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A Face in the Ashes


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Maya J Lawson

It had been a week since the inferno consumed the arcade and the structure collapsed in on itself. The amusement park closed its gates as the investigation of the fire and Ferris wheel continued. Maya had watched the news adamantly but it seemed that the police had no real leads. At least nothing that would incriminate her. Unfortunately, while she was out of the woods at the present moment, Malek was not safe. She hadn’t seen him since she ran into the blazing building after the man that taunted her forward. She had heard about a naked man that was pulled from the graveyard of fresh corpses and she could only assume it to be Malek, but she had no plans to infiltrate the hospitals and risk exposure. Both of them being under lock and key wouldn’t be of much use.

The news also seemed to leave out the gruesome details about the man they pulled from the charred buildings with words etched into his chest. It was enough to convince the police that something malicious and non-mechanical had occurred, but they wouldn’t release information to the public. They wanted to keep their city safe, having a maniac running around would cause panic.

Maya managed to allude the chaos of the amusement park upon her exit of the building but she had diligently searched for Malek when night fell. Without any trace of his body she had retreated and wished for is health and safety.

It was complex to think of the relationship she had with his man. She cared deeply for him but she still barely knew him. They were bonded, and the words that the villain inside the fiery building had spoken made her question that bond. He had placed words into her mind, spoken about some experiment that she did not understand that caused her death and somehow entwined Malek into her life before she even met him. Perhaps it was this experiment that had protected her from his wrath during their early meetings. Either way, the words had spooked her and plagued her mind during all hours of the day and night.

Maya had found herself back at the safe house, but it felt strange to be in the rooms alone, she felt so small in the half empty room. Sleep came and went in short burst and the exhaustion settled over her as she remained seated on the dusty couch, her eyes glancing between the tv and the door. She only rose from her spot to shower and relieve herself. It was like she had gone comatose with worry as she ponder the innate possibility of Malek’s death.

They were wanted criminals, their faces were in data bases and whoever picked him up could have access to those records. He was a murdered, a suspected kidnapper and thief, he was branded these things by Maya’s own tongue. She hadn’t thought about the consequences when she was try to seek out this man to help mutilate her pristine body.

The memories haunted Maya but she couldn’t change what had been done in the past because of her foolishness.                

Maya sat in the darkness of the room, the only light blasted from the screen of the television set and the alarm clocked that showed it was sometimes past midnight. Maya was pathetic, a sitting duck waiting for the unexpected to happen. She wouldn’t be able to stay here forever wallowing over Malek, soon she’d have to move on to a new town with new faces. The idea gave her anxiety, but it was a truth that she would have to accept. If Malek wasn’t dead, he would be able to take care of himself, and perhaps if she moved on their paths would one day cross again.

Maya shifted on the couch and pulled her legs underneath her so she sat cross legged with her back resting against the cushions. Her lithe fingers twirled into the locks of her dirty blonde hair, pulling and twisting till she plopped a ballerina bun on the top of her head.

Man in custody. Potentially the capture of a dangerous man.

The words scrolled across the screen and Maya felt her stomach lurch for a moment. They could easily be talking about someone else, but if they were talking about Malek, she feared the worse. He likely wouldn’t stand at trail, he’d be sent straight to the electric chair for the crimes he has committed.

A large ball clotted Maya’s throat as she stared blankly at the screen.

“Don’t jump to conclusions Maya.” The strained words slipped from between her lips before she finally pushed herself away from the couch.  She couldn’t watch anymore today, she didn’t want to find out more about the captured man and the authorities intentions. Quickly she clicked off the screen and let the room fall completely dark. A silent abyss that she would gladly drown in.

Heavy feet dragged along the carpeted floor and into the bathroom where she removed the clothes from her body and slipped into a tub with steamy running water. Her head rested against the ceramic ledge as she submerged the rest of her body in the sizzling liquid. Her skin was blotted with bright pink splotches from heat of the water, but Maya only found comfort in the burn. Teary eyes closed as she tried to rid her mind of the horrifying thoughts and images.

A firing squad.

The electric chair

Or some sadistic being that sent a pack of rapid animals to devour the flesh from his skin.

The thoughts were terrifying, ones she never would have faced in her life before she awoke in this realm as a new person. Her innocence has been corrupted by the malicious actions of this world. In vivid imagery though, she saw all these things happen and had no way to stop them from entering her mind. Her eyes tried to focus on something in the room and banish the thoughts while her delicate fingers held a deadly grip on the edge of the bath.

Maya was so consumed by her thoughts that she failed to notice the sounds around her, for instance, the opening and closing of a door and creaking of the hallway floor boards.  

January 20, 2017 10:09 pm


The white fleurescent light glared down brightly upon the man who had been strapped to the hard surface that was ostensibly a bed. The room was stark and white, a clinical box within a small wing of the county jail where inmates were brought to be placed under medical supervision, treated for injuries, or to be watched with video and audio monitors twenty four hours a day to prevent suicide. The "bed" that Malek had been strapped onto, his legs shackled tight to the surface, his arms restrained, and his head pulled tightly down to the hard, stainless steel with a heavy leather strap. There had been a thin foam pad at one point that provided a semblance of a creature comfort, but Malek had had too much movement in that scenario. Even now, with the bindings held tight against him, he was in a constant state of strain, his muscles bulging beneath his skin as he pulled and twisted in various directions against that which held him in place.

A growl.
Another growl.
A shout.
A curse.
Another growl, bestial and primal.

Malek's eyes closed and opened rapidly, the red-stained sclera stretching this way and that as he stared around searching for something, anything, that would get him out of this place and this binding. His breathing had become more rapid as well, his heart pounding and, with every beat of the blood pumping muscle, came a blinding pain that shot through Malek's head. It was never constant and just erratic enough that he couldn't prepare properly for the next one.

The pain was intense, but Malek was used to pain. He had felt it every time he had gone through the Change, every time he had felt his bones break and heal again in a matter of minutes that seemed like an eternity of agony. There was something preventing The Change, now, or Malek was sure he would be out. The rage coursing through him would have summoned the Beast at any other time. There must be some sort of chemical in his system stopping it, for the Beast was a monster that hated being bound. It hated being bound within the body of Malek, though it hated even worse the idea of that body, of which it had so little control these days, was unable to move. It had not even the periphery illusion of experience and freedom granted from living in the background of Malek's consciousness.

Through slow, careful breathing and a force of soothing Will, Malek managed to begin relaxing his body.


Malek felt the tension leaving his limbs slowly as he focused on each one, forcing into it an easing of tension. Slow and easy. With relaxation came a certain amount of clarity. Rational thought was not one of Malek's strong points at the best of times, and this certainly wasn't the best. On the other hand, he had an intuitive understanding of freeing himself from bindings. Perhaps his track record did not prove this, but, with careful planning, he had eventually escaped. He would do so again. This time, he vowed, it would not take years. This time, he would free himself right this very second, or close enough to it.

With a careful manipulation of his fingers, he was able to get the nail of one hand beneath the leather strap that held him in place. The strap itself was strong and had restrained many before him. It was thick and worn, covered in the sweat and blood stains of previous captives in this den of hell. Through that careful twisting of his wrist, he began scratching slowly and carefully at the underside of the strap. Each stroke took only the most minute amount of material, some to the point where it was not even noticeable as an increased depth or breadth of scratch.


Malek had no concept of how long this lasted before the door rattled with the sounds of keys and swung open. He didn't know how long he had been laying there working at that leather before the young, bespectacled man entered. He did not know how long he attempted to work his way through that leather before the man showed him a grin full of white teeth and overconfident bravado.

"Well, look who's awake!" He said cheerily as if speaking to an invalid. "I just need to do a couple tests on you and take some blood, okay? Don't freak out now. Maybe, if you show more restraint than you did before, we can get these pesky straps off of you. What do you think about THAT?"

