~The Blackheart Masquerade 2020 ~ Closed

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Black Masquerade On the right hand side of the main club, a darkened room is guarded by Bael, the demon bouncer. Above the entrance way is a subtle, obsidian sign, glowing with lava, indicating the name of the VIP lounge.

It was a perfect name, at least the King of all Demons thought so. And so, in favor of the Crossroads, Lucifer himself worked his magic, pushed from the depths of Hell a cavernous room, forged by the lava that flowed through his burning lakes to create a worthy VIP room of the Crossroads. Basalt in entirety, obsidian stalactites hung from the ceiling while stalagmites of equal fortitude erupted from the floors. The walls were infused with bright orange lava, the same from the sign, which provided the lighting for the room. Booths and lounges were covered in black leather and each table and counter top was made of the same obsidian rock that hung from the ceiling.

A small bar area is available for those to help themselves, but be careful…you may not be able to leave if you eat something from this room.
October 16, 2020 19:38
Black Masquerade ~*~Black Masquerade Rules~*~

First and foremost, all Crossroads rules apply.

Second, you might be wondering just what the heck is the Black Masquerade??

Well, it's an annual party where everyone's name is Black Masquerade in this thread and you get to have your character dress up for Halloween and interact with everyone without knowing who anyone is.

So put aside your Coven and Sanctuary biases and enjoy yourselves!

Since this is an anonymous thread, we ask that you title each post with your costume. So if you're going as a pink bunny, your posts should start with something along the lines of:

The Pink Bunny
And follow that with your post.
(Note: we do allow a small picture at the top of the post, so long as you still describe your costume. This is a writing site after all!)

Remember to stay in the character of your costume the whole time! The point is for no one to know who you are! As with any thread, one liners are discouraged.

Most importantly: Have fun!

***This thread will be open from October 17th until November 7th, so you have plenty of time to join and interact with everyone!***
October 16, 2020 19:41
Black Masquerade
The Devil's Edge sets the perfect atmosphere for the Black Masquerade, leaving very little needed in decorations, only leaving the lounge to expand to accommodate that it is, for this night, open to the public. Spider webs were placed in the corners, fake—yet oddly real looking—spiders hanging from the webs. Bats will occasionally fly around the ceiling, but don’t worry they won’t bother you! A small layer of fog covers the floor, so be careful, you never know what might be lurking around your feet.

A new edition to the Devil’s Edge room makes an appearance this year. A beautiful circular window that showed a starry night had been carved out of the center of the room.

Along with the music that will be constantly playing, scream tracks and other haunting sounds to randomly play during the night.

At the bar and each of the tables, is the menu, as well as a list of what can be won throughout the night.

If there are at least five participants:
1 1000BM draw. *For every additional 3 participants, an additional draw will be done for 1000BM

Plus! Every costume will be numbered and there will be 5 names drawn for the following Prize Pack:
500BM, 100K Cash, 1 Zombie, 1 DB Party(2 fills)

Participation Prizes:
100BM for making a minimum of three posts (Must be in costume).
An additional 20BM per post after five.
**Posts must be more than one liners**

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October 16, 2020 19:44
Black Masquerade The Hostess

She made sure all the final touches of the room were complete. Each table had a menu, the music was ready, and food and drinks were being prepped. The clock ticked down ever so slowly. It was her favorite time of year. She loved seeing all the costumes and enjoyed the carefree interactions, even if it was only for a short while before everyone went back to being enemies.

Until, finally, it was time. The clock struck midnight and she opened the doors, allowing guests access.

They would, of course, be checked by the bouncers. No real weapons allowed. And they wouldn't be able to use any magic either, thanks to a spell cast on the club.

She would greet each guess as they entered, taking note of every costume for the prizes later on.
October 16, 2020 23:59
Black Masquerade


-:The Grim Reaper:-

He enter and greated the Hostess. He had on a large costume that was nothing but bone with a skull mask and a shroud. He had a hour glass around his neck. He let the bouncer take his sythe and he his glowed red under the shroud. He wondered around the room as he went to the bar and ordered a set of Zombie Slime Shooters and some Soul Cakes. He would wait for more to enter before heading to the dance floor.

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October 17, 2020 00:13
Black Masquerade Wednesday Addams entered the establishment, mindful of the bouncer who approached her. Thing popped onto her shoulder from who-knows-where, and rose up slightly to waggle its finger at the bouncer as if to say, “No touchy” and the bouncer decided the small, dark haired girl was probably safe to enter.

As an ice-breaker for the awkward moment the bouncer said, “You look very nice tonight ma’am, but you’d look nicer if you smiled.”

Wednesday replied, “I am smiling, you insipid cretin. Where are the refreshments?”

Pointing across the room, the bouncer indicated the long table beverages and treats, and Wednesday crossed the room to inspect the buffet. When she got to the end of the table, Thing jumped down and skittered along the edge like a tightrope artist, Wednesday following more slowly. At the punch bowl, she discreetly pulled out a small bottle dark, syrupy liquid and poured a few drops into the punch bowl, nodding to herself, “This should be fun.”

Raffle Ticket #2
October 17, 2020 08:32
Black Masquerade

The Ghost

Wearing a hooded grey robe with grey shoes, black clawed gloves and white tattered drapes layered over the robe, he made his way past the bouncer, who glanced at the chain link rope he was carrying. However, he was allowed to keep it and he drifted through the fog that obscured his feet, the black face covering on his robe hiding his real identity.


Raffle Ticket #3
October 17, 2020 09:02
Black Masquerade -:The Grim Reaper:-

Seeing people start to trickle in he smiled. He smiled He flipped the hourglass around his neck as he watched the Woman come in as Wednesday enter he tilted his head as he watched her for a moment. Shortly after that a Ghost entered and he nods his head. Soon more people will be here and it will be a party. Enjoying the little bit of peace the Realm has to offer for this party and all the murders was a good thing. He turned to the Bartender and ordered some more Zombie shots. He needed to let lose this was something he never did.
October 17, 2020 09:15
Black Masquerade

-Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde-

 outwardly good, but sometimes shockingly evil

Her costume was not one of pure fright this year. Instead, she went for something a little more fitting to her inner thoughts. From toes up, she sported two different shoes, both individually unique pumps. One was a gorgeous white with a black stiletto and black over the toes. The other a shiny black. Her fishnet leggings made their way up to her knees showing a modern, but vintage dress black in color to match her left shoe. Her clothes were just as mixed matched as her shoes. The black dress the peaked through the left side looked tattered, as if she had been in a tussle.  On the right was a white dr coat. It looked clean and well put, but had splaters that symbolized remints of failed science experiments. The two pieces fused so that it was practically one piece. To complete the look for the party her makeup was half wicked, gothic, cruel. While the other was subtle and pretty. Toping it off with a black top hat.

Feeling absolutely glorious in her get up, she was ready to mingle around the realm. After being greeted  She made her way over to the bouncer showing that there were no weapons for him to take this time around. Though she did make him a promise she would be a good girl.

Upon her entry, she saw only a few people at the party but was ultimately glad she was not the first one to arrive. There was a grim reaper wicked, a ghost classic, and Wednesday that is cool.

The decorum was magnificent. Even though they were fake; the bats, that took flight at random intervals, paired with the ominous fog that covered her feet made the room.

Her heels clinking with each step, she made her way to the bar. Overhearing what the Grim Reaper had ordered.

“ill have one of those too please” for now Dr. Jekyll was out to play.

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October 17, 2020 18:43
Black Masquerade The Mime

Her costume was simple: a bouncy black skirt, striped black and white shirt with matching knee socks, a black beret, white gloves, a red handkerchief tied around her neck, and black suspenders. She had painted her face white and used black eyeliner to accentuate her eyes then topped it off with bright red lipstick. Then just to add a bit of her own flair she adorned a pair of cute black heels.

The Mime sashayed towards the door. She stopped, she remembered the dispute between the two of them last they'd met. She proceeded to stare at the door down for a few moments as though daring it to repeat it's behavior from last time. Two arms crossed over her chest and she gave it the nastiest death glare a mime could muster. She would not be kept from the festivities this year!

She hopped forward and reached for the handle. Her previous display of dominance must have worked because this time the door budged. This time it opened easily, too much so. It flew open and slammed into her, sending the Mime toppling feet over her head. She was quick to right herself. There she stood now, screaming at a door in silence. No one should hear such words come from a mime.

She stomped forward, reached for the door handle again, and pulled it open ever so light. This time the door opened just a bit and the mime slipped through without being attacked again. Finally, things seemed to be going her way!

She trotted into the room, tripping over her own feet in an exaggerated manner. She caught herself dramatically, hand popping over her mouth as though she were shocked. Her blue eyes shifted over the room briefly. The Grim Reaper, Wednesday Addams, A Ghost, some split personality lady... OH! SHE KNEW! Dr Jeykll and Mrs Hyde. Clever.

A silent giggle as she practically skipped across the room. She had already chosen her first 'victim.' She skidded to a stop just a few feet from Wednesday. The Mime grinned and waved as Wednesday possibly spiked the punch bowl. Again she feigned shock and waggled her finger at her, as if to say for shame. Then she thought about this for a moment and a grin slowly crept over her face. This could be a good thing for her cause. She shook her head at Wednesday and shrugged as though to say never mind.

Her eyes shot over the others... Who would be next?

Raffle Ticket #5
October 18, 2020 00:35
Black Masquerade

The Plague Doctor Jackdaw leather plague doctor mask black image 0

Oh how appropose this costume is in 2020. But...is it a costume? Do I somehow bring forth death with me as I walk amongst the party goers? Perhaps I wish no ill will, only to engage in the sublime carnal side of life...or death.

Come dance with me.

Raffle Ticket #6
October 18, 2020 02:57
Black Masquerade -:The Grim Reaper:-

He saw the new people enter and smiled. He knew it was going to be a good turn out as he watched and waited. He liked a few he saw the Dr. Jekyll and Mrs Hyde was a great one but the Mime was very good. He hoped to find a dance partner later and maybe he would. He turned and order more drinks and food. He sighed he had a lot on his mind and soon all his emotions would follow. but he wouldn't let them get him down this was a party after all.
October 18, 2020 10:01
Black Masquerade



Rhapsody on a raven's wing.

Vehemently feathered she contorts, mutilated color born of pinions ripped from blackbirds and scales skinned from venomous snakes, her incandescence glitters and gleams grotesquely black black black down to her very bones. Feathered basilisk. Ah, no. She corrects. Adjusts. Mind spitting violent. The serpentine queen feathered as a means of amusement. To play at the Masquerade, she (dressed in death and madness) had to make due with what was on hand. Serpents set in rigor mortis (though not yet ripe with decay) are wound through her hair, twined a twisted crown upon her brow. Crooked bodies collapsing in on themselves, a vipers nest set to writhe together for all eternity. There is no escape. Nothing to chase the demons away.

She, Madonna no more but instead Medusa, must practice her slide. The glide of her feat as the gown's train tails behind her, slithering across the ballroom floor.

She cannot alter her gait into an elegant glissade of coordinated muscle and bone, her movements undulating, shifting between slow swaying and rapid, jerking stride. Unable to ride the winds, she must rip her feet from the gushing grip of the bloodied, gore ridden dream. Each step agonizing, peeling skin one layer at a time, until she is worn down to the bone. But only she knows. Only she can see what is really there. And she can see it all. Aegean blue eyes sunken, set in a ring of bleeding mascara that follows along cheeks and jaw, splinters up across her forehead and fissures down her neck, creating cracks and and broken glass in her starkly pale skin. Those withering irises dull looking, faded, but still alive enough to catch the raking of their reality through the haze.

The beast sings, out from the dark underbelly where death awaits her, voice neither soft nor sweet. But a havoc haunting, hoarse scream of smoke and bone and bitter things. Creaking with disuse. “I'll play the viper who does the pretty dance if you play the wretched wolf who never had a chance~” Medusa dreams of hooks and strings stitching up the hedonists and the light as it leaves their eyes. She carries a violin held carelessly at her side in the indelicate curve of a clawed hand, clutched talons of a bird gripping lightly.

The bow dreams to slice the neck, to sever the vocal chords and pull them retching from the throat, arteries all exposed in their most faithful form; some sadistic modern art exhibit. But she cannot do that here, not where the multitudes of eyes sear into her skin from the other side of the far reaching fog that wraps excruciatingly around her mind. Her skin twitches, blisters beneath those stares, blossoms into weeping wounds. The shadows stir in the mist, shuddering closer. Swirl, swish, miss her by just a hair as she dances dissonant steps to the side and sails towards the center of the flickering room. Not sails, skips, jitters like a junkie.
Disgusting. Blood drips, smears and sticks to the floor, falling from the torn wings belonging to a murder of crows once. But no more. Now they are hers.

Raffle Ticket #7
October 18, 2020 13:50
Black Masquerade

The Tin Man entered the The Blackheart Masquerade at The Devil's Edge - VIP Lounge~.   His costume was the traditional Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.  His clanked in his tin suit as the bouncer glared at him.  He didn't surrender his metal axe  that was dull. 

He smirked at the bouncer as he slipped the man a sizeable amount to keep his axe.  "Aint seeking trouble friend. NO trouble less some one else causes a stink."  His tin arm squeaked a bit.  "Do you have an oil can?  I need to keep myself oiled up."  The bounce growled as he handed him an oil can.

The Tin Man handed over another sizeable tip and clankety-clinked himself past the moody bouncer who just looked at him and the pile of cash in his big meaty paws.  "Good luck mate!"   He lifted his axe in salute and headed to the bar.  

He wasn't a drinker but he ordered himself a non alocholic Death Punch.  He eyed the sweets and the food.   He choose for himself a soul cake and a halloween pie.  He carried his drink and food to a table and chair.  He sat down and sipped his drink.

He glanced around the party goers.  He saw a mime, a ghost and Grim Reaper.   He smiled at Medusa and wondered if she would like to loose one of her heads.  He nixed the idea but kept his axe close to his side.  That plague doctor reminded him of how fleeting life was here in this place.


Raffle Ticket #8
October 18, 2020 14:23
Black Masquerade



The High Priestess

She fidgeted a few moments outside the venue, double checking herself and considering on actually opening the door and entering, or just saying fuck it and going home to a pint of ice cream. The music drifted out of the venue and it seemed to pull her. She was alone this year to a point, her regular group not joining her as of yet. And then there was the fact that she was scantily clad. She had never been one to show so much skin. She liked it though, on some level. With her face and hair concealed behind the white and black paint of the skull make up on her face and her hair in a series of braids and dreads, she looked completely unrecognizable. The top hat fit perfectly.

And the outfit, what there was of it. Sheesh. A friend had given her the idea, and it sounded appealing, from the bare mid-drift and legs, to the fake body tattoos. Still…she was a bit self-conscience.

She steeled her gaze on the venue door and finally pushed herself forward, opening the door and entering with an air of confidence. She showed her animal skull topped staff to the bouncer to ensure that it posed no threat to anyone.

She was dressed a voodoo type High Priestess, but in truth, she knew nothing of any sort of magic. She had left all other weapons at home, and issue that didn’t sit well with her, but from past experience, for The Masquerade, it was worth it.

She strode across the floor, nodding to those already gathered. The feathers adoring her costumed danced slightly in the breeze of her steps, the back of her skirting dragging across the floor as well. Her shoeless feet made not a single noise.

She looked over the other costumed party goers, impressed with the vast array of creativity. It wasn’t really a surprise, however, as the citizens of the Realm, no matter their walk of life, were a vastly diverse group and never ceased to let her down this time of year.

