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~The Crossroads - Entrance~


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River Song

As you enter the main club, after being checked for weapons, you’re sucked into a barrage of earthy smells and visuals. It is the representation of earth, stuck in between Heaven and Hell, or in this case, Valhalla and The Devil’s Edge. The floors are a deep mahogany to contrast nicely with the golden mahogany of the furniture and structures in the club. If it was able to be made of wood, it was.

A large area was available as the dance floor and tucked at the back was the bar. Only a few stools lined the bar and if you sat at the bar for too long after getting your order, you would be shooed onto the dance floor or to take up a seat at one of the tables or booths. Chairs and booths were upholstered in dark forest green leathers, their tables and frames made from rosewood. Stained glass windows spotted the walls to add color to the club during the day.

Off to the right, you can see the entrance of The Devil’s Edge and off to the left is the entrance of Valhalla. Each room tempting in their own way, however they are for VIP access only and for special occasions. Those sensitive enough can feel great powers at work to make this place what it is. To add to the atmosphere, a low, mystical fog settles on the floor.

A plaque on the wall behind the bar adorns the words “The Black Rose 2006~2013” because it had been such an important piece of Realm History. Along with the plaque, there was a section that would list the names of those who are still talked about today.

There are bouncers, one of each race, strategically placed around the club to catch any and all activity in the club, plus skilled bartenders and waiters/waitresses to help keep the flow of drinks going or to cut you off if they think you’ve had too much.

The Crossroads is a place for all races to kick back, get to know new people, and most importantly, have fun.
January 05, 2014 02:56 am

The Orange She Wolf

She was in her Orange wolf form going to and fro, searching for friends, family, allies, pack, mate and anything....

She noticed a crossroads so she takes a walk around the crossroads smelling like oranges, searching and pacing around the crossroads...

A large howl smelling like oranges sounded off...
April 25, 2018 07:00 pm

Arlen Locke

I came here searching for answers, on the advice of another. I look across the room trying to find a friendly face, or maybe friendly doesn't matter so much anymore, all I need right now is desperately for somebody to give me answers and tell me what in all the hells is happening to me.

July 14, 2018 05:30 am

Aziz al Saqr

Aziz sits alone at a table, dressed in the attire of his  home City, as a non alcohol drinker, he is nursing either a coffee or espresso, if available.


July 14, 2018 02:31 pm

No Fear Cavalier

Johnny appears in the room almost unnoticed at first, a pale shadow emerging from the gloom.  Not because of any attempt at stealth.  Rather because his presence there is casually unexpected.  Like the forgotten glass or article of clothing idly put down in the wrong spot on a Saturday and unnoticed until Tuesday afternoon.  Johnny is simply overlooked.  He is a man always out of place.

His ice blue-eyes scan the club.  He makes no attempt to engage.  Smiles are unreturned, menacing gazes are cooly passed over.   It is clear he has made some attempt to clean himself up, but his old white tee is splotched by grease in places, and his jeans are as worn as his countenance.  He has the ragged but not unhandsome face of an angel battered by too many storms, and he the tense demeanour of an abused cat who is always waiting for the next blow to fall. 

Spying Aziz he heads directly to him and slides into the booth opposite.  Johnny sparks a cigarette with a flick of his lighter.  Leaning back, his arms splayed, he takes a deep drag and puffs out a billow of smoke, poorly feigning relaxation.  “Hell of a place you picked to meet up.”  Johnny says, cigarette dangling from his lips, its bright-orange ember bobbing up and down in the gloom,  “There’s more spooks in here than people.”

Even as he speaks to Aziz, Johnny’s cool eyes follow things unseen by most.  An endless cloud of spirits that flits unseen through the world of the living.  Johnny Coyote isn’t alive or dead.  He is both and neither, and as such he sees the two worlds simultaneously.  The heavy jeweled cross around his neck forever suspends him at the threshold of the grave.  It is an ancient, powerful thing, coveted by the forces of Darkness who may only claim it if it is freely surrendered by the one who bears it, and only the cavaliers may bear it.  Their ranks have been culled through the centuries.  One by one they fell. The Darkness devoured them.  For a long age the cross lay hidden and forgotten. Then one bright moonlit night in 1957 it chose a new bearer. 

Johnny is the last cavalier.  And he has been dying for more than half a century.

