd sound left her lungs and she grinned.

"Howeve, I'm totally lovin jack these days.  Maybe it's one day...or two.  Honestly, I have no idea. But ya know, you Sir might be onto someting. A vacation.  Ooh, how is Ami these days?  I do hope she's well. We had a nice chat not long ago.  It was really nice."

June 25, 2019 20:33

"Ami  is  fine.  The  family  is  fine. So  whos  the   lad  that  pissed you   off then  Kat?Drinking   doesnt   answer  anything yes   it  does  ease  the   pain  for a  it   but   it  doesnt last long."

June 25, 2019 20:37

She grit her teeth and turned back to her empty glass.


Refilling the glass, bringing it up, she spoke before drinking it

"It may not be the solution to the answer but it's fixing my problem. For the moment."

June 25, 2019 20:43

"Exactally   for  the  moment. Oh  and  Lilly  da  said  to  tell  you   that  he  be  back  no  later  then  the  28th  from  his  trip and not to  worry.He  is  fine and sends his love."

June 25, 2019 20:48

"Awwww, oh my god you guys!   You guys are sooo cute.  Totally gonna be like that someday.  Ha, wonder how many people I can gross out...?"

Sitting there, thinking about that, she couldn't help but chuckle.   Such a funny thought.

June 25, 2019 20:51

~Ciaran looks  at  her~

"You  will  be  alright in  the  end.  "

June 25, 2019 20:54

"You're right.  I know I will.  It just helps right now. Not to mention, I really don't wanna go home."

June 25, 2019 20:56

"Li is a  good  guy . Dont  know  why  he   just  walk a way like  that. Never   really had any issues  with him and  neither  did  come  to  think of  it  any one  in  the  family . Few of  his   other  "family"  members  is a different   story  but  Li  was alright."

June 25, 2019 20:58
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to Ciaran and nodded*

Thank you dear. I know he had things he had to do, no worries.

*Looking to Kat Lilly shook her head* not all are that way. Though you may feel that way about Li, I assure you he thought more of you than you realize dear
June 25, 2019 20:59

"I'm glad he never let any of you down. I really am cause what I feel right now, isn't so nice. I just wanna yell at him but I'm afraid I'll throw up on him.  Guess I should stay away.  We were a couple and now...."

Her words drifting off as she swallowed more liquid.

June 25, 2019 21:03

"Maybe   you  should go  yell  at him. It  might   make  you   feel  better.your  call  there though."

June 25, 2019 21:09
LillyEmperium *raises a brow*

Let me down? Once he pegged me with an arrow in the shoulder. I wanted to kill him.. didn't...long story... however I have never expected a man to fight for me just cause another showed interest. I have stood instead and turned the other down

In fact my first husband did do that, without being asked. Bountied a good friend of mine. No not always good thing. Kat I love you dearly...but if you care bout Li this ain't the way to show it
June 25, 2019 21:10

"And you didn't stab him or try to shred him?  Oooh, I would've and then gave him an ear full or peeled his skin..maybe it's shred."

Taking another drink, she pondered on what they said. 

"I should go kick his ass. It'll make me feel good.  Trust me, I've yelled at the other but before I did, I confronted Li and gave him a chance and he didn't do anything. He just walked.  It's a long story but I have him a chance and not just once. Like three times. And he still just walked."

Then she remebered.

"I wish I could kick his ass. He'll never feel it though. He'll just stand there and blink but that's all he'll do. He's not stuck but he sure does act like it.  And I'm the stubborn one."

June 25, 2019 21:16

That  feeling  like  you  are  going to  puke  yeah  that is  normal.  Felt like that   for  days  before  I  popped  the  question  to  Ami.  So  go   yell at him and  do  what  eer  you  need to  do but  drinking   this  stuf  isnt  the  answer."

June 25, 2019 21:17
LillyEmperium Oh I wanted to but there were reasons it was done.

*Lilly for up to look for a specific bottle behind the counter*

That don't even cover how I met him honestly
June 25, 2019 21:21

"Who  is  this  and  does  da  know  this  story?"

~  he  looks  at lilly  and  grins.~

June 25, 2019 21:36

"I wish I was strong as you are, Lilly.  And Ciaran, you're right but I'm definitely not going to be popping any questions.  I know where his heart is or whom his heart is with. But that doesn't mean I can't yell...a lot. But on the plus side, I'm not going to kill him."

Taking another drink, she finally pushed the glass back and watched Marah.  Leaning sideways, studying her, she grinned slightly.

"Aww, she's sleeping.  You know, I may think my problems are  huge but this girl, she needs a hug."

Coming off the chair, which she nearly fell, her arms curled around Marah.   

"You guys should hug her!  She's so cute.  Anways, I'm going to go puke on a Demon...I mean..yell at him."

Finally letting go, Kat steadied herself and laughed.   Looking up, the whole room spun as she started walking out, which was more of a stumble than anything.  For a brief moment, she saw the doors and twirled back around, just to say her goodbyes and nearly knocked someone over along with herself.  Grumbling, she waved and grinned.

"Bye you two.  I'm gonna go yell. We'll get together soon, oooh, we can meet back here. I'll have to start restocking shelves for Marah. Don't need her going broke."

It took her a few minutes to leave and once she was out, she went on her way.  Kat was more determined then ever.

June 25, 2019 21:37
LillyEmperium *Lilly shook her head*
Found it.... really not that strong...I just don't test like that

*Looking to Ciaran Lilly chuckled*
Actually Bella was why I didn't try to kill him years ago
June 25, 2019 22:00

"ah  I  see. Da  was  prepared  not  to like  him  because  of  his link  to  Kravenoff  but  it  didnt  turn out that  way.  We will  all  have to  get together f or  something  fun  at  some  point   when  da  gets  back .Just   take  some  time  and   unwind so  to  say. Ami  should  be  back  soon I  hope. I  will  get  in touch  with  you and   him  as soon a s  she  is  back. You  havent  had anymore n  needed  drama  since  the  last time  have  you from  any one?"

June 25, 2019 22:12
LillyEmperium It was worse when I met him..

*Setting a tumbler down, Lilly dropped a sugar cube in it then poured the liquid.*

Nope been quite. I did call for a truce with your mom. Other than that, it's been quite. I know you're father wants to have a get together once he's back.
June 25, 2019 22:24

"Yeah   well I  still dont  trust  my  mother .She  has alot of  work to do  to  prove  herself  to me. We will see how  she  does  with  all  of  that. So  far  no one  has said  that  she  has  been  part of any  drama with  them  of   involving  them so   maybe  she  is  here for  what  she  says. Time  will  tell."

June 25, 2019 22:36
LillyEmperium *Taking a drink, Lilly nodded*

Time will tell dear. As long as there's no repeats or drama all will be fine. How are the kids?
June 25, 2019 22:52
Marah Whitmoore +By this time Marah was at the end of the bar getting another bottle of Jack and poured her a glass instead of a shot. Sering her brother she stumbled over to him hearing him mention Kravenoff. Leaning over to him she hiccuped before speaking+

"Hey bro. So i heard you mention my exs last name. Tell me why do some men suck when others dont. Am i invisible? Cause when I ran into him all he talked about was himself. He bumped into me and some how he knew i married arafe. How the bloody hell did he know? Rage and i eloped only the family, Flahme and Kat knew. I know none of them told him."
June 25, 2019 23:47

"Sounds like  something  you  should ask  him . I  am   sure  he  will  tell  you   he  has sources.He   will  never  tell  you   who  that is   but that  is always  been  h is answer.  I  know I  said nothing and  Da  sure as hell  wouldnt of  said  anything  to  him.  Da  really doesnt like him.  Are  you   honestly shocked  about   it  being all  about   him  ? Everything  has always  been  about him. He is a  control  freak and   highly  manipulative.  Rafe  wont  back  down from  him  and I  know  neither   will   you. Are you  sure   no o ne  told  him ? Even if  they  did  he isnt  as I  said  going to  tell  you   who  by  name its  his   M.O."

~Ciaran  looks at her .She  knew  he  was  right.~

June 26, 2019 12:13
LillyEmperium *shaking her head, Lilly didn't say a word for a moment. Taking a drink, she looked to Marah*

Ease off Jack, he'll make ya sick in the morning Mar..
June 26, 2019 14:15
Marah Whitmoore + Marah took another shot and smiled at Lilly and her brother then spoke.+

"Oh I plan on it dear brother. But Mom Jack is a good friend to me right now. Jack helps me rhink I mean think and I come up with some really good things when Im on Jack. Just look at the club and the recording studio. Awesome huh? But ma..maybe you...your right. No more Jack for Marah."

+Giving herself one more shot she put the top back on the bottle.+

" Why sh...should I get drunk....huh just because 2 of my exs showed up. All thats missing in exs are Velkin.. Digger.. Wh..who I know is at peace and then... Chr...Chris..Christian."

June 26, 2019 18:25
LillyEmperium They are not a good reason to get drunk..

*Placing more than enough money on the counter to cover the bottle. As she stood up, Lilly fixed herself*

Half the realm could return....still not good enough...

June 26, 2019 20:10
Ciaran_M_Boru “Lilly has a point lass. They are not a good reason to drink. In fact I am shocked that da isn’t doing the same since her return back . Then again he has Lilly and orchid to think about and that helps the stress for him. Having ami and the kids keeps me from doing the same. So think think about Rafe and the little ones and go from there.”

~ Ciaran looks from Lilly to Marah.~
June 27, 2019 09:52
LillyEmperium *shaking her head*
Danny didn't send me back to Jack and past is the past that's where some people belong
June 27, 2019 14:28
Ronan Boru

*Hearing  the  last  bit  of what Marah  said  then  Lilly and  Ciaran   Ronan  looks at  them all.*

"Aye  that  is  true  it is where many  people  belong  and   should stay but  the   fates a nd gods  have other  plans.  Trust  that  they will  correct any  wrongs that  are made Marah  in  the  end.  No o ne  had any thing to do  with  Ocean  when he  came  back or  died. He choose  to  off  himself not any of  us.I  know he tried  to  get   me  to  react  to  him  but  he  didnt  and  just  ignored  him.  Angelica is a  grown ass  woman  who  can  do  what  she  wants in  the   end ."

*He looks at her*

" Dont let   him  get in  to  your  head  now  that he  is dead  again.  Dont  let  Kravenoff  get in  there  either and    find a  spot to  live.  Move  on  and  ignore  him and  any one  tied to  him  that is  going to  cause  you  issue."

June 27, 2019 17:46
LillyEmperium *tossing another sugar cube to her glass. She took a long drink. Nodding she chuckled*

Couldn't have said it better myself.
June 27, 2019 18:18

"I  have  to  get  back  to  the  rest of  the  family. Marah  try   not t o  drink  all  your  profits  andn   drink  this  place  dry as  the  sharaha. Later  all."

~  With that said  Ciaran  vanihes  once  o ut the  door.~

June 27, 2019 21:45
Marah Whitmoore +Marah heard what everyone said and she nodded in agreement with them. They were right she didnt ask for their returns nor had anything to do with Danny's recent return to the other side. That was his choice and his alone.+

"Your right we had NOTHING to do with Danny's return to sudden demise. That was all on him. And Your right I have my kids and Rafe. Rafe makes me happy and he loves me for me and lets me be myself. I dont have to pretend nor change for him. But Knight getting into my head Dad that is hard to shke. He has his ways but he cant make me choose between Rafe and him. Wont happen cause I choose Rafe. I should have 3 years ago and I probably wouldn't gone through all the pain and darkness that I have been through."

+Looking at her brother she shook her head rolling her eyes and called out to him.+

" As if I could do that. Give my love to Ames and the kiddies."
June 28, 2019 13:24
Hayden Kross

"Walking into the bar with Kat hand and hand looking around for Marah Kat's buddy Hayden Smiled*

"You think she will show up baby?* My invitation was pretty fast *giggles* anyways you'll know when she gets here after all she is your friend*

"Hayden and Kat search for a place to settle in waiting for her friend to arrive*

June 28, 2019 22:54

Hearing a familar voice, she beamed.  

"You can't hear her? I know where she's at!"   Kat let go of Haydens hand and ran over to Marah.  Withouth even thinking, she grabbed a shot glass and before she stopped herself, she spoke.

"HIT ME!  Just not literally but please, I need a LOT of drinks."

June 28, 2019 22:57
Hayden Kross

"Watching and laughing letting her go to her friend*

"Leans back on the sofa streaching* Waiting for the waitress to come by and take his order* "After waiting awhile Hayden gets up and heads over to the bar to order his drinks  watching Kat having a blast with her friends*

June 28, 2019 23:08

It didn't take her long before the first one was down. Exhaling, her eyes roamed around as she saw all kinds of walks of life pass by.  But something was unsettling.  Something that had been said and shook her very core.  Taking the next shot, Kat was tired.  After only one week, a lot of processing had been done.


June 28, 2019 23:12
Marah Whitmoore +Marah heard Kat and laughed+

"Hey there Dr.Kitty Kat. Tell me the news. I'm sorry here have another "

+Marah poured Kat another shot and looked around. Leaving the bar to one of her fathers men she came from behind the bar and went to Kat.+

"So where is he? I know hes here cause I know that look. Hey you want a job ? I could use a good bartender. Well introduce me all ready."
June 28, 2019 23:21

"He's the one that just peeled of his shirt and is eyeing my like candy.  And don't call me's weird. Granted, I'm weird but it's weird.  Oh my god, please keep those going."

Shaking her head, she could almost hear Hayden's thoughts.   Downing another, she rolled her eyes.

"Now you know why I wanna strangle him..."

June 28, 2019 23:28
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked over at him and raised a brow and laughed.+

" Yeah looks like he is undressing you with his eyes. You are right on one thing he is easy on the eyes.. So you want a job ?"
June 28, 2019 23:41

"A job?  What does it require cause getting this dude out of my head would be nice.  Literaly. I can just abut hear him and see, that's my problem. I want to strangle him and yet can't kill him. Suggestions?"

Glass placed back down, her eyes steady on Marah's face and the look of panic touched her neon hues.

June 28, 2019 23:45
Hayden Kross

"Walking over to the bar Picking Kat up ummm Strangle me? laughing why would a sexy little Vamp wanna hurt a Hot guy like myself ummm*

*Your funny honey* I like kinky hehe*

"Maybe I'll have to show you my kinky and wild side sometime Hayden Looked at Kat with his bright blue eyes*

"Ahh all talk no action Wicked Grin* I'll take a few more shots myself Miss, Thank You*

June 28, 2019 23:51
Hayden Kross

"Walking up to the bar where Kat is drinking with her friend placing his arm around Kat shoulders you ok baby*? "Hayden lifts up Kat onto his lap and holds her close to him* "So when do I get to meet your friend?* "Looking around the bar watching everyone do there thing* Don't drink too much or you might get sick* "But its fine if you are cause, I'll make sure you get better* "Hayden really cares for this Woman and would do anything and everything for her if she asked"*

June 28, 2019 23:54

The voice of surprise caught her off guard as she choked.  It wasn't a pleaant feeling to be coughing on Jack and glaring at him,  it took a few minutes to say something.


"Because sometimes you'd make it that easy.  Marah, meet Hayden."  Finally able to breathe, her head shook. 

"Kinky and Wild side? You acutally have one?   Don't wanna see it here but I'm now curious."

June 28, 2019 23:57

Climbing off his lap, she sat down on the seat next to him.


"If you think I'll get sick now, well, lets just say you didn't see me a few nights ago.  I'm pretty sure I can handle my liquor ."


After a few more shots, losing count, that familiar feeling rushing through her core, she gave an odd grin.  

"Why do you have to look the way you do?"

June 29, 2019 00:02
Hayden Kross

*Slaps kat on her tighht @ss MHmmm thats Right*

"'l'll show you one day soon if your good*

"Until then two can play the teasing game laughing*

"My Pleasure Meeting You Miss Marah"

"Hayden Shakes her hand gently*

June 29, 2019 00:05

"You seriously wanna be throat punched."

Her head shook at she swallowed another.   Tonight, the drinks were going down way to easy.  It was then that her eyes looked over at Marah.

"Please tell me you're going to drink. You're not feeling sick, are you?  Cause we know he's the sick one here."

June 29, 2019 00:10
Marah Whitmoore +Marah laughed and looked at Phillip giving him a sign to make her a jack and coke with a lime twist. Phillip brought over her drink+

"Sure... Nope not sick at least not tonight....thanks Phillip. Cheers Kitty Kat. Heres to your health and uh sanity."
June 29, 2019 12:36

Lifting her glass, hearing the familiar sound, tipping the glass, she gave a weak smile

"I'm pretty sure I'm going insane."

June 29, 2019 13:14
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  stands   behind  the   bar  and  looks a round  the  club. *

June 29, 2019 15:37
Rafe Whitmoore #Rafe sighed a bit as he got word about his brother along with his whereabouts. It was something he had to go do but he hated it with a passion for having to leave his wife and kids. Knowing Marah was at the club he arrived with a smile upon his face even though he was dreading it from the inside. He saw his father in law standing behind the bar as he walked up to him a chuckle escaped his lips as he leaned up against it looking at him.# "Hey dad you look like you are completely bored out your mind right now. How is it going?" June 29, 2019 16:38
Ronan Boru

"It   quiet  and   for  now  that is  a good  thing. Means  I  dont  have  to   punch  anyone in  the mouth  or  the  throat  for  being  asses.  So  whats  up  with  you?"

June 29, 2019 16:50
Rafe Whitmoore "Well that is a good thing hopefully it stays like that." #He sighed at the question with a heavy heart.# "I need to find Marah and talk to her about something important but dreading it. There are to many ears right now. I am just glad this place is going great for her." June 29, 2019 17:02
Ronan Boru

"For now  the  competition  hasnt  been  noticed with all the other  places  popping up.  Which is  why  I  am glad  both  Ciaran and I  keep  the  2  locations to  The  Shamrock to  people  we  know and  allow  in. Less drama  from  certain less  then  desierables so  to  say.I  am  sure  you  can  guess a few  of  them .We  wont  call  them  out here."

June 29, 2019 17:07
Marah Whitmoore +Marah downed her drink. She could always feel when Rafe is near. Turning around she saw Rafe at the bar and her father as well. +

"Kitty I will be right back going to get a refill."

+Going to the bar she walked up to Rafe and kissed his cheek.+

"Hey dad and helloooo doctor Rafe. Whats up?"
June 29, 2019 19:09
Rafe Whitmoore #Rafe was about to answer is father in law but his mouth dropped to the floor once he saw his beautiful wife walk up to them. He kissed her cheek back realizing she was drinking. It didn't bother him but gave her a soft smile.# "I apologize to your father for this. Well hellooo nurse Marah." #He chuckled some.# "Nothing saw your father thought I would chat with him for a bit but I came to look for you. You have a few minutes love so we can go talk." #He ran his thumb over her right cheek softly.# June 29, 2019 19:38

~Ciaran  walks  in  and    goes  behind  the   bar  .  He  looks  at    Marah and  rafe.~

"Eww  really? Get  a damn  room  you  two. "


"And  before  you  say a   word no  Ami and  I  never  were like  you  two.  Freaks!!!!"

June 29, 2019 21:07
LillyEmperium * Lilly had to chuckle as she walked up.*

Awww too cute
June 29, 2019 21:15
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan looks  to  lilly a nd    jump s  the   bar *

"So  what my love   bbrings  you  here   tonight? Everything   alright at  home then?"

June 29, 2019 21:49
Rafe Whitmoore #Rafe looked at his brother in law then chuckled to his comment.# "Hey now if we did that we would never come out of the room. Hey mom how are you doing?" June 29, 2019 22:11
Ronan Boru

"WTF   Rafe ? I didnt  need  to  hear  that   part  never  mind Ciaran. Eww  no."

*  Ronan  looks   from  rafe  back  to lilly.He  shakes  his  head.*

June 29, 2019 22:20
Rafe Whitmoore #Rafe bit his lower lip then shrugged.# "Yeah I apologize nice going Ciaran." #He chuckled.# "So want to go get a table love so we can talk for a few minutes?" June 29, 2019 22:23
LillyEmperium *watching Ronan jump the bar, Lilly grinned and giggled as she slipped her arms around his neck and softly kissed him. Smiling she looked to him*

Everything's alright love... perfectly fine. Just thought I'd come see how Marah's stock held up after the other night. And ask if she'd seen Kat?

*Chuckling as she heard Rafe's comment to Ciaran*
I'm doing good dear, how are you this evening?
June 29, 2019 22:28
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan   smiles a nd  kisses  her  back.*

"Rafe isnt   careful  Ciaran  going to  enforce   the " Im  her  brother  and I  can  and   will  kick  your  ass"   rights  on  him. I  used it  alot  with   lads  when  they  wanted to  date  my sisters. I am  of  course  the oldest  so it  worked  well.  Scared off  more  then a  few of the   less  the   noble   ones  from  all  of  them Now  i  will just  ue  the   "Im  not  afraid  to  go  back  to   prison   "Threat  on  the  one s   now  with the  girls boyfriends. So yeah  Rafe   I  have  been  to  prison  not  afraid  to  go  back lad."

June 29, 2019 22:46
Marah Whitmoore +Marah rolled her eyes at her brother and spoke+

"Oh suuuure you didnt. I will have to talk to Ames about that."

+Hearing her husband she smaked his but and spoke+

" You got that right love... I mean Rafe shhh."

+Marah looked at her mom kissing her cheek+

" But of course alls well. Sorry about the other night. Knight bumping into me and then giving me money for the 3 pizzas I had then seeing both him and Daxas kinda blew my mind. Especially when he stood up for Danny. But thats all said and done. I just had a drink with Kitty and her ...uh...ummm.dont kniw what to call him just yet. But he looks like the Devil in disguised. So if you two will excuse us my husband... How i love that word needs to talk to me. Here love lets go to that end table."

+Marah goes to the table and sits down.+

"Babe i only had one drink with Kitty Kat. No need to worry about me going off on the deep end."
June 29, 2019 22:51
LillyEmperium *chuckling Lilly shook her head*
Bout as bad as me saying....I've killed before and have no issues doing so again....ahh but let's keep you home,no prisons....

*Shaking her head as she head what Marah said*
I'm sorry dear...he maybe my cousin...but I have no control over that bloodline.... honestly I don't wish to either...
June 29, 2019 23:03
Ronan Boru

"it  was only  7  years no  biggie. You  know the  story. I  think  Cassie and   Ciaran   know it a  well .Cassie   was able  to  tap  in  to the   whole   thing  years ago  but  ciaran has  just whatI  told him  about it. I  hold  no s ecrets  from  any one  if  asked  the right  questions  I  am  an  open  book."

June 29, 2019 23:07
LillyEmperium I know love, but I couldn't bare to lose you to a prison....I might just have to fix them gaurds... June 29, 2019 23:16
Rafe Whitmoore

#Rafe just chuckled at his father in law then yelled back.# "Yes sir there is no need for that plus I am better for your daughter anyways." #Smiling he grabbed her hand gently then headed over to the table she suggested.  Pulling out the chair for her first he then sat down in front of her taking a deep sigh as he took her hand into his.#  "Oh love I am fine with you drinking with Kat I trust you I hope you know that. But do you remember me telling you about my brother Alex , Sky's twin?"  #He looked at her and waited.#

June 29, 2019 23:18
Ronan Boru

"Yeah yeah   just  remember  that  a nd  the  fact  that  she  has  3  brothers  that   will  be  more then   willing  to  kick your  ass  if  need  be."

*Ronan  laughs*

June 29, 2019 23:28
Marah Whitmoore "Yes I do. You said that he was missing sane as Skykar was. What happened?"

+Marah looks at him concerned+
June 29, 2019 23:29
Ronan Boru

"Ok  Im  going to  head  back  home  . you   can  stick around  if  ya  want   my love. I  need  to  rest for  the   night."

*  He  looks  at  Rafe and  MArah.*

"You  two  behave."

* With that  said  ronan   vanish once  he is  out side  the door.*

June 29, 2019 23:34
Marah Whitmoore

+Marah looked at her father and laughed calling back to him +

"Never Pop-o I'm a Boru/Reilly."

June 29, 2019 23:37

Kat arrived back at the Club once again, but this time, she had a truck with her.  Telling the driver to hang on, she ran inside.  Now not normally she was all dressed in black but today just seemed to be the day to do it.  Pulling the door open, her right came up to her glasses and pulled them down.  Hearing familiar voices, she smiled as a brow rose. It wasn't many times she'd seem them all together in one place but it was nice when she had.  Slowly making her way over, she backed off slightly when she saw Marah and Rafe together

-Aww, they're so cute-  she thought to herself.  Instantly an arm came up and waved frantically.   Now, for some reason Kat had remembered something about a job when her and Marah has spoken but a fellow creature of the night interupted their conversation and that's all she rememberd. 

Standing off to the side, not wanting to bother anyone, she grinned.

June 29, 2019 23:48
Rafe Whitmoore

#Rafe looked at her then took a sigh.#  "I got word that he is alive but he is in trouble.  I have to go get him but I promise you I will return to you and our children.  I am not leaving you guys for anything bad this is something I have to go do. Promise you on my life my love I won't be gone long just a few weeks tops.  Do you trust me I will return to you?" #He looked deep into her eyes not closing off anything to her not even his thoughts for her and the kids. They gave him life and always will he would never leave her again.#

June 29, 2019 23:49
LillyEmperium *smiling softly*
Alright love, rest...I'll be home after a bit..
*As she watched Ronan leave, Lilly grinned. She didn't even care if anyone noticed. Sighing softly she chuckled. Seeing Kat Lilly waved*
June 30, 2019 00:12

Head canting to the side, studying Marah and Rafe, something didn't look right. However, she wasn't about to intrude.  A waving hand caught her attention as a she smiled widely.  Walking over to Lilly, Kat just figure she'd leave Marah a note.

"Heeey Lilly.  I see your hubby just left and your all smiles.  Which I don't wanna know why but I'm happy for you.  Anyway, before someone starts bombing you with questions, I feel rather quiltyin drinking a lot of Marah's stock.  So, I have a delivery truck in the parking lot.  He's been given specific intrstuctions and if he doesn't comply, he knows he'll be seeng me.  But the truck is loaded.     Sooo, how are you doing?"

June 30, 2019 00:19
LillyEmperium *laughing Lilly smiled*
That obvious am I. Questions don't bother me.. I'm good. How are you dear? Um have it unloaded in the back I suppose or make him wait with the truck...
June 30, 2019 00:43

"I'm good. Busy and tyring to stay hidden but it's not workin out  in my favor. Sooo annoying."

June 30, 2019 00:49
LillyEmperium Why in Hades would you be trying to hide? June 30, 2019 00:53

"Cause I can but I"m failing.  That I can promise and I'm still trying to process information."

June 30, 2019 01:03
LillyEmperium Does this have to do with the fella that had you freaking out? Or something else? June 30, 2019 01:08

"That obvious, huh?   For the record, I'm still freaking out."

June 30, 2019 01:21
LillyEmperium Well.....why don't you tell me about him...or whatever is got you this...tense. we shall see about rendering it stressfull June 30, 2019 01:23

She wasn't sure how to explain it except to blurt it out.

"He's the Devil.  As in Luicifer. I literally just saw..his...face?  But when you see him, he's tall, not so dark, or maybe he is, depending how you see it, and handsome. Literally THAT dude. So yeah...that's the only way to describe him. Oh, he's tall. If I were to guess, 6 feet. and I'm short.  Like, a whole lot shorter.  And I do not know why or what I've done to grab his attention, but I did it."

June 30, 2019 01:27
LillyEmperium *wrinkling her nose for a moment. Lilly stood for a moment*

Yep... absenthe...

*Slipping behind the counter, Lilly grabbed a tumbler, dropped couple sugar cubes in and poured the liquid as she thought about what Kat had said. Taking a drink Lilly nodded.*

It's possible...or he's a hell spawn playing as do you feel about him
June 30, 2019 01:37

Her brows raised as she watched her.

"Now you know how I feel.  The fallen Angel.  Of all things evil, I attract him.  HIM. Like, why?  Granted, I have fought a few demons but never once cause attention to myself and it freaks me out.  Having his offspring? Like who just says 'okay' and is good?   I'm freaked out."

Sitting down, placing her arms on the bar, her head shook. 

"I don't know how I feel. I mean, I do but I don't."

June 30, 2019 01:42
LillyEmperium Fallen angel...

Would ya like me to talk to him? Kat, we all attract something or someone we don't order to say who says ok I'm good with being with him...I can't say it's ok or have to understand may past... I was ok with a lot all in search for one thing..

June 30, 2019 01:51

"Yep, that fallen angel.  The one that can fly, drive, eat whatever, tautns me, pushes me to not throat punch him. How is he my match?  I've been trying to rap my head around this and I can't. I'm think I'm losing it Lilly."

June 30, 2019 01:55
LillyEmperium How did you feel about him before finding that out? June 30, 2019 02:00

"Annoyed.  Everywhere I turned, he was there.  I shut the door and he would leave, only to return. So yeah..annoyed."

June 30, 2019 02:02
LillyEmperium Anything else?

*Taking a drink, Lilly returned to her seat*

I only ask, cause if you had feelings before...then the rest shouldn't matter
June 30, 2019 02:18

"No, I mean, he seemed nice. I mean he is  A bit full of himself but yeah, he's nice but I found him to be annoying. Why would I feel like that?"

June 30, 2019 02:24
LillyEmperium Well if he is who he claims, then being full of himself isn't surprising..nice and charming goes with as well....they all try to be...

June 30, 2019 02:29

"Yeah, he is. Trust me.  I mean, as soon as he opens up his mouth, you're really not sure what's going to leave his tongue."

The next question caught her off guard but it was one to think about. Slowly nodding.

"Yeah...I guess that's what it is."

June 30, 2019 02:36
LillyEmperium Ah.....I know the type well..


Darlin that's love
June 30, 2019 02:41

~Ciaran  walks  over  and looks at  Kat catching  some of  the  conversation.~

"Ok  wait who in love  with  who  now and  wants to  throat punch them? Some one  bothering  you  Kat? I  can  direct  them  to  the  nearest   door and   save   you  the  throat  punch  if  you   want ? All  you  gotta  do is  ask and  say the  words."

June 30, 2019 11:39
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looks at Rafe taking his hand in hers. Looking gently into his eyes she spoke+

" Rafe you have to go hes your brother. Have you told Skylar? I know her and Draven went on a second honeymoon but darling she needs to know if her Twin is alive. I mean if Dad or Cici found out if David was alive I would want to know. Love she needs to know."
June 30, 2019 12:20

Seeing Ciaran walk over, she smiled.

"Haha, no, I....well, apparantely it's me but I don't feel that all warm fuzzy feeling and trust me, I can throat punch this individual but he's not here, so all the fun is gone. "

Neon green hues pulled away from Ciaran and back to Lilly

"Love?  No..that's not what love is supposed to feel like.  It's supposed to feel..."   Not sure what to say, she stopped and thought.  This didn't make sense.

"To feel like you don't wanna strangle them...wait, is this how you feel about Ronan?  If so, that can't be a good thing."   Chuckling, her head shook.  "I have no idea what it is but....uugh, it still freaks me out. Haha, I'm still a walkin freak. Yay."

June 30, 2019 13:26

"If  the   person  doesnt  make  you  mental sometimes  then   they  really  arent  worth it  . Trust  me  there are times   that   Amethyst  makes  me   mental but  its  part of  love. Does  this  lad  make  you  want to  puke  too? Love like  most   emotions  isnt  the  same  for  everyone. Not  everyone   feels it  the  same  as  another.  There  are  t imes   growing  up  I  wante  to  throat  punch  my  dad. He  can  make  you feel  mental sometimes. I  wouldnt  be  shocked  if  Lilly did  at  times."

~  He  looks  from  Kat to  Lilly and  smiles.~

June 30, 2019 13:43

Listening to Ciaran speak, thinking about his questions, her head shook.

"No, I don't wanna puke on him. Not yet but strangle him, yeah.   He's just got this way about him that gets under my skin.  Not like a rash cause those do go away but.  Okay, for example. He'll show up at my door and I was rude, I know, I know..shocking, but I slammed and locked the door and went back to watching tv, thought I as in the clear and guess what?  He's back at my damn door.  With bodies.  They were still alive and I did let them go but dude, this dude...holy crap!  If I ever annoyed anyone before, we'll just say Karma bit me in the ass.  He pushes all of my buttons and of course I push back but he's just got this way about him that makes me wanna strangle him. Possibly scream, I'm close.And if he wasn't easy on the eyes, it be easy to ignore him all together but that's not the case."

June 30, 2019 13:50
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  links  to  Lilly  alone  .His  voice  in  her  head singing. He  knows  it  will  make  her   mental  but  that  was  part of  the   fun.*

No one knows 'bout the things that I've been through with you

There were times I'd drive you nearly mental

But when you're mad, you're still beautiful

And I know that I'm punching way above

So lucky that we fell in love

Sometimes I wonder am I enough?

'Cause you could have someone without a belly or a temper

Perfect teeth, hair growing where it's meant to

You know my lips are all I can hold against you

This is all that I'll ever need, you and I

Hello, my love

I've been searching for someone like you

For most my life

Happiness ain't a thing I'm used to

You could have fallen hard for anyone

Plenty of fish in the sea, hey now

For all of time, now I know

It's just my angel and me

No one knows 'bout all the good things you do

When people take advantage of you

Your heart is pure and so beautiful

And I know that it's just the way you are

Father's eyes, but mother's daughter

And you tell me that you don't give enough

And now I found someone with all the boxes that I want ticked

'Cause your love is all I ever wanted

Set my heart on fire, I needed something

This is all I wanted to be, you and I

Hello, my love

I've been searching for someone like you

For most my life

Happiness ain't a thing I'm used to

You could have fallen hard for anyone

Plenty of fish in the sea, hey now

For all of time, now I know

It's just my angel and me

'Cause you could have someone without a belly or a temper

Perfect teeth, hair growing where it's meant to

You know my lips are all I can hold against you

This is all that I'll ever need, you and I, you and I

Hello, my love

I've been searching for someone like you

For most my life

Happiness ain't a thing I'm used to

You could have fallen hard for anyone (Anyone)

Plenty of fish in the sea, hey now

For all of time, now I know

It's just my angel and me."

June 30, 2019 14:02

"yeah  lass  he   pushes  your  bottons becasue  you   push  back.  He   likes  you.  Do  you  remember   when  you  were younger  and  on  the  playground a   boy  would  taunt you by    pushing you  down,  Taking  your  toy,  or  pulling   your  hair? This  is  the  same  thing.  he likes  you  and  doesnt    know  how  to  express  that  yet becasue  he  isnt  sure  you  feel  the  same  so  he  doing the   same  kind of  thing  a  little  boy  would  .He  taunting  you  to   see  your reaction and   see  if  you  like   him  back.  So  if  you  do   just tell  him  you  do a nd   he  might  or  might  not  stop  being  annoying.  there  are times  where I  pretty  much  will   provoke  Amethyst  more  if I  know  it  annoys  her  enough  just  because its fun  for  me  to  get  aa reaction  from  her  but   she  does  it too."

~He looks  from  Kat to  Lilly and  smiles a  bit. ~

June 30, 2019 14:17

"Hmm, I don't remember anything when I was young.  I've tried but there is just something wrong.  Anyways, it's hard to explain. I do know what you mean. So..he's just looking for a reaction?  That doesn't make sense. It does but it doesn't. Guys just gotta be straight up about this..stuff.  I feel crazy.  Then again, I must sound crazy. Explains a lot."

Eyes darting from Ciaran and Lilly, she finally sat back and looked at the ceiling. 

June 30, 2019 14:28

"This  is  life.  It  wasnt  made  to  not  make  you  have   y our  mental crazy  moments lass. We  all  have  them  at  random  times myself  included as  of  late . I  know  the   feeling of  wanting  to   straggle  some one  because  they  make  you  mental. This time  I  dont  mean  Amethyst  either.  My  mother  Angelica has a  nack  for  doing  what this  lad  does  to  you  with  me.  She  knows   the  bottons  to  push and  how  to  get  a reaction to  that  push.  She  has a  habit of  coming  back  vanishing  then  coming  back a gain  knowing   the  reaction  it  causes with  multiple  people. Most   in  the  family  just  stopped  giving  er a  reaction  and  she  left  them  for the  ot art  alone  as  far  as  they  have told  me  and  I  can  see. She  been   off  doing  god  knows  what  and  im  not going to  run  after  her  .She  wants  to  talk  to  me  she  can  come  find  me now.  Trust  me   you dont  sound  crazy  at all.  At least  n ot to  me.  So  who  is  this  lad?"

June 30, 2019 14:42

"Well, his name is Hadyen but he's the devil.  As in Lucifer. Like, literally.  The fallen one, angel, now turned evil or in my case, to drive me nuts. But he's so damn fine!  And I hate it!  Like, I seriously wanna pull my hair out and yet not. I was just tellin Lilly that I don't know what I've done to attract him but I've done something.  I can bet you anything it isn't good."

Kat finally sat up straight and looked at him. 

"I'm not bat sht crazy, am I?"

June 30, 2019 14:46

"No  you  arent   bat   sh!t  crazy  I  assure  you. As  for  this  "Lucifer" Hayden we  will  see  what he  is  about   next time  he  is  here  point  him  out .  I  will  be  extra   attentive  to  him  around  you is all. He  gets out of  hand  he   goes   out  the  door with   force. "

June 30, 2019 15:00

"Well things don't need to go that far.  That would be a bit unnecessary. I just wanna understand why he's making me crazy. I mean, I get it but I don't.  Maybe I can kill him in his sleep...then again, if he's already dead, it wouldn't help but I can try, right?"

June 30, 2019 15:23
LillyEmperium *As Lilly was listening to Kat and Ciaran, she heard Ronan singing. Smiling softly, yes it drive her nuts. Both good and bad, but it was just part of how things were. She loved him. Giggling to herself she linked to Ronan*
I am far from an angel, but always thankful you see me that way. I love you more than I can express.. even if you drive me nuts

*Looking to Kat Lilly chuckled*
To answer your question about if that's how I feel about Ro...wanting to strangle him... Oh you have no clue dear...ever since I met him, years ago...he's always to some extent drove me nuts...insane at different points. Yet I've never loved anyone the way I do him, nor could I. Crazy oh I know...but it's true.
June 30, 2019 15:26

" this whole slapping them silly is normal.  And to think I've had it all wrong the entire time. But I still want to throat punch him.  Maybe it's because I can't that I makes me want to even more."

A hand came up to her chin, fingers drumming along her chin as she thought about this. 

"Wonder what would happen if I did."

June 30, 2019 16:06
Rafe Whitmoore

#Rafe sighed a bit knowing she was right but he did not want to say anything just yet cause of a simple fact what if it was a scam in some way.#  "I know but I do not want to get her hopes up never mind mine and Quinn's.  We do not know if this lead is a good one or not that is why I am going to go find out first before I say anything to Sky about it.  I know you are enjoying yourself plus working but I was thinking that maybe you would want to go home for the night so I can tell the kids.  I promised you guys I would never keep things from you so I would like to keep my promise especially to the boys."

June 30, 2019 16:33
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  laughs  and  links  to  Lilly*

"I  heard  that  and  if I  didnt   make  you  mental  you   be  misarable too. Its  a  good  thing.  And  I  see  more  then  you  do  of  you.If  you  could see what I  see   through  my   eyes  yo   would  understand."

June 30, 2019 16:37

'Who  knows unless  it  comes  to  it. Da  messing  with  you  again  isnt  he  Lilly? He  never  did  that  with  Angelica  that I  can  recall . See  Kat  its  part of  the  "game"  the makin  one   mental. Think of it like  a  game  of  Chess  and    see  how  that  goes. It  make   for  more  fun  actually. Love is  just like a  Chess game in  reality."

June 30, 2019 16:45
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly linked to Ronan*
I'm glad one of us can see that.. I still think your crazy...I'll probably never understand what you see love, but I am thankful you see me that way. For you, I'd do anything.

*chuckling Lilly nodded and looked to Kat*

Perfectly normal I believe dear. I have never nor would I ever actually hurt Ro. It'd kill me if anything happened to him. But it's not to say I haven't wanted to smack him. You should have seen it when I first met him...

*Nodding to Ciaran, Lilly chuckled*
Yes know, I never really did with Dragon either, well not the same way. It was usually to give like a heads up that something was bout to happen....with your's different.
June 30, 2019 16:49

"Yeah but see, I could hurt him.  Not hurt him to cause emotional pain but pain just to see what'd he do.  You guys are awesome!  I totally know what I'm gonna do."

June 30, 2019 16:57
Marah Whitmoore "But if its is a good lead you will tell her right? And yes it's best not to get her hopes up just yet. "

+Marah looks around and sees her father, Lilly, Cici and Kat waving to them she knew the club would be ok till closing. Looking back at Rafe she held out her hand and nodded as she spoke+

" Yeah I can leave I want to spend as much time as I can with you before you leave."
June 30, 2019 17:06
LillyEmperium *looking to Kat*

Let me ask this....think for a moment and forget about who he told you he was...let yourself feel for a would you feel if something happened to him?
June 30, 2019 17:15
Rafe Whitmoore

"Well let's go say goodbye to our family and friends before we do love."  #He takes her hand then gets up  to walk over to where his mother and brother in law along with Kat was.  He gave Lilly a kiss on her cheek then a hug then Kat along with holding out his hand to his brother in law.#  "We are going to go home for the night to spend sometime with the kids.  I need to go out of town for a few weeks on family buisness but I will be back. I know Marah will be in good hands with all of you." 

June 30, 2019 17:17

Kat looked a Rafe and Marah and got up and hugged them before they left.

"Wedding Date!  Wedding. Date."   A brow rose when she looked at the both of them.  " You two drive me crazy. Wedding. Date. You got all night to do other things, which I need to go and scour my brain now, but at least give me something else to do besides go drive someone else nuts."   She was trying to ignore the question but couldn't.  Sitting back down, her attention was back with Lilly.   "I don't know. I never thought about that part. I guess now I would kinda miss his ass. I've been busy with other things that I never thought about that.  There is just something I can't shake.  Ooh, and I wanna kick his ass."

June 30, 2019 17:25
Amethyst Walking in the club Ami saw her husband and walked over to him. Hearing the middle of his conversation with Kat she waits till hes finished speaking. When he finished she taped his shoulder leaning her head on his she commented on his remarks.

" Do I make you mental at times lad do I? Is that like how you get on my last nerve at times? Humm love?"

Slipping in front of him she smiled and kissed him then waited for his come back.
June 30, 2019 17:26
LillyEmperium *Hugging both Rafe and Marah, Lilly looked to Rafe*

Do what you must, but do return as soon as you can. *Giving a light chuckle* Don't make me come looking for you... Mar and the kids will be in good hands until you get back dear. Go spend some time together before you have to go.

*Looking to Kat*
Take some time and think about it. You'd do more than miss him...

*Seeing Ami, Lilly chuckled*
Hey Skittle's everything
June 30, 2019 17:28
Marah Whitmoore +Marah hugged her mother then hugged Kat. She laughed at Kats remarks.+

"We will come up with a date i promise but it will have to wait when he comes back. Hes business that has to be taken care of right now. And Kat think about the job I offered you. I have many openings you take your pick."
June 30, 2019 17:33
Rafe Whitmoore

#Rafe laughed when Kat mentioned about the wedding date.#  "We will talk about that when I return I swear we do know it is in October.  I promise I will make sure I return Marah, the kids they are my world.  But we must go I don't have a lot of time need to catch a plane in a few hours.  So everyone stay safe."  #He gave a soft smile and waited for Marah to say her nights.#

June 30, 2019 17:37

~Ciaran   takes   rafe  hand and  shaes it.  He  looks at  marah.~

"da  left  lass. Unless  he  has an  invisablity cloak like in  Hary potter."

~He  looks a t  Ami.~

"Case  in point  Kat   when  you  think they  are  still  in  NOLA  and  they   randonly  appear in front  of you."

June 30, 2019 17:41
LillyEmperium *looking to Ciaran, Lilly placed her hand over her face for a moment*
Don't go giving your father any ideas now dear...
June 30, 2019 17:49
Marah Whitmoore "Bye guys I'll see you all tomorrow. Cici be nice to your wife. Ami kick his arse I think he needs it."

+Mararh laughs taking her husbands hand and leaves+
June 30, 2019 17:51

~Ciaran  hands  Ami  skittle  flavored  vodka and    laughs~

"It is a ll  about  knowing  the   stop  botton.  Oh  and   I  dont  thinkk Mr  Morningstar  is  going to  like  that   this hayden   person  is  running  around   talking   and  saying he  is  him .  You  see I  know  for a fact   this  hayden  is  not  who  he  says.  There is  a  Lucifer Morningstar  in  the  realm  running  around."

June 30, 2019 18:03

"<iyNo, I don't think he's saying anything about that.  His name is Hadyen.  He just..well, looks like the devil. If the devil has a face, it would be that one. However, I'm going to focus on having fun.</i>"

June 30, 2019 18:34

"Ah  good . Hate to  see  the  real  thing  meet  the  fake if  he  was.  all  good  then."

~Ciaran  looks  from  kat  to   Ami  and  grins.~

June 30, 2019 18:42
LillyEmperium *taking a drink, Lilly looked to Kat*

Dear I'll say this...if there's a chance that you have those feelings. Embrace it and tell him. Don't wait. Don't push him away. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the one they love come back around so they can tell them.
June 30, 2019 19:01

"You're right.  I should.  After I smack him cause the way my luck is, I won't have anyone again.  Enjoy it while it's here, right?"

June 30, 2019 19:44
LillyEmperium *Lilly couldn't help but laugh. Nodding she spoke*

If it's ment to be, he'll take it and go forward with you. Just don't wait to realize how you feel. Personal experience...I waited, but I was lucky. I got to tell Ronan how I felt. Even when I did, I never expected what would come later. I never wanted to lose my friend for a relationship. Take the chance Kat, it's worth risking everything for.
June 30, 2019 20:04

Nodding, getting up of the chair, she smiled and hugged Lilly.

"Thank You.  Still freaked out but not as bad.  But now I do have to go and go in stealth mode...or at least try to.  At least I'm dressed for the occasion. But Thank You. Kinda weird and new....or new and weird."

Giving a wave, Kat soon took off and then remembered the drivier.  Quickly running out the door, throwing on her shades once again, she gave he driver instructions.  Once things were good, she was gone.

June 30, 2019 20:10
LillyEmperium *chuckling, Lilly hugged her back*

Good luck
June 30, 2019 20:28
Ophir Jadu

-Ophir walks in  as  Kat is  walking  out.  He looks over and  looks  at   Lilly  -

"Ah  Lady Boru.  How are you   doing?"

July 01, 2019 14:45
LillyEmperium *Seeing Ophir, Lilly giggled and smiled*

Please Ophir, just call me Lilly. I'm good, better once Kat has herself figured out. Though that don't directly affect are you doing? Everything's well at home I trust
July 01, 2019 15:38
Ophir Jadu

"Lilly  it is  then. Everything  is  fine   at home . How  are  things  here ?Who  is  Kat  and  what is  wrong  with  her that  needs s orting out then? They   little ones a re   good  and     that is  all  that   matters. i   am  thinking of  having   Cassandra  take  them  to  visit  her  father  for  a bit  in  Scotland. I  k now its  been  along time  since  she  saw  him. Ronan  can  handle  the  coven  as he  normally  does  when  she  isnt around .  So  she has  n o  reason  to   not go and  relax."

July 01, 2019 16:36
LillyEmperium That's good, she should go visit. Kat was the young lady that just left. Personal issues that will sort out soon enough. She just needs to follow her heart. July 01, 2019 19:16
Amethyst Ami looked at her husband shaking her head saying" uh huh. Love you too there C"

She heard Lilly and smiled "Hi Lil. So what have I missed anything interesting? "

She waited for someone to reply and fill her in.
July 01, 2019 22:32
LillyEmperium Hmmm where to start where to start...things have been interesting while you were gone dear July 01, 2019 22:35

~Ciaran   lookd  at   everyone.~

"I'm  actually  a  bit  worried  about  Kat  yeah. Something  wasnt   right  with  her when  she  was  here  and  not  right now either. She  said  something  about he  was never  hers  but  some one  else's Trying to  get more  information on  that  now."

July 02, 2019 14:32
LillyEmperium That's cause someone lied to her....cause drama and issues July 02, 2019 15:45

"Of  course   they  do. Apparently  there are others  sticking  their noses in  it that  shouldnt  be."

July 02, 2019 18:00
LillyEmperium Seems that way.... hopefully, it works out

*Finishing her drink*

I just never understood why folks have to be like that
July 02, 2019 18:04
Hayden Kross

"Hayden walks in and sits in a booth waiting for a friend*

*Stands up brushing the semi dry dirt off his clothing and Grin's*

"Grabing his full bottle of C Rock chugging it down fast and hard"

"Guzzling another down faster and harder and begain's to laugh*

"Screaming The  Devil Is Alive Once Again* HA HA HA*

"Sitting back down pouring another glass full of his favorite drink "Cheer's everyone*

July 02, 2019 18:32

~ Ciaran  looks  over  then looks  to  Lilly and  his sister. He  remains  quiet.He  rubs his  eyes and   shakes his  head.~

July 02, 2019 18:59
LillyEmperium *Lilly shook her head*
Ain't enough absenthe in the realm...

*Looking to Ciaran, Lilly continued*
Somedays I wish they'd just understand when they make a scene...the tab is on them
July 02, 2019 19:03

"Lilly  lass  there isnt  enough of  anything in  the  world  to  take  care of  the  crap  some   of  us  have   been through and  then  some  to   kill  the  pain.I  know  I  have  tried just  about  everything t o  do  that in  the  past."

July 02, 2019 19:04

Thinking about the past few days, once again remembering Marah's question, she hadn't gone into detail.  Walking back to the night club, she smiled and hope she was here.  Finally walking in, she saw Lilly and Ciaran and something else caught her eyes. Rolling her eyes, she couldn't help but make a remark.

"What a joke!  Anways, hey guys, anyone seen Marah?   And it looks like we need more body guards since this is HER night club. Others should choose wisely on where they spend their time.  Has she been back?"

Her eyes slightly widened before going back to normal. Brows raised as she sat down in one of the chairs.

July 02, 2019 19:07

"I  havent  seen  her in  a  while  she  could  be  some  where  arond her then  again she could of  went out  the  back. Why  whats  up? anything  fun?"

July 02, 2019 19:11

"Fun? If I could toss somone out, that'd be great, however, I have to choose wisely. Not gonna make that mistake again. Anyways, she said something about a job the other night and maybe a few nights passed that but she didn't say what. Ooh, did the delivery go as planned?"

July 02, 2019 19:13
Hayden Kross

"Looking around at the hoe that just walked in clinching his fist*

"Hayden laughs to himself*


"What a loser this girl is as he open's his fist and pours another glass*

"Hayden thinks of the song in his head Super Tramp and Laugh's*

July 02, 2019 19:15
Ronan Boru

*  Walking back in  to  the  club  Ronan  looks around  spoting  Lilly ,  Ciaran  and   Kat .  Hewalks  over.*

"How  is  every one doing? Good  to  see  you  Kat  out and  about. "

*  Kisses  Lilly and sits  in  a   empty  chair.*
July 02, 2019 19:15
Hayden Kross

*Reaching in his pocket Hayden phone rings* "Ok  I'm right here seeya in a few sweet heart* "As Hayden put's his cell back into his pocket and awaits for his date*

July 02, 2019 19:18
LillyEmperium *smiling softly, Lilly kissed Ronan back.*

Good to see you love.

*Looking to Kat she shook her head*

Last I seen Marah was with Rafe
July 02, 2019 19:19

Hearing what was supposed to be degrading words, she grinned.

"I guess the loser thinks he's welcomed. Might need a reminder on who's night club this actually is."

Turning around, she saw Ronan and grinned.  

"Thank You. It's nice to be out. Actually feeling like myself again.  Like a breath of fresh air."

July 02, 2019 19:20
Angelica Star_

(Walking by the crowd heading to Her sexy man's table. Angel find's Hayden Kross sitting in a lounge by himself and Smiles*)

*Oh there you are my love as Angel spott's her son and her ex and ofcourse lilly talking to a group of people she had No intent on meeting before giggling to hayden so babe whats on the menu"?

July 02, 2019 19:26

~Ciaran  looks a t lilly and  his  father.~

"I  need  to  go  .I  will talk  to  you  all  later  when   we  are  able to  in  Private.  Kat  What  ever  Marah offers  take.  We will  talk  later. Be  safe and  be  good."

~  With  that said  Ciaran    hugs Lilly  and     Heads  for  the  door. Keeping  his  emotions in  check  and   his  mind  closed off  to everyone  in  the   club.~

July 02, 2019 19:31
Angelica Star_

"I can think of a few thing's Id like eating but that will come later tonight baby* Angel rubs her hand on Hayden's leg making him get goosbumps*)

(Are you ok sweety looks like youve seen a ghost Angelica laughs)

Ah Hayden let's get the food to go and head back to my place for some real action You know the Kind you didn't get before*

(Angelica puts on her sexy leather jacket with her tight mini skirt grab's haydens hands and draggs him outside beside her*)

July 02, 2019 19:32
LillyEmperium *seeing who walked in, Lilly hugged Ciaran back. She understood and whispered*

We can talk later.

*Looking to Kat*
Yes she did mention needing help. What would you like to do dear

*Catching part of the scene made, Lilly growled under her breath.*
not enough absenthe in the realm....that was all on purpose
July 02, 2019 19:35
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan ignores  the  fact  that  Angelica  is   there  and focus  on  the  people he   wants  to see. He  talk  to  Marah  later  and  in  private about  better  security.*

July 02, 2019 19:35

~ Ciaran  gets  out side and   vanishes in  Green   orbs not  looking at  anything saying  anything he  had  things  to  do  and   check on   that  were far  more  important  then   what was  going on  here.~

July 02, 2019 19:38

"Not sure. She mentioned a job but didn't go into detail. She just asked if I wanted it."

Seeing Ciaran leave, Kat shook her head. 

"I hope he'll be okay. He shouldn't have to put up with her. Not at all."

July 02, 2019 19:42
Ronan Boru

* ronan   wishpers  and  links  to   Lilly  only so  she  can  hear .*

"Ignore  them my love. Let it  go.Of  course it   was .It  was  done   for  the  benefit of  Kat and  I. Nothing  more."

*  He  looks  to  Kat*

"what  did  my  daughter  say  she  needed  help  for? I  am  sure if  she offered it  to  you there is a  very  good  reason  for  it.Ciaran  wil  be fine . He  knows  what is  what."

July 02, 2019 19:44
Marah Whitmoore +It was the longest night and day of her life since Rafe left last night. Walking into the bar she shes her brother leave then saw her mom,dad,and Kat. Going over to them she gives them a hug.+

"Anyone got a cure for missing her husband who only been gone less then 24 hrs. I know its silly but I miss him so much.Kat any thoughts on the job I offered you? Bar my dad and brother with the bar assistant manager? Take your pick."
July 02, 2019 19:46

"That's just it, she didn't say. I remember her asking but that was all."

July 02, 2019 19:47
LillyEmperium *looking to Ronan for a moment, she nodded as she linked back to him*
That maybe, but it's Ciaran I'm worried about.

*Hugging Marah, Lilly chuckled*

Hmmmm....movies... chocolate...icecream...and blankets...that's what I do
July 02, 2019 19:52
Hayden Kross

*Hayden Jumps up onto the table and high fives the sky*

*Someones gonna be tied up tonight Evil Laugh and Grin*

*Jumping Off the table Hayden Runs after His Sexy Minion as he unbutton's his shirt*

*Running fast after Angelica Hayden Stop's and looks at Ciaran*

"Your Momma is One Hot Oatmeal Cookie that I'm going to be eating All Night Long* *Wooo Hooo* Flies Out the door as fast as he can and he is gone*

July 02, 2019 19:52

Just as she finished, a familiar voice was heard.  Turning to Marah, she grin but it faded when she spoke of Rafe being gone.

"Sorry. I don't think we have a cure but...wait..yes I do.  How about planning for a Wedding. Rememebr?  Annd you can think about the date. All you gotta do is mention it to Rafe. I'm sure he'll agree. As far as the position, all you said was job. So, I came inquiring. I think I did the other night but I can't remember."

July 02, 2019 19:55
Ronan Boru

"Ass is  talking to  air  Ciaran left. Marah  we  really  need t o talk  abot  getting  better  security  here . Dont  worry  too  much  about  Ciaran  my  love  he  knows  what  he  is  doing and   he  will if needed  retreat   from  people  and   that  will  be  though  the   fault of  them  not  any here."

*  He  looks at  every one  and  shakes  his  head as   Kross  leaves.*

"You  good  Kat. That  was  defintly  done  for   our  benefit  that little  act  there. Best t o  just  ignore it a nd   act as  if it  never happened. No  need  to  feed  the over inflated  egos more."

July 02, 2019 19:58

"Acutally I am.  I believe the sixteen year olds left.  Tightening up security is something that has to be done. I know it was for our doing, which brings out how immature they really are. I got to talk to Li today and it felt good. I think we're moving on and be in a place that we're supposed to be in.  I can't Thank You enough Lilly. "

July 02, 2019 20:02
Ronan Boru

"ah  good . I think that  was  a  good  choice  then  Kat. Like  I said  ignore  the  egos and  the  immaturit and   the  will  either  go  away  or  they will  annoy the  wrong  people  or  person  and  go for a  nap. Its all  good.  Moved on  to  better and   bigger things. "

July 02, 2019 20:08
LillyEmperium *nodding, Lilly knew Ronan was right. Didn't mean she has to like it or would change that she was concerned about Ciaran. Looking to Kat Lilly nodded*

You're both time ask before leaping. Or I may have to knock both of you out
July 02, 2019 20:13

"Noted.  However, if we can move on from this nightmare, we're doing better than good.  I just believed bullsht lies. Lesson learned."

July 02, 2019 20:21
Marah Whitmoore " Talking is good I always hear. At least that is what my parents say. Right mom and dad? Yeah I want to thank you dad for Phillip. I had one guy who wanted the bouncer job but he never came back. So Kat if you know anyone I would love you to send them this way. So first the job then we talk wedding. So what will it be Kitty Kat Bar my dad and brother with the bar assistant manager? Pic one." July 02, 2019 20:23
LillyEmperium Good....move forward. Grow together, grow stronger from all of it...and if little brother gives an issue, come to me..

*Slipping her hand over Ronan's hand, she smiled softly as her fingers slipped over his. Looking to Marah she chuckled*

Yes communication is key... even when ya don't necessarily want to it's still a must
July 02, 2019 20:26

"Maybe assistant manager?  I do good a pouring myself a cup of coffee, let alone several. But, we really need to talk about your Wedding.  Just think, it's a  looong shot, but maybe you'll be helping me plan mine. Don't get excited."

July 02, 2019 20:27
Ronan Boru

"Good   for  you.  Li  is a  good  guy deep  down. He  had  issues  like  all of  us  but   honestly  its  the   guys that come off  like  what  we jut saw  that you  need  to  run  screaming  fast away. Some one  is  always  going to  lie  to  you   about  something  some time  its  finding the lies   that  is  the  trick. Glad  philip  can  help."

