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[Story based] Causing a Stir


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Bree Ravencroft

(Causing a Stir is a jump ahead in the timeline which began with Bree's story in Shifter Creek Mountain. It is not a traditional setup for a role play, so if you feel you have something which can make this story even more interesting (more posts are in the works already) please contact me first, so I can fill you in on the format I have in mind.)

Bree Ravencroft stared mesmerized at the flames dancing lustily in the fireplace. For a summer evening, it was unusual for the fireplace to be lit. But vacationing on the edge where sea and sky and land became one with each other, the weather had been dark and cold for the last week, and the meteorologists had not been able to predict anything different. Sighing, Bree chased the cold of her soul away with a healthy swallow of whiskey. It was not her standard choice of drink, she strongly disliked the taste, but tonight needed something different.

"I would have thought you'd learnt to drink it by now."

Looking up at the six foot four inches body of lean muscle standing next to her, Bree shook her head in denial. There was no way she would ever learn to enjoy the taste.

"I don't think that is possible. It is vile, but I cannot think of anything better for quick warmth."

Oh yes she could, but it would not be something she could say in polite or public company. Young ears and prudes had a habit of being a bucket of cold water.

The first time Bree had laid eyes on Seymour, they had had a head on collision in the entry to the diner. He was leaving, and she was just arriving after a long day running up and down the mountain for supplies. He was not one of the locals, but Martha seemed to know him well enough. Forever trying to play matchmaker for select locals, her welcoming smile had been filled with satisfaction and amusement. That alone should have put Bree on guard, but tiredness had won over.

Since that first meeting he had shown up in Shifter Creek a couple of times more, though he never seemed to stay long. Whatever his business was, the council kept their lips sealed tightly.

Scooting over, she made room for him on the couch.

"Let me guess.. Martha?"

Martha was the only one who knew she had gone on vacation and where, and would be forward enough to let someone like Seymour Brenner know where she was.

"I did not ask. She was too busy telling me while pushing me out the door. I did not even get to do what I came there to do."

Seymour looked at Bree with an apologetic look. No one could resist Martha when she was in that mood. Only Zach could do that, and even he was not safe. But such was married life between a wolf shifter, and.. Bree had not yet figured out what Martha was, except not a wolf shifter.

“So.. Seymour Brenner. What brought you all the way out here?”
May 10, 2017 02:56 pm

Bree Ravencroft

She had gone out of her way not to pick a typical vacation spot. The village did not even have a Bed and Breakfast, but the pub did have a few rooms to rent, which she had found out, was mostly used by those in even more outlying settlements who enjoyed getting their drink on a little too much.

“You Miss Ravencroft.”


“Yes, you. You have caused quite a stir in certain places.”

All of a sudden Bree felt like a deer caught in a truck's headlights. It was definitely not the answer she had been expecting from him. Fighting to set her world right again, she took a couple of deep breaths while she rolled the nearly empty glass between her hands.

“If you don’t mind me asking.. How can I be causing a stir, when I am spending most of my time on the mountain in near seclusion?”

It had been ages since she had had any kind of confrontations with anyone. That had happened mostly when she was younger and full of unbridled magic. Now she kept mostly to herself, or with a few trusted friends, because the word going around was that people was afraid of her.

“Maybe I should rephrase that.. Your dragon has caused bit of a stir.”

“My dragon? I do not have a dragon. I just happened to be the caretaker or guardian of a small flight.”

Putting the now empty glass down, she slowly rubbed her right shoulder where she carried the dragon tattoo. She could not think of anyone still alive or awake who knew about it, so it could not be that. Could it? Hidden from view beneath her clothes, she felt a slow pulse, reminding her the dragon was very much alive and listening.

“Not them. The other one..”

“What.. How?”

While always aware of the dragon's presence, even Bree had only seen her once. She was big, and fierce, and a mighty protector. Bree had a sense she would only leave the tattoo for dire consequences.

“That is a very long story, which I think is best told elsewhere. Will you walk with me?”

Before deciding whether or not she’d take the hand Seymour had offered to her, Bree sat quietly for a long moment, studying his face. He looked like someone who had experienced the world, and life, to the fullest. His eyes was a warm brown color, looking back at her with nothing more than genuine interest. If he had been a threat to Shifter Creek, or her, neither Martha or anyone else on the council would have let him return. And her dragon, while a little more aware than usual, did not breathe anything but calmness.

“Alright, take me away.”

With a smile, Bree took Seymour’s hand, and let him pull her to her feet. Throwing a quick glance at the outside, she saw the sun had finally fallen below the horizon, and darkness was coming quickly. While she could still hear the wind blowing, it was not rattling the windows as hard as before, and the rain had slowed to a wet mist.
May 11, 2017 10:21 am

Bree Ravencroft

"Have you ever heard about the enclaves?"


