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Weather-Wax Cottage-Created By Mist(Mist's Home)


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October 13, 2016 01:31 pm


*Out of the shadows the witch appears on her broom,thought's spoken out loud*Gracious witch what a ride*Laughs*That broom got a mind of it's own.*Looking about the forest she brings her two hands together performing a spell*What isn't seen let it be seen,much better as the cottage comes into view through a mist. *Thinking to herself*I know i misplace things like socks,brooms and so many other things but me cottage *Shakes her head me memory isn't that bad.*Laughter echoing*  


*Heads up the cottage steps and walks into the cottage* Blessed guess this witch knows where those socks went to ...

October 13, 2016 01:58 pm


*Laughs as i walk about me cottage as i recall a witch named Zwinky*She would always say that a sense of humor is a needed armor Mist my dear there nothing wrong with joy in one's heart and laughter on one's lips.*Continues to walk about the cottage taking in my surrounding's*Home is truely where the heart is*Thinking in my witchly thoughts* Well the cottage hasnt change much still a safe haven for witches and familiars as it is my witchly home. *Look's across the way to the window*Oh dear look's like that witches cat across the way is at it again* A cat that think's it can fly soaring over tree's and hill's far and wide*Laughs more as i shake my head*   I did tell that witch to keep her cat out of the witches brew it has bad effect's...    

October 18, 2016 01:46 pm


There's more than Wobble, slobber, liquid goo, and the sole of one old shoe in that brew*Laughing out loud* That cat even tried going of with me broom...That's a NO no ..   It's no Harley but it get's this witch where i need to go better than those's Vacuum cleaner they have two problems for a witch ..   One:It has a cord  so can't go far Two:it will suck ya up Three:IT SUCKS YOU UP..  


Finally they are hazardous to your health when buying such a thing it should have a warning sign that reads fly at your own risk....IT MAY SUCK YOU UP....   *Shakes my head* Think this witch will stick to me broom lease it is flexible...

Witches and Cauldrons and Brooms and Vacuum Cleaner's OH MY!


October 24, 2016 01:25 pm


  Suddenly sounds of water can be heard  Drip -Drop Drip-Drop First thought comes to my mind the ROOF

*Looks up* !OH DEAR! 

On a closer inspection... Nothing... Witches above not me roof*Laughs as i wander about the cottage i can still hear the Drip-Drop sound,thinking to my-self *

Where is that sound coming from?

*Heads towards the door*As it is slightly a- jar *Goes out-side as my witcher senses can pick up the littlest sounds.*Look's about*That Drip-Drop sound seems to becoming from that witch Percival Lizardbottler cottage

*In my thought's i am thinking * ( How Annoying)  

He has a saying lets talk about everything and nothing *Shakes my head* Most would say let's talk about nothing *Laughs out loud* Duct-tape for everything Witch.....even good for a-spare he would say l'm not old l'm ripe *

Tangles me mind*Silence is golden DUCT-TAPE IS Silver...

*Shaking my head as i walk back into the cottage still laughting to my-self* Cup of strong brew-tea witch is needed very strong cause no sense in telling him he got a Drip-Drop sound coming from his cottage the last time this witch try getting hold of him we were going back and forth..for a moment i thought  i was in me  chair going back and forth back and forth like this witch was rocking... 

(*Recalling the coversation in thought*) If ya call it a conversation *Laughs*

Percival Lizardbottler: Who this...?

My reply:Being a little sarcastic this witch said  Who this?

Back and forth it went on and on then finally i said   I don't know who this is.....but ya cat Henry is taking landing lessons again on me ROOF....  

His reply:What my cat swallowed a ball of wool...  

*Thought's spoken out loud*

Not sure how me telling him your cat is on me roof turned into what my cat swallowed a ball of wool ....

October 28, 2016 01:44 pm


*Walking about me cottage thinking within my thoughts*

And they wonder why me roof is leaking .....*Shakes my head as my hands go swinging about speaking in a different language*  

*In thought's*  

Duct-tape *Laugh's*   Maybe that will work for the leak's in me roof...*Looks about me cottage*  

Percival Lizardbottler did say that it was every handy-witches weapon ....Duct-tape if that is every handy-witches weapon then we in trouble gives new meaning to

.......  Double---- double----- toil-------and trouble  

Perhaps this witch should contact me insurance agent to see if they cover roof leaks cause by flying cats landing on me roof...

  *Bust out into Unstoppable laughter,regaining my composure heads towards me kitchen*  

Now where did this witch lay that paper with the new Potion ingredient to

*Lost in thought's as i try to recall*  

Then it comes to me in my pocket  WITCH.....

*Reaches into me pocket and looks at it shaking my head*  

Apple Vanilla with so many twists, now who in the cauldron was looking for this?

honey and handles of happiness too, it's dinner for two! Plums and a root, of Willowfoot's boot?  

*Shaking my head more*  

what in the world is willowfoot's boot?

A tongue to a spoon and he knew it was true, Calm in this jar is a life all with you.  