The High Priestess moved to the bar and found a seat, ordering up several zombie slime shooters. They were always her favorite. She’d drink nearly a dozen before the night was out, mixing of course, with other drinks on a whim. Later she would partake in the snacks.

She did look back to the door longingly, as if hoping for a certain someone, but then shook herself and indulged in her first couple of shots, her skull painted face giving a smile to those also imbibing in the atmosphere and spirits.

Tonight would be a good night.

Raffle Ticket #9
October 18, 2020 19:44
Black Masquerade

Dorothy skipped into The Devil's with Toto nipping at her ruby slippers.  Her outfit was was a white short sleeved blouse with blue stitching around the neck and on the short half sleeves.  A blue and wlite gingham pinafore made part of her costume.  On her little feet were baby blue ankle socks in a pair of ruby slippers.   Her hair was plaited into two braids tied off with matching baby blue ribbons.

Her eyes twinkled as she danced past the bouncer in her ruby slippers.  "I have a pass.  I will be a good girl!"   The bouncer scratched his balding head with his big hand and he ushered her to the drinks.  

A little black dog with long silky hair and small black eyes that twinkled merrily on either side of his funny, wee nose.    He trottted in the room behind Dorothy  as she handed the bouncer her pass.   Toto sat on the ground beside Dorothy.  His little beady glanced around the large room.   If he could say which he couldn't so he waited for the man to escort him and Dorothy to food and water for both of them.   "There you are Toto!  Mr Bouncer will grab you a  bowl of water and some food!"   Dorothy looked up at the bouncer with her pleading eyes.   The bouncer was charmed  as he barked out an order for a bowl of cold water and some plain steak bites for Toto.


He barked out an order for a Shirley Temple (no alcohol) with an extra cherry for her.    She slipped the bouncer a few dollars.  "Thank you very much, sir."     The bouncer noticed the Tin Man as she picked out Fungeon Fudge Brownies and the Steak Frites."   The bouncer grabbed the plate for Dorothy in one hand and her drink in another.  It was amended to Death Punch instead of a Shirley Temple.     "Okay Dorothy,  Tin Man I assume is your father?   Father and daughter set?"     He ushered the little girl and her dog to the Tin Man's table.    

"Here's your kid, Mister.  The dog's food and water will be here shortly.   I assume you both will be on your best behaviors."


Raffle Ticket #10
October 18, 2020 21:31
Black Masquerade Pennywise

It was time to meet the people of the realm. The one time of year where all got together with difference aside.
Putting the finishing touches on. She made sure her pants had the right length and bubble, the ruffles were exactly how they needed to be and the big red pompoms in a nice row down her shirt. The face paint exactly how it should be from each end of her lips going up past her eyes.

The last thing she took were her red balloons. Skipping along with a creepy smile past the bouncers and into the room her eyes looked around at the party guest that had already arrived. Pennywise found a friend or so she hoped skipping over to the mime.

Raffle Ticket #11
October 19, 2020 01:59
Black Masquerade -:The Grim Reaper:-

He wondered around flipping his hour glass every hour like he was keeping time. He wondered what the night would become or the day who knew anymore. He kept his eyes open to all the costumes and smiled at those who looked at him. He wondered if he was even doing the right thing by be here. his costume seemed to fit his frame just right but then was it really a costume to him or an expression of how he felt these days.
October 19, 2020 10:07
Black Masquerade

The High Priestess

The High Priestess kicked back 4 zombie shots then looked around the venue, taking in the newcomer’s costumes and letting her eyes move over everyone in attendance thus far. She smiled to herself, also giving a soft sigh. She wasn’t normally one for mingling with people. She was a loner by nature, but for this night, she decided she would put forth some real effort.

Stepping down from her barstool, she took her staff up in her hand, determined to make a little round of the room.

She looked first to the Reaper. Stepping to him, as he wasn’t far from her own seat, she nodded her head to him, tipping her feathered top hat a bit. “Love the costume…” she said as she slid by him. She didn’t want to seem as she was imposing, as his body language appeared to be a little constrained. Was he uncomfortable? She decided she would come back to him for a bit of conversation as she then tipped her hat to what seemed to be Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde…maybe. She was unsure. These costumes, they were all just so wonderful.

Turning, she strode over to the Tin Man and Dorothy. She looked at Dorothy and her little dog after clunking her staff off the Tin Mans armor with a chuckle. “Y’all look amazing. Dorothy, I just want to pinch your lil cheeks…but Toto may bite me…” She snickered. “Have a good time tonight…come sit with me later if you’d like!” She invited.

She moved again, passing Medusa. She shivered. Alla snakes! Sure, fake?, but still...Maybe not. She gave the woman a wink and a smile. Danger Noodles. *shivers*

Walking a little fast past the idea of alla snakes The High Priestess found herself nearly toppling over a Ghost. She blinked, adjusting her top hat. “Oh, I’m so sorry Ghostie!” She snickered out. Spinning a bit to avoid becoming tangled in the ghosts’ cloaks and robes, she spotted Wednesday Addams slipping something into the punch bowl. Mental note was made to not drink the punch and stick to the zombie shooters.

Next she moved to greet the Plague Doctor. “You look fabulous, Her Doktor…” She said in a phony German accent. She really liked the idea of the Doctor, especially in light of 2020 thus far.

Her eyes landed on Pennywise and her eyes widened and brightened. The mime the female ‘IT’ was sharing space with was adorable, and The High Priestess couldn’t resist herself. She moved to Pennywise, smiling and nodded to both ladies.

“Pennywise! Huge fan! Do you have a lovely red balloon to spare?” She asked, her voice hopeful.

October 19, 2020 10:45
Black Masquerade The Mime

It would seem that during her search for a new friend that one had found her.

Blue hues stared at the clown as it approached. A look of mock terror spread across her face and she feigned distress throwing her head and her arm back like a damsel in distress. She turned in an attempt to make a stationary escape. The bag she was carrying acted as an imaginary weight that held her back. She sank deeper and deeper as it dragged her back.

She then turned hands pressed together as though begging the cannibalistic clown not to eat her like she had Georgie. Of course mime's do not talk so she simply conveyed these words through actions. Then she threw herself down dramatically at the clown's feet, silent sobs as she begged for her mime life.

Then suddenly as it began the act was over. She bounced up to her feet in one movement. The Mime made a big deal of fluffing her deflated skirt back up, making sure it was just as flouncy as ever. She took a bow to the applause that didn't exist. Then she gestured towards Pennywise and began clapping and gesturing the audience (or other party goers) to do the same. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a fake daisy and held it out to Pennywise, a thank you for her help with this act.

Then she noticed the High Priestess approaching. Unsure how a mime should address a priestess she made a deep, sweeping bow. She was sure to put extra emphasis on the deepness. She reached into her pocket and another silk daisy appeared, this one she tossed lightly to the high priestess. Now she would let the them confer about red balloons.

A passing server was immediately subject to the flailing of the mime's arms as she sought his attention! She gestured to herself and then the two near her and put her hand up towards her mouth as though she was drinking from a cup. Her request was clear. He looked at her as though she was the strangest person he'd ever met and that might be true. Still he started listing off the available drinks and when he reached the one she wanted the mime began to jump up and down with glee. A Velvet Hammer it would be.
October 19, 2020 15:18
Black Masquerade Grady Twin One

Dressed in a blue dress, the white ribbon encircling her waist, the tiny woman would tap her patent leather Mary Jane impatiently waiting for the bouncers to finish up with her and her sister; this was going to be a fun night. While she didn’t usually get out much and certainly didn’t speak to others except when she was on the hunt; tonight had transformed her into one of the famously known twins that certainly spooked an entire generation.

Or so she had been told.

The chance to play dress-up and maybe get some more candy; well, no one had to tell her twice, she was game for a party, especially one that seemed to coincide with this holiday she had become enamored with.

If they could creep some people out with their simultaneous speaking; more the better.

In fact, she wanted to try it now, the bouncer wasn’t that scary.

Guileless oceanic orbs turned toward the guardian of the portal; still unsure of herself, her fingers raked over side-parted hair held with a small barrette, but with a deep breath to steady and a moment to wait on her twin, the words finally would creepily come from parted lips.

“Come and play with us.”

Raffle Ticket #12

October 19, 2020 15:21
Black Masquerade Grady Twin Two

Are you seeing double? Yes, yes you are. But you’ve probably already had too much to drink too. Twin Two wore an identical outfit to Twin One. Everything was exactly the same, right down to the way she parted her hair and the barrette that parted it. She remembered the movie where these two came from well from a night as a child...Sometimes, humans were a lot more twisted than the supernatural.

As the bouncer made sure they didn’t have any real weapons, she had her head tilted, almost uncomfortably, to the left, watching intently. After catching her sister taking a deep breath, she snapped her head back up to look forward and grinned, though the grin didn’t quite reach her eyes. She laced her fingers between her sister’s and with a blank stare, spoke as she did.

Come play with us...

The bouncer stared at the two for a moment before nodding them through.

Twin Two pouted at him, but what can you expect from a demon that guards a room Lucifer made.

Let’s go! Maybe the patrons will be easier to scare.

She dragged Twin One into the main room, ready for some drinks, dancing and hopefully creeping people out. Drinks first. She grabbed a menu and rushed them to the bar. “Zombie Slime Shooters please!” Yes, she was old enough to drink! “What about you Twinny?

Raffle Ticket #13
October 19, 2020 15:24
Black Masquerade Oya; the Orisha.

Santería had many Orisha that were worshipped; but Oya would fit her just perfectly.

The Cubano woman nearly had a change of heart, but she wanted to get out and meet new people, and with a mask guarding her features, her very identity; she couldn’t turn away from the anonymity of it all. Not when she could people watch from behind the copper and maroon domino partially hiding her face from the world; the costume itself was quite simple, borderline plain, but to represent the Orisha that rules the dead, the one that is associated with cemeteries and ancestors, there need not be an extravagance to behold.

Simple is best.

Robed in the same reddish-purple as her mask, the only noted embellishments on the cloth being the coppery shimmer of flames that danced in the lowered lights of the establishment as feet kicked the hem as she moved about, between people and to the bar.

The lights would glint off the copper twist of metal adorning her brow; the crown with nine points representing Oya as the warrior that she is; but it didn’t mean that the Orisha couldn’t partake in the party or even have a bit of fun going incognito during this night of festivities.

Quietly making her way to the bar, she’d order a drink with an accent as colorful as the ancestors she would be representing through her artistry in her costume and while she sipped on her beverage, she’d just watch the crowd for now.

Raffle Ticket #14
October 19, 2020 15:39
Black Masquerade

The Ghost

As more people arrived, he couldn't help but admire some of the other costumes, especially Medusa and Dr. Jekyll/Mrs Hyde. Unfortunately, he blended in with the fog and the High Priestess nearly bowled him over. In response to her apology, he let out a moan and rattled his chain at her.

October 19, 2020 18:50
Black Masquerade


It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Don't scream. You mustn't ruin the pretty party.

She glances around the room. It's all wrong, you see. The mesmerizing lights are full and pulsing, the spikes from ceiling to floor pierce hearts, skewered bits of meat dripping blood onto the dancefloor, flooding the senses and adding more grit to wade through. The mangled, commingling of shadows in the dark corners or swirling in pairs, circling like vultures, to sweep about her in a slow frenzy. Everything is paced in an agonizingly sedated manner, time disjointed for her, dislocated from where it should be. Her own movements overstrung with tension and swift, willowy frame trembling to contain the volant convulsions of her reactions to the space and beings around her.

They are all blank, so very empty. Puppetry being pulled by unseen strings dangling from the ceilings as a cosmic joke, the comic display of all those that the fates control. Or the gods. Or some unnamed puppetmaster who keeps greedy gaze on the masquerade.
And all those hiding behind the lie of fake faces. There is a scattered array of gleaming eyes down here too, in the dreary gloom gathering, lit with avarice and indulgence. Eyes that only she can see. Those optic orbs glowing through tenebrous faces that have no other definition to them except the gash of white teeth set crookedly into the smudged bodies. Like bugs on a windshield or the shadow of a finger in a photograph taken by an amateur, they are smeared together in her vision. So much paint muddied on a canvas.

A statue grows of her, sets her in stone in the center of the room, directly beneath the bloodied glow of what might be seen as crystalline and warming. She breathes deep, the revelry, the giddy atmosphere that is lost on her in all ways but one. The low hum of activity, the corrosive eyes that find one another in the mass of gray mist. The lyrebirds and those lying in wait, she listens to their whispers and their silences and in turn allows the quietus to conform itself to her in stillness while she too waits. It clings to her skin, ripe with carnage still steaming in the brumal night.

The music is inharmonious to her ears, jangling notes crawling up her creaking spine as she stretches, trying to ease the weight of their tension. Neck cracking in a series of clicks, twisting at an unnatural angle, broken. Voices are muffled, laughter abrupt and long lasting. Sounds, all, that pull at the threadbare strings of her sanity and begin stripping away pieces. They rise to the vaulted ceiling with the bloody lava-filled lights and the darker wisps of decadence and disaster hunting from above between the sharp, jutting rock. Ready to have their cages open, to descend and devour them all. To slide inside the skin with razor teeth and red-wet claws and tear them open. Herself included.

All this is merely a prelude.

What comes before the beginning.

Her head turns, staring daggers over a shoulder, chin brushing stained skin. There are eyes looking. Her gaze meets the stinging glint of an observer in the shadows. One. And then two. And then three sets of disconcertingly glowing eyes. A watcher's momentary watching. She turns away again, shifting her body, bending the spine to find relief from the weight of those stares. It doesn't matter if they're seeing. Or dancing. Or laughing. Or screaming. Only that they are here. Now. In this moment.

The one that will play harbinger for the finale.

October 19, 2020 20:59
Black Masquerade

Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde was leaning up against the bar, a little out of boredom. At this vantage point, she could also see all the newcomers walking through the door. There were a lot of great costumes tonight. A silly mime, a beautifully terrifying medusa whose movements made her question what exactly she was doing.. the wiggling, jerking, and twitching as she moved.. the blood that followed in her movements. A Silver and possibly squeaky, if not for the oil can, a tin man entered soon after. Somehow able to keep his ax maybe it’s a prop. He ordered something nonalcoholic, a good choice. Then, She walked in. Dressed in something absolutely stunning. The tattoos suited her.. even if they were fake. What was she though? Something voodoo ish she could tell that much from the braids and the makeup gave it a little New Orleans style panache. Oh! maybe some sort of priestess. Either way Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde liked!

Then Dorothy! How perfect tin man and Dorothy

And perfectly horrific pennywise made its way over to the mime, skipping in the same silly sense the mime once did.

The Priestess was making rounds. She tipped her hat.

The mime was a curious creature, funny even.

The party was starting to fill with so many people that it became hard to even pay attention to them all.

Dr. Jekyll was still out for now. Behaving as she promised the bouncer. Her feelings toward the costume one were not just to be a little promiscuous and sexy, but It was perfect for her feelings as of late. She never really knew which side of her was going to show at any given time. Her friendly, soft side that would cry at sappy movie points. Or the side of her that could easily rip a throat out with her teeth. The thought soothed her. Standing as an observer now. She ordered another drink, this time a Blackheart Martini.

October 19, 2020 21:07
Black Masquerade The Hostess

The Hostess grabs a microphone from behind the bar and turns it on to address the current Masquerade goers.

"Hello everyone!" The music quiets down slightly so her voice can be heard, "There's so many of you already that I will be running one of the first raffles very shortly!

"I just wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone and wish you all a fun Masquerade and give everyone a refresher on what's going on!"

