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~The Black Masquerade 2014~ *Closed*


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Black Masquerade

On the right hand side of the main club, a darkened room is guarded by Bael, the demon bouncer. Above the entrance way is a subtle, obsidian sign, glowing with lava, indicating the name of the VIP lounge.

The Devil’s Edge.

It was a perfect name, at least the King of all Demons thought so. And so, in favor of the Crossroads, Lucifer himself worked his magic, pushed from the depths of Hell a cavernous room, forged by the lava that flowed through his burning lakes to create a worthy VIP room of the Crossroads. Basalt in entirety, obsidian stalactites hung from the ceiling while stalagmites of equal fortitude erupted from the floors. The walls were infused the bright orange lava, the same from the sign, which provided the lighting for the room. Booths and lounges were covered in black leather and each table and counter top was made of the same obsidian rock that hung from the ceiling.

A small bar area is available for those to help themselves, but be careful…you may not be able to leave if you eat something from this room.
January 05, 2014 02:57 am

Black Masquerade

~*~Black Masquerade Rules~*~

First and foremost, all Crossroads rules apply.

Since this is an anonymous thread, we ask that you title each post with your costume. So if you're going as a pink bunny, your first post should be something along the lines of:
The Pink Bunny
And follow that with your post.

Remember to stay in the character of your costume the whole time! The point is for no one to know who you are! As with any thread, one liners are greatly discouraged.

Most importantly: Have fun!
***This thread will be open until November 3rd, so you have plenty of time to join and interact with everyone!***
October 18, 2014 11:50 pm

Black Masquerade

The Devil's Edge sets the perfect atmosphere for the Black Masquerade, leaving very little needed in decorations, only leaving the lounge to expand to accommodate that it is, for this night, open to the public. Spider webs were placed in the corners, fake—yet oddly real looking—spiders handing from the webs. Bats will occasionally fly around the ceiling, but don’t worry they won’t bother you! A small layer of fog covers the floor, so be careful, you never know what might be lurking around your feet.

Along with the music that will be constantly playing, scream tracks and other haunting sounds to randomly play during the night.

At the bar and each of the tables, is the menu, as well as a list of what can be won throughout the night.

Profile Awards:
Best Couple Costume (2 people)
Best Group Costume (3+ people)
Best Elder Impersonation
Best Male Costume
Best Female Costume
Scariest Costume
Funniest Costume
Most Creative
Best Overall Costume

Other Prizes:
If there are at least five participants:
1 1000BM draw.
For every additional 5 participants, an additional draw will be done for 1000BM
Plus! Every costume will be numbered and there will be 5 names drawn for the following Prize Pack:
500BM, 100K Cash, 1 Zombie, 1 DB Party(2 fills)

Participation Prizes:
100BM for making a minimum of three posts (Must be in costume).
An additional 20BM per post after five.
**Posts must be more than one liners**

October 18, 2014 11:51 pm

Black Masquerade

The thought of a masquerade somewhat frightened the young woman. It had been so long since she had actually participated in a public event. Chills ran through her thin frame as she hurried to finish getting ready so she wouldn’t miss the opening. A thick line of black mascara and a little purple eye shadow around her hazel eyes was all she needed to compliment the violet lipstick on her lips before she slipped the grey mask over her face. It was an interestingly bold look she was looking for tonight. Her violet hair was pulled back in a type of Victorian era bun in which the black lace that held the grey mask on her face stood out boldly. No, she would simply not stop there. Such a simple colored mask was not complete without the rhinestone encrusted butterfly that gently sat amongst the few artificial vines and chains that hung from the mask itself, complimented by the black feather. Life was always more fun with feathers – so she thought anyways. Her long forest green lace dress hung loosely as it draped over her eerily pale flesh. The cutout back was open just enough for everyone to see the tattoo that covered most of her upper back in butterflies and lace. Slipping on a matching pair of simple forest green stilettos, she quickly hurried over to the mirror to do a quick check of her outfit.


