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Improv RP: The Land of Fairy Tales (Closed)


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1) Story is guided by the characters who participate, characters must work together to find a solution to the problem through role play.

2) Admin may give prompts throughout to guide players.

3) Solution may not be reached in any less than 30 posts, minimum of five posts (consisting of at least 3 paragraphs) by each player.

4) Solution may not be reached in any less than fourteen days in order to give everyone a fair chance to join in.

5) Please be considerate of other players.

6) All posts must follow the story line and guidelines in order to receive credit.

The Scenario:

You wake up and find yourself in the Land of Fairy Tales and you are now a fairy tale character! You must find your way back to the real world by working together with the other fairy tale characters! Be sure to tell to include some background story about the fairy tale version of your character so that the readers will gain an understanding of your character.


Each player will be rewarded 20 bm per post.

First Prize: 500 BM

Second Prize: 250 BM

***Other prizes may be given if there is enough participation.***
May 22, 2016 12:21 am

Margot Faye

Sometimes to pass the time she took a depression nap on the subway. Making sure that her cell alarm was set to wake her up in fifteen minutes. Except this time her phone didn't jar her from her slumber, the scent of pine needles and freshly poured porridge did. Margot opened her eyes expecting to see a pine scent car fragrance on the ground, and maybe someone eating beside her.

Instead the subway had vanished, and around she stirred awake near a village. In the woods behind her she could hear the outcry of bears. Her eyes narrowed on her shoulder as she picks away animal hair. A soft gasp leaves her lips as she notices the vibrant blue dress around her frame. Margot wasn't one to be daring about a color wardrobe. Scratching the back of her head she walked toward the village in front of her with her brows arched and a bewildered expression.

She could taste the porridge in her mouth now. Except some of the taste buds on her tongue had been damaged by being burned. Maybe the porridge was too hot? Margot sighed and batted the golden curls that swung into her vision. Inwardly she made an excuse for this bizarre turn of events. One-hundred percent sure she had to be dreaming. Oh well, she calmly assured herself she might as well take a poke around and see.
September 13, 2017 12:54 am

Katarina Valentine

The sun was high in the sky and after going fo her afternoon run Katarina decided to go for a swim. She ran to her favorite swimming hole and smiled when she saw the waterfall that filled the pool. She kicked her shoes off and dove into the water.

When Katarina swam back to the surface she saw that her surroundings had changed. The waterfall was still there but her swimming hope was hidden from view. What is happening she thought to herself as she kicked her legs in order to stay above water. The next thing she new she could feel something tugging on one of her curls. She whirled around and felt her breath catch in her throat when she saw a blond haired girl wearing hardly any clothing. "Who are you...Have you come to join the naiad colony" the girl asked and Katarina's eyes widened as she stared at the girl.

"I'm not exactly...I seem to have misplaced myself somehow" Katarina responded as she tried to get her barings.

September 20, 2017 08:44 pm

Aziz al Saqr

The Arab's early assignments in the lands away from his homelands were not comfortable ones for him, he found the language not always easy to understand and even more difficult for him to speak, but it was his Clan's wish for him to be there and so he was.  

His journey that dusk started out like so many others, finding something on which to feed, then readying his mount for the day's travel.  On that night he that he'd found himself riding mostly through forest , suddenly he heard horses whinney as if drawn up too quickly, then a scream, followed instantly by the clash of steel upon steel and the other sounds of a battle.  

 Quickly dismountling he tied off his horse, before making his way throught the trees.  The encounter was taking place on a narrow path through the trees, soldiers seemed to have engaged a mismatched group of men, one quite large in height with only a long stick? And was that a monk? And a woman? Surely they could not be the agressors.  Without thought he withdrew his bow, notched an arrow only to let it, then several others fly in quick successtion, before drawing his own blades to join the fray.