Malek didn't respond, he simply eyed the man as he walked around the bed, his eyes roving over Malek's scarred body and resting again on his torn face. One side was smooth, almost uncreased in its youthful vigor. Perhaps he could have been handsome, were it not for the other side which was torn and mangled from a violent strike at the hands of a monster. Of course, this young doctor didn't know that. Had this man any concepts of monsters in the world, he would not have entered the room alone no matter how restrained he had thought Malek was.

"You've had a pretty rough go of it," he commented with far too much interest for Malek's liking. Still, the lycan remained silent, his eyes on the man everywhere he went.

The doctor whistled tunelessly as he went through the motions of taking Malek's blood pressure, checking his pulse, and gazing into every available oriface from that angle with a light and a magnifier. Following this, the doctor pulled a plastic package containing within it a steril catheder. "Just a little pinch," he said as he slid the sharpened end of the needle into one of the prominent veins upon Malek's arm. Still whistling, the doctor drew first one, and then another vial of blood from Malek's arm, setting each in a plastic tote that noted all of the particulars of the patient information.

Having waited as long as he could stand, Malek wrenched against the bindings pulling especially hard upon the one in which he had been digging with his nail for the past few hours. He felt the slight give, but nothing more.

"Whoa, calm down big guy, we'll never let you out i....ggga!!" Following the ripping of leather, Malek's strong hand wrapped around the throat of the doctor and began squeezing violently, closing off any ability to cry out for help or do any of those necessary things in life such as breathing or pumping blood to his brain.

"Unlock," Malek said in a voice that was sinister in its calm and level nature. The doctor, provided with keys in this minimum security medical block, immediately complied with the demands of the man who held his life in his very hands. In due course, Malek was free from bindings. It was without remourse that he followed by choking the life out of the doctor who had so cheerily and sarcastically spoke of Malek's rough life and, more importantly, would be a detrimental roadblock in the way of Malek's escape.

Many minutes later, Malek walked out of the front doors of the weakly secured detention center and climbed into the drivers seat of the doctors decade old mercedes. It would be an understatement to explain how much relief Malek felt when he found that the doctor had a pack of menthols in the center console of the vehicle. Not happy with the brand, but happy with the nicotine, Malek lit one of the cancer sticks, put the car into gear, and drove at a sedate pace through the front gate en route to the most likely of the pre-arranged meet spots Maya and he had set up in case such an eventuality were to happen.

He was nearly three miles away when he heard the massive escape siren of the facility way off in the distance. Reacting calmly, he turned right on an adjacent street, and left again and found himself lost in the flow of traffic driving an anonymous, middle class vehicle through the city streets. It wasn't long after that he pulled the vehicle to a curb around the corner from the pre-arranged safehouse. Pocketing the cigarettes and, on second though, removing the long white coat that would only serve to mark him as an outsider in this neighborhood, Malek left the keys prominently sitting on the front seat of the vehicle and the doors unlocked. It wouldn't be long before the car was taken by another, maybe sold or maybe impounded, and it would be off his hands.

Entering through the front door of the building, Malek made his way in, caution marking each step even as he nodded once to the clerk behind the desk who barely glanced up from his cell. Yeah, he needed to get Maya, and they needed to get the fuk outta town for a bit.

Maybe Haiti... or Australia. Malek was passably familiar with Sydney from his days with Varek and his crew.
January 21, 2017 12:39 am

Maya J Lawson

The warm water of the bath wasn’t able to relieve the tension in Maya’s shoulders as she listened to the footsteps roaming the dark apartment. She knew it wasn’t Malek by the heaviness of each of the foot falls, but she wasn’t sure how dangerous this threat was. It could simply be a thief that believed the dark building was an easy target, or a squatter looking for some protection from the harsh night winds. Maya prayed for it to be one of those options, but there was the potential that someone more sinister was lurking in the dark searching for her or Malek.

Maya wanted to jump from the water and dart from the comfort of the bathroom to see who the intruder was, but the nonsense behind that idea had her sinking further into the tub, trying to prevent any of the water from sloshing over the edge to alert the tenants of her presence.

 Her heart rapidly rattled against her ribcage, rat tat tattling, as the seconds drew longer and shifted into minutes. The cowardice she felt as she was submerged in the bath made her feel both inferior and ashamed. Maya had been bold many times in her life, unabashed by the potential circumstance of a fight. However, the insecurity had settled over her as she contemplated all the possibilities of what she would face when she walked out of the bath room.




The heavy foot falls dragged along the hallways, approaching the room to the left of the lavatory. Maya listened intently as the door latched shut and shuffling came from the other side of the wall. It seemed to only be a single person rummaging through hers and Malek’s limited things and this comforted Maya enough to finally rise from the cooling water and wrap the scratchy robe tightly around her body, securing it with a rope that synched at her waist.  She could handle one person in a fight if it came to that, which hopefully it wouldn’t.

Her body was worn and weary from the battle at the arcade with the mysterious man that had a hold over her mind. Her mentality was shot along with the soreness that still radiated through her muscles. The scars on her back burned with infection, blistering the skin in a fiery red rash that spread down the length of her shoulder blades.




The person paced around the room and Maya listened with an ear close to the wall, she could practically hear the person breathing on the opposite side. She was certain now that this was not the person she had hoped for. It wasn’t Malek.

It was crazy to think that Maya knew Malek so well in his mannerisms that she could decipher that this intruder was not him. She knew how many steps it took for Malek to cross the room with the bed that they had lain in together, she knew how strangled his breath could be at times when he was fighting the monster inside and the way he almost sighed in contempt when something annoyed him. She also knew that voice that mumbled profanities in the other room didn’t speak in the same strained dialect the contorted every words that Malek spoke.

It was time for Maya to stop hiding out in this building, Malek wasn’t coming back and it was time to move forward.

Silently Maya pushed the window open that lead to the fire escape and slithered though the small opening, till her bare feet landed painfully on iron grates. The metal pushed into the soles of her feet but she fought past the pain as she made her descent down the rickety ladder. She strained her eyes to catch a glimpse of the intruder but all she saw was a light flicker on in the room she had just escaped from. The bath still full of water, her clothes askew in a pile on the cheap linoleum, but just as quickly as the room was flooded in light it was once more draped in darkness. Whoever was in there either didn’t take notice to how recent the bath had been used, or was freaked enough that the cops had been alerted and was ready to run.

Either way Maya wasn’t sticking around any longer.

Finally finding her way to the ground she pulled the robe tighter around her neck as she ran off towards the hotel that Malek had arranged as an emergency safe house. Maya was unsure how Malek had all the funds he possessed and how he was able to supply them covertly with constant protection from the elements, but Maya didn’t questions it. Just like she didn’t question the other people from his past and the life he had before her. In truth, she didn’t question him because she didn’t want questions in return.

She had little to no recollection of her life as a child and teenager, she didn’t want to try to justify actions that she could not recall. It wasn’t fair to ask Malek to be honest about his past when she wasn’t sure she could be honest about hers without fabricating a majority of her life. If Malek chose to reveal things about his existence than it would be of his own accord, not because Maya demanded it of him.  She wasn’t naïve and knew that Malek had been intimate with others before, and more so than intimacy he had loved others, and she could respect those women that stood by his side during portions of his life. Now her place was by his side, and she blissfully avoided talking about the details of his previous relations.

“Ma’am, ma’am are you okay?” An older gentleman stepped in the path that Maya was on, concern filtered through his eyes. The crow’s feet that wrinkled around the old man’s eyes squeezed tightly together as he squinted his eyes, looking down at her bare feet then back to her face. “If you’re in trouble deary you can come in and use my phone.”

“Thank you, but I just needed to run to the convenient store and I forgot my shoes. I’m on the rag and needed some feminine products.” Maya replied with a soft smile as she looked at the genial man who rose his brows in skepticism.

“My door is always open.” He nodded his head and backed away towards his door where he stood and watched Maya till she was out of view.

Maya hoped that the generous man wouldn’t lose sleep over the crazy young lady running through the streets, but she didn’t have time to dwell on those thoughts as the building Malek had pointed out to her on a walk one evening came into her sight. It’s wasn’t particularly fancy, but it was a roof over her head, only meant for temporary comfort before something more discreet could be found.

