The Rewritten Wyrd

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*The crisp, cool wind of autumn was pregnant with rain. I was sitting in my little hole in the ground watching the rainfall, the scent of petrichor was pleasant to my nose. My burrow was perfectly sheltered from the elements; after eating a few fish and mice this sort of weather was a cherry on top. As I got comfortable I felt a tiny hand on me, I look at the source. It was a pixie; her red hair was in disarray, wearing flower petals, freckles decorating her face, her brown eyes help mischielf and mirth. She smiles soflty before speaking.*

Kitty! I'm sorry to interrupt your afternoon. But Airmid and Aine needs to see you.

*My ears twitched.*

Oh? I wonder why?

*She smiles sheepishly.*

Please come. It's urgent they say.

*I sighed as I got up.*

Very well, take me to them..

*The pixie creates a portal the Realm of the Fey and I entered. Plant life of all sorts were everywhere, trees was tall and wide, and the scent of flowers was alluring. I went over towards a clearing where some feyfolk were close and watching me. A tall faery approaches me wearing different shades of green and blue, her hair was almost golden, and she bore beautiful butterfly like wings. It was Aine one of the faery goddesses; I hopped onto the nearest mushroom so Aine didn't have to bend down to talk to me. I mewed.*

Well.. Here I am.

*Aine smiles softly.*

I'm glad you came. I'm afraid this situation is dire. This hard to believe but someone or something has rewritten our fate... and the Blight of the Fomorians is encroaching. Normally we have one of the Boru's to help us but something tells me that you're more experienced with something like this.

*My whispers twitched.*

You can say that...  So you're telling me, there's something powerful enough to rewrite your wyrd so the Fomorians conquer your land?

*Aine nodded and she appeared sad, the pixie who brought me here looked confused.*


*One faery beside her responded.*

It's an Anglo-Saxon word for fate and destiney. It's one of the Futhark runes.

October 13, 2020 15:21

*Aine started to look worried as she looked to her right side.*

They're close!

*I jumped down from the mushroom and went to that direction.*

I'll get them!

*I continued my trek until I met a band of redcaps and a ogre. One of the Redcaps giggled.*

Oh? What's this? A kitty cat?

*The ogre grunts.*

Bout to be a smashed kitty!

*He brings his club onto his shoulder and the Redcaps laughed.*

*I didn't hesitate to kill the ogre by summoning a disembodied tentacle and snapping his neck. One of the Redcaps screamed.*


*The other one sneered and brought out a blank white stone.*

Fear not, brother for we can rewrite her fate to have a slow death!

*The stone glowed in his hand but then his eyes started to bleed. Some sort of black ichor leaked out from his eyes and he cries out in pain*


*The other Redcap stares at his brother in horror.*

Brother what's happening?!

*The dying Redcap trying to respond as his blood began to flow from his mouth.*

She's......fateless.... we.. can't rewrite... it.. if there's... nothing... there.. and there's... something.... terrible.... within... her... I saw.....

*The Redcap expired but I smirked, now I could develop a solution. While the redcap was distracted by the death his brother my teeth went to his throat and I tore it out. I gagged briefly, fomorian blood tasted awful.*

October 14, 2020 21:05

*I took out another party of Fomorians the redcaps holding their white stones all suffered the same fate when they attempted to rewrite my fate. Bleeding out of every orifice from their faces, the trolls did not know what to do and were terrified and desperate to end my life. Once the party of Fomorians were taken care of I went back to Aine.*

Anymore Fomorians nearby?

*One of the Elves replied.*

So far no.

*I nodded at the elf and looked back at Aine.*

I found a weakness. In order for their magic to have no affect on you, you must be fateless.

*Everyone looked extremely confused. The pixie replied with a question.*

Fateless? But how?

*I sighed.*

There is a way.... But I need ritual components. 5 candles of any color, a bowl of water, and a stang. This way I will comunicate with a deity who usually rules over fate and hopefully she has answers.

*The pixie flutters by me nervously.*


*I looked at the pixie*

What is your name? Because I think you could be a big help.

*Pixie looks down and answers shyly.*


*I smiled.*

Poppy.... what a lovely name.... Tell me.. What is fate to you? SOmething that can be carved by your own hands? Or something that is absolute and inevitable?

