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Julian Montgomery

*Julian had been back in The Realm for several weeks now, and gthe situation had become somewhat clearer. There were huge holes inm his memory, and more importantly, he had somehow lost The Blue, a powerful sentient magic that he once wielded. The question now was what to do to remedy the situation. He could not just hope that all would be returned to him with a snap of the fingers, or a wiggle of his nose. No, these issues were much more important, and that meant he needed help. Luckily, two other members of The Faceless had returned to the fold, and could lend a hand, if they chose to do so.*

*Maeve, the stoic vampire, was in Tokyo proper, so it was a sim[ple matter of leaving a message in her room, to come and speak tpo him in his office. Bree Ravencroft, however, was not so easily located, Julian decided to send out a message with the magic he did still possess, a search spell that he hoped would find her well, and hopefully willing to help him. She was a great ally of the young wizard, but she also had a life of her own, as did all of the family. Hoping the intrusion would not be a large one, Julian sat in his office, mindlessly stroking the head of his new buddy, the dog that must be named.*

January 29, 2017 12:32 pm

Evaine Sterling

*Eva had found the kindness in Julian Montgomery.   He had given her a home and purpose to  survive and thrive in the Realm.  She watched him and her footsteps followed behind him.    She was an 'undead' and he was a 'live' person.   She kept mostly to herself.   But she was  like Julian's shadow when she followed behind him.   He had her loyalty and her trust.  The few meager gifts she could offer him.   She knew he was seeking something and he apparently had valued it.   He seemed to be searching for something.  She did not know what it was but she wanted him to find it.*

*The halls were void of 'life' when she had joined the coven.   Julian had informed his people were away at that time.  That had changed in the following weeks since his return.   The halls had slowly come alive with the arrival of Maeve.   She did not know the woman.   She watched and decided to observe the woman.   She knew the woman was important to Julian Montgomery.  She had ceased any shadowing of Julian.    Bree Ravencroft was next to return and the halls seemed to pulsate with more life.   She had studied the coven logs to know a little of  Maeve and  Bree Ravencroft.  She too was highly regarded by Julian.   She would watch and observe what unfolded.   She felt that these women help and advise Julian.*

*Julian would connect them at his time and covinence.  She would wait and see what would transpire in good time.   Time she felt was of essence for Julian to find what he was seeking.*

January 29, 2017 11:25 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Hooting and hollering with rest of the crowd, Bree enjoyed, really enjoyed, the show on stage. This was Thunder down under with a magical twist, something she had not been able to find while on vacation. Well she had, but they had been a tad to floppy for her liking, something which happened to most who stayed in vacation mode for too long. Thankfully this crew showed no bearded signs of working on their audition tapes for the next season of Mountain Men. She liked the one or two days old scruff, but nothing more than that. Fanning herself with the program in one hand, she took a swig of ice cold beer. The evening had barely begun, and it was already very hot, and she was not even in Hell or its associated territories.

Waiting for the intermission before the last set, Bree stole a quick glance at her phone. Most messages were useless junk, or status reports which could easily wait for later, but Julian had summoned her for a meeting at the office. He never did that unless she was actually needed for something. Letting out just a small grumble, because vacation was definitely over and it was time to get back to work, she slipped the phone back into her pocket. She would miss the last set of the performance, the one which notoriously was the best and hottest of the evening.

Back at the hotel Bree quickly packed her bags and checked out, before making the quick jump to the coven house in Tokyo. At least excess luggage had not been an issue since she had learned to circumvent those restrictions by magic. She could actually bring the kitchen sink if needed. Grinning she quickly unpacked and checked her appearance in the mirror, before trudging off to the office.

The coven house was quiet, almost unnaturally so, but Julian was in the office, having the sometimes far off look on his face she had missed when he was wearing the mask. But something was different, she just was not sure exactly what it was. What had happened at the end of their last adventure, while they had all been apart doing their own thing?
Tapping lightly on the door, Bree stepped through like she had not been gone for more than a few minutes. Her gaze moved from Julian himself to the companion he seemed to have acquired.