Silently she walked through the lobby and approached the desk, where a man was aimlessly clicking away at his keyboard.

“Hello, My name is Juniper Kreighton.” The man quickly searched her in the system and then handed over the key after getting a sloppy signature from her and going back to his work on the computer. With a shrug Maya trotted away and towards the room that was prepaid for. As she approached the room her heart began to once more beat rapidly against her chest. A small stream of light peaked through the crack at the bottom of the door and Maya’s breath caught in her throat.

Her hand fumbled with the key, swiping once, twice, three times, before finally successfully watching the red light switch to green allowing her access to the room.

Crossing the threshold she didn’t spend more than a millisecond observing the other body in the room before she flung herself forward towards him. Relief yanked at her emotions as her tight embrace loosened and her fingers found his face. Gently stroking the scars along his skins delicately as she fought back the tears. She hadn’t realized till this moment how fearful she was that he may be dead.

“What happened to you Malek?” Her words came out in breath whispers as she pulled him tightly against her once again. 

January 25, 2017 08:42 pm


Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Heavy boots stomped and carried Malek from one end of the room. Squeak. Turn. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. The caged animal crossed the room again, his face a chaotic mess of pensive masks as he wore every emotion openly on his face. What had happened to Maya? He hadn't even sceneted her here as he had entered. It wasn't as though he had the nose of a drug-sniffing K9, by any means, though he could detect and differentiate between simple animal scents as long as they weren't overly old. She hadn't been here in quite some time, obviously, but this was one of their agreed upon meeting places should anything like this come to pass. Why had he decided that this was the one where he would find her? Obviously, she was not here.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

The penned beast paced again from one end of the small, sparsely decorated room again. It was a world where a decade before most of the business would be carried out through an hour-by-hour basis. At that time, cash would have been the primary means of transaction and most of the patrons would have been *****s and johns, dealers and pimps, or anyone who just needed a place to lay low for a few moments. It was the old sitcom Cheers in reverse, where nobody remembered your name and wouldn't be able to pick a person out of a lineup... unless the price was right. Over the years, the rooms had become a little cleaner and the patronage a bit more respectable, but only barely. With the advent of the internet and much of the street-prostitution becoming a more independent game, the fifteen minute quickies in the alley or on the sex-stained beds of hotels had become more of a give-and-take business proposition and establishments such as this one were forced to rent out rooms for a day or two at a time. This prospect cut into their overall profit margins, but it served to make the business seem more upstanding and the occasional family would make their way into the shabby rooms when they couldn't stand to be on the road any longer.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Five slightly limping, uneven steps carried Malek from one end of the room to the other again, the sqeaking floor protesting as he turned upon his heel, and began to cross that endless space once more. There was a definite agitation in his bearing. Should he be out looking for her? Should he be going from place to place, checking all of their nearby safehouses or places of meeting to try to find Maya? Was she in trouble? Had she survived? He had lost her trail the moment he had been captured and locked away and he didn't even know how long he had been strapped to that bed. Had Maya fled the city entirely? NO! He didn't believe that for a second. She wouldn't so easily give up on him unless she thought...

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

The agitated Malek walked again over that limitless chasm that was dangerous imagination, his shirtless, sweat-sheaned body heaving as his every breath became more and more ragged. His steps weren't steady anymore, but began to take on a more erratic, quickened pace.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Turn. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Turn. Thump. Thump....

The tread of another being outside the door had Malek pausing. He heard first, turned, and then saw the doorhandle begin to shift as someone began to press upon it. Malek backed himself immediately against the windowless wall so that he had the maximum amount of reaction time he could in such a confined space. Why had they chosen such a prison as one of their places of safety? Anonymity? At the cost of...? Malek knew that he could fight his way out though. Whatever it was, there would be one hell of a fight...

The Beast stirred, its powerful will pushing suddenly against the fraying control of the slightly frantic Malek.

...the door handle turned as the key was fully accepted. The door cracked, and a scent wafted into the room, temporarily stunning the young lycan in his spot. It took an eternity for that door to make its way fully open, the slight squeak of the unoiled hinges sounding like a long rip straight into his very being as he stared at the growing opening in dumb silence.


Standing and running in the same motion, the man almost stumbled over his own feet as her form became fully visible in the doorway and she moved in. He met her halfway, his own embrace crushing and threatening to smother her deceptively slight frame against his chest. A low growl was coming from Malek's chest, though it was nothing of threat, just a habitual response to a stressor.


A strong hand moved up to the back of Maya's head and forced her face into his shoulder as he buried his own into her hair, breathing in her scent and taking a moment's comfort in the mere fact that they both existed here, where they stood.

"They go' me," Malek said after a few moments, pushing Maya out to arms length and staring hard at her face. Was she okay? Where had she been? Which safehouse? Had she been captured too? NO! Maya had been running.

"Bu' th' can' kep me," he finished, the crooked grin creasing his features and, just for a moment, making him appear the handsome youth he could have been rather than the scarred monster that he was. Bright green eyes flashed with mirth, but there was an underlying concern there.

"Y'safe?" he queried, trying to make the two syllable slurr of a word as flippant and casual as possible, but there was so much more behind that simple question.
January 31, 2017 02:13 pm

Maya J Lawson

Someone had taken Malek, but who was the someone? Was it the same person they had been searching for?

Maya had so many questions for Malek but the embrace was intoxicating, and all the questioned floated to the back of her mind as she drank in the presence before her. They could worry about answering those questions later, right now Maya was entirely consumed in Malek. Was she okay? Malek was questioning her safety when he had been abducted and the question felt bizarre but she responded in turn by pressing her lips firmly against his scarred ones.

Erotic temptations tickled the back of her mind as she stood there with her lips against his. Maya could not comprehend how she was able to miss someone so desperately, how she could need someone so fiercely, but she didn’t need to understand it, she only needed to bask in it. The idea sounded cheesy, like a cliché from a mass produced romantic comedy, but Maya’s body had been idly waiting for his touch. The strength and roughness that his hands harnessed caressed her delicately, holding her close to his body, as he strained to talk through the rough dialect that Maya had become accustom to.

The embrace lasted mere minutes before Maya took a step back to take in the surroundings of the room. He couldn’t have been there for very long, no more than a few days it seemed. The relief settled over her as she continued to scan the room. He didn’t have any belongings, which was unfortunate considering Maya was once more without an actual outfit to cover her body. She was still standing barefooted in the bathrobe she had snatched during her escape.

She knew that she needed to tell Malek where she had been and why she had finally turned up here, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to alarm him of a danger she wasn’t sure truly existed. Malek was volatile and would likely demand her to take him back to the safe house, but it was useless battle. They needed to keep moving forward, not backwards. So instead of discussing their separate whereabouts Maya attacked Malek. Not the vicious kind that resulted in the both of them being left in bruises and possibly with broken bones, but something much more primal.

She was only a few feet away from Malek since she had retreated to look upon the unscathed room, but it seemed her feet couldn’t move fast enough. Her flesh was dotted with goosebumps from the excitement of proximity to the man she had been wishing to see on a daily basis. Brute force knocked into Malek as Maya’s body was upon his. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist as her hands wove into his locks of hair to bring his mouth closer to hers. Teeth softly grated against the stubble before replacing the nibble with soft kisses. Her legs squeezed at his waist as she parted her lips to whisper in his ear, admitting out loud the thoughts in her head.

“I missed you.”

Missing him was something she couldn’t have ever pictured. She always assumed that when they finished their investigation they would part ways and see each other in passing. However, the more time she spent with him the more she felt the urge to keep him around. He wasn’t model citizen and she knew that when they were out in public people stared at him, questioning why he was following around Maya but she didn’t care. He was her person, and she didn’t want to spend an extended period of time away from him any time soon.

