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Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks from the  girl to  his  wife  . He  knew littel of the unseelie  court. Most of  his  facts he had  was  from his  father's  family  save the  names of the  old  celtic  gods that  he  was  told  by  the  Boru  family.~

"What is it  we need to  do  to  deal  with this  queen  madb then? I  dont remember  any one  in  your  family talking of  her?"

~ Killian  pulls  his  ax . If  anything  he'd  use that  to  defend himself. He  knew therer were other  creatures in the darkness besides  wolves  to  worry about.~

March 30, 2014 01:42 am


She looks up in pain saying, "Mabd is dead. she is not the Queen anymore. A newcomer took her place and took up the search for me from long ago that had been abandoned. Her name is Anita Blake and she created me as what I am. She is why I still live to this day when I should have died many times before. I hate living."

She starts sobbing as she touches the handprint saying in a small voice, "I can never be with child now. She took away my chance at having child and still she hunts me."

She seems completely sober now but also seems in a lot of pain.

March 30, 2014 01:48 am

Killian Doyle

~Killian  looks at the  girl  confused. The  name she  gave made no sense  to him . It sounded mortal  to his  ears and  no  mortal  could over take the  seelie  court in  any   right that  the viking  was aware of. Then again stanger things have happened.~

March 30, 2014 01:50 am

Siobhan Doyle

~* the alpha looked at her Madb was not dead or her family would have told her. Something was not right here shifting back to her goddess form she looked at Killian with raised brows something was not right here and she knew this all to well.~*

"That cant be I heard of this woman and she is no witch or wolf she is a vampire hunter she is no match for Madb. Madb would make mince meat out of her. Now madb can change herself into many things and make you believe other wise trust me Madb is well enough alive and she can only be killed by the gods. Like i could kill her if need be cause young one I m a goddess . I am the daughter of Brigit the fire queen. This Anita Blake night job, and primary source of income, is the legal profession of re-animating the dead. As an animator in a parallel St. Louis, her job entails using magical abilities to bring temporary life to dead bodies in order to question them for legal purposes. She is also a necromancer, which allows her to control the dead, including vampires and zombies, but not ghosts and ghouls.
She is also a licensed vampire executioner, with eventual empowerment as a Federal Marshal. In her world this profession involves tracking down and killing vampires who have murdered humans. She is also held in retainer for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team, which investigates supernatural crimes committed involving magic, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. "

~* Shiv looked at Killian then back to this girl before her.~*
March 30, 2014 02:03 am

Killian Doyle

"So  then  this  woman  is  mortal  then? So  easy  enough should  we need to  kill  her as well? If madb is like the  gods of  old  that I  know  you are  righ lass only a nother god or  goddess  can kill her. "

~ Killian need  to re read some of the old norse  myths as  well a pparently a s  the old celtic ones of  Ireland as well.  None of this seemed  right to  him.~

March 30, 2014 02:14 am


Groaning in pain she clutches herself before a green magic surrounds her and makes it easier on her. She then makes a mental check to herself of magics that needed to go into effect and starts them up as a form of auto magic that continued throughout the day.

Barriers go up around her as she also has a couple of healing magics in constant effect. She sighs as she slowly stands and is dressed in her outfit from before that jsut appeared on her. With a count in her head she pulls out of thin air using portal magics: a book that looks older then time itself, a pair of diamond chopsticks, and a blank piece of paper.

March 30, 2014 02:18 am


* Walking into the bar I see Shiv, Killian and Nate sitting about and also hear word of the Queen's attack.Stepping forwards I speak.*


   " It was definately NOT Madb whom attack my home, attacked Nate ehre then tried to breach the wards upon my lands and home to take my daughter.. The woman announced herself as ANita Blake and yes Shiv I know whom Blake is, at least the one whom we hear about that works as an animator and Marshal.. This woman was no human whatever or whomever she is.. By sheer luck she was driven off and word sent to both Seelie and Unseelie courts of what transpired.  I doubt whomever this woman is she won't or shouldn't be back once it is heard she attacked a household that guards a gateway to Underhill."

   * Pausing by Nate i place a hand upon her shoulder.*

   " You need to rest my friend and your daughters need you, Etaine told you she and I would find a way to reverse what was done and we shall just be patient okay?"

  * With that I step to the bar and order a blood beer for a change of pace even though it had been a decade since I had one.*

     " Killian, it has been a bit how are you and yours doing?? Lady Shiv, much time has passed since our days with the Tide, you are doing well I hope?"

March 30, 2014 08:43 am

Killian Doyle

~Killian  puts his hood  back  up  .His silver  blue gray  eyes looking  at his friend as he follows  him inside.He looks t o  Nighbreeed and speaks.~

"So tell me  how and  what you know of this  anita  blake  person or thing which ever  she is. You heard  Siobhan though madb is not  dead. Her mother  or her  aunt  Morrigan would of  told her as much and  since they have yet to  telll us anything means  Madb is in  hiding herself  from  something. You  know Erik gods  and the like  do  not  normally hide from  a fight."

