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Zahrah Mubarack

An overwhelming feeling came over her. Had she been someone who didn't know how to control herself, she probably would have started crying right there on the dance floor. She was loved and wanted and she didn't know how she could properly comprehend all of the things he was saying. It was good that he wanted to sit down and get a drink because she really needed one.

It only made what was going to happen in the next few days harder to do, that much she knew. After his lips brushed briefly with hers, together they took their leave from the dance floor. They didn't have to walk far to reach an area lined with chairs and lounges. Once they stepped off of the dancing platform, the music instantly quieted around them. Instead of pounding music there was a bustle of people and chatter. She wasn't sure how long they had been lost in each other and the music, but it was enough time that an exponential amount of people had come in. This was a very popular place.

Part of her kind of liked that. She wanted people to see her with Naberius. He was strong, handsome, and had a don't-mess-with-me aura. She was proud of him. He'd come so far from where he was mere weeks ago. She noticed a few women stare at him a little longer than necessary and she grinned, mostly to herself.

That's right... go ahead and look.

Finding an empty booth was easy. Even though the place was becoming packed, it seemed like there was always a few empty seats when they were needed. After she slid in Naberius followed, and she didn't waste time putting zero distance between them. Placing her hand on his thigh and leaning into him and smiled. She was having a wonderful time with him. Despite the odd thoughts running through her mind she was relaxed.

And loved.

"I know you said not to be afraid," she looked to him, giving a small sigh, "but I am. This... us... its so foreign to me. But I have to be honest. Taking care of you and helping you, along with becoming friends with Nita and Legba... I feel like I have a place now. A purpose besides-" her words were interrupted as a tall man with a serving tray balanced in his hand appeared at their table. He had long, blonde hair and friendly green eyes. As with all the waiters, he was wearing a long sleeved, button up, white shirt and black pants. He wanted their orders for drinks.

"Moscato for me," she gave the server a warm smile before looking to the handsome man beside her, "what about you, Naberius?"

December 06, 2019 02:55 pm

Naberius Reum

Naberius followed after Zahrah, letting her take the lead as they moved from the dance floor to the bar area. His fingers squeezing their laced hands together gently. He wanted to know what was going on in her head. He had a feeling that she was mixed up inside. When they had been together prior to what happened, they were able to communicate with each other in their minds. Emotions, words, etc would be passed through the bridge between them, and nothing was held back. He missed that with her.

He missed her.

His brow raised at a couple of guys that kept their eyes on her for too long. They could look, but not touch. He didn't care if he had to break faces and get banned from this place as long as they kept a respectful distance. He wasn't sharing. She was his.

Sliding next to her on the booth seat, Naberius couldn't help but smile when her hand landed on his thigh and she leaned in close. They were thigh to thigh, hip to hip, flush together so nothing could get in between them. His head tilted as she began to talk. Her words were cut off by the waiter appearing and Zahrah gave him her order, then asked Naberius for his.

"Just whiskey on rocks, please." Waiting for the other man to leave, he then turned his attention to her. He had to go slowly. She didn't remember anything, and yes, while he remembered everything up until what happened five years ago, he couldn't just blindside her like that. Not yet. He had to be careful. He didn't want to scare her away. "Zahrah, I want you to know that no matter what happens, you can always lean on me. I am not going to buckle. I don't care how harsh, or heavy a burden might seem. I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere. We'll go slow, okay? I want you to be comfortable."
December 06, 2019 03:26 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

He was being very considerate towards her, and she appreciated that. But a thought nagged at her that he was holding something back. Instead of bringing that to the forefront, not wanting to ruin this moment, she gave him a smile. "I am comfortable. Its just... different."

She wasn't being dishonest. If she was being hesitant it wasn't because she didn't want this between them. There were so many other components to this. Those components would make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to make... whatever this was continue. Could something like this really work between the two of them? They were owned, in their own respects, by other, stronger beings. He was a slave demon. She was a punching bag/errand girl for a powerful Coven. She was also positive neither of their masters had plans to free them anytime soon either.

And then there was the issue with Corbin. He would not stand for Naberius being more than an acquantence in her life. He would try to hurt him. Try to kill him. He wanted Zahrah; and to keep their secret she had to obey and be his.

This couldn't happen.

Well, not beyond tonight.

Tonight was off limits.

She made a pact with herself that she would keep her distance from this man that she was falling in love with once she left Port au Prince with the scroll and went back to New Orleans. Back to Corbin. And until she could figure out a way to break her reliance on LaBelle, that distance would keep Naberius safe. It would be hard, to let love go. But she would rather let love go and grieve its loss than have to grieve the loss of Naberius altogether from this Realm.

The waiter came back and sat a short glass filled to the brim with ice, but only halfway with an amber colored liquid -to which she assumed was the whiskey- on the table. It was soon accompanied by a long stemmed glass partially filled with a burgandy colored cherry moscato. She nodded towards the waiter, a silent 'thank you', and with her free hand grabbed the glass.

