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Nobody Said It Would Be Easy..


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Jameson Orlav

There is much to be said about Jameson's untimely absence, and even more that remains to be seen. Time, while having passed quickly, filled the doctor to the brim with both purpose and consequence. His days were enveloped by mission- which had become clear and concise:


This trip of his would come to condone the most ultimate revelation in the name of science, all the while leaving those around him to draw their on conclusions about what was left of his sanity.. If there was anything left at all.

There were multiple parts to this mission. Multiple stops. Two of the cities were large and looming, while the other remained relatively docile in it's nature.

We'll take the story one step at a time, starting with his first stop:

New Orleans.

Navigating around this city was trickier than most. The overwhelming presence of the occult almost made it difficult for him to move freely. There was no doubt that some knew who he was, and even further, why he was there. But Jameson had learned over the course of many years that allies and enemies were not always universal.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Or, at the very lease, someone who might be of use.

While the Doctor is no old pro at navigating through the complicated entrails of the city, there are key locations where he knows the right questions will ultimately lead him to the appropriate answers.

After the Mardi Gras celebration, and before tourists had the opportunity to completely shut down various sections of the city come warmer weather, Jameson frequents two locations in the French Quarter. The first requires strict business attire - a fine jacket and closed toe leather shoes. A place where he would eat his meals in peace, while also frequenting the attached hotel where he lay his head for the few hours a day that he wasn't working. He was seen here, by the curious and ever wondering eyes that kept an immaculate watch over the city. They assessed him, and determined whether or not he would invoke a sense of liability by way of their safety.

But they never approached him.

Which intern propositioned his arrival at location number two on the fourth night of his temporary residency.

The Hotel Monteleone. More specifically, the slow spinning carousel that comprised most of the bar room, which offered brightly colored seating and featured the ceramic shapes of various zoo animals. Finding a spot at the bar itself would prove to be challenging, but the sub-ordinary worn zebra stool saw more visitors coming and going than any other. Jameson can't help but wonder if he's the only one to notice, but doesn't stop to ponder long enough to give it much consideration. The seat is free, and his legs thrust him forward with strides long enough to secure his position upon the backless chair quickly.

"What can I get for you, sir?"
The bar tender pulls two hot glasses from a steamer and places them next to a slide of others just above his head.

"Le special. Avec un rebondissiment." He mutters, eyes low.

At first, the sandy-haired man seems to ignore his comment, though his movements slow considerably while he works to put the rest of the glassware away. For a moment, Jameson is sure it's because he's assessing how he's going to answer the question. But the bartenders eyes suddenly dart to the right, and he's grasped the attention of two younger gentlemen with a nod of his head in the doctors direction.

This is the last exchange between Jameson and the quiet bar man. It's only moments before the men make their way to Jameson; one on either side, and they're physically insisting that he go with them. He's not going to resist, instead considering that his compliance would reward him in either the long or short term.. Either, in any case, would be ideal.

From the slow moving carousel, Jameson is guided over maroon plushed carpeting, where he shuffles along through a long and narrow corridor lined sparsely with doors that blend in with the dark walls. The lights are so dim that the doctor almost doesn't notice them at first, but he hardly pays them any mind.

It's that large door at the end of the hall that he'd be led through.


The lights that shine beneath the door are a blinding contrast to the bleak colors of the hallway. What's more confusing is the blistering white and blue coloring of the entire room, revealed once the door is swung open and Jameson is ushered inside. Reactively, his eyelids squint and narrow to protect his tired amber eyes from the harsh difference in light. Though at first he's temporarily blind to his surroundings, as he comes into focus, several things become clear:

He is both remarkably out numbered and indisputably out powered.

"Doctor Orlav." A voice rings out from be hind a mass of bodies, scattered about over plush couches and tightly leathered benches. "We've been expecting you."
April 18, 2017 09:37 pm
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