July 02, 2019 20:28

"Exactly!  See, someone can only string someone around for so long, before the walls come crumbling down. I like to call that wall, Karma.  I just hope I can make him happy. That'll always be my biggest worry."

July 02, 2019 20:30
LillyEmperium Kat...ya know all that energy you expelled yelling at him that one night....put it in the bedroom.... July 02, 2019 20:35

Kat went speechless

July 02, 2019 20:44
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  laughs  and    Shakes  his  head.*

"She  gives  away  all  our  secrets."

July 02, 2019 20:48

"I see that. More like hear it. I think Li and I can figure that part out. It's been a long week."

July 02, 2019 20:52
LillyEmperium *giggling Lilly smiled*
Not all of them love...

*Looking to Kat*
I hope you two can....Also, like there's no tomorrow. Love each other like it's the first day all over again... Yes there'll be days you may wanna kill him... but you can't imagine your life with anyone else
July 02, 2019 20:57

"Ah but it's better than going day to day, actually wanting to. I never could live like that again."

July 02, 2019 21:01
Ronan Boru

Wait  what ? There  are  days  you   want to  kill me? I am  innocent  I  tell you.  I   dont  do  anything  . Just a  sweet  and  kind  Irish  lad."

*  He   looks a t  them a nd   tries to look  innocent   knowing   he is  going to  fail hard.*
July 02, 2019 21:01

This time, Kat ended up the one laughing.

"Ronan innocent.  Those two words don't go together."

July 02, 2019 21:02
Ronan Boru

* Looks  hurt  at  Kat*

"Wow  Kat. thanks   for  the   back  up.  I  get it   girl  power."

July 02, 2019 21:04
LillyEmperium *busting out laughing, Lilly kissed her husband*

My love, you weren't an innocent Irish lad when I met you. Sweet and kind yes.... innocent is all of your crazyness I love you
July 02, 2019 21:08
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  laughs* 

"I was   crazy  way  before  you  and   the  ex that  was here."

July 02, 2019 21:19
Marah Whitmoore "The job is yours Kitty. And yes your right mom. I thank the gods that i'm related to for bringing Rafe back to me.I love him more today then yesterday." July 02, 2019 21:26
LillyEmperium I have no doubt about that love. I do know you were crazy when I met you...crazy enough to make a p1ssed off Lilly stop in her tracks and listen when no one else could...

*Hearing Marah, Lilly chuckled*
Rafe's a good young man. I'm glad he returned to you.
July 02, 2019 21:27

It took a minute or two to stop and breathe.  Shaking her head, eyeing them both.

"You two make me worry."

Thinking about it, she finally answered Marah.

"You know. I just might and you and Rafe are lucky. Granted it took few months to get the 'ick' out but you two are."

July 02, 2019 22:10
Ronan Boru

"Well  me   being  who I  am  crazy  pissed off vampire  isnt    a  big  deal  for  me in the end. No one  else  would of  attempted  it  I  know. I  did  what  no one  else  would or  could."

July 02, 2019 22:10
LillyEmperium *looking to Kat, Lilly chuckled*
Why's that Kat?

*Smiling Lilly chuckled as she looked to her husband*
Mmm you definitely did what no one else could dear. Even if others tried..drove few lil nuts cause of it..
July 02, 2019 22:37
Ronan Boru

Rafe is a  good  guy I  thinkk  we  will  keep  him. Li is too so  it cool.  Why   do  we  worry  you  Kat?"

July 02, 2019 22:41

"Cause you two crazy. I never know what you're gonna say.  But it's a good kinda crazy.  I never said I wasn't crazy, so, on that note, I do have ot get going. I have a lot of work ahead of me."

Getting up, she smilled and snickered.

"You two love birds have a good night.

Giving a small wave, walking out of the Club, snickering and shakin her head, it didn't take long for her to disappear.

July 02, 2019 22:53
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly chuckled*

Night Kat
July 02, 2019 23:09
Marah Whitmoore +While everyone laughed and joked Marah slipped away to the bar. Grabbing herself a bottle of JD she slipped away to a table by the stage. Sitting back she opened the bottle and started drinking.Tears filled her eyes that were consummed with hurt and anger.

How dare he come and mess with her head. All the pain and hurt she worked hard to get over is now flooding back to her like a broken leeve. Wiping the tears she thought of Rafe and how much she needed him he was her rock....her balance... her meaning for existing.

Why the hell was she letting that man get to her. He didnt give a flying fvck for her,the kids or what she went through. Yes its always him who was the bad one as he put it. Maybe this time he was right. Why come back now and not 3 years ago? That was the question that kept going over and over in her head. And it was giving her a migraine to say the least. All this thinking and the headache made her take the bottle and just start chugging it till it was empty.+
July 03, 2019 03:15
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan   looks a t  marah. He  takes  the  Bottle.*

"That   wont  make  him  return  home faster  and  wont  make  the other   just  go  away either.  I  know I  have  tried many  years to  use  the  bottle  to  escape  .One  of  those  reasons  just left   here acting a  fool. The  other was  when  your  mother ands ister  died."

July 03, 2019 09:21
LillyEmperium *seeing Marah, Lilly walked over to her. Gently she hugged her*

Mar... your father right. Often the only thing at the bottom is pain and more misery. I know this for a fact dear. Come....let's get some tea
July 03, 2019 12:50
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at her father when he took the empty bottle away from her.+

"Guess I'm a little like you as well huh dad. You dont know what he said. He said my family told him to stay dead so he did. I didnt believe him I know my family they would never say such a thing. And he said why is he always put as the bad guy. And since when did he give a flyin fvck what anyone thought or said. If he loved me like he said he would have come back. But Angel Knight Kravenoff is a liar. He messes with my head always has since i was 15 years old."

+Marah looked at her mother and sighed. She was right and the whole bottle didnt cure her hurt or anger. Not even her headache it was worse.+

"Mom your right everything is still the same. And dad Rafe is still on his quest to find his brother and dip sh!t is still here. And...and.. Oh I feel sick. Thats the last time i chug a whole bottle in one gulp with no breaks."
July 03, 2019 13:47

"  Hey   Mar  y ou  can  do  better  then   Kravenoff."

~Ciaran  walk in   and  hear  his  sister.~

"You  are right none of  us  EVER  told  him  to  stay dead.  Not  least  out  in  public.  Have I  thought it  yes but  never said  it out loud .  I  dont  recall anyone saying that so  some one is lying to  him  or  he  is  lying to  you . Either is  bad."

July 03, 2019 14:13
Marah Whitmoore " I do have better bro. I have Rafe. He would never put me through all this. I miss him and cant wait for him to return. Hell I might not even wait till Oct. for the wedding. I have no idea why he'd lie maybe he wanted me to turn on my family. Which will never happen." July 03, 2019 15:04
Arthur Arthur stood at the entrance dressed in an all black attire. Button up long sleeved shirt and best. Black jeans, shoes and fedora as he stood by the doors. He had asked for some time off because he was going through a hard time. But with things settling down he seemed it safe to return to work. He wondered how Marah was doing as he checked the latest person before allowing him to pass. July 04, 2019 11:12
Marah Whitmoore +It was time for her set So after changing into a black tank top and silver black jacket, black spandex black ankle boots, along with leather wrist bands Marah gets on stage as the band started playing. Doing a dance she started singing.+

And you can dance
For inspiration
Come on
I'm waiting

Get into the groove
Boy you've got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy what will it be

Music can be such a revelation
Dancing around you feel the sweet sensation
We might be lovers if the rhythms right
I hope this feeling never ends tonight

Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free
At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
I'm tired of dancing here all by myself
Tonight I wanna dance with someone else

Get into the groove
Boy you've got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy what will it be

Gonna get to know you in a special way
This doesn't happen to me every day
Don't try to hide it love wears no disguise
I see the fire burning in your eyes

Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free
At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
I'm tired of dancing here all by myself
Tonight I wanna dance with someone else

Get into the groove
Boy you've got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy what will it be

Live out your fantasy here with me
Just let the music set you free
Touch my body, and move in time
Now I know you're mine

You've got to

Get into the groove
Boy you've got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy what will it be

Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free
At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
I'm tired of dancing here all by myself
Tonight I wanna dance with someone else

Live out your fantasy here with me
Just let the music set you free
Touch my body, and move in time
Now I know you're mine

Now I know you're mine, now I know you're mine
Now I know you're mine, now I know you're mine
You've got to

Get into the groove
Boy you've got to prove
Your love to me, yeah
Get up on your feet, yeah
Step to the beat
Boy what will it be
[Repeat and fade]
July 06, 2019 22:42
Marah Whitmoore +when her song was over she turned to the band and told them to play the next 3 that they rehearsed at the studio.+

A stray bullet and a momma cries
Her baby won't be coming home tonight
Sirens screaming down the avenue
Just another story on the evening news, oh
Politics and prejudice
How the hell it'd ever come to this?
When everybody's gotta pick a side
It don't matter if you're wrong or right, no
And so it goes, but I hold onto hope and I won't let go 'cause
I, I believe you and me are sisters and brothers
And I, I believe we're made to be here for each other
And we'll never fall if we walk hand in hand
Put a world that seems broken together again
Yeah I, I believe in the end love wins
Sometimes it takes a lot of faith
To keep believing there will come a day
When the tears and the sadness, the pain and the hate
The struggle, this madness, will all fade away, yeah
I, I believe you and me are sisters and brothers
And I, I believe we're made to be here for each other
And we'll never fall if we walk hand in hand
Put a world that seems broken together again
Yeah I, I believe in the end love wins
Love is power, love is a smile
Love reaches out, love is the remedy
Love is the answer, love's an open door
Love is the only thing worth fighting for, yeah
I, I believe you and me are sisters and brothers
And I, I believe we're made to be here for each other
And we'll never fall if we walk hand in hand
Put a world that seems broken together again
Yeah I, I believe in the end love wins
Oh, yeah, love wins
Love will, love can, love still, love wins
Love will, love can, love still, love wins
July 06, 2019 22:46
Marah Whitmoore That lipstick on your collar, well, it ain't my shade of pink
And I can tell by the smell of that perfume, it's like forty dollars too cheap
And there's a little wine stain on the pocket of your white cotton thread
Well, you drink beer and whiskey, boy, and you know I don't drink red
Found it over in the corner
Wadded up on the bedroom floor
You should a hid it in the closet
You should a burned it, you should a lost it
Now I'ma have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry
Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line
Leave 'em blowing in the wind, just say goodbye to you
All those midnight's sneaking in
I'm late again, oh, I'm so sorry
All the Ajax in the world ain't gonna clean your dirty laundry
If the neighbors get to asking, I won't cover nothin' up
I'll tell 'em every little detail, how you drug me through the mud
I'm gonna string up your old button-down and slide it on the porch
Just in case you get the nerve to come knockin' on my door
Yeah, I'ma have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry
Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line
Leave 'em blowing in the wind, just say goodbye to you
All those midnights sneaking in
I'm late again, oh, I'm so sorry
All the Ajax in the world ain't gonna clean your dirty laundry
Oh oh oh oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
Found it over in the corner
Wadded up on the bedroom floor
You should a hid it in the closet
You should a burned it, you should a lost it
Now I'ma have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry
Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line
Leave 'em blowing in the wind, just say goodbye to you
All those midnight's sneaking in
I'm late again, oh, I'm so sorry
All the Ajax in the world ain't gonna clean your dirty laundry
Out to dry
To the line
July 06, 2019 22:47
Marah Whitmoore Stand on the box,
Stomp your feet,
Start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen


Pulled up to the church but I got so nervous
Had to back it on up, couldn't make it to the service
Grabbed all the cash underneath my mattress
Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

Ran into a girl in a pretty white dress
Rolled down a window, where you heading to next?
Said I'm heading to the bar with my money out the mattress
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen…

Stand on the box,
Stomp your feet,
Start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
Drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
Wake up in the morning' don't know what happened
Whoa… Something bad
Whoa… Something bad

Now me and that girl that I met on the street
We're rollin' down the road, down to New Orleans
Got a full tank of gas and the money out the mattress
Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

'Bout to tear it up down in New Orleans
Just like a real-life Thelma & Louise
If the cops catch up, they're gonna call it Kidnapping
Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

Stand on the box,
Stomp your feet,
Start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
Drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
Wake up in the morning' don't know what happened
Whoa… Something bad
Whoa… Something bad

Stand on the box, stomp your feet, start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
Now the drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
Wake up in the morning' don't know what happened

(yeah, yeah, yeah)

Whoa… Something bad
Whoa… Something bad
July 06, 2019 22:48
Marah Whitmoore +When she finished and the applauds ended she poke into the mic+

" Thank you and now were going to take a break . The kitchen is open for you if your hungry. "

+ leaving the stage Marah goes to the bar and orders a coke. She promised no more drinking because of her ex and what ever person he was with. She was happily married to Rafe and it was going to stay that way+
July 06, 2019 22:55
Arthur As she sang Arthur listened, she had a lovely voice. Having an outlet to release her emotions. Few could do that and in a way that's how she connects with her audience. After her performance he appaluded her with the others. July 07, 2019 23:33

Going back to Marah's nightclub, it seemed a bit busier than it had been. Dressed in a thigh high black dress, black heeled boots, her dark locks draping over her shoulders, she walked and headed to the back.  Eyes scanning the area, it wasn't long before she found Marah.  Standing next to her, she smiled.

"Looks like you're having fun. How are you holding up?"

July 08, 2019 12:55
Marah Whitmoore

+ Looking at Kat I smile a bit+

"Well hey there Kitty Kat. as long as I dont have no ex's showing up I am good to go. How about you? Anything new on the Li scene?"


July 08, 2019 19:36

"I'm sure they will be. They know they can't come back into your life. I wouldn't sweat it though, not to mention, Rafe will be back soon. "

Seeing her grin, Kat nodded. 

"I have all kinds of juicy details."

July 09, 2019 16:28
Marah Whitmoore "Yes the love of my life will be here sooner then I know it. "

+ Marah felt a little dizzy and cupped her head with her hand. Taking in a few deep breaths she looked at her friend.+

" So fill me in Kitty Kat. You know I hate waiting. I want to know everything."
July 09, 2019 16:42
Arthur Arthur placed a bottle of water before Marah. He had noticed the dizzying look on her face and decided on bringing her a bottle of water. "Lady Marah if you desire some pills to take a long with this please let me know." Arthur said bowing slightly to her and nodding at her companion before he returned to the door. Standing guard at a distance to ensure things went smoothly. July 09, 2019 17:32

"No, no, no. What was that?  Don't tell me anything cause that was something. How much have drank?"

July 09, 2019 17:38
Marah Whitmoore

+Marah shook her head and gave her a gentle smile patting her hand+

" No not drinking. I ran into Knight. and we had ...well words. My powers went berserko. This dark lighter Serena felt it found us and I got hit with a poison arrow. Its ok Kitty Cici healed it ,,some what but it will take a few days for the poison to leave my system.I might need you to watch over the club. for a few days."

+Marah took the water and smiled at Arthur.+

"Thanks  Arthur. Water will be fine for now."

July 09, 2019 20:12

"Hi and when were you going to tell me? What does he even want and why? Hasn't there been enough sh*t  without adding to the pile?  What else happened?  When did this all happen?"

July 09, 2019 23:19
Marah Whitmoore +Marah sighed some and then spoke+

"Right after Rafe left he has no idea about the arrow or Serena. She first came around when Knight died and my powers were really going berserk. She wanted me to turn  evil so she could be my personal dark lighter. I said hell no. At that time Kitty you can ask my family I was angry. Apparently Knight doesn't give a crap of what I went through. When I asked him if he even cared what I went through when he died. He said pretty much no.  And brought up our past with Danny and how I went to Danny after we got divorced. My hurt and anger went out Kitty. I told him when we reunited 4 years ago I did all that to protect him. I saved his life. Danny was going to kill him if I didn't marry him. Mom knows Danny she can verify Danny and his conniving and threats.  My temper flared and  bam got hit with a arrow. But I managed to blow up her 3 demons get the arrow out and make it to dad's. I wish Rafe was here. He can calm my anger. Its his Carpathian thing. Its what he calla a life mate thing."
July 10, 2019 17:34

"So we basically have to keep you in a bubble, hidden from all things completely evil.  Not to mention, all things dead must leave you alone.  I really, really hope Rafe gets back immediately cause this..this is some crazy ass sht. What is up with this danny character and his many minions?"

July 10, 2019 20:53
Marah Whitmoore "Hell if I know. What I want to know is why tbe bloody hell Knight cares about whtly Danny left. As for keeping me from everything evil... Its just those who make me angry and makes my powers go homicidal. Seems Knight is the only one who does that right now. You see when i get angry and my powers go all blowing up things its a beacon for dark lighters. Not to mention witch hunters. So yeah i need to be in a bubble when it comes to Knight. You know after he blew up and threw Danny in the mix hd told me if I wanted to blow him up to go ahead and do it. He didnt know that I already did that at moms family lidge..about 100 times I blew Knight up for leaving me. Well Angel. He will never be Angel to me only Knight." July 11, 2019 00:16

"That is something I don't know. but which hunters can't be trusted. Saw it in a movie once, quite disturbing actually but maybe you need to do it anyway. I could be wrong but it sounds like fun. I mean, if he keeps coming back and not remembering, right?  Why not! I say have fun but maybe that's just how twisted my mind works. It could work. Maybe I should keep my inside voice..inside."

Wincing, a weird ass grin could be seen.

July 13, 2019 23:24
Marah Whitmoore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~

+Returning to town Marah drove to her club. Going inside she saw everything was going great. And that Kitty Kat deserved a raise and as soon as she saw her she would tell her so.+
July 26, 2019 20:42
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan walks in  nad  looks around  he   checks  the   stock  behind  the  bar and    made  sure it  was all good  to  go  for  Marah.   He  had  been  busy  as  of late  so  he wasnt  able  to  get  thing done  as  he  wanted  to.*

July 28, 2019 18:32

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

August 31, 2019 21:52
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan walks  in  to the   club  and   calls   the staff.  He  would  talk  to  Wild Kat later.*

"Ok  here is  the deal  thi  place will  continue  to  run  a  it always  has. Marah  was   yes in  an  accident and  is  hurt.  She has   few  cracked  ribs a nd   had  some  internal   bleeding  that  the   doctors  were  able  to  stop.  Only  difference  here  is if  any  one  comes in  asking  about  her  you a re  to  tell  them  to  coe  talk  to me. You are  NOT  to  tell  them  anything  your  answer is to  be    "You   need  to go   speak  to  her  father or  brothers .  We  can not  comment. " or  "You   need  to  go  talk  to  Ronan about it. Er  can  not  make  any  comments  abot  it  to  any one." This   will  keep  the  press away  from  you a nd   other  people  we  dont  want to  know  anything  from   getting  information on  the  situation  or   her  condition. Is  this  clear?"

*  He  looks  at   every one  and  they all  nod  that  they  understand.*

"I  will  be  getting  in  touch  with  Wild Kat  privatly  and  letting her  know  this  as  well.  now  get  back  to  what  you  were  doing."

October 07, 2019 12:26

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New  Day/Night~~~~~~~~~~~~

October 10, 2019 20:31
Marah Whitmoore +After a full day of sun and surfing Marah enters her club all refreshed. She knew that she was suppose to take a few days rest but being a fire and ice Phoenix plus the grand daughter of the Celtic fire goddess Brigit her healing powers were stronger then some who think they were all powerful. Picking up the paper that was on the obit page.She just shook her head when she saw a certain name.+

" Well I figured as much. They will be back in another form I am sure."

+ Seeing a telegram she read it as a smile appeared on her lips. Rafe will be home in a few weeks which meant the beginning of November just before the release of her new album. As she finished reading it her cell went off. It was a text from her brother Matt informing her that both him and Cici will be there. She wondered what was up for both of them to be there.+
October 13, 2019 18:26
Amethyst Ami got the voice mail from C telling her to meet him and Matt at Insomnia for some kind of family meeting. She knew Mars was safe now with no worries of anything to make her life hell and nothing could come between her sister in law and Rafe. She was thankful things were going to be peaceful now. With no interuptions from out siders. Finding a table she took a seat waiting for everyone to arrive. October 13, 2019 19:03
Matt Boru

"Hey  Ams  any  idea  what this is  about? Where  the  hell is  Ciaran any way? I  think he   be  the  first one  here of  all  of  us." 

~He  looks around. Was  nice  that  things  were  peaceful  now with out  the  issues of  Marah's  Ex trying to mes up her life.  Matt never  meet  the  boy  but  that might of been  for the  better  for  Mr  Kravenoff really.~

October 13, 2019 19:27

"AS  normal  you  think  wrong  there  Matty. When am I  ever  been  known  to  be on  time?  Oh  Mars bar   got  a  gift  for you ."

~He hands her a  can  with the   lable  of  Tramp-B- Gone  on  it and  another one   with the  lable of  a popular   ant and  roach  killer.~

"The  Tramp- B- Gone I  will  explain the  other  is for if a  certian  big ass  roach  returns  to  plauge you  again  you can  get  rid of  it. The Tramp-B-Gone  is  incase  mummy dearest of  Matty and  mine  returns  here and  is acting like  well a  tramp like  she  did  that last time with  Hayden  Kross. 

"Oh  thats  right  you   left  with  Rafe  when  that happend. Mummy showed up  on  a  date  meeting here and   put on  a show with  Mr  Kross as  her  co star   just  for   a select  few. Namely  Wild Kat  since  she and  Kross  had a  fling,  Da,  Lilly and I  back  in  the   beginning of  July."

October 13, 2019 19:35
Marah Whitmoore + Marah went to the table and sat down just before Cici got there. Taking the 2 cans she chuckled a bit as she spoke.+

"Gods of old I could have used the Roach one recently.As for tramp be gone one maybe I will spray it now. Yeah I heard about that specticle with her and him. I would have tossed them out on the arses. But that was the night Rafe had to leave to go find Skys twin brother.What was supose to be just a few weeks turned into a couple of months. I did get a telegram from him he should be back the beginning of November. Guys big favor here. Please dont mention the accident and loosing the baby. Hes been through so much. I will tell him when the time is right. I had no idea about the baby i was shocked to say the least. Oh yeah here read this. I figured it would go this way."

+hand Cici the obits+

"Im sure they will be back in one form or another. They always do."
October 13, 2019 20:18

"Roaches  never do  die. Where   there  are one or  two  there  are  always   more in  the  walls  or  anywhere  else. AS  for  the  mummy issues   well  leta  just say  I  am  shocked   she  hasnt   shown  back  up."

October 13, 2019 20:24
Marah Whitmoore "Well if she does she better stay the bloody hell away from me. Ima telling ya that for sure. And sure as hell she better not show up in my club or I will spray both cans on her. Sorry brother dear but I really dont like or care for her. I only met her once and that was enough for me." October 13, 2019 20:29
Amethyst Ami smiled at Matt.

" Hey there Matty."

Ami was about to speak when C showed up.

"What he said about being on time. In all of the 7 years we been married only time he showed up early was our wedding day."

Ami broke out into a full laugh when C handed his inventions to Mars.

"There ya go Mars Bar lass. Now to can try out some of my Dr. C's formulas. Yeah i read the obits as well sis im just glad you will be om now with lack of stress girl."
October 13, 2019 20:35
Matt Boru

"Not a  word. Wait  mummy dearest is  still  alive? Isnt it  well  past time   for  her to  of   cavened  out or   killed  herself ? I  wonder  what  the  special  occassion is  that she  hasnt. Da  isnt  get getting  back  with  her. I   heard he made  that  perfectly  clear. I  heard Lilly   made that    perfectly  clear   as  well. So  why is she  still  here?

Ah  Mars  bar  here  hasnt  had  the   pleasure of  mummy  dearest  yet has  she? Count yourself  lucky on  that  then. She has  a  nack  for well  turning  up  like   some  former  roach  you   know. She  is never   going to  be  mum  of  the  year  that is  for  sure."

October 13, 2019 20:36
Marah Whitmoore "Oh I met her once lil brother. It w as at the Shamrock. Rafe and I met her together. That was something else I will tell ya. Like I said I dont really like her.She should come on to both of my exs. Grsnted I heard she slapped asshat when he grabbed her behind. I wish I could have seen that. Danny getting knocked on his butt by a fiesty female." October 13, 2019 20:43

"Aye  alive   but   in  Cancun   since  July.  I  dont  know  if  she  will  be  back at all. One  can  hope  not.  Our  mother Marah is  well she  is  a  Narcistic Sociopath.  She  has  no  remorse   for  anything  and   all  she  cares about  is  herself and   what   she  can  get  from  other  people  and   that  wold  include her  own  children like   me   and  Matty   here. Of all  the  covens  in the  world  she   happens  to  join  the one  Ami  is  in before Matt matt   here  gets  home . Yeah  that is  no coinicident.At  least it  doesnt seem  that  way  to me. 

I  doubt very much She   will  come  to me and  even  if  she   does   she  will  be  told  where  to  go. What   would  you  do  if  she  came  to   Matt? What  would  you  say?" 

October 13, 2019 20:46
Matt Boru

"You  mean  besides   what  I  already told  her in  the  letter.  I tell her to   bugger off  and    that I   didnt  need  her as  a  child  and  I  sure as  hell  dont  need  her now.  She   has  done  enough  damage  to  us   growing   up to  last  more  then   just  this  life time.Best  thing   she  can  do is   stay away  but  we  all  know   her   me   me  attitude  wount  allow  her  to  do  that  at all.  She  will  say  that  you   or  Da   coruppted  my  mind   with  lies I  am  sure   but  I   can  safely  say  that i  not  the  case. She   did  that   her  self  growing  up.  Alex ,  Arwenand  tabby  want  nothing to   do  with  her  and  to  them  she  is  still dead.  She  dead  to me a nd   that is  what  she  will  be  told."

October 13, 2019 20:53
Marah Whitmoore +Marah listens then threw in her own comment.+

" Hummmm only think of themselves huh? That sounds like soneone else I knew. But then it was their way or the highway. Or it was suicide. Which happened ALOT.. Dont worry about her showing up here again cause she will be out on her tail. I will give photos to all security guards and bouncers "
October 13, 2019 20:58
Matt Boru

"yeah  well  I  am  not  going to  let  her  to  continue doing all  the   crap  she  is  doing. She  come  backk   hang out   run  drama   after  swearing  she  wasnt  here  for that  and  the n  kill  herself  off. I  am  actually  shocked  the   ass of  a  bird   didnt  follow  her  this time to  continue   the  drama. So  thank  the old  gods  for  small  gifts  there. Da   kept  me  updated."

October 13, 2019 21:16

"yeah  well  I  am  notgoing to  allow it  either.  I  am sure  as hell  not going to  allow  her to  do her  drama  to  my kids  that  she  did  to  us growing  up. Oh and   Liliana  is   alive a s well  and   neither  Ceirra  nor  Dessy  want  anything to  do  with  her  they  say  nor  her  family  so  that is a  good  start  there . Not that  Dessy  was  ever  a  care  to  her. Liliana  hasnt  admitted  to  me  that  she is  back   but  she  is. She  with another  and   she  can  stay  with him  and  away  from  the   girls."

October 13, 2019 21:24
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  sat listening to  the   boys  talk.  Everything  they  said  was  true.Everything  the  Irish  fire witch and  high king  did  he did  for  the  greater  good and   with    reason. He  didnt   blame  Ciaran  or  Matt  for  how  they  felt   .They  had   every  right to  feel it as  did  the  way  their  siblings  felt .  He  also  didnt  blame  Ciaran  for  feeling the  way he  felt  about Liliana  lying to  him and   he  was  right to   be   the way  he  was  . She  was  with another and   Ciaran  had  Ami. Ronan  had doubted  very  mcuh  that Liliana  would of  stayed  faithful  to  Ciaran  anyway  in  the end.  Fate made  the  right  call  there.*

"I dont   blame  either of  you  boys for feeling the  way  you  do about Angelica.You are  both  right and  Ciaran  you have  given  her  far more  chances  then  she deserved over the  years  when  she  did  return. She has always  been  about  herself and  what  she  could get  from  others  then  when  she  gets  what  she  wants  she  tosses  them aside until she  sees  more  she wants  or   they are happy.  She is  a  sociopath  that  has no  remorse  for anyone  or  anything  she  has done in  the  past. She said  she  was s orry  but  she  still  causes  issues.  I d id  tell  her  we  were done and   yes I  made it VERY  clear  as did Lilly . What  ever  you told  her  Matt  she will  just  have to  live  with in  the  end  and   if   she  starts anything we  can  handle it  easy enough . She  causes issues   we  have    coven leaders  we   can  go  to now and  it will  be  handled that  way. My  advice  to you Ciaran ,  Ami  and  Marah since  she is  in Paris in  your  coven with  Dessa a nd  Edward  is  if  she  causes  any  issues  go  directly  to  them  if  she  doesnt  back  off after  you tell  her to.  Matt  is she   confronts  you and  you  tell  her to  bugger off  and  she  doesnt  let  Ava know and   she  will  deal  with  it.  Remember  your chains of  command and  use  them."

October 13, 2019 22:32

^ Jamie  walks in  to  check  the  place out and  to  get eyes on  all the Borus to  make  sure  they  were all  alright.  Mostly  Marah  though after  the   car accident  and  the issues  with  her  now d ead  ex husband.  He  smiles a  bit  seeing t hem  all there  but Lilly.^

"Ah  were  did  you  leave  Lilly  then  Boru?  Not  used  to  seeing  you  with out  her."


October 13, 2019 22:45
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  turns  to look  at  Jamie.  He  grins*

"I  see  the  crown  hasnt  gotten  you  for  those violent  crimes  you  were  wanted  for in London. Yeah  I  got t he  poster in  my  office.  Some things never  change. On  the contray  to  popular  belief Lilly does have  her  own  intrests besdies   me  and  where I  am.  Claire still off   with your sister, Jenny  and  Brianna  then   traveling?"

October 13, 2019 23:11
Marah Whitmoore

+ Marah looked up when she saw her uncle arrivegiggling when he mentioned lilly and her father.+

" Dad wouldnt leave her any where granted Mom would find him in a heart beat. Dad unlike some men lets mom have her life as well. Trust me they are out there. Good to see you Uncle Jamie have you seen aunt Cass yet? I am sure she is happy to know that you are back amongst the living."

+ Marah looks at himn and smiles a bit +

October 14, 2019 18:15

"No  I  have not talked  to  Cassandra since I  have  been  back.  I  have talked  to  Zacarias only.  I  have no  idea  what  Cassandra  is  doing.  I  know  what  she  is  not  doing and  that  is  talking to  any of  your  brothers or  your father over  silly  misunderstanding  between  him  and  her. She  will  come  around  in  time . How  are  you  feeling  then  Marah? Better I  hope?"

^  He looks at  them  all.^

"I am  sure Cassandra  thinks I  will  take  your  father's  side in  this  little fight they are  having  but   it is  what  it is in  the  end."

October 14, 2019 20:31
Ronan Boru

* Marah gets  a  unknown   #  text  message  with   just   3   links  to  3  videos.*

To: Marah Whitmoore

From :Unknown #

man look  familar in  these  videos?

October 18, 2019 09:52
Marah Whitmoore +Marah was listening to everyone when her cell went off. Even though she didnt reconized the number she read it anyways out of curiosty. The message made her click the linkz and she watched the first video. Looking at her father she watched the other 2. Scooting next to her father she spoke lowly in his ear+

" Okaaaay wont do a duet with me but you do this ? I'm sooo hurt."

+Marah smiles+

"You know before my car accident I was going over sheet music for that last song you did. Humm great minds think alike. I see where I get my singing talent from. So start explaining please."
October 18, 2019 23:28
Ronan Boru

"Yeah  its  not  that  big of a  deal  and  I  was  in  a  boy  band  as  well. It  was  years a go  the  boy  band .  We  did  a  25  year  reunion  tour  a  while  back. Nothign big and dont  make a  big deal of it . Where  did  you  thing  the  talent  came  from ? Your uncle Rian   is lucky  he  can  play  the  tin whistle "

*  Ronan  looks  at her*

October 19, 2019 00:21
Marah Whitmoore +Marah giggles shaking her head while she spoke with a Irish accent something she did when her and her father joked around+

" Hey easy does it on my mums brother there Da."

+ She knew how close her dad and uncle were and she knew she got the music talent from him. Not only she had it but her brothers as well even David had a baratone voice+

"Boy band huh? Do my brothers know of that? No wonder you were so picky of my costumes when I was married to Knight."
October 19, 2019 01:30
LillyEmperium *Quietly Lilly came walking in. Keeping her hands beneath her cloak she slowly walked through* October 19, 2019 21:34
Ronan Boru

"Hello  love   why  so  quiet?"


*  Ronan  looks a t  her then  to  the  others.*

"Well they  do  now  dont they  marah.  Who  sent you  thoses  videos anyway?"

October 24, 2019 15:33
LillyEmperium *Grinning she slowly walked towards them*

Oh no reason love....know about what?
October 24, 2019 19:06
Ronan Boru

"Nothing it  isnt  important a nd  I  will  let you  know  later. Are  you   cold  ? Not like  you  to   keep your  hands in  your  cloak."

October 24, 2019 21:36
LillyEmperium *softly she chuckled*
Not cold, just thinking
October 24, 2019 22:45
Ronan Boru

"Okay. Thinking  of or about what?"

October 24, 2019 22:47
Ronan Boru

"Okay. Thinking  of or about what?"

October 24, 2019 22:47
LillyEmperium Blue..

*Pouring a shot, she downed it. Smiling she nodded*
October 24, 2019 22:57
Ronan Boru

'Aye  so   who   is   getting  more  paint   balloons  then? I  say  if  its lad  blue  if  lass  pink  . there   problem  solved."

*   He  looks  back  at  everyone.*

October 26, 2019 22:49
LillyEmperium *laughs*
Specifically? Your's and Jamie's.... Oh I just didn't want you to to think I forgot. See this is kinda fun for me to do from time to time.....ask my coven mates, some get it from time to time
October 26, 2019 23:14
Ronan Boru

"I didnt  think  you  did. Didnt you  say you  were   getting   Jamie  with   bright  pink?Something  about   blue  since it  matched my  eyes  you  were  going  with. I  warned  that   highlander not  o   encourage  you but   he  didnt listen."

October 26, 2019 23:16
LillyEmperium *laughs*
Yes....yes...fair warning might tint ya hair lil bit love. An ya both have bit of this coming
October 26, 2019 23:22
Ronan Boru

how  do  you  figure that? I  didnt  start the  whole  thing ? this was  you  and  fraser. i  am  innocent  as  orchid  and   the  b oy  there  in  this  one

October 26, 2019 23:34
LillyEmperium *chuckling Lilly stuck out her tongue*

Love.... you're never truly innocent. I do believe the comment was you'd send me there to drive him mental?

Aye paint for both ya...

October 26, 2019 23:55
Ronan Boru

I  did  say  that. Claire isnt  around   nor   Brianna  so  someone   female needs  to   drive  him  mental  so  why not  share  the  insanity? You  arent  the only one  that had  family  issues   Mayfair but as  you said  they  are nothing that  cant  be  fixed or  handled  either in  the  end."

October 28, 2019 12:45

~Ciaran  looks at   Marah~

"Wow  you   just  discovered the   boy  band  thing.  Matt and  I   knew  about that   since we  werre  15. Boyzone  was  the  name. Look  them  up on   youtube or   the  net in  general."

October 28, 2019 12:53
LillyEmperium *shaking her head, she stuck out her tongue*
That implies I drive you insane.

Insanity ... I'm quite sane....for an Emperium...

*Looks to Ciaran, Lilly chuckled*
Don't be hard on your sister.....maybe she didn't follow boy bands...They can be an aquired taste...

*Stopping before she finished talking, she looked back to her husband*
Hmmm why are they talking About boy bands now..
October 28, 2019 17:40
Ronan Boru

"yeah  that  was  years ago. I  was sort of  part of  one.  To  be f air it  was  26  years ago. I  was  young and   yeah  enough said. Here look  at  this  alright . We  were  before nsync  and   the  same  time  as  the   backstreet boys. So  yeah  moving on thanks."

*  He  pulls  up  a video  and   hands  his  phone  to  lilly  and    Marah*

"I  told  them  that  would  come  back  to  haunt us in   the  end.  Wonder if it  still  haunts  the  other lads?  No  Angelica  never  knew  about it and you  lilly  dear  wouldnt  if  marah  hadnt  gotten the  videos  texted  to  her   either. Can  we let it  go  now? "

October 28, 2019 18:45
LillyEmperium *raising a brow, Lilly looked at him for a moment before chuckling. Watching the video she smiled*

You act like this is a bad thing. You have a beautiful voice.

*Lightly her finger nail tapped the counter of the bar*
October 28, 2019 19:53
Ronan Boru

"It  not  the  voice  I  worry about.  That  comes  with  being  Irish  I swear it. With the  exception  of Sinead O' Connor we  are a  pretty talented  group  of  people. Yeah  laugh it  up   while  you  can  love  cause I  am  blocking  you tube when  we  get  home." 

*  He looks at her.*

October 28, 2019 20:33
LillyEmperium *Grinning she pulls out her phone*

You do realize I have YouTube on my phone, laptop and tablet... right?

*winking she smiles*
Awww so cute...
October 28, 2019 20:40
Ronan Boru

"Yeah  great  never  gonna  live  this  down  . Im   more then  sure  everyone  and  all  you  know will  see them  right? Can  we  really  n ot make a  big  deal out of  this? Thanks  to   who  ever  sent  Marah  the   3   videos . I  should  get in c ontact  with the lads  though and   check  on   them just for  the hell of it.Those  videos  were  solo  one  right Marah?"

October 28, 2019 20:46
LillyEmperium *smiling softly*
Love don't think so little of me. I'm not now, nor have I ever been like that.

*Looking to him, she sighed softly. Pointing at her phone for a moment she spoke*
I did not fall for this man....but infact he is part...a piece of the man I did fall for. *Closing the cover on her phone, she looked to him* I would never, intentionally do anything to cause you duress...
October 28, 2019 20:53
Ronan Boru

"Its  not  duress lass it  just I  dont  see it  as a  big  deal  but  apparently  some one  felt the need  to  oint it  out to  Marah  and  finds it a  huge deal. It was a  good  time  in  life and   fans are  a great thing as long as  you  dont let the  fame  and   what  not go  to  your head is all.  it was  me  and Stephen Gately  on  lead  vocals its  all  good  though."

*  He looks at  them a nd  laughs a   bit.*

October 28, 2019 21:06
LillyEmperium There's always one person who has to make a big deal out of things. *Smiling she looked to him* rather a cute kid you were, grew into dashing man. No biggie love....still so full of surprises... October 28, 2019 21:19
Ronan Boru

*  ROnan  look at  her and  shakes his  head.  *

"is   there  nothing that  gets t o  you  love?  I  am  fine   with   it really seeing as  it  only  in  the U. Asia and Ireland  that  we  were poplar.  So  again  moving on."

October 28, 2019 21:27
LillyEmperium *softly she chuckled. Thinking for a moment she looked to him*

Hmmmm...not much....not really..... Angelica got to me briefly...but only because I let my guard down.'ve never really given me a reason to ya know doubt.... weird for me, it really is.

*Touching his arm, she smiled*
As to this, I'm intrigued...yes. but mostly because it has to do with you more so than anything.
October 28, 2019 23:00
Marah Whitmoore +looks at her father shaking her head+

"I have no idea who sent them its a number i have never seen before. Just a message saying does the man look familiar. Oh i followed some boy bands brother dear."

+Marah smiles+
October 28, 2019 23:41
Ronan Boru

"Most  followed the  big ones like  BSB and Nsync  so  it really  isnt a  big  deal at all in  the  end.  Stephen is no longer  with  us. He  died  10 October 2009 of  a  heart issue. Hard  to  believe its  been  10  years  actually   this  year.  "

October 29, 2019 13:33
Matt Boru

"Hey  be  nice   Ciaran  .  She  didnt  get the  full on   learning  we  did. She wasnt around  to  hear all of  it  when  she was  younger. Not   sure if  that a good and lucky thing  or  not  for  you  there  Marah. "

~  Matt  looks at her  and  laughs.~

October 31, 2019 16:14
Marah Whitmoore +Marah goes to the bar and finds 2 large bowls of gummy bears.Wonder who put these here she thought. Tilting her head she takes them to every one and places them on the table taking a handful and popping them in her mouth. At first they had a bitter taste but she didnt care and took another handfull.+

" Well I do wish I was around then Matty. David and I missed out on so much. I wish he was still alive youd love him. Hes alot like you Ciaran. Your nephew David takes after him. Here have some gummy bears. Found them behind the counter. A little bitter taste but... They are mighty good."

+Marah put the handfull of gummies in her mouth and sat next to her brothers.+

"So Matt have ya met anyone yet or are ya going to single it for a bit"

+Marah smiled and giggled a bit+

" Hey these are good."

+Taking some more and eats them.+
October 31, 2019 18:41
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  eats a   bear  .Then  looks at  Marah.*

"Yeah   because  they  are  spiked  gummy Bear  so  slow  down  on  them  there  Marah. "

November 02, 2019 11:58
Matt Boru

"Cool.  "

~ Matt  grabsa   handful and   pops  them  in his  mouth.~

November 02, 2019 18:13
Matt Boru

"Cool.  "

~ Matt  grabsa   handful and   pops  them  in his  mouth.~

November 02, 2019 18:13
LillyEmperium Hey now don't you two get hammered off them...

*Slides a bowl over*
I should dispose of the rest, ya know as to keep them from doing so
November 02, 2019 20:18
Marah Whitmoore + Marah pouts and grabs the bowl and speaks in a winey voice Taking more+

" Oh no please not after the past months I had with demon coming out ,ex's coming back and dying then one thinks divorce was right. Uh huh.I need more."

+ Marah eats them looking at Matt giggling+

" Cheers Bro."
November 03, 2019 01:08
Ronan Boru

"yeah  disppose of  the  the  same  way  they  are I  see. I  was  born at night  love  but   not  last night.  I   can  see I  am  not going to  win  this one  am I ?"

*  He  sighs and   lets  them  do  what   they  wanted.  Why  was he  going to  be  the  responsible one  here .  Let them   be a  nd  do  wha they want.*

November 05, 2019 17:56
Marah Whitmoore "Hey I feel good now. Anyone up for some night surfing. My condo is on Latigo beach in Malibu. We could crash there. Greaaaat point breaks. So whose in?"

+ She looks at them and smiles+
November 06, 2019 01:40
LillyEmperium *shaking her head*
Higher constitution....

*Looks to Marah*
Um.....when ya ain't ingesting gummy bears maybe
November 06, 2019 18:16
Matt Boru

"Sounds like a  good  time  but  you  now  we  can   get  waves  here  too.  We  just have  to  spend  time in Sligo or  anywhere on  the  coast.  Malibu  sounds  good   though and   a hell of alot  warmer. I  am  in."

November 08, 2019 14:05
Marah Whitmoore +Marah nodded snuck a few more gummies.+

" Dave and Marc are great on the boards they will love it. And like I said Latigo Beach has great point breaks. And you can make great tubes."

+Marah started feeling her heart break going to the bar she pushed back the tears. First Knight, the accident causing the loss of a child she had no idea of. The injuries that took like forever to heal. Granted only the imediate family knew and Kitty Kat. Grabbing the bottle of Tequila she poured her a shot. Downed it then poured another and another. Right now she felt like drinking herself to oblivion.+
November 10, 2019 00:51
LillyEmperium *standing up, Lilly walked over to Marah. Speaking softly as she slid the bottle out of her hands*
This is not it baby girl.....

*Slipping her arms around Marah, Lilly gently hugged her. Softly she whispered to her, as she stroked Marahs hair*
I know there's been alot of sh!t lately...we can't change that...nor will that bottle. Often it creates other problems... remember your not alone
November 12, 2019 15:16
Marah Whitmoore +Marah hugged Lilly tight and cried softly in her ear.+

"I messed up mom really messed up.I divorced Rafe cause I was angry for him not answering me for 5 months almost 6. Now hes going to do something stupid. I wish I could turn back time and waited. I love him more then I ever loved anyone and now hes gone away and never coming back. I just want to die literally.I miss him. If he was here I would beg for his forgiveness."
November 12, 2019 18:09
LillyEmperium *raising her chin gently, Lilly looked to marah and whispered*

In 5 months he sent no word? If he wants you, he needs to come forward and say so. I am sorry, he seems like a good boy. But we can't just leave our mates waiting forever. I couldn't imagine being away from your father that long...I would go insane for sure. No I stand by what I said....if he has feelings, he needs to come forward and prove it. Otherwise.... otherwise it's time to go forward then
November 13, 2019 01:23
Marah Whitmoore "Not one word. Dad would never leave you that long. And if he did I know he would still be in contact with you. But moving on how can I when it hurts so much. And I regret everything." November 13, 2019 17:17
Sheridan _J Mayfair

-Mayfair  walks  in  to  the  club and  looks  around. He  sees  Marah  and   smiles.-

"hey  Mars Bar. Hey Lilly. Whats  going on  here?"

- He look at Marah. The  Boru were always  a  good  blood  family. He was  sure  they had  their  issues  but   they never   ran  them  in  public if  they  could  be  avoided. -

November 14, 2019 18:36
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looks at Sheridan+

"Well hey detective am I under arrest?"

+Marah smiles+
November 14, 2019 21:16
Sheridan _J Mayfair

'UM No   and actually  I  havent   been  with the NOPD   for  a  while now.Im  now a  special  agent  with  NCIS out of  New  Orleans. Should   there   be a  reason  you  would   be  under  arrest ?"

November 15, 2019 19:59
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looks from him to Lilly then back at him.+

" I don't know is there a reason mom? "

+ Marah tries to smile. She wanted to say she made her husband kill himself but didn't+
November 15, 2019 21:01
Sheridan _J Mayfair

"If its not a   national  ecurity thing  and  you  havent  killed anyone of  importance then  I  think it is  safe to  say  you are  alright.Besides  you  knw if I  was  here  to  arrrest you. I  wouldnt of  walked in  with  a  whats  up  and  it  would of  been   well  not alone."

November 15, 2019 21:08
LillyEmperium *catching what Marah was saying, Lilly looked to her*

You ain't responsible for that Mar...

*Looking to Sheridan, Lilly nodded*
It's been a rough week dear. How have you been? Would you like something to drink?
November 16, 2019 20:43
Arthur Arthur stepped into the club and took a look around the place. Spotting a familiar looking group with new faces he waved at Marah and then at Lilly. Talking to the men at the door he relieved them so they could take a break while he took over. It was good to be back at work and he hoped nothing to stressful happened in his absence. November 18, 2019 13:40
Sheridan _J Mayfair

"I  have  been  fine  Lilly.  Some  Rum  would  be  great. What  been going on this  week?"

- Sheridan looks a t the  man   who  was at the  door then  back  to  Lilly and  Marah.-

November 18, 2019 19:37
Marah Whitmoore +Marah sees author and nods its been awhile since she seen him but she was out of commission for a few weeks due to the car accident and miscarriage. Now with Rafe dead she had to get her mind on her business. If she didnt she'd totally loose her mind she already lost her heart it no longer beated. She was alone again that was all she knew. Looking at Sheridan she spoke+

" Well both of my exs came back one died then the other went for divorce even though he died. Got into a car wreak Cause of it and lost a baby I knew nothing about. A week later he then died and now because of me Rafe my present husband died and its all my fault. Im to blame cause i divorced him. If I would have waited just a little longer maybe everything would be ok. But I killed him as if i used my own 2 hands. Its all my fault. Im never Going to love anyone again. Rafe was my heart and now hes gone and never coming back. And the pain hurts so damn bad."

+ Marah leaned over and hugged Lilly as she cried her heart was breaking more.+

"I want the pain to stop. Make me forget mom i cant bare it any more."

November 18, 2019 23:13
LillyEmperium *waving to Author, Lilly looked to Sheridan*'s been a rough couple weeks. That's a big part of what's happened....

*Feeling Marah, Lilly sighed*
Darlin....I don't think you want to ask that of to your brother...I'm sure he's got something to help ease this. Something Less likely to harm you
November 19, 2019 03:25
Sheridan _J Mayfair

'Wow that  is a lot going on. No  you  are not   from  what  you   just told me  to  blame  for  the choices  others  make.  Sometimes men  can  be  idiots and  even  when  they  think  they  are  in  the  right they  see  later on  that  they  were not  100 % and   they   harm  the ones  they  care about  the most. I  know  from  experiance  recently.  Though  nothing  as  bad a s   what  Y'all  have  had  go on  here. If  I  remember  right  Ciaran  is   skilled in  potions  as is  Matt so  I  would talk  as Lilly said  to   one of  them.

As  for the  ex  that died  then  went for  divorce  I  cant  begin to g uess  how  well  that  went  over  with  Ronan knowing  you   were  hurt in  a  car accident .  That  is  one   Irish warrior  witch I   would  want to  stay on  the  good side of as  often  as  possible. You  know with his gifts to  make  things go  KA-BOOM and  all."

-Sheridan smiles a  bit-

November 19, 2019 11:31
Arthur Arthur smiled at the two before deciding on doing his rounds. Only on passing the table to see Marah crying. His look was of concern as he stopped immediately to see if he could be of assistance. "Lady Marah, is everything alright? Would you like a glass of water?" He was quick to signal a passing hand to return with a drink. November 19, 2019 12:47
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan   walks in  and  looks  around before  walking  over to   Marah, Lilly  and  Sheridan.*

November 19, 2019 21:36
LillyEmperium *looking to Sheridan, Lilly chuckled* husband don't need that kind of encouragement.

*Rubbing Marahs back Lilly nodded to Arthur*
If you would dear, I'm sure it's help...where have you been hiding by the way.

*Seeing Ronan, Lilly smiled*
How are you this eve love?
November 20, 2019 00:17
Arthur Arthur nodded and was quick to get her a glass. Hearing the question on his return he nodded. "Busy making sure the past remains where it should be and causing our future problems." November 20, 2019 07:14
Ronan Boru

I  am   fine   and  I   dont   need   encouragement to  make  things  go  Ka-Boom Mayfair  I  do  that well  enogh  on  my  own.  Trouble  always seems  to  find  me where that   has  been  needed.  Although  as  of late it  hasnt  been   needed  alot lie it  was in the  early  years. So  this   makes  me   somewhat  happy. I  have  gotten some  new  intell from  the   world   but  none of  it  is  very  important  to  any  one  here in  the end.

November 20, 2019 09:22
Marah Whitmoore +Marah takes the water and drinks it. +

"Thank you Athur I need to have talk with my brother.Hope your right about this mom "
+Making her leave making sure no one saw her she takes the bottle of Tequila and vanishes. A few hours later she returns refreshed and happy like nothing ever happened.+

November 21, 2019 00:58

~Ciaran  walks in  behind  Marah and smiles. He looks  to Lilly and links  to  only  her.~

"Gave Marah a  potion to  help her forget  about Rafe.  She  blamed herself for all of it. He choose  the  caverns no  her. Should  he return  it will  take a lot of  work to  break  the  spell  on her   with his name from  him.She  also  doesnt  remember  Cassandra  or  her  family  either."

November 21, 2019 10:43

A small basket of home baked goods were delivered to the nightclub by a delivery person called Thomas Milligan.

He set the basket on the counter and left a note for Lilly Emperium.

It read  "A small gift for you and yours to celebrate the harvest season.

The basket contained small assorted tarts (cherry, apple and blueberry, some small mince pies and assorted cookies.  The Drakes and NightBreed families~

Thomas Milligan smiled widely.  "Enjoy and compliements of the senders!"

November 21, 2019 21:02
LillyEmperium *linking back to Ciaran*
Thank you's better for her this way. All around it's best for her this way. It's time for her pain and stress to end.

*Looking to Marah, Lilly smiled*
You look refreshed lil one.

*Seeing Etaine, Lilly walked over*
November 21, 2019 21:07
Marah Whitmoore " I do feel better that hangover was something aweful but Cici had a cure as he always does."

+ sees the goodies and smiles+

"Ohh tarts. Mince meat yummy."
November 21, 2019 21:47

"I  dont  always  have  the   cure  .   This  was  and  easy enough one  to  fix though  seeing  as I  have had nights  when  I  was  in the  same  place so  its  easy  enough to  cure and  have on  hand."

~  Ciaran  grabs a   treat.~

"Tell  the  Drakes and  Nightbreeds The  Borus  Thank  them  and  Happy  holidays."

November 22, 2019 13:04
Marah Whitmoore "Hey Arthur Im feeling much better and its good to see you back again. And just in time too for my new band the Covenant. We will have our opening act this weekend."

+Marah looks at her family+

" You all will be here right?"
November 22, 2019 22:56
Sheridan _J Mayfair

-Sheridan looked  at  them all and  smiles-

" I  wil  be  back  another  time.   I have  things I  must  see  to  back home in  New Orleans. We  will  talk again  soon.  I  am  glad  you  are  feeling  better  Marah  and   I  will  catch  the  new   band's  show  another  time ."

-With that said  the  New  Orleans  witch  leaves for  home.-

November 23, 2019 10:56

~Ciaran  looks at her~ 

"I  dont see  why not  at least  for  a  little  bit. Everything  so  far  that  needed to  be  taken  care of   was for now."

November 26, 2019 12:05

 It'd been a while since Kat had made her appearance known.  If one were paying attention, they would've seen that everything had been going smoothly. The Bar itself was fully stock.  Back in Inventory, business was running smoothly. 

Usually, she liked going in during the day but tonight was different. She had to see how things were running when she wasn't there.  This part was always the best because no one ever expected her.  As she gradually walked in, cautious of not being seen, Kat rested in one of the chairs from the bar, shifted lightly,  and just observed with a grin. 

November 27, 2019 02:16
Marah Whitmoore +Marah said her good bues to Sheridan when she noticed Kitty. Sneaking up behind her she hugged her tight with a smile. All memories wiped from her mind except for only good of Angel and his death 4 years ago.+


+She sang happily+
November 27, 2019 16:02
Ronan Boru

* Ronan  turns  to  see  Kat and  smiles.*

"Ah  I  see you  decided  to  come out a  play  then  Kat? How  have  you  been?"

November 28, 2019 09:52

Slighty wincing, she couldn't help but grin.  It was always good to hear her friends happy voice. She hated it when bad things happened to good people and Marah was definitely one of the good ones.  Her right arm lifted as her hand patted Marah's arm.

"Why hello!  Where the heck have you been?"

It was right about the same time that another familiar voice was heard.  One eye slowly opened as she saw Ronan.

"Yeah, I figured I had to leave Li alone.  Poor man....then again, he did know what he was getting into. So yeah, I figured I actually make myself seen.  But I've been good.  I've been here and there but decided to come out and say Hello.  How is everyone doing?"

November 30, 2019 18:16
Matt Boru

~Matt  appears~

"Kit Kat  bar  whats  new? Long  time  no  see. Hey  Mars  Bar whats  this  I  hearad of a  new  band of  yours?"

December 01, 2019 21:41
Marah Whitmoore "Well had a hangover from hells bells and my brother the doctor cured it with a potion. And got a new band together. Cant mourn over Angel after 4 years. Time to move on and forward."

+hearing her brother she grined and hugged him+

"Yep The Covenant. Theres Ridge,Thorne my base guitar, Franco drums, Nikki shes on piano, and Robyn is on keybords and they are also my back up singers."

+Looks at them and grins+

" Catchy name huh?"
December 01, 2019 22:57
Matt Boru What ever works for you. December 02, 2019 00:16

Silent at first, she wasn't sure how to take what Marah said but nodded in agreement.

"Yeah. Four years is a long time.  Definitely time to move on and hey, you could meet someone that's awesome and defnitely happy to hear that your headache is gone. Those are the worst!"

Upon hearing the name 'Kit Kat bar', her eyes slowly turned toward the sound and then she couldn't help but snicker. For some reason the name tickled her. She had been called a lot of names in the past and present but this one was new.

"Hey Matt.  Haven't seen you in a while. Everything good?"   

Listening to Marah, Kat was quite impressed.

"You've been busy.  When did that happen?  Or did I know and not pay attention? I do like the name. It fits." 

It seemed to be a habit of hers as of late. Told something, only to foget.  Wincing, she hoped it wasn't something she forgot.

December 02, 2019 09:37
Matt Boru

I'ive  been   busy  with   the  coven  and   just   doing  what  I  want. I dont have   as  many as  the restrictions  that   Ciaran   does. Bit  more  freedom so  that  helps along  with  not having  kids. What  have  you  been  up  to?"

December 02, 2019 21:16
Marah Whitmoore +Marah smiles at Kat seeing she looked confused and spoke rubbing her friends shoulders+

" Hey you ok it looks like you saw a ghost or something.I just got the band together within the past month. As for finding love.. I gave up on that doubt it will ever happen girl. But Im ok with that. Havent been with anyone since Angel died 4 years ago. I doubt theres anyone out there for me."

+Marah sighs finally starting to feel the lonelist of being alone and single.+
December 02, 2019 21:21
Ronan Boru

"Sometimes  you  need  time  alone   to  find you  before  you  can  find  the other  part of  you . What is  meant to be  lass   will  always  find a way  in  the   end."

December 03, 2019 22:48
Marah Whitmoore +Marah sighs and looks at her father+

"Yeah,I know that. But the holidays is hard. I know I have you ,mom, Cici and Matt..And the kids...but I dont know. Its hard to explain but theres something thats... Its probably nothing."
December 04, 2019 23:18
Ronan Boru

"You  will  be  fine lass. So  Lilly and I  were talking about   doing a  Yule bonfire  and  party  at  Dromoland  for  family and  friends  what  do  you  think?  will  give little  bits  time t o  run around  and   play  and  the  adults to   relax too."

December 05, 2019 18:48
Marah Whitmoore " Yeah I guess I will. I think a party will be great. The kids can all see their cousins and aunts and uncles while us adults make merry. Tell me what I can bring." December 06, 2019 19:50
Ronan Boru

"you  can   bring  what  ever  you  want  . I  a m  thinking  that  we  do  it on  the  solstice  so  the  21st. You   dont  have t o  bring  any  thing  but the  kids and  you  really."

December 06, 2019 20:07
Marah Whitmoore "The 21st sounds great. The boys get out of school on the 20th so it's perfect. You know they turn 16 tomorrow. God I can't believe they will be graduating in 2 years." December 06, 2019 23:52
LillyEmperium *lost in thought for a moment. Lilly blinked*
Has it been that long? Time passes to fast..
December 07, 2019 13:05
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at her mom tilting her head she placed her arm around her and spot+

" You ok mom? You looked lost there."
December 07, 2019 15:13
Ronan Boru

"Aye  that it  does.  Time waits for no one in  the  end.  I will  get  things  set up  as I  said over the  next  few days for the 21st  then. I  expect  you  Kat to  make  an  apperance yeah the  21st a s  well? No   excuses."

*  Ronan smiles*

"Dromoland  needs  a  Boru  party .  Its  been  long  over  due.Too long."