Malek was gruff and a man of few words, but his actions were something to write stories about. He was incredibly loyal and unafraid to fight through the lions to come out triumphant. He made Maya feel safe and wanted, and gave her some twisted sense of hope. The despise they both experienced upon their first meetings were vanquished as their lives entangled. The fear of him walking away was unbearable, almost as devastating as imagining him dead as Maya had done in his absence.

What ifs were meaningless though as Maya brought her mind back to the reality of the situation. Her legs were wrapped around his muscular frame as her mouth explored the flesh she had been missing. 

February 01, 2017 02:32 pm


Holding aloft the lithe woman, so tiny and frail seeming in his arms, Malek couldn't help but feel the rising contentment within him. There was a wash of comfort in the knowledge that she had 'missed him'. The taciturn man could do without companionship without problems for months and even years at a time, but, during that time he would grow moodier and more dangerous, his connection to society and its basic dictates of the Social Contract falling to the wayside. The idea that avoiding murder and theft was desirable would completely slip his mind. It wasn't as though he had qualms about killing or stealing now just because he had someone he spoke to regularly, but it was certainly more tempered than the dangerous, monstrous creature that would be roaming the streets in either the form of Man or Beast. He would be a one man Viking war party, the plunder and pillage and razed buildings behind him filling the world with ash and the stinging eyes that insisted there must be smoke. Anger would grow and anger wrought destruction when it came to one such as Malek, this scarred and damaged young man who might have had every potential to become a more upstanding member of the world had one step been changed in his meandering path of life.

The Beast's hackles rose as it threw itself against Malek's mental barriers.

"Ah..." Malek started to say, clearing his throat awkwardly even as he held Maya close and leaned into the whispered words and trailed kisses. "Ah... miss'd y'too," he got out, the emotional exchange always making him a bit uncomfortable despite the tingling of pleasure it sent coursing throughout his frame to feel that closeness and companionship he had been without for so many years. It may have been his own fault, hell, it was almost guaranteed to be his own damned fault. Not that Malek was being self deprecating or anything, but he was definitely avoiding the concept of self-dilusiion.

The Beast pushed again at that moment of weakness, almost finding a chink in those paper-iron walls Malek had erected.

The young man's eyes closed as he pushed back against the intrusion of the monster within him, The Beast that forever sought the light of day and forever sought control. Through years of mental control, Malek and the Beast had formed a sort of symbiotic bond--- Malek didn't let the Beast out and it always tried. It didn't stop the young man from using the twisted instinct of a once proud and noble hunter of the world to his own advantage, reacting to threat, or pre-acting to it before almost any normal human would know it existed.

Head clear again, Malek wanted a cigarette and a shot or fifty. More, though, he wanted to push this beauty against the wall and ravage her, their bodies exploring in carnal need and release the areas they had explored already, but not nearly enough to be satisfactory. New skin cells constantly formed and old ones flaked away, leaving behind something slightly different to the touch than was there mere hours before. Malek didn't consciously understand this, though the concept would make sense to him were he to think about it on an intellectual level. Well, he'd also be required to care about the science behind cell reproduction and growth as well. No, to Malek, it was the idea that this lovely, beautiful frame would always hold wonder in his eyes and at the awkwardly gentle caress of callused and scarred hands.

As though to prove the thoughts he was only having on the periphery of his consciousness, Malek started to slide his hand up the back of Maya's thigh, fingers pushing beneath the material of her... robe? Now, Malek was never one to stand on social propriety, but there was a certain precedence that had been set by, well, pretty much the entirety of the world he saw before him: people just generally wander around in bath robes. Granted, the idea didn't really bother Malek much, but it was an indication of something different. He was on the verge of making one of his rare and always hysterical jokes along the lines of 'Y'knew y'wa c'min't see meh?' followed by the continued exploration of the flesh beneath the robe, which definitely interested him far more than the stolen garment. Gears turned slowly in his mind. They were rusty gears, not well lubricated and grinding through thoughts with a careful sort of precision when emotion wasn't clouding his judgment, but the machinery was sound and he usually came to the most important facets of a situation eventually. The telling question was whether or not he had acted harshly and thus rendering the thought pointless as the situation would have changed.

“Maya,” he began, enunciating her name carefully. “Wheahs y'clothes?”

Such a simple question, but there was much more behind it. She should know him enough by now to understand that his mind was creeping in its inexorable way onward, toward the pessimistic path of rage that would leave something destroyed. Oh no, he wasn't worried about her doing anything inappropriate or wrong. He had laid claim to her, and thus the idea that such a thing was possible was inconceivable. No, his mind was creeping down the path of 'who did what to who and why...' which inevitably ended, as it always did, with 'An who'd Ah g'ta kill?' The beauty of having such a predictable mind was that it was just that, quite predictable. Solid and changing only slowly over time as the rivers of change carved languidly through the grand canyon that would one day be The Grand Canyon of enlightenment... or something as equally as far-fetched and unlikely.

Malek leaned back slightly, putting a bit of separation between his head and Maya's and he allowed his neck to kink slightly to the left with that classic, canine head tilt that he was known for when being thoughtful.
February 08, 2017 03:23 pm

Maya J Lawson

The rough callouses of his hands were a titillating reminder of how much her body missed his presence. A bitter memory that their absence had in fact been a reality and not a delusion Maya had dreamt up in an attempt to sedate the nightmares. Malek had been gone, he had been taken, and she had sat around like a lost puppy waiting for his return. It sounds pitiful, but the longer his hands were on her flesh the more she wished they would never leave. His fingers ignited her body, and Maya wanted nothing more than to give into the temptation, but she could feel Malek retreating from moment of desire as his brain detected her odd choice of wardrobe.

The disappointment lasted for a moment, but the luxury of giving into their primal desires would have to wait for a few moments longer.

Unwinding herself from his body, Maya let her legs drop from his waist till her feet touched the ground and she was able to hold herself steady. Her robe was askew from the encounter and Maya adjusted it, pulling it tighter around her body in shame as she took a step away from Malek. Infidelity was something that Maya couldn’t even fathom, she was faithful to Malek and truthfully it had been the last thing on her mind as she sat in pathetic darkness worrying about the unknown. Still there was shame in the appearance for a different reason, something that she didn’t want to admit.

Maya had run from a fight, her cowardice drove her away from the security of her safe house and she took to the streets. If Malek was there they would have fought, they would have held down the intruder and interrogated his intentions before mutilating or killing him. Maya couldn’t stomach it though, she didn’t have the strength to murder someone in cold blood when she was entrapped in a cage of depression and sorrow. She let herself become completely useless in the absence of Malek and it was terrifying to admit.

“Well…” The lies began to build up, ready to deter his mind with seduction, pushing at his primal buttons till he couldn’t stand the distance between their bodies. Her hands twitched at the neck of the robe, ready to pull it off to let this man pillage her body and take her to the brink of sanity from the euphoria.

“I was at a different safe house and I was interrupted while I was in the bath.” The truth won out as Maya let her hand fall to her side. It was silly of her to feel disappointed in herself for choosing self-preservation over the strength to fight, but in his presence she felt it was the only thing to do. Maya explained to Malek the person that lurked in the shadows, crawling around their building before she decided to take flight and make way for another safe house. Malek would see her as a weak specimen, something that wasn’t worthy of his strength, but she had to accept her cowardice.

“Malek, I’m tired of always looking over my shoulder.” Maya’s shoulders slumped as she leaned her back against the wall, of sigh of exasperation hanging from her lips.

A heavy moment of silence settled in the space between them as Maya waited for Malek to process the information she had given to him. It seemed over dramatic to assume he’d be disappointed in her actions that reflected human nature, but it didn’t stop her from wondering if he felt less about her. She was weak, and the monster that lurked beneath his rough exterior would prey on her weakness, guzzling it down as another excuse to annihilate her.

“Malek.” She spoke his name again, this time changing the tone in her voice, let him think what he must, but her actions brought her back to him and she wouldn’t apologize for that. Once more she crossed the space between them till her hands were flush against his chest, and her chin was tilted towards him as an invitation. Screw the monster and his opinions about her cowardly actions, she would give him something better to think about.

