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~The Black Masquerade 2014~ *Closed*


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Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charged, Jailbird~

The jailbird sighed a bit as he downed another one of the zombie shooters, placing the shot glass back on the bar a little hard. "Seriously? You don't like jello? What a buzzkill. Jello is great. Jello shots are even better. And passing me stuff that you don't like won't work forever." He chuckled a little as he turned and noticed other costumed party goers began to arrive.

The jailbird then stood up and turned back to the officer with a smirk. "Since the party is starting, how about we have a little fun ourselves." He then leaned forward towards the officer, his hands on the man's legs to hold himself up as their faces were only a few inches away. "Now how about you take that nightstick you have shoved so far up your rear end that it's preventing you from having fun out and join me for at least one dance." He said with a smirk.

November 03, 2014 09:51 pm

Black Masquerade

 photo Troubadour_zps2eb6a936.jpg


Smiling upon hearing the announcement, The Troubadour moves himself out there somewhere to play for anyone who will listen.  The lute extends his love of music, his love of a good time.  As he plays, he dances pleasantly around those here, caring not for the jibes he might get.
Once he finishes his song on his lute, he settles for a time to  watch those around him once more, not even worrying about getting another drink right now.

November 03, 2014 11:31 pm

Black Masquerade

Wanting to join in on the festivities, she decided to dress up as her favorite villian. She donned a black corset, the laces gold and the details green, a black skirt that was long in the back, but only reached her knees in the front, black and green knee high boots, and topped the costume off with a flowing green cape lined with gold and a gold horned helm.

The bouncer eyed her helm, debating if it could be classified as a weapon or not, but it wasn't made of a material that could do damage. It was also her masque.

Strutting into the lounge, Loki looked around for any mischief she could cause.
November 04, 2014 11:47 am

Black Masquerade

You Have The Right to Remain Sexy


From behind the sunglasses his eyes rolled before he accepted another beverage from the bartender. "Jello is sweet. And it has a weird consistency. I don't like it." He takes a sip from the beverage with his eyes gazing lazily around until his companion decided to stand up. A confused look came across his face until he felt warm hands on his legs. A black brow arched upward when their faces came into a close proximity.

Dance? The word itself sounded rather foreign.  He had never really danced before. That sudden realization surprised him, causing his features to turn into a scowl of sorts. "Dance?...Me? Ummmm..." A small red tint came to his cheeks hwile he attempted to adjust his clothing even though they hadn't been moved or effected whatsoever. "I have never...really danced...before."

November 05, 2014 05:37 pm

Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charge, Jailbird~

The jailbird raised an eye at his companion at the new revelation. "Never danced before? Huh... well, that's something we are definitely going to fix then. We both may usually be shut-ins but I at least like dancing around back in the big house. So, your going to get off that seat of yours and join me." He smirked as he grabbed the officer's hands and pulled him off the seat.

The jailbird stood a few inches in front of the officer and started moving his shoulders to the beat of the music. "It's all about listening to the music, following the beat and just letting your body do what it wants with the sound." The jailbird then began swaying his hips in tune with the beat along with moving his shoulders more with the music.

November 05, 2014 07:11 pm

Black Masquerade

Anotter Red riding wolf


The timing was horrid, but sometimes that was the best time. The disfigured beast stood on the back leg, paws of a wolf. An otter mask stuck out from under a red riding hood that surrounded and dropped down to the lower part of the feet of the beast. The snout lifted outwards to emit a gurgled howl up to the roof above the establishment. Animal eyes scanned from underneath the otter mask with curiousity and hunger. Jessica Rabbit didn't look as bad from the point of view of the monster. The place was hopping, but the beast always liked a catch.

November 07, 2014 10:52 pm

Black Masquerade

You Have the Right to Remain Sexy


The officer did not stop the jailbird from stealing him away despite the fact he had no desire to dance. When they arrived to the dance floor he just stared at his partner with a serious expression. He studied the movemtns in an attempt to create some kind of equation to how many steps, sways and head bobs to use with each sequence of dancing but, alas, there was no real sequence at all! He looked dumbfounded. "Umm...well... let's see..." 


He attempted to dance...if doing the two-step like an awkward old man was called an attempt. He bit his bottom lip like he was really getting into the music though his body language suggested otherwise. "Am I doing this activity correctly? Am I doing the dancing?" 