“Julian, it is good to see you again. You sent for me?”
January 30, 2017 03:03 pm


Maeve did not have to leave her quarters in the coven house in Tokyo, to know the world was quickly spinning out of control. Shifting through overheard conversations and whichever mental images she could pick up, painted a bleak image. Soon people would either roll over in complete surrender, or take up the torch of past revolutions. As usual those of her kind would be right in the thick of it, if they were not the cause of it.

With a sigh of resignation, Maeve rolled off the cot. She had not bothered to bring her furniture back out of storage yet. The way things were going in the world, it seemed pointless to settle. No lights were on, except that which shone from within the sword on display. The sword was not hers to use. She had simply been made the caretaker until it was time for its rightful owner to reclaim.

Shaking her head, Maeve smiled in the darkness. The world was indeed a strange place. You blinked once, or took a short nap, and it was like a different universe.

From within the coven house, feet shuffling across carpet, doors opening and closing, familiar magic and something completely new tickled her senses. One by one the outside voices and mental images fell away, until all she was left with, was those from within. Much had happened since her reawakening, but there were spaces which remained empty, unfilled by those who were resting even deeper than she had been doing.

A plain white envelope had been pushed under the door, while she was listening to the outside world. A summons from Julian, to come to the office. Almost like the good old days when she was young and mostly innocent, except no one had bothered to send a note when she was called to the principal's office.

No more time to reminisce. Back to work.

Not knowing exactly what Julian had in mind, she changed to more practical clothing on the off chance he had a new mission in mind.
February 02, 2017 07:59 pm

Julian Montgomery

*As Julian waited, he thought about the new member of the coven, Miss Evaine Sterling, and whether she may have a role in this quest he was about to embark on. She was awful young, but he had been impressed by the work she put in to strengthen herself. Nodding silently, he reached for the phone on the desk, and pressed a button. Presently, Mr. Hatashi walked in, and smiled a question at the seated wizard.*

"Hiro...please find Miss Evaine, and ask her to join us here."

*The butler, of a sort, quirked an eyebrow at Julian.* "Us?"

"Yes Hiro...I am ready to proceed, and have called a few of the others."

*A bigger smile appeaared on the elder man's face.* "Very good sir." *Then, Mr. Hatashi turned on his heel, and left, to attend to the finding of the young woman in question. Soon, one of the expected women entered his office, and when she greeted him, Julian rose, came from around his desk, and gave the woman a warm hug.*

"It is good to see you, Bree. It has been a while, I know. If it was not very important to me personally, I would not have troubled you, or anyone else for that matter."

*Maybe the hug was a bit much...but, the fact that he actually remembered Bree, and their friendship, was a great thrill for him, and the emotions that brought just had to be acted upon. Julian moved back behind his desk, and motioned to one of the seats in front of it.*

"Have a seat...we are expecting others shortly."

February 05, 2017 02:37 am

Evaine Sterling

*Eva Sterling heard a knock on her door.   She had been seated at her small desk.   She had been typing on her laptop   She was grateful for the interruption and she smiled as one more knock sounded on her door.  She walked quickly to the door  She opened it to see Mr Hiro Hatashi*

"Your presence is required in Julian's office."   *Mr. Hatashi spoke to her.   A surprised but curious look was in his eyes.*

"Thank you, Mr.Hatashi"  *Eva bowed toMr. Hatashi.   He was worthy of her respect.   He had been kind to her.   "I will come immediately."   *Eva followed behind Mr.Hatashi.   She squared her shoulders.   She wondered what Julian wanted to see her about.   Whatever Julian Montgomery needed or wanted  from her.  She would do it with no questions asked.*

*She arrived at the door of his office.  She waited for Mr. Hatashi to enter the office.   She walked behind him.   "You needed me, Julian."     She stood waiting for him to speak.*

February 05, 2017 06:58 pm

Bree Ravencroft

"It is good to see you again too Julian. Have you had any grand adventures while we have all been apart?"

