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Shadwyn Drake

Drake had followed Marina Pershing to the Valhalla where the Yule Party was being held.  The small child should have known better for her age.   She was a very stubborn and independant youngster.  She knew where to make a few dollars and she made her money in an honest manner.

Drake walked in with two violin cases. The two case contained a pair of gently used electric violins.  He saw her playing 'Silent Night, Holy Night.'  He saw a man leave a note on  a table closest to her.  He felt a sigh of relief that the man kept his distance.  He had a very fatherly feeling toward Marina.   His other children were off to their various schools.  They were good boarding schools and each had a very good reputation.   He set the cases on the table where the note was put and he looked at the song requests.  He chuckled s he opened the two case.

He knew both songs although he didn't care for them.  He would consult with Marina about the requests made by the man. He waited for Maina to notice him.

Raffle Ticket #9 ~ River Song
December 17, 2019 05:58 pm

Julien Vaillancourt

Vir was not the only one who found memories of such courtly indulgences weighted.  For Julien, it was simply a measure of distance.  Sharp edges that he had thought dulled but were now being honed to the quick again.  He didn't notice the ambivalence in his companion's demeanor this night however, at least not immediately.  He was too distracted by those around him, by the strangeness of this little piece of heaven.  Truly, the crystalline skies, the cloudy wisps at his feet and the pale, glittering festivity was as far from the court where he had held his own Winter Ball, or nearly, as it was possible to be.  The only commonality was the elegance.

In truth, he was pleased not to play host.  It had been one of his least favorite duties.

"Certainly," he said.  "I enjoy your company."  This was simplicity, but he found he didn't care to mouth the normalities 'I'd be happy to escort you,' 'I'd be honored to join you.'  Honored wasn't really a stretch- there was a regal power to this woman that spoke to something in him, but in his opinion, a drinking partner was more pleasant when he simply spoke of enjoyment and not of things like honor.  They would inevitably remind each other of the past- they were a rare breed, and, he thought ironically as he offered her his arm, made a striking pair.  Was she Daoine Sidhe?  Y Tylwyth Teg?  Rude to ask.

"I had been about to see if any of their seasonal cocktails have Irish cream in them.  I'm something of a fiend for it."

December 17, 2019 07:42 pm

Virelai Tylwyth

This place was not of the greens of Underhill, nor the stark white that the Otherworld held during the long, dark winters. She was used to a more subtle beauty, a hazy sort of elegance that made the sharp edges of the darkness stand out more. Even here, where everything was bright and opulent, Virelai still glanced at the shadows they made, wondering.

She had been hesitant to ask for his company, nervous perhaps, interacting in a way she wasn't accustomed to. But his replay, the way it was phrased, was casual and she felt herself relax into an easy smile as she slipped her arm through his. Speaking as they made their way over to the bar, her voice was light and drifting, the usual cold and cutting sound gentling.

“Truth be told, I have only recently begun exploring the delicacies of inebriation. It was not until my arrival here that I had tasted anything like it. The bloodwine I usually partook of during these sorts of events could not compare.” Laughing as they moved, she noticed that their strides matched with a strange and subtle rhythm, in the way that like is to like. She did not have to worry about looking out of place or wonder if the gazes of the other guests were searching for the monster that lived beneath her skin. In fact, though still watchful, she did not feel the need to concern herself with what they might think at all.

“I am always looking to expand my education. Knowledge is power after all.” They arrived at the bar and she looked at the menu. “What would you recommend? I've never had Irish Cream but it sounds sweet and I find I am quite fond of the sweeter concoctions they create.” It was funny, she thought silently. It felt like it had been a long time since she had spoken with anyone this much, months perhaps. How strange, that she should miss it. The feeling of easy conversation.

December 17, 2019 08:29 pm

Marah Whitmoore

+Hearing _author she smiled +

"Happy Holidays _author"

+As she was finishing her drink Marah noticed that her mom came in. Ordering another she pays for it and takes it. Quitely she sneaks up on her and whispered softly in her ear.+

"Now what is a nice mom like yourself doing in a place like this?"
December 17, 2019 09:12 pm

Julien Vaillancourt

"Ah, bloodwine."  The look on his face was both strangely closed and a bit wistful.  "It always put me in a rather vile mood, truth be told.  Hungry, but in a strange way."

