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~Closed - Yule Ball in Valhalla 2019 - VIP Lounge~


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Briahne Christiann

Bri picked her drink up and moved over to Merida...."That was beautiful but what was the language?"

December 25, 2019 05:28 pm

Shannon Taylor

She was late. She knew it and the thought weighed on her as she contemplated scrapping the idea completely. Shannon bit at the bottom of her lip and slid hangers back and forth in the closet wondering if she had something suitable to wear. One dress. Her nose wrinkled and she looked at the garment in disdain before her fingers touched on the soft forgotten velvet at the back of her closet.

She pulled out the dark gray velvet pantsuit with small silver paisley pattern embossed in  the lapel. She added a black silken blouse beneath and small heeled black ankle boots. She carefully applied a light touch of make-up, and swept her hair up behind her in a black hair clip, letting soft tendrils frame her face as turned slowly and regarded her image in the mirror. Content with what she saw, she wrapped the warm shawl over her and added a black felt brimmed hat and headed to the magic of Valhalla.

She expected the party to be in full swing and was not disapointed in any way upon her arival. The place was decorated quite festively and she could hear the soft strains of music ahead. She hummed softly recognizing the carole, and slowly she felt the spirit of the holiday enter her as she handed her wrap and hat to the coat check. Amber hues scanned the room, and she slowly made her way to the bar, thinking a glass of bubbly would be just what she needed to put her nerves at ease. She could then find a nice dark corner to retreat to and watch the merriment as the effervence tickled at her senses.

December 25, 2019 10:11 pm


Author's chair faced the bar so he saw Shannon when she went up.  Since her back was to him he called out, "Shannon, good to see you! Seize the night!"

December 26, 2019 02:27 pm

Merida Campbell

Merida had motion to the bartender for another fill of what she called liquid heaven. She heard a familiar voice, which made her smile. Turning her head slightly as she spoke up ”Its Scot Gaelic. Language that is spoken from where I came from. How are you my friend?” Her fingertip brushed along the edges of the glass. ”I see that you made it through that little mess from awhile back.” Bri had always had her back that night in the alley fighting off the unknown. She felt blessed having a friend like her. December 26, 2019 03:24 pm

Briahne Christiann

"It was rough going, but we did it, we beat the shadows back.  I am doing very well.  Gaelic ..well it's a gorgeous language and one I am interested in learning if you can point me in a good direction to start?"  Briahne polished off her first drink, then ordered herself another while she was at the bar.  Merida was certainly in a good mood and that meant she could lighten up more and really enjoy herself here.

December 30, 2019 01:22 pm

River Song

Once more, River took a few brief moments to address the crowd, "We have some more names to draw for some more prizes!"

She sticks her hand into a bowl that contains everyone's names so far and pulls out 7 more names and calls them out one by one "Zahara, Kiernan, Amethyst, Janus, Virelai, Marah, and Kellie! Please some see me to claim your prizes."

((Please mail River Song to claim your prize))
December 31, 2019 02:28 pm


Author clapped for the winners and squeezed Kellie's hand when her name was called.

January 01, 2020 07:29 am

Merida Campbell

A slight tilt of her head towards her left "I would be honored in helping you learn and I can help you with the dialect and the pronunciations which some find can be difficult to say." Soft laughter escaped her lips as her hand motions for another round of drinks "Of course after a few dozen or two of the fine spirits will help roll them 'R's with no problem at all. Such mischief was bubbling up into her eyes as she gave the room a quick glance. January 17, 2020 07:47 am

River Song

River was quite pleased with the turn out, but now, the holiday festivities were coming to a close. She made a draw for the final prizes and then told everyone, "Thank you all for making the first Yule Ball such a wonderful time!"

((Please see below for a list of winners - all minion tokens, cash and BM prizes will be sent shortly! If you've won a Dungeon Fill or a Zombie, please mail River Song to claim. Thanks again everyone!))

January 19, 2020 04:34 pm
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