October 19, 2020 10:26

*No one knew how to answer my question but I replied.*

That question is difficult. Fate is... capricious.. to better put it. To me, the answer was the latter, giving the illusion that you have control over it. But sometimes it will let you change it.  Now the ritual components. I will need them soon.

*The faeries went off to gather them while Poppy sat down to contemplate. I created my magic circle with a disembodied spider leg and waited for their return.*

October 21, 2020 11:07

*They came back with the components I had asked for and prepared a ritual. I take a deep breath hoping that whatever insight I could get would be helpful to the people of Tir Na Nog. I started to ritual, it continued to go uninterrupted the world around me faded and I was surrounded by tall, bizarre structures, fog, and massive spider webs. The webs vibrated and a voice echoes.*

I know you're here and why you are here. But asked yourself this. Is the current event just part of a bigger picture?

*My ears and whiskers twitched.*

I wouldn't doubt it..... But I plan on preventing it.

*The voice growls approvingly.*


*The deity I spoke to was called Mortana, the Seamtress of Fate, the Animal companion to Xukuloth, The Goddess of the Circle. Mortana had the appearance of a Panther covered in jagged scales with 6 eyes, 2 pairs of spider legs on her back, and spider silk coming out from the tip of her tail. She approaches me and spits out a white orb and appears to be a seedling of a tree. She snarls.*

The fate the Fomorians have weaved will lead to their doom. And the one behind it will suffer under my claw. The orb will provide protection from their....

*Mortana spits out the word in fury.*

Magick!! And the seedling... Nurture it and make it grow. It will become essential on your journey.

*I bowed before The Seamstress and took the items she gave me back to Tir Na Nog. When I returned everyone seemed on edge. Using my telepathy I gave the verdict.*

She came to our aid. I have what we need!

*Then it was like a sigh of relief from everyone except for Aine held the expression of awe and shock.*

Nyx... what creature was that... that you spoke to....

*I look over at Aine..*

So you saw?

*The faery Goddess nods and I replied.*

One of the Outer Gods... She is called Mortana.. The Seamtress of Fate..

*Aine's expression softened.*

I see...

October 25, 2020 09:51

*I looked over at a large group nearby.*

I will need the best druids or those who have nature based magic. I will need you to come with me and help me grow this seedling, it will aid us.

*A few elves, druids, and others came forward. I continued.*

What we will need is a clearing, a space for this seedling to grow. I saw some space that is preferable. This orb that I hold.

*One of my tentacles holds the orb.*

Will protect all of you as we make our way to the clearing and while we make it grow.

*A voice shouts out.*

I'm coming with you!!!

*It was Poppy, armed with her bow, arrows, and a shortsword. She flies by me.*

I want to help!

*A few elven archers and warriors stepped forward to volunteer. My whiskers twitched, I smiled softly.*

Very well. Your help is most appreciated. At least we can get the task at done quicker..

*I begin to lead my party through the forest of Tir Nah Nog. The orb did its job of protecting my party from the magick of the Redcaps attempting to rewrite their fate. The warriors and archers did most of the work of slaying any enemy that came across our path until we arrived at the clearing. I placed the seedling in the ground and attuned myself with it. One of the elves looked at me in curiosity.*

You seemed well versed in nature magick. Why need the druids and such?

*I looked at him.*

If it were only me the process would take much longer... And plus my magick has a tendency to mutate things and I wanted this seedling to remain pure. If I were to make it this seedling grow with my magick I don't know what the outcome would be and I figured it was that this seedling becomes something that would be natural in your world. The plants I can create are rather.... alien put it...

*The entire party seemed to understand my explaination and the warriors and archers were on lookout. I looked at the nature magick users.*

Attune yourself to the seedling and do whatever you can to make it grow. We will defend you as you all do this.

*The ones with the affinity for nature magick attuned themselves to the seedling and began to work their magick to make it grow.*

October 30, 2020 19:35

*Just as the seedling started to grow more Fomorians came out to surround us. One of the Redcaps shouted.*

Destroy the Orb! It's protecting them from our magick.