With an emotion of curiosity surging through her, Bree struggled to keep up with Seymour's longer stride. Everything she could see with her naked eye seemed to be longer, bigger, more muscular. Had she not been promised certain information, it would have been tempting to let herself stay a little behind where the view was good, darkness of night or not.

"I can't say I have. At least not the kind of enclaves I think you're referring to."

Below her, the ground was still wet. Wearing a pair of good wellies did not make walking any easier, though they did keep her feet dry.

“Can you please slow down a little. Not everyone is born with legs the length of ..”

Before the last word crossed her lips, Bree found her world turned upside down, when Seymour grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. Screeching, she pummeled her fists against his back.

“Put me down.”


Bree could feel the amusement rumble through his body, as he gave her a firm no. Had it not been for the chance to ogle his backside without being caught, and it was a very nice backside, she would probably have tried to protest just a bit more.

“Then at least tell me about the enclaves.”

“All in good time Miss. Ravencroft. All in good time.”

Without further notice, her world was turned the right side up when he bent and sat her on a bench. Glancing around, she recognized the place. It was the bench standing at the highest point in the village, with a front row view of the ocean. You could only get any closer by getting down on the beach and stand with your feet in the water. She had done that, and spent hours sitting on the bench, enjoying the view while the sound of the waves teased the stress out of her. It was very calming for a weary soul.

“Thank you for putting me down. Now about those enclaves you mentioned. Is it safe to assume, we’re not talking about what ordinary mortal people would call an enclave?”

Shivering a little against the wind which had started to pick up a little, Bree tucked her hands deep into the pockets of her coat. At least she had been here long enough to know how to dress.

“Indeed they are not, and yet they are kind of the same. Mostly they are what I would call safe havens for magical beings, and a few mortals who need to find them for one reason or another. The world of the enclaves is a fluid one. Always shifting and changing with mortal currents. The more the world heads towards peril, the more magical beings looks towards the enclaves and the old ways. I would guess, I do not have to tell you what that means?”

Shaking her head, Bree sat in silent thought. This was big, huge, enormous, and it was something she had always hoped existed.

“I thought so. Over time there has been a static number of enclaves, with more coming into and going out of existence as needed. And then there is Shifter Creek.”

That comment caught her attention, and brought her back from her half listening contemplations.

“What do you mean.. Then there is Shifter Creek?”
May 12, 2017 08:00 pm

Bree Ravencroft

“Exactly that. Shifter Creek is special in the sense that it once was, then it wasn’t and now it is again.”

“But what does that have to do with anything? You mentioned the dragons, but so far I have not heard anything about them..”

Throwing his head back, Seymour let out a long laugh.

“If you would let me finish the story, I promise you I’ll get to it eventually.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

Blushing under cover of the darkness, Bree bit her lip, glad Seymour could not see her reaction. She was not impatient as such, but being a witch she was used to appearances not be what they seemed. Ask questions until you understand the answers you’re given, and do not let yourself get distracted.

“You didn’t wonder why the mountain is as big as it is?”

“Duh! It is a mountain, and they are big.”

“True, but think about the caves. They too are big, and comfortably fit a big dragon. If I understand history right, there should be at least seven more of them.”

Staring at Seymour with her mouth hanging wide open, Bree struggled to comprehend the enormity of what he was telling her. She had already thought it was big news, but what he was telling her about the dragons, made it even bigger.

“My god. It is a regular dragon mountain.”

“Indeed it is. Apparently Shifter Creek needs its dragons to be an open enclave. Something was set right when you arrived with your small flight.”

Looking at Seymour in wonder, Bree shook her head.

“They are not my dragons. At the most I am their caretaker or guardian if you will. I was lucky enough to raise them from the egg. Before you ask, sometimes things find their way to me. I have learned not to ask too many questions when that happens.”

“What about the other dragon then?”

Looking at Seymour, she wondered just how much he knew, and how he had come to know.

“That is nothing more than a tattoo, which appears to be magical in nature. I think she is what you’d call a familiar. Some have wolves, or bears, or cats, or ravens. Mine happens to be a dragon hidden in a tattoo. I am always aware of her presence, but I have seen her only once. It was quite an ordeal, and happened in a place not unlike the one we’re at right now. I woke up, buck naked and tucked under her wing. I do not remember what went before, but she obviously wanted to introduce herself.”

“Fascinating. Do you.. No, never mind. I have asked so many questions of you already. It is getting late. Perhaps we should head back down to the village. There is always tomorrow with time for more talk. Do you need a lift, or can you manage on your own?”

