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Blaize Summers

Silence. For most silence meant loneliness, abandonment. Silence was a killer that bit and gnawed at a person's mind until they would eventually crack; be it silence of speech, silence of surroundings or silence of the mind.

Blaize was unlike those people. Silence had become a close friend of his. Recently, however, it had become less friendly and more hostile in the man's current state. Everything bottled up, no outlet for his inner turmoil, no way to relieve himself of the demons clawing from inside his skull.

There was no more silence. Even in the bare living room of his beloved manor the anxiety ringed in his ears. The only occupants of the room was Blaize, his paintings, and few pieces of furniture spread about the naturally lit room. The click of his heel against the hard wood floor was barely enough of a distraction from the screams in his head.

Focus, Blaize, the familiar French accent brought a slight wave of relaxation to the man's body. All is well, mon amour. Now, drink.

That's what Desmond used to tell him when his temper had gotten the better of him. Even after his death he found a way to speak to Blaize, even if the moments were few and far between.

The wine glass was taken from the side table to the right of his crimson throne-like chair. His scarlet irises remained fixated on the lit fireplace while the red liquid was brought to his lips for a drink. The slight tinge of blood mixed in the wine gave accent to the bitter, earthy flavor of his own homemade wine.

For a moment he gazed to the side of his chair for a sign that his sister had arrived. The two love seats on both sides of Blaize had been cleaned and decorated with ornate blankets with golden embroidery. Everything had been straightened up just for Autumn's visit and, even though it was still early, Blaize was anxious to get everything on the table.

Still, the front door down the main hall had not been opened. A slight sigh escaped the man's pale lips. Expressing his emotions through conversation was not his strong suit. The cold mask of a killer was his favorite to wear, but right now Autumn needed her brother and Blaize needed his sister.

To the family his life had been a mystery. They knew he was taken away the first time his parents had decided to sell their children off to vampires. It was supposed to be Autumn. They wanted her. However, Blaize intervened. All they knew after that wasn't a lie, but also not the whole truth. He had told them he met Desmond in that nest who soon after changed him.

It was time Autumn knew the truth. About Blaize. About Desmond. About everything.

Blaize had meant to bring the whole situation up to the family when he had returned. Tell them all that had happened and why he was so intent on keeping them all out of harm's way. Alas, Twig made sure that wouldn't happen anytime soon.

Just thinking about his brother made the rage grow in the man's chest. Drink, Desmond commanded. Blaize obeyed. Coming back from his business trip Blaize had wanted to end Twig once and for all only to find he had fallen to another's hands. Despite how frustrating it may be, a slight sense of relief took a bit of the weight off his already over-encumbered shoulders.

Then came the fight with Autumn. Words were said that Blaize could not take back. If only his blood magic had the ability to turn back time, but that would be too easy.

Everything will be alright. I am here with you. Trust her as you trust me.

"How am I to trust her when I don't even trust myself anymore, my love?" His quizzical voice echoed through the empty halls of the manor. The fire crackled at his question while the voice only Blaize could hear gave a soft, comforting chuckle. The warming sound of his lover's laugh brought a warm sensation through Blaize's cold body. How he missed the touch of Desmond's hand on his. Desmond's whispers in his ears.

He should have been thankful that he had what left of Desmond with him for the rest of his existence...but still, he wasn't there always.

The clicking sound of his heels continued on. This needed to be done.

Blaize needed to be set free.
March 19, 2017 06:33 pm

Autumn Summers

Autumn glanced at the digital clock on the center dash and pressed her foot into the gas pedal.

Late. Through no fault of her own.

Well, if we’re being entirely honest, some of the blame was hers. After telling Lucius she needed to cut their scheduled ‘Lazy Day’ short, they’d gotten down to negotiating and she took advantage of the situation. A little bit. And thoroughly enjoyed it. But that was neither here nor there.

However, had the request come from anyone but Blaize (and not been an emergency), they’d have been left waiting. Autumn held her older brother in the highest regard, despite how their last conversation ended, and valued the bond they always maintained regardless of what life threw at them.

The engine of the Maserati purred as the pedal pressed further down. If the police wanted her, they had to catch her first, and even then Autumn was not left optionless.

She dressed with care for this meeting; a wordless way to convey her respect. While Blaize accepted her as she was, the man put stock into class and presenting oneself in the best light, so that was precisely what the fiery redhead did. Tasteful, albeit high, heels and a forest green sheath dress.

The color contrasted her ivory skin and set off her eyes. Its simplicity also complimented the winking diamonds on the Cartier Love bracelet fastened around her slender left wrist. It was a statement all on its own. She needed little else. Sometimes less was more.

Autumn inhaled deeply and caught the scent of Lucius lingering on her skin. The corners of her lips curled into a smile. Blaize would smell him as well, and look to her for answers, which she would provide. She hoped that conversation went better than when she informed him of her best friend’s presence to begin with. Miracles happened occasionally, aye? Right, and pigs flew.

