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**If you have any questions regarding the RP classifieds you can contact Noelle until further notice.**

All players looking for an role playing partner (or group) may place their ad here. Please just use the form below as your guidelines and include any other information (such as what you're looking for if something specific).

(Please note you should attempt to update your ad every so often by simply posting again. Someone will remove your old post asap. If your character dies you ad will be removed. And please place an ad for each character, not all at once)

Character Name: (include any nick names you’d like others to know)

Short Description of Character:
Type of Role Play Sought:
Writing Length and Style: (state whether you prefer first or third person writing)
Expected Reply Time:

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November 21, 2012 04:00 pm

Emmerson Louis

Character Name: Emmerson Louis, Em ( only if you know him)

Race: Werewolf

Short Description of Character: Em is a 28 yeas old.  He had been going to university for a Chemistry degree when he was attacked and turned into a werewolf.  He was then beaten and tortured for 5 years under the orders of the Alpha in his pack.  The reason for all of it was because Em is an Omega Wolf.  This means that he is as strong and protective as an Alpha wolf but he doesn't have the drive for dominants like Alphas do.  In fact he kind of lives outside of the pack order, because unlike other wolves, when given an order from his Alpha he can choose to ignore it if he likes, and he never feels the need to drop his gaze from a more dominant wolf either. However, He has some of his own magic.  The role of an Omega wolf in a pack is that they feel the need to make sure everyone is feeling good and happy.  Omega's have been called wolf tamers and they bring a sense of peace to other wolves around them.  Just like a more dominant person will become a dominant wolf so does an person that always finds good in a situation become an Omega, and they are a very rare type of wolf.

The main reason why Em was beaten (which took a lot because like I said before the natural instinct for other wolves is to protect Omega's)  was because he didn't know he was an Omega, and so his Alpha ordered his pack to beat his submission into him, (again because he wouldn't have felt the natural need to be submissive).  So after 5 years of this hell, Em was rescued by another werewolf pack, and was giving the choice to join them or go out on his own.  He chose to leave and get as far away from his old pack as possible, and that is how he found himself in the Realm. 

He doesn't really know himself anymore and is trying to learn to trust other again, especially others of his own kind.  He is a bit stand off-ish at first and is still trying to figure out who he is.

Type of Role Play Sought: I am looking mainly for other wolves to RP with, to try and develop his Omega abilities.  If There was someone out there the knows anything about Omega wolves that would be even better.  Em doesn't really know anything about himself now,  even just his regular werewolf abilities.  His old pack wasn't really the informative type, so he doesn't even really know how strong he truly his or how fierce he could be. So if anyone is interested in a mentor-ish type of friendship with him that would be great!

Writing Length and Style:I personally write third person, but might also be trying a little bit of first.  I don't care either way if the other person/people write 3rd or 1st.  However I'm not a fan of 1 lines.  I give at least a few paragraphs, and the more that is given to me the more I can give back.

Expected Reply Time: If it is a very detailed post (like 5 or 6 paragraphs then I would say 1 to 2 days to get back to you.  However if it is just a few paragraphs it would be the same day from me, unless I hit a writers block.  I am also very aware that people have lives (myself included) so if something comes up and a response can't be sent I will at least message the person and let them know I haven't forgotten about them:)  I would like the same in return please.  There have been a few promising RP's I have started with people and then there character has just been killed off, so I would just like to know that you are still alive:)

Thank you to anyone that whishes to RP with Em andI look forward to hearing from you!

August 05, 2013 10:23 am


Character Name: Addison

Race: Vampire

Short Description: Addison is a true New Orleans vampire, skilled and knowledgeable in voodoo, ritual and magic. She appears to be in her early 20's, short (5') petite, with long dark hair and pale, almost reflective, eyes.

Type of Role Play: I can write just about anything, humor, action, fight scenes, but ultimately, I wish to find someone for Addison to build a relationship with, as I enjoy 'nsfw' writing in private. But that's something that has to be worked for ^.-

Writing length and style: I prefer descriptive 3rd person writing, however, I will go 1st person, especially for solo projects, blogs, journals, etc.

Expected reply time: I like fast, unplanned RP. Its spontaneous and unpredictable. Refreshing. I can manage a couple posts a day, however, I do not like threads going on for page after page. I also do not start threads normally, so if interested, please invite.
April 21, 2014 09:20 pm


Character Name: Genesis
Race: Werewolf

Short Description of Character: She was born a lycan, though is a reluctant one. She has great control over her abilities, but is still new to the realm and all it has to offer. Very much a 'pup'.

Type of Role Play Sought: Any

Writing Length and Style: I prefer third person writing. I do not do one-liners, and appreciate a well told story.