“No no… it’s definitely missing something.” She hummed to herself as she searched through an old wooden jewelry box that had belonged to her mother many years ago. “Ahh, there you are.” Pulling out a couple of silver chain earrings that hung almost to her shoulders, she quickly popped them in and slipped a long silver chain around her neck that had a few pearls here and there within the strands. Now it was time to hit the door. One last check and she grabbed her grey clutch before stepping out into the night air.


Halfway down the block a cab passed by and the screeching of its breaks nearly sent her to the ground. It sounded like someone needed to take that poor thing to the shop. Quickly she slipped inside to escape the brisk cold air and directed the man to a familiar club where the event was being held. The ride was silent most of the way with the exception of a soft humming she did to keep her nerves in check. When they finally arrived she flashed a faint smile at the man and threw a few bills at him before hurriedly escaping the rank smelling vehicle and any small talk he might try to make. Her hazel eyes flipped up to view the building from behind her mask as she made her way to the door. Right on time, which meant she hadn’t missed anything yet.


Standing in line was more agonizing than she thought. It was nerve grinding to be around so many people all at once, and the cold air wasn’t helping with her lack of warm coverage. She was sure once inside it would get better – or at least she hoped. The bouncer looked her over and wrinkled a brow as he did his regular checks for any contraband. Before moving the velvet rope he asked rather boldly, “And what are you supposed to be?” Well that was a rather low blow. Of course maybe her outfit didn’t make very much sense to anyone. A long lacey green dress, a grey mask, and her crazy violet hair. “It’s my version of a purple rose. Now if you don’t mind,” she said motioning to the door. The man just rolled his eyes as he stepped aside and unhooked the rope allowing her to pass through.


Once inside she made her way to one of the tables and took a seat. It seemed the night was already turning into a nightmare. An awkward cab ride, a rude bouncer, her anxiety flaring… Could anything else possibly go wrong? The whole idea of her outfit was to make her body look like the stem of a flower and her purple hair was meant to look like the petals of a purple rose. The butterfly on her mask was merely an extra decoration to make it look like one was visiting her in the garden. “Could anything else possibly go wrong?” she said sighing almost in defeat.

October 19, 2014 12:23 am

Black Masquerade

Boing... Boing... Boing... Boing...

The tiny blond Jessica Rabbit sauntered into the room on twelve inch stilettos, her heaving, pneumatic chest bouncing like twin beach balls.

"Hellooooo Boys! What does a lady have to do to get a drink around here?"

She giggles maniacally, and flutters her two inch eyelashes.
October 19, 2014 11:47 am

Black Masquerade

Oh Dear!

The brown dress, made from authentic fur, slipped down to her knee-caps in a ragged fashion that could easily hint towards someone who didn’t have skills when it came to manipulating materials like cloth and a needle and thread. A single shoulder strap crossed over her right shoulder, the soft fur a light shade of brown upon her front and a darker tone along the back. Detailed white spots trailed down her spine in an indistinguishable pattern where they halted at the presence of a fluffy little tail at the base of her spine.

Slim fingers smoothed the material down as she stepped out of the cab, feet clicking slightly on the sidewalk as the black, heeled boots made a similar sound to how hooves may have struck such a hard material. It was the perfect illusion, and quite clever, if she did think so herself. Her hair was pulled back into two, swirled buns on either side of her head, angled more towards the back than on the side. Inside each of those little buns was a chunk of antler – true, genuine antler that protruded. Her petite nose was painted black, and little freckles of black were mingled in with her true freckles along her high cheekbones.

Though, the main portion of her outfit seemed to be almost… odd. Across the front of her dress were two, large cut-out letters reading: ‘OH.’ She only hoped that her message was easily understood, as she gained permission to step into the masquerade with a nod of her head. The outfit suited her willowy frame as she stepped into the dimly lit club, admiring how the décor seemed to add to the Halloween spirit surrounding the Realm this time of year. It was such a wonderful time, after all.