Finally, the Maserati’s tires crunched their way along the white gravel leading up to the manor’s imposing front door. Truth be told, she longed to see her brother. Autumn cherished her siblings above all others, save for Lucius.

She gathered the fancy little bags designed for carrying wine bottles, each containing two bottles of Blaize’s preferred rhubarb wine, and made for the door. They were going to need all of it if his text messages were any indication. After a small amount of juggling, she let herself in.

Blaize wasn’t difficult to find. Even without the benefit of exceptional eyesight, she merely followed the fresh, distinct scent her brain identified as ‘Blaize’. Like him, the heels of her shoes clacked with purpose against the hardwood floor, announcing her arrival.

The bags were set onto a table in the livingroom. Keys placed next to them.

Autumn turned and regarded her much taller older brother, expression closed off and wary. His last words left wounds behind. Had put strain on her trust, and in turn on her.

This lasted only a few moments. In short order, she strode forward to close the distance between them, and did not hesitate to encircle her arms around him. Something cold and hard inside her heart eased upon the contact.

“I have missed you so much,” Autumn murmured into the silence surrounding them, not realizing how true the statement was until just that second.
March 20, 2017 01:50 pm

Blaize Summers

Just as the final drop of liquid nectar touched Blaize's tongue, the familiar sound of the front door could be heard easily from his chair. Without a thought the man jumped to his feet with eyes fixed on the direction of the door.

She was here. She had arrived. As did the anxiety. Despite his porcelain scowl the true man behind the mask was petrified at what his sister had to say. She was never one to conceal her feelings, but what if she had only come to tell him she no longer needed him? For him to disappear? All thought had fluttered through his thoughts. Alas, only time would tell.

Fiery locks filled the hallways as his sister approached. His hands clasped behind his back, his posture statuesque. He had really perfected the art of burying his true emotions beneath the stone of his undead skin.

Silence. There was that silence once more. The clocking of heels had finished, the bags settled on the floor. Now crimson irises looked down into green ones in anticipation. She was wary of him. He did not blame her. His words were not kind, nor were they needed. Blaize had wrongfully taken his frustrations out on his closest sibling. Forgiveness was a hope, not a certainty.

Dry lips parted to end the silence only to be left agape at the transpiring events. She embraced him. Awkward hands rose above the woman's shoulders with a shocked look splayed across the man's features. He could feel a tear well up in his eye. If his heart still beat, it would explode with relief. Still, the loss of weight from his shoulders was tremendous. A breath hitched in the man's chest before he brought his arms into a hug, returning his sister's embrace.

She forgives you, Spitfire. All is well."

A true smile spread across Blaize features as he pulled his sister tightly into his arms. "I've missed you as well, my sister." His voice was silent and...relieved. Unlike his typical cold features he truly seemed human once more. Before his emotions could take hold he would pull from the hug with an embarrassed laugh.

"How embarrassing." A pale hand would reach up to his chest pocket to pull a handkerchief out of so he may wipe a slightly red tinged stream of liquid from his cheek. He sniffed, readjusted his vest, then swept his arm in the direction of the furniture.

"Please, take a seat sister. " Blaize placed his used wine glass next to one he had brought earlier for his sister. The man popped open one of the bottles provided by Autumn, pouring the rich, burgundy liquid into both glasses just half an inch before completely full. He lifted them into both hands with one being offer to Autumn.

"So, catch me up to all that has happened. I seem to have missed quite a bit. Lucius had mentioned much had changed, but I have yet to see anything substantial." He brought the glass to his lips drinking the liquid happily. The taste of his favorite rhubarb wine brought a smirk to his face. She had taste. Such wonderful taste.

"Before you start, though...I would like to apologize for all that I said about you, and Lucius. I had no reason to speak to you in such a demeaning manor nor speak ill of a man I had not yet even met. I should have trusted you when you said he was only a friend. He is truly a decent man whom I find rather intriguing." Another gulp of wine was taken into his mouth.

"And he's just your friend. I should not have been so defensive about him."
March 23, 2017 09:15 pm

Autumn Summers

Time passed. Blaize stood stiff in Autumn’s arms. Sh*t. Had she made a terrible misjudgement? Was there to forever be a gulf between them now? Her older brother was one of the few people Autumn could truly talk to, but time did not heal all wounds. Not always, and not completely.

Just as she prepared to build those protective walls back up and pull away, his strong arms closed around her petite frame and returned the embrace tightly. No wimpy hug here, folks. For all that Blaize played immovable, emotionless statue, Autumn knew better. They both wore their masks well. Different masks, to be sure, but still a mask.

Under that facade was a brother whom loved her dearly, and she loved in return. To lose him as both a friend and confidante would be a devastating blow to her.

It seemed they managed to dodge that particular bullet.

When Blaize pulled away, Autumn all but beamed at him. Seeing his rare smile warmed the fiery redhead right down to her toes. She treasured it more than their combined weight in gold because he so rarely allowed anyone to see it.

