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~The Black Masquerade 2014~ *Closed*


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Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charged, Jailbird~

The jailbird simply rolled his eyes with a slight scoff as the police officer showed himself off, though he could admit to himself it was kinda worth it to see the man dressed like he was. All he could do was be dragged along without too much resistance. He kinda enjoyed the public display they were giving, especially when he received that quick peck on the lips.

The jailbird hadn't been to this party before so he was taking in a few of the sights himself, keeping close to his captor. All the decorations were pretty cool as he looked around at them. It was then that the option of getting drinks came. "Drinks? I can definitely use a quick drink." He then allowed himself to be led though they walked nearly side by side.

To be honest, the jailbird didn't really wanna be the cop. He didn't really care about being center of attention though that idea may be thrown out the window now. He was brought out of his thoughts when he was asked about the party and where it was being held. "This place? No, I actually didn't know about this place. I've missed quite a bit so your guess on this is as good as mine. Though I'm not complaining about it. It's good to get out and have fun I guess."

November 01, 2014 10:51 pm

Black Masquerade

When You're an Addams...

The good news, she didn't need much foundation to pull off the pale look. But with wing-tip eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, blush and whatever the hell 'contouring' was, she still felt like she had a pound or two of makeup on her face. The dress clung to her every curve, which were created by carefully rolling and folding socks. In fact, she was more sock than person under the black dress. Her chest and hips were both enhanced with the help of socks, artfully so. She feared a sock would pop out of the low cut dress, but with the help of double-sided tape, the dress stayed exactly where it was meant. The sleeves reached her fingertips, tapering out to drape elegantly. The dress reached the floor, almost negating the necessity of those stupid high heels. But, the outfit wouldn't be complete without them.

The dress stayed close-cut all the way to the ankles where it fanned out just-so but still touched the floor. Subtly embroidered on the dark fabric were roses of the same material. Were it not for her supernal sight, she'd have never noticed the embellishment. The final touches were a simple silver necklace with a single dark ruby, a black mask which, in her opinion, hid most of her eye makeup and a basket filled with red and black roses. Even after making ridiculous faces in the mirror, she couldn't quite believe the reflection was her own.

Her usual self-conscious side abated for tonight. Unable to recognize herself, she highly doubted anyone else would. She teetered carefully out of the car and walked up to the club with short, careful steps. The heels barely made a sound, even as she spun for the inspection. One of bouncers plucked up the shears sitting in her basket, but returned them after noting their blunt edges and rounded tips. They were barely fit to cut paper. She tried out a simpering smile, something she had practiced in the car, and glided into the club. More practice would be necessary before the night ran out.

She was neither too early nor too late. The party had already started, but had not yet reached the highlight of the night. Her smile stretched across her face but never revealed her teeth whenever she happened to make eye contact with another patron. The trip to the bar was a long one as she attempted her best imitation of a graceful woman.
November 01, 2014 11:48 pm

Black Masquerade

You Have The Right to Remain Sexy


Finally the two had arrived at the bar where the officer released his prisoner so that he may take a seat as well. Upon placing himself on the seat, the police officer spun around so that his back was to the bar with his eyes taking in the spooky sights. On arm relaxed on the bar top while the other rested on his companion’s thigh when he sits down, his thumb brushing absent mindedly as his hand stayed put. “I knew of Crossroads, but never of this lounge. Then again, we both aren’t necessarily people persons, are we?” His head tilted back so that he could give his handsome jailbird a sly grin. His free hand reached up to his chin where he had trimmed up the facial hair to a connected mustache and beard combo in which the beard ran up his jawline to his sideburns but never touched his neck. It was clean, but manly. Just how he liked it.


With the bartender appearing to serve the men the officer gave his man a small squeeze of the leg. “You know what I like. Sour or bitter. No sweet.” Sweet treats were disgusting to the man, they made his teeth ache. Sour made his mouth tingle while bitterness presented a unique flavor. Sometimes spicy was even enticing, as well!  Suddenly he felt a slight poke of hunger in his abdomen while he thought of all the different foods he enjoyed. Maybe after a drink or two he would treat his jailbird to something tasty for dinner.