Blue eyes gazing, the wide optics caught sight of a costume as unique as her own, and a grin split the woman’s lips. Approaching with confidence, she sidled up to the side of the woman donned in purple, speaking to her in a calm tone, excitement underlying her words.

“My my. I love your rendition of a rose. Very clever and unique.”

October 25, 2014 01:14 pm

Black Masquerade

 photo Troubadour_zps2eb6a936.jpg



He'd never been to a Masquerade Ball, party or any other costumed event before, this was his first one.  The atmosphere was delightful, filled with colours, sights and sounds that thrilled him.  He checked over his costume one more time, loving the feel of the black velvet cape, and silky smoothness of his blousy scarlet shirt with it's silk cord and little bells at the end of each tip.  Thank goodness he understood how to play the Lute,maybe he might even get a chance to play it.
Sauntering over to the bar, he continued peruse the scenery around him.  It was extravagant and this excited him more and more.  He orders himself one of River's Regenerating ****tails and some Angel Wings, paying for both naturally.  He took a taste of each before moving away from the bar. Delicious he thinks to himself.  He found a wonderful spot out on the floor where one of the tables were, sitting down, with his drink and unfinished snack, he moves his Lute to around in front of him and begins to tune it.  
Listening for a moment to the music around him, he starts to strum, matching softly what is already being played.  His smile is brilliant, but the rest of his face is hidden behind what looks like a scarlet Carnival masqued, gold linings, scarlet and black feathers come off from one side, perfect fit to what he's already wearing.  The Troubadour continues to play his Lute, he continues to watch the scenery all around him and he continues ..........

October 28, 2014 02:55 pm

Black Masquerade

The more and more she waited at the table, the young woman began to become more and more anxious. Several people began to fill the room and she caught one of the nearby waiters to order herself a drink. Perhaps a little alcohol would take an edge off my anxiety. Looking over a menu she had already decided what she wanted. “Excuse me, I’d like a drink or two please,” she said softly looking up to the waiter. “Yes ma’am what would you like?” Without hesitation she ordered two Black Widow Shots and a Vampire’s Kiss Martini and handed him payment before he hurried off to fetch her drinks.


The sudden sound of another woman’s voice ringing out through the room caught her attention and hazel eyes shot over towards the direction of what looked like another young woman in a rabbit outfit. It was interesting to say the least and she just shook her head and went back to admiring the clever Halloween decorations around the hall. So many memories washed over her from her childhood causing her foot to begin tapping lightly on the wispy fog covered floors. It was only until her drinks got there that she thanked the waiter and quickly down both her shots. The effects of the alcohol hit her quickly and soothed her frantic nerves allowing her foot to stop shaking.


Slowly she took a few sips from her drink and scanned the room again. She found it rather ironic the name of the drink. Vampire’s Kiss Martini. Perhaps it was the irony, or perhaps it was the alcohol, but a small giggle escaped her violet lips as she couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed the evening was starting to get a little better already and she sighed in relief, thankful her celebrations wouldn’t be ruined by her nerves.


Clack clack. The muffled sound of what appeared to be hooves under the music caught her attention once more and she looked up from her drink to find another woman approaching her with a smile. Examining the antlers and fur, she couldn’t help but wonder what the woman was supposed to be. Her compliments forced a small blush to rise across her cheek and she offered an equally friendly smile back as the woman pointed out she understood what she was. “Um, thank you. You’re the first person who has managed to figure that out,” she said softly studying the woman over once more. “Please, have a seat with me and share a few drinks.” Motioning to the chair across from her, the young woman slid one of the menus across the table and took a few more sips of her own drink. “I’m going to guess from the large OH across your front that you’re supposed to be a deer? Maybe? Kinda like OH DEAR but more like the animal kind of deer?” She cringed at her rambling and hoped she didn’t offend the woman and make a fool of herself too horribly.


Cringing again she took a few more sips of her drink and took a few glances around hoping no one else had heard that. Her eye caught a man playing some sort of instrument and the melody forced her to stop and study him for a moment and listen before returning back to the woman. “My my, it seems we have quite the crowd tonight,” she said laughing a little again.