She pointed to the bar, with multiple bartenders ready and waiting, "First and foremost, our wonderful bartender staff can whip up anything you like! We have special drinks and treats as listed on the menus, but if those don't tickle your fancy, you're free to order just about anything else you can imagine.

"Second, please remember that all grievances and prejudices are to be left outside. There will be no violence among patrons or you will be removed immediately.

"And of course, No magic or real weapons that can do damage.

"As always, please come see me if you have any questions or concerns."

The Hostess turned off the microphone and continued to welcome new guests and assign them a raffle number.
October 19, 2020 23:15
Black Masquerade

The High Priestess

The High Priestess was still staring at Pennywise when her attention swayed to the door once again. The Grady Twins? She squeaked a little and tried to move Pennywises attention to the Twins. “its Stephen King night!!” She quipped.

Again her attention was pulled when The Hostess took the stage. The High Priestess listened happily, having forgotten all about the fact she had asked ‘IT’ for a balloon.

“Excuse me, ladies…” She said to Pennywise and the Mime, bowing with a sweep of her top hat. “I think it’s time to refresh myself with some alcohol, and maybe some snacks. Feel free to join me if you’d like.”

She moved off, returning to the bar. She ordered up more zombie slime shooters and eyed the snack menu. She was feeling peckish, but worried about her black and white skull face paints smearing. Coming to a decision, she nixed the idea of food and stuck with the alcohol. She would probably be shitfaced by nights end.

Downing two shots, she turned her back to the bar and looked over the venue again. Everyone looked great, however, they didn’t all look happy. She knew the feeling as hazel eyes moved to the door again. It was only a momentary lapse before she shook herself from those thoughts and feelings.

She lived for the Masquerade every year. Well, this time of year, period. She loved October. The weather, the horror movies and the shorter days.

The music raised back up when The Hostess left the stage, and with it, The High Priestess found one of her bare feet tapping against the floor. Again, eyes moved over to the entrance and she let out a sigh before kicking back two more shots. She would not allow this to ruin her night. Perhaps she would grow a pair and be forward enough to ask someone to dance? If it were not for the extensive face paint, everyone would have seen the deep crimson stain of a blush on her face. She didn’t have it in her to be so forward. Maybe after more alcohol?

October 19, 2020 23:50
Black Masquerade

The Lady in Lavender ~ A Blossoming Spring

She stands at the door awaiting entry as the bouncer confirms she has arrived weaponless. She gives a respectful nod of her head to the Hostess as the fog from the main room spills out around them. She is ready to enter and for the festivities of the night to begin.

Her dress is the softest of lilac in color. The bodice embossed with small flower petals weaving intricate patterns. The skirt drapes in a gauzy cascade of shimmering translucent flowing behind her like a waterfall. Auburn tresses are coiffed meticulously, accentuated with fragrant flowers and baby’s-breath and topped with a gold tiara speckled in gossamer wings. Around her neck, a chain of daisies interlace together to form a tight fitting choker. Soft hints of pastel glow from her high cheekbones and her smile is colored a rose-like hue. The eye-mask she wears is spun from gold and encrusted in a rainbow of budding blossoms and gems. Two small horns peek out from under her auburn waves, reminiscent of a new lamb’s soft bumps. Narrow streams of colorful ribbon and peacock feathers wave gently from her temples.

Light reflects from her orbs as they peer out at the nicely appointed decor. The staff has clearly spared no expense and the ambiance is an ideal setting for the celebration. The soft sound of bird song follows her with each dainty step taken in her matching lilac toned heels. Her pink manicured toes wiggle in delight as she comes to the drink table and ladles punch. Lips curl upward in a soft smile to see the ice slowly melt in her cup, just as the frozen liquid breaks across the meadows when she first awakens in the dawn of March.

Cup in hand, she makes her way to one of the larger tables in back, nodding and smiling pleasantly at the patrons already enjoying their evening as she passes. The location she chose offers the perfect vantage point to observe the entry, buffet/bar and the dance floor - which currently remains empty. She is confident that will change as the night progresses and the martinis flow. She notices the music is peppered with occasional screams adding to the charm of the setting, and she perches on a stool as butterflies still on her bare shoulders.

Raffle Ticket #15

October 20, 2020 01:44
Black Masquerade

The King in Yellow ~ A Scorched Summer

"The gate below opened and shut, and I crept shaking to my door and bolted it, but I knew no bolts, no locks, could keep that creature out who was coming for the Yellow Sign. And now I heard him moving very softly along the hall. Now he was at the door, and the bolts rotted at his touch. Now he had entered. With eyes starting from my head I peered into the darkness, but when he came into the room I did not see him. It was only when I felt him envelope me in his cold soft grasp that I cried out and struggled with deadly fury, but my hands were useless... I knew that the King in Yellow had opened his tattered mantle and there was only God to cry to now."
~Excerpt from The Yellow Sign.

An eerie hush had settled upon the room like a suffocating blanket, unnerving and disquieting. Time had stilled, and the air trembled with the smell of an ancient rot. An unnatural, putrid malodour not of this world, but of cosmic decay. If eternal dread and abysmal sorrow had a scent. The noxious fumes a precursor to the plague. The door opened and the sudden rise in heat was palpable. A violent zephyr of dry, acrid summer spreading through the room like a wildfire kissed by the law of entropy. Heart racing and sweat beading upon their brows, they would taste the singe of disorder.

Quiet steps carried the mysterious entity forward, barely visible at first in the hazy darkness of the nebulous entrance, though just enough to pique the curiosity and raise anxiety - like a lantern gently floating through a misty moor. Shifting between the columns of penumbral darkness, the falcon head mask of Ra, the sun god, stretched into what would appear to be a pair of ripped goat horns, was caught in the psychedelic glow of faint light, before vanishing under the hood and shadows again. The mask was a blessing, a courtesy offered, for to reveal that face of horrors to humanity would ensue bedlam and insanity upon the feeble mortal minds. Behind the mask, inhuman eyes shone with barbaric gleam in a suppurating, festering sea of stubby maggot-like mouths; liquescent flesh, tumorous and gelid, constantly floating and reforming the facial decay.

But, as the being finally stepped into the light, it would not be the mask, but the enormous hooded mantle that would draw the attention. That sickly yellow fabric made of cephalopod skin, seemed to wriggle and shift and move with his every movement. It draped over the masked head and cascaded down his form in rivulets, like the virulent rays of the haloed sun. The thick, fleshy robe extended beyond his feet and stretched out along the floor, parting and sprouting into numerous, wriggling tentacles. Tiny, pulsating sacs of primordial ooze lined the sticky appendages as they uncoiled and winnowed in search of curious prey who ventured to step too close; scorching and searing the floor as if they weren't tentacles at all. They were spreading cracks, veins, fissures, rents of incinerating heat expanding from a void, a gap of pure blackness. A negative sunrise of amber radiation that would deluge and obliterate everything. A Lovecraftian nightmare born in the bowels of cosmic horror, given form in flesh.

It is brimstone and inferno that feed his greedily devouring gait. This tyrannical summer god that rules in the pit of our despair, the worshipped enigma by the starving dark corner of our heart that craves self-annihilation - Immolation of the self in mystic contemplation of or union with a God.

The black hole stare would follow the path of Spring Blossoms, setting his rot upon the season in bloom. In the Saharan desert winds, all beauty and life will burn to dust, eventually. With a vehement heat of abhorrence, he came to stand beside the Lady in Lavender, overlooking the crowd. In his gaze bent the multitude of wanton whims he would gratefully destroy; the slow, torturous disintegration of their sacrilegious bout, carnivorously driven to and through the heart of his malicious desires.

So, tell me, have you seen the yellow sign?

Raffle Ticket #16
October 20, 2020 01:45
Black Masquerade

The Empress in Emerald ~ An Enchanting Autumn

A small, cold, wet snout pressed into the skin at her neck, burying beneath her braided copper locks. The red fox, a fresh addition to her brood, settled against her chest and in her arms as she awaited her turn to enter the Masquerade. His fur smelled of cinnamon and chai, which paired perfectly with her perfume reminiscent of caramel and cocoa. The mask of preserved maple leaves hid her eyes as she peered down at the emerald gown adorning her form. She has chosen this one specifically as it reminded her of the rich forests of the north, just before the leaves of the wild oaks and bold aspens changed between red, orange and yellow, the smell of campfires and the crisp chill of autumn looming. That was how she felt now; crisp, everchanging and ready let go to enjoy the evening with those she considered her closest friends.

She stepped inside of the obsidian den, gaze perusing the preparations laid. The small fireball on her shoulder peeked around at the other guests, tail whipping up and twining around the gnarled black and gold horns attached to the carnelian crown set atop her head. She made her way across the dark floor, heels clicking as they do, after having caught a glance of those she expected. She made way directly to them, the accompanying Spring, the bright to her dark, and Summer, warm to her cool. They looked spectacular and all they needed now was Winter and the spell would be complete.

"Bonsoir, monsieur & mademoiselle. This is Atlas. He's accepted his role in making my costume, well, a costume, as well as becoming a part of our little family." She grinned at her friends and continued to run her fingers over Atlas's soft fur.

Raffle Ticket #17
October 20, 2020 01:45
Black Masquerade

The Countess in Bone ~ A Windswept Winter

Winter watched quietly, as winters often do.

Spring arrived in glorious bloom while hiding biting thorns. Summer slid in after her, leaving scorch marks on the floor. Then Autumn drifted through the room, sweet and spice scenting the air. And here, there was a subtle pause. Suspension brought by Autumn's glide, wherein Winter waited, watching still that fading light.

At long last, perhaps too soon, a chill breeze swept into the room - weeping Winter's first snowfall fluttering through the doorway following that chilling creature as it moved. Or did not move but blew softly past the guests in their glamorous and gleeful, in some cases unnerving, attire. Winter could not judge the strange and deranged, could not judge what she was. What she had become. Instead, she would appreciate those oddities among beauty. Those many curiosities.

Sheer white silk and swirling lace draped and layered across Winter's form, crystalline dewdrops sparkling darkly in the orange lava glow of the room. A white stag mask covered the upper half of her face, horns curling outward, catching on wisps of ice-white hair. There was a peculiar sensation that came with her passing, a cold and disconcerting, hollowing experience. And with it perhaps the mistaken notion that the silk flowing looked like reaching, ghostly hands.

Then it was over. Gone as quickly as she came into the room, Winter had moved on to stand at a table where the others had gathered. Taking her place beside Autumn, her head tilted slightly to the side, looking down the line of them. The evening promised to be very interesting. And Winter, as they often do, would watch on – quietly.

Raffle Ticket #18
October 20, 2020 01:46
Black Masquerade Spicy Disaster

This one definitely left being a hot mess behind and went straight for a spicy disaster.

Not a pretty sight to behold and certainly not a frightful one to endure; not like the costumes that could be seen while she let the bouncers do their job, one of which was not going to be taking the bottle of booze that had her hand wrapped around it.

Sure, there was plenty to drink here.

But this one was special.

Nah, not really. She was just not in the mood for wasting the precious alcohol.

“It’s part of my costume. I promise.”

There would be a forced grin, practically showing her molars which, really, it turned that grin into a grimace but whatever; no one really could tell beneath the dripping magma that was her mask. Lava, yes, this was her costume. No one would ever think she’d show up looking like she was wearing some kid’s fourth grade science fair project; but that was what happened, though, we’re not exactly sure how it happened.

And the rest of this absolute tragedy.

A white shirt covered in lava that completely was obscuring what was supposed to be Mount Vesuvius on the touristy type tee; the spiciness, around her neck wouldn’t be missed either. A necklace of Jalapeños that was more suited for a Cinco de Mayo celebration than for Halloween, well, that was all the seasoning that was needed to turn this from a really big mess into... a party kind of mess.

Or maybe that was the bottle vodka clutched between delicate fingers. Who knows?

The rest of the ensemble was just as bad; tatty jogging pants, bunny slippers that had seen better days, and hair that probably had a squirrel living in it, yeah, she was a definitely a disaster. That walking catastrophe would edge around the people, not speaking (her mouth was busy gulping away at her alcohol anyway), only to move toward an uncrowded corner that she could prop herself up in.

Such a party goer.

Raffle Ticket #19
October 20, 2020 10:09
Black Masquerade Grady Twin One

She had to stop herself from snickering at the pout on her sister’s face; but it wouldn’t last very long because before she knew it the hand that was clasped in her own was tugging her through the other partygoers and to the bar. Twin One would try and practice her blank stare, creepily tilting her head from side to side as she waited for her sister to order her drink; her own pout slowly slipping upon unpainted face before blue eyes tilted toward the menu.


Choices. So many choices.

“Sooooo much stuff. How on earth can I choose, Sissy?”

She could start with something savory; the steak frites and the bloody bruschetta certainly sounded like a great beginning to the evening. But, considering she did love the sweets, the desserts kept pulling her eyes toward them and her twin’s choice did sound good as far as drinks went, although, after meeting so many different kinds of creatures, she had to wonder how exactly they extracted the zombie slime to make it.

She did the one thing she thought would make the night a lot easier.

“One of everything, please!” With a tilt to a full mouth, she decided that they should probably take a seat if she were to eat everything she had just ordered.

She would share with her sister, of course. Mostly.

She’d at least keep her hand locked with her twin and she searched for a spot they could enjoy the festivities in; while stuffing their faces and getting absolutely trashed.
October 20, 2020 10:09
Black Masquerade

~Female Grim Reaper~

She appeared infront of the entrance way to the part and slowly enters then room. She gazes around and nods at the hostess of the part. With that she gazes around the room " Dark greetings all." She spoke her voice was dark and demonic sounded heading over to grab a drink " So many wonderful costums." She spoke softly to herself slightly moving her mask to drink once she reserves her order. The reaper watchs everyone she wonder who all was here but like was a myster for now. Today she plan to enjoy herself and forget about any problems in the world. She lean against the bar her fingers runing against her syth sliding her other hand up making sure she was well hidden from the work. The reaper then forms an skull in her other hand and starts to toy around with it while she decided on what she wanted to do. She thought to herself " God when was the last time i was actually at a party.... Not going to lie iam starting to feel old... I should go to or have more parties now that i think of it." She couldnt help but laugh at herself knowing she really needs to get out more. 

Raffle Ticket #20

October 20, 2020 14:40
Black Masquerade -:The Grim Reaper:-

He saw the female version of him walk in and go to the bar. He then walks over and kisses her. "About time you showed up I was beginning to wonder if I was gonna have to do this alone." He smiled and winks at her. He looks to the bartender and ordered a round of Zombie shots for everyone around the bar. He had the money why not use it.
October 20, 2020 16:03
Black Masquerade

~Female Grim Reaper~


She smirks looking at him " Now did you think i was going to let you have all the fun with out me?"She leans over giving him a kiss on the cheek " I said i would come just needed to figuer a few things out before i did so." She takes her drink and nods at the bartender " Thank you." Then gazes at him with a smile " Thank you for the drink darling." Taken a sip of it and enjoying her time " So many wonderful costumes dont you think? Iam glade i made my own hehe mother always said i was good with the sawing machine." She looks around feeling slightly out of place  "Iv never been to one of these what else is there to do?"

