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Julien Vaillancourt

It was that season, wasn't it?  The time of the rise of the Dark.  He had lost track, since he had left the Courts, and it no longer mattered what festivities were being held or how the balance of power waxed and waned.  But were he still upon his throne, this would have been the time for the Winter Masque, the dance of shadows, where all were invited to enjoy the blood-won luxuries of the Unseelie.  It was nearly time for the Hunt... and how the memory of that sung in his blood.  Racing through the forest in his true form, baying hounds around him, the scent of the Stag fresh and vital in the air...

He missed it, he realized, with some startlement.  He missed leading the Wild Hunt.  "I am surprised I never met you there.  Perhaps our times didn't quite coincide."  It seemed strange, however.  He did not think she was very much younger than him, or very much older.  But these sort of thoughts edged into the territory of unwise, impolite questions.  Rather, he extended his glass, eager to share this ancient custom and also to sample what Vir found so divine.

Julien didn't have such a sweet tooth, but he adored cream in all its varieties.  One thng the superstitious villagers of times hence had gotten right.  And to go with sweet drinks, there was only one item he thought best.  "Nutella twists, please," he ordered, and placed more money upon the bar.  Nutella toast had been an enjoyable treat, and he suspected its rich sweetness would compliment the creamy, cold beverages.  As he turned back, he caught Keera's wave and smiled faintly, the tips of his fingers twitching into an approximation of a returned gesture.

And then he tasted the cocktail.  It was rich, and pleasant, the mint cutting through the sweetness in a way not quite as warm and boozy as the martini.  They were both, he decided, equally delectable, though he would always prefer anything with Irish cream.  "Community at least is something familiar.  Even if we tend to keep our joys and loves a bit more private.  It was a pleasant surprise to see you here."

December 18, 2019 08:47 pm

Virelai Tylwyth

“You would not have seen me, I imagine. I was not exactly a noteworthy participant.” Virelai spoke with a tenderness that did not betray the truth of her feelings for the Hunt. That was the only time she had ever come near her own people. Perhaps she had seen him or would have if there had ever been time to take note of those participating. The truth of the matter was that his vision of the Hunt and her own were quite different. For her, it had been a test of survival.

Every year from the time she had been small, Vir had the memories ingrained within her mind. How she would walk through the bonefire and leave those flames wrapped in illusion. The way she would race from the thundering of the beasts as they gave chase, pursuing the stag gleaming ever white in the distance. How many of her father's wolves had she disemboweled? How often did the hounds' jaws sink into her skin and tear her flesh to bone? Had any of them belonged to Julien? She would not have held it against him if that were the case. After all, as long as she crossed the boundary into sanctuary, the stag would separate from her and lead them away.

Vir smiled up at him, as they exchanged drinks, and her expression was bittersweet. “Perhaps we passed one another by. From what I remember it was a large gathering. At least that is how it seemed at the time.” Perhaps he was right though and they had never crossed paths in that way. Vir was never certain just how far the illusion extended. Maybe they were only ghostly memories.

He ordered food and paid for it and Vir thought that perhaps she should be the one picking up the tab. But saying so might be considered quite rude. “These look delicious.” She had never seen anything quite like it. Catching his gesture of greeting, she turned her head to see who had caught her eye as she sipped the drink they shared. It was an intoxicating taste, something warming and perfect for a cold winter's night. She thought she might prefer the sharpness of mint to the thick cream, but it was far from unpleasant and she enjoyed the taste of it just as well.

“I suppose it is in our nature to keep these things close to our chests. We are a secretive people, even among ourselves. And it is difficult to hold more intimate conversations with those who are not within our own inner circles. Perhaps that is why I am able to feel at ease...” The drifting notes of her voice drifted into silence as she realized she was speaking too much, babbling on. “Sorry.” Laughing she set the drink on the bar and took up one of the twists, admiring the spiraling form of it before taking a bite. It was sweet and melty, with a pleasant texture and taste.

“It is quite peculiar.” She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and forced her voice to lighten as she mused aloud. “I wonder if Beau makes something similar.” She scanned the room again and noticed that more people were arriving, each one as beautiful as the one who came before. Each appearance striking in a unique way, though she did not know any of them personally. “It seems are becoming more lively, no? How nice.”