Expected Reply Time: I am usually pretty quick to respond. If unable to, or something comes up, I usually mail an ooc note as a courtesy.

Note: I have an open thread in the Realm forum (Parks and Recreation) that anyone is welcome to join, though it is geared toward a male werewolf.

June 17, 2014 06:57 pm


Character Name: Whitsig

Race: Viral

Short description of character: An ancient evil wizard, who commands the power of the Black Lore, an also ancient magic. 

Roleplay sought: I am looking for people who want to be my Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I want us to be the Realm-wide bad guys, who will write with anyone, whether it be the top writers, or the beginners. It doesn't matter...we will help whoever asks to further their storylines.

Writing length and style: It doesn't matter...I will help whoever joins me with anything they wish to write, if needed.

Expected reply time: That depends on the story.


Note: You will have to become a Viral character, so anyone who may want to join me should consider an alt character, since you cannot rank a Viral out, or anything like that. This is a role play opportunity only, but could be a lot of fun, if you are open minded, and looking for something offbeat and different.

November 16, 2014 02:07 pm


Character Name: Fang Zhu

Race: Half Witch/Half Human

Short Summary of Character:

Fang is 5'4", with long wavy dark brown hair and match almond shape eyes. She is Chinese-American as well, her parents both Native Chinese. She is rather street smart, having been born in Chinatown, NY, though afraid of confrontation, having avoided as much trouble as she could growing up. She is respectful of her elders, and very partial to the traditions of her family, though seems to enjoy the freedom she has in the states. She has an affinty in wood magic, however has a hard time controling it. 

Type of Roleplay sought: Any is fine, currently looking for a teacher for her. But any form of rp, save for gore (Sorry I am not well with this genre, though a tiny amount is fine), is alright with me!

Writing lenght and style: I perfer third person most of the time, though I will sometime out of no where switch to first person. I am also perfer long responses, at least with a minimun of three lines. One liners are annoying, and I try not to give anyone that. 

Expected Reply Time: I will respond always as soon as I can. If sometime comes up where I can't, I will notify you. 

June 11, 2015 04:16 pm

Maria Delahanty

Character Name: Maria Delahanty
Race: Slayer

Short Description of Character: Maria is a fallen angel who became a slayer.

Type of Role Play Sought: I mean pretty much Anything, I have a started thread 'The Memory' on the realm that would appreciate having added to, but the story can go pretty much anywhere from there.

Writing Length and Style: write however you want (I'm third person myself) but please try to make at least three paragraphs, they can be shorter paragraphs, but I like long long writing and nothing irks me more than churning out a multi-paragraph reply, only to be responsed to with three sentences.

Expected Reply Time: I mean, I'd prefer within the same week, only a day or two would be preferable but I understand that we all have lives outside of rps as well.
July 16, 2015 12:20 am

Regginea MacFowlen

Character Name:  Regginea MacFowlen, though she goes by Shade now after a traumatic experience
Race: Lycan(werewolf), BORN not changed.

Short Description of Character: She is 5'10ish, has shaggy reddishbrown hair, obsidian eyes and has a daughter(which can be included or excluded in the RP). Shade is withdrawn as of late and seeks new friends since all of her other ones have died(in game of course. Generally by Red Death)
Type of Role Play Sought: I'm really just looking for a friendly RP. The exact details can be worked out along the way or we can just wing it. Doesn't really matter to me.
Writing Length and Style: I write in third person and would prefer my RP partner to do the same, however I can deal with first person responses as well. I generally write 3-5 paragraphs when RPing and would appreciate the same in return.
Expected Reply Time: I am generally pretty quick with responses when I am online. If there are delays, I will let you know.

November 10, 2015 10:54 pm


Character Name: Izael

Race: Viral Undead

Short Description of Character: Izael is a man of madness, his ideals are that of the voices inside his head. He wears long red robes, a white mask and a white breastplate. The details on his armor and who crafted it or what it is made out of are unknown. He is extremely durable and pursuasive. Tends to speak and let his horrors and followers invade. CAN fight with only one hand. Tends to lack against agile foes. Can handle himself against magic foes decently.

Type of Roleplay sought: I seek an apprentice, (preferably male!) someone to follow as Izael's lackey, someone who cleans house. (This would require you to become infected so possibly consider an alt. Please note, I will not accept anyone who uses any god like moves. In which they end the situation instantly. It ruins the rp and I don't care for it very much.)

Write length and style: 3rd person rp (IE:He,she,it) I can write anywhere from 2-4 paragraphs to 8-10 paragraphs. (2 is THE bear minimum, consistancy of 2 paragraphs is not what I would like however. An average 4-6 would be great.)

Expected reply time: Fairly quick, usually give good details in my rps.