Her mouth was on his, before her hands moved back to the robe covering her body, easily she loosened the satin tie and pushed the fabric away from her shoulders. 

February 14, 2017 09:36 am


Lust wound its way through the entirety of Malek's being even as he fought back the urge to push the girl against the wall and... resisting the urge even as he felt Maya pull away, Malek listened for a moment, his eyes thoughtful and his head pivoting slightly upon his neck to look askance at her. Maya, run? The old Maya, yes, he would expect this from her. Her strength and aggression as of late, though, had Malek wondering if anything could truly frighten her. Though he knew this concept was entirely untrue, after all, she had been afraid of the face in the crowd. She had been afraid when he had been taken away. And yes, beneath the wonderful scent that was Maya, the smell of the perfumed soaps and fine shampoo that she chose when given the option, Malek smelled that tell-tale scent of human fear. The secretion of sweat that was so uniquely different, laced with a pharamonal influence that warned all of her ilk within scenting distance to turn tale and flee.

It was as though a minute electric current went through the lycan then, and if she was paying attention she might notice the minuscule change in his demeanor. It would take a trained eye coupled with someone who really knew the lycan to take complete notice of this, truly. It was as though every muscle in his body decided to become just a tiny, itsy bit more tense simultaneously. Perhaps she would notice that, as he stood, just a fraction of his weight was transferred carefully to the balls of his feet that he might react quickly if anything chose to attack. The hardness in his eyes, the translucent stone wall in those iridescent green orbs that only thinly veiled the constant war of rage that happened just beneath the surface of Malek, seemed to waiver just a bit.

In point of fact, there was a muted pop from the pinky finger on his left hand as his body, its unique physiology and need to Change when faced with stress beginning to work its magic, bypassing both Malek and the Beast in order to create for itself the killing machine that was the Monster within him. Malek didn't flinch a bit when he felt the crack, his finger fully dislocating and the skin at the very tip splitting as though his perfectly center with a beautifully sharp blade. It was pain. Malek was USED to pain. He dealt with more of it than most people could possibly fathom, and that was every time he Changed. If one took one look at his scarred face and the battle-wounds covering his body, they would know, without a doubt, that Malek was no stranger to the concept of agony. Or the concept of subugating it beneath a wall of rage. Or even this new thing, only recently coming about. Patience?

The Beast threw itself against the weakened mental barrier, attempting to force itself out into the light that it might destroy and cleave any who dared breathe in its viscinity.

Putting lie to the struggle within, Malek let a callused hand, thick fingers curled in upon themselves that he might allow the back of his hand to stroke over Maya's soft cheek. It was an incongruously tender gesture, an unforgivable weakness that he had no choice but to forgive himself for. What else was there to do.

"F'ya g'ta run y'g'ta run," he said, sandpaper voice doing its best to sound flippant though worry gnawed at him. He knew that Maya was quite capable, but he also knew that they were much stronger as a team and that, thus separated, could be taken easily and thrown into the monstrous place that was this prison of shadow and knife.

Malek's body relaxed by measures in response to Maya's further and fervant touch, the feeling of flesh upon flesh as skin was bared and Malek's scarred frame, thick and burly, wrapped itself about the more petite but no less battle-scarred body of Maya. He felt himself melting into the comfort of human contact, his mind fleeing the concept of violence for a more lustful, carnal, and overall intriguing series of activities. It was a way of connecting, perhaps, a way of releasing stress and releasing rage. It was a way of...

"W' g'ta take't t'them," Malek growled his lips inches from hers, their hot breath intermingling as he held that one stray thought of rational thought against the torrent of lust and diverted bloodflow. "W'been too sof', an' th' 'mos' got's twice..." He trailed off as their mouths made that electric contact, the shivers of proximity and her wonderful, delightful flavor mingling with her scent and the feel of their bare chests pressed tightly to one another.

And then came the rage as Malek drove her back with a growl toward the nearest wall...

Hallmark moment, anyone?
February 27, 2017 03:25 pm

Maya J Lawson

Maya tried to listen to the words he rasped out in the broken English he spoke but she couldn’t focus on the syllables, not when his rough hands were on her body. He was supposed to be angry with her for being a coward, but though she noticed a shift in his demeanor it wasn’t rage that seemed to control him. She wanted to speak, but he was faster than her, executing all the words she wanted to say by greedily pushing her body against the wall.

The carnal desires engulfed the couple as they explored each other’s bodies with hands and mouths. The earlier events of the day vanished as Maya let her mind fade into darkness so that her body could relish the way his flesh felt against hers. Just like their first time, this wasn’t about love and sweet caresses. There was almost something dangerous lurking beneath each touch. They volleyed the control between them, letting their desires of lust lead on their actions through the night. There was no talking, no expression of undying love, there were only moans of pleasure and ragged panting as their bodies pushed through the exhaustion till satisfaction drove them away from sanity. Maya was lost in the feeling, it was like a drug that elicited bursts of euphoria, except she didn’t need a needle or a pill this time, she simply need the feel of Malek’s body against hers. Her body was entangled with his, she wanted to explore his body till the sun rose and set once more. The distance away from him had built up a wall of yearning and now that the wall had been shattered she didn’t want to stop this sexual escapade.

Eventually Maya’s body and mind had to give in, sleep was calling her name as the muscles of her body ached for rest. Although her nerves still tingled in excitement the waves of euphoria were dwindling and her eyes struggled to stay open. The sound of Malek’s breathing sang her to sleep, the first sleep in weeks that came with ease and wasn’t drugged with bloody thoughts and the possibility that Malek’s body was somewhere mangled and torn into small unidentifiable pieces. Maya’s dirty blonde locks of hair clung to the sticky sweat on her forward and she slept contently next to Malek’s side. This was where she belonged, next to his side whether it be in a fight or in bed, the proximity of Malek made her feel impenetrable from any evil that tried to destroy her.

The nightmares didn’t come that night, but when the sun peeked through the dusty curtains of the hotel room Maya was met with a feeling of unease. Maya was by her side, but the threat was still out there and she was ready to end it. Maya was gracious for the reunion but the honeymoon was over and they needed to get back to work. Quietly Maya untangled her limps from Malek’s before she showered and slipped away from their hotel room. She knew that Malek never slept deeply but she knew he needed the rest whenever he could get it. Her body was wrapped in Malek’s clothes that deformed her figure, but they were only temporary.

After finally managing to buy a few basic clothing items for both herself and Malek she changed into a sports bra and work out pants before slipping from the room once more and heading towards the hotels gym.

There were a few men lifting weights and one woman was running on a treadmill with a magazine plopped in front of her and headphones plugged into her ears. Maya had done enough running, so she steered herself towards the back of the gym where a rough looking red bag hung from the ceiling, held up by nothing more than a rusty change.

Extra pairs of sweaty gloves where lying on a nearby bench, but Maya didn’t have any use for gloves, when it came to a real fight her hands would be bare fist against hard muscles and bone. Gritting her teeth she sucked in a sharp breath of air before begging her assault on the bag with her fists and feet. And didn’t take long to crack the skin on her knuckles and soak her hands in blood, but it didn’t stop her. Jab, cross, jab, kick, the adrenaline made her punch harder, faster, she was drawing attention to herself but she couldn’t stop. 

February 28, 2017 11:30 pm


From passion of the most carnal and bestial to business as usual, Malek awoke to find Maya away from his bed. It was not surprising as she had become more and more independent of late, keeping her own hours and her own council. If Malek were the suspicious type, he might suspect some sort of extra-whatevertheyhadgoingonthere affair. As it was, there was no true worry of the sort, for where would Maya truly find the time? They were always busy on one task or another, training or seeking the *******s who had once more showed themselves upon the pair's RADAR as enemies to dispatch with the utmost prejudice. Heaving a heavy sigh, Malek rolled his nude form from the bed and stood tall, glancing about quickly in the mid-morning light.