Elegant fingers snagged a menu from a table they passed, and that odd expression melted away into a faint smile.  "Oh, marvelous!  Look, the Sugar Cookie Martini will have Irish cream, and white chocolate liqueur, two of my favorite things when it comes to alcohol.  Ah, and this Winter Wonderland cocktail... that is, I think, similarly sweet and creamy, but with chocolate and mint instead of the Irish cream and vanilla.  Perhaps we should each buy one, and trade sips?"

In the Winter Masque, it had always been a custom to share a glass, to prove no ill intent was meant and no poison lingered, in glass, glove or even the gloss of the lips.  But there was the added benefit that he wanted to taste both cocktails.

As he returned the menu to its place and continued their pace to the bar, he smiled faintly and glanced back at Marina.  "She plays very well, doesn't she?  I'm quite charmed."

December 17, 2019 09:31 pm

Virelai Tylwyth

His comment on the bloodwine sent a shiver down her spine as the recalled those strange memories. Her voice shifted, a husky, deep whisper as she spoke. “Ravenous.” She supplied, trying to recall how long it had been since she had eaten. She had been secluded for a weeks, since All Hallows, no, shortly thereafter and had not been hunting since regaining her body. She shook off the feeling and turned her attention back to him as he snagged the menu and perused it.

Virelai's green eyes lightened to glittering gold and her voice was tinged with excitement, the earlier darkness fading like the last dying stars of twilight. “Yes, let's!” She had never had the privilege of sharing her cup before. The beasts did not partake of the wine, preferring blood from the vein, and the spirits could hardly count since it would not effect them either way. “I am very fond of mint, it reminds me of the fields of it crushed underfoot during the summer.”

They reached the bar and she took the liberty of ordering both drinks, hoping that he would not mind her doing so. While they waited for them to be prepared, Vir followed Julien's gaze to the girl playing the violin. Her expression was one of adoration mixed with envy. How long had it been since – too long truth be told. She had not touched a cello in decades, no, centuries during that time she had wandered as a spirit. And the instrument had been lost to her well before that.

Still, she smiled, eyes still alight at the young talent. The notes filling the room like soft and intimate conversation. “It is truly beautiful to behold. Music is such a gift, a magic with the power to transport one far from where they stand. I believe humans call it a form of escapism. I imagine she will grow to be a brilliant musician.”Vir's gaze shifted to Shadwyn who stood near the girl. That man had done her a great service when she first returned to the living. If not for him – in a way – she would not be where she now stood. And now it seemed he was watching over another, as was his nature she was sure. Her head nodded to him from where they stood and she smiled, turning her attention to the clink of two glasses settling on the bartop.

December 17, 2019 10:04 pm

Julien Vaillancourt

The scent of mint in the summer was pleasant.  He nodded and waited as she ordered.  The intricacies of cocktail preparation caught his eyes, but his ears were still pricked keenly to the violins and also to the voice of his companion.  "Do you know, I had not heard any music at all from this century or the last, till a decade ago?  There is such infinite variety, such beauty, such emotion... so many stories told in so many ways."  He smiled as he lifted his martini and clinked it very gently against Virelai's glass. 

The first sip of his sugar cookie martini was... magical.  Rich and creamy, with Irish cream and chocolate and vanilla, but light and clear on the palate, little bites of cookie dough on the rim of the glass teasing his palate.  He purred, licked his lips, and watched to see Vir's response to her own cocktail.  It was only after that he would speak again, and that was to note the edge to her voice.  He often forgot to eat for months at a time.  No longer a helpless colt who had to devour, he could go long indeed without food, but... tonight was a celebration and sweet food seemed... earned.

"Should we purchase some of the food as well?"