October 20, 2020 16:13
Black Masquerade -:The Grim Reaper:-

"I am not sure my dear. This is the first one I have been too as well. Maybe we can dance in a little bit but for now I was just sitting here wondering the same thing. I just sit back and see all the nice costumes that are coming in. I know we should mingle and dance soon so I don't get drunk."
October 20, 2020 16:24
Black Masquerade Harley Quinn

Siting in front of her vanity, the young woman pulled her long tresses back to expose the soft pink tones of her face. Gingerly, she applied pale white foundation over her skin. Spreading it up and back to the hair lines. Each step, she took was to be precise and to the point of the transformation. The blending in was a work of art that she couldn’t believe that for once, she was following through with it. Earlier during the day, she had worked on her hair with a solution that was only temporary; changing her long dark tresses from a dark color to almost a platinum blonde.

Fingertips lightly touch the top of one container as she decides on which tint of red that would work perfectly with her costume. She applied the blood red tint over lips, stopping to look at the picture before smudging just a tad bit of red, more like smearing it. Next was the eye makeup, trying to duplicate what the actress Margot Robbie looked like as the character within the films. Pausing, her lips curled into that wicked smile before breaking out laughing. ”This is too much but I hope it works.”.

Makeup was complete including the tiny black heart on her cheek, she stood up while finishing placing her hair into two distinct ponytails. One end of one was blue while the other was a faint red. Shaking her head slightly before turning away from the mirror to get dressed. That would be a feat to dress and then leave for the party.

Siting down in a chair, she begin to pulling on a pair of fishnet tights before tugging on a pair of short black biker shorts. She was not too sure she wanted to walk out with her arse cheeks hanging out but that was part of the costume. Not too long after, she pulled the trademarked shirt of “Daddy’s Little Monster over her head and secured the knot in the back. She slipped on the rest of the décor of gloves, belt and shoes. Then the last thing she picked up was the over sized hammer named “Beatrice” that had a smiley face on one head and a frowny face on the other. Of course, she had to name it the same as the original to pull the charade off.

Moments later, she was at the front entrance of the Blackheart Masquerade. Stepping in, she began to walk towards the crowd, carefully glancing around to see who was there or if she could even guess who anyone was. The oversized hammer was slung over her shoulder somewhat as she walked amongst the ones who was gathered. Each step she made; the shorts felt as though they were crawling further up. It was beginning to feel uncomfortable. The clothing, makeup and the attitude was what made the character.

Raffle Ticket #21
October 20, 2020 16:26
Black Masquerade

~Female Grim Reaper~


" Yeah we should mingle and dance... Actually dancing sound fun wanna dance when we are done with our drinks?" She looks over at him with a smile before leaning over and whispers " That is you dont wanna to keep away from me." She giggles teasing him playfully " Unless you do wanna be away from me." She crosses her arms waiting to see his respond to her. Now that she had put him in the hot seat she wanted to be playful. This was a party after all so why not enjoy it her way. She finish her drink and places the glass down giving him a wink she walks over to the dance floor. The music was enjoy and she could enjoy dancing to it while she started to move her body to the beat.

October 20, 2020 18:51
Black Masquerade -:The Grim Reaper:-

He shakes his head and watches her. He tilted his head and watched her out on the dance floor for the moment. After finishing his drink he walks out to her and puts his hands on her waist and starts to dance. "You know the rules but you are right, right now I don't want to be away from you I wanna dance." He starts to dance to the music with her in his arms. He spins her around the floor and laughs.
October 20, 2020 19:12
Black Masquerade
~Female Grim Reaper~


She smirks and giggles feeling him grabbing her for a dance " Maybe so but that does not mean i can not tease you now can i?" She grins at him and wraps her arms around his neck " After all this is tenicly a date." She winks at him " Also i will always tease you so make sure you remember that." She laughs dancing with him and enjoying herself as well as the dancing. Her arms wrap around his neck  while they dance and enjoy this time.
October 20, 2020 19:39
Black Masquerade The Hostess

After a little while and some more people showing up, The Hostess decided to run the first raffle. Taking the microphone once more, her voice came across the speakers.

"Alright everyone, the first winner of 1000BM has been chosen! Raffle ticket #15. The Lady in Lavender is our lucky winner! No need to do anything, dear, the money will be wired to you directly!

"Congratulations! I will pull another name again in a little while!"

((OOC: Just in case it isn't clear, I (River) am editing your first posts with a raffle ticket number. If you're posting new, you don't need to add a raffle number. I will do this. Please check your first post for your raffle number and keep it handy!

Generator proof: https://i.imgur.com/bKPkyxV.jpg))
October 20, 2020 20:18
Black Masquerade Harley Quinn

Harley’s gaze followed the Hostess, wondering what was going. Yes, she was slipped a piece of paper… a raffle ticket with the #21 on it. Taking a deep breath, she let it out slowly. As the Hostess called out the winning number, Harley glanced down to her ticket then back around to see won the first prize. She spied the winner of round one, using “Beatrice”, she tapped it on the table top a few times. It was her way of acknowledging a congratulations. ”Oh well, better next time.”

She swung the oversized hammer back over her shoulder while walking within the direction of the bar. Stopping within her tracks, she glanced up to the bartender ”Have you seen my puddin’? Of course he’s Mr. J. The Crown Prince of Crime.” Her eyes blinked a couple of times while waiting for a response. ”Oh well, Mr. J must be running late. While I’m waiting, Beatrice will have a Velvet Hammer and I will have … mmhmm I will take some Zombie Slime Shooters.”
October 20, 2020 20:41
Black Masquerade The Lady in Lavender ~ A Blossoming Spring

Slender, pink manicured fingers look down at the digit written in elegant script on the paper she holds. Before the number of the prize can register, the butterflies upon her shoulders take flight, fluttering with joy before settling once again. Sparkling orbs dance in delight and she makes a gracious bow to the Hostess, acknowledging her gratitude at the unexpected winning.

The sound of tapping upon a table is startling, at first. Quickly however, she understands the recognition from the lovely woman with pale colored hair. Spring finds herself appreciating the tinting upon the ends of those locks. It reminds her that there shall be eggs to dye soon and hide on lawns for the young ones to find. A soft breeze wafts across the room, carrying with it the fragrance of freshly cut grass and she smiles as the woman of two tones makes her way to the bar, pigtails gently bobbing.

October 20, 2020 22:59
Black Masquerade Pretty Woman

It was that time of year again; the party of all parties has begun. It would be filled with scary, funny, and intriguing costumes as always. The Blackheart Masquerade started a few days ago and the fella had finally decided on what he would wear to the party but there were lots of preparations first. In his apartment, he walked to the bathroom and sat down on the edge of the bathtub, flipped the handle and let the water flow. Reaching back to the sink, he grabbed his tool that was meant to be used elsewhere and began to make light strokes up his leg, pulling it with the flow of the hair. It felt awkward, looked even worse and took forever until both of his legs were silky smooth.

Back in his room, laid on the bed was a plaid mini school girl skirt, a white button down top, a plaid tie to match the skirt. He moved slow knowing this was going to drive him crazy trying to fit his body into such a small package, it wasn’t normal, well not for him anyway. A long sigh, stepped to the bed, he grabbed clear tape and sat on the bed. He examined it closely and knew that this night would never end if he did this.

Fingernail peeling the tape back, legs spread wide in the air, another sigh, quick pull of the tape, the gentleman closed his eyes, and strapped his package to where it would not be seen. He stood up, took a few steps, swung his legs wide as the feeling was not very comfortable to start. Stepping back to the bed. He slipped his legs into a hot pink thong, his own personal banana hammock for the night and he was sure he would end up with a good flossing before it was over with.

Knowing this was not a very good idea, both legs slipped into the silk thigh stockings, white, and unrolled them up his muscular legs. He then slipped into the mini skirt, zipped it up. Next was something else he was not proud of, the bra, he slipped it over his shoulders, fastened it in the rear after some difficulty and then stuffed it with two decent sized grapefruits. If somewhere were to grab them they would know immediately that they were not real but they looked good in his eyes. Both hands grabbing, shaking, adjusting until they looked even.

White shirt was next, both arms in, buttons slipping home, he left it to where his ‘cleavage would be slightly shown, his hairy belly button exposed, and tied the shirt in one of those fancy knots just above his navel. It was sexy. Feet sliding home into the most uncomfortable six in high heels you can imagine. He was ready.

He left his home and headed for the famous party. Arriving, he stood outside by the dumpster outside, leaned against it while he quickly put some red lipstick on his lips. Having never done this before he had it slightly outside his lip line.... Gorgeous... The man reached into his clutch and removed a smoke and placed it to his lips, set fire to the end, and puffed on it. When he slides the pack back into his new man purse it left his honeybun and coke exposed. Some would understand why it was there. With the last two puffs on his cigarette, two other men passed by and he gave them a seductive wink, a blown kiss in their direction before he started to follow them in the door.

When the doors opened, he entered the building, slightly uncomfortable and a package adjust, he slipped inside and strode through the middle of the crowd. Picture the ugliest drag queen you have ever seen and then you can picture him as he walked through the middle of everyone and went over to the bar.

Raffle Ticket #22
October 21, 2020 07:31
Black Masquerade

Inflatable Waving Man

I stood out in front of the building in absolute awe of the stair walkway and how they tapered off to the two huge majestic double doors with the two remarkably large bouncers who stood cross armed at each end of the doors.

Walking up the steps, I thought to myself that on the other side of those doors was that very special somebody I would be leaving with this very night. “I’m gonna get luckyyyy!” I watched the bouncer grab their respective doorknobs. As I drew closer, the bouncers opened the doors and the sudden rush of air coming from within the party room made my arms flat uncontrollably. Before I knew it, my entire costume was in full flap mode causing me to stumble down several step before coming to a complete painful stop. My face was planted firmly on a lower step from that of my body. The costume peeked up my upper body exposing my lower half. Perhaps it was the out of pity or the fact I didn’t move for several seconds or move over even, he didn’t want to explain to the hostess by a person was passed out with his ass in the air on her stair, but one of the bouncers walked down and picked me up. His voice was deep, “Are you okay sir?” I didn’t say anything, I just cleared my throat and gathered myself and continued to walk up the stair and through the doors.

Raffle Ticket #23
October 21, 2020 20:17
Black Masquerade Inflatable Waving Man

Stepping through the door threshold, I immediately started feeling the music, oh boy, was it pump’n. I wondered if I should play the part of an inflatable waving guy or just play it cool. I never really been to parties like this before and I don’t want to come off like an idiot. Although, falling a few moments ago would suggest that I am. “Screw it! I’ll play the part. I’ll just wave, bop, and bend my way to the bar.” I immediately knew that was a bad idea. The others watched as I struggled to keep my balance as I bumped into tables and chairs. Before causing a mishap, I composed myself and began walking normally. Just then the double doors opened and again that sudden rush of air picked up. The fraying fabric acted as a parachute dragging me back a few steps. By now the costume had turn around my body. I used what force I could muster to keep from falling, then the doors closed. Because my costume was turned around, I was blinded as I fell forward onto an empty table. Standing up quickly, I turned around and rearranged my costume. When I finally was able to focus thought the netted mouthpiece of the costume, I caught sight of snakes right in front of me. Apparently, the person in the Medusa costume did an exceptionally great job on her outfit. Startled, I fell back on the table and the onto the floor, but not before kicking my sandal in the air. After all this strenuous activity, I developed a thrust. I made my way to the punch bowl and found my airborne sandal floating in the punch. I played it off in hopes that no one saw it. I dropped it quickly to the floor and poured a cup of the punch and drank the content of the cup. Snapping my lips and dragging my tongue against my teeth, the punch was a pretty fruity, yet it had a very bitter after taste. I poured another cup and started to drink it when I noticed her. The one.
October 21, 2020 20:22
Black Masquerade

The High Priestess

She watched from behind a drink as more people filed into the venue. The Four Seasons were a wonderful idea of a group! Each costume perfect for each season they represented.

She let out a small laugh as someone in a school girls outfit came in. She wasn’t quite sure who they were supposed to be. Drunk Britney? A really ugly hooker? The High Priestess was left scratching her head on that one.

She turned to the bartender for another drink. Time to switch from doing shooters to something mellower. She opted for The Hostesses Champagne. A lil bit of bubbly to float her head.

The doors to the venue opened again, the feathers around her costume tickling her bare parts in the breeze. In walked/stumbled/fell was the most colorful thing of the night. When they stood, The High Priestess could tell immediately they were an Inflatable Man, like outside of restaurants and businesses.

They were having a little bit of a tough go at it. They reached the punch table and started partaking. It came to mind that Wednesday Addams was seen earlier slipping a mickey of sorts into the punch.

The High Priestess stood, straightening her costume as to not have a wardrobe malfunction with her top. The colorful man seemed to be looking right at her, but she couldn’t *really* tell. Was it even a man? She grabbed up her staff and champagne flute and made her way to them.

”Your costume is great. I have to warn you though, someone was seen spiking the punch… care to get something from the bar?” She asked.

Under her makeup she was turning three sheets of red, as being so outright was not the norm for her. She felt drawn to this animated character, however. And who knows what was in that punch? Was it too late?

October 21, 2020 20:44
Black Masquerade Lucy

Sweats, a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s and hours of I Love Lucy reruns had been her plans for the night. Then a last minute request to attend the masquerade from a friend changed that. There was just one condition: she got to choose their costumes.

She chose a fiery red wig, styled in The Poodle. She was careful to pin it securely to her scalp, no need for mishaps such as her hair falling off her head tonight! A tea length navy blue dress covered in white polka dots, complete with a white apron, and to finish it off a pair of black flats.

Ricky never let her go to the show! She’d show him, tonight she was going to the masquerade!

Lucy arrived with her friend in tow. Stopping at the threshold blue hues took in the decor and costumes for a moment. Some traditional costumes, a Grim Reaper and a Ghost. There were a few that were more elaborate than others, she noted Medusa and the Priestess. The Mime and Pennywise were positively creeping her out. Then there was Dorothy and The Tinman, that was absolutely adorable! Some kind of costumes depicting the seasons and various others, wonderful!

Then with a wave to the person at the door she stepped inside.

She led the way to a table in the middle of the room, right where she could see everything going on. “Hey! Hey! I need a drink!” She waved her hand wildly at a passing server, who sat a menu down. “So, I’m Lucy and this is….” She thought about this for a moment. “This is Madam Ethel Mertzola. She'll be our medium tonight. She's psychopathic.” She grinned. Of course she was being silly.. “Okay. Okay… I’ll have a Blackheart Martini and shrimp canapes. And whatever she’s having!”

She then plopped down in her seat, flung herself into it practically. Now they had to wait for him to get back with their drinks!

Raffle Ticket #24
October 21, 2020 21:50
Black Masquerade Ethel

It was time for last minute shopping. Oh lord this was going to be fun. It was a stop at a beauty store for a short dark blond curly wig. Then out to get a vintage knee length black dress with white trim on the sleeves hem and collar and the finishing touches white gloves, a black clutch bag, pair of matching black flats and a petit hat. Putting all together Ethel was ready.

Hanging with Lucy was going to be fun. As we arrived at the threshold and the decorations caught Ethel's attention she watched Lucy and then followed her in. She waved to the waiter as we headed to a table spinning around watching all the costumes of other party go-ers. The Grim Reapers were nice and the High Priestess was amazing. All the while The Tin Man and Dorathey were very cute.

“A drink sure does sound good Lucy!”

Dropping to her chair Ethel laughed at Lucy “ psychopathic! Hmm after a few drinks and some hours in this dress I just might be! She laughed and waved her finger “No, no, no! I think I will have a Halloween pie with a Velvet Hammer.”

Raffle Ticket #25
October 21, 2020 22:10
Black Masquerade The Mime

Looking at her nonexistent watch the mime checked the time. The hour was late and it was time for her to go. She made a deep silent bow to Pennywise and then another towards the High Priestess. Too bad she had something she needed to take care of.