December 08, 2019 09:40

It took her a few minutes to respond to Matt.  She knew what he was talking about.

"Ah, yes...I know what you mean. I've seen how busy parents can be and honestly, in a strange way, I'm glad I'm not one only because keeping myself alive is a chore."

It was then she heard Marah and looked over toward her.  Crinkling her brow, her head slowl nodded.

"Yeah, I'm good. I kinda always look like I've seen a ghost or two. Nothin knew for me. I'm Weird and slightly awkward. And don't be so hard on yourself. You never know who's around the corner and I swear if another male hurts you, I'm going to shred him to pieces. I know, I know..I should hold back and smile but I can only be nice for so long before this Kat snaps. Ya know? I mean...I'll do my best but no promises. Think postive. Holidays are here and it's so much fun. Not just for killing either. Sure...four..years is a long time. It's all about fun and who is actually around. "

Right after she went off on her rant, Ronan's voice broke her train of thought and her mouth opened widely as she gasped and looked back toward Marah.

"See!  That's what I'm talking about. You can have so much fun! A party, how awesome is that?!  You gotta be havin some fun. You have the kids and they'll be out of there minds happy and then they'll go to bed and you can have all the fun after that. Just don't blow up anything cause I can almost guarantee that won't end well."

What was said next took her by surprise as she did a double take.  Kat had to make sure she heard him correctly. A look of surprise, shock, and confusion kinda hit her all at once.

"For real? I mean, are  you sure you want me there?"

December 10, 2019 20:46
LillyEmperium *Looking to Marah, Lilly nodded*

I'm OK dear.....

*looking to Kat, Lilly nodded *

Yes... And little brother too...
December 11, 2019 13:55
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at Kitty her brow raised with confusion. Who hurt her? Looking from Kitty to her father and brothers then to her mom she spoke. Confusion could be heard in her voice.+

"If another man hurts me? Angel died 4 years ago I know, and then Chris this past year but i cant dwell on that forever. Besides your right the kids are looking forward to santa and David and Marc want great great great grandpa ghost Brian to tell some errie Christmas ghost stories. I swear those 2 are going to be the death of me.And your right Christmas is a time for miracles. And a party sound great you must must come Mitty.."

+Marah suddenly had a strange feeling like something was missing in her life.Something she couldnt quite put her finger on. Getting a strange feeling in her stomach she slowly starts rubbing it. It was something she use to get when Knight was alive. But she knew he was not the issue here for it to happen.+

"Oh yes bring Li I've missed him.Last time I saw him was after Knight died."
December 12, 2019 23:21
Ronan Boru

"Of  course  we  do  why  wouldnt   we  want you  there? yes  bring  Li as  well as his littlre ones.  Everyone  col  use s ome  time  to  just  relax and  be  themelves I  think. I   know  Ciaran  and  Ami  will  have the  kids  there.  With the  snow  falling  as it is  Grania  will be  home as  well by  mid  week, They can  al  play  in  the  snow."

December 14, 2019 08:18
Ronan Boru

"Of  course  we  do  why  wouldnt   we  want you  there? yes  bring  Li as  well as his littlre ones.  Everyone  col  use s ome  time  to  just  relax and  be  themelves I  think. I   know  Ciaran  and  Ami  will  have the  kids  there.  With the  snow  falling  as it is  Grania  will be  home as  well by  mid  week, They can  al  play  in  the  snow."

December 14, 2019 08:18
Marah Whitmoore **************Later that evening************

+Marah was about to go set up the stage for tonights performance when the lights flickered a few times. Going to the tables she lighted the candles on the tables. Lightening the last candle the power went out. Going to the cellar she turned on the generator which turned on the emergency lights. Going back up to the bar she went to where her father was.+

"Guess that blizzard is here.'
December 15, 2019 19:34

"yeah   we  lost  power a t home  as   well. In  fact  its  still  snowing  there  now.  we  have   fireplaces  thank  the  gods and candles and  flashlights. If  you  need anything let us  know. I  have to get back to Ami and  the  kids. I will talk to you all  later."

~  Ciaran orbs  off.~

December 15, 2019 20:39
Arthur Arthur has been busy setting up the stage when the light went out. He was about to handle it when Marah beat him to it. Once done he walked over to her while wiping his hands clean. "Anything else you need help with Lady Marah?" He asked before he returned to his post December 17, 2019 08:18
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looks at him and smiles+
" Oh yes the fire places the logs are already in the 5 of them they are ready to be lit. If you'd be do kind Arthur."
December 17, 2019 21:01
Arthur "Of course." Arthur said walking over to the fire place. Finding a lighter and quickly starting a fire. Once it was going he rubbed his hands together as the club was being warmed up. December 18, 2019 16:34
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  watches  the  snow.  For the  first time in  along time  he  was happy  on the holidays. he starts to  sing a  bit  softly. The only   song he  knew  that   man  him  feel  relaxed.*

Adeste fideles

Laeti triumphantes,

Venite, venite in Bethlehem;

Natum videte,

Regem Angelorum.

Venite adoremus,

Venite adoremus,

Venite adoremus Dominum.

Æterni Parentis,

Splendorem æternum,

Velatum sub carne videbimus,

Deum Infantem,

Pannis involutum.

Venite adoremus,

Venite adoremus,

Venite adoremus Dominum


((O come, all ye faithful,

Joyful and triumphant;

O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem;

Come and behold Him,

Born the King of Angels.

O come, let us adore Him,

O come, let us adore Him,

O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.

The Splendour Immortal,

Son of Sire Eternal,

Concealed in mortal flesh our eyes shall see;

God is an Infant,

Swaddling clothes enfold Him.

O come, let us adore Him,

O come, let us adore Him,

O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.))

December 18, 2019 23:30

Walking back in, Kat brushed the snow off her clothes.  Something told her she needed to be here and instead of questioning the thought, she left her house. Once inside, seeing just about everyone there, she smiled widely.

"Hey everyone!  This weather isn't the greatest but it sure is pretty to look at."

A chill curled around her spine causing her to slightly shiver as she made her way over to Marah.

"Hey girl.  How are you doing?  Sorry I kinda poofed but I'm back.  Anything new happening?"  Hearing Ronan singing, she kept her voice low so it wouldn't interupt him.  "You feeling better?"

December 19, 2019 09:25
Ronan Boru

"Hello  Kat.   Are  you  alright  lass? Things  ok ay at  home then?"

* He  looks  over  to  her and   walks  away  from  the   windows.He  was in a  good  mood and   didnt   mind  showing it.*

December 19, 2019 10:36

"Hey Ronan. I'm doing well. Was home and wanted to be here instead. It's snowing and it's so peaceful and quiet. Granted it's cold but it's nice.  How are you doing?  Everyone good?"

December 19, 2019 16:57
Ronan Boru

"I  am  well. Everyone  is  fine as  far as I  know. Most of  the ime  no  news is  good  news.


December 20, 2019 10:52

----------------------------------New  Day--------------------------------------------------


- Galen  appears in  the   club  he   heard  as  Marah's and   look  around.  It  was  nice as  he  knew it  would  be. He  walks  up  to  the  bar and  gets a  drink. He  would  have t o  make  his  way  then  after to  the  een dragon  assuming it  was  still  there of course.-

December 28, 2019 15:48
Ronan Boru

*  Ronan   walks in  and  sighs after looking  around . POwer had  been  restored  where it  was  needed  but it  was  nice for a  while not to  have to  deal  with it..*

December 29, 2019 14:55
Marah Whitmoore + In her office she opens her top drawer and goes through it looking for her log book and comes across a picture of her and a man. Looking at it for a while she places it the desk.Marah then comes out of the office and sees her father and Galen. Walking over to them she smiles a bit. Something in the air was making her stomach feel funny. Shaking it off she gave her father a kiss on his cheek and hugged him.+

"Hi pop-o... Galen. You two need something to warm you up? Name your poison."
December 29, 2019 20:01

"I  thought  you  knew  me  lass. Has  it  been  that  long  then? Whiskey  is   fine. Strongest   stuff  you  have."

December 29, 2019 20:26
Marah Whitmoore +Marah smiled +

" I seem to be forgetting a lot lately. Coming right up.I already know whay my dad wants."

+ Going to the bar she makes the drinks and bring it to the and speaks as she hands them out.+

"Dad, Galen. Dad i found a picture of me with your family friend. I dont remember it. Something must be wrong. Hope im not getting that thing where old people do with loss of memory. Maybe i hit my head or something."
December 29, 2019 20:33

"I  heard about  your  car a ccident so  it  could  be  from  that  why  you  dont  recall  it. It  will  come  back  to  ya  I  am  sure in  time."

December 29, 2019 20:44
Marah Whitmoore "Yeah why I waa driving on Widows hill highway I dont remember that either. I normally go to the cliffs to think. Maybe i needed to think about something. But your right it will probably come back to me if its meant too." December 29, 2019 20:48

More  then  likely. I  wouldnt  worry a bout it   much  right  now.

December 29, 2019 20:59
Marah Whitmoore "I know but it's hard when something is right there and ya cant put your finger on it. You know?" December 29, 2019 21:21

"i  get  that  yeah. AS I  said you  will remember  when  needed."

December 29, 2019 21:48

"i  get  that  yeah. AS I  said you  will remember  when  needed."

December 29, 2019 21:48
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Right after Rafe got off the plane he headed right to the club from the airport not going anywhere else.  It was to long he needed to see Marah hoping she was still waiting for him.  He knew he had a lot to explain to everyone and talk to Cassandra about the matter as well hoping she would be able to shed light on the situation. The situations that happened when finding his brother turned sour and he would get the answers he seaked but right now it is not that time, the time was he needed to be with Marah.

Once the cab arrived at the club he jumped out after he tossed $100 dollars at the cab driver telling him to keep the rest for a tip.  He grabbed the door swung it opened to rush in heading pass everyone.  Then he spotted his wife talking to someone he couldn't it out who it was from where he was but he headed right towards her.  When he was there he didn't waist anytime he moved quick pulling her into his arms then kissed her deeply. He then hugged her close whispering in her ear.#  "I am so sorry love I didn't mean to be gone so long god it feels nice holding you I missed you so much."

December 30, 2019 17:39
Marah Whitmoore +Marah was talking to Galen when she felt some one grab her pull her close kissing her deeply.Her eyes grew wide as he spoke. Once the kiss broke she pulled back looking at him. That strange feeling in her stomach came back.

Looking back at her father and to Galen then back at him. Her head started to feel like it was spinning. She realized it was the same guy she was in a picture with out of nowhere she spoke his name.+

December 30, 2019 18:46

~Ciaran walks in the club  to  see  Rafe and  sighs. ~


~He walks over to  his sister and    smiles . ~

"hey  how  about I  take  over for a  bit  behind  the   bar? Hey da.  Well  if it isnt   Galen Lynch back  from  his   dealings  with  who  ever.  What will  be  your  poision  Mr.  Whitmoore a nd   Marah  then?"

~  Lucky  for   them  all  he  had  the  potion  to   reverse  the  memory  loss  one on  him  and   could  mix it in  to   marah   drink.~

December 30, 2019 18:53

"Time  off  for  good   behavior  so  to  say.  How have  ya   been  Ciaran  then? Hows Ami  been  doing?"

- He looks  at  the  man  that  came in  and   kised  Marah and  stands  up -

"you  are  who  now  sir? I am  Galen Lynch a  family  friend to  the  Borus"

December 30, 2019 19:00
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe looked at her as if she didn't know him that worried him.#  "Yes your husband.  Does someone want to tell me what the hell is going on here?  Why does she seem like she doesn't know me?"  #He looked at the male who asked who he was so he held out his hand then introduced himself.#  "Rafe Whitmoore Marah's husband."

December 30, 2019 19:08

"Ah Are  ya  sure  there lad  ?  She  has had  a   very  bad  few  month  ya  know. I  thin  Ciaran  ight  be  the  one to  talk  to you  about  that  then. I  dont  have all  the  details myself. Pleasue  I  assure  you. "

- Galen  looks  to  ciaran.-

"You   might  want to  give  our  teddy  bear  here back  her  head then lad."

December 30, 2019 19:14

~ Ciaran   looks a t  his  friend a nd  nods. He  makes a   drink  for   Marah and   adds  the   memory   restore  potion  added. He hands  it to  her and    whispers in   her  ear.~

"It Rafe  your  husband  remember. Drink and   get your  head   back."

December 30, 2019 19:16

~ Ciaran   looks a t  his  friend a nd  nods. He  makes a   drink  for   Marah and   adds  the   memory   restore  potion  added. He hands  it to  her and    whispers in   her  ear.~

"It Rafe  your  husband  remember. Drink and   get your  head   back."

December 30, 2019 19:16
Marah Whitmoore +Marah gasped in confusion+


+with out thinking Marah took the drink and downed it.+

"I know I had a car accident a few months back but forgeting a husband...."

+she stopped when memories came back her eyes filled with tears as she spoke.+

"R..Rafe?! Rafe! Oh god Rafe"

+She huggged him then looked up at him+

"You died I remember the paper."
December 30, 2019 19:58
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe nodded then hugged her close.  Once she spoke about him and death and newspapers he knew that actually happened but it was a long story.#  "It is a very long story love but I will tell you everything.  Wait what just happened here?  Why were you just acting like before you didn't know me?  Did something happen when I was gone?"  #He looked at her but smiled at her.  He was home where he belonged even though the outcome for his reasoning for the reasoning he left in the first place did not turn out that great.#

December 30, 2019 20:24
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at him and to her brother. She remembered everything now what happened with Knight and the accident that she would have to tell him and she would. But she was hoping C would explain the potion part.+

"Rafe its like this. ..Cici?!"
December 30, 2019 20:33

"Its  easy enough  to  explain  Rafe.  We  all  thought  you  were  dead.Killed  so   marah  was having  some  issue  after  her  car  accident    that I  maade  her a  potion  to   forget   you  to  help  ease  her  pain. I  knew  I  could   reverse  it  if  the  time  came.I  did  not  think  that  it  would  come  this  fast  though. I  did  it to  protect  my  sister and  to  keep  her  from  going  well  on  a  killing  spree. She  took   the  potion  wiliingly though to  restore  it   wasnt  so  willingly  as  I mixed  that in  to  her  drink and   told  her  to  remember  who  you  were. What  the  bloody  hell  happened  to you  and  why  did  you  call  if  you  needed help with   something?"

~  Ciaran  looks at him~

December 30, 2019 20:41
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe listened and looked at his wife then checked her out.#  "How the hell did the accident happen?"  #He sighed a bit then looked at his brother in law.#  "Well I can understand that part.  As for why well is there a place where we can go and talk in private like at your house or at your father's.  I am sure he is going to want to know what happened. I rather say it just once."

December 30, 2019 20:51

Aye   we   can  go  to  my  father's   easy  enough. I  am  sure   he  need  to  hear  this as  well. Come  we  can  go  to   Dromoland.  We  will  be safe  there.

December 30, 2019 20:54
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe nodded then held out his hand for his wife so they could head there so he can explain everything that needed to be said.#

December 30, 2019 21:03
Marah Whitmoore +Looking at Rafe she smiled sweetly and spoke after thinking a bit+

"Rafe ... I know Cici lets go to pop-o's where we can speak in private. I dont need the customers to over hear. Let me get Kitty Kat and author the heads up."

+Marah finds the two and explains to them that Rafe isnt dead and she remembers Rafe now. Also she looked at Kat and told her.+ "I remember everything Kitty about Knight and the acvident and all that happened and how you stood by me. "

+giving them a nod she goes back and looks at them.+

"You all ready to go to dads?"
December 30, 2019 21:10
Silvia Black

Silvia sighs as he enters this "Club" as he had heard many humans call it. He wasn't really sure why he wastes his time with places like this. Though all kinds of mischief can be caused in a place like this. Fixing his tie he clears his throat as he sits at the far side of the bar. Being as quite as he can be so he would not draw any unwanted attention for now. Looking over he sees a bartender looking at him approaching causing him to sigh yet again. 

"Well what will it be Mister?" The woman asks in a polite tone. Forcing a smile on to his face he sits up straight to talk to her. "What do humans call it...Orange Juice and Vodka?" He asks raising a brow unsure of what the drink is called. The Bartender laughs thinking he must have been joking. "Well Mister it's called a Strewdriver." She said still chuckling a bit. Smiling at the woman he nods. "Well...I'll that one of those, and please call me Silvia." He said in a amused tone. The Bartender smiles nodding at him as she walks off the the other side to ready his drink.

January 20, 2020 02:04
Ronan Boru

*  The  Irish fire witch  walks in  to  the  club. He  was   checking on things  fo his  daughhter Marah  while  she was away for  now.  He notices a  few   people  and   shakes  his   head. One of  which  was not onec  he  had  seen  before sitting on  the  far side.  He   was fine to  stay  as long as  there  wasnt  any  issues.  he  nods  over to  h im  as  the  2nd   male  bartender  hands  Ronan  a  drink.*

January 20, 2020 09:55
LillyEmperium *walking through the club, Lilly tried to keep her mood light. Grabbing a drink, she nodded * February 24, 2020 21:03
Ronan Boru “Ah hello my love . I am just checking on this place since Marah is on extended leave for a bit. That and I needed a change of surrounding. “ February 25, 2020 00:07
Ronan Boru “Ah hello my love . I am just checking on this place since Marah is on extended leave for a bit. That and I needed a change of surrounding. “ February 25, 2020 00:07
LillyEmperium *slipping her arm around her husband, she smiled softly*
Kinda need a change of scenery every so often love
February 25, 2020 10:09
Ronan Boru

"Aye  that  we  do? Feels odd  with out  all  the  kids about does  it not?"

February 25, 2020 22:12
LillyEmperium *chuckling she nodded*

Yes it does. But all is well.
February 26, 2020 16:19
Ronan Boru

"yeah.  Ciaran  is  helping out  here  with  the  Malinov  issues.  Matt and  Caitlin  are on  that  world tour press  thing til  when  ever.  Ami  is  visiting  her  father so  its  good."

February 29, 2020 19:21
LillyEmperium I do hope Matt and Caitlin remember to have some fun while out.

*Smiling softly she chuckled*

Everyone will be ok, once everything is over
February 29, 2020 22:35
Ronan Boru “I am sure they are having fun. Yeah everyone will be fine in the end. No drama and no worries is a good thing for them all right now. I know Ciaran said as soon as this is all over he was going to spend some time with ami and the kids. I plan on spending my time with you , grania and orchid after all is said and done.” March 04, 2020 00:08
LillyEmperium *smiling a she looked to him*
That sounds splendid love. It has been abit since we just relaxed. Hmmm..maybe we can do something with the girls..
March 04, 2020 17:29
Ronan Boru

Possible  we  will  see  what   comes  up   between  now  and  then.

March 07, 2020 19:41
Arthur Arthur stepped into the club before his shift started as always. Time away to deal with his issues couldn't have him away from work forever. If anything Marah understood. He was quick to release the team that was already there and was soon in the swing of things. Doing his rounds as was expected and greeting the many patrons who knew him. "Ah lady Lilly I was told you were looking for me?" He asked before bowing to the male beside her. March 08, 2020 10:58
LillyEmperium * smiling softly, Lilly chuckled*
I'm sure we will come up with something my love.

*Seeing Arthur come in, she watched him make his rounds as he stopped and spoke to patrons before he made his way over to where she was. Gently she gave him a hug. Lightly she placed her hands at the sides of his shoulders*
Yes, first dear please just Lilly...I wanted to make sure you were ok since... if you need anything, feel free to let me know. The same friendship with Aurelia is extended to you ..

*Stepping back, Lilly smiled softly*
Ronan this is Arthur, Arthur this is my husband Ronan.
March 08, 2020 20:09
Ronan Boru

*Ronan  nods  to t he  male.*

"Pleasure  Arthur. Marah  the  owner is my  daughter. Your  her  security  head  right?"

March 09, 2020 20:13
Arthur He returned the hug and smiled softly at her. "Thank you." The alpha said. There wasn't much more he could say other than that. Words at the moment were slow to come forth when be was around anyone but he was greatful. He looked at the male who he had been introduced you. "Same, and yes I an her head of security." March 12, 2020 23:45
LillyEmperium * Gently she spoke*
I know it's hard Arthur, I can only imagine what your feeling. Know you are not alone dear, you have friends and those who care about you.
March 13, 2020 14:51
Ronan Boru

"I am  sure  you  will  be fine.  If  you  need  anything and  Marah  isnt  here nor  her manager   lilly and  I  can  help  you  out  here. All  you  have to  do is ask and   we will  see  what we can  do. "

March 13, 2020 18:28
Marah Whitmoore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A New Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+After being gone for a few months Marah was happy to be back home and in her club. She wasnt sure if the danger was over yet but she couldn't stay gone any longer. Going to the breaker box she switched on the lights and headed to the stage and went to the piano and sat down. Looking at it her fingers danced across the keys.+
May 05, 2020 15:02
Ronan R Boru

"Did  you  miss  this  place all  that  much?"

May 06, 2020 16:29
Marah Whitmoore +Hearing her fathers voice she got up and went to him giving him a big daughterly hug.+

" Yeah i really did. Believe it or not. I used Dannys money for something good. And I did this all on my own. I mean my husband um Knight killed himself and i was alone except for that brief time with Christian. Since he died. I put myself into making this place for the family. Then Rafe came back into my life well except for now. Hes off making sure me and our kids are safe. He still doesnt know that i came back early. I really want to thank you, mom, my brothers and Arthur kept this place running. I really love you guys."
May 06, 2020 19:40
Ronan R Boru

"Arthur  passed in t o t he other  realm but  we  maaged  to   keep this  place  som what running  for  now. I  honestly  dont  think  that  issue  Rafe  was  worried about   will come and  have  any  effect  on   you  or  the  little ones. They  didnt  even  seem  to  know who I  was  when I  was there.  they  made  contact only  with  direct   blood  to  this  Malinov lady  . Rafe might of over  reacted  but    for  now  I  think  its safe. "

*  Ronan  look a t her. None of  the   creatures nor  the  masters  behind  them  took  any notice  of  the  boru  and   that meat  that  they  were only  interested  in  the  Malinov line .That  it   was  tied only  to  Romania.*

May 07, 2020 09:59
Eric The Crow-

Walking into the bar gazing his black stone cold eys around looking for a certian witch!  Eric has long awaited to encounter one  on one  cause this certian witch seems to love to hide in the shadows....


Getting up from his chair Eric  reaches into his pocket and pulls out his own magik spell book and start's casting into the air, as a dark black thick smoke appeares and sounds of howling from the past  start taking shape before him.!

Looking over his shoulder Eric gets the feeling that his thought's are spot on and takes his trench coat and wraps it around his body and vanishes without a trace......! 

May 08, 2020 16:27
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   never  hid in  the  shadows  He  knew  the  bird  would  be  back and    he  knew  until  he  killied  the idiot  he  would  always  return.  He  looks  from  Marah  to   the  fog and  laughs.  he  then  looks a t  his  daughter.*

"  Sometimes   idiots  from   the  past   wont stay  dead.  Honestly  if  Angelica  came  back I  give  her to  the  bird  brained  idiot  willingly  this  time. He   ha  to  cause   drama.  No  worries  if  he  contiues  he will  go  bye  bye  via  the  family again."

May 08, 2020 16:41

~Ciaran  walsk in  and  hands  his  father a  black  bird  feather  he  found on  the  floor.~

"Seriously  wtf? He   can  have  Angelica  now  none of  us  would  stand  in  his way  for  him  to  get  her. WTF Has  it  not  learned  the  I dont  know lost  count of  times  we  killed his  dumb ass off. Killian  did  it once with  dead  bird  walking. "

~  The   Irish  crown  prince  laughs~

May 08, 2020 16:47
Matt Boru

-Matt  appears  and   looks  at his  twin  brother,  sister and  father. he  sees  the   black  feather  and  jut  shakes  his   head  and  laughs.-

"  Seriously?  Son  of  a b itch. Alright   well  we will  just  ignore  his  dumb  ass."

May 08, 2020 17:01
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at the strange creature who appeared. She got a bad vibe from him the way he looked at her father. Before she could get to him he vanished. That was when she heard a strange wicked evil laugh from her father. Then as she was getting to ready to speak her brothers popped in.+

" Ok that guy looked familiar he left me a message once to meet him. Which I never did. Just who the hell is he?"
May 08, 2020 17:13
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan   giggles a gain.*

"  That   would  be   Eric Draven. Also known  as  Eric  the  crow.  He   has  a  thing  for  my  ex  Angelica lacroix.  Honestly  if  she  came  back I   give  her  to him  with  blessings and  I  pay  for the  bloody  damn  wedding  and  walk  her crazy ass  down  the  runner  to  him a nd    be  like   She  is  all yours  lad .  Enjoy  WTF. Poor lilly  will  be like  so much  for the  quiet. "

May 08, 2020 17:17
Matt Boru

"Yeah   and  according to  Angelica  he  put a  "Spell "  on  her to  make her  leave  Da.  I  called  bullshite on  it  when  i  sent  her a  message in  Cancun telling her I  wanted nothing to  do  with  her  and  for  her to  stay  far  the  hell  away  from  me. Yeah   dont  go  meeting  his   arse  by  yourself.  He  is  not  to  be  trusted. It is  funny  though  that   Angelic  kills  herself in  the  Caverns and  then   his  dumb  arse  appears  here."

-  The   earth  elemental  witch   just  laughs again and   shakes his  head.-

May 08, 2020 17:21
LillyEmperium *Having been out running few errands and little shopping. She had missed what had happened. Looking around, she wrinkled her nose*

Someone burn a match?
May 08, 2020 17:32
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   takes  the  feather a nd   hands it to  lilly. *

"No  but   seems   our   "Friend"  is  back  and  looking  for a  show down.  I  was  standing  right  here in  the  open  so  I  dont  know  why  he  didnt  try  something. I  have  never  hidden in  the  dark  corners. Was  telling  the  boys a nd  Marah  I  willigly and   with blessings   hand  him  Angelic  if  she  was  here.  Hell I  pay  for the  wedding and give    her  away t o  him so  the  crazies  can  be  together. They  honestly  after all  this  time  deserve   each other in  the  end."

* ronan   make  some    inscents a ppear and   lights  them  to  get  rid of  the   smell in  the  building.*

May 08, 2020 17:55

"Looking  to  cause   issues as  it always  does.  If  we  ignore  it  then   it  looks  bad  not  us. So  just   ignore  the  fool and   all  will  be   fine. or  as  Da  said   Angelica  comes  back  we  let  the  two  of  them  get  married  and  go  from  there."

~  He  looks a t  them all.~

"Dont give it  the  satisfaction  of  a  response.   it s hould of  remained  dead   after  Killian   bountied   it   but  no   it  needs  it  final  show  down   we  deny it  that and   it  will  go  away."

May 08, 2020 18:09
LillyEmperium *Taking the feather, Lilly shook her head. Her reaction was simple. A sigh.*

Figures...well peace never really lasts it seems....leave him to his misery
May 08, 2020 18:20
Ronan R Boru

Yeah  I   was standing  here  the  entire  time  .   Could of  hit  me  in  the  head  with an  ice  cube a nd  he  really  looked a round  he   would of  seen  me . He  call  though and  we will  ignore  him as  best  we  can. if  he  comes  to  any one   save   thing  and    send  them  to  others  just in  case so  we  have  records  of  every thing.

May 08, 2020 18:35
LillyEmperium *nodding she looked*

I wouldn't worry to much anyway....I'm not Angelica....takes more than a simple spell to mess me up.

*Smiling softly she chuckled as she looked at the feather*
May 08, 2020 18:58
Ronan R Boru

"Im  not  worried  about it.  He  would  be an  idiot  to  try  it but I  am  sure he would  not  try  at a ll. Though  it  would  be  funny  for  him  to  try and   have  you  laugh at him justlike  we  are now."


May 08, 2020 19:06
LillyEmperium *smiling she chuckled*

Pluck every last feather.....yea feather should be no concern.
May 08, 2020 19:10
Ronan R Boru

Nope  not  a  concern at  all.  less  to  worry  about i   the  end  but  you  know  that isnt  going to  stop  him  from  trying to  be  an  issue.

May 08, 2020 19:14
LillyEmperium Changes nothing.....he can try... They all can try....makes no difference love.

*Looking up she chuckled*
A deep out is needed
May 08, 2020 19:20
Marah Whitmoore "After hearing everything from all of you guess this bird is bad news? Spell huh i know I havent had much experience in the apell department but i would say Im quiet good and movibg up that ladder. But in all your books that you gave me dad never crossed one. But i have seen on potions that can make you forget. " May 08, 2020 19:35
Ronan R Boru

Many  different magic in  the world and   many  people know  different ones.  Spells  are  just a  small  part of  it and  all  magic.  You  can  use  spells  to  do   just as  much  as  you  can  with  potions or  powers. We w ill  just  ignore  him  as I  said  and  if  he   becomes an  issue  we  will go  from  there. 

May 08, 2020 19:50
LillyEmperium There are spells that can....but rare May 08, 2020 22:29
Ronan R Boru

"Yeah  very  rare and  normally  very complicated as  well . Spells are strongest when  you   write  them  yourself  but I   dont  think  this  is  the  case  here. I  couldnt  be  s ure  though.  we will  just  go  about  our   lives here."

May 08, 2020 22:40

"Its neither  here nor  there  now  as  that is  the  past and   we  have all  moved on. So  what ever he  did  or didnt  do  we will  never  now  the  truth.  The  truth  is  our  mother couldnt tell  the truth if   her life  depended on  it.  We all saw  how   she  acted   here in life  its  no   different  now. She gone  and  thi  thing  will  be  eventally gone  becasue like her  it cant   just leave  the  past in  the  past.  So lets  get  this place  back  to what it  was  months ago annd  continue  on  as  if   it  isnt  around and   if  it  shows  here we  ignore it. Easy  and   done. Yes it was  funny  that  it acted as it  did when  it  could  plainly  see da right there  in  the open and  did  nothing  but its  done move on with the  laughter it made for acting  stupid  and   nothing  more."

~  Ciaran  looks at  them  all.~

May 09, 2020 10:49
LillyEmperium *nodding Lilly looks to Ciaran*

Time to prevail dear. We all will move forward.
May 09, 2020 16:29
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   looks  over t o  Marah  and   Lilly and  smiles.  Ciaran  was  right time  to  get  back  to  normal.He  starts  to  sing  to  change  the  subject.*

"Think I Don't Remember"


I will always go back to the side of the bay

Where the nights never seemed as long as the day

The dog-collared army we trembled before

Those spires don't look so tall anymore

Dad was always driving the top of the road

Mum's in the doorway still thanking the Lord

Green birds took them to the land of the free

When they were gone it was all up to me

These city light's don't shine like you say

The green green grass is all turning to grey

You made this boy golden then turned him to stone

This is my home

You think I don't remember but I do, but I do

You think I don't remember but I do, yeah I do

No one saw it coming till it was too late

But it was the young that would carry the weight

Shook hands with the mighty for better or worse

Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse

These city lights don't shine like you say

The green green grass is all turning to grey

You made this boy golden then turned him to stone

This is my home

You think I don't remember but I do, yeah I do

You think I don't remember but I do, yeah I do

Here's to the journey I know who I am

As much as we fought that was never the plan

I'm not the first I won't be the last

Take it back to the grove and we'll all raise a glass

You think I don't remember but I do, but I do

You think I don't remember but I do, but I do

You think I don't remember, you think I don't remember but I do

You think I don't remember, you think I don't remember but I do

I will always go back to the side of the bay

Where the nights never seemed as long as the day  


May 09, 2020 18:22
Ronan R Boru

*Ronan Smiles  and   knew  the  room  needed  to  be   made light a gain  and   he  wanted  to  see  Marah reaction  to  h is  singing  since  she   didnt  grow  up  with it like  the  others  did.*

May 09, 2020 18:38

~  Ciaran looks  over at his  father a nd   grins   .  He knew  that   he  changing  the  subject and    this  wasa  good  way to  lighten  the  mood.  He  forgot  that   Marah   didnt  grow  up with the  songs and   the  other  things that  they  did  so  it  was   differant  for  her to  hear  him sing.~

May 09, 2020 18:40
Eric The Crow-




HA HA HA )           HA HA HA HA HA)




May 09, 2020 19:45
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan link  to  his family alone so only   family  can hear him..*

"Asshole  knows  nothing of  my  past so  any thing  he  shows  any of  you is  a  flat out lie. He only  wishes  he   knew  everything or  any  thing."

May 09, 2020 20:08
LillyEmperium *with in a moment Lilly went from smiling, to growling as her eyes went from their almost white hue to purple. Standing up, her eyes began glancing around to find him*

Eric....only a coward plays from the shadows. Be a man and show yourself
May 09, 2020 20:49

~Ciaran looks  around  the  room.He  makes a   ball  of  electric   energy   form  in his  hand. He  then  looks a t  his s ister~

" Hey  Mars  Bar  new  item  for the   bar menu food  wise .  Lying Crow  dumplings  with  sweet and  sour  sauce  served on  fried  race."

~  The   crown  prince laughs.~

May 09, 2020 20:56

~Ciaran looks  around  the  room.He  makes a   ball  of  electric   energy   form  in his  hand. He  then  looks a t  his s ister~

" Hey  Mars  Bar  new  item  for the   bar menu food  wise .   Lying Crow  dumplings  with  sweet and  sour  sauce  served on  fried  race."

~ The  crown  prince  laughs~

May 09, 2020 20:56
LillyEmperium *Lilly raised her hand*

Nah dear....that could cause food poisoning
May 09, 2020 21:03
Ronan R Boru

Besides  which  tainted  meat on  that  one lad.  We  dont  want to  kill  anyone accidently. There  is nothing that  he  can say  that  any  of you  dont  already now . I  have  hid  nothing  from  any of you about my  past. So  I  am  not  worried.

May 09, 2020 21:16

"yeah true seeing as  we  dont  harm  innocents like  some  did  and   do still with mind  games."

May 09, 2020 21:23
Marah Whitmoore + When the lights went out Marah made fire Sparks to light up the room. She then saw the feathers fall catching one she held it up looking at it. Her eyes filled with fire sending a spark burning it.+

"You know that pesty bird is getting on my last nerve I tell ya. Live to see a battle between Crow and a fire and ice Phoenix. I can tell you that the weakest link won't be me. You know pop-o we should do a father and daughter duet. I love your voice. The things I missed cause of that creap James. You know David might still be alive if it weren't for him."
May 10, 2020 00:17
Ronan R Boru

"Many things might of  been different  but  that is the  past . We  can not  change the  past . What  was meant to  hapen  in  the  end  did  . We  need  o  deal with it. Only  thing  that thing  wants is  to   get  under my  skin and  make  me do  something so  he  can  say  see I  was right  yo  do have a  short temper. I  will not  be  letting it  do  that.  Besides as I said it   knows nothing  about me that he  can  use .  All talk no sustanace to it." 

*He sighs*

"That  time  was a rough time for  many  people  not   just  our  bloodline. Many  good people   were lost  to  the  casues  before  then  and  since  then. It is a high  price  we  all  paid in  the  end.  Many  like  Bobby  and  Kiearan knew  what  they  were  doing.  I  would of   joined  them  after  Marie and  Airmid  were killed. I  wanted to  but it  was  like  they  said  "Ireland  needs you   alive  more  then  she  needed us  . " They  knew  who  they  were looking at  all 10 of  them did in  the  end. Yes I wanted to  join them  and  would of   gladly but they  were  right in  the  end all  10  of  them. Bobby's  son Gerald  I  kept safe  as  besst I  could and   his  sister Bernedette  Aka Bernie and his  mother  Rose all  safe   for  him  as  he asked .I  made  sure  that   the  brits  left  them  alone.  Gerald  of  course  grew  up  and  got  married and  his daughter  ,Erin is my  god daughter. She's  a  child still no  older  then  Paige and  Grania  are. She is  every bit her  grandfather and  father. She  sings  and  sounds  just like  Bobby did  when  she  does."

*Ronan  gets  lost in  memories of  the  lads and  the  last time  they  all  talked.*

It doesn't seem quite so long ago,

The last time that I saw you,

Ain't it funny how the memories grow,

Seems they always fold around you,

They tried to break you in a living hell,

But they couldn't find a way,

So they killed you in a H. block cell,

And hoped that all would turn away,

Thought that your spirit couldn't rise again

But it dared to prove them wrong,

And in death you tore away the chains,

And let the world hear freedom's song,


Yet the heartache and pain linger on,

They're still here though it's so long since you've gone,

But we're stronger now you showed us how,

Freedom's fight can be won

I wish there was an easy road to choose,

To bring the heartache to an end,

But easy roads are always sure to lose,

I've seen that time and time again,

If you can stand by me like yesterday,

I'll find the strength to carry on,

So let your spirit shine along the way,

And our day will surely come,


Yet the heartache and pain linger on,

They're still here though its so long since you've gone,

But we're stronger now, you showed us how,

Freedom's fight can be won, if we all stand as one.

May 10, 2020 09:56
Siobhan Boru *After getting her brothers reply Shiv put the pedal to the metal and went to the location he gave her. Pulling up to it her niece did a nice job. After parking the car she went inside it was bigger then it looked. Seeing her family she went behind he brother placing her finger on her lips giving Lilly,her nephews and niece a smile. Covering her brothers eyes she spoke softly in his ear*

" Make any Kabooms lately? So I hear we have a menising bird on our hands again."
May 10, 2020 12:31
Ronan R Boru

"Hello  shiv a nd  no I havent.  The   idiot  bird keep  pushing  it  he  might however  find his  ass  fried  and  feed  to  the wild  animals or  used as  shark   chum  off  the  cliffs  back  home. Either  way  he   not  be  coming  back  from  that.You   missed the   fun  that  was  Angelica beeing  back again .  Lilly  killed  her  per  Angelica  request in  the  Caverns. Honsetly  I   let the  freak bird  man  have  her  at  this  point   crazy  deserves   crazy.  Those  two  are  made  for  each other."

May 10, 2020 12:36
Siobhan Boru *Uncovering his eyes she stepped in front of him and looked at Lilly*

"Bet that was interesting having her back. I guess she caused trouble as usual."

* Shiv hugged Lilly with a smile*

" Ya did huh bet that was like retribution for you. Good job sister in law. So besides all that what else did I miss that I need to be caught up on. Oh the kids are asking to see their favorite aunt and uncle."
May 10, 2020 12:54
Ronan R Boru

"So  where  are  they  then? Kelda  is   what  6   now  and   the   boys  are  at least  5 . Well  they  will  have  to  wait a  bit  longer til  the restrictions are lifted  for  that really. My  past  apparently  can  not  stay  dead. Bird   ass  thinks  he  know   things about me that I  know  he  knows  nothing so anything  he  says  is  a lie. I  never  shared  my  past  with  Angelica.  Lilly  and   Maeve  yes but   not  her. I  know  Maeve  wouldnt   tell  him anything   nor  would  Lilly .  Ass  that is  the   bird is.  He is  just comic relief only."

May 10, 2020 13:07
Siobhan Boru " They are at Malahide with their nanny. Yes they are getting big. They drive me crazy at times but they keep me on my toes. You know I can remember the night Keli was born. Kil was so scared and nervous. But with Liam and Bran he was different. I miss him Ro he was and always will be my one true love." May 10, 2020 13:51
Ronan R Boru

"He  is doing  what  he   needs  to  do  right now.  Trust  that  he  is  aware of  that  still  now. I wouldnt  be  shocked if  this  bird ass  keeps it  up   Killian wouldnt  be making an apperance  just to   deal  with him again.  I  know  last time  he  was  killed  it as  because  he was  back a nd  messing  with  Ciaran a nd  killian   set up  the  bounty  to  kill  him.  Liam  would of  done  the  same  thing as  Killian  did. Bird  just has not learn  you  should  not  mess with  the  Borus.  I doubt  he  ever  will."

May 10, 2020 13:59
Matt Boru

-Matt  looks  up  hearing a  voice  that he had  not  heard in  a very long  time. Not  since he  was a  child.-

"Wait  aunt  Siobhan is that you?"

-  He  stands  up   from  his chair.-

May 10, 2020 14:03
Ronan R Boru
"Ba mhaith linn i ndáiríre an t-éan a thiomáint craiceáilte is féidir linn labhairt i nGàidhlig i gcónaí. Geallaim duit nár ghlac Angelica riamh an t-am chun í a fhoghlaim í féin agus mar sin tá amhras orm go bhfuil a fhios aige."

((occ translation: We really want to drive the  bird crazy we  can always   just   talk in Gaelic. I  assure you  Angelica never took  the  time  to  learn it herself so I  doubt he  know it.))


*Ronan   smiles a nd  laughs*
May 10, 2020 14:51

"D’fhéadfadh sé sin a bheith taitneamhach dúinn a dhéanamh. Sílim go spreagfaidh sé níos mire fós é ná mar atá sé cheana féin. Níl aon tuairim aige faoi cad a bhí muid ag caint faoi agus go gcuirfeadh sé féin gach cineál cleití as a chuid cleití. Cuir iallach air bearta níos déine a dhéanamh."

(( OOC Transtation: That could be fun for us to do. I think it will drive him even more crazy then he already is. He have no idea what we were talking about and that alone would get his feathers all sorts of messed up. Force him to take more drastic actions.))

~The young  prince laughs~  

"we all  know  he will be lying  either  way.I   am  sure  da  can  counter  anything this  ass  thinks he  knows  with the  truth. Truth  was Angelica  never   asked Da  about  his  past a nd    their  for  she  never  knew it. So  yes it  would  be lies  from  him. Only  person Angelica  knew  about  was  Marie  and  she  was  well  before  Da  ever  met  Angelica.  Da  was  16  when  they   first  met him  and  Marie so  that  was  definatly  before  Angelica.  Da  spending  time in  Jail  at  Long kesh  from  19-25  we  all  here  know  about. Matt  and I  also  know  about  the  3  other  times  da  was a rrested but  the  Brits  couldnt  make  the   charges  stick  so  that is  nothing  but   what  a  48  hour hold on  ya  da  there?"

~Looks over at  his father.~

May 10, 2020 15:06
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan looks  at  them*

"Was a  bit  more like 72  hours   each  time  but  yes  they  were never  able  to  make  anything  stick. The   first  time  was a  joke of a  trial.  We   werent allowed  to  call  witnesses so   of  course  it  was a   circus  show trial but  that  was  how  things  were  done then.  "

May 10, 2020 15:11
Matt Boru

-  Matt  watches  the  room and  everyone  in  it.  He  knew  that  everyone  here  would defend  each other if  need  arose. He   run   his   fingers and  twists  his  wedding ring absent mindly.-

May 10, 2020 15:41
LillyEmperium *Lilly hugged her sister in-law back*

The kids are welcome to visit anytime Shiv.
May 10, 2020 15:54
Ronan R Boru

I  am  more  then   sure   that   certain older  cousins  wouldnt  have a   problem  with that  and   suplying  treats.

*  Ronan  laughs*

May 10, 2020 16:03
Siobhan Boru "I know they will be hsppy to hear that Lilly Pad"

*Shiv smiled at her. She was sure Lil was use to the nick names that the family gives.hearing a voice she looked and grined and saw the ring on his finger*

" Yes its me little Matty. Well not so little any more I see. So are you going to tell me who she is? Or keep me on the other end of the stick. And Mars how are the kids and that ... That man your married too? Knight? Angel? What ever his name is."
May 10, 2020 16:09
Ronan R Boru

"Marah and  Angel  arent  to gether  any more   they  havent  been  for a  while  .He  dead  and   gone  from  this  family  and  can  stay t hat  way. She got   Rafe Whitmoore."

May 10, 2020 16:22
Matt Boru

"yeah  not  so  little   anymore is  right. You  know  food  sunshile a nd   water  works   wonders. her  name  is  Caitlin.  She   will  be  by  later  possibly. "

May 10, 2020 16:24
Siobhan Boru " Wow never saw that coming I thought youd be with him forever. Cant wait to meet her Matt. So tell me about this Rafe. .. Wait wasnt he her manager? Cuuuute."

*Shiv sang out with a mischievous grin on her face*
May 10, 2020 16:28
Ronan R Boru

"Rafe is  off  taking  care of  somethings  and I  honestly  dont  recall if he was or not . Its  been a   crazy  time. Matt  had a  lass  before  Caitlin  that  he was  with  named  Carolina but  that  union   didnt  last  but  2  weeks nd  then  it  was  annulled and  she  died. so  thats  all  cought  up  there.  Lilly  and  I  have   been  the  same as we  were  before."

* Ronan looks at her*

May 10, 2020 18:51
LillyEmperium Well bird or no I want chicken lol May 10, 2020 19:39
Ronan R Boru


"Yeah  well  right now  it  not a  crow it is a chicken  seeing as  he  isnt  here and  he  himself  hides  in  the  shadows and  will  be  using  lies that  he  should  know  will  not  work since he  knows  NOTHING about  my  past   as  crazy angelica  didnt. Cira  and   elessar   the  most he  can  say  arent  my  kids  becasue  biologically  they  arent. They  are adopted  and  they  know  that  so  again  nothing  now  any of  you dont   know."

May 10, 2020 20:00
LillyEmperium *thinks for a moment*

Maybe it's a copy cat... haven't gotten a good look personally..all hot air probably
May 10, 2020 21:04
Kuroda Li as promised showed up at Insomnia, he looked around for Arthur but didn't see him. Shrugging he stepped inside and went straight to the bar. "Snake Venom beer please." He said as he pulled out a cig, placing it between his lips he was quick to light it and inhale deeply. May 10, 2020 22:07
Siobhan Boru " Ohhhh fried chicken sis nice hot and chrispy. Just like KFC "

* Shiv laughed a little. Then snapped her fingers*

"Hey Irish Whiskey sounds good anyone up for some shots? Lil,Cici,Little Seal, Matty?"

* she said looking at each one as she said their names*

"Ohh come on lets party. Im back lets have some fun"
May 11, 2020 00:41
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  notices Li  and  smiles. He walks over to  him.*

"  Hi  there  Li. Long  time  no  see. How  are  the little ones  doing and   you? "

* Siobhan  was  the only  one  to  call  him " Little  seal". It was  what  his  name   meant.  Both Liam and  Brendan  always  called  him Ro.*

"Sounds  fine  Shiv. Come  Li  have a  drink  with  us."

May 11, 2020 10:48

"Sounds like  a  plan. Count  me  in. oh forgot to  tell you  Ami is  expecting again."

May 11, 2020 10:51
Matt Boru

Sure   why  not.

May 11, 2020 10:52
Kuroda He looks over to Ronan before exhaling slowly, directing the smoke away before sipping his drink. "Hey Ronan, I've been well I'm here." He said shrugging. "The kids are fine to be honest, just taking some time away while they sleep you know." May 11, 2020 11:56
Ronan R Boru

"Yeah  I  get  that.  time  away   is a  good  thing. Im  glaad  the little ones are  ok. Come on  have a  drink  with  us. No  reason  to  sit her all  alone."

May 11, 2020 12:58
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  downs a  shot  and    gets  bold.*


 *He  laughs.  He  was  pretty  sure  that  wouldnt  happen  but   he  still  make  the offer.*

May 11, 2020 19:18

~Ciaran  follows   the  shot   and  looks  at his  father and  shakes  his  head.~

"He  has  MY  BLESSING for it.Just   keep  her   far  away  and  his ass  far  away  from  my  family  . All will be   good  then."

May 11, 2020 19:20
Matt Boru

"I  wont  object  to  the   weddding. I  wont  even  be  there. So   yeah  he  can  have  Angelica.  Crazy   deserves  to  be  happy  too.Not  many  can  say the  High  King and   royal family  of  Ireland  paid  for  their  wedding with out  being   related  to  them."

May 11, 2020 19:23
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to Siobhan and held up two fingers*
Make mine a double....

*Looking over to Li, Lilly motioned to him*
Little brother, come over and join us before I drag you over here
May 11, 2020 19:50

"Yes  come   join  us   Li. Last  thing  you  wnt is  mum  here  dragin  ya around  the  joint by  your  ear  or  collar."

May 11, 2020 20:06
Ronan R Boru

"ERIC, Teastaíonn gealtacht ó ghealtacht fiú. "

((ooc Translation: ERIC, Even insanity needs a  mate.))

"I  dont  make  this offer to  everyone  lad  and  its a  time lmited  offer  for the  next  12  hours. you  have  til  813 tomarrow  morning to  answer. This  and   you  might live  assuming  you   stay  far  the  hell  away from  my   children  and  family   forever. Dont  and  take  a  dirt  nap .  YOr   choice  here  lad. You  know  you  will  take  a  dirt  nap if  you   dont  take  this it  will  only  be a  matter of  time."

May 11, 2020 20:13
LillyEmperium *blinking for a second, Lilly chuckled*
I still owe him an arse kicking for a couple years ago..

*Quietly she thought for a moment. Before she spoke*
níl rud éigin ceart .... bliain i ndiaidh na craziness .. éan bó anois ... boladh mé mac tíre
(something isn't right....a year after the craziness.. now a coward bird... i smell wolf)
May 11, 2020 20:14
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks  over at   Lilly*

" She  isnt coing  back  and   he  not  going to  take  the  offer  but  I   had  to  give  him  the  option.  No   something  isnt  right Lilly  flower  but  we will d eal  with it  none  the  less. He   doesnt  take  the offer  of  bring  her  back  from  the  dead a  marring her  then  well  sadly  its a  dirt  nap  for  him  again for  the  damn I  lost  track  actually.  Any  one    been   keeping  count of  how  many  times  we   had  to  deal  with   the   bird   brain here?"

May 11, 2020 20:18

"I  think  maybe  3  times  by  our  hands.  By his  own  I  dont  really  know  . I know  I  told  Killian  to  bounty him  once  for  me   since I  was  on  holiday  in  Cancun.  That  was  the  Dead bird  walking  death.  I  belive   he  was  killed   again  before  that  when  I  was  still  married  to  whats  her  name Ceirra  mother before   she  was   born. So  thats  at  least  2  times  right there."

May 11, 2020 20:22
LillyEmperium Wasn't worried she was love....just realizing it was May of last year when all that happened May 11, 2020 21:53
Ronan R Boru

"Was it?  I  hadnt  paid attention  to  all  that. As I said  he  wont take  the offer and  she  will  not  be  back  but  I  had  to  give  him  an alternative  to  a  dirt  nap  that I  am  sure  at  some  point once a gain  down  the  road  he  will  be  back  from to  cause  even  more   drama as always.  He  cant  say  this  way  I  didnt  offer him an out  that  would  make  him  happy. Not sure it wold  make  the  ex happy really  but  I  get rid of  them  both  in  one  shot  and  no  blood. Well none of our  blood  anyway.  Angelica  might  in  the  of  killed  him  but   who  knows. This  has  been  building up  for  a long  time   but  I  am  not  worried  about it to  be  honest.  What  can  he  do in  the  end really?"

May 11, 2020 22:16
Marah Whitmoore +Marah headed to the bar and saw Li and walked over to him turning her had around+

"I'll get Shiv sit next to mom. Im with you mom but maybe ill make mine a triple i need it."

+ looking forward again Marah rubbed Lus shouldersand spoke+

"Glad you made it Li. Shots are on me come to the table and join us. Kitty was like a sister to me well she is my sister so that makes you family as well. And who knows what the future holds. You know it holds many suprises even in different forms."

+Marah grins+
May 11, 2020 22:26
Matt Boru

"why   oh  why are  we  allowing  this  fool  to  live ?  We  should   just   kill him  and   be  done  with  it save  the rest of  the  world   his  stuipidity  as  well."

- Matt  looks  at his  father a nd mother.-

May 11, 2020 22:27

"I tend  to  agree  with  Matt  but  you  know  da  Matthe  has to  give  the  2nd  option  even  if  he  knows  the  fool is  too  stupid  to  take it.  This   Eric  Draven   wanted  Angelica  so   bad   why  didnt he   just   keep  her  under  his  spell  longer?  He  claims  to   be  this  master  or strong   spell  weaver  then   I a m  sure  he  could of   kept a   tiny  lady like  Angelica  in a  moderate memory   spell  for  a VERY  VERY  long  time  but  he  even  failed  at  that.  

He  isnt  as  good  as  he  claims  to  be.  Thinks  he  making  up  for a   small  man  hood  where  it  counts   with  his  boasts  of  powers."

~Ciaran  looks a t  every one and  then   grins~

May 11, 2020 22:33
Siobhan Boru *Shiv was going to follow her brother and niece but her niece mentioned to sit next to alilly so she did.*

"Hey Mars make mine a triple as well."

*hearing Cici mention about Ami and expecpting caught her off she looked from Cici to Lilly.*

"Wait. .! What??!! I was there she died after the twins and came back and she was told she couldnt and she went into a deep depression. I mean tjis is great for you and Blondie but im confused. I was with mum so I know she didnt do anything or she would have told me. I mean congrats and all from my heart thos is great. Im rambling huh?"
May 11, 2020 23:13
LillyEmperium *looking at Ciaran, Lilly raised her hand slightly. Holding her index finger and thumb up, little ways apart she chuckled*

That's probably why the spell didn't last as well...
May 11, 2020 23:38
Kuroda Li chuckled as he grabbed the bottle in front of him. "Well can't say no now can I?" He said as he got off the stool and headed over to the group. Sitting down beside Lilly as he poured another glass. "Mind if I ask who you all want murdered now?" He said as he downed his drink. May 12, 2020 01:48
Ronan R Boru

"Just a   bird named  Eric the  crow  aka  Eric  Draven.  He  the reason  my  ex  Angelica a nd  I  didnt last he   took  her  via  a  spell  becasue  that the only  way he  could of  gotten  her to  go. No  worries on  that   Angelica and  I  squared  that  away  years ago but  the  idiot Eric  cant let  things  go. He  wants  apparently a  final  show down  with  me.  We will  see if  that  happens at all."

* Ronan  looks  from  Li  to  Siobhan then over to  Ciaran*

"Yeah  she  did  but  Dr Boru  here  found a  wway to  fix  that  issue  and   there  you  have it. You  really   need  to  give  your  nephews  more  credit  lass."

May 12, 2020 11:24
LillyEmperium *chuckling, Lilly looked to Li*

Don't worry lil brother, it's not you....pests are annoying
May 12, 2020 19:25
Ronan R Boru

" If  it  was  you  Li  you  know  it  was  me. You see me   coming . I  dont  hide  behind  no  name  bounties.  If I  want  you bountied I  will  do  it  my  self. Seeing as I  like  you  and  consider  you  a  friend, you are safe."

May 12, 2020 19:50
LillyEmperium I'm not concerned anyways....not much could be said, that I'm not aware of anyways... May 12, 2020 20:24
Ronan R Boru

Eactally my  point. I  have nothing to  hide and I  have never  kept  any  secrets  from  you . I  didnt  from  angelica all  she  had  to  do  was  ask   and  she would of  known  the  answers  to  what  ever  she  asked. Even  Siobhan know  the   past  . She  lived  through  it  just as I  did. Granted some  was  kept  from  her   by  Liam  and  Brendan  to   keep  her  safe and  that  was  becasue  I  told them  to  at  the  time. So  that   is on  me  and  she  knows  the  truth now.  Marah  knows   about  the  time in  Jail   but  not  the  details. she  wants  to  know  them  I  will  tell  her and  show  her  the  scars  you   yourself  lilly  have sen  and  so  has  Ciaran a nd  Matt."

May 12, 2020 20:27
Kuroda "I've been behaving myself so I'm quote sure it's not me." He chuckled as he glanced over at Lilly. "Pests are never a good thing." May 12, 2020 21:43
Ronan R Boru

"No  no  they  arent  and  this  one  might  be   seeing  the  dirt   sooner  rather  then  later. I  am  getting   less  and  less   amused   by  his  antics  when  he  does  sho  here  he  runs  his  mouth  then   hides  and   vanished  in   to   smoke .  He  thinks  he   know  anything bout  me  is   just  *******   funny  as  hell  at  this  point really.

May 12, 2020 21:56
Matt Boru

"He  is an  ongoing  issue  that  neeeds  to  come  to  an end  either  by   going  off  and  killing himself  and  staying  dead  , going to  the  caverns  or   a  bounty. So  those  are  his  choices.  I  will  be  happy  with   either of  the  3 honestly. Even  then  we  cant  be  sure  that ass  stays  dead and   not  come  back again  at a later date.  Who  the  hell  let  the   ass  come  back  from  the  last time  he  was  killed?"

May 12, 2020 22:11
Ronan R Boru

"That   I  dont  know   but  he  did.For right now   we  will  ignore him like   was  sugested until  we  can  n ot  is all. For now  we relax. He  will  do  what  ever it is  he will  do. he  failed  to  take  my  offer though  as I  knew  he  would. SO  this  has nothing to  do  with  Angelica in  the   end. This is  him  thinking of  some made u p excuse of  wrong doing to him  that was never  there nor  made  by  me or  any of my  blood."

May 13, 2020 09:31
Siobhan Boru " Oh I do have faith in my nephews and I am over joyed for Ci and Blondie. But Little Seal I do have to say that the similarities between me at that ex wife of yours really freaks me out. " May 13, 2020 11:36
Ronan R Boru

So  ex wife is  dead s o no  worries  there.   We  just have  the  bird  to  deal  with  now.

May 13, 2020 13:29
LillyEmperium *looking to Siobhan, Lilly chuckled*

Nah you look alive to me....she was in the dirt last I saw
May 13, 2020 16:35
Ronan R Boru

"She is   in the  dirt now.  With the  bird  here I  dont  know  if  she  would  stay  dead. I  am actually  shocked  he  did not take  me  up  on  my  offer. We w ould of  gotten   both  what we  wanted.  Such  is life. I  am  not going to  let his  rants  run  my  life  so how is  every one?"

May 13, 2020 19:09
LillyEmperium No need to stress bout silly things. Cages always come in handy.

*Smiling Lilly chuckled as she looked to Li*
I ought to snag the kids for a spoiling session
May 14, 2020 14:56
Siobhan Boru "You know I thought I killed that dead bird walking. I would like to know exactly how he can come back as much as he does. Lilly Pad if you're going to catch him and put him in a cage please I beg you to let me help." May 14, 2020 16:25
LillyEmperium Shiv's very tempting......then we can say crow wanna cracker May 14, 2020 17:13
Eric The Crow-

Hearing all the ruckus from within the bar Eric laugh's)

Playing with his fist's Eric opens up a Book Ronan should know Pretty Well unlike his baby text book he had when he was 7 HAHAHA Book Of Shadows yeah what a joke he and his book is

Cowards) Eric starts to recite a spell of his own A Warning to You All) Black turn black and flesh turn blue I Eric will Curse You Ronan I'f you force me too,By the Left hand and the unclean food, I'll curse your eyes as I curse your lies,I'll call down a plague of flies)

Blood goes back and flesh turns blue Evil from me and back to you My soul clean and your's on fire Mess with this Dark Evil Witch You Liar!!!! HaHA"   Looking around Eric Step's back Eyes glowing Pitch Black and Vanishes*

May 14, 2020 18:44
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   feels  the  dark  magic and   laughs  to  him self. He  was  well  versed in   protection s pells and  how  to  send   back  to  sender as  well.*

"What   was  brought down  to  upon me

Be  return but  times  3

head  to  toe  Skin and  nerves

May  you get  exactly  what  you  deserve.