(Please send a mail to me if you are interested.)

December 14, 2015 02:57 am

Nora Devereaux

Character Name: Nora Devereaux

Race: Werewolf/Shifter (She was turned as an experiment by the government)

Short Description of Character: Still figuring that out!


Write Length and style: I personally prefer third-person. But however you write is fine. I like 2-3 paragraphs at least. Add some details, and make them good!

Expected reply time: I'm pretty quick at replying and can be patient.

December 26, 2015 04:46 pm

Camille Rameau

Character Name: Camille Rameau, Cami, Cams

Race: Angel

Short Description of Character: Camille is still learning to 'human'. She can be blunt, and also very absent minded. Not everything is understandable to her, so she has been known to ask a lot of questions and is easily confused. She also drinks. Like, a lot. RP and find out more!

Type of Role Play Sought: Introductory types. New friends. Also willing to participate in your plot line, if you need some help.

Writing Length and Style: Two - three paragraphs minimum. Third person narrative.

Expected Reply Time: a reply or two a day can be expected from me. Though sometimes I get caught up in the real world. I will always let you know.

Bonus: Feel free to simply send me a starter. No need to ask permission!
January 14, 2016 09:55 am


Character Name: Julius

Race: Vampire

Short Description of Character: Julius is a finnish vampire, one who follows the ways of the older vampires of the realm, seduction, flattery and feasting. He is one who does love to play with peoples minds, using his words to let their minds race. When they give in, he goes for blood. Tasty, tasty blood

Type of Role Play Sought: Meeting new people, misadventures. Name it, and I am game.

Writing Length and Style: Two - three paragraphs minimum. Third person narrative.

Expected Reply Time: Immediate, I don't hesitate to reply when I am online.
January 19, 2016 08:28 pm

Bennie Norh

Character Name: Bennie Williams nicks: Ben

Race: Slayer?

Short Description of Character: Dark hair and gray eyes, Bennie is slight in size. Some might call her a doll. Has an assortment of scars on her neck and over her right shoulder.

Type of Role Play Sought: Friendship, adventure, hey even an enemy. I'm down for anything.

Writing Length and Style: I write in third person, and can do short or lengthy rps. I'm not against others writing in first person.

Expected Reply Time: For me, replies might be weekly. I won't make anyone wait longer than that. Vice versa as well. I'd like to have a reply within a week.

*Stealing from Camille* Bonus: No need to ask for rp!
February 02, 2016 02:07 pm

Astoria Sirakov

Character Name: Astoria Sirakov

Race: Succubus

Short Description of Character: Story is 24 years old, and as all people in their early 20’s, she’s in a weird place right now. Torn between her own instinct and the semi-human life she has started to enjoy. As a succubus, it should have come naturally to prey on souls thoughtlessly. On her first attempt however, she fell hopelessly in love with a mortal man, only to end up killing him in an accidental fit of rage two years later. Since then she has kept to herself, only to show up in the life of a childhood friend every so often.

Type of Role Play Sought: I would say I’m not picky...but I’ve received some pretty awkward messages in the past. Astoria is just seeking for some kind of interaction, that isn’t too awkward for her. Keep in mind you can usually find her at the bottom of a bottle, or halfway through a pack of American Spirits.

Writing Length and Style: I will always stick to third person, out of habit. I’m willing to adjust, just let me know I suppose. I WILL NOT REPLY TO ONE LINERS. Actually, I’m not a fan of anything less than a few paragraphs.

Expected Reply Time: Depends on how detailed, and in depth the roleplay is, but I would say no longer than 24 hours. My prime time for response is between the hours of 2-7am Mon-Thurs gametime (I’m on a night shift.) Other than that I will be online as often as possible.

Give me things to work with. I enjoy work. 

February 20, 2016 02:42 pm

Story Caverly

Character name: Story Caverly. 

Race: Nothing short of a lovely little angel 

Short Description of Character: Well mthe lovely Story Caverly has been around the realm for quite some time. On and off. A nice and solid but beautiful 22 year old. She grew up in the deepest parts of the mountains of vermont, having recently packed up her entire life and planted some new roots in the beautiful town of new orleans. She can be found everywhere and anywhere. Being a nurse and a college student as well she is still working through some things. 

Type of roleplays: I am open to anything and everything! 

Writing length: I would prefer more than one line. Once it cuts down to one line I will usually send a warning. I like to write in third person because lets be honest who doesn't? 

Expected reply time: usually within a day or two. I work quite frequently with two jobs but usually I check my messages between 11:30pm and anywhere from noon the next day. Just depends on the work schedule. 

Send me starters. Don't even ask to roleplay! 

February 22, 2016 01:35 am
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