Keeping with the act until the very end the mime felt her way along an imaginary wall, as though searching for something. Suddenly she stopped, tapped on the air and her face lit up. She knocked three times, then opened an invisible door. Stepping through she pulled it shut behind her and continued on her way. Instead of making a beeline for the exit she began to search for a restroom.

She found it somewhere near the back, this was great because this bag was beginning to hurt her shoulder. The Mime turned and waved goodbye to everyone before entering the bathroom.
October 21, 2020 22:36
Black Masquerade Inflatable Waving Man

“My goodness is she hot or what?! Holy hell, see made eye contact with me.” I had not time to scoot aside away from her line of sight. “Oh shit, she’s coming my way. Think! Think!”

”Your costume is great. I have to warn you though” every word after that was drowned out as if heavenly angels themselves breathed a breath of euphoria over me. I had to catch myself and snap out of it. She ended, something at the bar? It was all I could do to compose myself. “Yes, you’re doing fine, how am I” with a sigh, “Wait, what? I mean I’d love a bar at the drink.” another sigh. I apologized and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry but I didn’t fully hear what you said. However, I would love a drink at the bar. I hear the shooters are awesome.”
October 22, 2020 18:36
Black Masquerade Billy The Puppet

The ball was in full swing and it was time to get herself ready to mingle with the fellow people. Yes the introvert was leaving her home. But first it was time to get ready.

Sitting at her vanity she first applied the white face paint. Once set she popped in the red contact lenses and continued to apply the make around her eyes making them dark and creepy. Then came the spirals on her cheeks lines down the corner of each side of her lips along with blood red lipstick.

Getting up from her chair she started putting on the rest of it. Black leather trousers a white button down shirt complete with a red bowtie and finally her red six inch pumps. Heading to the bathroom Billy curled her hair with a good tease.

Everything was in it's place as she walked out grabbing her matching suit jacket and off she went. Making it the doors of the party. Putting her hands up in the air as she turned to show she was free from any weapon and such Billy made her way in. The decorations were always amazing to see. Billy enjoyed the vue of the other costumes on her way to the bar.

Raffle Ticket #26
October 22, 2020 19:09
Black Masquerade Violet Beauregarde

This one didn’t seem to come from the entrance but instead from the bathroom. She glanced around, the same characters still seemed to be here with a few new additions. She almost choked seeing Pretty Woman, that was hilarious. Lucy and Ethel weren’t half bad either.

She had pulled her long blonde locks back into a tight bun at the base of her neck and taken the time to blend some of the bluish-purple makeup that now covered her face into her hairline. If one looked closely they could see tell-tale signs of the white face paint she’d worn before. She wore an inflatable bodysuit that was a near perfect match to the face paint and a pair of clear heels. The devil is in the details though, the costume would not have been complete without a huge wad of bubble gum. She chewed and blew large bubbles as she waddled along.

She made her way back into the masquerade, thankful she was able to talk now. She shifted her black duffle bag from her left shoulder to the right one, this thing was getting ridiculous. She headed towards the bar. Boy did she need a drink!

As she wove her way through the tables the rear of her body suit smacked one guy in the face. “Oh gee, I’m sorry.” She continued tripping over a chair and landed right on top of some lady, air whooshed from inside the suit. Now she was deflated. She grumbled and pushed herself up right. “Wow! I apologize, this thing has a mind of its own.” She continued along, the body suit reinflating as she wobbled along.

She reached the bar at last. She opted not to take a seat, this thing blowing itself back up was a weird experience. “So, I’ll take a Hostess Champagne.”

After a few minutes her drink arrived, she stood there taking small sips of her drink and smacking her gum as loud as possible. It was starting to get stale. She downed the rest of her drink and sat the glass on the counter. Then she took a large chunk of gum and stuck it on the rim. A passing server looked at her with a bit of disgust. She shrugged. “My gum lost its flavor!” She stuck her hand into her bag and pulled out two more packs of gum. Began to unwrap them and shove them into her mouth piece by piece. “Just … one more drink please!”

At last the new wad of gum was so large that her right cheek protruded just a bit. Her second drink came. She continued to chew and blow bubbles as she made her way through the crowd again, stumbling over people and practically sitting on them as she went.. It would be interesting to watch if she decided to dance.
October 22, 2020 19:24
Black Masquerade Pretty Woman

‘She’ had crossed the room to the bar, one arm extended ‘she’ leaned against it. Though instead of asking the bartender for a drink, ‘she’ reached into her purse and removed the coke and honeybun that she had kept in there. Twisting the cap, a quick gulp, she opened the sweet treat and took a single bite and then placed it back in to her purse.

The man, whom dressed as a not so pretty woman, slipped her backside up onto a bar stool, her gaze wondering around the crowded room. She took note of all the people, characters, that lingered in different places. She gently crossed her legs as a woman would, flashing a simple glance of her pink banana hammock before it disappeared.

Her gaze continued to flow around the room while another sip of coke passed her glossed up lips. It was then she noticed someone, someone that might appear interesting to some, The King in Yellow. Really no interest because he was straight, but it would make him giggly, The Pretty Woman, not so pretty, picked her arm up and gave a cute princess wave in the other man's direction. A toothy smile, followed by perched kissy lips in hopes the man would see her.

“This could turn out interesting.”

Simple whisper to herself followed by a deeper manly laugh that she dreamed no one else would hear.
October 22, 2020 19:46
Black Masquerade

The High Priestess

The High Priestess had to hold back a laugh as The Inflatable Man stumbled over his words.

“Yes, you’re doing fine, how am I” He then sighed for some unknown reason. “Wait, what? I mean I’d love a bar at the drink.” Another sigh.

Then it seemed as if he found his head cleared a little more. “I’m sorry but I didn’t fully hear what you said. However, I would love a drink at the bar. I hear the shooters are awesome.”

The High Priestess beamed a radiant smile, making her already skull painted face seem a little maniacal. "Wonderful! And yes, those zombie slime shooters are the best. I’ve lost count on how many I’ve had tonight!" She said with a chuckle.

She hesitantly reached out her free hand and took The Inflatable Man’s hand before he started waving it around again. Leading him to the bar, she took a seat and patted the seat next to herself for him.

Leaning over the bar and tapping it with her staff a few times, she ordered some zombie shots for the both of them. She really hoped that punch he had already ingested didn’t do any permanent damage to the man.

She smiled and held up a shooter in toast. “To All Hallows Eve, and fantastic meetings.”

October 22, 2020 19:50
Black Masquerade The Whisperer

Dressed in dark robes from head to toe, she glided through the crowd silently. The costumes everyone was wearing allowed a small smile to turn the corners of her mouth upward. First, she would make her way to the bar and order the Hostess’s Rosé Champagne. The Whispered felt the occasion called for it. Not only was it one of her most favorite times of the year, there was a tease of extra fun to be had at the event.

When the bartender gave her her drink, she leaned over and beckoned him a little closer. “Tell me...What have you seen going on tonight?” She whispered in his ear.

The Whisperer loved secrets. And who better to give her the juiciest secrets than the bartenders?

Raffle Ticket #27
October 23, 2020 14:01
Black Masquerade

Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde


As more poured in for the event, she found herself sipping martini after martini. occasionally swapping out for a zombie slime here and there. She wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate. Her resting position at the bar had shifted to a lone table. though most of the tables were beginning to become crowded with creatures in unique costumes. Some funny, others just made her curious about what was going through their minds.

A few stood out, ones she would probably remember way past the events ending.

A Woman of sorts sat at the bar eating a treat she pulled out of their bag. Was it a woman, or a very peculiarly dressed man? His, or her, heels were higher than the ones Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde had on, but that hair at the midriff made her turn to look away. It was something so strange, you couldn't help but steal glances.

Lucy and Ethel came in How classic. I love Lucy!

The high priestess that caught her attention earlier, for her costume, was now talking to a very goofy inflatable man. The poor thing tripped a few times, but it was comical enough that they might be up and running for the funniest costume.

Downing her last sip from her martini glass, she stumbled a tad, but nothing overly noticeable. The music radiated the room, bats still taking their timed trips across the ceiling. Placing her glass down to the table, she dropped her raffle ticket.. it fell in the fog that floated around the party goers feet. “shoot” she mumbled out of clenched teeth. Her hand checking the back of her dress, hoping that if she bent to find the little slip of paper, she wouldn’t have a wardrobe malfunction. Deciding against bending over.. she crouched down to her knees while holding her dress in place. Then began running her hands along the cold floor.. searching for her ticket.

How Embarrisng. 

October 23, 2020 14:41
Black Masquerade The Lady in Lavender ~ A Blossoming Spring

She watches with interest the various attendees in comical and creative costume dance, mingle, drink and stumble their way through the night. One, in particular, has captured her attention and she watches as the dual costume drops and loses the raffle paper. Rising from her stool, butterflies and the soft trill of birdsong follow as she makes her way forward to offer assistance. A floral breeze pushes back the fog for just a moment and she hopes it is long enough while fireflies illuminate the paper being sought.

Knowing not the character of the two sides, Spring can still appreciate the duality of the costume. She herself has been accused of rushing in as a charging lion and leaving with the mildness of a lamb at months end. She prides herself on the unpredictability she can bring and it is with this hope of a kindred spirit she offers her hand to the crawling costume. “Once your ticket is found, may I help you back to your feet?”

October 23, 2020 18:19
Black Masquerade

Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde

At This point, she had no idea what she was even feeling around for. A small not even two-inch piece of parchment.. or her sanity. The alcohol hit her hard when she crouched down, and she feared if she tried to stand up, ticket or not, she might fall right back on her ass.

god, I'm trashed. Was her first thought when birds started singing instead of just the music.

The hell did they put in those martinis as the fog started to shift just around the area she had plopped down.. completely forgetting she was looking for anything. Suddenly little flickers of light began to illuminate the once lost parchment. “Oh hey look my raffle” quickly snatching it up and putting it in the pocket of the lab coat that was her Dr. Jekyll side of her costume.

-“Once your ticket is found, may I help you back to your feet?”- a voice came from a very floral creature. She smelled of baby’s breath, and something else. She was unsure of what. A possibly friendly hand extended to help poor Dr. Jekyll up.

Without hesitation. Dr. Jekyll grabbed the hand and pulled herself to her feet. Just looking up made her a little wobbly. So, the sooner she was at the same level as the kind spirit, the better.

October 23, 2020 20:47
Black Masquerade The King in Yellow ~ A Scorched Summer

Slender, slinking shadows spilled in lush tendrils unto the brazen, summer heat. Cold malice in a golden chalice. Quiet in repose, the unnerving figure absorbed the frivolity of mongrel masquerade. A shimmering pasquinade of joie de vivre; a kumbaya gathering on the island of misfit toys.

A brooding brow crumpled in agitation, eyes of cimmerian gloom flashing forbiddingly in the demon dark. A maelstrom of sounds, some loud, some hushed like catacomb whispers, caressed the senses. Nocturnal dreams and temptations, feasting on the parade of light and sound. Ripped from it all, there he stood, bathed in the glamor of defiled divinity and immorality. The poisonous corrosion of his resplendent aura, so horrifically dark and potent, it blended and folded, turned and twisted into the haughty ambience; it flickered, fought, corrupted and decayed.

The Russian roulette gaze shot from one caricature to the next, searching for the serendipitous prize - the bleeding-heart scream of the night. His fetishes were obscene, sinister, forbidden; and so he found little to satiate in the crowd. No one to even begin to appease the throttled thirst at his throat. Only the promise of dust of their bones, to leave him in such inflamed pangs of hideous torment and unadulterated homicidal mania. For so long, he had gone truly unappeased. Dragging on with the affliction of a tasteless, bland meal. But tonight, he would feast.

A restless ease rippled through the cancerous tissue of inflamed flesh, hidden behind the mask of Ra. A rapid hunger clenched between the teeth of his monstrous jaw, ground to the bone. The searing gaze flitting back and forth across the myriad of faces, ever searching, neverending, till it zoned upon a beautiful disaster. Under the crystalline glow, a broken madonna stood in her ruin. Baited were the hooks of his gaze, the resonating depth to the shadows of his leer, as the red dangles against the pitch. Blood, it pours eerily across his rotting visage, though, his focus is soon distracted.

A disturbance caught in his peripheral, drew attention to this.. woman waving at him. It appeared to have been afflicted with the most terrible form of dementia, or else, had been cursed for some past-life transgressions in the cruelest of ways. If those eyes had lids, they would've blinked. Beneath the hood, the falcon head slowly canted to the side, trying his best to comprehend this quandary. Around him, the slithering tentacles unfurled and levitated in waves, while behind the mask, the pestiferous sea of maggots bared their teeth in a smile.
October 23, 2020 22:27
Black Masquerade

Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde

Realizing she was still holding the strangers hand.. she took it away, and braced herself on the table. It slid a bit from her weight and over adjusted her stance, and stumbled again.. an embarrassed laugh escaped , catching her by surprise..I need food. She caught the attention of one of the servers. “could I get some steak fries on a steak.” Then back over to the lady who’s appearance was of the goddess of spring. “thank you by the way” a little slur to her works, but she was managing. no more martinis for a bit

October 24, 2020 02:40
Black Masquerade


Running down the darkened street the invitee dug the torn but beautifully embossed card from a left pocket, refreshing their mind on the location, time and…. requirements.  Seriously?  Fancy dress. Shouldn’t really have been a surprise? Skidding to a halt a few blocks away, a hire shop was spotted and  they went inside.

15 minutes later

Shuffling to the door the custard coloured rosy cheeked blob with horns was becoming more satisfied with their choice. Roomy enough to be dressed normally beneath (with backpack) and a mini taser tucked in the left glove would simply add an inspired level of authenticity to the get up, should anyone wish to attempt to ‘Try and catchem all’ 

With a sidestep, the doorman, well, moved to become a door and the blob pointed a tiny arm to where the invite was pinned to chest

“Peeka  Pee ?”

Raffle Ticket #28
October 24, 2020 07:10
Black Masquerade Violet Beauregarde

She chomped down on the gum, it was beginning to lose its flavor again. She took the huge chunk and stuck it onto the side of a random empty glass as she passed by. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a pink container of Bubble Tape. Breaking pieces off and shoving them into her mouth she was careful not to over do it this time. Her jaw was starting to hurt from all this chewing!

At last her bodysuit had reinflated itself. She waddled through the masquerade looking like a great, giant blueberry. That was the point of course. She wriggled between two tables, a stool falling on it’s side. She turned around to pick it up but it caught another stool and it fell over as well. Maybe she hadn't thought this all the way through. It took a few minutes and it was a struggle but she finally managed to get all of it in order.

She glanced around the masquerade, there was one person she was sure she could make conversation with. She tottered towards the woman pink bunny slippers. Almost the table where the Spicy Disaster was she grinned. “Hey! Excelle--” Her words broke off as she ran into a chair that she hadn’t noticed. She wobbled about trying to catch herself. Nope. She flipped right over the chair and landed right on the woman. A huge whoosh of air released from her bodysuit.

She blinked, shocked a moment then struggled up. Once on her feet the suit began to inflate once more. “Whoopsie!” Stepped back a bit to give the woman some room to get up. “I was just going to say great costume! Love the slippers!” She stared a moment. Had she killed her? With all the murders as of late she sure as heck hoped not. What an undignified way to go! “Um…” She nudged the woman with her foot. “You need some help getting up?”
October 24, 2020 18:42
Black Masquerade Lucy

The server arrived with their drinks and food, he placed them on the table. “Thanks.” Picked up her drink and took a long sip. Then she noticed that the server seemed to linger. Cerulean hues shot between him and Ethel. Was she supposed to tip this guy? She waited several more seconds to see if he would leave. This was starting to feel a bit awkward.

