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~*~2015 Bloodies WINNERS~*~


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River Song

Welcome to the 2015 Bloodies! Nominations will begin on January 9th and last until January 15th (apologies for my poor calendar reading skills in my mail earlier in the week).
Voting will begin on January 17th and end on January 23rd with results being posted on January 24th!

To get the form, wait until midnight tonight and check the rafflecopter below in the blog post below! It'll ask for your character name. Once you enter your character name, the next option will open up and give you a link to the form.

- 1 Nomination form per PLAYER. Please do not submit multiple forms under alternative characters.
*If you have an issue with your form, please mail River Song in game so I can fix it. Do not submit another form. If you submit more than one, all forms will be deleted.
- You cannot nominate yourself under any category with the exception of TWO. Leaders and crew members may nominate their own crews and you may also nominate your own roleplays.
- Please make sure all names and role play titles are spelled fully and correctly. It makes it easier to find people!
- All characters nominated must have been active as some point in the past year (January 1st, 2015-December 31st, 2015)

**Fill out every box on the form and you will receive 500 BM**
January 08, 2016 07:45 pm

River Song

Voting goes live at midnight (roughly seven hours from now)!

Welcome to the 2015 Bloodies voting! Voting begins January 17th and will run until January 23rd, with the results being posted some time on January 24th

If you don't see your nominations here, it's because they were either inappropriate or you failed to follow the rules spelled out on the nomination form.

Voting is easy! Select the person you wish to vote for and keep going! With voting, if you have been nominated you MAY vote for yourself. The only rule: Do NOT submit multiple forms. If you have issues, please mail River Song in game. If multiple forms are submitted by one player, all their forms will be deleted.

Those who fill out the form completely will receive 500bm
January 16, 2016 04:40 pm

River Song

Best Coven
1st: After Dark
2nd: Duais an Uilc

Best Sanctuary
1st: The Lycan's Den
2nd: Saints and Sinners

Best Overall Crew
1st: After Dark
2nd: Azhi Dahaka

Most Missed Crew
1st: Sine Metu
2nd: Blood Tide & Lune Mortelle

Most Missed Character
1st: Quinn Loche
2nd: Dannica & Dessa Chambers

Best Angel
1st: Camille Rameau
2nd: Quinn Loche

Best Slayer
1st: Livia Vlcek
2nd: Dexter Gein

Best Werewolf
1st: Solomon King
2nd: John Doe

Best Vampire
1st: Mackenzie
2nd: Edward Brollachan

Best Witch
1st: Bree Ravencroft
2nd: Aaron Woodside & Mystic Rose

Best Demon
1st: Kharybdis
2nd: Zaynah Mubarak

Best Overall Character
1st: Mackenzie
2nd: Hollen

Best New Character
1st: Dylan Knox
2nd: Victor Lockheed

Most Promising Character
1st: Solomon King
2nd: Zarith

Most Original Name
1st: Zarith
2nd: Kharybdis

Most Original Character
1st: John Doe
2nd: Solomon King

Most Terrifying Character
1st: Mackenzie
2nd: Sprew

Friendliest Character
1st:Livia Vlcek
2nd: Vanessa Tresch

Saddest Character Death
1st: Quinn Loche
2nd: Ryo Tsuzuki

Best Baddie
1st: Edward Brollachan
2nd: Jack Horton

Best Writer
1st: Mackenzie
2nd: Stalker

Most Improved Writer
1st: Dexter Gein
2nd: Solomon King

Best Character Background
1st:Edward Brollachan
2nd: Livia Vlcek

Best Character Profile
1st: mist
2nd: Maggie Scott, Dylan Knox, Jack Horton

Best Roleplay
1st: Turn the Pain into Power - Solomon King
2nd: The Lycan's Den - John Doe

Best RPM
1st: August: Throw me to the wolves, and I'll come back leading the pack - Mackenzie & Cosette Beaumont
2nd: July: Lycanthropy - Tiber Loche, Quinn Harper, John Doe & Adara Doe

Most Envied
1st: Dr Van Helsing
2nd: Livia Vlcek

Most Adored
1st: Mackenzie
2nd: Livia Vlcek

Best Moment
1st: Reading everyone's writing
2nd: Mackenzie/Solomon King's friendship (Mackenzie and Solomon King)

Saddest Moment
1st: Death of Ophelia (Ophelia and Dexter Gein)
2nd: Quinn and Tiber Loche's Death (Quinn and Tiber Loche) & Mackenzie and Jack Horton Breakup (Mackenzie and Jack Horton)

Best Couple
1st: Mackenzie and Jack Horton
2nd: John Doe and Adara Doe

Sexiest Man
1st: Jack Horton
2nd: Solomon King

Sexiest Woman
1st: Mackenzie
2nd: Ransom Porter

Best Hair/Facial Hair
1st: Solomon King
2nd: Stalker

Best Elder
1st: Lisbeth Salander
2nd: River Song

Scariest Elder
1st: Heinrich Luneberg
2nd: Dr Van Helsing

Friendliest Elder
1st: Alfred Bester
2nd: River Song

Most Helpful Elder
1st: River Song
2nd: DemonKnight & Heinrich Luneberg
January 23, 2016 06:43 pm

Dr Van Helsing

Awesome job everyone!

January 23, 2016 09:36 pm
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