Most sense that he is out of place and avoid him, both living and dead.  Aziz is one of the few people that have pierced his isolation.  “What did you want to see me about?  And while we’re at it, why HERE?    Johnny’s hard gaze scans the room.  He sounds irritated.  Then again, he rarely speaks and when he does he almost always sounds agitated in some way.  “You don’t drink.”

July 17, 2018 10:11 am

Iodine Violet

The door swings open and Iodine stumbles through, laughing wildly, rolled parachute in hand. Her hair is in a disarray, the over-sized tee she wears is rumpled and her jeans, they're torn and grease smeared.. and bloody. She even has the black latex gloves she wears when tattooing on. Sometimes the urge to jump just takes over!

Good thing she finished the guy's tattoo before that urge hit.

Parachute tucked under an arm, she's loosening straps on her harness as she makes her way to the bar.. and is stopped. The bouncer at the door, none too impressed with her ignorance, yanks Iodine backwards by said harness and makes quick work of frisking her. It's a first really, but he allows her to pass when he finds she has no weapons. All the small woman wants is a drink, some time to chill and maybe conversation! It's a place she's never been to! "What? No dinner first?"

He doesn't even crack a smile. Tough crowd.
She continues onward, towards the bar.

"You got a nice, buttery chard?" Dark eyes make contact with the bartender's face who.. in all fairness.. looks super unimpressed. A wide smile and another laugh, she places the parachute on the seat next to her and slips from the harness. "Kidding. Make it a vodka on the rocks, whatever you have in the well is good, and a Rolling Rock."

A more receptive look crosses the man's face and he moves to gather her order while Iodine stuffs her parachute into the pack. As soon as she's done, the barkeep returns with her drinks. Convenient right?

"Can I start a tab?" She's digging in her pocket for a credit card when his brow raises. Okay.. maybe she'll pay cash. A twenty is tossed on the bar and she takes a seat. "Thanks."
July 25, 2018 02:50 pm


-A darkly cloaked figure slips thru the door and finds a seat in a dark corner watching the crowd and quietly waiting for a server as she dries her hair- November 03, 2018 04:41 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

She couldn't believe they were finally here. She'd waited all day for this. Not only that, but the night had started perfectly. Naberius looked handsome as hell, they'd shared a perfect moment before leaving, and now they were here. A place where, essentially, nothing bad could happen. There were bouncers and guards galore. While she had no issues with defending herself, here she wouldn't have to. It was a place one could actually let loose and really be able to relax.

No weapons, no magic, no mess.

The room was gorgeous; light and dark mahoganies, the forest green leather on the seating, and even the mist hovering over the floor. It gave the place and air of comfort. There was a large dance floor where several people were already dancing and a bar in the farthest end of the room. Only a few others gathered there, some talking and others waiting for their drinks. The music was good and had a nice beat. It wasn't overly loud that you couldn't hold a conversation towards the entrance, but she could tell that it was louder within the confines of the dance floor. Probably another form of magic she wasn't familiar with.

It seemed like once you came into this club, the other things going on weren't as significant as they once were on the other side of the door. That must be the allure of this place. Not only the guarantee of no violence or harm coming to your person, but the fact that you could come to this club and actually be somewhat normal and have interactions with other people.

And let's face it, interactions with other people isn't something she was all that good it.

She'd had like... zero practice in that area.

But she didn't want to worry about those things. She turned her head, waiting for Naberius to enter the club with her. She couldn't wait to dance or order a drink and sit beside him on one of the comfortable looking couches. She was ready for this night to start.

Nothing could ruin this for her.

December 05, 2019 10:53 pm

Naberius Reum

It took Naberius a couple of extra minutes to get through the weapon search. No, he didn't have weapons on him since Legba warned them of the search, but it seemed that the bouncers of the club didn't believe him. Not that he could blame them. The moment he stepped out of the warehouse with Zahrah by his side, he instinctively slipped into proctor mode, his tall frame tensing as if he waited for an attack that didn't happen.

Legba allowed them to use his gray SUV to travel from the warehouse to The Crossroads. The trip was uneventful. Thank fuck. And as soon as Zahrah entered the club, his body visibly relaxed. All he wanted was for her to be safe and have a good time tonight. That was the goal.