December 18, 2019 09:42 pm

Beau Theroux

Beau was definitely out of his comfort zone. Never had he participated in such a fancy event nor had he any desire to do so. However, it was the duty of a leader to lead by example so there he found himself standing (awkwardly) at the entrance of Valhalla. He was so hopeless his grandmother had to assist him in picking out his outfit. A dark green paisley tuxedo jacket that had a slight shimmer was what they had settled on; green was always his color. The the bowtie around his neck had already come loose from his constant tugging. And his slicked back hair? He disheveled that before even leaving his apartment. Fancy was not his forte.

Seeing the people mingling about he decided to make his way towards the bar. Looking over the options his brow rose in confusion at all the choices. First fancy clothes now fancy drinks?

"Uuuuh... y'got whiskey?"

A nod was given.

"Then just some whiskey on the rocks. Thanks."

The Cajun's finger reached up to tug once more at his collar, a look of displeasure present on his typically happy features. Maybe this was a bad idea and he was just making a fool of himself? Maybe with enough drinks he'd start relaxing a bit more?

Turning his back to the bar he leaned against it while surveying the floor. A few familiar faces were present though they were locked in conversation. Arms crossed over his chest while golden flecks shimmered in his dark green hues as he scanned the room. Despite his discomfort, he could appreciate the effort put into the beauty of the event. If anything, it gave him ideas for event back at the Rougarou.

Raffle Ticket #14 ~ River Song
December 18, 2019 10:42 pm


*Smiling Lilly looked to Liv, seeing her face she mouthed back* It's ok dear.

*When the server brought her the drink and informed her who sent it. Lilly smiled. It was funny what peanut butter seemed to do for friendships. It was funny how that friendship came about and has stayed going. One would have thought they'd be at each others throats so to speak to to one being a slayer, the other a vampire. In the the end, they were both women and at the time leaders. Lilly had watched Liv over the years, and was glad to consider her a friend.

As she looked to her, she noticed something odd. Not the man with her, no something else... Something deeper... Changing.. Then it hit her, Liv`s glass looked clear. She had an idea and would inquire after awhile to see if she was correct.

Taking a drink, she smiled and mouthed* are you ok?
December 18, 2019 10:45 pm

Julien Vaillancourt

"I cannot imagine an instant in which you were less than noteworthy."  But talk of the past, of the season, while not entirely unpleasant, had made him drink more quickly.  The delightful martini was already gone, nothing left but a white film in the sparkling glass.  The twists had been very enjoyable as well, though he had only nibbled at one- hot and sweet and melting on the tongue.

"Ah.  I cannot imagine what you might be apologizing to me for," he added, gently, after they had exchanged sips, and enjoyed their dessert, and spoken a bit more.  He enjoyed speaking to Vir, and while he understood how uncomfortable she might feel at having spoken a bit more than usual, it pleased him to have put her so at ease that she would do so.

"I simply find myself struck with many suggestions which I find impossible."

He nibbled on another nutella twist and turned to order another drink.  It was then he noticed Beau, truly dashing in deep forest green.  He cut his eyes away and made his order.

December 18, 2019 11:13 pm

Keera Schmidt

How...the hell...did women sit in these things? The dress, that was. The skirt was full enough that it made it nearly impossible to hop up on one of the stools that were lined up in front of the bar without tripping and falling flat on her fucking face. She shuffled around, getting one leg up, but not the other. Then shifted and tried the other side.


Super fail.

Now the bartender was watching her and trying his best not to laugh and she was getting red in the face with frustration.

That was, until she started laughing. This was ridiculous. When she started to laugh, so did the bartender. He didn’t have to hold it in now that they could both join in on the mess that was Keera Schmidt.

Now, bound and determined, she gathered up the skirt in her arms and pulled it up. Not like all the way up, you pervs, but enough that she could move her legs a little more freely. Her sneaker clad feet latched on to one of the bars of the stool and she hoisted herself up and on to it without falling on her ass. Go her!

With a deep breath of satisfaction she settled on the seat and took the menu in hand. Under her breath she mumbled. “Peppermint bark...the fuck?” She flipped it over to see if there were any other choices. None that she could see.