 (Sorry, not a fairytale, but I hope it will do)

September 20, 2017 10:19 pm

Miakoda Silverwolf

*Tick* *tock*

Mia groaned as she watched the clock in her office move with the swiftness of frozen sludge. She'd been at the morgue since early that morning and now midnight was drawing near. She felt the weight of her eye lids increase with every passing minute until it became too difficult to keep fighting to have her eyes remain open. Sweet slumber overtook her with the ease of a gentle summer shower. Head resting comfortably in the crook of her elbow she drifted into the land of dreams.

The soothing rays of morning light danced across her olive skin, warning away the chills night had brought. Feeling refreshed, if not slightly achy from the awkward sleeping position, Mia stirred back into reality. With a stretch and a yawn she blinked away the morning clouds that fogged her vision. However when the world materialized before her the scene was not what she had expected. Gone was her normal office in the NYPD medical examiner office. It had been replaced by a thick, lush green forest. Her once old but trust desk was now a large bolder...with a sword in it.

Mia rose quickly to her feet, rubbing her eyes in an attempt to dispel the vision. However it remained. She pinched herself to wake from what she assumed to be a dream, but to no avail. Many questions rose in her mind, the most prominent being how the hell does she get home.

Looking down at herself she noticed even her clothes had changed. Instead of casual business attire, she sported a long flowing medieval dress with bell sleeves. "I swear if I find out someone slipped drugs into my coffee...that someone's gonna die." Confused and disturbed by this current plot twist in her life she looked once more to the sword stuck in the stone. Something seemed vaguely familiar about this whole situation. Figuring it wouldn't matter much, she decided to examine the sword for possible clues as to where she was.

The sword, though somewhat plain looking, appeared sturdy and very stuck in the rock that sheathed it. Using both hands Mia gripped the pummel and lifted upwards. To her astonishment the sword slid quite easily from its place in the bolder. From behind her she heard a sharp gasp. Turning she looked into the face of a young man. "You pulled Excalibur! You are the new queen!" Then disappointment covered the lads face as he tried to mumble under his breath, "Merlin said I was destined to pull it...stupid wizard."

Mias eyes widened in realization. This was Arthur! The king of legend and fairytale. She'd just royally messed up a huge story. Immediately she handed the sword to Arthur, nearly thrusting it into his hands. "Nope! It's all it for you." She tried her best to smile reassuringly, but she felt the flush in her cheeks and prayed she hadn't screwed things up too badly.
September 21, 2017 02:20 pm

Andrei Codin

* I wonder thru the quiet forest, letting my senses reach out to my surroundings. This time I search for any hunters that might be around. It always bothers me that these humans arm themselves with large caliber weapons, then go slaughter innocent littlle animals. This time, they are the hunted. I sense one close by, and feel him chugging on a bottle of whiskey before he starts to look for a poor little deer. I use my speed to reach him,and send him flying into a tree. As soon as he hitts it, I'mm on him. My fangs tear into his neck,and quickly drain his blood. Then I let hiis lifeless body fall to thhe groound,annd teleport away *

* When my vision clears, I find I'm not in my home after all. I seem to be in a different forest. I look down at myself,and fell a shock run thru me. I seem to be wearing a suit of armor. Where I could have gotten armor, or why in the world I even need iit, is a mystery to me.. I smile as I feel the longsword on my hip, at least happy about that. Just as surprising, I seem to be on a horse. I haven't been on a hoorse in close to 200 years. I look aroound, tryiing to figure out how I even got here. And I wonder who sent me here, and why. So many questions, but no answers at all *

* As I travel down the path, I hear the sound of water lapping on a shore. I don''t know yet if it's a lake or an ocean, but it reminds me I'm not where I was before. There was no ocean in a Colorado forest. I come out of the trees,and see a strange sight before me. It seems a lady has juust pulled a sword out of a rock,and a man seems less than happy about it. I just sit in shock as I stare at the scene. It looks like a twisted version of King Arthur, and The Sword in the Stone. Have I accidentally teleported myself into an alternate universe? Did some powerful wizard catch me teleporting,and bring me here? Or is it something else completely? For the moment, I just sit on my horse,and watch what's going on in front of me, and hope I get some clues as to what has happened

September 21, 2017 08:55 pm

Katarina Valentine

As Katarina was wading in the water came across a familiar scent. She climbed out of the water and willed her wolf to emerge. After several minutes of uncomfortable pinching pain she transformed into an obsidian colored wolf. She caught the scent again and began following it.