Enjoying the unexpected warmth of a hug from Julian, something which she to her recollection had not seen him do before, made Bree smile. Things were different, but how different. Letting Julian hug it out, because it obviously was something he needed to do, and she enjoyed a hug from the right people, she felt a smile spread on her face. She could feel hints of the Julian she remembered, making the it feel like everything was right in the world. Letting go of him, she stepped back and watched as he moved to sit behind the desk.

"Please do not worry. While I was a bit sorry about missing the final set of the show I was watching, I know you never call on us without reason. Besides I know where I can go watch the end when we're done."

It sounded wrong, or perhaps her mind was still in vacation mode, and Bree did not guard her method of speech as well as she used to do. Making a calming breath, Bree turned to the door, when she heard movement coming from that direction. An older male, followed by a younger female. New crew members? No, her own records said only one. Perhaps this was the Evaine she'd had a brief mail exchange with, when Bree had finally managed to get through the security in Tokyo.

February 05, 2017 07:30 pm


Barely out of her quarters, Maeve stopped dead in her tracks, taking inventory of those she could sense within the building. There was many somethings she did not know. Many unknown somethings, which set her fangs on edge. It was always like that in the early weeks after a reawakening. While she could easily orient herself, there was only so much she could do from afar.

Though she did not need to breathe, the memory of taking long and deep breaths for calming herself did have a certain effect. She should have grabbed a sip or two or more, when she was done with her meeting, but instead she had taken the direct route home. And now she felt on the edge of grumpy. And of course she had not gotten her private stash set back up. More reason to be grumpy. A good round of sparring was in order, but who?

Turning the corner to the main wing where the office was located, Maeve saw the backs of two not quite unknowns. She had felt their presence in the house since her return, but there had not been a reason, or rather a chance for a personal introduction. C0cking her head, she spent a few moments listening to the introductions and reunions taking place inside. From the sound of it, old faces and new faces alike.

"Miss me?"
February 07, 2017 03:43 pm


Claudia had arrived with Julian, he had been kind enough to open his home to her and she had readily accepted his offer. The lady of old would never be submissive, but obedient she would be within this house that was now home.

Her rooms were decorated in a classic fashion. Some would have called it outdated, but some were wrong. Having been raised in New Orleans, the blonde vampire was a great lover of all things classic and the heavy dark wooden furniture she had found in her quarters had immediately been to her liking.

Touching her hair and a quick glance in the mirror told Claudia her looks were restored and the grub of being buried and the sleeazy motel she had staid in were washed off completely. She was ready to head down to the Montgomery office as the leader of her coven had requested and that also meant meeting the other members of the coven.

She had already heard that some of her old friends and acquaintances were away and probably wouldn't return for a while, but there were some  that she had vaguely known. Would meeeting them refresh her memory? And would they remember her?

Someone entered the door and left it ajar as Claudia rounded the corner. She didn't pause, but only knocked on the door to signal her arrival.

"Hello all..."

February 08, 2017 02:41 pm

Julian Montgomery

*Julian was living many a male's dream at the moment, surrounded by beautiful women. If they were not all gathered here for a situation that was so serious, he would be able to laugh at himself, but this was not the time. Still, he smiled welcoming at all that had assembled in his office. Then, he searched for the words to begin this meeting of the minds. When they came, he started to speak.*

"Thank you all for joining me here. Some of you have been with The Faceless for a long time, and others just entered our family recently. I thank you all equally for answering my call. You are here to help me with a problem that affects me personally, and professionally. I left The Realm some time ago, but I cannot remember why I left, or where I traveled. I feel like I was alone most of the time...I must have taken care of myself somehow, since I am quite healthy. Other than that, it is all a blank."