The exhaustion of the past few weeks had caught up with Malek at last and, apparently, he had slept through multiple comings and goings of the young woman. It wasn't entirely surprising, though he was quite confident that, between the subconscious alertness of the Beast and his own generally alert manner, any other who had entered would have been greeted with a flying nude body that would eventually decimate them. Or maybe a slavering beast all hair and claws and teeth. The melevolent energy that was the Beast within him roiled at the very thought, tugging at Malek's aggression quite poignantly. As always, Malek subjugated the violent urges of the monster within and began poking his way through the bags that were left at the foot of the bed.

The clothes weren't anything fancy which was just as well for Malek would have likely ignored anything with too much pomp or ceremony and simply put on his dirty clothes. He was a clean creature, generally speaking, but he was a creature of very simple tastes. In that simplicity came an insistence on unobtrusive clothing built for comfort and to cover that which the law deemed necessary to cover. Luckily, what he found was a pair of jeans along with socks, underwear, and a simple black teeshirt bearing a picture of four skinny guys walking down a street with 'The Beatles' written above in a black-on-white highlighted font. Malek might have been able to identify a song or two, but he certainly couldn't have picked any of the four out of a lineup were he forced to venture a guess. His total lack of concern for pop-culture would show almost instantly as he shrugged and, possibly, showed a gnarled middle finger to whomever it was who dared to ask him such a frivilous question.

Quickly dressed, Malek pulled on his scarred and scuffed work boots, Maya likely having known that, even had shoes been in the works, Malek would have parted with these just after he parted with his left hand, right eye, and potentially, a testicle or two. Then it would still be a toss up as to whether or not Malek would be willing to switch out his boots unless the ones he was wearing currently were far beyond the realm of repair and comfort. Smiling grotesquely at nothing, the young man stomped once on each foot, settled his feet properly into the heavy boots, and clumped his way out of the room. It was merely habit that had Malek striding heavily, for he could move with near absolute silence despite his bulk and the weight of the shoes upon his feet. Hopefully, he thought with a bit of a malicious smirk, he was interrupting a violent sexual escapade of one of the neighbors with his racket.

It took Malek a matter of three minute to figure out where the hell Maya had gotten herself off to. The chick had been training like mad lately, each day waking early and sleeping late, and each day becoming a bit more adept at the violence so often necessary in their current situation. It was impressive, true, and painfully dull to the young man, though his natural inclination to care about as much for life and death as he cared about the Beatles left him more prone to drinking a bit more and lighting another cigarette. This morning, however, he simply walked his way into the gym, spotted Maya at her violent sport, scented the blood in the air, and crept over without a word.

Timing his movement just as the bag swung toward him in-between himself and Maya, Malek leaned forward quickly and shoulder blocked the heavy implement, sending it swinging violently back at the young woman and, if she wasn't paying attention, taking her from her feet or even breaking one of her not-so-delicate wrists. Either way, the action was meant in a far less malicious manner than most would think, but as a casual joke and, simultaneously, as a training aid. Combat was never so straight forward and predictable as a swinging punching bag.

The Beast huffed in annoyance. Kill her. She is weak.

Fuk off.

"Got'h car?" Malek asked, watching Maya with a critical though approving eye. "Ah thin' w'need'ta git'a Texas. L'redo'r somethin'. 'eard 'bout't 'n'side."

What had he heard inside? Something about Leredo Texas?

"'ll tell'ya 'bout't'n th' road'f y'ready't git movin' soon. 'Less y'got uh bettah lead..."
March 01, 2017 01:02 am

Maya J Lawson

The weight of the bag swung back towards Maya catching her slightly off guard and sending her tumble back a few steps. However, she regained her balance and stopped herself from falling flat on her behind. She caught sight of the brick wall on the other side of the bag that caused this shift in momentum and mumbled an insult under her breath as she lifted her middle finger in his direction. Maya could sense the stares she was getting from the other occupants of the gym, their weights no longer clanked together as they watched the situation unfold. If she were to look in their direction she was sure she would see tense muscles and clenched fists, but Maya didn’t bother looking towards them. Instead she pushed the bag back towards Malek before lifting her gym bag and tossing it over her shoulder.


She had never been to Texas, but the thought of the warmer weather put a smile on her face and sent a chill down her spine. She knew that this wasn’t a vacation, the furthest thing from it actually, but still the idea of getting away was exciting. They were following a lead that Malek had somehow rounded up and it was the best thing they had to go with. Maya was guilty of not looking for more information lately, she had been so caught up in the absence of Malek that she was unable to concentrate on the thing that had brought them together. They had started this bizarre journey together and somewhere in her mind she was determined that they would end it together.

They were chasing down and evil that ruined parts of their lives, but that’s all Maya knew. She was scared to admit that without this task she wouldn’t know what her life was meant for, or lack of life it seemed. She was flesh and bone, blood danced through her veins but she had died and her unsettling resurrection had left her feeling like an empty vessel. This was the only thing that sparked the rush of life and humanity inside of her so she would follow this path and continue this journey till there was nothing left of it.

“I’ve got nothing, Texas it is.” With that Maya unwound herself from Malek’s side before excusing herself to the ladies room so she could change out of her sweaty workout clothes and into something mean more for traveling.

Staring at her reflection in the mirror Maya brushed through her messy locks of hair before pulling them into a tight bun that sat on top of her head. Clad in jeans and a sweatshirt she didn’t look like much, but that was the goal, to look unobtrusive and blend into a crowd. It was true that Maya was pretty and couldn’t easily stand out in a crowded room, but she wasn’t the prettiest woman on this planet, especially when her hair was thrown back and her curves where hidden under the bulk of her travel clothes. She could blend in, and she could do it well when she needed too. Maya and Malek were under the radar right now and she wanted to keep it that way all the way to Texas.

“Ready.” Approaching Malek she flashed him a small smile before dangling a single key in front of his face.

“So a car was a lot harder to come by in this joint, but I did manage to scrounge up a cycle. I know it’s not perfect but it’s fast and it’ll take us where we need to go.” Leading him away from the hotel she stopped in front of the motorcycle and smiled sweetly. It wasn’t a shiny new Harley but it was cheap and it ran.

“Let’s go kill these bastars.” 

March 08, 2017 10:16 am


Rage was a beautiful thing at times. It gave Malek a sense of purpose in his life, to be able to focus that anger. Contrary to popular belief to those who knew him, he was not a creature of blind rage, but of a seething, directed rage that left those in his line of site rueing the day that they met him. Well, that is to say if they had ever actually met him. Giving the slow, grotesque smile that was reserved only for Maya, Malek's head inclined a bit as he was led to the motorcycle. It wasn't flashy. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't powerful. It was, though, anonymous, especially given the fact that they would be wearing helmets and protective gear as to further disguise their appearance if any passing motorists happened to pass and recognize them.

While it was true that eye witnesses were fallable at the best of times, the amusement park incident had not been that long before and the nature of Malek's scarred face would make him more apt to be studied by surreptitious eyes in morbid curiosity over the network of deep scars down the side of his face. Some would liken him to the popular character Two Face, and thus give more credence to their studies. Nerds of all sorts, and yes, those with only passing interest, would be tempted to compare their own mental image of that fictional character to the image of the brutalized handomness of the man that stood near to them.

His head slowly canting to the left as it often did when he was thinking, Malek gave Maya an appraising glance, his eyes taking a moment to flick over her features and commit them once more to memory. She was an amazing young... well... whatever she actually was. Ghost? Monster? Angel...? Nah, woman.

The smile remained fixed in place for many moments as Malek daydreamed his way through a few thoughts before shaking off the reverie and pulling the larger of the two helmets firmly over his skull.

"Le's do't," he confirmed, his words, difficult to understand at the best of times, further muffled by the face-mask that now hid his features nearly entirely. Maya had been smart in her choice, getting polarized helmets both to cut down on the sun and to maintain the anonymity of their features to the absolute maximum. It was nearly impossible to see beyond the cover without a strong spotlight, which was quite unlikely to be in evidence upon their trip.