She held her glass out, motioning for Naberius to pick up his own glass. "To a great time tonight," she grinned mischeviously, squeezing his thigh lightly, "and to love."

December 06, 2019 03:57 pm

Naberius Reum

Naberius nodded to the waiter in thanks when his glass was placed on the table before him. His hand curled around the glass to raise it as she spoke. Her green eyes lit up in mischief as they clinked their glasses together. "To a great time tonight, and to love." accompanied by a squeeze of his thigh.

Gods above she was beautiful though. With his memories back, he knew first hand about getting lost in just watching her. It had been a favored passed time of his, simply watching her. It didn't even have to be her dancing, it could be something as simple as eating, or playing with Badd. Or ...

He fought to keep his face from frowning as a thought came to him. Where was his dire wolf? And ... Zahrah didn't act as if she was starving. Feeding had been a tough issue between them. As a vampire that was how they survived, but because of an attack on her family, Zahrah refused to feed from anyone. There had been times when the hunger took over and the beast within would rip free. Those nights were far and in between, but violent. Zahrah would always feel guilty afterword. It was something that Naberius wanted to fix for her.

Did he?

He couldn't remember.

Sipping on the whisky after they clinked the glasses together gently, he placed it back on the table. His fingers dancing across her hand on his thigh. "I don't plan on letting you leave, Zahrah." His resistance slipped as he spoke words that wanted to be free. "I will protect you, kill for you, keep you protected from whatever or whoever tries to harm you." His eyes darting to the scar, and the bruises, but he didn't give them any more attention then necessary, just enough for her to know that he knew they were there. "I plan on keeping you next to me, showing you for eternity how much I treasure you."
December 06, 2019 04:24 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

Her heart ached as she listened to him speak. He didn't want her to leave.  

She didn't want to leave either.

But we can't always get what we want, now can we?

He wanted to protect her and keep her from harm. And when he looked at her, she felt his eyes stall on the marks Corbin had left and the scar on her chest. How ironic this was. He wanted to protect her from Corbin, but she had to let Corbin take her to protect him. It was like a twisted love triangle where no one was happy and everyone lost.

Damn this entire situation.

A smile continued to play on her lips, and it took a very real effort for her to keep it from wavering. She knew from this moment on that leaving after she got the scroll would not only break her heart, but his.

Was this seriously love? Because it was complicated and messy.

Feeling his fingertips on the back of her hand brought her back to the here and now, out of her own thoughts. She wished he would hug her and hold her close. Not let go. She wished he really could keep the bad things away. But she wasn't helpless and she wanted to protect him just as badly.

Instead of arguing with him, she only leaned her head on his shoulder hoping he would take it as compliance. She wanted so badly to say I love you, but was afraid to let the words pass her lips. The further she slipped into his grip, the harder things were going to be. While she had told herself to enjoy tonight and worry about the other things later, she also had to try and stop herself from getting lost in Naberius further than she already was.

But he made it so damn hard.

As she opened her mouth to speak a chill ran up the back of her spine. The little hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and she had the eerie feeling someone was watching her. She could feel eyes on her. Not just from random men who thought she was something pretty to look at. The eyes on her were fierce; burning. She lifted her head slowly from his shoulder so as not to alarm him, her own eyes scanning the club.

There. A man.

She would know those grey eyes anywhere.

December 06, 2019 05:14 pm

Corbin Lukas

He had finally been able to track her down. And wouldn't you know she was with that guy. 


The Crossroads wasn't hard to find. It was popular not only among the locals, but also across the globe. Before actually finding himself going to this place he had heard many things about it. In Port au Prince, New Orleans... it was known far and wide. Its popularity was boosted by the fact that there were no weapons, spells, or violence allowed of any kind.


Took the fun out of things for him, but he doubted he would have any trouble getting her outside so they could talk. She would have to. She didn't have a choice. She revoked her right to make her own decisions the moment she accepted a deal with him. And he hadn't seen her in weeks. He missed his pet. 


His hand slid to his back pocket and grabbed his cell phone. He circled through the contacts until he found her name and quickly typed out a text to her.


Outside. Now. We need to talk.
December 06, 2019 05:18 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

She'd seen him get his phone out and press his fingers frantically on the screen. It wasn't going to be a secret who the text was for. No sooner did he put his phone in his back pocket did she feel her clutch purse begin to vibrate. Her phone was alerting her to a text. That's it. The night was over.

Knowing that it was from Corbin and chances are he wanted to talk to her about something and take her back to New Orleans, she didn't bother taking her phone out to read the message. The man that had sent the text quickly blurred into the crowd and she knew that he'd want to meet outside to converse. She was not looking forward to this at all.

Taking a drink of the dark liquid in her cup, probably a bigger drink than she should have, she set it down and turned to Naberius. Placing her palms against his cheeks she turned his head towards her so they were locking eyes. She could get lost in the endless brown orbs before her. But she probably wouldn't have the chance. Best to say what she had to say now.