She accepted the glass of strong wine, brought it to her nose and inhaled the perfume. Lovely. She made a note to visit the cellar these bottles came from again. The gentleman who helped her excelled at accommodating her request. Chances were the selections waiting in the car for herself and Lucius were just as good.

After an appreciative sip, Autumn sat down gingerly onto the seat Blaize offered, careful not to slosh the wine onto herself or the upholstery.

She took a breath to begin explaining but he halted her. The apology was unexpected but not unwelcome. It helped to further heal the hurt between them. However, that was one of the changes.

Autumn waited until he finished and took a deep breath.

“Thank you for that. It means a great deal to me. But Blaize, you ought to trust me regardless.” The words were not spoken with heat. They were calm, quiet. “If you’ve not noticed any changes, then you aren’t looking. Summer has moved to Australia. Winter is living in Russia.” Pause. Another sip. “Lucius was just a friend. Now he is more. We’ve been living together for a few weeks now.”

Boom, boom, boom. Truth bombs dropped, just like that.

Still calm, Autumn arched a shapely brow and waited for the Blaize bomb to explode.
March 25, 2017 10:20 pm

Blaize Summers

As she spoke the man listened carefully. "Ah, yes, Summer. She had sent me a text stating she will probably never return or something along those lines. If I had a dime for every time one of you have said that... well, I could buy another manor." A humorloess chuckle escaped his pale lips as his sister continued on with her explanations.

Winter's new accommodations were also known, but not surprising. If memory served he was staying with the Orlavs in their Sanctuary that resided in Moscow. He was safe there. Plus, Winter was a very fast runner. If anything were to come he would be able to outrun the trouble with a loud, shrill scream.

The glass was brought back to his lips for another drink when she had spoken a true change to their dynamic. He froze. His mind needed to rewind to understand what she had just said. His crimson eyes slowly turned to look at the woman and, despite his blank features, his eyes held a different story. Betrayal. Hurt. Anger, even. None of it at Autumn, not at all!

It was all for Lucius. 'We are just friends!' The man had assured him over their meeting of wine. The man was not nearly as bad as the last two by far, at least that was what he thought.

The wine was just a trick! A sly deception so that he may gain Blaize's trust then, while away on business, he would swoop in and win over Autumn! How could he have not seen this earlier?! It was because he was neither a leather clad bad boy nor was he a pompous windbag like her most recent escapade! His eyes gazed at the liquid in his glass. What was he to do.

"So," he said a little too calmly,"while I was away he took that opportunity to take you as his own. And after I had actually started to like him a bit.."

You are being ridiculous, she is a grown woman. This has nothing to do with you.

As stubborn as he was, Blaize could never win against Desmond, let alone Autumn. A soft sigh left his lips in defeat, his hands sweeping infront of him as if to dismiss his previous words. "I won't attempt to pull you apart or intimidate him. I've learned my lesson. But, sister," he gave a soft, playful pout, "when I said you could 'hop on his ****** for all I cared' I was not being serious!"

A bright toothy grin replaced his blank features before he took another drink from his glass. "Just as long as he doesn't do anything stupid...which he will. Because he is a male." And with a nod, he would leave it at that.

"Now, I have some truths I must tell you as well. Truths...I have not told anybody. I should have, yes, but...I am just not good at this." His hand reached up through his fiery red hair showing signs he was uncomfortable with the subject at hand. Emotions were not his forte, everybody knew that. However, keeping truths from family that directly effects them is both dangerous and idiotic. Therefore, he spoke.

"Let me start from the beginning. You remember the night I was taken?" Once bright features returned to their statuesque state as he spoke. "When the two vampires wished to take you and Spring but, instead, I intervened?" He nibbled ta his lip. One brave gulp of wine and he continued. "I did meet Desmond there, as I told all of you. However, he was not a part of the nest."

From his front vest pocket he pulled out a handkerchief. "I need you to understand I did not tell you any of this for your safety...and so that you may not pity me. I do not deserve pity." Pleading eyes gazed at his sister, begging her to understand his stance. Then, he began to brush the handkerchief across his face. As he did, pale white foundation began to come off but something else seemed to happen to his skin.

"Blood magic can do wonders for the skin. If you focus, you can alter you physiology, your appearance." As he wiped the makeup away it seemed as if mirages of perfectly smooth skin would disappear into that of bite marks, scars, scratches. After he had finally finished it was revealed his whole face hadn't a single inch of skin left untouched. Even his lips had scars to show they had been sewn shut. His neck, covered in scars where teeth and nails dug in. His once beautiful, and eerily gorgeous features replaced with hideous deformations from abuse. His cheekbones had become unusually pointed with his cheek's had become darkly gaunt.

The man let his sister adjust to his new features before continuing. ""For a full year, I was bitten, stabbed, prodded, and assaulted. Only after a year was I save. That was when I met Desmond...and he turned me into a vampire to survive."
March 27, 2017 06:01 pm
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