"I also cannot remember key details of my life, like who my parents are, or why I named this place The Faceless. There are too many holes in my memory, and I need to fill them all if I am going to be able to be Julian Montgomery, and lead this coven. I asked you all here to help me do just that, by delving into my mind, and erasing the roadblocks that are keeping me from accessing the history of my life."

"If any of this is uncomfortable for any of you, please speak up, and I will totally understand if you cannot help. All I ask is for your honesty."

February 09, 2017 08:26 pm

Bree Ravencroft

"What the... You don't mean to tell me....."

Dropping back in her chair, Bree stared at Julian with a a dropped jaw and eyes almost bugging out of her head. She had been a part of the original party which, a year or two ago, had uncovered a few of Julian's secrets, and now he was telling them he could remember nothing of those answers. And probably none of the events surrounding the getting of those answers.

"Oh boy.."

Rubbing a hand over her face, Bree struggled with the decision. She could give him quite a few answers right away by straight out telling him, or by finding a way to show him her memories of that time. Or she simply be who she was meant to be at this point in time, and stand beside Julian while he found the answers for himself... again.

Glancing at rest of the crew members who was gathered in the office, Bree shook her head. They would be in for a surprise of their life. Some of this was shared history from way back to what seemed the beginning of time, and some would simply add another layer to the fabric which made up the place they were all inhabiting at the moment. Turning her attention back to Julian, Bree took a calming breath, and began to speak.

"Of course I will help. I would be a liar if I told you I did not remember more than a few bits and pieces of the story preceding your leaving, but I do, and I will help you reclaiming knowledge and memories. I will not give my knowledge to you directly, because I cannot be sure if I remember everything as it happened. There were certain events which make me believe, that some of my memories might not be quite true. Later when you have found the answers which satisfy you, then we can talk about possibly sharing the memories I do have of the time."
February 10, 2017 08:54 am

Evaine Sterling

*Eva Sterling sat quietly as Julian Montgomery revealed the reason he had called them to his office.   It was to help him with his own issues and concerns.*

~What the h3ll.~  *She thought to herself.  Eva rarely speak to others.   She was new at being an 'undead'.   She had struggled to learn what she needed to know about being a Vampire. Now she found out that Julian Montgomery had trouble remembering certain things and he needed their help.*

*Eva was seated in a chair.  She sat apart from the others.  She kept her eyes on Julian   She felt nothing but loyalty to her coven leader.  She was grateful for all he had done for her.    He had accepted her with no qualms.   He had provided her with a home and restored her self respect.   She owed him and now she could repay him.*

*She spoke up in a clear and calm voice.*  "You can count on me to help where needed."  *She did not know much about Julian Montgomery.  Perhaps she could aid the others where they needed some help.   She had little enough to give period.*

*She looked at Bree and watched her reaction.   She set her mind on helping Julian and the others   If she had one good quality.  It was her refusal to give up."*

February 10, 2017 05:30 pm


For some reason meeting the others had been not awkward at all. It had just been...
She knew  Bree Ravencroft, though the girl had grown into a woman in Claudia's absence and she remembered Maeve who looked still her stoic self.
The new girl; driven, ambitious and eager. >you can count on me to help where needed< it sounded from one corner of the office.
>Oh boy,,,< Claudia heard next to her and Maeve looked like her mind was acin to process everything happening at once.

The newest memebr of The Faceless felt a bit like Maeve looked.
On one hand she was gla that Julian immediately included her in coven matters, but on the other was she to make a useful contribution to this?
The atmosphere in the room was already permeated with something that hit the fan without her piping up.

She remembered Julian from the Secret Soiety as being pompous and self-righteous. As being as secretive as a fourteen year old girl not bothering to hide her diary, but writing OFF LIMITS on it, as being as secretive as a superhero hiding his identity and looking as if he were fighting the urge to wear his uderwear over his jeans. Claudia had been part of establishment and harsh to deal with when Julian was a new leader and now she was a novice in his coven....

