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Cassandra Boru


Owners: Cassandra Boru & Siobhan Doyle

Co-Owners: Ronan Boru & Lilly Emperium

Cassie arrived to the bar to check up on everything before opening night which was actually tonight.  She needed a distraction from all that happened in recent events.  Seeing the man she was suppose to be meeting who helped getting everything ready she looked up at the sign of the bar and her mouth dropped open then spoke.

"Pierre what the hell is this?  It is not how we wanted the sign."

She looked at him and sighed.


Pierre: %Pierre looked at the woman and placed his hand on his hip then spoke in his french accent with anger behind his voice.%  "I can not work in these conditions Ms. Boru.  It is not my fault you do not have very good help now a days."

Cassie growled at him then spoke once more.

"Pierre I do not wish to hear the excuses I hired you to get the sign done and the way we wanted it our vision of it."

She looked back at the sign then felt a headache coming on.


Pierre: %He climbed down from the ladder then looked up at the sign then smiled.%  "There is nothing wrong with the sign why are you so annoyed?"

Looking back up at the sign then back at him she placed her hand on her forehead and shook her head.

"Really?  You have no idea why I am annoyed?  Where did you go to school for signs?  Did you get your degree from a kracker jack box?  Look at it Pierre why am I so annoyed?  We open up tonight and you wonder why I am so annoyed.  The inside better be at lease what we wanted it to be I guess we will just fix the sign later but mark my words Pierre you are not getting paid for a crappy job."

She opened the door up then mumbled as she walked in to herself.

September 06, 2016 04:35 pm

Cassandra Boru



Cassie walked inside ad looked around and smiled at what she saw at lease this was better then the sign outside.  She will have to send everyone a bottle of wine or just give them free drinks for a month.  Walking behind the bar she saw that everything was in order so that was a great thing she didn't have to do much except placing the menu up for today's specials.   A sigh of refreshness escaped her body and she felt a little relaxed for the time being.  

September 06, 2016 05:05 pm


*  Ciaran  looks  at  the  sign  and  shakes  his  head.*

"Oh  good  gods  that is   got  to  of  se t  Aunt cassie  off  big time. Not  what  she  wanted at all. Pierre what  the  bloody  hell man? "

September 06, 2016 05:12 pm

Marah Kravenoff

+ Marah  arrives and sees  Cici and then the sign shaking her head she spoke+

" Hey there cousin . can I ask and not get hit what the hell is that?"

+ She said pointing at the sign,+

" I know that isnt the sign that Cassie ordered. Cause her and Shiv showed me what they ordered. So your here to see me and Draven like oh gods of old I am so nervous. I think I am gonna puke. and no I am not pregnant.. Been there...done that."

September 06, 2016 05:19 pm


"Actually  I  was here t o  see  w hat  this  place  looked like. It  defintaly is not  what   they  orderd.  Da  showed  me  as  well when  I  saw him  a few  days ago. I didnt  know  anything  about  you   all  being  here tonight. How  are  the  little ones  doing? Yes  word  reached  me  of a ll  of  that as  well."

^He looks over  to  Marah then  back to  Pierre. He  knew  the  french  man  was  gonna be  pissed off  but  he  didnt  care.^

" I recommended you  Pierre  because Fleur Delcour-Weasley  mentioned  you  by  name and I  met  her through  friends years ago  when  we  were all still in school together. This is  not  the  vision  I  saw  that  my  aunts and  father  had  for this."

September 06, 2016 05:26 pm

Cassandra Boru

Pierre: %Looking at the young man he spoke in French in a very annoyed tone. "Vous Borus soyez impossibles. Je ne peux pas travailler dans ces conditions. J’ai fait du mieux que je pouvais vous pense que vous seriez reconnaissante."
('You Borus are impossible. I can not work in these conditions. I did the best I could you think you would be grateful.')
%He placed his hand on his forehead and took a deep breath then spoke again but this time in English. He knew that no one would understand his language so he was good.% "Your aunt is driving me crazy and now she says she is not going to pay me. I want to be paid and I will tell Fleur how you all are impossible to impress."
September 06, 2016 05:34 pm


Je comprends français Monsieur Pierre. Vous avez besoin de regarder ce que vous dites. Je vais dire Fleur à ce sujet. Vous voulez être payé pour cette merde monsieur? Ma fille Paige pourrait faire mieux et elle est un adolescent.

((I understand french Mister Pierre. You need  to watch what you say . I will be telling  Fleur about this. You want to get paid for this crap sir? My daughter Paige could do better and she is a teenager.))

September 06, 2016 05:42 pm

Marah Kravenoff

+ Marah patted the man on his shoulder and spoke. Being French she spoke in her native tongue +

"Pierre s'il vous plaît se calmer, il sera redressé. Nous devrons simplement appeler le signe lieu et de les envoyer la bonne ».

((Pierre please settle down it will be straightened out. We will just have to call the sign place and have them send the right one.'))

