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~The Crossroads Rules and Information~


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River Song

The Crossroads Rules and Information:

These rules are set in place to ensure that everyone has a fun and relatively drama free place to hang out and get to know new people. If you cannot abide by these rules, please think twice before entering as any rule breaking will result with you being escorted out of the building.


1. Keep drama to a minimum. This is a place where we can all kick back and have a good time, regardless of race. We understand that from time to time, things may occur, but if they get out of hand, you may be escorted out.
2. OOC should be non-existent. If you need to let someone know youíre off for the night or anything else, use the mail system. Any OOC posts will be removed.
3. No chat speak or emotes and keep one-liners to a minimum. You donít have to write a novel, but for optimum roleplay experience, a little more than one line can go a long way.
4. No weapons allowed. Our bouncers will check everyone as they enter the club. If you have any on you, they will be stored and you can retrieve them when you leave.
5. Please keep the use of magic to a minimum. The club is protected by a shield and will neutralize any harmful intentions from the use of magic.
6. Keep things family friendly, as you would in any other public forum (IE, we donít want to see your characterís getting it on in a booth).

The club is divided into three separate rooms: the main room of The Crossroads where 90% of the action will take place and two separate VIP rooms. The VIP rooms (The Devilís Edge and Valhalla) will be used for special occasions and perhaps, after time goes on, we will hand out VIP passes to frequent visitors.

Bartenders, Bouncers, and Waiters/Waitresses are all NPCs(Non-player characters) and we will provide a little description of a few of these NPCs below.

The Bouncers:
Maelle is an angel, a Teutonic protectoress. She looks after all the patrons of Crossroads, and is the greeter to Valhalla. Tall and regal, she is soft-spoken until trouble arises, when she can speak firmly with a voice as penetrating as Gabriel's trumpet.

Carl is a tall and imposing man, quiet and easy going until someone misbehaving riles him into transforming into his wolf form. Don't try to bribe him, you'll find yourself quickly and unceremoniously 'shown' the door.

The vampire, Cornel, is from the old country. He is very proper and elegant, but don't let his demeanor fool you. Cross him and you'll wish you had a cross to protect yourself.

Straight from Hell is Bael, a dark and silent demon. He oversees The Devilís edge. Despite his fierce looks, as if at any moment he could strike someone down, he is fairly laid back. Break one of the house rules, however? You can expect to be outside the club before you even know what happened.

Eydis a young looking woman, though her eyes have seen many wars and many years. She is a strong witch whose magic fills the club, protecting it from those who wish to harm it. If you dare to try harmful magic in the club, she will temporarily douse your powers and may kick you out if the offense is too great.

A fierce warrior, Thyra, is ready to step up to the plate, should any fights occur. She is able to quickly dampen any situation with wise words and a stern look. Or, if harmless enough, she may even give pointers to those wanting to perfect their fighting skills.
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