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Bree Ravencroft

The more she felt of the emotional emanation coming from Julian, the more Bree knew it was right to try and draw the wraiths away from him. While she did not know exactly what he was experiencing, what she felt gave her a pretty good idea. Having been there for some of it, and been told about even more, she knew it was going to have quite an impact once his memories got reawakened. Hopefully he would not be knocked on his arse in quite the same way he had been earlier.

Attracted by the smell of blood, the violence dished out by Claudia, Evaine and Maeve, the wraiths kept coming. One beheading or disarming did not seem to make much of a difference, But who knew how many of them they were actually fighting. Illusions had always been a part of this particular journey in the past.

Sidestepping Claudia, Bree sent her a wide grin before stepping into the melee. Fresh blood obviously had not been the best of ideas with newly minted and reawakened vampires somehow.

Brushing against the wraiths which the gang had not yet disposed of, she began soaking up the energy which fed them. It was a strange energy, so unlike anything she had felt before, and it was definitely not something she wanted to preserve. An off-loading was definitely in the plans when everything was said and done.
April 19, 2017 10:57 am


>Claudia, Evaine surround Miss Goody Two Shoes. They seem to have an interest. Maybe it will actually make it easier for us to get at them.<

Claudia laughed -cackled- as Maeve had reappeared and assessed the situation within a split second.
Although her skills were coming back to her and Evaine was giving the wraiths hell in her own way of combat, it was definitely reassuring to have Maeve rejoin the fight.

For every wraith she tore in two, three more seemed to appear. But the kick of the fight kept Claudia from tiring. There was no blood in those soulless bodies, but still rending them apart was sustenance in some strange way. Perhaps in a non-corporeal plane this was a substitute for blood? There was no time to linger on the philosophy of astral-plane carnage, perhaps it would make food for thought if she really really really ran out of things to discuss with anyone, but that wasn't very likely.

Somewhere in her peripheral vision Julian popped up from time to time. Claudia couldn't see his expression, but somehow she did get the sense that he nearly had all that they had come here for. It had only been moments since her own past had shown itself to her in this wretched place and there was a sense of recognition that her coven leader had found it too.

" Maeve, stay close to Julian!"  She shouted, dodging the sword that Evaine swung at a wraith that came awefully close to jumping her. " I have a feeling that we won't distract them forever!"

April 26, 2017 10:28 am


Maeve felt it as soon as Bree's magic shifted and changed. This was different, potent, and she knew the possibility for the end was getting close. Only one time before had Maeve felt that shift, and even then she had sensed Bree holding back. What exactly it was Bree could do when she did that was a mystery, but she sensed danger lurked on the wrong end of it.

Glancing briefly towards Julian, she saw he was still off somewhere which was not the astral plane. Hopefully he would get what he needed, rather than what he wanted. Sometimes the need could be more than the want, and sometimes...

"Maeve, stay close to Julian!"

Without taking her attention away from the wraiths, Maeve gave Claudia a brief nod. It would also take them out of the direct line of whatever it was Bree had planned to do.

Slowly moving in the direction of Julian, she continued to slice and dice and dismember the other-worldly creatures. It still felt like they were being regenerated, though not as fast as it had happened in the beginning. The fight could have been a glorious feeding frenzy on blood and gore, but the wraiths only served to heighten the hunger and lust. Later when they were back in their own bodies, a quick trip to visit with the cook were in order.
April 28, 2017 09:16 am

Evaine Sterling

Evaine heard the sound of Maeve's voice.   ~Glad you made a return appearance.  We need all the help we can get!~    She thought tp herself as she plunged her sword into one wraith.   Her shield disappeared as another sword materialised in her right hand.   A smaller sword called a gladius and she smiled as it's twin appeared in her left hand.   Two swords were better than one.   

Evaine 's swords slashed the head off of an astral wraith.    She moved swiftly with a slight nod acknowledging Maeve.   She followed the request and she slashed here and there at the wraiths.
"Miss Goody Two Shoes?"   she nearly laughed when a wraith lunged at her and her swords did it's job on another head.    It wasn't all bloody free for all  bloody  and  gore party.   She followed quickly on Maeve's request.     She neared Bree and interspersed herself to help Bree.