Malek moved forward and looped an arm about Maya's waist for a moment, the strong limb pulling her lithe form against his bulkier one for a brief, albeit tender, hug. It was one of those rare shows of affection that came spontaneously from the young man and it only ended when he stepped forward and swung his leg over the bike.

The Beast growled in the back of Malek's mind, dissatisfied with the mechanical transportation over its own capable limbs.

Moments later, the bike was started and moving smoothly through traffic, Malek's experience at riding the machines coming at the deft direction of a former mentor who knew his way around both the mechanics and the riding of the beasts like few others.

Time seemed to become a fluid substance through which they traveled, passing in the blink of an eternity, the trip taking little time with their regular switching of pilots to give eyes and arms rest over the long, dreary ride through the uninhabited lands that separated the cities of the South-Western United States. Soon enough, they were pulling into the Great State of Texas and Malek elbowed Maya in the ribs with an audible laugh as he pointed up at the sign welcoming them to the state known more for its six shooters and rugged ways than for its friendly drivers--- at least from a popular culture standpoint.

This was followed shortly by a sign warning against Littering with the bold words in all caps DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS.

Don't mess with Texas? How about 'don't mess with a pissed off lycan and his psycho whateverthefuksheis femme on a motorcycle. Or something like that.

March 28, 2017 01:58 am

Maya J Lawson

Malek didn’t spend much time talking or showing his affection, in the blink of an eye he had shifted away from her and moved towards the metal contraption she had managed to conjure up. A small moment of fear etched at the back of her conscious as Malek took the driver seat to the bike, he wasn’t that most adept at driving a car so the idea of him being in control of the bike left a quick moment of doubt in her head. However, as soon as the wheels zipped along the asphalt Maya felt a sense of ease transform through her. Plus, she liked the excuse to be close to him, to have her arms wrapped tightly around his waist and her chest pressed against the large frame of his back.

Malek was not good at displaying his affections, so Maya avoided any public showing of her feelings a majority of time. On the bike though, she held on tight and sat close, her thighs hugging his, and squeezing tight when they darted through the traffic that whizzed by. She didn’t need to hold on, their balance was okay and death wasn’t something that she was truly afraid of, but the excuse was nice.

Maya rode in silence, letting Malek concentrate and navigate to their new destination. Truthfully, Maya was terrible with direction, she often got lost and sometimes didn’t know her right from left, so she’d say back and let Malek do the heavy lifting this time. She didn’t speak up until the Texas sign rose high in the sky above them, she had never been to Texas, but the heat of the south had been creeping on them for some time now and Maya couldn’t handle the sweat of the bike anymore. Between the leather seat and the warmth radiating from Malek, she felt like she was suffocating.

“Hey, hell on wheels. Let’s pull over here and get something to eat.” Maya was shouting over the roar of the wind as she tightened her arms around his waist and leaned in the direction she wanted Malek to take.

Once he finally pulled over to the side of the road Maya slipped off the bike and pulled the helmet off of her head before tossing it on the back of the bike. Quickly she shook her sweaty locks of hair before pulling her hair high off her neck. She also pulled her shirt halfway up her torso and twisted it in a knot to stay in place until she was cool. Maya wished that this could be a vacation, but unfortunately it was far from a vacation, it was a wild goose chase following a lead in hopes of finding some answers.

Maya was tired of this journey, tired of looking for something that she didn’t know existed, but she was afraid that if they were searching for answers than there would be no reason for Malek to stick around.

She was insecure and had grown fa too attached to Malek and the monster that was always lingering close by. She was pathetic with needing him around, but she didn’t regret it, she didn’t want to take it back. She was simply afraid that when it all ended his interest in her would fade and he’d walk away and leave Maya alone.  These were unspoken fears, but in his absence they had been singing a loud chorus in her ears every day.

“Want something to drink or eat?” Maya pulled herself back to reality as she nodded her head in the direction of the small shack advertising food and a cold beverage. 

April 05, 2017 03:50 pm


There was something calming and mesmerizing about the ebb and flow of traffic that spoke softly to Malek, coaxing him into a nearly meditative, even Zen state of mind. The Beast, as it rarely did, remained silent, the waves of relaxation eminating from Malek's own mind taming the monster within him and sedating it into a dark corner of his own subconscious. Perhaps it would be a surprise to many that Malek was a talented rider, but it need not be were they to think about it logically. He had been taught by two very talented riders, one acting as his caring, albeit sadistic older brother or father figure, the other acting in the light of a sister, his first mentor and the reason for his mechanical aptitude. The hormonal fourteen year old that she had met, perhaps, had wanted more, though, in truth, it would have never happened in a realistic world between them. Whatever the case, she had passed on a mechanical aptitude as well as nurtured his natural talent for moving quickly and efficiently on two wheels.

The Kawasaki Concours was a beautiful piece of machinery despite the dings and scratches upon it. Someone had laid it down hard at some point, totaling it out, but some other kind soul had later rebuilt the machine to a more-or-less factory condition. Malek had never been on such a bike before, his experience having been mostly with American made monsters with engines the size of many small imported four wheeled vehicles, and he had found pleasantly that it was a full on Jeckyll and Hyde monster that sought a place in Malek's own twisted heart. At a comfortable 85 or 90mph, the bike felt like it was floating comfortably over the freeway, becoming the beautiful cruiser that anyone would want for a long distance motorcycle ride. The noise was dampened significantly by both an efficient exhaust system and a full fairing kit that cut down significantly on the wind factor. Someone had also installed aftermarket windscreen that further cut down on the bite of the wind. The converse side of this comfortable ride, the Mr. Hyde beast that lay within that 1000 CC of screaming fury, came when Malek occasionally downshifted and twisted hard on the throttle in order to make his way around slower traffic. Glancing in one of his side mirrors, the young man had noted at one point that he had thrown up the thinnest plume of tire smoke, indicating that, as he had downshifted and cranked the RPMS up to 9 or 10 grand, the sheer torque of the monster was spinning the hot rear tire too fast for the heavy bike to keep up.

Damn it was amazing.

Malek was in such a comforted state that, after weaving smoothly around a minivan, a semi truck, and then splitting the lane with a foot or so of clearance on either side of the bike and two passenger cars, it took him a bit to realize that Maya was trying to get his attention. Heightened sense of hearing recognized that she was speaking, but his mind was in a far off place where existed only a throttle, a shifter peg, and miles upon miles of road before him that beckoned, nay, demanded he fly forward. Gone was the thought of their ever important mission. Gone was the thought of Maya, her lithe form clasped in his strong hands as he held her, possessed her, the song of passion singing chorus in their shared ecstasy.

Finally, the words caught him and Malek flashed back to reality and, with only a slight amount of reluctance, he throttled the bike down under triple digits and took the next exit to the rest-area/gas-station/stop off spot that remained a few miles outside of the next metropolotan center. What was that place? Malek didn't even try to place the visible skyline with a name as he knew, without a doubt, he'd get it wrong. The only city he could think of in Texas was Dallas. Wasn't that the capitol? Maybe not.

Easing the bike into the parking lot, Malek waited for Maya to dismount before swinging his own leg over the high saddle, standing and stretching for the first time in what seemed like years. As upright and comfortable as that bike allowed him to be while riding, he felt the stiffness in his lower back, buttocks, and thighs from being in the same position for hours on end. Malek's joints cracked and popped in protest as he reached high into the air, before unclasping the helmet and pulling it off of his head. Sweat-sheened and flattened by the helmet, Malek's hair seemed almost black in the fading light as he reached a hand up and scratched fingers roughly through it, scratching a million itches that hadn't been there in the bliss of high-speed riding on that long stretch of roadway. On his face, though, was a grin more contented than was often seen upon him and, with a glance to maya, his teeth were on full display. It took years from his appearance, making him seem the boy that might have barely reached the legal drinking age for the handsome young man he could have been had fate not ravaged his face with that series of monstrous scars that stretched from top to bottom on the left side of his face.