See  the  cruelty  and  the  pain

that  yoU  have  caused  once  again

 I  turn  the   tables  three  times  three

Bring  light  upon  your  actions , I  will be  free

When  light  fades and  dusk  comes through

 the  pain  you  caused will  come  back at  you

I  say  this  spell to  Karma  tonight


*  A wall  of   protection  appears  around  the   club and  any  dark  magic thrown at  the   boru  blood   that  tries  to   get  cast  will forever  rebound  on  the  caster.*

May 14, 2020 20:29

~  Ciaran   hears  his  father  and  knows  what is  going on   he looks at  the  others. He  walks  over  to  the  doors and  windows~

" This  door   will  it 's

Welcome ways be  guarded  by a   sheield of  rays

To  guard  this  club by  day  and   night

Protect it  with a  shield of  white

Let nothing  enter not  of  good

and  those inside do  as  they  would

The  aura  left   by this  spell

will  safely  seal  these  enterances  well."

~ Ciaran  knew  the   spell  could  not  be  reversed  except  by  a  boru  blood.~

May 14, 2020 20:38
LillyEmperium *Letting out a faint growl. Lilly stood up and looked around*

He's nothing more than a hot aired COWARD. Words and sparks... claims unfounded.

*With a shiver, Lilly grabbed her glass and downed it. Setting it down, whispered*

Time to hunt feathers
May 14, 2020 21:07
Ronan R Boru

  * Ronan  looks  at her his  eyes a  dark  violet.*

"Well  let  the  ass  try  a   dark   spell  again and  it will  back  fire  with  what  is   put  up   so   he  can go suck  it somewhere. Curses only  work  if  the  person  believes  they  are  cursed and  since I  dont   it  was a pointless thing  to  do. Ive never  believed  in  curses. With the   spells  that are up  any one  wishing ill  will  or   dark  wont   get  past  the   spells and   only  a  boru witch can  take  them  down and I  dont  see  that   happeneing  any  time   soon."

May 14, 2020 23:09
Fire King-

Walking into the bar slamming the door shut behind him"

Fire King begain to speak Eric Come to me  The Dark One has enterd*

Minions scatter as the sound of his voice makes everything in the room go dark as a dark cloud appears*

Eric Come to me!

You called the darkness I'am here for your bidding*

May 15, 2020 00:57
LillyEmperium *seeing the thing walk in, Lilly rolled her eyes*

Good vanished. Now your here...words...words....yet nothing of the past has been said. Gods be....I feel as if stuck in the past....
May 15, 2020 01:02
Fire King-

Who is this witch you call Ronan? a Boru witch hahaha

What the bloody hell is this?


"Only Master I see in the room is Me* Smirked the Evil One*


"Raising his hands to the skies and praises the chant's of the evil ones from long ago, Come Come Come To Your Master Fire King-*

"Red lightning flashes and he is gone*

May 15, 2020 01:02
LillyEmperium *Growling Lilly shook her head*
There's not enough whiskey in the realm...nope not enough....last year was nuts...this year.. Angelica in the mother's dead bird walking and whatever that is.....yup not enough whiskey...not enough liquor in the realm...

May 15, 2020 01:11
Fire King-

Watching the thing at the table rolling her eyes he chuckled hard

Well Well Well another Vampire from the harlot's of hell*

Scratches his head the demon looks towards the lass named Lilly"

Walking over to herr table places a card down next to her hand i'f you see him link to me and I'll come*

Walking away from her table and back outside into the darkness*

May 15, 2020 01:15
LillyEmperium *Growling at the insult. stopped only by it talking and placing a card by her. As he left, Lilly looked at the card. As her eyes turned violet, she flung the card at the wall
Watching it stick*

Harlot of hell.....I'll rip both their throats out .....

*The words rung in her ears as she stood up. She was angry, and shade hurt. She was the last person to call herself that. Only in reference to part of her past*
May 15, 2020 01:27
Marah Whitmoore + With all this BS Mar downed her drink and snagged a bottle from behind the bar walked next to her parents and down the bottle without taking a breath.When the new person arrived Marah turned into the fire ice phoenix and glared at him with one eye of fire and one of ice and spoke in a demonic voice+

"LOOK I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE BUT THIS IS MY BAR. MY FAMILIES BAR. So if you value what ever life you have remaining then I suggest you leave or did a painful death by my hands. So get out...."

+ She stares then yells once more+

" GET OUT!!!!!!"

+ Marah watched him leave and turned back to herself very annoyed.+

" What are these cowards. Come and then go? I thought for a moment when I turned Mommy would need a bucket of water to put out my flames"
May 15, 2020 02:26
LillyEmperium *pulling her hood, Lilly glanced to Marah*
Relax Mar... don't wanna burn the bar...

*Nodding Lilly looked to everyone.*
Forgive me, but I think I'm going to take my leave...I need to check on the tavern....then home I suppose.

*With that she walked towards the door and vanished. She was more angry than anything. But right then she wasn't bout to let on*
May 15, 2020 03:15
Kuroda Li blinked as he watched everything unfold before him. What a time for a drink but even so all of this was annoying when he all he wanted to do was grab a drink and relax. "You guys sure do have your hands full. Think we should check on Lily?" May 15, 2020 08:48
Ronan R Boru

"First off  there is  NO  WAY ANYTHING EVIL COULD get in  so  that  was   pure  bs  right there.  Ciaran spell  ban  anything  evil  from  getting in. I know  that  spell  works  your  brother  sealed all  of  those  doors  and  windows  from  anything  not of  good  and   with ill intent  from  getting in  here."

* Ronan  look  at  Lilly. He  knew  she was  pissed off. He was  too. He had  noidea who  this  thing  was  that asked  who  he  was  as  he  had never  seen  him  before in  his life let  alone  talked  to  him  til  he  showed   up  tonight  running  his  mouth. He  had  never told  Eric  the  crow  anything  about  his  past  and  he  sure  as  hell never told  his  e  wife  Angelica  about  his  past for  the  bird  ass  to  know  anything like he  claims.

The  only  people  who  knew  anything about  Ronan  PAst  in  the  club  were  Ciaran, Matt,  Lilly,  Marah  and   siobhan and  he  knew  for  a fact  they  NEVER  talked  to  Eric  about  any of  it or  angelica so all of  this  was  pure  crap  and   done   just  for  drama  in   the  fire  witche's opinion.*

"I  am goingt o  go  check Lilly,my  wife. I  will be  back once I  am  sure   she  is  alright. "

*  Ronan  flames  away  in  blue  black  flames.*

May 15, 2020 09:10
Matt Boru

- Matt looks  at his  siblings  and  to  Li  and  Siobhan left. He  could  tell  that his  father  was  pissed off. He  could also  tell  that  hi mother Lilly was  pissed. Lilly had  always  been  more of  a  mother  to  his and  his  siblings   then  their   real mother. Lilly was always  there when  they   needed her just like   Maeve was  when   Ronan  was married  to  her all  those  years.

He was  100%  sure that   this  Eric  knew  nothing a bout Ronan  past  becouse the only people  who  knew  Ronan past  was  him,  his  brother, Lilly,  Siobhan,  and   marah so  there w as no way in  hell that  Eric  knew   any  thing  as his  mother  Angelica knew  NOTHING  of  his father's  past so  the idiot  bird couldnt  know  any of  it .-

"This is  never  going to stop. This is  getting  really out of  hand .There is NO way that  thing  should of  gotten  in  the  doors  with  Ciaran  spell. NO  WAY!!That  spell  could only   be  removed  by one of  us  here  with  boru  blood . None  of  us  removed it. So  I  call  BS."

- Matt  looks  at a ll  of  them-

"Mother  goddess and father god

for your protection I now pray

Let all  evil be  turned away

Protect this club  by night

protect this club  by  day

and  keep  evil and darkness well  at  bay."

-He looks  at   everyone. This Was  also  a  protection  spell  that  could  only  be  taken down   by  a  Boru or  by  him. Matt  was not  about to  ever take it  down.-

May 15, 2020 10:16
Vivian Fox

Just as she walked up to the doors, they opened only to see an invidual she didn't know.  Biting her lower lip, she chose to ignore him and walked inside. The feeling was almost overwhelming and the tension alone you could cut with a knife.  Inhaling deeply, slowly walking up to Marah, she smiled. 

"You okay?"

It was obvious that she wasn't and the faces that she saw all wore the same look.  Something of displeasure had been here and if she had been right, it just left.  Crossing her arms,  Nodding, she couldn't feel but slightly awkward but walked over to the bar and sat at one of the bar stools.  Eyes closing, telling herself to calm down, for she could feel herself shaking but it wasn't really noticable. 

After a few mintues, her eyes opened at she looked over her shoulder and just watched everyone. 

May 15, 2020 12:39

~Ciaran looks  at  the  woman who  just  walked in  and    tries  to  smile He  was  annoyed  by the  ass  that was  here but    it  was  pass  for  now.~ 

"  Sorry   but  you  seem  familar to  me   for   some  reason. Do i  now  you? My  name  is  Ciaran.  MArah   the  owner is  my  sister."

May 15, 2020 12:57
Vivian Fox

Turning slowly around, a small smile painted along her lips as she began to nod.  Arms still crossed along her thin frame, clearing her throat before she spoke.

"You actually do."

May 15, 2020 13:02

~  Ciaran  looks  at her  eyes a nd   smiles a  bit more~

"Kit  Kat  bar?"

May 15, 2020 13:31
Vivian Fox

"How did you guess?"

May 15, 2020 13:34

The  way  you  cross  yor a rms a nd  the   green  eyes.  How is  this ? Never mind  are you  really  back?"

May 15, 2020 13:46
Vivian Fox

Looking down at her arms, she wondered what she did differently.   But would have to study this another time.  Now the once bright green was more dull this time around. 

"Yeah, the eyes aren't as vibriant as they used to be..  Her orbs looked into his as she nodded but this time her smile grew.  " Yes, it's really me but not.   Lost the fangs but gained this new...power?  Can't really explain it myself."

May 15, 2020 13:52

"Cool What  new  power?  New  powers  are  fun."

~  Ciaran  grins and  looks  at  her~

May 15, 2020 13:56
Vivian Fox

"Well, after I came back, it was a culture shock.   Inhaling dirt sucks for starters but this time, I'm....well...I'm a witch.  I don't know how.   Anyway, when I came stumbling out, I wasn't sure what to do.  I'm still learning.'s going to sound like a nightmare but it's kind of cool.  I can enter people's dreams.  Needless to say, it's been weird and I'm really not sure what to do with it.   Now I a proper introduction.  The name is Vivian Fox."

May 15, 2020 14:00

"Pleasure Im  Ciaran  Boru.  Dream  walking  is  what  that is. It is a cool  power.  I  heard of it  but  never  knew  any one   who  could do it."

May 15, 2020 14:07
Vivian Fox

"It's nice seeing you again Ciaran.   Leave it to me to have a power like this.   It took me a few days to realize what was happening and then I found Marah.  You know, I can't remember how I died.   It's still fuzzy.  Anways, what's going on here?  I can see that no one is on the friendly-ish side"

May 15, 2020 14:17

"yeah   we hadan  issue  but  its  seem   better  lighter in  here so  I  think  that  has  passed  up  again.   "

May 15, 2020 14:34
Vivian Fox

"More evil I take it?   Hey, was it that individual that I saw leaving? "

May 15, 2020 14:37

"Yes a nd   no  but  they are  both  gone  n ow  so   what  ever. Its over   now. yes  more  evil  so  to  say. Some one  saying they knew  things and  they  didnt  really  have the   full  story."

~  Ciaran  looks  at  her~

May 15, 2020 14:42
Vivian Fox

"Jeez.  No one just ever assume but I'm glad they're gone.  I sure do hope they're gone.  Hate seeing everyone so upset. Has a barrier spell been put up?"

May 15, 2020 14:49

yes   at least  3  of  them and   that was   handled. feel  free  to  add one  if  you  like  though I  am  sure Marah  wont  mind  more.

May 15, 2020 14:51
Vivian Fox

"Good.  Sounds like is needed.  He kinda looked like he was ready for Halloween.  Caught me off guard, which I shouldn't be at all surprised but I always am.  How are Ami and the kids doing?  Ooh, I don't think many know I'm around.  Just you and Marah so far." 

May 15, 2020 15:05
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  returns and  in  a  better   mood*

" Our  issues  have solved it self  we  are  good   for now  again. "

*  He  sees  the  girl  Ciaran is  talking  to  and  walks over.*

"Kit  Kat. Your  eyes  give  you  away lass.  It is  you  right?"

May 15, 2020 15:49

"Ami and  the  kids are fine. We  are  expecting again so  you  know.  All good  on  that   I  think   matt  might of  figured it out over  ther with the  others  but   not  sure. Matt  actually  got  married .Her name  is  Caitlin .Dont  know if you  were still  topside  then  or  not."  

~  Laughs  and  Smiles~

"Well  that is  good  to  know  then  Da. How  did  yo  find  that out?"

May 15, 2020 15:51
Ronan R Boru

"I  recived a  message  about it   from  my   network master  AKA Seamus  Finnigan back home  so i tsa ll  good. So  the  powers  that  be  that  got  meassage  regarding the  situation  due  to  that  arent  going to  be  able  to  do  anything  due  to   suicide  but a t least  they are aware of  what  he  was  trying to  do."

* Ronan  looks  at  them.*

May 15, 2020 16:10

"  That  works  then   but  still  not  taking  down  the  protection  spells  matt and  I  put  up . better  safe  then  sorry on  that. I  am  glad  however  that   the issue  is done  for  now  and  hopefully  not  coming  back."

May 15, 2020 16:28
Vivian Fox

"Really?  My eyes?   How?   They're not even the same color.   Hmm, maybe it's my wisdom showing."

She couldn't help but laugh at her own humor.

"Ciaran told me it was the way I crossed my arms.  I need to obvserve how I do things but I can't really hide the eyes.  Well I could...I could wear glasses but I don't think it would help during night hours.  And a Congratulations go out to the both of you!   WOW, that's really huge news.  When is she due?"

Listening to Ronan, her brows furrowed.   "I missed a lot."    And agree with you Ci, taking them down would be a horrible idea.  That last we want is for distruction to happen, although if he keeps pissing off Marah, she might do that on her own."

May 15, 2020 17:45

Li had returned to the bar for a refill whlie the others relaxed. He wasn't paying much attention to anything because there wasn't much to do these days. Getting his refill he headed back to the group with a bottle of beer and a glass of gin. He spotted the new girl as he squeezed by her to get back to Ciaran and Ronan. He was about to address them when he glanced at the female and did a double take before blinking a few times. "Kitten?"

May 15, 2020 18:44
Vivian Fox

She had seen him walk in but didn't say a word.  Her looks were completely different from what they used to be and inhaling deeply, her eyes watched his every move.  This would definitely would be interesting. The look on his face was priceless.  Hearing that one word made her smile.

"Hello Li"

May 15, 2020 18:50
LillyEmperium *walking back now in. Lilly went and poured herself a drink.* May 15, 2020 18:52
Geoffrey Drake

Geo had left his brood in charge of his live in au pair.   He need a small bit of time to himself and he had noticed a place called Night Club Insomnia.

He walked silently into the night club. He carried no weapons and his hands were in their customary black leather gloves.  His gloves restricted his use of magic in a bar or night club.  He merely wanted a Corona and if possible a carryout for his brood.

"Corona please.  Just the bottle."  He had found a spot at the bar. But he also had a view of the area so he could watch the people.  "Do you have carryout?"

May 15, 2020 19:03
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   looks  at her.*

"  It  a familar  spark s o  to  say  that  there  . Like  a  echo that only  thoses  that   you  knew well  would  see."

*  Ronan notice  Geoffrey and   smiles. He also  sees lilly  come  back   behind  him. *

"  I   leave  you   with the  younger  crowd  Kat. Good   to  see  you . I  have two people  to  check on   who  just  walked in."

* He  walks  over to  Geoffrey.*

 "Master  Drake.  Good  to  see  you Geoffrey .  Long  time  no  see. How  have  you and the  family  been?"

May 15, 2020 19:04
Vivian Fox

Vivian caught another familiar face and seeing the strain across her features, she could just about feel it.  But she didn't say anything at first.

"You bet.  Good to see you again Ronan.  I think I might hang around for awhile."

May 15, 2020 19:12
Geoffrey Drake

Geo smiles wide as Ronan Boru walks over to him. He listens and he reaches in his pocket for his wallet.

"Very good to see you as well!  It's been a long time.  I am good.  Lilly is great.  Mia and Max are growing like weeds.  Dema's been on her travels.  Mia and Max have matured quicker than I would have thought.  Their demon side I figure.   Lilly is about seven due to Phantom's magicks....Mia and Max about three or four now."

He looked at Ronan closely and lowered his voice.  "Why are there black crow feathers outside the club?"

May 15, 2020 19:15
Ronan R Boru

"The   feathers  area long  story  I   will  have  to  tell you  perhaps  another time  but   a s ituation  that   has  since  remedy  itself. Its  not  some   new  trendy  thing  we  are  doing my  friend. Put  your  wallet  away .I  got  the   beers  for  you.  My  daughter  Marah  owns  the   place. "

 * The   fire  witch  smiles .Ronan  calls  over  the  bar tender and   tell  them  to  open a   tab  in his name  for   Mr   Drake   here and that   not  to  let  Mr  Drake  try  to  pay. The   bartender  smiles and   does  as  he  is told  as ronan  hands him  his card.*

May 15, 2020 19:18
LillyEmperium *smiling softly as Lilly saw Geo and Ronan both.*

He is correct Geo, you're covered my friend. I do trust all is well
May 15, 2020 19:23
Geoffrey Drake

"Well the long story another time.   I burned the crow feathers.  They sure packed a stench.  As you say it's been resolved."

Geo laughed a bit.  "Smelled llike fried crow.  The pictures are in my wallet."  Geo laid his wallet on the counter for Ronan to see his brood.

He figured no more talk of black feathers were the order of day.

May 15, 2020 19:24
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly chuckled*

Thank you Geo. the little ones are getting big
May 15, 2020 19:43
Ronan R Boru

"Soak  in  every  moment  you  can  Geo.  They  tend  to  grow  fast."

*  Ronan  looks  over at  Ciaran and  Matt  then  back  to  him.*

"Unfortunatly  I  was  not  able to  be  there  for  Marah but  that  hasnt  been  a   issue   now  that  we  sorted  it out.  They are  getting  big   for  sure. How  are  the  nightbreds  doing? I  have to  make  time  soon  to  go  to  the  forge a nd  see   Erik  and   Etaine  there  soon and  their  family."

May 15, 2020 20:05
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly chuckled*

Way to fast....I remember when Matt and Ciaran where little...oh they were adorable...sweet lil things...least I thought so... don't mean they always were....shoot my older kids are practically grown....
May 15, 2020 20:13
Kuroda Li looked down at his hands not really sure what to say. He missed her fiercely but thought... He shook his head as he sat down and in a flash downed his beer and glass of gin. "You look good kitten." He said with a small smile May 15, 2020 20:20
Vivian Fox

Not sure what to say, she kept silent and even though his face was priceless, there was also a bit of awkardness.  Granted, the change in her was quite noticeable. 

"Thank You Li.  I know it's a bit of a shock.   How are you?"

May 15, 2020 20:27
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked over to Li. Watching she shook her head* May 15, 2020 20:30
Geoffrey Drake

"Trust me I treasure my time with my little ones.  They are a legacy to my family.  Was a time when I had no heart for love.  I was permitted two chances to love two exceptional women.  One is my soulmate and the other I loved as well for her wisdom and strength."

Geo flushed as he spoke of Dema and Wisteria.  "Dema is my soulmate.  I honored her choice of mates and Wisteria loved me knowing this.  Treasure those you love and protect them."

Geo smiled again and asked a question.  "Do you have carry out?  The NightBreeds are expecting again...So Etaine is pissed at Erik and another culpirt whose magick caused a bit of mischief."

May 15, 2020 20:32
Kuroda He ran his hand through his hair before leaning forward. "Just thought that when you came back I'd, I mean you would have got in touch or come home." May 15, 2020 20:39

~He  looks  from  Kat to  Li and   smiles~

"I'll  leave  you  two  to  talk.  Kat be nice ."

~  With that said  CIaran  walks over to  join his  father and   mother.~

May 15, 2020 20:43
Vivian Fox

"Well, I needed to find my best friend first.  Missed talking to her and after all, she gave me a job here.  I also wanted to see the look on your face. It wasn't disappointing." 

May 15, 2020 20:45
Kuroda "Glad you found it amusing." He said looking down at the ground. Pursing his lips he ordered a bottle of water. Two actually before looking back at her. May 15, 2020 20:59
LillyEmperium *Lilly nodded to Geo*
Yes you can get carry out....

*Looking to Li, Lilly hollored*
You going to atleast hug her...
May 15, 2020 21:02
Ronan R Boru

What   do  you  want   Geo  we  can  get  you  what   ever . 

May 15, 2020 21:10
Vivian Fox

"Probably evil of me but hey, I'm not lying about it."

It was odd to see him order water and raising a brow, she had to ask.  "So, what's up with the water? Plan on becoming busy later?"

May 15, 2020 21:17
Geoffrey Drake

"Some cheeseburgers  with fries and onion rings for the lot of us.  Thank you very much." Geo took some money out of his wallet and laid it on the counter. " How is everyone in your family and how is Orchid?'

May 15, 2020 21:19
LillyEmperium *passing the order over so it could be filled, Lilly chuckled*

Everyone is good. Angel and Theo both are off at collage. Angel was taking some veterinarian classes and Theo seems to have changed his major again. Now botany instead of geology. Rylee and Cor have been both studying abroad. Orchid seems to be testing what the dog will and won't do ...She's gotten big, and tries to get into everything of course..
May 15, 2020 21:42
Kuroda "No." He said softly as the water was placed before him. Opening one he drank some of it as soon enough the signs of drinking vanished from his features as he looked like he had just take a good nights sleep. He paid no attention to his sister as he fiddled with the bottle. May 15, 2020 21:47
Geoffrey Drake

Geo took a sip of his Corona.  "Almost grown all of them save Orchid?  Mia and Max were into the mischief at tone moment.  But they learn real quick.  Max found out the hard way you don't tease a dire wolf and Mia sparred with a real lynx and almost won. Lucky for them both they are family friends of grandmom."

Geo chuckled and shook his head.  "Trial and error that time.  They both learned a new shape dire wolf pups. Now we have chaseies around the house."

May 15, 2020 21:50
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly chuckled*

Awww bet they are adorable as pups...

*As the containers were sat on the counter, Lilly bagged it all up.*

She figured out Beowolf won't let her wander to far. The day he brought her back in the house.
May 15, 2020 21:56
Vivian Fox

"That is terrible.  But hey, you look a bit better."

Looking around,  Vivian wasn't sure what else to say and looking at the time, she finally stood up.

"Well everyone, I'm going to go.  I need to practive a few things and if anyone sees Marah, please let her know I'll be back later."

Giving a slight wave, making her way to the door, she was glad she had come back.  Pushing the door open, she was gone.

May 15, 2020 21:57
Calixte Mournier

Calixte looked into the doorway of the night club.  It had been ages since she had been in a night club or even a bar.  She shook her head and turned to go on her way.

She had other things to do and she didn't need the distraction at this time.

May 15, 2020 22:04
Geoffrey Drake

"Dad was carrying the pooper scooper around with him when they did their daily runs."  Geo put his empty bottle on the counter and laid some bills on the counter.

"Thank you for the carryout and the pleasent talk."

He slipped his wallet back in his pocket and picked up his order.

"Blessed be to those who are here.  The Gods and Goddesses protection always."

Geo smiled at Lilly and Ronan.  He left quietly and returned to his home over the forge.

May 15, 2020 22:08
LillyEmperium Come back anytime Geo

*Grabbing a rag, Lilly wiped the counter and got rid of the bottle*
May 15, 2020 22:14
Kuroda Li scrubbed his hand over his face not knowing what to do. Getting Up he walked over to his sister and sat down in confusion. "That went well." He grumbled as he placed his head om the counter May 15, 2020 22:17
Ronan R Boru

"It  will   take  some  time  Li.  Just   give   her and  yourself  time  and   things  will  work out. its  not  going to  be all better  in  one  talk."

May 15, 2020 22:28
LillyEmperium Li..not to sound like a broken record but.... 1 Ro is right....2 should have hugged her May 15, 2020 22:39
Kuroda "3. She could have hugged me... 4. She could have told me she was back." He sighed as he banged his head once before sitting up. "Strongest drink you can muster up sis." May 15, 2020 22:51
LillyEmperium 5 she could have told anyone
6 she didn't
7 maybe she was afraid how everyone would act.

*Sliding Li a drink*
8..9..10 she not exactly herself...and folks sometimes react poorly..

I excuse...
May 15, 2020 23:21
Ronan R Boru “ point is people have reasons for what they do. Not everyone is like you or I li where we come back with everything and know who we can trust waiting. She has her reasons I am sure. She not what she was. She not even who she was. I knew her from a familiar spark in her eyes. Lilly my heart would always find but not everyone else in the world has a connection like that and it has to be built up first. “ May 16, 2020 00:11
LillyEmperium It's also possible she may have not known who she was when she woke....maybe she's still trying to figure that out as well...

*Pouring a glass, Lilly took a drink*

Years ago, I had that happen. The only clue I had was my Emperium pendent and a crazy hunger. Even as memories came back, it still seemed odd. But I was drawn to specific places, and people. luckily my children were young and their nanny watched them and me..

Had it happen later as well..but that's a different kind of story.
May 16, 2020 01:32
Ronan R Boru

"See  Li  death works  differently  on  people.  As I  said  give  her  time and  yourself  time  to  get to  know each other again. its   really  the  only thing  you   can  do right now."

  *Ronan  looks  at  him and  then  to Lilly*

May 16, 2020 11:42
Kuroda Li quickly downed the drink before asking for another. "But that's the thing." He said looking at them both. "When she died the first time she came home right after she returned. Different body, different person but still my Kitten. Sure she was worried over how I'd react but she still came home." He frowned slightly. "Just thought she'd have come home again." May 16, 2020 12:11
Ronan R Boru

"It  could  be different  every time  lad. It  just  depends on the  manner of  death  and the  manner of  the  return  with  some  people. That  seems  to  be  the  case  here."

*  Ronan  gets a  shot of  whisky  and downs  it.*

May 16, 2020 12:30
LillyEmperium My first half dozen dirt naps, I just woke angry. Then one day it happened
May 16, 2020 12:34
Ronan R Boru

"Many  wake  up  pissed off and  moody.  Depends on how  they   came  to  take  the dirt   sleep to  start  with."

*  Ronan  looks at  her*

May 16, 2020 12:50
Kuroda He sighed with a small shake of his head. "But its quite obvious she remembers me, us everyone." He said May 16, 2020 12:54
LillyEmperium Blind sided most the time...

*Taking a drink, Lilly nodded*

Li....I'm not trying to make excuses for her. I haven't even had a chance to talk to her. When I lost my was tuff. When they started coming back I appeared much the same. It took me a bit to readjust.
May 16, 2020 13:01
Ronan R Boru

"Li  I am  just  speaking  from  what I   have  seen  over the  last  few  years  myself . I  cant  tell you  what   is  really  going on  with her with   it  being   definate. Just  talk to  her.  That is all  you  can  do.  See  what  your  feelings are for  her and  her  for  you  and  go from  there. "

May 16, 2020 13:38

~  Ciaran walks over  and  smiles~

"They  are  right Li. Death  changes  from one to  the   next even  with in  the  same  person no  two  deaths a re the  same.It  might not  be  visable  the  change   but  there i always a  change on  some  level."

May 16, 2020 16:34
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  takes another  drink  and  then  hops  behind  the   bar  to   check  marah's   stock of   family made  stuff. She  was   for  the  most  part  handled  with  what  she  had in  stock . He  grabs  a  bottle of  family  Whisky a nd   poors   4  shots.  One  for  him,  Lilly, Li  and  Ciaran.

Ronan makes  sure  that  she  has  the  new  desined  botles as  well as  the  vanilla  and  chocolate  creme Vodkas.*

May 16, 2020 21:00
LillyEmperium *Lilly smiled as she watched Ronan. She didn't care who thought what. Sometimes she may have over done it. None the less, she only did have eyes for him. Grinning she looked at the shot glass*

May tomorrow be better than yesterday
And all idiots be gone
May 16, 2020 21:56
Geoffrey Drake

A small gift of children's books appeared on the counter in the night club marked for a Mistress Orchid Boru.

An attached note read.  "Enjoy!"

May 16, 2020 23:39
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  reaches   back  and  grabs  the   shot  and downs it.*

"With us  I  wouldnt  count on  it but    here's  to  hope  for at  least a  bit."

May 17, 2020 09:41
LillyEmperium *change chuckling, Lilly shook her head*

That's all we need love... hope.

*Seeing the books with the note, she smiled*

May 17, 2020 13:18
Ronan R Boru

"Who's  that  from ?"

*  Ronan  walks over and  looks at  the  Children's  books*

May 17, 2020 13:32
LillyEmperium *smiling Lilly chuckled*
The Drake's I do believe.
May 17, 2020 14:43
Kuroda Li downed the mix and exhaled afterwards. This one was pretty good. "Yea I guess you're right." He said placing the empty glass on the counter for another top up. May 17, 2020 15:17
Ronan R Boru

"Ah ok  that nice of  them."

* Ronan  hands   Li another  drink.*

May 17, 2020 20:45

~ Ciaran  downs  the  shot~

"Its  been   fun  but I  have  some things  to do  at  home  before  Ami and  the  kids  get  back.  Let me  know  if I  am  need".

~  With that  said   Ciaran walks out and  vanishes~

May 17, 2020 20:48

Walking into the new bar looking around Kip takes a seat at the bar looking at the menu and smiles.

Waiting for the bartender to come so he can order a few drinks as Kip was new to the area called the realm.

May 17, 2020 22:59
Ronan R Boru

Ronan  look over to  the   new  comer and   smiles. He  walks over behind  the   bar.*

"Hi  there   what can  I  get  ya   to  drink?"

May 18, 2020 10:49
No Mercey

Walking into the bar Jonny spots his buddy sitting at the bar but he didn't see the killer known as leatherface concerrned look on jonny's face appears Oh God I hope he didn't kill anyone smiles na hes a good guy laughs*


Hey Switchblade  pulling up a stool to chat with his buddy so anything good on the drink menu? Jonny thumbs through the list of all sorts of drinks and food options before placing his order.*

Nice bar so peaceful in here Jonny said with a smile on his face."

May 18, 2020 22:03
LillyEmperium *slipping a menu in front of the newcomers. Lilly nodded and smiled*

Take a moment and when you're ready feel free to order
May 18, 2020 22:06
No Mercey

Thanks Ma'm as Jonny smiled to the bar tender will be a few minutes before were ready just waiting for another guy to show up*

Hey Kip be right back I'll be in the restroom let me know if our friend shows up hes abit late cause he killed a few  people before  hand , text me if  our monster friend shows up cause you and me both know he don't talk he grunts laughing*

Order for me Kip I'll take a Rum and coke on the rocks.

May 18, 2020 22:17
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked back and forth at everyone and the numbers that were being called. Getting a double shot she downed it and then gave her 2 cents. That is if anyone would give her the time of day +

" Oookaaay . Now 11.. Kitty well now Foxy was my best friend and knew her before you Li. Sorry but true.12.. I helped her during the most hard time in her life and well she did the same for me. A few times. Like when Chris died on me... And 13 thru 100 she was there for the Return of ass hat Danny Ocean. Knights return and death. Rafes death which turned out not to be Rafe but a clone. And Rafe being back. Said she kick his arse if he hurt me again which wasn't his fault so she gave me her best wishes. She my sister guys may not be by blood but if there was a way I'd make it so. I love ya all even you Li. She was scared ok scared on how you react. And you did what she thought. She loves ya dude. Give her a chance to get use to her new form. She needs time ok just be there when she's ready. Love can over come anything even death. Just look at mom and dad... Cici and Ami. Granted aunt Shiv is still lost with Killian's death but I'm sure if he came back they would make it. It's called soul mates. Ok ok I'ma little drunk but I'm speaking from my heart. Ok now I need another shot."

+ Marah goes to the bar for another double and pours it +
May 18, 2020 22:23

Alright Jonny I'll do hurry back  man.

Kip hears a buzzing noise in his jacket pocket and reaches and pulls out his cell looking at it he sees the sign # 187 the code from leatherface coming-  Sigh's great I'm starving he laughed.

Continuing to read his magizine of Famous Rock bands and waits as the bar starts to get packed with alot of people.

May 18, 2020 22:36
LillyEmperium *slidding Marah a glass of water, Lilly chuckled*
Maybe lil that before another road darling..

* walking back around, Lilly nodded to the young man*

Do you and your friend need another minute?
May 18, 2020 22:54

Kip smiled to the bartender no I believe will order now.

I'll take a sex on the beach Please a rum and coke no ice double please, and nachos a chicken wing platter with ranch dressing on the side . And will also get a pitcher of the best draft you got on tap

Smiles to Lilly Thanks .

May 18, 2020 23:18
LillyEmperium *Lilly nodded as she jotted everything down.*

Sex on the beach
Double Rum and ice
Wings with ranch on the side
And a pitcher of draft.

Give me lil bit and it'll be here
May 18, 2020 23:24

Take your time Kip smiled.

May 18, 2020 23:30
LillyEmperium *nodding *

If y'all need anything else added, just let me know.

*Walking off, Lilly went to take care of the order
May 18, 2020 23:46

Will do thanks.

May 18, 2020 23:51

+Stepping through the door with his chainsaw in hand Leatherface looks around and spots is friends sitting at the bar+

+Walking over he sits down placing his chainsaw on the chair beside him+ 

+Grunts to Kip and Jonny as he points to the crowd of dancers on the dance floor+

+taking off his jacket he awaits to see what kind of  real food was orderd from his buddys+

+Looking for his witch friend Ronan as he places his business card on the table so the outsiders know he had permission to be there as he wasn't there to hurt or scare anyone+

+Sitting back in his chair relaxing from his long day out killing by standers in the realm+

May 19, 2020 01:28
LillyEmperium *walking back out, Lilly sat the drinks and food out for them. Nodding she looked to the fellas*

Anything else?

*Looking to leatheface, she sat a menu down*
I'll be back around, just let me know if you need anything
May 19, 2020 01:39
Ronan R Boru

"Hey  Lil that  the one  we  got  the  permission for  there. "

*  HE  looks over at  leatherface a nd  the  others.*

"Other  2  must  be his friends  he  mentioned. Not  entirely  sure  what   his deal  is but   we  will  see. With  everything  going on  I dont   really  trust  anyone  here."

May 19, 2020 11:20
Matt Boru

-  Matt  walks over to  his  father-

"I  am  going to   go  check on  Cait . I  wil  be  back  as soon  as  I  can. You know  how  to  get a  hold  of   me both of you."

-  He  looks  from  ROnan  to  Lilly his  mother a nd  walks out. Once out side he   vanishes in  orbs.-

May 19, 2020 11:39
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  nods a nd   watches  Matt  leave. He  dobted  that  they would need him  but  yes he  knew  how  to get  a hold of  him  should  he  be  needed. He  looks at Lily a nd  then  around  the  room at  everyone. So  far  so  good with things.*

May 19, 2020 12:09
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to Ronan and nodded*

No worries dear.... I know what you mean. It's all good as long for now
May 19, 2020 12:25
Ronan R Boru

*Ronan looks  at her. He was  sure   though  that no one  here  was  going to  be an issue.*

May 19, 2020 19:48
Kuroda Li downed the drink quickly once again. The conversation around him he tuned out as he asked for another top up. May 20, 2020 07:29
Ronan R Boru

"Do you   need anything else  Li?  Like  some  food  or  something?"

*  Ronan  looks over at his  friend*

May 21, 2020 19:43
No Mercey

Taking the platter from the waitress,  Lilly and placing the food on the table in front of his friends Switchblade- and Leatherface and placing the pitcher of beer on the table next to all of them."

Jonny smiles to her thanking her for such fast food service"

They all begain to eat Cheer's everyone as we all begain to eat and drink in this amazing club and bar."

May 22, 2020 02:36
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks  over a t  Lilly  and  the others in   the place.  He  was   pretty  sure  Ciaran  was  thinking  about  opening   his location  for  the  Shamrock  soon  as  they  were  able  to  and that  was  where   her  went  to  stay  busy.  The  fire  witch   knew  that   he'd have  to  do  the  same at  his   sooner  or  later  and   it  was  better t o  get a  start on  it so  there  wasnt  any  m ore  down  time  then  there  need  be  when  it  came  to  re opening. For  now  though  Marah  needed  him  here.*

May 22, 2020 10:54

"After finishing up with there drinks and food Kip recieves the bill on the table and reaches his hand in his back pockets to get out his wallet."

"Laying his cash out on the table inside the credit card holder to pay the bill  as the total was 36.50 Switchblade - puts a 100.00$ inside the black holder and tells Ronan and Lilly to keep the change  as This was one of the best Irish Meals and Drinks he had had in a very long time.* Even there Killer friend was impressed with the classic taste of real food in the realm and they shall all be back soon"  Looking to Ronan with a slight Smile Thank You Sir Great Food Exellent service And Great experience they all had at this bar/ club. Thank's Ronan and Lilly as Switchblade got up from the table with his 2 other friends and left*

May 22, 2020 15:44
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   smiles  and   waves  as they leave. Returning   people  was a good  thing . He  figured  word  would get out on  the  place  sooner or  later and  that  was  fine. *

May 22, 2020 19:56
LillyEmperium *Picking up the plates and glasses, Lilly wiped the area down. Looking to Li, Lilly chuckled*

Don't swim in that glass now
May 22, 2020 23:54
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan looks  at  Lilly  and a  cold  shiver  goes  up   his  arms .*

" Ares is  back.   Angelica's  father .  Hes never  been  an  issue  so   lets  not  try to  kill  him.  Hes  on  his  way  here at  some point.Never  really  recall  having  any  issues  with him."

May 23, 2020 18:18
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to Ronan and shook her head*

I know who he is, ego bigger than anything you wish love
May 23, 2020 23:34
Ronan R Boru

" All gods  have   egos.  Some  of  them  worse  then others.  When  he  was  here  he  was never  an  ass  to  the  kids  or me  so  we  will  see  as I  said. We  will see if  he   shows  to  start  with."

*  He  looks at lilly*

May 23, 2020 23:45
LillyEmperium *nodding she looked to him*
That's good love
May 24, 2020 00:05
Kuroda He shook his head at Ronan. "No but I do need to go find someone." He said as he looked at the husband and wife. May 24, 2020 00:25
LillyEmperium *looking to Li Lilly nodded*

Be nice little brother....or it's drum sticks for all the kids
May 24, 2020 00:31
Kuroda "Im always nice." He said reaching over the bar and grabbing a bottle. "Just don't know if it'll be good you know." May 24, 2020 01:25
LillyEmperium *shaking her head, Lilly looked to him*

Oh boy, you know what I mean
May 24, 2020 01:50
Ronan R Boru

"YOu  do  what   you  need  to  do and  yes  be nice.  Talking never  hurt   unless its a  fist fight  after or  during."

May 24, 2020 10:39

~Ciaran   comes  back  to  Insomnia  after   doing  what  he  needed  to  do. He looks at his  father  and  shakes  his  head.~

" Did  Ares  get  in  touch  with  you?  He  back. I  got  that   cold   chill  I  always   got."

May 25, 2020 14:28
Vivian Fox

This evening was supposed to be different so she thought.   Her usual nightly routine didn't fall the way it usually had. With new knowledge, there was just something she could wrap her mind around and it was confusing. One thing Vivian was beginning to learn, is that the more time she spent alive, her memory was fading.  Bits and piece had flashed through her mind but  what happened?   Did anyone know?

After leaving the scene, a conversation that had taken place, she held the white box. Trouble painted her features but it was within.  She hadn't really meant to but as she stopped, looking up she realized she was in front of the familiar building. 


Walking in Vivian went straight to the bar, placed the delicate package on the bar and just sat there.  Mainly lost in thought but mostly feeling lost and extremely confused.

May 25, 2020 22:53

~  Ciaran  sees  Vivian  walk in  . He walks over to  her.~

"Hey  Viv you okay? YOu look a  bit   confused   by  something."

May 25, 2020 23:07
Vivian Fox

Her eyes were a bit off and at first she didn't hear anyone but something caught her attention and upon looking over, she saw Ciaran just looking at her.  Hands falling onto her lap, she couldn't help but ask.

"Was I a bad person before?"

May 25, 2020 23:12

"No  why?  Did  someone  tell  you  that you  were? You  were  and are a  friend  to  my  family.  What  is going  on?"

~Ciaran looks at her. His  doctor  concerns  was   kicking  in~

May 25, 2020 23:14
Vivian Fox

"What happened to me?   The more I'm here the less I remember.  Did you know that I used to be with Li?  How can I not remember something like this?"

She could feel her heart racing.  Trying not to panic wasn't easy and her mind was just blank.   

"Is this a curse?"

May 25, 2020 23:16

"No  its not  a  curse. Yes I  knew  you  and  Li  were once  together  and  you  stil can  be  now. You  need  to  just listen to  your  heart  when  it  comes  to  him. "

~  Ciaran  looks a t her~

" Here  try  this  ok?  Close  your eyes and  clear  you  mind of al the  noise  and   out side  chatter and  focus on  Li  and  feel  what   you   feel  deep  inside for  him.  See  what   your  feelings are  that  you  have. Let  them speak  to  you  and  show  you  what you  need  to  know."

May 25, 2020 23:23
Vivian Fox

"See, I did that.  I can't see anything.  Like everything is completely blank.  It's like the slate has been wiped clean and yet it hasn't but I can't remember anything."

As her hands lifted, her head fell into them.  

"This is a bad dream.  I'm gonna wake up from all of this and everything will be like it was before.  Shake me.  Pinch me.  Throw a drink in my face."

She was rather distraught when her head finally lifted.  

"See.  That has to work because then I'll feel something, right?"

May 25, 2020 23:28

"I  dont  know  Viv. I  cant  tell  you   what I  dont  know. Things  happen  for  a reason  even  if  that  reason isnt  clear  to  us  at  the  start it  might  become  clear as  time  goes on. Have  you  talked to Li"

May 25, 2020 23:31

"I  dont  know  Viv. I  cant  tell  you   what I  dont  know. Things  happen  for  a reason  even  if  that  reason isnt  clear  to  us  at  the  start it  might  become  clear as  time  goes on. Have  you  talked to Li"

May 25, 2020 23:31
Vivian Fox

"Yeah, that's how I found out.  I was walking home or at least on my way and I saw him standing at a park bench.  I said Hi and well, he told me.  I feel awful.  I just don't know what to do.  There isn't's...gone."

May 25, 2020 23:35

"Ok  well  maybe  see  whats  in  the  bo and  maybe  that  will  change and  if not   go  slow  with him . As he  is  just as  confsed  by  this as  youare it  seems."

May 25, 2020 23:49
Vivian Fox

"What if I was a bad person and this is a curse?"

May 25, 2020 23:51

"Viv, listen to  me  alright. You were  not and  are not a  bad  person.  Everyone   has done  things in  their  past  they arent   proud of  or said  something in  the  heat of  the moment. Theses  things  they  dont  make  you a  bad  person and  they  sure as hell  dont  place  curses on  you.  A  curse   only  has powe rif   you  believe  it has  power over  you. Curse are more  psychological  then  anything. Their power  comes  from  the  casters  intent and  if  the  person  it  was  cast on  believes in  it.  Look  in  the  box  you haveand  see  what  that  might tell you lass. "

May 26, 2020 00:00
Vivian Fox


Jumping out of her seat, her hand went to her chest as she spun.  

"This is bad, this is bad, this is bad, this is bad!   Oh my god, what have I done?!     What did I do?"

May 26, 2020 00:04

"VI .  Sit  down. You  were  not  a  bad  person Sit  down . I  want to  try  something   else. I  need you  to  sit   down  here alright. I am  going to  try to   take a  mental  block  you  might have  down   so  you  can  see   what  you  are missing. Do  you  trust  me?"

May 26, 2020 00:13
Vivian Fox

"What if it doesn't work?  Oh my god, what if I am?   What's gonna happen to me?  Where the hell is Marah?!?!  All I know is her, green, alone, hurt.   That's all,  I've tried over and over and over again, I can't remember.   What if it doesn't work?"

Feeling a bit light headed she sat down and felt lost.

"Why do I remember only those bits?  I used to know more and it's leaving.  But why don't I remember Li?  What happened to me?    Was I the devil?!"

May 26, 2020 00:18

"We  wont  know  if  I  dont  try  it  will  we? Now   jut  close  your  eyes and   breath okay? I  can  do  the  rest.Trust  me  this is   worth  trying  okay? Memories are  tricky  little   beasts and  add  death  to  it  that you  didnt  expect  can  sometimes  make  them  like   swiss  cheese."

May 26, 2020 00:21
Vivian Fox

"Oh god I can't breathe.  Umm..I...I gotta think of something.  What?  What did I like before?   Ooh, Li said something about water.  That's all he said that I liked water.  That just sounds boring."

May 26, 2020 00:23

"Ok  that  helps  think  about  the  beach  use  that  as a happy  calming place   the  waves and  the sound of  them breaking on  the  shore. Now  jut  picture   you  on  a  beach  wlaking and liting to  the  waves  okay. I  will  do  the  rest  .  Gift I  have   from  the  witch  side of  my  blood.  Can  you  do  that?"

May 26, 2020 00:27
Vivian Fox

"Okay but I'm not sure I like the Ocean.  Why would I like water?  I must've been so weird."

May 26, 2020 00:32

"Im  trying to  give  you a calming  image  use what  ever  you   need  that makes  you  feel  safe and  calm.You  ready  then?"

May 26, 2020 00:38
Vivian Fox

"Okay but I'm thinking more of lines of an empty feild. I think I'm eeady"

May 26, 2020 08:48

"OK what  ever  works . Now  just  focus on  that  field  ok?"

~  Ciaran  hands  start to  glow a   soft  light green  light and   he  puts  them  near  Vivian   head  to  try  and  unblock  the  memories for her . He had  never tried it   with  something like  this  but   it  was  worth it  if  it helped  her. After a  few  moments   he  pulls  his  hands  away   and    waits for  her to  open  her  eyes.~

May 26, 2020 12:33
Ronan R Boru *Ronan walks over to Ciaran and vivian. He hads both of them a drink.*

"Must be something pretty serious if Ciaran here is using Magic to try and fix it. Ciaran drink that you will feel better. You too Vivian. Whats going on?"

* He looks to Vivian*
May 26, 2020 13:16

"Vivian seems  to  think  she  is  cursed and  was a  bad  person before  she  was as she  is  now.  She  says   that  she   cant  remmeber  anything that  happend to  her when  she  died. She  knows  she was at  one  point  with Li . I   was hoping I  could  restore  some  lost  memories  she  had and   keep others  from  fading. I dont know  if  it  worked or not   though. Never tried it  with  magic on  any one to  restore  memories. Normally  its  minor  non  life  threating   injuries."

~  Ciaran  drinks  the   drink.~

May 26, 2020 13:19
Vivian Fox

Her eyes popped open and instantly took a silver color, almost a reflexion.When Ciaran told her to focus, she did.  She could see nothing but fields and a few mountains and at one point, she could almost feel the wind touch her arms and then there something but what is it.  Squinty, it was so far that it was hard to see and she swore she saw Li and just as she began to walk, everything became silent and the image she saw was gone.  Coming to a few tears slid down her cheeks as her head shook.  What happened and what did it mean?   Blinking, hues returning to normal, she found a drink in her hand and looking over, Vivian saw Ronan. 

"What happened?  I saw him and he walked away and that was it.  Why?"    Downing the drink, placing the empty glass on the bar, her eyes drifted to the white box.   "He said those were chocolates but I'm not even sure I like chocolate.  This has got to be a curse.  Something.    What was I like before and please be straight forward. I need to know."

Viv was desperate for answers.  There was to many 'Why's' and not enough answers.  Closing her eyes, everything was leaving.  " What was green?"

May 26, 2020 14:53
Ronan R Boru "Green? Li feels like he lost you that you came back and you didnt go looking for him. He is hurt by that I think. You were the manager here. Marah trusts you and you are a family friend. This might and sounds like it is something only you can figure out. Something no magic can sort out but you. Some sort of lesson you need to get on your own. "

* Ronan looks at her*
May 26, 2020 15:06

"Might  be  something  that  only  your  new  maic  gifts  can  sort out for  you . Outside  magic  might not    be what you  need. You  will  have to  try  yours and see what other  gifts  you  have  besides  the  dream  walking."

May 26, 2020 15:09
Vivian Fox

"That does make sense but was there more to me?    Why is it I'm losing memories?   When I came back, I had so many and now they're leaving.  And I can see why he's upset or would be but what I do know, is that Marah was there for me.  I remember pain and a lot of it but why don't a recall Li?   The only thing that I can remember is that he's nice, and kind.  And if we were happy, what happened to bring me to my untimely death?"

May 26, 2020 15:16
Ciaran_M_Boru "Where were you is a good place to start? Do you remember that? YOu should start where you last remember. Sometimes that helps strike up a memory to work." May 26, 2020 15:43
Ronan R Boru

"Ciaran is  right  sometimes  that  can  kick start  you   brain and  make  you  remember. Try that  and  see  what  happens.  You and  Li  had  issues at  the  beginning  but you  both overcame them so  you  need  to  do  that again."

May 26, 2020 15:45
Vivian Fox

"We did?  He said were happy.  How is this possible?"

She clutched onto her stomach and slightly rocked. This was going to be a ride and she wasn't even sure if she was hanging on.

"Is that all I did?"

May 26, 2020 15:57
Ronan R Boru

"Marah  might  know  more.  You would  have  to  ask  her."

May 26, 2020 16:02

"Have  you  check  to  see  what other  powers  you  might have  beside  the  dream  walking? "

May 26, 2020 19:19
Ronan R Boru

"Normally   a  witch newbie  has  more then one  power  that  they  dont   know  they  have. You  should  try others like  healing   or  telekenisis. So    try  to  move  the   glass on  the   bar  that  you   just  put   down. It is  all  trial  and  error I  assure  you."

May 27, 2020 13:17

"I was   born with  my  powers as  were  my father  and  siblings  but   we  all had  to   get  used to  them  and   learn  to  control  them over  the  years of  growing up .  We  were lucky  we  had  family and  teachers to  show  us  what  we needed to  when  we were  younger. You   have it a  bit  harder as  you  werent  born  with  your  powers so  you  didnt have  school  and  family  to  help you  learn from a  young age.  If  you  have other  powers  besides  the  dreamwalking  that one of  us  has  then  we  can  help  you .  If  you  want o  learn  potion  making  we  can  show  you  some of  them  as  well. You  just  have to  ask."

May 27, 2020 15:07
Matt Boru

- Matt  walks   back in  the  club  and  looks  around.  Seeing his  father and  brother talking  to  viv he  walks over.-

"Whats  going on over here?"

May 27, 2020 16:45
Ronan R Boru

"Wait  Kat   used  to  be  able  to  shape  shift  in  to a  panther  you  should  see  if  you  can  still  do  that."

*  Ronan  looks at her*

May 27, 2020 22:52
Matt Boru

" So   first it  was  Angelica,  then   the idiot  bird  and  now  the greek  war  god is  running around. I  say  we  just  let  Aunt  Morrigan   kick  his ass a bit and  call it a day. Cold  chills only happen  when  Ares  is  around to  any of  us."

May 28, 2020 11:35
Ronan R Boru

"Dont   worry a bout  Ares.  He  forgets  whos  blood is where and   then  when  remined  acts like   he  still  better. Hes   comic  relief mostly. Just  as  we  said  dont  eat or  drink  anything  from   him that is  offered. that kind of  inclueds   you  Vivian. Trust  me on  this one  just  dont  do  it. Chances  are it is drugged  with   who  knows  what.  I  dont  think  he   be  dumb  enough to  poison any one   but   just  to  be on  safe side  dont   do it."

*  The  fire  witch looks  at  everyone.*

May 28, 2020 11:40
Ares God Of War-

Walking into the club turning his head towards the crowd inside.

Hearing Ro speak about poisoning people Are's could not help but laugh to himself.


Walking towards the Fire Witch Reaching out his hand to ronan to give him a high five, I'm Here as You wished.

May 28, 2020 11:59
Ares God Of War-

HAHA why would I harm My Son in law from ages ago? I would Never do a thing like that Are's smirked before taking a seat at the booth next to the bar. I'f anything my brownies are Special they only turn your eyes blood shot red and give you a buzz kinda like having 4 mixed drink's all in one brownie Can't die from that Ro or be poisoned worst thing maybe a deep nap for a few hours Grin's.


But its ok more for me as Are's pulls one out and starts to eat it.

May 28, 2020 12:11
Ronan R Boru

"Speaking of.  I  just  told  you  where  I  be. You  came of  your own  free will  as  you  normally  did. Days late  I  might  add. So I  heard  you  gotten  your ass  kicked  multipule  times.  Are  you  enjoying  it  then?"

*  Ronan  looks over a t him and  grins*

May 28, 2020 12:12
Ares God Of War-

Yes indeed I'm loving it feels great to get my @ss kicked again after all these yrs away from the realm.


Smiles Look's like You never lost that sense of humor of yours Ronan which is good to see these days, You turned out to be a Fine Young Man abit Fiesty but I like it haha

May 28, 2020 12:18
Ronan R Boru

"Yeah  heard a few  ass kicking  were  from  Ciaran and Matt  here. Dont   get  me  wrong I  handed  a  few  to  you  as  well.  Your  slow Ares need  to   work on  that  defense  and  to  read  your   aggessor   better. until  then  you  will lose. So  what are  you  doing  back  here?  The  idiot  bird  is  dead.  Suicide and  Your  darling  daughter  offed  her  self   in  the  caverns  thanks  to  my  wife. "

*Ronan  downs  a  shot and   looks  back  at   Ares to see  what  he  says*

"Im  sure its  nota  family  reunion  you  are looking  for.  I  havent been  part of  your  family  for  many  years."

May 28, 2020 12:23
Ares God Of War-

Ronan Ronan Ronan Always thinking negitive thoughts about past issues here in realm. I'm here to  Make sure you and your family are safe. Everyone knows  The Boru's are a weak link in the chain of comand's here in the realm. I'm Here to streathn The chain and Make You a Leader Of The Old Celtic Irish Gods Again"


I'm here to Reconsile are diffrences from past Not here to cause problems with You or Your family, Your Ex did enough of that to You and I don't agree with what she has done or  nor shall I take a blind eye to it . I'm here to give Your family a gift By making sure You don't crash and burn like In the Past." I'm offering you Your own Coven again as the God's  have sent me here to Conquer this goal for You and Your Wife Lilly and Family of old. Takes a sip of water while looking deep into Your eyes As Are's has a serous look on his face No games here I'm here to help Then once On your feet I shall return home back to Olympys Back to my slumbers.

May 28, 2020 12:37
Ronan R Boru

"Yeah  well I  dont  have  my  gold  anymore  and   we  are  just  fine  the  boru line   back  home  in Ireland a nd  with  the  celtic  gods as  well.  So  feel  free  to  stick around  and  do  what   ever it  is  you  want t o  do or  not  its  all  on   you .  Right now I  a  content  with   watch  rome  so  to  say  burn  on  its  own like   Nero  did. What  ever others  have  as an issue  they  got  what  they  wanted and  I  am  good  with  that. So moving on. Hang out  get to  know  Ciaran  and Matt since  Angelica  didnt  or  dont  it  is  your  choice.

This  place  belongs  to  my  Daughter  Marah actually .  Who  is  off  somewhere for  right now  so  Lilly and  I  are  taking  care of  things  for  her. SO  what   else  is  going on?  Did  you   piss off Zeus again a nd   he  told  you  to  go  away or  did  he finally  banish  you ?"

*  Laughs*

May 28, 2020 12:54
Matt Boru

"Wait  you   piss of  zeus? Wow you  really  arent  all  that  smart a re  you? What  did  you  do  eactally  if   you  did  piss  of  the   king  of  the  gods? Or  did  yo   piss off  Hera  which  woud  be  more  then  a  bit  more  amusing . Knowing  what  a  psycho she  is."

-  Matt  sits  down  and   smirks.-

May 28, 2020 13:00
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  looks  over a t  Matt and shakes  his  head*

" She  is  a  Psycho Hera  but  my  bet is  still on  Zeus. Hera  is  only  crazy   if  Zeus  finds a mortal  woman  to  sleep  with  nd  have a  kid like  oh  hercules  comes  to mind. What  issues   do  you  think  you  have  with   us  that   need  remedy to?"

May 28, 2020 13:08
Ares God Of War-

Naw They wanted me to come Why I'm here haha Zeus  My father knows better to make me upset and for my mother sake Hera Wil I wouldn't be here if it weren't for her nagging ways Smiles"

When You get to be this old You tend to listen alot more to Your Parent's the are high God's cause I'f you don't who knows what kind of trouble or disasters shall come your ways Giggles*

So Please Ronan Think before acting cause We both don't need Hera coming down to set an exzample Oh dear lord we don't need that here now or anytime in the near future." Are's chug's down more cold water as sweat starts to form on his brow" I'd be delighted to spend time with your kids and my grand kids and whoever shall want to know me here aswell"

May 28, 2020 13:15
Ronan R Boru

"That  as it  always  was is  up  to  them in  the  end. You  would  have  alot to  prove  with  Ciaran  here. He  tends  not to  like  you  side alot. Matt  is  well there   you  go.  Ciaran  is  every  bit   his  father's son . Outspoken and  to  the  point. Yeah  Hera  doesnt  scare  me  and  neither  does  Zeus. Only one  I  have  ever  feared  pissed off is  my  mother ,  Brigit or  my  aunt the  Morrigan. Again  though  what  issues  do  you  think  we  have  that  need  to  be  fixed that  zeus and  Hera  would  step in."

*  Laughs in  amusment  at  a  though that  Zeus or  Hers  would  care a  bit  about   a Boru  or  any  mortal.*

May 28, 2020 13:24
Matt Boru

"Yeah  normally  the   Olympian  gods are  self  serving  ass holes who  see  humanity  as  their  play  things. Seeing  as  they  never  cared  about  us   before. Are  they  in  trouble  and   need  help  and  sent  you  to  ask?"

May 28, 2020 13:26
Ares God Of War-

Nope no trouble at all smiles" I'm just here doing what is asked of me.

Brigit haha please she don't scare me or my family shes just hot headed and likes to control things hehe"


Now Morrigan thats a whole diffrent cup of tea Smirking"

May 28, 2020 13:39
Matt Boru

"you  really   are arrogent  asses arent  you?  Always  thinking  you  are  better  then  everyone  else."

