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~The Black Masquerade 2016~ *Closed*


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Black Masquerade

On the right hand side of the main club, a darkened room is guarded by Bael, the demon bouncer. Above the entrance way is a subtle, obsidian sign, glowing with lava, indicating the name of the VIP lounge.

The Devilís Edge.

It was a perfect name, at least the King of all Demons thought so. And so, in favor of the Crossroads, Lucifer himself worked his magic, pushed from the depths of Hell a cavernous room, forged by the lava that flowed through his burning lakes to create a worthy VIP room of the Crossroads. Basalt in entirety, obsidian stalactites hung from the ceiling while stalagmites of equal fortitude erupted from the floors. The walls were infused the bright orange lava, the same from the sign, which provided the lighting for the room. Booths and lounges were covered in black leather and each table and counter top was made of the same obsidian rock that hung from the ceiling.

A small bar area is available for those to help themselves, but be carefulÖyou may not be able to leave if you eat something from this room.
October 10, 2015 11:16 am

Black Masquerade

~*~Black Masquerade Rules~*~

First and foremost, all Crossroads rules apply.

Since this is an anonymous thread, we ask that you title each post with your costume. So if you're going as a pink bunny, your posts should start with something along the lines of:
The Pink Bunny
And follow that with your post.
(Note: we do allow a small picture at the top of the post, so long as you still describe your costume. This is a writing site after all!)

Remember to stay in the character of your costume the whole time! The point is for no one to know who you are! As with any thread, one liners are greatly discouraged.

Most importantly: Have fun!
***This thread will be open from October 22nd until November 7th, so you have plenty of time to join and interact with everyone!***
October 12, 2016 06:46 pm

Black Masquerade

The Devil's Edge sets the perfect atmosphere for the Black Masquerade, leaving very little needed in decorations, only leaving the lounge to expand to accommodate that it is, for this night, open to the public. Spider webs were placed in the corners, fakeóyet oddly real lookingóspiders handing from the webs. Bats will occasionally fly around the ceiling, but donít worry they wonít bother you! A small layer of fog covers the floor, so be careful, you never know what might be lurking around your feet.

Along with the music that will be constantly playing, scream tracks and other haunting sounds to randomly play during the night.

At the bar and each of the tables, is the menu, as well as a list of what can be won throughout the night.

Profile Awards:
Best Couple Costume (2 people)
Best Group Costume (3+ people)
Best Elder Impersonation
Best Male Costume
Best Female Costume
Scariest Costume
Funniest Costume
Most Creative
Best Overall Costume

Other Prizes:
If there are at least five participants:
1 1000BM draw.
For every additional 5 participants, an additional draw will be done for 1000BM
Plus! Every costume will be numbered and there will be 3 names drawn for the following Prize Pack:
500BM, 100K Cash, 1 Zombie, 1 DB Party(2 fills)

Participation Prizes:
300BM for making a minimum of three posts (Must be in costume).
An additional 50BM per post after five.
**Posts must be more than one liners**

October 12, 2016 06:49 pm

Black Masquerade

The Hostess

She made sure all the final touches of the room were complete. Each table had a menu, the music was ready, and food and drinks were being prepped. The clock ticked down ever so slowly. It was her favorite time of year. She loved seeing all the costumes and enjoyed the carefree interactions, even if it was only for a short while before everyone went back to being enemies.

Finally, it was time. The clock struck midnight and she opened the doors, allowing guests access.

They would, of course, be checked by the bouncers. No real weapons allowed. And they wouldn't be able to use any magic either, thanks to a spell cast on the club.

She would great each guess as they entered, taking note of every costume for the prizes later on.
October 22, 2016 12:07 am

Black Masquerade

^ The Black Cat ^

The Black Cat enters the room looking around to see if any one else was there. Handing the bouncer the bow then heads to the bar and orders the famous Death Punch and Witches Fingers.Siting back on the stool waiting for the food and drink to arrive placing the money on the counter.
October 22, 2016 07:32 pm

Black Masquerade

-The Phantom-

The Phantom wandered into the club in button down white shirt and black vest and pants, complete with a black cape and a white mask that covered half her face. She handed her dagger off to the bouncer before she wandered toward the bar, taking a seat and ordering a Vampire's Kiss Martini. She slipped slowly from the glass placed in front of her, eyes grazing over the club.

October 23, 2016 12:38 am

Black Masquerade

*The Devil*

The Devil walked into the club, enjoying the spooky atmosphere. He was clad in a black suit with a red tie, complete with a matching red mask and horns. He got himself a River's Regenerating ****tail and a Batter Fried Demon Tail and sat down at a nearby table.

October 23, 2016 05:06 am

Black Masquerade

-The Siren-

The Siren smiled as she slipped in amongst the other guests, hoping that her costume would make sense. Glancing about, the girl's hand fell to her hip where her swords usually hung making her bite her lip. Her outfit was lovingly stitched, the thinning material of sails that had been treated and dyed into soft colors that brought to mind sea caves and sandy beaches. Polished sea glass caught the eye as it twinkled along her bodice in the light. Her face was partially hidden by a curtain of flaming curls, held in place with pins decorated with delicate sea pearls, and the soft sway of her skirts gave glances of the small pink shells that adorned her shoes. Most knew of sirens as dangerous creatures who lured men with their song, but she was happy to show how truly beautiful they were. Slipping past the table of refreshments she snagged a glass of Death Punch and went off to make herself comfortable.
October 23, 2016 10:45 pm

Black Masquerade

^The Black Cat^

Her eyes gazed across the room watching other's enter turning in their weapons and placing their orders. Finishing her drink and witch's fingers she slid her money to the bar keep ordering 2 more of the famous Death Punch and then ordered some of the Batter Fried Demon Tails she was feeling peckish tonight and decided to treat herself.
October 24, 2016 05:30 pm

Black Masquerade

.The Great Pumpkin.