She wasn't an experienced Vampire.  She hoped to learn the fine points of Vampire life.   She was getting on the job training in astral plane creatures, witches and how the old buggers did their business.

She would trust her coven mates to do their job and Maeve to protect Julian.  She gave a cursory glance at Julian and he seemed to be reacting to something she couldn't put a finger on.   The 'being' in her opinion was doing a number on Julian or his head.    "Don't let that 'thing' win the day.   You are made of sterner metal than him!"

Evaine watched Claudia neared Bree ahead of her as she had occupied doing her 'ginshu attack.'      "Lost your head, you freak appartion?"   Bree than sidestepped Claudia and Evaine turned around to notice that move.   She slashed backwards and another wraith 'bit' the dust.

~Got hopping  Miss Goody Two Shoes.  You got the power.~   Evaine kept that thought  in mind; She shifted to cover Bree if that was needed.   She felt an emanation from Bree and she sensed the Witch was ready for action.   She hoped whatever Bree was going to do would even things in their favor.   She knew her slashing and gashing of the enemy was futile.  But she enjoyed the ability to fight and hone her skills.   She was lucky she had fed before entering Julian'  office.   But the smell of blood was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

" Maeve, stay close to Julian!"  Claudia  shouted, dodging the sword that she  swung at a wraith that came awefully close to jumping her. " I have a feeling that we won't distract them forever!"    She could agree on that points.   The bloody buggers kept coming like astral energizer bunnies with their batteries on overload.

She kept at hoping that Julian would find what he was seeking or needed.    She was glad that Maeve covered the space to offer protection to Julian or to stay at hand and assist him.  She kept working her dual blades in the way she had been taught to do.   She could at least offer some fun and distraction to the bloody wraiths .    When the fun and games were done she was going to write this down and see if she could work it into a good story.

April 28, 2017 08:31 pm

Julian Montgomery







The fire started to burn, low at first, but gradually it grew stronger by the moment. Julian felt the rage in his very soul, ready to explode, and quite possibly destroying himself, and the people that were trying to help him. The rage though...the rage at the person most responsible for the misery in his life. The one man who had made his life a living hell needed to be endcaed, once and for all. Whitsig must die! DIE HORRIBLY, AT THE HANDS OF JULIAN MONTGOMERY!

April 30, 2017 02:53 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Bree felt it the moment Julian snapped.

Snapped, that was the only way she could describe what happened. She'd expected it, but hoped it would not happen quite that way. But Whitsig, the master manipulator of the journey they had been traveling for quite a while, had always been at least one step ahead of them. At least that was the feeling she had been left with at times.

There was so much energy in anger and the wish for revenge, and Bree could feel how quickly it rose to levels even she had not touched directly before. She had to let go of the wraiths, trusting Claudia, Evaine and Maeve could handle them while she tried to help Julian with the abundance of power and energy he was possessing. She would not deny him the right for revenge, but they had to find an outlet for the raw uncontrolled power she felt was flowing through him.

Hoping it would be enough for Evaine, Claudia and Maeve, she drained more of the energy feeding the wraiths, before turning her full attention to Julian.

Having seen how Maeve had been treated earlier, Bree knew the risk of getting a similar treatment were even greater now.

Cupping his cheeks firmly with her hands, she bent in close and whispered quietly, "Julian. Look. At. Me!"

She had never had to use a commanding tone of voice like that before, but it was the only way, remote as it might be, she hopefully could get his attention.

"Julian! Look. At. Me."

Bree could do what she needed to do, but it would be without consent and Julian needed to be able to make the choice for himself.

"Julian, you need to work with us. You cannot just give in to the anger and lust for revenge. That is exactly what Whitsig want you to do. Don't give him the satisfaction."
April 30, 2017 07:42 pm

Evaine Sterling

Evaine blinked as she glanced back at Julian and Bree.   A fire was coming out of nowhere, a slow burning flicker and it was getting stronger.  It was not the pyro-technics of a fire set by a human.   It was somehow tied to Julian and the way he seemed to be moving away from them.     It seemed that Julian was snapping in two parts.   Maybe he had snapped already.  She felt something akin to firey and consuming rage that seemed about to eplode.   Who was responsible for  this outrage?