"I struggle with a similar issue," she said softly. "Although I was not present in the Realm during the period you wish to fill in, perhaps we can help eachother to reactivate our memories."
And she would most definitely learn if her perceptions of old were even close to the truth. claudia had a black-and-white view of the realm and had made a name for herself being harsh and ruthless after Ozymandias had bestowed the gold on her.
Would she learn that not everything that wasn't absolutely cutthroat was immediately weak?

Her own memory came back to her in bits and pieces, fragmented beyond recognision and she was starting to see that large holes would always remain. A lot was lost on her forever and it was going to be a lifelong challenge to hide that from others if she wished to regain her status. But if Julian could function with a similar issue, they could learn from and support eachother.

It was good to belong again, even though her new home was in turmoil.
She liked these people she once had ignored. As for now, the best way to ensure this was mutual was to not contribute to unravelling th past.

February 11, 2017 11:16 am


Listening intently to Julian's words and reasons for why he had called them all to the office, and watching for the reactions as those reasons began to settle within, Maeve could not keep a bark of laughter from escaping. If it wasn't because of the seriousness, it would have been a great comedy in the making. Evaine, the youngest of them, was clearly finding her fangs still. Bree.. what the heck was she, besides looking like someone who was about to barf as the potential seriousness poked at her mind and grabbing for hold. Claudia, she was an old-ish one. One who Maeve remembered faintly from right around the time she had stepped through the veil between the realm and that other world, though knowledge about her could be held in a very little place.

And then there was Julian. They needed to help him grow up, again, just like they had done before. Fate or Karma or whatever it was called, had, in a sense, been kind to him. Forgetting, or not remembering, was a kindness not offered to many people, except it had not been done completely. Like Claudia, he knew there were things which had been forgotten. Things they both wanted to remember, perhaps needed to remember.

Bree was right. Oh boy, was about all that could cover the journey some of them had already taken, and was about to take again with the new additions to the crew. Julian already knew, though they needed to help him remember, but Claudia was in for one heck of a surprise. The world she would come to learn about, by regaining some of her own memories, was definitely not the world she had left all those years ago.

"Of course Julian, and Claudia too. Like Bree I do remember, and like her I will not divulge my knowledge either. I will say though..."

Pausing to take a much unneeded breath, Maeve debated with herself just how much she could say without actually saying too much.

"There will be battles. Glorious bloody battles, so train well with the weapons and knowledge each of you currently possess."
February 11, 2017 12:21 pm

Julian Montgomery

*Julian nodded, grateful that the people in the room had the strength of character, the fearlessness, and the faith in him to embark on a mission that wasn't very easily defined. He himself had no idea what exactly would be needed to accomplish this mission. But, that's fine...The Faceless specialized in delving into the unknown spaces of The Realm.*

*He knew that Bree, Maeve, and others could fill in the blanks, but it would not be the same. It would be like hearing the story about someone else, a biography of a stranger. No, Julian needed to relive these memories himself, to know how they truly fit into his life. As he ruminated, Takashi started to make the office ready, arranging several chairs around a round table, while also supplying refreshment for all. This could take hours, or longer, and comfort should not be sacrificed.*

"Thank you, all of ylou, for helping me with this issue. Hopefully, everyone will learn a little bit about themselves while on our journey. I want you all to understand, there could be danger in what we do. I do not know what these blank spots are, whether they are perhaps a product of my brain protecting itself from somethimng, or an attack on my mind that is ongoing"

*Julian stood, and walked around to the round table, standing by one of the seats....the one with the Skittles by it, of course.*

"Also, we may be dealing with a much more powerful magic that I once wielded, that has somehow abandoned me. I do not think The Blue would hurt us, but..."

*Julian sat, his hands extended, waiting for the others to join him.*

"Once our hands are joined, we will begin. Mr. Takashi will watch over us, and raise the alarm if anything dangerous manifests."

February 13, 2017 02:48 pm
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