"Thank you for the cooperation, Mr. Reum, you understand why, I hope." The bouncer said in the way of granting him access to the main club area.

"Absolutely." Naberius took his leave, entering the club to find Zahrah waiting for him. He slid an arm around her waist, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "This place is pretty neat, at least we know the bouncers are doing their jobs. Let's find a seat somewhere. Order drinks? Dinner?"
December 06, 2019 09:47 am

Zahrah Mubarack

She felt his arm around her waist before she saw him, still in awe of the scene before her.

"Yes, I'm thankful for that," she replied to him. The bouncers were thorough in their weapons check. While neither of them were armed, knowing the rules before they came, they were still dilligently checked and that was fine by her. Naberius looked like a bouncer himself, so it was only natural they used extra precautions when searching him. As far as Zahrah was concerned, the only thing she carried was a small clutch and the dress she wore made it evident that hiding a weapon was nearly impossible.

She wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Dinner. Drinks. Dancing? The thought of dancing with him pulled her. They could have a few drinks and eat later. Right now she wanted to get lost in the music with Naberius.Turning her head to him, she grinned, "let's dance."

He had called her his dancer, and while she wasn't sure why, dancing was something she did enjoy. It was something they could be close and do together. The dance floor was filling up, and she couldn't help the feeling that she wanted to be out there as well.

She slid from his arm around her waist, grabbing his hand in her own. It was a comfortable feeling and even though his was measurably larger than hers, they fit perfectly together. Should he accompany her, she would lead him to the dance floor. As soon as they crossed the threshold, the music became louder and she could feel it pulsating.

It was easy for her to find the beat, and with an arm draping over his shoulder, she had no problems moving her hips and body along with it. She pulled him close, breathing in his scent and locking her eyes with his. This was perfect.

He was perfect.

December 06, 2019 10:25 am

Naberius Reum


As she slid his arm from around her waist, leading him to the dance floor, he couldn't help, but enjoy the way her hips swayed. The hem of her dress brushing along firm thighs that he wanted to run his ...

Naberius blinked, shaking his head with a rueful expression. Those thoughts disappeared, for the moment. Her slim fingers lay against his shoulder as she started to move against him, the music taking over her body. One of his palms rested on her hip as his body moved with hers. He wasn't the best dancer around, especially since he didn't have much experience, but he could fake it well.

Her emerald colored hues kept him captive. His attention solely for her. The spell she weaved around him was insane. He would do anything for this woman. He would endure, and did, torture for hours if it meant keeping her safe. He would give her the world, burning and crumbling around them if it meant she was safe to live her life as she saw fit.

His free hand gripped her wrist as he spun her in tight circles, a grin spreading along his lips. "Dance for me, little dancer."

Those words shoved him into a memory, emerald eyes, the same orbs as Zee's stared back at him. "Just for you, my love," then he was back in the club again, Zahrah in front of him.


Was she ...? Was she the same woman from his dreams? Memories that tried to break free since running into this exotic woman in the catacombs finally were loose from their binds. Images flashed in his minds eyes. Emotions of various degrees slammed into him. Recognition slipped into the gray matter that held all the secrets of who he was. His eyes darkened in desire, the realization of the familarness between them seeping in his skull.

She was his dream dancer.

She was his.
December 06, 2019 10:50 am

Zahrah Mubarack

She closed her eyes as they danced together. She could feel eyes on them but she didn't care. Let them stare. She had no cares in the world right now, despite everything going on around them. No matter what was happening beyond the front door of this club, she was enjoying right here, right now.

Looking over his features, she could swear she noticed a change in his eyes. She couldn't quite place it, though. Was he unhappy? He looked almost detached for a fraction of a second. Was he thinking about earlier? His feeding on the soul? It surprised her that maybe he could feel guilty about something he needed to do. But should it really? While he was a hard ass in most cases, she'd seen a different side of him over the past few weeks. Unless his compassion was only meant for her.

In which case she wasn't at all bothered by it.

Bringing her other arm up, both draped over his shoulders, she pulled him closer and continued dancing. She hoped this would bring him comfort as it had done before. When he was healing and had been restless, sometimes thrashing about, she had laid next to him. Even though he was unconcious, when she curled up beside him and hummed, he would calm and get restful sleep. He seemed to be lulled into comfort by her presence.