With his eyes studying the other party goers he noticed a wonderful, and ghoulish, Morticia Addams. There was an icon he could understand! The Addams Family used to be one of his favorite shows when he first discovered television. Just the puns and lack of typical family values actually entertained him. Though she seemed almost familiar he really couldn’t place it. He could of swore he saw that dress before…

November 02, 2014 04:09 pm

Black Masquerade

 photo Troubadour_zps2eb6a936.jpg

There she was, center stage so to speak, red hot and gorgeous.  Jessica Rabbit had been the fanatasy women of a lot of guys, he was no different.  She sang out there in the middle of the dance floor, he played for her away from the limelight.  The piano beat out that delicious tune as he watched her practically make love to the microphone.  The Troubadour didn't bother trying to out do her, his quiet accompaniment was enough for him.
As he played he watched others enter the night's arena, cute, a bunny boinging all over the place ....nice.  He strummed even after Ms. Rabbit's song ended, taking a moment here and there to drink his fine c0cktail. Smiling still, he kept playing whether anyone listens or not, that's alright, he was here to enjoy the night and have a little bit of fun.

November 02, 2014 04:13 pm

Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charged, Jailbird~

The jailbird had sat down next to the officer and looked over the drink options. "I know your preferred options. Just trying to figure out which one would be best for you. I'm pretty much going to order what I want and order what I think you'll like. If it doesn't work out... well, I tried. That's what matters. From the looks of it, you might like the zombie slime shooters. So, we'll get a few of those for you and one of Bunnicula's carrot juice martinis for me."

He gave the order to the bartender before turning his attention back to the rest of the crowd there, he slightly leaned against the officer. "You know, I think this part of the Crossroads is only used for events like this one. It's probably why you haven't seen this area before. Or at least that's what I've heard." He then shrugged his shoulders in nonchalance.

After a moment though, the bartender had popped up again with their drinks as the jailbird grabbed his. "Well, officer... why don't you tell me if I made the right choice in drinks." He said with a sly grin.

November 02, 2014 04:34 pm

Black Masquerade

Having finished her performance, Jessica Rabbit bowed to the pianist, and acknowledged the other musician (who had accompanied the pianist quietly and respectfully) with a quick smile. Jessica glided over to the bar, feeling all the eyes on her curves as she moved gracefully across the room, and asked for a Bunnicula's Carrot Juice Martini. What else would the torch singer have requested?

Thanking the ghostly barkeep, she turned and glanced around the lounge. None really caught her eye until she spied a somber man in a green cloak, looking in all the world like he had just lost his last friend. If there was one thing Jessica could not do, it was to allow someone to be be unhappy in her presence. She sashayed over to the table in the back, sipping her drink, and once again feeling the eyes of the room upon her. Walking up to the table, she gave him her best 'come hither' smile, and spoke softly to him.

"Hi, I'm Jessica. Jessica Rabbit. Is this seat taken?"
November 02, 2014 06:45 pm

Black Masquerade

You Have The Right to Remain Sexy



When the drinks were presented to them the police offer tested the glasses which had been presented before him. He first sniffed it, inhaling its scent deeply. It had a strange scent to him. He jiggled the contents about to examine its consistency which revealed it was much like jello. With a shrug he took the glass to his lips and threw back the green beverage in which it reacted by slowly sliding down the glass into his mouth. When it touched his tongue, his face went derp. The taste was lime. Lime jello! After finally swallowing the contents he let out a soft gagging sound. “You are definitely going in the pokey tonight.”


With a soft chuckle he passed the two drinks to the jailbird before snatching the martini. He gave it a sip then let out a sigh of content. “Has a little bit of sweet to it but the alcohol and carrot taste makes up for it. So close, my favorite little prisoner.” He gave the man a soft nuzzle before giving his cheek a kiss. “You can have my zombie ooze.”