*Several Ogres and Trolls stomped their way towards the orb only to be slain by one of the elves, Poppy, or I. The druids were working at their hardest to make the seedling grow. Another Redcap screamed.*


*Another ogre and several redcaps attempted to attack us but the effort was thwarted. I summoned what looked like a perpetual reversed "S" shaped crystal that floated near us. For every Fomorian that came close the crystal would shoot out shards impaling our foe to either tree or the ground. But soon we were outnumbered.*

October 31, 2020 17:54

*They were closing in from all sides, all hope seemed lost until the seedling glowed. The Fomorians are started screaming and yelling, the troll cried out.*

I can't see!!! I can't see! The cursed seedling has taken my sight!

*A redcap also lamented.*

It blinded us!

*The Elves, Poppy, and I used this as an opportunity to wipe them out. The nature magick users finally got the seedling to grow, and boy did it grow. The Seedling grew, took up the entire clearing, and grew pass the treeline but we were in awe of its beauty. White pearlescent bark, iridescent golden leaves, with sap and water flowing through the tree. I smiled.*

So this is the Radiant.

*Poppy lands beside me.*

The Radiant?

*I look back at her.*

Yes, This type of sentient tree is born from purity and light.

*The tree started to form vortices, allowing us to enter inside of it. The interior was vast, with orbs of light floating by, water features decorating and complimenting the vines the grew. Everyone was blown away and I continued.*

The Radiant will become an excellent home base against the Fomorians. As long as we can protect it, it will provide us means to fight our enemies.

*I went to the center of the interior and tiny vines sprouted, I placed the orb I was given there. The orb glowed and the vines lifted it high towards its leafy canopy. I look back at Poppy.*

Poppy. How fast can you fly?

*She whizzed by me.*

As fast as the wind!

*I responded.*

Excellent, go ahead and find Aine. And let the others know to come to the Radiant. They will be sheltered here.

*The pixie nods and flies off. I look over at my party.*

We succeeded, we can rest now. The Tree will protect us until we get everyone here.

*The Radiant groaned as it started to create fully furnished rooms for my party.*

November 18, 2020 10:59

*As my current party got to relax, I had to return to Avalon for extra help. I created a brief portal to a warrior's home. I hear a growl.*

Intruder! Show yerself!

*I chuckled.*

Is that anyway to say, Hi to me?

*The voice went from defensive to jovial.*


*Cu Chulainn picked me up and hugged. He happily cried out.*

Me favorite feline! What bring ye here?

*I just smiled.*

Came here to ask you if you want to cause trouble among the Fomorians? They've been really riled up.

*There was a mischievious glint in his green eyes as he grinned.*

As if I'll say no to that!

*He sets me down and grabs his sword and spear. All he is wearing though is a t-shirt, jeans, and work boots. *I create the portal back to the Radiant. I look back at Cu.*

Follow me.

*He does just that and he is staring at the new tree.*

Where did that come from??

*I lead Cu to the Radiant.*

It's called the Radiant and druid helped me grow it. I'll tell you everything when we get inside.

*We enter the tree, I leapt onto a nearby table as Cu sat down. He looks around.*

So what's going on?

*I explained the situation to the celtic warrior. How the Redcaps got help on changing a person's fate so they can conquer Tir Nah Nog. His expression hardened seeing that this battle was going to be severe. He nods.*

So what can can the tree do?

*Poppy flew by and gasped as she saw Cu. Aine followed by many fae folk entered the Radiant's interior; many were in awe and my telepathic voice echoes.*

Please gather around and I shall explain the purpose of the Radiant.

*They circled around Cu and I. And I continued.*

The Tree will protect you all from the Redcap's magick of changing your fate. Creating armor from the Radiant's bark will also shield you from their magick. You may also create weapons from the bark such as bows and arrows. The sap produced from the tree will fight off the blight and cure your land. The sap can be added to your arrows and other projectiles to help fight the Fomorians. I'll give you a demonstration.

*I scrapped a piece of the tree's bark, shaped it like an arrow, and dipped the tip in sap. I then created a levitating platform and went to a nearby window. The perfect subject was a small oak tree that had the blight. With a tentacle I flung the arrow like a spear and it struck the young oak. Within moments the oak tree was cured of its affliction. The fae folk clamored and clapped, I turn to look at the them.*

Take what you need from the tree as long as we protect it. And it will provide for us.

*They all started to scrap the bark for armor and weapons. Cu smiled softly and walked around exploring the tree.*

November 22, 2020 14:04