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Camille Rameau

The night sky is painted as black as a chalkboard, with smudges of twinkling stars doing their best to outshine the city lights. Camille's idea of drinks and chill is much less traditional than one might assume. Some tavern on the outskirts of London? The girl wasn't feeling up to fending off the greedy hands of raggedy, entitled men. She just wants to drink. Drink until her head feels fuzzy and she doesn't need to remember why she was pacing around on this rooftop.

The location offered a beautiful vantage point. She's high above the skyline, with an enchanting view of the busy traffic rushing along the London bridge. She could see them all- red and purple lights a-glow, but to passers by would remain unseen. In one hand she teetered the neck of a scotch bottle back and forth between fingers. The other held a selection of leafy greens, wrapped tightly inside of a bright blue paper.

The pub bustles merrily below, but it was up top in the wide, opened air that Camille would remain.

This is her idea of fun.

From here, she'd manage a blanket of terror onto the people below for her own amusement; filthy, unworthy, little peasants as they were.

But, as luck would have it, the petite, firecracker of a blonde was expecting company. Another girl akin to her own accord. A rule breaker. Slippery little thrill seeker (Maybe. She thinks?). Someone to provide some padding between Cami and the consumption of this entire bottle on her own.

With tipped toes, she carries her body to the edge of the building. Up high on the ledge, she spreads her arms wide, fingers still wrapped tightly around her treats. While her head fell back softly against the cool night air, from her lips crept a loud, boisterous call.


Because Camille can be one dramatic b-tch.
February 01, 2017 10:43 am

Maya J Lawson

Maya had been itching to leave the confined walls of the safe house, feeling suffocated by the overwhelming pressure of quasi solitude lately. She enjoyed the limited company that she had but she felt as if she was starting to go a little bit crazy, the straight jacket was nearly buckled. So when the opportunity arose for her to take a leave of absence for the dank building she obliged with no hesitation. The time and place was set by the semi stranger and excitement beckoned.

As the night loomed on Maya tossed her hair into a messy ponytail on the top of her head, covered her body in leggings and an oversized sweater and made her way to the destination previously agreed upon. Maya felt grateful that the blonde had decided that their excursion would be something more private as opposed to being crowded in a bar with handsy drunkards that didn’t comprehend what the word no meant.

Excitement boiled beneath her flesh as she approached the building Camille had directed her towards in their brief conversation. There was something in the back of her mind that warned her some type of trap was waiting for her on the roof, but the more aggressive part of her conscious shoved away the paranoid thoughts and focused on probability of booze consuming her veins shortly. She was just getting ready to enter the building when she heard a shout from above before seeing a crowd of people scurry into the street to get a better view of suicidal woman dancing on the ledge. Maya would be more concerned, but her eyes had caught of glimpse of the woman dangling death in front of the crowds eyes and knew that it was her partner upon the roof.

Maya admired the dramatic flare before climbing the steps to join this lunatic on the roof.

“You know you’re going to give someone a heart attack that way Camille.” Maya’s voice shifted through the darkness, reaching out to Camille’s ears as she approached the ledge. A wide grin encompassed her features as she hopped on the ledge next to the girl, grasping the bottle from her fingers. Pouty pink lips touched the glass lip of the bottle as she tilted her head back and let the poisonous liquid glide down her throat.

“Now let’s drink.” 

February 01, 2017 11:13 am

Camille Rameau

The voice graces the angels ears and immediately her attention plucks. From the emergency exit atop the roof, Maya emerges, looking to Camille with obvious amusement. The girl is glad that she finds her theatrics entertaining and doesn't seem to consider them an embarrassment. There would be plenty more where that came from, and the more fluid one was with her antics, the better. A genuine grin pulls at the corners of Cami's mouth, nearly reaching the corners of her eyes as her teeth peek from behind her lips. Her gaze follows the other woman while her steps work to carry her onto the ledge next to Cam. The last swig from the bottle of lagavulin still burns against the hollows of her throat when Maya snatches the bottle from her hands.

