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Heinrich Luneberg

Welcome to all the new members of the Realm!

This is a hangout for you, those under a month old. Feel free to introduce yourself to the Realm and ask general questions! Here you will find a directory of tools to help you get acquainted with Bloodletting, the Realm, and itís inhabitants.

It is highly encouraged for seasoned members of the Realm to participate. Feel free to drop our new members a mail to help them get more involved in the Realm.

Posts will be cleared on a monthly basis so that newer members have a chance to be noticed.

Welcome Roleplayers, old and new!


Help and Links

Terms of Use: One should always check this out, no matter where you are.

Beginners Video Guide: This will take you to YouTube when you click it, and gives you a breakdown of the game functions and navigation.

General FAQ: A simple breakdown of what you will find here, what to expect, and how things work.

Help Forum

RP Resources: Here you will find a A-Z guide for all things roleplay.

The Ultra-Newbies "What do I do NOW???!?!" Beginners Guide: A comprehensive guide on how to get settled in the Realm, and find your way around.

McGroin's Super Duper Promotion Guide: Want to know how to grow your character to be big and strong? This is the place to find out!

Author 42's Guide to Coding: Not familiar with CSS? Get the basics here!

InActive Chart: If you donít log in, your character might just catch a bad case of the Red Death and die. To avoid that, keep this handy.

Mortal Thoughts

Realm Bulletin Board: Want Ads: Looking to barter for some stuff and things? Visit the Want Ads and see who might be willing to sell it to you (in-game monies, only).

Realm Bulletin Board: Bios and Coding: Donít feel like making your own bio? Put a request out there and see if someone else might make you something fancy fresh.

Realm Bulletin Board: RP Classifieds: Shop around and see who is looking for a writing partner! This is a great place to go if youíre just starting out, and want to make some connections for your character.

What is an ALT, and Their Rules: You will hear the word ĎAltí from time to time, which is short for Alternate Character. Check this out if you are considering creating an Alt.

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