November 02, 2014 10:57 pm

Black Masquerade

~Guilty as Charged, Jailbird~

The jailbird chuckled as he watched the officer taste the drink. He shrugged his shoulders when he was told about going in the pokey. "I told you I tried. I didn't think it would end up that bad for you." He was about to grab his own drink when the officer snatched it up. "My drink! You know, for an officer of the law, your doing a terrible job enforcing it."

He then decided to try one of the shooters and swallowed it down once the drink reached his tongue. He let out a soft sound of approval after he tasted it. "I don't know why your complaining about it. It's almost like a jello shot. Those are always great. You just gotta loosen up and give more stuff a try. Your lucky I like the taste of this or I'll have to go to the police and report you for being a bad cop." He said with a smirk.

November 02, 2014 11:18 pm

Black Masquerade

~Barbarian Queen~


Dancing into sight the woman's red dress swished about her. Well it hadn't always been red but that was beside the point. It wasn't her fault that she had tripped and spilt wine all over herself was it? Giggling like mad she made her way through the groups of people, the heavy iron chains dangling off her wrists. The heavy red, curtain like fabric draped off her body in tatters. It had been ages since she’d been to a masquerade and truth be told she had gotten rid of all of her dresses long ago. With a silly smirk toying at her lips she grabbed a drink, turning to observe the other masqueraders.

November 02, 2014 11:23 pm

Black Masquerade

When You're an Addams...

It was as she perused the menu items that she realized she forgot her wig. She sat up bolt straight and looked around worriedly, as if it had fallen off on the way inside. More likely, she left it in the car because it had made her scalp itch. A blond Morticia was a crime against all unholy and impure. She slipped off the bar stool and tried to quickly move across the club to the doors. However, moving quickly in the tight dress only slowed her progress. Like walking over hot coals, slow and steady was the key. But unlike rushing over coals, moving quickly would embarrass her rather than burn her.

Making it to the door without incident is nothing short of a miracle. Too bad a second one couldn't occur and her wig could pull a Cousin It and greet her there. Instead, she almost ran into someone entering. Good thing she had to move slowly. The collision was easily avoided and she managed to get outside without incident. After describing her situation, the valet agreed to pull her car around. He was even kind enough to bring the damned wig to the blond Morticia.

"Here," she said, unceremoniously shoving her basket of roses into the valet's arms in exchange for the wig. She flipped her hair forward, very unlike Morticia, threw the wig over and put it on. She tried her best to stuff any fly-aways inside the cap but without a mirror, she'd have no idea if she got all her hair tucked away. Fortunately, it wasn't terribly long.

Her look finally complete, she carefully took back the basket and extracted a black rose. "For your help." Morticia said with a hint of a smile, offering the dark flower to the valet. He accepted it with a polite smile.

Heading back into the club, she had to remind herself to stay calm. Chances are, no one noticed her screw up.
November 02, 2014 11:42 pm

Black Masquerade

.: The King :.

This creature seldom roamed the realm without good reason, but this masquerade ball seemed liked the place to be as Halloween quickly approached. A good month with little breaks had been spent designing the costume for the night and now it was time to show off the hard work to any people already at the ball. It was hoped that the costume would fit in nicely but until the arrival at the ball, there was no way to know.

The journey to the mysterious and wondrous masquerade ball was a long one whilst in costume, but the costume was not something that was easy to slip into before entering the large room. Each step was much shorter than a normal one for the beast and after what seemed like a good half an hour walk or more, the master designed Crossroads club was right before the creature. With a few shuffles inside the main entrance, the rest of the club came into view as did the room where the ball was being held.

The beasts costume was mostly made of painted foam with a few important additions like LED lights and a speaker to ample certain sounds. As the creature got further into the ball room, the lights from the ceiling enhanced the look of his costume. The beast was almost trapped inside the foam exoskeleton painted in a dark grey color with pale grey highlighting certain features.

A long tail protruded out of the costume around the buttock area. Large solid legs with three spiked toes on each foot and short thick arms with long vicious claws. Spines of varied sizes ran from what would be the neck of the costume all the way along to the tail, those spines contained certain blue LED lights that would come into effect in a few moments. The last feature that stood out about the costume was the large head, similar to a dinosaur with a month containing almost one hundred sharp teeth.