Maude Toadsquidger gave this witch the wrong thing


November 10, 2016 01:33 pm

Andrei Codin

* Having just learned to teleport,, I roam thru town, looking for an excuse to try it. I smile as I see a witch walking thru town, and quietly follow her to her cottage. Seeing my chance, I concentrate on her roof, and teleport I appear about six feet above the roof,and fall like a rock. I probably sound like a Buick landing on her roof. I smile as I think of an excuse,and I cause a pine cone to fall by her window. It never occurs to me there are no pine trees anywhere near here, and a pine cone won't sound like a 220 pound vampire crashing onto a roof *


* Thinking I'm safe, I lean over the roof to look thru a window. Since I'm here, I figure I might as well look around. The trouble is, I lean over a bit too far, and promptly fall off the roof. I land in the bushes with a resounding thump,and bellow aloud OUCH!! Then I jump up,and run to hide behind a nearby tree. I wonder if the witch heard any of this? *
November 10, 2016 02:34 pm


  *Shakes my head and walks away*A good cup of brewed tea is called for maybe more than one cup and little extra of something strong*Laughs*  

----------Along with a good book to read----------

  *Gathering me tea head's back into the sitting room taking a seat to me chair*  

Clean the muddle out of me witch head*Gives a random laugh*   

Suddenly a crashing loud sound is heard-------What in Broomstick was that?  

*Listening closely*It sounded like a boom in the middle of the night that can't be explain.*Get's up out of me chair and head's outside*Sounded like a house falling on me roof gives new meaning to a house falling on a WiTcH.  

Henry the cat again i bet DEAR OH DEAR this witch will have no roof after this need more than duct-tape.

*Laughing so hard that it becomes silent*Maybe this witch is hearing things wouldnt be the first time.  

*Takes a walk about around me cottage*There is nothing out of sorts  

*Shivers as i get a chill*  

My witchery senses pick up that this witch isn't alone *Taking another glance around the cottage seeing nothing decides to head back in*

Maybe this witch is imagining it just like time i imagine Mabel Bootswizzler the witch broom turning into a vacuum cleaner  

(Frightening) Seeing her broom turning into a vacuum cleaner

(A nightmare) When you see her disappear cause the vacuum cleaner SUCKED HER UP

    *Laughs uncontrollable*

Humor,can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers.....  

November 14, 2016 01:51 pm

Andrei Codin

* I slink farther into the bushes as I see the witch come out the door,and walk around her cottage. I do have to work on my stealth skills out here. I don't want to get caught every time I try to spy on somebody. i smile a little as I think of how I loove to spy oon unsuspecting people. You learn a lot that way. I almost laugh as I see the witch go back inside *

* I use the stealth I should have used the first time to creep back to a window. I peer into the window,and see a really very cosy looking cottage inside. It must be very comfortable to live there. I watch the witch come in,and stay low in the window sill. I wonder what I might earn here. Maybe what kind of spells she knoows, or what kind of wards she has up. I stay quiet as I watch intently,and enjoy just watching without being detected *

November 15, 2016 01:46 am


  *Settling down with me tea looks around the cottage*

Now where me book be

I thought a thought but the thought i thought wasn't the thought *Shakes my head* I thought if the thought i thought i thought had been the thought i thought I wouldn't have thought so much

*Gives a WiTcH laugh*  

w'ɪtʃ/ 共

That is a lot of thought going on WiTcH

 Suddenly i started to feel out-of-sorts using my ability's tune's into the energy waves* Unsettling feeling like this witch is being watched.

*Using my magic chants within my thought's a awaken your senses spell tilt's me head*  

=This witch do have that sign out side that reads=  

WARNING WITCH PROPERTY Trespassers could be use as ingredients In the BREW  

*Gives a indulgent chuckle as i head towards the far end of the cottage*

(A thought comes to me mind)   


So if there be anyone or anything around it may make them think twice

*Changing into a large black cat with eyes of yellow start's to make me way around the cottage*    

November 16, 2016 12:53 pm

Andrei Codin

* I stay low at the window, satisfied that no one can see me. I watch as the witch roams around in her cottage, and hope I can learn to  make some spells or potions from watching her. She seems to be a powerful witch, so I try to keep her from seeing me. I don't want to be turned into a frog. Witches are famous for turning people into frogs *


* I snicker as I get lost in my thouughts. Imagine the power I'll have if I can lear how she makes spells. I'll have the strength and speed of a vampire,and can miix it with the magical abilities of a witch. i rub my hands together, and look back into the window again. All I have to do is to watch her closely,and remember every........ *


Where the hell did she go?


* All I see in the cottage is her cat. I want tolearn magic, not how to catch mice.I start to look farther thru the window, trying to find where she went. I know a cat won't give me away. They aren't like dogs. A dog would already be barking at an intruder. Cats just don't care. I tap my fingers,and get ready to hide when the witch comes back *

November 21, 2016 02:30 am


*Tune-into my surroundings and energies surrounding me*

 Crackles of energy i use to sense the essence of what is inside the cottage or out side the cottage  

~Not sensing anyone inside~

Not recognize the energy this witch must go outside that is where it seems to becoming from  

*With caution i shapeshift back into my normal form of a witch* 

Suddenly sounds of fingers tapping a stranger amoungs  WITCH...   (*Chants*)

The moon begins to shine, the waves to roar, And every change seems stranger than before...  

