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Dr Van Helsing

Yesterday DK and I talked about a couple of additions to the game we want to do that should be pretty easy, but we have to make sure the details are complete before launch.

What we are planning is three things: A resurrection Stone, which can be used to resurrect any character that has been dead thirty days or less. The difference between using a Rez Stone and a DP is that there is no Stat or rank loss. You come back in the same condition you died at.

Next is the introduction of Blood Rubies. Blood Rubes are used to buy Rez Stones as well as a few other things in game such as replenishing your Minion Attacks so you have more than the normal amount allowed in a 12 hour period. Sending out Hordes and possibly adding to your City Searches or Tributes.

The final addition is going to be a new Creature to fight, although the details of it have yet to be sorted out. This new creature will be more difficult to kill than the Little Girl and will include Blood Rubies in its loot drop. Although not every loot drop will contain Rubies.

Rubies will be hard to come by and we will monitor and readjust how they appear, so expect a possible recall of them and reallocation as we get it right.

Please include your ideas for use of the Rubies below.


September 02, 2012 02:18 pm

Maeve Boru

For the Rubies (Reposted from FB)

We could use them to pay insurance premiums against fire, flood, pest control, Eddie stealing etc on the construction site where we're storing all those extra building resources. Pay so and so amount of rubies and you won't lose as many resources as you would without paying.

September 02, 2012 02:31 pm

Maeve Boru

For the Rubies (Reposted from FB)

What about a special horde party that goes out and return home without more interaction from the player than the initial buy? And yes I know the horde has a potential for finding lots of resources, but by making it a special one for rubies, a limit could be programmed into the game from the beginning.

September 02, 2012 02:32 pm

Zeddicus Zorander

Making a shop in the forbidden city for the things you can buy rubies from. Including the Resurrection Stone.

Being able to buy the donation packages you can find in the forbidden city (the ones that last a week). I don't know how the prices of things bought by the rubies or the difficulty of finding them is going to be, so I can't go into more detail.

"Surprise Box" (I'm bad at naming things, feel free to give it a less lame sounding name). There are three types of them: normal, rare, ultra rare.

All of them have a random amount of artifacts and golden artifacts, getting more as they go up in "level" and price.

The rare boxes will possibly contain a full month's donation package (1-4 or the unlimited searches).

The ultra rare boxes will cost less than a Resurrection Stone, but will have a small chance of finding one, plus a random full month's donation package (1-4, unlimited searches, 6-8)
September 03, 2012 02:25 pm

Bree Ravencroft

For so and so many rubies one could buy a one time chance to steal from an elder. The only risk, you might end up being stolen from by the elder.

September 03, 2012 02:32 pm

Daniel Ash

I love all these ideas!

September 03, 2012 09:05 pm

Aelita Luminescence

I’d love to see special encounters based on Creepypastas, Urban Legends/Myths.

Would be very awesome, at least in my point of view.

"No, we want something unique."  Why not create the Realm's own myths, urban legends?

September 04, 2012 01:47 pm


For so many rubies could a common player be an elder for a day?

September 04, 2012 09:43 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Seeing how much fun we're having with bounties, and those claiming them, these days how about adding another layer to that part of the game. For lots and lots and lots of rubies (within reason) anyone in the realm should be able to de-anon the poster and/or reveal who claimed the bounty for the realm to see.

September 08, 2012 03:08 pm

Drystan Alaricus

I have an idea for a random "boss fight" in the searches based on the third to bottom post on this thread:

A piece of viral was stolen by squirrels... so, there is a viral race of squirrels about in the realm.
September 09, 2012 04:03 pm

Abysteel Shadowheart

I love these Ideas

I also suggest this....

Free name change just in case

You could also use the Blood Rubies to increase your max characters on your bio from the normal 5000, up to 30000 characters total and on the quote, up to 1000 total using Blood Rubies and have that new monster give more experience since it is slated to be tougher than the others.

October 03, 2012 04:33 pm

Terravine Crysmouth

It is just my personal opinion, but a character death should have *some* visible effect on your character. Perhaps the rez stone allows you to return with minor stat/rank loss, as opposed to none- 2 ranks instead of the normal 5.  Having the rez stones around reduces the incentive to buy a dp for the non-character loss, and if I might ask, if the person did not have a dp but did have a rez stone- what would the death screen look like? Would they be given the option to use the stone there?

I like the idea of some new monsters in the city searches, adding new drops in helps to reduce the staleness of the current set. Could we also sell blood rubies in the Forgotten Market?

Not in favor of allowing the rubies to be used to reveal anonymous bounties, as it defeats the point of having the option to begin with.

I'd like to see the rubies allow entry into another idea, which I believe Elphaba elaborated on in a different thread- that of the upcoming Casino area, where a user can commit higher level crimes for greater rewards. Purchase options are important, but making them somewhat available to everyone is equally so.

October 19, 2012 05:54 pm

Abysteel Shakira

I love Terravine's idea for it too!

November 02, 2012 05:17 pm

Jayden Connolly

Terravine has a point about the Rez stones, but to get around the whole issue of it detracting from the incentive of donating why not have Rez stones available in a donation package? Make it around price of $8 and maybe the benefit of the extra searches or one extra FC search. This way people can still go with the standard cheaper option of a donation package at $5 or if they want the level security cough up a bit more? You could still find Rez stones but just make them really rare.

Also it is a bit of a mad idea but considering your adding something worse than the little girl, who btw nearly had me punching my computer screen after the tenth beat down in like 50 searches * eye twitches* thank you creator, I was thinking what about some form of drug.
What if you could maybe higher some creature to drug the little girl or even this new beasty, or you bought the drug yourself with the rubies, in game terms it would mean the little girl would be weaker for say an hour from when you use said drug giving you a slight advantage over her.

Finally I was pondering this spellbook thing, admittedly I know little of it and it seems there isn't vast amounts to be known as of yet so I apologise if what I say is implemented or been discussed somewhere else. From what I gather we will collect ingredients for spells, this then leads to the potential of selling them and such. So I was thinking maybe these rubies could be used to buy large caches of ingredients,or even spells themselves.
The other thing I have been wondering is if witches will get a bonus as frankly spells is supposedly there thing. If not I was thinking you could have it as witches get a discount on these caches, say half price till they hit level 12 and then onwards they get it for a quarter of the price. I just think they should have some form of advantage to this spell thing, maybe even make it so only witches can use the rubies to buy ingredients, or they can supplement some of the rubies with bm or cash?
January 04, 2013 10:51 pm


Jayden makes a fair point, but if allowing a witch to have some advantage, it would not be fair to those who do not play a witch, because then they would want to switch what they want to play for the simple fact that things would become cheaper. If one gets an advantage in one thing, then the others should as well. Just to make the game a little more fair so you do not end up with nothing but witches.

September 30, 2014 09:24 am
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