-  Matt   walks over  to  get a  drink.  It  was always  his  father's side  that  was  there  for  them  not  the  Olympian asses.-

May 28, 2020 13:47
Ronan R Boru

*  Watches   Matt  walk  away*

"yeah   hes  not  a fan  of  you  all  as  you  can  see.  It  was  my  family    and  my  blood  that  were  there  when  needed  for them. You  all  werent  so  hes a   bit   defensive  of  all  of  my  blood. You  really  dont  know  my  mother. He  feels  like  you  all  abandon  him  . So  good luck  chaning  his  mind  on  that."

May 28, 2020 13:49

~  sees  his  brother  walk  away  and  shakes  his  head.  He  had  heard  what  was  said  and   he  gets  his   twin's  reaction. Walks over~

"Yeah  that   was a  bang up  job  there.  My  father  is  right  none of  you  Olympians   did  anything   for  us  but  you  clim  us as  blood. Family  looks out   for  family no  matter  what.  It   was  my  grandmother that  made   it so  we   had  what  we  needed.  She  the  reason  that  da  came  back  from  that  war and  other  times.  it  was  the  tutha  de  dannan  that  did  it not  one of  you. So I  get  Matt's reaction.  So if  you  are  trying to  get to  know  us  bad  mouthing  my  grand mother is not  the  way  to  do  that. I  am  more  then  sure  Aunt  Morrigan  wouldnt take  kind  to  that  either."

May 28, 2020 14:29
Matt Boru

- Matt  sits   near  by  and   tries  to   get his  emtion  back  under  control.  He   makes  6 wine  glasses   explode  near  by with out  touching  them.  It  had   been  awhile  since  he   let  that   power  out full on. He  wasnt  even trying.  Seemed  that  he  had an  upgrade  to   his  powers now.  THis   could   be  fun.-

May 28, 2020 15:11

"Oh fun  seems  Matt   has   a new  power at  his  command.  He  will  need  to  get  that  in  check again. Its  been a   while  since  he   had a  new   defensive  power. He  gets  to  blow  things  up now."

May 28, 2020 15:14
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks  over  at  Matt*

"He  will be  fine   he  just  has  to  get  the   emotions  in  check that  trigger it  to  go  off  when  he   needs  it  to.  He   is  fine.  One  thing  you   need  to see is  they  are  not   chidren  any more  Ares that  you  can  buy  off  with  sweets and  soda.  They  have   full on  powers  the  kids and  they  are  and  can  be  VERY  dangerous if  they  so  choose.  It  was  my blood  that  was  there  to  show  them  how  to  use  the  gifts a nd  myself.  So  you  see its  not  me  you  have to  clear  the  air  with on the  past  as  you  say. It  would  be  them.  I  havent   been  your  family   for  many many  years thanks  to  Eric  Draven interfering  in  that. I  made  peace  with  that  and   your  daughteer  many oons  ago. Ask  her a nd  she  will  tell  you  that."

*  He  looks  to  Ciaran.*

 "I  will leave   you and  the   boys  to   talk .  Try  not to  destroy  the   place any of  you aright."

May 28, 2020 15:20
Ares God Of War-

Well past is past and if your gonna knock my side of the family prepare to have your side slapped around abit 

Past is past I'm just here to let by gones be by gones, If this angers you then so be it walk away take shots destroy your livers with that rocket fuel your downing ever 5 min to cope Laughing"

In the end everythuing will be fine in due time!

May 28, 2020 15:44

"No one  is   knocking  any one   just  stateing   facts  as  we  have  seen  them.  Matt   he  has a ways  been  the way  he  is. He  feels  things more then most. Things  are  the  way  they  are  becasue  of  the  non  communicate  we  have  gotten. Not one of  the  Olympians   came  to  check on   us. Its as  if none of  you  cared  .  I  am  sure  there   were issues  with  my  father   there  and   what  not.  He  isnt one  of  you. I  can  tell you  there  were  issues  with  who  Angelica  was   here. Thing is  they  got  over it   because  of   who my  father  is .  My  grandmother  hated  the  idea  of  Angelica  but  tha  hanged  when  MAtt and  I  were  born.  You  cant  tell me  everyone on  Olympus  was   cool  with  the  idea of  my  father always."

~ He  looks  at  Ares. Normally  Matt  was  the  peace maker but  this  was  different. Ciaran  had  to  be.~

May 28, 2020 15:51
Matt Boru

- Matt's  eyes  go  black fully-

"None of  you  so  called  family  there  gave  two  shits about  me or my siblings.  We  never  got  contact with  anyone from  almighty  Olympus.NOTHING!!  My  Mother  comes  back  and   tries  every  bu shit  trick  she  could  think of  to  get my  father  back . Every  single  time. Eric  comes  back  running his  mouth about  secrets  about  my  father  that  he  has. Like Ciaran  said  No  his  side of  the  family  didnt  approve  of  Angelica  but t hat   changed  when   we  were  born did  it   change  anyone on   Olympus or  just  you ?"

May 28, 2020 15:58
Ares God Of War-

Well then tell me how I can make it up to you and your brother? Granted these issues were long ago and I wasn't thinking clear those past years alot of stress to deal with myself and with my own family, I'm not trying to make any excusses for myself Not being around much but I'm here now and willing to give You Ci Ci and Your brother Matt a second go around if You will let me I'f Not its fine A God Of War canonly do so much now days The fact of the matter is I'm here now and wanting to be a part of your life if you will allow me into it if Not that is fine too But least Iam trying my best unlike your Mother did I don't plan on leaving anytime soon and forsaking Your father nor his New Family here in the realm. Are's gets up from the table and streches then walks over to Ciaran and Matt Hands them a card with his number on it get in touch if you feel like becoming friends again. As Are's steps out of the bar to Cool off abit. Rubbish this is Rubbish placing his sword over his back and leaves.

May 28, 2020 16:03

"Matty  stop. I  think  he  gets  it. Calm  down  and  breath. You  are allowed  to  be  angry  at  them  but  it  wont  change  the  past and  we  need  to  make  things  work  now.  If  there is  still a  issue  with  da  and  who he  is then  to  hell  with it.  That is  one  them  not  us and   da.  You   cant t ake  it  all  out on  Ares.  He  is  here of  his  own  free  will  so  that  has  to   count  for  something and   should  get  some  respect. So  breath okay?"

~  Ciaran  looks  from  Ares  to  Matt  . He  stands  between  them  and     calms   his  brother  down.~

"Matt, Tá go maith. Níl Ares ar fad ann. Cloisfimid é ar dtús."


((Matt, It's  good . Ares  isn't  all of  them  there. Let's  hear  him out first. ))
May 28, 2020 16:04
Matt Boru

"They  walked  away  from  us   just like  she  did. This  is on  them. Yet   we  are  the  ones  who are  expected  to  bow  down  to  them. Da  has  as  much  god  in  him  from  grams  then  any of them.  Yet  they   all  judge  him  as  worthless."

- He looks at  his  brother  and   watches  Ares leave.-

May 28, 2020 16:08

~  Ciaran  takes  the  card.  from  Ares.  They  would  talk  later  . If Ares  wanted  to  talk  then  he could  find  him  of  that  he was  sure.~

"Matt just  stop  for  a  second and  listen to  me. Getting  pisssed  at  Ares is not  going to  make  the others like  Zeus and   them  give  a  crap about  us okay.  We  got  where  we  are  being   who  we  are. Nothing  will  change  that. Ares  had a   point  he  isnt  them and  we  cant   treat him like  he  is. Mo  was  a lost  cause   from  day one little  brother. There  was nothing  we   could of  said  or  did  to  change  her. Even  Ares  said  that.  So  what  if   some  blow  hard  in Olympus  doesnt  like  da. Its  not  having  any  effect on  him  then  nor  now so  why  worry  about  the ones  who  have  never  been  here? Ares is  trying  so  lets   give  him  the  chance and  the   benefit  of  the  doubt  here okay?"

~  Ciaran  links  to  Ares~

" I  will  get him  to  calm  down enough to   be  rational but it  might take  a few  days  we  can still talk.  Understand  he   feel  hurt  by  not  just  your  blood  but   by  Angelica  as  well. I  know   he  is   more  angry  with  her  then  anyone."

May 28, 2020 16:14
Matt Boru

- Matt  calms down  enough  fo  his  eyes  to  go  back  to their  normal  color. Ciaran  was  right  it  wasnt  Ares  he  was   mad at  it  was  the others and  his  mother  for  being  who  she  was. For all her  talk of  the  Olympians the one  that  was   the  one  to  show  after  all  these  year and  admit  to  mistakes  made  was  the  God of  war. -

" I 'm  good . I  can   give Ares  the   benefit  of  the  doubt   since  as  you  said  he  is  the only  one  that  came of  his  own  free  will.  She   just  walked  away Ciaran and  never looked  back  and  epected  us  to  still  care  about a ny of them. She  did  this . "

May 28, 2020 16:20
Ares God Of War-

Stepping back into the bar Black Eyes glowing What did I just hear You calling me out? I think Not little one Before you sit here and think your some kind of king You need to relax I ain't leaving sh$t and If I didn't care I wouldn't be having this convo now would I?

Looking to Matt you got some nerve boy best get your mood in check before coming down on this old Man from past I sent you cards presents gifts but it seems Your mother didnt give them to you kids Slams fist on table I'll be contacting your Mother soon And if this is what I think it is I will rip her head off her shoulders myself

Eyes turn red then back to blackish brown *stares* I'f this is the case You can bet your @sses off your mother wont be coming back I'll take her head off with my own sword*

May 28, 2020 16:20

"Yeah   she did but  Ares  is  trying to  fix it  as  best  he  can.  There  is  nothing  he  can  do  to  make  up  for  the  past  and  deep  down  he   knows  that  but  ike   he  said  he  is   here  now   for  a  while  and   wants to  get  to  know   us.  He  admitted to  his lack of  being  there then   but   this is  now.  Blowing  up  wine  glasses  is  not   going  to  change   the  past.  I  know  it  feels   good  at  the  time  but   its  not   helping.  Da   stepped  away  so  we  could   talk  with out  him   injecting  his  feelings   no matter   what  they  are.  Nothing more  then  that."

~  Ciaran  looks  at  Ares~

"Breath  Ares. Its  fine Just  calm  the  hell  down . We  didnt  get a nything in  years from  anyone there.  If  they  were s ent  to  my  father  you   can  be sure  we  got  them but sent to  Angelica I  couldnt  say.  There   were  issues  with  her that   were and  are on  no  one  but  her right now. I   have  made   peace  with  what  my  mother is  .  Matt  not  so  much  but   tempers  got  heated  nothing  more  then  that. So  every one  take  a  bloody  damn  chill pill.  Just  talk okay. I  have  no  issues  with  you  Ares I  get  it .I  understand  .Famiy  is  complicated but  you  wrent  here  for  all of it either and  that  is  no one  fault  here but  time  and fate.  So   jsut leave it  where it  belogs in  the  past and  start  from  here."

May 28, 2020 16:24
Ares God Of War-

How Dare Angelica treat you boys this way I don't like it and I won't stand for it Ever*

 Are's clinches his fist and tries to calm down taking a deep breath turning to Matt and Ciran This will be handled very very soon Count on it If I have to drag your mother out of the summerlands I will to get to the bottom of this tradegey*

May 28, 2020 16:30

"Just  let it  go  Ares. Its not  worth it .She  not  here  and  that is  her  choice.  Leave her  where  she is . Its  not  just  matt and  I  there  is  Alexander  Tabby and  Arwen a s  well  but  I  assure   you  they  are g ood  with  everything.  We  talked a bout it  . The  tripets  never   asked  about  her  honestly  after  they   were  10  years old.  Getting  pissed off at  her  right now  would  defeat  what  you  want  to do any  way."

May 28, 2020 16:33
Matt Boru

- All  tension  in  Matt  fades and   he  looks a t  his  brother.-

"She isnt  worth it  anymore.  She  made  this  happen with the  past  but   yes  it  needs  to   be left in the  past and  so  does  she. Others   filled in  where  needed in  her  place. Ones  like  Maeve and  Lilly. She  choose  this  reality.  She  isnt  worth  the  anger  from  any one."

May 28, 2020 16:36
Matt Boru

- All  tension  in  Matt  fades and   he  looks a t  his  brother.-

"She isnt  worth it  anymore.  She  made  this  happen with the  past  but   yes  it  needs  to   be left in the  ast and  so  does  she. Others   filled in  where  needed in  her  place. Ones  like  Maeve and  Lilly. She  choose  this  reality.  She  isnt  worth  the  anger  from  any one."

May 28, 2020 16:36

 ~He looks  at  everyone there~

" All  she is  going to  do  is cause  drama  none  of  us  need. She   comes  back and  that  what  we  get . No  she   needs  to  stay  gone  this  time. She  knows  how  we feel  now  and  thats   what   matters.  She  has  no love in  her  for  any  of  us .  She   just  does  what  she  did  to   make  my  father  suffer. It  failed as  you  can  see.  He   used  to   care and  there  was  a  time  that I  know  after  things  got  real and   he  died becasue  of  her  that   he  was all about  her  coming  back  but  it  wasnt t o  be and   trust  me  hes  good  with  that. I  remember  him  staying  up  late in  to  the   night  /  early  morning   just  waiting  for  something . For  her.  She  choose not to  return  and  talk  to  him. She   believed  the  lies  she  was  told.  I  am  not   convinced  it  was a   spell. No memmory spell  is  that  strong."

May 28, 2020 16:45
Ares God Of War-

ok fine we let it be out of sight out of mind as Ar'es cools off Sorry lads I get abit over bearing when I find out My daughter treated you boys this way Never in a million years I would have thought this would have gotten to this point*

Looks over to the bottles of vodka places a 50.00$ bill on tabel shall we looking to the boys Lets get hammerd boys with the best rocket feul this bar has to offer as Are's Smirks and Hands the boys the bottle to line them glasses up on the table and holds up glasses Cheers* Show your gramps some magik tricks using the fire spells your dad taught you years ago using the remaining alchol from the bottle of vodka on the table"

May 28, 2020 16:48
Ares God Of War-

I'll duck if need be Are's Laugh's

May 28, 2020 16:49
Matt Boru

- Matt  makes one  of  the   shots  turn    red and  bubble.-

" Fire  kind of   defeats  the   purpouse  of   the  getting  hammered  dont  you  think?"

May 28, 2020 16:51
Matt Boru

- Laughs_ 

Your  turn  Ciaran.

May 28, 2020 16:52

~  Ciaran  laughs~

" Matt  has a   point . Fire  defeats  the   point. "

~  he  makes  another   burst in  to    green  flames then   change  to  a    purple   flower  floating  in  the  drink.~

May 28, 2020 16:54
Ares God Of War-

Ah Nice and settle spells good one boys*

As Are's watches  with a smile on his face sweet*

I know you know fire spells cause your dad is a fire witch and one of the better ones at that haha"

As far as I can recall Ronan was always  healer kind and into the white magic or grey suites him well"

Are's watches more spells being performed by Matt and Ciran"

May 28, 2020 17:00

"Oh   you  want  the  fun  stuff. Why  didnt  yo  say so. Da  has  some  rather   darker  spells   but  the  call  for them  never  came in  to  play.  Its  come  closeover the  years  but  never  to  the  point of  actually  putting  them  in  play.  You  know  back  in  the  day  there  was  a newspaper  that w anted  to  have  da  tell his  side of  that  whole  issue  with  Angelica.  BAsically  they  wanted  him  to  bad  mouth  her.  He  refused them of  course every  time.  I  think  given  the  chance  she  wouldnt of   been  so  thoughtful but then  aagin  we were  just   toddlers  then.  "

~  Hands  the   shot  to   Ares. ~

""lets  see  if  yo u can   drop  the  shot  before   you   burn   shall  we?"

May 28, 2020 17:05
Matt Boru

"This  isnt  going to  end  well. I  see  some one   getting slightly  hot.  This  never  ends  well."

May 28, 2020 17:10
Matt Boru

"This  isnt  going to  end  well. I  see  some one   getting slightly  hot.  This  never  ends  well."

May 28, 2020 17:10
Ares God Of War-

Spell's arent my thing knowing my luck I'll catch on fire haha*

I'm more into  the mind control aspects and Reki healing sort of stuff these days but go ahead show me what you know I'm too old for magik these days *

I trust you boys know what your doing Are's looks to them and watches as he takes a swig of his vodka in amusement*

May 28, 2020 17:12

~  Just as  the   liquid   is at h is  lips   a  green   flame   erupt   from  the   glass in  place of  the  liquid.~

" Just  remember  you  asked for it."


May 28, 2020 17:25
Ronan R Boru

 *  Ronan  watches  from  the other side of  the  room.  He  had  to  let  the  boys  figure  this one  out .  He  let  them all  the  kids figure out  where  they  stood  with  Angelica  years ago. *

" So not  going  to  end  well .  Ares  you  will  end  up  wit  at least a  burned  lip. Every one  who  thought they  could  beat  them  has  .   You  cant  say y ou   werent  warned."

May 28, 2020 18:02

"He  was   warned  so  this is  on  him. There  was  that  one   guy  who   lost his  nose   hairs and  eye brows. then  again  that only  made  2nd  degree  burns."

May 28, 2020 21:05
Ronan R Boru

"Wa  that  the  worse I  thought  there  was  that   lad  that   lost all  his  hair? Or   was  that  something   Finnigan did?"

* Ronan  grins  a  bit.*

May 29, 2020 11:04
Ares God Of War-

Holding out his hand letting an ice orbe appear in Are's hand floating up to his lip as it starts to fizz abit ah oh ahh

 his lips is healed from the green fire burn he recieved from one of the Boru boys doing there spells"

Relief  placing his fingers to the orbe Are's puts it out with his breath*

OK OK OK I won't ask for that again that hurt haha"


Takes a sip of water as Are's glances over to the side and sees Ronan walk in with a big fat grin on his face"

May 29, 2020 12:27
Ronan R Boru

"They  actually   did  that one on  their  own  not  something  I  tought  them. Yeah  smart   man  wouldnt  of  asked  to  see  the  fire  magic  from  either of  those  two.  You  got off  easy  there  Ares .  As I  said  I  seen   bigger   mortals  think they  could  beat  the  fire   and  fail."

* Smiles.*

May 29, 2020 12:30

"If  seamus  is  using  it  them  he  got  it  from  us not  the other  way around.  Thoug  in  school  he  did  have  the  talent  for  making  things  go   boom rather  easy."

~Ciaran  laughs~

"think  that is  why  we  were f riends  with  him  and  the  fact  that  there  were few others  in  our  year  from  Ireland. It  was  him , us and  I think Oliver  wood  who  was  a  year  ahead  of  us  all. "

May 29, 2020 12:33
Daxx- Daxx smiled after talking to Marah and her asking him to meet her in the club. He walks over to the bar and orders a bottle of Rum and heads over to the dance floor to get his groove on. He takes off his Golden Robes and set them at a table before getting the the floor. Smiling he starts to dance by himself not wanting to bring to much attention to himself. He didn't want his wife to be jealous if she showed up. He saw the others around and just kept to himself. He didn't feel the need to talk to them. May 29, 2020 13:12
Vivian Fox

She thought about what Ronan said and raised a brow.  Eyes wandering around, she had to remember how that had happened and some serious thinking had ot be done. 

"Shape shift?  Does it hurt?"

Vivian hadn't heard anyone else talking because her mind was else where.  The meeting with Li was weird and yet heartwrenching.  Something had to be done. 

May 29, 2020 13:29
Marah Whitmoore +Marah watched everything unfold yet agaim. This was getting to be a bit to much for the witch. Especially when things git a bit heated. She looked at Foxy and sighed.+

'when will this all end' +she whispered+

+Finally when the god of war left Marah still tried to wrap the thought that he was her fathers father in law.Just when she was thinking all this over she heard the sound of breaking glass she looked and saw her brother Matt. Going up to him she slapped the back of his head lightly.+

"Matt!!!! my barrrrr. I just got replenished all of those glasses when I blew them all up because of Knight the last time he was here."

Looking towards the bar she saw Daxx looks like he got her message. Going to him she placed another bottle of rum in front of him.+

" Luckly you missed all the excitement. Glad to see you got my message."
May 29, 2020 18:11
Vivian Fox

Agreeing with Marah, finally seeing the mess that had been made, she sighed.

"Looks like a mob and broom are in order.  What a mess but hey, I have chocolates.  Something has to help.  Then again, you could hire a maid.  That'd definitely help!"

May 29, 2020 18:23
Daxx- He smiled when he saw Marah bring him another bottle of Rum. He looks around and shrugs. "I am use to such things from people in places like this. But this is your place and I will respect the people in for as long as needed. I know not what happened before I came in nor do I need to be involved in it." He laughs and takes a large sip of from the bottle. "I will let you know I wont hold my tongue should anyone decide to bad me or mine though. But I am here for fun and I think my wife should be here soon for you to meet."

Daxx looks over at Vivian and tilt his head. "Didn't I meet you before I think I welcomed you with my own bottle of Rum. How are you finding the realm. I hope to your liking."
May 29, 2020 18:42
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  stays   behind  the bar  working. Things  with Ares  had  gotten  heated  but   Ciaran   had  stepped in  and  ended  it. . He  had no  idea  who  the  hell the  Piarate   guy  was   but  Marah  seemed  to so   he  was  good  with  every thing. Nothing   that  happened  involved  any one  but   Matt,  Ciaran and  Ares a nd  they  handled   what   needed  to  be. 

He looks  around  and  smiles  while looking for  Lilly.*

May 29, 2020 18:52
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  stays   behind  the bar  working. Things  with Ares  had  gotten  heated  but   Ciaran   had  stepped in  and  ended  it. . He  had no  idea  who  the  hell the  Piarate   guy  was   but  Marah  seemed  to so   he  was  good  with  every thing. Nothing   that  happened  involved  any one  but   Matt,  Ciaran and  Ares a nd  they  handled   what   needed  to  be. 

He looks  around  and  smiles  while looking for  Lilly.*

"  Dont   worry   Viv it  shouldnt  hurt. You  might  want to  take it  out  side though for  some  time  with out prying  eyes or in  to  the  back  office  to  try it."

May 29, 2020 18:52
Matt Boru

- Matt looks  at Marah  and  rubs  his   head. He   then   makes  the  wine  glasses   apppear  as  good  as  new.-

" Witch  power  so  chill  . Its  fixed. The  head  you  slap  today  might  save  your ass  on another  day ."

- Matt  notice  the  gold  robes  and  shakes his  head. He looks  back  at his  brother and  Ares.  He  takes  another  shot of  the  Boru  Vodka.-

May 29, 2020 18:56
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan keeps  his eyes on the  boys and  Ares. He  knew  that  if  anyone  got  loud  with  a  Boru  that  Ares wouldnt  stand for it. Ronan  can  defend  himself but   he  was  sure  that  Ares if  someone  said  something  rude  to  the  boys  would  lose  his  control so  Ronan  decided  that  he  watch   them  just  in  case.*

May 29, 2020 19:10

Mur entrers the club looking around as she scans the place. Her eyes lay upon her husband with a smile. She slowly walks over to him and places her hands on his eyes with a small giggle " Guess who? And no cheating." Giggling like a school girl and greets the others as she does this trying not to be rube. However she enjoys teasing her love when she can. She see the bartender asking what type of drink she would like " Just a soda please thank you." She stood there behind him still.

May 29, 2020 19:10
Daxx- "Well the only woman that should put her hands on me like that would either be my wife or my mistress and seeing as i don't have a mistress I would guess my wife." He smiled and turned kissing her. "I have a table over there by the bar. It has my Robes on it. Also this is Marah she is the owner of this fine Establishment. She joined EE right before we left to pursue our own adventure."

He spins his wife around the floor and into his arms in front of him with her back to his front. "Marah I have seen in the Realm from time to time. You know the rest from our past but that is just that the past. I promised I would be good unless provoked." He takes another sip of Rum.
May 29, 2020 19:22

" You best not have a misstress momma will kick your ass if that was to happen." She teased him fully trusted her love and gives him a kiss back then looks over at Marah with a smile " Pleasure to meet you Marah... Hope my mother is not driving you nuts." She wiggles close to her husband and sips on cola then looks around at the others " Meh iam not to worried about others around us." She smiles and gives him anther kiss " Beside to provok one is a waste of time long with what is going on in the word there is no time for any type of drama and stupidty that others wish to bring trouble now a days. I also mean this in genral plus drama would not be good thing for me right now." She smiles warmly.

May 29, 2020 19:58
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   walks over t o  Ares  and  the Boys. and  speaks  so  only  they  can hear Him.*

" Why  dont  we  take   this  family  reunion  to  The  Shamrock for   now. Its a   bit  more  private and  things   will  be   there  that are  here .Just not  the  noise  and  crowds?"

*  Ronan  waits to  see what  the  boys s ay. Only   a  select  few  would  be a ble  to  get in  to  The   Shamrock locations.*

May 29, 2020 20:14
Matt Boru

- Matt  looks at his  father and   then  Ares and  Ciaran.-

"  Yeah   less  crowds  would  be  good.  Your location   right? "

May 29, 2020 20:16

~   Ciaran  nods  as  his  father makes  the  suggestion  of  one of  the  2  locations  of  The  Shamrock.~

"Yeah that sounds like a  plan . Your location  then Da. Meet  you  all  there."

~  Ciaran walks  out side  and   vanishes  to  his  fathers location of  The  Shamrock.~ 

May 29, 2020 20:19
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   nods  that  his  location  for  The  Shamrock  was  fine. He  walks over to  Marah to  speak  to  her.*

" Sorry  Marah  lass  .  Your  brother's  and  I  are   going to  The  shamrock  if  you  should  need  anything that  is  where  we  will be.  My  location. If Lilly  should appear  here  let  her know  that is  where  we  will  be."

*  H e   smiles  at  the  two   his  daughter  was  speaking  to    and  then  takes  his  leave.*

May 29, 2020 20:22
Matt Boru

-Matt looks  at  Ares and  smiles-

"  Da's Location for  The  Shamrock.  Meet you  there. Its  private location  and  place. You  will be  able  to  get in."

-  That  said  Matt  follows Ciaran  out and   orbs  to  the  The  Shamrock.-

May 29, 2020 20:39
Daxx- Daxx watches the others leave and think how its their loss for leaving just a fine place. He goes back to dancing with his wife and enjoying himself at a place he was asked to come too. He looks at Marah and wanted to say something but decides its best to keep some things to himself.

"My love why don't you go sit down for a while I know you don't need to be on your feet too much."
May 29, 2020 20:55

Murmur smiles and hugs him " I am ok love plus it has been a long time since we had any fun with all that been going on." Mur then gazes over and shakes her head but then looks at Daxx " Not worth it and you know what they say you reap what you sow." Resting her head on his chest slow dancing with and slowly " Also it is said some remind me of humans i guess envy runs in all kinds of creaters amoung us." She spoke softly not agreeing with how others are acting but it is what it is.

May 29, 2020 21:04
LillyEmperium *walking back in, Lilly glanced around.*

May 29, 2020 21:27
Daxx- Daxx see's Lilly and waves. "Hiya care to join us for a drink. I promise I am not a bad guy." He laughs and holds up his Rum that Marah had brought him. "We are just catching up and meeting others." He turns to his wife. "You remember Lilly don't you she was in EE for a couple days. She has always been a fair and just woman." May 29, 2020 21:48
LillyEmperium *walking over Lilly nodded*

Sounds good Dax

*Looking to murmur, Lilly smiled*
Yes I promise, I'm not near as bad as what others say...only when needed.
May 29, 2020 22:37

Mur smiles and nods " Pleasure seeing you again and iam not worried at all." She smiles happy to have more company since it been awhile since she socialized with others after a few things that have happen. " Also no rum for me cola will be good enought." She smiles in her husband arms then looks back at Lilly " So how are you?" She asked with a warm smile.

May 29, 2020 22:46
LillyEmperium *softly she chuckles*
Minor set back since last we spoke. I'm good dear, things are only ever minor. What is new for the two of you?
May 29, 2020 22:57
Daxx- He smiled and sends a bar maid to get some coke for two. "I think I should cut my drinking as well. So I will start mixing some Rum and coke." He laughs and winks to his wife. He turns to Lilly and sighed. "Sorry for making your hubby run away. I don't know whats going on with us. I never did anything to him. But for some reason he sees me and something triggers him." May 29, 2020 23:33


Mur nods but smiles  " Sadly we all go throw that at one point or anther but you know it can not rain forever. Sadly things like that happen nor am i sure what is up with that but it is what it is." She sighs not sure what things are like this eather but it is what it is like she said.

May 29, 2020 23:38
LillyEmperium *Hearing Daxx speak about her husband, a glass appeared in front of her. Glancing around she noticed Ronan and the boys were gone*

Daxx....if my husband left...I doubt you were the cause.

*As her glass filled with Absinthe she smiled and continued.*

You see my boys are gone as well..I do believe they had prior engagements to attend to. Any issues between you and he, are between the two of you.

*Smiling to Mur, Lilly nodded*
There's alot of truth in that little one...I'm used to set backs
May 29, 2020 23:51
Daxx- "Honestly Lilly I hope not cause I have no issues with any of them." He smiled and rubs his wifes back. He looks around and really looks at the place. "You have a great place here Marah. I think I want to open a place of my own like this but I am sure it wont be as grand." May 29, 2020 23:59

" Maybe one day we will all be friends and put the past behind us." She smiles and sips her cola and nods " This is a wonderful place would be fun to open up a place and have friends as well as family... And we do have a bit to celebate about plus..... Lord i still have to tell mom....."

May 30, 2020 00:18
LillyEmperium *Taking a drink, Lilly nodded*

Honestly what ever happened between the two of them seems to be more on Daxx's mind than Roman's honestly.

*Looking at both of them*
What is it you haven't told your mother Luna?
May 30, 2020 00:29

She nods and then blushes " Well there is a reason for not drinking and not wanting the stress of drama for the evening."

May 30, 2020 00:41
Daxx- "Well any ways yes things are going great and we all need to be cheerful." He smiled and squeezed his wife's butt. "Yes we have news and YOU will tell your mothers cause its your fault. I had no part in this." He laughs knowing he did. May 30, 2020 15:30
Ronan R Boru * Ronan reappears back insomnia after dealing with things that needed his attention. He knew the boys and Ares would be fine at The Shamrock for a bit and they be more easy to cut loose with out having to worry about who sees what. He walk in a nd over to Lilly. He kisses her cheek.*

" Hello my love. Sorry I had to take care of some important things at The Shamrock and some other important calls . All is well though and handled. Matt and Ciaran are going to stay at the Shamrock for a bit. Whats going on here?"

* Ronan looks at every one.*
May 30, 2020 15:39

She laughs " Yes i did it all on my own."  She toke sip and sees Ronan " Just a friendly chat sharing in some news." She smiles sweetly standing there infront of Daxx with his arms around her.

May 30, 2020 15:56
Ronan R Boru "ah grand then. Don't let me interrupt your news dear lass. "

* Ronan smiles . He didnt even try to hide his Irish accent a nymore like he did in the past. The High King was in a good mood a nd nothing was going to end that.*
May 30, 2020 15:59

She smiles looking over " But yes i have to tell mother she will be a grandma... I tried to get Daxx to do it but think he little scared." She smiles teasing her love.

May 30, 2020 16:30
Ronan R Boru "Ah yeah mother in laws can be tricky creatures. I am sure your lasses mother isnt that bad lad. That is grand news. Congrats."

* He smiles.*

" Wee ones are always a blessing. I am sure she will be pleased with the news."
May 30, 2020 16:35
Daxx- He looks around and laughs. "I am in no way scared of your mother. I am just thinking she would want to hear it from you then me." He turns to Ronan and nods his head. "I know how they can be. As for the little ones this will be my first and only. We had to use a little magic for this one to happen." May 30, 2020 16:55
Ronan R Boru

"Most  magic  how ever  doesnt  give  freely  with out  taking something  some  where in  the  world in  return.  Yes  well mine  yeah  never  mind. I'll  be nice  for  now  seeing as  my  Ex  father in law is  running  amok  right now and  Lilly is   being   kind  and   giving  him  the  benefit of  the  doubt  here I  should  do  the  same  for   her  mother. That  or  risk  sleeping   any where  but  where I  want to  be. "

*  He  laughs.*

May 30, 2020 17:10
Cassandra Malinov Cassie had finally arrived to the club as she was invited by Marah but also getting her daughters message for her to also meet her as well. The Queen of the Dragonseekers opened up the door then graciously walked inside. Giving the place a quick scan over she then looked around and a smile appeared upon her face once she saw her daughter, Daxx, Marah and Lilly at the bar.

She began to walk over to them then a chuckle escaped her lips as she placed her hand on her daughters shoulder giving her a kiss on her head.

"Hey so sorry I am late had some business to attend to. Hey Marah thank you for the invite. How funny that you invited me but My daughter also told me she would be here. Daxx how you doing? I want to say again how proud of you all the hard work you have done for yourself has paid off. Hey Lilly how are you doing? We all need to catch up but I need to steal my beautiful child for a few minutes. Come Lu let's get a table so we can catch up."

She gave Her a soft smile then started to head over to a empty table.
May 30, 2020 22:00

Mur smiles and gives her mother a hug happy to see her and looks over " Ok you 3 dont do anything i wouldnt do!" She giggled and takes her mom by the hand draging her away so she can give her the news about what has happen. She orders anther cola and something her mom would want for a drink and sits down." How is my beautiful momma doing? Everyone behaving?" She smiles sitting down since she not seen her mother in a long time. " How dad to? i wish he was able to come but i know how busy he can get."

May 30, 2020 22:07
Ronan R Boru

*   Ronan  looks over at  Daxx-  and  smiles*

"Let me  guess  thats  the  mother in  law? Just   breath  Daxx  .I  think  you  are good. Besides its not  the mother in law  you  need  to  worry  about  its the  mood swings and  weird  cravings at  all  hoursthat  the   will  get  that   will drive   you bat  shit crazy . "

*He   looks  to Lilly*

"Lilly  wasnt  bad with  any of it  but  Oh good  gods  my  Ex with  the  twins the   cravings I  could  deal  with  the  mood swings not  so much. Marah's  mother  Marie yeah   she   be great    one  second  then  a   crying  mess  then   complete  psycho the  next.It  was  one  right  after  another too. It  was  crazy. I  never  knew  what I  was  going to  get  with  her. I  think  that  was  the only time I  ever  fear  for  my  life  with  Marie. She  go from " I  love   Ronan" to  "I  hate  you a nd   dont   touch   me. It  was  3   lasses  mashed in  to  one  and  I  was  never  sure  what   version  I  was  walking in to."

May 30, 2020 22:11
LillyEmperium *looking to Ronan, Lilly chuckled*

I'll singe your ex father-in-law hair just on principal...yes benift of doubt love.... I'll be nice.. where is he by the way?

*Seeing Cass, Lilly waved*
Yes we do need to catch up... obviously after you and Luna talk

*Looking for Daxx to Ronan Lilly chuckled*
That could be because she's lil my son Theo tho....I thought he was going to kill me when I had him
May 30, 2020 22:55
Cassandra Malinov Cassie smiled hearing her daughter asking questions a mile a minute then she chuckled.

"Everyone is holding up still waiting on word on Saphire, Draven still in a deep sleep but hoping things get better. Your father and Kalagi are just running lots of errands for me is all but they should be home soon. But enough about that my darling come and tell me what has you so excited."

Cassie gave her daughter a soft smile once again.
May 30, 2020 23:02
Daxx- "Yes thats the mother in law. She is a pain sometimes. But I am happy to help her out." He looked over at Cass and his wife and smiled. "Yes MOTHER." He spoke to Cass. "Aren't we all a little nuts from time to time. I know I am." May 30, 2020 23:09

Mur snorts and giggled at her husband then looks over at her mother and blushes " Well ill say Daxx totally did it and you are going to be a grandma." She then holds out the sonagram photo " Iam 7 weeks." She sits there waiting to see what her momma reaction will be to this wonderful new.

May 30, 2020 23:15
Ronan R Boru

"Your  mother  is  getting the  benefit of  the  doubt   but  she is an  Emperium and  you  know  how  that  is in  the  past. So  glad I  wasnt  around  for t hat  one. Ares  ?  hes around  somewhere.  The   boys  told  him  to  meet them  at  the  Shamrock  so  I  am  guess he  went there. Angelica  was ok  with  the  twins  but  Alexander and  the  girls  were a  whole  different  ball  game. You  werent   bad  really  with  Orchid that I  remember. In  the  end  all that  hell  you  think  was  hell  though  Daxx  is  totally  worth  every  second once  you  hold  them for  the  first time."

*  He looks  at  lilly*

"  First  time  I  held Airmid it was like  there  was  nothing  else  in  the  world but  her. Marah a nd   David  we  were told   were still  born and   believed  it. You  can  see  we  were lied  to  there. It  was  instant  unconditional  love all  that  matters is   their  life and protecting them. Where   Marie a nd  I  are from  that  was  easier  said  then  done.  I  made alot of  people mad  back  home  then  and   that  cost  me   not  just  Marie life  but  also  Airmid's   when  she  was  2."

May 30, 2020 23:15
Marah Whitmoore +Marah was attending a few customers after her family left. A few more came in including Daxxs wife then her mom. Knowing her favorite drink Marah made her another double and took it to her. Pouring herself a drink she looked up and saw her father. This made her quite confused. She was about to speak when Cassie came in. Making a drink for everyone she went to the table and passed them out she then spoke.+

" Cass I'm glad you could come I really need to ask you both something. I don't want to sound crazy or anything but the other night I was walking around the grounds at the coven and well I saw something. Something that's hard to explain. I just hope that one of you just might have an answer "
May 30, 2020 23:53
Ronan R Boru

*Ronan  looks  over t o  Marah and   shakes  his  head  then  looks  back  at  Daxx-  and  Lilly*

" Wow  um   am I  invisable or  a ghost  that only   you three  can  see?   Marah  walks  right  past  me  and   doesnt  even  blink  What  the  hell? "

*  Laughs*

"I  get  your  mother in law seeing as  she  doesnt  know  me   but   really  my  own  daughter. I  should   walk by  and   slap  her  in  the  back  of  the  head  like  she  did  to  matt."

May 31, 2020 00:01
LillyEmperium *Lilly chuckled*
I didn't have to go nuts love....seemed my family did Everytime I was pregnant. Theo was the worst....when I was carrying him, Kain had to physically remove mother from where Drag and I was living....she's temporarily lost her ever loving Orchid, even when mother surfaced... nothing could trigger me..
*Smiling she chuckled*
Glad one of us are giving her the benefit...

*Watching Marah, Lilly looked to Ronan*
Don't be so hard on her.....she looks like something is bothering her
May 31, 2020 00:10
Marah Whitmoore "Oh I saw ya pop - o see that drink I made it for you with my two little hands."

+ Marah kisses his cheek+

" Thought you were gone for the night. But I'm always glad to see my favorite dad. I miss my husband but I know he will be back when he can. Are you ok cause you all left so unexpectedly. What's up?"

+ Hearing her mom she nodded+

" Yeah just something freaky and kinda weird mom."
May 31, 2020 00:10
Ronan R Boru

"Yes  I  am  fine . I  had   some t hings  that  needed  my  attention  at  home  with  calls and   at  The  Shanrock  where  your  bbrothers  went  with  Ares I  am  guessing since  I  dont   see  him anywhere  here  at  the moment.OH  look  whiskey  sweet. I  was beginning  to  think  that  I   was  killed  in a war again  and  a  ghost only  Daxx-, his  wife  and   your  mother  here  could  see."

* Looks  at Marah   after  letting  what  she  said  sink in  to  his  head.*

"Wait  who  the hell  else  are  you  calling  dad  here? Did  I miss  something again?"

May 31, 2020 00:17
Cassandra Malinov Cassie looked at her daughter then took the picture. She then hugged her close gently this was a surprise but a happy one.

"This is great news. Our family continues to grow. I am so happy for you and Daxx my darling. No over doing it which is crazy cause you come from a strong family. You will do just fine."

She continued to hug her close. Her attention did turn back on Marah when she spoke about the shadow a concern look appeared upon her face.

"I can look into it have a few guards take a look. I will personally see to it. If you can get some pictures if you see it again so we can keep a eye on it. Thanks Marah for bringing this to my attention. We will figure it out together. Hey Marah I want to buy a round for everyone here to help me celebrate the great news. My daughter and my son n law are having a baby."
May 31, 2020 00:19
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  smiles*

" Grandkids are  great t il  you  start  forgetting  names and   calling  them  by  the  worng  names. Or  sets of   certian identical  twins  who  will  for  the  time  being   remain  nameless  try to  convince  you  they  are the other one when  they arent. Congrats."

*  Ronan looks over at  marah  mentiong the  certain  twins.*

"If its a moving  shadow   your best  bet  Marah  will be  your  cell  phone  video. hard  to  get a  good  pic of  moving  shadows  if  they  are  fast."

May 31, 2020 00:26

Mur smiles and giggles " Well momma does have lot of kids that are going to have more kids iam sure... Not sure how you ever keep up with all of us." She giggles " Ill just take large cola maybe with add of sprite... Yeah that sounds good..... Ohh you know what really sounds good..... cake and pickles......." Looks over at Ronan " Damn it man you had to mention the cravings hehe." She giggles  " Also i see you there no ignoring just needed to spread the good news around."

May 31, 2020 00:31
Marah Whitmoore + Hearing her dad's remark she smiled+

" Oh only Rafe... That is only when he's here ... And that's to much info huh."

+ Turning to Cassie she took her cell out and went to her photos and showed the video to her which only trees in the moon light showed.+

" Head of ya dad I did just that. Only thing that don't show up in pictures or videos are shadow demons. I read it in one of my father's books. Unless there is another entity that I don't know about. Sure I'll tell Bruce to keep them coming"
May 31, 2020 00:34
Ronan R Boru

"See Daxx- they  start now  but  they  will  get  weirder  yet. Are ya   channeling  Marah's  mother,  Marie  there lass? Had  to   be  cookies and  cream  cake  with   vanillia  butter  cream  icing  with  her .  Yup  that  was  your  Mother  Marah  with  you,  David  and  Airmid. I got that  call  at  430  in  the  morning   when  I  lived   across  town  from  her  at least   twice  a  week."

*  He  looks  at  Murmur and  Cassandra*

" Sorry  lasses  didnt  introduce  myself   before. Im  Ronan Boru, Lilly's husband  and  Marah's  father."

May 31, 2020 00:38
LillyEmperium *Lilly shook her head when she heard Marah*
Sweetie....too much info

*Hearing mention of cravings, Lilly chuckled as she finished her drink*
Mmmmblood chocolates....
May 31, 2020 00:58
Cassandra Malinov Cassie looked at the man then a smile appeared upon her face as she spoke.

"I know who you are Mr Boru Lily does nothing but talk about you. And you were at the fight when all that chaos happened."

Cassie then looked at her daughter only speaking to her through their link which only they could hear each other a bond between mother and child along with only dragonseekers who were connected. She always made sure that her block was up she too come from a powerful family.

"He must have some great hearing we were not speaking loud at all. We are over here and he is at the bar."

She chuckled some but then she spoke back to normal then smiled.

"You take after your mother in so many ways. You are going to have lots of cravings. Mine with you were the same as you are craving right now. Along with blood chocolates."

She hugged her daughter again holding her close. It made her happy that Luna was given another chance along with her becoming a mom too. A sigh of relief escaped from her lips then she looked at her remembering when she was born.

May 31, 2020 12:45
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  looks at Cassandra  and  smiles.*

"Ah you  are  the  family  then  that    young   Galen Lynch told  me  about?Pleasure  to  meet  you  Lady  Mainov face to  face  as it  were.  I  knew  his  uncle  Kevin   years ago. He is a good lad  . What  ever  bad  Lilly has  told  you is all lies. Well mostly   anyway. How   did  that  end  up  that  problem? "

 *  He   takes  a  drink and  looks around . Ronan was  able  to  hear  many things   due  to  having   not   just  the  blood of  the  tutha  de  dannan  but  the  elves as  well. The   gifts  from  them  were  enhanced  eye  sight,  hearing  and  agility.*

May 31, 2020 13:09
Vivian Fox

As more people came in, not knowing any of them, she smiled politely, carefully grabbed the white box.  Slowly she stood up and stretched slightly.  It felt like she was sitting there forever.  When other stopped talking, Vivian spoke up.

"I'll be on my way.  Thanks for the advice.  I'll have to figure this out or at least try to. I Thank You very much for all your help."

She turned slightly, gave a little wave and simply walked out.  It seemed the more and more people were coming in and walkng around them, a hand came up as she pushed the door open and left.   This is where her mind became blank.  Her hand clutched onto the box as if it was the one thing that could save her from anything.  Inhaling deeply, she started walking into the direction she came in. 

May 31, 2020 13:20
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  watched   Vivian  leave.  He  sighs . He  knew  that  what  ever  was  blocking her   memories now  that  she  had  to  be  the one to  work on. There  was  very little   sadly that  the  fire  witch a nd   the rest of  his   family  magic   wise  could  do  for  her. He look  back a t  every one.*

May 31, 2020 14:12
Daxx- Daxx looked around and smiled seemed everyone had gone about there own ways at the moment he watched his wife and Cass talk and then Ronan and his wife in conversation. Miss Fox left. He walks over to his table and takes a sip of Rum from the bottle and sat down. Taking a napkin and made some drawing and notes on what he should do to open his tavern. May 31, 2020 15:25
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  listens  to  chatter  around him   but    ignores  most of  it a  nothing   but   happy   people   having a  good  time.  He  kept  his own link  open  to  Matt  and   Ciaran and  one open  to  Galen  just in case  he was  needed  there. He  of  course  could  block  other  readers so  to  say  from  his   head while   still  maintaing  the  links needed.*

May 31, 2020 15:54
Mazakeen *Maze found the club that Daxx mentioned. Pulling her motorcycle into the parking kot she found a spot. Getting off she removed her helmet placing it on the back of the bike. Wearing a black shirt with black leggins, jacket and boots she walks into the place. This was definitely better then hell. Going straight to the bar she ordered a beer. Looking around she saw Daxx and told the person behind the counter to give it to her there. Taking a stool next to him she gave him a smile.*

" Nice place. Very colorful. You were right this place was easy to find."
May 31, 2020 17:26
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan sees  the  new  face  walk in   and  over to  daxx-  He  smiles   bit  at  her  and   goes  back  to  watching  the  room and    the  thins in  it  for  any sign  of issues.*

May 31, 2020 19:30
Daxx- Daxx nods and smiles. "I see you found your fearless leader." He laughs. "Everything is good her. Just be respectful of the place it is a friend of mine. I am just drawing up plans for a Ship that is a floating bar." May 31, 2020 19:32
Mazakeen "I will be your perfect little demon boss man" *Maze noticed the man and shook her head* " Are all people so cautious. Its not like I brought my devil blades in here." May 31, 2020 20:44
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan jumps  behide  the  bar to  give one of  the  bartenders a   break  .  He would  have  to get  back  to  training  soon but  for  now  it  was  time  for  a  bit of  relaxation  and  fun.*

May 31, 2020 23:01
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan cell  phone  text  message  goes off. He   looks at  his  phone  and   then looks  to  the bar tenders. He   walks  over to  Marah. *

"Hey  my  darling  daughter . I  Have  to  go . Some  things  at home  have  come  up  and   I  am  needed to  handle  them. We  can  talk  later."

*  He  walks over to  Lilly*

"  My  love  I  have to go  I  have  some things that  have  come  up at  home  that need  my attention right  now. I  will see  you  at  home."

*  Ronan  kisses  her   cheek  and  waves  to  Daxx-  before   stepping out  side an d  vanishes in  to   blue  black  flames*

June 02, 2020 18:51
LillyEmperium *smiling softly Lilly nodded*
I will see you after abit love.

*Fixing herself another glass,she chuckled softly*
June 02, 2020 23:42
Killian _Doyle

+ Killian walks in  to the   club  looks  around  and   finds a   empty table  and  sits  down. He  looks  around  the  place it  was  bright  but  he  could  see  family  there. He  gets a  drink  and  smiles. The viking   warrior  then  waits  for  the   fun to  begin to  see   who notices  him  first. The  viking witch   has a   ball of  water   in  his   right  hand   that  he    is   playing  with.+

June 03, 2020 11:49
Siobhan Boru *Shiv comes out of the restroom and goes back to her place at the bar. Finishing her drink she poured another. She was feeling no pain and the liquor was hitting her. She started to take her shit when she saw a familiar face. Downing the shot she goes over to him poking him*

" Well your not a ghost. So your the demon that took over my dead husband's body. So be ready to die demon."

*Shiv spoke in a angry tone voice*
June 03, 2020 13:07
Killian _Doyle

" No  I  am  not  a  ghost  nor  Demon so stop poking  me  little  dove  unless  you want to  lose  the  god  damn  hand."

+ Killian   stands  up  and   looks  at her.+

June 03, 2020 13:12
Siobhan Boru * Watching him stand and his tone Shiv knew it was the Real Killian. Different in some ways but it was him. Looking back at him she spoke back*

"Back Off Doyle. I'm still a Boru and you Know what that means."
June 03, 2020 14:22
Killian _Doyle

" Yeah  it  means  you  have a  temper  like   your  brother. "

+  He  laughs and  looks  at  her.His   wedding   ring still  where  it  has always  been.+

"Jeg vil at du skal vite at du er min brennende sol. Min dyrebare og jeg ville dø uten deg. Du er min uendelige natt."  

((I  want  you  to  know you're my  burning  sun. My  precious one and  I  would  die  with out you. You're my  endless night.))

June 03, 2020 14:26
LillyEmperium *Hearing the voices as she finished her drink. Lilly shook her head*

Yup, that's my cut off
June 03, 2020 19:13
Killian _Doyle

+Killian  looks  over and  sees  Lilly  and  grins.   He  walks  over t o  where  she  was.+

" Dont  poke  me.  I  assure  you  Lady  Boru  it is   me.  All I  an say is  Odin  right  now and  yes I  am  back. "

+ The  viking  smiles. It  was  good to  see  friends  and   to  be  back  with Siobhan and   his kids.+

June 03, 2020 19:34
LillyEmperium *Narrowing her eyes, Lilly laughed*

Well thank the gods then......I was beginning to believe there was a fairy in this bottle. An I only poke to make sure I'm not hearing or seeing things.....after all's been an odd year
June 03, 2020 19:51
Killian _Doyle

"Has  it  then?  What has  happened?  At least you   didnt  threaten to  kill  me  and  swear  I  was a  demon that  took  over  my  body. " +   He  looks  over to  Siobhan and   grins and  winks  at her.+

June 03, 2020 19:53
LillyEmperium Heard of trails and's about returns and tribulations

*Chuckling, Lilly looked to Siobhan then back to Killian*

No offense.....but if Ro were ever gone as long as you then returned.....I might think the same
June 03, 2020 20:03
Killian _Doyle

"He  was  gone a t  one  point  for  3  year  though  in  his  defense  that  was  between  I  think maeve and   you so  yeah.   Speaking of  yeah  he is still  as  far as I  know  unaware I  am  back.  Where is  the   old  wolf  of  hell?"

June 03, 2020 20:10
LillyEmperium *chuckling she nodded*
,I thought I was seeing things the as well.....for a different reason though.

*Smiling she nodded*
Ah I believe he went home. Had something to attend to
June 03, 2020 20:21
Killian _Doyle

" Something   always  get  his  attention .Though  I  can  guess  what  got it  this  time. June  and  July are   busy  season  for  Marches  so   there  is  that I  am  sure.

June 03, 2020 20:50
LillyEmperium *As she listened, one could tell Lilly was thinking. As she figured it out she nodded*

*Tipping her head slightly she looked at him*
Is that something I should worry about?
June 03, 2020 20:59
Killian _Doyle

"No  it   isnt  anything  that   really over  the  years  since  the  Good friday accords  has  ever  been  anything of  worry. It is   just something  that  happens  every   year  from  April to  the  12  of  July.  After  that its   quiet  again for the  most  part."

+Killian  looks  at her+

"  You  OK?  you  look like   you  were lost in  thought?"

June 03, 2020 21:37
LillyEmperium Been an odd year, odd couple months is all. I'm ok, just making sure I understood was all June 03, 2020 22:06
Killian _Doyle

"Ah  ok. Life is  always  odd at  some point . I  see   no  matter  how odd  you  all  managed  to  make it  through  the  months  though so  that is  good. "

June 03, 2020 22:08
Siobhan Boru *Shiv knew she and her brother had that temper but she wasn't letting him get away that easy*

" Yeah you got that right. So tell me was my dear brother or nephew's know about this?"

* She way he'd him walk away with out answering and turned and saw Lilly. As they were talking she felt her eyes fill with tears and her body start to shake. She spoke under her breath as she walked slowly to the bar*

" This is a dream. It's a really intense dream."

* Looking at Killian then to Lilly she took the bottle that she was pouring from and poured another shot and downed it*
June 03, 2020 22:09
Killian _Doyle

" No  Siobhan  they didnt  know.  No one  knew  but  me .  In  fact   Ciaran  warned  me   about   the  fact  you  more  then  likely  want to  kick  my  Arse.  Hell  unless  Ciaran  said  something  to  Matt  he  is  still  as  clueless as  Ronan is.   That  is  unless  of course  you  texted  him and  told  the  old  battle  ax  that  your  brother is."

+  He  walks   over  to  Siobhan  and    turns  her  around   he  looks  down  at  her  and    after  being  gone  for  2   years   kisses  her  like  he  did  before  he  left.+

"  Real  enough  for  you  then?"

June 03, 2020 22:14
LillyEmperium *standing up, Lilly chuckled*

Ok kids....go get a room.

*Sending her glass away, as her messages buzzed. Lilly nodded*

I shall see everyone later. Seems I have a few things to handle. Shiv, be killing Killian.....and Killian, make sure to swing by and see Ro.

*Walking out the door, she chuckled*
June 04, 2020 17:25
Killian _Doyle

"I  can  do  that  easy  enough Lilly.  Be  careful lass.  See  you soon."

+ He looks from  lilly  back  to  Siobhan and  laughs a   bit and   grins.+

June 04, 2020 17:35
Siobhan Boru * Being pulled in to Killian's arms and his kiss memories flooded back to our first kiss. Shiv returned his kiss then looked at him. She then heard Lilly's remark and blushed.*

" Yeah that was real Doyle,as for a room we plan on it as soon we get home. Oh and when you see little seal tell him thanks for the heads up. Oh wait that was Cici right Doyle."
June 04, 2020 21:01
Killian _Doyle

"Ciaran   just  happened  to  run in  to  me .  He didnt   know ahead  of  time .  Again  no one   did. I  didnt   warn  anyone  I  wasnt  sure  it  was  going  to  happen. Didnt  want to get  any ones  hope  up so this  was  the   best  way and  the  more   chance  to  see   the  priceless looks  on  faces."

+ Killian smiles.+

"Lets  go  home shall  we?"

June 04, 2020 22:08
Siobhan Boru *Shiv smiles*

"Yes lets. Cant wait for the kids to see you."
June 05, 2020 00:06
Killian _Doyle

"Kind of  sure  they  know  I  stopped  by  there  first  to  find  out  where  you  were. If  the nanny  saw  me  she   might of  told   Kelda and  the  boys but  I  dont  think  she  saw  me  as  I didnt  see her. just one of  the maids  that  knew  where  you  were.  Lets  go."

+  With  that   Killian  begins  to  walk  to  the  doors.+

June 05, 2020 10:01
Siobhan Boru "I'm sure if she did she would have told me when I called or texted me if it was after"

* Shiv followed him and couldnt wait to get home.*
June 05, 2020 11:20
Luci Dragomir

Luci walked into the club wearing a black leather skirt about mid thigh and a red spaghetti strap tank top. She headed to the bar area checking her phone he would be here shortly

June 09, 2020 19:19
Kain Emperium

Walking into the bar with his lover Luci they take a seat at the end table of the bar*-

Kain watches his daughter bar tend as he places a menu over his face to be funny*-

Peeking slowly thrrough the menu Kain is Spotted*- Hey honey I want you to meet my New girlfriend Luci isn't she beautiful as Kain's face turn's abit red *-

Looking to Luci and then back at his Daughter Lilly*-

June 09, 2020 19:20
Luci Dragomir

Luci gave him a look out of the corner of her eye and smiled and she looked to the female "Hi I am Luci, pleasure to meet you.

June 09, 2020 19:23
LillyEmperium *Lilly had only just walked back in.juat prior to Kain. Helping Mar out, as she knew the tavern was taken care of. Walking over, Lilly extended her hand*
Nice to meet you. Would you like anything?
June 09, 2020 19:45
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  walks  in  to  his  daughter's club and  looks around . He notices Kain and  then   lilly.  Walking over to Lilly   he  kisses  her  cheek.*

" Kain. Long time  no  see."

June 09, 2020 20:33
LillyEmperium *smiling softly, Lilly chuckled*
How are you love?

*Nodding to the young lady*
Ronan this would be a friend of Kains....her name is Luci.
June 09, 2020 20:42
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  smiles at  the  lass and  then looks  to  Kain.*

"Hello  Luci.  Welcome  to  Insomnia.You Mr. Kain  behave  while  you  are . I  have  no  issues  tossing  you  out. "

June 09, 2020 20:46
Marah Whitmoore +Marah comes out of the officewith a wortied look upon her face. For the past month she called Rafe with no luck. As she walked past her parents she spoke in a soft tone as she went to tend to a couple of the regular customers+

"Hey mom .. Hey dad"
June 09, 2020 22:01
Ronan R Boru

"Hey.  Didnt  know  you  were  here. You  know  Killian  is  back?  Let  me   guess you  havent  heard from  Rafe   yet.  Marah,  Dont  worry  he  can  handle  himself and   if  he  needed  help  he  contact  you r   coven  for   back  up. I  am  sure  he  is  fine. When  the  last  tie  you  took  time for  just you ?"

June 09, 2020 22:14

Kestrel enters the bar looking around with her hood over her face. She says nothing to anyone at inside and walks over to empty place " Hmmm so she was here..." She spoke softly before turning around she gazes around " Now little sister where are you hidding." She spoke in a soft but eerie voice in wich she also scence others with her as well. " Hmm..." She then begins to head for the door.

June 10, 2020 10:47
Marah Whitmoore "Yeah I saw him here a few hours ago with auntie Shiv. And yeah no word from him. His cell keeps going to voice mail. And last time he was gone I had issues with Knight, got in a car wreak, had a miscarriage, a clone of my husband came back here and died and then I blew up every glass in this bar. So yeah alone doesnt work for me. Im just really worried. What if those same people who had him before caught him again? Maybe I should go look for him. Danger be damned."

+Marah noticed the new person enter and look around then start to leave. Clearing her voice she spoke up+

"Umm can I help you?"
June 10, 2020 12:51

Kestrel gazes over to the female speaking to her " No i was just... Looking for someone.... Someone that was here.... Unless you know were she has gone?" She looks over at the others but then back at the female. Her face still remains hidden under her hood but even thought her eyes are hidden she can see everything around her. " The girl i am looking for seems she recks of a man of the Sea... Or i should say demon... Mating with a demon how intreseting sista..." She spoke softly almost under her breath at the last part of her saying.