"Fuk'n 'ell'fa ride," said the still grinning Malek as he plopped his helmet upon the *****-seat of the bike. "W'shoul' d'tha' moah of'n," he continued, showing more cheer than was appropriate considering their overall mission in this desolate land of outlaws and drug smugglers, if one were to believe the media reports about cartels and drug wars in the Lone Star State.

"Food..." Malek nodded, his fingers instinctively snagging one of the cigarettes from the pocket of his jacket and sliding it between his lips where it could be lit quickly with a book of complimentary matches from their last pit stop. It didn't occur to him that, in that entire time of riding, he hadn't craved the nicotine for a single moment. Perhaps it was because Malek's addiction to the damned things was different than most, his interest being in the burning in the lungs more than the chemical change within his body. If he were to go into it logically and begin exploring the concept of addiction with the rapid-healing physiology granted and cursed by his Lycan condition, Malek might even question whether it were actually possible for the chemicals to take such an important role in his body when it was constantly changing and renewing itself.

With a shrug, Malek walked with Maya toward the shack she had indicated with all of the signs for cigarette brands, food, and ice cold beverages. Instinctively, he had reached out on the trip to twine his fingers with hers, his larger hand engulfing her smaller one possessively until they reached the door. There was no hesitation. Malek opened the door and strode in first. There wasn't a thought for chivalrous convention in a situation like this, for the pragmatic young man. It was a simple understanding that he would rather the ambush, if there was such a thing that might take place, be sprung upon him as the trapped bait than upon Maya.

"What happened to your face?" Came the innocent question from the before unnoticed girl of about seven standing just inside the candy aisle of the small establishment. It took Malek a bit to realize that she was addressing him, and longer for him to think about formulating a response. It wasn't something that happened often, Malek talking to children and the candid, albeit innocent question took him completely off his guard. The young man would have been more prepared for a man with an Uzi leveled at his face than he was for the miniscule towhead's sudden interrogation.

"Uh..." Malek said with his customary eloquence and wittiness. Working his jaw uncomfortably for a moment, he looked over to Maya, a strange confusion and almost helplessness within those eyes of the brightest green. "Uh... Ah..." He stuttered again, growling low for a second before glaring back at the child. "None'f y'damn bi'ness," he said, the mouth-full-of-potatoes and steel-on-gravel voice mumbling its way out. The confusion in the girl's face lasted only as long as it took for her to let out a high pitched giggle.

"Ya tawk funny," she said through laughter, a bit of mockery in her tone tinged with childlike wonder.

Taken aback again, Malek nearly took a step back and once more looked to Maya, his face begging her to step in and intervene, to save him from this vile beast that had him so off of his customary balance upon his gruff pedastle.

Well you're a little b1tch, the thought came unbidden to Malek's mind, though with unusual forethought, he chose not to utter the words outloud.

"Go'way, kid," he grumbled and started to turn away.

"But what happened? I wanna know!" The curious brat responded with crossed arms an an equally cross look on her tiny face. "Yer rude!"

Malek was about to say something as a tall, thin woman wearing the tightest jeans she could paint onto her legs stomped up and grabbed the girl's hand, dragging her away. "Stay away from my daughter, pervert!" She said shrilly, causing Malek to glance for the umpteenth time at Maya with helpless confusion. What had he done? He hadn't even called her a little b1tch!

"But mama he's not a... a pre..vert, he jus' mad cuz his face is ugly," the girl protested as she was dragged through the door. Just before the two disappeared into the road-grime covered SUV at the gas pump, the lilting question could be heard echoing into the open door of the store. "Mama... what's uh... uh pre-vert?"

Malek stood dumbfounded for another moment, his hand momentarily going up to his scarred cheek and his head canting. "Fuk's tha' all abou'?" He grumbled, looking back to Maya with more confusion than anger in his eyes. It hadn't been offending in the slightest, for Malek felt no shame for pretty much anything, least of all his facial damage.

"C'mon le's g't s'mthin' t'eat," he grumbled, moving through the small convenience stop in search of something that resembled meat.
May 08, 2017 01:07 am

Maya J Lawson

Maya had her lips hovering just above Malek’s ear, ready to repeat her request that Malek had seemed to ignore. He was in a content bubble zooming along the highway and backroads on the bike that Maya had managed to procure for their journey. She had never seen him as relaxed as he was now on the back of the motorcycle, it was like he was a kid at Christmas basking in the glory of a gift he wanted so desperately. If Maya had known about his love for hogs, she would have snatched one a long time ago for his benefit.

Lips were parted, ready to once more request a rest stop when Malek seemed to come back to reality and began pulling away from the straightway and towards the buildings that offered food, drink, and the much needed relief for  Maya’s bladder. The bike pulled into a semi full lot of cars and Malek quickly killed the engine, while Maya swung her leg over the side of the bike. She shook her hands and legs to get the blood flowing through her veins, her feet tingled with harsh pricks from the journey in one stoic position on the back of the bike, but soon faded away as she shifted her weight from side to side.

The smile that was plastered on Malek’s distorted face left a warm fuzzy sensation in the pit of Maya’s stomach for a simple moment before fading away. She had never seen him grin so widely before, he really was like a child at Christmas. If she would have known that all she needed was a bike to make him smile she would have gotten it a long time ago. Maya had gotten used to the intensity that followed Malek around and had accepted that he didn’t show his emotions, at least not the happy ones very often, so it was a pleasant surprise to see such happiness openly displayed on his face. She would have to keep that image in her mind when she was slaughtering the *******s that had brought the pair on this long, never ending journey.

The happy parade didn’t last long, though, when the pair wound up inside the building with a little girl noting the disfigurement of Malek’s scar covered face. Part of Maya wanted to step in to protect the little girl from the Malek’s wrath, but another part of her was amused by Malek’s temperament with the child. His eyes begged for her assistance, but Maya remained quiet and let Malek handle his own battles. Finally the child’s mother showed up and dragged the child away, hissing words of disgust towards Malek.

Maya gave the little girl props for asking Malek about his face, it was something Maya herself could never come to ask him about, not that it matter. Malek had a past before Maya, he had practically lived an entire life before she walked into his world, but she never pushed him about it, partially because she didn’t care but also because she didn’t want to experience the same lashing Malek had just giving the little girl. Underneath the scars, Maya could see the handsome face, but she wouldn’t trade it for the world, the rugged scars told a story about Malek, it was a piece of him and Maya didn’t want to lose any of him.

With a wicked smile on her own features, Maya leaned close, purring lowly in Malek’s for a moment before nibbling at the base of his neck gently with her teeth.

“I don’t think you’re ugly at all.” Maya’s taunting whisper was met with another nibble before she finally moved away from him and walked towards the plethora of snacks lined up in tidy rows. Idle fingers searched through the packages of food till she found a hefty pack of beef jerky and tossed it towards Malek.

With food purchased, and an empty bladder Maya was ready to move on from the little quick stop and get back on the road, but her body was still aching from the stiff ride on the back of the bike, so she decided to take a few extra minutes and sit on the curb, her legs pulled close to her chest, the packages of chips, beef jerky, and soda splayed all around her on the ground. This stuff was garbage, the pair looked like a couple of teenagers blowing their money on food that mommy didn’t stock in the cabinets. Nonetheless, the food tasted like heaven at the moment and Maya didn’t waste any time digging into the junk.

After about fifteen minutes of devouring the junk food Maya was on the back of the bike waiting for Malek to join her. Time to play was over, today they were going to finish this man they had been hunting down for what seemed like years when in reality it had only been months. Maya had never felt this type of excitement in her bones before, she was ready to kill and she didn’t feel an ounce of remorse for that feeling.

“Let’s go kill someone Malek.” His name dripped off of her lips as she looked at him with bright eyes. The shy and uncertain girl was nowhere in sight, this wasn’t the same girl that was haunted by the nightmares of her torturers. There was a ferocity that was being baited, she was eager for blood spill and ready to fight with Malek on her side instead of as her component. 

May 08, 2017 12:34 pm
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