December 17, 2019 11:33 pm

Virelai Tylwyth

Lifting her glass, Virelai met Julien's gaze and smiled, listening to the sound of the two glassing ringing together. She watched him sip from his drink over the rim of her own, observed his expression, the way that he swallowed the taste, the curve of his tongue over his lips. The sound he made. They were responses she could understand, much like the way he spoke of music, they were things – endearments almost – that resonated with her.

And then as he lowered his glass she tilted hers the rest of the way and took a slow slip, savoring the taste. Rich and deep as dark pools of bittersweet chocolate, chased by the taste of fresh dew from mint. The way it danced over her tongue, sweet and almost spiced from the liquor that swirled with those delicate flavors, the burn of it cutting through the sugary, syrup-like sensation. Truly it was mixed in such a way that it was not saccharine and unpleasant, but left a fresh and subtle taste on her tongue. She closed her eyes to savor the taste of it, to imprint it upon her memory.

Vir lowered her glass and exhaled. “Ah, bliss.” At last, she spoke. “I roamed alone for a very long time, neither substance nor spirit but caught between. I could hear the music but it did not move me to anything more than sorrow and longing. I could not appreciate it as I can now.” Her fingers brushed a stray strand of silvery hair from her ear, as though she were removing an obstruction to the clear notes so that she might listen more closely.

“Shall we trade? You looked as though you enjoyed that. So I am looking forward to it as well.” Leaning her back against the bar, resting on her elbows, she grinned up at him and responded to his question of food. “Why not? Tonight is a celebration after all. Of the joyous Dark Season, the height of the Hunt.” The birth of a beast.

She stopped before saying that aloud and smiled wider. “Even if it were not for the human customs of joy and love and community, there are many reasons to celebrate a night like tonight.” Her eyes drifted away and she scanned the room, watching for those who might be coming or going. “After all, we met again. That is at least worth something sweet.” Her smirk was teasingly lighthearted, youthful even and only half a mask for her true nature and feelings. She was enjoying herself. Good company was hard to come by.

December 18, 2019 12:02 am

Keera Schmidt

Keera didn’t really go out much anymore. Not like this, with the lights and the dancing and the drinks. In fact, in the last year she had spent so much time running around the world that she would never even consider taking time off to go to a party. Her time at the Fraternity had changed that, a little, because it offered her something she hadn’t felt since she’d been turned.


Her and Hadley had plans that would come to fruition soon. Very soon. So, until then, she was going to let herself relax and go out into *gasp* public. With people. Hopefully none of them that she would inadvertently eat the next day.

Sure, why not take the chance?

White chiffon hugged her upper body, the bodice of the dress accentuating what curves she had. The soft white fabric lay down off the shoulders of her tanned skin that hadn’t faded too much since she’d travelled away from Australia. A silver satin ribbon wrapped around her slim waist before the loose fabric trailed down to the floor, hiding the white Keds that would make it much easier for her to dance if she chose to.

Or walk for that matter. Let’s be honest, she had a hard enough time doing that most of the time despite her preternatural grace that only seemed to show itself in situations that didn’t really help her in her day to day life.

She really hoped that the tag wasn’t showing on the dress, since she was sure as shit going to be returning it tomorrow.

Wavy blonde locks were pulled back and away from her face in a low chignon that was decorated with glittering glass pins, though other than that she wore no jewelry. She didn’t even own any jewelry. Keera had, however, put on make-up that accentuated bright sapphire eyes and a soft pink lipstick that was dark enough not to make them look unnaturally pale, but just a nice shade that agreed with her tone.

Thank god for the girls at Sephora. They did it for free! I mean, yes, she probably should have bought something but that didn’t stop her from taking advantage of free makeovers.

Bright eyes scanned the impressive room like she was going to know anyone there. Except, hey! She did! She raised a hand to Julien from across the room but didn’t want to interrupt his conversation. Instead she made a bee-line for her favorite place in any party.

The bar.