With a light growl rumbling through her chest, Bree pulled the coat closer around her. For reasons she was not willing to examine too closely, it would have been nice being carried back down. But if she could help it, distractions needed to be kept off the agenda.

“I could have walked earlier, if you’d slow down just a bit.”
May 14, 2017 03:27 pm

Bree Ravencroft

"Fly with us. Fly with us Bree."

The sound of giant wings beating against the air, cut through the darkness of night. One after another the five giant beasts took to the air, until only one was left. Neither bigger nor smaller than the rest, the golden hued female sat on the edge of the cliffs. Craning her neck between the wide open sky, and the small human standing on the ground next to her, tendrils of moonlight made her scales shine like a hoard of precious metals.

Kneeling down, she offered the human the help of her wing. Scaling a dragon was no small feat, especially not when they were bigger than a house and the human was an ant compared.

Briefly closing her eyes, Bree sought the inner strength and bravery she would need to mount the giant dragon. One thing was to enjoy the company of dragons in general, another to climb on their backs. She had seen them in flight numerous times before. Admired their aerial acrobatics, and the elegance with which they navigated the currents.

As indecision warred within her, Bree finally took the help which had been offered without question. Scrambling up the side of the golden one, she finally settled between two neck ridges, right in front of the powerful wings.

Without warning two giant leaps had them dropping off the cliffs. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Bree lurched forward and wrapped her arms around the neck of the golden one. Behind her, she could feel the giant wings beating once, twice, three times, before they rose to ride the currents.

The flight of five engaged in an intricate display of acrobatics, leaving her dizzy as she tried to follow the changing shadows they left of the moonlit sea.

They could have kept her mesmerized for hours with their antics, but Bree soon sensed a different presence. Something unknown. Something which had not been there when they took to the air. Looking around, she tried to detect where and what it was. At the outer edge of her peripheral vision, she saw a big hulking shape of darkness appear. Streaks of silver appeared to pulse, as it passed through the moonlight.

A dragon. Bigger and bulkier than anything she had seen before. Instead of becoming defensive, she sensed curiousness from her five and the golden one. Having been raised from the egg together, they had not had many chances to encounter other dragons. Every meeting was a new experience. A chance to expand the world as they understood it.

Catching herself briefly wondering how they’d communicate with dragons not familiar to them, Bree felt a low rumble roll through the golden one.

“We are all of the egg, so we talk.”

“Do you know who it is?”

Yes, know him. And so do you.”

That reply was almost enough to send Bree tumbling off the back of the golden one, but with a little bit of luck, she managed to hang on.
May 18, 2017 09:25 pm

Bree Ravencroft

“Good morning Miss. Bree. Did you sleep well?”

With her head propped up with one hand, and the other firmly wrapped around the coffee mug, Bree tried to look like she was awake. But it was hard. She had been dreaming, and it had been unusually vivid. More so than she could ever remember. Sipping slowly from the mug, she turned her head towards Seymour as he pulled out the chair next to her.

“I.. think I slept, though it does not quite feel like it.”


“Had I been at home, I would have been working on the second pot, or asked Martha for some of her special restorative brew. It is good. Much better than anything I could brew in the cauldron I don’t have.”

“I will have to remember that, though it will be a long trip just for the sake of something to wake me up. But if I am in the neighborhood, and in need, I will remember to ask her about it.”

Giving Bree a careful sideways glance, Seymour wondered how much of the dream she could remember, and had she started to make the pieces fit into the greater puzzle. The flight of five had been amazing to watch when they took to the air, but it was the golden one which had really caught his attention. No wonder a lot of people were very excited at the prospect of dragons in the sky again. He would love to watch her fly in the last rays of the setting sun, where the golden color would truly be a thing of beauty to behold. The black and the golden, soaring the skies side by side. Light to the darkness, and darkness to the light.

Yawning, Bree put the mug down and tried to stretch. Hanging over the table, did not help her wake up. Perhaps a quick walk outside, and some fresh air would wake her up enough to begin her day.

“Seymour, could you please remind me again, how exactly I am causing a stir?”

Smiling into his own cup, Seymour tried to hide that he was entirely too amused about watching Bree trying to wake up. She was a witch, with a lot of power if the rumors were right, so laughing would give him an unwelcome taste.

“Sure, I can do that. You want the condensed version right?”

“Bigger chance for me to remember what you’re saying.”

“Alright, you’ll get the highlights then. Lost enclave found again. Female dragons on the mountain. The golden light to compliment the silver darkness..”

“Wait a minute.. How, why?”

Remaining silent, Seymour watched while the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place, and Bree realized what he was.

“I got to go.”

Rising from the chair, Bree quickly left the dining area and headed upstairs. Not long after that, Seymour felt her leaving the premises entirely.

“And so it begins.”
May 25, 2017 09:37 pm
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