June 10, 2020 13:06
Marah Whitmoore +Marah knew everyone who mostly came into her bar. Only 2 people she just met. +

" I only met 2 new people in the past days one is Daxx's wife Mur and a member of his crew i think her name was ...was.. What was it oh yeah Maze. They were the only 2 that wrre new here. And my best Friend Viv came back. Other then that no one except moms family came back. They are over there with her."
June 10, 2020 13:27

Kestrel tilted her head " Murmur is her name and wife of Daxx?" She question slightly shocked but with almost a grin on her face. " So she was here then.." She then gets scent of anther female that was in the same area as her sister was " There was anther with Murmur.... Who was she may i ask." Asking our of curiosity.

June 10, 2020 13:33
LillyEmperium *Turning on her heal, Lilly looked to the newcomer as she heard her describe Murmur*

May I inquire as to what business you may have with Mur?
June 10, 2020 15:04

Kestrel hear anther voice and looks over " She is family hehe." She giggled oddly " So i have lots a business with her.... Much needed catching up shall we say..." She couldnt help but sound a bit twisted saying such things.

June 10, 2020 15:08
Vivian Fox

Vivian had found herself back at the familiar building and instead of standing there, she walked in.  There wasn't anything else to do and she wished she could speak to her bestie, Marah. Pulling the door open, she stepped inside and saw a gathering more or less and wondered what was going on but knowing it wasn't her business, she took a seat at the familiar bar and watched. For once, she wasn't thirsty but also didn't know how to feel.  A feeling of emptiness overwhelmed her vessel.  Turning her head, she simply just watched events take place and whatever it was, it didn't look to friendly but there again, Vivian was only watching.

June 10, 2020 16:01
Marah Whitmoore +Marah felt a presence as she was about to answer and looked around. That was when she saw Viv. Pouring herr favorite drink Marah patted her moms shoulder as she spoke going to Viv.+

" I'll leave this go you mom. "

+Placing the drink in front of her bestie she sat across from her+

"Here ya go Foxy its a cure for anything that ails ya. You know your management pisition is still here if and when your ready. I sure missed ya girl."
June 10, 2020 17:04
LillyEmperium *looking to Kain and Luci, Lilly nodded*

You'll have to excuse me a moment...once again pleasure to meet you.

*Hearing Marah, Lilly nodded. Looking to the girl, she stepped closer.*

You are related to ... Mur interesting...

*as her eyes flashed purple for a moment before going white, Lilly chuckled*

Mur is not here, check her husband.but if a hair is harmed on her...we shall talk again
June 10, 2020 17:16
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan   goes  back   behind the  bar.  He looks  at  Viv and  Marah. He watches  Lilly. One  thing  that  did nt  look normal  and the  fire  witch  was on  it. He  speaks  to  Marah.*

"That  gentaleman  over  there  is  Kain Emperium. he is  Lilly's  father and   the  girl  with him  is  his  date  her  name  is  Luci. The other  person  I  have  no  idea. Will  find out  from  Lilly."

June 10, 2020 18:59
Vivian Fox

She didn't ask what it was but when the glass was placed in front of her, she quickly downed the liquid from within.  Vivian wasn't sure to say and things were more stressful than she wanted them to be.

"Thanks.  I just might.  My mind doesn't stop and I'm really not sure what to say.  I just don't understand.  What seems so simple has smoothly turned into a nightmare."   Looking down at the empty cup, her tastebuds still carrying the flavor of whatever it was that was given. "  Hey, I wonder if I could make a smoothie was this.  Should go great with ice cream." 

June 10, 2020 20:11
Ronan R Boru

"So  Vi  how  have things  been with  you?"

*  Ronan  looks a t her and   smiles a  bit.*

June 10, 2020 20:24
Vivian Fox

"Umm, I still get images but they're not making any sense.  I've been working on it though, so I got that much.  I'm really not sure what to do with Li but maybe he's moved on.  

June 10, 2020 20:34

Kestrel grins and steps to Lilly reveling her eyes as they are red and black " I like you your a sassy one however... Myself harming my lil sister after i believe her actual mother vanquished my brother is debatable.... I will see how i am feeling about this one.... Also considering she is with child........... Well then just maybe i will be a nice aunt to allow mother to live." She couuldnt help but chuckle seeing others arrive there" I will take my leave now enjoy your evening."

June 10, 2020 21:04
LillyEmperium *A low growl came from Lilly as she looked to Kestrel*

Heed my warning young one. Who was this brother you speak of? Hmm....
June 10, 2020 22:29
Daxx- Daxx wakes up from the back of the room finally hearing all the commotion. The Rum had gotten him sleepy. He looks up at Marah and holds the bottle up. "Good Shit. I need lots more." After hearing this person come in and claim his wife was her sister he looks at her and cocks his head.

"Who the fuck are you and what do you want with my wife. I will kill anyone who tries to harm her and my child. So before you think about harming her you best think otherwise. But then I'm a little bit in a good mood and I will let Lady Lilly kick your ass first."
June 10, 2020 23:08
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   walks over t o  Daxx-  and  has  him  sit  down .*

"I  wouldnt   worry too much   Daxx- No ne  here  is  harming  any one as long as Lilly and  I  are here.  This  place  is  neutral ground  for all  races. Any  fights  here  will be  dealt  with   quickly.  The   person  starting it  getting a  swift   kick  in  the  ass  right out  the  door."

June 10, 2020 23:15

Kestrel couldnt help but giggle before looking over at the man who claim to be the husban of Murmur. " Oh so you are the husband." She doesnt even walk rather then float around him. "Intreseting..... As for who is our breath his name is Azreal he is my twin iv come to see what has exactly happen." Kes then looks back at Daxx " Well arent you adorable i see why my sista has taken you as her lifemate.... And yes i am her Sista if you wish to find out the truth ask her youself or Summon Pazuzu here he will confirm i am who i say. Now depening on what happens with your lovely wife is depening on what she tells me.... You may to kick my ass but you are far from prepared as well as iam not as easly defeted as my brother was."  She then sighs  "Beside i need to speak to her about more personal matter nothing that concerns you. I maybe heartless but iam not my brother considering she is with child she will be just fine."

June 11, 2020 02:01
Luci Dragomir

Looking back at Lilly "We will have two pina coladas." She said as she looked over at Kain who was blushing 

June 11, 2020 09:25
Ronan R Boru

* The  fire  witch eyes  behind  the  bar  go  violet. In  his  hand  he makes a  fire  just  in  case.  He  look  to  the   female over  by  daxx- and  waits.  the fite   ball  is    low  behind  the   bar out of  sight  of  any one.  One   wrong  move  and  it  will  be  used.*

June 11, 2020 14:04
Dark Jedi

Pushing the doors  open of the bar stepping in wearing his black cloak and hood Dark Jedi Enter's the room staring at the bar where he see his frisnd Kain'


Walking over to the booth were Kain and his gf are sitting and pullls up a chair next to them You called Kain? whats on your mind as Anakin awaits for his reply*

Hearing and feeling a disturbance in the realm Dark Jedi turns to the witch at the bar "

Fire ball aye? Won't work how about My lite savor instead chuckles*

No one is doing anything To Lilly or Ronan while I'm here" Sitting back down Anakin continues to Talk to Kain and his lady.*

June 11, 2020 15:56
Vivian Fox

What was going on grabbed just about everyone's attention and as an eyebrow raised, she had a feeling that this was looking a bit familiar but why?  Vivian didn't say much but watched the whole thing take place.  Obviously this individual was calling Ronan's bluff.  It was quite interesting to say the least.

June 11, 2020 16:12

Chainsaw Roaring from outside the bar* Then silent as Leathrface enters and slowly walks over to his friend Dark Jedi Pulling up his own chair next to the group*

Looking over to the witch Viv licking his lips like she is his next meal then looking back at the said group*

Squeling and then looking at her again standing up grabbing his chainsaw *

Grunting heavy* then sitting back down next to dark Jedi.*

June 11, 2020 16:19
Ronan R Boru

*Ronan   ignores the others in  the   place and   watches  the   one  with  Daxx- .He   really  really   was  starting not to  like   her or  her  harlot  attitude. He  heard  the  drink  order and   brought them  over.*

"Anything  for the rest of  you?"

June 11, 2020 16:33
Vivian Fox

Vivian saw the look and knew he had no idea what she was capable of.  Waiting to see what his next move was, giving a wink, the female was more prepared than the thought.  Her eyes went back to Marah as she grinned.

"Consider me back in." 

June 11, 2020 16:35


June 11, 2020 16:48
Vivian Fox

The laugh was slightly irritating but so far that's all it was. Folding her arms, knowing nothing but words were exchanged, however, that didn't mean she wouldn't keep an eye out.

June 11, 2020 16:56
Ares God Of War-

"Ah I See our friends have arrived!!!! Are's smirked* Walking over to Leatherface handing him a new face mask to work with*


"Hey Guys hows it going what's all the comotion about? Looking to Ronan and Lilly"

Who's that wench talking about doing stuff to Lilly Are's couldn't help but laugh out loud Yeah right Lilly woop her butt in a minute flat! Are's grinned* Anyways Kain I see this is your new girl pleasure to meet you Luci" I'am Are's God Of War Smiling to the lady* 

June 11, 2020 17:03
Ares God Of War-

"Don't worry about Leatherface Vivian he just abit huingry why we came here to get him food* NOT Human's*

"Grinned" Anyways Ronan Come over here and say hi to our friends, they would love to meet you and your wife Lilly"  Are's awaits Ronan and Lilly at the table"

"Nice One Anakin new saber?  Are's picked it up and pushed the button as it knocked Are's off his chair ito the wall beside the bar* DAM That shit strong as Are's laughed as he picked himself off the ground!!"

"Slowly walking back to the table placing the saber back in Dark Jedi's hand Your the master of this Not me, as Are's shakes his head to get the cobb webs out and get his mind back in order*

June 11, 2020 17:18
LillyEmperium *Looking to Kestrel*

That name is familiar.... however my word stands.....and it won't be Daxx you have to worry about.

*Turning around as she heard the others. Shaking her head*

Ares I already know your friends....
June 11, 2020 17:23
Vivian Fox

Hearing her name being mentioned, now looking at Ares, she smiled. 

"Oh, I definitely wasn't worried.  I've seen much worse.  Just when you think you've seen it all, things surprise you." 

June 11, 2020 17:24
LillyEmperium *laughing Lilly looks to Vivian*

That ain't no joke dear... there's always something
June 11, 2020 17:34
Ronan R Boru

"I  know  most of  them  Ares so  no  worries  there.   Light  sword  boy  I  do   not  however. Ronan Boru,  My  daughter Marah owns  the   place. Leather chill out.  What   do  you   guys   need?"

*  Ronan  looks a t  the  group.*

June 11, 2020 17:56

Murmur had been watching from the shadows as she does when she checks on her love to make sure he was alright. She finally listen for long enought and appear from out of the shadows. " You knew i was here so enlighten me on what you want from me? As for Azreal like usual he got himself in to trouble and didnt listen. Now i know you are Far smarter then that so what has happen now?" Murmur glances at Lilly and Ronan " I appearate you both for what has been side and i thank you both and i apologize that she seem to have to come here to find me." She steps over to her sister as her hand gose right through Kestrel " Mirror projects clever sister so what is it you wanted to see me about?" Knowing if Kestrel wanted to hurt her she would be here herself.

June 11, 2020 17:57
Vivian Fox

Smiling at Lilly, she nodded.

"You never know what's gonna happen.  Anyways, how are you doing?  Things defnitely are interesting if you ask me. All we need is dinner.  The show is still going on."

June 11, 2020 17:57
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks  to  Murmur  and   nods  he knew lilly  was  watching a s  well.  Nothing  would  get  past  the   two  of  them and  daxx-  if need  be.  He  looks  back  at  kain  and   his   group  now*

"Pick  your  poisoons so  to  say  lads and  get  back  to  me."

*  He  walks  over to  Lilly  and  Vi.  He  gets a  coke  for   Murmur and   walks over to  where  daxx-  was and  places it  down .*

"For  Murmur. "

June 11, 2020 18:05
Luci Dragomir

Luci stayed calm but she was on complete alert. She sipped at her Pina Colada as she watched everything going on. She felt the magic and she kept her own self in check but she was ready in a moment if she had to start defending herself or those she was with.

June 11, 2020 18:57
LillyEmperium *Lilly watched as Mur stick her hand in the image of Kestrel*
That explains the lack of scent. Hmm interesting.

*Looking to the group.*
Interesting.... Anikin....where's Padme? Trust she is well
June 11, 2020 19:42
Kain Emperium

*watches everything going down smiling then speaks to Dark Jedi So you got my text huh?

*Yeah great you guys showed up cause I was wondering where the preacher was? As I heard he was attending church service tonight then  heading back to his home town in LA.....* He was only a text away if needed  right boys? Kain smiled to leatherface and his girl before downing his pina colida mmmm dam these drinks are good Ronan and Lilly you both sure know how to make mixed drinks*-

*Anyways Kain went about his convo with anakin and walked him to the door with leatherface Call me i'f you need me guys or I'll come to you in la if need be chuckles*- As they left the bar on there way back to there city.*-

June 11, 2020 19:42
LillyEmperium *raising a brow, Lilly took note and walked towards the kitchen. Something was off, that she knew* June 11, 2020 19:46
Kain Emperium

Walking back to his seat next to his girlfriend Kain pulled out his cell and dialed a fimaliar # then placing his phone back into his jacket pocket*- 

Shall we honey? as him and Luci get up and start walking over to the kitchen were his daughter was ok honey were off *- i'f you or Ronan need us You got my cell slipping it on the bar table to keep in her pocket if trouble arises call-*

Take care guys as Kain and Luci walk out hand and hand as Kain dropped a 100$ bill on the table Keep the change Kain Smiled to Ronan and his daughter Knowing the bar was slow.*-

June 11, 2020 19:57
Luci Dragomir

She kissed Kain when he came back and got up. "I am ready whenever you are." She looked over at Ronan "It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife."

June 11, 2020 20:02
Kain Emperium

"I'AM Ready baby lets get out of here Kain Smiled to much excitment for one night*- I want some real excitment looking over at his daughter winking*

"As they both walk out the bar.*-

June 11, 2020 20:06
LillyEmperium *closing her eyes for a moment, she mumbled under her breath before waving as they left. Finding her glass, she shook her head*
Nope....not enough.....
June 11, 2020 20:15
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  waves  as  they leave  and   looks  at  lilly.*

" yeah  something  isnt  right there.  I  have no  idea  who  that   Ankin  dude  was but the others I  already  knew. You  are r ight there isnt  enough of  any thing  that  strong in  the  world."

June 11, 2020 20:53
LillyEmperium I met Anikin years ago...I'm curious though when Kain started drinking mixed drinks...nope nothing strong enough....I remember a time, far different than that grouping June 11, 2020 22:15
Ronan R Boru

"I  am  not  going to  think  about it.  My ex  father in law   drinking  with  my  current . No  not  anything  strong eough and   besides  that   right there  just made my  brain hurt. So  yeah  not  going to  do it. Not  gonna  think about it."

June 11, 2020 22:29
LillyEmperium *looking to Ronan Lilly laughed*

Don't think on it too much.... can't have you having headaches...
June 11, 2020 22:34
Ronan R Boru

"Yeah  good  idea."

*  He  looks over a t her and  shakes  his  head.*

June 11, 2020 22:41

Kestrel looks over seeing her sister standing there infront of her knowing she wouldnt be to far from her husband. She then gets closer to Mur taken her hand and brushes the hair out of her face " Well arent we glowing.... You know what i came here for to find out what vanqished Azreal in witch he vows to come back from but....." She then pauses almost hasitin to tell her why else she was here... Your care give while you have been gone..... were killed when i came looking for you. No i did not kill them something beastly did." Kestrel was manything  but sure as hell wasnt like Azreal evil yes but mostly when the time called for it.

June 12, 2020 07:56
Vivian Fox

Vivian couldn't help but cringe.  Her mind now tainted with that very thought made her shiver.

"Ick. I can only assume one thing and I don't think there is enough drinks to make that image diseapper.  Sorry Lilly.  I"m speechless."

June 12, 2020 10:12
Ronan R Boru

"OK  this  lass  yeah  she  needs  to  go  somewhere  not  sure   where but  not  here. Shes  really  really  creepy.  Just  say the  words  Daxx-  or  Murmur a nd   then  bye bye  she  goes. "

*  ROnan  then  recalls   Murmr  putting her   hand  through the  image.  "


"Mirror spell she has  to  be  near  by  if  that isnt  her  really   but  a mirror  image. I  have  never  seen  one  projected  more  then a  few    miles at most."

June 12, 2020 10:55
LillyEmperium *tipping her head, Lilly looked to Vivian*

They are up to no long as it don't spill to where I have to deal with it...I won't stress.
June 12, 2020 13:29

Murmur hears her words as she goes pale and stumbles back almost falling over as the shadows are able to catch her before she hits the ground." Thats....... Impossible...Your lying i would of felt them leave this earth." She looked up at her with tears in her eyes knowing she had been feeling off lately. With the shadows bring her to her feet Mur remain silent unsure of what to think do or say.

June 12, 2020 13:41
LillyEmperium *pulling a golden band out of her pouch. Too big to be a ring, too small to be a bracelet. Gliding her finger over it for a moment. Softly she whispered, before spinning it. Softly a song began playing before she grabbed it*

June 12, 2020 15:51
Ronan R Boru

"There  is  always  something  off in  this world  if  it  isnt  us  its  the  humans world  that  is  off.  Need  a  bit  more  information  then  that Lilly flower,  my  love."

*  Ronan   looks  from  Vi and what is  going on  with   murmur   to  Lilly.*

June 12, 2020 16:19
Vivian Fox

Feeling a tad bit unsettled but that wasn't unusual for her these days, her weight slightly shifted in the seat and her mind instantly focused on something else and then for no apparent reason, she spoke up.

"You know, I believe I could be kidnapped and I doubt he would notice, let alone care. Actions speak louder than words. That much is true.  So many things are off and weird.  I should go in a bit but I'm not quite ready yet."

June 12, 2020 16:28
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan looks  to  Vi a  she  speaks.*

"Are  you  alright Vi?  Who  are  you  talking too?"

June 12, 2020 16:34
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to Vivian*

Oh Li would notice.... don't be so hard on him...he was a wreak when he lost you
June 12, 2020 17:48
Vivian Fox

"Sorry..kinda thinking aloud.   I'm just damn annoyed.  I mean, I get it.  When I left, it left him heartbroken but it's like he'd rather stay away from me than even talk to me.  I guess if it were me, I'd do anything to help him remember me. That's just what people do when they love one anothter.  Am I wrong?   Sure, things are still not quite there but I'm trying."

June 12, 2020 17:53
LillyEmperium He don't wanna get hurt again, that's what part of it is. Y'all love each other, y'all will work it out. I just don't think he knows how to help you through it. June 12, 2020 17:59
Ronan R Boru

"Just keep  talking  to  him. All  you  can  do. You  are   getting   the  memories  back   just  not  fully. Like  Marah's car  wreck you  thought was  tied  to  him."

June 12, 2020 18:04
Vivian Fox

Her head tipped back as her eyes closed.

"I don't know what else to do. I'm trying."   Head going back to it's original spot, she looked at Lilly wide eyed.  "I have an idea. I need to go!"

Getting up rather quickly she almost tipped the chair over and gave it a lil push until it stabled itself.  Running toward the door, Viv was gone instantly.  Hopefully her plan would work. 

June 12, 2020 18:07
LillyEmperium *watching her Lilly shook her head*

The thought of locking those two in a crossing my mind more and more
June 12, 2020 19:18
Ronan R Boru

"It  could  work."

* Ronan  looks at her.*

"We  might need  to  do  that  then .  We  will see."

June 12, 2020 19:28
LillyEmperium Passed room....lock on the door...let LJ decide when to let them out June 12, 2020 20:16
Ronan R Boru

"That   could   be  never if  left up  to  the  lad."


June 12, 2020 20:34
LillyEmperium Shhhh I give him enough candy, that boy will leave then there for days June 12, 2020 21:09
Ronan R Boru

"This i s  true.  Candy and  noisy toys  I  am  sure  Orchid  can  help  him  with  or  even  some of  Grania's old ones  as  well."

June 12, 2020 21:27
LillyEmperium *laughing Lilly nodded*

Yess exactly
June 12, 2020 22:00
Ronan R Boru


"Fun for  us. "

June 13, 2020 17:06
Ares God Of War-

We need drinks All of us Are's looked to Ronan and Sigh's* The strongest ones you got LOL. Bangs head on bar table in disquest*

June 13, 2020 17:25
Ronan R Boru

*  Looks at  ares a nd  then  to  Lilly*  

"  Do I  even   dare  ask  what  your  major  maladjustment  is  now Ares?"

June 13, 2020 17:39
Ares God Of War-

Our past haha is back * Pour them babies up and drink with me my friend* Gonna be a long night haha*

June 13, 2020 17:46
Ronan R Boru

"Happy happy  joy  joy  on  that. She   just  doesnt  stop.  Christ  sake  why  doesnt   she   just  go  away.  The  boys  told  her  they  want  nothing to   do  with  her. I  want  nothing to  do  with  her  .Its  getting old  fast. She onlyh  back  casue  you are. She  thinks  you will  help  her and  if  the  bird ass is  back  well  we  will see what will be  if they  show  their  faces."

June 13, 2020 17:49
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to Ronan*

Is féidir liom an fhadhb a shocrú
(i can fix the problem)
June 13, 2020 18:44
Ronan R Boru

" I  know  lass  you  did   before  . It w ill  be  fine  and   if  not   well then  so  be it."

June 13, 2020 19:13
LillyEmperium *shaking her head, Lilly rubbed her temples. Her eyes shifted to a purple as her voice changes slightly.*

amândoi trebuie să renunțe la ascundere. vechiul ei ...
(they both need to quit hiding. its old.... )

June 13, 2020 21:38
Ronan R Boru

*Ronan  looks at her and  shakes his  head.*

"Da, este vechi. Cu toate acestea, cât de sigur pentru ei. Nu este îngrijorat pentru asta în cele din urmă. Vor rămâne în umbra pe care o fac întotdeauna. Ei ies din umbre, care este diferit."

((Yes it is old. Yet some how for them safe. Not  worried about it in the end. They will stay in the shadows they always do. They come out of the  shadows that is different.))

June 14, 2020 10:36
LillyEmperium dragostea mea pentru dă-mi. am câteva lucruri de care să am grijă

(my love for give me. i have a few things to take care of)

*Her glass remained half full as she got up. Kissing her husband on the cheek she whispered*

I need some fresh air and to check on Orchid

June 14, 2020 12:17
Sheridan J- Mayfair

^  Sheridan  walks in  to the  place .It  was  bright on  his  eyes   but  it  was out a nd   about   . He  felt   better  being out  again  in  the  real  world  such as  it  was any way. He  needed  to   be   free  so  to  say.  To  have  some  fun.  He  knew  Nia was  spending  time  with  friends for a  few  weeks  this  summer in    Florida. She  needed it too after the  first  year @ LSU.  He  gets  a  drink a t  the  bar and  then  looks around.^

June 14, 2020 12:36
Ronan R Boru

"It is   fine.  Do  what you  need  to  do. "

*  Ronan    gets a  shot  for  Ares and   looks at him.*

" Are   you  sure  about  this ?  She  as  you  can  see  puts lilly a  bit on  edge but  its nothing  she  cant  handle in  the  end on  her  own. You  need  to  be  sure of  this."

June 14, 2020 12:41

Kestrel Stood there " Sadly is is the truth." She holds out a necklace only Murmur will recognize in witch was her other mother who toke care of her all these years. She then walks over and places it down on the table next to her. " Iam looking for more of what happen i will return to you once i know more." She then vanishes leaving the club.

June 14, 2020 19:05

Mur sat there and stair at the necklace seeing the blood on it knowing what her sister spoke of was true. She wanted nothing more to start chugging drinks but she couldnt. This news and seeing the necklace she gave her adoptive mother just about broke her.

June 14, 2020 19:20
Daxx- Daxx got up and walks over to his wife and stood behind her. He places a hand on her shoulder. He looks at the woman or image or what ever the hell she was and glared at her. He wanted to be bad right now but it wasn't the place. "You need to leave before I break the rules of this place." He said it to air not caring who heard him at this point. June 14, 2020 19:28

Kestrel herd his words before she vanishes leaving them to take care of her sister. 


Has Left the Club.

June 14, 2020 19:33

Mur reaches over and take the nacklace and just stairs at it. She feels her husband on hand her shoulder spoke softly " She is not worth it my love...." Her eyes gaze over watching her sister leave the club. She then looks at everyone " Iam sorry for her i did not exspect her to come here nor did i exspect her to even look for me..." Her eyes gaze back at the pendent in her hand. For once she was very much at a lost for words.

June 14, 2020 19:47
Ronan R Boru

" Ah  dont  worry a bout it  lass.  We   get a  wee  bit of   drama  in  here  every once in  a  while  so  this isnt  a  first  for  here.  I  am  sure it  wont  be  the  last either. No  worries."

June 14, 2020 19:55
Sheridan J- Mayfair

^   Sheridan  watches  the  room  and   shakes his  head.  Magic  being  used f ar to  freely  in  his  opinion  but  it  wasnt  h is  problem  so he  said  nothing.  He   takes a   drink  from  his  glass.^

June 14, 2020 20:28
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  sees  Sheridan a nd  smiles. *

"  Hello  Det   Mayfair.  Cant  stay a nd  talk. I  need  to  go  check on  Lilly. I  will be   back later. "

*  With that  said Ronan walked  out and   vanished in  to t he  night.*

June 14, 2020 21:14
David Boru

^ After  being  pulled  to this  club  David  walks in.  Familial  blood  pulled him  here. He  looks around  for the  source of  it   knowing  it   was  Marah. He   also  knew  he'd  be  caught  for the  ear   flick  but   it  was all  in  good  clean  fun.^

June 15, 2020 11:44

After being stuck at home for last few days, Imashe walked into the club wearing a red dress and black leather jacket. 

She looked around the club and frowned at the lights that hurt her eyes slightly as she made her way over to the bar and sat down.

June 15, 2020 13:37
David Boru

^ David  gets a  glass  of  Rum  and   looks  around  looking  to see if  he  can  spot  his  sister.  The lights  were  bright anad   a  bit  loud  the  music  but  wasnt anything  he  could  do  about it. Marah  had said  she  had  news for  him  and   to  meet her  here. So  here  he  waits.^

June 15, 2020 13:46
Mia Corvin

I had been told about this place by a new friend and it was time I came out of hiding. I walked into the club with my raven hair in thick bouncy curls that draped around my shoulders. I was seen in a red and black plaid corset dress that flowed freely from my hips down to below my knees. On my feet were a pair of black pumps. Looking around I made my way to the bar for a drink.

June 15, 2020 16:23
David Boru

^ David  looks  up and smiles.^

"I  see  you  made it then safe. with out  issues."

June 15, 2020 16:25
Mia Corvin

Walking over to him I couldn't help but smile.

"Only because you led the way."

June 15, 2020 16:33
David Boru

"I  just  gave you  the  name and  that  my  sister owned  the   place.  Not  even  sure  where  she  is though. She  said  she  had  to talk to  me  about  somethings  but  I  have  no clue as  to   where  she   is. SO  I  will  just  have to  talk  to you  til  she  gets  here I  guess."

^  He had a  soft Irish  accent.^

June 15, 2020 16:41
Mia Corvin

Hearing his accent made me smile a little more.

"What are you drinking?"

June 15, 2020 16:49
David Boru

"Right now   Rum.  What   are  you  smiling  about  then? Did I  say somrthing to  amuse  you miss ?"

June 15, 2020 18:30
Amelia Corvin

Looking at the alcohol balanced along the back wall, I lingered.

"Nothing, Just your voice sounds sweet like honey."

June 15, 2020 18:33
David Boru

"Does  it  now.  Yes  it  is   returning to  what  it  should of  always  been.  I  do  think  it will  please  the other siblings and   my  father that  I  dont  sound like an  uptight   frenchmen after a ll  these  years apart."

June 15, 2020 18:42
Amelia Corvin

"No look and sound like a charming Pirate." I spoke as I looked at the bartender. "I will have what he is having."

June 15, 2020 18:45
David Boru

^  David  about  chokes on  his  drink and  laughs^

"A pirate  huh?  no  sorry  to  dissapoint  lass I a m not   Captian  Jack  sparrow  or  William  Turner  from  the  movies."

June 15, 2020 19:00
Amelia Corvin

I look at him and try to hide my laugh.

"yo ho yo ho a pirates life for aren't, damn i guess i gotta find other ways of flirting with you."

June 15, 2020 21:52
David Boru

^  The  irish  witch  laughs  a bit and  shakes  his  head.^

"Try  just  being  you  and talking  might  work."

June 15, 2020 22:14
Amelia Corvin

Smiling I looked at him.

"I like your laugh."

June 15, 2020 22:18
David Boru “Well that’s a start then. So tell me about you then?”
^He looks at her and waits. He would give her more information but right now his is a bit limited on things.^
June 16, 2020 04:16
Amelia Corvin

"I am a witch who has a green thumb and enjoys the water." I spoke as I took a sip of the rum that was placed before me.

June 16, 2020 08:53
David Boru

^  He  loooks at  her at  the mention of   water  and  smiles. He  makes a  water  ball appear  in  his  hand and   then makes it  in  to  the  form of a rose.^

"One of  my  gifts  I  was  told  from  my  biological mother is  the  control and  manifestation of  water. "

June 16, 2020 12:15
Amelia Corvin

Smiling at him I hold out my hand and tap the rose as it ices over. Looking up my hand falls to my side.

"Now it will withstand time."

June 16, 2020 12:22
David Boru

"Until  the  ice  melts  then yes. "

^ David   puts  the  rose on  the   bar and   smiles. ^

"I  am  sure  there  are others out  there  that  can  do  the  same. one  of  the  first things I  was  able  to  do. Took a  bit to   make  it   last more  then  a  moment  but  such  is all  things in life."

June 16, 2020 12:44
Amelia Corvin

"Everything lives and dies, such is nature's will. My first ability was elemental botany. My mother's passion." I spoke as my eyes went from him to the rose as memories flooded my mind. I then looked up at him. 

"What is your passion?"

June 16, 2020 12:50
Marah Whitmoore +After turning on the lights getting ready for the band Marah noticed the frown on one of the patrons and smiled good she thought. She then noticed her twin brother and went to him and the one sitting next to him.+

" Hey Dave I see that you found the club. Dad must of told you exactly how to get here."

+ Looking at the girl with him she smiled at her.+

" I hope everything is to your liking. The Dinner menu will be starting in 30 minutes and the band will be on soon after. Excuse me there is someone i have to confront. Enjoy i will be right back."

+Going to the woman that frowned at the lights she went behing the bar standing in front of her talking in a sarcastic voice.+

"Hello can i get you anything? Oh let me intro duce myself Im Marah.. Marah Whitmoore...the WIFE of Rafe Whitmoore. The one you went to after he came back and started talking stuff about me. You see i can be very nice or i can be..."

+ she then let her eyes change one of ice the other of fire holding back her double phoenix transformation. Her eyes went back to blue. In a calm voice she spoke.+

" Now one how do you know me? And two what were your intentions towards my husband?

+Marah looked at her and smiled+

"So sorry you dont like my lights but this is after all MY Bar"
June 16, 2020 13:13
Amelia Corvin

"So far so good. Company is lovely and the drinks are delicious." I spoke looking at the one who introduced herself.

My eyes widened at the display as I managed by some miracle to not burst out in laughter. Dinner and a show....fantastic!

June 16, 2020 13:20
David Boru

"I  Dont  really hae one  out  side of  getting all the information  I  was   robbed of   and  the  family I  was  robbed of  so long ago. The   family  passion  seems to  flow  around  music  so  we  will  see   perhaps  it  is   there.  Perhaps  mine  lies  else  where.   We  will  see  as  time  goes on."

^ He  looks at his  sister.^

"Actually  he  didnt t ell me  anything."

^  He  watchees  her  walk  away and  he  keeps  an eye on  her. Something wasnt  right.^

June 16, 2020 13:23
Amelia Corvin

"There must still be something you like...should we intervene?" I asked as I stepped back which caused me to coincidentally bump into him.

June 16, 2020 14:22
David Boru

"No  not  yet. As for  what I  like  music  and  family have  my  attention  now.  Getting to  know  the  family I  should of  known  all  those  years ago.  Marah  got  this. It  all depends on the other females  reaction  right now.  Marah is  just  letting her  know  for  now   who  she  is.  If  the other  esclataes  it  I  will  step  in  fast."

^  He looks   back  at  Mia  and  smiles.^

June 16, 2020 14:54
Amelia Corvin

Turning I looked back at him.

"I didn't mean to bump you. Do you have an instrument you prefer?" I asked as I looked up at him not moving from his side.

June 16, 2020 14:56
David Boru

"I  have a  few  over  the  years.  I  dont  really  have  a main  one.  Seems every  one  in the  family   plays s ome  kind of  musical  instrument  in their  spare time.  When  they  have it."

^   He   moves  closer to  where  Marah and  the  other lass  were just in case something   needed a quick  reaction. He  also  kept an  eye on  the others in  the   club  for  any  sudden  movement.^

June 16, 2020 15:46
Amelia Corvin

Things in the air began to tense. It was almost a scent as if someone was going to break out starting a fight. My eyes darted to the dance floor as I noticed some violent movements.

"Bloody hell."

June 16, 2020 16:18
David Boru

^ David  was  more or  less  daring  some one  near  by  to   try  and   step  in  for  the lass  his sister  was  having words  with. He  wasnt  sure  what  it was  totally about but  he  heard  her mention   her  husband  to  this lass. He   waits to  see  what  is  going  to  happen.^

June 16, 2020 16:29

Imashe raised an eyebrow as she heard the sacastic from the woman. "Can I be getting a orange juice please" she asked nicely

"I be sorry I nay used to strange lights" trying to explain

June 16, 2020 17:54
Amelia Corvin

Raising a brow I heard the woman's request after hearing Marah. Looking at her I got a worried look feeling a bomb about to go off. I pulled my thick curls back into a perfect ponytail and took a brink of my rum.

June 16, 2020 18:01
David Boru

^David  walks  over  to  where Marah  is and    behind  the  bar.  He  get  the  woman  her Orange  juice  . He  looks at Marah.^

" We   need  to  talk  come this  what  ever it is  can  wait. She  isnt  worth it in the end as  this is  not  the time  nore place."

June 16, 2020 18:19

~  Ciaran   appears  in  orbs  behind  the  bar a nd  looks  from  Marah  to  the  man  with her. He  then  looks  to  the  two other lasses.~

"What  the  bloody  hell  did  I  miss  here?"

~  He  looks at  the  male ~

"Who the  hell a re  you?"

June 16, 2020 18:23
David Boru

^  David  looks at  the  witch that  just appeared and  s peaks.^

"My  name  is   David.  Marah  is   my  sister.  Who  the   hell a re  you?"

^  David's  eyes  go  violet as  he looks a t  the other  man^

June 16, 2020 18:26

~Ciaran looks  from  Marah  to  the  man .~

" David? I'm Ciaran Boru.Marah's  younger  brother  and  apparently  yours  as  well. You're dead  how  are  you  here?  "

~ Ciaran  looks  to  MArah  for  confirmation  that  the  male  is indeed  who  he  claims  to  be.~


June 16, 2020 18:28
David Boru

"Yeah  I  am  not  entirely  sure of  how  I  ended  up  here myself  just that I  was  told  I  was  needed here for   family and   to  put  back what  should of  been.  Apparently  that  meant getting  back t he  family  we   should of  had years ago.  AS  for  what you  mised  you  can  tell me  who this  Rafe  is  Marah mentioned  and  what  the  hell  she   all  bent  up  with this lass about  with him?"

June 16, 2020 19:15

~  Ciaran  sighs~

"Oh  Rafe  is  Marah  husband  and  I  have no  idea  what  her issues  with  this  chick  here  is  about that involve him  unless  this  one   made  passes  at  Rafe at  some  point  is  all  I  can  think  of.Something I  know  my  own  wife  Amethyst  would of  kicked  her  ass for  more  then once  over." 

~ Ciaran  see  the other  girl  that  was   looking  over at  them and  smiles at her.  She  was  the one   David  had  been  sitting  with  and   speaking  too.~

" Hi  there lass. Im  Ciaran  Marah's and   apperantly  David's  brother and  you are?"

June 16, 2020 19:18
Amelia Corvin

My eyes went from the scene between Marah and the Juice girl to David and the man who was now his brother. Downing my rum I answered out of my own silence.

"I am Amelia Corvin. My first time here and..." my eyes drifted back to David briefly. " far as I know, I am merely a friend to David."

June 16, 2020 19:23

Thinking of why she bothered coming out and shakes her head. Taking the juice from the male and  walked to the another chair. Imashe sighed as she  missed her twin so much and sat quietly.

June 16, 2020 19:29
LillyEmperium *Quietly Lilly walked in, he mind slightly better than before. Walking over, she poured a glass of whiskey. Pulling out a small vial, she emptied it in the glass and took a drink* June 16, 2020 19:29

"Well   hell0  Amelia. Im  Ciaran. You a re most welcome  here.  If  there is  anything I  can  get  you  pleae  just let  me  know.  Friends are  a good  thing  to  have. "

~Ciaran  looks  over t o lilly. He  sees  her  add  something to  her  drink.~

"Are you  alright  Mum?"

June 16, 2020 19:50
David Boru

^David looks o ver from  Mia to   lilly .^

"OK so  you  would  be my  father's wife  Lilly  right?  Im  David. I  got  names   really  and  only  names. Nothing  about any ones  background  from  some   really  crazy   red  headed  lady  who  was in  to  fire alot. Any  idea  who  she  was?"

June 16, 2020 19:53

" Ah  crazy  red  head  lady  in  to  fire.Yeah  that  would  be our  grandmother  Brigit.  Shes  um  yeah   she  a  fire goddess of  our  people.  She  can   be  super  crazy  at  times so  I  get  that   discription."

June 16, 2020 19:55
LillyEmperium *slipping the vial away, she took another drink as she nodded to Ciaran*

Yes dear I am...or I will be shortly

*Hearing the young man talk, Lilly almost spit her drink out*

Did you just say father's wife? If your father is Ronan,then yes....that would be correct... someone wanna clear some things up for me...
June 16, 2020 19:57
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at Cici and nodded confirming that he was who he said he was then to the girl with the juice as she walked to a table +

"Rafe...yeah off limits or ill be like my sister in law.Cici hey have you seen Matt or my bff Vivie? Sorry Dave You dont know Digger died 10 years back. But wait till you see the boys they are 16 now. Mia I saw you watching everything's cool. I just dont like um women trying to come between me and my husband. Its a long story but i had no memory of Rafe when he came back. And some tried to take advantage of that. But im sure she got the message when Rafe and I eloped. Yeah yeah waiting for him to come back to have the wedding."

+ looking over she saw her mom and excised herself again.+

" Hey mom you alright you dont look so good."
June 16, 2020 19:57
Amelia Corvin

Nodding to her I glanced at the others before smiling at David softly I then turned and walked down the steps that led to an empty table that was around the dance floor. Yeah I was eager to be around David and enjoy the surrounding show but I knew he had some family business to take care of and didn't need me around to distract him at the moment. 

June 16, 2020 20:13
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked Marah and nodded*

Just trying to keep it all together my dear. You just called him in in your brother... right..

*Looking to the young man Lilly chuckled*
You'll have to forgive me's been an odd week for me....I promise I don't always sound so mental
June 16, 2020 20:15
David Boru

"I  have a   feeling  this  family  is  all  mental  at  this  point . Yes David  as  in  herolder twin  brother  David.  So any one  want to  tell me  about  my  father for the  last   28  years? Or  anything  about yourselves really. "

^ David  looks around  for  Mia nad  smiles  seeing her  going to  sit  down  . He felt  bad  that he  had  family things  to  clear  up but  knew  that she  understood.^

June 16, 2020 20:28

" Well lets  see  basically   I w as  the oldest   of  the  boys  til  now   which   its  good  to  have  more  help  with  Marah  as  well whe   she  has  her moments. So  always  cool. I  am  the oldest of  my  twin  brother whos  name  is  Matthew   but  we  all  just  call  matt. My  wife is  Amethyst  and  yes  we  have  kids. SO  you  have  more  nieces and  nephew  there. I   went   to  school  in  Ireland both  magic  school  and   university  at  Trinity  university  for   medicine and  graduated.I know   both the  druid  medicine and  modern so  can  help  the  magic world as  well  has  the  human   world there."

June 16, 2020 20:36
LillyEmperium *chuckles*
Ahh yes you would be correct there dear....he is a different type of nuts, your father that is
June 16, 2020 20:36
David Boru

"I  see.  Well  no  fear  there.  Not  like  we  havent  had  our f air  share of  crazy  right Marah?   What  do you  mean  digger  died  ?  What  happened  to  him  and   whos  ass  can  I  kick  for it?"

June 16, 2020 20:40
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  appears.*

"Whos  a  different kind of  nuts  here  and  who is  this  lad?"

June 16, 2020 20:52
David Boru

^ David  turns a nd  looks  at the  man  who  just  walked  in.  then  he  looks  to  ever one eles.^

"I  am  David. I  am  Marah's  older twin  brother sir?"

^  He smiles  a  softly at  the man.^

June 16, 2020 21:34
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked between David and Ronan for a moment*

Hey love....have a seat right over here. Tapping a stool between her and David*

David....this would be Ronan.... your father
June 16, 2020 21:36
Ronan R Boru

"David? I  dont   understand how  when ?  Wow  this is  alot  to  deal with. "

* Ronan  looks at  David. He  could see  Marie  in  him. He  had  her  eyes.  He  smiles.*

"  You  have  your  mother Marie's   eyes right   down  to the  green  color. "

* The  Irish  witch  looks  at  the  lad and  a soft  but  sad  smile  comes  across  his  face.*

June 16, 2020 21:40
David Boru

^ Seeing  the   sad  an  soft  smile on  Ronan's  face  David  sighs. He  had  not meant  for this  ot  bring  any one heart ache . He  just wanted  the truth.^

" Im  sorry. I did not  want to  cause any one  any  sadness or  make any one uncomfortable. I  just  wanted  answers for the   past  that  Marah and  I  seemed  were  some  how  robbed of  years ago. "

June 16, 2020 21:46
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked and downed her glass*

I think you all have a lot of catching up to do..
June 16, 2020 21:50
David Boru

"It  sound like  it   huh?  So  what   happened  all  those  years ago?"

June 16, 2020 21:55
Marah Whitmoore +Marah nodded when she asked about David then looked at her younger brother with a raised brow.+

" No need to kick ass he got sick and all my magic and phoenix tears couldnt bring him back. But you'll like Rafe. Hes like digger in a way and nothing like Danny or Knight.And just what do you mean you need help when i have my moments? What moments Cici?"

+hearing her dads voice she went and grabbed a bottle of Irish whiskey with some glasses and brought them over to the table. Pouring her father a triple shot she handed it to him+

" Here drink pop-o. Looks like you need it."

+She then looks at her twin yes there was a lot to find out.+
June 16, 2020 21:57
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks at  him*

"  Your mother and  I  were lied to. We  were  told  you  and  Marah  were  both  still born.  Had we  known different one  or  both  of  us  would of  come  looking for   you  both. We  were  young.  17  at  the  time and   we   believed what  we  were  told. The  whole  family  believed  that only Airmid  was  the baby  that lived of the  3 of  you.  Your  mother  was  heart  broken   but  she   knew  that Airmid  need  her   now. I well  I  was  just  in  another  world. I  shoud of  had  3  but  left  with one.  Had I  known  you  were  both  still  there  I  would  of  demanded  to  see  you  both  dead or not  . I  would of  ask and  should of  aske d for  proof. I  am sorry I  did not."

June 16, 2020 22:00
David Boru

"Well  when a   team  of  doctors and  nurse  tell  you  something like  that   one  tends  to  believe  the professionals . YOu  were  both  young.  SO  what happened  to after  that  to  her and  Airmid?"

June 16, 2020 22:14
Marah Whitmoore "Dad it wasnt your fault it was James. He even killed you David and Marcus. The scum bragged about it when he held me by my throat.hes dead now thanks to our aunt Shiv and friends"

+ hearing Davids question she looked at her father+
June 16, 2020 22:15
Ronan R Boru

"They  were killed  by a man  named  Peter Orouke who  we   thought   we  could  trust  .  We  thought  he was  on  ourside only  to learn  that  he  was not. Airmid  was  2 years old   at  the  time.  I  spent  7 years in  jail a s  a  Political  prisoner becasue I  refused  to  hide after  knowing  that  the  RUC  was  looking  for  me. I  still went to  their funerals a nd  that is  the only  reason they  got  me.  Your mother and I  were  were  going to get married but   she  was  killed  before  we  could  do  that. I  would  of  given  my  life  to  have  both of  them  back  with out  question."

June 16, 2020 22:19
David Boru

"Ok  so  what  happened  to  this ORouke   guy  then?  I  cant  see  him  stil  being alive  after  you  discovered  that he  was  behind  that right?"

^  he  looks  from  Marah  to  Ronan.^

"I  honestly  dont  remember  a James  guy  but  ok."

June 16, 2020 22:29
Ronan R Boru

*  He  sighs*

"Oh  Peter?  Hes  dead. I  killed him.  shot him  in  the  head and  once in  the  chest. he  is  dead a nd   gone   cant  come  back as  your  uncle  Rian  burned  the  body . So  yeah  no  way for  him  to  return  ever."

June 16, 2020 22:33
Amelia Corvin

As their reunion progressed, a server passed by me.  Grabbing their arm I spoke up.

"Can I have 2 glasses and a bottle of Rum please." I spoke as I gave him my Debit card. 

As he walked away, I pulled my curls down out of the ponytail. I knew when he was ready he'd join me and Rum would be waiting.

June 16, 2020 22:34
Ronan R Boru

" We  can  talk  more  later .  For  now  you  shouldnt  keep  you  female  friend  waiting  David any longer. i  will  tell you more later. Go  alk  to  her. She  seems  like a   fine lass."

June 16, 2020 22:38
David Boru

"Alright  sounds like  a  plan  then. Yeah  I  dont  want  to  make  her  think  I  am  being  rude. We  can  talk  later."

^ David  smiles  then  get  up  and  walks  over to  Amelia^

" Sorry   are you  ok  here? I  know  there  is  food  here so  do  you  want some?"

June 16, 2020 22:53
Amelia Corvin

Turning my head at the sound of his voice, I smiled brightly.

"Yes, I just ordered us a bottle of rum. I am sure the server will bring us a menu. Are you alright? I mean about your family."

June 16, 2020 22:56
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks  at  Lilly*

"  Wow  this is  crazy. I  dont  know w here  to even  start to  wrap  my  head around this all. I  mean  I'm happy  but  why  now  and   who sent  him   back?"

June 16, 2020 22:56
David Boru

^  David  looks  at  her and  smiles and  laughs a  bit^

"Its a  lot to  take  in   with the  fact  that  I  have  family  that I  didnt  know  about.  Siblings I  didnt  know  of. It will take  time   but I  think it  will work out in  the  end for the  better.  I will  in time  get  used  to  it."

June 16, 2020 22:59
LillyEmperium *pouring an other glass, Lilly looked to Ronan*

Well from what he described... sounds like you're mother had her hand in this love.
June 16, 2020 23:02
Amelia Corvin

"It will get easier, I am sure your answers will come in time. In the meanwhile, where were we? oh yes, I remember." I spoke as my hands found his. I put one hand over his and the other under. When I moved my hand away a small rose made of ice formed.

"There we are." I smiled up at him just happy to be smiling again.

June 16, 2020 23:05
David Boru

^ David  smiles.^

 "So  tell  me    about you ? What  makes  you   who  you are?"

June 16, 2020 23:11
Ronan R Boru

"My  mother  really?  How  do  you  know  that she  had a  hand  in  this?  Not that is  shocks  me  if  she  did.  Siobhan said  she  was  going soft a  bit in  her old age. "

*  Ronan  laughs*

June 16, 2020 23:14
Amelia Corvin

"Well, Lets start off saying as I have an extreme green thumb and the sirens song runs through my veins."I spoke as the rum, the glasses, and the menu were brought over.

June 16, 2020 23:15
David Boru

"OK  You  said  that  before .  What  I  want to  know  is  your  passions. What   drives you  so  to say."

June 16, 2020 23:22
Amelia Corvin

Opening the bottle I smiled pouring our glasses.

"My heart drives me. I do what I can to make sure those around me are happy, if not then I do all I can until they are."

June 16, 2020 23:26
David Boru

"Ok.  What  about in  your  free  trime  then ?  What   do  you  like  to  do besides   this?"

June 16, 2020 23:28
LillyEmperium *looking to Ronan, Lilly laughed*

How many really crazy red heads that's into fire alot do you know dear..

*Taking a drink, she smiled*
June 16, 2020 23:31
Amelia Corvin

"I sketch in the park, play my mothers grand piano, and occassionally I will sing sailors to their doom." I spoke the last part in sarcasm before raising my glass.

"To, new beginnings."

June 16, 2020 23:31
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan shakes  his  head a nd  laughs*

"Yeah  she   the  only  one  I  know . Is  that  how  he  discribed her  then? Pretty accurate."

June 16, 2020 23:38
David Boru

^  He looks at  her  shocked  then  laughs^

"I'd like  to see the   drawings  sometime if  you like  to   show  them  to  me. I  can  play guitar prety  well  myself."

June 16, 2020 23:40
LillyEmperium *chuckling she nodded*

That's pretty much how he described her. Kinda easy to figure out who he ment. Maybe...maybe she wants you to be happy love
June 16, 2020 23:42
Amelia Corvin

"I do sing but I am not my grandmother..." 

I took a drink of the rum. This was feeling like a first date I just didn't want him to run.

"I will show you my gallery if you play for me."

June 16, 2020 23:43
David Boru

"Wow ok  I   walked in  to  that  one  didnt  I ?  Alright   maybe  but  not tonight."

^ He   felt   calm a nd   at  peace w ith  her  here.  It was a odd  feeling  but one  he  was  glad  for.^

June 16, 2020 23:52
Amelia Corvin

"That you did, perhaps on our next date we can have a show n tell session." I spoke with a flirty smirk.

June 16, 2020 23:54
Ronan R Boru

"Wow  that  would  be a  change  then. Her  thinking of  others  before  herself."

June 16, 2020 23:54
David Boru

^ He  laughs a  bit^

"OH  is  that  what  this is  then. Ok  I  think  we  can   do  that then."

^  he  smiles^

June 16, 2020 23:56
Amelia Corvin

"At least I thought this was our first. Feel free to kiss me if I'm wrong." 

I then picked up the menu and began to look over it. I felt like I was flying when I was with him and I didn't want it to stop.

June 17, 2020 00:03
David Boru

"  OH  you  arent   wrong.  I  just never  mind  its  not  all  that important. I  just havent   been with a   lass in  a   very long  time.  "

^  David  looks at her a nd  smiles a  bit. This  was  going to  take  some  getting  used  to  but  he  be ok  with it. he wanted to  see  where  this  went.^

June 17, 2020 10:58
Amelia Corvin "Then let's enjoy the night and each other's company along with the band once they decide to get on stage." I smiled as I placed my hand on his. June 17, 2020 11:02
David Boru

"Sounds good  to  me here."

^ He looks  around  the  place  for  that female  Marah  had  words  with to  make  sure  that wasnt  going to be an  lasting  issue  for the night. He  then looks  back   to  her.^

June 17, 2020 11:10
Amelia Corvin My eyes shifted to the menu as he did his security check.
"You know you could be security for this place. "
June 17, 2020 11:12
David Boru

"I  am  more concerned  with that Lass causing   issues some how  for  my sister then  the others  here.  Something   just  rubed me  the   wrong way  about  her. "

June 17, 2020 11:18
Amelia Corvin Looking the other womans way I saw the expression on her face.
"I think that tonight, things we'll be quiet. I mean that kind of sadness can't possibly be a facade..."
June 17, 2020 11:35
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks  around the  place*

June 17, 2020 11:46
David Boru

"I  dont   know.  She  pissed off my  sister a nd  that is  never a  good  thing. So  we  will  see."

June 17, 2020 11:48
Amelia Corvin

My eyes still lingered on her before coming back to him. Family was his world and I understood that completely. 

"How is your dancing?"

June 17, 2020 11:54
David Boru

"Its  again  been  a  while  but  lets  see."

June 17, 2020 14:38

Imashe put the cash for her drink along with a tip and pulled her jacket tightly around her. 

Feeling a loss as she looks back at the woman "Female, I nay not knew ye or ye mate. I be came for a drink and nay trouble" a tear fell upon her cheek as she  walked out of the door.... Vanishing from sight as she got outside in the cold air.

June 17, 2020 16:03
Amelia Corvin

Hearing the words at a distance I knew tonight would look up. Taking his hands in mine I smiled leading him to the dance floor.

"Now you won't have to worry."

June 17, 2020 16:09
LillyEmperium *watching imashe leave, Lilly sighed. Pouring another glass, her fingers trailed the rim for a moment* June 17, 2020 17:06
David Boru

^  He  follows  her^

June 17, 2020 18:37
Amelia Corvin

The music had gone from pop and dancy to slow ballads in the blink of an eye. I moved my arms around his shoulders and followed his lead. Gazing up at his eyes. I was glad the music changed cause I couldn't be happy doing the bumping and grinding that they were doing on the floor before. it was like pre-sex.

June 17, 2020 18:41
David Boru

^  David  smiles a  bit. It had  been  a  while  since he  was able  to  just  relax and   be in  the  moment and   not  have to  worry  about anything.^

June 18, 2020 13:24
Amelia Corvin

Seeing him smile was all the confirmation I needed.

"You are better than you give yourself credit for."

June 18, 2020 13:28
Marah Whitmoore + Marah watched the woman leave and wiggled her fingers bye bye. Turning to see David and the girl who he was with and smiled it was good to see him happy. Looking at her mom watching the woman leave she went to her and asked+

" You know her? Rafe told me she went to him saying he shouldn't be going through what he was when my memories of him were gone. And he could find someone else What gets me how did she know I had no memory of him when he came back."
June 18, 2020 17:03
LillyEmperium *Lilly listened and nodded*

Yes I know imashe. If this is true, Rafe needs to come speak with me about it.
June 18, 2020 17:13
Vivian Fox

It had been a few days since she left and wanting to make sure things were okay, Vivian walked in with a smile.  Inhaling deeply, each step coming closer to the bar, she saw Lilly and smiled.  Not wanting to sit down for a bit, her smile faded as she sensed trouble in the air but she hoped she'd been wrong. 

"Hiya Lilly and Marah. How's everyone doing?"

June 18, 2020 17:47
David Boru

^  David  walks ove r to the  bar  to  check on  marah and  sees  a new lass Vivian. ^

"Hi  there. IM  David.  Marah older  twin  bother."

^ He  smiles^

June 18, 2020 18:20
Vivian Fox

"Hi David!   So glad to meet you, I'm Vivian, Marah's best friend.  How are you doing today?"

June 18, 2020 18:26
David Boru

"Good. Just  stoppping   by the  bar to  make  sure  Marah is  good  .  She had a  run in  with a lass  before   but  she looks  undercontrol  so  I  wil l be  getting   back  to  my  date.  PLeasure to  me  Vivian.  See  ya  around I  am  sure."

^  He walks   back  to   where Mia  was^

June 18, 2020 18:28
Vivian Fox

"Oh boy!"

Looking around she hadn't seen anyone but she hadn't been there long.  Vivian knew she picked up something and she was happy that she wasn't wrong. 

"Have fun with your date. Soo exciting."

Looking at the time, finally taking her seat, she decided it was best to wait a bit longer. 

June 18, 2020 18:31
Marah Whitmoore "I will tell him mom when ever he gets back"

+She let out a soft sigh then seeing Viv Marah smiled and hugged her. She was relieved to see her bff. She watched David and his date she was really happy for him.+

"Oh Vivie I'm so glad to see you. Where you been hiding?"
June 19, 2020 00:57
Vivian Fox

Returning the hug, Vivian was all smiles. As she let go, she couldn't wait to tell her bff what had been going on. 

"Well, I've been around, not really hiding cause I don't think that would be wise.  I've been talking to Li and honestly, I'm so done trying to remember everything. I'm sure memories will come up and I'll have to deal with them at that given time but honestly, what I remember and what I'm told.  It doesn't sound like I was great. Cold and untouchable is more like it.  I just wanna move on.  Did you know that him and I used to be together but live in separate areas?  Yet we loved one another and I didn't wanna be apart of his life.  What kind of person does that?"

June 19, 2020 12:29
Marah Whitmoore +Marah listened to her friend memories came back about Knight all those years ago with Alaska. But in the long run her and Aly became friends.placing her arm around Vi she placed her head ond her friends shoulders as she spoke+

"I don't know foxy. Knight loved another years ago when we were together and had kids with her. I can help with your memories I can do a spell or put my wolf trance in use. It a stare where I connect with your mind and I can enter you memories.It can bring back those memories. I mean after all you remembered me and my family on your own right?. But sometimes painful memories are blocked in your subconscious and bringing it out could do more harm then good. Now if your talking about his ex wife i knew her. There was a time it was believed she was my half sister. But the truth came out and I found my true family. But sis shes gone and I doubt she will be back. But if there was another I can see where you are coming from."
June 22, 2020 00:26
Amelia Corvin Seeing David I smiled as I hopped on a chair.

"Welcome back."
June 22, 2020 10:35
David Boru

"Wanted  to  make sure  everything  was  good  with the  issue with  that lass  before.  It  seems  to  be  well in  hand now. Her  friend Vivian  is here so  she  should  be  fine. I  can  get  details later  if I  need  them."

June 22, 2020 13:12
Matt Boru

-Matt  appears  at  the  club.  He  had  heard  Ares   died  of  red death  and  was  back  but   if  the  god of  war  wanted  to  talk to  him or  his brother  he  would  come  find  them somehow.  Right now  he  wanted to  just relax and  not  deal  with  any  kind of  drama  from  any one least of  all that side of  his  family.

The  young  witch knew  not to  think it  too  peaceful  as  something always  came  up to  channge  that fact  rather  fast once  said. He  gets a  drink  from  the   bartender and    see  MArah and  Vivian so  he walks over  to  them.-

"Hi  Vi . Marah.  How  have  things  been?  What have I  missed as  of  late?  Anything fun?"