Raffle Ticket #10 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 12:59 am

Sean Lynch

Sean casually watched more people arrive as he ate his snacks. A couple of people brought violins, which brought a small smile to his face. Being Irish meant the Dullahan had an innate fondness for music. However, he was simply content to listen rather than dance for now.

December 18, 2019 04:42 am

The Preacher

It was time, the evening was still young, Levi went into the bedroom to prepare for something that he would not usually attend. His loving wife had talked him into going out for a night on the town at the Yule Ball.

Levi walked over to his closet, dug through it to find the perfect suit for that evening. Looking through he found his black jacket, black silk shirt, black vest, the tie he wasn’t sure of at the moment. Turning he walked over to the bed, laid the clothing out and proceeded to get dressed.

Shortly after, he was fully dressed. He picked out a silver tie to match the dress his wife said that she was to wear. Instead of tying it on like normal, he draped it over his neck to tie later, lord knows no one likes to be choked for any longer than is needed.

Livia should almost be dressed he thought. So, he walked out the house and into the garage and debated on what to drive for the evening. He could grab her impala, force her to let him drive, take her new Chevelle that he recently bought for her, or take his old truck. He stood for a moment and looked at his options before deciding on the truck.

Sitting in the seat, he turned the key, bringing the monster to life. Roar of the engine made him chuckle, sure to bring attention from anyone on the block. Opening the door, he exited the garage and pulled to the front of the house. His wife walked out, he opened the door to let her in, and then they were on their way.

The drive was short, he turned the corner to head straight to the doors of the Lounge. The rumble from his truck could be heard from a block away as the burnt orange, black hood and top, Seventy-two Chevrolet Custom Ten could be heard.

Driving to make an entrance the couple merely idled down the street, every so often patting the gas to hear the sound of the engine roar more to life than it already was. Levi pulled to the front door, opened the door of his truck and black wing toed oxfords hit the ground. He stepped out, straightened out his suit, walked, or you can say strutted with some swag around to the passenger side of the vehicle. He popped the door open and waited to see that beautiful wife of his step out for her ‘night on the town’.

Raffle Ticket #11 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 07:39 am

Livia Vlcek

Don’t let him lie.

Levi asked if Livia wanted to go to the Yule Ball.. because he was truly considerate of how she felt, her wants and needs. It was with reluctance that Livia agreed.. not because she didn’t want to be social or seen with her new husband.. the Slayer was just not really the type to dress in fine attire and attend parties.

Introverted maybe.. but never anti-social.
She might also be slightly self conscious.

Verdigris gaze studied the reflection in the compact mirror that stared back. The scars of her face were less pronounced with makeup though tattered lips, glossed in pale pink, were still visible. Luckily the floor length dress she wore, with its box neckline, was not very revealing and did well to cover the scars drawn across porcelain flesh. Snapping the compact shut, Livia turned to study her husband, how his emerald gaze was so bright even in the dimmest of lights.

So handsome.
She was a lucky woman even if their courtship was ‘slightly’ unconventional.
Slightly? The thought amused her.

The drive to the club was short, thankfully. It left little time to become anxious or to decide to turn back for a cosy night at home in fuzzy pajamas. And when they finally arrived, when Levi opened the door for her to exit, Livia knew there was no turning back. Instead, she took the time to make sure his tie was straight before the sleek fabric of the dress she wore whisked her from the cab of the truck.

Taking Levi’s arm, Livia led the male toward the entrance of Valhalla; marveled at the multicoloured lights and snowfall that could be seen from the door while large doormen checked their persons. Once found to be free of weapons, the couple entered the club arm in arm while wisps of aether twined at their feet. Sensitive nose found these tendrils of fog and flakes of snow were not created by machine (there was no chemical scent to tickle olfactory nerve) but rather by magick. The Elders had, indeed, outdone themselves.

Pale eyes upon those in attendance, Livia anxiously searched for a familiar face in the growing crowd. There was only one person she recognised thus far; one that she had noticed on her many visits to the Fraternity. Keera, was it? Livia nudged Levi, nodded her head in the woman’s direction as if to say, ‘Look, it’s one of your own’, for she had never been formally introduced to the girl that Valentin spoke fondly of in recent past.