Camille takes the opportunity to place the rolled treat and press it between her lips, brandishing a lighter from seemingly nowhere and sparking it with ease. She inhales, and a soft sigh of satisfaction escapes with the first exhale- along side a long, heavy blow of thick smoke. There's a peculiar smell that accompanies it, but its a smell that Cami doesn't mind.

She side eyes her companion before she glances at the bodies down below, now scattering as they grow tired waiting for the duo to do something. She waves, and then is promptly flipping them the bird in the same gesture.

"I'm glad you came." She finally speaks, taking another long hit. "Well tempered company is hard to find these days."

Read: People who won't complain about her questionable antics. People who will join in.

"How are you, Maya?" Its a simple question, and does not beg an intricate answer. She genuinely just wants to know. Is life cruel? Is she fairing well?
February 01, 2017 01:15 pm

Maya J Lawson

The people below scatter and Maya is able to now focus all her attention on the woman atop the roof with her. Her fingers had delicately procured a specimen that made Maya’s veins burn in yearning. The smoke billowed around and Maya absorbed its scent before taking another sip of the aged liquor that slithered smoothly against her throat. Maya hadn’t been able to give into the pleasure of drugs and liquor in what seemed like ages and now her body burned for it. Every nerve ending was screaming for more, seducing Maya forward till her body would become numb with sensation. It was a chant that Maya didn’t want to ignore, so she took another sip before once more tilting her nose to the air to breathe deeply in the scent of smoke that caressed Camille’s lips with every exhale.

Maya had let the haze consume for a moment before she focused in on the words being spoken to her. Maya easily got lost in her own thoughts, and it was nice to have someone around that seemed to care less about her unfocused demeanor. The truth was, although the woman enjoyed each other’s company, this night wasn’t about making a best friend. It was to escape all the fake bull **** and give into the nectar of life without judgment. Small talk was inevitable and Maya didn’t mind it. She would much rather discuss meaningless things for the entire night then try to procure and explanation about what was really happening in her life.

Truthfully, Maya didn’t yet comprehend what was happening with her and Malek and the strange fiery wings that popped out randomly in moments of desperation. She didn’t want to have to explain the fear of the unknown she felt that enticed her to remove the real feathery monstrosities from her back. Camille didn’t warrant and Maya would gladly avoid talking about the conundrum of her life.  So instead of giving Camille any real information she simply shrugged and politely smiled as she said “I’m alive.”

Finally Maya removed her body from the ledge, before settling her body against the concrete, leaning her back against the bricks of the ledge she had previously been balancing on. Reaching into her boot Maya pulled out a small bag out that contained tiny clear capsules filled with white powder. The substance inside was meant to create euphoria and heighten ones experience with the world around. Maya popped a capsule in her mouth and washed it down with more of the amber liquid being nursed from the bottle. She then offered the drugs to Camille allowing her to make her choice, deny or partake. Either way Maya was going to enjoy her evening.

With a slight buzz beginning to rumble at the base of her neck Maya jumped up from her spot on the roof.

“Okay darling, tonight we are going to have fun and raise some hell and clearly we are already off to a good start, but I think we can do better.” Grinning widely Maya’s ponytail bounced behind her as she circled the roof, handing back the bottle of booze as she passed by Cami. 

February 01, 2017 01:53 pm

Camille Rameau

'I'm alive.'

Its a sufficient answer, and right in line with what Camille was actually asking. There were a great deal of monstrousities that plagued all of us on any given day. At any given moment. One thing that Camille rather enjoyed about Maya so far, was that she seemed to understand that the rag tag banter of 'how sh!tty is my life was purposeless. If anything, dwelling seemed to magnify the issue, the gesture of festering allowing elevated emotions to breed and multiply.

Why not just push them down? Yes. How's about we simply numb them away with various forms of intoxication?

It was the angels perfect solution, and it served her well considering that she was only a fraction as emotionally adaptive as regular people.