October 28, 2014 04:21 pm

Black Masquerade

Oh Dear!

Blue eyes scanned the beautiful shade of violet that the woman before her was wearing, admiring her from behind a mask that was better visible in the light near the table where her current companion was residing. It was a half-face mask, made of soft, brown material that was similar to the fur her dress was made from. A smile split her lips and a laugh emerged before she shook her head lightly, taking a seat at the same table as the stunning rose.

“I tend to be clever on occasion. Roses, particularly white, tend to be my favorite flower. The hard work you put into it, though… admirable.”

Ordering herself a few of the shots from the menu, she crossed one of her lean legs over the other and turned her attention back towards the woman who was her current companion. Her eyes only seemed to waver for a moment as she glanced towards the new arrivals into the room. An excited look passed over her features and was paired with a quirky smile as she nodded her head eagerly. The ‘antlers’ bobbed a little bit with the motion as her blue eyes peered out from the larger eye-holes in her mask.

“You’d be correct. It’s a… pun, I think, is what my friend said. I’m happy you seemed to understand it, though! I was a little worried that it would go over the majority’s heads.”

A laugh bubbled forth from her before she took one of her shots, turning her head to glance at the man who’d entered the room, unsure about what he would be. The instrument that he was playing sent out a strange melody, one she found a little fascinating. There was another woman – a rabbit? Animals seemed popular tonight. – who seemed to capture the attention of those standing around. Grasping onto the small, Halloween themed shot glass, the female took her other shot back and let it settle warmly in her gut. She adjusted her mask a little with her long fingers and then turned back to the rose across from her, canting her head lightly to the side for a moment.

“So… do you often go places alone? Or are you meeting someone? I wouldn’t want to occupy their place if that’s what I’m doing, heh. I’m not really used to being out at things like this… parties, and the like, I guess.”

It was strange; she was typically so confident. And her presence exuded confidence, ultimately, but when she was sitting there she seemed to become a little anxious and unsure. She had been working on socializing with people lately, and what better place to do it where no one knew who she was? It was an interesting concept and she certainly hoped the shots would give her some extra boosts of charisma.

October 30, 2014 05:27 pm

Black Masquerade

She is absolutely bored out of her mind. This was supposed to be the event of the year in The Realm, and so far, she was very unimpressed. Why, she hadn't even been hit upon, despite the fact she was the most voluptuous woman in Lounge. Something had to be done to liven this party up, and she had just the plan.

Moving towards the dance floor, Jessica Rabbit raised a hand over her head, nearly spilling out of her very low cut red dress. She snapped her fingers and the house lights dimmed, replaced by an overhead spotlight that illuminated her full, sensuous figure, barely covered by the glittering red sequin dress. A microphone on a stand materialized, and stage smoke rose from the floor. Behind her the silhouette of a piano and a pianist appeared, and began a soft, sensuous jazz introduction. She gazed at the floor through those measures, her face hidden in the shadow of the overhead spotlight. At the moment the intro rolled into the the song, she looked up and began to sing, her voice lush and low.

Another bride
Another June
Another sunny
Another season
Another reason
For Makin' Whoopee.

A lot of shoes
A lot of rice
The groom is nervous
He answers twice
It's really killin'
That he's so willin'
to make whoopee!

She took the microphone from the stand, moved towards the piano seductively, the spotlight following her as slid next to the pianist. The middle eight poured out of her, her voice crooning now.

Picture a little love-nest,
Down where the roses cling,
Picture the same sweet lovenest,
Think what a year can bring.

Jessica stood up and stepped onto the piano bench, then up to the top of the grand piano, the slit in her dress revealing a long, luxurious thigh. Her body moved slowly, gyrating with the piano music being tickled from the keys by the pianist. Her voice became stronger, almost husky, like a torch singer as she continued.

Another year
Or maybe less
What's this I hear?
Well, can't you guess?
She feels neglected
And he's suspected
Of Makin' Whoopee!