With the push of a button inside the costume, the spines along the back of the outfit lit up with a blue glow as did the eyes. Another button push and the speaker inside the mouth of the outfit turned on and the creature tucked away from sight within let out a single amplified sound.


November 03, 2014 07:56 am

Black Masquerade

When You're an Addams...

If it weren't for the barely audible crackling of the speaker, Morticia would have jumped and screamed in terror. Instead, she turned as the roar died down, hand delicately laid upon her chest, and cast an admiring gaze upon the beast. A lot of time and effort went into the costume but for a moment, she couldn't think of anything other than Reptar. How ridiculous.

Thinking on her feet, she uttered the second thing that came to mind. "What a wonderfully terrifying and misunderstood beast."
November 03, 2014 10:32 am

Black Masquerade

The Hostess

She had been here the whole time, watching as things slowly picked up and decided to make an announcement. Moving to the center of the room, she signalled for the music to become silent for a moment and then cleared her throat.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Since the festivities didn't pick up until recently, The Dark Chronicle has decided to extend the party! Please, keep enjoying yourselves and have a blast!"

The last day of the Masque will now be Sunday, November 9th!
November 03, 2014 12:26 pm

Black Masquerade

;:Avada Kedavra, Alacazam, turn young Harry into a hot man!:;

"I am so not late am I?!" A young Gryffindor slid into the masquerade with slouched ease, it wasn't hard to tell what he was, as every single detail was perfectly put in place. "Rated M Harry" didn't really mingle after all he only had two things on his agenda tonight; to get as drunk as humanly possible and meet a Draco to "slytherin" to. match with.

The man's costume went from head to toe and in order as he stroke a very becoming pose; Perfectly styled hair, classic black masquerade mask, a winding gryffindor scarf that hung over his shoulder, a wizard cloak that was more like a flowing cape, tight black vest that didn't quite cover his toned abs and stopped just above his belly button with the Gryffindor patch, tight trousers that snuggled all the right curves and of course, the fitting wizardry boots. This guy went all out; his hair had been temporarily dyed black, the lightening scar just above his arched brow carved in with wax. And how could he forget the glasses? simple, he couldn't, the horrid circular lenses were perched on the lowest point of the V on his vest. Every single detail has been taken into effect and Damn, he was proud of it. To put it in three words. he.was.fierce!

"Rated M Harry" headed straight to bar and held up 6 fingers, 3 on each hand "Oi oi, Mate. 6 slime shooters!" he taps the bar twice as he plopped down and slammed back all 6, suddenly becoming very happy but not drunk...yet. Spinning around in the spinny stool he goes to say something, but spinning around on that stool proved to be more fun than expected and he did so several times before stopping his merry giggling "Oh right, hehe" slowly spun so he can peer at everyone from under his mask; his usual shyness had been stomped out and smothered in alcohol and indefinite intoxication "What kind of wizardry is this?! You all look Marvelous! absolutely marvelous!" giving a series of girlish claps, he gets a glass of death punch and slurps it up through a straw. Happy watching the promising Halloween party.
November 03, 2014 08:12 pm

Black Masquerade

You Have The Right to Remain Sexy



His lips parted to allow the interesting beverage in while his little jailbird sang. “I despise jello and you know it. It’s just so nervous all the time…and it’s sweet… I have had centuries to expand my pallet, my handsome prisoner, and I have decided what I like and do not like. And if I don’t like it, I give it to you.” He finished the drink and tapped the glass on the bar as if to signify he wanted more. It was then he watched the blond Morticia run away only to return moments later with not blond but black upon her head. He had thought she was doing her own little spin on the Addams family mother but either way she looked very convincing.


The police officer’s attention was stolen once the beast roared and the rather peppy yet interestingly dressed wizard barged in. The place was starting to liven up only making the man even more anti-social. His grip on his prisoner’s leg tightened a bit. “Looks like the party is starting…”

November 03, 2014 08:49 pm
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