After several minutes of walking she emerged from the forest to see her fellow Sanctuary member standing near a stone with a sword in her hand. As Katarina surveyed the scene before her she was filled with shock. She padded over to the woman and sat down beside her. 'It looks like you've opened a can of worms my friend' she thought telepathically to the woman.

September 21, 2017 11:03 pm

Aziz al Saqr

The battle was rousing the small band of what the Saracen was sure could only be villagers were surely out numbered by three to one, but that was not intimidating them in the least. As he entered the clearing, his double scimitars glistenig in the sun he was sure he drew at least a few eyes to him, but he himself only needed one pair. Selecting his victim he began the dance, the clash of steel on steel was deafening in itself, but when fighting two blades the man barely had time to react to one before the other had already struck. The fight ended almost as quickly as it had begun, ans Aziz was on to his next.

"I'm glad he chose to help our side." Little John tossed the comment off to Robin before sending his own opponent sailing with a swipe of his longstaff.

"So am I." The younger man followed his response with a soft laugh and grin, all the while continuing his own fight with a taller, blond haired king's guard.

As skilled as the fighters were, they still were no match for the "villagers", which still surprised Aziz. He had thought those in this area were not allowed weapons, yet these people had obviously been trained by someone, he needed to learn more about them.

As the fight dwindled to even numbers, the young "villager raised his hand. "Everyone, stop."

The Saracen froze his blades like scissors at his opponents neck, Will held his blade to another's chest, in fact it seemed that each person had been ready to put an end to the battle, so why stop them?

"We have to let them go." Robin spoke again,

"And why do we have to do that? Will's question was tangled around a snarl of displeasure.

"Because if we kill Gisburne, the Sheriff will not just have guard out looking for us, he'll burn every village he knows we spend time in, do you want that on your head? I know I don't." He lowered his own sword from Gisburne's neck. "Take your men and go."

"One thing first at least, leave your weapons, your horses..." Will paused, allowing a slight smile to surface, "and your shoes."

"Our shoes...we will not." Aziz sheathed one sword as the man began his protest, then readied a throwing dagger.

"Are you sure you want to test him?" The rotund friar asked the question from atop one of the stewards own men..

"You've made your point, but next time..."He left his statement unfinished as he yanked his own boots off, then he and his men set off on the trail back toward Nottingham.
September 21, 2017 11:31 pm

Miakoda Silverwolf

A distinct and familiar panic thoughtfully lodged itself in base of her brain. This had to be some sort of drug induced dream, right? Perhaps she was overwhelmed with work and this was her brains way of coping with the stress. None of this made sense, like the nonsensical ramblings of a mad man. However since waking from this illicit nightmare didn't seem to be happening anytime soon, Mia thought it best to deal with the situation at hand.

Dream or not she couldn't screw up one of the worlds most highly known stories. It was Arthur who was destined to pull the sword from the stone and become king. Camelot had to be created, along with the knights of the round table and all the other noble things associated with the legendary king. Somehow she felt an exhausted medical examiner didn't make as glorious a story as the original.

As she thrusted the sword into Arthur's hands she noticed a wolf padding up to her. It startled her when she heard the wolfs voice inside her own mind. More people started showing up, causing her panic level to increase as well. Arthur hadn't said anything since she'd given him the sword, like he was having some sort of internal dilemma. The situation was already a complex one, couple that with the fact she was hearing other voices in her head aside from her own...she determined her brain had simply abandoned reality and she was now crazy.

There was a decent sized group gathered. Only perhaps one or two had actual seen her pull the sword from the stone, the others simply stood in awe at the new king. Their interpretation of the events being Arthur had retrieved Excalibur. Mia had a decent grasp on human mindset. It didn't matter what the truth was so long as they felt safe and had a good story. She altered the truth all the time back home. Not to hurt but rather to keep the supernatural world safe. Mia was only mildly confident she could do it now.