Cami is fully invested in whatever it is that Maya pulled from her person, attention glued to the little capsules that she displayed and offered. Of course she's going to partake.

She places the joint between her lips once more, freeing up both hands as she takes one of the filled pills and inspects it closely.

"What is it?" She squints a little, but then, "Actually, I don't care." and pops it into her mouth, catching the blue Rollie between her fingers and then swallowing the capsule and washing it down with the bottle that's thrust back at her.

The other girl promptly proposes a promise of wild fun, which was right in line with whatever it was that Camille had pictured for the evening. Its an easy choice to chase Maya down as she begins to take her leave. Cam laughs, excitement tingling throughout her veins.

"I say, we start downstairs." She calls out, noting that the patrons in the bar might be easy to sway at first, and even less suspecting of what she wanted. "The man who owns the place works the night shift tonight. He happens to be the only one with a key to the safe."

Let's hope Maya is picking up what she's throwing down.
February 03, 2017 01:34 pm

Maya J Lawson

Maya was pleased to see Camille take the substance that she offered without much hesitation. When she asked the contents within Maya just shrugged and simply replied that it was good stuff. Honestly she didn’t remember the name of the drug but she sure as hell remembered its effects. With alcohol in her veins and the drugs chemicals rushing towards her brain, Maya began to feel the euphoria settle and couldn’t help the smile from crossing her face. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time and she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to enjoy it. Sex was the closest thing to feeling this good, but sometimes it was more work than it was worth, this was simple and didn’t involve other people and their qualms or resistance.

“Give it a minute and you’ll start to feel real good.” The violent chemicals didn’t numb the body, it woke everything up. Sending pleasurable shockwaves to every nerve ending in the brain.

Maya’s eyes lit up with excitement as Camille suggested what she would like to do for fun this wonderful evening. Maya had no rejections to anything that would be suggested for their evening affair. Maya had killed, stolen, maimed, ect. The list of terrible things could go on for days, she wasn’t afraid of committing crimes and she certainly wasn’t afraid of getting caught other. So with a bounce in her step she tossed open the door that would lead the pair away from the roof and down to the bustling bar below.

Temporarily her vision got fuzzy, and she stumbled down three steps before regaining her balance as her brain tried to process the strong effects of the venomous mix of liquor and drugs. If she was human she would be well on her way to the hospital, but Maya was dead, and her body was basking in the wicked glory of the danger she was causing to herself.

Glancing over her shoulder Maya pulled apart her plump pink lips to reveal a playful smirk of excitement. Shaking fingers stretched out to open yet another door, this one leading out to the floor that buzzed with life. A few of the patron’s regarded the women with lustful gazes, wondering how they’d be able to get their hands on the two blonde females traipsing out of the doorway that lead upstairs.

Maya didn’t know this place, she didn’t know the owner or where the safe was, so she stepped to the side graciously waving her hand in front of her as she spoke to Cami in a soft voice.

“Lead the way and tell me what to do.”


February 03, 2017 05:30 pm

Camille Rameau

Camille happily follows Maya down the steps, her eyes narrowing without her realizing as the haze of her intoxication began to take hold. Her head begins to pulsate, but not in a painful way, and it brings a permanent sort of grin to the corners of her lips. Maya teeters until they find a heavy oak door that gains them entrance to the pub, and its almost as though the entirety of its patrons stopped in their place once they arrived.

Camille pushes past her tawny haired friend, side eyeing her with mischievous intent as she lightly grabbed her hand and tugged her along by her fingers.

It was inevitable; male attention radiated against them, almost unbearable as the two of them soaked up the hot spotlight. Women of a similar kind scowled, clearly irritated by the sudden competition.

Although truthfully, there was none.

Both Camille and Maya were very beautiful alone, and as they tiptoed through the bar together, were quite a sight to behold.