She sits alone
'Most every night
He doesn't 'phone her
He doesn't write
He says he's "busy"
But she says "is he?"
He's Makin' Whoopee!

The lyrics are dripping from her now, like honey, from her full lips. The notes she sings trill in all the proper places, and she continues to move rhythmically with the music. As the final verse begins, she steps back down from the piano, brushing fingertips through the hair of the pianist before she returns to the center of the the dance floor and places the microphone back onto the stand.

He doesn't make much money
Only a five-thousand per
Some judge, who thinks he's funny
Told him he got to pay six to her
He says: "Now judge, suppose I fail."
The judge says: "Budge, right into jail!
You'd better keep her,
I think it's cheaper
Than Makin' Whoopee!

Than Makin'... Whooopeeeeeee!

Her voice fades with the final glissando of the last diminished chord, and she lowers her face, which is once again hidden in the shadow of the overhead spotlight.

November 01, 2014 06:01 pm

Black Masquerade

+No one noticed as he walked into the Crossroads, just another nondescript man looking to drown his sorrows in the bottom of a tall glass. He was dressed simply, in dark trousers, a button down shirt, heavy boots, and a long hooded green  cloak. As he pulled back the cloak, the first thing one would notice would be the eyes, and how much sadness they radiated. The dark circles under the blue hues gave them a haunted look, and nothing could be more true. He was haunted, by the past, and what his life had become...+

+Life had once had been a series of happy events for him, and nothing would stand in the way of a good time. Alcohol, women, money...he had lived the bachelor's life with a vengence. His family had worried for him, especially his mother. She was a long suffering woman, having lived alone since he had moved out. His father had left when he was young, and she had lived the rest of her life in a haze of hate, and both physical and mental illness. He had tried to be a good son, as best as he could, but the good life had beckoned, and when he was needed most...+

+The police had found her body, on her bed, as if she was sleeping peacefully. The funeral director had done a fantastic job in making her look beautiful, and plenty of people had come to mourn her passing. But, he had been lost in his head, a big ball of guilt and self loathing, as he took the blame for the death of his mother. So strong did the maelstrom become that he did the unthinkable, and after she was buried, he walked into the path of a speeding train.+

+Except, that was not the end, but  a different beginning. An otherworldly power had placed its finger on his soul, and chosen him for a different path. He would not go on to the afterlife, but instead be a spirit guide, for those souls who were about to die. Whenever there was a disaster, or a person dying of cancer, or some other being who is about to move on to the afterlife, he was there, to ease their fears, and bear witness to their passing.+

+He sat at the bar, and ordered a gin and tonic, and as he waited, Pariah surveyed the room, to see if if his curse would be called upon once again.+

November 01, 2014 07:16 pm

Black Masquerade

You Have The Right To Remain Sexy


Black combat boots clacked against the floor as the man entered the area in which the Halloween Party he had heard of was commencing. Being the confident man he was, he had to go as a sexified persona. What was his choice this year? Sexy Police officer! On his head he had a navy blue police cap with a badge in the center and a black bill in front. His upper body was rather vulnerable to the elements save a navy blue vest which said 'Police' in white letters which showed off his rather toned arms and a shirtless collar adorned with a black tie which reached to just above his naval. His lower half was covered only by matching navy blue shorts that held a single black strip on the front center.  His body wasn’t something he had no business showing off. After centuries of discipline and hard work he had a body in which he almost enjoyed showing off…almost. Still, he had his dignity. Not on Halloween, though. To match his costume he put a pair of large, black shades to his eyes as to give the masquerade effect to all.


In his black gloved hands he held a chain which shook and clanged as if something were on the other end. “Come on! We don’t have all night.” While he stood there with his boot clicking in impatience and a fist placed upon his hip he gazed over the audience at the others who had decided to join the little party. So far, he felt like he had missed the memo where he needed to be something iconic. He saw Jessica Rabbit, whom he recognized from the get-go. Then there was that odd skunk he had seen on coffee cups or on clothing. All the others seemed familiar but he couldn’t place his finger on it. For someone who had been around so long it was surprising he didn’t recognize them.  Still, he commended the others for their work and diligence on their characters.