Pushing the panic to the farthest corners of her brain she swallowed hard and stepped closer to Arthur. Plastering a fake smile on her lips she happily slapped the king on the back and addressed the crowd. "Lords and ladies...Arthur has pulled Excalibur! Let's hear it for your rightful king!" The crowd erupted into cheers of excitement. There was a mad rush to greet and congratulate the new king. Mia happily got out of the way, instead seeking solace in the shade on one of the nearby trees. Arthur however still seemed very perplexed by the whole situation. Everything was happening so fast he barely had time to get a word in edge wise.

Soon the villagers had carried the new king off on their shoulders in celebration. She caught snippets of conversations regarding a feast tonight. Sighing Mia knew this mess was far from over. If Arthur was indeed as good and noble as the legends claimed, he'd most certainly admit the truth of the situation. She was going to have to somehow make Arthur believe he acquired Excalibur fairly. "Damn. Damn damn damn!"
September 23, 2017 03:51 pm

Katarina Valentine

Katarina padded over to where the woman had retreated to. She willed her human form to the surface and after several minutes of uncomfortable pinching pain she reverted to her human form. "You know when one finds oneself in a strange situation the best thing to do is avoid alot of excitement" she stated as she leaned against a tree. "How did you end up here anyway...I got here by jumping into my favorite swimming hole which during this time period seems to have been inhabited by water nymphs"

September 23, 2017 04:29 pm

Andrei Codin

* I almost laugh as I see the girl shove the sword into the man's hand. It seems he's Arthur, of sword in the Stone fame. And it looks like the story didn't go quite the way it was told, But it seems the growing crowd doesn't know the difference. It seems the girl that really drew the sword doesn't want to be Queen, and that Arthur would love to be King, so it seems to work well for everyone. It sure makes no difference to me *


* When I see the girl move towards the trees, I start to move towards her. I first think maybe she knows what has happened here,and how we all got here. Then I sense her worry about what the guy might say, and think of a solution. But before I reach her, I see a wolf amble over to her. I watch as the wolf transforms into another girl.  I smile as I try to see past the trees. I know werewolves usually don't have clothes on when they transform, and naked girls are my favorite thing to look at. But she still seems to be behind some of the shrubbery when I get close. I still speak softly, so I don't startle anyone *


It's kind of hard to avoid excitement when girls are changing from fur to skin right in plain sight. That's usually pretty exciting to me * I snicker, and wonder if I'll get smacked for being fresh * But I'm not really sure how I got here. I was teleporting home, and appeared here, instead. I'm kind of at a loss on how it happened * I look at the girl that handed off the sword * I have an idea, if you want me to do it. Arthur is only human, after all. I can easily invade his mind, and make him believe he really did pull the sword of himself, if you'd like me to

September 25, 2017 12:16 am

Katarina Valentine

Katarina looked towards the direction the voice had come from and then looked down and the clothes that still covered her body. She stepped into his line of sight and placed her hands on her hips. "Um nobody is showing skin...I know how to keep my clothes when I transform...If my fiance were here he would most definitely get upset at that comment" she stated as she leaned against a tree.

As Katarina thought about her fiance she found herself wondering if he'd been brought to this land as well. She smiled as she thought about what is reaction would be.

September 25, 2017 01:11 am

No Fear Cavalier

As Aziz and his new companions watched their beaten foes slink out of the tangled wood, many pairs of black eyes, each the size of saucers, watched from the gloom of the beech trees.

For many years those born of the womb had encroached into the land of the Good Folk.  Deeper and deeper into the ancient places they came, with their iron and their conflict and their thirst for blood.  The children of the forest had tolerated their presence at first.  Curious they were of these strangers who raged and fretted and strutted and slaughtered their way through their short lives.  A few decades and they were gone.  That was nothing to those for whome time was but a playground.  The children of the forest, the Good folk of old, endured these newcomers.  For a time.  The Good Folk were not perhaps that strengh they had been in ancient days - but there was strength within them still that beggared the understanding of those born of wombs.

