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The Facility - Closed


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Lisbeth Salander

Turning the key in the medeco lock at the Facility, Lisbeth takes a deep breath and shoulders the door open. She dislikes everything about this building that houses the Realm's Zombies; the stench, the horrible crunch of bones and the wet slap that resembles a steak being dropped upon a tile floor. It leaves her uneasy, edgy and all around fouls her mood. Nevermind the god awful moaning and wailing. But Zeddicus, the sadistic old man that he was, tasked the new Elder with making sure the citizens receive their Zombies, on time, for a price.

Like mail order brides.

Pulling the collar of the leather jacket tighter to her neck, a grimace of displeasure appears on Lisbeth's face, the sweet decay having slapped her harder today than usual. It has been what seems an eternity since she's set foot in the building when it has only been weeks since the Zombies escaped. But with the Realm's help, the Zombies are once again in their cells, moaning and groaning, fighting one another to satiate their need for flesh and bone. Shrugging the thought away, the young woman continues her path through the winding corridors, the sounds of combat boots on concrete and canvas knapsack slapping against her thigh is loud in her ears.


The Elder Slayer hisses as she rounds the corner to find a pair of zombies attacking a third in their cell. Decaying flesh being torn from limbs as the weaker of the Zombies wails in pain. It is an unearthly sound, disturbing, blood curdling yet makes the petite woman smile inwardly. She really did despise these particular undead beings. A shake of her head, she moves towards the front entrance and unlocks the door. It was time to resume business, as usual.

Zombie Price Guideline
$100,000 or 100 bm per zombie with choice of city location.
$10,000 or 10 bm per level. [pick a rank 2-19 zombie- No RANDOM ranks]
For another $10,000 or 10 bm you can name it as well.

Rules and Regulations
• Prices are cut in half for leaders of crews [confidantes and thirds are considered leaders]
• The race is random.
• It is not guaranteed that you will get the kill for the zombie purchased.
• Keep names 20 characters or less [only letters and numbers]

Zombie Order Form:
How many zombies are you ordering:
Which city would you like your zombie in:
Which rank would you like your zombie:
What name would you like for your zombie [leave blank if you don't have a preference]:
Total cost (this can be either blood money OR cash, not both):

Position (leader/confidant/third):
Reduced Price:

~Once you have placed your order, the admin who has taken it over will mark according to its status: Pending Payment or Order Complete~

~Please do not send funds until contacted by an Admin~

~If you have not been contacted within 24 hours regarding your purchase, please contact Lisbeth or River~

ZOMBIE BONUS PROGRAM: If you purchase 4 zombies between the first and last day of the month, you'll get one free.. of equal value. The order will need to be entered separately with 'Zombie Bonus Program' listed as the Total Cost. All Zombies in the bonus program must be claimed by the last day of the month.
June 07, 2013 04:18 pm

Lisbeth Salander we've decided to try this one more time. The Facility is now open.

Remember, your zombies can be killed by hordes and, quite possibly, other citizens of the Realm.

Deal with it however you wish to deal with it. But do not mail Elders whining your zombies have been killed.

This also goes for people killing other citizens' zombies. If you kill one and someone decides to take your pounds of flesh as repayment, don't come whining to the Elders.

Got it? Good.
September 23, 2013 10:50 pm

Cersei Lannister

After discussion amongst Elders, it has been decided that The Facility will be closed for an undetermined amount of time. The decision was not made lightly, however we do feel it is the best course of action for the time being.

Zombies used to be rare and exciting, meant to be killed more than anything else. Without zombies, players would steal from each other, and travel around. We would like to bring this back, as it increases interaction.

For now, zombies will be given as prizes in contests. They will also be expelled to the masses for holidays and special occasions, and sometimes just for fun.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us a mail.

Thank you,
January 20, 2018 04:30 pm
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