“Do you just have beer?”

Then, a voice next to her, though a little way down the bar.

‘Uuuuh... y'got whiskey?”

Keera laughed and snapped her fingers then pointed at the bearded man in the green suit. “YES! Whiskey. I’ll have one of those too. Or like four. I don’t know yet. Just keep ‘em coming, mate.”

It was then that she really, really, hoped that this was an open bar situation and she didn’t have to anything. That was something she would figure out later. For now? For now she was going to enjoy her boozy beverage that wasn’t named after Christmas carols or some shit.

Right, the bearded dude. She gave him a broad smile and a wave, glad to see she wasn’t the only one that felt completely out of place in the crowd. The bar was better. Much better. And they had alcohol! “Hey, do I know you? I feel like I know you. Then again, I started drinking before I got here, so there’s a good chance I’m making shit up in my head. Again.” Her blue eyes sparked with good humor. Sure, she might be as uncomfortable as all hell, but damned if she wasn’t going to have a fun time.
December 18, 2019 11:47 pm

Livia Vlcek

Thumbs up to Lilly, a smile and nod. Livia was just fine.. a little awkward but good. She was just going to find a metal thing to stand next to and hopefully blend into the decor. Maybe she could borrow a strand of lights.

It was then the Slayer saw Liam and waved him over, an invitation to stand with her awkwardly. She wasn't sure if he felt that way but she sure did and they could totally be weird together while catching up. Azhi unity and all that. Rah Rah Rah.

And just to make sure her wave didn't go unnoticed..

"Liam!" It wasn't quite a yell or even her normal speaking voice. Nope. It was like an excited whisper. All the more to stay incognito and figure out what she might like to snack on while her husband chose a place to sit. "You came to the ball! I'm glad you made it.. it's really good to see you."
December 19, 2019 12:27 am


Dressed in a black off the shoulder velvet dress, Flahme entered the Yule Ball and waited for Landon to join her. She had to remind herself that to everyone else, he was Janus and call him by that name. The use of Landon was for her only. To his exasperation, and her amusement, she had insisted they get ready separately so he would be surprised by her choice of clothing. Coming straight from the coven, she was here first and standing a little taller than usual due to the strappy black high heels, Flahme studied the room nervous energy pouring off her making her core temperature more elevated than usual. She probably shouldn’t get too close to the ice sculptures that were dotted around the room and on tables.

The dress she had chosen hugged her slight form and had a collection of orange and red sequins perfectly placed starting at the hemline and moving up the skirt to give the illusion she was walking on fire. It was the prettiest dress she had ever worn and took some designing to get it right. Even before tonight she was unsure it wouldn’t just look like she’d bedazzled a perfectly good dress. Under the lights, however, the sequins shimmied in such a way to look like flames danced around her feet. There also might have been some magic about it since a witch created it, but she would keep that detail to herself. Flahme felt elegant and feminine, an unusual combination for someone who lived in jeans and t-shirts. The finishing touch at her throat was the ruby necklace she always wore. Landon had given it to her as a gift some time ago and it included a spell, affording the wearer added protection. Regardless, a gift from her love meant more to her than the magic did and Flahme treasured it.

Hair piled on top of her head; a few strands fell in curls around her face, and it was one of these she blew out of the way as she spied a free table for her and Landon. Looking about the room, then behind her, she spotted that very man walking towards her. A grin hit her face lighting up emerald eyes as he took her breath away.

“See, you would have hated getting ready with me in a cloud of perfume and makeup.”

Raffle Ticket #15 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 02:44 am

Sean Lynch

Sean glanced around as some more guests arrived. He hadn't spotted anyone familiar but a girl wrestling with her dress near the bar made him chuckle. The Dullahan decided to remain where he was. Mingling wasn't Sean's forte.

December 19, 2019 05:51 am

Manannán mac Lir

A traditional black tuxedo complete with black bow tie and satin lapels was the choice Manannán made for the Yule Ball. It hadn’t said black tie, but ball usually implied as much, so he was dressed to the nines when he picked up Harlie from her apartment and got them to the party post haste.