" Hes a Frenchman Cici us Frenchmen have a tendancy of speaking with out thinking at times."
September 06, 2016 06:00 pm

Cassandra Boru

Pierre: %Listening to the young man speak in his language he was shocked but then spoke once again.% "J’ai fait comme elle a dit de faire ce n’est pas ma faute que vous tous n’avez pas l’aide dont vous avez besoin. Et croyez-moi, que vous êtes tous des gens fous et Oui Monsieur, que je mérite d’obtenir payé Merci beaucoup. Si je ne sont payé alors j’arrête."
('I did as she said to do it is not my fault that you all do not have the help that you need. And trust me you all are crazy people and yes sir I deserve to get paid thank you very much. If I do not get paid then I quit.' )

Cassie came back out of the bar and heard what Pierre was saying to her godson and saw Marah then she spoke.

"Pierre I am not paying you jack crap until this sign is fixed it was not the vision as I said before that we had. I sent you the design we wanted so again does this look like what our vision was."

She then gave Ciaran then Marah a hug and a kiss on their cheeks. She was a bit annoyed.

Pierre: %Placing his hand on his hip once again as he listened to the woman again and spoke.% "I spent all day doing this sign I will not spend more time on it cause you don't like it I do have a life madame so pay me for the time."

Letting out a growl as she shot him a look she then spoke.

"Someone please get this man out of my face we will just hire someone else later on and get it fixed. I have to much stuff that needs to be done first. Cici will you do me a favor will you work the bar for me and help. Marah Drav and all them will be here in a few minutes they are just running a little late. Let's go in okay."

She gave her a smile and then headed back in the place.

September 06, 2016 06:03 pm


"Take  this  up  with  my  father  when  he  returns  Pierre. I  am sure he  will tell you the  same  thing. I  can  work  the  bar if  needed  easy  enough Aunt  Cassie. Will  keep  me   busy  while  Ami and  the  kids are  away  for  a  bit. I  need  something to  keep  me  busy."

^ Ciaran looks  at  Pierre and  speaks a gain^

"Ne soyez pas choqué que je connais monsieur français. Je sais plus de quelques autres aussi bien que moi-même. Tu ferais mieux de partir avant que vous obtenez un pied dans le cul.

((Do not  be  shocked  that I know  French  mister. I  know  more then  a few  others as well  as my own. You  better leave  before  you  get  a  foot  up  your  ass.))

September 06, 2016 06:21 pm

Skylar Ravenwalker

* Skylar arrives wearing her black and silver midriff jacket with a silver tank top beneath it. Black spandex and black ankle boots. Her hair was tied up in a bun. Looking at the sign Sky shook her head she was sure her mother in law was on the war path. walking inside she looked around and was amazed when she saw the stage she smiled she could just see her hot husband up there and her cousin next to him. Granted she couldn't wait to see Dra's friends as well she knew if they were like earlier they would be awesome tonight. Seeing Marah and her mother in law she goes over to them she hugged them all. *

"Mom the place looks great. How are you doing nervous breakdown yet? And what do you think of being a grand ma in a few months."

* Skylar looked straight a head not saying anything else and to see if it hit her yet.*
September 06, 2016 06:30 pm


^Ciaran  looks  to  Skyler  and   grins. He heard  what  she  said  but  says  nothing. He  walks in  over ot  the  bar a nd   looks  to  see  what  he  has  to  work  with  . Finding  everything in  order  he   grins. It had  been  a  while  since  he  as  behind a  bar. He was  seldom  at  the  shamrock  behind  it  this last  year  or  so. Life  had  kept the  young  Druid  witch and Irish prince  busy.^

September 06, 2016 06:39 pm

Cassandra Boru

Pierre: %He scuffed at both of them and then spoke in anger.% "Why I never! You will be hearing from my lawyer." %He walked away.%

Cassie smiled as she saw her daughter n law and listened. She managed to do a double take then placed her hand on her belly and spoke.

"Nervous breakdown a slight chance but other then that this was a great idea to do and ut is all family based. Grandma?Wait Sky are you pregnant?"

She looked at her and waited.
September 06, 2016 06:54 pm


"Thank  you Pierre that  will be all  and  trust  me  I  look  forward  to that meeting I  assure  you.  Oh  you  might  do  well  to  remember who  you  are dealing  with Mister Pierre . We have a  entire  legal team  that  will  rip  you  pansy lawyer to  shreds if need  be. Have a  good  day."

September 06, 2016 07:29 pm

Marah Kravenoff

+ Marah was standing next to Cassie when sky showed up. Marah wasn't the one t eaves drop but what Skylar said made her do a double take as well. Taking a few steps back to the bar she leaned back where her head was next to her cousins and spoke low.+

" Cici did you hear what I think I just heard? Get the smelling salts out Cassie is gonna need it. Well I better find the guys our rehearsal went well with Rafe and Quinn today they gave us a few sheets to do. Well see ya when we get a break."

+ Marah went off to find Draven and the guys.+
September 06, 2016 07:39 pm
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