Cami leads them to the bar proper, squeezing in between an older gentleman and a rough and tumble biker-type. She can feel both sets of eyes on them, but she pays them no mind. Instead, her grin grows as her fingers rake through her golden hair and she orders two shots of Patron, two free fingers in the air.

"One for each of us." She grins, her eyes now darting back and forth between the two men, "And which one of you gentleman might afford our tab?" Camille's teeth peek from behind perfectly soft lips, her blue eyes radiating through thickly lined and batting lashes.

Its heavily forced charm, but it doesn't matter. Pretty girls; free drinks. Cami never waited for someone to offer to pick up the price of the drinks anymore. This is how it went every time:

"I've go'it sweetheart." The burly, hairy man pulls out his wallet.

"No, please, let me." The elderly man on the other side of the girls insists.

They'd go back and forth until two of them were shaking a bill at the bartender, all the while Cami had handed Maya her shot and ducked out from under the burden of the bickering men.

She would find a corner next to an ongoing game of pool, and do her best to pull Maya in close. From here she could whisper, but over the loud noises of the pub, no one would hear them.

"That man behind the bar, he's the owner. No one else is on shift right now. The safe is under that cooler there," She nods her head in the direction of the mini fridge that houses cans of red bull and cranberry juice, "If you can distract him... I'm sure that I can get behind there and get the safe open."

Cami bites down on her bottom lip, stifling a bout of laughter as a wave of excitement and hilarity comes over her. The effects of both the drugs and the alcohol grasped at her tightly, the situation providing all of the amusement she could ever hope for.

"Any ideas?"
February 14, 2017 10:55 am

Maya J Lawson

The fiery woman grabbed Maya’s hand stomped her way through the crowd where she promptly order them a strong drink and passed the bill off to someone else. An hour ago Maya was sober and in her right mind, living a lackluster day and craving the excitement Camille had to offer. Her mind was fuzzy from the effects of the liquor and drugs, but she stayed focused as she slammed back the shot of patron. Sweetly she played the familiar game, batting her eyelashes at the men still arguing over who got to spend their money on the pretty girls.

It was incredibly stupid and foolish of the men considering they’d never have a chance at the woman, but let them believe what they wanted.

The liquid fire scratched at her throat as slide along her esophagus before settling in her stomach. Maya reveled in the warmth for a moment before turning her attention back to the woman that was pulling her away from the bar andinto a corner for a private conversation. Leering men still glanced at the pair, but Maya tried to ignore them as Cami continued to instruct her about their next task in their adventure.

Blue eyes flicked over to the man tending the bar for a moment before glancing back over to Cami. Seduction was always the easiest tactic, but this man was wearing a ring and the gruff look on his face looked like he’d put up with enough drunk women to have built a wall around himself. It wouldn’t be that easy to seduce him, so she’d have to play on something else to rattle his steely concentration.

“You do your thing, I’ll handle him.”

Maya wasn’t the greatest actress, but she knew how to make herself look weak, make herself look small and the furthest thing from a threat. Grinning she kissed Camille on the cheek before shoving her away and settling her attention on the game of pool. The men hovered around her as she swayed, laughing and talking.

“Let me get you another beer.” Maya brought the bottle to her lips from the strangers’ beer and chugged the remains before stumbling away from the small gawking crowd of college boys. Along the way Maya tripped over her own feet before completely slipping to the ground. In one quick motion she slammed the bottle against the ground before pulling a sharp piece of the glass forward and slicing it along the length of her forearm.

She let out a guttural scream, Camille’s cue to do her thing with the safe. Shortly Maya was surrounded by a crowd of people, the bartender included with a look of fear in his eyes about the potential insurance this would cost him.

“I’m sorry I’m just so clumsy, please could you get me a towel or something.” Blood was pooling quickly around her fingers on the floor and she feigned another woozy sway of her body. All eyes were on her. Someone yelled out about calling for help but Maya assured that all she needed was a first aid kit. The bartender happily obliged, walking into the side room that Maya and Camille had previously emerged from. 

February 17, 2017 10:05 am
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