Zahrah pressed her lips to his, gently, and closed her eyes tightly. She lingered for several seconds, inhaling his scent and drinking every last bit of him in that she could, before parting.

"I love you," she whispered, not adding I don't know why, but I know I do. She doubted he could hear her over the droves of people and their loud, at times boisterous, conversations and laughter. Making her voice a little louder, she began to scoot herself out of the booth before talking to him, "I'm going to make a trip to the ladies room," a pause; she prepared herself to lie, "I'll be right back."

Please just stay here, Naberius, she willed him in her thoughts. She knew, of course, if she'd told him that he would have gotten up and followed her anyways. She'd been careful not to alert him that something was wrong and she wanted to keep it that way.

With that she slipped out of the booth and made sure to head towards the direction the restrooms were in. Once she was lost in a group of people she changed direction and went straight to the front door. It was there she felt a hand grip her wrist tightly. She stopped walking and turned her head to see the man with the grey eyes; Corbin.

December 06, 2019 06:45 pm

Naberius Reum

When Zahrah took his face in her palms, her lips touching his own, everything disappeared for Naberius. Sights, sounds, the world became solely Zahrah. And this is why he was able to hear the three little words that gave him hope. But before he could replicate in return, she was saying that she needed to use the ladies room. Then sliding out and into the crowd. It all happened too fast. And he sat there for a moment blinking.

There was something ... off about how she told him she would be right back. Something, not quite true? The kiss ... tasted as if she was saying goodbye to him. During the couple of weeks that they spent together, Naberius was able to get a read on her for lying and not lying. Small things. Using that as a baseline, he frowned at her retreating back. And with his memories back of her ... something was up.

Unease began to claw its way down his spine. His chocolate orbs darkening as he scanned the crowd. Standing, he pulled out enough money to cover their drinks, tossing it on the table, as he took a step away from the booth to glance toward the ladies bathroom. Inwardly praying that he was wrong, that his paranoia wouldn't be fed.

The sight of a deep green lily that adorned Zahrah's hair heading toward the doorway put his feet into motion. Moving quickly, not to alert the bouncers or the bartenders that something was up, the demon weaved himself through the crowd close to the walls.

Naberius caught the moment Corbin clamped his fingers around Zahrah's wrist. When they turned to leave, Naberius stood in their way, his eyes murderous, but he kept his face calm.

"Corbin Lucas. I told you I'd remember your name and face." A dangerous smile curled his lips. "Remove your hand."
December 06, 2019 08:04 pm

Corbin Lukas

This situation was almost laughable. There was literally nothing Naberius could do.


Zahrah didn't struggle against him, which was for her benefit. She knew that it was time to be calm, collected, and above all, obedient. His grip tightened around her wrist. 


"Naberius. Fancy meeting you here with-" he lifted the woman's hand, "-this. I'm sorry but I have to steal her, I hope you two weren't busy." He took a few slow steps towards him, preparing to walk around him. 


"Please, go-" she began. She didn't get to dictate what happened here. He did. He'd been looking for too long and he was tired. He wanted to get her and the scroll and fly back to New Orleans on the earliest flight he could catch. He had work to do. He shot her a look, his eyes narrowing in warning. She clamped her mouth shut, looking away. 


Good pet. 


"I think we're going to leave now. We have a lot to... discuss," he snorted in laughter, "I don't think these bouncers and guards would appreciate you starting any kind of trouble, now would they?" His head nodded towards the two very tall, very strong-looking guards at the door. He knew this place was heavily guarded and warded with magic. Even if he wanted to pop this guy in the jaw right now he couldn't. 




He sidestepped the tall man blocking his way, giving him a nod as he walked by towards the exit. "It was nice seeing you again, Naberius," and without another word they were gone.
December 06, 2019 08:53 pm

Headless Horsewoman

A Headless Horsewoman makes her way to the crossroads with her head in one hand, and nothing in the other while flames sprouted from her neck area. She had just gotten here as she rode her black horse scanning the crossroads area just standing there as her head in her hand surveyed the area searching. November 24, 2020 12:22 pm

Jamie Richards

t's been a while, a few people greeted her when she was brand new, but she supposes perhaps they didn't feel a connection since she hasnt really seen any of them since she first arrived. Jamie has wandered around her home city to explore and get an idea of what the people around her were like. They seemed reserved, so she figured a place like this would be better to maybe meet some people, and if no one was interested in mingling, at least she could enjoy a drink or two and dance.

She gets herself something non-alcoholic for now to sip on and moves to a booth to sip to look around at the other people who were currently at the establishment. Dancing or conversing amongst themselves, listening go see if maybe any of the conversation piqued her interest enough to maybe join in and introduce herself.  If not thag then perhaps someone will approach her and say hello, either way she hopes if nothing else she will at least talk to one other person before she goes home for the night.

If she doesn't at least the night won't be a total waste, the drinks are good at least, and the music is pretty enjoyable. As comfortable as Jamie is with being on her own though, she still hopes she can at least make one friend here. After all, it's good to have friends.
January 02, 2021 12:32 pm
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