The clicks and scruffs of her heels against the pavement were the first thing to be revealed. It had been ages since she had been at a Masquerade. Had she gotten them lost? When she had lost a tinge of hope, she heard the music flood to her ears. "This way!" She squealed enthusiasticly. The lower half of her body decorated in green tights, and orange kiddy heel shoes.It all lead to an orange lace tutu with a dark pastel green trim.  

Her midsection seemed alien to the rest of her form, but it was exposed painted in orange paint. Armed with obsidian triangle eyes,a triangle nose, and a large gaping jaggedly squared mouth. From the upper curve of her stomach to her neck, she was covered in a darkened pastel green top to match the trim of her tutu. The tone of her lips best described a dartmouth tone, and the mask that covered her turqoise eyes were made entirely of Autumn multicolored leaves. Streaks of green inhabitated her hair,  it remained pinned up except for a few rogue ringlets.  

At first she was sure that she would be able to jet with her date into a table, but instead her irises illuminated in awe. "Look, look at the bats!" The excitement soon overthrown by her realization that bats gave her the heebie jeebies. "Don't look at the bats. Don't look at the bats." She whispered to counter her earlier gusto.

October 25, 2016 09:34 am

Black Masquerade

~Creepy Doll~

Finding the perfect bonnet for a Halloween party was more difficult than it sounded. Mostly, it was difficult because it was an antique Doll. Itís fingers were fused together, so ordering online was proving incredibly hard. And donít even get it started on signing for the package once it arrived. But, where there is a will, there is a way. Or more topically when a person decides to possess the creepiest doll in the attic as a costume, there is always a way.

The bonnet did more than just dress up the plain blue outfit it wore. It hid the faded painted on hair on the misshapen skull. This Doll had been loved at one time. That is what one might gather after seeing its worn outfit and features-faded paint, dirt smears, and chips in the porcelain. Looking in the mirror before departing, Doll was very pleased with what it saw. Doll found itís cheeky side-eye and dimpled, toothsome grin to be the epitome of charming. Who could say no to this face? Who?! Dare Doll say it, it looked cuter than a Kewpie doll. It would certainly know. Doll had been pressed against one in the dusty trunk in the attic for the better part of a century. The Spirit within felt funny, but it felt a heck of a lot better than being stuffed in that box for another hundred years. Doll was all about keeping perspective. Seeing the silver lining in things and all that.

Gliding on its porcelain, flat feet, Doll arrived at The Devilís Edge. It is very fair to say that Doll had never been to a club before. This was all very exciting. The Spirit within stirred eagerly, obviously a spirit that HAD been to a club before. And for some strange reason, Doll could tell the Spirit within was thirsty for a libation. How unfortunate that the Spirit had forgotten one tiny detail of their bizarre choice in costume. Like itís fingers, Dollís lips and teeth were also fused shut. Add to the fact that no magic could be used within the club, Spirit was firmly stuck and bound within Doll so long as Doll remained in The Devilís Edge. Thereíd be no imbibing for Doll or Spirit tonight.

Standing in the middle of the room at its full height of 16Ē, Doll beamed its widest grin (the same smile it always has...itís a doll) at the others at the party.
October 25, 2016 10:45 pm

Black Masquerade

= The Monarch =

Black sleeves hang down just past her wrists. The flared ends show off black fingerless gloves and her black and orange nail polish. Her shoulders are bare.  Black, orange and white straitions converge at her abdomen, then flair out into a short but full skirt. The orange and yellow mosaic mid section give way to small rhinestones she has painstakingly glued to the edges, allowing the skirt to shimmer in the right light. A black petticoat gives the skirt a perfect flounce.  Gossamer wings repeating the pattern spread out from behind her and flow seamlessly with the dress. Black leggings and knee high black leather boots complete the look.  Her hair is pulled back and up and she has weaved black feathers and pipe cleaners together to create antennea flowing out of her upswept coiff.

With a nervous yet excited step she enters the Lounge.  Her eyes scan the room and she smiles as she notices the menu. Fluttering up to the bar, she orders a Black Widow shot. Sniffing it casually first, she wrinkles her nose when she can not discern it's contents. With a deep breath and a shrug of her shoulders, she tosses  her head back and drains the glass in one smooth practiced motion.  "There. That should help calm my nerves" she thinks as she wiggles her fingers to the bartender calling for another round.

October 26, 2016 12:22 am

Black Masquerade

^The Black Cat ^

She watched more people arrive in there costumes. The one that caught her attention the was that of the creepy doll. It reminded her of Chucky and the the doll from the Conjuring. Lifting up she pulled her tail out from beneath her and placed it on her lap then she twirled her whiskers. Taking a sip of her punch and a bite of her food she spun around in her seat and waited to watch more of the people to arrive. This was one holiday she liked to have fun on.
October 26, 2016 12:57 pm

Black Masquerade

The Angel

Walking in wearing a long white dress with white wings on her back with a halo over her head she hands over her weapon and proceeds to the bar. Placing the bills on the counter she orders few of the Zombie Slime Shooters and some of the Angel Wings.
October 26, 2016 05:35 pm

Black Masquerade

-The Phantom-


The Phantom finished her first drink as she continued to look around the club, eyes grazing over everybody who walked through the door, waiting to see if her better half would show so they could have a little fun together. She turned back to the bar, sliding a few dollars across to the bartender for another drink; a few more on an empty stomach and she knew the alcohol would start to go to her head. She looked over the menu quickly and ordered a muffin to help slow the affects of the booze. 

October 26, 2016 07:27 pm
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