Zahrah rested her cheek against his. Even though he had probably shaved, she could feel the prickle of his stubble on his normally softened skin. She placed a featherlight kiss to his temple before speaking. She didn't want to yell over the music, but she wanted him to be able to hear her, "Naberius are you alright? Would you like to go sit down?"

December 06, 2019 12:00 pm

Naberius Reum

One large palm settled on her hip as the other drew her even closer as images still raced through his mind's eye. It was like a video had been put on fast forward to show him what he had forgotten in the last five years.

His arrival to the Realm off his ship, (yes, he was a pirate as Legba had teased with the nickname), being welcomed into a Coven by twin dancers as well as having them open up their brownstone twin house for him to take occupancy in a room there. He was different back then, not a demon, but a vampire. He remembered Badd, his black as midnight dire wolf that took a liking to ... Zahrah.

Damn him back to Hell. He remembered Zahrah.

His chocolate orbs focused on the woman dancing in front of him. His love. His dancer. His heart and soul. His fingers tightened just a fraction as his heart constricted. The pain of knowing that she suffered while he was away caused him to internally yell at himself. She received pain because he wasn't there to stop it. To take care of her; protect her.

He failed her.

What he couldn't remember was how they both lost their memories and were separated.

Realizing Zahrah was talking to him, Naberius pulled himself free from his inner thoughts. A smile tugged at his lips. "I'm fine, little dancer." He pulled her even closer, his lips brushing her ear so she could hear him. "I don't want to sit, I want to feel you moving against me as you let the music flow through you. Dance for me, love."
December 06, 2019 12:20 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

He pulled her closer in what seemed like an almost instinctual maneuver. Something was going on with him. She didn't think he was hurt, but it felt like his attention wasn't solely there in this time and place. She couldn't be upset at him though. Her mind flicked back and forth from here to LaBelle, to the scroll, to Corbin.

Stop Zahrah, you don't need those images right now.

She breathed out slowly, expelling the thoughts of that vile human before pictures could flash through her mind of the last time they saw each other. Corbin wasn't Naberius. He wasn't half the man Naberius was. And she thought, no, she knew he wouldn't treat her as Corbin did. This man that she was dancing with had an innate need to protect. While it wasn't for everyone, she knew that he would for her, Nita, and Legba. Though she doubted Legba needed anyone's protection.

His voice was soft in her ear, dance for me, love.


Her brows furrowed slightly at the abstract thought of love. Is that what this was? The way her heart, mind, and body felt around this man? It was such a foreign concept she didn't think there was a term for it, really. Putting a name to what she'd been feeling had been difficult. Of course she knew what love was. But knowing and feeling were two entirely different things.

And LaBelle had made it clear that no one could love another person with only half of their soul. Meaning Zahrah. No one would or could love her. Did she even love herself?

Would he love her after she stole the scroll?

Zahrah drew her head back. Despite the thoughts running wild through her head, she wanted to look into his eyes and see if he was being honest with her. She'd become somewhat good at reading whether or not Naberius was being truthful to her over the past few weeks.

And he was.

There was a look in his brown orbs that wasn't there before. A softness that tugged at her heart. Her head canted slightly as she continued to study his features. She brought her hand to his cheek, her thumb gently rubbing the skin there.

"Is this what love is?" she wondered aloud. The voice inside scolded her. She shouldn't be allowing this because of what was going to transpire within the next few days. And when he found out about Corbin and her soul, how damaged she was, it wouldn't be love that he was feeling.

"I don't know if I've ever felt it before," she couldn't help herself, "but I can't imagine my life without it now."

December 06, 2019 12:52 pm

Naberius Reum

"Is this what love is? I don't know if I've ever felt it before, but I can't imagine my life without it now."

Her words made his heart hurt. She didn't know their love story, she didn't remember. To her this was brand new, a journey that she had yet to explore. Part of him wanted to tell her everything, wanted to confess that he did love her and had loved her for years, even when they were apart.

But ... He didn't want to scare her away either. She was just beginning to understand, to accept that someone could need them in their lives without something in return.

"This is love, little dancer." His cheek brushing against hers in comfort. "Don't be afraid, let yourself become lost in it. I'll always be here to guide you. Nothing will keep me from you," again.

Brushing his lips to her soft ones, he smiled. "Let's go sit, get a drink."
December 06, 2019 01:15 pm
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