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Secrets in the Highlands


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Ella Donovan

Only a few weeks had passed since her last mission. It was a failure to some people, but to Ella Donovan it was the end of the cryptid's trial. It was also the end of the affair she had with the local that ushered them along the way. Down time was the bane of her existence simply for the grueling flight back home. Just as the plane touched down she always got flooded with letters of angry housewives, bitter children of divorce, and her favorite - the next assignment.

Luck didn't find Ella when she landed three weeks ago. Instead she got a few calls from scattered universities around the states to come in and speak. An era of critics tended to weigh on her conscious. Everything had to be perfect for them to believe.The truth was out there, and for her profession it didn't automatically mean the species would be debunked.

Ella had the notes of her open forum scattered across the dining table. Every few minutes she paused to check the time, knowing she would have to finish the material before her mother got home. It was the unofficial countdown powering her through. A ghost deer? Really? Were these hunters just bad shots? Did they try rounds of sound bullets? sonic bullets? Highly radioactive bullet? How did this one deer ultimately avoid them all. Blue eyes darted in direction of the door as she heard the familiar sound of keys. What in the seven hells? Her mother shouldn't have been home for another hour at minimum. Feverously she grasped at the documents and wiped them together. Not fast enough, because her mother's towering shadow descended onto the table.

It was hard for her to see the resemblance between herself and Tiffany Donovan. The woman stood at the height of six foot, and still insisted on wearing heels. Today was a four inch heel day, which meant she was pretty much the giant b-tch in a basic funeral outfit. Wavy undefined curls gathered at the mass of her head pinned up into a half bun. At one point it probably was a bun. Tiffany Donovan also liked to excel in extracurricular activities at her work place.

"Ella. Still have that down time? This came at the library for you today."

"I'm just about done. Not excited about that flight to Los Angeles though. I always end up next to a man bun."

Her mother laughed and sauntered over to set her briefcase on the table. No lag of time presented itself as she clicked it open and slid her the manila envelope. "I think you'll be happy with those coordinates. Inverness isn't too poor this time of year." The librarian murmured matter-of-factually, before she vanished from sight in the direction of the kitchen island to grab a banana.

Ella spared no time in ripping the envelope open. It didn't even matter that there had been a letter opener inches from her. When she extracted the documents her soothing breaths stopped. If there could be any cryptid to launch her Cryptozoology career, this was beyond that. A boisterous squeal parted from her as she bounced in a circle still clutching the envelope. One might mistakenly think she had been accepted to a university of her choosing, but no. She thanked her mother and ran towards her quarters in the house. Delusions may be the way of her life when it came to Jameson Orlav, but this she knew she couldn't partake alone.

It had only been a few days since she left the compound in Moscow. Mainly to gather the intel she needed for Los Angeles. It was simple to reschedule the forum to another day, and use her phone to text an ally.


Meet me at Inverness. We have a standing appt for Nessie.
April 20, 2017 04:27 pm
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