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The Demon and the Demoness


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The fire flashed into existence in a wash of red and yellow sparks. Like the beauty of running water, so unearthly. Yet it had a dangerous beauty. The fire leaped up, picking up speed like a river does tributaries. The fire held its head up regally and proudly as its destruction spread while glowering at the surrounding daring them to challenge its immense power. It ate everything in its path. Yellow, red and orange. The colours of autumn; yet could autumn cause so much destruction.

She stood alone in the fiery night, bright colours dancing, tattooing then changing before her eyes. She observed, each time she watched the flames leap and hiss, always reaching feverishly out for her, trying desperately to grab and hold onto her fleeting shadow. And oh, how beautifully they swayed, beckoning her, enticing her, and each time she looked away. But this time she took a step, and reached out with her tiny hand and let it be immersed under the raging flames. And she let the blazing lips kiss her hands.

She stood silently for the space of a moment before she turned from the flames and the crumbling remains of the house, walking off into the coming twilight. The night came whispering sweet nothings, luring heat from tired muscles until they could rest no more. It caressed skin until it stole the pink blush and replaced it with blue. Above was the beauty of the stars, the clear night allowing the meager heat of the day to leave unhindered. The only notion of brightness came from a full moon, and even her light was a chilled silver beam.

Beneath the icy glow of the cosmos she walked on bare feet through the snow that still tinged the earth in this place, the elevation too high for spring's simple warmth to melt the remains of winter's fearsome storms. She couldn't bare it. The wind cut through her skin and tortuously slashed her marrow with constant harsh blows, like rime daggers, as they moaned in the pleasure that was her pain. The snow beneath her feet jumped up in a great flurry, and licked her face with curious tongues constantly nipping at her nose. The barren trees teased and laughed while cutting her with thin wooden rapiers. But out of all this her burden laid with the hoarfrost that flew in the air and grew nearly on every branch, cliff, and limb. It worked to sharpen the rapiers, to push in to her skin and inflict great pain, and to turn her misery into their salvation.
May 11, 2017 08:52 pm


He sat in the Smokey night club and had shrugged off the last woman to try to get him to take them home. He hated it with a passion, he knew he was good looking and well-toned, but none of them really sparked an interest for him; sex was easy love was not, he had other love interests that were first on his mind, money and power, now that was the way were his thoughts.

He threw some cash on the bar to the bartender and with a nod and a turn was on his way out of there, and to his car.

He got to the glimmering new Bentley and smirked, he loved the car very much. He got in and leaned back in the suede leather adorned seats and just sat there with his eyes closed and chuckled at the people from the club. He could smell the smoke off his clothes and took the keys out and started the car, time to go home and shower, that was all that he wanted to do. The drive was smooth and quiet and let his mind wander to many things he had done and some he was going to try to do.

Home! He yelled as a joke to himself, like he had some hot wife waiting for him, which he found amusing, and tossed the keys in the bowl on a hallway table and made his way to the shower to clean up.

The shower was warm and the scent of the smoke and club was washing down the drain, while he lathered up his muscle bound and perfect body making sure he didn't miss a spot. He got a towel and was close to dry as he made his way into the main bedroom and fell hard on the huge ornate bed with a loud sigh, he was happy to just be home and alone was good for him.

He woke up still naked and on top of the sheets and decided to head up the mountain for a nice drive and to enjoy the cool weather for the day, he did love the crisp cold air, so it was a date he was going to make happen today. He packed a bag and some cold weather gear in case he got stranded again, something he did on purpose a lot and headed out to the place he knew pretty well to get away from the city slime and people.

He was well into the drive and the winding road was cutting up the mountain when he saw what looked to be a fire taking down the house on the hill leading up to the last road up the mountain.
He got as close as he dared and parked off to the side of the road and got out. The site was amazing the flames were different to him, almost organized and powerful.

May 12, 2017 12:57 am


Once she’d reached the edge of the forest she stood in front of the tightly knit trees and stared deep into the darkness ahead as if begging permission to enter. The ground was spongy, like walking on foam. Scent from the foliage, mixed with the dampness and decay, danced through the air and tickled her nostrils, and sprinkles of dew that were lying in wait leapt from their hosts to anoint her with weepy atoms, and cooled her face with their misty kisses.Behind her, the flames still licked at the sky with enticing tongues, snaking their way higher and higher, loose sparks floating until they fell to the snow covered earth and died. The cluster of trees that hugged the property, a separate entity from the main part of the forest, seemed safe for the moment.She grumbled her dismay as a branch sliced across her cheek, the warmth of her own blood startling her as it dripped freely down her face. She swore softly and wiped at it with the back of her hand.

No one would miss the house, the spiders the only company that it kept any more. Dust had become the permanent resident of the once stately mansion, the unpleasant gray substance covering every surface that it could, tainting it. She had once known that house, had been connected to the man that dwelled within its walls, but that had been long ago, the memory painted in black and white. She had been happy then, had known what it meant to feel joy and peace, but with the passing of time, even the brightest sparks grow dim, and he was no exception. With each year, his spark grew weaker until it finally went out and tore her world apart.

Death was something so natural for his kind, and yet, she had not known how it would hurt her, slashing her deeper than even the sharpest of blades and leaving her to bleed out her love for him. The scent of death now hung on her memories of him, that pungent sickening smell tainting the only happiness she had known besides her daughter. Death had a funny way of taking the good and turning it to darkness, he had been her candle in the storm and with one great heave, death had taken her light and left nothing but blackness. And so she had burned his memory, setting a fire as bright as his eyes had burned, heat as warm as his smile had been, and beauty unmatched by any other.
May 23, 2017 11:21 pm


He walked closer to the house and watched on in delight to see the fire so bright and so warm he thought to his cold skin, each flame danced its own style of dance and was flawless in form.

