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Rests for the weary


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Aiofe Donohue

*It was nice finally find a place of our own, I was looking around the river for some colorful to make rings for the Nightbreeds. To my delight I found a bright blue stone for Eirie, a amber colored stone for Etaine, and a deep purple stone for Erika. I went back to my apartment and went to work with some silver as well. Using the light to heat the silver so it could be malleable and using the darkness to handle the heated metal I was to make small details on the bands before inserting the stones. Daddy was looking over my shoulder I asked.*

Think they'll like theses?

*Daddy smiles softly.*

"I'm sure they will."

*It took me almost an hour to get the rings done then I headed back outside back into the forest. I found a clearing and tried to decide where to go next. A womanly figure appeared behind me. I turned around to see a very tall pale woman wearing a gown made of black feathers. I smiled.*


*I ran up to her and she picks me up. She smiles softly.*

"Hello, wee one."

March 17, 2017 04:12 pm

Aiofe Donohue

*I look up at The Morrigan.*

What brings you here?

*Grandma replies coolly.*

"Well, I was able get some time off and figured you and yer father can come over to the Sidhe.*

*My eyes lit up with joy and I gasped. Daddy came over.*

"Sin iontas deas, ma. Ceachtar de dúinn a bheith riamh ann."

(That's a nice surprise, ma. Neither of us have ever been there.)

*Morrigan looks over at Daddy, they are about the same height.*

"Tá a fhios agam. Ba mhaith liom tógtha tú an dá ansin túisce. Faraor, coimeádann mo phost dom an-ghnóthach. chaill mé mo gariníon agus mo mhac."

(I know. I would've taken you both there sooner. Sadly, my job keeps me very busy. I missed my granddaughter and my son.)

*Daddy smiles before looking at his barefeet.*

"Chaill mé tú ró, ma."

(I missed you too, ma.)
March 23, 2017 03:30 pm

Aiofe Donohue

*Grandma took to the Sidhe and it was so much more than I expected, I gazed over at my new surroundings before Daddy held me in his hands and against his chest. Grandma lead us to a river to relax, Daddy placed me back on the ground before dipping his feet in the water.* May 02, 2017 01:00 pm
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