November 07, 2014 11:42 pm

Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charged, Jailbird~

The jailbird chuckled a bit as he watched the officer try to dance with the music. He placed his hands on the man's hips to stop him in place. "Okay, okay. Let's stop right there. Your trying WAY too hard.  You look like your trying to pass seven kidney stones while looking like your waiting to go to the bathroom all at the same time... if that's even possible. Just relax."

The jailbird moved the officer's hips from side to side in time with the music as he moved a bit to the music himself with his partner. "Just let yourself go. Don't think, just let the music and your body do all the work."

November 08, 2014 03:40 pm

Black Masquerade

Oh Dear!

A lot had happened and a lot had been observed while she had sat and drank the night away with her pretty rose companion. The idea of being anonymous to everyone was quite fascinating, while at the same time, strange to her. She was confident normally, whether she was around people who could recognize her or not. But being behind the mask didn't seem to make her more confident or anything - in fact, it seemed to make her second-guess herself quite a bit. Maybe it was because she was afraid of giving something away? It wasn't like she was difficult to recognize under normal circumstances, really. She felt as though she were walking on eggshells at first. The more shots she took however, the more she realized that it didn't matter how she acted. 

By the time the night was coming to a close, the female was definitely ready to get home. She was happy she'd not worn heels of any kind and the boots could support her slightly wobbling ankles. She truly had the appearance of a deer, now - a newborn fawn, more like. A fawn who was just learning to walk, how to use their legs to their full advantage. She stumbled out into the street and hailed a driver who could take her home. Or at least, to the edge of the woods so she could stumble her own way home. As she sat in the back seat of the car, she let her memories muddle together and pool into a pleasantly light memory that she was sure she wouldn't forget any time soon.

Purple roses, dark liquid and shots, bunnies, an otter-thing, an officer and their prisoner... the night surely wasn't going to be easily forgotten, even if she had drank a little more than she was used to.

November 09, 2014 09:45 am

Black Masquerade

You Have The Right to Remain Sexy


Dancing was much harder than he realized. Music was somethign the man was familiar with. In his spare time, he learned how to play many different instruments and even did vocals sometimes but dancing? Never had he attempted such an activity! The once confident officer was now searchign for any exit off of the dance floor. He noticed the bartender refilling his drink but before he could make the excuse, his companion was already swaying his hips with the music. What was one more try? 

The Officer kept swaying his hips with his arms at a right angle and his hands in fists. Now instead of an awkward two-step, he looked like he was doing the 'Potty Dance.' Maybe even doing the funky chicken? "How is this?" 

November 09, 2014 10:16 pm

Black Masquerade

When You're an Addams...

There was a wait for drinks at the bar. No matter, more time to peruse the menu. Would Black Widow Shots be better than Death Punch? She looked at her basket and decided on the Punch rather than attempting to walk to a table with shot glasses. The bar didn't have much for sitting room and she would like to sit. Once she made her choice, she stared pointedly at the bartender. Well, as pointedly as Morticia-half-lidded-Addams could stare. The arching brows were drawn on that way and could not be helped.

It didn't take much time to get her drink. It did take an egregious amount of time teetering to a table. But, not a drop of punch was wasted, so silver lining. She sat down at a booth and carefully slid her legs under the table, leaving the basket on the seat next to her. How did the actress manage wearing heels in such dresses? And dancing! She watched the dance floor and allowed a small smirk pull at her lips.

"I would never allow so much slack in the chain," she tutted, even though she doubted they could hear her.
November 09, 2014 10:30 pm

Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charged, Jailbird~

The prisoner laughed openly as he watched the officer dance. It wasn't anything he would take a second look at but it was definitely better than whatever moves he was trying earlier. As a bonus, the man looked like he was loosening up a bit. He smiled a bit as he danced with the man. "Definitely better. You could use more work but definitely getting better. No longer that stiff board you usually are." He then pulled the officer a bit closer so they were nearly touching as they continued dancing. "The more you let loose, the more fun you'll have."

November 09, 2014 11:03 pm

Black Masquerade


Prizes will be announced shortly

November 10, 2014 12:05 am

Black Masquerade

Prizes winners:
The Troubadour - 1000bm draw
The King - 1000bm draw
Pariah - Prize Pack
Guilty as Charged, Jailbird - Prize Pack
When You're an Adams - Prize Pack
Avada Kedavra, Alacazam, turn young Harry into a hot man! - Prize Pack
Anotter Red Riding Wold - Prize Pack

Profile Trophies will be announced within the next few days! Congrats to those above!
November 10, 2014 12:31 pm
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