He slowly thought of past things and smiled on parts of his long lonely life, that brought joy and in another dancing flame sorrow and pain, those were the thoughts he knew better right now.

With each spark that landed on him he giggled and soon he heard the crackles of the fuel breaking down more and more and soon after the house started to fall in the more hot places and collapse with a crushing fall and then a cloud of sparks and dust as it continued on and on, it was a sight that was hard not to keep watching, it was just that awesome to see such a beautiful and warm thing utterly destroy all in its path. He kept walking around the house as it became less wild but still bright, and as he made back to the side he started at , he looked down to see tiny footprints leading off to the wooded area.

“hmmm is this the person that caused this” saying out loud to no one, he smiled and was very curious as to why someone would deliberately set such a beautiful old place a blaze, was it anger or just in pleasure, either or he wanted to know.

He went back to his car and got a backpack with some things to camp with if he needed to, and made his way back thorough the ash covered snow and started to follow the footprints, hoping to catch up with the creature that did this.
As he followed the tiny footprints, his thoughts were on the little mansion, and he wondered what it was like inside and who lived in it and when it was built. But chances on learning all this seemed not to be possible with it no down to a single floor of debris and ash.

He soon noticed the footprints were more defined and thought he would meet the creature soon and hopefully if they were a more friendly sort get to chat with them, because now it was a quest and a fun one at that, and since he was alone and liked it that way this gave him pleasure for the time being, it was simply something to do outside his normal crabby egotistical self.
May 25, 2017 02:12 am


Snow crunched beneath her feet as she moved quietly through the stillness of the night. The air was still for a moment, as though she were walking through a photograph or a painting in a museum. Her eyes scanned the quiet world around her and she heard something in the distance, the sound of footsteps behind her. No one should have been around this area, it was nearly three in the morning and the nearest house is ten miles away. She froze, looking around with alarm, no one should have been able to see the flames, she should have had weeks before anyone noticed that she had been there or that the house was even gone. She looked behind her, there was nothing there but she could hear the steps growing louder, the sound of crunching snow beneath the weight of something large sends her into a small panic. Something was out there with her. She looks at the ground behind her, noticing her small footprints that lead right up to her. She felt a knot form in the pit of her stomach. Something was following her, tracking her like an animal tracks its prey.

“Sh*t.” She looked around desperately trying to find somewhere that could successfully hide her. She bit her lip as s]the footfall grew closer. Trees surrounded her, but she was not adept at climbing and with her luck would probably fall out of one. She sighed, she probably shouldn’t run from her issues. She leaned against the tree closest to her and crossed her arms across her chest, waiting to give whoever was following her a piece of her mind.

She sighed softly, looking around again, hoping that she would see the person coming so that she could confront them face to face. Her deep green eyes seemed almost black in the night, her face nearly translucent in the pale moonlight as she stood, a scowl painted across an otherwise pretty face. Her pale lips pulled into a hard thin line, almost disappearing across her face. A chilly wind blew across her body, raising goosebumps across porcelain skin. The footsteps grew closer and closer and her heart pounded hard in her chest, slamming against her rib cage. A low growl passed her lips, eyes going dark as she readied herself for a fight.
May 25, 2017 08:42 pm


He had many thoughts on what it was he was sort of tracking, the tiny footprints seemed to not notice he was following them, they had not changed in all the while he was tracking them, at least he knew it seemed human like, and he laughed inside at how tiny and cute they were.

He looked around at the area and it was so white, so clean nothing disturbed the snow , except these tiny little indents he thought were so cute, something he really had not thought or had in his mind for so long he giggled a little out loud, but there was no mistaking that right now he was getting closer, and even if he didn’t have the footprints to follow the smell of smoke on the creature was enough to lead him to her blindfolded, he always did love the heightened senses he had as a demonic man.

He was admiring the scenery when he heard a slight squeaking or crunching sound up ahead, “ahhh I found this creature, it’s not far away” he said to himself, and all of a sudden the noise just stopped and so did he at the same instant “dam it knows I’m following it” he thought and waited to see what it did next, he could still smell the stronger now smoke smell it had on its clothing.

Time stood still as he waited to see if it moved faster or more erratically, but there was nothing, even the wind had stopped making so hard to even move without them hearing him. What to do were his thoughts, did he call out, or move to the trees for cover, was it evil to a fault, or a killer? Would it attack out of fear, or hate and anger? Was it wild, crazy what was the answer that he would have no choice but to wait for and that he did.

After a time he heard it move quickly and then stop, what was it doing his thoughts were so curious and he was a bit intimidated, which soon passed in him, as not much scared his demon form when he was made to be in it. He decided to slowly take his coat off and add it to the backpack, soon his extremely large wings appeared and he put the straps from the pack around his waist and started to fly as silently as he could, making his way to the strong as hell smoky stench so close now, he spotted what looked to be a woman from the air and she looked hostile as hell the way she poised in front of the lager tree, one he could not land in without her noticing.

He decided to fly back and away from her and call out, but after he got his coat and went back to his human form, once he was ready he moved to where she was and called to her “hello there are you ok, or hurt?” he knew she wasn’t but it seemed like a more friendly approach to a stalked prey “ I am Pride and have followed you from the house you so elegantly turned to ash artwork!”
He moved closer and did so cautiously and very slowly. “can you hear me, or understand my words young lady?” He was so close now his nostrils burned from her scent, it was actually kind nice in a strange kind of way.
May 26, 2017 05:55 pm
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