March 30, 2014 12:32 pm


Nate groans as he lays against Eirie's arm and falls asleep soon after  Her mind finally goes to peace as her body goes slack against Eirie like a doll with its strings cut.

With her mind free she dreams such clear dreams of her past full of pain and suffering until the Breed family had brought her into their warm and happy home.

March 30, 2014 01:51 pm


   " The Blake I know of is just as Shiv speaks of her, the Blake claiming to be the Queen of the Unseelie looked like her but was packing one heck of a lot of power. She didn't break through the wards Etaine and I had up once I kicked her out of the house using a banishment ward but she returened in a borrowed body and treid to get to my daughter and allow her in that way. When that failed she tried to break down the wards and eventually found a chink in them. I had a friend from my past come and assist us, I doubt she wanted to tangle with his hell hound hybrid either.. Ken used diplomacy to hold her at bay for a time but then she stated flat out  thatshe saw no reason for anyone to learn of what transpired at the cabin nothing would happen to her. 

 Hearing that I had ken ask Lars the hound to take Erika to my partner in New York where I knew even the Fae could not touch her. Bili in turn sent what was happening to my old master in both smithing and runic magics, and since he is a high ranker in the Seelie court he in turn alerted the Unseelie court as to what was transpiring.  Things were getting grim and I needed more man power so I used an ability i have that Ronan knew about and trandferred enough life energy to Nate here to reawaken her fighting spirit and for some reason it also broke the curse this Blake had placed upon her.  Blake left swearing that she wold get what was hers in time.  All I know is this whether it was Madb or not, Blake or not, ANYONE seeks to harm my daughter or family as a whole I will do whatever it takes even turning this Blakes seat of power into a sheet of glass if I have to."

    " In my time in underhill I never met Madb, woudn't know her if she walked up and said hello, but from I know of her it's a possibility with ehr power the madness caused one of her own to act independantly and if that is so, it could be anypne in her court."

  * Glancing down as Nate sleeps against my arm a small smile crosses my face even though it doesn't reach my eyes as the occurance at my home was too soon to be that happy.*

March 30, 2014 02:09 pm

Killian Doyle

~Killian looks  to  his  wife then  back  at his friend and the other woman.~

"Things with me go  well as you can see. Siobhan and I  have  been happy so far in  being married. What have you and  yours been up  to besides dealing with this  issue here?"

March 30, 2014 02:10 pm

Siobhan Doyle

~*Siobhan looks at her husband and nodded in agreement that this Blake woman is mortal and could be killed by  any made made weapon. Seeing Breed Shiv pulled her hood back over her head and followed them inside. After all this the alpha hybrid  could use a couple of stiff shots.. ~*

"yes please if you know anything please tell all I know of is from the clippings that my family gave me. They always keep me informed of these so called hunters and such so I can protect those I care about and love. As for Madb I can summon any of my family members  even Rhiannon since she is in control of the underworld she would be able to give us some idea where Madb is. But like I said no mortal hunter can kill such a wizard as Madb. Only a god or goddess can kill such a being. So what ever rumors your frien hear heard well they mislead her. My family always keep intouch on such matters."

~* looking at Killian she goes to the bar and orders a few drinks and brings them to their table that were just at. there were enough drinks for Breed, Killian, and herself to have a couple of shots. picking up one of hers Shiv tilts her head back and downs it. shaking her head she looks at Breed and Killian.~*

March 30, 2014 02:15 pm

Killian Doyle

"I  think  Madb is not  the issue  right now little  dove. If she is  in hiding there is good reason  for such a  thing and  even your family might not  know where she is if  she fears her life.If  I can  be of  any help lord Nightbreed let me  know. I  do  however need  what information  you  might  have on this Anita  Blake  person  as I have my own  family to  keep  safe from this as well."

~ He looks over  at him  then to  Siobhan~

March 30, 2014 02:22 pm


" Mainly working at the shop and at home. My daughter is being apprenticed to any old friend in New York for whom I was a body guard for over a 4 year span.. She is old enough that she recalls when Merlin himself came into power.. Last known she was ranked in the top 5 casters  still living. She works on the side of light but the gods help any who get on her wrong side.. She is the most powerful sorceress I have ever met, thus why I sent Erika to her to study the basics until she gains enough control over her abilities.. Maybe during this time we can find out how my daughter managed to be connected to my bloodline to the extent she has seen the face of my sire even when I haven't and spoken to him in her dreams."

  As for what happened Shiv, that is all I know, I had never met the woman before whomever she is showed up and assaulted my home, family and friends. I wish I knew more but it is all I can tell."

March 30, 2014 02:27 pm

Killian Doyle

~Killian sighs.Things were not looking  good at all. He had no  fears of  any one let alone  this Anita  Blake. She  shows at  Stone haven  and   Killian  would  see her dead and  any one with her. He had not only his own family to  look after  but  also  Ciaran as well. He took  the information  he had a nd  filed it  away  in his  head for later  use.~

March 30, 2014 02:43 pm
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