With a stiff tug, he pulled on the chain in an effort to pull his companion inward. For a moment he contemplated leaving to get his Elvis costume so that maybe he could be just as iconic as the others but upon seeing his lover and best friend enter the thought quickly disappeared. A large, teasing grin spread across his lips as he spoke to his plus one. “Be glad I got you out of the pokey for a night, Jailbird.

November 01, 2014 08:03 pm

Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charged, Jailbird!~

The man sighed a little as he was pulled in by the police officer that entered before him. "Yeah, yeah. Just be glad I even decided to go along with your idea. I wanted to stay and read a book but no! I had to be dragged out." The chain the officer held led up to a leash that was around his neck. He was wearing a black and white striped jail shirt and matching striped pants with a pair of regular black shoes though the sleeves were ripped off the shirt and ripped a bit down the middle, showing off his arms and most of his chest. There was a matching striped cap on his head and a black mask wrapped around his eyes. There were a pair of handcuffs on his wrists though they looked like they were broken apart so the man could move his arms around freely.

There were a few people already here besides his partner and himself. He couldn't recognize anyone save for Jessica Rabbit. But that was because the movie was one of his favorites as a teenager. He then looked back to the police officer that roped him into all of this. "You totally owe me for this you know. I'm talking at least three favors. At least I get drinks out of this." He mumbled the last part though he was kinda glad he was dragged out the big house.

November 01, 2014 08:22 pm

Black Masquerade

+The bartender let him know that gin and tonics were not on the menu tonight, and slid a menu across to him. Looking it over, he ordered the carrot juice martini, and once again looked aroumnd the club. His dull eyes settled on a young woman, who was seemingly full of life. But, Pariah knew he would be visiting her soon...within a matter of days, as a matter of fact. She would die a brave death, at the hands of a vampire, who she happened to be speaking to right this moment. She didn't know what he was, of course, and he could not tell her. It was one of the rules, that had been forced upon telling the living how they would die, or when. +

+He turned back to the bar, as the barkeep placed his drink down in front of him. His was a hideous existence. Sure, he was still among the living, but knowing when the people he encountered would die, and knowing he would be with them in the moment their flame would be extinguished took any joy out of it. That, and the eternal guilt he felt for the death of his mother, made him into a modern day Grim Reaper.+

+God, he hated life.+

November 01, 2014 09:30 pm

Black Masquerade

You Have The Right to Remain Sexy


What a handsome jailbird he was, too. The police officer’s grin grew even wider as his favorite criminal began to speak. “Oh, come now, a book? You would rather read a book then witness me in this?” He gestured to his outfit before giving a tug to the chain once more. He gave the jailbird a soft peck on the lips. “I will owe you nothing and you will like it.” After giving the jailbird a wink, he turned and began to walk deeper into the area with his prisoner in tow.


Being not much of a social man he looked about to see what the party had to offer. First he took in the fog which covered the floor. Very spooky. Very predictable. Then he noticed the lighting in the walls which reminded him a lot of his home, Pompeii. It was then he noticed the little squeaks from above. His eyes looked up with a look of confusion on his features. He spoke softly as he draped his arm around the handsome prisoner’s shoulders. “They have real bats in here…real, living bats. “ He gave a soft nuzzle to his companion’s cheek before speaking once more. “Let’s get something to drink. I am parched.” It was then he began to walk in synch with the jailbird while still holding the chain in his hand which had been draped around his shoulders.


The fact his companion allowed him to be the police officer surprised him since usually they both argued over such things. The only real complaints he had was his companion coming to the party since, in essence, they were both not party goers. However, it was his time to show off his arm candy and he would take it. “Did you even know this place was here?” He looked to his jailbird with a curious look upon his visage. 

November 01, 2014 10:33 pm
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