"Will you go for us?  Will you see to these invaders?"  Rhiannon, the good Queen of the Seelie Court had asked him.

"Ay!" Replied Sir Giles.  He had had been called from another realm but had no memory of his life as a Coyote.  Here he was Sir Giles Greensleeves.  Here he was the protector of the Wild, of ancient things that mortals would not understand.

Giles had been sent forth from the great mound of Tuatha de Dannan to see to the interlopers.  Two great broad swords, silvered and hoary, were crossed across his back, held in place by a bit of gossamer web.  He shifted in the fallen leaves of autumn as he watched Aziz and his companions.  Sir Giles eight legs made barely a whisper on the forest floor.  His green fleshy exterior, covered with fine white hairs, blended perfectly with the verdent shadows.  He worked his mandibles in contemplation.  How to deal with these ... how to deal with the race of men... the collosal green spider mused from his hiding place....

This would be no ordinary fairy tale.


"Come away thou human child

to the waters and the wild

with the fairy hand in hand

for the world is more full of weeping than you can understand."

~W.B. Yeats

September 28, 2017 12:45 pm

No Fear Cavalier

“Come along lads!”  cried Robin with his trademark devil-may-care grin, “We’re wasting good drinking time!”


The last words had barely tumbled from his throat when there was a sudden movement behind him.  The legendary woodsman’s reflexes were uncanny, but they weren’t enough to save him.  Sir Giles was on him in a moment – the mandibles had been meant for his back, but only one connected, and that with Robin’s shoulder.  A lesser man would have been enveloped by the great green monstrosity.  Robin staggered forward, his blade half out of his sheathe before the poison took his ability to move.  He tumbled face down into the scattering of early autumn leaves.


With a cry of outrage Little John unhesitatingly leapt to the defense of his friend.  But it was no avail.  Huge though the man was he was no match for a spider 10 feet across.  A flick of a single green limb that could snap small tree trunks shattered his shoulder and hurled him backwards into a nearby tree.  He slumped to the ground, insensate.


~~~Somewhere far away and long to come Johnny Coyote staggered, dropping his wrench.  His mind took many moments to come to grips with its new view – two eyes instead of eight – and he reeled in his garage.  What was happening?  Was he just seconds ago Elsewhere?~~~


What followed next was a battle out of legend.  The Merry Men, rallied by Will Scarlet and a ferocious loyalty for their friends, they fought the fairy monstrosity with demoniac fury.  The brave British rangers found their staves and clubs of no use against the thick bronze-like chitin of the creature.  They were scattered and beaten.  They reformed and tried to volley arrows.  But the damned thing leapt over their ranks in a single flick – nine feet into the air and 20 feet over the ground – and immediately whirled and came at them from behind with silver blades flashing.  They tried taking to the foliage and to the trees, only to find Sir Giles was equally at home amongst the branches as he was upon the ground.  Two men were sent screaming from the boughs, only to be silenced when they hit the ground with a sickening thud.  


Eventually they withdrew, sorely beaten and bloodied, with three of their number lying forever still beneath the green canopy of leaves.  Little John groaned and tried to rise but shock was quickly overwhelming him.  In the center of the clearing Friar Tuck knelt, hands clasped and eyes closed, whispered prayers for protection poured forth to his Lord and Savior.



~~~Again Johnny reeled, his soul tugged back to modern Jerusalem.  Whether by the prayers of a simple man of faith or by the elasticity of time itself was not something Johnny could comprehend.  Indeed, he thought nothing of these things as he vomited on the floor.  He tried staggering to his feet.  Salvia… Salvia would know what to do… he stumbled towards his bike…~~



Slowly Sir Giles descended on the cleric on a thick silver filament.  He twisted a bit in the suddenly silent air, landing softly in front of Tuck.  He drew his face – with its many black reflective eyes – right up to that of the monk.  His mandibles clicked excitedly and dripped venom that resembled a thick green honey. 