Due to the warm overcoat Harlie wore her dress was entirely covered, and Manannán was looking forward to the reveal once she removed it at the venue.

Waiting at a cloakroom area where Harlie was to hand over her coat for safekeeping for the night, Manannán looked over to the ballroom and smiled at how magical it all looked and felt. The snowflakes that fell would never be bothersome or cold as they gently floated about the room. Beautiful ice sculptures adorned tables and larger ones placed on displays here and there. The patrons, some he knew and many he didn’t, drifted in and out of his line of sight as soft music reached his ears.

It should be understood Christmas was not something Manannán usually celebrated, so he was thankful this event did not focus on that aspect. It was a wise move considering there would be many supernatural beings attending whose tradition was something far older like his own. What did make him happy was the season for giving gave him the perfect excuse to shower Harlie with gifts. Now that he could get behind.

Turning back to Harlie he realised sheepishly she had been waiting for him. Taking her hand, he bowed over it and pressed a kiss to the back before straightening with a gleam in his eye and a flash of at least one dimple. Then he helped her remove her coat and was speechless at what she wore. “You look stunning, Harlie-girl. You take my breath away. Are you ready to go in?” Offering his arm, he waited patiently until she was ready.

Raffle Ticket #16 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 06:49 am

The Preacher

Levi had walked into the room with Livia, her arm wrapped in his. After they had entered, she ordered his drink, waved at a few people that he did not know or recognize and settled for standing off to the side for a few moments. Levi took his drink from the waiter as it was brought back to him, a small sip, not to get plastered in public and then he sat it down at a table close to them. He kept a close eye on it though, he knew first-hand what an unattended drink could cause.

While standing there, he stepped behind his wife, hands wrapped around her waist, slightly cradling the bump that was now her stomach. While he ‘supported’ it, he took his emerald gaze and peered around the room. A slight nod to Keera, about the only one in the room that he knew, and then he kept his gaze moving to examine everyone else in the room. It was a ball, he was searched upon entry, and felt very naked with no weapons on his person.

“All of this makes me nervous.”

Was all that he whispered to his wife while he placed his chin onto her shoulder. Rather awkward to be honest. Usually if he was in a room with this many people it was because someone was going to die at the end of the night. After a few more minutes of standing, he guessed his wife was tired from carrying around all that extra luggage that had recently grown on her and he turned his head, glancing at the table that he laid his drink on to make sure no one had sat at it, then placed his hand on the small of his wife's back and lead her over to the table for her to sit. He pulled the chair out for her and when she sat, he slid her under.

“I’ll wave the waiter down if you want anything to drink or eat.”

Spoken at a tone just enough that it could be heard over the noise in the room as he stepped over and took the seat next to her, his hand finding his crown once more for another taste of the fire water. He felt slightly bad that Livia wasn’t able to drink with him but she had ordered it for him.
December 19, 2019 07:55 am

Merida Campbell

It was the holidays of course when you consider that the trauma units are never quiet from all of the blood shed of stupidity of others. Merida wasn’t surprise what so ever while listening to a young man barely into his twenties talking about how it wasn’t his fault when his car blew thru a red light before t-boning another vehicle. She took a deep breathing to quell her anger as she placed the last staple on his forehead. Glancing over her shoulder as she spoke up ”He’s all yours now.” She stepped back letting the officers move into place while she finished the paperwork.

Glancing up to the clock, she realized that time was not on her side. Speaking up as she handed the chart to the Shift Nurse ”Gotta run. Have a good night ladies and gentlemen. For I am late for a very important date.” Her mind was racing recalling that this event, she would have to dress in something nice and festive. Nice she could do but festive was questionable.

Two hours later

Merida had just arrived at the Yule Ball. Stepping out onto the sidewalk, she began to feel uncomfortable within her own skin. She glanced down to the black suede heals as she held onto the matching clutch. Her reflection caught her attention as she admired the deep evergreen dress that reminded her what Audrey Hepburn would have worn during that type. Vintage Vogue comes to mind. Her hand touched lightly to the right side of her head making sure her hair was in place for the style she had chosen.

She stepped into the place and to her it seemed it was hopping. Merida moved within the crowd towards the bar. Right now, she needed a strong drink.

