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Lisbeth Salander

We realise that not everyone has a Facebook account or is a member of our groups. For those that do not wish to join, this will be the spot where you can find the latest information, regarding the site, that has been posted on FB.

If, however, you would like to join our groups on Facebook, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click the links provided!
June 08, 2016 07:42 pm

Lisbeth Salander

Citizens of the Realm.. consider this your first and final warning.

Our groups are here for people to have fun, to chat, to bring up concerns regarding game mechanics, to ask questions. These groups were not created so one could use it as a personalised email list or a platform to spew anger, hate and discontent. This ends now.

In no way, shape or form are our groups here for people to gather names to harass other players at their personal Facebook accounts. I don't care if it is a separate site from Bloodletting, I will consider it in violation of our Terms of Use (ToU) at Bloodletting and you will be punished in accordance to the violation. Everyone should be able to be a member of our groups and feel safe in doing so.

If you have something to say to another character, to an admin, to an owner, you can say it via the Bloodletting mail system. It is why we have a mail system to begin with. In doing so, you will still not harass another member, admin or owner of the site. I have a kill button. I have a ban button. I will use them.

If a player isn't on Bloodletting at the time, there is a reason. You will not impose yourself, or your anger, on their personal time. In fact, if you are not even on their friends list, there is no reason to message them on FB at all. This has happened far too many times for my liking and I am done with this behaviour. Especially since many people are using character accounts to protect themselves from any recourse through Facebook's governing body.

Which brings up my next point..

I am deeply disappointed by the extraordinary amount of disrespect that has been shown lately to the admins. We are not your servants. We are not your personal assistants. We are here to enforce ToU. We are here to make sure everyone is following the rules regarding game play and forum writing. We are here to protect players. We are here to make sure no player is being harassed or victimised.

That said..

I will no longer tolerate any abuse to my fellow admins or the owners of the site just as I have not tolerated any abuse to the players on Bloodletting. If you have an issue, you can mail the admins in a respectful manner and reply in a respectful manner. Save the snark for someone else. We are not paid, we do not receive any privileges from the time we put in. We are volunteers that are here to see that the ToU is being followed and to assist players. The very least everyone can do is show some respect. If you choose to cheat, I will ban you, I will kill you. If you choose to be utterly disrespectful when an admin is assisting you, you will find yourself demoted.

Thank you for your time.
June 08, 2016 07:43 pm
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