Slowly Tuck opened one eye.  Seeing his reflection a dozen times over in the creatures many black eyes, he trembled.


“Boo!” whispered Sir Giles.  The cleric swooned.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!” Sir Giles merry laughter boomed and rang amongst the trees.


Little John struggled to draw a raspy breath.  “Those men… had families.”  He wheezed.


Giles turned instantly, pivoting on his many legs.  


“The ones you… murdered.”  John continued.


“Oh and I suppose those fellows you killed earlier were all orphan bachelors with no mothers or children of their own?  Are ye judging lest ye be judged then?  Save your criticism wombborn.”  Giles spat in rebuke.


“Robin… Robin… you’ve kill him….”


“HA!  Not yet!  But as sure as the sun shines on green fields I’ll be sucking the juices out of the lot of y…”  Giles never finished his sentence.  An iron blade … a cold iron blade… was pressed menacingly to his cephalothorax.  Aziz had quietly slipped in beside him and the fearless Eastern warrior now had the spider at a disadvantage. 


Little John laughed with bloody teeth and lips.  His distraction of the numinous beast had been brief but meaningful.  “HA!  It took you long enough Saracen!”


Aziz was cool as a statue.  The spider wheeled with preternatural speed but still Aziz held his ground and showed no fear.  The two prepared for combat as near equals.  



~~~And back Johnny came to his garage and the sweltering heat of Mea Shearim.  He was draped across his Trophy.  His entire body ached in inexpressible ways.  His mind felt like it had been put in a blender.  Eight legs.  Two legs.  Multiple eyes.  Two eyes.  Fay ichor and three hearts.  Human corpuscles driven but by one.  Early autumn in the wilds of Nottingham.  Late summer in urban Israel.  It was too much for any mortal mind.  He gripped the cross around his neck in confusion.  But Rhiannon’s magic was not done with him, or with the other eight special souls drawn through time and space.  In another moment he was back inside the hulking green carapace and preparing to battle…~~




When suddenly the spider stopped, its mandibles working furiously.  “Do I… know you mortal?”  



Gold is for the mistress -- silver for the maid --

Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade."

"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,

"But Iron -- Cold Iron -- is master of them all."

~ Rudyard Kipling
October 02, 2017 11:28 pm

Miakoda Silverwolf

Mia thought she had hid well, but indeed she had thought wrong. The wolf had found her, the one who's voice was in her head not too long ago. Mia watched calmly as the lycan turned back into a woman, keeping guard to make sure no townsfolk saw. When she was done and spoke Mia simply sighed, unfortunately despite her best efforts to stay out of found her anyway. "Sound advice sister wolf, but excitement...tends to be my middle name. Wanted or not."

When a male appeared Mia began to question her skills as a wolf altogether. Maybe she was rusty, maybe it was the oddness of the situation...she'd settle on a little of both. "You could change his mind....but it's his heart I'm worried about. I'm sure we all know the story of the mighty King noble and kind and good he was...there'd be conflict. Internal struggle and I don't think the story would play out as we know it." Mia knew if Arthur were to truly become the kin of legend, he had to believe he'd earned the title fair and square.

Another long sigh escaped her as she pinched the bridge of her nose. Mia knew at least in part what needed to be done. "I've gotta set the story strait. I've got to challenge Arthur...and lose." Then she pondered the question raised by the other female had she gotten here.

"If I'm to assume correctly...the three of us are not exactly of this story. I fell asleep in my office in New York and woke up if we're all here there has to be a reason...Damn if I know what it is but I know we've got to get home....maybe...maybe Merlin can help us?"

Mia was starting to get a headache from this peculiar chain of events. As much as she'd love to live out a childhood fantasy, there was a life and real issues that needed attention back home. After a moment Mia realized she'd been so lost in thought that she'd neglected the simple art of introduction. "Forgive my I'll manors, I'm am Miakoda silverwolf...but please call me Mia." She looked to the other and smiled warmly. "So....anyone know how to get into Camelot?"
October 06, 2017 11:56 am
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