Raffle Ticket #17 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 09:19 am

Naberius Reum

The invitation to the Realm's Yule Ball arrived at Legba's warehouse. It sat in the pile of mail on top of the Voodoo Priest's desk for hours before Nita needed something, and she found the intricate decorated invite, instead of what she actually needed. The bartender brought it to Legba's attention, who made sure to text Naberius and Zahrah.

The assassin pirate had been forced to leave the warehouse by Abigor to do a small retrieval job with the promise of being able to return upon completion. And the General was doing everything in his power to keep Naberius longer.


After four long hours of serving his Master's whims and stupidity, Naberius finally made it back to Legba's place of business. He needed to talk to the Voodoo man about creating some sort of entrance for Zee and himself to get in and out of the Warehouse without the general public knowing. More times then not, he walked into the building covered in blood, and it was disturbing to see if one wasn't prepared for it. Bad for business and all that.

Ignoring the looks he knew he would receive, he made his way to his room to shower and dress. Blood splatter covered him from head to toe. There was no way in hell he was missing this event; especially since Zahrah agreed to go with him.

Once again, he had to rely on Nita to come through for clothes. He didn't own any Yule Ball attending attire and was broke as fuck. So, she went shopping for him.

A charcoal grey suit with a black cotton business shirt beneath, hung on a hook over the bathroom door. It took him thirty minutes to shower, then dress as quickly as he could. A pair of tiny, silver skull dagger cuff links were then clicked into place in the cuffs of the shirt. No doubt that Legba had instructed Nita to find them. No tie. The top button undone. He used the same dress shoes he wore to The Crossroads, cleaned of Corbin's blood. His lengthening hair was tied back with a leather strap that somehow appeared on his dresser one day, and he started using it.

Satisfied that he looked halfway decent, he pulled his leather jacket on as he made his way to his Harley motorcycle, the engine roaring to life with a flick of his wrist and he pulled out of the warehouse's parking lot. It didn't take him long to get to his destination. Once there, he took his leather jacket off, folding it inside a side duffel before heading inside.

After being frisked for weapons, Naberius' chocolate eyes scanned the growing crowd. The lights, the music, the decorations were all very festive. The Elders did a fantastic job of making the place Yule Ball ready. He weaved through the crowd, trying to avoid bumping into people, until he was able to find a bar to order a drink. A brow raised at the list of Yule drinks for the evening. Yeah.


"Scotch on the rocks, please." The bartender acknowledged his order, moving quickly to accommodate his request. Naberius took a sip once it was produced, turning his body to watch the door for Zahrah to appear.

Where was she?

Raffle Ticket #18 ~ River Song
December 19, 2019 12:58 pm

Liam Dromeo

The faux snow would have sprinkled his short and hastily groomed hair if it had been the sort to stick around. Thankfully it wasn't. Last thing he needed was to look stupid on top of feeling it.

Aimlessly hovering near a two top table, currently empty, Liam watched the stream of people come and go from the bar. Until he heard a familiar, almost excited whisper. Ahhh...Livia. His one familiar face. She called him and gestured him over and he followed, in a roundabout way, the navigable path to her.

He nodded in the direction of her husband, spoke fimrly, "Sir." And rounded his attention on Liv. "Heyyyy. Surprised you're not curled up nice and comfy tonight, its been nasty out." Indeed the weather and behavior of the Realm up to this point had been unfortunate but it was just but small talk to fill the empty air. Maybe he would have a drink after all, he wasn't very peopley.
December 19, 2019 01:15 pm

Marah Whitmoore

" I needed time away mom. I think I should enjoy the holiday season. I am young right. I'm a good mother to my kids but as you and dad told me once I need time to be me. Yeah I get it when I am singing and on tour but I need more right.?"

+ When her mom said she needed to get the dust off she smiled and added+

" You go do that mom enjoy and I am going to have another Cinnamon Toddy and maybe one of those Cajun Turkey sliders. Oh Ami mentioned about stopping in as well just to see whose out and about. I have no idea if my brother will be joining her. By the way is Pop-o going to make an appearance?"

+ Marah headed to the bar and ordered+
December 19, 2019 02:37 pm
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