“Okay, okay. Here’s a tip for you. If you cut the Ben and Jerry’s carton in half it makes it easier to share!” The man didn’t look impressed at her attempt at humor. Tough audience! She mumbled something under her breath as she reached into her purse and took out a few bills. As she handed them over he turned and walked away. “Thanks.” He didn’t even smile. Rude!

“He’s baba’d his last lu!” She wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but whatever. She took another sip of her drink and began to munch on the shrimp canapes. Lucy was quick to recover from the mishap with the server. She twisted her gaze over the party. She watched Pretty Woman making eyes at the King in Yellow. She snorted a bit, that was sure to be a match made in Heaven.

Then she caught sight of Pikachu entering! “OH MY GOD HE’S SO CUTE!” She calmed herself, took another drink of her drink. She straightened the red wig on her head that seemed to have shifted a bit when she plopped down. "Excuse me I need another one of these." She said to a passing server. She polished off the rest and looked to Ethel. “So, you dragged me here. What are we gonna do now?”
October 24, 2020 20:09
Black Masquerade Angel of Vengeance

Instead of full armor as she would have normally worn, she chose a black and crimson corsetted dress. The dress fit like a second skin across her bosom and slim waist before billowing out. There was a slit up to her thigh on each side making it easier to move freely.  Leather boots up to her thigh completes the first part of the ensemble.

She pulls the black and red, breast plate over her head, careful as she pulls her crimson and black wings through, allowing them to flutter lightly. Grabbing the twin katanas, she strapped them to her back and looked at the reflection in the mirror. It was going to have to do.

She was late, something that was not necessarily new for her. With her luck she would be the last to arrive. She just hoped that not all eyes would be on her as she hated being the center of attention. Well here goes nothing. Swallowing the lump in her throat she opened the doors and stepped inside.

Raffle Ticket #29
October 25, 2020 13:26
Black Masquerade Oya; the Orisha.

It had been an interesting night thus far; lots of beautiful, intriguing costumes, though, some borderline on insane, but it certainly had given the little brunette something to enjoy as she sipped champagne and picked through the food she had ordered not that long ago. She loved watching the interactions between people, though, she would have never thought an accident would happen this early in the night; it was clear she had rarely enjoyed the parties her hometown was famous for, or she’d have been prepared for the drunken revelry that would extend long into the night.

Copper orbs would peer out from the deep red mask hiding her identity, gazing across the masses, the slight smile on her face was genuine; Oya really didn’t think she’d enjoy this as much as she has, even if she has been sitting apart from all the rest to observe, it was quite entertaining.

She only wished she had brought her camera to capture some of the more extravagant events.

Something that would have her dumping her clutch onto the bar as she searched for something that she never left home without; a sketchpad.

And that is how she’d spend the next few hours.

Sketching the beautiful, the interesting, and the odd.

While sipping on rosé and snacking on...well, she didn’t remember. It was definitely a dip. Maybe?
October 26, 2020 10:30
Black Masquerade Spicy Disaster

She was actually enjoying herself; mostly, it was the people watching through what most would call beer goggles, but the costumes were great, some absolutely hilarious and that was what would make the night worthwhile.

Never would she think that her ass would be sat down by a walking beach ball.

But it would come.

Giant purple ball bounding toward her like some runaway train, ironic since she was dressed like a hobo; there might have been some strange gurgle that came from the woman when she hit the floor. It might have been because she wasn’t so worried about the ass that could have been broken from hitting landing on it so abruptly, no, not really.

Her real concern was the bottle of booze in her hand.

Wide-eyed, she would focus the blurry gaze on the purple woman as she nudged her; the words finally penetrating the vodka fog, or a concussion, there was no real way to tell.

“I’m...” The bottle clinched between her fingers seemed to fair well with the accident, so she’d tilt it toward her mouth to check (it’s a legit way of testing) and with not one drop wasted as they gracefully landed on the ground, Spicy Disaster could give a positive answer.

“We’re good! Nothing broken. Well, the bottle isn’t.” A winning smile was tilted upward toward the concerned train, nearly drawing her focus completely because who wouldn’t want to watch her blow up again, but with the compliment still rolling around in her brain she would tilt that elven face toward the slippers on her feet and wiggle them.

“Oh, thanks! I found them...” That was it. Nothing more. She found them. Somewhere. Probably not in a place no one wanted to know about. “You know, I think I’m good down here. I’m less likely to fall again.”

Stepped on, maybe.

October 26, 2020 10:31
Black Masquerade The Nun

Covered from head to toe in black robes, the Nun moved breezily through the bodyguards; almost like she was floating on air, the glide was so perfected. An air of hostility encircled the figure as she peered out from behind the simple mask that was sculpted to fit the curves and dips of her haughty visage, would only leave the full pout of her mouth exposed; the plain black mask would help her to keep her anonymity while she danced through the throngs of people, her plan already in motion.

Fingering the long rosary, hiding the prize, she would move silently around; not eating nor drinking, instead those dark eyes would keep a wary vigil on who might be whom.

Her siblings.

It was time to take her place.

Even by force.

The game was afoot.

And it was life or death.

Raffle Ticket #30
October 26, 2020 10:32
Black Masquerade


Another shadow slices through the fog. Tall. Too tall to be natural.. a looming, terrifying thing. It falls back, melting into the mist, hollow mouth screaming silent. So quickly she doesn't even need to flinch and slither away. Her lips pulled back over sharp teeth, curling, snarling, smiling? A bizarre mix of the three together. Deranged twist of the mouth on display for another of the night's marionettes.

She arches the bow above her head, slicing through the air in an instantaneous movement, testing to see if there are invisible strings attached to her too. Makes note of the watchers and those who will bear witness with the slide of her eyes sweeping through the room one final time. Crawling over the echoes of humanity that to her are only silhouettes and burning gazes, curling tongue voices and chattering teeth. That incessant clicking grates, rakes like barbed wire against her skin. She grits her teeth until they are on the verge of crack, crumbling out of her mouth in a pool of broken cementum and pulp, exhales.
Focus. And then..

It begins slowly, a temptation of sinuous notes resounding off the bones, an echoing ricochet bounding around the room until it slithers into the ears of those who might hear it. Torturous. Sensual. Lacking the symptoms of a lullaby, this.. This is carnage in C minor, carrion riddled with worms wriggling sumptuously into the body. Captivating and ruinous. And then. And then. It
riiises. Her speed veers into insanity, notes no longer plucked and pulled, but gouged from screaming fingers and shivering strings rather than a mouth that cannot speak. Cannot choke out the sounds.

This, her wailing heart. Her howling refrain. Offering to the devil himself. Her calling. A summoning pitched into the room as she wreaks havoc on the cords and lets lose the hounds of hell, the dogs of war, the beasts of the north wind.
Come. She beckons. Dance.

There is heat here, glistening on her skin, lighting the cool autumn night on fire. She, a banshee weeping blood and vitriol through violin wire. How she hates them. Yet still whispers desperately into the dark. I will find. I will find you. Wherever you are. Her body careens, an explosion of activity detonating there for all to see, feathers ruffling in the breeze her tumultuous swaying. Sanguine splatters decorating the skin, the hair, the marble floors the pettifors and everything in between.

October 27, 2020 12:47
Black Masquerade Santa Muerte

‘Death comes for us all; even at our birth-- even at our birth, death does but stand aside a little. And every day he looks towards us and muses somewhat to himself whether that day or the next he will draw nigh. It is the law of nature, and the will of God..’

And by all, well, Santa Muerte means her siblings.

She is already there, has been there, watching, waiting for the rest of the brood. Laurel eyes study the crowd, search for her damnable siblings but she is left wanting. Whoever’s idea was to have a Masquerade ball should be drawn and quartered.. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind, a Nun in flowing robes glides past with preternatural ability. And dark eyes.

“Well, well..” The words slip softly past painted lips and she begins to move for the first time this night.

A slim figure cuts through the crowd in black cloak and cowl; a crown of multi-coloured roses hovers above a face painted in the likeness of a skull. A nod, a smile, a ‘hello’ or ‘good evening’ here and there, she greets the guests one at a time as she passes. She is the personification of death, after all. As such, in one skeletal painted hand she possesses a globe.. her ‘reach’; in the other Santa Muerte holds a very large, very real, scythe.

No weapons allowed you say?

Maybe for the commoner.

For Santa Muerte, the rules do not apply.

Thank god for folklore and one superstitious bouncer.

Raffle Ticket #31
October 27, 2020 15:32
Black Masquerade Dr. Frank N Furter

Halloween and the Black Masquerade were definitely one of his favorite times of the year. He dug out a custom he had worn years ago. It was a Halloween classic, in his eyes anyway. First he put on the wig, a poufy brunette one. A large pearl necklace followed. Next, a leather corset, leather fingerless gloves and a pair of very tight, very short, leather shorts with clips hanging from them were squeezed into. And to finish off the clothing portion of the outfit, he slipped on fishnet stockings that clipped to the shorts.

He did his makeup next, white powder covered his face before penciling in dramatic eyebrows. Grey and black eyeshadow covered his eyelids up to those eyebrows. Harsh contour carved out his cheek bones and deep red lipstick filled in his lips.

Finally he puts on some thick, six inch heels that are glittery and throws a long robe over his shoulders. No one would get to see the goods until he was ready.

Arriving at the club, he’s checked, as everyone is for weapons. The only weapon he was carrying tonight was his ability to walk confidently in six inch heels. After he’s cleared, he winks to the guard, tosses his robe to him, and struts onto the dancefloor.

Dr. Frank N Furter grabs random people’s hands and shakes them, greeting them with enthusiastic hellos. He reaches the bar and orders a Blackheart Martini, then asks the bartender, “Have you seen a man...with blonde hair and a tan around?

Raffle Ticket #32
October 27, 2020 17:10
Black Masquerade The Lieutenant

The Lieutenant sauntered into the venue, the hem of her dress uniform skirt appearing to be slightly shorter than regulation, but only to the trained eye. Dark hose created a sheen to the long legs, all the way to the high heeled pumps which were definitely not regulation. She smoked a cigarette, careful not to drop ashes on the tunic as the bouncer approached her, his eyes on the polished leather holster with her sidearm. With a barely discernible huff, The Lieutenant blow smoke in his face, then unbuckled the belt which rode on her shapely hips, and handed the belt, holster and firearm to the bouncer. He looked at her as if to ask if she carried any more weapons, and she leaned towards him, a long, black painted nail tracing the man's jaw as she whispered something to him that seemed to be suggestive. He smiled, almost leeringly, and passed her into the night club.

Good. The Makarov strapped high on the inside of her thigh was undiscovered and the silencer was in her cigarette case within her black clutch. Promises of sweet nothings to the bouncer had led him to believe he could let her in without further frisking. Of course, by the time he was to collect on that promise, she would have killed her sisters and the inheritance would be hers, and hers alone.

She had practiced removing the gun numerous times while palming the silencer until she could thread it onto the small hand gun and bring it to bear in under three seconds. Finding her sisters was next on her agenda. Luring them to the ladies room, one by one, was after that.

The Lieutenant entered the arena.

Raffle Ticket #33
October 28, 2020 08:15
Black Masquerade Marie Antoinette

The path to redemption is through the flesh and blood of our own...

The cradle of her thoughts faded away from all decipherment, clouding themselves amidst the ebony vapors, retreating to the obscurity of her subconscious. Jade green, crystalline gaze briefly perused over each of the veiled faces as she entered the ball. Lashes tinted like the knifed-wings of a silver butterfly, fluttering with coquettish charm behind her gilded mask. Her dress for the night was a lavish, celestial blue gown, with its bosom-enhancing bodice and a white satin petticoat. Her head crowned by a pouf, a mountainous grave of powdered hair decked with red roses, plumes, black veils, and daisies as a saucy reference to the events that were to transpire tonight.

She moved through the crowd with grace and haughty demeanor, a flirtatious glance here, a chuckle there, almost cruel and discordant in tone. Elevating the charade, while curious eyes searched for her beloved kin, betraying her meticulously veiled nefarious intentions. It is in this congregation of the sublime and truly bizarre, a ghostly image of Santa Muerte drifts across her vision, jarring to the relative pleasantries unfurling around her, that caused a shudder to creep over flesh.

However, she would regain her composure and express nothing but the mirrored welcome of her cold jade eyes. Not menacingly, not any look in particular that could be interpreted as threatening or non-threatening; just unresponsive and chilling to the core. The smile slowly returning to her ruby lips beneath the mask, she started to make her way to the bar, flamboyant as ever, enticing interest and inciting provocation. Eyes again trained upon the nocturnal life of the evening, perception listening to the myriad of conversations carried by the claws of a spirited wind.

Arriving at the bar, her gaze would mockingly glance over the setup as if to consider the options on offer, garnering the attention of the bartender, and from strawberry mouth poured words drenched in salacious honey and dark mischief, "Say, you wouldn't happen to have any cake, would you?"

Raffle Ticket #34
October 28, 2020 19:42
Black Masquerade


Behold! The first rays of morning sun. See how the golden bands of fabric flow and flutter around Amaterasu's arms. How the white cloth of her robes, accented with scarlet and turquoise, rustles as she moves into the busy room. Black eyes scan the masked bodies, searching.

If she were to describe the scene witnessed upon her entry, it would easily be summed up as pandemonium.

She passes by the hideous and hilarious, the soft and unsubtle, not yet setting eyes on her quarry. Her expressionless face is a mask in itself, heavily painted. Those red lips do not twitch or part. Only the eyes move as she takes in each detail of the room. Her movements elegant, posture perfect. Anticipation and determination set in her shoulders.

See that she is light and peace and warmth and divinity.

But tonight, for one, she is the last light they will see.

Raffle Ticket #35
October 29, 2020 01:08
Black Masquerade Phantom (A Member Of The Realm)

She observed herself in the mirror trying to figure out what her costume should be. She toyed with a couple of different ideas, but ultimately narrowed it down to two. She was stuck between Red Riding Hood, or imitating someone in the realm. After trying on both she ultimately decided to go with the latter. With a snap of her fingers a dark mist swallowed her whole.

She appeared outside of the party wearing think dark cloaks that covered her whole body and a hood that covered her face. If you tried to catch a glimpse of her all you would see is pitch black. She checked out her reflection and couldn’t help but smile. She quickly made her way to the bouncer and flashed the invitation to get inside. The costume was so convincing even the bouncer almost made her leave to put one on. She snickered as she made her way inside. She ultimately decided to take a lap around the room to check out the costumes before she headed to the bar.

Raffle Ticket #36
October 29, 2020 13:57
Black Masquerade

The Countess in Bone ~ A Windswept Winter

Or, perhaps not.

Not long after they four of them entered, the madness began. Someone spice scented and carrying a bottle of booze entered, clearly having gotten the party started early. Winter could admire that sort of thing and the chaos of the costume drew the eye. As did the creepy twins roaming through the room and looking at snacks. Winter did not understand the pink and blue one but likely that was something of the mortal realm. The grim reapers drifting about were more recognizable to her and fitting costumes for the festivities.

When their dear Spring won the first of the raffle runnings, Winter smiled pearly white and clapped her hands, the icy jewels on her costume sending out a musical sound to accompany her applause. She hadn't expected one of her own to win the moment they entered. She wondered if it was an omen for how the rest of the night would progress.

She looked through the room and caught sight of some sort of inflated, plastic man and a very large blueberry – also inflated it seemed – tumbling through the room. And then saw a woman – or maybe not – at the bar give a wave in their direction, notably at Summer it seemed.