*My witch senses starts to pick up on a energy*   

I do say witch there be a vampire in me Midst.....  

OH MY ....i just ran out of Boiling broth of bat's tail soup but i still have a sole of one old shoe  

*Gives a short little laugh*   

“Witches are naturally nosy lease that is what my spell teacher would say ever time she would see me she would go on and on ...(Pauses)

And on and on and then she would say this advice is priceless,” she said, “Are you listening Mist?  

My reply would always be oh yes i am listening(We witches learned to always say yes to her even if we weren't listening she would have us by the ears if we didn't.  

*Laughs to myself as i shake me head*  

Now WiTcH let's see to our guest

(*My eyes softened with a bright witch-like stare*)    *Heads outside*  To meet this stranger that has been lurking about me cottage...........  

 With me handywitches secret weapon in hand,DUCT-TAPE....*Laughing out loud*

November 22, 2016 01:27 pm

Andrei Codin

* As I watch thru the window, I see the cat looking around, like it's looking for something. I smile as I consider what it takes to give a flea bath to a cat, since cats don't like water. It might be easier to let them keep fleas. I snicker a little, then jump as the cat suddenly turns into the witch I was watching *  

* I had never heard of a were-witch before. And she picked a house cat to turn into? You'd think she could have picked a mountain lion, or a regular lion to turn into. Or even a Bengal tiger. But a house cat? It seems kind of a waste of energy to me. Then I jump again as I see the witch head for the door *

* I run to the woods, and hide behind a tree near the cottage. I don't want to risk getting caught by the witch. I hear witches like to turn people into frogs. I don't want to be stuck in a pond, trying to drink blood from flies. So I stay silent and still behind a tree. I imagine I blend in so well, I'm almost invisible. After all, who could see a vampire so pale, he almost glows in the dark, wearing blue jeans, and a light blue shirt, with glaring yellow letters saying Def Leppard across it, blends right in with the greens and browns of a forest. I might as well have put up a neon sign, with flashing letters and and arrow, saying Vampire Here! *

November 23, 2016 06:53 pm


*Standing out-side me cottage*  Suddenly the door creaks open on my cottage*Looking confused, walks back towards the door thinking intensively to my self *  

I was sure i close the door*Shakes me head*

Well Noreen Trottersquasher the witch that own the little broom shop on Tail's Lane use to say when one door closes,sometimes you want to get a hammer and nail's make sure it stays shut think she got that little mixed up   

Hammer and nails...Too funny*laughs out loud*   

A bit cold out here i do say WiTcH*Turn's around and before closing the door of me cottage retrieves me broom*

(Get's all these weird vibes)

That i am being watched*Walks behind the cottage then makes me way back to the porch*  

The elder tree comes into view a very old tree thick and old, roots that were twisted all sorts of myths surrounding thoses woods. *As i stand on me porch looking towards the tree i remember a bedtime story when i was a wee of a witch*

Start of with something like this....  

Here in the forest dark and deep it said that it offer's you eternal sleep....  

*Shakes me head as i speak out loud*

Not the sort of bed-time story you want to remember certainly wasnt a lollipop story i tell ya.....nothing good and sweet about it...  

*Steps of me porch as i spot something in the distance behind the Elder tree*  

*I think to myself*That isn't a good place to hide special with all the myths that surround that tree and those woods.....  

Miss Molly May disappeared not to far from here beyond that tree into the dark woods...  

*In thought as i look out-wards pass the Elder tree*

That witch tho she had a good understanding of who she was and she wear that purple hat with no point to it some of the other witches werent so nice about it witches wear black hats and with points to them they would say they thought she a little werid ,Molly may tho she always said it isnt the hat that makes the witch she didnt care if they thought she was a little weird or different if being seen weird or different was being who she is then so be it...  

*Walks down of me porch and heads towards the Elder tree...*

November 25, 2016 01:03 pm

Andrei Codin

* I stand stock still as I watch the witch come out on her porch. I still imagine myself to be completely invisible to her eyes. I stay behind the tree, with only my eyes moving. It occurs to me that I should spend more time in the country, so I know what things look like out here. I'm more of a city vampire. It seems to me, out of the corner of my eye, the tree is moving slightly. A branch shifts it position, or the bark seems to ripple. But it must be a trick of the light. After all, everyone knows trees don't move *


* I watch as the witch goes down her stairs, and starts to move this way. I'm still sure she doesn't see me, but I don't want her getting too close, either. I think of how I can distract her, so I can hide somewhere else. I smile as I think of my remarkable speed. I move to pick up a rock,and throw it on the other side of her cottage. I freeze again as the rock clatters against a tree, and I wait for her to turn, so I can move to another location *

November 29, 2016 02:30 pm
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