~Bloody hell! There's something or someone doing a job on Julian.~   She redoubled her  efforts to battle the enemy.  Somehow that sweet, cloying of evil gnawing at her as  well.   A sweet whisper of promises made and would she like to see her coven leader gone.   ~Out of my head damn you.  Go  away.~    The firey rage she felt from fired her blood to fight all  the harder.  She let out a blood curdling battle cry. and her dual swords seemed to glow on their own as they slashed to the Wraith in her path.

She answered her own battle cry  and the Wraiths be damned to the firey hell they belonged.  She let herself go in a dance of battle and blades.  She would attempt to figure what made her blades glow like small beacons of light.   Maybe  Bree was helping her to even  the tide of battle.

 Her sire had left a part of him inside and he left a bit of his steel back bone grafted in her.    ~Use his anger and rage to benefit the fight not him. Not that thief in the night.~   Her sire's words whispered in her wind.   Though he slept in his crypt, he was never far from his daughter.   She knew Bree had to help Julian and she had to let go of the Wraiths.   That battle was left to Maeve, Claudia and her.    The surge of energy in anger and vengence was boiling in the air and  she hoped Julian would emerge as the Victor.

She took courage in Bree's actions and she put her trust in her coven mates to support Julian and Bree.
"Julian! Look. At. Me."   She wielded her dual blades as fast as she could go and she kept near enough to Bree and Julian.   She did what she could to keep them safe til the outcome was determined.   She prayed silently Julian would work with Bree and her coven mates.   His anger and lust for revenge was what this evil being wanted and Julian was about to be his prey.

"Battle him, Julian. For yourself and for us!"  

May 04, 2017 10:07 pm


Whatever Bree was doing with Julian, or attempting to do, Maeve hoped it would work, and allow him to keep a bit of sanity about himself while dealing with the remembered issues. There were many of them, and Maeve knew enough to know they could send anyone over the edge. And you did not need the excuse of being deep in the lust for blood.

Dancing in and out among the wraiths, they continued to appear, though at a much slower rate than before. Whatever Bree had done before she took Julian in hand, must have worked. It was getting much easier cutting them down, but the real hunger grew as it remained unfed.

"Hey Bree. Let Julian go. I believe we can help him in a much more... satisfying way."

Maeve knew the mostly do-good witch would not be fond of her suggestion. Under more normal circumstances she would probably not have made it, but Julian had fought, fought before and would fight again. Doing what Bree suggested would not give him the closure he needed until Whitsig truly was among the 'dearly' parted in many, many, many pieces and spread to all the corners of the world.

The two other vampires, Claudia and Evaine, they would understand. She did not know Evaine well enough yet, but Claudia was old and she knew about the need for letting go and giving in to the hunger, whether it was hunger for blood, revenge or something completely different.

If the witches would just learn..., could shake off some of the need to do good...

Her train of thought was disrupted by yet more of the wraiths, but at least they were easy to do with now. If for no other reason than letting them lose on the astral plane, thus making their journey that much more complicated, Whitsig would pay.
May 06, 2017 06:18 pm

Julian Montgomery

**Julian knew Bree was talking to him...he could see her face, right in front of his, and the words her mouth were forming. He did not want to hurt anyone of his people. So, he did the only thimng he could do...he wished them back to the real world, and just like that, they were gone.**

**Now, he could bathe in the molten hatred that had started to flow throughout his body. No longer woud he be the target of the old man's whims. Whitsig had dominated Julian's life for far too long. IIt was time to strike back, and banish the b*stard to the depths of hell forever. He started to gather the energies whirling around him in this astral plane, snuffing out the pitiful wraiths that had tried to kill them if Julian would let that happen. No, noone would hurt him anymore.**

**But then...** more.

"It's you...why have you come back NOW?"

The Blue...I...have come to save you from yourself, Julian Montgomery.

"But why? You forsook me. YOU LEFT ME! Why now??!!" are far too important to be swallowed by hate. Whitsig needs to pay the price for his evils thazt he brought upon you, but not this way.

"How will you stop me?!"

**Darkness falls.**

May 09, 2017 07:00 pm
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