June 22, 2020 13:19
Ronan R Boru

*  The  Irish   witch   walks  back  in and  looks a round . it all  seemed  good  here.  He had  gotten  the information  he  needed  from  Lilly  and   that  was  taken care  of.  He  sees  Matt and smiles.  David  was  still  there  with  his  date. Clearly having a  good  time .  Marah  was  talking to  Vivian  and  there  didnt  appear a t  the moment  that anything   to  worry of  was  going  down. *

June 22, 2020 13:34
Kuroda Li basically slid into the club, passing the bouncer and everyone else as he skidded to a halt right beside Vivian. "Hell there." He said with a smile as he kissed the top of her head. A hand behind his back as he smiled. "Ronan, Marah whats up?" He said as he waved at the others. "You guys good?" June 23, 2020 11:58
Vivian Fox

A bit of confusion struck her when she heard March talk about Knight.  She wasn't sure what to say but shook her head about unlocking memories.  If she had been awful in the past, Vivian didn't want to know.  What mattered most was what was happening now and seeing the ones around her, is what she also wanted. 

"No bestie.  I don't want to remember because if I was a bad person in the past, I wouldn't be able to process that information.  Granted some things will pop up and I'll ask.."    Stopping right there, she had instant memory. "Hey, I do have one question.  Why do I see chocolate ice cream?  I keep getting images of it"

Even though the door opened it wasn't something that concerned her to take a look at who it was.  Her hands now placed into her lap as she still looked at Marah and it was then that a rush of air slid on her other arm and suddenly a pair lips were on hers.  With widened eyes she couldn't help look to see who it was and smiled instantly. 

"Hello you!  I was just talking to Marah....wait...what made up come here?"   Vivian hadn't expected him to show.  Even though this was an open night club, it just shocking to see him.

"Hey, look who showed up! " 

June 23, 2020 12:15
Ronan R Boru

"Good  to  see  you  out Li.  All  is  well  here.  We  are  good . No drama  and  that is  just  the  way  we like  it."

June 23, 2020 12:31
Kuroda "What made me come here?" He asked kissing her forehead before sitting down. "I always drop in when I'm in town." He said handing her a small box of sweets.

He nodded at Ronan. "That's always good news." He said
June 23, 2020 13:23
Vivian Fox

Vivian was all smiles when he spoke and it made sense.  Slowly her eyes followed the small box and she couldn't wait to open it.

"I always find myself here.  I guess you could say it's safe spot for me."

Gently taking the box, pretty much starring at it. 

"Soo..what's inside?"

June 23, 2020 13:40
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  looks a t  marah a nd  smiles.*

" I   just  remembered  I  brought  these for  you .  I  got  a supply  of  Whaite  sage   smudge  sticks  from   my  friend   in  America in  North  Dakota named Sebastian Silvermoon. Thought I  bbring  some  here in case  you  need it later on  for  any  thing."

June 23, 2020 14:11
Kuroda "I'd say sweets for my sweet or sugar for my sugar but I honestly need work on those." He said as he leaned back. "It's chocolate." He smiled June 23, 2020 19:47
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan laughs*

Yeah  those  need  work  there  lad. You  will  get it  eventually.  So  what   besides  chocolate  shopping  have  you  been  up to  then Li?"

June 23, 2020 20:05
Marah Whitmoore "Kit... Vi you were never a bad person. You were awesome your my best friend. I can only make you remember what you want. Im a witch its easy. You never did anything wrong. You helped me along with my family when my 2nd ex Dannt Ocean implanted a evil demon Yuki. Who was dormant for years till Knight died after I gad Bobby. You are a good person. Your my sister.. So to speak. Please let me help you. Only if you want your decision. I love ya girlie." June 23, 2020 21:39
Vivian Fox

"It's just weird at times.  I know I've been here before and yet eveything seems so new.  I feel like I'm a broken record but when a strange image comes, I'll be sure to come to you. "

Hearing how she had helped her long ago, brows now furrowing, green hues looking at Marah as her head canted to the side.

"Did it hurt? Where you in pain?"

But that didn't mean she ignored Li and now wondered about the small box of goodies that laid inside. Eyes never leaving Marah as she spoke once again.

"Li.  Do I dare eat those chocolates?"   Her body slowed turned, eyes slowly following as her brows raised in question. Vivian now studied his face and a smile of question now took over her lips.  "You seriously need to work on those lines. That was terrible." 

June 24, 2020 18:04
Kuroda Li chuckled as he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "Of course you should, bought them for you." He said resting his hand on the table. "I promise I may not stop dropping corny lines." He winked June 27, 2020 11:16
Ronan R Boru

"Looks  like  you  lass  will have t o  deal  with the   corny lines  for a   while.  AS  for  good  or  bad  person  no  you  never   were.  If  you  had  been   marah  wouldnt  of  ever  trusted  you  in  any  form  and  I  sure as  hell wouldnt  of  .  So  since  that  didnt  happen  you  are  fine."

June 27, 2020 12:26
LillyEmperium *walking in, the in time to hear corny lines said. Chuckling she shook her head*

Let's see..... chocolates and Li's corny lines...ah you two must be mending... good good... Soo what's new?
June 29, 2020 23:23
Ronan R Boru

"Hello my  Love. Nothing  is  new.   All  for  now  is  quiet.  What  have  you been  up  too?"

*  Ronan  looks over at  Lilly  and smiles.*

June 30, 2020 14:07
Vivian Fox

" I guess I might have to.  It's better than no lines but seriously they could be worked on."

Hearing the last bit, a smile of relief painted along her features.  Trying to remember anything seemed useless and she definitely quit tring.  Making new memories always seemed better.  

Just as she turned, Vivian heard Lilly's chuckle and she couldn't help but shake her head.

"Yes we are.  But these lines are simply sad." 

July 01, 2020 18:33
Marah Whitmoore +Listening to them she laughed a little. +

"You know Rafe never tossed a line out there hes just straight forward. Now Knight I say he came in first with me on lines like that. And lets not even bring the mutt into it. He was just an ass."
July 01, 2020 20:09
David Boru

^David  walks in to  hear  the  last  bit   from  Marah  and   looks at her. ^

"Wait  whos an ass?  Who needs  to  work on lines ?  What t he  hell  did  I  miss?"

July 01, 2020 20:15
Vivian Fox

Hearing David behind them, she twisted just enough to look him and laugh.  This conversation wasn't exactly helping Li his pick up lines.

"We were just talking about Li and his....umm....I guess he would call it pick up lines but I'm just calling them sad.  If anything, he's caused amusement."

July 01, 2020 20:39
Marah Whitmoore +looks at David.+

"One. Rafe never gave me a pick up line. Two. Knight was the master of them. Granted he made me laugh when he used them. And last its the mutt Danny Ocean who is just a complete Ass. Any more questions?"

+Mar looked at him smiling as sje spoke to her brother+
July 01, 2020 20:43
David Boru

Wow Ok. Better to  be  yourself  then  use  cheesy  pick  up lines anyway  in  the  end.  Each  their  own  though."

July 01, 2020 20:45
Vivian Fox

Vivian watched Marah as she spoke. 

"Girl, you need to have a serious talk with Rafe and see if he says any. And why does that name sound familiar? Danny Ocean.   I feel like we shouldn't say it to much, like it would be summonsing something purely evil. Kinda like Beetlejuice.  Don't say the name."

July 02, 2020 13:04
Ronan R Boru

"He   was  married  to Marah well  before   others . I  didnt  know  him as I  didnt  know  Marah  was  my  daughter at the  time. Had I  known what I  know  now  that marriage would of  NEVER  happened. I  didnt and  from  what I  understand it  was all  handled anyway.  The only lad I  did like  was  Digger Venom and Rafe  seems  like a good  lad  so its good  now. As  for Knight or  Angel  he  is no longer an  issue  and  will be  staying that  way.  Less  the   Boru  bloodline  has to  do  with his  blood the  better right now. They  manage to  bring out the   worse  in  this  family when  they  are around,  the  Kravenoffs."

*  Ronan looks  at  David.*

"You  need  to  speak  to  your  name  sake by the  way on  af ew  things  from  a  bit ago .  Get  the  detail in  private from  your  sister. "

July 02, 2020 14:15
David Boru

"Okay.  That  doesnt   sound good. Marah  we  will talk about it  later and  I  will  talk  to  him later as well."

^He  looks at his  sister.^

July 02, 2020 14:21
Matt Boru

-  After   checking on  Caitlin and  doing a  few  things   Matt  appears  at   Insomnia. He  walks in  and   over to where everyone   was.  He smiles a bit .-

"So  did  I  miss  anything fun while I  was gone?  Caitlin sends   her love and  says  hello. "

-  He  looks over  at  David   a  bit  confused.-

 "Whos  this  then?"

July 02, 2020 15:23
Ronan R Boru

"Matt,   this is   your  oldest  brother  David. David  this  is  Matt Ciaran's  twin . There  now  you both  know and  met.  We  can   move on. "

* Ronan  looks at  them both*

July 02, 2020 17:29
Matt Boru

"Ok then  that   was   blunt  and  to  the  point. Hi  david. I'm  Matthew  and  its a  pleasure  to  meet  you . I  ask  how  you  found  us  but  honestly  with  this  family  you   learn  to  just  follow the  flow  as  best  you can  and   go  with it. I  would  think  it  had  to  do with  a  red  head  that  we  all  share as  a grandmother  that you   did anyway."

July 02, 2020 17:33
David Boru

"Hi  Matt. Pleasure as  well.You  are correct it  was  her and  I am  glad  she  did now. I  just learning  to  go  with the  flow as  you  say. I  heard  about you  shattering  a few  wine  glasses  here.  Sure  that  didnt  make  Marah  here  happy."

^  David  looks  from  his   younger  brother to  his  sister  and    grins.^

July 02, 2020 17:38
Matt Boru

"Yeah she  wasnt  a  fan of  that  but  I  managed  to   keep it  in  check  so  to  say.  Hell I  didnt  even  know  I  could  do it til  my  grandfather  from  my  mother's side, Ares  pissed  me  off. Im  sure  you   have  the  infamous Boru  temper as  well but   we will see  as  time  goes  ." 

July 02, 2020 17:42
LillyEmperium *when Vivian said Danny, Lilly turned*
Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself. However your memory is coming in fragments as I called it the Beetlejuice effect.....

*Slipping her arm around Ronan she kissed his cheek*
I'm well love.....just getting in some practice

*Looking to Viv and Marah, Lilly chuckled*
Cheesy lines are normal
July 02, 2020 22:07
David Boru

"Well  since  your  all  here  I  have  some  news  for  you  all."

^  David  takes a  deep breath a nd   looks a t  them.^

" You remember  the lass I  was  seeing Amelia  right?  Well I  know  Marah  is  going to find  everyway  possible to  mess  with  me on  this  but  Mia and I are  engagged. So  go on  Marah  get it out  while  you  can."

July 02, 2020 22:11
Ronan R Boru

" Yes . She  seems  like a   nice  enough  lass."

*  ROnan  smiles after  hearing  everything.*

"  That  is wonderful  news. I  think drinks  are on me  for the night t hen yeah?"

July 02, 2020 22:16
David Boru

"Sounds like  a  plan  then.  I just  dont  want  her  to  feel  over  whelmed  with  all of  it.  She  doesnt  have   family  here that I  know  of so  its  going to  be  new   for  her  that  whole  thing just like  it  is  for  me  finding  all  of  you and  Marah  again. So  be nice  please."

July 02, 2020 22:26
Ronan R Boru

"it  will  be  fine  David .  Dont  worry. I am  sure  she  will  fit  right in  with the  rest of  us.  Besidees  I think  Ami  and  Caitlin  will  show  her  the  ropes of   being  married  to a   Boru lad  easy  enough as   will  Lilly here.  They are  pros at  it  at  this  point.  She  will  be in good  hands.  Rafe  can  get  help  if  he  needs  it  from  killian when  it  comes  to  the  Boru  blood  females."

*  He looks  to  Marah and  grins.*

July 02, 2020 22:31
David Boru

" I  have yet to  meet  Ami  and Caitlin  but   any  help  she  can  get in  anything  I  am  sure she  will  take with  thanks. I  just  cant   see  life  with out  her.  Its  odd I  never  felt  anything like  this  before ever. Its like   getting hit   with  tiny lightning  bolts when  she  around."

July 02, 2020 22:34
Ronan R Boru

"Im  sure  Matt  can  get   together with  you a nd  her with  Caitlin  as soon as  Caitlin  is a ble  to  do  that  with out  issues.  The  same  with  Ami and  Ciaran.  I think  my love  we  will  need  to  have  that  huge  party  after all  for  more  reasons  now sooner  rather  then  later."

*   He  look  to  lilly*

July 02, 2020 22:51
David Boru

" Sounds  great.  I will see if   she  would  be  up  for  that and a party  for   any  reason  is a g ood  reason  for  one. Name  place and  time and  I  will  be  there  and  make  sure  Mia  is as  well."

July 02, 2020 22:52
Ronan R Boru

*  The high  king  was  going to  let Marah a nd Rafe  use  the rings that were to  be  his  and  Marie's  since  she  was  the oldest  at  the  time of  the  triplets  but  now    they  were  David's  to  use.  Marah  had  her  mother's  wedding  dress  and   jewary  this  was   something  David  could  have. He  makes  the  rings  appear in  his  hand  and  looks  to  david.*

" I think it only  fair  that  you   get  the  chance  to  use  these.  They  were g oing to  be  your mother and  mine  wedding  rings  but  since  Marah  has   things  that  were  hers  already  these  are  yours to  use. Keep  them  safe."

*  Ronan  opens  his  hand  to  show  the  rings  to  David  and  smiles.*

July 02, 2020 23:28
David Boru

^  David  looks  at t he  rings in  his  father's hand  and   he  can  feel  the   love   in  them and  his   mother  near  by.  He  smiles  softly  and    nods. He  takes  the  rings ^

" I  can  do  that .  Thank  you."

^  He   places  them  safe in  to  his   front   right  pocket ^

July 02, 2020 23:32
Matt Boru

"Caitlin a nd  I  will  be  glad  to  help  in  any way  we  an  I  am  sure.  Just ask  and  we will  do  what  we  can. Its  not a  problem. Ami and  mum  have it worse  then Caitie  but  if  she  can  help  she  will I  know."

July 02, 2020 23:39
David Boru

^  He  looks  to  his  younger  brother  and   nods.^

" That  would  be  awesome  actually  for   both  Mia  and I  in  the  end. Thank  you. I will  let  you  know  if   anything   is  needed."

July 02, 2020 23:44
LillyEmperium Congrats David. If she needs anything, or help... July 03, 2020 00:36
David Boru

"I  will let  her  know  that. Im not  entirly sure  she  knows  what   she is  getting  in  to with this  so  you,  Ami and  Caitlin  will  be  the  best   for  information  like  that seeing a s  well you  deal   with the lilkes  of  dad,  Ciaran and  Matt daily . "

^  He  smiles^

July 03, 2020 00:38
Ronan R Boru

"HEY!!!   Your  brothers and I  are not  that  bad . Granted  sometimes  we are a bit not  all there  but  for the  most  part  we  are. It  just  depends on  the  day of  the week and  what  is going on."

July 03, 2020 00:41
LillyEmperium *laughing Lilly smiled and looked to Ronan*

Of course your not love.... perfectly sane..... inside your insanity...

*Looking to David she chuckled*
Any time dear
July 03, 2020 01:21
Ronan R Boru

*  Laughs  a nd  shake  his  head.*

July 03, 2020 10:18
Vivian Fox

Upon hearing the news, she now wore the biggest smile.   

"Awww, Congratulations!   You two must be soo excited.  I definitely would be.   So when's the big day?"

Looking at Marah, Vi couldn't help but watch to see her reaction.  She didn't think it would be anything bad but then again, what did she know.

July 03, 2020 11:14
David Boru

" Havent   talked about  a  day so  cant  tell  you  that  but  as  soon  as w e  have  one  people  will  know  that  need  to all the  details.  "

^  David smiles^

July 03, 2020 11:38
LillyEmperium All in good time, Don't stress it. July 03, 2020 18:52
Vivian Fox

"How exciting!   Man, that must be an awesome feeling. You'll definitely have to keep us updated." 

July 03, 2020 20:11
David Boru

"Oh  Everyone  will  defeinatly  be  updated  that isnt an issue.So no worries  there."

July 03, 2020 22:14
Marah Whitmoore + Taking her last shot,Marah watches the wedding set appear.She wore them briefly when she was married to Knight but when he killed himself and gave them back. Looking at her father her eyes shifted to her twin placing a smile on her face she spoke.+

" Congrats twiny if you need any hel... Excuse me"

+covering her mouth with her hand she turned and headed to the bathroom.+
July 03, 2020 22:25
LillyEmperium *Lilly watched Marah and nodded*
I got it....

*Walking towards the bathroom, Lilly walked in*
Hey you ok
July 03, 2020 22:32
Marah Whitmoore +Marah just got through puking when her mom came in. Flushing the toilet she went to the sink and rinsed her mouth. She took a sip of water splashed her face. Taking a paper towel she dried it feeling feverish. She turned and looked at her mom with a weak smile.+

" Yeah I'm fine I think I had my limit on drinking tonight."
July 03, 2020 22:40
David Boru

" This   cant  be  good .  Whats  going on? Marah  never   been  one  to  run off  like  that?"

^David  looks at  every one.^

July 03, 2020 22:40
Ronan R Boru

"It's  fine David.  Keep  the rings  safe is all. she  had  them   briefly  when  she was  with  Angel Kravenoff .That  didnt  end  well. Its nothing  you   did. "

*  Ronan  sighs. *

July 03, 2020 22:44
David Boru

"If  they  are  going to  have  that  effect on her I  can  get a  new set and  these  can  stay  with  you instead. Last  thing I  want to  do  is  cause any one  issues for anything."

^ David looks  at  them^

July 03, 2020 22:46
LillyEmperium *slipping her arm around Marah, Lilly nodded. Reaching into her pouch she pulled out some breath mints and gave them to Marah*

Here...take couple these dear. Are you sure you're ok? Maybe lil ginger ale and a sandwich
July 03, 2020 22:47
Ronan R Boru

"Just  wait and hold on  to them.  Lilly  will talk  to her and we  will  go  from  there."

July 03, 2020 22:48
Marah Whitmoore +Marah took the mints and realized she hadnt eaten all day.+

" Ginger ale or sprite sounds good. You know I just realized I havent eaten since 4pm yesterday. Never drink on an empty stomach especially when ive been stressed for the past month."
July 03, 2020 23:05
LillyEmperium *nodding Lilly looked to her*
Come...let's fix that Mar. That is definitely not a good mix.
July 03, 2020 23:08
David Boru

^David looks over  as  he  waits   for  the girls  to  come out of  the  bathroom.^

July 03, 2020 23:16
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  goes  behind  the  bar  and   gets Marah  soda instead of  anything else.  Last  thing  she  needed was  more  booze  to   drink.  He  was  sure it  wasnt  the  rings  that  set  her  off  that  it was   the drinking.  He  has  the  kitchen staff  make  her  a  sandwitch with   chips  to  eat.*

" Any one e lse  need  anything  ?"

July 03, 2020 23:20
Amelia Corvin

I hadn't been back since the first date and now here i was, about to become a part of his family. It was time I officially met them all. Walking to the front door, I was dressed in a baby blue halter sun dress, baby blue pump high heels and my now auburn curls around my shoulders. Taking a deep breath I walked through the front doors and looked around until I saw him. It was then that my heart began to soar.

July 03, 2020 23:29
LillyEmperium *walking back out with Marah, Lilly smiled* July 03, 2020 23:31
David Boru

^ David Looks  over  as  Mia walks in.^

I  had  Mia  came  here  so  you  can  all  get  to    know her  some."

July 03, 2020 23:41
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   looks  over to  where  David  was looking  and   looks at  the  others.*

July 03, 2020 23:42
Amelia Corvin

Clearing my throat I looked around at each of them. Never had I felt so small as i did in this moment. 

July 03, 2020 23:50
LillyEmperium *walking over, Lilly extended her hand*
It nice to meet you dear, please call me Lilly
July 03, 2020 23:53
David Boru

^ David  looks  at  her. He  smiles^

"Mia,  This is  my  father  Ronan Boru,  Lilly my  step mother,   Marah  my sister,  Vivian Fox  a  close  family  friend and   Li  also  a  close  family  friend and   one of  my younger  brothers  Matt.  Everyone  this is  Mia."

^  He lets  amelia   take in  all  the names and  then  to  see  what  happens^

July 03, 2020 23:54
Amelia Corvin

Seeing the woman I smiled softly placing my hand in her's.

"A pleasure to meet you Miss Lilly."


July 03, 2020 23:55
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   smiles* 

"Pleasure Amelia. I  know its alot of  names   to  get  used to   but  you  will  be  alright  with them."

July 03, 2020 23:56
Amelia Corvin

"It is Sir but I will adjust."

July 03, 2020 23:58
Matt Boru

- Matt grins.-

" Hi  I'm  Matthew  but   you  can   just  call me  Matt. Pleasure  to  meet  you . Sorry  my wife  Caitlin isnt  here  right now  she  has  some family   things  she is  taking care  of. "

July 03, 2020 23:58
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  looks at her.  He  shakes  his  head.*

"Please lass there is  no  reason  to   call me  sir. Ronan  is  just  fine . I  am  not  big on  formal .Oh  marah  hear  drink  this now  and  I  have  a food  order in  for  you."

July 04, 2020 00:00
David Boru

^ David looks at  her  and  smiles^

"  Just  breath .  It will  be  fine. "

July 04, 2020 10:20
Marah Whitmoore + Coming from the bath room I gave mom a hug that was when I felt a surge go through me and saw the palm of my hand turn a dark red glow. I let go quickly like I was being shocked. Putting a smile on my face I went to the bar and took a sip of my soda that was on the counter. The server brought out my favorite french dip sandwich of prime rib and Au jus. He told her that her father ordered it. Looking at him she wondered how he knew. Taking a stool she sat at the counter and took a small bite of her sandwich.+ July 04, 2020 11:26
Ronan R Boru

" Are  you  feeling  better  Marah? You  need  to make  sure  you   eat.  "

July 04, 2020 11:36
David Boru "Marah this is Amelia . Mia this is Marah my sister. Why is it that I need to talk to David a nd Marcus? Are they alright? Dad said something about them and to ask you . What happened?" July 04, 2020 11:39
Rafe C Whitmoore #Rafe was glad to be back home after all the traveling finding out answers to everything that needed to be addressed. He would talk to Cassandra about it later his first and foremost thing he was doing was seeing his wife and kids. Everyone else would wait. Heading to the club where he knew Marah would be he quickly went and opened the doors as soon as he arrived. He had changed of course just putting on a pair of blue jeans with a black tank shirt. Usually he wore a nice suit when he worked but tonight he just wanted to relax.

Walking up to the bar he leaned against it looking for his wife. He made sure that no one could read his thoughts placing up a block from everyone exception for his wife she was the only one who could read his thoughts. A smile appeared upon his face as he saw his wife coming from the back then he tilted his head a bit when he felt she wasn't feeling to well.#. "Well there she is. Hello my beautiful angel. Did you miss me?"
July 04, 2020 11:40
Marah Whitmoore "Yes Pop-o I will try to remember that."

+looking at her brother she shook her head looking at her dad as she spoke.+

" I'm not to sure on that one brother it could be many things I didnt hear your convo so ask him what he meant."

+ she then looked at the girl and realized it was the one he had on the date with him the other night.+

"It's a pleasure to meet ...."

+ Feeling a presence she knew to well tears filled her eyes and then she heard his voice. Looking up she reached over and hugged him as the tear sparks of the Phoenix fell from her eyes.+

"Rafe? Oh Rafe your back and safe and unharmed. You are unharmed right?"

+ her emotions were overwhelming and her palms turned red and started to Siphon magic from him. Letting go like she was shocked she looked at him +

"Oh sweetie somethings wrong with me this just started happening a month ago when i was fighting some rogue vamps. I think its a new power."
July 04, 2020 11:55
Ronan R Boru

"Lets  just  say had  you  been   here  when  Angel Kravenoff  grabed  daid  like  we  saw  in a  video I  think  You would  of  had  his  head before   he  could  suicide out  again  after   ssending  your  sister  divorce  papers after  the  marrige  was  voided  due  to  him  dying."

*  Ronan  looks at  Rafe and  grins*

" Welcome  back  Rafe. Glad  to see  you  are safe."

July 04, 2020 12:01
David Boru ^ David looks at Marah after hear what his father said. He was now not amused.His eyes flash black then back to normal.^

"He did what?! Yeah it is a good thing he is dead then becasue if he ever touched David or Marcus again I will personally rip his bloody head off his shoulders and send it back to his kin. NO that is unacceptable for sure. IS David ok?"
July 04, 2020 12:04
Ronan R Boru

"Yeah   he  is  fine.  Angel  didnt like  the  fact  that  I  found  out  about it  and  saw  the  video of it from  the  police  station. He w as  pretty  pissed off  actually.  YOur  sister  had  gotten in  to  a  car   accident  and   the  boys  went to  find out  why  Kravenoff   was  on  the  same road  as  her that night and  that  when the  altercation  happened.  Marah   had  the  papers  signed of  cousrse  like  he  wanted. I dont know  if  he  got  them  in  one  peice though. had our  family lawyer  look  them over for  her  before  she did. I  am  convinced it  was all  done to  be  an  asshole  but   it  was  handled. I  think we  know  know  Marah  where  young David  gets  his   temper f rom  dont  we?"

*  Ronan  looks  at  david  and   grins.* 

July 04, 2020 12:10
Marah Whitmoore +Placing her head on Rafes shoulder she looks over at David and smiles.+

"Oh yes David always had the hot temper. Act first ask questions later. Marcus takes after our other brother Marc the calm one who thinks first the react. But I still love you any way Davy."

+Marah smiles at her twin+
July 04, 2020 12:16
David Boru "Well then Angel needs to stay dead because he shows up looking for you him and I will have a go around wont we? Whos this then with the puppy eyes now?"

^ David looks at Rafe.^
July 04, 2020 12:20
Rafe C Whitmoore #Rafe felt like a jolt run through his body but placed his hand gently on her cheek. He looked at her tilting his head some.# "It appears so my love. It is called siphoning and it looks like you got some of it from me when you know."

#He moved his eyebrows up and down then grinned knowing she would know what he was thinking.# "Good thing I came home just in time. I will help you control it."

#He looked over to Ronan then to another who he did not know.# "Yeah thanks Ronan. I am Rafe Whitmoore Marah's husband. But all due with respect if Angel ever comes back you will have to get in line when it comes to that man. If he knows what's good for him he will not return."
July 04, 2020 12:33
David Boru " Ah the husband. Im David , Marah's twin brother. Its a pleasure to finally have a face to go with the name then. this is Amelia Corvin, my fiance. "

^ David reaches his hand out to Rafe.^

"Sounds like Angel pissed off the entire family then. Awesome.You dont put your hands on my nephews any of them and think I am going to be good with that. Least of all David, Who is my namesake."
July 04, 2020 12:38
Marah Whitmoore +seeing Rafes brows move up and down she laughed nudging him.+ Stop that your so bad. But yes I remember when you gave me your blood.Sweetie this is David as in my twin David. Seems that grams Brigit sent him back. As you see David Rafe has issues with Knight. Long story short she was there through my marruage with him. And this is mt true love life mate Rafe. We eloped because of him and Danny coming back. But our wedding is coming soon and Kitty...Viv here better still be my matron of honor she took that position before her new life here came. "

+Marah was about to take another bite when she felt sick againthinking her face was turning green.+
July 04, 2020 12:42
Ronan R Boru

"Kravenoff had a  gift  for   that   yes more  then once pissing off  the  family  but  he  not here so  its all  good now. He liked  to  toss around  titles  when  he   felt  threatened. None of   which  ment   anything to  us in  the  end. I  believe  he  managed at one  point to   piss off  your  Aunt   Siobhan and   Ciaran's  wife   Amethyst  with  that  bull shit  too. "

*  Ronan  looks  to  Marah. This  was  more  then  just   drinking  binge and  stress. He  looks over to  her  a  bit  concerned.*

"  Are  you  sure  you  are alright Marah?"

July 04, 2020 12:47
Amelia Corvin

Looking at them my eyes go to Marah.

"A pleasure to see you again Marah." I spoke looking back at David. "My Love I asked Marah to be my Maid of Honor."

July 04, 2020 12:50
David Boru " What ever you wish my darling is fine. I am leaving that all up to you . "

^ David smiles^
July 04, 2020 12:55
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   sits  and  watches  everyone. If  Marah  kept  looking  like she  was  going  to puke  he  was  going to  call  Ciaran. For  now  though  he   just  watch everyone.*

July 04, 2020 13:01
Amelia Corvin

Smiling I move to his side and took his hand into my own. 

"I know, before our wedding I think there is one that needs to happen with haste." I spoke looking at Rafe and Marah.

July 04, 2020 13:05
Rafe C Whitmoore #Rafe was scanning Marah as he listened to everyone. He was good at what he can do and no one would know what he was doing except for Marah. He then smiled with a nod.# "It is nice to meet you as well. I wasn't happy he placed his hands on my child either. Yes I legally adopted all of Marah's children. We do not have any of our own just yet but in time we are hoping. But all her children are mine and I love them all the same. Oh that's right I had something made just for you special. I plan on of asking Marcus and little David to be my best men on our special day." July 04, 2020 13:25
David Boru "I am sure it will happen as soon as they want it to and is over due yes. We will work it out. Dont worry." July 04, 2020 13:25
Amelia Corvin

"I'm not worried my love."

July 04, 2020 13:37
Marah Whitmoore " I'm good Vi dont worry.."

+ she smiled at her bestie then taking a few deep breaths marah started to feel hot getting up she looks at everyone.+

" I need some fresh air. Anyone else feeling hot?.Excuse me for a few."

+Marah takes her leave openning the double doors to go out side walking up the ramp she bends over taking in deep breaths. That was when she heard deep British voice.+

Darklighter: (speeping as he looks her up and down)"Well look what we have her a little witch all by her self. Feeling ill are we? Well thats not all you'll be feeling. " ( taking his bow he aims it at her)

+Marah looks up and sighs+

"Oh great all I need is a daklighter to make my night even better."

+ Before he could get his arrow with swift speed she grabs the dark lighter her palms glowed dark red as she siphoned all the magic from him into her making his face and body go to a death gray. Marahs eyes turn black she let go of the dead body. She looks up at the sky taking in all of the magic almost like what a vampire would do when he fed. Looking back down at the dead body she let out a snicker as her eyes turned back to blue.+

" You were saying what?"
July 04, 2020 13:45
Vivian Fox

Whatever was happening, Vivian noticed but didn't say a word.  Something wasn't right when she and Lilly came back.  A brow raised slightly as she watched Marah.  Head slightly canting to the side.

"What's up bestie?"

Looking at everyone, her smile had returned.

"This is sooo exciting!  Don't mind me, I'm Vivian Fox.  It's so nice to meet you and Congratulations!  Now you'll have to fill us in on the date.  I really don't know why but I get so happy."

This was something she had to think about later and when Marah went over to her husband, she gave a wave.

"Hell Rafe.  Welcome back...I guess.  Or did I know you were gone?   Anyways, Hi."

Leaning over, giving Li a nudge, she tried to keep her excitiment down. 

"Soo many weddings are gonna be happening.  Or at least one.  Haha, what's wrong with me?"

Vivian had just lost train of thought when Marah left and this time, she was not letting her out of her site.  Instantly following her,  she could hear her talking and walking about beside her, this definitely something was off.

"Marah?   What is going on?!   Don't you dare tell me nothing cause this looks to be something."

July 04, 2020 13:46
David Boru " I'll be right back I need to talk to Marah real fast on a family matter from before."

^ David walks out. Looks at the dead body. He looks at marah.^

"I dont want to know . You are ok with me having the rings dad gave me and using them right? "
July 04, 2020 13:48
Rafe C Whitmoore #Rafe was talking to his wife when she acted strange a bit. He felt something was off but he looked at the woman then smiled.# "Hello. Sorry would you excuse me for one moment I will be right back."

#He needed to follow his wife for a moment to see what was really going on. As he did he watched her in action with someone then it became very clear it was alot for her to handle. He needed to talk to her without anyone being around.# "Marah."

#He walked over to her taking her hands into his. Looking deep into her eyes he then spoke.# "You have to learn to control this taking to much power at once and from certain magic creatures is not good."

#He took some of the magic she took so it would not be so much on her.# "No more going alone I am here now so lean on me. Besides this stuff going on with your new powers is there anything else you want to talk about while we are out here alone."

#He gave her a soft smile.#
July 04, 2020 13:56
David Boru ^ Seeing Rafe come out David walks back inside before Marah can answer. It could wait in the end.^ July 04, 2020 14:03
Marah Whitmoore +Marah knew her brother was behind her before he spoke. Looking at him she smiled still reeling from the rush of magic she just took in.+

" Yeah sure its cool. Wearing those when married to Knight made me feel like our mother was there. I hope she enjoys them and takes care of them. "

+seeong Rafe she looked back at her brother.+

"Dave we can talk later I think I need to talk to Rafe alone right now."

+Marah took his hands and let him release some of the magic that she just took.+

"Sorry babe he came at me and i lost control."

+looking at the dead darklighter her eyes shot fire burning the body to ash+

" Well that takes care of that. I dont know whats happening to me its like its taking over and controls me."
July 04, 2020 14:06
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan sees  David   come  back  in  and  sighs.  he  knew what he   had  to  ask  Marah  about. It  was   Ronan  call  the  rings so  if  there  was  an  issue   it  could  be  taken  up  with him  not  David or  any one else. *

"  I  will  see  you  all  later. David  dont   push  the  rings  thing.  I was  call   and  if  there is an  issue  the  person  with it  can  come  voice it to  me alone. I   have a   few  things  that  need  my  attention  right now that  are   important. Sheould  any one  need me  you  can  come  to  dromoland  and  I  will  be  there."

*With that  said  the  Irish  fire  witch  vanishes  in   blue  black  flames*

July 04, 2020 14:10
Matt Boru

"I  swear  he  never  stops.  They  keep  him on  his  toes  the lot  back  home. Though  he  has  never   done  that  in front  of  this  many  people before with  the   flames. Dromoland  so  you   know Amelia is a   castle  back  home  in  Ireland  that  has   been  in  the  Boru  family  and  our seat of  power  for well  ever  to  be  honest. There  has  always  been a   Boru  there or one  of  our   relations  there. Yeah  David  the  rings  I  know  what ones  he  speaks of  and  they  were  his  call to  make what to  do  with them.

I a m  going to   go  check  on  my  wife now .I  will  talk  to you  all  soon. Pleasure  meeting  you  Amelia and  if  you  should  need anything   I a m  sure   Caitlin  can  help  as soon  as  she  can  get done  doing  what  she  is tied  up  with  at  the moment."

-  Matt  vanishes  in   orbs and   is  gone.-

July 04, 2020 14:20

~ Ciaran  appears  from  the  back.  He looks at  every one and  looks over a t  the lass  with   david.~

" Hey  David. Whos  the  lass?  I'm  Ciaran, David's brother."

~The   Irish  crown prince  smiles  softly~

July 04, 2020 14:25
Rafe C Whitmoore #Rafe looked at his wife then took her hand. He learned how to control the power so it had little effect on him.# "We will figure everything out but come. Let's go back into the club I have something for you in front of everyone."

#He chuckled a bit then headed that way.#
July 04, 2020 14:30
Marah Whitmoore +Taking Rafe's lead they go back in to her club. Over hearing her father and younger brothers remarks about the rings pissed her off more then they would ever know. The rings were no big deal to her. Even though they were promised to her but that was not important mere childish for them to think that. Leading him to the next table she sat down and looked up at him.+

"So my love what was it that you wanted to show me?"

+she smiles batting her eyes+
July 04, 2020 14:34

"Well now  today  is f ull of   interesting  things.  Hello  Rafe."

~  He  smiles~

July 04, 2020 14:36
Rafe C Whitmoore #He saw Ciaran and waved to him.# "Hey Ciaran.

#Rafe could feel his wife's emotions but he gave her a smile. He pulled out two ring boxes the first one was in a red box then he wanted to do it the right way this time even though they were already married. But this was something special. Getting down on his knnee in front of everyone he took her hand in his as he looked up in her beautiful blue eyes then spoke.#. "I know we already are married but we really didn't do it right though I do not regret how we did it. Marah Danielle Boru Whitmoore will you do me the honor and be forever my wife?"

#He opened up the engagement ring box.#

July 04, 2020 14:41
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at the rings and with tear filled eyes she touched them then held her hand out to him.Seeing the designs she gasped.+
"Yes ..yes a thousand times yes. They are Phoenixs but how? when?"
July 04, 2020 14:46

~Ciaran smiles a  bit. He  was  glad   that  Rafe  was  back  .It  meant  that   Marah  wouldnt  be  such a   worry  wart  now.  He  was assumig  things in  Romania were  back  to  normal n ow  since  Rafe was  here.~

July 04, 2020 14:47
Rafe C Whitmoore #He turned them both so they would fit as a yin and yang like then placed them on her left hand getting up.# "They are a yin and yang when they turn like so it represents our union along with these."

#Pulling out another ring box he opened it up revealing their wedding bands.#

#He smiled as he answered her question.#. "I have a family member who can have them specially made. This was one of my surprises for you. It represents my clan is now yours as well."
July 04, 2020 14:51

~  Ciaran   smiles. this  was a   good  thing .  The  family  needed to  feel  normal a nd  Marah  needed it more  then  the  rest of  them.~

July 04, 2020 14:56
David Boru ^ David smiles .The rings were nice and he knew they make Marah happy in the end.^ July 04, 2020 14:57

~Ciaran  looks  at  Marah a nd  speaks.~ 

" the  rigs  are nice. They are  you  for  sure. Da  said   you  were looking a  bit  green to  him and   wanted  me  to  check on  you . You  seem  fine  though  now. "

July 04, 2020 14:59
Marah Whitmoore +Watching him fix the rings together her eyes lit up seeing what their wedding bands were. +

" A Phoenix and a Dragon. Oh Rafe they are beautiful and vety special to me. And even tho I am a Phoenix literally.And love, you are such a dragon."

+she winks at him playfully rhen looks at her Cici+

" just feeling a little sick from not eating then drinking. Wont do that again."
July 04, 2020 14:59

~ Ciaran  shakes  his  head  and   looks a t  them.  .~

"apparently   anything  that  was  wrong is now  not  so  If  I  am  not  needed I  have a   pregant  wife  to  get  back  to and   some   rambuncous  kids  as  well.  If I  am  needed  you  all  know  how  to  get a  hold of  me. Talk  to you  all  later.  Good  to  see you  back  Rafe."

~  Ciaran  walks  to  the  door  and   vanishes once  out  side.~

July 04, 2020 15:05
Rafe C Whitmoore #He chuckled at her words as he pulled her into his arms. Placing his forehead against hers that was when he heard a extra heartbeat as Ciaran was talking then a smile appeared upon his face.# "Well besides her new power that is because you carry a little siphon. Why didn't you tell me love?"

#He looked at her with love and happiness.#
July 04, 2020 15:10
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looks up at him shicked shaking her head.+

" Your kidding me right? How... I know how ok. I I didnt know. From the stress of you being gone it never crosssed my mind. Really we' actually can hear it. Of course you can duh vampire."
July 04, 2020 15:15
David Boru ^ David looks to Mia a nd smiles.Then speaks to her. ^

" I think we should let them be for a while yeah. They need to be alone for now. We can find some where else to be . We need to talk of our plans any way. Your place again Mia? I can meet you there."

^ David vanishes too so that Marah a nd rafe can spend time alone.^
July 04, 2020 15:16
Vivian Fox

Hearing Rafe's voice, she nodded and went back inside and took her seat next to Li.   Looking at him she smiled and that's when she heard everyone come back in.  This didn't mean she wasn't concerened but knew that with Rafe here, Marah would be okay.  

Looking at Li, about to ask him a question, Viv heard gasping and saw what was happening. Instantly her hand came up and cupped her mouth and it was everything she could do not to burst into excitement.  This time, she kept nudging Li.

"Oh my god, look what's happening!  Loooook at them."

It was then she found herself crying with joy and had to snap herself out of it and realized her words were muffled by her hand.  Eventually her hand came back down as she watched her best friends face.  

July 04, 2020 15:18
Kuroda Li was on his phone when Vivian came back and sat beside him. His free hand automatically went into her hair as he unknowingly massaged her scalp. Feeling the nudges he looked to where she was staring and smiled at what he saw. He kissed Vivian on the cheek in the process."Glad she's happy." He said in her ear as he didn't want to disturb the happy couple July 04, 2020 19:49
Vivian Fox

She loved the way his hand felt against her scalp and it only made her smile that much wider.  Whispering back, Viv could see how Marah's happiness. 

"I know she is.  They're so cute."

Looking back at him, the smile she wore wasn't disappearing. 

"Having fun?"  She whispered. 

July 04, 2020 21:09
Amelia Corvin
I wasn't sure what was going on but I followed David's lead and snuck out of the club and went to my loft. Fiddling with my keys I let out a breathe and opened the do. 
July 04, 2020 22:21
LillyEmperium *quietly Lilly slipped out without saying anything* July 05, 2020 00:15
Kuroda "I tend to when ever I'm around you." He said kissing her cheek again, then her neck. All while his hand remained in her hair massaging her scalp. July 05, 2020 00:37
Vivian Fox

"You're such a tease Mr. Kuroda.  Tell me, what else can you do?"  She managed to keep her voice low or at least she hoped so.

July 05, 2020 00:59
Marah Whitmoore

*Marah looked over at Vi giving Rafe a kiss , getting up she went to Vi and sat next to her , Waiting for them to finish she then spoke.+

"12 days! Saturday the 18th my maid of honor. At Rafe's home, Trans all day till the ceromony you are mine. Li you will be there of course right ?"

July 06, 2020 10:21
Vivian Fox

Looking at Marah, her smile was wide as she got up and gave Marah a hug.  Squeezing just a lil bit, Vi couldn't wait.

"Oh my god girl, you have me crying!  I'm so happy for you and it's going to be a lot of fun."   Letting Marah loose from her grip, eyes widening. 

"Wait?!  We have to get ready and decorate and find clothes to wear.  I have nothing left but..well, basically what I'm wearing.  I can not wait..  It's gonna be so exciting!!" 

July 06, 2020 10:56
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  flames  back  to  the  club  after  he  dealt  with  what  he  needed to  . He looks around. Everything looked  normal  like  when  he  left. David and  his  fiance  left  though  everyone  else  was  here.*

July 06, 2020 12:22
LillyEmperium *walking back in, Lilly smiled*
July 06, 2020 21:09
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  sits   at a  near  by table and  lets  marah  chill out with  Vivian and   the  younger  group.*

July 06, 2020 21:20
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  looks  to  Lilly and  finishes off  his  drink.*

"  I  came t o  check on everything  here.  It all  seems  to  be in  order and    that is  good  so  I  think  its  time  for  some  down  time  for  me a t least  back  home away from  the   noises and   the rest of it .  I  need  to  train  up  a few  things  and   I'm  tired of  the  noise  really  here.  Stay  and   have  fun  but  I  need  to  go  now  that I  know  things are   good  here."

*  Ronan  stands  up  to   leave.  he  really  needed  to  just   find   peace   on  his  own away from  the  noise around  him.*

July 08, 2020 13:19
LillyEmperium *Gently she touched his face, she could see things were getting to him. Smiling softly she nodded*

It's ok love...go on. Everything will be fine
July 08, 2020 14:28
Ronan R Boru

"I'll  see you  when  you  get  home. Be  careful ."

*  He   looks   back at  her  and kisses  her  cheek before  walking out  and  vanishing.*

July 08, 2020 14:37
Marah Whitmoore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Day ~~~~~~~~~~

+ Marah goes into the club before it opens in tears after comin from her fathers house.over hearing their conversation sets not only her emotions put her powers as well start to go out of controll. Her hair turns to fire and ice with her eyes matching that of her fire and ice phoenix. The building starts to shake and the bottles rattle looking at the tray of glasses drying she blows them up.

Taking a good hour for her to calm down she cleaned and replaced the glasses. Taking the book that Rafe gave her she opens it up and starts reading it.+

Siphoning is the distinct ability of Siphoners and witch-vampire hybrids to absorb magic from another source other than themselves, unless they're a hybrid. The source of magic can come from almost anything including other witches or supernatural beings, bound spells, enchanted objects and even vampire blood.

This ability requires physical contact and when activated, it gives off a faint red glow. While in some instances the process of siphoning has been known to cause intense pain, other instances have been painless.

July 08, 2020 22:38

~ Ciaran  walks in  to  the  club  to   see  Marah  reading.~

"  Hey  whats  up ?  Wht  ya  reading  now?"

July 08, 2020 23:01
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked up when she heard her brother and spoke. +

"Hey Cici just a book Rafe gave me on this power i picked up from him. Apparently when he gave me his blood to heal me from when Yuki took over me. Apparently Rafe is a Siphoner. Seems his mother is from a powerful magical family called the Gemini Coven. Seems that some of it passed on to me with his blood."
July 08, 2020 23:18

"Cool.Well   at least  you  know w here  you  got  it  from  now  so  that is   good.  What  else is  new and  going  on? Sorry I  havent  been  around I  had a  few  things  that  needed to  be  taken  care  of."

July 08, 2020 23:20
Marah Whitmoore " Well besides Rafe being back were finally going to have our wedding that should have happend on Valentines Day but that was postoned due to a threat on my life. He wants to do it right cause we only eloped so he could protect me from Knight and the mutt Danny. And Im carrying a Siphoning baby or two. Besides that not much. Rafes been taking really good care of me. So whats up with you." July 08, 2020 23:39

"Same old  same  old. Ami and  the  kids a re  visiting  her  dad  for  a  bit   so  I  am  left to  my own devices.  So  things are  working out  well  then  for  you  and  Rafe?  That  is  great. You  will  have  to  send  the  details  to  Ami cause knowing  me  i  lose  them between  now and  then .'

~  He  laughs.  ~

" Something  else  seems  to  be  bothering  you  though so  spill it.  I can  see it  in  your  eyes."

July 08, 2020 23:42
Marah Whitmoore + Smiling she answered+

" Things are awesome. Just a little scared and nervous about being pregnant again. I know its been a year ago I lost my first child with him. I dont want nothing to go wrong this time is all. Glad Ames us ok I ll give her a call cause the big day is a week from this Sat on the 18th. And why did you ask that about Rafe and me? When he vanished a year ago it was because of an enemy band of Rogue vamps that cloned him and the clone killed himself making me believe it was the real Rafe. He explained all that at dads remember at the meeting at the round table.He never would of done that i know it now. I never should of left him. I should have believed in our love.His love for me. Like yours for Ami."
July 08, 2020 23:59

"No  reason  I  was  just  checking a nd  its  not  Rafe  that  has  you   bent out so  spill  it. I  remember the  whole  meeting that  night  yes  but  again  its not  Rafe nor  babies  that has  you  all   looking   worried and  up set. Da  tought  us   yong to  be  able  to  read and  see  people  microexpression  that  they  dont  even  now they  have going on. Matt and I  are  rather  good  at  that."

July 09, 2020 00:03
LillyEmperium *walking into the club, Lilly walked over. Setting her hand on the counter, Lilly produced an old brooch pin in the shape of a dragon with flames around it*

I'm going to start with giving this to you. This was an heirloom, I thought you might like it.
July 09, 2020 02:11

"I  will  let you  two  talk.  MArah  send  the  details  to   Ami so  she  has  them and  we  can  talk later. You  know  where I  am. "

~With  that  ciaran   walks  out and   back  to  Ami and  the  kids.~

July 09, 2020 10:35
Marah Whitmoore " Really Ciaran there is nothing else honest so no need to do your boogedy boogdey magic facial readings on me. Im fine little brother."

+ After answering her brother she saw her mom walk in and go over to her. Looking at the broach she looked up at her and spoke+

" Yes I'd love it but are you sure you don't want to give this to Ames. She told me you adopted her after Katherines last appearance to her."
July 09, 2020 22:38
LillyEmperium *Lilly looked to her and nodded*
I have something different to give Ami upon her return. I could literally give each of you something, and may yet....and still have plenty to give my own when it's time hun.

But this...this piece was given to me ages ago to hold til the time was right. I believe now is that time. The dragon and flame....dragon and phenix....I also have something else for you... something to help with that new ability. It's a type of glove. Helps block many abilities that are done via hands. Best part.....not many will be able to tell your wearing them
July 10, 2020 00:09
Marah Whitmoore "Well if your really sure you want me to have it thank you very much it means a lot to me. Thank you for worrying about my new powers seemed i got that from Rafe when he fed me his blood a couple of times after the time you took Yuki out of my body. He gave me a stone to place the magic in so he can teach me how to control it. Seems his mother comes from a long line of siphon witches known as the Gemini Coven. Mom Rafe if taking good care of me. Thats why we eloped a year and a half ago so he could protect me from Danny and Knight when they returned. But he wants to make it right everytime we planned our wedding something came up and interferred. But not this time I am going to have My wedding the one I always dreamed of but never gotten. And no one is going to ruin it. Ive known Rafe for 4 years not just a month." July 10, 2020 00:29
LillyEmperium *Taking out the pair of gloves, Lilly layed them infront of Marah as she listened. Looking to her she nodded. Slowly she raised her hand slightly as two tumblers appeared as did a bottle of rum. Slowly she poured both and slid one infront of her daughter*

It is part of my job to be concerned about new abilities in my children. I know things like these can be nerve racking....

*Taking a drink, she smile soft*
Mar, I'm happy for both you and David. I can not give you an engagement you and Rafe did elope.

I can see to your brother having one and you having a grand reception after your wedding.
July 10, 2020 03:34
Rafe C Whitmoore #Rafe had came out of the backroom but stood out of sight. He knew Marah was upset he could fee it as he always did. It was part of the connection between life mate's. He heard what Lilly said about the gloves and all. Walking out he went to Marah's side kissing her forehead.# "Are you okay? Hi Lilly how are you? I kinda heard a little when I was coming from the back. She doesn't need gloves I got it all covered I promise. Just like with any power or new abilities you have to learn how to control them. I have it covered she will get it down. My grandmother taught me what to do when I found out I had it when I was little so I am teaching her the same thing."

#Rafe rubbed Marah's back a little as he continued with a smile.# "The whole eloping thing was not really a real wedding nor a engagement. I did that to protect her from asshole one and asshole two. I do recall asking her officially to marry me in front of the family a year ago and no one gave us a party of any kind. Marah do you recall that happening?"
July 10, 2020 12:35
LillyEmperium *Raising a brow Lilly looked to Rafe*

She needs them when in public, until she's gained control. I would advise you to relax Rafe, unless you wish me to question your many disappearances. Especially seeing how you just returned after her brother did....also, was I there when it happened....

*Raising her hand slightly she waved off her own question*
Do not be that way not give me excuses for why daughter has been worried and stressed and lonely. If you were not related to my friend, this would be a different story.

*Taking a drink Lilly nodded*
Fair enough.....I know how to handle this....
Seeing as Mar chose not to ask me for help...i will offer up the tavern for a get together...celebrate the fact you have returned and you two WILL wed.

*reaching into her pouch she pulled out a vial and emptied it into her glass. refilling it she took a drink.*

I did not come here for all of this, I came to make sure Mar was ok. Instead.....well it's ok. Mar I'm not sure why you ran from the house, however I do wish you and the kids would understand.... You're father has been through a lot....since before you were born. He may be a long liver....but in this state he is not immortal. Stress amongst other things have taken a toll over the years

*Looking to Rafe Lilly spoke gently*
Oh by the way Rafe, did you explain to Marah what tends to happen to twins descendents with the gemini coven? You may wish to, being she herself is a triplet and twins do seem to run in her family
July 10, 2020 13:15
Marah Whitmoore +looking back and forth she sighed closing her eyes as her mom spoke she wanted to just shut her emotions off.Opening the up she spoke+

" What's wrong with my father? Is it serious? Rafe been called to look for Skye's twin who turned to the other side. He is the reason that Rafe had a clone who died. He managed to escape and come back. But his brother found out where we were so he hid me and the kids. His brother is still out there. Skye is in hiding. He only wants me safe. And yes I know about the merging but that stopped him and Quinn never merged nor Skye and Alex. I left cause I over heard everything. And it's fine the prodigal son is back from the dead. He's not the brother I knew. I'm sure it changed him but I've changed as well. Yes he is 2 1/2 minutes older then me so he should get everything. "

+ Closing her eyes she was about to switch it off and rid the hurt and pain she was feeling+

July 10, 2020 19:45
LillyEmperium *closing her eyes Lilly sighed*
Unless you became a mouse in your father's pocket. You only heard a small portion of the conversation.

*Standing up Lilly maintained her composure, her grace and dignity as well.*
As to your father.... don't you worry your little heart. While he's dealing with things from the past, I'll be there to pull him back every time. You may not realize this, however we just past the anniversary of your mother and sister's death. As well as him trying his damnedest to hold himself together so no one, no family and especially no outside person sees he's slowly losing his mind due to everything that's happened.

Understand, I took a vow to protect him...and all he loves and holds dear. This includes his ...our family. That was before I took my wedding vows... You and the rest will never understand.. however I can promise, that mutt will be me putting him down
July 10, 2020 22:36
Marah Whitmoore +Hearing her mom speak she looked at her this time her voice was angered ..calm but stern+

"I love my father.And i do worry about him even if you don't think I do mom. It took a while to getting use to having a father since Dave and I were only 4 years old when they died. I had no one till Uncle Ceph showed up. But he wasn't really my uncle. My..our whole child hood was a lie. A damn lie. Then when I find out the truth about our parents our mom is dead. I never got to know her. I know I'm not a saint like she was I wish I was but I didn't have her to mold me.If I could change places with her I would. She could be here with my sister and I would be gone. He could..wouldn't have a screw up for a daughter. I'm just sick of all this. I just can't...can't.."

+ All this emotion started to build up to anexity her breathing stopped and she gasped she could feel the baby siphoning from inside her making her weak and dizzy. Taking a few steps past Rafe heading to the bathroom she blacked out and fell landing on the cold floor.Her face pale and skin burning up.+
July 10, 2020 23:13
LillyEmperium Marah I never said.....

*Before Lilly could finish speaking, Marah collapsed. Moving in a blink she dropped to her knees beside her. Lightly touching her, she quickly pulled her own gloves off. Touching Marah at the neck then chest, she looked at Rafe. *

This is not good....

*Placing one her hands at Marah's stomach, the other at her head. Lilly closed her eyes and softly whispered as she let her own energy flow to Marah*

come on little is not the time for this...take...not of her...will not let it happen....

*Carefully she kept her mind open, she didn't want to alert Ronan if she could help it. Lilly knew she could help. She just had to hold on*
July 11, 2020 01:53

~ Ciaran was  taking  care of  a    scraped  knee of  one of  the  kids  in  Ashford   when  they   feel out  with  their  parents    when  he   got a   odd sensation that something  was off  with his  family.  He  finishes   the   knee  and    looks  at  the   little   girl a nd   her  parents. ~

"She  will  be  fine  nothing   but  a  scrape. it  will heal in  a few  days  just   keep a  clean  band aid  on  it a nd  it   clean .   Be  careful  running  after  the   boys lass."

~  The   parents  thank  the  Prince knowing  who  he  was but  not  saying any  thing  to  the  rest of  the  people out and  about. Ciaran    orbs  to  the   club and  sees   the   distress.  Even   after  hearing  what  was  said  to  him   as  he  left  by  Marah   he    is   near  his  mother.~

"what   happened?  How long  has  she  been  down? "

July 11, 2020 12:00
LillyEmperium *keeping her eyes closed as she continued to let her own energies flow. Softly she whispered*

You're sister collapsed....not too long... becareful seems she is with bundle
July 11, 2020 12:17

"That  shouldnt  make one   collapes  what  are nt  you  telling  me?  Some  insight on  this  would  be  great  there  Rafe  at any point  seeing a s  your  wife is in  distress. " 

~  Ciaran    looks  at   her  then  to  Lilly   his  right  hand starts  to   glow  and   he  uses  it   as  he  knows in  this  situation  he  can.   If  Marah  can  siphon   make   healing  magic  like  the  Borus have  is a  good   way  to  siphon  as  well the  darker  magic that  she  might of   collected.

He  places  one hand  on   Marah's  head  the other  over  Lilly's  hand on   Marah  abdomion. This  way  both   sister a nd  chid  will  be  able  to   use  the  healing   energy. It  would  also  help  Lilly  keep   up  what  ever  she  was  doing    by  using   Ciaran   power as  a  kicker. It  was  dangerous   due  to  how  fast it  could   weaken  the  crown  prince  but  he   didnt  even stop  to  think  he  just  reacted.~

July 11, 2020 12:32
David Boru

^  While  getting  something  to  eat   David  feel  Marah  pass  out  and   locates  her  at   the   club.   With in a   link  of  an  eye  he  is  there  and  over  by  her.  He   sees  his   brother and   Lilly  and  Rafe.  He    appeared   right   kneeling     so  Marah's  head  was on  his  lap.^

" What  happened Rafe? Lilly?  "

July 11, 2020 12:39

~  Ciaran  looks   up  to  david.~

" DAvid  I  need   you   to    just   talk  to   her. Say  what  ever  you   want   but   keep  her  mind  focused  here.  Rafe   you  need  to  do  the  same . Use  mind links  or  what  ever  you  want   just  keep  the  focus on   her  mind  here.  Rafe  talk  to  the   child  if  you  can. Calm  it down  .  Seems  it   aggitated  by  something  more  then  likely and   did   she   eat  today?"

July 11, 2020 12:44
LillyEmperium *Lilly's head dipped slightly she she kept whispering something under her breath that wasn't recognizable. Slowly her eyes opened revealing a purple hue as she whispered*

She fault..... shouldn't have....

*Lilly knew if she pushed enough of her own, both Marah and the baby would be fine. *
July 11, 2020 12:50

"  What  ever it  was  its  not  the  issue  right now   Lilly  trust  me.  This  can   be  fixed.  I  dealt  wirth   worse  then  this  from  mortal  mothers. It  pays   ten  fold  having  the  medical  degree  I  am  slowly  learning  with this  family.   Use   the  extra    energy   of   my powers  if  you  have  to  any of   you  to  boost  your  own if   needed. Trust  me  I  know  what I  am  doing."

~  Ciaran  knew  he  was  playing   it   dangerous  and    if  all his  energy   was  used  here it  would  take   more  then  a  few  days  for  him  to  recover but   that  didnt  matter.~

July 11, 2020 12:57
David Boru

^  David   goes  silent  his  eyes  close  he   uses   what   his  brother  refered  to   as a  mind link  to  talk  to  Marah  .^

"Hey  Dont  worry   Ciaran is here.  Use   his  energy  but  you  need  to  stay here. I  dont  know  Rafe but  We  need  to  get to now. Besides if  you  go  any  where  I   will  never  hear  the  end of  it. Hell  use  mine but  you   need  to  stay  here. Yes  our  childhood  was a  pack  literal   lies and  I  am  sure   the  elders of it  knew  the  truth and   decided  not to  say  a   bloody  damn  word  to  us  until  now.  Its  not  fair  no  but   we   have got  tomorrow.  Dont  go  where  none  of  us  can  follow."

