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Improv RP: The Land of Fairy Tales (Closed)


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Andrei Codin

* I smile as the girll steps out from the trees,and I see clothes on her. I look a little embarrassed as I hear her * I didn't mean to give any offense. I've known a few werewolves in my time,and have never seen one that can transform in clothes before. I didn't even think it was possible. Rest assured, I meant no disrespect. The wolves I've known didn't think anything about nudity


* I shake my head, seeing there muust be different kind oof wolves around. I snicker as I wonder if they all have fleas, but know to keep that comment to myself. After all, werewolves don'r read minds.... Do they? I hope not. Then I smile again as I hhear the other wolf *


I bet I could convince him that he was the one that pulled it out all along. My skills at glamour are really pretty good. And these are just humans. I think it would be better for me to glamour them all, than for you to try to fight a knight. He might kill you,and none of us want that. Why don't you let me try first? I'll help you figure out something if that doesn't work


* Then I pause to think about how we got here * I just thought I had a teleporting accident. But if you two weren't teleporting, something else is going on here. We have to be ready to face that Merlin could be behind this. But it probably wouldn't hurt to look him up. Then we'll know for sure what's going on, and if he's behind it * Then I bow, looking a bit sheepish again * I forgot introductions, myself. I'm Andrei Codin, A vampire from Romainan royalty, tho they are not royallty any more. Just call me Andrei. I don't have titles any more. And I'm honored to meet you, Mia

October 07, 2017 08:45 am

Katarina Valentine

Katarina chuckled as she looked at the other two. "Well I went for a swim and resurfaced surrounded by water nymphs...I'm Katarina Valentine but everyone calls me Kat" she responded and she leaned against a tree as she looked at Mia. "My opinion is somewhere in your family bloodline you must be descended from King Arthur...Not a direct descendant like some people I've heard of but a distant one...So maybe if you tell him he's being tested by the powers that be then he can duel you and win"

A smile formed on her lips as she looked at Andre "I'm not your average werewolf...I was a witch before I became a werewolf"

October 07, 2017 11:05 pm

Andrei Codin

* I give a slight bow to Kat,and a slight smile * I'm pleased to meet you, Kat. I'm glad I didn't offend you. It wasn't my intention * I pause to watch as Mia walks away, probably to challenge Arthur to the duel * I hope he shows mercy on her. But I can't imagine him doing any real harm to a lady. He does seem to have some honor to him

* I pause as I look at Kat again * You were a witch first? That must make you very powerful. It's rare to find a wolf that can do any kind of magic. The ones I've met couldn't even get their fleas off of them. You must have a great mmany skills. I wonder iif we can join our skills,and find out exactly what brought us here. And why

October 22, 2017 01:48 pm

Katarina Valentine

Katarina smiled as she looked at him. "I can't exactly perform magic anymore but here is a small trace of magic left in my blood...I actually transformed he very day o was bitten because my mother placed a spell on !e when I was younger knowing that I'd eventually become a werewolf...In some of the cases I've seen where a werewolf lose their clothes during the change it's because they fight the change...I embrace mine and therefore can change at will" 

October 22, 2017 04:09 pm

Aziz al Saqr

"Not yet." The words came in Arabic as the Saracen continued to hold his blades at the ready "See to the one you call Robin." he called out in broken English without shifting his gaze.

What was this thing? The thought came through his head, freezing him completing his attack.There was more to this than it being an encounter with a giant insect, whether it be magic set forth by Baron Simon de Belleme,as a means of stopping those he had now joined, or a message sent by Allah for him, he did not yet know, but there was clearly more to it then it appeared on the surface.

"I am called Nasir Malik Kemal Inal Ibrahim Shams ad-Dualla Wattab ibn Mahmud, and you?" The, with barely a pause he added. "Why have you attacked us?" He posed both questions in his native tongue of Arabic, joining himself to the Saxon peasant's without thought. "We have caused you no harm, so, given you no reason to harm us."
November 10, 2017 10:12 pm

No Fear Cavalier

Through the fluid burble of Aziz's native tongue the great creature caught words it seemed to recognize.  No emotion was visible on its face.  Its great unblinking saucers stared at al Saqr as its mandibles worked furiously.  A sussurus of a thought breezed through the back of the great verdent creature's mind.

"Nasir..."  It said, its voice a low arachnid drone.  "Nasir."  It repeated and struggled to remember... remember what?  Jerusalem.  A Trophy.  A woman. A coyote.  A curse.  A cross.   A kindness.  A name... his name...

The name evaporated like the memory of a dream.  Despite the creatures best efforts to reclaim it.  Rhiannon was queen of the fairy.  She held sway over his mind as powerful as her sway over the Seelie court.  For it was her eyes that had seen what men would do in times to come.  How they would violate the natural places her people cherished.  How the fay would lose power and eventually fade from this world, remembered only in stories and as the comic fancies of future generations of the children of the womb.  From across many times and many places she had plucked enchanted souls - men and women who straddled the line between life and death.  They became the engines of her vengeance.  She had placed them within the bodies of great monsters and sent them to the four corners to wage ware on the the world of man, to drive him and his destructive urges back into the wretched filth of his cities.

Somewhere deep inside Johnny knew this.  Her call on him was strong.  To bite.  To poison.  To kill.

But not Nasir.  Not one of the few people who had ever shown him a kindness.  He couldn't.  He COULDN'T.  Johnny managed only one word, "Jerusalem."  And then he scuttled backwards into the leafy shadows, disappearing at a speed that boggled the senses.  He would hunt other prey.  He would rampage and kill to please his Queen.  But not that one.  Not Nasir...

Why was he here?  Nasir, a man out of time.

Why was he here?  Johnny, a soul bound to service.

Why now?  Why together?

Only this answer would server - that there were other forces moving in the woods that day.  Forces that Rhiannon did not expect, and neither men could could see coming.

December 13, 2017 07:43 pm


Closed - Rewards will be given in a few days. January 02, 2018 10:18 pm
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