Waiting for her husband to decide whether they would interrupt Keera or not, Livia stood still as stone while silver empire-waist gown draped over a very pronounced, very round belly. Golden locks, normally left in loose curls, were swept up and pinned in a messy chignon. The Slayer mused how she might have looked like Queen Ravenna, minus the crown of course, from the Huntsman movie.

If Ravenna had been pregnant.
An audible groan left tattered lips, her free hand moving to cradle ever growing bump.
Yup.. they were doing this.

Raffle Ticket #12 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 07:42 am


*Watching various patrons enter. Smiling softly she waved at Shadwyn when she saw him. It had been awhile since she'd seen him or Rose for that matter. As she was about to walk towards him, Lilly heard Marah. Giving a light luggage turned around. Hugging her gently Lilly smiled. *

Oh darling this place is nothing. Remember I use to mix and mingle with both sides years ago. I'm here to see old friends, and just have a bit of fun I suppose. You know make an appearance.

*grining Lilly looked to Marah *
A good question is what is a young innocent doing here? Hmmmm....

*With a smile, she saw Liv. Giving an exaggerated wave. Lilly was thankful for familiar faces*

Anyways..... I needed to blow the dust off me dear....
December 18, 2019 09:48 am

Livia Vlcek

Slow, simple or stupid.. take your pick.

Apparently, Livia was all three.
And blind.

A sheepish smile took to damaged visage as soon as Livia saw Lilly wave. How could she have missed her, of all people?! The woman that delivered delicious peanut butter by the jars to the Slayer was there.. right across the room.

An exasperated sigh, at herself, Livia mouthed 'I'm so sorry!' to the lovely Lilly across the room as she waved desperately. Maybe it was old age, maybe it was just the awkwardness of being in public for the first time in a long while but the woman did feel bad. Livia would make it up to her somehow. Maybe she could send a drink to Lilly?

A tap on the shoulder of a server that passed, Livia pointed to the menu to order a sugar cookie martini and was met by a horrified stare.

Oh.. she was pregnant. Right.

"For the lovely woman over there.." A tinge of crimson rising through her cheeks as she pointed to Lilly, Livia also requested Crown neat for her husband and a glass of ice water for herself.

December 18, 2019 10:06 am

Liam Dromeo

Fluttering snow and blowing wind, fire crackling and the sun setting. Who would want to leave the comforts of a warm hearth and endeavor outward for the sheer sake of mingling? Liam sighed, flipped over the invitation again and stared at it while the embers leapt in evergreen eyes. They'd all be there. The folks from home. But so would everyone else. All dressed up, or down, just...coexisting. Mayhaps it wouldn't be unbearable but he would never know if he didn't start moving in that direction.

On his bed lay his best, and only, penguin suit. He considered wearing his old dresss uniform but he really meant retired when he made the commitment and there was no need for it. So it sank into obscurity in the back of his closet. Two ties lay out, neither particularly festive but more color than he liked just the same. Picking the dark green of the traditional tree, he put the other away and began to dress.

A full length mirror, a comb and twenty minutes later he mused he was as ready as he ever was and headed for his truck, nearly forgetting the invitation with all pertinent information in his hustle. Grabbing it, he trekked across the slippery yard in the stupid penguin shoes and settled in for the ride. He took the more direct route, less time to ruminate on what an asinine decision he was making.

Once arrived and inside, he stopped full in his tracks just to take a moment to breathe and observe. Maybe the suit had been necessary after all but it wasn't out of place either. The whole place had a make that He spotted Livia across the room, cutting a stunning profile as always. Maybe he would meander that way, there weren't any other familiar faces yet. As he moved to do so, he nearly tripped over a imp of a waiter who quickly helped him right himself and they both apologized laughingly. "Would you like anything to drink, sir?" He shook his head. "Not right now but thank you." Right now all he wanted was a place to sit and watch, no more moving around for a while.

Raffle Ticket #13 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 10:34 am
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