July 11, 2020 13:01
Vivian Fox

Vivian had stepped away for a quite a bit.  A much needed conversation with Li was important and as soon as it was done, the smile was still there until she turned the corner and saw Marah on the floor.  Concerned, Vivian quickly ran to her body. Seeing that Lilly, David and Ciaran were already working, she couldn't help but ask. 

"Oh my god!  What the hell happened?!"

She knew she had a lot on her mind but when her hand touched her leg, she could feel the heat that was coming off of her.

"Oh my god.  Is she going to be okay??  Is there something I can do?"

Panic in her own voice, all Vi could do was watch and hoped that she could be useful in someway.

July 11, 2020 14:03

"Vi  Chill out  !  Go  get   wet  cool  wash  rags  and   ice  water  as  well.  We need  to   bring her temp  down  as  well.  GO NOW!!!"

~Ciaran   knew  what he  was  doing  the  heat  was  the   thing  that needed  to   ge    controled  right now  too  hot  is  too  dangerous  for  her and   the  child. Didnt  matter  though   Ciaran  was  good at  thinking  in  crisis  mode.~

July 11, 2020 14:16
LillyEmperium *As her mind wavered, a 6ft tall figure appeared in the club.*
What are you doing...

*Before he could finish speaking, Lilly uttered*

*Reaching his hand out to touch Lilly, he could feel heat*
Mother.... your going to...

*Lilly cut her son off quickly*
not now Theo....... I'll be... fine

*Turning he went over grabbed some ice and stuck it in His mother's mouth before looking over and whispering*

*Her only response was*
Why that cloak.....

*He looked over And nodded to Ciaran as he placed his hands on Lilly's shoulders.
July 11, 2020 15:32
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan can  feel  Lilly   power  base   weaken and    he   closes  his  eyes   and    leans   back on  the  stone   bench by the  fire  pit at  home and  sends   some of  his  to  her.  He  can  feel  Ciaran a nd  David  as  well though  he  isnt  entirely  sure  what  is  going on he   just  k nows Lilly  neeeds  power.*

July 11, 2020 15:47
Vivian Fox

Not hestitating, Vi jumped up to her feet and ran to the back.  Grabbing almost every cloth in sight, she ran to the sink, turned on the cold water and threw the rags in.  As they were becoming soaked, turning around she found a large bowl and ranned to the freezer and filled the bowl with ice.  Her emotions were high as her vessel filled with worry. Everthing happened so fast and yet time seemed to be sitting still.  Not hesitating, bringing the bow of ice to sink, filling it, Vivian just grapped the soaked rags, threw them in the bowl, turned off the water and rushed out as quickly as possible without trying to spill anything..  In no time, next to Marah, placing the bowl next to Ciarian, all she could do was watch. 


July 11, 2020 21:04
Ciaran_M_Boru "Thanks Vi any where you see exposed skin I need you to rub with the col cloths. Keep one on her forehead as well. Rafe did she eat today do you know. If not the kitchen can make a roast beef dip sandwich and sprite for her to drink.We need to get her temp down. Dont worry mum we can handle this just relax. "

~Ciaran keeps doing what he was doing but his powers were faltering he made a link to Matt. ~

" Matt I need you to help boost a healing here in Insomnia .Its marah. Hurry."
~Ciaran shuts the link down~
July 11, 2020 21:48
Matt Boru

- Matt  gets his  brother  call  and    appears at  the  club  Both   his  hands  start   glowing  a  soft   green  light and     he  places  them  over  Ciaran's  to   boost    his   brother's healing  ablity. He  figure out  what  happened  later. -

July 11, 2020 21:50
Vivian Fox

Placing rags on exposed skin, changing them every now and again, she hoped it was working. Whatever was happening wasn't good. 

"Are you sure this is going to work?  Can we possibly talk about putting a tub in the back, after we know she'll be alright." 

July 11, 2020 22:19

" You  and  her  can talk  about that  but   keep  doing  what   you  are  Vi. Every  bit  helps."

July 11, 2020 22:41
Marah Whitmoore +Marah could hear Rafe talking to the baby calming it down that was when in her mind that it wasn't one but two babies. They got worked up over her emotions,just like how her powers were when she came into them.

She also could hear her mom and brothers and then Vivie. She heard David just like when they were kids. All their voices and thoughts in her mind were over whelming. Marah could feel her body temperature go down. Speaking to the twins she told them as well to calm down that her emotions are in check now.

Her breathing slowly came back and her eyes fluttered but she couldn't open them or speak.So she linked to all that were there,her mom ,brothers,Rafe, and Viv.+

" I'm ok the twins are ok. Yeah you heard right there's two in here. Something's not right I can't wake up. But yet I feel like I am. I'm ok. Just got upset I know I over reacted sorry."
July 11, 2020 22:52

" Just  breathe.  Deep  breaths and    relax all 3   of you   relax  . Vi  keep  the  cool  rags  going a  bit longer alright.   Everything  is  fine   take your  time  Mars  bar  and dont  fight to  much  to  open  your  eyes   take  your  time.  Just focus on  your  breathing  ok just like  with the others focus on   breath  to   calm  them and  you  more. "

July 11, 2020 23:00
Matt Boru

-  Matt  looks  at   Ciaran -

" You  need  to  let  go.  I  got  this  part down. You  keep  adding t o  it  you r  going to   end  up out of  commishion yourself Ciaran. Trust  me  I  got  this. Make sure  that   she not   hurt  any  else  that needs  medical attention."

July 11, 2020 23:04

~  Ciaran pulls  his hands baack . He  knew   that  Matt   could  handle it.  He  handled it  before   many times. He  looks  over  Marah for  more  injuries  .~

July 11, 2020 23:08
LillyEmperium *softly Lilly kept mumbling. Slowly her head dipped forward for a moment as her eyes went from purple to red. Theo noticed the change in his mother. He knew there were few reasons his mother would do what she was doing. As she freely gave, she couldn't control the ability to keep up the thought of being ok to everyone.

Theo leaned in and whispered*
Don't go there.....

*Raising her head slightly she whispered*
Open your eyes...... check... check her head.
July 12, 2020 03:18
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  whispers  to  lilly's head so  only  she  can  hear.*

"  what ever  Theo is  telling  you  not to  do dont  do. Yes  I  can  hear  him. Theo  if she  gets  out of  hand  bring her   here . I dont  care if  kicking  and  screaming."

* He shuts  down  the  link  but   adds a bit  more of  his  energy  to  his  wife.*

July 12, 2020 11:35

~  Ciaran   checks   Marah  from  her   legs  to   her  neck  healing any  cuts   or  bruises  she  might have as  he  finds  them.  Before  she   can  move  or  be moved   Ciaran   checks  for   any  major  spine ,  neck  and  head  injuries  that  might   prevent  that  from  happening  with out  medical transport to  a  hospital.~

July 12, 2020 11:41
LillyEmperium *Lilly kept going, pushing her self .. pushing her energy now. Theo nodded to what he was told, looking to Ciaran he spoke as he knew his mother would not her him*

You all will have to forgive me...and she will have to as well. she stubborn and will keep pushing her energy til there is none left.

*Knowing she was already weak, Theo placed his arms at Lilly's sides. Leaning in he whispered*
I love you mom...I won't let you go..

*Reaching up slightly, he leaned back slightly before delivering a knock out head butt. Catching his mother. He looked to them*
She will be home resting....I am sorry, I can't let her...

*Without another word he picked up his mother. Stepping towards the shadows they seemed to engulfe them as they vanished*
July 12, 2020 14:46

~  Ciaran  looks  to  Theo.~

"You  do  what you  need  to  do. My  father  would  never  forgive  any here if  something  happened  to  her anyway. Dont  worry about it. Go. I  can   handle  this."

~ He  watches  theo  leave.~

July 12, 2020 15:01
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan  flames in  to  the   club  and   looks  at   everyone  and    walks   behind  the   bar.   He  growlslooking a t  Ciaran a nd  Matt.*

"Really  you  two  thought  lets not  get  dad  involved?  "

* Ronan  pulls out  the  dagger  and   looks at  his  3  sons. *

" Let  me  guess  she  wont  open  her  eyes? Its  not a  medical  issue  is a  magical  one. Matt  and  Ciaran  you   should of  figured  that out  before  now. Blood to  blood call lost. Sound  familar? "

*The  fire  witch  hands  the  dagger t o  Ciaran a nd  looks  to  Matt and   David*.

"You  3   left  hand  ring  fingers  blood drops  now in  to  this   potion.. The rest of  you  back off. It  has  to  be  direct  blood line  no  in laws  for  this. Sorry  rafe."

July 12, 2020 16:01

~  Ciaran  takes  the   dagger  and  jabs  his  left  ring  finger.~

" Christ I forgot  how  much  this  potion   hurts to  make  it  work."

~ He  adds  his   blood  to  the   vile    ronan  has.~

July 12, 2020 16:03
Matt Boru

-  Matt   follow  his   twin  and   adds  his   blood  to  the   vile of  potion.  then  hands  the   dagger t o  David.-

"  You  wil  heal  trust  me David."

July 12, 2020 16:05
David Boru

^  Marah's  older  b rother  follows  the other  two  and  adds  his  blood  to  the  vile  then  looks  to  his  father  who  was  clearly  pissed off about  the  fact  the  boys  didnt  thin  of  this  themselvees.^

July 12, 2020 16:06
Ronan R Boru

*  the   Celtic  witch   follow   his  sons  and  adds  his  blood  to  the  vile.  he  then    kneels  down   near  Marah's  Head .  He   places   his    left  hand  on  her  forhean  and    with his  right  pours  the potion   down her  throat. while   saying a  spell in  Gaelic.*

"Fuil go fuil, glaoim ort.

Fuil go fuil, fill ar ais chugam."

  ((Blood to blood, I summon thee

    Blood to blood, return to me. )

*Ronan   repeats  this  spell  over  3  times  and  then   waits  his    left  hand  still on   Marah's  forehead.*

July 12, 2020 16:10
Marah Whitmoore +Hearing the chant slowly Marah started to open her eyes. Sitting herself up she saw her brothers,father,Rafe,and Vivie. Looking around she didn't see her mom that was when she knew that everything thing she heard was true. Lilly was doing something to help her and was weakened. Taking a deep breath she slowly stood up with help from Rafe. She wasn't sure what to say+

" Thank you. I may not have been able to open my eyes or speak except through mind link. But what I'm trying to say is thank you. And I hope mom is ok. I felt what she was doing. Both her and Cici should have stopped. Again another screw up by yours truly."
July 12, 2020 19:52
Ronan R Boru

* Ronan stands   up  and   brushes  the  dirt  off   his   knees.*

"I dont know  where  you  got  that  shit in  your  head   but its going to  stop. Who  ever  told  you  that   needs me  to  kick  them   clear  in  their  ass. Lilly  is  fine  she  is  at  home  resting   for  now and  you r   brothers   at  least Matt and  Ciaran  should of  knew  to  do  this  before  anything . They  know  better. Have  you  known  your   brothers    for  more  then  10  seconds  here?  Ciaran  a  dr  he   wont  give  up    unless he  tried  everything possible and  apparently   didnt  think  magic   here fully. That   was due  I  am  sure  to   reflexes kicking  in  more then  anything. The  dr   part overrides  the  witch thing.

I  have  to  get  back  to  Lilly actually.  One of  you and  NOT  MARAH take  a  bloody  damn  broom  to  sweep  not   ride   back  here  at least  once."

*  Ronan Flames  back  to Lilly to  check on  her. He  was  however  glad  Marah  was  going to  be  alright.*

July 12, 2020 20:17
Amelia Corvin

Walking into the club I had blankets and freshly groomed pillows in my arms with a basket containing sandwiches and cupcakes to help the mood. Clearing my throat I looked around and saw no soul in sight.

"Hello! Where is everyone?" I spoke turning around.

July 12, 2020 20:25

~Ciaran  turns   around  from  behind  the   bar and  looks at her~

 "Amelia  right?"

~  He    reaches  over and  pokes  David~

July 12, 2020 20:49
Amelia Corvin

Turning to see the one known as Ciaran I nodded.

"Yes. David sent word that Marah was in trouble so i made some food and brought fresh blankets and pillows. Is she alright?"

July 12, 2020 20:51
Ronan R Boru

* As  he  flamed out   he  looks  at  them.*

"Dont  make  me   come  back  here and  seriously hurt  any of  you  for  being   asses  to  each other.  Got it  good."

* His  blue  black  flames  vanish a long  with him.*

July 12, 2020 20:55

"yes  she  is  fine   now  thank  you . I'm  Ciaran . "

~ one  of  the  kitchen  staff   brings out   a  sandwich and  a sprite  for  marah that   Ciaran  mentioned   before  and    puts on  the  bar  for  her.~

July 12, 2020 20:58
Amelia Corvin

Looking up at him I gave a slight curtsy before holding out the pillows and blankets.

"These are for Marah. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Boru."

July 12, 2020 21:00
Matt Boru

-  Matt  walks   back  from  the  store  room   with a  broom and   starts  to   sweep  behind  the  bar  before Marah could   think  of  it.  He  knew  that his  father  was  pissed  but  the   reflexes  kicked in  before  the  maic  oh  shit   lets   do  this   had  a  chance  to   even  enter  his  head about  the  calling  blood  spell.-

July 12, 2020 21:02

~  Ciaran  looks  at  her and  takes  the  blankets and   pillows  and  places  them on  the bar.~

"  Just  Ciaran  is  fine  lass. We  dont  do  that  whole   formal  thing  ."

July 12, 2020 21:04
Amelia Corvin

"I'm still adjusting to the no formalities. David is helping me." I spoke clinging to the basket.

July 12, 2020 21:06
David Boru

^  David  looks  up^

"Yeah sorry.  Everything  is  fine   here  now. You  didnt  have to  come. I  have  alot of  things  to learn  apparently."

July 12, 2020 21:28
Amelia Corvin

"oh okay, I'll see you at home then." I spoke as I dropped the basket on a near by table and left. 

July 12, 2020 21:30
David Boru

^  he  grabs  her  arm^

"I  didnt  mean  now lass. I   mean in  the near  future.  This  whole  thing . Family is  wow  and  new  to  me.  I am  just learning  what   they  are  capable of. All of them."

July 12, 2020 21:32
Amelia Corvin

"I just wanted to help..." I spoke with my eyes down at the ground.

July 12, 2020 21:37
David Boru

"Its  fine  and  they  know  that."

July 12, 2020 23:30
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe had spoke to the little ones through a link trying to calm them down.  Once he did he thought it would be best to just remove the magic from them for the time being and did a spell for it to be only until they were born. Returning to his body he ran his finger over Marah's cheek then looked up at everyone.#  "I appreciate all you have done and the babies are fine now.  I did a spell to remove their magic until they are born.  So for now you shouldn't have any problems.  I am sorry my love and I promise I will help you get through this.  This necklace you can not use once you put the extra powers into it we talked about that remember? The powers you use the twins are siphoning them from you since they are part of you they are feeding off your emotions. The only thing they couldn't do was the blood to blood spell the more magic that was being used the more they absorbed.  That is probably why Lilly got so weak."

#He kissed her forehead and was worried about her.#  "Come why don't I take you home so you can rest I am sure that Ronan and the rest of the family wouldn't mind taking care of things here."

July 13, 2020 13:26

"My father  left  but I  can   handle  things  here.  YOu  should  go  home  and  rest  . It is a  good  idea.  If  you  should  need  anything  you  know  how  to  get a  hold of   me  MArs  bar when it comes  to  being  nausea and  what  not."

~Ciaran   smiles.~

July 13, 2020 13:30
Marah Whitmoore +Marah thinks and remembers the rush she was getting from siphoning.+

" You might be right there I did hear dad speak about the magic. So all that Mom and Cici were doing was only feeding them like I did Everytime I siphoned. The potion was something I drank magic but not physical"

+ Hugging her brothers she smiled at them+

" Thank you all of you, you to Amelia. Yes love I want to go home. I will little brother. As long as it tastes like strawberries"
July 13, 2020 13:36
David Boru

Marah  I  need  to  speak  to    later  private on  a   personal  matter.  I  will call  you. 

^   he  looks  at  everyone  and  smiles. ^  

We  will  all talk  later.

July 13, 2020 13:47
Marah Whitmoore +Marah looked at her twin with a raised brow. She knew something was up. She could feel his discomfort from the tone in his voice. Looking at everyone she nodded and spoke softly.+

" Okay D. I am always here for you."

+ Marah knew something wasn't right she hoped she was wrong+
July 13, 2020 14:30
David Boru

"ill  call you. "

July 13, 2020 14:50

"Sure   you  dont  want it t o  tate  like   butter  beer  or   pumpkin  juice  then instead?"

~  Ciaran   ins   knowing  she  would   get  the   referance ~

July 13, 2020 16:46
Matt Boru

"OH  Butter  beer !  We  can make  that  here. Pumpkin  juice   for  you  one  that  have  reasons  noy   to  drink. Butter  beer   has  rum  in  it   but   you  know  we  can  all ways  leaveit out if  needed  like  when  were in  school ."

-  Matt  could  tell something  was  off now  with  david. They would talk  in  private  when  he  was  ready.-

July 13, 2020 16:49
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe nodded then helped her up slowly.#  "Okay sounds good save me some of that butter beer I still have not tried it but hear good things about it.  We will be in Trans if you need us as well.  Come my love time to get you resting." 

#He scooped her up gently holding her close as he carried her off then vanished heading home.#

July 13, 2020 17:19
David Boru

"No  promises  there on  that   Butter  beer  being  left. "

^  David   laughs a  bit^

July 13, 2020 17:29

~Ciaran   look  at  David.~

"  Hey   whats  up  with you Wheres  your  lass?"

July 14, 2020 12:01
David Boru

^  David  look  at his   brother^

"  I  am  fine.  OH  her  yeah   you  all  wont  be seeing  me   with her  anymore  . We  decided  to  split  .  Apparently   we  werent  meant to  be  and  I   need  to  find  myself  she  said.  So  that is  where  that is. I  am  good  with it  and   I  havent and   wont  be  talking  to  her so its a cool.  "

July 14, 2020 12:03

"That  sucks   but  if  it  wasnt  meant to  be  then  it  wasnt  meant to  be ."

July 14, 2020 12:05

"That  sucks   but  if  it  wasnt  meant to  be  then  it  wasnt  meant to  be ."

July 14, 2020 12:05
Matt Boru

-  Matt  looks  at  him-

" No  worries  David  there are other lasses  out in  the  world and   its  better  if  you   just  move on  both of  you and   walk  away  before  anyone  gets  harmed. "

July 14, 2020 12:41

~  Ciaran   looks a round  and   shakes  his   head.~

"  Yeah  I   wouldnt  worry  there  David I  dont  think  she   will be  back  here. If  you  told  Mars bar  already then  I  can  promise  you   that   she  will  not  be  back  here ever  and   that  is  all good. THat  is assuming  she  wants  to  live  .I  dont  think  Marah would  take  to  kindly  to  her  being  here . We  will have to  wait  and  see and  deal  if  we   need  to  then."

July 14, 2020 18:52
David Boru

"Oh   Marah  knows what  happened I  told  her. Even  if  I  told  her  I  was  fine   she  wouldnt   believe  me in  the  end .  So  no  I  dont  think  that  will be  an  issue   of  her  coming  here. As  for  moving on  done. I  have no  interest or  intent  in   running  after  her.  She  made  the  choice and   that  is  the  end of  it on  my  end as  I  said. If  she  thinks  I  will  well  sorry  not  gonna  happen. Not  who  I  was or   am so  yup."

^  David   gets a   drink.^

July 14, 2020 18:56
Vivian Fox

Watching the whole thing take place, hearing nothing but anger, she couldn't help but feel slightly guilty herself even though she hadn't done anything wrong.  Clearing her throat, her arms folded and the only thing that seemed to move were her eyes.  But seeing Marah up was a relief even though she knew she would need a lot of rest. 

"Marah, you should be laying down. Congrats on the two lil ones though.  Soo exciting.  On a serious note, are you going to be okay?  That looked bad and your dad is less than happy. I think a lot are unhappy.  I mean, that's what it sounded like."

Hearing a few more voices, Vi took more steps back and gave everyone space. All that could be done was just to be there. Back at the bar, sitting back down, her head shook slightly. Hopefully things would work. 

July 14, 2020 19:44
David Boru

"Are you  aright  Vivian  right?  Can I  get  ya   something?"

July 14, 2020 20:05
Kuroda Li had stepped away to deal with business, returning he looked for Vivian and saw her at the bar looking down. He appeared at her side as he rested a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, what's wrong?" He looked at the other male as he directed his question at him. "Do you know what caused her to be like this?" He asked July 15, 2020 00:01
David Boru

"There  was an incident  with  my  sister  Marah . She  is  fine  Rafe took  her  home to  rest  and  she  eill  be  fine. Freaked out   VIvian  here  a  bit is all. "

^ David  looks  at him.^

July 15, 2020 06:08
Vivian Fox

Jumping at the touch, head turning to the side only to hear a familiar face.  She was so glad he was there with her and it was the one person she needed the most.

"I'm ok.  Marah fainted, her skin was hot to the touch and I was tryng to help as best as possible.  Anyways, Ronan came and well, he definitely wasn't happy.  On the plus side she's having twins!  She's ok but doesn't look to well. I think that girl should rest a bit more until the big day arrives and then rest some more."

Slowly she turned to David and smiled.

"That was a bit crazy.  I still think Marah should invest in a tub cause you never know what stuff like is gonna happen and I don't care what you give me , I just need it to be strong and a lot of it. You think she'll be alright?"

July 15, 2020 13:18
David Boru

"  She  never  hasnt  been  in  the  past.  AS  for  my   father  I  wouldnt  worry all  that  much  about  him being   mad  for  long  at anyone.  I  think  it was  the laack of   my  brothers   not think of   what he   did when they  should of  that   got to  him more  then  anything."

^ David  make  her   a  double of  rum a nd   hands it to  her. He looks  to  the  male^

" What a bout  you  then.?"

July 15, 2020 15:06
Kuroda Li wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest. Pressing a kiss to the top of her head as he listened. "Marah will be alright love." He said as he rubbed her back. July 15, 2020 15:11

"  I  will  check on  her  in  a few  days so   yeah she  wi  fine.   Chances are  that   Rafe has  her   at home  til  saturday  any  way  resting so  all  good  there.  We   can all  handle  things  here til later."

July 15, 2020 15:19
David Boru

" Hey  You  got  this  right  Ciaran? I  got a  few  things I  need  to  do."

^  David looks  at his   brother^.

July 15, 2020 15:21

"Yeah  I  got  this David.  Go  do  what you  have to do. I  get that  too. Later."

July 15, 2020 15:22
David Boru

"Cool  I  will  catch  up  with   you  all  at a later  date a nd  time. Possibley  Saturday. "

^   David    walks  out  from behind  the   bar to  the  door  and  out   before  vanishing  back  home.^

July 15, 2020 15:24
Vivian Fox

Downing the drink, she placed the glass back on the bar.  

"Another one please and he was really pissed off.  Someone I wouldn't want to piss off, just saying...."   

Looking up a Li, who was a lot taller than she was, arms curling around his waste a heavy sigh escaped.

"I know she will but still.  I mean, I came around the corner and she was down.  Not to mention, TWINS!  Do you know what that means?  We get to plan a baby shower!!" 

July 15, 2020 15:29
Matt Boru

"Twins  run  in  the  family  as  you  can  see so  too  do triplets  as  Marah is   actully  one of  3. Her  and  David  Oldest  sister,  Airmid  died  when  she  was  2 along  with   their  mother. LEts just  get  through  this  wedding  then   you  can  toss a  baby  shower  Vi."

-  He  looks a t   her-

July 15, 2020 15:38
Vivian Fox

"Trust me, I just want her well enough to get to the big day.  She's way to stressed or the babies are stressed, either way, someone is stressed. But the shower won't happen until she's almost ready to pop. Well, maybe sooner cause I'm sure she'll be uncomfortable. I find it so amazing." 

July 15, 2020 15:43
Matt Boru

- Matt  smiles  and  hands  her  another  drink-

"  As for  my  dad  I  wouldnt worry  about  getting on  his  bad  side.  If  you  were   you  would  know it. He  was  more   annoyed  that  Ciaran and  I  didnt  think of  the  spell  he did  was  all  that  was. If   he  wanted  you  dead   like  any of  us  yo   would  know  it was  us   but   it  rare  that he  wants  anyone  dead  these days."

July 15, 2020 15:53
Vivian Fox

"Oh, I didn't think he wanted anyone dead.  Never meant it like that.  I think it's been a busy day.  But hopefully things will be okay and settle down for the moment." 

July 15, 2020 18:38
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  appears in  a  better  mood .He  catches Vi comment.*

"Wait who  wants  who  and   why  dead?  For now  yes  vi  things are   settled and  Ok."

July 15, 2020 19:22
Eleri Terfil-Jones

A tiny flame haired witch entered the Insomnia Night Club.  Her emerald green hues glanced about cautiously as she found a quiet table.   It was out of the way but she had a view of the bar and other surrounding ares.

She was celebrate a small milestone in her residency at the hospital.   It was a possible posting to one of the free clinics in New Orleans for general practice.   She looked up at the woman who stood at her table.

"One glass of red wine, please.  Do you serve food here?"

July 15, 2020 20:21

~Ciaran   hears  the  lasses   question  to  the   waitress   when  he  was  clearing a  table. ~

"Aye  lass  there  is food  service  here.  Just  request  what  ya  want  and  it  will be handled."

~The Irish  witch  looks  to the  bar a nd  sees  his  father  and  shakes  his  head.~

July 15, 2020 20:40
Eleri Terfil-Jones

She jumnped slightly as a man answered her question.   She had been deep in thought about a few matters.

"Thank you very much  Just a hamburger with everything on it and a side of fries to go."    She smiled as her order was taken.  She had left a few bills on the table to pay her tab and a tip for the waitress.

July 15, 2020 20:55

"I  didnt  mean  to scare  you  lass. Im   Ciaran.  My sister  Marah owns  the  place. Arent  you  in   the  same  coven as  me back in  port au  Prince?  You  look  familar."

July 15, 2020 21:04
Eleri Terfil-Jones

She nodded at the man.  "Yes I am in the same coven.  Pleased to meet you Ciaran.  I am Eleri or just Ellie."

She smiled gently at the man.  "I check in with the coven but I live in New Orleans.  Lovely place.  I have heard of it."

July 15, 2020 21:09

"I  know  of  new  Orleans  yes. I   personal  as  my  family  live  for the  most  part in  Ireland. Port  when we  are  needed  there. "

July 15, 2020 21:16
Eleri Terfil-Jones

"I was born and raised in Wales.  I came here with my husband.    He attended a university here.  I did my pre-med and he passed away...  Not much to say ... Ireland is a beautiful place." 

She nodded at him when he said needed.

July 15, 2020 21:28

"Indeed.  Wales   celtic  cousins  so  to  say  country  wise. I di  all  my  medical  stuff  in  Ireland.  Sorry to  hear  about  your  husband  that   sucks and   is  rough.  Where  he  go  to  school?  "

July 15, 2020 21:33
Eleri Terfil-Jones

"He went to Columbia College in New York.   I went with him and enrolled there as well.  My son Daffyd is with his grandparents in Wales.  I am a resident now ....hopefuly my son will be with me.  Do you have children?"

She was not usually so friendly with others.  But she liked the young man and it seemed they had something in common. 

July 15, 2020 21:47

"I  do actually . More  then  a  few. Right now  they  are  with   my  wife Amethyst on holiday. Ah  ok . I  wehnt to  Trinity University in  Dublin.Columbia  is a   good  school."

~  Cirana  smiled. ~

July 15, 2020 22:23
Eleri Terfil-Jones

She smiled softly as she opened her clutch and pulled out his picture. 

"Children are a blessing.  This is Daffyd Huw Terfil-Jones.  I call him Daffy."  She laughed a bit.  "He's into foxhole in the woods and birds nest in the trees."

She noticed her order was delivered to her table and she put the picture away.  "I have to go now. Thank you for the time spent talking."   She grabbed clutch purse and her order.  She left a half glass of wine on the table.    She had to hurry back to her home and attend to some chore.

July 15, 2020 22:47

"Cute  and  typical  boy really.  My   boys are in  to   bugs as of  late. The   grosser  the  better.  Teenage  daughters  well  they  are moody  and   avoid me  most of  the  time."

July 15, 2020 22:54
Vivian Fox

Hearing Ronan's voice, Vi slightly jumped. 

"Lord, I'm going to put bells on you guys, I swear. "

Shaking her head, still not letting Li go. 

"No one wants anyone dead.  I think...but how are you doing?  You ok?"

July 15, 2020 23:32
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  laughs*

"I  am  fine.  Everything is  fine   now.  No  worries. Didnt  mean  to  scare ya  lass. Bell?   What am  I  your  pet  cow  then?"

July 16, 2020 11:29
Vivian Fox

"Haha, no.  It's so I know when you arrive.  Don't worry, I'm about to hook one to Li.  I never know when he's going to appear."

July 16, 2020 15:44
Ronan R Boru

"Li  your name  is   now  Elsa and  you  are   a  cow. "

*  Ronan  laughs  and  smiles at  his  friend.*

July 16, 2020 17:20
Kuroda "Don't think bells will work on me." He chuckled as he rested his chin on her shoulder. "Moo." He said as a response to Ronans statement July 16, 2020 22:02
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan laughs*

"Why  not?"

July 16, 2020 22:05
Vivian Fox

"Let it go and yes, I'll sing the song for you." 

Snickering as she looked over her shoulder. The next comment would be interesting. 

"You'll look so cute with a collar "    Winking, so wanting to see his expression, she couldn't help but chuckle but also didn't want to see it. 

July 17, 2020 11:42
Kuroda "My collar days are over with thank you very much." He said with a chuckle before ordering a drink. "Need to come here often so that they know what I want once they see me." Li said after telling the bartender his favorite drinks. July 18, 2020 12:09
Vivian Fox

"Aww and here I thought you came here to see me."   Pretending to be disappointed and putting on the worst pouty face, knowing how ridiculous she looked, a burst of laughter left her lips. 

"Honestly, I can't picture you with a collar.  You should've seen the image in my head. Rather disturbing and I believe I need another drink after visualizing it.

July 18, 2020 17:13
Marah Whitmoore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July 23, 2020 20:49
Vivian Fox

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Vivian wasn't sure if she had been here but knowing this was the place she had to be at.  A hand snaked into her pocket and dug out the keys to unlock the door.  It was going to be rather weird but it was someting she had to do.  Unlocking the door, digging the key back out , she gave it a gentle push and was in. 

Walking into the back of the bulding, looking over the inventory, she smiled as she went on working.

July 25, 2020 00:32
Kuroda Li popped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her frame. Kissing her neck repeatedly before spinning her around and kissing her rather lovingly. Not knowing or caring if they were alone, all that mattered was them at the moment. "Hey." He said with a grin July 25, 2020 12:35
Vivian Fox

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt his arms curled around her body.  Kissing him in return, she had to stop because she couldn't stop laughing.

"You scared the shit out of me!  Before I forget, Hi and how are you?"

July 25, 2020 13:47
Shawna Porter

Walking through the front doors of the establishment, my brown hair was pulled back into a tightly pulled ponytail and I was dressed in a long sleeve tight fit black dress that went to my knee's with thigh high black stiletto boots. I was told I could relax in my own skin here. Taking a deep relaxing breathe I was glad I could relax and be calm. I approachd the bar and looked at the bartender.

"Red wine please."

July 27, 2020 23:15
Marah Whitmoore +The bartender gave the woman her Red Wine and smiled. 30 minutes later Marah came in and put the closed sign up saying.

' Closed till tomorrow due to private meeting.'

Going to everyone at the bar then to all the tables telling everyone that she was closing the bar early tonight due to a private meeing. She also said that their first drinks tomorrow will be on the house.

Watching everyone leave she helped her employees and told them they would be getting a full days pay. Once everyone left she called everyone and told them that they could come to the club. +
July 28, 2020 19:59
Shawna Porter

Downing the glass of wine I put the empty glass on the bar and made my way out of the club. Time for me to find my drinks elsewhere while I figured things out.

July 28, 2020 20:05
Marah Whitmoore +Marah sat at a table waiting for those who she called. She knew staying with her father was the right thing to do while Rafe was away. Granted her powers were advancing and received a new power.+ July 28, 2020 20:33
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe sat the little ones down at the table then handed them a juice box with a cookie for a snack.  He cracked his neck a bit while they waited for Marah's dad and mom to get to the club. Walking over to her he wrapped his arms around her waist then kissed her cheek.#  "Everything will be fine my love I will be back soon I promise." 

July 28, 2020 20:44
Marah Whitmoore +Feeling his arms around her she laid her head against his chest. Alit was going through her head mostly of the last time everyone was together at their wedding. But she decided to push that out of her mind for now +

" I know it will be. And I know you'll be safe. At least Quinn is here to help you about Alex and in getting Skye back. Thank God I let her siphon that stone that had all the magic I got from rogues and dark lighters. I just wish that I was going with you is all. I feel alone when your not around. I just wish they could see what I see in you. But I will just let it go. We both should then maybe they will come around. "
July 28, 2020 21:08
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe could feel how she was feeling they were connected through their hearts,soul and mind.  A soft sigh escaped his lips as he continued to hold her close.  He wished he didn't have to leave her or the kids but knew this had to be done once and for all. This was a wrong that had to be made right.#  "I know you wish you were coming with me but you are pregnant if you were not you know I would not say no to you.  But I need to protect you and the kids our little ones you carry I must set a wrong right.   As for your family I am doing this for you not for them I will be nice of course.  But for them seeing me the way you see me I can't hold my breath for that my love.  I won't prove myself anymore then I have over the years I was misjudged and for the moment I will let it go.   As of now Alex will not live cause it is I who will kill him and make sure of it."   

#He placed his chin on top of her head just enjoying the moment of holding her close.  Then it dawned on him she just mentioned his twin sister.#  "Wait Quinn is here?" 

July 28, 2020 21:27
Marah Whitmoore +Pulling back I looked at him and nodded.+

" I know band I'm sorry for that. Oh Yes she is. I think she told me she got here a couple of days ago. And from what I saw last night she just might be sticking around for a while. Oh Cassie had this delivered to me by Murmur. It's some kind of blade. A dragon blade to be precise. She said it should kill Alex. Here let me get it."

+Going to the bar she brings back an object wrapped in a old cloth. She hands it to him.+

"Here you go."

July 28, 2020 21:34
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  appears a nd   looks at   Rafe  and   Marah.  He  lets  them  do  what  they  must   before  he  says  anything  besides  he  was waiting  for Lilly  to  get  here any way.*

July 28, 2020 22:03
LillyEmperium *walking from the shadows, Lilly walked up behind Ronan. Slipping her hand over his, he eyes glanced around for a moment* July 28, 2020 22:06
Ronan R Boru

*  He  looks  to  Lilly*

" Rafe,  Marah.  What  is it  you  need?"

*  He looks at  them  all  and  waits.*

July 28, 2020 22:11
Marah Whitmoore +Marah turns hearing her father+

" Did you forget that Rafe wanted me and the kids to stay with you while he was away cause he doesn't want us to stay alone."
July 28, 2020 22:27
Ronan R Boru

"No  I  havent  forgotten  that.  What  else  do  you  need?"

*  He looks  to Lilly*

July 28, 2020 22:31
Quinn Whitmoore *Quinn remembered Marah telling her about her club so she thought she would drop in and surprise them.* " Surprise " * She noticed that the club was empty and the air was thick that you could cut it with a knife.* " Hey there Rafe,Marah. Ohh did I enterupt something. I can leave if you want me too. But are you ok brother?"

July 28, 2020 22:32
Marah Whitmoore " Well we have everything that we need thank you."

+ She sees Quinn and hold her breath. +

"Hey Quinn I don't expect you. Just having a family meeting is all. I thought I left you with that hotie.? And yes you surprised us. Dad mom this is Quinn Rafes sister. "
July 28, 2020 22:36
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  turns  to  the  lass  that  appeared  and  softly  smiled.*

No  its  fine  lass. It is  nothing  . When  ever  you  and  the little  ones are  ready Marah  we  can  go.  Rafe we  need  to  have a long talk  when  you  get what  you  need  to  do  done. "

July 28, 2020 22:38

# Azreal appeared behind his mate Quinn and looks around " I think we are interuppting something my love. Yes you did leave me with her but she wanted to come here and see you and Rafe." He whispers " Hey Marah and i take it this is your brother Quinn." He smiles and exstend his hand out " Pleasure to meet you I am Azreal but you can call me Az." He smiles and looks around the room. #

July 28, 2020 22:38
Quinn Whitmoore "Pleasure. I think I better go Az is out side wsiting. Dont want to cause any isdues if this is a private meeting." * Quinn turns and starts to leave.* "if your sure dont want to intrude. Oh did you get that thing from Aint Cassie?" * Quinn jumped hearing Az and studered again.* " Ahbaba you really have to stop that sneaking up on me ." July 28, 2020 22:39
Ronan R Boru

"You  know  where  they will  be  Rafe.  Nothing  will  get on  the g rounds of  Dromoland let  alone  the  Island as a  whole  that I  dont  know  about. I'll  be out  side  when  you are  ready  then."

* The  fire  witch  turns  to   walk  out  the  doors.  He   give  them  private  time  to  say  good  bye.*

July 28, 2020 22:46
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe took the blade that Marah handed him then just smiled.  Boy did his aunt know so much even before he did at times that was why he always looked up to her ever since his parents were killed.  His attention went towards Ronan and Lilly as they arrived at the club his mind of course wanted to just block it all out but he was going to just suck it up and do it for his wife and kids.  Seeing his twin arrive at the bar he gave her a hug back.#  "I so have been all over the place I didn't even realize you were here for that I am sorry sis I would of met up with you sooner." 

#Looking back at Ronan he sighed a bit trying to rise above all this crap.#  "Is this going to be a problem?  If so I can always find somewhere that I know that is safe.  I just thought it would be a good idea that Marah and the kids could go with you while I take care of all of this mess."

#He saw a man appear that he had a feeling it finally happened that his sister found her mate.  Getting the vibe that came from the man he took and shook his hand.#  Rafe it is very nice to meet you Az.  From the looks of it you and my sister are together.  One rule from me is just don't hurt her is all I ask actually." 

#He listened to what Ronan said then nodded.  Walking back over to his wife he pulled her in his arms placing his forehead against hers taking the moment to just holding her.#  "You will be okay.  I swear I am coming back and I won't leave again unless I have to.  Remember the parts to that song I sang to you. Just keep repeating these words while I am gone.  So when your restless, I will calm the ocen for you.  In your sorrow I will dry your tears.  When you need me I will be the love beside you.  I will take away all your fears. So you can let go all your fears." 

July 28, 2020 22:47
Marah Whitmoore +Biting her lower lip she took a deep breath.+

" I'm ready any time. Hey Az"

+ Marah looked at everyone+

July 28, 2020 22:50
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan  turns  back  around and  answers  rafe*

" I never  said  it  was  a  problem  Rafe. Dont   put  words in  my mouth I did not say. I  was  simply  offering  etra   assisance  if  it  was  need  nothing more .  Dromaland  is  safe. If it  was  compromised  I  would not  be  here and  I  would  know  it  was  compromised. I  wil  wait out side  so  you can  have   some private  time  til  you  are already to  go."

*  He  walks outside and   sighs.  He  looks  up  at  the  stars and    shakes  his  head.*

July 28, 2020 22:51

# Azreal chuckles "What iam the fallen angel od death my love it is what i do but i must say you are so adorable when you jump." He gives her a kiss on the cheek and then nods at Rafe " Of course i would never dream of hurting him. Trust me my sister would kick my ass if that was the case as well as Cassie."  Then looks over at other man and raises an eye brow but says nothing as he stood there and watching all this going on. He places his hands in his pockets feeling the fire as Azreal then Set himself a blaze with out being hurt or hurting anyone around him " Well then..... Rafe you and i once you get done i would like to talk to you if that is alright?"  #

July 28, 2020 22:54
Quinn Whitmoore *Quinn was listening and looked at the man who talked to her brother when all he did was ask a question* "Um excuse me sir. I dont know you but my brother only asked a question you dont have to be rude. He wasnt being rude. All he wanted to know if its a problem. He doesnt want to put you out. My brother is a very nice respectable man. He would never be rude. But me on the other hand. Nope not going there right now." July 28, 2020 22:59
LillyEmperium *Lilly shakes her head for a moment*

Marah..... when you're ready dear..

*Lilly looked to Quinn the Rafe*

Rafe be a peach....let your Aunt know I need to speak with her.... would you
July 28, 2020 22:59
Marah Whitmoore "I'm am ready but dad like Quinn said he only wanted to make sure it won't be an issue. Please let's not do this let's just talk civil and not assume things. Quinn please. Rafe love I will. I could never forget that song..I will be fine with dad and I know you will be fine. Especially with Quinn going with you. Just all of you come back safe and bring Skye home." July 28, 2020 23:06
Ronan R Boru

*Ronan  is  out  side.He had  heard  the other  female  that  was  Rafe sister.  He was  stating  fact not  being  rude  to  anyone  but  as  per normal   hes  the  rude one. It was  what it  was . He  was  doing this  for  his  daughter and   grand children  nothing more.  That  and  it was a  chance  for  Marah  to  finally  meet   her   blood  Uncle  Rian  face  to  face.  He  shakes  his  head and  sighs.   Even  when  he  was  being   civil and  offering  extra  assistance if needed  the  message  wasnt  getting  through  clearly.  He   knew  this  would  happen  but like  other  things   he let it  go.*

July 28, 2020 23:08
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Shaking his head once again he couldn't say anything or just make sure due to it all being sprung on her family.  God forbid he did or say anything right in their eyes it was starting to get a little tired some.  He looked at his twin once she spoke.#  "Quinn it's fine it doesn't matter I am just starting to get use to it.  I am only doing this for Marah and our kids.  I have to much other things to worry about then making someone understand me and where I am coming from.  I will let my aunt know when I see her.  Boys be good okay watch out for your mother and your siblings okay?"

#He gave each one of the kids a hug then hugged and kissed his wife letting their kiss linger a little.#  "Go head before they get restless.  The faster you go I will feel better knowing you are safe."  

#His hand went and touched her cheek softly as he looked into her eyes.#

July 28, 2020 23:11
Quinn Whitmoore " Look if your going after that traitor of a brother Im going with. He took Sky and I will be damned if he makes her merge with him. Grandma stoped that after her father forced them and made them merge and great aunt Melinda go crazy when grandma broke the link. Hes going against everything grandma made a law through our coven." July 28, 2020 23:12

# Azreal looks over the the woman " If you are talking about Cassie she can only be reached by Murmur who she has left the kids with. She will not be back for sometime but i can relay the message to my sister if you wish." He stood there keeping Quinn close to him then looks over at Rafe " No one should feel like that like i said we shall talk about what is going on since my love forgot to tell me exactly what is going on." He gives Quinn a look of you has some explaining to do. #

July 28, 2020 23:14
LillyEmperium *Lilly motioned them towards the door as Lilly leaned into Marah.*

You're father is waiting...I want you and the kids to go with him. I will see you at home.
July 28, 2020 23:15
Rian Reilly

^   Rian   could  tell something   was  off  ith his  friend and  brother. He links  to  Ronan  alone  to  hear  him.^

" You're sucking   it  up agin a rent you ? I  can  feel  it  Ron.  We  can  talk  safely  in  your  office   when  you  return  to  Dromoland. You  shouldnt  have  to   suck  up anything but  we will  tlak  when  you  all return.  See you  soon."

^  He  shuts  the  link   down.  He was  pissed  that  Ronan  was  sucking  everything  up  and   letting it   go.  He  understood  how ever  why.^

July 28, 2020 23:16
Ronan R Boru

*  The  witch  sighs and  links  to  Rian.*

"Its  nothing  Rian . This is  life now  and  I  will  be  fine  with it.  We  will  be  there  shortly. Keep  the  fort   going. "

*  He  shuts  down  the   link.  He  knew  his  friend  meant  well  but  right now  was  not  the  time and  place.  yes  they  would  talk  back  at   home  in  private.He  sings a  bit.*

You're far away, so far away

Have to believe that you can still feel me

And I can only wait and miss you

Now we're locked in time, out on the wire

I wish that I could fight the world for you

I'm always on your side

If I could trade places, you know I would

Hold on

Don't let go

Just stay on that road in that heartbeat

You're not alone in the dark, can you see me

'Cause I'll be lighting fires, fires, for you

I'll be lighting fires, fires, for you

I'm there in the light when you need me, to find your way home

July 28, 2020 23:21
Marah Whitmoore +Marah nodded to Lilly and gave Rafe a hug and a kiss.+

" I love you more then life itself. I was born to love you. Be careful. Quinn , Az I know he is and will be safe with you."

+ The kids went to Rafe and hugged him tight. Bobby looked up and spoke." We love you daddy come home soon."

+ Dave and Marc went behind the little ones and spoke at same time." Kick butt dad wish we could be there with you. Be safe." They then went by their mom the babies hugging on to their mom.+

" I love you. Ok I'm ready "
July 28, 2020 23:27
Quinn Whitmoore "I will tell you all babe when we have time but first Im going to help get that no good psycho brother of ours who put our good name to shit. It pisses me off that Rafe and I get blamed for his sorry ass behavior. We will catch up with you later. I have to change cant fight in this outfit" July 28, 2020 23:33

# Azreal grins " You know your so beautiful when you are ready to go kick ass. I want in on this then no way iam letting nether of you get hurt. Atlase our family cares what happens to Rafe." Azreal spoke his mind not giving a damn if people get pissed off. #

July 28, 2020 23:37
Rafe C Whitmoore

#Rafe gave the kids another hug holding back the tears that were building up but he held it back then spoke to the kids. Then he hugged his wife again.#  "I love you all too.  I know you do boys but this is safer I appreciate that you have my back.  I love you too. Go get going." 

#Watching his wife and kids walk out he sighed then spoke to Quinn and Az.#  "Let us go head back to my house and we will talk but not here."

July 28, 2020 23:37
LillyEmperium *as Marah left, Lilly looked at Rafe*

He doesn't hate you, he offered assistance if you needed... what I think don't tell Cass I need a word with her
July 28, 2020 23:40
Quinn Whitmoore "I will see you at home then. Babe you ready? Im really sorry for suprising you next time I will call. I really hate stepping on toes. Like your ex babe." * Quinn kissed Azreal's cheek then grinned looking at her babe. Quinn then turned to leave* July 28, 2020 23:43

# Azreal smiles and gives her a kiss " Uh huh you hate stepping on toes my ass. Its alright lets go lead the way babe." He follewed Quinn leaving the club. #

July 28, 2020 23:46
Ronan R Boru

*  Ronan   hears   Marah  and  the  kids  come out a nd   he  looks over at them.*

"  Come  Dromoland  is  secure and  safe.  Your  uncle  is  there  waiting  for  us  to  return. "

*  He  looks at  them  all and forces a  soft  smile for  them and  vanishes with  them in  flames*.

July 28, 2020 23:48
Rafe C Whitmoore

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEW DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

July 30, 2020 16:55
Athena Wallace

Walking into the club my eyes looked up at the lights and turned around in a complete circle. This place had the appearance of joy and laughter. With a half smile I turned to look at the bar. Looking at the keeper behind the bar, I gave a soft nod.

"May I have a glass of wild turkey on the rocks?"

August 03, 2020 00:35
Marah Whitmoore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New Day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

+With all the emotions over powering her she goes to the club where the band was.The lights come on the stage. Going to the stage she sits at the key board and starts playing music and sings a song she recorded+

"This is for you daddy "

"Long Time Traveller"

These fleeting charms of earth
Farewell, your springs of joy are dry
My soul now seeks another home
A brighter world on high

I'm a long time travelling here below
I'm a long time travelling away from home
I'm a long time travelling here below
To lay this body down

Farewell kind friends whose tender care
Has long engaged my love
Your fond embrace I now exchange
For better friends above

I'm a long time travelling here below
I'm a long time travelling away from home
I'm a long time travelling here below
To lay this body down...

I'm a long time traveling here below,
I'm a long time traveling away from home.
I'm a long time traveling here below
To lay this body down,
To lay this body down,
August 14, 2020 16:07
Marah Whitmoore + The band continues+

"If I Could Turn Back Time"

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I'd take back those words that've hurt you
And you'd stay

I don't know why I did the things I did
I don't know why I said the things I said
Pride's like a knife it can cut deep inside
Words are like weapons they wound sometimes

I didn't really mean to hurt you
I didn't wanna see you go
I know I made you cry, but baby

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I'd take back those words that've hurt you
And you'd stay
If I could reach the stars
I'd give them all to you
Then you'd love me, love me
Like you used to do

If I could turn back time

My world was shattered I was torn apart
Like someone took a knife and drove it deep in my heart
You walked out that door I swore that I didn't care
But I lost everything darling then and there

Too strong to tell you I was sorry
Too proud to tell you I was wrong
I know that I was blind, and darling

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I'd take back those words that've hurt you
And you'd stay
If I could reach the stars
I'd give them all to you
Then you'd love me, love me
Like you used to do


If I could turn back time
If I could turn back time
If I could turn back time
Oh baby

I didn't really mean to hurt you
I didn't want to see you go
I know I made you cry, but oh

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I'd take back those words that've hurt you
If I could reach the stars
I'd give them all to you
Then you'd love me, love me
Like you used to do

If I could turn back time (Turn back time)
If I could find a way (Find a way)
Then maybe, maybe, maybe
You'd stay
Reach the stars
If I could reach the stars...
August 14, 2020 16:16
Marah Whitmoore Believe

No matter how hard I try
You keep pushing me aside
And I can't break through
There's no talking to you
It's so sad that you're leaving
It takes time to believe it
But after all is said and done
You're gonna be the lonely one, oh

Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no

What am I supposed to do
Sit around and wait for you?
Well I can't do that
And there's no turning back
I need time to move on
I need a love to feel strong
'Cause I've had time to think it through
And maybe I'm too good for you, oh

Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no

Well I know that I'll get through this
'Cause I know that I am strong
I don't need you anymore
I don't need you anymore
I don't need you anymore
No I don't need you anymore

Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no
Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don't think you're strong enough, no
August 14, 2020 16:24
Marah Whitmoore Gypses ,Tramps an Thieves

[Verse 1]
I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show
My Mama used to dance for the money they'd throw
Papa would do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel
Sell a couple bottles of doctor good

Gypsys, tramps and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us gypsies, tramps and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down

[Verse 2]
Picked up a boy just south of Mobile
Gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal
I was sixteen, he was twenty-one
Rode with us to Memphis
And Papa would'a shot him if he knew what he'd done

Gypsys, tramps and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us gypsies, tramps and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down

I never had schoolin' but he taught me well
With his smooth southern style
Three months later I'm a gal in trouble
And I haven't seen him for a while, oh
I haven't seen him for a while, oh

[Verse 3]
She was born in the wagon of a travelin' show
Her Mama had to dance for the money they'd throw
Grandpa'd do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel
Sell a couple bottles of doctor good

Gypsys, tramps and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us gypsies, tramps and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down

Gypsys, tramps and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us gypsies, tramps and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down
August 14, 2020 16:33
Marah Whitmoore "Blown Away"

Dry lightning cracks across the skies
Those storm clouds gather in her eyes
Her daddy was a mean old mister
Mama was an angel in the ground
The weather man called for a twister
She prayed blow it down

There's not enough rain in Oklahoma
To wash the sins out of that house
There's not enough wind in Oklahoma
To rip the nails out of the past

Shatter every window 'til it's all blown away,
Every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away
'Til there's nothing left standing, nothing left of yesterday
Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away,
Blown away

She heard those sirens screaming out
Her daddy laid there passed out on the couch
She locked herself in the cellar
Listened to the screaming of the wind
Some people call it taking shelter
She called it sweet revenge

Shatter every window 'til it's all blown away,
Every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away
'Til there's nothing left standing, nothing left of yesterday
Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away,
Blown away

There's not enough rain in Oklahoma
To wash the sins out of that house
There's not enough wind in Oklahoma
To rip the nails out of the past

Shatter every window 'til it's all blown away (blown away)
Every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away (blown away)
'Til there's nothing left standing, nothing left of yesterday (blown away)
Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away,

Blown away, blown away, blown away, blown away, blown away
August 14, 2020 16:38
Marah Whitmoore Something Bad

(Marah and Robyn)

Stand on the bar, stomp your feet, start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen

Pulled up to the church but I got so nervous
Had to back it on up, couldn't make it to the service
Grabbed all the cash underneath my mattress
Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

Ran into a girl in a pretty white dress
Rolled down a window, where you heading to next?
Said I'm heading to the bar with my money out the mattress
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen…

(Marah and Robyn)

Stand on the bar, stomp your feet, start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
Drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
Wake up in the morning don't know what happened

Whoa… Something bad
Whoa… Something bad

Now me and that girl that I met on the street
We're rollin' down the road, down to New Orleans
Got a full tank of gas and the money out the mattress
Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen


'Bout to tear it up down in New Orleans
Just like a real-life Thelma and Louise
If the cops catch up, they're gonna call it kidnapping
Got a real good feelin' something bad about to happen

(Marah and Robyn)

Stand on the bar, stomp your feet, start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
Drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
Wake up in the morning don't know what happened

Whoa… Something bad
Whoa… Something bad

Stand on the bar, stomp your feet, start clapping
Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen
Now the drinks keep coming, throw my head back laughing
Wake up in the morning don't know what happened

Whoa… Something bad
Whoa… Something bad
August 14, 2020 16:44
Marah Whitmoore One Voice"

This is the sound of one voice
One spirit, one voice
The sound of one who makes a choice
This is the sound of one voice
This is the sound of one voice

This is the sound of voices two
The sound of me singing with you
Helping each other to make it through
This is the sound of voices two
This is the sound of voices two

This is the sound of voices three
Singing together in harmony
Surrendering to the mystery
This is the sound of voices three
This is the sound of voices three

This is the sound of all of us
Singing with love and the will to trust
Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust
This is the sound of all of us
This is the sound of all of us

This is the sound of one voice
One people, one voice
A song for every one of us
This is the sound of one voice
This is the sound of one voice
August 14, 2020 17:13
Marah Whitmoore "Love Story"

We were both young when I first saw you.
I close my eyes and the flashback starts:
I'm standing there
On a balcony in summer air.

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns,
See you make your way through the crowd,
And say, "Hello."
Little did I know...

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet."
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you, "Please don't go."
And I said,

"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting. All that's left to do is run.
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.
It's a love story. Baby, just say 'Yes'."

So, I sneak out to the garden to see you.
We keep quiet 'cause we're dead if they knew.
So, close your eyes,
Escape this town for a little while.
Oh, oh.

'Cause you were Romeo. I was a scarlet letter.
And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet."
But you were everything to me.
I was begging you, "Please don't go!"
And I said,

"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting. All that's left to do is run.
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.
It's a love story. Baby, just say 'Yes'.

Romeo, save me. They're trying to tell me how to feel.
This love is difficult but it's real.
Don't be afraid. We'll make it out of this mess.
It's a love story. Baby, just say 'Yes'."

Oh, oh, oh.

I got tired of waiting,
Wondering if you were ever coming around.
My faith in you was fading,
When I met you on the outskirts of town.
And I said,

"Romeo, save me. I've been feeling so alone.
I keep waiting for you, but you never come.
Is this in my head? I don't know what to think."
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said,

"Marry me, Juliet. You'll never have to be alone
I love you, and that's all I really know.
I talked to your dad. Go pick out a white dress.
It's a love story. Baby, just say 'Yes'."

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

'Cause we were both young when I first saw you.
August 14, 2020 17:21
Silviana Balkan

Finally cleaned up and ready to hit the town once more, but this time in her new life, Silviana walked up to the line of people. The scents we're all new and tingling the back of her throat. She was thirsty.. And might be needing a little more than the bar could offer..


As the line moved silviana popped a piece of spearmint gum in her mouth to fight back her cravings. Something about the minty flavor helped curb her appetite. Her black thigh length dress was a little too tight to have pockets, and so she crumbled the trash up small and fumbled with it till she could find a trash can... 

The line started to move faster and she was finally reaching the door. 

Times like these she was glad she couldn't feel anything. Because if she was still human her feet would be throbing from her 4 inch heels, and the multitude of pins holding her black hair up in a fancy up do. 

Finally!! She reached the front door. She opened her wallet to grab her id... And with her pale and skinny fingers. She held it up and then walked in.  The shinning and bright lights took a minute the to adjust to. Silviana walked right up to the bar, tossed her gum and wrapper in the trash and asked 


"Strongest whiskey you have, and keep the tab open" 

Excited to be out. But nervous to be around multiple people. Silviana stood and waited for her drink. 

August 28, 2020 23:27
Samson The Gorilla

Running through the bar jumps on a stool awaiting his banana: )

September 02, 2020 23:00
Damian Woods

"Ah there  he is Samson get  your harry ass over here  haha and leave these people alone*


I got your banana come here he was loking for his friend Marha see she fed him cookies the other day and he loves her now smiles*


Well come back another time when shes working *

September 03, 2020 03:57
Rafe C Whitmoore #Rafe was walking right behind his wife when he saw the gorilla on the counter of the bar. He knew that his wife was not going to be happy about that.# "What the hell is going on now? How the hell did the gorilla get into the bar?" September 04, 2020 14:47
Marah Whitmoore + Walking in she see a ape on her bar. This infuriated her. Going over to it she yells Marah is far from happy.+

"GET THE BLOODY HELL OFF MY BAR. This is not a damn zoo. So get out."

+Turning around she looked at her husband+

" Remind me to fire that security guard who let that beast in my bar."
September 04, 2020 14:47
Rafe C Whitmoore #Nodding his head he pulled her in his arms kissing her forehead.# "I will handle it you need to make sure you don't overly do it. Here in a day you will be heading out away from here with our kids. I am going to get everything wrapped up around here then meet up with you guys. Viv I am sure will help keep a eye on the bar since she is one we can actually trust. Don't worry babe."

#He kissed her lips then smiled as he ran his thumb over her cheek gently.# "You go head and get stuff for tonight's inventory paperwork ready I will bartend for a bit then close up so I can help you."
September 04, 2020 15:16
Marah Whitmoore + Marah smiled and kissed him back. She truly loved this man but she did worry as well about him since Alex.+

"Love I wish I could stay and help. Bet your uncle never ran across a both Fire and Ice Phoenix rolled into one. Which would be me. And I am a master at it. And also with this astral projection which we have no idea where it came from. It didn't come from any of your family blood line nor either of mine. Hey you know I could always blow him up. Angel told me when he was here last that I could do that. But I couldn't we had history. I could freeze him like I accidentally did to you once .... Oops we will talk about that later. I have paperwork to do "

+ She turned to head for the office. She couldn't help smile. She remembered that day with Cassie in the green dragon when she froze him when he was falling backwards in his chair drunk the first time he told her he loved her+
September 04, 2020 18:15