A whispering drew her attention away from whatever it was that was happening there, not sure if she wanted to know. And that was when she noticed a flurry of new arrivals, each one stranger than the last, though she could quite pick out why. There was something strange about the way they roamed through the party, the telltale signs of violence clinging to them. Not that this was an unusual thing within the Realm. The hunter mentality was hard to get rid of and Winter was certain that most everyone here was one sort of beast or another.

Winter's smile brightened. After all, she did enjoy the strange and unusual things that came with the season which played precursor to her.

October 30, 2020 18:03
Black Masquerade Ethel
Looking up at the server as he placed the food on the table and Ethel couldn’t help but let out a slight laugh and snickered as he wouldn't leave till he got his tip.

Ethel let out a laugh as Lucy told him about the Ben and Jerry's carton. "Luuuucy!" She said with a laughter. Ethel looked at him. "No seriously it works." She was going to back her up. But her eyes rolled as he didn't laugh.

Once gone she raised her glass. "To a Happy Halloween and a good time! Now let us go get wasted and dance the night away and see if Pika actually can shock people."
November 01, 2020 15:37
Black Masquerade The Voodoo Biker

Message Received
You may want to visit The
Crossroads VIP lounge. The
Spicy Disaster has fallen victim to
the liquid spirits and a

The text in its entirety.

No return texts were received in response to the several that he fired off. Failed attempts to gain more information; like who the Spicy Disaster was, and what they meant by the blueberry. It could be several different people he knew. A select few instantly popping to the forefront of the list.

And that was how he ended up at the front door of The Crossroads. He inclined his head toward the bouncer as they checked him for weapons. A smirk playing at the edges of the half face mask created from bone as they considered his mask. The red stripes running vertical down each eye hole stood vibrant against the pale white. The black bongo antelope antlers curved out then inward at the top, forming around a suspended, pulsing gold orb in the middle.

"You're good," the bouncer waved him through.

"Thanks," His attire consisted of a black leather jacket with dark jeans. Under the jacket a dark t-shirt stretched over defined pecs and abs; harley boots completed the hurried costume. He literally pulled the look together in five minutes, knowing that he wouldn't have been allowed inside without dressing up.

Even with being late there was still a decent crowd of Realm citizens. The different looks ranged from hilarious to morbid, to regal to … Spicey Disaster. As soon as he spotted the woman laying prone on the floor, he knew exactly who it was.

And he wasn't surprised in the least.

Long strides brought him through the crowd, he inclined his head to a few who called out in welcome. His head tilted to the side as he came to stand next to her. A quick sweep of his dark chocolate eyes let him know that she wasn't hurt, just drunk. Very, VERY drunk.

Shaking his head, he knew she couldn't see the raised brow behind the mask, but that didn't stop it from jerking up. "No spilling of the drink, I hope?" Squatting near her head, his hands folded in front of him. "Comfy?"

Raffle Ticket #37
November 01, 2020 15:53
Black Masquerade Lucy

She stared at Ethel, she snickered a bit. "Wasted? Me? I would have some splainin to do!" She shook her head, no someone had to keep their head on straight. Besides she had to make sure Ethel got home safe to Fred (that was the name of her pillow). "I could dance though. I think."

She watched as the scene between the giant blueberry and the woman who looked homeless unfolded. Then a man came to check on the girl who now lay on the floor. There was something familiar about Violet Beauregard though she couldn't place what it was exactly. She watched as more and more people arrived. It was getting crowded in here.

Crowds made her nervous.

She downed the last of her drink and waved a server over to order another. "Also, bring her an extra one, she's drinking for two." She pointed at Ethel. "I don't think he'll shock anyone with anything, except his cuteness." This was far from what she'd been expecting.
November 01, 2020 20:22
Black Masquerade

The High Priestess

Her new friend, the Inflatable Wavy Man, seemed to have fallen into a daze after her invitation to join her at the bar. She couldn’t see his face due to his costume, and that led to her not being able to read his eyes.

She took two more shots of her drinks and then moved to stand again. She wasn’t going to let this night escape without more fun. The music was pumping and it seemed so many were having a good time. She wanted to dance, even if by herself.

She gave the Inflatable Wavy Man a light shove with her arm before swinging around in her seat, slipping off the barstool and walking, with her staff, to the dance floors edge.

She used her animal skull topped staff as a dance partner of sorts, and soon let the rhythm of the music move her. She swayed and spun, the black lights illuminating the skull painted on The High Priestess’s face as she moved to the music.

Being slightly intoxicated helped.

November 01, 2020 22:12
Black Masquerade The King in Yellow ~ A Scorched Summer

With every eddy and churn in the ambiance, smoky tendrils of shadows, light and fog gave into each others darkest whims; blending perfectly to form the mystique and sinister ribbons gyrating in this cavernous hall. Vibrant energies caged in mortal shells dancing and spinning faster around him, yet there was something disturbingly calm and tranquil within the blackness that was his centre (like the eye of the storm). In that abysmal pit, death blossomed, its black hankering wings unravelling to whip within the vortex of despair.

It was the scent of blood in the air that drew his attention, like napalm to the senses. The monstrous being's cruel stare fixated on the carmine saunter of her unravelling quintessence. The vile intoxication of his amusement heightening as she raised the bow, pulled from her scarred psyche and laced with burdening madness. Clouded in her miserable reverie, the haughty sparks of indignation, the ruddy nails grinding against displeased flesh; she was caught in the violent throng of rapturous insanity. With a single disharmonious note, she cracked the dulcet tones in this midnight garden's tranquil wake, waltzing to the ballet of violent delights.

His keen eyes fell upon the glorification of her coming apart to her own song, and he moved with a predatory prowl, blooming famine in his wake. The golden appendages slithering and churning against the scorched floor, rising and falling hypnotically in a demonic tandava, the apocalyptic dance. It had drawn him out of the darkness, into the haze of neon lights, the spill of viperous tendrils stitched into her hair, the pale ivory of her throat preening against the Stradivarius, amidst the carnivorous impulse of bestial decadence.

Would you taste like shadow or the sun?
November 02, 2020 11:46
Black Masquerade Harley Quinn

It hand been awhile since arriving. The party was rocking and the costumes were amazing. She felt as though, she was ‘invisible’ but knew better. Of course, no interaction except with the one who won the first round of prizes. Glancing to the over sized hammer ”Beatrice, your not drinking. If your not going to do so, then I will.” She laid the hammer on the bar before picking up another drink. ”Mr. J is going to be in deep trouble with me if he doesn’t show. Come to think of it, Brucey has him cornered at home.” Harley began to cackle loudly before slamming down the shot.

Brucey was the name of the laughing hyena that the Harley adopted. With her right hand, she tapped the bar counter for another round of drinks. Oh yeah, she will be paying for pain in the morning for consuming so much alcohol.

Taking a deep breath, she spun around on the stool to face the crowd that had grown within the last few hours. More unique and carefully thought out costumes were caught by her cerulean colored hues. Blinking a few times, she was taking in the views and wonder who would best dress. Within her thoughts, she was singing to herself while a silly smile laced on her red lips.
November 02, 2020 12:39
Black Masquerade Pikachu

So many Questions...
'Are you invited' - Pika
'Do you have any weapons?' - Pika? Peeeka Pika !!!!
'Do you have ID?' *Head tilt, another point at the ticket on chest*

Bouncer stares. Pikachu stares back
Finally! Waved inside

With a flip and flop of large yellow feet, tail swinging with all the swagger of The Fonz Mr Pika darn a chu was in the club!
November 02, 2020 17:24
Black Masquerade The Lady in Lavender ~ A Blossoming Spring

She gives a deep curtsy to the rather tipsy costumed patron as the table is used to steady them. She nods in approval as food is ordered to help weave a path to sobriety. With a nod and a slow turn, she finds herself surveying the room and the numerous who have recently arrived. The spectacle and the drink that is flowing reminds her of the Carnival, the glorious celebration of excessive indulgences before Lent appears and mortals prefer the purposeful sacrifice from such gratifications.

Spring beams while overseeing the dance floor. Her kindred are visible from across the space, also keeping vigilant watch, when she notices a change in the air. The sweet scent of floral and grass, of renewal and rebirth gives way to something more sinister. She sees a weapon where there should be none lurking about the Grand Hall causing her much consternation. Birds still and the sweet sound of fluttering wings cease around her as the air turns suddenly sharp. The distant sound of a rolling thunder can be heard just beneath the beat of the piped in music. She sees the bouncer still hard at work checking the incoming and before lightning can form, the cackling electricity in the air calms just as quickly as it began. She continues on her tour of the room, the promise of sunshine and the possibility of rain leaving a rainbow prism in her wake.

November 02, 2020 18:51
Black Masquerade Magenta

Auburn, frizzy shoulder-length wig with center part? Check
White maid's cap? Check
White apron with shoulder straps? Check
Black button down dress with white collar and cuffs? Check
Fishnet stockings and black Victorian laced boots? Check

She slinks into the Masquerade only to be stopped by the doormen.. of course. They are there to check for weapons, as they always do. No matter how many times she has been in attendance at the Masquerade, they always search her.

Magenta supposes she just has one of those faces.. you know.. unimpressed. Not that it matters, she does not need a weapon to necessarily hurt someone. But again, she is there for fun. A night out that she deserves. A night of drink, maybe some dancing and looking at a very handsome male.

The bouncer gives Magenta a look, one of concern. Like they were hit with a bag of what the fuck. A wink of an eye, a single spidery looking false eyelash presses against it’s partner then separates. The dress is too tight to conceal a weapon. The small velvet pouch tied around a wrist that holds a single tube of lipstick and money, is also too small to conceal a weapon.

They are waved through, finally.

“How.. gracious.” The accent is a mix of Mid Atlantic and.. Slavic?

Raffle Ticket #38
November 03, 2020 11:03
Black Masquerade Ethel

Turning her head see what had Lucy's attention she spit her drink watching what she had caught of the giant blueberry and the hobo woman. "What in the blue heavens just happen there?" She turned back in her seat and put up her hands for two drinks.

"Oh Lucy who would you need to explain things to? It is a party let it loose and have some fun!"
November 04, 2020 10:47
Black Masquerade The Nun

A couple of hours in and it was time to get the real party started; the young woman moved silently through the dwindling crowds to the bartender that had been supplying copious amounts of alcohol this night.

He mattered.

The bartender was what would make her plan work.

Using this to her advantage, she had struck out weeks before to find this bartender; some mild flirting, the promises of a lot of money when she came into her inheritance, a small boon given to insure his assistance.

Slowly, but surely. He would come around to her way of thinking and with the slip of a poison hidden in the rosary, into a greased palm, she could count on that death to be neither messy nor quick. It was a woman’s choice, poison, but by the time it was starting to take hold on one of her siblings, this blackhearted fiend would be long gone with no blood on her own hands; but she had one more thing to do and that would require lips to be pressed, oh so close, to the ear of this willing murderer and a whisper would come courting the only words she’d speak that night.

“When she is in the throes of death, make sure you lean in real close…” The woman would let the smirk she had been holding back all night grace the curve of her mouth. “ and tell her it was me…”
November 04, 2020 15:18
Black Masquerade The Whisperer

Her siblings all started to make their entrances and as they did, she would brush up to each and everyone of them to tell them a secret. “A little bird told me…” She would start off with. What was the point of telling her siblings secrets? They were a volatile bunch. Get one angry enough… And well, just maybe, if they all started fighting, she could watch from a distance and cash in on the inheritance that was to be split between the seven of them

Pennywise was first, “You might want to watch your back, m’dear. I’ve been told someone, particularly one of our siblings, might want you dead…

She laughed quietly and drifted away, taking a moment to sip her champagne and dance a little. The Whisperer shouldn’t be so cocky, but the one secret she didn’t know was that she wasn’t the only one wanting her siblings gone.

She spotted Santa Muerte and grinned before shifting over to her, “Sister!” The Whisperer “Have you heard? A little bird told me Viola is plotting our demise.” She raised an eyebrow and shrugged, not waiting for a reply, just letting her words sink in.

Who was next...As she drifted away from the one dressed as Santa Muerte, her eyes scanned until she found another sibling. Another sip of champagne and she sees The Lieutenant. She was a bit surprised to see them here, but nonetheless, she had drama to stir.

A little bird told me…” she whispered from behind before stepping in front of her sibling and offering a salute, “You’re looking mighty fine tonight.” She laughs, “But not just that. They also told me that you need to be looking over your shoulder. Someone is planning your death.” She blows a kiss and drifts away once more.

Marie Antoinette...Hmm yes. She almost didn’t recognize her. Though, her secret would have to wait for just a moment while she grabbed another glass of champagne. “A little bird told me,” The Whisperer had finally sauntered up to them and leaned in to whisper in their ear… “Someone wants to see that pretty little head of yours chopped right off your shoulders!

Was she just messing with her and playing to her costume? Or did she know for sure that tonight, she would lose her head? She wiggled fingers in a goodbye wave.

Hmmm. Her eyes cast around the club and mentally counted the siblings in attendance. She was sure there were two more that were supposed to be in attendance, but she only spotted one more. She shrugged. They would have to be dealt with later then.

The Whisperer made sure she had the remote. The remote for what, you might ask? Just wait and see. The Nun seemed to need some air after having a little pow-wow with one of the bartenders. Perfect. She waited until her sister was on the edge of the new addition to the club that she requested. Yes. She requested the circular window on the floor. And the remote she had? It opened that window. With her hands hidden inside her pocket she pressed the button to open the window.

Your sister sends her regards…” She whispered to The Nun from behind and pressed a hand to her back and gave a shove before slipping into the shadows.
November 04, 2020 15:49
Black Masquerade


She steps around the tables, twisting a gold wire in her hands. Wind and unravel, extend and retract. The metallic hiss as it is pulled from the pretty bangle on her wrist is reassuring. What fun festivities might she find this night, she wondered.

She wouldn't be left wondering long, certain that when the ball reached it's peak there would be a most spectacular display. It was not the right season for hanging stars from trees but...

Ah. There you are.

A robed figure leaned across the bar and caught the woman's eye. When the shadowed figure moved away, she would follow in a roundabout way, keeping the creature in her sights as it drank and slipped among the guests. The obstacle in her path would seen be dealt with.

The Nun and the Whisperer took a moment to appreciate the view from the lovely second floor window. The Nun being granted a closer view than most would probably enjoy. When the shadowy figure moved to slip away and they were alone at last, the pretty gold wire would come out. In a flash, it wound around that cloaked figure's throat. Constricting, cutting into the skin, crushing the windpipe.

And she whispered, that voice filled with the most delighted emotion which sat at odds with her expressionless countenance, “Won't you tell me a secret, dear sister? Please make it good since it will be your last.”

November 05, 2020 02:51
Black Masquerade Marie Antoinette

Hunched over the bar counter, Marie was busy devouring her fill of scrumptious soul cakes, while her scrutinizing gaze scanned the dimly lit space. Scouring over the dance floor in case one of her siblings decided to indulge in their last dance. It isn't a party until there was blood on the dance floor, and if they wanted a death waltz, she would carry the beat. In the skip of a moment there was a chilling shift in the air. The music seemed to dip as a darkly robed specter slipped behind her and whispered something her in ear. Seriously? For real? An incredulous glance was passed over the source of the voice as the figure quickly dissipated back into the crowd. It was gone just as it had arrived, out of nowhere and back into nothingness.

She seemed flustered, suddenly shaky by the gravity of those whispered words. This must be a jest, surely. She chuckled nervously and shook her head. It took her a moment to gather her wits, and then the realization struck that she must now act quick. Stuffing the last crumbs of cake in her mouth, she leaned over the counter and examined the items till her eyes met the object of her desire. Ah, pointy. A surreptitious grin lit up her face and she bit her lip, deftly sneaking the ice pick and burying it deep within her pouf - lost in the mélange of objects already buried in there till it became just another part of the decorative piece.

Marie Antoinette, armed and delirious, turned her attention back to the masses. Huntress eyes seeking familial prey. Murder was charity, and charity begins at home. Mischief abound, she relocated the robed figure by the central window, struggling frantically in death's rapture - bathed by the moon, and choked by the... sun? She blinked and smirked at the sight. Her whimsical mind was all the amusement she needed, creating its own sense of irony and poetic bedlam. "Ah, Amaterasu", she whispered under her breath and was quickly on the move, swerving through the crowd, cutting this way and that, attention focused, eyes set on her prize for the night.

In a beat of dying heart she was upon her. The ice pick slipped from her hair in one fluid motion and swished in an arc from below, stabbing upwards, piercing along the svelte line of her sibling's swan nape - driven deep into the back her brain. "Summer's over, sweet sister," She sneered beneath the mask and pressed up closer. Her honeyed voice carrying a wintry chill behind her ear, she hooked and twisted the pick inside her harshly, severing the spinal cord from the brainstem, "and so are you."
November 05, 2020 09:04
Black Masquerade Santa Muerte

‘Death comes for us all. Even for kings he comes.’

And maybe even Queens.

They are masters at hiding it seems, her siblings. But monsters know how to hide, do they not? Though the brood was never truly close, Santa Muerte knows exactly the depths her siblings would sink (hopefully six feet deep); she knows because she is cut from the same tainted cloth of greed. They never missed an opportunity to disparage one another to their parents, didn’t they. In fact, had she ever truly liked any of her siblings? No. No, she hadn’t. She liked her ‘way of life’ and her ‘way of life’ was costly.

With the last ‘good evening’ greeting slipping across her lips, Santa Muerte arrives at the bar, gives a coy smile to the bartender. There is a drink she loves more than any other and she plans on having many this evening.

“Kubler Absinthe, please.” She speaks gently to the man but much to her dismay the bartender grabs a bottle of Pernod- a spirit chartreuse in colour not the blanche absinthe she loves. Naturally she is upset (because she is spoiled) and so, the false Reaper turns back to search once more for her siblings. And then she spots her, there, at the same bar, Marie Antoinette. A beautifully extravagant costume that could only be for an overly extravagant sibling.. who is eating cake. Which can mean one thing.. “Viola.”

The name rolls sweetly across the heiress’s lips. She is about to approach the cake eating wench when someone, an uninvited someone, sidles so close she can feel the warmth of their breath through the riding hood that covers her head.

“Sister! Have you heard? A little bird told me Viola is plotting our demise.”

For a few minutes, Eliza stands there, weighing her options. She could kill this sibling, there at the bar, create a scene; or she could wait for a more opportune time. Eliza turns towards Melody (it could only be Melody with that saccharine voice she so despises), venomous words at the ready. Yet she finds herself very much alone. A moment's distraction is all it takes; for as she turns a predatory gaze back to ‘Marie’, the woman is already halfway across the dance floor and heading towards a small group of costumed women on the second floor. Perfect. ‘Santa Muerte’ can kill almost the whole brood with one powerful swipe of her scythe! As she starts from the bar, teeming with excitement, she is stopped; the bartender produces her drink, an opalescent and milky light green.

“Thank you, kind sir.” A forced smile twitches at her lips. She sets the small globe she holds on the porous stone of the bar as an exchange of bills for the drink and tip occurs. But there is also the matter of ‘Marie’ she needs to attend and holding a heavy globe or drink would be too cumbersome really. “I’m Eliza by the way.. if you could just watch my drink for a few minutes, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

He agrees, oddly, and places her drink on the back bar. Drink secure, the woman makes her way through the crowd once more, up the stairs and stops short of Marie. Where had all the other women gone? Didn’t matter really- Eliza gets to speak to Viola, the most extravagant, alone.

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” The words are a powerful hiss, full of venom, sarcasm and sanctimony. “With silver bells and cockle shells..” A derisive smile draws up the corners of Death’s lips as razor sharp scythe is drawn back then swung with much force. “And Viola’s all in a row.”

Eliza was never any good at poetry.
November 05, 2020 15:01
Black Masquerade The Lieutenant

They were all here, all of her sisters. A sneering grin turned the corners of her mouth as she surreptitiously watched them stalk one another. The costumes were all impeccable, but how else would they be? When you're raised in a life of privilege with highly competitive siblings, especially all sisters, nothing but the best could be expected. Especially when vying for Daddy's attention. And money.

She saw Harriet in her Pennywise facade and rolled her eyes briefly. Her younger sister had always been a clown, theatrically playing pranks on her and her other sisters to make them all look bad in the eyes of Daddy. She would be first. It would be easy to lure her into the ladies room, for some girl talk. She even imagined posing her corpse in one of the toilet stalls before confronting the rest.

"Harriot! Don't you just look darling! What are you? Bozo? Ronald MacDonald? Oh! I know! Pennywise!" an acidic smirk followed her jibe.

Ellen started to link her arm into her sister's, "Come dear, let's go powder our noses. I know how much you like pranks and I have an idea for one for Eliza, Lorilei, Moira, and Viola."
November 06, 2020 08:31
Black Masquerade Pennywise
Penny made her way around the ball handing out red balloons and socializing with the attending company. She could see all her sisters all wandering around with the other guest. She was thinking what prank to pull off on them till one of her older sisters came along taking her out of thought.

”Ellen so do you! You costume fits your personality quite well.” Harriot let out a snicker as she wasn’t sure what her sister was playing at. Harriot wasn’t really spoken to by them. That was why she always played little pranks to seek their attention. Daddy had a lot on his plate with her sisters always trying to dig in wallet.

”Okay I can use a break. Huh.. What kind of idea do you have dear sister?” She followed as Ellen took her arm leading the way.
November 06, 2020 19:22
Black Masquerade
The Whisperer
There you are.” The Whisperer’s words were strained, though she wasn’t yet afraid. In her mind, she could talk her way out of this, she always could. “Sweet Moira wasn’t as sweet as she appeared, Sister. She was plotting your death.

The Nun had definitely been plotting someone’s death, but it wasn’t Amaterasu’s. Still, Amatersau didn’t know that. “I did it to protect you…

That wasn’t enough. It would never be enough, even if it were true.

She felt the wire tighten around her throat. A warning?

No. Definitely not a warning.

The Whisperer felt the sting of skin breaking, though it was soon overshadowed by the inability to breathe. She struggled in her sister’s grip, hands reaching up to hers to attempt to pull them away, but Amaterasu’s grip was unrelenting. A silent gasp for air was the last thing to leave The Whisperer’s mouth before succumbing to her own death. Her body fell limp in her sister’s arms.
November 07, 2020 15:43
Black Masquerade The Nun

Oh, it was a great night. The death that would come would afford her the things that should belong to her, the inheritance that should rightfully be her own; granted, she would still have to share it with anyone that was left, but if the night went well, it would show her just how easily the rest of them could be taken care of.

For now, she could use a breather.

Just to wait out her time, to wait for death to come knocking on that unsuspecting victim.

It was a nice night for taking in the cooler air, to escape the noise from the party; that gliding step would lead her closer toward the doors that would lead her from bustle, it’s too bad that she didn’t notice the opening of another opening, nor would she see the in the shadows (because she was far too giddy with her upcoming windfall) someone that spent many days whispering to all the siblings, pushing them toward this night with murder in their hearts.

She would not be able to think or move fast enough; no, that hand pressed against her back would cause a simple misstep and send the woman to her final doom. No scream could be heard, no residual thud of a body impacting upon earth. Only those who bear witness would be able to say without a doubt, the poisoner got what she deserved as she soared to her death; the only question remaining would be where was her God now?

And Moira Blackheart was no more.
November 07, 2020 19:09
Black Masquerade


The sun would never seem as brutalizing or unfeeling as this.

Surely there was no sister as chatty as this one who tried to dance her way out of death with some well placed words. But Amaterasu knew a lie when she heard one in this family of lovely little liars filled with greed. Don't be mistaken, Amaterasu didn't really hate her siblings but there wasn't a chance she was going to miss out on such an enticing game.

Money couldn't buy happiness.

However, it could get rid of the majority of obstacles presented when living within the Realm.

As far as Amaterasu was concerned it was better to murder than resort to petty thievery.

The body of her darling sister dropped towards the floor in a heap of dark fabric and silence. No more whispering. And she laid the body down the rest of the way and pulled the wire free, with a satisfying snap and a splatter of blood, it disappeared back into her bracelet. She used a handkerchief to wipe up the bit of sanguine liquid, some of it staining her white and red robes. At least she could play it off as decorative.

Or so she had intended when she straightened fully and was about to return to the party alone. But there was a sharp and sudden pain and all of her muscles stopped working properly. Twitching wildly. Her mind drawing a blank. Was she forgetting something?

She couldn't see that sweet Marie had taken the opportunity to practice her reverse lobotomy technique. But she could feel the twist of something digging around in her skull before.. nothing.

Amaterasu's lips twisted into a grimace that might have been a smile. The first true expression to cross her countenance.
Summer was over indeed. And then her body collapsed in a ragdoll fashion, falling right next to the body of her own victim.

It seemed Lorilei Blackheart had underestimated her family.

Now her blood, too, would be left to drip onto the dancefloor.

November 07, 2020 19:44
Black Masquerade Marie Antoinette

The ice pick slipped out of brain matter with a high-pitched, keening slurp. Its release brought a squirt of blood rushing out that had her gasping in surprise, as it sprayed all over her lavish dress. She stared in disgust as the body slumped to the floor like a marionette released from its strings. Crumpled in a heap and disheveled, her beautiful robe had now become her shroud. The pool of blood slowly spreading on the floor had her backing away when suddenly she was frozen in place by the chill of a familiar voice.

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”

Eliza. She would have liked her last words to blister through those frothing lips to have been a curse, a baleful spit of sardonic abhorrence to cut and slice her sister right open. Though, the last sight she would see as she craned her neck back would be the gleam of reaper's scythe dancing in the moonlight, and the last sound that emerged from her was a wet gasp; a slick, soaking wet sigh that released her head from the body in a fountain of blood that ran blue.

The giant pouf head was flung high up in the air, released from its bonds now to dance in the clouds before it made its final descent to the ground with a sickening thud, not long after the body had hit the floor. There she lay, Marie Antoinette, dressed to the nines and short of a head, bleeding regality amidst the rabble of bourgeoisie.

Vive la République!
November 07, 2020 22:29
Black Masquerade

The Countess in Bone ~ A Windswept Winter

Winter watched quietly, as winters often do, while carnage and death swept through the room.

All dressed up and nowhere to go, the curtains fell, the ghosts rattled their chains – losing their heads and other appendages perhaps – as the whole of the room erupted to the undertones of music. Black lips curled into an unnerving smile as she watched, slightly dazed, as things began to unfold. She glanced around at the other party-goers and drifted closer to Autumn.

In silence the dark seasons stood side by side as the lighter ones had drifted away, the Summer Sun scorching the earth while Sweet Spring turned into a tumultuous possibility of a storm. Perhaps, the storm had already begun and Winter sat in its shining eye among the watchers and the watched.

November 07, 2020 22:46
Black Masquerade


Phantom. Fresh floral scent. A decapitated rose in a garden maze that takes the wanderer.. Nowhere. She, the wanderer. And this, her endless, twining, winding prison of smoldering vapor and constellation eyes that fling themselves like shooting stars about the room. New legends rising to become uncharted skies in the hushed gray obscurity of quiet torment. These the things she spies as she bends lethal limbs and thinks only of plucking those stars from the ebon night.

Until the last note whips to slice the flesh, to bleed the ears. No, hold on. Don't let go. Don't go. Don't go.. To draw them closer, softening, closing in around the throat. Choking. And she stills, chest heaving, tenuously holding onto herself as the black spots flicker at the edges of her vision. The shadows growing deeper. Closing in. Reaching, seeking pandemonium. She closes her eyes and counts. Counts the dreams and the reaper's coins, the number of ribs broken beneath her scared skin. The number of times he drew the life out of her, gulp after gulp.


Now is not the time.

Those eyes open. And the madness within them warps and withers the mind. Calls three times louder than fear and grief. Echoes somewhere lower than death in the depths of the abyss. It is softer than a lover's kiss and sharper than the blackhounds teeth and it bays. It howls. It screams for the moon. To the moon and back and it is twice, no, five times as mad as the rage carried in the hollow, rotted places inside of her.

And it is beautiful in its swirl, like a crescent scar. Horrific in its tangent, like a collapsed lung punctured by the cage of ones ribs and filling with blood. Filling up. Up into the throat, out of the mouth and the nose and the eyes. It is teardrops and raindrops and blooddrops dripping down the stalactites and the haunting hell-lights and her cheeks, catching on the corners of her mouths and the point of her chins. Lingering, salty and sweet and wet on the skin.

It is dread. It is something long dead and buried.

And so very..



Then she sighs. All that tension released, she collapses in on herself in a mound of bleeding feathers and stiff snake skins and the bent neck of a violin with snapped strings. And she is laughing, chips of obsidian and bright diamonds and flashing teeth, just like those jester smiles. Until at last the darkness creeps in, for just a moment, sinks into her skin and clips something inside of her that keeps her clinging to reality.

For just a moment, she sees him.
The face! The face! THAT FUCKING FACE! Clear as day, standing there, every detail chiseled artfully and so very sharp. No, no, no, nononono.

Before her mind runs screaming, back into the haze, where everything is soft and ugly and decayed. Where it is safe.

But nowhere is safe, is it. There is no escape.

November 07, 2020 23:33
Black Masquerade Santa Muerte

‘Death comes to us all; we can only choose how to face it when it comes.’

A smug look of satisfaction overtakes snarling mien while large eyes watch Viola’s head sail through the air. It is at this very moment she feels a tap upon her shoulder. She only turns when her sister’s body and head both meet the ground.

“Yes?” For someone who has just murdered their sibling in cold blood, Eliza oozes calm, confidence. It is the barkeep and he is delivering the sweetest prize, her absinthe. “Oh! Wonderful.. Thank you.” A sincere smile, she raises her glass to the man in a toast then takes a very long draught. “I almost forgot-”

The glass falls away from the hand that now clutches delicate neck. There is pain deep within her chest, she cannot breathe and her skin feels afire. Poison. Green eyes fix their gaze on the man.. who is simply staring. Her eyes plead for assistance but he doesn’t move. What does he gain from killing her? He is not a Blackheart.

“Moira sends her love.” The corner of his mouth hitches upward.

“You.. you think you will be paid?” There is malice in her words as she takes an unsteady step towards the man. Foam is filling her mouth with every breath she is robbed. Her heart, a wild drum in her chest, is fighting the cage it resides. Skeletal hands fly forward, grab hold of her assassin and she, deranged with pain, stares at the man who is suddenly quite uneasy she has yet to die. “Blood will have blood..”

He recognises the quote. The meaning. The potential threat. Before he has the chance to respond, ‘Santa Muerte’ falls to the ground, convulsing. Wide eyed and foaming at the mouth, the rattle of death marks quietly Eliza’s passing.

‘Santa Muerte, Saint Death, we pray to you to swallow our breath.’
November 15, 2020 16:43